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From the past....
by Felice Avena (ysel_ruste@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: **
A memory from the past.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The Broughtback's live in a small village in an old, wooden
house. From the exterior of the house, we hear a young
woman's voice singing softly. Inside a wide bedroom, Mama
stands on the big bed lullying Lena(as a baby) to sleep. The
only lighting in the room is the sunlight which comes
through a small window and the gaps of the wooden wall.
Everything is in sepia colours (brown and white) and is
mildly shadey.
      (Carrying her baby)
Hush little baby, don't say a
word...mama's gonna buy you a
mocking bird...
Lena's persistent cries begins to slow down.In the eyes of
little Lena, everything is big and confusing, but within the
arms of MAMA and staring at her mother's smile she is in
peace. She stares at Mama's eyes once again before
everything blurs into darkness.
Lena, now a toddler, is asleep on the bed while MAMA lies
right beside her, watching, carressing Lena's legs and
humming a little. Suddenly PAPA bursts through the door.
sssh...baby is sleeping.
I need your help for my nursing
test tomorrow!!
David Broughtback, 3 years younger than Jane, is a self
concerned student of nursing. He ignores Jane's warnings and
proceeds on putting his school things away with much noise.
      (starting to get
David, be quiet! You'll wake up
our baby!


This is more important!You know
how important this is! You
promised! You promised you'd help
me throughout all of it!
And I will my love, but not now,
No!! It's tomorrow! You care more
about her than me...
It's not that...
LENA starts to wake up, she's not happy. Eyes drowsily open
to the giant blurriness of the world. Mama's huge figure is
directly overhead, almost covering Lena. Standing at the
foot of the bed is another huge figure, in white uniform.
The voices are overly loud and are in low tones.
PAPA is carrying a prop dextrose.
This is a...
Blablablah! His words are inconcievable, unclear and vague.
Mama looks down at Lena, with her sweet smile.
Am I right?
(realizes that Jane wasn't
Jane! Are you listening?
      (her voice so
       soft, like a song)
Yes, of course!
You were right!
Lena watches her mother as she shares a joke with the baby,
regarding PAPA with a sarcastic smile: "what a foolish
Lena makes a laughing sound.


You're not paying attention!
Bitch, pay attention!
David drops the dextrose, jumps on the bed. Next thing you
know, David is on top of Jane at the foot of the bed,
pulling at the collar's of her shirt. He is speaking to her
angrily but you cannot hear anything but Lena wailing at the
head of the bed. Tears stream through Jane's eyes and nose,
and Lena cries with confusion and terror. Suddenly a maid
comes through the bedroom door and carries Lena out of the
room. Still crying, she see's the ground far beneath her and
she feels the air passing her face as the maids movements
are swift. Lena is placed on the floor just outside the
bedroom. The maid tries to comfort the baby, but Lena fails
to desist.
Finally, Lena is carried into another bedroom right across
her parents'. Being lifted by the maid, she goes through a
series of curtains until one flutters, revealing her
grandparent's bedroom. The bedroom is dimly lit but it is
homely. The maid hands Lena grandmother, sitting on the bed
beside grandfather. Both smile at the crying baby with so
much love and compassion.
There, there now little one...go
to sleep...
And suddenly everything goes black
LENA is abruptly awaken, her eyes sleepily opens. Directly
over her is her mother's face, the welcoming smile is gone
now and in its place is bitterness.
C'mon baby, wake up! We're going
Somewhere far, far away from here.
How about Papa?


He's dead.
Lena is carried to a little bathroom. Then in quick flashes,
we see Jane giving Lena a quick bath,she hurries while
dressing and leaves the bedroom carrying Lena and a few
baggages.Next thing we know Lena is sitting inside of a
jeepney, wearing a blue dress with the alphabet on it, as
she watches her village get smaller from the distance.
We are now in a more developed, modern house in Canada. In
her beautifully decorated bedroom,full of colour, Lena opens
her eyes and looks around her. Everything is different now.
Lena is now 18 years old in the house of her mother's new
family. Lena gets up from her bed and walks to the kitchen.
There the family is eating breakfast. ALISSA, Lena's 7 year
old half-sister, sings happily in her chair.
What a happy day! Oh what a happy
BABY turns around and sees Lena coming.
      (in a fake, baby
       voice which is
       annoying to Lena)
Gmorning big sister!
Goodmorning babes...
What time did you go home last
Doesn't matter...you were all out


You know, if you can't follow the
house rules then get out!
Don't worry, I want to...
Then go!
      (still bitter)
I will...one day...
Why not now!
      (starting to shout)
I can't! I have nowhere to go!
Then*~!*~!*~!....(blah blah blah)
Lena and Mama yell at each other while Oliver, Lena's
stepfather, watches them stupidly. As he is not Lena's real
father he does not do anything to stop the fight. However,
the fight ends when Lena goes to her bedroom and slams the
Aleena walks through a beautiful pathway with white snow
surrounding, trees decorated with sparkles and the air fresh
and clean. The winter wonderland is beautiful and magical
sight but it all means nothing to Aleena, because to her,
everyday is winter: cold, deserted and alone. She walks
through the path as if she can't feel anything, her eyes are
dark and her heart is bitter.
I should be happy that I am in a
more richer place.That old village
was in the third-world, if my
mother had left me there I would
have had no chance to be
successful in life. But at least
there, I would've had a family, I
would've had a home. I know what
happened was terrible and violent.


                       LENA (cont'd)
But at least there, I had a
father, I belonged to someone.
Here I am alone in a cold, cold
world with no one comfort me...
from the pains of life. My mother
has her own family now, and I'm
not a part of it. I never felt a
part of it. Pops only pays
attention to his daughter,
rightfully though,
'cause who am I to him. To him I
must be an inconcievable brat. I
don't mind... I just wish that I
wasn't brought in this world. I
wish I had a father of my own, a
family who really cares and would
be there for me always...somewhere
to belong to... And as I don't, I
shall live in my memories...


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From S.M. McNair Date 1/24/2005 0 stars
Exactly like the title, this script should be forgotten and in the past. This script reads like a story as is not in the proper format, aside from the really large errors that plague this script like a hooker on a dollar night: Poor character development (Who are the characters, man I say this in every review but it's true. Are you newbie writers not learning anything?), dialogue needs some work, and the overall story is just God awful. Back away from your computer and put this script behind you.

From Michelle Date 1/18/2005 ****
I din't like it. What's the plot of the story?

From Cindy Raspiller Date 1/16/2005 **
There wasn't really much of a plot, but if you could work one in there i think you'd have something going.

From Phillip Date 1/16/2005 **
"The Broughtback's live in a small village in an old, wooden house." This is a big NO NO, do not explain the story in the direction, how is the audience supposed to know this?

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