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Wider Frame.
by Shannen Kolpinski (skittles200016@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

What would you do if someone came along that changed your mind about everything you've ever known? Clara Degrano is a young nurse trying to deal with a failed marriage when she meets Warren Laterly, a stranger with a secret that will change Clara's whole life.**** This is one of my first screenplays and I would apppreciate any feedback you could give. This is a finished screenplay but it is only the first draft. I also would appreciate any suggestions on the title.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Clara Degrano a woman in her mid to late twenties is walking
around the hospital, stopping to check in a few rooms. She
enters one room and gives an elderly man some medication.
She goes to the next room and wraps a young girl's arm with
an ace bandage. After a few more stops she walks to the
nurse's station and sits down next to Suzanne Tiothan.
Clara? I thought you went home
hours ago.
No, this place is always busy on
Friday nights so I decided to stay
You look exhausted.
I've been here since seven, but
I'm fine I just need another cup
of coffee.
What you need is to go home and
get into bed. Fourteen hours is
enough, the other nurses can
handle it.
No, no I don't want to go home,
besides that little boy, Andrew,
is still in intensive care, coma,
I've been his nurse since he first
entered this hospital I want to be
there when he comes out.
Doctor Fresnan said that won't
happen for at least a few more
days..... What's the real reason
you're avoiding going home?
I'm not.


He picked up the last of his stuff
Clara nods.
                       SUZANNE (cont'd)
That was fast, didn't he only move
into his new apartment a week ago?
Yeah, but he hasn't slept at my
home in over a month. I guess he's
eager to settle in, start his new
life. It was just a hard reality
check. While his stuff was there I
could pretend he was coming back,
but...... he's really gone.
I know how hard this has been for
I thought we were really special
Suzanne. I was sure we had the
kind of love that lasts a
lifetime, but we were married for
barely three years.
People change Clara, you're both
different people then you were
three years ago.
HE changed, when we were first
married he was such a good
husband. I would have done
anything for him, I did do
anything for him. But over the
last year he got so caught up in
his work, never had time to talk
or to go out.
You were miserable.


I thought I was, but after
spending a week alone in that
house I'm not so sure anymore.
What do you mean?
It's so lonely without him, the
bed seems so big and the closets
are empty, and it's so quiet. It's
so quiet it drives me crazy.
I know that part of you still
misses him, and it's not easy to
be in a big house all by yourself.
But you can't work 24 hours a day,
it's not good for you. You're just
going to make yourself sick, and
nobody wants a sick nurse.
Clara smiles.
                       SUZANNE (cont'd)
Go on home, take a bath, get some
sleep. I'll see you in the
morning, I'll even bring you a
Thanks Suzanne, and you're
right....I guess I will head home.
See you tomorrow.
Early? I'm sure.
Clara nods and exits.

Clara is lying on her bed flipping through a photo album.
She stops at a picture of her and Michael. She stares at it
for a moment and then picks up the phone next to her bed.
She dials a number and waits as it rings. An answering
machine with Michaels voice on it picks up.


      (to answering
Hi...Michael....Mike it's
me...Clara. I was just uh looking
through a photo album and saw this
picture-ah do you remember when we
took that trip to San Fransisco
and we went to that French
restaurant but we couldn't read
the menu....I-I don't know why I'm
calling I just....well if you ever
need someone to talk to I'm
here.....call me....really anytime
don't be afraid or
anything.....okay well I'll talk
to you soon.....maybe....take
care.... Bye.
Clara starts to cry as she hangs up the phone. She tosses
the photo album aside and turns out the light.
Clara and Suzanne are sitting at a table in a break room.
They are eating breakfast and drinking coffee. Clara does
not eat, instead she pushes the food around her plate.
You're quiet this morning, are you
I'm fine I just had a rough night.
What happened?
After I got home I tried to do
what you said, I tried taking a
bath and reading a book, but it
didn't work. I stumbled across a
photo album of Mike's and my first
year together, I looked at it for
over an hour. I called him and
left a message on his machine.
What did you say?


I don't even remember.....I
rambled on about this French
restaurant we went to.....now I
feel like such an idiot.
Clara you have got to stop beating
yourself up over this. Mike is
moving on with his life and you
have to move on to.
I know but....being alone in the
house all I can think about is
Well then don't stay home, go out.
Where am I supposed to go? The
only family I have down here is my
brother and he's on a business
trip to Japan, and I met all my
friends through Mike. They all
stopped talking to me when the
divorce was finalized.
We'll figure something out, you
can't spend all your time here.
Suzanne checks her watch.
We better get back to work.
Clara nods.

Dr. Fresnan is walking down one of the hospital's hallways.
Clara is hurrying behind him.
Dr. Fresnan!


                       DR. FRESNAN
      (turning around.)
Oh Clara, I didn't even see you.
How are things?
Everythings good. I have to get
back to my rounds soon, but I was
just wondering if you had any new
information about Andrew, the
little boy in 36 B?
                       DR. FRESNAN
36B........36B.....the coma
patient right?
Yes sir.
                       DR. FRESNAN
No I'm afraid he still hasn't
woken up. The accident he was in
was pretty bad, we won't know how
much brain damage there is until
he wakes up, assuming he wakes up
at all.
      (visibly upset.)
Do you think he won't wake up?
                       DR. FRESNAN
Well it's a definite possibility.
Clara I know it's very sad but you
can't let yourself get too
attached to the patients....
I know Dr. Fresnan, keep a
professional distance. It's just I
saw him right beore he went into
the coma, he was pretty out of it.
He asked me if I was an angel, he
looked so scared....I promised him
he'd be okay.
                       DR. FRESNAN
Only time will tell I'm afraid, If
you'll excuse me I'm needed in


Oh, of course, thank you for your
Dr. Fresnan walks away. Clara leans up against a wall for a
moment. Suzanne walks out of a room into the hallway she
sees Clara and walks over.
Clara I've been looking for you.
Yeah Suzanne.
I was thinking about your problem,
and I was feeling awful for you.
Then I remebered that my friend
Lisa O'mayers works at the River
Valley Residential home, and she
mentioned to me a few days ago
that they were in desperate need
of volunteers. I gave her a call
and told her about you. When she
heard that you might have some
free time to spare, and that you
were a registered nurse, she asked
me to talk to you about
volunteering there right away.
River Valley Residential....that's
a mental health facility isn't it?
Yes, but Lisa says it's very nice
there. Most of the patients are
quiet and keep to themselves.
Besides it's only volunteer work,
some light patient care is all
they need help with.
Clara doesn't say anything for a moment.
You don't have to if you don't
want to. I just thought it would
be better than going home to an
empty house, and you can't keep
working 14 hour shifts here.


I really appreciate you trying to
help Suzanne......you know what?
Sure, I'll do it. The work
shouldn't be too hard and it might
even feel good to help people and
not get paid for it.
      (handing Clara a
       piece of paper.)
Great, here is all the information
Lisa gave me. She asked if you
could please start today around
That sounds good.
I have to get back to my desk,
I'll see you later.
Okay, thanks again Suzanne.
Suzanne walks away, Clara stares at the paper for a moment.
Clara walks into a waiting room of the River Valley
Residential facility. There are many people in the waiting
room, families mostly. Clara looks down at the paper and
walks up to a Nurses station behind a large glass case.
      (knocking on the
       glass window.)
Excuse me? Hi my name is Clara
Degrano I'm here to speak with
Lisa O'mayers.
I'll page her for you.
The receptionist picks up the phone. While she talks Clara
looks around the waiting room.


Miss Degrano? Mrs. O'mayers will
be with you in just a moment, you
can have a seat over there while
you wait.
The receptionist points to an empty chair across the hall.
Thank you.
Clara sits in the chair and begins nervously playing with
piece of paper. She watches the people in the waiting room.
A little girl (Amanda) runs over to her and sits down beside
My names Amanda, well it's not
really Amanda it's realy Constance
Amanda Bethany Rodaul, but my
parents just call me Amanda.
It's nice to meet you Amanda, my
names Clara.
That's it just Clara?
Just Clara.
You are lucky, all those other
names get in the way..... So who
do you know that's crazy?
Excuse me?
You're in the waiting room of the
crazy hospital. You must know
someone who's crazy. My brother
stays here, we visit him every
Saturday, sometimes we go get
ice-cream, then we go home, but he
can't come with us because he's
crazy. Who do you know who's


I don't know anyone that...stays
here. I'm a volunteer, today is my
first day.
You help the crazy people?
Yes, sort of...
Maybe you'll help my brother, I
think he'd like that, you seem
Maybe I will.
While they talk Lisa O'mayers walks into the waiting room.
The receptionist points to Clara and she walks over to her.
I'm sorry to interrupt, Clara
Hi I'm Lisa O'mayers, I'm the head
nurse here at River Valley.
Lisa notices Amanda.
Hello Amanda.
Your brother will be ready in a
few minutes Amanda, why don't you
go wait with your mom so I can
talk to Clara?
      (Getting up from
       her chair.)
Okay.........nice to meet you.


Nice to meet you too.
Amanda waves good-bye and walks to the opposite end of the
waiting room.
      (Watching Amanda.)
Sweet girl, her brother has been
here for almost three years
now.....I think she's handling it
well for a nine year old.
      (Lost in thought.)
Well, why don't I show you around
and explain exactly what you'll be
Lisa and Clara are slowly walking down a hallway. There are
many patients in the hall being escorted by nurses and
doctors. Clara watches them as Lisa talks.
Basically we are always
under-staffed and looking for
volunteers. I was so relieved when
Suzanne called me and told me
about you. Have you ever worked
for a mental health facility
What? Oh um no.
It's really not all that different
from any other hospital. We have
stricter security of course, which
I will go over with you in full
detail later. Most of our patients
aren't dangerous, the real violent


                       LISA (cont'd)
ones are usually sent up to
PidCreek Meadows residential
because they have a large staff
and better security. Mainly we
have patients whose minds have
just started to fade, because of
age or other things. We do have
some patients who are bi-polar,
those are usually are most violent
ones, and some schitzophrenics, a
few with multiple personality
disorders.......I'm sorry I keep
forgetting you're not in this line
of work. Are you following all
Actually I was going to minor in
Psycology in college, my fiance
convinced me not, to but I did
learn enough to understand what
you were saying. Just don't ask me
to diagnose any of the patients
and we should be fine.
No ,no you're work won't be quite
that complicated. Basically we
have two shifts for volunteers.
Since you work during the day we
will put you on the schedule for
ngihts, what time do you get off
of work?
Usually I can leave around six.
Okay then I'll put you from
six-thirty to ten, does that sound
okay, or is it too much?
That will be fine.
We also split up the volunteers by
days, so after tonight you will be
scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays. Another volunteer
will do the night shift on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


                       LISA (cont'd)
We also ask that you do every
other Sunday, that way the
schedules come out even.
Now that the confusing schedule
garbage is out of the way, I can
tell you what exactly you'll be
doing. We assign each volunteer
four patients, your job as the
night shift volunteer will be to
help take these patients to dinner
, give them their evening
medication, and help them get
ready to go to bed. Each patient
will go to dinner at take their
medication at different times, but
if you get stuck with a patient we
will send another volunteer to
help your next patient, so don't
feel rushed, a lot of patients may
need extra time or care to do
Who takes care of my four patients
when I'm not here?
Well they have their daytime
volunteers, and on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays they will
have another night shift volunteer
assigned to them.
I see.......Well everything
certainly seems organized.
Down to the very last detail, but
it has to be here. Chaos is never
a good thing in a mental health


Cara is sitting in an armchair with a book. She has the book
open, but is obviously not paying attention to it. She gets
up from the chair and walks over to her nightstand. There is
a framed picture of her and Michael on their wedding day by
the edge of the nightstand. Clara looks at the picture for a
moment and then picks up the phone. Again, Michaels machine
picks up.
Mike....Michael it's Clara.....wow
..um..it seems like I can never
get a hold of you.......you must
be really busy.....anyway....I was
just calling to say you
know....how are you?......just to
talk.....I'm not used to not
talking to you everyday....but
it's fine....I know
you're....you've got stuff to
do.......well just give me a
call....or stop by...I just want
to hear from you.....well....bye.
Clara walks through the waiting room, which is crowded with
people. She walks just past the nurses station and stops at
a large door. Next to the door is an intercom she presses
the button next to the intercom.
                       RECEPTIONIST. (O.S)
      (Through intercom.)
      (Into intercom)
Hi I'm a volunteer here I do the
night shift for Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays. I was told
I should press the button, thing,
so I could be admitted into the
                       RECEPTIONIST. (O.S)
I don't need a biography I just
need your name.


Oh um Clara Degrano.
The door makes a loud buzzing noise.
                       RECEPTIONIST. (O.S)
Go on in.
Thank you.
Clara steps through the door into the main hallway. Janet
Palater walks up to her.
Excuse me......can I help you?
Yes, um I'm a volunteer here to do
the night shift but I'm a little
Okay, what's your name?
      (Flipping through
       a stack of papers
       in her hands.)
Clara........Clara.......Oh, here
you are, you're one of Lisa's
Clara nods.
Tonight is actually Lisa's night
off so I'm going to be helping you
      (holding out her
My names Janet Palater
Clara shakes her hand.


      (Digging through
       her papers.)
First you are going to need this.
      (Hands Clara a
       small card.)
These are the names of your four
patients and the rooms they are
located in. First, all you have to
do is bring them to dinner. The
cafeteria is right at the end of
the this hall, you can't miss it.
I just bring them to the
Yup, bring them in help them get a
tray and wait with them while they
eat, then bring them back to the
Who do I bring first?
Go by the order on your card, we
already figured out who should go
first and all that. When all four
have eaten go to the prescription
center it's at the end of this
hall then take a right and go to
the third door on the left. Tell
them the name of your first
patient and bring them their
medication, then go back and get
the second patients medication and
so on and so on.
Sound easy enough.
Good, if you need me you can go to
the nurse's station and have me
paged, or you can ask any of the
other nurses and doctors here,
they can answer any question you


Oops, one more thing I almost
      (Reaches into her
       pocket and pulls
       out a pager.)
Lisa probably already explained
this to you. It's your emergency
pager, if you feel unsafe or
threatened in any way, press this
red button and you'll have a swarm
of guards and doctors ready to
help you. Don't use it if have a
question or something it's only
for emergencys, but don't be
afraid to use it either.
      (Taking pager.)
Yes, thank you.
Clara is shown through a montage of different events. She
walks an elderly woman to the cafeteria, helps give a man in
a wheelchair his medication etc. She is seen walking out of
one of the rooms. She stops and looks at her card and then
looks around for a moment.
      (stopping a nurse
       who was walking
Excuse, I'm sorry to bother you,
but could you please tell me where
room A230 is?
Sure A230 is in another wing.
Other wing?
Yes you're in the Senior wing now,
room A230 is in the Adults and
Adolescents wing. It's easy to get
to from here just take your first
left and then go to the end of the
hall and take a right.


Okay thank you.
Your welcome, good luck.
The Nurse quickly walks off in the opposite direction.
Clara is seen walking down a hallway, she stops at a door
and takes a moment to check the number on the paper in her
hand. She opens the door and steps inside.
      (Knocking on and
       then opening the
I'm here to take you to dinner.
Clara step into the room.
My names Clara, are you ready to
Clara steps farther into the room and realizes that it's
empty. She looks around and sees that the cinder block walls
are covered in yellow pieces of paper. The paper looks as if
it was white once, but someone colored the entire thing with
yellow crayon. Every inch of the walls is covered in this
paper. Clara walks over to a small dresser next to a bed.
Etched into the top of the dresser is a sketch of a pair of
wings. She runs her fingers across it. The door swings open
and Warren Laterly walks in. He is about Clara's age, pale
and unshaven. He doesn't notice Clara, he walks over to the
wall and rests his head against it, he puts his arms
straight out at his sides so he looks like a human cross.
      (stepping towards
Hello?....Warren Laterly?
      (Not moving.)
Who are you?


My names Clara.....I'm a
volunteer.....I'm here to take you
to dinner.
Warren walks over to the bed and lies on his back with his
arms crossed on his chest.
I'm not hungry....Bye now.
Clara doesn't move after a moment Warren notices she hasn't
Still here.
I have to take you to dinner.
I told you I'm not hungry, thank
you so much.
Warren takes out a cigarette and begins to smoke it. After a
moment Clara walks over and takes it out of his mouth.
      (Throwing his
       cigarette on the
I didn't ask if you were hungry.
They told me I had to take all the
patients on this list to dinner
and you're on my list. I'm just
trying to do my job, so would you
please just cooperate and let me
take you to dinner.
Do you consider yourself to be a
brave person?
Just answer the question.
I guess so.


I don't think your brave.
Warren gets up from the bed and steps closely to Clara, he
grabs her face with hand and pushes her head against the
I think you're stupid. Do you have
any idea where you are?..... No I
don't think you do. You're in a
mental asylum love. Where the
"crazies" live. There are people
in here who have killed with
their bare hands, but you, you
have the audacity to come in
here.....alone, close the door,
get into my face, bark orders at
me , and throw out my last
Clara slowly reaches for her pager, Warren looks down and
sees her reaching for it. He grabs her wrist with his free
hand and pins it against the wall.
If I was crazy, I would have
snapped your neck before you had
time to even think aout paging for
Warren let's go of Clara and returns to laying on the bed.
      (Rubbing her
IF you were crazy?
Yes if I was crazy....not that its
any of your business but I happen
to be quite sane.
Forgive me for not beleiving you.


Forgive me for not giving a shit
what you believe.
Warren reaches into his pocket and lights another cigarette.
I thought you said I threw out
your last cigarette.
      (Looking at the
       cigarette in his
Good memory.......guess I lied.
So if you are completely sane, as
you claim...then what are you
doing here?
I needed a place to stay.
I needed a place to stay. Not all
of us have buckets of money and
walk around wearing diamond
Warren points to Clara's left wrist, Clara covers the
bracelet she is wearing with her other hand.
It was a gift.
That doesn't make it any better.
So...you messed up your
life....drugs...I'm guessing and
your too stubborn to go home to
daddy so instead you told him you
need to work on yourself and
checked in here. You get a free
room and all you have to do is see
a therapist for an hour a day,
while daddy gets the bill. I'm
sure he deserves it though, he was


                       CLARA (cont'd)
mean to you growing up....he never
loved you...what is it...what's
your excuse?
Warren gets up and blows the remainder of his cigarette
smoke in Clara's face.
I don't have parents, and my
situation is none of your
You started the conversation, not
Fine, now I'm ending it.
Warren walks over to the dresser, he slowly traces the wings
with his fingers. After a moment Clara steps near him.
So.....Why are your walls covered
in yellow paper?
I'm hungry can you just take me to
I thought you said you
Well now I am, do you want to take
me or not?
Yeah...yes, lets go.
Warren walks out the door. Clara stays back a moment and
looks around the room, then follows him out.


We join Clara and Suzanne in mid-conversation in the break
He wasn't like anyone I'd ever
met, he seemed so angry but at the
same time very calm.
So what happened at dinner?
Nothing he just ate quietly, I
kept trying to start conversations
but it was like he didn't even
hear me.
Do you think he was telling the
truth about just needing a place
to stay?
I really can't tell, he sounded
serious but when I tried to found
out more information he got this
look on his face.....
He got angry?
Not angry he looked
almost.....sad. It's hard to
explain you had to see his face it
looked painful.
Maybe he was telling the truth.
I guess we'll find out.
Are you working there tonight?
No.....I think I'm going to just
stay in tonight, finish packing up
the things I can't bear to look at


                       CLARA (cont'd)
It will get easier.
Clara is packing up boxes, she looks over at the phone and
picks it up. Michael's answering machine picks up.
Hi Michael it's me.......I was
just going through some stuff and
I found some old dishes and
picture frames.....just random
things....I was just going to
throw them out......but if you
want any of them you can just call
me.....I'll wait to hear from you
before I do anything with
them......you could always just
stop by....anytime really......I
don't mind......I better let you
go......I hope to hear from you
soon Micheal....Goodbye.
Clara pushes the box under her bed and turns out the light.
Clara and Warren are in a cafeteria. Warren lazily picks at
the tray of food in front of him while Clara stares at him
from across the table.
      (not looking up.)
Didn't anyone ever tell you it's
impolite to stare.
I'm sorry.....I


Why are you apologizing?
Because you yelled at me....and I
felt bad.
I didn't yell at you, if I was
yelling you would know it.
What would you like me to say
Say.....screw you.
What? I can't say that.
Why not, I was being a jerk I
deserve it. What you can throw out
my last cigarette but you can't
say screw you?...... Say it.
It wasn't your last cigarette.
Your avoiding the point.....say
Screw you.
What.....that was pathetic say it
with some feeling.
Screw you.
I'm only giving you one more
chance at this....really scream
it, I gauruntee it'll make you
feel better.


                       WARREN (cont'd)
Say it.
Screw you!
Various people in the cafeteria look over. Clara and Warren
Felt good didn't it?
It's not like I've never said that
before..... just not at my job.
First time for everything.
Now its you turn.
I didn't realize we were playing a
I'm serious.....why do you have
all that yellow paper on your
That's not any of your business.
It might make you feel better to
tell me.
Who said I wanted to feel better?
Just tell me.
Screw you.


Clara turns her chair around to face away from Warren.
Warren goes back to eating for a moment. He looks up and
watches Clara.
Its just a comfort thing..... I
like to feel surrounded by warm
light....they paint these retched
walls green because its supposed
to be peaceful.....not for me I
like the yellow. Are you
      (Turning around.)
Now was that so hard?
Clara watches Warren while he finishes his dinner.
Warren is sitting on his bed with a notebook in front of
him, he is sketching something. Clara is sitting in a chair
across from him.
      (Looking down at
       his sketch.)
So who gave it to you?
Who gave me...what?
The diamond bracelet you were
wearing the other day.....you said
it was a gift....who gave it to
Oh......um no one.
Maybe I'm mistaken but I thought
the definition of a gift was that
someone had to give it to you.


An.....ex...gave it to me.
You still wear it?
Yes...this ex....he's still part
of my life...I ...its complicated.
Ah you still love him. That's
Have you ever been in love?
No, not me.
Why not?
Heart of stone I guess.
What are you drawing?
Just a doodle....rubbish really.
Can I see?
So the chap who gave it to
you....the ex....was he-it....
He was my husband actually.
What happened?
We got a divorce, love wasn't
quite strong enough.


That's a shame. I heard it's nice,
being in love.
It was.
Look I have to get back to my
other patients. I'll see you in a
couple days.
Alright, goodbye Clara.
Clara waves goodbye and walks out the door. Warren watches
her, when she leaves he shuts his notebook and shoves it
under the bed.
Clara is standing in front of mirror fixing her hair. She
opens a small jewelry box and reaches for her diamond
bracelet, she stops and looks at it for a moment and then
puts it back in the box and chooses another bracelet
Warren is sitting on his bed, Clara is sitting in a chair in
front of him, we catch them in mid-conversation.
I'm just saying I don't know how
you do it. You're around sick
people all the time, half of the
time they die anyway despite what
you do.
It's less than half the time,
besides I like to think that I
help them as much as I can, even
if they do pass away maybe I
helped make it....easier.
Clara picks up a cup with pills in it she hold it infront of


You need to take these now, you've
stalled long enough.
      (swallowing pills.)
So you go from all of that to
coming here and dealing with "the
mentally disturbed". Your lifes
just bright and shining now isn't
It's not that bad.
You don't have to put on a front
for me, you can be honest.
I am being honest...okay some of
the patients here do scare
me.....but the ones I take care of
are all great. People sometimes
get this....picture... in their
minds about people who are
in...these kind of places. They
think that everyone is dangerous
or that everyones mind is
completely gone....but their
wrong. You, for example, you're
just like everyone else......
Except I cover my walls in yellow
paper....talk to groups of
psychiatrists three times a day,
and pop more drugs than anyone
But I don't even notice that
anymore, to me you're normal. I
don't think you should even be
You don't know me.
Well from what I know so far....


What....what do you know about me
so far? That my name is Warren
Laterly and I live in River Valley
Residential.....oh yes and my
favorite color is yellow? That
doesn't prove anything love.... If
I wanted you to know me, you
Warren gets up and walks over to the dresser, turning his
back to Clara.
I know that you're a good guy. I
know that sometimes we'll be
talking and you'll finally let
your guard down, and then just as
fast for no reason at all you get
defensive. Even though you
sometimes say things, and you try
to act tough, I know your not....I
know you'd never hurt me...so you
can stop trying.
Clara grabs the cup and walks out of the door. Warren turns
around after a moment and goes to the edge of the doorway.
Clara........I'm sorry......Clara.
Warren tries to step out of the room but a guard steps in
his way.
      (Grabbing Warren's
Son it's past lockdown hours
you'll have to stay in your room.
Warren tries to wriggle out of the guards grip but fails. He
steps back into his room and punches the door threshold.
Andrew is in a coma he is lying in a bed with intravenus
tubes and monitor wires in his arms and face. Clara walks in
the door holding a book.


Hi Andrew, it's Clara.
Clara walks over to his bed and leans on the side. She takes
his hand.
I spoke to Dr. Fresnan today, he
said that you're doing much
better. He said that when you wake
up, you won't have to be here much
longer and then you can go home.
I'm sure you can't wait to go
home. You probably have your very
own room.....filled with books and
toys. I know your parents can't
wait for you to come home
either....they miss you a
lot....and they love you very
      (Starting to Cry.)
You can see your parents....and
your house and toys soon
Andrew.....you just have to wake
Please wake up Andrew.......you
have to wake up.
Clara breaks down and starts to cry. She slowly gets up and
walks around the room. After a few moments she kneels down
bye Andrews bed. She folds her hands and looks up at the
Clara begins to cry again. She rests her head in her hands
for a moment. She picks up the book she brought in.


      (opening book.)
Would you like to hear a story
Andrew......I'm sure you would.
Once upon a time.....
Clara's voice fades as we cut to:
Clara is sitting alone at an outdoor cafe. After a few
moments Gregory Degrano walks up to the table. He is in his
early thirties, and dressed in a business suit and carrying
a briefcase.
      (Sitting down.)
Hey....sorry I'm late.
It's fine I'm not in a rush.
You look run down, is everything
all right?
You're lying.
I am not lying.
Clara.....it's me your talking to,
Greg your big brother, I've been
with you since the day you were
born. I know you bite your finger
nails when your nervous, and you
tap your foot when your excited,
and you look down to the floor
when your lying.
A waitress steps up to the table.
Are you ready to order?
Burger and fries pleae, and
coffee, black.


I'll have a Ceasar salad and a
diet coke please.
Waitress rights down their orders and walks away.
So are you going to tell me whats
It's really nothing Greg, just the
divorce and everything has got me
a little down.
I thought you were moving on from
Some days are better than others.
I've called him a few times.
I keep getting his answering
machine, and he never calls me
Then stop calling, kid, you're
going to make yourself seem
Is it so bad to just want to talk
to him?
Clara you know that it broke my
heart when you told me you and
Mike were getting a divorce. You
can't blame yourslef for it
ending, maybe 21 was just too
young to get maried, especially
when you were trying to become a
nurse and he was still in school.
I really loved him.


I know you did, but this isn't the
end of the world. You're still a
very young girl, you should go out
and start dating again.
I don't think so.
There must be someone your
interested in.
Clara, you're looking down again.
      (Looking Up.)
Shut up.
Hey I'm supposed to be a pain in
the ass.....it's in the job
description. So tell me, where did
you meet him? Is he someone at
work? Or at that new volunteer
thing your doing?
I don't want to talk about it.
Alright fine..............so
what's he like?
Sorry I'll stop.
No I'm sorry. There is someone,
but there really isn't anything
going on, and I don't want there
to be. So can we just not talk
about it?


Sure kid.
Focus in on Clara while Greg continues to talk. Her face
looks worried.
Clara knocks on the door and steps into Warren's room. He is
sitting on his bed.
Are you ready to go to dinner?
Yeah I guess........are you still
mad at me?
It doesn't matter......let's just
get you to the cafeteria.
Wait just a minute.
Warren walks over to the dresser and pulls out a yellow
card, he hand it to Clara.
It matters to me.
Clara looks at he card. On the front it says "I am an
idiot." she opens it and inside it says "I never want to
hurt you, I'm sorry."
I know it's not the best card,
there's limited resources in this
No, it's fine thank you.
My name is Warren Laterly, my
favorite color is yellow, I
despise peas and I'm allergic to
cats. I have to wear glasses when
I read, which really isn't very
often, I smoke way too much and
don't really give a damn what it's
doing to my lungs. Despite all of


                       WARREN (cont'd)
my depressive ranting and non-stop
moodiness I actually try to be a
nice guy..............I do want
you to know me Clara, it's just
not always easy to talk about
Let's go.
Am I forgiven?
Warren walks out of the door. Clara watches him for a moment
and puts the card in her pocket.
Clara and Suzanne are sitting in the break room drinking
coffee. Suzanne is holding Warren's card.
      (Not impressed.)
He sounds....... nice.
The whole night.....he acted
so....he was so wonderful. He
didn't get mad or moody. Just the
fact that he took the time to make
this for me.....it was just....it
felt good. You know the entire
time me and Mike dated he never
made me anything? Never, not once.
He always just bought me a card
and signed his name.
Yeah but......you and Warren your
not dating....so really you can't
compare the two. You're not dating


Of course not....it was just a
sweet thing to do.
Good.....I was starting to get
Because....ever since you've
walked in this morning all you've
been talking about is Warren.
So?Clara he's your patient...even
if it wasn't going against every
moral rule.....he's in a mental
health facility......I just don't
want you to get attached to
someone like that.
He's not like THAT, he's the same
as you and me.
Then why is he in a hospital?
I don't know, but it can't be
anything too serious. Besides it
doesn't matter Suzanne because I'm
not getting attached too him. I
just enjoy his company, he's a
friend I guess and I could use
more friends right now okay?
Of course.....I was just looking
out for you.


Clara walks down the hall and sees several doctors and
nurses running by her. She watches them for a moment but
keeps walking. She arrives at Warrens door and knocks, there
is no answer, she knocks again, and again there is no
answer. Janet walks down the hall and Clara walks up to her.
Janet.....it's time for me to take
Warren to dinner but he won't
answer the door.
Oh, he's not in there, his therapy
session is running late. Don't
worry about it though I'll take
him. In fact why don't you just go
home you look tired, you should go
get some sleep.
No, thank you I'm fine. It's okay
I'll just wait for him to come
Clara....Warren is...
A doctor walks by Clara in a rush. He is screaming into a
I need the seven-five B
tranquilizer, the patients name is
Warren Laterly he is in the C
Clara stares at the doctor and then back to Janet. She
pushes by Janet and begins to run down the hall.
      (Shotuing after
Clara rushes through the hallway, she stops at a group of
doctors. They are Warren, who is laying flat on a table. He


is kicking and shouting, and they are trying to hold down
his arms and legs.
Let go of me........don't touch
Clara tries to push through the group.
      (Noticing Clara.)
Clara.......Clara tell them to let
me go.....don't let them give me a
tranquilizer......please Clara.
      (Turning to one of
       the doctors.)
What is going on here? Why are you
doing this to him.
We are trying to get him under
control so we can bring him to
solitary confinement.
Miss, please just move back.
Not until you tell me why.
This patient is extremely violent.
What? No, not him theres been some
Really? He had a breakdown druing
his therapy session. He started
hitting his psychiatrist before he
even had time to press his
emergency call button. He was just
rushed to the hospital moments


                       DOCTOR (cont'd)
ago. That's his blood on the
patients fingers, there hasn't
been any mistake.
Clara looks at Warren, there is blood covering his hands.
She watches as one of the doctors stabs him with a needle.
Slowly he calms down and lies flat on the table.
Warren turns and sees Clara's face.
No Clara.....I'm sorry....I
Everything is silent as Clara watches Warren being pushed
down the hall on the bed.
Clara is alone in the break room. Suzanne walks in and grabs
a mug of coffee. Clara looks up at her.
You look like you need that.
Yeah well I've been here all
Why is everything okay?
Not really, I was about o go home
last night when we got an
emergency ambulance in. A
psychiatrist got his face smashed
in by a patient, we worked until
dawn trying to fix this mans face.
Is he going to be okay?
He'll have a lot of scarring but
he'll be alright.......It just
breaks my heart.....this man was a


                       SUZANNE (cont'd)
doctor too, he was trying to help
someone and they just turned on
him for no reason.
It's very sad.
This morning the police came in,
they asked him to describe the guy
that did that to him.......... I
heard the description
Clara......it was Warren wasn't
Answer me Clara.
Yes....it was Warren.
Good guy? Just like us? I don't
know about you Clara but I don't
exactly go around tearing peoples
face apart when I'm angry.....
Suzanne slams her cup down and walks out.
Clara slowly walks into her room. She sees that there is a
new message on her machine. She hits the button and sits on
the bed.
      (Through the
Hi Clara.....it's
Michael.....sorry I haven't got
back to you.....just busy you
know.....um I....I don't really
need any of the stuff you
have....thanks though........well
I hope you're doing good....I
am.....I'm moving on Clara.....and
.....maybe it would be


                       MICHAEL (cont'd)
better.....for both of us.....if
we just...didn't....talk for
awhile......I have to go....so
um....maybe sometime.....in a
little while.....I'll call you or
awhile.....goodbye Clara.
Clara climbs into her bed and begins to cry.
Clara is walking down the hall holding a clipboard. She
see's Suzanne walking ahead of her. She rushes up to her and
tries to say hello but Suzanne just keeps walking.
Clara is walking with an elderly woman. She walks by a room
that has the word SOLITARY printed over the door. Clara
motions for the woman to wait for a moment and walks over to
the door. There is a small window at the top of the door and
Clara looks in. Inside Warren is curled into a ball in the
corner, his hands are bandaged and are covering his face.
Clara stares at him for a moment and then walks away.
Clara is leaning against the nurse's station. She looks up
and sees Suzanne, she walks over to her but Suzanne ignores
her and keeps walking. Clara leans against a wall and closes
her eyes. Dr. Fresnan walks by and sees Clara.
                       DR. FRESNAN
Clara? Are you okay?
Oh Dr. Fresnan I'm sorry, yes I'm


                       DR. FRESNAN
Are you sure? The last week or so
you've been pretty quiet, you
haven't even bugged me about how
Andrew is.
I know I've been
distracted.....how is he doing?
                       DR. FRESNAN
He's quite a trooper that one, his
brain activity is increasing
everyday. I don't want to get any
hopes up....but he might just wake
up within a week or so.
That's really good.....I'm glad.
Dr. Fresnan begins to walk away, but stops.
                       DR. FRESNAN
Clara I really don't want to get
involved but.......I spoke with
Dr. Fresnan I'm sorry.....I really
don't know what else to say...
                       DR. FRESNAN
I wanted to tell you that it's
okay, we can't always control what
a patient does. A few years back I
had a young girl who was hit by a
car come in to the emergency room.
I performed surgery for five
hours, and stuck with her the next
three weeks during recovery. I put
all my time into this girl. The
day she went home, she killed
herself. We can't blame oursleves
for what other people do.
I know.
                       DR. FRESNAN


                       DR. FRESNAN
Oh Dr. Fresnan.....what room is
that psychiatrist....Dr. Grayson
                       DR. FRESNAN
Do you really think it's a good
idea for you to visit him.
I just need to se him for myself,
I won't distrub him I
promise......it's just something I
have to do.
                       DR. FRESNAN
He was just moved out of the I.C
he's room 432, you can visit him
after your shift, but make it
Thank you.
Clara is walking down a hallway, she stops at a room that
reads 432. She opens the door and steps inside.
Clara slowly steps through the doorway and looks around. Dr.
Grayson is lying on a bed, sleeping. His face is covered in
bandages with spatters of blood on them. Clara steps closer
and sees a picture on a small nightstand. She picks up the
picture and ses that it is a picture of Dr. Grayson and his
wife. Dr. Grayson is smiling in the picture. Clara places it
back on the nightstand and looks back at Dr. Grayson on the
I can't do this.
Clara runs out of the room.


Clara is walking down a hallway, Janet sees her and walks
over to her.
Clara.....Clara wait up a minute.
Hi Janet.
Hi, I just wanted to tell you that
Warren Laterly has been returned
to his room, so you can go back to
your regular schedule now.
He's back.....already?
It's been two weeks Clara, how
long would you like him to stay in
What about the police? Are they
going to deal with him?
No....not unless Dr. Grayson wants
to take some legal action, usually
we just deal with these problems
on our own.
Oh, I see.
There's nothing to be afraid of
Clara, we wouldn't release him
from solitary if he wasn't ready.
I know, I'm fine sorry.
Good...I have to get back
now....I'll talk to you later.


Clara slowly steps inside the room, Warren is sitting on the
bed with his head in his hands. His hands are still
bandaged. Clara closes the door and presses her back against
the wall.
Are you ready to go to dinner?
I'm sorry Clara.
I don't want to talk about it
I was just having such a bad day,
and he just kept asking me these
stupid questions about my past and
my family.....I told him I didn't
want to talk but he wouldn't
I didn't mean to hit him, I
just......I got so angry......I
swear I didn't mean to hurt him
Let's just go to dinner.
Do you beleive me?
It's no important what I beleive.
Warren gets up and walks closer to Clara.
Yes it is important......it's
important to me.......Do you
believe me?


Clara doesn't respond. Warren lightly grabs her arm.
Clara flashes to a picture of Dr.Grayson lying in the
hospital bed covered in bandages. She wriggles out of
Warrens grasp.
Don't touch me......just stay
Warren stares at Clara for a moment.
You are afraid of me.
No.......yes......I don't know.
But....you said you knew that I
was a good guy.....you said you
knew that I would never hurt you.
And you said that I didn't really
know anything about you.....maybe
you were right.
No.....no Clara....I made a
mistake but I wouldn't hurt you...
I saw his face Warren.....I
visited him in the hospital.
So now you think I'm a monster.
I don't know what to think.
Please Clara.......
Warren steps towards Clara and she steps back.


I can't do this.....I'm sorry.
Clara runs out of the room, Warren punches the threshold and
grips his hand in pain.
Clara is walking down the hall, she sees Suzanne and rushes
up to her.
      (Turning away.)
I have to go.
Suzanne would you please just hear
me out. I'm sorry okay, I really
didn't think Warren would do
something like that, but you can't
keep blaming me for what he did.
You stuck up for him, you said he
was just like us.
That was before this happened, I
wouldn't have said that if I knew
he was so violent. Please Suzanne,
I miss talking to you.
I guess I can't stay mad forever.
I'm sorry I really am.
Have you been back to River
Have you seen him?


Once, last night. I think I'm
going to ask to have my patients
Because of him?
It's just so hard to be around him
Of course......I really do have to
get going though.
Alright I'll see you later,
there's something I have to do.
Clara steps into the room. Dr. Grayson is propped up in the
bed reading a book, most of the bandages have been removed
from hi face. He looks up at Clara.
                       DR. GRAYSON
      (Putting down the
                       DR. GRAYSON
I didn't buzz for a nurse....so
you must be here to give me more
medication or check my stats.
No....I was wondering if I could
ask you a few questions Dr.
Grayson...if you don't mind.....if
it's any trouble I can go...


                       DR. GRAYSON
It's fine....I'd much rather talk
to you then stare at these bare
walls. Come sit down.
Clara walks over and sits in a chair next to the bed.
Ok....well I don't really know how
to say this.....I sort of....know
the man that did...this...to you.
                       DR. GRAYSON
You know Warren?
Yes...well I thought I did. I
never thought he would do anything
like this though.
                       DR. GRAYSON
How do you know him? Are you
related to him? Is he a friend of
I used to consider him a friend, I
volunteer at River Valley and he
                       DR. GRAYSON
Volunteer?..... Are you Clara?
How did you know that?
                       DR. GRAYSON
I had therapy session with Warren
4 days a week, he often talked
about you.
He did?
                       DR. GRAYSON
He spoke very highly of you, he
said that you two had many long
conversations, he liked talking to
We used to have long


                       DR. GRAYSON
Not anymore?
                       DR. GRAYSON
If you don't mind me asking....why
Because....of what he did..maybe
I'm afriad of him I don't know...
                       DR. GRAYSON
You should forgive him Clara.
Have you forgiven him?
                       DR. GRAYSON
Goodness yes.
                       DR. GRAYSON
He got angry....yes he took it too
far, but I know Warren, I know he
didn't really mean to hurt me. His
emotions just got the best of him.
I don't know.
                       DR. GRAYSON
Warren never explained to you why
he was in River Valley, did he?
No....he told me some story about
how he checked himself into the
hospital because he needed a place
to stay...but i know that was a
                       DR. GRAYSON
Well he did check himself into
River Valley, but it certainly
wasn't because he needed a place
to stay.


Everytime I tried to ask him, he
got angry.
                       DR. GRAYSON
Warren is an extraordinary person
Clara. He's ready to tell you, I'm
sure. You need to forgive him.
Clara steps into the room, Warren is standing near the door.
I'm ready to go to dinner Ma'am.
Why are you here?
Um...I live here.
Stop. Why are you in this
hospital? Why did you check
yourself in?
I told you...I needed a place to
Don't lie.
Well why do you care? I thought
you hated me.
I never said I hated you.
You're scared of me, it's all the
I was angry with you, I still am,
but I can get over it, I will
forgive you. If you tell me why
you are here.


You act like it's so easy, if you
had any clue....
Warren sits on the bed.
So give me a clue, tell me.
Do you beleive in heavan?
I suppose.
When you picture what heaven is
like....what do you see?
What does this have to do with
Just answer the
I haven't though about it
much.....I guess I always pictured
fluffy clouds and angels playing
harps.....a place where everyone
is happy and you can watch over
the ones you love.
Are you serious?
Okay right, this might take
What are you talking about?
Just listen.


Heaven is difficult to explain,
its not so much a place as
a.....feeling. It's warm and
peaceful and quiet. There are no
people or shapes or.....emotions
its simple.
That is a nice way to picture it
No it isn't a picture, its what
heavan is.
You mean that's what you imagine,
no one really knows for sure what
heavan is like.
I do.
How do you know?
I remember...being in heaven.
I don't understand.
I know I'm not making any sense
but it's true, I remember being
heaven. I remember being happy and
at peace, then all at once,
everything went black. The next
thing I remember was waking up
face down in the street, no
explanation, no reason.
And you can't remember anything
about your past?


I don't have a past.
Maybe you're suffering from
No your not listening, its not
that I don't remember my past, I
don't have a past. No family, no
friends, no memories, except for
Don't look at me like that. Do you
think this is easy? To go from a
place of perfection, to this. To
go from a place where there are no
emotions, no crying no hurting to
a place where you can feel other
peoples pain, it lingers on their
skin when you touch them, you can
see it in their eyes. All you want
is for the emotions to stop, the
thinking to stop, but it doesn't,
it never stops.
I'm sorry.
It's never quiet, sometimes I
can't even sleep because the
questions and the thinking just
won't shut up. And it's cold all
the time. The paper on the walls,
the color is bright but I don't
feel the heat. I never feel the
heat and I can't take
it...........It hurts so much
.....I'm not strong enough.
I tried to go back, I begged
someone anyone to help me but no
one would. They all said I was


                       WARREN (cont'd)
crazy they all told me to come
here. But this, this is not the
answer, this is, I hate it here.
It will be alright Warren...
You don't believe me...
I'm trying, I want to believe you.
I want to show you something.
Warren stands up and removes his shirt. He turns around and
shows that there are two deep scars in the faint shape of
wings, one on each shoulder blade, the same design as the
one on the dresser. Clara reaches up to touch his back. She
lightly traces the scars, he shudders and turns around.
Are you.......an angel.
No.....angels are
solid.....they're brave......I'm
weak.....I'm not an angel. I'm
      (getting up and
       touching Warren's
      (pulling away.)
Don't touch me.
      (grabbing his arm
Stop it, everything is going to be
okay.....you have to calm down.
                       WARREN (shouting)
      (pulling away
Don't touch me, nothing is okay


                       WARREN (cont'd)
nothing will ever be okay..
Warren crawls into his bed and curls up. Clara walks over
and sits next to him, she puts her arm around him and he
pulls away. She sits there for a moment and taks his hand,
he does not pull away this time. They sit there silent.

Clara walks into her dark bedroom. The clock shines 1:30 am.
Clara sits down on the bed and curls into a ball, she begins
to cry.

Clara is sitting in the break room drinking a cup of coffee.
She is visibly tired and run down. Suzanne walks into the
room and sits down next to her. She picks up Clara's mug and
notices its empty.
Can I get you a refill?
You don't have to.
I'm getting myself one anyway,
besides you look like you need it.
I was up late last night.
You volunteered last night didn't
Suzanne sits down and places the coffee mug in front of her.


Did you ask to have your patients
Yes..... I asked but they said
with all the volunteers and the
schedules..... it wouldn't be
possible right now.
So you had to see Warren then?
It's part of the job.
How was it?
It was fine, he didn't talk much.
Hmm, so why were you up so late
last night?
I just couldn'tget to sleep. I
better get going I have a patient
to check on.
Clara steps into Dr. Grayson's room, he is sitting up in bed
                       DR. GRAYSON
Yes.....how are you?
                       DR. GRAYSON
I'm great, but I don't think you
came here to ask me about my


Thought it would be a good ice
breaker, being a nurse and all.
                       DR. GRAYSON
You don't need an ice breaker,
come sit down tell me what's on
your mind?
Clara sits down in the chair next to Dr. Grayson's bed.
I went back to River Valley, I
talked to Warren.
                       DR. GRAYSON
Did he tell you why he was there?
Clara nods.
                       DR. GRAYSON
How did it go?
It was.....confusing.
                       DR. GRAYSON
Well that's to be expected.
Do you beleive him?
                       DR. GRAYSON
Yes I do, but I can see it in your
eyes that you don't.
I beleive that he truly thinks he
was.....ripped out of heaven.
                       DR. GRAYSON
And what do you think?
In my proffessional opinion I
think that Warren is dealing with
a mental blocking, amnesia perhaps
or a severe form of post-traumatic


                       DR. GRAYSON
What about your non-proffessional
What is the other part of you
saying, the part of you that holds
your faith and your emotions?
It's telling me to beleive him,
that he is this lost...soul and
that I should try to help him.
Science and religion never did
mix. I always focus on my
proffessional side because that's
reality, faith everything else is
a blur. Science and medicine is
true and it's solid.
                       DR. GRAYSON
Horse shit.
                       DR. GRAYSON
Dr. Grayson.......
                       DR. GRAYSON
Pardon my language dear but,
science and medicine are true and
solid? It's crap. Do you really
think when a surgeon goes into the
operating room, part of him isn't
praying for a miracle? Or when a
patient has been dead for over
five minutes and everyone has
given up, but suddenly you hear
the distant beep of the heart
monitor, you really believe it was
science that saved him? Medicine?
So you think that Warren is
some...... miracle?
                       DR. GRAYSON
Miracles aren't always obvious
Clara. It doesn't have to be the
parting of a sea or the changing
of water to wine to be divine.
Some things are much smaller, you
have to really pay attention or


                       DR. GRAYSON (cont'd)
you won't even know they are
                       DR. GRAYSON
There's no such thing as a
coincidence, every moment leads to
another for a very specific
purpose, maybe you are supposed to
learn something from Warren.
What am I supposed to learn from
                       DR. GRAYSON
I can' answer that.
      (pulls out paper
       and pen from a
       drawer and
       scribble on it.)
Here take this to Lisa O' Mayers
when you go back to River Valley.
What is it?
                       DR. GRAYSON
She'll explain it.
Clara takes the paper from him and turns to leave.
                       DR. GRAYSON
Clara turns around to face him again.
                       DR. GRAYSON
Sometimes, when we want to see the
whole picture, we have to use a
wider frame.
Clara smiles and waves goodbye, she steps outside the room.

Clara is staning in a hallway at River Valley, she is
scribbling on a clipboard. Lisa walks by and notices her.


Clara.... I've been looking for
Hi Lisa.
Janet told me you were having some
problems with one of your
patients....is everything all
Oh yes everything is fine now.
Allright well if you need anything
at all I'll be in my office.
Lisa begins to walk down the hallway. Clara reaches in her
pocket and pulls out the paper Dr. Grayson gave her. She
steps toward Lisa.
      (turning around.)
I spoke with Dr. Grayson
yesterday, he wanted me to give
this too you.
Clara hand her the paper. Lisa reads it and stares at it for
a moment somewhat in shock.
What is it?
It's a temporary release form for
Warren Laterly. Dr. Grayson really
gave this to you?
Yes I visited him yesterday at New


It is his signature.
I don't understand, what's a
temporary release form?
It's a form that can only be
signed by a patients therapist.
It's a twenty-four hour release
from the hospital, usually the
patient is released to a family
member or another relative.
I didn't think Warren had any
family, who was he released to?
Lisa checks the paper.
      (puts the paper in
       her pocket.)
Well.........you can pick him up
tomorrow at eight.
Lisa walks down the hall. Clara stands alone for a few
Sometimes when we want to see the
whole picture, we have to use a
wider frame.
Clara slowly walks into the hallway and sees Warren standing
next to Lisa. She walks up to them and talks with Lisa for a
moment, we cannot hear what they are saying. Clara and
Warren begin to walk down the hall. The pass through a
doorway, there are doctors and nurses standing around
watching them. The pass through another doorway into the
waiting room. Warren stops for a moment and stares at the
entrance to the hospital. He smiles at Clara and they walk
out of entrance together.


Clara and Warren step outside. The pause for a moment.
Warren stares up at the sky shielding his eyes from the sun.
Clara touches his arm and they continue to walk.
Where are we going?
It's up to you, we can go anywhere
you want.
Alright, I have an idea.
Clara and Warren are in an open grass section of a large
park. Warren is lying on his back with his eyes closed.
Clara is sitting next to him.
So.... a park?
I wanted to be outside.
How long have you been in River
14 months 8 days, not including
today of course.
That's a long time.
Clara stares at Warren for a moment, he still has is eyes


I know you're staring at me, what
do you want?
Nothing, sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry?
I shouldn't have told you all that
stuff the other day, it made
things akward.
I asked.
That doesn't mean I had to tell
you. I guess part of me really
wanted you to know, but I can tell
by the way you are acting that is
was too much.
Don't say that. Ever since I was a
little girl people treated me as
if I was about to break, I'm not
made of glass. I'm glad you told
Even though you don't believe me?
Do you mind if we go somewhere
else for a little while?


Clara and Warren stand outside the church, Warren walks in
but Clara hangs back a moment. After a few moments she walks
inside nervously.
Clara walks into the chruch, she stares at the alter for a
moment and then looks around for Warren. She sees him
kneeling in a pew towards the front of the church, she sits
down next to him. Warren is whispering softly, it cannot be
heard what he is saying. After a moment he gets up and sits
next to her in the pew.
This is the last place I visited
before I went into the hospital.
It's a very beautiful church.
I feel comfortable here, closer to
heaven somehow.
It's not getting any easier?
No, I don't know if it ever will
get easier.
      (touching his arm.)
Are you still cold?
      (pulling away.)
Not always.
Well that's an
Not really.


Why not?
The only time I fell warm is when
I'm with you.....near
you....touching you. It's almost
peaceful....but then the words and
the questions they rush through my
brain and just as quickly as it
cam the peace is gone.
Clara looks away she sees a young girl hugging a preist
towards the back of the church. The girl looks like she had
been crying, the girl walks out the door. Warren notices
Clara watching.
That's Father Joseph, his sermons
tend to be long winded but he's
great with families.
How do you know that?
Before I went to the hospital I
was getting desperate.I thought if
I came here and prayed
maybe...maybe it would be heard.
God would see how much pain I'm in
and let me back.
So I came here every day usually
more than once. I begged and I
pleaded, but it didn't help. I
left this church the day I was
admitted and ran straight into
traffic, I just wanted this to end
I couldn't take it here anymore.
Have you tried to....hurt
yourself.... since you've been
No, after I'd been there about a
week my therapist thought it would
be a good idea to meet with a
priest. I explained to him
everything that was happening,
about going to church and trying


                       WARREN (cont'd)
to end my life. He said that there
is a reason I'm here. That day
every car missed me, every car. He
said that was God's way of proving
that he was listening, but that I
was meant to be here and I needed
to stay. He also said to not stop
talking to God, that if I listen
closely, he might answer me back.
Do you still talk to him?
All the time.
And..does he answer you back?
Sometimes, in dreams mostly. I'll
be dreaming and then all of a
sudden my dream will change, just
for a second, just a flash of a
picture or a memory, usually I
don't know what it means until
long after I wake up, but it is an
I'm sorry, I know you don't
believe any of this.
It's fine, really.
Clara nervously plays with her fingers. Warren notices her
You don't go to church do you?
I haven't been in a long time.
Not since Joshua...


Clara gasps at Warren.
Wha..What do you know about
You were younger, barely into your
first year of marriage. You were
so excited but your husband didn't
think that he was ready. He wanted
you to get rid of it, and as much
as you loved the thought of having
a baby, you loved your husband
more, and you did what he asked.
I loved my husband so much.
If it was a boy, you were going to
name him Joshua.
After my grandfather. I never told
anyone that, not even my husband.
You haven't been to church, or
even prayed since the abortion.
I can't pray.....I can't go to
church. I respected my husband and
I know he thought what we were
doing was right, but I regret my
decision everyday. I didn't want
to give up my baby, I should have
been stronger convinced Mike that
we were ready. I was so weak.....I
killed my baby.
You can go to church Clara, and
you can always pray. You've
punished yourself long enough.
No one knows about the abortion,
only me and Mike. I lied to
everyone........how did you know?


It was an answer.
What was the question?
I asked about you, about your
life, about who you were.
Your the only thing that makes
being hear less painful.
Clara starts to cry again and leans on Warren's shoulder.

Clara slowly walks thorugh her bedroom to the closet. She
pulls down a box and begins to look through it. She picks up
an empty pregnancy test box, on the back the date Feb. 3
2002 and the word YES are printed in black marker. She
begins to cry and keeps looking through the box. She picks
up baby bib with the name Josh stitched on it. She puts the
things back in the box and walks over to the phone.
      (through phone.)
I'm sorry I must have called the
wrong number.
Who were you looking for?
um Michael Ladear.
You have the right number, but he
is in the shower right now. Can I
take a message?


Just tell him Joshua's mother
Are you a friend of his?
Something like that.
Clara slams down the phone and turns out the light.

Clara is sitting at an outdoor cafe with her brother.
So they had to track this guy
through three states. Doesn't
anyone have respect for the court
system anymore, if you get a
subpeuona why wouldn't you go to
Clara doesn't respond.
Hello? Ground control to little
Sorry Greg.
Where were you?
A million miles away.
What were you thinking about?
Nothing really. Can I ask you a


What do you think about abortion?
Wow...well I guess it depends on
the situation. If a girl is raped
or if she has to choose between
her life or the baby's I don't see
anything wrong with it.
What if it's not for one of those
reasons. What if a girl feels that
she just isn't ready?
Then....no I don't think it's
right. Where's this coming from?
Just something one of my patients
was telling me about. Do you think
its murder?
Like I said in certain situations
no....but if a girls just looking
for a way out then yes it's
That's what I thought ou would
Glad I could help.
Clara steps inside to see Warren sitting on his bed. She
walks over and sits down beside him.
How does it feel to be back?


I'm sorry.
Stop apologizing.
Can I ask you something?
Go ahead.
How did you die?
I don't remember.
What about the people in your
life? Did you get to watch over
the people you loved?
What's the point then?
Life. What's the point of living e
a good and trying to be a good
person. What's the point of loving
people? You don't even get to
watch over them, you don't get to
make sure they are okay or watch
them grow, watch them be happy.
Have you ever heard the term
memento mori?
It's almost lke a reminder that
everyone dies. No matter what you
accomplish in life how good you
are, whatever wonderful things you
do, you are still going to die.


                       WARREN (cont'd)
Besides birth, it's the one thing
everyone has in common, we all
I understand that but what the
point of trying so hard?
You don't understand, there is no
point. There is no solid ending no
clarity or epipheny it just ends.
Heaven is about peace just peace
no emotions, no drama, just peace.
I don't want that.
You will.
No I never will. You preach about
how hard this world is how the
emotions are so raw and painful,
but you've never given it a
chance. You've never opened you
heart to anything. Sometimes this
world is unbelievably hard, I'll
be the first one to admit that.
It's unfair and it's cruel, but
love makes it....worth it. It
balances it out somehow. I've
loved and I've been loved and that
is more powerful than any pain
I've felt. I can't, I won't
believe that when we die we just
fade out and that's it. I won't
believe that loves means nothing,
I never will.
Clara gets up.
I have to go.


Clara is shopping at an outdoor food market. She is watching
people walk around when she hears a male voice call her
name. She looks around and sees Michael across the street,
he runs over.
They hug akwardly.
It's great to see you, how is
Good..good I just got a promotion
at the company. Manager of sales
and relations.
Wow that's great.
Yeah...so how about you, how is
your job?
Long hours, minimal respect, same
old thing. I started doing some
volunteer work at River Valley.
River Valley..... I don't think
I've heard of it.
It's a very small hospital.
Good for you, I wish I had time to
do some volunteer work, but I have
zero free time since the
promotion. Speaking of
which.....I'm sorry about not
returning your calls.


Don't be sorry Mike, I understand
you're busy.
You're okay though right? I have
to admit some of your calls made
me really nervous?
You don't have to worry about me
I'm fine really.
I'm always going to worry about
you, I still care about you so
You do?
Of course, just because we aren't
together anymore doesn't mean I
don't think about you all the
I think about you all the time
Allison says that I get this look
in my eyes when I'm thinking about
you, and are relationship. She
said sometimes I look like I'm not
even there, likeI've crawled into
some deep place in my mind.
Who's Allison?
She's my girlfriend.
You'd like her I think, she really


Yeah sure.
So aren't you going to tell me
about the man in your life?
Don't try to hide it, Bill
Dargenson saw you walking with a
man about our age the ohter day.
He said you were walking into the
church together. So what's his
Is he good to you?
We have our problems.
When Bill told me that, it made me
think.....you never really went to
church when we were together.
Its just for Warren he's really
into it.
Funny how we change oursleves for
other people isn't it? Allison has
me giving up red meat, can you
imagine giving up something so
Yeah I think I can.
Love will do that to ya I guess.
Do you love her?


Wow I didn't relly think about
until just now.....yeah I think, I
think I do.
I'm happy for you.
What about you, you love
A little more.......everyday.
It's good to see you happy.
I have to get going, I'm meeting
Allison for lunch.
Michael pulls Clara into his arms and hugs her tightly.
Goodbye Clara.
Goodbye Michael.
Clara and Suzanne are seated at the nurses station, we join
them mid conversation.
You lied to Mike?
I had to, he was all smiles about
his new girlfriend Allison, I
couldn't let him think I was


What guy did he think was your
I don't know. He said a friend of
ours, Bill, saw me walking with a
man. It was probably just my
brother Bill never was good with
So are you okay?
Yeah I am. I didn't think I would
be, but I am. It was
closure.....and I needed that more
than anything.
I better get to my rounds.
Oh, I meant to tell you Dr.
Fresnan was looking for you last
night. He said that the little boy
in the coma Andrew hasn't woken up
yet. He wanted you to know that
there aren't very hopeful about
him waking up at all. They've
moved him to another room, he just
thought you might want to know.
Which room?
Great. Suzanne can you tell me how
that psychiatrist from River
Valley, Dr. Grayson is doing?
Well, he was realesed yesterday.
Actually he left something for


Suzanne rumages through a file for a moment and pulls out an
envelope, she hands it to Clara.
I didn't know you two knew each
We met briefly. Thanks for this, I
really better get going.
Clara walks farther down the hall. She turns the corner and
rips open the envelope. She begins to read.
                       DR. GRAYSON (VO)
Dear Clara. I hope you enjoyed
your day with Warren. I know
sometimes it is hard to accept
what cannot easily be explained.
Please remember that it is easy to
wear a mask but it's very hard to
take it off. I believe in Warren
and have faith in him. I only ask
that you try and see past his
mask. Enclosed is a release for
Warren to your custody. I cannot
force you accept Warren into your
life, that choice is yours. I am
simply giving you a way to make it
happen, take it or not. Some say
that faith is blind, but maybe
it's just that no one knows where
to look. You have a good heart
Clara, don't shut him out of it.
Your friend and a true believer in
you, Dr. Grayson.
Clara steps into Warren's room, he is drawing in his
notebook and sitting on the bed.


Dr. Grayson was released
yesterday, he's doing really well.
Good that's good. I've been
I have to show you something.
Clara takes out the release form and hands it to Warren. He
reads it and loks up at her.
What is this?
It's a release for you, from Dr.
Grayson, into my custody.
How long is it for?
It's indefinite.
Why did he give this to you?
While he was staying in the
hospital, I visited him a few
times. He knew about us and some
of the conversations we were
having. He believes in you,he
wants me to believe in you too. He
gave me the release and told me
that it was up to me what I wanted
to do next.
Have you made a decision?
I don't beieve a lot of the things
you say.
I know....


I want to, but you don't make
I know.......
But even though I can't always
understand you, I'm drawn to you.
I could have ripped up this
release the minute I recieved it
and you never would have known.
But I didn't. I can't get you out
of my head Warren.......I ran into
my ex-husband the other day.
Apparently a mutual friend of ours
saw you and I at the church and
told him about it. He asked me if
we were together. I wanted said to
say no, I should have said no. But
I didn't. I told him we were
No let me finish. I hate thinking
about you as much as I do. I hate
worrying about you, I hate
wondering what your thinking
about, I hate crying because of
you, I hate it when you make me
laugh. I hate how you're not
happy, I hate how your only goal
is to die, I hate to see you in
pain. I hate how you make me a
better person without even knowing
it, I hate how brave I feel around
you and how scared I feel at the
same time.
Calm down...
And I hate how many times I wanted
to keep on driving and not come
here and all, and the only thing
that made me stop was you. I hate
how I want to make you happy here.
I hate when you talk about heavan
because I know you'd rather be


                       CLARA (cont'd)
there and I hate how much I want
you to stay. Mostly I hate how
much I want to be near you.
I signed the release form. Pack
your things I'll be back tomorrow
to pick you up.
Clara runs out of the room.. Warren chases her to the door
Clara..........Wait Clara......
Clara continues rushing down the hall. Warren stops and lets
her go.
Dr. Fresnan is standing in Andrew's room, as Clara enters.
Dr. Fresnan......how is he?
                       DR. FRESNAN
Honestly speaking Clara, not well.
I was really hoping he would have
waken up by now.
Clara walks over to Andrew and tkaes his hand.
There's still hope though?
                       DR. FRESNAN
There's always hope. I don't want
to suger coat this Clara, his odds
aren't good. Even if he wakes up
he won't he will have severe brain
damage. He could be no more than a
Can I have some time alone with
him, please?


                       DR. FRESNAN
Of course.
Dr. Fresnan exits. Clara sits beside Andrew.
Hi Andrew, it's Clara. I'm sorry I
haven't been able to visit you
more. You got moved to a new room
I see. You're lucky this room is
much nicer, and the nurses on this
floor are wonderful.
Andrew, I don't know if you can
hear me....listen I really need
you to wake up. I know how much
your parents love you and miss
you. I miss you too Andrew.
Clara sits for a moment in silence, then kneels on the
God, I.....I know I haven't talked
to you in awhile. I'm sorry about
that. I'm coming to you now
because I really need your help.
Please let Andrew be okay, please
let him wake up. He is so young
and he has so much going for him.
He deserves a chance in this
world. He deserves a chance to be
loved, and fall in love, he
deserves a chance to reach for his
dreams, he deserves a chance to
try, even to fail. Please don't
take that away from him. Please
just let him wake up.
Clara begins to cry, she reaches for a book on the side of
Andres bed.
      (opening book.)
Do you want to hear a story
Andrew? Okay.....There once was a
young man who lived deep in the
woods. Most people would be scared
living in the woods by themselves
but this young man was very


                       CLARA (cont'd)
Clara is carrying a large box into her bedroom. She putsit
down on the floor and looks around. Warren walks in after
her holding a box.
You can put the rest of your stuff
in here.
Warren puts down the box.
I know it's not the biggest
apartment but I think it will do
until we can start looking for a
place of your own.
They both begin to unpack boxes in silence.
Clara I wanted to thank you for
      (putting down the
       stuff in her
You know what? I'm really hungry.
Do you want to go get some pizza?
Clara and Warren are walking down the street.
Beautiful day isn't it? The
weather report was calling for
rain but they are never right


I lied to you.
Whatever it is I forgive you. So
where do you feel like eating,
there is a shop on the corner
Warren grabs Clara's arm and they stop walking.
Stop Clara, please. Enough with
the small talk. I need to tell you
something and I want you to
listen, really listen.
What is it?
It's about what you said the other
No, Warren, no. I don't want to
talk about it. Look I'm sorry for
everyhting I've said the last
couple of days. I've been under a
lot of stress at work lately and
it got to my head. I didn't mean
any of it, so please just forget
You were right.
You were right not to believe me,
about heavan. I lied to you. For
me, heaven was just this peaceful
place but that's not how it was
for everyone. Others they, they
got to watch over the ones that
they had loved. They were with
them for every moment in their
lives. I was jealous of them, even
in heaven. The reason that I
didn't get to watch over anyone I
loved, was because I never loved


                       WARREN (cont'd)
I don't remeber much of my life
before heaven. My parents died
when I was young, I didn't hve any
other family. I never let anyone
else into my heart, ever. I was
alone in life so I was alone in
heaven. I had almost forgotten
what it was like to feel anything
until I was brought back here. I
stil hate it, I hate the pain and
the frustration and the confusion.
There is only one thing in this
world that makes sense to me.
What is that?
You......I feel so warm when
you're near me. I was so confused
and lost about my feelings....but
when you said those things to me
yesterday....I didn't feel lost
anymore. For the first time I felt
like I found a reason to be here
and I wasn't scared and I wasn't
angry I'm still confused and I
don't know what to do next, but
now I know that you're confused
too, you don't have everything
figured out either.
Clara I...I hate thinking about
you as much as I do. I hate
worrying about you, I hate
wondering what your thinking
about, I hate crying because of
you, I hate it when you make me
laugh, I hate to see you in I hate
how your only pain. I hate how you
make me a better person without
even knowing it, I hate how brave
I feel around you and how scared I
feel at the same time.


And if I can hate all those things
about you and still want to be
with you every moment that I can.
Than this, this must be more. I
never felt so strong for
anyone.....my heart has neer eat
this hard. I think I love you.
Neither of them speaks for a moment. Warren grabs Clara and
kises her, after a moment he pulls away.
You were right Clara, love it is
everything. It's so scary and so
hard to give up your heart, to
trust someone enough to protect
it. I'm not scared anymore Clara,
because of you.
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.....Waren I love
you too. I do I love you....I
really do.
Warren kisses her again, he sweeps her up and pulls her into
her arms. A woman acroos the street is screaming about a
robbery, and a gunshot goes off. Warren puts Clara down and
pulls away from her.
Warren?.......Warren what's wrong?
Warren moves his arm that was covering his stomach. He is
gushing blood. He drops to the ground and Clara falls to her
Warren.....Warren don't try to
talk okay, everything is going to
be fine, you are going to be fine.
Clara kisses him.


Somebody help me.....Call an
ambulance......Please help me.....
Sound of sirens as we cut to:
You'll be okay Warren, I
promise.....I love you.
A staff of dcotors and nurses including Dr. Fresnan and
Suzanne are racing Warren on a stretcher through the
emergency room.
                       DR. FRESNAN
How did this happen?
We were just standing on the
corner near my apartment, it must
have been a stray bullet from the
robbery acros the street.
Suzanne grabs a chart and they stop wheeling the stretcher
for a moment.
What's his name?
Warren Laterly.
The Warren LAterly that dismantled
Dr. Grayson's face? I thought you
didn't talk to him anymore.
                       DR. FRESNAN
Is something wrong?
This patient has somehow escaped
from The River Valley Mental
Health Facilities, he has a
violent an abusive history.


                       DR. FRESNAN
Clara is this true?
Yes.....well no, not exactly.
                       DR. FRESNAN
Suzanne, please contact River
Valley and telem we have their
patient here. Ask them if we have
permission to operate and take
heroic measures needed to save
No there's not time for that. Just
do whatever you have to, you have
my permission.
                       DR. FRESNAN
Clara your permission doesn't
count here, you're on thin ice
already being with a patient that
escaped from a mental health
facility. Now take a step back and
let us do our jobs.
Screw you!
                       DR. FRESNAN
Watch your tone.
No, screw you. He did not escape
from River Valley he was released
into my custody. So could you stop
treating him like some sort of
criminal and help him?
                       DR. FRESNAN
Okay, let's get him to the O.R.
Dr. Fresnan and the other nurses and doctors push Warren
down the hall. Suzanne stays behind.
Why was he released to your


Because I love him.....Don't
bother looking at me like that
Suzanne, I know what you are
thinking and I don't care. I'm
sick of caring what everyone else
thinks of me, I love him. Do you
hear me I LOVE HIM!
He's very disturbed.
Who isn't? Life's disturbing. It's
scary and it's hard and it's
horrible, but it's wonderful and
exciting, and worth it. You have
no right to judge him, you don't
even know him. He's an amazing
Forgive me for not believing you.
Forgive me for not giving a shit
what you believe.
Clara is sitting out in the hallway. Dr. Fresnan steps out
into the hallway covered in blood.
      (standing up.)
How is he?
                       DR. FRESNAN
There was a lot of organ damage
and internal bleeing. He's stable
now, but he won't be leaving the
Clara begins to cry.
                       DR. FRESNAN
I'm sorry Clara....
How long?


                       DR. FRESNAN
A few minutes, at the most.
Can I see him?
Dr. Fresnan nods.
Warren is lying in the bed. He has tubes and wires all
around him and is attached to a heart monitor. Clara hold
the wall for support for a moment and then walks over to
I love you Warren.
They couldn't save me could they?
I'm going to die.
Clara nods.
Ever since the day I arrived, all
I wanted as to go back. I begged
and pleaded and prayed that my
life would just end. Now it is,
and I don't want to go. I finally
know what it is to love and I
don't want to leave that.
I know Warren.
I'm scared Clara.....I don't want
to leave you.
Clara kisses him.
Listen to me okay? Clara you are
an extraordinary woman. You have
so much more in you then you let


                       WARREN (cont'd)
people see. Your heart is so big
and you are so beautiful. Even
when you feel lost and scared,
please rememeber that you will
never be alone. I will watch over
you and I will protect you. Do not
be afraid to pray Clara, I will
answer you.
I'm sorry Warren, I'm so sorry.
Never be sorry. You gave me
everything, you are everything.
When I am in heaven I will think
of you and be happy. The peace I
feel will be from my memories of
you, it will be your light that
keeps me warm. We will see each
other again Clara.
I believe you Warren, I've always
believed you.
Don't lose faith Clara, I will
always watch over you. I love you.
I love you too.
Warren closes his eyes. Clara kisse him and takes his hand.
Warren does not answer.....the haert monitor machine
flatlines. Clara drops to her knees and cries hysterically.
I love you Warren.....Take care of
him God please....
Clara continues to cry. Dr. Fresnan rushes in the door.
                       DR. FRESNAN
Clara..... I need you to come with


What going on?
                       DR. FRESNAN
It's Andrew......he's waking up.
Clara gets up and kisses Warren one more time.
Clara walks into the room. Andrew is opening his eyes and
rolling his head back and forth.
                       DR. FRESNAN
Andrew can you hear me? My name is
Dr. Fresnan, this is Clara. Do you
remember her?
She......she's an ....angel.
                       DR. FRESNAN
      (to Clara.)
Will you wait with him while I go
call his parents?
Of course.
Dr. Fresnan exits.
Hi Andrew.
Where am I?
You are in a hospital. You were in
a pretty nasty accident and have
been alseep for a very long time.
Where are my parents?


They are on the way, they'll be
here soon.
Am I going to be okay?
Yes Andrew you are going to be
Then why are you crying?
um..... sometimes adults cry when
they are happy Andrew.
Do you remeber anything from being
I had a lot of dreams. I didn't
understand most of them. They were
like pictures that went really
Dreams can be scary sometimes.
No they weren't scary. There was a
man in a lot of them, he told me
everything was going to be okay.
He said his name was Warren.
Yes, he told me it was time to
wake up. He said when I woke up
there would be an angel waiting
for me. He told me I needed to
tell her something. I think you
are the angel.
Wha-What did he tell you?


He said; don't be sad. Do't cry
because he is happy. He said that
he will always be with you. He
aslo said; Sometimes, when we want
to see the whole picture, we have
to use a wider frame.
He said that?
He said it was an answer that you
needed. He also said he loves you.
Clara begins to cry again.
Are you crying because you're
happy, or because you're sad?
A little bit of both.
Tile reading: ONE MONTH LATER. Clara is standing in her
closet throwing clothes on the floor. Her phone rings and
she lets the machine pick it up.
      (through machine.)
Clara.....hey it's me
Michael.....it's been awhile. I
heard through the grapevine that
you were moving out...taking some
time to travel the world.......I
just wanted to say good for
you.....Me and Allison broke up
last week.....I've been thinking
about you lately.........call me
sometime.....anytime...... or just
stop by.....I would love to see
you......I hope to hear from you
Clara walks over to the machine and erases the message,
rolling her eyes. She goes back to the closet and reaches
for a box on a shelf. When she pullsit down it reads WARREN
on the top. Slowly she opens it and begins to look through


his belongings. She xomes across the notebok he was always
doodling in She opens it and slowly flips through the pages.
There are many sketches of her, sitting standing all in
different positions. Some have hearts setched next to them.
Clara begins to cry but quickly gets up and places the
notebook in the box she was packing. She stands up and walks
over to her door. On the back of her bedroom door it is
covered with yellow paper. She turns her back to the camera
and begins to peel off the paper. We can see that on her
back she has gotten a small tatoo in the shape of the wings
that were on Warren's back with the initials W.L underneath


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