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Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review: **1/2
Sandra Fuller is a normal teenager. She has two great parents and a loving boyfriend. One day she wakes up and realizes her reality was only a dream.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


SANDRA is in a movie theater hiding her head on her
boyfriend's shoulder. A disgusting blob-like beast pulling
itself around with sticky protrusions, begins to chase a
girl. It is covered in flashing blue and red eyes of all
sizes. Suddenly a car CRASHES into the monster.

Sandra wakes up in BILLY'S car.
SANDRA jolts up from the seat.She looks over at Billy then
relaxes. She looks around uneasily. She crosses her arms
and gives Billy a dirty look. There is uncomfortable
Talk to me. You can't be that mad
at me. Sandra, stay with me!
Sandra looks over at billy who becomes a long line of
lights. She sees an outline of someone over her.
He reaches over and caresses her hair. The image fades and
she pulls away from him.

They reach her house. Billy starts laughing.
What is so funny?
Sandra glares at him.
You're cute when you're scared.
He smiles and goes to kiss her. She backs away. He grabs
her and kisses her. She playfully pulls away.

She smiles and gets out.
I'll pick you up tomorrow.
She nods and give him one last kiss. He watches her go into
her house then he drives away.


Sandra locks the door and goes up starts. She looks in her
MOM and DAD'S bedroom. They are sleeping.

She goes and gets in the shower. She lets the hot water beat
down on her face.

She hears beeping and people talking very muffed.
Mom is that you? Dad?
No on answers. She turns off the shower and grabs her robe.
She checks in on her parents. They are still asleep.
She grabs a statue on one of the shelves in the hallway and
head downstairs.
She holds the statue tight as she looks around. Realizing
nothing is there she laughs at herself.
Okay Sandra you are letting the
movie get to you.
Suddenly something runs toward her. She is startled and
drops the statue, causing her to fall backwards. She gets
up and hits the light switch.
She sees her CAT, and sighs. She picks the cat up and pets
it. Then heads back up stairs.
Don't ever scare me like that
again Olivia.
Sandra is tossing and turning in her bed. She waits up and
looks at the alarm clock. The numbers are backwards.

She looks around her room. Her once dark room transforms
into a hazy white. Once again an outline of a person stands
over her.

She tries to get out of her bed but she can't move.

She goes to scream but she starts to choke.


She falls back in bed and the room is returned to normal.
She catches her breath.

The door to her bedroom opens slowly.

She hides under her covers. Slowly she lowers the covers.
She looks around and smiles.
Calm down Sandra. You are
She takes a deep breath.
                       SANDRA (CONT'D)
There is nothing there Sandra.
Don't let your imagination run
away with you.
Suddenly A disgusting blob-like beast covered in flashing
blue and red eyes of all sizes is beside her stareing at her
eye level.

She SCREAMS and the creature tries to grab her. She throws
the covers at it and runs to her parents room.
MOM! DAD! there is a monster...
She hits the lights but her parents aren't there.

She runs and opens the closet. A pair of gloved hands reach
for her. She falls backwards. The creature is halfway down
the hallway. She quickly gets up and heads downstairs.

She grabs the phone but it doesn't work. The creature is
right behind her. She throws the phone at it and runs out
the door.
Sandra runs down the street of the desserted neighborhood.
Help! Someone help me!


Billy pulls up next to her.
Sandra is out of breath and clings to the car.
Billy! Thank god. There is this
monster and it's chasing after me.
Hey. What are you doing I said I
would pick you up at your house.
What are you talking about! A
monster is trying to kill me!
She gets in the car.
She gets in the car and it is day out. She looks down and
she had books in her lap.

You shouldn't let that movie get
to you. It is only make believe.
He gives her a kiss. Then they are at school.
They get out and start walking toward the school. They see
a group of their FRIENDS.
Hey guys what's up.
Billy and their friends continue to talk.

Sandra still shaky, hears sirens and looks back. The
creature is coming after her.

A white mist follows him causing the parking lot to change
into white grid with long beams of light.

She tries to get Billy's attention.


Billy! Run!
She grabs a hold of him but he continues to talk to their

The creature is almost next to her. She runs into the
She looks back out the glass doors and everyone is gone.

She turns around and the creature is in front of her.
Leave me alone!
The creature tries to grab her but she ducks and runs. The
creature follows.
Somebody help me!
She goes to the closest door and opens it. MR. EDELSTEIN is
sitting in his chair drinking coffee and reading the
      (very out of
Mr. Edelstein..There is a monster
chasing me!
He slowly folds his paper and looks up at her.
                       MR. EDELSTEIN
Ms. Fuller I assure you there are
no such things as monsters.
His voice fades out. Many voices begin to come through.
Sandra is straining to hear him.
What? Mr. Edelstein I can't hear
you. What is going on?


Suddenly Mr. Edelstien is gone and in his place stands many
people all in mask. Sandra is on the ground. It seems as
if she is being zapped with electricity.

She keeps getting zapped. Her chest lifts of the ground and
returns. She is passed out but one more jolt of electricity
she is able to get up. Mr. Edelstein transforms into the

She runs out of his classroom barely out of grips of the

One creature after another follow her. The swarm of monsters
chase her.

The creatures turn into people with mask and green scrubs.
The lights flash over head. Sandra runs for the nearest

She comes to the end of the hallway. She opens the JANITOR's
closet. No creatures jump out. She closes and locks the
It's pitch black. She feels around and finds a flashlight.
She turns it on.

The blob-like beast is staring back at her. Sirens are
wailing. Muffled voices become loud and clear.

She screams and the creature grabs her.
Sandra's eyes flutter under closed lids.
                       SHELLY (V.O.)
Rob look.I think she is waking up!
                       ROB (V.O.)
Don't get your hopes up.
Sandra's eye open.

Rob and Shelly are standing over her. Billy stands in the
corner on crutches.

Flowers and gifts scatter the room.


Go get a nurse!
Rob runs out of the room. Shelly tearful, grabs Sandra's

Billy hobbles over to the side of her bed.
Sandra tries to move but can't.
Don't try and move just yet.
Sandra looks around. She is covered with tubes and IV's.
She coughs because of the feeding tube.
She looks at Billy in panic.
Hey cutie. I knew you would pull
Rob comes back with the DOCTOR and a NURSE.
                       DOCTOR ARNOLD
My name is Dr. Arnold. I am just
going to have a look at you.
He examines her. The nurse checks her IV's and tubes.

Shelly and Rob hold hands. They look exhausted and worried.

Billy's eyes are fixed on Sandra. His face is tight and
                       DOCTOR ARNOLD
Okay Sandra you did great. I am
going to go and talk to your
parents now. The nurse is going
to stay with you.
He smiles at her and leaves with her parents. The nurse
stays and comfort hers while they are talking.
Are you warm enough?
Sandra begins to cry.
Billy wipes the tears away. Holding back his own, he


You are so pretty when you are
The nurse smiles at her and Billy.
I've decided you got to stop doing
this too me.
Sandra looks up at him puzzled.
                       BILLY (CONT'D)
I've decided you can't ever leave
me. Cus I don't know what I would
do with out you. These last
couple weeks I've missed you
He squeeze her hand. Then leans down close to her ear.
I love you Sandra Fuller. Always
and forever.
She smiles and the tears flow.

He kisses her lips and smiles.
Rob and Shelly look hopeful but they brace themselves for
the worst.
                       DOCTOR ARNOLD
She is a very strong young girl.
She is going to be just fine.
They smile and sigh with relief.
                       DOCTOR ARNOLD
It is going to take time and
therapy before she will be able to
walk or talk.

She needs you now more than ever.
They are in tears.


                       DOCTOR ARNOLD
She may or may not remember
certain things. She is going to
want to remember things but don't
force her to.
Shelly looks at Rob worried.
                       DOCTOR ARNOLD
We will run some test to see how
much damage was done. From what I
see I think Sandra can recover to
about 90 percent.
They nod.
He shows them back into the hospital room.
Shelly and Rob walk over to Sandra. The doctor stands on
the other side.
Billy smiles uneasily at Sandra. He is still holding her
Shelley leans over Sandra and kisses her.
She steps back to Rob and lets the doctor in.
                       DOCTOR ARNOLD
Sandra you've been in an accident.
It has caused some brain damage.
Sandra starts to cry and shake. Billy squeeze her hand.
Rob holds Shelly tight. Shelley tries not to cry.
Billy turns away. His face tightens and a single tear
                       DOCTOR ARNOLD
We are going to run some test.
We are going to leave the feeding
tube in for a few more days. Then
we will get you on a liquid diet.
Billy regains himself. He smiles at Sandra.


                       DOCTOR ARNOLD
Another nurse will be in shortly
to get some blood.
Rob shakes hands with the doctor. Shelley goes to Sandra's

The Doctor and nurse leave.
Everything is going to be okay
Shelley sits on Sandra's bed and caresses her face.
Hush little baby don't say a word,
Momma will be you a mocking bird.
Sandra is crying. She looks over at Billy.

He smiles and kisses her hand.

Rob and Shelley smiles and hug each other.
                       SHELLY (CONT'D)
And if that mocking bird won't
sing momma will be you a diamond
Billy pulls something out of his pocket and slides it onto
Sandra's ring finger.

Sandra smiles and looks at her parents.

Rob and Shelley look at each other and smile.

Billy kisses her and sits next to her.


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From Lynnmarie Johnson Date 6/6/2009 *1/2
This entire thing was only ten minutes long. Every page you write is only a minute long, remember that. You should elaborate and have someone edit your typing. Also, you need more white space. Is this supposed to be a T.V. show or something?

From Marcus Robinault Date 1/21/2008 ****
I like the fantasy/ drama thing, but one thing I noticed is that you HAVE describe your scenes better!

From Kris Shaft Date 8/10/2007 **
Made no sense, but I'm only 11 so I can't tell. The dialogue sucks and the marrying thing at the end so doesn't work, but for some reason I thought it was OK. You can probably do better tho.

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