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Plastic Sheets
by Claudia, Gabby, Natalia and Adrienne (clawzcobain@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
Soap Opera Style Drama.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



MARTINI walking through the forest. The shot is only of her
legs and she is carrying a chainsaw.
MARTINI - Caucasion, 23 years old. MARILYN'S best friend.
Has a mean streak. Is secretly having an affair with
Marilyn's fiancee, JAY. Is a secret drug dealer.
SPLIT SCREEN of interior conversation and exterior walk
through the forest.
MARILYN paces through the kitchen while her mom is washing
MARILYN - 22 years old, caucasion. JAY'S girlfriend. Sweet
personality. Pregnant with JAY'S child. Daughter of WENDY
Where are my shoes, mom?
How should I know? You never put
things where they belong. Maybe
you'll learn this time. You didn't
learn the previous, what was it?
Ten times?
WENDY - Late fourties, Female, Caucasion. Mother of MARILYN.
Never really trusted JAY and always had some doubt about
MARTINI'S relationship with her daughter.
Fine, I'll take these ones. I'm
already late meeting Jay.
You know how much I dislike you
seeing that boy. I just don't
fancy him.


Yes, mom. I know. You've told me a
million times. You just don't know
him like I do. He loves me, and
you think that my own mother would
appriciate that!
I do understand, but theres
something wrong about that boy.
      (Rolling eyes)
Whatever. Goodbye mother. I'll see
you later tonight.
MARILYN walks out and slams door.
MARILYN wanders through the forest worried and confused.
Jay? Jay where are you. Don't play
this game again. Jay, i hate when
you hide like this. I'll just wait
until you decide to come out!
MARILYN wanders a little more before finding a rock to sit
on, where JAY and herself usually meet up.
Ok Jay, this isn't funny anymore.
Please come out!
Ok, this is not like Jay.
MARILYN walks around the forest more nervously now,
searching for JAY.


Jay? Jay!? Jay where are you?
Please, this isn't funny anymore.
Jay!? Ja...
MARILYN comes across a body on the ground that is quite
obviously JAY's. He is badly injured and definitly dead,
with a plastic bag over his head. She gasps, screams and
then runs out of the forest in tears, with camera following
A police woman approaches MARILYN whos is sitting in a seat
with her head in her hands, bawling her eyes out. The police
woman is KELLY. She puts a hand on MARILYNS sholder.
KELLY - Caucasion, female, thirties. Detective hired on the
case involving the death of JAY Moore. Came from a broken
home which is why she is such a hard working detective.
Now, Miss Andrew's, why don't you
calm down and tell me what
      (In tears and
       difficult to
I don't know. I just went there
because I was supposed to meet
Jay, and I saw him..I just saw him
MARILYN breaks down in tears.
O.k. Everything's going to be
fine. Don't worry.
KELLY puts her arm around MARILYN but MARILYN pushes her
Everything isn't going to be o.k.!
I can't calm down! I just want to
go home! I loved him! NOW HE LEFT


MARILYN gets up and goes for the door.
Of course you can go. Actually,
let me drive you.
KELLY goes and reaches for MARILYNS hand to slow her down
but MARILYN pulls away and shakes her head.
No, my house isn't far from here.
I'll just walk.
Only if you're feeling up to it.
Alright, then I will work on some
investigations of the case.
MARILYN walks out with her head hung.
MARTINI is comforting MARILYN in their living room as WENDY
makes her daughter some tea in the kitchen.
You know, I actually thought that
we could live happily ever after
together. He was supposed to ask
me to marry him on Saturday.
That's all he spoke of for the
past week. He spoke of us growing
old together. But now we can't
because some creep out there has
killed my Jay! MY JAY!
MARTINI looks around nervously and puts her arm around
I know how you feel. Trust me, I
do. But it's all a part of life
and life isn't always fair. You've
got to learn to deal with it in a
mature way.


Deal with it in a MATURE WAY? He
was murdered! How exactly can that
be dealt with maturely?
WENDY brings in the tea but rushes out not to seem nosy.
Marilyn, you know I didn't mean it
so harshly. I'm your best friend,
I didn't mean to upset you. He was
a great person but God has a will
for everyone and today was his day
to go.
MARILYN looks slightly confused at why MARTINI said "today
was his day" when even the police hadn't discovered what day
he was killed on.
One day you will see him again.
But you have to live on and learn
to love another man and make a
You don't know how I feel because
you weren't going to have a family
with him like I was! I LOVE HIM!
Life isn't fair! You don't know
what you're saying because you
didn't have the relationship with
him like I did.
Yes, you're right. I have no idea.
Listen, you should go rest and
stop thinking about what happened
for a while. You just had a hard
I'm sorry I got mad. You're right,
it's been a horrible day. You're
such a great friend I don't know
what I'd do if weren't for you.
Thank you.


MARTINI's eyes widen in relief as they are hugging.
It's nothing. I'm just happy I
could help you. What are best
friends for?
MARILYN walks out of the room towards her bedroom. MARTINI
lies back on the couch and breathes a sigh of relief.
I have such a wonderful time with
MARTINI plays with JAY'S hair but JAY brushes her off.
JAY - About to propose to MARILYN, who is pregnant with his
child. Is having a secret relationship with MARTINI that he
wishes to end. Gets drugs dealed to him by MARTINI.
Stop. I can't do this anymore. I
just can't. It's not right.
What do you mean, baby? It's so
I love Marilyn. I love her so
much. I want to marry her and live
the rest of my life with her.
Plus, I'm the father of the baby
she's going to have!
What!? All those nights with me
and you want to marry that skank!
Wait, I should say pregnant skank!
Who do you think you are? What
makes you think she'll want to get
back with you in the first place!
You're a horrible person! YOU'RE


JAY gets out of bed.
I'm the horrible one!? You're
supposed to be her best friend!
I've changed my ways, I love her
and I will never hurt her again.
But you, you're the best friend
turned bitch!
You've made the biggest mistake of
your life, and Marilyn's.
JAY storms out and MARTINI is throwing pillows around in
MARTINI walks into the building towards an unknown man. The
man is a mob BOSS and welcomes MARTINI with a kiss.
Hey boss.
Martini, baby. Did you take care
of everything?
BOSS - Pedro Umberto, Caucasion, late fourties. Is a mob man
who deals heavily with drugs and hitmen.
You bet I did. It felt even
sweeter knowing he's leaving a
bastard child behind.
Well, no one gets away with not
paying me for my business on time.
And no one gets away with breaking
my heart.
At the police station the investigators have decided to


check for a finger print on the plastic bag that was around
JAY's head. They're working on it in the forensic lab in
order to get a lead towards who the killer could be. They
question JAY's brother DEREK for any leads who is scared and
Were you very close with your
Yes, we had some bad times but we
were always there for eachother.
DEREK - 24, Caucasion. JAY'S bother. Was pretty close with
his brother and always had feelings for MARILYN.
You probably know why you're here
in the first place so please tell
me anything you know about your
brother, like the people he knew,
who he was always with.
Well, umm. I know that he was into
drugs. One time he asked me to get
something for him from his drawer
and i saw his stash of drugs
hidden beneath some loose papers.
Did you confornt him about it?
Well, no. I know I should have but
it hurt me that he would do such
things and that he would keep it a
secret from me. We never had any
secrets but he started to change
and become much more secretive.
Do you know who he got the drugs
from? Or who he was hanging out
Unfortunately I don't know who the
dealer is but he only hung out
with his normal friends and his
girlfriend, Marilyn. He was with
her all the time and all he talked


                       DEREK (cont'd)
about was how much they loved
eachother and how he was supposed
to ask her to marry him, Saturday,
over dinner.
Did she know about this?
Yes, they were already making
plans and she's pregnant with his
child. He just officially wanted
to ask her in front of everyone.
Is there anything else you can
possibly tell us? Was Marilyn the
only person he was constantly
Well, no. There was always another
girl with him. He was cheating on
Marilyn with her.
Go on...
I confronted him about it. I did
it about two days before he was
killed and he told me that he
broke it off with her and that he
was going to marry Marilyn. He
said she'd never have to find out
about what he did.
Did she?
No. To this day she thinks that
Jay was always loyal.
Who was this girl?
I have no idea. And whenever I saw
her she was always in a rush and
never looked me straight in the


KELLY's walkie talkie beeps and you hear a voice of a
forensic scientist telling her "WE FOUND A PRINT".
      (Into Walkie
Thank you.
KELLY and DEREK nod at eachother and go to the forensic's
computer in order to analyze the print.
Now Derek. A picture will most
likely pop up with the scanning of
this print if the person has been
convicted a felony before. Do you
think you will be able to identify
the person?
Without a doubt. I saw a handful
of his friends.
KELLY and DEREK stare at the computer screen in anticipation
of the fingerprint to be scanned. The scene changes back to
MARILYN's house.
MARILYN is sitting on the couch with WENDY and she has her
arm around her.
Marilyn, don't worry. Crying isn't
going to get you anywhere. Right
now what you should be doing is
fighting to find the person who
murdered Jay.
MARILYN gives her an angry look and starts to cry again.
Shhh. I know what you're going
through and I know that you're a
strong girl so you can fight and
do everything possible to find the
You don't know how I feel! You
hated Jay!


That's not true. I lost your
father aswell so I do know how you
feel. And I didn't hate Jay I just
wasn't sure about him. Especially
when Martini was around. He was so
I didn't notice, but whatever mom.
I guess it's a mothers job to
MARILYN rests her head on mothers shoulder.
KELLY and DEREK are watching the computer screen again.
We've got something.
KELLY clicks something on the computer. KELLY and DEREK
stare wide eyed.
Have you seen this man before?
He's quite obviously convicted
something before. He's listed here
for drug possesion and assaults.
No...no I've never seen him before
in my life.
Well his name is Pedro Umberto.
He's not listed for living
anywhere in this area, and he
doesn't even have a permenant
address. Well he is now definitly
a suspect and I'll send someone
out for him.
KELLY speaks into her walkie talkie.
Can we please send out a search
for a Mr. Pedro Umberto. He's
wanted as a suspect for case
number 19671994.


This scene has no dialog, only music, and shows the BOSS,
Pedro, struggling to get free from the cops who had found
him. It also shows the police finding multiple bags of
MARILYN is on the phone with KELLY who is informing her that
they have found fingerprints.
Really!? On what?... Oh I see.
Who? Pedro Umberto? I've never
heard of him.
MARTINI who is in the same room hears this name and her eyes
widen in fear.
O.K. Thank you for calling. Yes,
I'll keep this quite quiet.
They found fingerprints on the
MARILYN looks at her confused seeing as how she never
mentioned outloud anything about fingerprints or the bag.
Uhhh.. yes. But i never mentioned
fingerprints or the bag outloud?
How did you know?
Uhhh.... Well I'm your best friend
and we've been together for years.
I can read all of your emotions. I
can basically read your mind!
Oh yea, that's true. A good guess
though. They found fingerprints by
some guy named Pedro Umberto. I've
never heard of him before. Have


MARILYN begins to walk out of the room.
      (Very Nervous)
Not in my life. Never heard of
such a drug dealer.
MARILYN stops abruptly noticing she never mentioned anything
about Drug Dealer either. She then walks out of the room and
grabs her keys.
Uhh..yea. I'm going to go to the
station now to talk to Kelly.
Ok, I'll see you later.
The door slams and MARTINI breathes a sigh of relief. She
jumps in shock when the phone rings.
On the other end of the phone is her BOSS, Pedro Umberto.
Guess who.
Pedro! How nice of you to
call..What's up?
I think you know what's up. You
framed me!
Framed you!? That's Absurd. What
are you talking about?
You know exactly what I'm talking
about. You used the same bag I
dealt your drugs in to choke your
precious Jay! My fingerprints were
all over the damn thing! Well
don't worry baby, I'm planning to
give them a little mention of the
affair you had with him, and that


                       BOSS (cont'd)
little memoir you gave him. You
know, the one he wore around his
neck. The ring you engraved your
names into!
Oh my god! The ring! I forgot
about the ring!
Shot switches to a close up of the ring around JAY'S neck
then back to MARTINI.
But that doesnt prove anything! So
what, we had an affair. I covered
up my tracks, they have no proof i
murdered him.
If they don't find out you
murdered him and smack you in
jail, At least Marilyn will know
about your little affair, and
she'll kill you herself! I'm just
warning you. Run as fast as you
can, but you will be caught. Good
luck, you'll need it.
In the middle of Pedro's line, there are flashbacks to JAY
and MARTINI during their affair and MARINIand the chainsaw
attacking JAY.
Pedro hangs up the phone and MARTINI is still holding it in
MARILYN bursts into KELLY's office and demands to see PEDRO
the murderer.
let me see this Pedro Umberto!!
its very nice to see you too


sorry kelly, I just really want to
see the killer.
it's okay i understand you, and
you will get to see him very soon
he's just being brought up to the
questioning room, it'll only take
a couple of minutes.
MARILYN sits down on a chair and puts her head on the desk.
a couple of seconds after KELLY gets a call on her walkie
that PEDRO is in the room.
officer Johnson, we have brought
and secured Pedro in the
questioning room.
JASON - Caucasion, Late 30's. Male police officer who works
with KELLY.
alright we'll be right there.
KELLY looks over at MARILYN who looks very angry.
Before we go anywhere you are
going to have to calm down, if you
offend him he might not tell us
everything that he knows.
      (calms down)
okay but lets just go, I promise I
won't burst out or anything.
camera fades out as MARILYN and Kelly start to walk out the
door of the office.
Martini is getting out her bags and suitcases and starting
to pack. She is talking to herself.


oh no he can't do this to me, he
won't. they won't believe him.
just in case he does tell I need
to pack and get as far away from
here as possible. I just know that
Marilyn won't believe him, we're
like sisters and she doesn't
suspect anything, so it's my
advantage over Perdo. he won't win
Martini's mom calls her down for dinner and Martini goes out
of her room. And camera fades out.
KELLY, MARILYN, and PEDRO are all sitting in the questioning
Mr. Umberto do you know that you
have been on our records for
dealing drugs, and assult?
I know that's not the reason I'm
here today so why don't you just
cut to the chase.
Yea, you killed my Jay didn't
Marilyn, please calm down. I'm the
professional let me handle this.
Pedro the BOSS raises his eyebrows at MARILYN.
So, ask away pretty lady.
Mr. Umberto, how did you know Mr.
Jay Moore?
A babe of mine dealt him drugs,
not to mention liked him a little
too much.


What are you talking about!? Who
is this person?
Marilyn, PLEASE! Calm down and
take some deep breathes there
because you are little too
Now, who was this girl, and what
do you mean liked him a little too
Marilyn closes her eyes and starts breathing loudly
You know what I mean. Had a
relationship with him. Loved him a
little too much if you ask me. Not
love, infatuation, rather. She
bought him the drugs, dealt him
the drugs, and what else could I
say...let's put it this way, I'm
MARILYN begins to cry.
And who was she?
Martini Howard. Heard of her?
The BOSS, Pedro, gives MARILYN a very sly look and winks at
her. MARILYN'S mouth drops and she runs out in a rage. KELLY
knows she can't go after her and leave BOSS unattended so
remains in her seat, not knowing who MARTINI Howard is
MARTINI is packing a bag in her room. The shots cut between
MARTINI packing her bag and MARILYN running down the street
towards MARTINI'S house in a rage.


MARILYN finally arrives at MARTINI'S house and runs through
the door and into her room. Shots scan between MARTINI'S
frightened eyes and MARILYNS angry eyes. MARTINI stops and
approaches MARILYN with open arms mouthing "sorry".
STOP. Stop where you are right
now! How could you? HOW COULD YOU
DO THIS TO ME! And then you go on
pretending to be my best friend.
I don't know. It just happened.
I'm sorry MARILYN. I just loved
him. Almost as much as you did.
We were going to get married! How
could you!?
I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to
kill him. It just happened.
MARILYN stops in shock at MARTINI'S confession. She gets
even angrier.
You WHAT!? I was talking about
your relationship...but you're the
one who killed my Jay!? You
MARILYN attacks MARTINI. Thus beginning a fight scene
between the two girls.
Get the hell off of me! Marilyn! I
still love you, you're my best
Shut up! You don't care about me!
Fight scene between MARILYN and MARTINI continues. MARTINI
kicks MARILYN in the stomach not paying attention to the
fact that she was pregnant.
      (In Pain)
Mar...Martini... how could
you...I'm pregnant...


Oh my god, Marilyn, I forgot...Oh
my god...Oh my god.
MARTINI runs out of the house in guilt and grabs a knife
from the kitchen before leaving.
Kelly is still talking to Pedro.
Okay i would like to know who this
girl Martini is and where she
Well you see I just can't remember
where she lives and I don't know
how to explain who she is. I'm
sure I will remember her address
very soon, it's on the tip of my
KELLY looks at PEDRO with disgust.
I suppose that later won't be too
late. but moving on. what does she
have to do with you killing Jay?
Everything, she was the one that
killed him.
How do you know this?
Okay I'll admit it, I told her to
scare him a little bit so that he
would pay me the money that he
owed me and i would pay her. but
she came to my building and told
me that he was dead. I didn't want
Martini to kill Jay.


Do you have any proof that this
actually happened?
Pedro pauses and thinks for a moment.
Well you know what I actually do
have proof. It's a cheque that i
wrote out to her for scaring him
up a little bit. I have everything
written down so through that you
will find out that I'm not the
killer. Not to mention I have my
alibies. Just ask a friend of mine
from the same building and they'll
all tell you the same story of
where I was that night.
Well then who is the killer and
where could I possibly reach her?
If I know her well enough, she's
probably packing her bags at her
house as we speak.
Okay, I will take search for her
house in our database and I will
send out some officers to bring
her in.
PEDRO smiles as Kelly radios in for officers to bring
Martini in.
Oh and I forgot to mention, a ring
with Martini's and Jay's name
engraved in it rests around Jay's
neck...give it a look see.
      (Shocked, into
       walkie talkie)
Scientists to forensic lab, right


MARILYN is lying on the ground in pain and alone in the
house. She attempts to crawl towards the phone and finally
reaches in, dialing 911.
911 emergency...
KELLY walks in while PEDRO remains in his chair.
Ok Mr. Umberto. You're free to
Not me, eh?
Well, we found the ring around the
neck and along with that traces of
hair which was found to belong to
Martini. Also, we spoke to a man
who said he spent the night with
you the evening Jay was killed, so
you have an alibie.
Ha, would you look at that. Just
like I told you. I didn't kill
him. Anyways, It was nice meeting
Mr. Umberto, don't forget to fill
in a file about the drugs we found
in your building. You're free of
this charge, but you've still got
another to cover.
PEDRO walks out with his head slightly hung and KELLY


MARILYN is sitting in a chair nervously awaiting the NURSE
to come talk to her. The NURSE enters the room with a sad
look on her face.
NURSE - Nurse Betty. A nurse working in the local hospital.
Ms. Andrews...
I'm sorry to say this to you...
but...you lost your baby.
MARILYN drops her head in her hands and cries and the NURSE
walks out nervously. MARILYN eventually gets enough courage
to stand up and walk out of the hospital and back home.
WENDY, MARILYN'S mom runs over to MARILYN in a frenzy.
Mom, what's wrong?
What's wrong with you honey? Wait,
first I need to tell you something
much more important. Martini...she
was found in the forest, she
killed herself....She left a note,
all it said was "I'm sorry
Marilyn." I'm not sure why, but
I'm so sorry sweety, I'm so sorry
you had to go through the deaths
of your two best friends.
I know why she said sorry.


She admitted to me she killed Jay,
and we ended up getting in a
fight....and well she kicked me in
the stomach...
My love and my life are dead. My
boyfriend and now my
baby...they're both gone.
WENDY swings her arms around MARILYN and it fades out as
they hold eachother.
Mom, where are my shoes!?
How should I know? You always
misplace these things!
I found one! But where could the
other be? Oh jeese, I'm going to
be late.
Well he's a sweet boy and a great
husband, he'll understand.
I know, he's great.
Doorbell rings and MARILYN runs to get it. DEREK is outside
of the door and they greet eachother with a hug.
MARILYN kisses her fingers and touches a picture of JAY.
DEREK bends over and rubs MARILYNS newly pregnant stomach,
Marilyn smiles and turns toward her mom.
Bye mom!


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From Robert Date 9/15/2009 ***
Soaps are not my cup of tea, but I think you ladies did a great job with this one. Maybe you should try writing a one hour, crime drama, with a strong female lead character. You could recycle some of the characters you used in this script. Maybe a little more action and police work. Keep up the good work. Hope to see another of your scripts on this site soon.

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