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Back to the Burrow
by AG (weasleyhobbit@gmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Comedy   User Review: *

The characters and scene copywright to J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series. This scene is from Goblet of Fire and has no intention of being used for anything by me.


Petunia, Dudley, and Vernon sit fidgeting on the sofa. Harry
in chair. They all seem to be waiting for something to
come. Loudly a grandfather clock dings 5 o'clock.
They're late.
I would expect this from their
kind. For all they know, we might
have had an engagement.
Harry walks out of living room and sits on stairs.
A loud banging is heard coming from the boarded up fireplace
and then adolescent voices.
The Dursleys are looking very frightened and VERNON slowly
turns purple in the face.
George, you didn't rig the floo
system again did you?
No why would I do that?
Because you enjoy getting a rouse
out of Mum.
Yeah, I do, but I swear I didn't
do it this time.
Boys, you must be quiet. Maybe
Harry can hear us.
      (with GEORGE in
Harry! Get us out of here.
FRED and GEORGE bang on boarded up fireplace.


All the while HARRY rushes over to fireplace and tries to
think of a way to get the Weasleys out.
Mr. Weasley, Fred, George, it's
alright. Uncle Vernon boarded up
the fireplace when they bought an
electric one. I'll try to figure
a way to get you out of there.
Eclectic? With a (pause) plug? I
must look at that.
Now another person is heard in the fireplace, RON.
Harry? Can you hear us?
Yes, Ron. I'm trying to think of
a way to get you out of there.
There is only one way. Harry,
stand back.
VERNON moves forward. An electric fire shot out of the
fireplace and singed VERNON's sweater.
DUDLEY tries to get rid of the embers resting on his
father's sweater. PETUNIA falls off of couch into coffee
table, knocking off three mugs of tea and a plate of
Ah, much better.
All the while dusting self off.
Oh, you must be Harry's aunt and
uncle. Pleasure to meet you both.
PETUNIA picks self off of floor and begins to tidy up tea
things. VERNON stares at ARTHUR, searching for words.
Oh yes. Sorry about that. The
only way to get out of there I
suppose. I'd be happy to repair
it. I'll just send the boys back


                       ARTHUR (cont'd)
through and then then repair it
quick as a wink and then
disapparate myslef.
PETUNIA staggers over to VERNON cowering behind him. VERNON
is still staring at ARTHUR.
Harry, is your trunk all ready?
Yes sir.
Come on, let's go get it. Fast.
FRED, GEORGE, HARRY, and RON get up stairs to get trunk.
      (looks around
Ah, I see the things you have
here. They run off of
eckeltricity, don't they. And I
see many plugs, I collect them.
Batteries too.
ARTHUR looks around. VERNON and PETUNIA look terrified.
DUDLEY who went into kitchen, now comes back out looking
even more terrified than his parents.
Trunk banging on steps is heard and then RON, HARRY, GEORGE,
and FRED come down steps and into living room dragging
Harry's trunk.
We're all ready Dad.
Ok then. Incendio!
A roaring fire appears in fireplace. Arthur takes a
drawstring bag out of his pocket and takes a pinch of floo
powder from the bag and put it in the fire. The fire turns
emerald green.
Ok, Fred you first.
Wiat a sec, Dad.


A bag of sweets fell out of FRED's pocket and he bends down
to pick them up. However, he was not fast enough. DUDLEY,
rushes at sweets as if he has not eaten in several years. He
picks one up and shoves it in his mouth.
FRED and GEORGE with the trunk quickly go into the fireplace
and vanish.
Well, bye then.
Dursleys remain silent.
Didn't you hear? Harr said
goodbye to you.
Mr. Weasley, it doesn't matter.
Let's go.
You aren't going to see your
nephew until next summer, an
entire year away. Surely you will
say goodbye to the lad.
VERNON not liking the idea of being taught a less by someone
of his "kind". Gathers up strength.
Goodbye, Harry.
DUDLEY sputters and gags on something purple protruding from
his mouth. RON jumps in fire as well and vanishes.
PETUNIA rushes over to DUDLEY and tries to help him.
DUDLEY's tongue is now one foot long and bright purple.
ARTHUR realizing what has happened, tries to calm PETUNIA,
who is crying and trying to comfort DUDLEY.
Oh, I'll straighten him out right
away. Fred and George are big
ARTHUR advances on DUDLEY, wand outstretched. PETUNIA
screams louder than ever and throws herself on top of her
son, shielding him as best she can.


No really, my sons Fred and
George, they make candies that do
things like this to people. I'll
straighten him out straight away.
It won't hurt him a bit. It's a
very simple process.
VERNON, now having gathered himself together, picks up a
china ornament and hurls it at ARTHUR. ARTHUR ducks causing
the ornament to shatter against the wall.
Harry, go just go. I can handle
HARRY walks over to fireplace reluctantly.
      (inside fireplace)
The Burrow!
HARRY vanishes in puff of smoke.


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From Kris Shaft Date 8/23/2007 *
This is just copying from book 4. If it was origional, more spoofy, and funnier, I'd give you more, but right now it only deserves 1 star for good plagerisism

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