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The Shadows On The Walls
by daniel roque (psychopsilocybin99@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A story of two teenagers fighting for the right to love one another and to keep their identites intact while the pressures of life keep bearing down on them

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


AIDAN is in the bathroom sitting on top of the toilet. His
nose is bleeding and his eyes are swelled up. A steady flow
of blood runs down across his lips. He takes toilet paper
and tries to get his nose to stop bleeding. He reaches in
his pocket and takes out his phone and slowly dials a
number. He waits for her answer.
Hey, how did it go?
      (In a muffled
Not so good.
What happened? Aidan what's wrong?
I don't know Riley. There is so
much happening. I don't know what
to do...I really need to talk to
you; but now's not the time.
You know I hate it when you scare
me like this.
I'm sorry. I just have a million
things running through my head.
It's so hard to take it all in. I
just need to get some sleep.
Aidan please tell me. What's
I just need to get some sleep. I
have a lot of things to think
Aidan...Talk to me.
Not tonight.


...Alright. Do you still want me
to come tomorrow?
Of course I do.
So I'll call you in the morning?
I'll be up.
Try to get some sleep okay. I love
I love you too.
Okay then; Goodnight.
AIDAN takes the bloody tissue and throws it in the trashcan
beside him. He takes in a deep breath and tries to calm
himself. He closes his phone and is in darkness. In the soft
shadows he burries his face into his hands.
AIDAN begins to collect a few items of clothing and shoves
them in a duffle bag. As soon as he is sure that he has
eveything that he needs he quickly walks out of his house.
The bus is loud and full of voices but not enough to hinder
AIDAN'S slumber. He sits in his seat sleeping. The sun
begins to creep up. When he awakens the sun blinds him.
Suddenly it's time for him to exit the bus. You see that the
other passengers are dressed like him. You observe that
AIDAN is on a school bus arriving at another school campus.
He walks off the bus with his other uniformed teammates.


As AIDAN exits the bus you realize that there is a large
gathering of runners. He's at a cross county invitational.
He begins walking trying to figure out where the team will
set up camp when his friend and teammate AARON comes up to
What happened last night? You look
like hell.
I didn't get much sleep.
Is that it?
Let's just say that the sh** hit
the fan.
Again? What happened this time?
Well I told my mom that I was
going to the game last night. The
thing that made her mad is that I
didn't tell her I'd be with Riley.
You know how she is when it comes
to us.
Yeah, I know.
Anyways, When we realized that the
game was away we decided not to
So what ended up happening?
Flashback to the previous night. AIDAN and RILEY are in the
back seat of a car. She's laying on top of him; her head on
his chest all wrapped up in a blanket.


I love you.
And I love you.
      (She moves up and
       gives him a kiss
       and whispers)
I wish I could lie here with you
Me too. I want that more then
anything. Unfortuanatly I have to
go home sometime.
Damn cerfew.
Yeah I know. Wait a minute. What
time is it?
I don't know.
      (Getting up and
       starts searching
       through the car)
Where's my phone?
Probably in your pants.
I know that, but where the hell
are they..Oh, wait here they are.
Maybe next time you should put
them where you can find them.
      (struggling to put
       them on)
Hey! It's dark in here. What do
you expect?
Having a little trouble there?


      (still stuggling)
Just a little. Well if it wasn't
so cramped in here.
      (Almost as if she
       was unsatisfied)
Yeah if only.
Hey! I don't work well in the car.
      (changing the
So what time is it?
AIDAN reaches in his pocket for his phone. He pulls it out
and flips it open.
Damn it!
What? What's wrong?
AIDAN shows RILEY the screen on his phone. The display reads
four missed calls.
Well who was it?
Who do you think?
Suddenly AIDAN'S phone begins to ring. He opens it and looks
to see who's calling him. The name shows BECKY.
Are you going to answer it?
Yeah I guess.
      (puts the phone to
       his ear)
Hey mom.


Where the hell have you been? I've
been trying to get a hold of you
all night. You didn't tell me you
were going to be with Riley.
Well who else would i be with. Why
are you flipping out? What's the
big deal?
Don't try playing that game with
me Aidan! You better not be
sleeping with her because I won't
hesitate to call her par...
      (cutting her off)
What! Where's this coming from?
I found condoms in your room
Aidan! You know I hate that
manipulative bitch. You better
start thinking twice about what
you're doing.
      (Gives RIley the
       were screwed look
       then angrily he
Jesus Christ mom! Why can't you
just cool it? Everyone is
manipulative. Even you. You're no
Neither are you Aidan. You're a
irresponisble immature liar. I
can't trust you to save my life.
      (fed up)
Hey i admit that I've messed up in
the past but you don't have to
lash out every week. My god,
you're always telling me that
Riley is manipulating me but
you're always trying to get me to


                       AIDAN (cont'd)
break up with her. you're always
in my head. You enjoy screwing
with me so much it's sick. And you
tell me i'm immature but you're
the one playing mindgames. You're
so high school I can't believe it.
      (In a rage)
Aidan you better get you ass home
AIDAN closed the phone and turns towards RILEY. There is a
heavy wieght in her eyes.
I'm assuming that didn't go too
I really pissed her off. I need to
go home.
That's what I thought. I'll take
you. But are you sure you want to
Yeah...Sometimes she's just so....
I know baby, I know.
I'm just so tired of this
happening. We're not doing
anything wrong. I need to settle
this. I need this to end.
I hate it too.
And with that they put on their seatbelts. RILEY turns her
key in the ignition and the car engine turns on. She puts
the car in reverse, slowly pulls out of the parking lot and
drives off.


The car stops down the street from AIDAN'S house. RILEY
turns off her car and unbuckles her seatbelt, opens her door
and gets out of her car. AIDAN does the same. They meet at
the backend of the car. RILEY throws her arms around AIDAN.
I'm sorry I keep getting you into
so much trouble.
It's fine. Don't worry about it.
We're just going to have another
meaningless argument. I can handle
Just don't do anything stupid.
I won't I promise.
Please be careful. You know how he
gets sometimes.
Don't worry. I'll be fine.
You'll call when it's all over?
      (letting go)
      (giving AIDAN
       another hug and
I love you
I love you too. I need to go
before I'm in even more trouble.
I'll call you later okay.
AIDAN lets go of her and starts to walk down the street to
his house.


AIDAN opens his front door to find his mom sitting on the
couch with her phone in her hand. She looks up at him.
What's your problem?
You know what my problem is. I
don't want you to see that whore
You have no right to call her a
whore, You don't even know her.
I don't need to know her. Look at
what she's doing to this family.
      (On the brink of
This is only happening because you
want it to. You're the one with
the problem. Me and her are fine
on our own. You're the source of
the problem. You just need to lay
AIDAN's stepfather TONY can hear the argument from the other
room. AIDAN turns his head and sees TONY coming towards him.
There is rage in his eyes. AIDAN immediatly gets ready to
take a blow; adrenaline rushes through his blood.
      (Grabbbibg AIDAN'S
       shirt sleeve)
Sit Down!
      (Pulling away)
Don't you touch me!
I said sit down!


Once again AIDAN tries to pull away. TONY has a good hold of
his shirt and tears the sleeve. TONY pulls AIDAN closer to
him and lands a heavy blow into AIDAN'S face. Then he lifts
him up by his neck, throws him on the couch and continues to
choke him. BECKY rises up from where she is sitting.
Tony! Stop, Tony!
TONY pays her no attention.
AARON and AIDAN are just walking along the course.
Holy sh**.
Yeah I know, pretty insane isn't
Things just seem to be getting
crazier as time goes on.
Yeah..Do me a favor and don't tell
Riley about what happened last
night. I just don't want her to
I won't. Why would I say anything
I don't know. Like I said she has
enough to worry about. I'm just
afraid of what all this might do
to her.
She's gonna find out anyway.
I know. I just don't know how I'm
going to tell her.


AARON and AIDAN start walking back to where the team set up.
AIDAN looks a little ahead and sees RILEY sitting on a tree
stump with a look of utter desperation and sorrow in her
      (Notices RILEY
I'll see you at the starting line.
Alright. I'll talk to you later.
AIDAN begins to walk towards her. She glances at him and
slowly picks herself up from her seat to greet him.
Hey what's wrong?
Just do it so that I can make my
way home.
What!? Riley I wouldn't have you
drive all the way out here to
break up with you.
AIDAN takes her by the hand and sits down with her on the
tree stump.
Last night you said we needed to
Yeah I did. Because I just need
you with me right now. I didn't
mean to scare you.
Well you did. I couldn't sleep
last night. You should of heard
yourself last night Aidan. I
brought all your stuff in case you
wanted it back; and on the way
here I was shaking and trying not
to cry. I just kept telling myself
that it wasn't the end of the


I'm so sorry. I can't even
remember what i said last night. I
was just so out of it...What stuff
did you bring of mine?
All the poems and drawings that
you made for me.
I gave those to you. Even if we
were to break up I'd still want
you to keep them.
Am I worth it?
What are you talking about? Of
course you're worth it.
Seriously Adian. Am I worth it? I
just feel that I'm ruining
everything between you and your
family. I don't want that. They
hate me enough me already.
You're not ruining anything.
A lot of the reason why your
parents are being this way is
because of me. Don't tell me it's
not because you know it's true.
I admit that you're a part of it
but Riley things were bad even
before we started going out.
Things have been bad for a long
time now.


Well I'm not helping. I'm just
making things worse.
Hey, look at me. A lot of this is
because of me. Don't throw all of
this on yourself.
I still can't help but feel bad.
Don't worry. We'll get through
this. They can never make me stop
loving you...Never.
I'm just afraid that I might lose
you. I'm afraid that they'll get
to you. And one day you'll just
leave me. Thats what scares me the
      (Gives her a kiss)
I'm not going anywhere.
Promise me that you'll stay with
me no matter what happens.
I promise you that i'll be with
you until the end. I promise to
love you everyday for the rest of
my life. Not even God himself
could make me break my promise to
RILEY moves in and kisses AIDAN on the nose.
Ahh, watch the nose. It hurts a
little bit...
Oh' I'm sorry.
It's alright you didn't know. But
i have to get ready for my race so
i'll see you at the finish line?


Yep, Of course. I'm not going to
get any sweaty hugs am I?
Are you kidding me? You always get
a sweaty hug from me. Maybe two.
It just depends on how generous
      (sticks out her
So I take it you're felling a
little better.
Yep, much better. You always make
me feel a million times better.
Well that's my job.
And you do a good one at that...
Don't you have to go race or
Yeah, i'm going to do horrible.
I'm just so drained.
You have a lot of stuff that
you're dealing with. Even if you
don't do as well as you want I'm
still proud of you.
I guess....
You'll do fine. Now go before
you're late.
AIDAN begins to head off to the starting line.
      (walking backwards)
Ok, i'll see you in a few.


Good luck.
      (to himself)
Yeah I'm gonna need it.
A large group of athletes are gathered at the starting line
when AIDAN spots AARON. AIDAN makes his way over next to
him. AARON looks over.
How is she?
Doing better. Or at least I hope
so. It's hard to tell sometimes.
I get what you're saying. So are
you ready?
To race? Are you kidding me? After
last night I'm going to do so
Just do your best, I mean that's
all the coaches can ask for.
I know...I'll try
Then the starter arrives with his megaphone and begins
giving instructions for the race.
OK gentlemen I want to have a good
race here today. I will say
"runners on your marks" and then
when I shoot my gun by all means
start, but if you are hear it
twice we have a false start and
you need to return to the line.
We'll be starting the race...Good
The OFFICIAL pulls out his gun.


Runners on your marks...
Then he pulls the trigger and the gun goes off. About a
group of 200 takes off into the course leaving a trail of
dust behind them.
Later that day RILEY and AIDAN are walking out of a dinner
and sit in the seats that are provided on the outside.
You did great considering
everything that's going on right
My season isn't going exactly the
way I want it too.
You can't always get what you
Yeah I know...I just wish things
could go over a lot more smoothly.
Everything will work out. Trust
Suddenly she starts staring at him. She puts his nose in
between her fingers as if she were going to play with it.
Ahhhh...not the nose.
Still hurts huh?
What happened?


Aidan what happened?
I said nothing!
He hit you again didn't he?
AIDAN turns away; not wanting to see the look in her eyes.
Goddamn it Aidan! Why didn't you
call the police?
I don't know! It's a lot harder
when you're in it. The dynamic of
the whole situation is touchy. If
only you were in my shoes then you
might understand. I just...
Promise me if he ever hits you
again that you'll call the cops.
I promise.
I don't care if he hits you only
once. Promise me you'll call. You
don't deserve to be treated like
I promise. I'd rather die then go
through that again. I swear on my
life if he ever hits me again I'll
call the police.
You swear?
I swear.
I still don't understand why you
didn't call


It's complicated. I just wish
there was an easier way to get out
of this. Sometimes I wish we could
just run away.
Yeah I know. But we have school
and and you have to work
Yeah I know i just hate being tied
down. I could really care less
about all the little things like
cerfew and cleaning. I don't bitch
and moan about any of that. When
it comes to the important things
that matters, then I have a right
to rebel. I just don't understand
why they try to take away all the
things that are important to me.
Why are they so determined to
change me? I just don't get it.
Neither do I.
I mean it's not like I'm a bad
kid. Yeah so I've f***ed up with
drugs in the past but I've been
really good about that. I haven't
touched the stuff in forever.
I know. You've been doing great.
You've been trying to turn your
life around for the better.
There's only so much you can do.
Apparantly it's just not good
enough. It seems to me that they
just hate my character and the
only reason they tolerate me is
because I'm their son.


You know deep down that they love
you Aidan. They just want the best
for you...They just don't know how
to go about it. I wish they could
open their eyes and see what
they're doing to you.
I know that they're doing what
they think is right but it's
tearing me to pieces. I mean it's
so hard somtimes I just don't know
how much more I can take. I just
feel everything is out of control.
I feel like a can't get a hold on
anything; like everyone and
everything I love is slipping
through my fingers.
Do you think I'm slipping through
your fingers?
I don't know. I mean with
everything that's happening. I
just wonder how long it might be
until you just can't handle it
anymore. I feel so bad that I
caught you up in all my s***. It's
not right.You shouldn't have to
deal with all of this.
Aidan you shouldn't have to deal
with any of this either. I mean
your seventeen for Christ sake.
You should't have to take all this
in, but just know that I'm always
going to be here for you no matter
what happens.
No matter what?
No matter what. Just because I
love you so much. I just need to
know if you're feeling better.


A little better. I really wish I
didn't have to go back home.
Me too. I'm afraid to let you go
There's nothing we can do. I
rather not get in anymore trouble.
I just need to keep my head low
then maybe I'll get lucky.
Just stay out of his way and
you'll be fine...I hope.
Yeah...Plus after I go home I
don't know when the next time I'll
be able to see you for more then a
few minutes; and you're going off
to school. I really hope that
they'll let up sooner then later.
When all of this started you said
that it wasn't going to be easy.
We just need to really work at it.
If we can get through this then we
can get through just about
I know we will and I'll see you
whenever we can manage it. Don't
worry so much.
Oh now you're telling me not to
This coming from the biggest worry
wart in the world.


I am not a worry wart.
Yeah of course not.
Ok maybe I am but you can be just
as bad.
Only sometimes.
Sometimes! Ha! you shouldn't be
talking seeing how you're the
biggest drama queen I know. Never
in a million years would I have
thought that I would be with
someone who was so dramatic.
You say it like it's a bad thing.
I'm just giving you a hard time.
Like always?
Uh huh. So are you gonna be okay?
I think so. At least I hope so.
So I guess you should be heading
home before your parents start
wondering where you are.
Yeah. That might be a good idea.
So I'll see you tonight?
Riley what are you talking about?
I'm forbidden to see you remember?


I mean later tonight.
A smile grows onto AIDAN'S face when he realizes what she is
Oh of course. Same time?
Yep. Are you sure you want to risk
You already know the answer to
that question.
RILEY slowly closes the door behind AIDAN and locks it
quietly. The moonlight comes through the windows casting
dark shadows against the furniture in the livingroom. AIDAN
gives RILEY a quick kiss and then they quietly go up the
stairs and into her bedroom.
AIDAN closes the door behind them. The T.V. is glaring and
the various colors illuminate the walls. RILEY turns off the
television and goes up to her stereo where she inserts a CD.
AIDAN empties his pockets and puts their contents on RILEY'S
desk. She turns to look at him and smiles.
      (Walknig towards
It wasn't too difficult getting
here was it?
Nope. Not a problem.
      (Putting her arms
       around him)
Im glad you came.
Me too.


AIDAN sits down on the bed and then lies down. RILEY gets on
top of him and puts her hands up his shirt and runs them
across his chest.She moves down and kisses him soflty. The
song Monuments and Melodies plays calmly in the background
as AIDAN rolls RILEY over to lay on top of her. The shadows
on the walls show them removing their clothes piece by piece
and soon they find themselves hiding from the world in the
comfort of the sheets.
Later that night AIDAN and RILEY are lying under the covers
when she suddenly says...
Sometimes I'm just so afraid. I
just don't know what to do.
The world can be very terriying.
Part of living is being able to
cope with the fear. But there are
always those who can't handle it.
And there are those who see the
world in a different light. Some
think there is nothing to be
afraid of.
What are you afraid of?
Me? Being alone...abandoned and
neglected. My greatest fear is
being unloved. I guess I've always
been that way.
Ever since your dad left.
Yeah. Then Tony came and
everything changed. Then my mom
turned out the way she is.
She has good intentions.
I know, but she had me when she
was seventeen. That's why she's
all over my case. I can understand
where's she's coming from because
I lived it too. But there's a
certain point when you have to


                       AIDAN (cont'd)
step back and let others make
their own mistakes. I want them to
let me live my life in my own way
despite whatever heartache I may
pass along the way. I just feel
that I have that right. You
shouldn't be sheltered from the
things of life; the good or the
bad. It's like never taking a veil
from your face. You'll never be
able to breathe in the fresh air.
I look at all the little events
that make up my life and no matter
how horrible or wonderful they
were I wouldn't go back and change
them for the world. No matter how
messed up I come out. Because I
wouldn't be the person I am today.
That's what my mom and Tony don't
understand. They are just dead set
against me. I hope one day they'll
appreciate the son they have not
the one that could have been.
You know you'll never be alone.
You will always have me. You don't
have to be afraid anymore. I know
things have been hard for you;
growing up with your dad leaving
you and not having the greatest
relationship with Tony. I'm here.
Just remember that.
Always. I'm not going anywhere.
There is a short pause of silence when AIDEN says..
I've been wanting to give you
Oh really?


AIDEN gets out of bed and starts searching through the pile
of clothes.
Close your eyes.
      (closing them
Ok they're closed.
No peeking.
I won't. I promise
AIDEN holds a small bag behind his back and hops back into
the bed. He sits on top of RILEY and looks at her eyes to
make sure she's not peeking.
Can I open them yet?
No not yet.
AIDEN sets the bag on top of her chest.
Now can I?
Can I open them or not?
Yes you can.
RILEY opens her eyes and sees the little bag. She looks
inside to see a small box with a ribbion tied around it.
You didn't!
Yeah, I did.
RILEY unties the ribbon and opens the box. Inside there is a


small pouch that carries a silver ring that has three hearts
that go across the band. She puts the ring around her finger
and holds her hand up to see it sparkle in the moonlight.
You spent way too much. You know I
don't like it when you spend money
on me.
No I didn't
Don't lie.
It doesn't matter how much it
cost. I wanted to get it for you.
I love it. Thank you
You're welcome. Just think of it
as the symbol of my promise to
RILEY sits up and gives AIDEN a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
      (in a whisper)
I love you.
      (Whispers back)
And I love you too.
RILEY waves to AIDAN from behind the glass door. He walks
into her back yard and over the fence to start making his
way home. Just before he walks off he looks back one last
time; he can see her walking back up the stairs where she
disappears in the darkness.
AIDAN walks down the dark streets at a steady pace. He looks
at the street lights and the parked cars. His hands are
freezing so he stuffs them in his pockets. His breath is
visible in the air and he looks up to see the stars in the


sky. He notices some dark clouds festering an oncoming
storm. AIDAN slowly makes his way closer and closer to his
AIDAN slowly walks up too his front door. He reaches into
his pocket and quietly find his keys. He slips the house key
into the lock and turns it slowly. AIDAN opens the door as
quietly as possible and shuts it behind him. He begins to
walk in the direction of his room when suddenly a light
turns on and AIDAN sees TONY sitting on the couch.
I've been waiting. Where the hell
have you been?
AIDAN'S eyes begin to peel open and refocus. There is a
heavy rain falling from the sky. He tries to move his body
but every inch aches with pain. AIDAN manges to roll over
onto his back and looks up at the sky. Raindrops fall from
the sky onto his face and roll off his cheeks. He looks over
to his side and sees his phone smashed to pieces in a puddle
and a duffle bag full of his belongings. He sits up after
much stuggle and looks around trying to figure out where on
earth he is. After gathering himself AIDAN gets onto his
feet and grabs his belongings and heads towards the
streetlights. He looks at the street signs and begins to
head down the street.
AIDAN slowly walks up to a house on the street he has been
traveling on. He struggles to lift his feet onto the steps.
AIDAN finally makes his way to the door and rings the
doorbell several times to make sure he is heard. He can here
footsteps coming from the inside of the house. The pourch
light turns on and AARON opens the door to see AIDAN bruised
and bloodied.
Aidan! Are you ok?
AIDAN tries to speak but is so fatigued that he collapses.
AARON struggles to hold AIDAN'S wet body up but manages to
do so and drags him inside.


RILEY is sitting on her bed with a look of concern etched
into her face. The makes a tapping sound against the windows
and the trees shake violently from the wind. RILEY holds on
tightly to a stuffed penguin that sits in her lap. She looks
over at the alarm clock that sits on top of her dresser on
the right side of her bed. Suddenly she gets up from where
she's sitting and makes her way into the restroom. RILEY
looks at herself in the mirror. Then her eyes slowly move
down to observe the countertop. She slowly walks out of the
restroom with a look of unsatisfaction and goes back into
her room. RILEY grabs her stuffed penguin and sits back on
her bed. She pushes her hair back to keep it from getting in
her face and then rubs her temples with her fingers. She
sighs and takes in a deep breath. Once again she looks at
the clock to see that hardly any time has passed her by.
RILEY looks blankly at the contents of her room. There are
academic and athletic awards that are framed on her walls
along with photographs of family and friends. There are
pictures of her with AIDAN and some drawings and poems that
he had given her. Again she gets up and heads into the
restroom. She looks at herself in the mirror and then her
eyes trail downward. She picks up something from the
counter. In her hand is a home pregnancy test that shows the
fearful results of positive. RILEY takes a few steps back
and runs to the wall behind her. She slowly slides down it
and sits on the bathroom floor. RILEY burries her face in
her palms and begins to weep.
AIDAN'S eye is black. His lips are chaped and torn. His face
swollen. He tries to see where he is so he can put all the
pieces together. His head throbs from the pain and the
hospital lights blind the one eye that he's capable of
using. AIDAN begins to refocus and sees that he is in fact
in a hospital. He looks over to see his mom sleeping in a
chair beside his bed. She comes out of her light slumber to
see that AIDAN is conscious.
Oh my god Aidan are you alright?
I can't even remember what
Tony gave you a few concussions.


That's nice. Where is he now?
I'm not sure. But i'm done with
him Aidan I swear. No more. I
So he beat the sh** out of me and
up and left?
I called the police after I
realized what happened. I just
couldn't let him do that to you.
And you could't call the cops the
night before bacause that wasn't
reason enough? Where's the logic
in that mom?
Aidan I'm sorry. Can you ever
forgive me?
      (Changing the
Is there a warrant?
      (look of hurt on
       her face)
I'm assuming they haven't found
him yet.
No...not yet.
So where do we go from here?
I'm not sure. I guess we just try
to fix what is broken.


Some wounds go too deep mom.
Sometime the damage is too great.
No matter how hard you try to mend
them; the bones will never be as
What are you saying?
I'm saying in order for me to be
happy. I mean truly happy I need
to go. I need to get out of this.
It seems to me that I'm nothing
more then a puzzle piece to this
family. When I'm not there you're
unsatisfied because your puzzle
isn't complete. But as soon as I'm
home you stick me in my spot and
are content to leave me there
alone. You take me for granted.
You don't appreciate who I am and
for some reason you can't accept
that I'm right and your wrong.
What bothers me the most is that
you have allowed Tony to do this
to us. The fact that you've
allowed this to happen is absurd
because you have had the power to
stop it all along. You just lacked
the courage. That's why I don't
believe you every time you say
your going to leave Tony. I've
been waiting for this nightmare of
a marriage to end for years but
you two are so afraid to be alone
that you stay together no matter
what horrible things you do to
each other. You're so dependent on
one another. You're nothing more
then crutches holding each other
So that is how you feel?
Yeah it is. I have a lot of things
to work out in my head. I have
some important decisions to make.


AARON is outside in the hospital hall talking on his phone.
Yeah...I know...I'll give it to
him....Are you
AARON puts his phone in his pocket and walks up to AIDAN'S
hospital room door. He knocks softly and cracks the door
AARON peers his head into the room and sees AIDAN and BECKY
Hey, how are you feeling?
I've been better.
      (To BECKY)
Can you give us a few?
Yeah sure.
BECKY gets up from her seat and walks out the door.
What's going on?
It's about Riley.
What about her?
I really don't know how to say
this so...
AARON reaches into his pocket and puts RILEY'S ring into
AIDAN'S hands.
I don't understand. I mean. Why?


AARON looks down to the floor and shrugs a little.
It's complicated.
I don't even know what the hell is
going on! All you can tell me is
that it's complicated! What did
she say?
She said she was sorry.
That's it?
AARON begins to walk out of the room.
I'm sorry Aidan.
AARON closes the door behind him.
Thats it!?
AIDAN begins to throw objects that are sitting around the
room against the door. AARON walks down the hall. AIDAN'S
screams can be heard outside the room. AIDAN is about to
throw the ring in his hand but stops himself. He looks at it
sitting in his palm.
      (Almost in a
So I guess that's it.
AIDAN and BECKY walk out of the hospital into the parking
lot. She unlocks her car. AIDAN get's into the passenger
seat. He looks out of the window and does not speak at all
the whole time. He just looks out at the world that pases by
him. He carries the look of sedatation.


AIDAN is lying on top of his bed looking at the ceiling with
a blank stare on his face. He closes his eyes and takes a
deep breath. He jumps out of bed and grabs a jacket hanging
from the corner of the computer chair sitting in his room.
He walks to a counter and grabs a set of keys. AIDAN heads
for the front door when BECKY walks into the room.
Where are you going?
I just need to figure some things
He opens the door and walks out of the house.
AIDAN pulls up in front of Riley's house. He walks up the
empty driveway to the door. He rings the bell and waits for
an answer; hoping someone will come. He becomes impatient
and rings the bell again. But there is still no answer. He
bangs on the door with his fists. He gives it a kick and
walks back to the car and begins to drive around aimlessly.
AIDAN sits on the beach as the sun setting. He runs the sand
in-between his fingers and looks out into the sea to see the
waves crashing into the rocks. The foam from the water comes
closer and closer to his feet.
AIDAN pulls the car slowly up to the curb. He steps out and
walks in around the front of the vehicle. Before AIDAN can
get to the door AARON opens it.
I was wondering when you'd come
I have no clue what's going on. I
know that you know. So tell me!
I can't.


What do you mean you can't! Tell
me what the hell is happening
before i lose it.
She needs to tell you not me.
I can't find her anywhere. She
just...vanished. She's gone. If
you can't tell me what's happening
can you at least help me find her?
That I can do.
Well what are you waiting for? Get
in the car. Jesus Christ!
AIDAN and AARON get in.
Don't mention it.
So where do we start?
Where do you think she would run
off to?
I don't know. I'm not going to
find her unless she wants me to.
I'm sure that there's someone else
that could help us.
I went to her house and nobody was
That was probaby a good thing.


      (Turns to face
       AARON and gives a
       confused look)
What do you mean?
I mean that everything is so
chaotic that going to her parents
may not be the best idea. They
might not know where she is
either. So you showing up at their
front door would just cause more
If they knew she was missing they
would come to me to find out where
she is in the first place. You
keeping things fom me doesn't make
any of this easier.
AARON looks away.
How are you going to help me if
you can't tell me the truth?
Look I'm sorry. I'm in an awkward
position here. But I still think
it's not a good idea to go back
over to her house.
Well then what do you suggest we
Hey wherever you go I go. I'm just
along for the ride.
You're a lot of help. I just want
to know that...Let's go check with
her friends. She may be trying to
lay low for awhile.
Alright lets go. You have nothing
to go off of so you might as well.


AIDAN starts the car and drives off.
AIDAN and ARRON drive around to several houses to try to
find RILEY. Everyplace they go ends up to be a dead end.
Damn it!
I'm sorry you couldn't find her.
It's ok. We'll try again tomorrow.
I'm sure we'll think of something.
Are you going to be alright?
I'm not sure.
Just go home and get some sleep.
I'll see you in the morning.
Yeah... In the morning.
AIDAN turns away and walks to the car.
AIDAN turns around.
She'll turn up. Everything's gonna
be alright.
AIDAN nods and opens the door of the car.
I hope so.
AIDAN gets in the car and begins to drive away.


      (To himself)
The poor guy can never catch a
AARON walks into his house and sees his mom sitting on the
How is she?
                       AARON'S MOM
She's doing better. She's been
throwing up a little bit all day
but I got some fluids into her.
She's sleeping right now.
That's good.
AARON walks down the hall to a door that has a poster with
his name on it. He opens the door and peeks in to see RILEY
sleeping on his bed.
AIDAN walks into the class and finds an empty seat. He sits
down and puts all of his stuff below him. He rubs his eyes
and put his head down to try to get a little sleep before
the bell rings. Suddenly he feels a tapping on his shoulder.
He lifts his head up and turns around.
If that's what you would like to
call it then "goodmorning" to you
Still not doing so hot eh?
Oh I'm doing hot. I'm so hot right
now that I'm melting.
So what are we going to do?
Spray me with a hose?


Stop being sarcastic. Ask around
I'm sure somebody knows where she
We went everywhere last night and
found nothing. Absolutely nothing.
That doesn't mean that you can't
find something.
I've pretty much done all that I
can. The only other thing that I
haven't done is gone to her family
but you seem to think that's
suicide. They haven't come to me
looking for her so they must have
some idea where she is. They know
a hell of a lot more then I do. So
if I don't talk to them what other
options do I have?
The bell rings and the teacher tries to get the attention of
the class. AIDAN and AARON talk a little more quietly
Wait for her to find you. She'll
come back when she's ready.
Ready. Ready for what Aaron?
To let you know what's going on
with her. It has to be just as
hard for her as it is for you. Do
you think leaving you there alone
in that hospital room was easy for
Mr. Conti turn around and pay
attention seeing how you haven't
been to class in awhile. This
information might prove useful.
AIDAN turns around and the teacher returns to his lesson.
AIDAN looks down and opens his binder to a blank page. He
beigins doodling to pass by the time.


AARON runs up from behind AIDAN. They try to move in-between
the crowds of people jammed packed in the hall.
Hey I was wondering if you were
going to practice today.
No. It was hard enough to try to
explaine my situation to the coach
in the first place. I mean coming
back from the weekend all bloodied
and broken isn't something you can
really lie about.
My body is still in shambles so
until I'm a hundred percent it's
not a good idea.
So when do you think you'll be
A week or two. I don't know for
AARON and AIDAN exit the hallway into quad.
That sucks. Are you still working?
Yeah...Even though I don't want to
but I'm going to be broke pretty
What time are you off?
Don't you still want to look for


I...I've got to go. I'll talk to
you later.
ADIAN walks into the crowd and dissapears in the masses.
AARON's room is somewhat small but doesn't lack character.
His walls are covered with pictures of his friends and
family. He also managed to cover one wall with a giant
Canadian flag. RILEY is sitting on his bed wattching T.V.
while eating some Triscits when AARON enters the room.
How are you feeling?
Pretty good. How was your day?
Ok...I guess.
How is he?
A wreck.
I feel so bad about all of this. I
just don't know what to do.
I know you've got a big decision
to make.
Do you think he'll forgive me? You
know, for just leaving like that.
You better hope so. Seeing how
you're carring his baby.
I hope that he'll understand why I
That's just the thing. He doesn't
understand because he doesn't know


                       AARON (cont'd)
why you left. I think he feels
abandoned. I guess that he feels
that you didn't care enough about
him because you could walk away so
easliy at a time when he needed
you the most.
But it wasn't easy Aaron. It was
the hardest thing I've ever had to
I think the hardest thing of all
is going back.
I don't know if I can. I don't
want to ruin his life by having
this baby. I don't want for him to
have to struggle more then he
already has, I mean he was a
product of all of this. I'd rather
have him hate me then destroy his
I'm pretty sure that Aidan is
capable of understanding. And I'm
positive that he won't think that
you're ruining his life. I know
for a fact that he will embrace
the responsibility of being a
father no matter how hard it is
seeing how he grew up without one
and thefact that Tony only used
him for nothing more then a
punching bag.
But his life has been hard enough.
I couldn't imagine how horrible
all that was. I just don't want
him to suffer anymore then he
needs to.
Like he's not suffering now? Riley
the kid is losing his mind without
you. You were the only constant,
stable thing that was in his life
and now you're gone.


He shouldn't be so dependent on
I know he shouldn't. But you were
the only thing that he had to hold
onto. Never in a million years
would he of thought that you would
just up and leave. That's what
hurts him the most.
What am I supposed to do Aaron?
His parents are going to kill him
if thy find out. If Tony ever
finds out...I'm so afraid. And I'm
not even sure if I'm going to have
it...I'm not sure.
I think that's something you need
to talk to him about. But I'll
tell you this...If you kill his
baby he will never forgive you.
But like I said it's your
decision. I just hope that you can
live with it.
AARON walks out of the room; shutting the door behind him.
RILEY lays down on the bed and turns her back against the
door and cries herself to sleep.
AARON is sitting on the bleechers putting on his running
shoes when AIDAN walkes buy him with shirt off and shoes in
hand. AIDAN takes a seat next to AARON begins to put on his
Practicing today I see.
Yeah, I figured I need to get
moving again. It'll help get my
mind of things.
Well, I've herd cardiovascular
activity helps relieve stress.


Oh really and where did you hear
I have no idea.
      (Hint of a slight
That's what I figured.
I haven't seen you do that in
Do what?
      (Giving Adian a
       shove on the
Relax. Jesus you've been such a
case. Loosen up a bit. It'll do
you some good. Do you think You
can do that?
Yeah..I can relax a little.
      (Stands up)
Good 'cause you are starting to
drive me crazy.
Oh I'm sorry I was unaware of the
fact that you're an insesitive
What can I say?
      (Throws his shirt
       at AARON)
Apperantly not much.


      (Throws it back)
Whatever, put some clothes on.
      (Catches it and
       starts putting it
You should talk.
AIDAN observes ARRON's shorts that are rather small.
      (Stands up)
Did you have to break into some
cheerleader's room to get those
AARON and AIDAN start walking down the steps of the
Actually they were given to me.
Oh I see, and what did you have to
do to get your hands on those?
They start running toward the field where the rest of the
team is grouped together.
Wouldn't you like to know?
...No, no actually I don't.
RILEY is in the waiting room of a clinic. She sits in a
chair and tries to distract herself by looking through all
the old magazines. She flips through several of them and is
unsatisfied with any of the articles and sets the magazines
in her lap. She looks around the room to see other teenage
girls in the same situation as her; some furhter along then
she is. RILEY makes eye contact with one of the girls across
the room and quickly turns her eyes the other way. A door
opens and a NURSE comes out.


Kelly? The docter is ready to see
you now.
The girl sitting across the room gets up and fallows the
NURSE through the doorway.
RILEY puts her hands over her face.
      (Whispering to
What am I doing?...Why am I
hear?...I don't think I can do
this...What am I going to do?
Tears begin to trickle down RILEY's cheeks onto the picture
of the girl on the magazine. The tears bleed into the page
and drop after drop falls down.
Riley?...Riley Moureau. Come this
RILEY reluctanly gets up from her seat. She walks through
the door into the hallway. The NURSE slowly closes it behind
AARON wals into his house. He throws his duffle bag onto the
couch but it falls on to the foor.
Hello? Is anybody here?
He walks through the house looking to see if anyone is home.
He goes into his room to see his mom sitting on his bed.
She's looking at a letter that's sitting on her lap.
Hey what's going on?
                       AARON'S MOM
I think you should read this.
AARON takes the letter from his mother. He stares at it
Dear Aaron,


I'm sorry for what I'm about to do. i never wanted to
hurt anybody. I'm so sorry. Tell Adian that I'm sorry that I
wasn't stong evough. I just hope one day that he can forgive

AARON crumples the letter in his hand and throws it across
the room.
I need to stop her.
AARON runs out of his house.
AARON pulls up into the clinic quickly, parks it, and jumps
out of the car. He's practicly running to the door when
RILEY walks out. She tries not to look at his face.
I'm too late.
RILEY throws he arms around AARON.
I couldn't do it. I don't know
what I was thinking. I'm sorry.
I'm so so sorry.
It's ok. It's ok.
5{ving while RIley sits in the passenger seat. She
catches the tears from her eyes with her fingers. She pulls
down the visor and opens the mirror. She looks in it to see
if her eyeliner was bleeding. She shuts the visor and turns
towards AARON.
I can't believe that I could be so
I wouldn't say it was stupid.
Impulsive...yes. But stupid, no. I
just think you came to a
conclusion too quickly.


It doesn't make it right.
I know but it's understandable.
I guess. I am a hormonal wreck.
And that's to be expected. So
don't worry about it. Next time
just don't run off.
Yeah...I've been doing a lot of
that lately.
You don't have to run anymore.
RILEY slightly sinks in her seat; giving off discomforting
You know he'll take you back.
      (Turns to look at
Sometimes I'm not so sure.
How did you get that inclination?
I don't know...Maybe I'm just
You're damn right you're crazy.
And I am too for helping you. How
are we going to get ourselves out
of this one?
I've been asking myself that


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