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by Chris Salzer and Earl Adams (OnTheReal244@msn.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: *

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Focus slightly behind and above Kyleís desk. Pan up slowly
so that it is hovering over Kyle.
OTS of Kyle solving a mathematic equation on a piece of
CU of Kyleís math work. A shot of the room ceiling on the
corner moving downward at an angle to over head of the
students. A shot of the wall tilting upward to the clock
focusing on the time which is 3:45
An establishing shot of the school from the parking lot
while all of the students are leaving and uploading into the
LS of the opening of the hallway where Kyleís class is
located. Students are walking down this hall.
Kyle walks out of classroom and down the hall
OTS of Kyle while arching around him from his back keeping
Kyle the main focus. A Behind Kyle establishing shot in
order for the audience to see the entire hallway (from
Kyleís point of view).
XLS or LS of Riley and Davon walking toward Kyle
      (waves at Kyle)
Hey, Kyle! Over here!
Kyle runs up to Riley and Davon and greets Riley in a
special way; slap hands, hug, etc..
Hey, whatís up? Are we still going
to Jessieís place later?
CU of Riley as she talks.
Yeah, of course. We saw her last
period and she said her mom said
it was okay.


Focus on all three of them talking with Davon in the center
of the team.
She said to meet up at her place
at around 5:00. Is that cool?
Yeah, thatís fine.
So, whose car are we taking?
We can just take mine.
Iíll come pick you guys up at 4:30
or so and then weíll head over to
Jessieís house.
Davon and Riley nod to acknowledge
Iíll see you guys tonight.
Riley walks off screen and Davon and Kyle walk off together
The camera is centered in the middle of the road in Jessie'
neighborhood. The camera starts at the left side of the
street and pans over to the right side to Jessieís house in
the center.
The camera starts coming down the stairs to then focus on
Jessie. MS of Jessie and her television.
MS of Jessie using remote, changes channel a few times and
stops on the news where she will hear that a serial killer
is on the loose in her neighboring area.
MS to LS of the outside of Jessieís house when a car drives
up unto the curve and into the shot on the right hand side
of the screen.
MS of Jessie in her basement when she turns her attention to
the doorbell and walks off screen to answer the door.


MS or LS of Riley, Davon, and Kyle in front of door and then
MS of Jessie, from behind, answering the door.
Hey, where are T and Danny?
We donít know. They wouldnít come
with us.

They called and said that they
were on there way. They just ran
into a little car trouble.
Oh ok, well then lets just start
the movie and fill them in on it
when they get here.
LS of Jessie, Davon, Riley, and Kyle walking down to the
So what movie are we watching?
Weíre watching Van Helsing. My mom
just rented it. Itís supposed to
be really scary.
Yes! I wanted to see it at the
movies but somebody
                       RILEY (cont'd)
      (looks over to
decided to change his plans at the
last minute!
Let it go! Damn.


Alright then. I say we go and get
this movie started.
I agree. Let's go.
I'm so excited! This movie is
supposed to be so scary. My
friend Jake told me it was scary
but also really good.
MS/LS of Jessie, Davon, Riley, and Kyle walking down into
the basement.
MS to LS of foursome getting comfortable and ready to watch
the movie.
Movie starts playing and then screen fades into another
angle of the group watching the movie. Cut to outside
watching a car drive into the scene. Cut back downstairs to
a CU of Riley. Cut back to a hand reaching for the doorknob.
Cut back downstairs to a CU of Kyle breathing. Cut back to a
CU of Danny and Tanishaís feet walking to basement. Cut
back to group watching movie. Cut to a Dannyís point of
view as he walks downstairs and scares the group.
                       EVERYONE (but Tanisha and Danny)
      (all scream and
       laugh it off
MS of Tanisha and Danny laughing.
Man, that was a good one.
      (makes a face
       while saying whoa)
Dude, you should have seen the
look on your face. You were like


Hey, what took you guys so long?
We were on our way but there was
some kind of accident.
Yeah, it was real bad. There were
ambulances carrying someone off
and they didnít look to good.
I was tried to see who it was but
there were too many people
crowding around the scene.
It's a good thing you just missed
the accident, and your in luck! We
just started ________.
Uh yeah, I have'nt seen it! I
really want to finish it too!
Dude, chill out. Jessie, start
the movie before Riley has a total
Cut to Riley making a face at Dannyís remark. Cut back to
Jessie pressing the play button on the DVD remote
Iím hungry.
Help yourself to anything in the
fridge or the pantry.

Alright, thanks. Anybody want
anything while Iím up there?


                       EVERYONE (but Tanisha)
      (shouts what they
Alright! I guess I'll just bring
the whole kitchen down with me
                       EVERYONE (but Tanisha)
      (not all at once)
A loose shot of the remaining five focused so intently on
the movie
LS to MS of Tanisha walking upstairs. CU of Tanishaís feet
walking towards kitchen. MS of Tanisha grabbing a bag of
popcorn to pop. CU of another set of feet quietly walking
toward Tanisha. OTS of Tanisha facing the microwave,
putting popcorn in microwave. LS of Danny, behind Tanisha,
standing in the kitchen (faded). MS of Tanisha looking in
fridge for drinks, takes water out and puts it on the
counter and opens it. CU of Daniel's behind walking up
slowly and quietly towards Tanisha. Cut to a CU of
Tanisha's front then Danny scares her.
      (scares Tanisha &
       she spills the
      (hits Kyle on
What the hell? Donít you EVER to
that again!
      (laughs it off)
      (hits Kyle on
Itís not funny!


Quit hitting me!
Well if you werenít such a jerk
all the time then I wouldnít feel
the need to.
      (gets short w/
Look letís just go back downstairs
and finish the movie. Alright?
Fine. But you had better help me
clean this mess up. I'm not going
to clean this mess up by myself;
especially since you made me spill
I didnít make you do anything.
Donít start with me, Danny, Iím
not in the mood anymore.
Alright then Iím going to stay
sout of your way.
Besides, its scary when your
Danny quickly runs back to the basement to join the others.
Danny! You better get your ass
back up here and help me clean
this mess up!


      (from basement)
Quiet up there! We are trying to
watch a movie down here!
      (murmuring to
       herself while
       cleaning up)
What an asshole.
MS of Tanisha cleaning up, then washing her hands, and then
heads back to the basement with the others.
LS of everyone in basement sitting on couch watching movie
Danny begins to rise from the couch
I have to pee. I know you all will
miss me.
      (but Danny &
MS to LS of Danny walking upstairs
      (murmuring to
Tanisha just needs to get over the
fact that I didnít make her spill
that damn drink.
MS of Danny walking into bathroom
Cut to a LS of Riley, Jessie, Tanisha, Kyle and Davon in the
Danny has been up there for
awhile. Hopefully he didnít fall


Well if he did it wouldnít be that
much of a loss.
What happened with you two when
you were in the kitchen?
Nothing really. He was being an
arrogant jerk, like always.
Well thatís just how he is. Just
let whatever it was go and not let
it bother you.
I just donít understand why he
always has to act like that. No
one likes to be treated like dirt.
Hey! We are trying to watch the
movie over here!
      (raises hands &
       rolls eyes)
Sorry guys.
I just blocked the conversation
out of my head so I focus on the
It would be nice if we could
finish this movie without anymore
      (thud in
      (looks up)
What the hell was that?
I have no ideaÖ

      (looks around)


                       RILEY (cont'd)
Weíd better go check it out.
Someone want to come with me to
see what the problem is?
It sounded like he hit his big
      (grabs Tanisha's
Okay, weíll be right back
      (w/ attitude)
I'm not going up there!
      (drags Tanisha
Oh yes you are! Let's go!
MS/LS of Riley and Tanisha walking upstairs
I bet you he really did fall in.
He didn't fall in, but we should
still check.
      (opens basement
       door & heads for
      (knocks on
Danny are you okay?
Heís fine lets go back downstairs.
No wait.. Danny are you ok?
      (brief pause)
Heís probably on the can. Letís
go back downstairs.


No shut up!
      (roughly knock on
       BR door)
      (turns door knob
       and proceeds in)
What the hell happened here?
Oh my god! Where is Danny?
I donít know. He wouldn't have
left without saying anything.
You're right. Weíd better go tell
everyone else!
      (walks towards
       basement door)
Yeah, you're right.
MS of Riley and Tanisha heading for the basement
MS of the frontside of Riley and Tanisha when Danny falls
from the ceiling behind them.
                       EVERYONE (Riley and Tanisha)
      (scream and run)
MS of Jessie, Kyle, and Davon looking around questioning
what is going on when Riley and Jessie run into the basement
What's with all the screaming?
You guys, something terrible has
just happened to Danny.
Wait, whatís wrong?
Danny is dead!


      (in disbelief)
What?!?! No way! Don't joke about
that kind of thing.
I'm not!
What happened?
We really donít know butÖ
Loud obnoxious noise in the background

What was that?
      (freaked out)
This whole place has gone crazy.
We need to go check this out.
Yeah sheís right, weíll all go
this time.
I'm not going! Jessie's going this
Not me. Whatever that was I donít
want to have anything to do with
Itís your house you should go up
NO! Just because it is my house,
doesn't me I [have] to go!


Iíll go! Since the rest of you are
wimps. Geeze, it seems like I'm
the onlyu brave one willing to see
what's up around here. God, itís
probably nothing. So, who is
going with me?
Awe hell naw. At least one of you
are coming with me.
      (continued silence)
Alright, fine then! Iím choosing
someone. Tanisha come on!
Excuse you? I've already been up
there once and I didn't like what
I saw. I don't want to go again.
Well I didn't either, but
something is going on up there. We
need to find out what we are up
against. Besides, we will be
together weíll be fine.
I'm not so sure about this..
      (Jerks Tanisha
It will be alright. NOw, come on!
      (looks to others)
LS of others shrugging
Cut to a LS of Riley starting up the stairs, Tanisha lags
Girl you better hurry your little
butt up!
Alright, Alright, Iím coming.



CU of Tanisha looking back at the others and rolls her eyes
      (quickly runs up
Background sound-glass breaking
LS to MS of Riley and Tanisha quickly running back into the
What was that?
I think it came from upstairs. I
think this time we will all go,
This time lets all go.

LS to MS of the entire group moving toward the basement door

      (screams and runs
       to front door)
Tanisha, wait!
Hey, wait up!

LS/MS of Tanisha struggling to open the front door

Whatís wrong with her?


I donít know, maybe watching her
friend die!

LS/MS of Tanisha running outside with Riley and Davon
following closely behind.
      (running after
Tanisha whatís wrong?
Danny is dead! Someone is in that
house! I just want to get as far
away as I can!
      (brief pause)
Tanisha, don't move. There is a
bee by your head.
Don't joke about that kind of
NO. I'm serious. Don't move.
LS/MS of Tanisha running around agitated and screaming

Stop running around youíll only
agitate it!

I think it stung me! I think it
stung me!
Youíll be fine.


No I wont Iím allergic to bees!
That's why I've always had a sort
of phobia when it comes to bees.
How come you never told us this?
There is not time! I need my
epi-pen! It's in my purse. Uh, I
left it in the basement.
Okay, I'll go get it! Hold on!
      (searches basement)
Where is it? Where did she put the
darn thing??
      (pauses & looks
There it is!
MS to LS of Davon dashing out the door towards Tanisha and
the others

Iíve got it! Here hurry before..

High shot of Jessie croutched over Tanisha shaking her head
with tears coming down

      (kneels down &
       begins to cry)
I canít believe..
      (places hand on
       shoulder w/ tears
       coming down her
Itís not your fault. You did what
you could.


Hey, you guys come here!
LS to MS of Riley, Jessie, and Davon running to Kyle.
Guys look. Someone was definitely
      (looks at others)
Hey, what's wrong?
Tanisha is dead.
Are you serious? What happened?
      (still sobbing)
She had an allergic reaction to a
bee sting. We weren't able to get
her her epi-pen in time.
She didnít even get a chance.
I'm going to miss her so much..
I hate to seem heartless right
now, but we need to think about us
right now, if you want to live.
Personally, I think we should go
after this guy.
We canít just go after him. What
if heís armed?
That's a risk we're just going to
have to take.
Do we have to go outside? It's
kinda dark out there.


Why? You scared or something?
Uh, I hate to bring this up rihgt
now, but I'm kind scared of the
      (in disbelief)
You're scared of the dark? It
can't be!
      (looks at Riley)
MS of Riley shrugging
Well I'll be.
Hey do you see anyone or anything?
LS of Riley, Jessie, Kyle, and Davon walk outside the door
and look around

Itís to dark to see now.
Maybe we should split up and look
for this guy.
Yeah, your right. Weíre bound to
find this guy covering more
Lets meet back at the front door
in 20 minutes tops.
Okay, Davon Iíll go with you and
Jessie you go with Kyle.


LS/MS of Kyle and Jessie walking to the front yard
LS/MS of Davon and Riley walk down the backyard hill

MS of Kyle and Jessie walk to the front yard
MS of Davon and Riley walk down the backyard hill
MS/LS of Riley and Davon walking through the backyard. They
head towards the "marked" point.
It is so dark out right now.
Yeah I know. Watch out so you
donít step on anything.
This is so terrible, both Tanisha
and Daniel are dead and there is
nothing that we can do about this!
      (walk to "marked"
We can at least try to see what we
can find.
Be careful Davon.
      (falls in hole)
Relax weíll be fine.
      (turns around to
       see that Davon is
       not there)
Hey Davon if we do find who ever
did this what are we going to be
able to do about it? Davon are
you listening to me? Davon!


                       RILEY (cont'd)

      (refocuses her
Davon! Can you hear me! Davon!
Oh no! Of all the times!
Help! Get me out of here!

Davon I can here you but where are
Get me out of here!
      (looks down)
Oh my god how is that you?
Yes, yes now help me get out of
Let me see what I can find!

      (picks up shovel)
Ok hold on! I found something just
don't move .
      (begins to dig)
Whoa be careful!
I'm trying as best I can!


Ok that's enough just help me out!
      (helps pull Davon
What happened?
I don't know. I was walking behind
you and then that hole fell
through. It was like someone had
pre-dug the hole and it felt like
someone was putting the dirt back
into the hole.
I thought I saw somebody! We'd
better go tell the others what
just happened.
LS of Jessie and Kyle in front yard walking around near a
light post looking for and suspicious characters. Head
towards marked point.
Oh my god I canít believe whatís
going on!
Yeah, this is serious.
Maybe we should get help?
Yeah, but then heíd probably come
after us.
Heís coming after us now, so itís
a little late for all of that.


Shut up!
Kyle and Jessie walk around, pause, and then look around

Do you see anything?
No, nothing, how about you?
Maybe we should look over there
and see if we find anything?
      (jumps back and
Yeah, may...
What the hellís wrong?
A cat ran out, sorry!
MS/LS of Jessie being pulled into the bushes
So I think we should head back
Do you think we should head back?
      (pause & turns)
Hey! Jessie! What the hell! Where
are you? Oh my god, Jessie!
LS to MS of Davon and Riley running up the hill and head
towards Kyle



Kyle, what's wrong?
I can't find Jessie, she's gone!
We heard you screaming.
What happened?
I don't know I just turned around
to take a look and when I looked
back she was gone!
Why don't we just help you look
for her she couldn't have gone
Yeah, she probably just went to
look around a little more.
Someone took her! I know it I
know I saw something.
Are you sure you know what you
He's probably telling the truth
because I thought I saw something
to when you disappeared.
You saw something? And you


I don't have a clue what happened?
What should we do?
It's to dangerous to stay outside
we should go back inside at least
in there we would have some
Protection, right.
LS of Riley, Davon, and Kyle inside of Jessie's house in the
family room. The group talks for a while hearing strange
noises in the house and investigates the disturbances.
Now what? Whatever or whoever is
out there could come in here.
Yeah, but we are better off in
Besides if we stay outside and
split up we probably wont be able
to hear one another if scrÖ
      (looks around)
What the hell what that?


I think it came from the basement.
Yeah, but where did it come from?
We needs to go check that out.
I guess.
Alright lets go.
MS of Riley, Kyle, and Davon walking downstairs, frightend,
looking around for Jessie
Well I guess who ever was down
here left.
Riley, Davon, and Kyle hear a noise from behind them. Jessie
screams and Kyle sharply turns around.
That had to have been Jessie,
sheís down here.
Yeah, but where?
It sounded like it came from over
In that room, come lets go!
Riley, Kyle, and Davon run up to door. RIley jiggles the
handle and walks in and trips over the switch.

a loud bang and cut to black



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From Cameron Date 3/2/2008 **1/2
You could have done without all the camera angles. I lovd the plot though it was great. What is the ending though?

From Cayleigh Date 3/11/2005 1/2
Too. Many. Camera. Angles. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Enough said.

From justin preece Date 2/7/2005 *
this format is awful, this isnt a shotting script, dump the angle descriptions and tell the story. and i didnt really read much of the story, but it did not seem all that good, and like the previous review, Van Helsing scary lmao, scary in terms of how horrible it is. no imagination

From J.J Date 2/6/2005 *
This is not even fun to read because of the camera angles. I might have given it a higher grade if you took those out. By the way, who said Van Helsing is supposed to be really scary???? It's not. At all.

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