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by Matt Sebben (jsebben@snet.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: *1/2
This is a horror play that I started a long time ago and its been at a stall ever since my friend having written 50 or so pieces told me to just post it. There are many small plot twists. Please note it is not finished. It takes place in a rural mountain setting. Some characters may be twisted.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We begin our day inside of a small room. We see a clock on a
table. It is an old style pendulum clock. It reads 11:57. We
hear the swing sound on the pendulum, it is followed by the
tick, tick, tick, sound of the clock. The shadow of the
clock swings around. The wallpaper in the room starts as a
bright red and then fades lighter and lighter until the sun
bleaches it out. The camera moves to the window and we see
the glass flow downward and become thick at the bottom of
each glass panel. The time changes on the clock from 11:59
to twelve. The glass circle cover on the clock face shines a
quick light in a circle movement around the outer edge then
the light goes all over the glass cover and the room goes
dark. Not even the sun is shining into the room. The room
brightens again. A man in his late 50's makes his way into
the room. He opens the back of the clock and oils it a
little bit, he then closes the back lid and winds the clock
up. He walks out of the room. As he shuts the door he waits
a moment. The clock begins its twelve bongs sounding out the
Good, its working perfectly again.
I was worried for a moment, but
then again a little oil is all it
usually needs. Keep ticking, my
little friend, keep on ticking.
He shuts the door and walks towards the front of his house
to look out a open window into the street. A neighbor walks
by and waves He waves back and then he leans on the
The day always starts off so good,
but it never lasts. Before you
know it, itís high noon and the
entire town goes quiet and slow.
Then you feel the heat set in.
Hmmm.... I guess I better get
going up to the lodge. The
vacationers will be back from
their morning walks soon enough.
He takes a quick look around the inside of his house, which
is fairly old-fashioned and has many relics in it from the
late 1950's. An Elvis poster hangs on the door of the small
room that contains the clock. The man gives a smile when he


sees this. He then turns around and goes out his front door,
shutting it behind him. He starts up his old truck and
begins his way out of the suburban town and towards his
mountain lodge. As he goes through the town you can see all
of the olds folks out and about. Some are talking on there
porches, others gardening, cutting there lawns, doing any
little thing that needs to be done or could be done. Many of
them wave as the man passes by. As his truck comes to a
stop, at the stop sign the owner of the corner house comes
over to him.
You know that you got yourself a
whole busload of lodgers that came
in this morning. Right, John?
Of course, I know that Wally. I
was notified yesterday, but you
know that I am certainly not a
morning person and neither is
anyone else in this town. Besides
old George and the cook are more
than capable of running the lodge
while I'm not there. They don't
need me up there as well, telling
all of the lodge workers what to
O really?
Don't you worry Old George and the
cook have all of the guests well
in hand. They are in for the time
of their lives. Just like the
brochure told them they would be.
Both men smile to each other.
I made sure to put fire insurance
on the place. So if they burn the
whole place down thatís ok. They
were able to put out the last fire
I think the sprinkler system
helped them out a little bit. Am I


You could very well be right.
Wally turns his head and sees a young couple from a near by
town pass by in their car.
What a great thing it is to be
young. Not having a care in the
world, being able to just go on
vacation after vacation. Money is
of no concern to them at all. What
a life that would be. If only you
weren't charging them an arm and a
leg to stay at the lodge they
might find thier way down into
town and my store a little bit
more often.
Well, you know you are my one and
only supplier of beer, food, and
other such things. What more do
you what?
Every little bit helps, you know.
The more money the better.
Well, you are just one greedy man,
aren't you? You have barely any
bills. You buy a new car every
year, what more do you want? Do
you want a few servants maybe to
wait on you hand and foot? I don't
know what you want and I don't
think you do either.
Wally gives a sly smile. John rolls his eyes and then shakes
his head.
You know what I want more of.
Think what you want. I don't even
want to know whatís going on in
that mind of yours. Even though I
have a pretty good idea. But
anyway, you are ready for later
tonight, right Wally?


John moves his head down a little bit leans over a bit and
looks at Wally.
Of course John, I'm getting ready
for tonight I know that all of the
young folk from the other side of
the mountain are coming over to
the lodge at midnight to drink and
dance. I'll make sure to bring out
a keg of beer from the store.
Only one keg? Thatís not enough
for all of them, one keg may be
enough to knock out everyone in
this town but one keg is nothing
to any of those lodgers or kids.
You best bring three or four. How
do you expect them to lose their
money at gambling if there not
It is my understanding then that
you finally got all of those
tables set up in the basement?
Of course I did. How else are we
going to get the money to put in
the new hot tubs? All the money
that I'm getting from the guests I
have now is going strait into
expanding the lodge. For a place
to put the hot tubs.
Well then you best be on your way,
hot tubs arenít going to fall out
of the sky you know.
Both men laugh. And John drives away continuing on his way
up to the lodge. Just beyond the edge of town we see an
ancient man sitting on his porch in a rocking chair reading
the morning newspaper. As John goes by he looks up from his
paper and gives a long stare until john is out of sight.
Then he looks back at his paper. The camera goes to John in
his truck after this.
What is that old coot up to now?
He better not come up to the lodge


                       JOHN (cont'd)
and try to scare away my lodgers
again like he did the last time.
He's lucky we still send him food
and his paper. He best just stay
in his house and watch TV. I got
him satellite dish not to long
ago. So he shouldnít even have a
reason to leave his house. If that
nursing home didn't cost so much I
would have shoved him in there a
long time ago. He's nothing but a
problem to the whole town.
The camera goes up above the truck and we see john
continuing on his drive up towards the mountain he hits the
tree line where the farmland ends and the mountain begins.
We can no longer see his truck only a few brief flashes of
him as he goes up the mountain road. The camera goes back to
the old man, he gets up, puts his paper on his rocking
chair, takes a slow walk to the edge of each side of his
porch, and looks all around his house. He then goes inside
and closes the door behind him. His house is filled with
clocks each clock keeps a different time. We see him go to
the first of many. He takes off the back of the clock and
begins working on it, oiling it, tightening parts and
winding it. Then he moves onto the next clock he picks it up
and looks at it, at the bottom carved into the wood is the
word son, he begins work on the clock.
                       OLD MAN
{Mumbling} As much as I fix these
clocks I never seem to be able to
get them right without the master
clock. Now if only I could find
it, then I could get this town
back into the right time but I
just don't know where it is. I'll
try up at the lodge soon enough it
has to be there. It just has too.
The camera turns away from the old man and looks at many
many clocks around the room. It is a dim room so you can
only see the shining clock faces and the old man under a
light working on one clock after another.
We see John walk into the lodge and as he is looking out the
window he sees the lodgers coming back from their morning
walk for lunch. The time is now 1:10 according to the clock
on the wall above the door. Above the door below the clock


it is carved in the frame of the door. This "HERE IN THE
sign says hope you enjoyed your stay.
Cook we have got hungry lodgers
coming in from there morning
nature walk. Is the dining hall
ready for our guestís lunch?
Yes, yes but of course it is
ready. The lodge staff is setting
the tables right now. There shall
be bowls of fruit set up, they
shall all be served sandwich's of
their choice. The special wine has
been set out for them. There is
also a delightful green pea soup
that is being poured in their
bowls right now as we speak.
The cook turns towards the dining hall and motions for a
server to move faster.
You all hurry up in there they are
almost inside.
Any problems with receiving our
guests this morning?
No, no problems they all came into
the lodge right after they had
gotten their things from the bus.
Did they all take the lodge toast
before they went out on their walk
this morning?
{Quietly} Well no they didn't.
John turns.
{In a controlled angry voice} What
do you mean they didn't? Every one
is supposed to take the toast
before they go out of the lodge.
Terrible things could happen if


                       JOHN (cont'd)
they all didn't do the toast.
Please don't tell me you went and
forgot all about the toast with
all of our guests. You of all
people cook should know this by
now you are the one that makes the
house brew.
Don't worry so much only two of
them didn't do the toast because
they said that they don't drink. I
already put rat poison in each of
their soup bowls. They'll both get
sick and have to leave for home
before the end of the day.
Good. You thought ahead for once.
Its a good thing too cause they
certainly can't be here tonight if
they didn't do the toast it
wouldn't be very safe for them.
Yeah I know.
No you don't know. You see the old
man was out on his porch when I
went by and he gave me a long
stare that could have burned a
hole in the side of my truck. He's
up to something again I just know
it. We need to get those two
lodgers out of here right after
lunch. Whether they want to leave
or not. Make it happen.
Not a problem a taxi will be here
right after theyíre done eating.
I'll tell them that its some sort
of emergency precaution we have
incase our guests get sick or
John goes into his front shirt pocket and takes out a
spyglass. He looks at the lodgers coming down the path in
the woods. Through the spyglass he can see all of the
lodgers two of the lodgers have a yellow glow about them. He
puts the spyglass away.


Are they still clean or have they
been marked?
No they haven't been marked yet
they only have the glow about
them. They haven't been here long
enough to be marked. But they will
have to leave today.
Who did you get to drive the taxi?
You did get someone we know right?
Of course I got someone that we
know. We use the same guy every
time. And besides if they don't
make it off the mountain in time.
We'll just have to go hunting
thatís all. And I for one am
always up for a good hunt.
Me too, but you know as well as I
do that hunting marked folks is
never easy or safe its best they
just leave.
The camera goes to the woods we see all of the lodgers from
an above angle from the perspective of the old man. He is
high above them in a metal hunting box. He takes out of his
front pocket a spyglass just like the one John had. He peers
through the spyglass down at them. He too see that two of
the people are glowing.
                       OLD MAN
There are two of them that didn't
take the toast. Thatís odd you
would think John would be a little
bit more careful then that by now.
They'll be gone soon enough,
probably right after lunch. John
will make sure of that. I don't
have enough time to get to them.
Hmmm... Or do I have enough time?
No the mark takes a full 12 hours.
Damn him and his swill. He is
always making that stuff stronger


                       OLD MAN (cont'd)
adding something too it. Thinks he
can ward me off with it does he?
To be sure it is a good deterrent
but nothing can truly keep me
away. O what a stench they all
give off.
The old man holds his nose waits for the lodgers to get out
of sight and he then proceeds to slowly make his way down
the tree. Brach by branch. He sneezes. He then crinkles his
nose and closes his eyes. We see he has a full set of shiny
healthy white teeth.
                       OLD MAN
Next time I come up here I'll make
sure to bring a close pin or a gas
mask or something. Ooo what a
We move into the dining hall of the lodge. It is a very
large room and one of the rooms that shows it age. The walls
are made of stone and old morter. There are many large
windows lining the outer wall they are each made of stained
glass each with a animal of the forest on it. There is a
window every two feet. There is a cathedral cieling with
great wooden beams made of whole trees, the trees are only
squared The lodgers are all sitting down at their set
places There are name cards ontop of there requested
sandwiches. John walks into the room.
I would like to welcome all of you
to Mountain Sun lodge. I hope that
your trip here was bearable. I
know that the bus ride here can be
a very rough. But now that you are
all here all you have to do is
relax and enjoy yourself. You each
have been brought around our
grounds and have seen what we have
to offer. We will be having
scheduled activities during the
length of your stays, but of
course you are welcome to go about
as you please during the day as
long as you don't go off the
mountain and don't go out at dark.
We wouldn't want anyone to get
lost out in the woods at night.
And folks please stay around the


                       JOHN (cont'd)
lodge area until 12:00 PM in the
afternoon. The people in the town
below are mostly elderly and like
to sleep and not be bothered. And
believe me there's nothing worse
than a cranky old person. Well
enjoy your meals and I hope your
stays will be as good as the
brochures promised. Stay as long
as you all want. We surely donít
want you to leave any time soon.
John smiles gets a small laugh from the room of people and
then he goes and sits down at a table separate from the
guests, with George and a few lodge workers. The camera goes
between the glowing couple and another that they are talking
to. In the middle of each plate are the bowls of the soup on
the sides the polish roll sandwiches, cut in halves. Each
wineglass is full, and there are large bowls of fruit
between every group of four people. Everyone seems to be
enjoying their lunches.
You know I just love this
mountain. Itís so beautiful here,
don't you think so? The hot
springs alone where worth coming
here for.
                       GLOWING WOMAN
I know, the hot springs, the lake,
the hiking trails, and guess what
I heard from one of the waiters?
What? What could make this place,
better? Everything is so perfect
here. It may cost a little much to
stay here, but its not like we
don't have the money.
                       GLOWING WOMAN
Well itís a good thing you feel
that way because I heard that
there is a casino in the basement.
That will open up tonight just for
our arrival.
Thatís great. Itís always nice to
stay at a place where you can
leave with more money then you
came in with.


                       GLOWING WOMAN
So true.
                       GLOWING MAN
I could go for a few games of
craps my self. We haven't been to
Vegas since last summer and itís
always fun to break the bank at
these little hick casinos. Last
year we were at a little casino
just outside of Vegas and I placed
a ten thousand dollar bet on a
roll and next thing I knew I owned
the place.
You are such a horrible man. Why
do you go and hassle these simple
people out of their money? Thatís
certainly not very gentleman-like
of you.

                       GLOWING MAN
Well, I guess we all have our
naughty little pleasures, don't we
I don't know what your talking
                       GLOWING MAN
Are you sure about that? What
about you and your wine
collection? I certainly wouldn't
have paid 200,000 ,for that last
bottle you bought. Whatís the
point of having rare fine wine if
you don't drink it?
You had to go and ruin my
surprise, didn't you? I bought
that for our vacation...! A
special treat for tonightís
dinner. And besides you gave me
the money for it I sure don't have
near the amount of money you do.


You bought that 1708 bottle of Por
le Valo wine. O my! The last
bottle we had was to die for! This
one should be even better because
it was bottled a full year earlier
than the last. I can't wait. And
of course thank you.
                       GLOWING MAN
Not a problem.
                       GLOWING WOMAN
Do you think we could bring it out
to the hot springs for later
tonight? Instead of having it for
Someone else is feeling naughty as
well. What brought this on?
                       GLOWING WOMAN
I don't know. I just have felt
different since I got here. Maybe
itís the fresh air.
                       GLOWING MAN
Now that you mention it, dear, I
have felt strange, as well. But I
think itís from this food. {In
annoyed voice} Soup and
sandwiches..!, at least they have
wine here.
He reaches for his glass of wine and takes a sip. The
glowing man then starts to choke and cough. He puts down the
Whats wrong wine not agreeing with
you? Taste fine to me.
He continues coughing.
                       GLOWING WOMAN
Dear are you alright?
Excuse me but can we get some help
over here I think your wine has
made my friend very ill.


Lodge workers come over to the glowing man and bring him
into the infirmary. His wife follows.
What in the world? There must be
some explanation for this. It
couldn't have been the wine or the
soup. The sandwiches! Of course,
there must have been some bad meat
in them.
She spitts out what she has in her mouth.
Calm down now dear, maybe he just
ate something that didn't agree
with him. I am sure that he'll be
fine. Besides, I ate most of my
lunch and so did you, and his wife
as well and none of us are sick.
No one else in the room is sick.
Please don't create a scene.
I am not creating a scene!
Lisa looks around the room and sees that people are staring
at her. She sits down.
Ok, maybe I created a little
scene. But don't you think itís a
little bit weird that he got so
sick right after he took a sip of
his wine?
Alright, I end this here and now
to prove to you that it was only
him not the wine or the food.
Adam reaches over picks up the glowing man's wineglass and
drinks it down. Lisa stares at her husband Adam. He then
picks up the man's sandwich and takes a large bite out of it
and swallows.
Well, I can tell you that the wine
is perfectly fine, and so is his
sandwich, even though he could


                       ADAM (cont'd)
stand to have some better taste.
He has an anchovy and mustard
sandwich. Disgusting. The sandwich
was probably the reason he got
sick. I think I feel it coming
back up now. I will be back.
Camera follows Adam from the table to the entrance of the
bathroom. We see Lisa continue eating her soup with a
worried look on her face. The camera goes back to John and
we see him get up and head towards the infirmary were the
glowing man is puking up still. His wife has also taken ill
but she isn't puking only lying down on a cot exasperated
nearly ready to throw up but not quite yet.
Are you two all right? I know
sometimes people who come here
just get sick. I can't explain it,
but something here just doesn't
agree with them. It could be
anything. Something floating
around in the air. Maybe you both
got bit by mesquites, who knows?
What do you think made you two
The glowing man looks up from the bucket that he is puking
                       GLOWING MAN
I don't know what make me and my
wife sick. We didn't get bitten my
anything and we have been fine all
day up until we ate your food in
The food couldn't have made you
sick. I ate the same thing you and
your wife did. Same wine, soup,
fruit. Maybe that strange sandwich
of yours make you sick. Anchovy
and mustard sandwich not a good
                       GLOWING WOMAN
{a moan} So he got sick from one
of his nasty sandwiches, happens
all of the time. Well then what
made me sick?


Like I said, some people just get
sick from being here. Should I get
your things ready to go?
                       GLOWING MAN
Yes and I want a full refund. This
is a horrible place and you sure
will never see me or my wife back
her again.
Sorry sir no refunds.
                       GLOWING MAN
What do you mean no refunds me and
my wife just got food poisoning
from your rotten food!
The glowing man starts heatedly yelling at John and George.
George gets into a heated argument with the man. After a few
minutes George pulls out a knife from his back pocket and
knifes the man across the throat he then throws the knife at
the glowing womanís neck. Blood spurts out of the mans neck
as he turns and falls flat on his face its goes on the
floor, the walls and some of the lodge workers. The glowing
women has the knife in her throat she is choking blood is
coming out of her mouth as she coughs out a few breaths, it
also is coming from the knife wound quickly running down her
neck and onto the floor. She looks at her dead husband
reaches for him, drops off the bed onto the floor head face
down, as she hits the knife goes through the other side of
her neck. The lodger workers are not even startled by what
has just happened. George and John look at each other John
drops his head and puts his hand to the top of his forehead.
Then he looks up throws his arms in the air and then points
at the two bodies.
Why?! You all know what to do
clean this place up put on some
new cloths and get rid of the
bodies. I'm going back to my
George is takes his knife out of the women throat. He licks
the blade clean gives a smile. He pulls the womanís body
over next to the manís. Then he looks down at them knife in
hand he brushes it against each of their faces as he talks.
You both better hope you don't
turn and come back here. Or else


                       GEORGE (cont'd)
I'll have a problem on my hands
and as you just found out I deal
with my problems right away.
George puts his knife into his back pocket holster. And then
stands up strait and looks at the lodge workers. George
walks out. The workers begin cleaning. We see the glowing
hands leg convulse and his hand clench into a fist.
A taxicab pulls up to the side door of the lodge. The lodge
door opens and four men step out in pairs of two. Each pair
is carrying a large black duffle bag between them. One of
the men is George. The driver steps out and opens the back
door of the cab. The first bag is loaded in; the second bag
is seen to be dripping blood on the ground as the first is
being loaded. The second is loaded in. George shuts the back
door of the cab. He pulls an envelope out of his pocket and
hands it to the driver. The driver opens the envelope it is
filled with money. He looks back up at George.
You know what to do.
The driver gives a nod. Then he gets into his cab and drives
off down the road. Georgeís eyes follow the cab down the
road. He then turns around walks back into the lodge with
the other three men. We see John standing at the door.
You know you didn't have to do
that. We could have just shot them
with the tranquilizer guns and
then sent them on their way.
I tell you John; some people just
don't know when to shut their
mouth about something. Itís was a
very simple concept: no refund
means no refund, end on
conversation. But, no, he just had
to keep carrying on. "You can't
tell me that, do you have any idea
who I am?" Yeah a dead man, and I
knifed him and his wife, the
asshole thinks he's better than me
because he's rich. Well, money
can't get you nowhere when youíre


Well thatís not true. He paid for
his own taxi ride out of here.
George gives a smirking grin at John.
Well aren't you just a damned
comedian now and I thought I was
sick. You took a dead mans money
to pay for his own last ride? Did
you take his wedding ring too?
Yeah and he had a real nice watch.
Iím only keeping the watch. The
rest of the jewelry I'll pawn off
at Wally's store. And you need to
learn to control your temper, you
and I both know that was not
called for.
Now remember, they got sick from
the food so we sent them up to the
hot springs to relax and let the
steam get the sickness out of
them. They wanted to be left alone
and a few hours later when they
didnít come back. We sent lodge
workers to go see if they were all
right and they were gone.
I have the story down already. But
we donít need to worry about any
cops anyway, until the bus comes
back, to get all of the lodgers in
two weeks. We own the local police
and the state can be bought off if
need be.
Both men are seen going back inside of the lodge. The gold
watch is seen on John's wrist as he shuts the door behind
We move into the inside of the cab. There is some old rock
music on the radio. The cabby is looking in his rear view
mirror back at the black duffle bags. He has one hand on the


wheel the other is on a lever right next to his seat the
lever is a release lever for a large jug that hangs over the
back seat of the cab. It says on the side. Sunny Mountin
swill xxx. The cabby is a small, mid weight man in his late
30ís. He has a mustache that looks like a brush. He is
wearing a green bowler hat with a white ribbon band around
it. Heís in dirty work cloths.
Man, itís a good thing I get paid
so much to do this. These damn
bodies are always stinking up my
cab and then I have to air it out
for days, scrub it down. Well that
might me a good thing. Huh cat?
He looks over to his pet cat that has his head sticking out
the window. The cat turns and meows at him.
Cause I sure don't clean this here
cab other wise. So a once a month
scrub down is good, right? I
should do it more then that but
then again, I donít have many
living passengers. Do I?
His cat goes from the window turns around in the seat and
starts to hiss at the duffle bags. The duffle bags begin to
move slowly and then they start to expand. Arms and legs
move around inside. A hole is ripped in the top bag and a
large hairy-clawed hand comes out.
O no you don't! Get your good for
nothing self back into that bag
right now. Do you hear me right
The bag below starts to move as well. A foot comes out of
the bottom bag it is also covered in hair and has large
claws where the toes should be.
Get yourselves back inside those
bags now get in there. We are
nowhere close to the damn yet. I
can't just drop you in the woods.
You need to be chopped up by the
He takes a baseball bat and starts to beat on the bags. The
creatures inside only get angrier a large rip goes down the


middle of the top duffle bag. The cabby quickly pulls the
lever next to him and the barrel above the back seat opens
up and a liquid pours all over the two bags. The bags shrink
down and we see the glowing couple. The cabby swerves to
avoid a tree and he continues his way on the road, sweat on
his face.
People always change faster once
their dead. Good thing I got this
barrel of swill or else, I'd be,
well, we'd be dead right now.
Isn't that right kitty?
The cat goes over to the cabby's shoulder purrs and makes
himself comfortable.
The cab continues on down the road and stops at the curb
near the dam. Through the trees we can see the damn, its hum
can be heard when the cabs motor is turns off. The two bags
are pulled out of the cab, and thrown onto the ground. The
top bag contained the glowing man and the bottom the women.
The manís body flopped out of the tear in the bag. The cabby
put his cat down and dragged the womanís bag over to the
river and pushed it in. He watches it float along get sucked
down by the intake pipe and we see red water come out the
other side of the dam. The cabby turns around and starts
back towards the road and his cab for the other body. The
cat is next to the other body its begins to hiss. Large
amounts of shinny black hair spread about the manís body.
The cabby is about thirty feet away at this time. He sees
the cat hissing and knows what it means. He goes into a run
towards his cab.
Damn it! I guess I didn't use
enough swill on them after all!
The ripped duffle bag bursts open and we see the creature
there. It is a giant black bear, nothing more. Donít
underestimate the power of a black bear especially a giant
one. The cabby runs past the bear and reaches his cab he
grabs the baseball bat and he rips a barrel of swill off the
roof of his cab. He turns around to see the bear sit up and
then stand up in front of him. The bears back is to him.
Stage one black bear. I can take
him down, he sure isn't going to
eat me. No sir.
The cabby pours the barrel of swill all over himself and
then grabs the other barrel that he had on the floor in the
back seat.


Thatís right, go ahead and stand
up, now turn around so I can bean
you right between the eyes. O no
The now black bear has turned around and is seen with half a
cat in one hand and the other he is chewing and swallowing.
The cabby stares in horror for a brief moment then he brings
himself together.
You ate my cat, o shit, you ate my
cat! Here asshole drink this!

The cabby opens the top of the barrel and throws the swill
inside onto the bear. It works like acid and eats away at
the bear green mist comes off of the bear. The cabby charges
at the bear baseball bat in hand and starts beating and
beating on it head shot after headshot until its stops
moving. He then puts the bat under his arm and begins to
drag the creature to the river so he can be thrown it in and
have it ground up by the turbines. He drags the bear by its
legs and he is dragging the bear behind him as he walks. As
the cabby makes his way towards the river we see that the
fur is growing back on the bear the blooded head reassemble
it self. The bear moves its head back and forth, the cabby
doesn't notice. The bear closes his shinny black eyes. Then
he re-opens them but now we see calypso orange circles with
a lemon meringue pupil. {For colors please see
Poor kitty, now I am going to have
to get another one. Its a good
thing that they paid me extra for
this or else I would be very
angry, I got blood all over my
cloths. "Achoo" I don't like this
mountain one little bit my
allergies are so bad up here.
The bear begins to change still. His mouth lengthens. His
teeth are now double rowed. Tongue is still black. The ears
lengthen as well. The fur now has a sheen on it. An orange
and green ooze starts to come out from underneath the fur of
the bear. Changing in and out of colors of black, green,
brown, and gray. A camouflage fur now covers the bear. The
ooze moves over to the arms of the bear. A large flab of
skin spreads out from the arm of the bear down to its thigh.


The flap tightens and bones are seen to spread through it in
a web shaped formation. A second par of legs now emerges
from the back of the bear pushing up the first. The feet
become rounded and well padded. The cabby does not know that
any of this is going on because the only unchanged feature
of the bear are the two legs that his is pulling along. The
eyes of the creature once again close and reopen. The talons
are now clearly seen off its hands if the still can be
called hands that is. A spike comes out from each bone end
on the wing and curves in. A stench starts to come off of
the creature now. A rise of mist comes off of the creatureís
angle just before the man hands and arms. The creature is
unable to move as much as it tries. You can see convulsions
starting to happen all around its body. It is unable to
complete its transformation until the man lets go. The swill
that the cabby had poured on himself previously was
protecting him and stopping the creatures transformation.
I say itís starting to smell back
there. Isn't it bad enough that I
have to drag you through the woods
to the dam? And you just had to
eat my cat as well didn't you?
The cabby lands a backward kick into the leg of the
creature. The creature makes no sound but the smell becomes
stronger and that mist coming off of the creature becomes
more visible. A few moments pass and the cabby is at the
edge of the river. He drops the creatureís legs and then
turns around to find the creature has transformed again.
Stage two! I can't believe that he
has gotton to stage two already.
The cabby in a state of fear walks backward and nearly falls
into the river. He recovers from almost falling in and then
comes to his senses and grabs his bat and charges at the
creature. He aims and strikes the mouth of the creature some
orange liquid comes out and a few teeth. The creatureís head
goes to the side after the blow. The cabby continues hitting
the creature making its head go from side to side. Now the
green ooze is coming out as well. From both sides of the
creatures mouth. The camera goes to the creatures feet and
there we see the feet form into padded rounded souls just
like the others. The creatures head goes straight center it
jumps up and pushes the man away. The cabby falls down. The
creature stands only six feet high the cabbyís height but it
is still very imposing. The look it gives along puts fear
into the cabby. The orange and green ooze goes back into the
mouth of the creature its teeth reform. It starts at the
cabby walking slowly. The cabby gets up and quickly and


walks backwards as the creature walks towards him arms to
its side. The cabby backs into a tree and is unable to go
any further. The creature see this opens its arms spreads
out its wings in a flash, jumps into the air one flap of the
wings and it lands right in front of the cabby staring him
down eye to eye only inches away from his face. The wing
flaps are pulled back in and the creature drives one clawed
hand into the tree above the cabbyís head. He takes a large
sniff to get the smell of the cabby then the creature backs
away. The cabby shows his relief and blows out a puff of air
from his now red cheeks.
Whatís wrong am I not tasty
enough? Do I smell bad? Hmm..?
Whatís the deal here?
                       OLD MAN
I'll tell you what the deal is.
The creature and the cabby turn to see the old man up in a
tree above them standing on a branch. He jumps down and
lands about ten feet away from the creature and the cabby.
The creature charges at the old man pushing him down and
pinning him to the ground with its front two legs. The
creature bents down and takes a sniff off the old man.
                       OLD MAN
Now you don't want to eat me, do
The creature acts surprised takes its legs off the old man,
picks him up to a standing position and then licks his face
and then embraces the old man.
                       OLD MAN
Careful now those spines are sharp
on your wings.
The creature lets go of the old man, turns and snarels at
the cabby.
Whatís going on here? Why didn't
he tear you up and eat you? Why
are you here you old coot? Better
yet how did you get here?
The old man starts pacing about a little he puts his arms
behind his back.
                       OLD MAN
Lets see here you sir have asked
me a few questions and I will be


                       OLD MAN (cont'd)
happy to answer those questions
but once I am done answering
yours. You will have to answer
mine and depending upon your
answer you will either be driving
away in your cab or taking a grand
tour into the wonder of a modern
dams electric turbines.
The creature gives another growl and the cabby jumps a
little bit.
                       OLD MAN
Yes? Yes what? Thats yes sir to
Yes sir!
                       OLD MAN
Thatís better. Now what you have
seen before you well know, it is
what happens to people when they
come to this mountain enter the
lodge and don't drink that foul
swill. This creature didn't eat me
because I am its friend.
                       OLD MAN
How can you be its friend. That
man that it came from has never
been on the mountain until this
The creature gives another growl and moves closer torwards
the cabby. The old man puts his arm on the creature and it
stops moving.
                       OLD MAN
Please do not interupt me my
friend doesn't like you as it is.
And why doesn't he like me?
                       OLD MAN
I'd hate you too if you beat me
with a baseball bat not once but
twice. Now I am here because I


                       OLD MAN (cont'd)
knew the couple would be killed
and brought here to be disposed
of. Unfortunately I was asleep and
failed to save the first of the
two. I of course have been here
waiting ever since I found out
that a couple didn't do the lodge
toast. O and one more thing please
refer to my friend by his proper
name, creature seems so insulting
and makes my friends seem so
primitive. He is properly called
Orcus? I've never heard that
before I have only been told that
this is stage 2 of the monster.
                       OLD MAN
Well then let the truth be told.
Standing before you was once a
man, then a bear, now you are in
the presence of Orcus the
punisher. It has been years since
the last time Orcus has been
awakened. Hmm... wait it seems to
be getting dark. Let us start a
fire and sit a bit while I tell
you the story behind Orcus. If you
sit and listen I will let you
live, and off course as will my
friend. But first Orcus if you
please clean him up he smells.
Orcus graps the cabby, brings him over to the rivers edge
and dunks him under the water again and again. The cabby is
choking on the water and spitting it out every time he comes
back up he is gasping for air. Then back into the water he
goes again.
                       OLD MAN
Alright that should be good, dry
him off and then bring him over
here to the fire.
Orcus picks up the cabby and puts him on the shore.
I'm alive I'm alive, he almost
killed me.


The cabby points torwards Orcus. Orcus spreads his wings and
gives some quick bursts of air onto the cabby. Then he takes
in a large breath of air and breaths on the cabby. A
yellowish mist comes out of Orcus's mouth.
                       OLD MAN
Good your all clean and dry come
over here and sit down now.
The cabby walks over to the fire that is starting and he
sits down on the ground. Orcus goes to the other side of the
fire and sits down next to the old man. Orcus's eyes flash
from the fire, his teeth shimmer as well, double rowed teeth
very imposing but even more so at night. Orcus reaches for a
log breaks it in half and places it onto the starting fire.
He then Spits out of his mouth a small yellow ball into his
hand. He drops it into the fire and the fire springs to
What was the purpose of his
breathing on me like that?
                       OLD MAN
O thats just so he knows not to
eat you.
O thats all.
The cabby knods his head rolls his eyes back and gives a
this is not happening to me look. He is sitting crossed
legged, He grabs his knees and starts to rock back and forth
a little bit. He starts to hum as well.
                       OLD MAN
Now if you please Orcus I need
some bit of your yellow and green
The old man holds out his hands and Orcus opens his mouth
and the green and yellow dust comes out in a small stream
like a trickle of water. It looks more like sand than it
does dust. The old man takes a pintch of it and throws it
onto the fire, the fire wraps around into a ball of flames
near the top edge of the flames. Another uprush of flames
now in a constant stream flow from the fire into the center
of the ball. The ball ofire goes to white and a image of the
mountain that they are on slowly appears. But there is
something different about it the mountain is a lot greener
then it is now and there are no buildings seemingly any
where. The image turns aroud the mountain and we now see one
large stone building with people all about it.


                       OLD MAN
Here we are. Now you shall see
what created my friend here.
The image in the fire becomes clearer and clearer then the
eyes of the two men and Orcus begin to glow. Their minds are
brought into the image of the past. They now see before the
building for what it is a great temple long into decay. The
temple is made of blocks of boulders that have been cut into
rectangular blocks, but the buildings foundation is and most
of the boulders that make it up are cracked, it seems as if
the creeping mold and the moss are holding it together. It
has three point towers. The center one is large wide and
imposing with statues of every animal in the forest on it.
Some are carved into the building most are set of the step
of it. Each steps leading up to the opening gate way. No
animal it left out. Even the worms and the beetles have
statutes not to size of course much larger. Near the top of
the gate way stands statues of humans one on each side of
the gateway. The other 2 tower are slimmer one has a
collection of crystals covering it. Many growing right out
of the tower some simply placed into the stonework. The
light going out of this towers shows a man made rainbow into
the air. The other tower to the left of the middle tower has
in it great pots simmering with all sorts of stews, soups, a
mishmash of food to be sure. Large fire pits with meat slow
roasting of spits will catch basins below them to catch the
drippings. Smoke houses pump out plumes of smoke filled with
the smell of jerky being made. It seems that there is some
grand celebration that is about to go on. There are people
all about clothed in deerskins. They keep close watch over
the food stirring the pots, taking up the meat dripping and
pouring them back onto the meat; some is also added to the
soups the rest is place into this large metal pot at the top
of the tower. Where it gives off a lot of white steam. There
is a women at the top of the tower near the pot she has
bowls of herbs, vegetables,


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From Rex Anderson Date 7/18/2010 ****
The idea to name the film "Horror" is an excellent idea. However, it seems to be quite the misnomer. If you do happen to try again, try a less serious tone to start it off and get serious at the "scary" parts. That's one way to build suspense.But I do encourage you to keep trying, no matter how bad it sucks, take it from me, there's always room for improvement.

From Adam North Date 10/28/2005 0 stars
Sten2, even if someone "tried," that doesn't mean they should get a good review. A horror story should at least give me a slight notion of horror (hence the name of the genre). Some people are telling you to try again, but please don't. Please.

From Cayleigh Date 3/11/2005 0 stars
Not even scary. Change the title, I mean 'Horror'? That's a genre, get a new plot and title and try again.

From sten2 Date 1/27/2005 ***1/2
I think that this would be a pretty 'scary' script, if you were a 3 month old infant with 5 bran cells (in other words S.M. McNair). But you tried and that's what counts!

From S.M. McNair Date 1/24/2005 0 stars
If it's a horror story, then I'm missing something. Horror scripts are supposed to scare people, or in my case, entertain people. A play that comes to mind that bends horror with drama is "Phantom of the Opera", the Andrew Lloyd Weber hit. Learn from that, as this script contains characters that are too cheesy, with dialogue that makes it seem like some BBC special. It's not top notch and needs some work. I'd be happy to realter my review if the following are meet: Add some suspense, fix the dialogue, and add some interesting characters.

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