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by Terry L. Perez (rudyp64@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ****
Women begin being identically murdered with no apparent connection. Detectives know they have a serial killer, but each case has different DNA and fingerprints. Focus narrows on a suspect, motive appears, but suspect is under surveillance when another murder is committed. A complicated and unbelievable scenario unfolds as the depths of depravity are uncovered. Do they have the right suspect?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Starts off with a unique musical score. A little jazzy but
slow and somewhat ominous to strike the mood that will
follow the rest of the film. Flowing piano chords and a slow
trumpet with a mix of old timey violin playing the ominous
notes. The music starts off strong, then blends in and
eventually fades out as closing in grid by grid to be
overheard by the city noises.
The city is brilliantly landscaped with lights from
extravagant buildings, cars, billboards and thousands of
tiny business that keep the city alive and unique.
Slowly focusing in grid by grid.
With lights of all colors illuminating stores and offices
and LOUD traffic bustling back and forth,
Slowly focusing in on two people walking up the street.
A well dressed young couple are walking up the street arm in
arm. They are laughing and kissing as they slowly walk up to
a door oblivious to the outside noises and well into each
other. The tall brown building seems to be like an apartment
but a business is on the first floor. It is flawlessly lit
with neon letters marked "Framers". The man pushes open the
door and allows her to walk in first, then follows.
As the couple enter the door closes behind them, replacing
the bright lights and loud sounds of the city with softer
mood lighting and GENTLY wafting classical music. There are
lots of people here for what is apparently an upscale art
show. People are smiling, drinking champagne, slowly
devouring expensive hor dourves that waiters and waitresses
are passing around. The art on the wall is a black and white
mix of painting and photos. A stark contrast to the color on
the gallery walls. Scanning the room slowly, focusing in on
two attractive women talking and looking at a painting as
their voices exclusively become more and more audible over
the music.


The first woman is a stunning brunette with short straight
hair and is perfectly manicured with long nails and a lofty
sexy voice. She is clearly upset and flailing her hands
                       WOMAN #1 IN GALLERY
      (Holding a glass
       of champagne and
       scowling her face)
I have been calling her all night.
I can't believe her! Where the
hell is she?
Woman two is very petite, blonde and more tonal than the
first. She is more placating and trying not to attract
attention from their guests.
                       WOMAN # 2 IN GALLERY
      (Gesturing her
       hand at othe
       woman and
       shrugging her
       shoulders as she
       looks around.)
Calm down, she'll be here. She
knows I'll kill her if she doesn't
Panning around to all the art and patrons, shots of fewer
and fewer people as the night winds down.
Several hours have gone by and the once music and laughter
filled rooms are now empty and quiet. Only the two women
remain going over paperwork from the night's event in the
darkened office.
                       WOMAN # 2 IN GALLERY
      (Looking worried)
I hope nothing's wrong it's not
like her. I'm stopping by her
place on my way home.
                       WOMAN # 2 IN GALLERY
      (Holding up a her
I have a key.
                       WOMAN #1 IN GALLERY
      (looking directly.)
Call me.


                       WOMAN # 2 IN GALLERY
      (Walking out)
First thing. The show was great
tonight, good job.
                       WOMAN #1 IN GALLERY
Woman #2 is driving while smoking a cigarette and listening
to the radio on her way to her friend's apartment. The New
York City streets are a lot quieter at four in the morning
than earlier but still busy with passing cars and taxis here
and there. She slows down and pulls in front of a
brownstone. She parks the car and turns off the engine.
She gets out of the car and stomps out her smoke on the
ground looking around continuously as she approaches the
door hurriedly, afraid of who may be lurking about. It is
dark except for the outside porch light and the apartment
seems to be unlit as if no one is home. She puts her key in
the lock, but finds it unlocked. She slowly pushes open the
door as she calls out.
                       WOMAN # 2 IN GALLERY
      (Loudly and
       quickly yells)
Carol, it's me.
Inside as she quietly shuts door.
                       WOMAN # 2 IN GALLERY
Carol are you here, you know I
hate the dark.
Shutting the door behind her, you can hear her fingernails
as she fumbles for the light. The apartment is dark and
quiet, not a sound except some traffic outside. She FLICKS
the light.
The living room is shown as she wanders further and further
in, turning on every light she can find. It is clear to her
that Carol is not home. She walks passed each well designed


and flawlessly clean room towards the bathroom. The
champagne has taken its toll.
As she flicks the light on, it is very bright and she is
taken aback a little after the dark of night and alcohol.
The light illuminates the impeccably marbled bathroom as she
walks to the sink. Everything is in its place, clean towels
hanging as if no one ever actually lived there at all. She
looks in the mirror to adjust her contacts as she sees
something red on the floor in the mirror behind her. She
slowly turns and cautiously walks towards what appears to be
red water. As she follows the short trail around the corner
towards the fluid... she grabs the wall and sinks down to
the floor as she lets out a blood curdling scream. It
becomes clear to her that Carol is home...
Scene immediately snaps to bathtub to show a dead female
body lying in the slightly overflowed tub. The water is a
ruby red. The woman's eyes are open and she has a very
frightened look on her face with her mouth agape.
Directly to the outside of the same apartment as the sun is
just coming up and the haze of morning is filling the air.
The sounds of passing cars, people talking and police radios
are mixed as if you almost cannot distinguish between them.
Police tape now covers the door where Carol Ferguson once
lived. It is now as busy as the gallery was the night before
only with police and forensics. Onlookers outside whispering
and staring with curiosity. A man walks past them and up to
the apartment door flashing his badge to police that stop
him as if he were unwelcome.

He is a rugged black man with brown hair and eyes, tall and
neatly, but not fashionably, dressed. Paul billings is 52
years old and has been a homicide detective for over 30
years and has all the wear and tear associated with that
job. He is hard to shock or surprise. There is a lot of
history with his personal life. He is very educated and
spends a lot of time alone, well versed and even tempered. A
single man with his only reason for getting up in the
morning being the job.

He spots another man inside whom he approaches.


Walking into the living room slowly as he looks around,
Billings approaches the man and it is clear he is his
      (Surprised in his
       sexy gruff voice)
What the hell are you doing here
before me partner?
Kevin Holliday is a white male in his late 20's. Blonde
hair, blue eyes but not overtly handsome, sort of quirky
looking but definitely cute. Single, he is a real ladies man
complete with the latest styled wardrobe he probably can't
afford. He is smart and pays attention to detail which makes
him good at his job. Holliday is very carefree with a great
sense of humor. He and Billings get along well and
compliment each other although Billings is clearly the one
in charge.
      (Jokingly with a
       wink as he looks
       up at Billings)
Didn't come from my house this
      (With a sarcastic
One day you're gonna get more than
you bargained for. What do we got
Female...Carol Ferguson, single ad
ex, 41, lives alone and really,
really dead.
Where's the body?
      (Nodding his head
       in the direction
       of the bathroom)
Let's go.
They both look around at the perfect home where once there
was life as they walk toward the bathroom, through the scene
dwellers and into the crime scene.


Snaps directly to the bathroom door.
The detectives enter the bathroom. As they look around they
see the trail of bloody water and follow it around the
corner and to the bathtub. The Medical Examiner is over the
Joseph Cody is the Medical Examiner supreme...something out
of CSI. He is older in his 50's and has seen it all. Cody
wears glasses unwillingly as it shows his age and is a
little pudgy around the middle. Sarcasm describes his every
word. He goes way back with Billings.
      (Seemingly calm to
       the M.E.)
Doc, tell me this is a suicide.
      (Looks up with a
Not unless she hid the murder
weapon afterwards. Puncture wound
back of the head. I'd say been
dead no more than 12 hours.
The detectives both look at each other quickly.
Shit. That's three Kev.
      (Angrily as he
       BANGS his hand
       against the wall.)
Who found the body?
Co-worker, she's in the bedroom.
She's pretty freaked out.
      (Looking at M.E.
       with sarcasm)


      (Turns to M.E.)
You know the drill on this one,
just like the others. Call us when
you've got more.
      (Still focused on
       the body)
Will do.
Billings pats Holliday on the back as they walk out of the
bathroom and into the bedroom.
We'll get him.
      (With concern)
We'll get him.
The victims bedroom is prestine. Elaborate French design and
nothing out of place.
The woman from the gallery who discovered her friend's body
is sitting on the four poster bed crying. She is clearly
      (Walking up to
Hello ma'am, Im detective Billings
and this is my partner detective
Holliday. We need to ask you a few
questions. I know this is a bad
time but the sooner the better if
we're going to find out what
happened ok.
                       WOMAN # 2 IN GALLERY
      (words interupted
       by crying)
I don't understand. Did she commit
suicide? Why would she do that?
We believe she was murdered here
last night. Can you tell us the
last time you saw or heard from


                       WOMAN # 2 IN GALLERY
      (Puzzled and
       looking up)
Murdered, oh my god. Why? Who
would....I saw her yesterday about
noon. We had lunch to go over the
art show we had last night at the
gallery. She was supposed to be
She stops and thinks for a few seconds
                       WOMAN # 2 IN GALLERY
That means we were at the gallery
while someone did this. We were
talking about how I would kill her
if she didn't show......
      (Places his hand
       on her shoulder
       gently as if he
       may get her
       number later.)
Ma'am, please don't do that, it
was not your fault.
Billings gestures to a uniformed officer.
      (To officer)
Get her home.
The officer escorts her out of the room.
      (With sarcasm to
Don't call her.
      (To Billings)
What? She is in serious need of
consoling my friend. That's all.
      (Half smiling and
Let's go.
Fades Out


The road seems endless as they search for where to begin in
their police standard four door dark blue chevy.
I gotta think this guy is one hell
of a game fan.
Everybody eventually strikes out.
Neither one saying another word, just the noise from the
other traffic can be heard. Scene fades out as car, seen
from behind, gets further away.
Scene fades to a medical business center. One long row of
clinics and labs. It is a very upscale neighborhood and the
landscaping is lush and green. The buildings are clean and
professional looking.
Focusing in on one office door as a woman opens the door and
walks in and up to the counter.
Only noises from the phone ringing and whispers of the
The waiting room of the office is bright and sterile
looking. From the front desk we see ladies in standard blue
clinic tops and pants. They are moving around slowly as the
scene moves from around the desk to the people waiting in
chairs. A few women only and reading magazines. One filing
her nails as focus moves in on her slowly.
She is startled and looks up as her name is called.
An older woman with glasses, the nurse appears very
professional and no sense of humor.
                       NURSE STEPHENS
      (Stands up from
       behind the
       counter and over
       to the door into
       the back rooms.)
Ms. Jones you're next please.


Woman gets up from her chair and walks toward the Nurse. She
is in her mid 20's with long black hair and green eyes. She
is a beautiful hispanic woman.
                       NURSE STEPHENS
      (Gesturing with
       hand to walk
       through the door)
This way please Ms. Jones
Following patient beside the desk and through the door down
a sterile hallway with minimal design. The Nurse stops and
opens a door as they both walk into a room.
                       NURSE STEPHENS
Put this on please. The Doctor
will be with you shortly. Just try
to relax please.
The nurse exits shutting the door behind her.
Patient stares around room as she is changing into gown
looking at all the Doctor's certificates on the wall and the
medical supplies on the countertops. Everything is so
sterile as she sits to wait.
A few moments go by and then a knock at the door.
The door opens slowly as the Doctor walks in and takes a
seat on a small round swivel chair.
Doctor Benjamin Fastow. A renound abortion doctor with one
of the most reputable clinics in town. He has been a Doctor
for over 30 years. Dr. Fastow is a black male in his early
50's with black hair and brown eyes. Ben is a widower and
never remarried. He is a very calm and mannered man with
seeming precision in all he does and every move he makes.
There seems to be something always lurking just beneath the
surface as if he is constantly thinking of something else as
well. He is well dressed always with neatly trimmed short
hair and freshly shaven.
      (Staring at chart)
Ms. Jones, how are we today?
                       MS. JONES
Fine, thank you
Fastow looks intently at her, then to her chart.


Well let's get you evaluated shall
Shot backs slowly out towards door.
The door closes slowly and shows the outside of door as you
hear it shut.
Shot moves back down hallway into lobby and out the front
door and fades out.
Pans to night and slowly moves in on a beautiful but modest
home. You can see the home is dimly lit and closes in on a
window and through to a room.
Once inside, straight to Fastow sitting in a dark brown
leather recliner in front of a fireplace in the living room.
He is drinking a scotch, his drink of choice exclusively.
The room is not well lit but for the fireplace and a small
lamp on a wood table next to the chair. It is a typical
Doctor's den area with lots of rugs and leather, dark wood
and degrees. There are lots of photos hung on the wall and
on the mantle of the fireplace. Focus on Fastow's face as he
seems to be quietly pondering....
Shot reveals he is having a flashback of a child running and
playing in his head. The child is a black perfectly healthy
child 4 or 5 years old and is smiling. Sounds of the child
laughing and playing in the background. Flashback fades out
slowly and back to Fastow.
Closing in on him as he lifts his glass for another drink, a
tear runs down his face. One can only imagine.
It is a beautiful and clear day. Narrowing in on a large
home and property, bright yellow crime scene tape now
partitions off what once was a serene looking property. Lots
of trees provide shade for this country home and its yard.
Closing in on a beautiful white wood country style home with
a wrap around porch to the open front door.
Sound grows louder and louder the closer in. All police,
cars, radios and talking. An all too familiar scene unfolds
yet again.


Following to the front door, through the police and crime
scene detectives. The living room is very large and like the
others, empty of the life it once held close. Following the
path of police through a few more rooms and finally to a
Billings and Holliday are already inside the bathroom
looking around. The womans dead body lie in a tub like the
others in a pool of darkened bloodied water. The tub is a
four clawed old fashioned one in the center of the room. The
room is very neat and white with the exception of a pool of
bloodied water on the floor around the tub.

The detectives begin speaking to each other.
      (Knealing over the
M.E. here yet?
      (Looking up at
Not yet but it's pretty
clear...looks like we've got vic
      (Gesturing in a
       circular motion
       with hand.)
They seem to have it all until we
show up.
Yeah, makes ya think about who
YOUR enemies are.
I don't have to worry, all mine
are female.
Oh yeah, women aren't dangerous at


      (Pausing then
I don't get it, we know we have a
serial but each scenes prints and
DNA are all different. What the
hell are we missing?
He doesn't bother hiding them
cause he knows we cant trace them.
Think we got more than one working
Well, there have been serial
killers in pairs before, but I've
never seen a group like this.
Besides, the odds that none of
them would have priors for
anything is remote. No something
else is going on here, I can feel
Like what?
Don't know just yet, but it'll
come to me. I just hope its soon.
Me too.
They walk out of the bathroom and through the other rooms
passing the M.E. and towards the front door.
      (Gesturing to M.E.)
She's all yours Doc.
M.E. nods and continues walking.
Billings and Holliday walk out the front door and get into
their vehicle. Fades to next scene.


The room is small and dank. A old smoke covered window lets
in just enough light to see ok. It smells of cigarettes and
stale coffee. There is one table with four chairs in the
center of the room, an old wooden one.
Slowly shows pictures of three victims and crime scenes on
one wall. Each woman in a tub. In the background you hear
the two detectives begin talking. Slowly moving from picture
to picture.
      (Gesturing around
       with his hand.)
Ok, what do we got?
      (Pointing at the
       photos on the
Assuming this last one fits too we
got four dead vics, four sets of
prints, four DNA profiles and no
connection other than all the vics
are black. That's what we got.
In other words, everything.....
yet nothing.
Shifts to table topped with more pix and folders. Gruesome
and detailed the sound of a picture being taken with each
shot shown. Both detectives standing but leaning on table.
      (Looks from table
       to partner.)
How the hell is he getting prints
and DNA to the scene? Do you know
how long it would take to do that
and not make it look planted?
      (Looking back at
Are we wrong on this one? Tell me
it's not different guys with the
same M.O.
No, it's him alright...


Holliday looks at partner slowly as if he doesn't want to
say it..
      (With hesitance.)
Maybe a cop?
      (Snaps head
       towards Holliday)
You better not say that too loud
if you wanna career around here.
Come on, tell me you haven't
thought about it. Makes sense with
the evidence.
Yeah, I thought about it. It'll be
hard catchin this one if it is.
They look at each other as if they are about to embark on
something sinister. Camera shows photos on wall as they
continue talking.
What connects these women?
They all pissed someone off real
Let's go see the Doc.
The morgue is cold and sterile looking as always. Silver
slabs and not too brightly lit, there are a few bodies on
top of tables. The M.E. and the detectives are standing
beside vic #4.
The M.E. is holding her head up and turns it to one side to
show the detectives the wound. You can tell she used to
attractive, but not any more.
      (Pointing to
       opening in head.)
Here we have a punture wound. One


                       M.E. (cont'd)
clean shot with a long sharp
object straight through the back
of the head. I can't identify the
object yet, it's like nothing I've
seen before.
What do you mean like nothing
you've seen before?
Well, it could be a spike of some
sort or a maybe a...... ya know I
just can't say. I can't find any
traces of it in the wound tract
which tells me it's probably a
high polished very hard metal. It
tapers to a point at the end or
beginning whichever was used.
Same as the others?
You got it. We're in deep here
fellas. This one means business.
The vics were all alive when he
did this.
Other than that, not a scratch on
They all look at each other. No one says a word.
Fades out black with sounds starting in background. Water
running, kids playing...
Fades onto Fastow's front pretty green yard, water getting
louder, shows two young boys running around in the yard
playing with each other. Dr. Fastow is standing with garden
hose watering plants in a small garden on one side of the
yard. He is wearing a pair of nice blue shorts and a
collared pullover white shirt.


I'm going inside for a minute,
stay out of the street. You hear
The boys are yelling and running but acknowledge.
Fastow goes into fridge and pulls out some lemonade in a
round pitcher. He gets a glass from the cabinet and pours
lemonade and begins to drink. He is standing at the sink
looking out the window into the backyard as he drifts off
into another flashback...
Flashback to same child as before only older by a few years.
Fastow is in this one this time. The child is smiling at him
as Fastow swings him around in a circle in a beautiful park.
They are both laughing and seem to have a very close bond.
Fades back to Fastow again as he just stares emotionless.
Fades out
Both detectives are at their desks next to each other going
over files and folders. There is noise from the phones and
other cops and people being interviewed. The police precinct
is large and busy.
Panning in on Billings as he is on the phone.
      (On the phone.)
Ok, thanks.
Billings hangs up phone.
      (Looks over at
What the Doc say?
Said he ran cross check on DNA and
killers not related. There's no ID
on the murder weapon yet. I can't
get a grip on this one Kev it's


                       BILLINGS (cont'd)
eating me up. There is something I
am missing.
Anything else?
      (Looks up at
Yeah, all the vics had at least
one pregnancy.
What? I thought none of the vic's
had kids.
      (Looking ominous
       and confused.)
They don't.
What do ya mean they don't? Are
they dead?
I mean there is no birth
certificate for any child
belonging to any of our vics.
Then what the hell happened to the
Well my friend, I believe that may
be the key to our case. Let's find
out shall we.
Let's check out #4. Says she has a
mother outside of town.
They stand up and walk through the station.....fades out
into next scene.
It opens up with in a small room. It is bright and sterile
like all Doctor's offices. There are three people. The same


older nurse, one patient, Ms. Jones from before (laying on a
table on her back with her legs in stirrups) and Dr. Fastow.
      (Sitting in front
       of woman's open
       legs. He is
       wearing gloves.)
Suction tube.
In background you can hear faint crying from patient along
with sounds from the suction tube.
                       NURSE STEPHENS
      (To patient.)
He's almost done dear.
Sounds of the suction tube.
      (To patient.)
Almost finished, relax please.
Shows side shot of Fastow and patient. Fastow wheeling back
on chair.
      (Snapping off
We move down the hall slowly back out to the waiting area
and shows all patients waiting.
Fades out to black.
Billings and Holliday are walking up to a beautiful brick
home and ringing the doorbell. They wait for a few moments
before it opens.
      (Fiddling with his
How's my hair?
I don't like blondes.
A woman opens the door.


She is older but very refined. A distinguished looking black
woman with brown hair pulled back in a bun. She is wearing
very little makeup and elegant but simple jewelry. You can
tell she was once very beautiful.
                       MRS. CAULDER
May I help you?
Yes Ma'am. My name is Detective
Billings and this is my partner
Detective Holliday. We are here
about your daughter's death. We
have a few questions please.
Woman steps back and gestures with hand for detectives to
                       MRS. CAULDER
Please, won't you come in.
      (As he walks
       through doorway
       and into living
Thank you.
Detectives are seated across from woman. Her home is elegant
to say the least. Well decorated and looks as if no one
lives in it. It is filled with antiques and there is no dust
in sight.
A woman approaches from the back. She is the family
                       MRS. CAULDER
May I offer you gentlemen some
Oh no Ma'am thank you. We need to
go over some information about
your daughter's background. We are
very sorry to have to be here
under these circumstances but we
hope you understand.


                       MRS. CAULDER
      (Talking to
Thank you Doris, but we won't be
requiring anything.
Doris politely nods as she turns and walks away.
Mrs. Caulder turns back to Billings.
                       MRS. CAULDER
Yes of course
Detective.....Billings was it?
Yes Ma'am. Did your daughter have
any children?
                       MRS. CAULDER
No, I already told that to the
Is it possible ma'am that she may
have given a child up for adoption
and you not know about it?
                       MRS. CAULDER
Absolutely not. We shared
everything with each other. She
was pregnant once but had an
abortion when she was very young.
It was the right thing to do at
the time.
The detectives look at each other then back at her.
We're not here to judge her,
ma'am. We're here to find her
killer. This information helps us
do that. How long ago did this
                       MRS. CAULDER
About 20 years ago. She was dating
this man and he was very cruel to
her. I begged her to leave him.
She finally listened, but she was
already pregnant. He never knew
about the baby. It was best.


Mrs. Caulder, do you know where
she had the abortion?
                       MRS. CAULDER
Yes, of course. The Fastow clinic.
I went with her. I'll never forget
it. He is quite prominent in the
community. His clinic is still
open downtown.
Thank you ma'am. I know this is
difficult. We are doing all we
can. We will keep you abreast of
any changes.
Mrs. Caulder grabs Billings hand.
                       MRS. CAULDER
      (Beggin on the
       verge of tears.)
Please do, she was all I had.
You can count on it Ma'am. Thank
you for your time.
She sees them to the door and says goodbye.
Standing by the car, the detectives stop before they get in
and talk across the hood.
What are the odds the other vics
had abortions too. We may have our
first break Paul.
The Fastow Clinic. Well let's see
if our other vic's may have gone
there if they did.
Billings is driving and talking to Holliday.


      (Reading a folder.)
So this Fastow, ya think he could
be the same Doc for all four?
Billings is smoking with window rolled down. Sounds of the
street permeate the car.
      (Taking drag of
We'll soon find out.
Billings and Holliday are tired from minimal sleep. This
case is taking its toll on them. It's taking a toll on the
whole city.
They arrive at the clinic and get out of the car and move
toward the door. Opening it and holding it for a woman
before walking in themselves.
They look around as they walk in and to the front desk. All
of the women are staring up at them as if they don't belong.
They don't. Holliday looks back at them and waves anyway
with a polite smile thinking he is cute.
Billings grabs Holliday's collar and gently directs him
forward to pay attention.
      (To woman behind
We are here to see Dr. Fastow
                       NURSE STEPHENS
      (Looking up at
I'm sorry, you'll have to set an
      (Reaches in and
       pulls out badge
       and shows it to
       the nurse.)
How's now?


The nurse looks flustered as she looks around at the
patients in the chairs. She knows they do not need
publicity...it's bad for business. She quietly motions them
through the door next to the counter and into the hallway.
                       NURSE STEPHENS
      (Waving to them.)
Come with me please.
She walks them down the hall into an office. She motions for
them to sit.
                       NURSE STEPHENS
The Doctor will be with you as
soon as he can.
She shuts the door as she disappears.
Jesus, it's like a morgue in here
its so quiet.
The room spans from the detectives viewpoint to all the
walls and cabinets. There are many photos of children,
diplomas and various other personal items. Everything is in
its proper place and clean.
Man, this guy would just love my
Pigs love your apartment.
I always wonder if these Docs feel
safe coming to work everyday with
all the fringe out there. Never
knowing when ya might take one to
the head.
There's a fringe for everyone,
even us....
Billings is cut off as the door opens slowly and Fastow
walks in.


Fastow is wearing a white Doctor's coat and black slacks. he
is wearing a tie as always.
      (Shaking both
       their hands.)
Please don't get up. I only have a
few moments. I have patients
waiting. How may I help you
Fastow sits down at his desk. He places his hands properly
in front of him on the desk as if with forethought.
      (Without wasting
We have been investigating a rash
of homicides in the city and we
believe they may have been
patients of yours.
Are you certain?
No, that's why we are here. They
were all as far back as 20 years
and we are hoping you still have
records so we can check.
      (Looking directly
       at Billings)
20 years...is this a joke? You
gentlemen think someone is killing
these women because they had
abortions 20 years ago?
      (As he tosses a
       folder onto his
       desk with
       pictures of the
       victims. (alive))
Yes, it's possible. That's why
we're here Dr. Have you seen any
of these women lately?
Fastow reaches for folder and opens to look. He gazes at
them as if he had remembered each one.


      (Looking up as he
I wouldn't recognize these women
after 20 years. If you will give
the names of these women to my
nurse, she will tell you if they
were patients. I have all records
since my clinic opened. I'm sorry
gentlemen but if there is nothing
else I really must get back to
Extending to shake their hands again.
      (Looking at
Not at the moment. We'll be in
touch if we need anything further.
Thank You.
Looking at Fastow's face for a second then Fastow walks out
of the room.
The nurse walks in as the Doctor walks out partially enters.
Fastow speaks to the nurse.
Please escort these detectives to
the file room. They need to know
if the women on their list were
patients here please. They have
our full cooperation.
                       NURSE STEPHENS
Certainly Doctor.
The nurse changing focus from Fastow to Billings and
                       NURSE STEPHENS
Please come with me detectives.
Billings and Holliday arise from their chairs and head
towards the nurse
Yes Ma'am.
They are all walking back down the hallway.


      (To nurse as they
       are walking.)
We need to know if any of these
women were patients.
                       NURSE STEPHENS
      (She turns around
       and takes the
       list from
Of course.
They come to a door which the nurse opens and they all walk
in. It is a large office that seems to be mostly used for
paperwork and storage. There are many file cabinets neatly
arranged as well as everything else.
                       NURSE STEPHENS
I swear you detectives are wasting
your time and ours..there is
nothing going on with our
      (Looking at
       holliday with a
       small smile.)
Yes Ma'am. None the less we
appreciate your help.
The nurse starts fumbling through the files as if she is
certain she will find nothing. She stops as if taken aback.
                       NURSE STEPHENS
      (With surprise.)
Here's one.
Thumbing through a few more files, she stops again.
                       NURSE STEPHENS
      (Surprisingly and
       slightly more
       humbled than
Yes this one as well.
Holliday is watching her thumb through and notices her
pulling up Caulder's (vic #4) file. He is looking at all the
names and sees a a few inches in front the name Billings.
Sarah Billings. He says nothing. He looks over at his
partner and notices that Billings does not see the name.


                       NURSE STEPHENS
      (Looking at
Yes, all of these women were
patients here.
The detectives look at each other.
                       NURSE STEPHENS
My goodness, what does this mean?
I have to notify the Doctor right
Yes Ma'am, we will be speaking to
him again as well.
      (To Nurse)
We need to have copies of those
files please? All of the
information sheets.
                       NURSE STEPHENS
Well, yes of course, Dr. Fastow
said to give you what you needed.
It'll take about 10 minutes or so.
I'll wait for them here please.
I need a smoke. I'll wait for you
Billings leaves the room and Holliday makes a directive to
the nurse.
I need a copy of the Sarah
Billings file too.
The Nurse takes the file and leaves the room.
Pans to front door of clinic.


Holliday walks outside to Billings. Billings stomps out his
cigarette and they both start walking towards the car.
Got everything?
Man, that nurse is a real piece of
work. Finally a woman you didn't
hit on.
Holliday smiles at Billings as they walk towards the car.
They both get into the car and it shows it driving away from
behind and fades out.
Straight into Fastow's den.
Fastow again seated in his recliner by the same fireplace
having a drink. He is looking towards the fireplace mantle
at photos of children. Spans back and forth to show all
photos. He slips into another flashback.
Flashback to the same boy only older this time. Fastow is at
the young man's graduation. Fastow is taking a picture of
the young man with some of his friends. The young man is
smiling as he walks towards Fastow opening up his arms as if
he will hug him. Fades out before hug.
Camera shows Fastow is crying as he stands up and becomes
angry. He THROWS his glass into the fireplace and YELLS out
with anger. He is a truly broken man with a secret.
Detectives both seated at their desks going through files.
      (Flipping to a
Ok, let's see what kind of guy the
Doc is shall we?


      (Looking over at
You think it's him?
Maybe, but it's hard to think he
would be against abortion and
perform them. It doesn't add up.
Ok, Married once, wife deceased
ruled accidental, no criminal
record, perfect credit..yada,
yada, yada....DAMMIT!
Billings looks puzzled as he fumbles through more papers.
Hold on here...ya think it's a
coincidence his wife died 20 years
      (Snapping his head
       towards partner
       knowing Billings
       wife also died
       about 20 years
No. How did it happen?
Says here she drove off an
embankment, car caught fire and
that was that.
We need to get a look at that
We don't have enough for a warrant
for exhumation.
Well then now what?
We do have enough to get a tail on


Sounds good. You mind doing that,
I've got something to check out
Anything I can help ya with?
Nah, it's personal, no big deal.
Yeah ok,be back in a couple of
hours then..
Billings stands and walks out of the precinct.
Panning back to Holliday.
Holliday begins typing on his computer, the screen shows him
looking up his partner's information. The standard stuff,
school, his first precinct and awards he has been issued. He
gets further into files about his past. Holliday knows
Billings wife died 20 years ago. A fact he didn't like
hearing then, but certainly doesn't like being reminded of
now. Information shows his wife died in an car crash ruled
accidental death. The same as Fastows.
Holliday sits back in his chair thinking about the obvious
and realizes he has to check it out but does not want to,
after all it is his partner. They did think the killer may
be a cop...
It's a rainy day, darker than most, perhaps symbolizing the
mood of the detectives as they desperately try to unravel
the mystery before them.

Billings and Holliday are in their car pulled up next to
another with two other detectives. Billings and the driver
of the other car roll down their windows and begin talking.
Appreciate this guys. Need a tight
leash on this one, do not let him
out of your site. I want pix of
everywhere he goes, everything he
does and everyone he talks to. Got


                       TAIL DETECTIVE
You got it chief.
They wave bye and roll up their windows as Billings and
Holliday drive off in the haze of the day.
Fades out to next scene.
A local diner where Billings and Holliday often eat or have
coffee. It is small and everyone knows each other.
Billings and Holliday are seated in a booth. It is still
gloomy outside as they just sit and wait for something to
give in the case. You can tell they are exhausted and
getting punchy.
A young attractive waitress approaches the table.
      (Looking at
       Holliday with a
       shy flirtatious
Hey guys, what can I get for ya?
Hey there. Guess we'll just take a
couple of cups of coffee.
Two coffees coming right up
As the waitress walks away, Holliday is leaning out a bit
from the booth watching her walk away.
      (Looking confused
       at Billings)
      (Smugly but with
I figured you were wondering what
kind of pie she has today. Apple


Ha Ha, so I think she's
You think everyone's attractive.
Don't come crying to me when it
falls off.
Hey, hey, hey don't say stuff like
that. I always use protection ok.
Well thank god for small miracles.
The waitress approaches the table with the coffees. She sets
them down .
      (Looking at
Anything else?
Yeah, what kind of pie you got
Billings spits out a small amount of coffee is has just
sipped with a short snort of laughter.
We have Apple today, would you
like a slice?
Maybe later, thanks.
Ok, we need to get Fastow's wife's
body exhumed.
      (Adding cream and
       sugar to his
How do we do that with no evidence
tying him to these murders?
We don't. Not on these murders
anyway. I think we can get one on
the possible murder of his wife.


                       BILLINGS (cont'd)
It's more than a coincidence she
starts the timeline.
Ok, well let's talk to the
original investigators in her
death and see what we can get.
Maybe he was a suspect back then
and they just couldn't prove it.
I'll get the original files and
see what we can dig up.
I been thinking about what you
said earlier about something not
being right. It would seem odd
that he is an abortion Doctor that
doesn't believe in abortions.
      (Taking a sip of
       coffee then
You thinking maybe it's someone
I think at this point it's
possible, I mean it's not unusual
for a killer to hunt from the same
ground. What do you think?
I think it all depends on how his
wife died. You ready?
The detectives stand as Billings puts a few dollars on the
table. They start to walk out as they wave to the waitress
and exit the Diner.
Billings and Holliday are again at their desks. They have a
few files they are going through as they begin talking.


Ok, files indicate Fastow was not
a suspect at all. Death was ruled
accidental....wait a minute!
Whats wrong?
There was no autopsy. Says here no
cause for suspicion, woman veered
off road and off an embankment.
They drew blood and found no drugs
or alcohol. Case closed. Hot Damn!
Looks like we got our warrant.
You bet your ass we do.
The detectives are smiling as if they may have just broken
the case. Finally a moment of relief to celebrate.

This could be our first real break
It's him, Kev, I can feel
it...it's him.
      (Wanting it to be
Well it sure looks like it may be.
Billings and Holliday look at each other with satisfaction.
Let's go get us a warrant partner!
From the viewpoint of the inside of a car you can see photo
separated shots of Fastow walking from his car to inside the
clinic. You can hear backgound noise of photos being taken.
It does not show the car or the detectives asigned to tail.

There is no talking either, just snapshots.


Fades out.
Panning from afar zooming in on the beauty of the lush green
grass perfectly maintained. You can see many tombstones of
the once living. Closing in on a sound of a large motor and
focusing in on a bulldozer. The two detectives are standing
close by talking.
I hope this was a homicide or we
are back to square one.
Too much of a coincidence. No,
this woman was murdered I can feel
I can't even begin to think these
women may be killed for having an
abortion. Doesn't make sense that
our perp may have known them all
personally, he would have popped
up by now.
Yeah, and the right to lifers
usually go after the clinics or
Dr.s. This isn't about that. This
is personal.
Personal? Even if he killed his
wife, why the others?
      (As if he can see
       inside the
       killers mind.)
Maybe one just didn't satisfy him.
Fades out
The detectives are standing next to medical examiner and a


      (To M.E.)
We're looking for anything that
indicates she was murdered but
particularly maybe a punture wound
to the back of the head Doc.
You think this may be related to
our guy?
That's what you're gonna tell us
      (Opening the
       coffin lid.)
I'll check. Can't promise you
anything, looks like it was a
pretty bad burn. Bones cracked,
pretty nasty. I'll let ya know.
You do that Doc, number one
priority on this one please.
You got it. I'll call as soon as I
find anything.
      (To M.E.)
Thanks Doc.
Billings and Holliday walk out.
Fades out
Same viewpoint from undercover car looking at Fastow's home
watching him go from room to room. The same snapshot
viewpoints. There are a couple of children playing through
the house. It is dark and only the lights from the home are

The camera continues to snap.



Fades out.
Shows detectives sitting at desks thumbing through
paperwork. Billings phone rings.
      (Picking up phone)
      (Talking on phone)
Yeah Doc what ya got?
You sure, same as the others.
Goddamn! I owe ya Doc.
Holliday intensly looking at Billings.
      (Looking at
Looks like the Doc's wife stabbed
herself in the back of the head
before she drove off that
Wanna pull him in on his wife?
No, not yet I don't wanna tip him
off. Besides he's not going
anywhere. Lets just pay him a
follow up visit.
Billings and Holliday at front door ring the bell
Door opens, it is a young man.
      (Asking young man
       as he holds out
       his badge)
Hello, we would like to speak to
Dr. Fastow, is he in?


Young man remains silent as he opens the door to reveal Dr.
Fastow seated in the living room.
Billings and Holliday enter front door and proceed towards
Dr. Fastow.
      (Remains seated)
Please come in Gentlemen.
      (Gesturing with
Please be seated. How may I help
      (Taking seat on
I'm sure you know what we are here
Pan quickly to Fastow
My dead patients.
Holliday shoots a glance at Billings
      (To Fastow)
Doesn't that bother you Doc?
      (Takes a sip from
       his drink and
       looks back up at
I cannot control fate Mr.
Fate? Are you saying these women
were destined to be murdered?
I am stating that we reap what we
sow. Fate is a funny thing, it has
a way of reconciling that which
needs to be reconciled does it


                       FASTOW (cont'd)
Reconcilliation or retribution?
Your wife Dr. Fastow, what was her
      (Stands abruptly)
I think it is time you gentlemen
left. I am afraid I can be of no
further assistance.
Inside detective's car. Billings and Holliday begin
What the hell was that about his
wife? I thought we weren't gonna
mention her yet.
      (Turning slowly to
       face Billings)
I think he killed her. I think he
killed her for aborting his child
and I think he is killing the
others for aborting theirs as some
kind of revenge. I don't know how
he is doing it, but let's get a
warrant to search his house.
You're not getting a warrant, he
has an alibi for the last
Well we can get one for his wife's
Billings looks at Holliday as if he has been punched in the


Billings and Holliday both silent looking around at photos,
slowly moving towards table.
Holliday sits down at table, looking up at Billings
What are we missing? What the hell
are we missing? The Doc fits here
somehow, but no evidence.
Billings looking at surveillance photos
Billings takes seat
I thought Fastow didn't have any
He doesn't.
      (Pointing to young
       people in photos)
Then who are these kids?
      (Fumbling through
You remember all those pix of kids
at his office? They were all the
same kids at different ages. Maybe
      (Throwing photos
       down on table)
File shows no siblings so let's
sure the hell find out who they
An officer walks into the office to let them know they have
a call on line two.


      (picks up phone)
What! I thought we had him under
surveillance. OK
Who the hell was that?
We got another vic.
How the hell did that happen.
Don't tell me this isn't our guy.
This is the last one Kev, the last
one dammit.
Holliday at his desk again looking through paperwork and his
computer. He sees Billings wife got an abortion only months
after Fastow's wife died. He knows the Doc has an alibi for
the last murder and is wondering if his partner does. This
would be the perfect setup. The Doc is a perfect patsy if
Billings is involved. It has been well planned out and
executed. He hopes he is wrong but knows he has to pursue
the possibility that Billings may be involved.
Holliday picks up the phone and dials a number.
      (To M.E.)
Hey Doc, what's it take to get
another body exhumed?
Focusing on front of home as a car pulls up. A young man
exits vehicle and enters home as Fastow has door open to
greet him with affection.
Fades out
Holliday and the M.E. are at Dr. Fastows wifes body.


Same as the others Kevin.
Yeah, I figured.
What's bothering you. What's this
about another body being dug up?
I have another possible suspect
that needs checking out. I really
can't say now but I'll be in
      (Approaching his
Hey Kev, sorry bout that, had some
business to take care of. What do
we have?
Docs wife same as the others.
Listen Paul, I gotta ask you a few
questions ok?
It's about your wife.
      (Snaps his head
       towards Holliday)
What about my wife partner?
      (Throwing a file
       on Billings desk.)
Tell me you didn't know.
      (As he looks
       through file)
Know what?


That she was the Docs patient 20
years ago just before she died.
Son, you better watch what you say
That's why I am coming to you.
Answer me please. Did you know?
      (Almost broken
This is not a coincidence Paul.
What's going on?
I don't know Kev. I swear to you I
don't know.
Can you see my problem here
partner? We talked about it being
a cop and now your wife turns up
in our Docs office. Talk to me.
You've gotta believe me Kev, I
didn't know.
Well then there is a strong
possibility your wife was one of
his first vics along with his
wife. You willing to go with me on
You bet your ass I am.
Paul, we have to exhume her body
to know for sure. Can you handle
Yes. Let's do it.


Familiar scene only this time it is very personal. Billings
and Holliday are again watching a body being dug up.
Billings standing on the verge of tears remembering in a
flashback. The day of his wifes funeral, a day he will never
forget and with no children to remember her by...alone and
now the revelation she had aborted his child....it is too
much. Billings covers his face and walks away.
Holliday lets him go and remains for the exhumation.
Sarah Billings lie on a cold table awaiting her turn.
Billings is not there, only Holliday and the M.E.
The body looks pretty good.
Yeah. It's held up well. I can
give you a cursory eval but to be
sure I'll need some time.
The M.E. turns her head and looks for a wound like the
others. He is not disappointed.
Looks like we may have another. I
can't tell for sure but the wound
looks the same, it was definitely
not caused by a car crash. How's
Billings holding up?
Taking it pretty hard. Thanks Doc.
Holliday walking up to his desk. Billings is silent and
dazed alreay seated at his desk.
I'm sorry Paul. M.E. says it looks
the same.


      (Banging his hand
       on his desk)
God Dammit Kev. He killed my
wife...he killed my Sarah.
Now we can get that search
Now we can nail his ass.
I'm sorry about Sarah, Paul. I
know this is rough. We all have
things to hide. All of us.
I never wanted kids, had a tough
enough time with a wife with this
job. I don't know why she didn't
tell me.
Cause you didn't want kids, that's
why and apparently neither did
she. What would you have done if
she had told you anyway? For what
it's worth, I think she did the
right thing for both of you.
And it got her killed.
Panning around home in different areas, detectives going
through paperwork and drawers. They seize photos and boxes
full of various items.
      (Taking photos)
We need to know who these kids
How the hell are we supposed to do
that when there is no record of
him having any kids or family?


Well they didn't just pop out of
thin air, they come from
We can start with the ones that
live with him and go from there.
Billings and Holliday sitting at their desks going over
paperwork when phone rings.
      (Answering phone)
What? Are you sure? Let me get
back to ya.
      (Looking over at
You'll never guess who that was.
The M.E.
They did DNA matches on all the
evidence found.
Yeah, I know, we got the results
back already. No matches to
Right, not to Fastow. But matches
for sure.
Matches to who goddammit?


Each killer was related to their
What? What do you mean related?
how can that be. How close a
relative? Did he say?
Preliminary DNA only, he's running
full tests a.s.a.p.
So let me get this straight, each
vic was killed by a family member.
What the hell is going on here?
I don't know, but this doesn't
look like anything we have ever
seen before or will ever see
M.E., Billings and Holliday standing in front of various
scientific materials on a metal countertop.
The four new vics share 50% DNA
with their killer gentlemen.
So....a kid right?
Definitely a son. I thought you
said these vics had no kids.
      (looking at
They don't.
Back in the same room with photos and files, the two
detectives are staring at the wall of photos.


What are we missing chief?
It's not what we are missing. It's
what the Doc is missing. A son.
If he is stealing babies we would
have missing persons reports, we
have nothing for infants unsolved
in this area.
      (Putting his hand
       under his chin.)
Yeah I know. He got them from
somewhere. If it was private
adoption though he would have
birth certificates. There is
nothing illegal with that. But he
has no record of any child
belonging to him.
Maybe he went out of town and
thats why we have nothing here.
There is no indication that these
women had any children, there
would be a birth certificate. I
can't see these women not filing a
report if he talked them out of
abortions and waited for them to
give birth and took the child. It
just didn't happen.
Well the files all indicate that
an abortion was performed. Do you
think he lied on the paperwork
      (Pointing to a
       couple of files.)
Let me see those.
Billings glances closer at Fastow's patient files and
notices something.


Tell me this isn't what I think it
These women didn't just have
regular abortions at all. Holy
Shit partner. We need to bring
Fastow in and now.
Billings and Holliday staring through the glass at Fastow
seated at a table.
Both of us or just one?
What the hell ...double or nothin.
Billings and Holliday walk out of room and into room with
They both take seats across from Fastow and remain silent
for a few seconds. Fastow breaks silence.
      (Looking up at
Well gentlemen, it seems you have
succeeded in your task. I must say
I have no regret.
      (To Fastow)
Wanna lay it out for us Doc, cause
I gotta tell ya, I'm real unsure
about this one.
I knew it would come to an end
eventually. I only have so many
lives to justify. I had to stop in
my selections as I grew older.


Yes. The invisible. The ones know
one would ever know about, the
ones those women wanted to forget.
So close to term,
viable...children. My children.
Billings and Holliday look at each other stunned at what
they are hearing.
      (To Fastow)
You're talking about late term
abortions? Your wife have one Doc,
is that it?
My wife. She took away the only
thing that ever mattered to me, my
son. She murdered him and I could
not allow that to go unpunished.
The others were all the same. They
didn't care about them only I did.
I took them and raised them as if
they were my own.
Panning to a young person in each of the 4 other rooms as
Fastow is speaking. Then back to Fastow.
They knew what they had to do. I
waited for the right moment, for
them to be old enough and let
their mother see what she had
thrown away. To know the very
death she had intended.
I killed the first two but I knew
I couldn't keep that up. So I
waited. I took the boys from their
mother's bodies and raised them as
if they were my own, hell they are
mine. I had fake birth
certificates so no one would
question them through school until
they were ready.


Your second victim was Sarah
Ah yes, Sarah. She was a
particular pleasure. She simply
didn't want children. Just wanted
it to go away. Well it did, didn't
it and so did she.
The women...punctured through the
head, that's the procedure used
for late terms.
Quite fitting don't you think?
Billings and Holliday leave room and back to looking at
Fastow through glass.
That is one sick bastard. Why
didn't you tell him that Sarah was
your wife?
I didn't want to give him the
satisfaction. That's not what
bothers me though.
What bothers you?
There have been five murders.
So, there were at least 10
different children in the


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From Alcera Gomez Date 11/22/2013 ****
I read this script and fell in love with it! Super scary the hairs on the back of my neck are still standing up :) I am a HUGE crime buff and really think this one is a keeper. You write very well but it seems like you get a little lost. Please finish it soon. I can't wait.

From Derrick H. Mohre Date 6/13/2010 ****
Dialogue is a bit strange. The plot is solid. Character development is evident. Overall, big screen worthy. Nice job.

From David Brown Date 4/3/2005 ****
This is one of the best scripts I have read in a long time. Granted, it needs a lot of character development, but WOW. I don't think there has ever been a movie with this plot or ending in history. I wish I thought of it. I hope you get recognized with this one.. But...shape it up, you really need a lot of work.

From Cayleigh Date 3/11/2005 ****
Four stars, two thumbs up. Some weird things going on with the dialogue, other than that, encore!

From Sonia Doogle Date 2/22/2005 ****
OK, I have never heard of such a storyline. It is very original and freaky scary. I see it says WIP..I think it needs a lot of shaping up but it looks like from the first parts they are working their way down and are well on their way. I would LOVE to see this movie. The ending is very good. Good luck

From Robert Hyland Date 1/25/2005 **1/2
I thought it was generally good, but to start with I was a little confused - maybe it'll be clearer on screen for the audience, maybe I'm just a little stupid, lol. OK, maybe padding out a bit. You've got a good plot there, and the two detective go well together - just needs a bit more, perhaps introduce another suspect. I dunno, no doubt you've got plenty of ideas. Nice note to end the script, leaving it open ended. Nice one.

From S.M. McNair Date 1/24/2005 ****
Most people hate my reviews, especially newbies to SB. But while there's some arguable questions on characters/dialogue, the story itself is original and fresh. You catch on to the horror cliche and know how to reach an audience and this is what makes this script work. For once in my long extended time here, I can't argue about a newbie's script because it's pure horror magic that is waiting for the audience to die over with.

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