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My Sisters the perfect ones!...AWW..this is my life
by Kimmie McLaughlin

Rated: G   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review: *

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Violet Enters bedroom sits on bed.
                       VIOLET (INT.)
Hi i'm Violet Kane....and I would
say that my life isn't all that
great.With my two older sisters Candy,
and Cherry around there is no way
I would ever get noticed.
Candy Walks over to steps. Yells up for Violet.
                       CANDY (INT.)
"Violet get your slow poke butt
down here!...mom says I have to
drive you to school and i do not
want to be late."
Violet Gets up off of bed, looks at Camera, then yells back.
                       VIOLET (EXT.)
"Alright!...I'm coming just give
me a second. "So now maybe you see
my dilema. "My sisters the PERFECT
ONES!...Aw this is my life!.
Candy Walks over to steps again....Yells to Violet.
                       CANDY (EXT.)
"Well,don't take all day...i have
practice this moring and the sqaud
will kill me if I am late again."
Violet throws bag into back seat..then slumps down into
front seat.
                       VIOLET (INT.)
"So why didn't cherry drive me to
school today. Why....is mom
letting you drive?...I thought she
did wanted you to drive again
after you wrecked the last two
cars you had."


Candy hops into front seat, looks in mirror to check teeth.
                       CANDY (INT.)
"Well little MISS SMARTY PANTS!..
If you must know, cherry got a
ride with Ben to school this
morning, and mom never said I
couldn't drive she just said she
did like me to drive."
Violet gives mocking look and says something underbreath.
                       VIOLET (INT.)
Well, aren't we little miss
Candy looks away from mirror, starts car...pops in the
exies..and turns to song Ugly.
                       CANDY (EXT.)
"Buckle up. Mom would have a fit
if she found out i drove to school
and didn't make you buckle up."
mumbles underbreath.
                       VIOLET (EXT.)
"Oh my Gosh..What will we do."
Candy looks in Mirror, puts on red lipstick.
                       CANDY (INT.)
"We're here, so get out."
Violet looks at Candy putting on lipstick.
                       VIOLET (INT.)
"WELL!, since you are being so
nice about it..I would love too!"
Looks away from mirror, looks at boy coming towards the car.
"Oh Violet do you always have to
be so dramatic."
Bud walks towards car, knocks on window.
                       BUD (INT.)
"Hey, Candy...what are you up to."


Candy rolls down window,looks at Bud.
"Hey Bud, nothing much getting
ready to go to practice...u?"
Bud starts to talk, but is interrupted by Cherry and Ben
walking over to car.
                       CHERRY (INT.)
Ben walks over with Cherry to car looks at Candy.
                       BEN (INT.)
"See you got to school all in one
Cherry hits Ben in the stomach play fully!
Candy looks at Ben.
"Very funny Ben!...HA..ha."
Violet looks back at Candy,Cherry and everyone...then is
Scared by her friend..June.
                       JUNE (INT.)
"Hey, Violet!"
Violet turns around abruptly.
"OH MY GOSH!, June...you scared
"Sorry, So what are you looking
Violet looks through the window at her sisters in the
parking lot.
"Oh, just my sisters you know."
"The perfect ones."


Violet looks back at June.
"Lets get to class."
"Okay...but first I have something
to show you."
Violet and June head towards the AV Room.
June reaches for the ligh.
                       JUNE (INT.)
"Wait till you see this!"
The light switches on to reveal a video camera and a
"What is this?"
June looks at Violet with an excited look on her face.
"Well, you know how the school had
the contest...to see who would be
directing the school play this
Violet looks at June.
"Well, I WON!"
Violet looks surprised...hugs June.
"Thats great!"
Violet looks puzzeled.
"June, what does this have to do
with me?"
Violet looks worried.


June looks at violet.
"Well,... i sort of Cast you as
the lead role."
"June! Oh my Gosh you didn't."
"Ya i sort of did."
"June you know I can't act...let
alone do it infront of the entire
"Well, you're going to have to.
Because we only have 3 weeks to
get ready for it."
"June, no way i am not doing it!"
June looks at Violet with a come on please face.
Come on Violet, please...if you
were ever my friend, and we have
been friends for ever...do this
for me. Plus you owe.
"Really I owe you..how do I owe
"You remember...Brian
Sanders..party don't you."
"Ya, Ya I remember, don't remind
me. Fine I'll do it, but you
better not make me look stupid."
"Oh, Thank you Violet, you won't
regret this. It has singing, and
your a great singer!"


Violet looks at June with a Scarcastic look on her face.
"Oh, Yippy for me!"
Violet walks throught the door. Looks up to see a new boy in
Class, she walks over to her seat and sits down. turns to
talk to June.
"June, do you know who the new boy
"Ya, thats Garth Martin...he is a
transfer student from L.A."
Violet looks over at him.
Garth looks over at Violet...ask a classmate beside him..who
she is.
                       GARTH (INT.)
"Hey, who is that girl...talking
to June Summers?"
Jared looks at Violet and then at Garth..while mixing
Oh, thats Violet..She's Cherry and
Candy Kane's sister.
Garth leans back in the lab seat.
"Really, Violet Kane...Violet. I
like that."
Jared looks at Garth with a wierd look on his face.
"Hey, what ever floats you're boat
Mr. Guttz, the science teacher walks in and starts to talk.


                       MR. GUTTZ
"Good Morning, Class today our
lesson will be on nuclear base
electrons..now turn in your
textbooks to page 35, lets begin
shall we. Miss Kane, would you
care to begin to read aloud for
Violet looks at june and puts up her finger to her mouth and
pretends to gag...then looks at Mrs. Guttz.
"Sure, Mr.Guttz."
Violet begins to read alound from the text book.
Candy turns on the radio...walks in front of the squad and
starts to cheer...Followed by the squad dancing in a row.
"Alright Girls lets go!...I
SAID!..Burr it cold in here..i
said there must be some Tiggers in
the Atmosphere!"
Violet walks into the Gymnasium. looks at Candy
Cheering.Says to self...
Wow look at her I wish I was as
perfect as her or Cherry.
Violet starts to cry, runs out of Gym..and into Parking lot.
Violet Falls down in the middle of parking lot, and is seen
by Garth who walks over to her.
"Are you okay?"...."Violet..it is
Violet right?"
Violet looks up at him.
"I'm fine."


"you don't seem fine....your
"I'll be okay, how do you know my
"Let just say a little birdy named
Jared told me."
Violet laughs.
"So why were you crying Violet."
Violet gets up.
"Oh no reason you know us girls
...always emotional."
Violet Starts to walk away.
"Well, I have to be going thank
you Garth."
"You're welcome, Violet."..."Hey
I'll see you at play practice
tomorrow night!"
Violet mumbles to herself.
"He is in play practice with me.
oh great!..just GREAT!"
Violet grabs plates out of the cupboard...and sets them on
the table.
"So mom....how was work today?"
                       FRAN (MOM)
"Oh it was fine dear...how was
Cherry looks sick, leans over the table and starts to cry.


                       FRAN (MOM)
"What is a matter sweety?"..."Is
it something that I said?"
Cherry looks up with tears in her eyes.
"No mom, its not you."
                       FRAN (MOM)
"Then what is it Honey?"
"Ben..Broke up with me today. He
says we need some time apart he
said that he just wasn't happy. I
know what he really wants he wants
to go out with that bimbo, Barbie
Candy walks over to the table, and sits down.
"Don't feel bad, today the
cheerleading squad made me resign
as captin, they said that my
cheers were old and worn out...can
you believe that me..my cheers,
are old and worn out."
Violet walked over to the table,and at moment Violet relized
that her sisters weren't perfect.. they Screwed up like
everyone else, and thier lives weren't perfect either.
"Hey, everyone guess what..i am
going to be the lead role in the
school play."
                       FRAN (MOM)
"Wow, that's great Honey!"
Violet stood behind the curtin and peaked through the
openning in the crushed red velvet material hanging in front
of her.
"I can't believe it is here."
Garth walked up behind her.


"I know it is exciting isn't it!"
Violet jumped into the air.
"Garth!...don't ever do that
again!..you scared the B jezzis
out of me!...haha."
"Sorry, Hey good luck."
"Ya, thanks good luck to you too!"
June runs across back stage.
"Don't say good luck, don't you
know that is bad luck to
say..Break a leg..anything but
good luck."
"Fine, Break a leg!"
"Same to you!"
June shush them.
"Okay June we get it."
The music starts to play...it is the song Tonight and the
rest of my life...off the soundtrack of the notebook..and
Violet steps out and starts to sing.
"Finally I'm noticed."


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From Bob Date 12/2/2007 0 stars
People are being too nice. This is the worst script I have ever read. Terrible!

From Larry Boodry Date 9/9/2005 *
What Carlin said...

From Quinn Souther Date 2/27/2005 1/2
I barely made it to page 4. This was a disgraceful script. Idiotic title, grammar mistakes, and most importantly, you make it so confusing to tell between Candy and Cherry when they're speaking! Also, you put quotation marks ( " ) around most dialogue! You don't need that unless someone is mocking someone in a mimic. The only way you can be helped, is to get a finer story line, I cannot count how many times this plot has been used. Too bad...

From kat Date 2/26/2005 **
It was neither here nor there. It was quite quick. It seemed more like a short story since the characters talk to themself and you narriate things that can't be seen "she realizes" how does she show she realizes. Nice story thought. The other thing was I want to know what happens for 3 week of play practice, school ect. til the play is put on.

From Aaron Drenth Date 2/25/2005 0 stars
You don't know how to write a screenplay. Sorry, but you don't. Also, the dialog is way to forced and teenagers don't act like this.

From Carlin Woods Date 2/23/2005 0 stars
Allright. First off, what every screen play needs is a set-up and you do have one, but it is done in the most blatant and hackneyed of ways. You need to let action and not just dialouge dictate what we uncover about your character. If we wanted to listen to a story we would by books on tape. You basically need more action. I'm sorry if im being harsh but I wish someone had told me this when I first started writing. I really think the idea is good. But you need to learn the form of screenwriting. for no more than 15 dollars you can find books on screenwriting that can help you learn the form. I think you are very inventive. you just need direction.

From Cyrus Massouleh Date 2/20/2005 **1/2
Not Bad..

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