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Tears of Blood
by Lokken

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: *
Not finished!!!!

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Sepia (it's a flashback). Pan around from darkness to a
dimly lit corner. There is a girl huddled, crouching on the
ground of what looks like a basement. The point is to keep
the audience from know who she is or where the scene takes
place. The woman, who is faintly crying, is in a white lace
wedding dress. She turns around and stares in the direction
of the camera. Camera zooms around to the point were she is
looking. Camera closes in on a dark corner then pans back to
her. She gasps and whimpers.
How could you?
Pans back to corner and shows back of man walking out of the
darkness. The only thing we can see is the suit jacket he is
wearing. The sound of his black leather shoes echo as the
camera pans up from his shoes to his jacket.
It's harder when you're around.
That must end.
Man steps toward her and we see a blade in his hand, there
is red on it, signifying blood. He over shadows the camera
and as an effect camera zooms though man into the terrified
eyes of the woman.
                                         EYES CHANGE INTO
CLOSE UP of the streets quickly on MOVING CITY goes from
daytime to night. Focus in on the sun setting and rising
quickly and then BACK TO STREETS OF CITY
                       NICOLAS (sarcasm)
      (Talking in the
Heaven is an overrated waking
dream. It's been that way for
centuries. A man could spend his
whole life searching for virtue in
order to reach those fabled golden


                       NICOLAS (cont'd)
doors. When, in fact, that same
man could have passed on the
undying goodness for a trip to
Rome, Cordoba, or even Liverpool.
I've seen the gates of heaven and,
well, I find the doors to my urban
suite are more inviting.
Philadelphia isn't any different
than any holy site. Creatures in
heaven are supposed to be
self-righteous but they see
everything in black and white.
They despise humans but love the
human creator. These pitiful
angels are tormented so much by
their emotions that they crave to
touch us like the rays of sun that
pour down in every direction. The
black suited creatures, who prowl
the busy streets with briefcases
in hand are no different. They
hate each other and regress from
endless war paths. But even the
angels take on human form for
personal gain when it suits them.
Earth really belongs to me. To my
vision from way above the clouds.
Who am I? God? No, but close to
it. I don't think you would find
me to be just another fool in a
high-rise apartment shaded from
the cruelties of life. No, as I
said, I'm not God, I don't advert
my eyes from the world's
suffering. In truth, I turn my
eyes towards the arduous lives and
toward the neon-lighted nights in
the city of brotherly love.
FROM VIEW of people to fading out view of the whole city.
Circling around the CITY. ZOOM IN on highest apartment a man
standing by the tinted windows looking down on the city. We
only see his back for now.
I'm not a god, no; my purpose in
life...and death...is something
While he stands, looking out the window Julius walks in and
sneaks up behind Nicolas. Julius is a playful young man who
looks to be the same age. His outfit is formal but


laid-back(button down w/ sleeves rolled up w/ subtle
creases). He speaks in a chiding manner:
Nicolas! I see your still here,
looking out that window towards
the flow in the streets. You wish
you were one of them, don't you,
perhaps a taxi driver? Oh, but
you're meant for something much
greater, aren't you? Then maybe
one of them?
Camera zooms to the street where a prostitute walks towards
a limosine parked on the corner. Julius laughs and camera
transitions back to apartment.
Look at those people below. Living
their pointless lives, not knowing
what is ahead, looking for a
purpose in a life controlled by
"Fate". It's pathetic.
Nicolas has a look on his face like something is bothering
him. Julius looks at Nicolas laughs under his breath and
turns away.
You're not listening, are you?
You'd have more fun pushing
pencils in Saul's office than
standing here contemplating the
mysteries of life. Hmmm...I know
what we both need. Let's hit the
bar and see what kind of meat we
can sink our teeth into tonight.
You can drink as much as you want
and you'll forget about fate in no
Dude! It's a bit pathetic. You're
wasting your life away doing
nothing but hitting clubs and
bars, searching for women to take
advantage of. And when you're
drinking you just end up
humiliating yourself by partying
and doing stupid things. No
thanks...I don't want to bring
myself to your level.


Don't give me that shit Nicolas.
You and I both know you're more of
a party animal than I am. Fine,
you're obviously not yourself. Go
take some Motrine and call me when
you stop being such a pussy and
stop PMS-ing.
Nicolas pounds the table. He speaks slowly leaning on the
table, face towards the ground. He looks up, with fear and
anger in his eyes. Julius sits on the couch with a cigar in
his hand.
I'm feeling fine. Anyway, you have
no reason to be here. Go get a
drink, be happy...Just Leave!
Looking out the window, Nicolas sighs deeply again.
You think you've got your world in
front of you and your whole life
ahead of you. But what's the
"What is my purpose?"
Why don't you just remain
invisible, in the shadows forever?
Why don't you just let the world
pass you by! You've gotten so
boring, Nicolas. You need to get a
      (Surprised Nicolas
       feels this way)
Stop it. I'm not human and have no
life ahead of me except for your
idiotic game, which you make me
stay a part of.
That game is awesome and you know
it. You're acting strange. What
about your who Russian
sensei-master. Can't he help?
You're the one who gets all of his
"grass hopper-son" crap.


You're kidding me, right? Do you
know what he would say if I
involved him in my worries? "Have
I taught you nothing? I have lived
for many lifetimes and never have
I seen anything so weak and
pitiful! You must be swift yet
As Nicolas mimics his impression of Saul, Saul walks in
unnoticed. SAUL is an older man, around the age of sixty. He
is wearing a business suit. He has gray-white crew cut hair
and a well-groomed look to him.
ZOOM OUT on Nicolas so we can see him and Julius talking. In
between them you can see Saul sitting down in a chair in the
background. After Nicolas is finished, Saul claps a little.
He now has a stern look on his face. When he speaks, you can
hear his Russian/Jewish accent.
That was quite an impression,
Nicolas. And quite true as well.
If you dare utter such insolence
again, though, I will not only rid
you of your worries, but of your
life as well.
Saul appears to be trying to teach Nicolas, somewhat like an
apprentice and master would do.
Saul, I'm sorry, I did not
      (his tone changes)
No matter if you realized that he
entered the room or not, he is
right. Without patience and faith
in letting fate come without worry
we could have died decades ago.
      (whispering as
       Saul turns his
But without drinks and girls we
would have died even quicker.


Nicolas will need time to learn
his place on his own. Enjoy
yourselves tonight because I have
a meeting with the Firm at Fresh
Blood. It is important that you
enfore the floor rules in my
Zoom out on three and close in on window where sun is
setting. Fade out on sun.
FADE IN. CLOSE IN on small living room in apartment. This
room is diminutive but messy. Two girls, both silent and
bored, gather in the room looking at their watches. They are
waiting for someone.
One girl is MINNETTE GOLDSEN. She is a tall brunette
teenager with gray eyes. She is wearing a short dress and
garish make-up while. The other girl is ESTHER VONHERZEN.
She is wearing a business suit and holding a brief case,
with her camera she appears to be a news reporter. Her
blonde hair and blue eyes contrast her black suit making her
seem unprofessional.
Ania! Are you ready to leave? If
we don't go now we'll never get
CLOSE UP on Ania coming down the stairs in what resembles a
nun's outfit. ZOOM from Ania to Minnette and Esther who look
outraged at this outfit. ANIA SISSLELET appears to be around
the same age as her friends. Her auburn hair is hidden in a
bun. She seems hesitant about going.
Are you sure about this? I've
never been to a club and Fresh
Blood really doesn't sound like
the place for me...
Minnette hesitates for a second, looking Ania over.
Your right...Change your clothes
and then I will be sure. Don't
worry we'll have a party and meet
some guys.


But...what about Gabriel? He calls
me his sweet.
Ania. Give it up. You met him
online, which means he's some
weird star treckie who lives at
home with his mother playing World
of Warcraft all day and can't get
a girlfriend. Besides, you are
going whether you like it or not.
I need this story on Fresh Blood
and I need to talk to the owner.
Can't you and Minnette help me get
me past security. You know I can't
do it without you.
And how are we going to pull that
off? Shouldn't you have a press
Everything will be fine...as long
as you change your clothes. I
don't know what you were thinking
but it better be about drinks and
dancing as soon as we step inside
the club.
                                         FADE TO BLACK - CLUB
BIRDS EYE VIEW of inside the club. CIRCLING IN around people
dancing. Strobe lights and multicolored lights streak the
dance floor. ZOOM IN on Esther, Minnette, and Ania who are
pushing through the crowd to get to the opposite side of the
room. Loud music and a powerful bass pound the floor.
Minnette. Ania. In the back, look
over where the two thugs are;
they're guarding the owner,
Saul's, office. Let's go.
Minnette talks to Esther trying to make sure Ania won’t
hear. Esther can hardly hear over all the music.


Should we tell Ania who those guys
are or will that just make her
more nervous?
As they walk through the crowd ZOOM IN on Saul who steps out
of his office and says something to Nicolas and Julius while
looking in Esther's direction. We see Julius and Nicolas
nod and walk into the crowd. CLOSE UP on Esther. She gets
to Saul alone. VIEW circles around and we see her friends
talking and laughing with Julius and Nicolas. ZOOM IN on
Saul and Esther again. Esther is still looking at her
friends, but turns around once Saul speaks. He speaks in a
charming manner.
Ms. VonHerzen, I have been waiting
for you. You arrived later than I
expected. I was really hoping you
would have been here when the club
opened so we could become better
acquainted. Unfortunately, now, I
have a meeting with a group of
bloodthirsty businessmen.
Saul smiles and laughs as if it were a joke.
...But I am sure I could find a
way to cancel that.
Then let us hope we can wrap this
up quite soon. Mr.?
Please, call me Saul. Now if we
may adjourn in my office.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
ZOOM OUT on office showing Saul offering Esther a seat and
sitting down himself. They sit across from each other.
Esther looks around the room in awe then looks back at Saul.
Slowly ZOOM IN on Esther and Saul.
When you said office, I didn't
expect to be in a room larger than
my apartment.


What newspaper did you say you
were from?
Well, that is why I'm here...I was
hoping this story would put me on
the map, especially with MicroTap,
an online videocast news. That
is, unless, you have already been
interviewed. Oh my God, I should
have checked before I came. I
feel so embarrassed; they have
interviewed you haven't they?
      (Smiles, trying
       once again to
       charm Esther)
Do not worry. I do not let most
people interview me. I can tell,
however, that you will be an
asset... I mean, as a reporter,
of course. It is always good to
have connections. Do try not to
call upon God in here, though. I'm
afraid he can't hear you in this
club. I believe your term was "Oh
my God"
Esther opens her mouth to speak but suddenly realizes
something is wrong and scrambles through her brief case. She
then looks around the room.
Well thank you. Now let me get
Is something the matter?
My laptop...
Oh no, I must have left it in my
apartment. You see they were
screwing around and… Oh,
well…Never mind, I'll just grab a
pen and note pad.
There is some paper in my
desk…Please be careful of my...


Saul points to his desk and Esther inches towards it. She
opens the top drawer and searches around for a notepad. As
Saul speaks Esther looks up light gleams on the knife lying
on top of the notepad. She cuts herself accidentally.
…Packing knife.
Now bleeding, she picks up the note pad. As she sucks away
the blood from her finger she grabs a pen from the desk. She
tries to ignore her cut and write with the other hand.
I hope you are all right. Well,
if you are sure, then I would like
to continue.
I agree. My main questions are
about the name fresh blood. But
also why have a nightclub here? I
mean what turned you on to
creating a Philadelphia nightclub
on this strip. Wouldn't it have
been smart to locate it somewhere
else, like the waterfront or did
you want to make a statement by
having in one of the worst
neighborhoods in this City.
That is a bit personal, but I
assumed it would eventually come
up. The truth is, this nightclub
is very special. There was much
controversy over this piece of
land. The neighborhood lunatic
Christians think evil spirits once
inhabited this ground. They are so
intoxicated with their faith that
they will believe anything that
seems against their God's will.
Obviously a night club is not the
most wholesome thing to construct.
They believe this spot is the site
of multiple executions from the
past and that their God condemns
it. I think it is a ridiculous
thought but…


Esther's blood drops onto the notepad. As she tries to
remove it the blood smears and more drops onto the paper.
Saul seems to be distracted by the blood for a second, but
he snaps back to reality, shaking his head.
I should get something for that
Saul opens the drawer next to him and pulls out a band-aid
from this side drawer. He moves across to sit next to
I once heard it helps if you kiss
it and make it better...
He kisses it and sucks all the blood away. He looks into
Esther’s eyes, trying his best to seduce her.
It was my wife who told me that
you know...unfortunately her ashes
are scattered in the wind.
      (Now his blue eyes
       mesmerize her)
Your wife must have known
something about healing people.
Maybe you should tell the
Christians in the neighborhood
that your wife is an angel and is
watching over this place.
Huh, well, that is a story for
another time...but we will have
time my angel!
                                         FADE TO BLACK
CLOSE UP of Julius dancing with Ania. Nicolas is dancing
with Minnette. Suddenly we hear a scream in the background
but no one seems to hear it over the music. ZOOM IN on Ania
who stops, she has heard this scream.
Did you hear that Minnette? Maybe
we should go check on Esther,
she's been in there for a long


                       ANIA (cont'd)
      (Trying to stop
       Ania from
       thinking about
       this scream)
If I know Saul, he really does not
like to be disturbed. Especially
when he takes lovely ladies into
his sitting room for long periods.
He wouldn't want anyone to walk
in on what he is doing.
      (Looks at Julius
       and Ania,
       exhausted from
On that note, maybe we should sit
down, or go back to my apartment?
      (Smiles and looks
       at Nicolas
       persuading him to
       have fun)
Sounds fun. Nicolas, are you up
for some more fun? I wouldn't
want anyone to accuse us of being
lifeless humans zombies!
      (Irritated, he
       looks at Minnette
       and gives in,
       trying to smile)
I would love to go to your place
Minnette. What do you think?
Than it is a party! Lets leave
Esther here; we got what we came
I still have a bad feeling about
this; just let me go check on her.


Ania begins to push through the crowd to get to Saul’s
office but Julius steps in front of her he holds her tight
and kisses her on the cheek, stopping her for a second so he
can talk.
Ania, Listen to me. Saul is not a
person you should mess with. He's
like a father to me but I don't
even think I would be able to
stand in his way if he became
angry with anyone. Of course, I
would take the heat for you but
that may not be enough. I would
hate someone to be angry with a
sweet girl like you so please.
What do you say about me and you
going to Minnette’s house, or even
to your place? With me, you will
forget about all your problems,
even Esther.
      (Looking from
       watch to Saul’s
       office to Julius.
Julius...I think its time to go.
Ania looks at Nicolas. His eyes have bags under them and
although he’s young he looks old at this moment. He looks as
if he's silently baring the weight of the world. They smile
at each other as if she’s taking a load off his shoulders.
ZOOM IN: They stare at each other, music silences and people
are still dancing, but they stay still. Music quickly blasts
once again and they both turn away, ready to leave.
Why not? I'm ready to go.
Ania walks into the house with Minnette quickly closing door
on Julius and Nicolas. The girls talk through the door,
VIEW on Nicolas and Julius out side one the steps. They sit
down looking at each other not able to believe that they are
locked out.
I'm sorry. My Place is a mess.
Let me just clean up a bit and
change into something.


Well, okay, but I think Ania owes
us some company...Please?
All right I’m coming.
Ania walks outside, closing the door quickly behind her as
Julius tries to peek inside. He moves over making room on
the step for Ania.
So Julius and Nicolas...right. I
usually don't let strangers into
Minnette's apartment but she's not
drunk tonight so I'm not even
going to worry. Are you two
students at the college nearby or
are you body guards for the owner
of Fresh Blood or something?
      (Disgusted as if
       the answer was
We are not bodyguards.
      (Looks at Nicolas,
       ashamed at his
       rudeness. Trying
       to make up for
       this, he explains)
What my friend means is that Saul
is some-what a relative… he’s a
father to us. We are also
co-owners to several other
nightclubs originally owned by
      (Amazed as to whom
       she's talking to)
Wait! Your not who I think you
are, are you? The guys who are on
on the news all the time...entered
college at 16, top of your class,
went on to own the best nightclubs
in Los Angeles, and invented this
amazing drink...what is it
called…? I can't believe I forget
because Esther drinks it all the


      (Enjoying each
       word that rolls
       off his tongue,
       he says this
…The Bloody Cleopatra. A potent
drink, but not even the Pope can
withstand his blood lust.
Yeah! That's what the commercial
says!...but if you two were like
the biggest bachelors in L.A. Why
are you here? With me?...I mean,
you two are here, right now,
talking to me! I'll be right back
I have to change.
Ania runs inside quickly. Silently thinking how
embarrassing she must have been acting at the club, sharing
a moment with Nicolas. CLOSE UP on Ania running inside and
slamming the door then once again ZOOMING OUT onto Julius
and Nicolas.
Julius is enjoying himself but Nicolas looks as if he could
throw up. Both Ania and Julius’ playful attitude disgust
him. He doesn’t want anyone to be playing around.
       enjoying how
       inspired Ania was)
Ha! You and me are even bigger
than I imagined. I guess we won't
have to charm them. Our prey is
roasting itself. Dinner is
served. Bon a petit.
      (Now confused, his
       attitude switches
       from hatred and
Knock it off… I don't know if we
should do this. You know, kill
them. Something feels wrong.
Maybe, we should wait until
Saul…no. You're right. The loss
of blood is getting to me? Where
are the booze when you need them?


      (No longer joking)
You are not serious. No. You
choose now to go all Sybil on me?
"Oh no…help me, what if I really
end up killing her...but killing
her is fun...but I don't want to
do it...but yet I do" Get a hold
of yourself so we can get it over
I still don't see the point in
killing two beautiful girls…no, I
guess your right…it will
More than satisfying…delicious.
But what is the purpose?
Nicolas stops talking. He puts his hands to his lips making
sure it was his mouth that just said that. He cannot believe
what he just said.
What is the purpose? There is no
purpose! Don't you get it, that
is who we are now and how we will
goddamn stay! Nicolas, what the
hell is wrong with you, why are
you fucking with me now? Does it
have anything to do with your
pansy worrying, these impertinent
emotions you have?
      (Hesitates to say
       this, with fear
       in his eyes and a
       shaky voice)
But don't you feel it? I feel
something surging through my
veins. Don't you feel it crawling
through your skin? Something
inhuman...and a feeling.... a
feeling like everything is about
to go horribly wrong?
Blackout: street lights go out voice from the darkness


Oh boys. Mothers home…
                                         FADE TO WHITE
CLOSE UP on Esther sitting with Saul whispering in his ear
and laughing. ZOOM IN on Nicolas and Julius walking into the
room. Saul stands up. Saul and Nicolas both look angry.
How dare you leave. How many
times do I have to tell you to be
careful? You do not know what
would have happened if you let
yourselves drink. You could have
killed those two girls or even
yourselves. We no longer kill! I
have told you that time and time
again. Julius, I understand that
you may not comprehend why we do
not yet, but Nicolas, I expected
better of you. Have I not shown
you the suffering?
ZOOM OUT on the whole room. Nicolas turns around and
implores Julius to take Esther and leave. Once they do he
closes the doors and turns back to Saul.
      (Enraged at Saul's
And what of Esther? A
reincarnation? Bullshit. Yes,
there are similarities but killing
a girl to change her into a
vampire? All because she reminds
you of your wife? First Julius
and now this? Are you teaching me
peace or are you trying to teach
me to be a warrior? The truth is
I do not know the difference any
more. If mother... if Esther were
not to have come I would have
killed those girls, or even
better, given them life. I might
have wanted the same as you, to
reincarnate my whole family. But
no, I am not being the fool here.
I know my family cannot coming


Saul hits Nicolas to the floor.
      (His voice shaking
       at times as he
       tries to hold his
How dare you question me. I took
you in as an apprentice. As a
son. You will pay for such
Saul sighs deeply and composes himself.
You are very different from my
other apprentices. Although you
are bloodthirsty like the rest and
have that stance of superiority,
you are different. When you are
not this raging bull, you are a
different person. You are
peaceful, tranquil, and have
something not even I have. I
admit, myself, I feel nothing, but
you… you have compassion. You
maintain human emotion which some
see as weakness. This emotion,
however, is a tool. I see it as a
great strength. You can tell how
humans think where as other
vampires can only detect as a
hunter does it's prey. With your
connection to humans, your
innocence cannot be corrupted.
This only lasts as long as you do
not kill. I was once a
carnivorous vampire; I had the
rage of ten thousand men, but I am
lifeless, I am lonely even with
you. This is why I join my Esther
and Julius into our family. This
is why I strive to lead a
generation of vampires. But I fear
for you, and I fear you will bring
the downfall of life, death, and
the undead. I do not fear your
rage but I fear your tranquility
because it not meant for a
vampire. You will kill in our
hour of greatness. But until then,
you need only replenish yourself
in the blood I buy.


Saul gives Nicolas a bottle of red substance. This liquid
appears to be blood. As Nicolas pours every last drop into
his glass you here the sound of the dropping blood. ZOOM IN
CLOSE UP on Ania running past clay walls through a
labyrinth. The red sky is in the backdrop and dead bodies
lay through out. There are footsteps behind her but Ania
does not look behind because she is afraid. She is now
breathing deeply. A loud voice that sounds like Esther’s
echoes through the maze.
No matter how hard you try, you
cannot escape me.
      (Out of Breath)
Who’s there? Who is that? Esther,
is that you Esther? Where are you?
Foolish girl, you cannot run
forever. I will find you in the
labyrinth. You are in my world
      (On the verge of
Please, help me, or neither of us
will escape this torturous twist
and turn filled maze.
Little girl, this is my world. I
know how to escape but I'll make
you a deal: Free your mind of
Gabriel and I will release you.
Forget about him and I will not
harm you. I am no evil, although I
may appear it. I am simply trying
to protect you while I can from
his wrath.
      (In disbelief)
No! Gabe is kind and gentle. He is
my guardian! He will protect me.


                       ANIA (cont'd)
He will protect me from this
Turn around and you shall see, but
first listen.
The woman’s sharp nails hold Ania’s cheek and caress it.
Gabe may appear to be an angel,
but as you will learn things are
not as they appear. Because he is
innocent he shall not harm you,
but good is easily corrupted, do
not underestimate his power. Once
he kills you, that innocence dies.
Turn around to see my face. Join
me to save your kind.
Ania turns around about to run but stops. She can’t move,
she’s astonished as to who she’s staring at…
Esther begins to attack Ania as she is speaking but she as
well stops. The name brings meaning to her and she looks
confused for a second.
…Esther, that name, why do you
call me that? Now I hesitate to
kill you. Why? What power do you
have in this name? Is it that I
recognize it?
Esther looks up into the sky for a second, dazed in the now
blood red sky.
I must contemplate this…but now,
it is time for you to wake up.
Esther makes a quick motion to hit Ania’s pressure point
behind her neck. Ania faints and as she falls Esther catches
her in her arms. She gently lay’s Ania down as a mother
would a baby. Suddenly a silhouette of a man moves in the
                                         FADE TO WHITE AND


Saul! What have you done to me,
Esther picks up a man not yet dead and claws into his neck.
Blood gushes out onto her hand. As she licks her hand the we
ZOOM OUT onto a desolate deserted plain. Dream suddenly
ZOOM OUT to two people standing on dance floor dead bodies
lie throughout. Ania is staring at a man. ZOOM IN on this
man, he looks like Nicolas, vaguely but shadows surround him
and all we can see is his fiery eyes. Blood stains his lips
as he holds dead body in his hands. CLOSE IN on Ania and the
Come to me, my sweet.
Ania glides across the room slowly but she struggles to stay
in one spot.
CLOSE UP as Ania wakes up and gasping. Ania is in a
pitch-black bedroom. She does not know where she is. As she
gets up to searches the room for a switch she finds the door
leading to a hallway.
      (Dazed and
ZOOM IN on Ania’s back as she is walking through the hallway
trying to find sunlight at the end of the hall. CIRCLE to
her front while in the background shadows quickly move as if
there are people trying pounce on her unnoticed.
Who is there?


We hear floorboard creaking indicating there are footsteps
near her. The footsteps hasten and the door slams shut
behind her. She starts to run but within three seconds the
lights turn on and she runs into Nicolas.
      (Trying to calm
       her down)
Shhhhhh...Easy does it there. Are
you all right? Were you running
towards something? Sleepwalking
Ania turns around, expecting to see something, but nothing
is behind her.
I was running from…there was
something behind me.
Don't worry; it was most likely
just a bad dream. Besides, you're
safe in my apartment. I guess I
should explain how you got here.
You closed the door on us last
night and we heard something drop.
We rushed inside just as you
fainted. I guess it might have
been from shock; you were pretty
ecstatic after meeting us.
Minnette insisted you had been
drinking too much and that we take
you home. Julius and I took you
home but no one answered the door.
Esther must have still been with
Saul. It was only 9:30
Julius looks away as if he couldn't bear to look at Ania.
I am sorry about this. I know it's
strange - sleeping in another
man's house. Especially if you
just met him, but I couldn't leave
you off at your house and forget
about you. Oh, one more thing, I
hope your hungry. Follow me.
Ania follows him as they walk into the dining room. The sun
barely lights room and Nicolas turns the lights on.


      (Hesitates to sit
I am grateful it was kind of you.
It was really kind of you to make
me breakfast, but…
I know…I am idiotic! I should have
taken you back to Minnette’s. I
guess I wasn’t thinking. I’ll
take you home as soon as possible.
Julius walks in realizing Ania is sitting at his table. He
begins to look angry as he thinks of Nicolas biting his
Nicolas! Why is…
Nicolas motions Julius to be quiet.
…Why are the shades closed…come
and help me open them
They both walk over to the windows and as Nicolas opens them
they begins to whisper.
What is she doing here? I thought
we were not going to prey on
anyone. Especial after that plea
of confusion you made last night
not to kill her. I hope you did
not forget what Saul said either.
      (Looks at Julius
       sternly then says
       in a worried
I thought you brought her here…
You don’t have to worry about her
wondering why she is here because
I lied and told her she passed
out, but…
Both Julius and Nicolas look at Ania then look at each other
with great concern. The phone rings in the background and as
they finish opening the curtains Nicolas picks up the phone.


I am watching you right now. If
you were wondering, I am the one
who brought Ania. I figured I
would toy with the two of you and
have some fun before I kill her.
Or, maybe, I can let you have a
taste of what you’re missing. I’ll
let you have a piece of the action
if you are a good boy and follow
my directions. First, you want to
know who I am, so turn on the
      (Looking at Julius)
Julius, I think I have an answer
to our question…
Nicolas puts down the phone slowly to turn on the television
as Julius and Ania turn their attention in that direction.
CLOSE UP on two reporters in business suits. One female, one
male are sitting at a desk talking to the audience. We faze
over Nicolas, Julius, and Ania watching the screen.
Superimposed on the bottom right hand side of the screen is
a Channel Seven logo at the top right hand side of the
screen is a picture of the exterior of FRESH BLOOD.
And in recent news, a mass killing
has been made in the new nightclub
Fresh Blood. It is believed that
there is a group against the
making of many new night clubs.
Supposedly they are the one who
unleashed a wild epidemic of
diseased snakes into the club
Fresh Blood. Everyone in the club,
over three hundred people died and
the owners have yet to make a
                       N.R. 2
What a horrible picture! The owner
has not released a statement, but
what he did say is that the
culprits for this horrible murder


                       N.R. 2 (cont'd)
are dead as we speak and he will
not be pressing charges against
any suspects the police have
CLOSE UP on Ania staring at the television in fear. Nicolas
picks up the phone and in the background.
My dream…
ZOOM IN on Nicolas
You did this? Who are you? Whom do
you work for? Answer me goddamn
Nicolas is obviously frustrated and as he pounds on the
table and shouts at the phone both Ania and Julius turn in
towards him.
Now, now, there is no point in
cursing. God is watching you
always. You would not want to go
do hell, now, would you? To
answer your question, I do not
work for anyone, but as of now you
work for me. Moreover, I know you
will work for me.
Oh yea, and why do you think that
Because I am the key to all the
answers you seek. All the things
that Saul is not telling you, I
know how you yearn to understand.
You will understand in good time,
that is, if you help me. Now let
me ask you something, would you
mind if I killed that human
sitting on your couch? Would you
care if I just gave her a little
nip? It isn’t as if you care for
her…or is it?


      (Looks over at
This is between you and me. Leave
all others out of this. I will
agree to help you, as long as no
one is harmed and I get to meet
Oh no, no, no, I am sorry my dear
Nicolas, but that is not possible.
I cannot guarantee anything,
especial if you break our little
deal. What good will it do if you
know me before I find more out
about you. I will call you if I
need to. One more thing, do not
mention me to anyone or I think
you might find more than one
person dead. Is it me or does
Julius seem a little uncomfortable
around you right now, maybe he
sees someone out the window the
you don’t? Nevertheless, I will
call you on your business phone in
ten minutes, I advice you to hurry
to your office to await my call.
Nicolas hangs up the phone and hurries to find his coat.
Julius stands up to talk to Nicolas, but Nicolas is dazed
and irritated.
Nicolas, what is going on? Are you
all right?
Leave me alone right now, okay?
Forgive me but I have a meeting
that I forgot about. I have to
leave, and I must be alone.
Nicolas runs out the door. ZOOM IN on Julius who appears
next to Ania on the couch. Ania shouts in surprise and
settles herself by moving over to making room for Julius so
he is not sitting on top of her.
      (Startled but
Oh, you scared me.


So what is this about a dream? Is
that what has got Nicolas in a
No, my dream last night was about
this frightening man in a
nightclub, Fresh Blood to be
exact. You’re going to think it’s
strange, but he was biting
people’s necks. He had blood
dripping from his lips. Although
he was frightening I longed to be
near him and right before I woke
up he murmured, “Come my sweet,”
as I glided toward him.
      (Realizing this
       was what Nicolas
       was worried about)
Did you see who this man was? What
did he look like?
Julius looked to the side and out the window as if thinking
about how Nicolas knew.
He looked like a lot like Nicolas,
except he definitely was not
Nicolas. He had a strange look in
his eyes, like he was pure evil,
but he did not know why, he did
not look like he knew his purpose.
He looked sickened by what he had
just done. He looked confused. The
bizarre thing is that before had
this dream, I dreamed of Esther
telling me to stay away from a man
called Gabriel.
Do you know anyone named Gabriel?
This is another bizarre thing: I
have never met Gabriel but I do
know of him. One night he came to
me in a dream saying one thing,
“Ania, everything will be alright
soon” then he called me. A boy
named Gabriel phoned me telling me
of the times he remembered sharing


                       ANIA (cont'd)
when we were younger. I asked my
friends and they remember well,
the funny thing is I don’t
remember him at all. Anyway, I
occasionally have dreams about him
about our past. The thing is,
we’ve gotten very close over the
months that I’ve known him and I
think I did when I knew him. I
don’t know. Ha, I do not even
know why I’m telling you this.
      (Leaning close and
       gazing into
       Ania’s eyes)
No, I am very interested. You
might not have known this, but
dreams often tell us the future.
All humans have this sense to tell
the future but they…we…do not know
how to use it, so it is incipient
in our dreams.
Julius leans closer to her still staring into her eyes.
Ania, you have the most worldly
eyes. Like two galaxies of
blue…Ania, do you believe in fate?
Do you believe that two people
were meant for each other? I think
I might be starting to believe in
      (Embarrassed, but
       also hypnotized
       by his eyes)
Oh! I…
Looks into his eyes and stops talking because his eyes
entrance her.
      (Nonchalantly as
       if he knows what
       he is doing)
Just go with me on this…
Julius opens his mouths about to bite her neck instead of
kiss her. The phone rings and Ania wakes up confused as to


what is happening. Julius quickly stops walking over to the
phone. He is annoyed but assumes it is Saul.
      (Waking from the
I’m sorry, what were we talking
The phone…
ZOOM IN to Julius walking over to pick up the phone. Now
annoyed, he speaks in a harsh tone. Quickly flash to a CLOSE
UP of someone speaking, all you can see is their mouth next
to the receiver.
I warn you, do not touch her. It
is not up to you to decide whether
she lives. I know what you will
try and I know you do not want to
harm her. Why? Because I have a
way to help you take Nicolas’s
place, you do not have to cower in
Saul’s presence anymore; he will
cower in your glory once I help
you. If you want this to happen,
be patient and do not harm the
girl, yet.
ZOOM IN on Julius and the apt. once more.
Let’s see how far this takes us
without harming anyone and then we
will see.
Agreed, I like your style. Oh, and
one more thing…
ZOOM IN on Minnette laying in her bed moaning. She is very
pale and as she groans she rubs her neck realizing there are
two bite marks. She feels them to find out what they are,
while rolling over to get out of bed. Minnette rolls over
something in bed and jumps back. As she uncovers sheets
CLOSE UP on a snake. Minnette screams and jumps out of bed
hitting snake with a baseball bat only to find that it is


stuffed. She picks it up laughing to herself and finds a tag
around the neck.
      (reading the card)
Minette... I don't know what to
say. After last night, I think
I'm completely a new person. I'm
sorry I left you, but I didn't
realize what happened until I woke
up. You sure bring the party
though, believe me. I hope you'll
be alright without me... Gabriel
She holds her head as if trying to remember but she just
can't. She looks down at the card again and finishes
reading, now slightly irritated and concerned.
P.S.: I Hope you like the snake.
As Minnette is reading she can't help but feel strain on her
neck. As she massages it, she looks at it in the mirror. Now
the mark is larger than before. She is confused as to why
this thing on her neck is causing so much pain. As Minnette
struggles to find out what this thing is she becomes
irritated at herself for letting this happen. It seems like
this is not the first time.
...a biter...maybe? Minnette, you
need to get with the program and
stop drinking so much. Shit, I
don't even remember anyone named
Gabe. Last night was all a blur.
All I remember was finding the
circuit box open and all the power
turned off...I remember Julius and
Nicolas...and Ania. Ania! I
guess I better call her.
Minnette walks around cluttered room trying not to step on
make-up, clothes, or stuffed animal as she makes her way to
her dress. She still seems disoriented and looks paler then
before. She lightly slaps herself trying to pay attention
and not faint from the pain of her headache. As she holds
her head with on hand she dials her cell phone with the
other. CLOSE UP Ania's cell phone ringing on Nicolas's
table. It vibrates and no one hears it ZOOM to Julius and
Ania on the couch with television blasting away. Flash to


      (yelling at the
Ania pick up the phone. I don't
care if you have a hang over!
Suddenly someone comes up behind Minnete. She gasps as we
see them CLOSE UP on his lips. He grabs her shoulders and
talks to her. Minnette does not move, she is petrified. He
whispers coolly to her.
      (in her ear)
Now Minnette, there's no need for
that... Put down the phone. Turn
it off.
Minnette ends the call, now shaking. She seems to snap out
of her daze for a second and quickly turns around to find no
one. The voice comes out of the shadows again.
Good, now put the phone down.
Minnette walks slowly over to her dresser where she
originally picked up the phone. She places it down and
faints from the pain of her headache. The man rushes over
and as we see the back of his white button down and jeans we
realize he is just a you man, no older than Minnette. All
we can see is the back of him. His attitude changes from
nonchalant to disgust as he looks down as her body. He
grabs her arm trying to force her up.
Get up. Get up! You're pathetic.
As weak, or maybe even more weaker
than any other human. And what do
we have here? Someone had you as
their dinner, your bite marks...
The man grabs Minnette by the neck and hurls her upwards
onto her feet.
You really are quite pitiful. You
have no clue what's happening to
you or what will soon happen to
you. You are dying and I am
guessing you don't know what to
do. Life is so fragile, and even
worse humans take it for granted.
But life and humans are God's
masterpiece. He made them as a
final strive to create pure


                       MAN (cont'd)
beauty. He succeeded only to
find his creation would destroy
eachother. Life destroys mankind
and mankind destroys life. There
is no harmony and so he allowed
immortality to us. More as a
punishment to prove to humans that
life is beautiful. Because as
human we destoryed life, we can no
longer have it, we must forever
suffer and watch others suffer as
well. But I know immortality is
for the Gods and I have a plan to
make all vampires realize they are
not cursed. I can stop your pain
and show you the truth of God's
The man moves closer as Minnette backs away. She trips over
something and stumbles onto her bed. As she stuggles
through the sheets to get back the man walks slowly towards
I assure you, you will not feel
nearly as much pain once you drink
of my blood.
Minnette takes the rolled up newspaper she used earlier for
the snake and hits the man as hard as her frail body can. He
stumbles back for less than a second but she has time to
grab her cell phone and run. As she runs she calls Ania.
      (on the phone)
Hello, Minnette? What's
happening. I'm sorry about last
Ania this is really serious!
There's this strange man in my
apartment and I don't know if I
can handle him, I'm feeling weak
from drinking so much. I can't
remember anything that happened
last night after the black out and
ever since I awoke this morning
strange things have been
happening. A strange guy named
Gabrial left me a not saying he
had a great time last night and
now there is someone in my


                       MINNETTE (cont'd)
apartment trying to kill me. I'm
really scared and I need you. I'm
going to head towards your place.
Gabe is in your apartment?
Minnette listen to me. You need
to get out of there as soon as
possible to meet me at my
It's not the Gabe we know, and I
doubt it's the Gabriel in the
messege but either way I'm heading
over there right now. I'm not out
of my apartment yet.
I'm at Nicolas's apartment right
now. He said something about me
passing out last night. He took
me to his place to protect me, or
so he says, but I'm not so sure
anymore. I need to know is there
anything else you remember?
I don't remember anything, it's
these stupid bite marks that are
giving me a headache. That and
the hang over make a horrible
don't help really... Ania I can
hear him and he's really close...
ZOOM on man and Minnette. You now see the face of the man
and realize it's Nicolas. He gently takes the phone away
from Minette. He's once again petrified.
Give me that...Ania, I'm sorry but
she'll have to call you back.
Nicolas looks at Minnette in sadness then cuts his wrist
ready to give her a taste of his gushing crimson blood. He
hits her and she falls to the floor. She is very pale now
and cannot seem to get back up because he is so weak.
Nicolas kneels down and lifts her head up, squeezing blood
into her mouth. Minnette lips teem with blood. She uses her
last amount of strength to spit the blood back out at
Nicolas and push him away. Nicolas shakes his head and
stares around in confusion to see where he is. He cannot


believe what has just happened. Slowly, he stands up with
Minnette, who is now lifeless, on the ground. He starts to
cry and abruptly Minnette begins to cough as if she had
almost choked. The bite marks disappear from her neck. We
see her return to her natural color not and as she grabs her
neck to find there are no longer bite marks. She looks up
      (exasperated and
       on the edge of
You saved me...
      (confused and
You need to stay away from me. I
don't know what's happening but
it's not good. Be a good little
girl now and go back to bed.
ZOOM OUT on the room they are in as Nicolas leaves and
Minnette falls to the ground. She still lays on the ground
hand at her neck the bite mark reopens and bleeds a puddle
on the carpet.
Double doors to club room swing open quickly dead bodies lie
on the floor, puddles of blood everywhere. ZOOM OUT from
Nicolas and swinging doors to whole view of room. He looks
around the room to find Saul. CLOSE IN on Saul as he steps
out of his office with Esther, arm in arm. Saul is clapping
and grinning maliciously. His voice echoes.
You've done well for yourself. I
can't say, however, that you have
helped me very much. Your true
beast is finally coming out. I was
never sure how long it would take,
you were always a pacif one.
The three move closer to eachother. ZOOM OUT at the end of
Saul's dialogue. As they move closer SLOW ZOOM IN. Once they
begin to talk, Esther moves backwards into shadow behind
Saul. Quickly Nicolas grabs Saul's neck. Saul struggles to
unwrench the grip and succeeds only when Nicolas finishes


What are you talking about? You
planned this? So you know what is
happening to me, why I feel less
human every day. I'm losing all
emotion, all moral and now I've
killed a friend! You knew this and
did not stop me! You never taught
me this would happen. In the fifty
years I have feasted with you,
you've taught me to prey
peacefully, you've stood by my
side as an ally, a friend, a
teacher. What has changed in you.
Surely you'll tell me something
has changed, you were never this
way. Neither was I.
      (rubbing his neck)
An inadequit grip. We will have to
change that Nicolas, my boy. I
will aquiesce your request for
this moment. Allow me to explain.
You may want to look around you. I
chose you because I knew who you
could be, a ruthless killer. This,
this is all your work. Why you
refuse to admit it though astounds
me. After all, my first kill
brought me joy. But that is
another story. I know you, I've
seen how you kill it is the nature
of all vampires. And that
insignifigant show girl, Minnette?
Your work as well, although, you
failed to kill her. You succeeded
in destroying her soul and for
that I give you credit. Do you not
remember who you are? You are a
demon, a beast, a cold blooded
killer. NOT A HUMAN! Never beg,
never whine, and especially do not
expect me TO FEEL YOUR PAIN.
Because I will not! You are a
murderer, you want to be one too.
Stop these sharades and return to
work to fullfill your prophecy.
That is a command, one I expect
you to act upon!


My teacher, my father, my god. I
do not understand. I am under your
direction but when have I ever
been asked from you to kill. My
friends are dying all around me,
no one will trust or believe
anything I say because like you,
they think I did it. What is your
plan for me? This "prophecy" what
is it? If I killed humans I can
surely kill you, you week old man!
Give me answers! That is my
You would not understand. But I
will try to explain for other
reasons. Gabriel, that is your
What a foolish wizenned man you
are. My name is Nicolas. I realize
now that not only are you going
weak, but also delusional in your
old age.
      (Loud Commanding
Listen to me my son! Your name is
Gabriel for as long and longer
than you will ever admit to. Many
prophet and seers predicted the
reincarnation of a fallen king.
That is you.
In other words this is dumb luck
for the both of us. If what you're
saying is true, I'm supposed to be
your... son? Well alright dad lets
go to the park and have a catch
then, what do you say?
Insolence! Always insolence from
you Gabriel. Don't you realize I
have a purpose for each one of my
pawns, Esther, Julius, You


                       SAUL (cont'd)
especially. It is FATE that you
would be chosen for me to bite. It
is FATE that once long ago a
prophecy fortold of a vampire king
to end all human life. Foolishly
though, I grew tired of you and
your craving for power over me. I
killed you not realizing your
potention. But I've had centuries
to rethink what I did. The time
has come again to rise. The
assault has begun, in this very
room, and it will not end until I
My dear Saul. You've just made a
very unwise mistake. I always
thought old age atributed to
knowledge, but you've proved me
wrong. Now allow me to prove you
wrong. You are no king and I am no
pawn. We are not kin but not
enemies. If you do, however try
for my downfall, I will not
hesitate to kill you.
Saul unbottons his shirt and throws it over a dead body.
Esther comes out with a bow and throws it to Saul. Holding
still a sword in her hands.
Then I should warn you, be
prepared for anything. If you
don't underestimate me, than see
how weak I really am!
Saul attacks Nicolas with the sword. Nicolas blocks and
there is a fight scene. FADE OUT and SCENE CHANGE to scene
15. Saul talks and instructs Nicolas as he fights.
      (Speaks in
       itervals b/c of
One thing you must realize is that
you have to love and hate your
opponent. Love him for his want to
kill you, but loath him with a
fire that can burn. Fight with
love and be patient instead of
wreckless. Fight with hate to
overcome fear of losing and to


                       SAUL (cont'd)
fight with power.
Nicolas throws a bottle of beer at the ceiling above Saul
and the fire sparks on Sauls coat. Nicolas jumps behind the
bar to throw filled bottles at ever light. Once the lights
are completely out, Nicolas jumps over the bar and grabs a
knife from the bar top. He drives it across Sauls face and
kicks him to the floor.
You're right, everything happens
for a reason. I will fullfill the
prophecy and kill those who the
human Nicolas loved. But you need
to die first.
W-wa-wait Gabriel! Please!
No Saul...I'm not who you think I
am. Besides, this isn't how I want
to kill you, not yet at least.
Nicolas pulls Saul to his feet and turns around to walk
away. Saul moves in as Nicolas walks away from him. ZOOM in
on Nicolas's face as Saul's boney fingers appear on
Nicolas's shoulder. He isn't surprised as the fingers
squeeze the shoulder.
When an opponent goes for a quick
kill, he moves in on you. Do not
back away like a coward, strike
Nicolas turns around and they stand face to face.
Even the kings have a god to
worship. And my godly wrath is
bestowed upon you because of your
faithlessness. I only asked for a
faithful son...
Nicolas kicks Saul in the stomach and sends Saul backwards.
Saul falls to the ground and Nicolas moves towards him.
CLOSE IN on the two.


You may have had a faithless son.
But I am faithful that what I am
about to do is right. The seers
fortold a king, and they were
wrong. I am a god.
Nicolas grabs a chair brakes a limb off of it and drives it
into the area where Sauls heart would be.
Fire crackles in background. CIRCLE focus around two men
standing face to face. One is rugged looked, dirty, and
huffing from exhaustion. The second is clean shaven and
standing in clothes of proprietry in accordance to mideival
Hungaria. The clean cut man is Saul and the scruffy one
looks similar to Nicolas. They stand at least a yard appart.
Yes, I am the one who bit you,
Gabriel. You are the fortold
guardian vampire. The key will
detach you from human feeling to
make you rise to kingdom.
A guardian to anyone but you, the
driver who enslaved his family.
You were as good as dead from the
momen you sunk those swift canines
into me. Les the ashes scour the
wind...the ashes of your burning
Children sing classical music to a "loo" ZOOM out to the two
men preparing to fight. They step away and right from each
other multiple times in unison forming a circle. With the
music, because they are stepping in beat, tap(sound of shoe
hitting floor)...tap(another step)...tap(cont'd), it seems
like a waltz. Children stop singing.The two men stare at
eachother and then suddenly begin to fight, Saul attacks the
man who looks like Nicolas. (we find shall call him Gabriel)
You fight well for an old man!
Saul moves in as Gabriel steps back and turns around to run.
ZOOM in on Gabriels surprised face as Saul's boney fingers


appear on Gabriel's shoulder. He gasps as the fingers
squeeze the shoulder. A cracking sound signifies his
shoulder bone cracking. The hands move around Gabriel's
When an opponent goes for a quick
kill, he moves in on you. Do not
back away like a coward, strike
him before your fate is doomed.
Gabriel is lifted into the air. Zoom out on the two men.
Gabriel kicks the candlabra on the wooden table and it
begins to burn.The flame burns the room as Gabriel escapes
from Sauls grips. They continue to fight, Gabriel clutching
his neck with one hand. Gabriel grabs Saul by the collar and
digs his nails into a patch where cloth does not hide the
skin on his chest. blood drips onto his fingers. Saul does a
final round-house kick to Gabriels head and knocks Gabriel
to the floor. He grabs his neck and strangles Gabriel.
Even the kings have a god to
worship. And my godly wrath is
bestowed upon you because of your
faithlessness. I only asked for a
faithful son...
FADE back too SAUL'S OFFICE-FRESH BLOOD as Nicolas now has
Saul on the floor and is strangling him.
Nicolas walks into the apt. Searching around for something.
Julius and Ania sit on the couch and turn around to see
rifling Nicolas. Nicolas is humming a song.
      (to Julius)
Good mood?
      (shrugging and
       walking to
Nicolas, are we going to kill the
key now?
      (turning around)
What did you say? The key?!


No, I said are we going to kill
this chick now? Or is your odd
obsession with her going to
      (walking over to
       the two)
What's going on guys? Nicolas are
you looking for something?
      (slightly crazed
       now destroying
       the apt. to look
       for key)
The key! Where is it?
Nicolas grabs the collar of Ania and changes his face to
look more vampiric. He shakes Ania and WHITE OUT into
BROWNSCALE SCENE 17. He throws Ania to the ground and turns
around turning back to human features. He slowly riffles
through books looking for the key. Ania slowly crawls
backwards obviously frightened and Julius advances on her.
Alright! Finally, I really need a
good drink. Don't worry Ania, it
will be quick and easy.
      (furiously turning
       to face Julius)
Don't you dare touch her you
coward. Not while my back is
turned, not ever.
Oh....so now, my mousey little
friend, you decide to remember? A
little late isn't it.
Ania tries to stand up but she relizes her ankle is twisted.
She can't stand up and so she slowly backs away.
You mean, you knew about Saul and
Gabriel. You knew everything? The
fortune? What I am to become? and


                       NICOLAS (cont'd)
i was foolish to believe you were
on my side. Well, Saul is dead so
I guess your alone.
      (a glimmer in his
So I knew everything all along,
what did you expect I've been
doing for all this time? Not
planning to overthrow you once you
were reincarnated? Anyway,
Gabriel, I thought your focus the
key, not some facinated desire to
kill me...
Julius turns and runs out the door, Nicolas chasing after
him. ZOOM from the door to Ania she lay riving in pain.
subscript at bottom of page: LA 14:00 12 Months Later

Buildings on fire, animated people jumping out of buildings
while fire rains from the sky. Streets are torn up, the
subway is de-railed and on the rubled street. Nicolas sits
on a thrown. ZOOM IN on the thrown he sits on. He's looking
bored. A woman kneeling at his feet in belly dancer outfit.
She's chained to the chair and chains jingle as she walks up
and feeds him her neck. As he bites she lets out a moan.
Then he viciously wipes the blood off his lips and snears.
Saul was right...Everything does
happen for a reason.
People walk on dirty ground with vendors selling in the
street. A girl who looks like Minnette but dressed in old
fashioned clothing runs up to a man and leaps into his open
arms. Behind the man stand another gentleman and girl.
Gabriel, where have you been.
Blood? Is that blood on your


      (hold Minnette's
Minnette, I cannot keep this up, I
do not love you. No connection
runs deeper than your's and mine
but...I do not love you.
      (holding a wooden
       peg to her heart)
You created me! If there is no
love than you might as well kill
me now.
man and woman (who look like Ania and Julius) run to
Minnette and grab the peg. Julius takes her aside and
strokes her hair. In the background you see them fighting
and she stabs herself with the piece of wood. In the
foreground you see Ania and Gabriel talking.
      (holding Ania's
       hands in his)
You would never accept my family.
My family never accepted me, so
now we have nothing to worry
about. I will become king and you
my queen.
My love, what delirium has
overtaken you. Whatever it may be,
make wise of this illness before
any wedding takes place. But
before any ceremony will occur,
take this as a symbol of a key to
my heart.
Ania kisses Gabriel. His eyes open wide and he runs off his
face depicting vampiric features, he licks his finger. ZOOM
back to Ania, she looks at her arm and there is a clean 5
inch slit down her arm. It is bleeding profusely and Julius
walks towards her menacingly.


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From Brian Bara Date 6/4/2006 *
Once again, abominable spelling, grammar, capitalization and punctuation make this screenplay nearly impossile to read.

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