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Heaven and Earth
by Roberto Fernandez (robert3381@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ****
Twin sons of Satan seperated at birth. One raised by their spiritual catholic mother. The first born is raised in hell by their father. Satans plan to take over heaven and earth can only succeed if the good son turns to a life of evil. With special powers at their disposal it is not easy for the second born to control them. It's a constant struggle of good verses evil. And only God knows the outcome.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Chorus members are singing. Parishioner's are standing and
singing with the chorus. Except for one man who is still
sitting down.
The man is white with brown hair and green eyes. He is 6'2"
tall with a medium build. He is well dressed in a dark suit
and tie.
While everyone is singing, he is just staring at one of the
female chorus singers. Her name is Lillian Fairchild.
Lillian is an 18 year old girl. She is 5'7", brown hair,
brown eyes, physically fit body and is the daughter of the
pastor Reverend Robert Fairchild.
Reverend Fairchild is 5'11" tall, 170 pounds with salt and
pepper hair. He has brown eyes and a large build. The
reverend is outside on the steps of the church thanking the
guest for attending service.

With him is his wife Valerie. Valerie is 5'6" tall with
Blond hair and blue eyes. Also standing by their side is
Lillian Fairchild.

A parishioner approaches to greet the family.
Beautiful service today Reverend.
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
Thank you John. And thank you for
How could I miss a service with
Lillian singing so beautifully.
Thank you Mr. Maxwell.


The parishioner leaves when the mysterious man that was
staring at Lillian approaches the Fairchild family.
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
Good afternoon. I can't say that
I've seen you here before.
Reverend Fairchild extends his hand to shake with the man.
The man does not shake his hand.
Forgive me for not shaking your
hand. I've been ill.
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
Oh, don't worry. I understand. Are
you new in town?
Yes, I am. I was walking by your
church when an angelic voice lured
me inside.
Mysterious man looks at Lillian and smiles.
Our Lillian has been blessed with
the voice of an angel. She's our
pride and joy.
She has been blessed with a voice
and a beauty to match. I bet the
boys are always knocking at your
The family puts on a serious face.
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
Yes, well. It was nice meeting
you, ah. I'm sorry what is your
Jacob, My name is Jacob Friendly.


                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
Good to meet you Jacob. Please
come visit us again.
Jacob looks at Lillian.
I do believe I will take you up on
that offer.
Jacob walks away with a grin on his face.
The Fairchild family is sitting at the dining room table.
Vivian is serving dinner. Lillian brings out the last of the
food and sits down at the dinner table.
I received a letter from NYU
yesterday. They accepted me into
their Fall Term.
Reverend Fairchild throws his fork on his plate with anger.
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
How many times do we have to go
through with this! You are going
to school here in West Virginia!
Dad, I want to go to New York!
I've never left this place! I
don't even know what's out there
in the world!
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
Well I do! And I will not have my
daughter on her own in a city
filled with criminals and
It's not fair! I'm eighteen and I
can make my own decisions. You
can't tell me what to do anymore!


                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
As long as I'm your father you
will do as I say! Now go to your
Lillian gets up from the table and runs upstairs to her
Robert! Don't you think you were
hard on her. After all she is old
enough to do what she wants.
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
She doesn't know any better
Valerie. I'm just trying to
protect her from the evil that's
out there.
Lillian is a good girl. We raised
her right and sooner or later
you're going to have to let her
Valerie walks away angry at Reverend Fairchild. She walks
upstairs and follows Lillian.
Valerie knocks on the door and asked Lillian if she could
come in.
Honey, can I come in?
Valerie starts to open the door and walking inside Lillian's
      (Voice muffled
       from the pillow)
You can do what ever you want.
It's your house not mine.


Valerie enters the room and sits down on Lillian's bed by
Lillian's side.
Oh honey, you know your father has
a hard head. He doesn't mean what
he says he's just worried about
you. You're still his little girl
and he wants to be close to you so
he can protect you. He loves you.
He loves me yet he won't let me
live my own life. Please just
leave me alone.
Okay honey. If you want dinner is
still downstairs.
Valerie exits the room and closes the door behind her.
Lillian remains crying on her pillow.
Lillian is asleep on her bed. The clock on her night stand
reads 3:am.

Her bedroom door opens. A ravishing handsome man enters. The
man is wearing a suit that looks expensive with a dark silk
tie. He is a tall man with a slender but well built physique
and black straight hair.
The man walks towards Lillian's bed and gently sits on the
edge next to Lillian without waking her. He places his hand
on her leg and slides it up passed her vagina onto her

When his hand reaches her stomach he stops and closes his
eyes. Together they start to float in the air about 4 inches
off of the bed.
Lillian is having a dream. The handsome man is in her dream.


He is on top of Lillian in her bedroom making love to her.
She is enjoying the love making. They are both naked. The
man moves faster and faster while Lillian moans and
scratches his back with pleasure. Steam is coming out of the
scratches. They are both dripping in sweat. When Lillian
looks like she is about to climax, the man transforms into a
horrible horned demon from hell. Lillian looks at the demon
and screams with total fear.

Lillian wakes up screaming and sweating with her clothes
still on. The clock on her night stand says 6:57 am.
Lillian's mother runs into the bedroom.
What's wrong honey? Are you
alright? It must have been a
Lillian rushes out of bed and runs into the bathroom and
begins to vomit into the toilet.
Reverend Fairchild is closing his sermon. Lillian and her
mother are sitting in the crowd listening to him.
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
What I'm trying to get across to
you is that just because a person
looks bad on the outside, it
doesn't mean they don't have any
good on the inside. Show your
kindness and soon you will see
their good side come out.
Lillian gets up and runs to the bathroom. Reverend Fairchild
stops and looks at Lillian run off.
Reverend Fairchild walks into his office with Valerie. They
find Lillian sitting on a chair with her head in the trash
can vomiting.
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
Lillian are you ill? You left in
the middle of my surmon.


Of course she's ill Robert. Can't
you see. I think we should take
you to see Dr. Lantz.
The Fairchilds are in the waiting room while Lillian is in
the exam room with Dr. Lantz.
Dr. Lantz leaves the exam room without Lillian and walks
towards Reverend Fairchild and Valerie.

The Fairchilds get up from their chairs and approach Dr.
Doctor, what's wrong with Lillian?
Is she alright?
                       DR. LANTZ
Technically Lillian is an adult
and I'm not supposed to tell you,
but Lillian asked me to talk to
you and tell you what's going on.
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
Don't keep us in suspense any
longer doctor. Please tell us
what's wrong with our daughter.
                       DR. LANTZ
Well to tell you the truth,
Lillian is in perfect health.
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
Then why has she been vomiting for
last couple of days?
                       DR. LANTZ
Lillian is pregnant.
Pregnant! That can't be. we raised
her better than that.


                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
I want a second opinion. Run the
test again. My little girl cannot
be pregnant!
                       DR. LANTZ
Reverend, I did the blood test and
an ultrasound. She is probably
about 3 months into term.
The Fairchilds sit and have a confused look on their faces.
                       DR. LANTZ
What's puzzling is that she says
she is still a virgin. I did a
rape test and it came out
negative. No tear in her vagina,
not even her hymen is broken.
Their is no sign of sexual
Reverend Fairchild is throwing Lillian out of the house.
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
Get out of my house, now!
But daddy, I didn't do anything!
Lillian and Valerie are crying. They are holding each others
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
You didn't do anything? You did
something alright! I thought I
taught you better than to go
around sleeping with god knows
who! I always said, to live in my
house you must follow my rules.
You broke the rulles, now get out!
I don't know how this happened. I
didn't do anything!


Reverend Fairchild is putting Lillian's clothes in a
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
Get out of my house you slut!
Valerie speaks with tears in her eyes.
Robert, how can you say that?
She's your daughter.
                       REVEREND FAIRCHILD
Not anymore. You have 5 minutes to
get all your things before I call
the police.
Reverend Fairchild walks out of Lillian's bedroom.

Valerie and Lillian hug and cry.

Valerie takes out some money from her purse and hands it to
Here, take this . It will only be
for a little while until your
father calms down.
Jacob is outside looking in the window. He has a grin on his
face. Lillian walks out with a suitcase in her hand.

Jacob disappears into the shadows.
Almost six months has past. Lillian is in the maternity ward
giving birth.
You need to push Lillian. Push


Lillian pushes with all her strength. She screams and pushes
That's it, keep going. I see the
Lillian breathes and pushes one more time.

Finally the baby comes out.
Lillian you have a beautiful baby
The doctor cuts the umbilical cord and hands the new born to
the female nurse. The nurse exits the room with the baby.

When the nurse exits the room, she turns into Jacob and
walks away.

Back inside the room Lillian begins to scream in pain.
What's going on? Why am I still in
Lillian screams again.
You're having another baby. Just
hold on and push.
Jacob exits the hospital unaware that Lillian is having
another baby.

Jacob disappears into the shadows with Lillian's first born.
Lillian is still pushing after two minutes when all of a
sudden the baby is born.


Good job Lillian. You have two
healthy twin boys.
Lillian smiles and takes a deep breathe.
I want to hold them both.
The doctor hands the baby to Lillian wrapped in a blanket.
What are you going to name them?
This one is Daniel and my first
born is Alexander. Where is
Alexander? I want to hold him.
The doctor turns around to talk to the nurse.
Nurse Phelps hand Lillian
                       NURSE PHELPS
I don't have him. I just arrived.
Nurse Phelps looks around the delivery room for the baby.
Then who has him? Look for him and
alert security. I want this place
on lock down, now!
                       NURSE PHELPS
Yes doctor, right away.
Nurse Phelps runs out of the room.
Where's my baby? What have you
done with Alexander?
Lillian starts crying hysterically. Daniel starts to cry,


Don't worry Lillian. We will find
Ten years have passed. Lillian Fairchilds son Daniel is
playing with plastic toy soldiers and some trucks in the
playground of the church which is also a school.

Daniel looks at the toys and they start to melt.

A boy and his friends arrive and stand in front of Daniel.

The boy stomps on Daniels toys.
                       YOUNG BOY
These are my toys freak. We saw
what you did. My mom told me to
stay away from you because you're
evil. We don't want you here, so
leave freak.
The boy pushes Daniel with his foot on the shoulder and the
other kids start to laugh.

Daniel stands up and confronts the young boy.

The young boy is a foot taller than Daniel but Daniel is not
                       YOUNG BOY
Oh, mister tough guy! What are you
going to do take us all on.
A priest exits the church and notices the argument. His name
is Father Michael.

Father Michael is an older man with white hair and a
mustache. He is around 5'6" tall with a medium build.

Daniel grabs the boy by his throat and picks him up off the
ground while his eyes glow in red.

The kids run away as the boy is being choked to death.


Father Michael comes running and grabs Daniel by the arm.
The priest burns his hand when he touches Daniel. But he
manages to get Daniel to release the boy. The boy falls to
the floor and remains there crying and holding his neck.

Daniel sits on the ground and continues to play with his
Daniel is sitting inside the office of Father Michael.

Lillian Fairchild walks in the office and rushes to Daniel
to give him a hug. Daniel hugs back.

Father Michael gets up from his desk with a bandage around
his hand.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Thank you for coming so quickly
Of course. What is the problem? Is
their anything wrong?
Father Michael looks at Daniel.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Daniel, could you wait for your
mother outside please?
Daniel looks at his mother for approval. Lillian nods her
head yes and Daniel gets up and walks outside Father
Michael's office.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Daniel, please close the door
behind you.
When Daniel exits the office, the door closes by itself.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
That is why I asked for you to
come today Lillian. Daniel has
been demonstrating signs of demon


                       FATHER MICHAEL (cont'd)
possession. Today he picked up a
boy off of the floor by his neck
and started to choke him.
Lillian looks down to the floor then looks at Father
That can't be possible. A ten year
old boy doesn't have the strength
to do that. You must have been
                       FATHER MICHAEL
A ten year old boy can't burn
flesh with his bare hands, but he
sure did that as well, look for
Father Michael takes off his bandage from his hand a shows
Lillian the burn.

Lillian starts to cry with shame.
I don't know what to do anymore.
All the other schools don't want
him. Please Father, don't kick him
out! He's a good boy, really.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
You mean he's demonstrated these
powers before?
Yes. Please Father Michael give
him another chance. I'll pay
double tuition. I'll work here at
the church on my off days. Just
please let him stay.
Father Michael stands up a hands Lillian a tissue and gives
Lillian a hug to comfort her.


                       FATHER MICHAEL
There there child. God would never
throw a child into the street. I
think God has better plans for
Daniel and I will help with his
plans. All we need to do is have
faith. We will teach him to
control his anger. You will see
everything will be alright.
Thank you Father, thank you so
Fifteen years later.

Several men are playing basketball. A female is on the
sideline sitting on the bleachers. She is cheering for one
of the basketball players.

The young lady is 5'6" with blond hair and blue eyes. She is
very attractive with a slender body.
Come on Daniel, defense!
The man she is cheering for is Daniel Fairchild. Daniel is
now 25 years old. He grew up to be 6'3" with a large
muscular physique.

Daniel is playing basketball. He gets in front of the man
with the ball and the man charges at him and knocks Daniel
down to the ground. The man dunked the ball for the point.

The man starts celebrating and giving high fives to his
teammates. The man then turns to Daniel to taunt him.
                       BASKET BALL PLAYER
You ain't got no game son! This is
my house! Get your ass up punk!
Daniels girlfriend Vanessa arrives to the court.


Are you okay baby?
Yeah, I'm okay Vanessa. Let's get
out of here.
                       BASKET BALL PLAYER
Yo baby, when you get tired of
that kid, come holla at me and try
a man for a change.
I don't go out with assholes.
Jacob is standing next to the bleachers watching what is
going on.
                       BASKET BALL PLAYER
What did you say bitch? Don't
fucking talk to me that way.
Daniel turns around and looks at the man.

The man walks towards Daniel with his boys behind him.
The only bitch I see is you. You
need all your boys to step up to
                       BASKET BALL PLAYER
You couldn't even handle me with
one hand tied behind my...


The man sucker punches Daniel in the nose and Daniel goes
down like sack of potatoes.

Daniel then gets up and walks to the man.

The man again swings at Daniel but Daniel catches the man's
arm and throws the man down to the pavement.

The man's friends rush Daniel to the floor and start kicking

Vanessa stands by them screaming at them to stop.
Stop! Please stop, you're hurting
Jacobs comes out of nowhere and starts to fight with the
fives guys. One by one they all go down. He effortlessly
kicks all of their ass's.

Vanessa runs to Daniel to see if he is alright.

The men get up and run away from Jacob. Jacob then walks to
Daniel and Vanessa.
Are you alright Daniel?
Daniel gets up off of the floor.
Yes, thank you. How do you know my
I heard your girlfriend scream it
Jacob extends his arm to shake Daniels hand.
My name is Jacob.
Daniel shakes Jacob's hand.


I'm Vanessa, thank you for helping
him. Most people would of just
walked away.
I am not most people.
I can see that. You really kicked
some ass. How did you do that?
Just something I picked up here
and there. Daniel you should
really consider learning some self
defense classes of something like
that. Next time I won't be here to
save your ass.
I don't believe that violence
stops violence. I was raised not
to do harm to others.
Defending yourself and the people
you care about is not violence.
It's self defense. Sometimes you
have to let go. Let your instincts
guide you. If you have rage inside
of you then vent it out on the
people that anger you and want to
harm you or else next time you
might be far worse than you were
today. Vanessa might not be crying
because you got hurt, she'll be
crying at your funeral.
I'll take that into consideration.
Thank you once again Jacob for
your help. We have to be going.
Jacob shakes Daniels hand and Daniel and Vanessa enter into


Daniels red truck.

Daniel and Vanessa drive off.

A figure materializes next to Jacob. It is Alexander,
Daniel's older twin brother.
The anger rages inside of him. We
just have to make him explode and
he is ours. Once his half soul
merges with yours, heaven and
earth is ours for the taking.
Leave that to me. Tell my father I
will be gone for a couple of days.
It's time my brother found out
what hell is really like.
As you wish your highness.
Jacob starts to walk and a fiery door opens. Jacob enters
the door, the voices of tortured souls are heard screaming
in pain. The door closes and Alexander is left alone with a
grin on his face.
Alexander is walking in Time Square wearing a dark coat with
a dark tie.

He looks around and notices that every man has a girl. Then
he spots two beautiful women with their boyfriends.
They will do for now.
The two women are kissing their boyfriends and laughing.
Both women stop and look at Alexander at the same time.

Alexander's eyes turn red and the women walk towards him.
They each grab one of Alexanders arms and start walking away
from their boyfriends.


The boyfriend are in shock and have no idea what is going
                       BOYFRIEND 1
Sherry, what the fuck are you
The men run up to Alexander and the two women. They block
them from walking.
                       BOYFRIEND 2
Tina are you crazy. You don't even
know this guy.
Do I know you?
Alexander looks at the men with glowing red eyes.
                       BOYFRIEND 2
My mistake. I thought you were
someone else.
                       BOYFRIEND 1
Richard, what are you doing with
those people? I'm getting cold all
                       BOYFRIEND 2
I'm sorry honey, I though they
looked familiar.
                       BOYFRIEND 1
Yeah right! You just wanted to
look at that man. You think he's
better looking than me.
                       BOYFRIEND 2
Never baby. You know I only have
eyes for you.
The men look at each other and start to kiss and hug.
Lucy did you know that guy?


No. Alexander I'm cold.
Me, too.
Well than let's go get warmed up.
A black limo pulls up beside the trio and a driver exits the
limo and opens the door for them and they get into the car.
                       LIMO DRIVER
Good evening highness.
Good evening Miles. To the Plaza
Hotel please.
                       LIMO DRIVER
Right away sir.
Alexander is making love to Tina and Lucy. All three are
kissing, scratching and biting each other. Alexander pulls
on their hair as steam comes out of Alexanders back and arms
from the scratches.

Alexander starts changing into a demon that resembles the
demon form of Satan. Little by little his horns, fangs,
nails and skin start to transform.

The women notice the transformation but are unfazed by it.
they seem to enjoy the sex more now as Alexander changes
into a demon.

Alexander uses his long claws to scratch the women and draws
blood. The women are loving it.
Lillian is in the kitchen with the maid preparing breakfast
and putting it on the dinning room table.


Daniel, breakfast is ready!
Coming mom!
Lillian finishes setting the table as Daniel walks
Good morning dear. I'm sorry I
didn't make it in for dinner last
night. I had a last minute patient
with a serious gun shot wound and
they needed me to stay.
Daniel gives his mother a kiss and sits at the table.
Of course they wanted you to stay,
you're the best doctor in the
Flattery won't get you more
pancakes. Well maybe one more.
Lillian places another pancake on Daniels plate.
In a few more years you'll be the
best doctor in the city.
I still have a lot to learn mom.
These advanced courses are killing
me. I don't know how you convinced
me to take them.
Lillian sits at the table across from Daniel and looks at
him. She notices the wounds from the fight at the park.
Daniel, what happened to your


Lillian gets up from the table and looks at Daniel's wounds.
Nothing mom, just some wanna be
tough guys who want to pick a
I've always told you that violence
only causes violence. you know
about the strength you have. If
you fight, you could hurt someone
or worse. You have to think about
your future.
I know mother! My whole life you
remind me about my freaking
powers. You and Father Michael
taught me to control my anger. You
have to trust me. I didn't even
fight back. I let myself get beat
up infront of Vanessa.
I know it's hard to control your
temper and I do trust you. I also
know its hard on your pride, but
you have to remember that pride
isn't everything. I just wish I
new why you have these powers.
Lillian gives Daniel a hug.
Alexander is looking at himself in the mirror adjusting his

In the background of the mirror, you can see Tina and Lucy
all bloody and into pieces laying on and around the bed.

Alexander turns around and walks towards the door to exit
the room.


Thank you ladies for a wonderful
night. You brought out the beast
in me.
Alexander exits the room and passes the housekeeper.
Good morning highness.
Good morning. Please be a dear and
clean up suite 609. I left quite a
mess in there.
As you wish.
Alexander is walking through Central Park. He watches two
men pointing a gun at another man. They are robbing him.
                       ROBBER 1
Give me your wallet and your watch
and you won't get hurt.
The scared man takes out his wallet and hands it to the
robbers and then takes off his watch and hands that over as
                       SCARED MAN
Please don't hurt me. I have a
wife and two kids.
Alexander walks towards the robbers.
                       SCARED MAN
That's all I have.
The robbers are about to walk away when Alexander approaches
Is that it? You're just going to
let him leave?


                       ROBBER 2
He gave us all his valuables
The most valuable possession of a
man is his soul. So go finish the
job and bring the soul to me.
The two robbers smile and proceed to take out their guns.
The man being robbed is scared as the robbers point their
guns at him.

The man goes down on his knees and pleads with the robbers
not to kill him. He starts to cry and beg.
                       SCARED MAN
God, please don't do this! Don't
do this! Please don't kill me!
Think of my family! God, not like
The scared man does the sign of the cross on his body and
the robbers proceed to shoot and kill him without remorse.

The scared man falls to the ground and dies.
Good work. I like the way you
tried to completely cover him in
blood. It shows some artistic
presence. You two have potential.
Keep this up and their might be a
place for you beside me when I
take over heaven and earth.
                       ROBBER 1
Thank you highness.
You know what? I think I have a
job for you two.


Daniel is in class writing down what the professor is
Don't forget your papers are do
next week. Their worth 40% of your
final grade. It can make or break
you. Good luck, class dismissed.
Daniel and the rest of the class get up and exit the
Daniel is walking to the school parking lot towards his

Vanessa comes running from behind towards Daniel.
Daniel, wait up!
Hey, what's up.
Vanessa and Daniel pop kiss.
I was doing great until I found
out I need an "A" on my next paper
or I'll fail the class.
Tell me about it. My next paper is
do next week and it counts for 40%
of my final grade.
So what are you going to do now?
I have to go home and start
working on my paper. My mom will
kill me if I fail this class.


Need some company? I could help
you with your paper or maybe we
could do something else.
They stop in front of Daniel's truck and Vanessa puts her
arms around Daniel's neck and they start to kiss.
Baby, you know I have a lot on my
mind right now. I don't have time
for anything. Besides, I told you
I want to wait until we get
Vanessa lets go of Daniel and has a pissed off face.
When is that going to be? You said
we wouldn't get married until you
finish school. You have so many
years to go and I have needs. You
probably don't even find me
attractive. Why are you even with
Vanessa! You know I love you and I
find you irresistible. It's not
you, it's me. I was raised the old
fashioned way and I was taught not
to sin. You should be happy that
I'm willing to wait. Most guys are
used and abused by my age.
Sin or no sin, I'm a woman with
needs and urges. And I need a man
who can give me what I want, so I
suggest you become that man real
soon or else I might have to find
me a man who can take care of my
needs and a man who isn't selfish.
Vanessa walks away furious.


Vanessa, come on! Don't be that
way! I love you!
Vanessa flicks him the middle finger while walking away.
Lillian is in her pantry closet in the kitchen getting some
weed killer. She is wearing gardening gloves and holding a
pair of pruning sheers in one hand.

Lillian gets the spray bottle of weed killer and turns
around, She is confronted by the two robbers that killed the
scared man in Central Park.

Lillian shouts and screams.
Who are you and what are you doing
in my house?
                       ROBBER 1
Well I'm Robert and this is my
associate Arthur.
                       ROBBER 2
Pleased to meet you.
                       ROBBER 1
We were sent by our master
Alexander. He would like the honor
of your company.
I'm not going anywhere with you
guys. I'm calling the police.


As Lillian grabs for the phone the two robbers lunge at
Lillian. Lillian sprays one of them in the face with the
weed killer and stabs the other in the arm with the pruning

The men scream in pain as Lillian makes a run for it.

Lillian makes it to the back door which is already open and
runs outside.
Lillian is running while looking back at the men chasing her
and she does not notice the rake on the grass.

Lillian trips on the rake and falls. The two men grab as she
kicks and screams for help.
                       ROBBER 2
The fucking bitch stabbed me.
The man punches Lillian in the face and Lillian passes out.

The men proceed to carry her to a white beaten up old van.
Lillian awakes in a warehouse. She is laying down on a bed.
the two men that kidnapped her are standing next to her.

The man that was stabbed by Lillian is wearing a bloody rag
around his wound.
Where am I? What am I doing here?
                       ROBBER 1
You ask to many questions.
Alexander walks into the warehouse. Lillian runs towards him
thinking that he is Daniel.
Daniel, what's going on? These men
kidnapped me. Did they hurt you.


Mother, mother. Calm down and
relax. Let's have a seat over here
and I will explain everything.
Lillian and Alexander walk back to the bed and sit down.

Alexander notices the bruise on her face and becomes angry
with the two men.
Why is her nose bloody and why
does she have a bruise on her
face. I specifically said I wanted
her unharmed.
                       ROBBER 1
It was him. He punched her for her
stabbing him.
Alexander raises his hand and the man who hit Lillian goes
flying towards the wall. He falls on the down on top of some
boxes. He is still alive.

Lillian watches with amazement. She still thinks Alexander
is Daniel.
Daniel what has gotten into you?
Why did you tell these men to
kidnap me?
Well for starters I am not Daniel.
I guess you don't remember your
first born, Alexander.
Lillian stares at Alexander and begins to cry and hug him.
Oh thank God. Alexander after 25
years I found you.
Alexander pushes off Lillian and gets up off of the bed.


God. God has nothing to do with
it. A real God wouldn't of let me
go to where I've been for 25
years. And neither would've a real
mother. Besides, who you have to
thank is my father. He led me to
you. He told me the truth of how
you didn't want two sons. My
question is to you mother, why not
keep your first born? Did I cause
you to much pain? Did you not love
as much as you did Daniel?
No. It was nothing like that. I
love. After all these years I new
I would find you. Your father,
well I don't know your father.
All of a sudden a man appears from a fiery wall of flaming
tortured souls. It is Satan the man in Lillian's dream who
was making love to her 26 years ago.

Lillian jumps back in terror as Alexander walks towards
Father. I didn't know you would be
joining us. I will leave you two
loves birds alone. I have other
pressing matters to attend to.
Alexander exits the warehouse through the front door.

Satan walks closer to Lillian.
What did he mean, father? I've
never met you before in my life.
How can you not remember me? Over
twenty years ago, we were all
alone in your bedroom of your
parents house. You were having a


                       SATAN (cont'd)
little wet dream. Only it wasn't a
wet dream although you were pretty
wet. You were like a caged animal
being released.
Satan passes his fingers through Lillian's hair and down to
her shoulders.

Lillian quivers with the thought off Satan touching her.
This can't be real. You can't be
You believe in God but you don't
believe in me. Your twin sons are
proof of that wonderful night. God
can have kids but I can't. That's
what's wrong with the world today.
Nobody believes in me so they do
what they want. But when the die,
they start to believe and by then
it's to late. Their souls are
Why? Why did you do this to me?
Why did you take away my son? Was
it to punish me? I did nothing
wrong. You raped me!
It's pretty simple actually or at
least it was until you had twins.
You see, theirs this thing called
Armageddon. It was a little rumor
I spread letting everyone think it
was going to happen in the year
2000. The only thing is that I
didn't let anyone know that the
spawn of Satan was the one who was
going to bring it upon the world.
My biggest problem was that in
order for me to spawn a child, I
needed a saintly virgin. I mean if


                       SATAN (cont'd)
God can do it, why can't I. He
created the worlds savior and I
created the worlds destroyer. But
you had to go and mess that all
up. You had to have twins. That's
why Armageddon never happened.
When I took Alexander, he only had
half a soul. Daniel has the other
half. I need the two to merge and
create the one soul powerful
enough to take over heaven and
Why didn't you take Daniel when
you took Alexander?
That was a mistake from my loyal
yet stupid henchmen Jacob. Jacob
grabbed Alexander and left in a
hurry. He did not wait long enough
to see that Alexander had a twin
brother. Jacob paid for that on
the eve of the Millennium when
Armageddon did not occur. That is
when we realized that Daniel
existed. For some reason we could
not find him until now.
Lillian gets up off of the bed and walks to Satan. She is no
longer afraid of him. Their is anger and hatred in her face
and eyes because of what he has done to her.
So now you've come back to take
Daniel from me, too?
Pretty much. You see I need Daniel
to use his powers for evil, then
and only then will he be my
rightful son. Then and only then
will the twin sons of hells father
will unite and become the one true
leader of everything you see


                       SATAN (cont'd)
before you. Together the destroyer
of worlds will bring me what
belongs to me.
You think Daniel will use his
powers for evil? I guess you don't
really know the power of faith.
The power of religion and his
convictions. I've raised him to
never use his power in anger. You
haven't even figured out the power
of God shines in him, in all of
us. He knows your plan. That's why
he hid Daniel from you all these
years. That's probably why you
didn't find Daniel until now.
Daniel is old enough to stop you
and your evil plans. And Alexander
will help him. Once he sees the
You have so much faith in your
God. Don't you know their is evil
in us all. I've already proved it
to you with Alexander. Half of my
job is done. Now it's Alexander's
job to turn his brother.
Lillian walks slowly to a table where their is a lamp on it.
Satan's back is turned.
Theirs also good in everybody and
good always triumphs over evil.


Lillian grabs the lamp and swings at Satan with all her
strength and might.

Satan vanishes from where he was standing.

Lillian looks around for Satan and then he materializes in
front of her.

She swings again but by then the two men that kidnapped her
grab her.
Very foolish my dear.
Satan looks at the two men.
Tie her up and wait for my return.
Daniel enters his house and throws his book bag and books on
a chair.
Mom, I'm home!
Daniel looks for his mother.
Vanessa hears a knock at her door. She opens it. Alexander
is there. They look at each other.
I knew you would come.
Vanessa and Alexander start kissing and taking each others
clothes off.


Daniel is still searching for his mother. He notices the
bloody pruning sheers on the kitchen floor.

He becomes nervous and runs all over the house looking for
Mom! Mom where are you?
Daniel thinks the worst and grabs the phone to call the
Yes, police? I'd like to report a
missing person. My mother. The
last time I saw her was this
morning. Her car is still parked
outside and I found a bloody pair
of pruning sheers on the kitchen
floor and the kitchen is a mess
with blood on the floor. What do
you mean I have to wait 24 hours?
No, I haven't called the
hospitals! Yeah I'll do that!
Thanks for nothing!
Daniel hangs up the phone.
Daniel is walking down the hallway of the girls dorm room on
the way to Vanessa's room. He notices Alexander turning the
corner of the hallway.

He seems confused but soon forgets about what he saw and
knocks on Vanessa's door.

Vanessa opens the door wearing a robe.
Thank God you're hear. I tried
calling your cell but you didn't
answer. My mother is missing and
the police say I have to wait 24
hours in order to report her
missing. I even called the


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
hospitals but no one resembling
her has checked in. Can you help
me find her?
Vanessa blocks Daniel from coming into her room.
It's always about your mother
isn't it? My mom this, my mom
that! Have you ever stopped to
think your mom left to get away
from your tired ass. Or maybe
she's out getting fucked by some
guy. I'm tired of you and your
mother, Daniel. We're through!
Vanessa slams the door in Daniels face as other college
students look at him.
Vanessa! What's your problem? This
is serious! My mothers missing and
maybe even hurt! This is not a
good time to get in one of your
Fuck you!
Daniel walks away upset.
Daniel enters the church and walks up to a priest.
Is Father Michael here?
He is in confession.
The priest points to the right.
Thank you father.


Daniel runs to the confession booth where Father Michael is
coming out of.
Father Michael!
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Daniel, how good to see you my
Father, can I talk to you in
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Of course son. Come to my office.
Father Michael walks around his desk to sit down. Daniel is
still standing.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Sit down Daniel and tell me what's
on your mind.
Daniel sits down in the chair in front of Father Michael's
It's my mother. She's missing. I
got home from school and she was
gone. Her car is still there and I
found blood on the kitchen floor
and on some prunning sheers.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Dear God. Did you contact the
Yes, but they were no help. You
have to help me. You're my only
hope. Things have been getting
wierd lately and I don't know why.


                       FATHER MICHAEL
Weird? In what way? Explain it to
First my mom disappears, then I go
to see Vanessa for help and I see
a guy that looks identical to me
leaving Vanessa's dorm.
Father Michael gets up out of his chair with a disturbed
look on his face, like he is hiding something.
Then when I knock on Vanessa's
door, she starts screaming at me
not even caring that my mom is
missing and breaks up with me.
Plus I feel like I want to
Father Michael approaches Daniel and kneels to Daniel's
level and looks Daniel in the eye.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
They want you to explode. They
need you to release your anger.
You must not, Daniel. You must
stay in control and keep God in
your heart. he will help you
overcome anything.
What are you talking about father?
Who wants me to explode?
Father Michael stands up and walks to his filing cabinet.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
It's time you found out.
Find out what?
Father Michael takes out a file from the cabinet.


                       FATHER MICHAEL
The truth.
Father Michael hands Daniel the file. Daniel opens the file
and begins to read it.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Those are hospital records of when
you were born including your birth
Why do you have this? Aren't they
supposed to stay in the hospital?
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Yes. I had some friends of mine
retrieve it for me. If this file
were to get in the wrong hands, it
could mean the end of everything
we know.
Don't you think that sounds a
little weird. What's so big about
this file. I'm not following
anything you're saying.
Father Michael takes a deep breath and leans on his desk.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Daniel, what I'm about to tell you
is going to change your whole
world. So just sit back, relax and
Daniel sits back in his chair and awaits Father Michael's
                       FATHER MICHAEL
You are not your mothers only son.
As you can see from the file, you
have an identical twin brother,
born three minutes ahead of you.
That man you saw at Vanessa's dorm
room is Alexander, your older


                       FATHER MICHAEL (cont'd)
brother. When he was born,
Alexander disappeared right before
you were born. No one saw him
leave the hospital. What was a
bigger mystery was how your mother
became pregnant in the first
place. Lillian was still a virgin
when she gave birth to you two.
This is to much. Why didn't she
tell me this sooner. And what does
all this have to do with my moms
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Daniel, please just listen. When
you were 10 years old your mother
told me about your powers. With my
help and with help from God we
managed to teach you not to use
your powers for evil purposes,
only for good. You see after I
found out about your powers I
contacted the Vatican and they
sent me some scriptures. Those
scriptures told about the spawns
of Satan taking over heaven and
earth. It was supposed to happen
in the new millennium, but I guess
God interfered by splitting you
and your brother apart. The only
way for the prophecy to come true
is by your soul joining the soul
of your brother Alexander. As for
your mothers disappearance, I
suppose Satan has captured her to
lure you into a rage that would
unite the two souls. Daniel you
must not fall into his trap. Your
mother would not want you to
sacrifice the world for her.
Daniel gets up out of the chair in a heat of anger and
things start to blow up around him.


I don't care about the world. I
care about my mother. I must save
Father Michael rushes to the side of Daniel and grabs his
                       FATHER MICHAEL
We will save her but you must calm
down. Only calm spirits and a calm
mind can help us find your mother
and with help from up above we
should rescue Lillian and save the
world and the same time. That I
promise you.
Daniel looks at Father Michael with a calm face and grabs
his hand.
I believe you Father. But I will
need the help of God to control my
Lillian is sitting on the bed in warehouse. She is chained
up to a long chain attached to the bed.

Alexander pops out of nowhere in front of Lillian.

Lillian is startled and amazed.
Alexander, what is going on? Why
do you have me chained up like an
animal? I am your mother. We
should be embracing each other
right now.
Embracing each other? Why would I
want to embrace a woman who would
let her first born be taken from
her and sent to hell? Do you know


                       ALEXANDER (cont'd)
how it is down there? It's hell
down there. All these years I've
been tortured, lied to and not
once has anyone even held me or
told me they loved me. You'd think
as the prince of darkness that I
would be treated with a little
more respect, but no, not in hell.
Hell has molded me into the man
you see before you. The man who
will one day rule everything. All
thanks to you.
Lillian gets up from the bed but cannot touch Alexander
because she is chained to the bed.
Alexander, why do you blame me? I
didn't know where they took you. I
didn't even know you were gone
until after your brother was born.
My brother? Of course, you paid
attention to him and forgot about
me. You used the law suit money
from the hospital to put you and
him through school. Everything for
Daniel. The best schools, cars, a
home with central air
conditioning. I would kill for
central A/C. You forgot about me
and pretended Daniel was your only
son. You didn't even tell him
about me.
I wanted to but Father Michael
advised me not to beacause..
Father Michael. Thanks to him we
couldn't find you until now. It
took us five years to find you. I
bet he didn't even tell you why
Daniel shouldn't use his powers.


                       ALEXANDER (cont'd)
He knew where I was the whole time
and didn't bother to tell you. He
let you suffer, making you think I
was lost forever. He didn't tell
you that one day your son would
bring evil to the next stage of
Why would you want to rule over
evil. Why would you want to walk
in your fathers footsteps. Look
where it got him. He was vanished
to hell. With your powers and the
powers of your brother, you can do
so much needed good in the world.
You could destroy evil. You could
end suffering and misery. It could
mean a better life for everyone
including us. Even though I
haven't seen you in over 25 years,
I love you and if you look deep
inside your soul, you will find
that you love me too.
Me love you? I despise you. I
don't need love. My father taught
me that. All I need is misery and
making everybody else life
miserable. I enjoy that a lot. My
father promised me that Earth
could be my playground when we
take over. All he wants is to go
back to heaven. Will give hell to
Your father is the devil. He
doesn't care about you. I do. He
is using you. Alexander don't do
Lillian reaches out to touch Alexander. She manages to touch
him and his head goes down as if Lillian's touch has


affected him. As if everything she was saying is starting to
sink in. He shows a little compassion by touching her hand.

Satan pops up behind Alexander.
Am I interupting something?
Alexander removes Lillian's hand from his arm and backs away
from her.
No father.
Good, then bring me Daniel. I will
stay with your mother, to keep her
Alexander looks at Lillian and walks away.
Yes father. I will bring him right
He's such a good boy. Which is not
good because then I cannot punish
him. But I can punish you for
trying to turn my own son against
Lillian's chain starts turning red and she suddenly screams
in extreme pain.
Lillian stops screaming as the chain starts turning into
it's original color. She kneels on the floor next to her bed
with her head down.

She then looks at Satan with and angry face and is breathing


You can hurt me until I die, I
don't care! Because I know I'm
going to heaven while you stay in
I would not dream of killing you
my dear. I want you alive so you
can see our children destroy
everything you hold dear. That is
how I punish people. By giving
them misery and heartache until
they can't stand it anymore and
they kill themselves which is a
sin and their souls are mine. Your
soul will eventually be mine but
not yet. I want to have some fun
with you first.
You won't get away with this. God
will stop you. My son's will stop
you then you will be the one being
You will lose your faith once you
see that your God will do nothing
to save you! Now be quite, you're
giving me a headache.
Lillian's mouth gets covered with skin and she cannot speak.
She is frightened and starts to scratch at it while Satan
disappears into a fire wall. Lillian's mouth then turns back
to normal.
Daniel and Father Michael are in the enormous library
researching the prophecy.

Daniel slams a book shut in anger.


This is hopeless! Most of these
books aren't even written in
English. I don't even know what to
look for.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Patience Daniel. You read the ones
in English. I will read the ones
in Aramaic. We must find a
solution to our problem before
it's to late.
Alexander enters through the double doors of the library.
The doors open without touch.
The solution is simple Father,
Daniel and I join souls and then
we torture and kill you for
meddling in my father's affairs.
Problem solved.
With a wave of his hand, Alexander sends Father Michael
flying through the air and into a table filled with books.

Daniel stands up from the chair.
I see Father Michael has finally
told you about me, little brother.
Daniel enters into a fit of rage and walks towards
Where's my mother? What have you
done to her?
You will see her soon enough, but
before that happens you have to
give me what I want.


You will get my soul over my dead
That can be arranged. looks like
we're going to have to do this the
fun way.
Two figures materialize. One figure is Jacob and the other
figure is Vanessa.
I'd like you to meet two of my
most trusted demons. Oh but I do
believe you've already met them
This can't be. I trusted you
Vanessa. And Jacob, you were
always trying to get me to fight.
You I should have guessed.
Destroy him!
Jacob and Vanessa attack Daniel. One by one they connect
with punches and kicks to the face and body. This punches
and kicks would destroy a normal human being.

Daniel kneels with exhaustion.
Jacob and Vanessa stop attacking Daniel.
So will you give me your soul now
or shall we beat it out of you
Daniel gets up from the floor with his eyes glowing.


Is that all you've got? That
tickled a little bit. Maybe when I
get done with them you'll give me
a chance at you.
Have it your way.
Alexander nods his head so that Jacob and Vanessa attack

Father Michael starts to be aware of what is going on and
pleads with Daniel.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Daniel, restrain yourself! Don't
you see what they are trying to
Jacob and Vanessa attack Daniel once again but this time
Daniel fights back not letting their punches hit him.

Daniel starts hitting back. He raises his hand towards
Vanessa and Jacob and together go flying through a large
window landing outside.
I knew you would join us
Just because I used my powers
doesn't make me evil. I used them
for good. My powers are mine and I
can use them as I see fit. Maybe
you should give it a try. Do
something nice with the gifts that
God has given you.


God! Did you forget who your
father is stupid? God had nothing
to do with your powers. Your
father is Satan, the ruler of evil
and everything impure and
Wrong. Are father who art in
heaven, have you ever heard that
before. Are father is God
almighty. And only he has the
power to grant us these powers and
it's about time I start using
Well if that's how you feel? Plan
A didn't work, now it's time for
plan B.
Alexander raises his arm and a fireball comes out of it
towards Daniel.

Daniel jumps up and flips towards Father Michael landing
next to him. The fireball missed Daniel but went through the
wall of the church.
Are you alright Father?
Daniel helps Father Michael get up from the floor.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Yes, I'll manage. But I told you
to restrain yourself.
I did restrain myself. You haven't
seen nothing yet.
Come out and play little brother.


Daniel smiles and his eyes start to glow.

He starts to fly towards Alexander.
Stop calling me your little
brother! Your only older by three
Daniel flies through the air and kicks Alexander in the
chest. Alexander crashes to the floor.

Alexander starts to get up while Jacob and Vanessa fly in
through the window they flew out of.
Finish him for real this time!
Daniel raises his hand and throws a large book case filled
with books towards Jacob and Vanessa. The book case hits
them and they go flying through the whole in the wall of the

At the same time Daniel uses his other hand to throw a
fireball at Jacob and Vanessa.

The fireball hits the bookcase and it blows up on the way
out of the whole in the wall of the church.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Daniel, can you please take this
outside? You are destroying the
church and money doesn't grow on
trees. We just remodeled.
Yeah sure. Sorry Father Michael.
Alex, I'll take you up on that
offer to play outside. Father
Michael gaves us permission.
My name is Alexander and when I
get through with you I will
destroy this church anyways.


Daniel runs and jumps out of the window.

Alexander follows doing the same thing, only with more
Daniel lands outside and so does Alexander. Daniel looks
around for Jacob and Vanessa, but they are nowhere to be
Looks like I vaporized your two
henchmen. I guess it's just you
and me.
Guess again. They just went to
change into their kicking ass
clothes. Wait until you see them.
I think they look better. You tell
Daniel looks behind him and sees two enormous dog like beast
with huge teeth, dog collars and peoples skulls wrapped
around their chest.

One of the beast runs at Daniel and lands on him. His paw is
holding him down. Daniel bench presses the paw and flips the
beast on its back and starts punching it on the face.

The second beast charges at Daniel and and tries to bite
Daniel. Daniel rolls out of the way and the beast takes a
bite of the neck of the other beast.

The beast cries in pain and turns into Vanessa. Vanessa lies
dead on the floor with a chunk of her neck missing and blood
coming out. She catches on fire and melts into nothing.
Dam, that's a shame. She actually
looked better as a snarling beast.
The second beast uses his paw and throws Daniel towards a
brick wall. Daniel hits it hard and lands on the street.


Bring him to the docks when you're
done with him.
The beast growls at Alexander. Alexander vanishes. The beast
transforms into Jacobs human form and he begins to walk
towards Daniel. Father Michael runs out of the church with a
book in one hand and a bottle of holy water in the other.

Father Michael throws the bottle of holy water at Jacob and
starts reading from the book in Aramaic.

Jacob starts to scream in pain while grabbing his face.

Smoke is coming out of Jacobs face and hands. He starts to
melt into a lava type pool under him. Jacob tries to get
free but ends up going down into it and then the lava turns
into asphalt.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Dam! It worked!
Father Michael realizes he said, "dam". He looks up towards
the sky and does the sign of the cross.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Sorry, it slipped.
Father Michael hears Daniel moaning and rushes to him.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Daniel are you alright?
He packs a mean right paw, but
I'll be fine.
Father Michael helps Daniel get up off the asphalt.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
This passage sends demons back to
which they came from and traps
them there but I don't know if it
would work on your brother.


Even if it did work we'd have to
wait until he shows up again.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
We don't have to wait for him to
come to us. We will go to him.
Daniel and Father Michael walk towards the church.
How do we do that? We don't know
where he is.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Yes we do. Your brother told the
beast to bring you to the docks.
That's where he's at and most
likely that's where Lillian will
What are we waiting for? Let's go
save the world and rescue my mom.
Alexander walks into the warehouse only he is dressed like
Daniel and pretends he is sneaking in.

Lillian is asleep, laying down on a mattress.
Mom, wake up. I've come to rescue
Lillian wakes up and rushes to see who she thinks is Daniel.
Daniel, how did you find me?
Alexander grabs a key off of a desk near the cage and walks
to the cage.


No time to explain now. We have to
get out of here.
Alexander opens the cage and lets Lillian out and she hugs

Alexander feels weird and hugs her back. We don't know if he
means the hug or if he is playing the part of Daniel.
Mother, answer me one question.
You still love me more than you
love Alexander right?
Daniel, You're both my sons. I
love you both equally. You'll
learn to love him too, once you
get to know him. Just give him a
Alexander turns his clothes back into his own and pushes
Lillian off of him.
How did you know it was me?
A mother knows her children. And I
meant everything I said. I've
loved and missed you from the day
you were born. God has given us
the chance to start over. I knew I
would find you. Even after all
these years. I even hired a
private investigator to find you,
but of course you weren't even on
Earth. Please give me a chance.
Give us a chance to be a family.
We still have time.
Lillian hugs Alexander and he hugs her back.

Lillian starts crying and Satan arrives.


Well, Well, Well, isn't this a
Hallmark moment?
Alexander lets go of Lillian and pushes her back.
Father, I was just...
You were just falling into her
trap. She's trying to save her own
life. She doesn't care about you.
Alexander grabs Lillian by the arm and takes her back to her
cage and locks the door.
Where's Daniel?
The warehouse garage door blows open and in enters Daniel.
I'm right here!
Robert and Arthur, the two thugs that kidnapped Lillian
attack Daniel. With no effort at all, Daniel grabs them by
their shirts and throws them to the wall of the warehouse.
Looks like the whole family is
Satan turns towards the two thugs and points at them.

They start to catch on fire and scream in pain. They melt
That's the price of failure.
Daniel starts walking towards Satan and Alexander.
Let my mother go!


Daniel stops as if Satan was controlling him.
You can't win son. I control you
just like I control anyone with a
weak mind.
Daniel shakes his head as to get Satan out of it and
continues to walk towards him.
You said it. You can control
anyone with a weak mind. I have a
strong mind, a mind of my own. My
mother taught me that. And that is
why Alexander does what ever you
tell him. You're controlling him,
Alexander has a mind of his own.
He does what I tell him because he
knows that I am right and that
together we will rule everything.
If you join us, you can have
whatever you want. No limits. If
you refuse to join us, you die.
Alexander gets your soul and he
will enjoy the benefits by
I have a better idea. How about I
destroy you and my life can go
back to normal and as a bonus I
end evil in the world. No more
sin, no more hatred, wars, and no
more diseases that I'm sure you
I am pretty proud of Cancer. It
was one of my earlier ideas. It's


                       SATAN (cont'd)
a disease that keeps on growing.
It keeps me in great business.
Ya, well all that is going to end.
It's going to be a great Utopia.
You're a fool Daniel. A utopia is
a myth. It can never happen. Can
you imagine how crowded Earth
would get if death barely happend.
Daniel raises his arms. Satan and Alexander get pushed away
from Lillian.

Daniel runs towards Lillian and gets her out of the cage.
Are you alright?
Yes, but we have to get out of
No. No more running. We finish
this tonight!
Daniel, you can't go up against
Satan. He's to powerful.
Daniel faces in the direction of where he threw Satan and
Don't worry. You have to have
faith. God is with me and he is
more powerful than Satan. Now get
out of here before...
Daniel notices the cage in which Lillian was in heading
towards them. Daniel grabs Lillian and leaps to safety as
the cage crashes through the wall they were next to.


I grow tired of this foolishness.
Alexander destroy him and do not
fail me!
The brothers jump towards each other and they commence to
fight. Punches are thrown, some connect and some hit and
break concrete floors and walls.

Alexander starts winning while Daniel is taking the hits.

He throws Daniel to the ceiling and Daniel comes crashing
down breaking the concrete floor.

Alexander picks Daniel up by his shirt with his two hands.
You should have joined us little
brother. Now I have to kill you.
Daniel opens his eyes and puts his arms over and under
Alexander's arms. While in the arm bar, Daniel headbutts
Alexander in the nose several times.

After he is done with the headbutts, Daniel lets go of
Alexander and does a roundhouse kick into the concrete wall.
He lays there motionless as the concrete bricks fall on him.
I think it's your turn to die.
Daniel raises his arms, with glowing eyes a fire ball starts
forming between his hands. All of a sudden Lillian jumps out
in front of Alexander.
No! He is your brother. you can't
kill him. He's my son and I love
him and deep down inside you care
for him, too.
While Daniel is distracted, Satan throws a desk at Daniel
and knocks him out.


Never send a boy to do the devils
Daniel gets up and throws a fireball at Satan.

Satan bounces the fireball away with a fireball of his own.

Daniel runs towards Satan but Satan knocks him down again by
slapping Daniel in the face.

Lillian helps Alexander up off the floor by removing bricks
from around and on top of him.
What are you doing?
I couldn't protect you 25 years
ago but I can try protecting you
Alexander gets up with Lillian's help.
Please help him. Your brother
needs you. He loves you and I know
you love him like I love both of
you. With Gods help you and Daniel
can stop Satan. He's been
controlling you for all these
years but now you have a chance to
do what's right in your heart.
Satan walks up to Daniel who is laying on the floor.
Looks like the end has come.
Yes father, for you!
Satan turns around.

Alexander unleashes an enormous fireball that hits Satan


through the wall and outside.

Alexander extends his hand to help Daniel up.

Daniel extends his arm and Alexander helps him up.
You saved my life? Why?
Big brothers always protect their
little brothers.
We're only three minutes apart. I
would've been the older brother
but you kicked me out of the way.
Let's go finish this brother.
Daniel and Alexander walk out through the whole in the wall
of the warehouse that Satan created when he went through it.

The look around for Satan but don't see him.
Where did he go? You don't think
you killed him do you?
Alexander points to his right where Satan is slowly getting
up from the floor.
Not likely, but I think I got him
mad though.
Satan's eyes glow as he transforms into a huge horned demon
with sharp teeth, red skin, and razor sharp talons.

Satan speaks with a monstrous voice.
You will both pay for your


Ah shit! We're in trouble now!
Daniel and Alexander run towards Satan and the fight begins.

Daniel strikes Satan in the jaw while Alexander takes the
high road and jumps to Satan's head and begins to hit him.
You would dare to raise your hands
towards your father!
You're not our father, but he is!
Father Michael, now! Alexander
Daniel grabs Alexander and runs away from Satan. Father
Michael jumps out in front of Satan and throws a bottle of
holy water in Satan's face.

Satan screams as his flesh starts to smoke and burn off.

Father Michael repeats the Aramaic spell he spoke earlier
when he banished Jacob to hell.

Satan starts laughing.
You cannot destroy me! I am the
destroyer of lives! The king of
the underworld! I created that
passage in order to condemn my
demons when ever they failed me.
Father Michael is astonished that it did not work. Now he is
frozen in fear.

Daniel and Alexander rush to save Father Michael as Satan
keeps laughing.
If I can't take over heaven and
Earth the easy way. I will have to
do it the hard way.


Satan starts to talk in another language and a fiery whole
in the ground starts to open. Out comes demons and skeletons
and the souls of the dammed.

Some are riding dead horses and some come out flying with
wings with no feathers on them, just bones.
My army has been waiting long
enough. We will go to war and in
the end, I will have what I want.
Daniel , Alexander, and Father Michael are amazed at what
they are seeing.
Their has to be a way to stop this
and to get rid of Satan.
Their is a way. We must join our
souls and become one.
Daniel looks at Alexander.
You must trust me. It could be are
only hope.
Daniel nods his head.
Okay. How do we do this?
We need some time. How can we keep
him occupied?
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Leave that up to me and God.
Father Michael takes off his robe and a pair of beautiful
white wings come out. He is dressed in armor that shines
from the heavens.


Father Michael takes out a sword and points it towards the

The clouds part and a glowing light appears from the clouds.
An army of angels dressed in shinning armor comes out of
that light and head towards the demons that Satan released
in Earth.

The angels have swords and some are on winged white horses.

The demons and the angels clash and begin to fight over
Heaven and Earth.

The Earth becomes a battle ground for the largest war ever
Looks like we didn't meet by
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Of course not. God knows all and
sees all. We will talk about it
later. Now you two have to work
together to defeat Satan. I will
keep him occupied as best as I
can. Now go!
Father Michael flies through the air towards Satan who is to
busy to notice them because he is looking at the war he
The battle has begun and I will
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Think again!
Father Michael surprises Satan and swings his holy sword.
The sword penetrates Satan's hide and Satan screams.

Blood has been shed and Father Michael is still swinging his
sword to get as much damage as he can.

Satan transforms back into his human form and is all bloody.


                       FATHER MICHAEL
It looks like I have the upper
hand now.
Satan materializes a flaming sword and starts to defend
himself from Father Michael's attacks.

In the background the battle continues and angels and demons
are falling.

Darkness covers the sky with rain and blood. Buildings are
on fire and people are running around the whole city.

As Satan and Father Michael fight, Satan manages to cut
Father Michael in the arm and Father Michael drops his
Now I have the upper hand.
Satan swings his sword for a final blow. As he does that
Lillian comes out of nowhere and throws a bowl of holy water
at Satan.

The bowl looks like it is part of the church and she had to
rip it out of the wall.

Satan screams as the holy water hits his body.

Father Michael flies away towards Lillian and carries her to
a safer spot on the church roof.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Thank you Lillian. You do know
that you will have to replace that
bowl from the church.
They smile at each other.
So I take it that you're not
really a priest.


                       FATHER MICHAEL
Well I used to be. Now I am the
right hand of God and the general
of heavens army.
So you knew this was going to
                       FATHER MICHAEL
Yes. We have been preparing for
centuries and Daniel and Alexander
are the key to our success or our
Satan appears and frightens both Lillian and Father Michael.
They are probably cowering in fear
as they see the destruction that
has happened because of them. Now
they with live knowing that they
could not save their mother.
Satan throws a metal pipe at Lillian.

Father Michael gets in the way and the pipe goes right
through his left shoulder.

Father Michael falls to the floor and Lillian tries to catch
Oh my God, Father Michael are you
                       FATHER MICHAEL
I'll live.
Satan approaches Father Michael and Lillian.
But not for long. I'm tired of you
interfering in my plans Michael.
For years you have been trying to
foil my plans and now it's over.


Daniel and Alexander fly up to the roof.
It is over. For you.
Alexander and Daniel commence chanting and start running
towards each other. When they connect an immense light
blinds everyone. When the light dies down an enormous two
headed beast appears.

The beast resembles Satan's beast form but a little

The two heads speak as one voice.
                       TWO HEADED BEAST
Your reign of terror ends today!
Satan jumps off of the roof and the two headed beast
Demons start to surround Father Michael and Lillian.

Lillian helps Father Michael to his feet. He takes out a
dagger from his right side and points it to the demons.

The demons attack and Father Michael defends himself and

Lillian also starts to kick and punch with all her strength.

As they start to get attacked by more demons. Father Michael
screams a word from Aramaic language.

It appears it was to call angels to the rescue because
angels started to fly in and fight the demons.

Father Michael hides Lillian behind him while he and the
angels fight off the demons.

The battle has now started to become even bigger as demons
and angels fight over roof tops and smoke and fire consume
the skies.


The two headed beast lands on the pavement and Satan is
waiting for them in beast form. Satan attacks the two headed
beast and the two lock up as if they were wrestling.

They are in hand to hand combat. Punches are flying and they
each try biting each other with their razor sharp teeth.

The two headed beast takes down Satan and holds down his
arms with one hand and one of the heads. With the one free
arm that the two headed beast has, he uses his razor sharp
talon and starts drawing a symbol on Satan's chest. Blood
comes out of the wound.

Satan screams as the beast starts to chant in Aramaic
Stop! You cannot do this to me! It
is my destiny to rule Heaven and
The two headed beast releases Satan and the two heads
continue to chant together.
                       TWO HEADED BEAST
It is your destiny to go to hell!
Satan transforms into his human form. When in human form the
symbol on his chest is still visible.

While the two headed beast continues to chant a portal opens
up next to Satan and the souls of the dammed reach for him
and pull him under. The souls of millions cry in agony.

Satan disappears into the pit.

Father Michael flies down with Lillian in his arms. They are
both bloody for the battle but are okay.

When they land a blinding light shines on the whole world
emanating from the two headed beast.

When the light dies down, the two headed beast is gone and
the two brothers are standing in its place.


The sky is back to normal and the sun is starting to rise.
The fires are out and the smoke is starting to go away.

Hell's demons and lost souls are flying back to the portal
they came from going back to hell and the angels are flying
back to heaven. The sunshine is beaming through the clouds.

Lillian runs to Daniel and Alexander and hugs them both.
They hug back.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
You do it. I don't know how but
you did it.
We did it but I don't know how
I think I can explain. You see I
wasn't always the apple of my
fathers eye. He taught me to hate
everyone, even him. So in my youth
I studied everything I could to
find a way to end his reign and
start mine. I wanted to rule hell
so I could get out. Hate is what
drove me. What I should have
learned was that the only thing
that can help me get out of hell
is love. Years ago a found a book,
totally by accident in my fathers
library. In it it told of a spell
that can defeat Satan, but
unfortunately it can't destroy
him. I was to afraid of him to use
it, but you guys gave me the
courage to overcome my fears.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
I don't think you found that book
by accident. I'm sure God had a
hand in it.
Knowing my father the way I do.
He's out for the count but not for


                       ALEXANDER (cont'd)
long. He'll be back with a
And we'll be waiting for him, but
for now let's go home. Together.
                       FATHER MICHAEL
I too must go home. You don't need
me anymore, but when you do I will
be back.
Father Michael starts to flap his wings and fly towards
heaven. A glowing light surrounds him and the clouds open

You can still see the damage to the city as he flies away.


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From Matt Thomas Date 2/23/2009 ****
it was a really good story and I enjoyed reading it.I dont think it is too short for a feature length film because something that may take 20 seconds to read could take 50 seconds of film to make.

From Larry Boodry Date 9/9/2005 ****
A little short for a feature-length film, but very well done...If they ever did make a movie out of this, I'd definately want to watch...Good job!

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