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by Ron Downing (underworldfilmreview@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***1/2
A short that involves Bio terrorism, werewolves, and reality TV.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Two men in white lab coats are injecting a man (with a
serign) with blue liquid.
After they inject the liquid Scientist 1 speaks into the
                       SCIENTIST 1
      (Into Microphone)
Injection 1...
The body does nothing...
                       SCIENTIST 1
      (Continues to talk
       in microphone)
Subject has no response to the
first syrum.
Scientist 1 cringes and grabs a box from off of a cheap
wooden table, he then throws the box at a wall.
                       SCIENTIST 2
      (To Scientist 1)
Calm down, we still have two other
As the two men talk with their backs turned to the body, the
camera reveals that there is a full moon outside, the man on
the table begins to twitch, and hair begins to grow on him
The two unsuspecting scientists begin to have a little chit
chat, as the body forms into a were wolf.
                       SCIENTIST 1
      (To Scientist 2)
Well... Let's get him out of here.
The two men turn around, but the Werewolf is gone, they both


look under the table and around the lab, but he seems to
have fanished. But when they both stand side by side they
hear a noise from behind them.
The two scientists slowly turn around, they both see the
beast and they both try to run away, but there werewolf
grabs them both by the back of there shirts and bashes there
heads together. They both fall to the floor instantly both
bleeding out of there heads.
                       SCIENTIST 1
HELP!!! HELP!!! HEL...
Scientist 1's helps and screams are interrupted by the
werewolf biting a chunk of meat out of Scientist 1's neck.
                       SCIENTIST 2
      (To himself, under
       his breath)
Oh shit!
Scientist 2 makes a run for the door (screaming along the
way), but the werewolf gets up and turns him around and
slits his throat with his claws. The werewolf then bites a
huge chunk of meat out of his neck.
Jack is lying in his bed, he is covered tightly in his
An alarm goes off and Jack gets up to turn off the alarm.
Jack gets to where he is sitting down with both knees huged
to his chest, he notices a pin prick on his arms and begins
to ask questions.


      (To himself)
What the help happened here?
Jack gets up and walks to his bathroom,When he looks at the
mirror he notices that there is dried up blood on his chest,
he stumbles back to the wall in his bathroom.
Jack tries to rationalize to himself.
      (To himself)
I just need to get cleaned up, its
probably just wine, or
Jack is about to open a a cabinet that lies under his sink.
      (under his breath)
I just need a towel.
Jack opens up the cabinet and see's Scientist 1's dead body,
he panics and falls into his bathtub, where he lands on
Scietist 2's dead corpse, he then begins to panic. He
quickly gets up out of the bath (he is now drenched in
Jack goes out to his living room and notices a bunch of
small security-like cameras all throughout his house.
      (While Panting)
What the fuck!?
The phone begins to ring, Jack slowly walks to the phone
with a scared look on his face. After about ten seconds of
walking he finally gets to the phone and picks it up.
      (To phone)
He... Hello?


                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE
      (From Phone)
Hey there Jack... How do you like
witnessing the end of the world?
Jack sits down on his couch.
      (To Phone)
What do you mean the end of the
world? And what are the cameras
                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE
      (From Phone)
I am talking about the end of all
of humanity, which will be
broadcasted live via internet with
our 24/7 webfeed.
      (To Phone)
How is this the end of Humanity?
Jack begins to walk to his living room door.
                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE
Well Jack, you have become the
ultimate weapon for terrorism, at
midnight you and your two friends
in the bathroom will become deadly
Werewolves that will spread your
Jack gets to his door and tries to open it, but it is locked
from the outside.
      (To Phone)
Why won't my door open!?
Jack begins to kick the door.
                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE
      (From Phone)
Because it is electronically


                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE (cont'd)
locked from the outside and won't
unlock until 11:59! And kicking it
won't do you any good it is solid
Jack sinks to his knees.
      (To Phone)
This isn't going to work, first
off those two are dead! They
aren't going to...
The Mysterious voice interrupts him.
                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE
      (From Phone)
In ways the sickness makes you
like blood thirsty zombies, except
for there is no way to kill you,
and you have the strength of ten
men. At midnight these men will
awake and you will spread the
disease, throughout the city.
Jack lies down on the floor.
      (To Phone)
Your not going to get away with
The mysterious voice laughs.
                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE
      (From Phone)
Really!? Because I just did. Bye
The Mysterious Voice hangs up the phone.
Jack grows angry.
      (To Phone)


Jack throws the phone across the room.
Jack is bouncing a tennis ball of the wall and catches it in
his hand, the clock on his TV stand says 8:00PM. All of a
sudden he hears a loud sound (resembling to pieces of metal
hiting each other) All of a sudden his door opens wide and a
girl gets thrown into his house.
Jack makes a run towards the door, but just as he gets half
way, the door slams shut, and the phone begins to ring.
Jack walks up to the phone and answers it, while the girl is
sitting on the floor holding her knees as she is in tears.
      (To Phone)
Jack gives the girl a concerned look.
                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE
      (From Phone)
Look, your phone is like a two way
radio system to me, so it will
always be me. The girl's name is
Mary, I figured that you could use
some company...
The girl looks at Jack with a scared face.
      (To Phone)
I am not going to kill some
innocent girl!
Mary is now terrified of Jack and runs into his bedroom.
                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE
      (From Phone)
Just relax Jack, your home is a
safe zone, nobody without the


                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE (cont'd)
disease goes into that house, she
is a blood thirsty machine just
like you. And by the way Jack, you
are going to be spreading the
disease to a lot of innocent
people so you better get used to
The phone hangs up, and Jack throws it across the room.
Jack gets back to throwing the tennis ball against the wall
and catch it as it flyes back. After about twenty seconds of
doing this Mary comes out of his bedroom and slowly walks up
to him.
      (To Jack)
Are you with them?
Jack gives her a blank look.
      (To Mary)
Not by choice.
      (To Jack)
Well... How did you get involved?
Jack begins to lighten up.
      (To Mary)
Well... Our great nation is in a
recession, businesses are going
out, and when you are a web
designer that relies on doing work
for companies, you get kind of
desperate for money.

So I agreed to take fertility
drugs from the guys that are dead
in my bathroom and now I am shit
out of luck.
Mary gives him a concerned look.


      (To Jack)
I am sorry...
Jack gently holds her hand.
      (To Mary)
Don't worry about me, take care of
      (To Jack)
Don't Worry, I will. Only four
more ours... I don't want to kill
      (To Mary)
Not to rationalize the situation,
but technically we aren't going to
be killing them, just turning them
into hairy blood drinking mutating
      (To Jack)
So we kill, then they kill, then
they kill? Which will cause the
end of the world. Sort of fucked
up when you really think about it.
      (To Mary)
What I am trying to figure out is
if this is an act of terrorism or
just a mad scientist running a
They both give eachother a blank look.
      (To Jack)
Well whatever it is, we will find
out soon enough.


They both then lay down on the floor and look up at the
Jack is laying down on the couch, just as Mary is sitting on
the floor clipping out magazine pictures and pasting them on
a piece of cardboard.
After about five seconds, Jack looks at Mary.
      (To Mary)
So why are you here?
Mary looks down to the floor.
      (To Jack)
I was kidnapped...
      (To Mary)
I am sorry...
The phone rings and jack slowly walks to it to pick it up,
Jack being half shaky picks up the phone.
      (To phone)
What do you want now!?
Mary looks at Jack with a weary look.
                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE
      (From Phone)
Well Jack, it seems that you have
a liar in your midst.
Jack looks at Mary with a confused look.
      (To phone)
What are you talking about?


                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE
      (From Phone)
Mary chose to get the injection
just like you, but she did it just
so that she could buy some extra
The Mysterious Voice hangs up the phone and Jack looked at
Mary with a sort of disgusted look.
      (To Jack)
What did he tell you?
      (To Mary)
That you lied to me... He said
that you weren't kidnapped, but
that you took the shot so you
could buy some crack.
Jack begins to laugh, but Mary's face turns depressed and
she looks towards the ground.
      (To Mary)
So what he said is true?
Mary sits there and slowly nods her head.
      (To Mary)
Don't worry about it, the past is
the past, we just have to worry
about the future.
Mary looks up and is releaved.
      (To Jack)
So he knows everything we say.


      (To Mary)
Him and every other Jackass on the
internet, we are being televised
right now as we speak.
They both go quiet and then get back to what they are doing.
Jack and Mary are both fast asleep on the floor.
An Alarm clock goes from 11:49 to 11:50 and the alarm goes
off waking both Jack and Mary up.
Jack gets up and walks to the alarm clock, just as the phone
begins to ring. Mary walks up and answers the phone.
      (To Phone)
                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE
      (From Phone)
Well Mary, I don't believe that we
have had the liberty of speaking.
Mary's face turns angry.
      (To Phone)
Cut the bull shit, what do you
                       MYSTERIOUS VOICE
      (From Phone)
Hahaha, I just wanted to let you
know that the show is going to get
interesting in about ten minutes,
in nine minutes we will unlock the
door and we will let you spread
the disease to the world...
Mysterious Voice hangs up the phone, Mary is now petrified.


Jack walks back into the living room from the bedroom. He is
looking at his palms as they are beginning to grow hair.
Mary then looks at her palms and they are growing hair as
A sound comes from the bathroom and then you hear a banging
sound like two guys trying to get out.
      (to himself)
Holy shit!
Mary and Jack start to rapidly grow hair all over their
bodies and the door to the bathroom opens, the two dead
scientists are covered in hair just like Mary and Jack.
After about twenty seconds Jack is a full werewolf, just as
Mary, and the two dead scientists (who are now back to
Jack gives a roar.
A man in a suit is standing up with a microphone in hand, he
is screaming at the top of his lungs.
Welcome to the end of the world!
Riken, has revealed that he is the mysterious voice.
      (To Camera)
Hello everyone and welcome to the
first episode of The End of The
World, on this show anyone can be
a star and that includes you.

On this show you are either the
hunter or the hunted, but there is
no avoiding the spotlight on this


Riken puts his finger on his ear to better hear the head
      (To Camera)
Well, I now hear that the beasts
have been unleashed, and without
further ado, Riken...
Riken points to himself and bows to the camera.
is going to let you view, THE END
A teenage kid about thirteen years old is riding his bike
home, he takes a shortcut through the back alley way, he
hears a loud noise in a large green garbage can, he gets off
of his bike and slowly walks upto the garabage can.
Just as he gets up to the garbage can, the noise stops. The
teenager then turns around to get back on his bike, but one
of the werewolves reaches out and pulls the kid into the
garbage can.
After about fifteen seconds the were wolve opens up the main
trash can lid and throws the teenagers half eaten body out
of the garbage can.
There werewolf then gets out of the garbage can, picks up
the body and then runs with it down the alley.
A man around the age of twenty four is leaving the
convenient store.
                       STORE CLERK
      (To a man inside)
See you later Bob.


The Store Clerk walks out to his car, only to notice a set
of bloody foot prints leading to his car. The Store Clerk
looks inside of his car to see if anyone is in it.

While being distracted by that, a pair of werewolf hands
(from underneath the car) pull him under the car, you hear
the mans screams for about three seconds, then it goes
completely silent.
The werewolf crawls from underneath the car (and drags the
body with it), I then puts the body over its shoulder and
takes it with him, as the werewolf runs down the street.
Riken is sitting on a chair with his microphone in hand
laughing about what happened.
      (To Camera)
Well it appears that our big bad
wolves have brought along two
friends so far in the evening, but
here at THE END OF THE WORLD, we
feel that we need another living
Riken walks up to a cage that is covered in white bedsheets.
      (To Camera)
Behind this sheet is our newest
character, won't you all please
give a warm welcome to Dr. Tom
Epstine, the man behind the
formula that will END THE WORLD!
Riken removes the white sheet from the cage. Standing there
is Dr. Tom Epstine... He is very angry and keeps trying to
grab Riken.
      (To Riken)
Your not going to get away with
this you son of a bitch!


Riken begins to laugh.
      (To Tom)
Really, Who is going to stop me?
And for that matter, who can stop
      (To Riken)
Someone is going to find a cure
out there and when they do your
ass will be in jail with a big
huge black dick shoved up your....
Riken injects Tom with the needle before he can finish his
After the Injection Riken instantly forms into a Werewolf.
Riken begins to laugh at Tom as he is in the state of being
a werewolf. Tom takes his claws and throws them through
Rikens body.
Tom then runs kicks through the cage door and attacks the
man hiding the camera... the camera falls pointing to the
After about thirty seconds the two men just killed by Tom
become werewolves.
A newscast woman is sitting on a chair infront of a Camera,
with a depressing/concerned look on her eyes.
                       NEWS LADY
      (To Camera)
Ladies and Gentlemen, we regret to
inform you that there is a new
epidema, at midnight on every
night mass murderers will attack
local areas, we alert you to stay
indoors and keep yourself safe.


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From Cayleigh Date 3/11/2005 ***1/2
Very creative, and I liked the plot. Keep it up, I want to see what happens next.

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