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Diablo II: The Movie Screenplay
by David Simmons (drew2007@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

When an ancient terror comes back from the fiery gorges of hell, five adventurers have joined together to stop it. Based on the popular game of the same title, Diablo II.

This his the authors interpretation of the popular video game of the same title. The title, characters, plot and story are all copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment. In no way at any time does the writer feel that this is his own origional work and in thus does not copyright it as so.



The movie starts with a fade into a red underwater ocean.
The camera starts to ascend and in doing so the credits pass
by. Various sea creatures make for transitions between the
The camera rises above the water and in the distance you can
see a cloaked person walking. And even further you can see a
church. The whole River of Flame has a red/orange/yellow hue
to it, to show the fire everywhere. The red water is spewing
fire. The whole area has this hellish persona to it. The
path the man is on is narrow and is surrounded by the firey
water on both sides. They start to approach the church.
He walks up to the front of the church and looks up its
massive steps. The stain glass windows are really old and
dirty. He looks at it, then breathes a breath of
reassurance. He enters the church.
He walks into the sanctuary waiting to be ambushed. He has
his sword drawn and is in the defensive position. Since
nothing appears, he walks down the dark, dimly lit hallway.
I sense great evil.
He keeps walking down the hall, being cautious. The hallway
starts to lead up to a big wooden door. He pushes the door
open slowly, with his sword drawn.
He enters the room and you can see a great big beast, red
with spikes and a face of the devil (DIABLO) walking towards
him. The wanderer pulls off his hood and you can see his
handsome face.


So it ends.
The camera pans upward from the Chaos Sanctuary. You can
hear sounds of swords clashing and howling. Suddenly you
hear a large roar from inside of the Chaos Sanctuary. The
thing was Diablo and it just died, Bright light radiates
from the stain glass windows and lasts for a few moments, as
if a weight has been lifted from the world, and then it
evaporates. The camera slowly pans back down to the entrance
to see the wanderer coming out of the Chaos Sanctuary. He
stands at the entrance. In his hand rests a humming blue
stone. He looks at the stone, and then at the fire. He takes
a walk down the path he came from. He looks at the stone and
then at the consuming fire. He steps back and then chucks
the stone into the firey water.
The stone sinks down the deep, red water. It finally settles
on the ocean floor. The blue light inside starts to swirl
together. You hear a growing humming sound from the stone.
Then you hear a cackilish laugh from the object.
The stone sinks down the deep, red water. It finally settles
on the ocean floor. The blue light inside starts to swirl
together. You hear a growing humming sound from the stone.
Then you hear a cackilish laugh from the object.
It is a beautiful day in this old English town. The sun is
beaming down, but the weather is calm and cool. In the short
distance, you can see a cathedral. The bell above it is
ringing, stating that church has started. The commonfolk are
doing chores and walking around. Everything is peaceful
Inside this beautiful gray church, people are stood up in
line to get blessed. The long line extends down the ongoing
amount of piews in the middle. A man, the pastor is blessing


People are standing as other people are in a line waiting to
get blessed. The line extends down the whole middle area and
through the piews. The church is fairly large inside. A
fair, medium heighted man stands at the podium, blessing
      (drawing the cros
       across their
       heads with holy
May you be blessed in the name of
the father, son and the holy
spirit, Amen.
That perso walks back to his piew and takes a seat. Two
people remain in line.
Outside of the church is fairly quiet except for a young boy
running towards the church as if he has something urgent to
do. The boy is about 10 years old.
The line is now gone. All the people are looking at the man
at the altar ALASTOR. Alastor gives them a signal to sit
down in the piews. They all sit and the wooden seats creak
and make strange noises. He takes out his brown bible and
whips it open and looks at them.
Let us read.
Right as he is about to speak, the large double doors to the
church open abruptly. The little kid, ELZRICK from earlier
comes in. The sound of the large doors opening makes the
people turn around. The people stare at the kid. Alastor's
experssion seems annoyed as if he knows the kid.
The boy runs up to Alastor. He grabs the boy firmly, but not
noticeably. He leans down to the boy. People in the piews
whisper among themselves.


Hello, father.
What is the meaning of this
Mother says you have a letter.
Alastor seems confused by what the boy has just said. They
boy talks pretty loud tone, so that half of the church can
hear him.
Pipe down.
Mother says it's a letter from a
The people that heard the word "sorceress" gasp. Alastor
looks up and smiles at the people as if to confort them.
So where is this letter dear boy?
Mother has it.
Why didn't you bring it? Now go
get it.
Mother wants you to come. Mother
says it speaks.
Alastor acts as if he knows this is a serious situation.
Alright. Go home now. I'll be
there in a minute.
The boy runs down the middle aisle and out of the church.
The large doors slam hard. Alastor closes his bible and
walks out a small door behind the curtain on the stage. The
people in the church stir about and gossip on the just
recent events.


Alastor enters his house with a hurried look. His wife, Eden
and son come from around a corner. His wife holds a folded
up parchment, that looks as if it was sealed, but she opened
it. His house looks like a dugout. The walls look as if they
are made out of sand.
Oh thanks heavens.
Where is this parchment?
She slowly gives it to him. He takes it.
I think it's cursed.
He opens it up and looks at it. The paper is blank.
I tried to read it, but it wanted
Suddenly letters form on the blank paper. A voice comes and
speaks the words.
I am the high priestess Akara. I
have come to you in great vain. An
evel force has respawned to wreck
havok on our land once again. The
monster, one of the Prime Evils
will open the fiery gates of hell
and lead legions to our world
creating eternal darkness. We have
once made an attempt to destory
the Lord of Terror, but our
attempt was futile.
I have heard the stories.
We are in awe of your services as
a Paladin, your revolutionary
march against King Leonard III.
Alastor turns around to look at a armor piece hanging on the
wall. A long sword in its sheath hangs next to it.


You will not be alone. You will be
in the company of four others to
ensure that this great task is
finished once and for all.
He looks at his wife and his kid.
If you choose to come and aid your
services, please make haste. A map
has been drawn.
      (a brief pause)
I trust in your motives.
The writing on the letter fades into a map.
He looks back at that suit of armor and then at Elzrick.
Elzrick, go play outside.
He runs out the door carrying a ball.
I must go.
He starts to fumble around and pack. He grabs clothes and
moves around fast.
No you will most certainly not.
      (She puts her hand
       on his bundle of
You have a family. You have a
responsibility, to be here with
us. To be a father, a husband, a
priest. You can't give up on all
of that.
Eden, this is what I have to do. I
am a Paladin, a holy man sworn in
by the faith and sword. It can not
be undone.
Then what am I to do then?


Be yourself, be Eden. Be a mother,
and do not forget me while I am
Alastor grabs his armor and starts to put it on.
I worry about you, Alastor. It is
my task.
Do not worry, have faith in me!
He has the whole armor suit on. He takes the sword in his
hand and looks at it.
He comes running inside.
Yes, father?
Get my horse.
Yes, father.
The boy runs out again.
I love you and I always will, no
matter what.
I will come back.
Elzrick brings up the horse to the front door. Alastor and
Eden come out and his armor gleams in the sunlight. Alastor
pats his son on the head and shakes his hair.
Listen to me, Elzrick. You are the
man of the house now and I expect
your mother to treat you as one.
Listen to your mother. Do you hear
me boy?


Yes father. Will I ever see you
You can always see me.
Where father? Where?
He takes the boy's hand and places it on the boy's heart.
Right here. Any time you want.
He takes his son and hugs him openly. Then they ley go. He
hugs his kid.
I need to go.
He picks up his sword and gets on his horse. He looks at the
people surrounding his family and his horse.
He rides off into the distance, looking back at his family
he rides on. They stand in the dirt path right outside his
house, looking at him.
A blazing campfire stands in the center of a small village.
Four people sit on logs around the fire. A big, man Tyogue,
a skinny lady, Shiva, another lady, a little huskier,
Ariealles, and another man a lot skinner than Tyrogue, Dios.
They all wear armor, and the Shiva has a staff. Two women
near a tent stare at the four. They whisper.
I don't know about this Akara.
They are the best. They will
complete their task.
The husky one must be one of those
barbarians, that I've heard so
much about.
      (Staring at the
       skinny man.)


                       AKARA (cont'd)
I'm a little worried about the
necromancer, though.
Don't they practice the dark arts.
Yes, they depend on the dead. Oh
Alastor comes riding on in on his horse in his full armor.
He gets off.
Who here is named Akara?
I am. You all have made it in due
The four sitting on the logs stand up and Akara, dressed in
purple walks up to them.
You all have a great task ahead of
you. It will require that you all
work together as a team. Your
assembly is unmatched. A
Barabarian, from the highlands,
who's superior strength and
physical power is unmatched. A
Sorceress, whose high intellectual
and elemental magics will aid
anyone. The necromancer, a
practicioner of the dark arts, can
aid against the legions of hell.
An Amazon, who's prowess and
bravery, and specialty with the
bow and arrow, can strike terror
in the hearts of the defiled. And
the Paladin, a holy warrior, who's
stories of adventures with sword
and shiled have captivated
children all around Sanctuary.
Now that the intro is over, may we
I do invite you to stay the night,
in the safety of the encampment.
You may leave at Dawn.


Everyone stands up.
One last piece of advice, Your
party is not yet full, but it is
not yet empty either.
Everyone disperses. Charsi walks up to Tyrogue.
Can I interest you in a friendly
You must be a battle ridden woman
if you can ask me such a manly
I would suppose that to be true.
Charsi is in the blood moor with a sword in her left hand,
and a torch in the other. Tyrogue walks up to her.
Good evening.
Are you sure about this? Because
where I come from, we barbarians-
And where exactly do you come
I am Tyrogue from the barbarian
highlands, but my parents live in
the mountain city of Harogath.
On top of Mt. Arreat? Isn't that
where the barbarian ancients live?
Yes, it is.


Do you know you intrigue me dear
Do I?
Yes, and I thought a little
friendly competition would help me
learn a little more about you.
She swings at him with very fast speed. He dodges until he
gets a chance to pull out one of his axes. Then they parry.
So tell me...
      (dodging a blunt
      (parrying with her)
Charsi, why do I intrigue you so?
For years, I've seen people,
travelers wander these parts, but
never have I seen a barbarian.
You are kind, you are strong,
noble people. You are feared among
the nations, but yet you keep your
composure. But in the same, you
are ready.
They stop.
And to where do you belong?
Nowhere. I am but a simple
But now you must have your rest.
Let us go.
They walk back inside.
They walk back inside.


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