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A Mistress Under The Midnight Moon
by Joshua Danger Ahrens (joshomygosh@comic.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

Fun vampire action movie. Sex and violence, hell yeah. It's not done I only have the first 30 pages done. I had to do it for a class. I'm not sure if I'm gonna finish it, maybe if i get some good critiques and feedback. enjoy.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A man is seen running through the dark allyways. He is
being chased by something that is unseen. He is breathing
heavily and is badly sweating. The man sharply turns a
corner to be met by a dead end. The man turns around
expecting to see his chaser only to see no one is there.
                       KALE (offscreen)
aww. how sad...It appears that our
game has come to an end.
the man looks around, tensing up
                       KALE (offscreen)
aw..what's wrong child?
Where are you?!
Turn around
The man realizes something really bad is about to happen. He
slowly turns around to see a dark man is standing between
the dead end of the ally and himself.
Why hello!
The man gasps and Kale grabs him by the throat and throws
him into the dead end wall. The man tries to fight back,
but his attempts are futile against Kale. Kale keeps
knocking the man off of his feet. Kale seems to be playing
with the man.
Why do you insist on playing with
your food, Kale?
Lei enters the allyway. She has blood around her mouth and
is dragging the body of a fallen victom.


      (turns to face Lei)
(laughs) Leila, my darling, you
know I like to feed while the
blood is rushing.
The man tries to charge Kale while his back is turned. Kale
effortlessly side steps the man and sends him flying to the
      (ignoring the man)
It just makes it all
seem...fresher. (smiles)
Lei drops her victom and wipes off her mouth with her arm.
She smiles. Lei and Kale lock eyes.
Sometimes, I don't understand you.
When you are in love, my dear
Leila, you don't need to
Lei walks to Kale. They embrace eachother Lei tinkers with
the necklace around Kale's neck and they kiss very
passionetly. Kale begins to tenderly kiss her neck. A
small noise causes Kale to look up suddenly. He see's
Monolith. He moves Lei behind him, shielding her from any
potential danger.
The mighty Monolith, you really
must work on your timing my
friend. However, I do applaud
your strategy. But maybe next
time, if you wait untill my pants
are down, you might actually be
abel to slay me.
Let the man go!
Kale picks up the man off the ground by his hair. He holds
him up by the neck.
You want it?! Then come and get


Still holding the man, Kale runs past Mo and out of the
ally, so fast that it almost can't be seen. Mo turns and
gives chase paying no attention to Lei.
Monolith is chasing after Kale. He looks around the busy
plaza trying to spot Kale and the man he has hostage. There
are many "normal" people walking around the plaza. Many of
them give strange looks to Monolith because his outfit is
not very normal. He wears black armor and is draped with
many different weapons. His face is consealed by a black
mask giving him a sinister and unforgiving look. As Mo
looks around, he spots Kale and the man by a fountain. He
begins to move towards them.
This ends now Monolith! We settle
this tonight.
Mo breaks into a run as he gets closer to Kale. He draws a
large silver sword, but as he gets within striking distance,
Kale and the man vanish into thin air. They reappear in the
park in the backround. Mo appears to be becoming aggitated.

Leila comes around the corner that Mo came from. She is
trying to find Kale and see what is going on.

Mo is walking through the park. Kale has vanished again and
is no where in sight. Mo readies his very large silver
                       KALE (offscreen)
Turn around.
Mo turns around and the man, covered in blood, falls
lifelessly onto Mo. He catches the man and sets him down
gently. He kneels and mimes the crusifix sign and says a
small prayer. He gets back to his feet and turns around. He
is now facing Kale. Mo swings his sword theatrically and
strikes a battle pose. Kale lets out a furocious roar and
his fangs extend. He now looks blood thirsty. Kale then
draws a slim katana like sword from his jacket.
Leila is now at the fountain where Kale was. She can see
them at the near by park. A look of slight worry comes over
her face.
Kale and the Monolith stand squaring off with eachother. Mo
leans his head from side to side, cracking his neck very


loudly. A devious and toothy smile comes over Kale's face.
They charge. They meet head-on, both slashing with their
swords. The movements of Monolith are heavy and powerful.
Kale is very swift, almost dancing with his quick in and out
strikes. Mo's hits though fewer than Kale's, inflict a lot
more damage. The battle rages, but is even. Leila watches
very concerned. Kale uses his supernaturaly speed and
vanishing ability to his advantage however, the Monolith
appears to be used to his strategy and it does not phase him
Leila looks on as the battle rages on. The fight is
starting to draw a small crowd. They watch the spectical in
The two hack and slash at eachother in a passionet fight.
The two now stand at a stand still. The Monolith reaches
into a compartment and pulls out a spraying canister and
sprays Kale in the face. Kale wipes at his face and
stumbles backward. Mo knocks Kale's sword away then slashes
him under the neck. Kale puts his hand over his wound and
blood gushes out. Kale drops to his knees. Monolith moves
slowly in for the kill. He raises his sword. Suddenly, Mo
is knocked down by Leila who comes out of nowhere.
Get away from him!
Mo throws Lei off of him and gets back to his feet. He
looks up to see Kale running for the near by woods. Mo
chases after him. Lei gets up and see's Mo entering the
woods. A look of fear comes over her face.
The slayer runs into the woods. He slows to a walk. Kale
cannot be seen. Monolith looks around. Suddenly Kale
appears and attacks with his sword. Mo blocks and dodges
the fast swings, then Kale vanishes. Mo walks deeper into
the woods. Kale suddenly appears then vanishes with another
hit and run attack.
      (in a deep
       thundering voice)
You wonder why I cannot slay
you... it is because you always
run away to the shadows where you
belong. Show yourself you scum!
Kale appears in mid air while leaping over Mo. He slashes
him with his sword. He lands behind him and stabs him
through the back. Monolith falls to his knees.


      (quitely to Mo)
Do believe me when I say this. I
am a little saddened it ends here.
I was rather fond of you. But
everything must come to an end.
Kale viciously grabs Mo's head and snaps his neck. The
Monolith falls to the ground.
Leila finds her way into the woods to Kale.
Are you ok?
Never felt better
Leila and Kale walk out of the woods. They emerge from the
woods and are met by five armed slayers.
Leila runs for it. Kale engages the slayers. Although Kale
is a strong and skilled fighter, the number and size of the
slayers soon catch up with him.
Stephanie and Caleb are sitting at a table with half eaten
food. They are in the middle of a difficult conversation.
I just... I need more...
I don't understand. We go places,
I've treated you like a queen
since we started dating-
It's not that, it's just.. I don't
feel like we're going anywhere.
Stephanie, I'm all for getting
more serious, and once the band-
Gets signed? You guys have been
"getting signed" for what? Two


                       STEPH (cont'd)
years now? Face it Caleb, it's
not gonna happen.
Caleb now appears obviously hurt
It's been fun babe...but it's
over. Good luck Caleb.
Stephanie gets up, kisses Caleb on the cheek and leaves the
resturaunt. Caleb remains sitting in bewilderment.
Well, ain't that a kick in the
Two of the slayers hold Kale up while one kicks him in the
groin. The slayers now have a clear advantage and are just
toying with Kale. Leila sneaks up from behind and stabs the
two slayers holding Kale.
Leila runs again. The three slayers give chase. Kale grabs
one by the legs tripping him. Kale and the slayer get to
their feet and fight hand to hand.
Caleb leaves the resturaunt. He walks slowly.
Leila runs through the park and towards the plaza. Two
slayers give steady chase.
Kale executes a judo take down on the slayer. Kale is now
behind the slayer who is on his knees. Kale picks up the
slayer by the top of the head, and bites his neck. The
slayer twitches a little bit than goes limp. Kale drops him
and runs in the direction Leila went.


Caleb is now behind the plaza. He walks with his head down
not watching where he is going.
The slayers are caught by the unreal speed of Kale. They
engage in a fight right in the middle of the plaza. Weapons
drawn and all. The people stare in shock but keep their
distance. Leila keeps running around the back of the plaza.
The fight continues untill Kale is knocked to the ground.
The slayers go after Leila the weaker of the two. Kale gets
to his feet and follows.
Caleb stands near the wall of the building near the cornerin
a trance. Distrought over his unlucky relations issue.
Leila comes full speed around the corner and runs head on
into Caleb. They both go tumbling to the ground. They both
get up.
Whoa sparky why don't you watch
where you're-
Before Caleb can finish his sentance, the two slayers come
around the corner. Caleb just looks at the two odd
specticals trying to make something of them. The slayers
almost strut with confidense and slowly draw their weapons.
Caleb takes a defensive stance in front of Leila, but the
slayers walk right past him. Leila back pedals in her
tracks as the slayers close in on her. Caleb watches not
knowing what to do. But he knows he has to do something.
His instincts spring him into action. He tackles one of the
slayers to the ground. The other stabs downward with his
huge sword. Caleb moves out of the way forcing the slayer
to stab his own. Caleb gets up and gets a few quick punches
in on the massive man, but his strengh is too much for the
common human that is Caleb. The now lone slayer thrusts his
shoulder at Caleb sending him flying backwards and rolling
across the floor. The slayer again begins to close in on
                       KALE (offscreen)
Why don't you pick on someone your
own size?
The lone slayer frantically looks around trying to find the


location of Kale's voice. He turns to look behind
him...nothing. He turns back and Kale is right there! Kale
says hello with a hardy headbutt and precedes to beat the
living hell out of the slayer.
                       KALE (inbetween punches)
No one...touches...my...Leila!
With that Kale sends the slayer flying with an uppercut from
hell. Kale walks toward the fallen slayer twirling his
sword with a manner of taunting. His slim katana-like sword
sparkles in the street light. Suddenly, he stops and his
breath leaves him. Kale falls to the ground. A wooden
stake is seen in his back. Behind him, the other slayer who
was stabbed by his own is sitting up with his arm out as if
he just threw something. His eyes close and he falls back to
the ground.

The once again lone slayer gets up and moves toward Leila
knowing he will finally kill his game. Leila's eyes are
flooding with tears for the love of her life who is know
face down on the ground. Fear comes over her and she tries
to scream out but nothing but a little bit of air escapes.
Caleb gets up and knocks the slayer to the ground from
behind. Flashlights can be seen from around the corner of
the building. Caleb grabs Leila's hand.
Come on!
Caleb and Leila disappear into the darkness just as a
handful of police officers come around the corner to
investigate the disturbance. The slayer slowly gets up. The
cops see a body on the ground and draw their guns.
Freeze fuck face!
The slayer tosses a small round object on the ground. It
explodes with a quick blinding flash. Everything goes
white. When the white fades back into normal vision, the
cops are rubbing their eyes and the lone and the fallen
slayers are gone only leaving Kale. The cop talks into his
We got one for the morgue.
Caleb leads Leila into another parking lot. He looks over
his shoulder, slows and stops.


I don't think anyone followed us.
Are you ok...?
Leila...I'll live. What about
I'll be fine. Who were those
The two ugly ones were slayers.
The other one was my boyfriend,
Caleb is silent, confused.
Leila hesitates.
...we're vampires.
Caleb let out a little laugh. He does not beleive Leila's
Look, I know that when people are
in stressful situations they-
Leila lets out a blood curdling hiss. Her fangs are fully
exposed. Caleb jumps backwards completly startled.
What the hell!?
They probably think you're one of
us. They're gonna come after you.
Like it or not, you're with me
No, no. Killing people and
running from freaks with swords
might be fun for you but-
It's not f*cking fun! It's
survival. I don't like having
slayers out to kill me every
night. I don't like running from


                       LEI (cont'd)
slayers every other night, or
killing people for their blood.
But guess what, if I don't I'm
dead and if I have to drain a
whole city of its blood to stay
alive then that's what I'll do.
You helped me out back there so it
would be a waste to use you as
food. So you have two choices, I
can leave you and you can deal
with the slayers on your own, or
stay with me and I can give you
the strengh to defend yourself.
What, you mean bite me? No, no I-
They both hear a noise in the distance. Someone is coming.
Leila and Caleb tense up. Caleb looks around. Leila grabs
him and bites his neck.
Caleb comes to on a sofa. The lights seem very bright and
Caleb squints his eyes as the ajust. There are girls
surrounding him and watching him. They are holding beer
bottles and empty ones litter the room. They all start
Hey sleepy. You're lucky we found
Who are you?.. where am I?
The girls on the sofa giggle.
I'm Nikki. You're at my house. We
found you passed out in the
parking lot. We couldn't just
leave you there. I mean, I just
have to help a person when they're
in need.
                       GIRL 1
You just wanted to take him home
you little sl*t!
The girls all giggle again.


Shut up! (laughs) What's your name
Caleb is out of it and weak. He is exurting a lot of effort
just to keep his head up.
Caleb. My head hurts.
I bet it does, Caleb. You were
out cold in the middle of that
parking lot. You must've been
partying pretty hard. And how did
you hurt your neck?
Hurt my neck?
Caleb reaches towards his neck. There is a bandage with a
little bit of blood showing through.
Ew! Don't touch it!
Caleb looks up at Nikki like a little boy who just got
Why don't you come upstairs and
I'll make you feel better?
Nikki gets up and grabs Caleb's arm and leads him to the
                       GIRL 1
Have fun.
The girls give a familure giggle.
Nikki leads him up the stairs. Caleb stumbles a little bit
and trips over his feet. Nikki laughs a little and helps
him up.


Nikki hoists Caleb by his arm and pushes him toward the bed.
He falls onto the bed not conscience of where he is. Nikki
jumps onto the bed.
I love meeting new people.. Now we
need to get to know eachother
Nikki kisses Caleb. This catches the half conscious Caleb
off gaurd. He gives in and kisses her back.
Two morticians dressed in all white enter the clean white
room. There is a solitary table. There is a body consealed
by a sheet. The morticians walk to the table.
                       MORTICIAN 1
This fella came in about half an
hour ago.
The first mortician pulls the sheet back to reveal Kale
laying face down on his stomache. A wooden stake sticking
out of the center of his back.
                       MORTICIAN 2
What the hell?
                       MORTICIAN 1
I know, I have to say this is the
first time I've seen this.
                       MORTICIAN 2
Stabbed with a wooden stake? What
is this guys name? Dracula?
The second mortician laughs at his own joke. The first
stares at him unamused. The second mortician stops
laughing. He hands the first a pair of tong like tools.
                       MORTICIAN 1
Actually, we don't know what his
name is. We couldnt find any
information on this guy. No
address, no records, nothing.
The mortician pulls the stake out with the tongs. He walks
over to a small table and places it on a pan. The other
mortician follows him.


                       MORTICIAN 2
What is he, a tourist or
                       MORTICIAN 1
He doesn't look all that foreighn
The two morticians turn back to the center table to find
Kale is gone. They stand in silence and bewilderment. Kale
jumps out from no where
A female secretary walks down the hall. She is flipping
through some papers on a clip board.
We have an elderly woman coming
in. She died in her sleep and a
gardener who got hit by a truck-
The secretary opens the door to the morgue revealing the to
morticians one, laying across the table and the other laying
on the floor in the corner. There is blood everywhere. The
secretary screams.
The ring of phone blares. Caleb awakes with a groan. He
looks around to find himself in Nikki's room although he's
not quite sure how he got there. He looks over his shoulder
to see Nikki laying fast asleep. The phone rings again.
Caleb looks over the edge of the bed to see his pants on the
floor. He reaches in the pocket and pulls out a cell phone
and answers.
      (on the phone)
Caleb, where are you? The police
are looking for you!
      (on the phone)
The cops came to my house last


                       STEPH (cont'd)
night asking about you. I called
you a hundred times. Where are
Um...(looks around) I'm not sure.
Nikki stirs half awake.
Who are you talking to?
      (on the phone)
Who is that? We haven't even been
broken up for one whole night and
you're already sleeping around
with some tramp? I can't beleive
you Caleb, you know you will never
be anything at the rate your
I gotta go.
Caleb ends the call.
I'm sorry, but I have to go.
Caleb gets out of bed and gets dressed.
You're leaving so soon?
I have to figure something out.
Where are you going?
Wherever life takes me.
Will you call me?
You're a pretty girl, but I don't
think it was really love at first


Oh really?...What do you say that?
Nikki gets up and gets close to Caleb.
Because you were drunk and I was
passed out in a parking lot.
Caleb leaves the room. Nikki, caught off gaurd by the shut
down just stares at the empty door.
Caleb walks out the front door of a large house. He is
blinded by the sun although it is only as bright as normal.
He begins to sweat. He shields his eyes with his arm. His
eyes start to ajust but everything is still oddly bright and
hazy. Caleb looks around at his surroundings. He is in a
nice neighborhood and all the houses look identical. Caleb
starts walking.
Stephanie is talking with two officers in her door way.
I'm sorry, I don't know where he
Alright, well give us a call if
you have any information.
The officers tip their hats and walk away.
Caleb stumbles throught the isles. He is disoriented. He
searches the shelves reading the labels of various bottles
of pills. He grabs a bunch of bottles and heads towards the
The cashier gives the not so well off Caleb a strange stare.
Caleb dumps the pills on the counter.
Are you ok man?
Caleb collapses and falls to the floor.


Oh sh*t!
The cashier hurries to pick Caleb up.
You are not getting sick in my
The cashier drags Caleb to the door and throws him out.
Caleb stuggles to pick himself off the ground. He
eventually makes his way to his feet. As he is getting up,
a small group is approaching him. There are three stoutly
built young men wearing sports wear. There is a girl
clinging to one of their arms. It is one of the girls from
Nikki's house the night before.
                       GIRL 1
Hey Skud, that's the guy Nikki was
with last night.
One of the brute males approaches Caleb. Caleb is still
staggering. Skud see's the vulnerablility and approaches
like a lion approaches a sick antelope.
Hey buddy, Nikki won't talk to me.
Got any idea why?
Skud accusingly pokes Caleb in the chest. The poke is more
of a jab than a poke.
Uh...what are you talking about?
Who the hell is-
Calebs eyes widen as he realize who the jock is talking
Yeah, you know exactly who she is.
Skud moves closer to Caleb's face.
But why would she not wanna talk
to a gentlemen like you? That's


Yeah, I am crazy. And you're
gonna find out!
Skud grabs Caleb by the shirt, lifting him off the ground.
The jocks are beating the crap out of Caleb. Skud throws
him into the wall, into trash cans, punches him in the face,
the works. The friends do their part by adding unneccisary
kicks to the downed Caleb.
Nikki is mine, and if you ever
talk to her again, I'll make what
I just did look like nothing.
Skud and his group begin to walk away. Suddenly, Caleb lets
out a scream. Skuds group turns and looks at Caleb
convulsing on the ground. Caleb grabs the bandaged wound on
his neck. He lets out another scream.
What's wrong? Did somebody beat
you up? (laughs)
Skud walks over to Caleb and lightly kicks his head. The
kick was aimed more to be moching than hurtfull.
Huh? Answer me.
Skud bends down to pick Caleb up. Suddenly, Caleb grabs
Skud and throws him a good eight feet. Skud tumbles across
the concrete ground and crashes into some trash cans. His
friends immediatly jump in. To their surprise, Caleb has
little trouble going toe to toe with them. The fight
between Skud, and his friends, and Caleb is even and goes
back and forth.
A loud burst freezes the rumble. The combatants look in the
direction of the burst to see a man wearing all black. and
holding two guns, one raised in the air with smoke still
coming out of it. His outfit, is especially gaudy for
something that is all black. He has old rockstar style
boots, chains hanging from random places and a pair of gaudy
rockstaresc silver shades. His messy spiked hair and cocky
grin only add to his image.
Hold it right there kids!


Who the hell are you!?
Now, to answer that would require
too much thinking, and like all
Morrison twirls on of his guns on his finger and aims it
point blank at Skud's head.
I think with my gun. However, I
will tell the lady cause let's
face it, theres not a lady in the
tri-state area who wont eventually
be screaming my name. The name's
Morrison. I'm in the phone book.
Morrison gives a flashy smile to the girl, and she blushes
and smiles back.
If you don't mind, I'm gonna be
taking your friend off your hands
for you. As for you, go home and
for God's sake read a book or
Morrison grabs Calebs arm and they walk around to the front
of the store where a black sports car is waiting. They get
in and drive away.
I'll take you home Champ.
Who are you?
Weren't you paying attention?
Yeah, yeah Morry or whatever. I
mean, what are you a cop or
Chh yeah, f*ck that.


You fight crime or something?
More or less. What's that thing
on your neck?
Caleb touches his wound and realizes that the bandage is
half pealed off. He fixes it.
It's from a girl.
Not really. She bit me and ever
since than I've felt sick to my
A curious look comes over Morrison's face.
Let me see that hicky again.
Caleb begins to slowly peal the bandage off. Morrison grabs
it a quickly rips it off.
Morrison inspects the wound.
Watch the road!
Yeah yeah.
A car blares its horn loudly. Morrison looks to the road
and manouvers the wheel to avoid a crash then inspects the
wound again.
Holy sh*t. That's a vampire bite.
Did she let you feed from her?


What? No, I don't even know her.
Did she give you some of her
I don't know. She bit me then the
next thing I know, I'm waking up
in a house full of sl*ts.
Wow, you're gonna tell me that
story later. I have a friend who
might be abel to help you. I'm
guessing you aren't fully turned
cause it's day time and if she did
feed you some of her blood, you
would be a pile of ash right now.
I would?
It's time someone opened your eyes
Morrison and Caleb enter a dimly lit, not so clean room via
decending stairs. There are tables with metal tools and
instruments on them. At a computer in the corner of the
room sits a woman. She is dressed in white nurses attire.
She has red hair and peircings.
What brings you down here?
I need you to check out my new
friend here.
Looks good from here.


Caleb is starting to sway again. The energy that came to
him in the fight has left but he manages to smile.
I think he's been bitten by a
I could've told you that. Look,
he can barely stand up, he looks
like he's gonna vomit. The poison
of the bite is slowing his heart
rate as well as other bodily
functions and he hasn't had any
plasma from a vampire to balance
the poison. A few more hours and
he'll writher up and die. It's
You poor thing, come here, let me
Caleb goes to Shantall. She examines the bite, checks his
pulse and shines a light in his eyes.
Yep, that's a vampire bite.
You mean, all of this stuff is
What stuff?
Yeah hun, vampires, warewolves,
witches, you name it, it exists.
Why don't people know about this?


I don't know. It's a government
thing. They say things happen
that really don't and say things
don't happen that really do.
Geez, I never knew the U.S.
government was such a woman.
What is that suposed to mean?
Nothing, I didn't mean anything
towards you, I love you.
Uh huh, you only like me when I'm
wearing my nurses outfit.
That's not true. I like you
perfectly fine when you're not
wearing anything at all.
Excuse me. Can this be treated?
Yeah it's simple. We just pump
some hardcore stimulants through
your system for a day or so to
speed your system up back to
Why does it take so long? Can't
you just pump it all into me at
Well if we did that, the overload
of the stimulant would cause your
heart to explode, your brain to
fry, and your balls to fall off.
I'm just kidding, your balls
wouldnt fall off, but you would
die. That's why we would you give
you small doses over a period of


Are you giving me speed?
No, it's called celeritrous
plasmous 54. Speed would be a
candy bar to this stuff. Here,
fill this out.
Shantall gets a clip board from her desk and hands it to
Caleb. The forms have red splatter on them.
Excuse the blood. I don't have
any of the stuff here. Can you go
get some from Joe?
Old Joey "whateva ya need"
Vivatoni. (laughs) yeah, I love
that guy.
Morrison exits up the stairs. Caleb and Shantall are left
alone. Shantall goes back to work on her computer. Caleb
watches her.
Am I really gonna writher up and
die in a few hours?
No, I was just trying to scare
you. It takes a little longer
than that.
Have you treated a lot of vampire
bites before?
Actually, you would be the first.
It's very rare that a vampire
bites someone without either
killing them or turning them.
So how do we know the treatment is
gonna work?
Shantall turns and looks at Caleb.


We don't. But what other choice
do you have? Even if you wanted
to be turned, you still have to
taste the blood of the one who bit
you. And it's not like they're
just gonna pop up at the front
Three bangs emminate from the door at the top of the stairs.
Shantall turns back to her computer. She types some
commands into her keyboard. An immage pops up the screen.
It is the backside of a girl outside which is now dark, in
front of a door. We see Shantall type the words "command
view:thermal" on the screen. The screen switches the immage
into distorded colors. Everything is blue, including the
Sh*t. Stay here.
Shantall grabs a gun from under her desk and goes up the
stairs. At the top of the stairs, Shantall stops at the
door. She moves her hand slowly towards the handle. She
swings the door open fast and points her gun out but there
is nothing there.

Caleb is downstairs in the same spot.
Caleb? That's cute.
Caleb jumps up and turns to see Leila holding his clipboard.
She tosses it aside and walks towards Caleb. Caleb back
I need you to listen to me.
Caleb continues to back pedal.
Listen. These people are not
..Yeah, Morrison is getting a
treatment, because you didn't feed
me any of your blood, I can be


there is no treatment. Even with
out being feeding from a vampire,
there is still a 50 percent chance
of turning. Morrison is a slayer,
he went to get back up.
The blast of a gun shot aggressivly echoes through the
basement clinic. Leila flies over a table and falls to the
ground. Shantall hurries over to Caleb.
We need to go, before she gets
back up.
Caleb just stands there.
Caleb, let's go! These bullets
aren't silver. Hurry before she-
The table goes flying across the room. Leila is on her feet
fangs and daggers drawn. Shantall fires at Leila. She
dodges every shot. Shantall keeps squezing her trigger
untill the firing is replaced by a clicking sound. Leila
immediately capitalizes. She dives forward slamming her
shoulder into Shantall's chest. Shantall goes flying
through another table, splintering it. Shantall picks up
one of the broken table legs and goes for Leila, but Leila
makes short work of her with her quick and deadly daggers.
Come on, let's go.
I don't trust you.
What are you talking about?
You left me in a parking lot.
I was gone for a minute, I came
back and you disappeared. I found
you didn't I?
I'm not going anywhere untill
Morrison gets back.


Leila grabs Caleb, kisses him then leaves the room. Caleb
stands there shocked for a moment.
Wait, where are you going?
Caleb follows after Leila.
Caleb comes out of the door of a blank brick building to
find Leila walking in the street. He catches up to her.
What happened to waiting for
I changed my mind.
I thought you might.
They walk down the street, get in a small car and drive
Morrison returns to see the place has been trashed and to
find Shantall on the ground. He rushes to her side. and
tries to wake her. Shantall lays still. A fire burns in
his eyes. He goes to a corner of the room where there is a
locker. He uses a key to open it and pulls out a shot gun
and an M-16 machine gun. He also pulls out belts of
ammunition which gleams shiny silver.
Leila and Caleb walk into a modest appartment. It isn't
particularly clean but it's not too messy. The windows are
boarded up. There are candles everywhere. Books and peices
of artwork are on nearly shelf and table and on every other
peice of furniture.
What's with the windows?
what do you think?


Caleb suddenly screams and falls to the ground. Leila
kneels down beside him.
Your body is failing.
Leila takes out one of her daggers and cuts the side of her
neck open.
Here. Drink.
Leila helps guide Caleb up and presses his mouth to her
neck. At first he hesitates, but once his lips touch her
neck he becomes the aggressor. He starts to rise, and picks
Leila up as he does. He throws her to the couch and lets
out a blood curdling roar. He goes to her and kisses her
The two awake the next night. They are on the floor in the
middle of the living room area. Caleb lays on his back and
Leila lays on her stomache on top of him her head on his
chest. They are covered by a thin blanket. Caleb stirs
Good morning. Or, night actually.
Caleb sits up and stetches his neck. He feels his neck to
and realizes his bite wound is healed. Nothing more than
two marks remain.
It healed. One of the benifits of
our lifestyle.
Caleb yawns, then lets out an interjection as he bites is
tounge. He feels with his thum his k-9 teeth. They are
sharp now! He yawns again and they extend to his surprize.
Leila, I don't know if I made the
right decision.
It's natural to feel that way. I
felt that way when I was first
turned. But we'll take care of
She kisses him on the neck.


Come on, you'll feel better after
you eat.
There is a party going on. There is a lot of people in one
room. Most of them are familure faces. Among them is Nikki
and Skud arguing.
Who are they?
Skud, I don't know what weirdo
you're talking about or his cocky
friend with a gun. The only one
cocky about their gun around here
is you.
Nikki walks away from Skud
Nikki, get back here. I'm talking
to you!
At the other end of the house Leila and Caleb walk in
through the front door. There are so many people that no
one notices or cares.
Wow, do you know how to pick a
place to eat or what?
What do I do?
Get them alone, you don't wanna do
it in front of everyone, they'll
freak out. Once you have them
alone, instints will pretty much
take over. Just don't think about
it and you'll be fine. Meet me
outside when you're done.
Leila and Caleb seperate and head in different directions.


Caleb wonders into a bedroom. There are jackets on the bed.
Caleb starts to leave but stops when something underneith
the coats moves. Caleb walks over to the bed. He moves a
few jackets. There is a pair of legs in a skirt sticking
out. He moves the rest of the coats. It's Steph! She is
incredibly wasted. Caleb starts to back away.
Caleb! I'm so glad you're here.
Stay away from me!
I know you're mad at me. I don't
blame you, I was a b*tch. Did the
police ever find you? You are
such a bad man! Come here!
Steph tries to get up but falls right into Caleb's arms,
much to her delight.
Why are your hands so cold?
Stephanie, you need to let me go.
Let me warm those hands up for
She places Caleb's hands on her butt and tries to kiss him.
Caleb tries to pull away but can't. They kiss for maybe two
seconds before Caleb violently Bites her chest. She screams
but as Caleb drains her blood, the scream fades into
nothingness. Caleb finishes and throws her on the bed. He
covers her with the jackets. He walks back out into the
hallway. The girl from Skud's group walks past him but
doesn't notice him.
                       GIRL 1 (to someone offscreen)
Let me just get my jacket.
She walks into the room where Steph is. We can't see her
but we can surely hear her scream.
Caleb walks out the front door and finds Leila wiping blood
from her mouth. Caleb looks nervous and distrought.


What's wrong?
I just killed my ex girlfriend.
Aw, you did? You really know how
to make a girl feel special.
montage of Caleb and Leila feeding on random victoms in
different locations throughout the night
Caleb and Leila stand together embracing.
I think I'm starting to get the
hang of this whole thing.
Leila looks up and sees the sky is reaching twilight.
I think you're coming along just
fine. But we better get going.
The two walk out shot holding hands revealing Morrison
watching them in the distance.


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