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Boomtown Seven
by Ben Harris (harrbenj@onid.orst.edu)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review: ****
Seven guys come together to pull a robbery at, of all places, a Welfare office, in a brutal and bloody movie movie that doesn't take itself too seriously (obviously.)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



We see the camera going over the crowd of people lined up at
the Welfare office, and we see Travis Black and Sean
Clemmons, two hippies in their early twenties, standing
somewhere in the middle of the line. The place is run-down,
it looks very old and like it is in a bad neighborhood. It
is pretty long, they are about 10 and 11 people back from
the teller. The women behind them are talking. They are two
women wearing way too much eyeliner and ridiculously permed
hair. The first one has a thick New York accent.
                       LADY #1
He PULLED on my HAIR! And he
didn't even apologize.
                       LADY #2
Oh, you're kidding me! You
shouldn't put up with that,
darling, that would be the last
time I went there.
                       LADY #1
I know, I don't want to go back
either, it's just so hard to find
another hair dresser though, he
does it just right.
                       LADY #2
Now was this Giovanni?
The camera shifts to Sean and Travis, and Sean rolls his
eyes. The women's voices fade out, and we can only hear them
quietly, but can't make out what they're saying. Travis is
looking around nervously.
Hey, calm down, man.
I AM calm, don't worry.


He's still obviously nervous though, because he's fidgeting
in line. He looks up at the clock, which reads somewhere
around 11:30. Travis is squinting though, and it is obvious
he can't see it. He turns around to the women behind him.
      (To the Women)
Excuse me ladies, but do either of
you have the correct time? I seem
to have forgotten my glasses at
The first lady smiles at him and glances at her watch.
                       LADY #1
Certainly, the time is-
She glances past him and her eyes get big. The camera
revolves to show Ray Novak, Jason King, and Robbie Greene
(who all are in their mid and late twenties) standing there
with their ski masks on, holding guns.
                       LADY #1
Travis turns around and sees them, smiles for a sec, then
remembers to look scared, and gets down with everyone else.
Calm the fuck down, everyone, and
this'll all be over in a second.
We see Ray, a tall slender man with a 5 o'clock shadow,
walking towards the car, and the camera view is from inside
the car, as if we were in the driver's seat. Ray has a
backpack with his personal stuff in it. He gets to the car
and opens the door, climbing in. Erik Pularski is driving.
Well, well, well. How the hell are
Doin', all right, man, doin' all


Yeah, me too. God, it's great to
be outta this place. One whole
fucking year, can you believe it?
All over a couple of misdemeanors.
What kind of legal system is that?
Doesn't make a bit of sense to me.
Well yeah, you weren't convicted
on all counts though.
That's not my point, the stuff I
was convicted on doesn't warrant a
year in jail.
Whatever you say.
There's a pause for a while.
Well, enough of this, it's all
behind me now. What have you been
up to?
Same old stuff. We're still in
that same apartment on Sequoia,
uh, we got a 32 inch TV. That 19
inch one was kind of dying, so we
went with a bigger one this time.
Nice, I like that. What else?
Nothin' really. James got into
some legal trouble but they
couldn't convict him.
What for?
Rape charges, it was something
stupid. They tried to convict him
of raping-
...raping, who? Anyone I know?


Does it matter?
Does it matter?! I'm asking if he
raped someone I know, if he did,
then yes, it fucking matters. What
kind of bullshit question is that?
Thats an interesting point.
Well, what?
Well who the fuck was she?
Alright, I'll tell you, but...
Don't tell James I told you, ok?
      (Lighting a
Sounds like I may have an interest
in this.
You might. It was Holly.
      (Cigarette falls
       from his lips
       before he lights
You mean, Holly, as in Holly Webb?
As in my girlfriend Holly Webb?
Sorry Ray.
For what? You didn't do it.
It's just a tough situation. I'm
just sorry it happened to you, I
guess. It's been a long year, I


Isn't that the truth. I'm fine,
though. It's over with. Water
under the bridge, you know? It'll
just be nice to get back home
after all this time.
Yeah, but you'll be cool with
James, right? No problems?
Yeah, I'm cool, don't worry. I
mean it's not like I was married
to Holly or anything. I was gone a
while, shit happens, you move on.
No big deal.
It'll be nice to have you back.
Looking forward to coming back.
And don't tell James that I told
We see the car pulling up to James's apartment. They pull up
and see a car parked in the spot that is supposed to be
theirs. Erik shakes his head.
God. Those neighbors always park
there, right in front of OUR
apartment. (joking) Sometimes I
just wanna slash their tire, or
just shoot up the place.
Yeah I know what you mean.
Erik parks on the street, and the two men get out of the car
and start walking to their apartment. Erik stops and goes
back to the mailbox when they're halfway there.
Hey, I was wondering how you'd pay
the bills without me here,


                       RAY (cont'd)
alright. Looks like you guys got
it figured out.
Ha, ha, real funny, motherfucker.
You wanna make a crack about
intelligence, how's this? I got
away 10 months ago and your ass
ended up in jail.
Both of them laugh and begin walking towards the apartment.
Erik and Ray walk into the apartment. Erik throws his keys
on the table and walks into the kitchen. Ray is still in the
living room, and we stay focused on him.
Oh, hey.
Ray is looking towards the new tv, and gives a nod of
You want a drink?
You got any Labbatt Blue?
Erik comes out holding two bottles of Labbatt Blue and he
hands one to Ray. They sit down on the sofa. The apartment
is fairly small, two stories; the first story is just a
kitchen, living room and bathroom. The second floor has 3
bedrooms, a bathroom, and James's office.
So where's James at? I kind of
expected him to be here when I got
He's at Stripper Burrito meeting
with some new guy. Think his names
Tommy, or Robbie, something like


I see. So you guys are doing
something else now? Planning
something new?
Yeah, we've been working on it for
a while.
What, are you guys leaving me out
of it?
Well you just got out of jail. We
thought you might want a while off
before you jump back into things.
If you want in on it, tell James,
you know it's not up to me.
Alright. Well, what kind of job is
it? Where's it taking place?
James and Robbie are sitting across from eachother, each
with a Burrito in front of them, keeping their voices down
so as not to draw much attention.Stripper Burrito is a
mexican restaurant mixed with a strip club, so there are
girls stripping in the background as they eat their
Burritos. The place is pretty empty.
What the fuck, are you serious?
You're joking; this is a joke,
Whats wrong with it?
I want a big payday. I want a
bank, or something big like that.
A welfare office? Don't make me
laugh, thats crap.
You're missing it. Look, a welfare
office hands out money all the
time. They have tons of money, and
not as many guards as a bank,


                       JAMES (cont'd)
because no one tries to hit them
as much. Why not? It makes perfect
sense. Lots of money, little
I don't know, James. I don't think
theres that much money at a
Welfare office. I think they just
write checks.
Oh no, theres money there. I've
seen it, I work there part time.
Thats how I'll be able to shut off
the alarms, I'll do it the night
before, before I get off duty. You
guys won't even have to worry
about the cops showing up.
I don't know, James. Even if there
was money there, which I still
don't think there is, there
couldn't be much.
Well yeah, I'll admit there won't
be nearly as much as a normal
bank, but thats the thing. How
often do you think these places
get held up? It's bigger than a
convenience store and smaller than
a bank, its like the direct
middle. Medium payoff, medium
Medium payoff, exactly. I'm sorry,
aren't there six or seven of us?
So that "medium payoff" is divided
six or seven ways. Do you see what
I'm saying?
Look for how easy this should be,
it's not even really a hassle to
get it done. You're working with
professionals, in a situation
where nothing could go wrong as
long as you guys execute. There's
no reason you shouldn't.
Everyone's experienced, they all


                       JAMES (cont'd)
know what they'll be doing. Or
they will when we go over the
briefing. It's easy, take five
minutes maybe, and it'll still be
more than you think it'll be.
Robbie sits there staring at his drink, obviously in deep
thought. He raises his glass and takes a long sip out of it.
Why do they even have money at the
Welare office? It just doesn't
make sense to me, because I know
they write checks.
They have to have actual money
because alot of the people living
on welfare don't have bank
accounts, so they can't cash
checks. So the money they write
checks for, they have to have it
all in cash just in case.
Alright. I'll go with you on this
one. I have a feeling this is a
mistake, though.
Don't be so pessimistic.
Pessmimistic? I told you I'm in,
what more do you want? I wouldn't
be in if I thought I couldn't get
There ya go. I always like to go
into a job with two skilled gunmen
just in case, you know?
Yeah, yeah, I know. So who will I
be working with?
I thought you'd ask that. You're
actually the last piece of the
puzzle, we've got specialists in
all the areas we need.


James takes a sip of his drink.
Now. About the people you'll be
working with...
"Ray Novak" appears in bold letters on the bottom of the
screen, then fades away, as we see Ray walking down the road
in the desert in Sisters. We see him wandering around town.
                       JAMES (V.O.)
The first one is Ray Novak.
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
Oh, I've heard of him. Thought he
was in jail.
                       JAMES (V.O.)
Just got out.
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
Just got out? Didn't he kill like
eight people?
                       JAMES (V.O.)
Yeah, but they couldn't convict
him on those, because there were a
few other guys there on the job
with him. But yeah, it was him.
Anyway, let me finish. Now, Ray is
from a place called Sisters,
Oregon, a small town in the desert
in central Oregon.
We see Ray get into his car and drive down the road. We
follow him for a while as James and Robbie keep talking.
                       JAMES (V.O.)
Like you said, you've heard of
him, he's really at the top of his
field of expertise-
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
The other gunman.
                       JAMES (V.O.)
No, he's not the other gunman. He
can handle a gun, he's no amateur,
but Ray's on this job because he
gets things done. You can always


                       JAMES (cont'd)
count on him to do whatever is
necessary to get the job done. You
can have all the skilled gunmen
you want, but Ray's the only guy I
know who would, without even
batting an eye, pull the trigger
on a pregnant woman if she got in
his way. At the end of the day,
that could be what it comes down
Ray pulls up to a house, an old, kind of run down house. He
gets out of his car, walks up to the front door, picks the
lock and walks inside.
                       JAMES (V.O.)
He's one of those guys who will do
anything. He kills without
remorse. I'll admit, he's not
someone you'd want as a best
friend, but he's definitely
someone you want on your side on a
job like this.
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
What if he gets trigger happy in
there? I don't want to worry about
him aiming at me.
                       JAMES (V.O.)
Ray's not an idiot. He won't take
aim at anyone on his own squad,
trust me, he's worked for me for
We see Ray struggling with someone in the kitchen, and he
grabs their hand and sticks it under the dishwater into the
garbage disposal and the water turns red as the disposal
tears up their hand. He then sticks their head under the
water, and we get a close up of Ray's expressionless face
until the body stops squirming. Ray lets go, grabs a drink
from the refridgerator, and sits down to watch the guys tv,
leaving his body on the kitchen floor.
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
How long was he in jail for?
                       JAMES (V.O.)
About 10 months.


                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
10 months?!?! Thats it?
                       JAMES (V.O.)
Don't sound so surprised, I
already told you he wasn't
convicted on any of the murders.
They only got him for breaking and
entering and some other small
stuff like that. Nothing big, so
he didn't have to heavy time or
anything like that.
Ray glances at his watch as he watches tv, then we're
viewing him as if we were in the tv looking back at him. He
picks up the remote and turns it off.
We see Jason shooting a pistol at targets in the woods, with
very good accuracy. The targets are cutouts of humans, set
up and tied against a tree to stabilize it.
                       JAMES (V.O.)
The other skilled gunman, since
you inquired about him earlier, is
Jason King. Jason spent a few
years in the army and has an
amazing shot. The only knock on
him is sometimes he can be a
little hesitant. But if you get
those pistols going, theres no
stopping him.
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
A little hesitant? This guys not
gonna chicken out on us, is he?
                       JAMES (V.O.)
No, he'll show up, he's reliable.
He came very highly recommended. I
checked him out, it made me
uncomfortable seeing he was in the
army, but he has no ties to
government or police or anything
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
What type of work has he done?


                       JAMES (V.O.)
Same as you, basically; Nothing
big. Convenience stores, gas
stations, etc. What he lacks in
experience, he makes up for in
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
Yeah, well that "a little
hesitant" knock worries me a
                       JAMES (V.O.)
He'll do what he has to do, ok?
I'm not gonna hire Mary fucking
Poppins to do a heist like this.
We hear Robbie laugh.
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
Has he killed anyone?
We see Jason strangling a gas station attendant with some
sort of wire behind a gas station. Then we see him walking
around the corner wearing the attendant's suit and flipping
through his wallet, taking out the bills and credit cards,
and tossing the wallet aside.
                       JAMES (V.O.)
Do you really think I'd hire
someone as a gunman who hasn't?
Christ, I'm not a fucking idiot. I
just meant that he won't kill
anyone he doesn't have to.
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
Hey, I'm not in this to kill
people either. If I could do this
without hurting anyone, I would.
But I'm not a fucking moron, I'll
shoot someone if I have to.
                       JAMES (V.O.)
Thats what Ray's for.
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
Yeah, well back to Ray, I don't
want to see him killing everyone
in the welfare office, either.


                       JAMES (V.O.)
Let Ray do his work. He won't do
that though, like I said, he's a
professional. Once he gets the
money he'll want out fast, he's
not going to stick around just to
plug a few people. Anyway, we're
getting off the topic; where was
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
You just finished up with Jason.
We see Erik lying under his car, working on the mechanics of
it. Then we see him messing around with things under the
                       JAMES (V.O.)
Oh, right. That brings us to our
getaway driver, a guy named Erik
Pularski, a roommate of mine.
Ray's a roommate of mine too.
Anyway, Erik doesn't just make
this job because we're friends.
Erik knows his shit.
We see Erik at the racetrack leaning up against his car.
                       JAMES (V.O.)
Erik used to participate in races,
those amateur ones that they have
around here. Not like the stock
car ones or bullshit like that,
I'm talkin' those underground
races that are half race, half
demolition derby type deals. And
he's been behind the wheel on a
few other jobs just like this one.
He's more than willing to weave in
and out of traffic if its slow,
and more importantly, he's damn
good at it.
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
But how good is he with a pack of
cops cars on his tail? You ever
seen him then?


                       JAMES (V.O.)
I'm tellin' you this guy knows his
shit, ok? He could do it
blindfolded if you let him.
Christ, it shouldn't matter
anyway, the only way there will be
any cops there is if you
personally call them and invite
them to join our little after
James and Robbie are still sitting at the table at China
Blue, finishing up their meals and their beverages.
So that's it, is it? That's the
crew you've assembled for this
job? Three guys and a getaway
driver seems a bit light to me,
even if it is just a welfare
When did I say that was it?
Well, I just thought since you
talked about the driver it was
Ok, well, we got two other guys,
Travis Black and Sean Clemmons.
They're both a little... out
there, you could say, kinda spacey
guys. But Travis is an expert at
cracking combos to vaults,
registers, whatever you have to
open, he can do it like it wasn't
even there. He can open padlocks
by touch, by rotating the lock
slowly and feeling where that
small little "click" is when he
goes by the right number. I doubt
there are any combos we'll need to
crack, but it can't hurt to have
him just in case.


And the other guy, what was his
name, was it Sean?
Thats right, Sean. He's mainly
just there to watch the registers.
Keep a close eye on what's going
on. He's the least experienced,
but we needed another body, and
it's not rocket science. His job
is a fairly easy one, so don't
even worry about that.
Alright. Sounds good. So when's
this thing going down? How much
time we got?
One week from today. We'll have
briefing every day at my apartment
to prepare. You know where that
is, right?
Yeah, yeah, I know where it is.
Alright. Count me in.
Robbie raises his glass, and James raises his and they clink
them together.
Here's to a journey to remember.
James takes a long sip out of his drink, sets it down and
clears his throat.
You said it.
We see James walk in the front door of his apartment, where
Erik and Ray are sitting and watching a movie. Ray gets up
and him and James shake hands. Both are obviously glad to
see eachother.


      (shaking Ray's
Hey Ray, good to see you on this
side of the fence.
Good to be back. It's been a long
year, you might say.
Yeah, yeah I'll bet it has.
So Erik says you were at some sort
of meeting. Whats this all about?
You planning something without
including me?
Without you, are you crazy? Of
course you're in. Now's no time
for business talk though, you just
got back.
Fine with me, man, just as long as
I'm in it.
So how long ago did you get back?
We've been back for about half an
hour. How'd the thing go?
Robbie's in. We got everyone we
need. But hey, like I said, I'll
tell you guys about it later. Ray,
I got a surprise for you. Follow
Ray looks at Erik, and Erik shrugs.
Ok. What is it?
Follow me, c'mon, you trust your
old buddy James don't you?


Unless you can give me a reason
not to.
Just follow me, ok?
Ray shrugs, gets up and follows James up the stairs.
James walks to his dresser, opens it up and starts digging
through the stuff inside of it.
      (As he's searching
       through his
It was a little hard to get back,
but evenutally Erik and I were
able to find it.
He brings his hands out of the dresser drawer, holding a
black pistol out towards Ray. Ray laughs.
Thats her, isn't it?
Sure is. Your old pistol. It took
forever to get it back, but we got
      (Now holding it,
       examining it)
Yeah, cops don't usually give back
confiscated guns. Wow. You know,
I've never done a job without this
gun. This is really something. I
can't believe you were able to get
it back.
Yeah, no problem. Just hang on to
it next time.
Yeah, well, it shouldn't even be
an issue this time. I'm not gonna
hang around longer than I have to.


James nods.
Won't be a problem. That I can
pretty much damn well guarantee.
Great. So you've already picked
everyone out, then. When do I get
to meet the guys I'll be working
Tomorrow. They'll all be here
tomorrow morning.
Alright, sounds good.
It's the next morning, and we camera is on the door as we
hear someone knocking on it from the other side. James walks
over to the door and opens it. Ray, Travis, Sean, Jason and
Erik are already in the living room, sitting down. The man
at the door is Robbie Greene.
Hey. Wow. Am I the last one here?
He sits down with everyone else.
So where are we at? What's going
James hands Robbie some papers that are stapled together,
about 10 pages. He looks around and we see everyone else is
holding similar packets of paper.
What's this?
You missed the briefing this
morning. It's basically a


                       JAMES (cont'd)
background on what we're doing and
everyone's individual part is
outlined in there. Take it home.
Study it. And next time show up at
the right fucking time for
briefing, got it?
I thought it started at 11.
No, it ends at 11. Starts at 9.
See, even Ray knows when it
starts, and Ray just got out of
jail. Jail, got it? But Ray's not
late. Ray's not out doing other
things. Ray's here.
Yeah, yeah, so what do we do now?
Do I just go home? The meetings
over, right? Is there more, or do
I just go back home?
Thats actually a subject I was
just about touch on. Have a seat,
Robbie sits down with everyone else, and James gets back up
in front of everyone else to make his speech.
There's a lot of new faces in this
room, most of you don't know
eachother. So take some time to
get acquainted with eachother. All
of your lives depend on each
other, so get to know and trust
those you'll be working with.
Everyone looks around, but no one says anything.


Just get together and go out on
the town. Go do something, sit and
talk, whatever. Just get
acquainted. Shit, I don't know,
this isn't fucking kidergarten,
figure this shit out for
More silence. Everyones just sort of looking around.
Alright. Erik and I are going
No, I'm not going-
Oh yes you are. Now, who wants to
join us?
No, you two already know
eachother. The point of this is to
get to know everyone else. You.
James is pointing at Jason.
And you.
James points at Robbie.
You three go bowling. You guys are
going to be working directly with
eachother, so you guys should
really get to know eachother over
the course of this week.
I'll go, sure.
Yeah, alright.
Cool. We'll take my car, I'll
Alright, lets go.


The three of them get up and start walking out the door, as
James looks at the other three guys, Erik, Travis, and Sean.
Alright, well...I just kind of
feel like kicking back and staying
here if that's cool with you guys.
Yeah, sure.
Fine with me.
I'm gonna get ready to go to work,
so I'll catch up with you guys
James walks up the stairs, and we see the three guys sitting
there as Erik turns on the tv.
You guys have a prefernce? ESPN,
history channel, TBS, what do you
guys want?
Ray, Robbie, and Jason are walking towards Ray's car, a
black Explorer. Ray unlocks the door and the three climb
into the car.
I don't believe I caught your
names. I assume one of you is
Yeah thats me, Robbie Greene.
Ray looks back at the other guy.
I'm Jason King.
Ray Novak. Nice to meet you guys.
We see the car from the outside now, as Ray pulls out from
his space and heads down the road.


James has told me a lot about you
Yeah? What'd he say?
Don't worry about it, nothing bad.
He wouldn't have hired you if he
didn't think you guys were up to
this, right? I trust his
decisions. Hey, you guys mind if I
turn on the radio?
Go ahead.
Ray searches through the CD's in his CD player, then settles
on a Boomtown Rats album.
You guys like the Boomtown Rats?
The Boomtown Rats.
Never heard of them.
They're mainly a European band
from the 70's and 80's. Irish, you
know? Not many people here know
about them, I guess. Anyway, I
like them. What type of music do
you guys like?
I don't know, anything really. I
don't really like country though.
What about Jimmy Buffett?


Jimmy Buffett... He's country,
isn't he?
I wouldn't go so far as to call
him a country singer. Ok, maybe
some of his earlier stuff like
Havana Daydreamin' and A-1-A, but
not so much later on.
What about License to Chill? That
was a country album. It even had
duets with other country singers.
Ok, well, excluding that album
then. Besides that had some
calypso on it. Look, just because
he did some country songs doesn't
make him a country singer.
I don't know what you guys are
talking about. I can't really
weigh in on this.
Theres silence for a while as we hear the Boomtown Rats CD
keep playing.
Alright, I've lost interest. Who's
hungry? Anyone? We can stop and
get something to eat if you guys
want. I haven't really eaten yet.
They have a snack bar at the
bowling alley, I think.
Do they? Do they serve actual food
there, or is it just that soft
pretzel and hot dog crap?
Couldn't tell you. Don't expect a
gourmet meal though.
No shit?


I'm just saying that crap you're
talking about might be the only
shit they have.
So what are we doing then?
Whatever, man, I don't care.
Doesn't matter to me. It's all on
Alright. Let's just eat there
then. No big deal. They probably
have some Jo-Jo's or something at
the very least.
We see Robbie, Jason and Ray walk into the bowling alley and
walk up the counter. We see the clock, as it reads around
3:00 We see them asking for their shoe sizes and paying, but
we don't hear what they're saying. Then they walk down and
start putting their shoes on. We look up at the scoreboard
as the names are being entered. We watch them bowl a few
frames breifly, just highlighting the pins falling down as
the ball smashes against them. The screen flashes and the
scores are all entered. We watch them return their shoes and
walk out the door, several hours later, as the clock now
reads 6:15.
The guys are sitting there outside the bowling alley, with a
drink and cigars. They are talking.
I can't believe we've already been
here for three hours. Time really
goes by fast, I guess.
I can't believe we put off eating
this long.


So what are we going to do after
this though? I mean, is this it,
or are we gonna chill for a while
I'm alright with that, whatever
you guys want.
I got something I have to take
care of. A friend I need to go
visit. I'll drop you guys back off
at James's after this, and you
guys can go do something or
What are you going to do, if you
don't mind me asking?
That's personal business. I'm just
going to see a friend, thats all
you need to know.
Alright, man, thats cool, thats
cool. No disrespect intended. Just
making conversation you know?
Yeah it's cool, don't worry about
Robbie starts taking off his shoes.
What are you doing?
Well, you said you needed to be
Yeah, but not right now. It's
cool, we'll stay a while longer. I
just want to get there before
nightfall and I'll be alright.


They eat for a few seconds with no one saying anything.
Let me ask you guys something.
Go ahead.
What do you guys make of this
whole thing?
What whole thing?
Shit, you know, this WHOLE thing.
What we've been assembled to do.
The welfare office, you know? I
don't think they have money at a
welfare office. But I don't know.
I was just wondering what your
guys' take on the whole thing is.
Well, James works there part time,
doesn't he? I mean, if he says
theres money, I'm sure theres
money, he'd have seen it.
Does he? He didn't tell me that.
Didn't you wonder where he went
all day? I mean, you do live with
I only got out of jail yesterday,
fuck head. He must have gotten
hired when I was doing time.
Well, if James says there's money,
there must be. He wouldn't send us
in there otherwise.
What makes you so sure of that?


What, are you serious? Because we
work for him. He wants money. He's
not going to send us in there to
get ambushed, if that's what
you're suggesting, what would be
the point of that?
This whole thing just seems a
little strange to me. I get a bad
feeling about it. Neither of you
guys knew James before a few days
ago, right?
And he didn't know those other two
guys either, whats their names?
That would be Travis and Sean.
Right. And he has Erik driving the
getaway car; I know, it's what he
does, but still, he's the person
farthest from danger, next to
James. He's not really personally
invested in any of you, and the
one he is closest to, has the
safest job.
You and James are friends though,
haven't you guys known eachother
for years?
We have known eachother a long
time, that's true. Lately though I
get the feeling he doesn't want me
around. I mean he acts nice, just
rumors I've heard and everything.
Like what?


We flashback to the scene where Ray and Erik are coming home
from the prison.
James fucked her, didn't he?
Just nothing. What it is isn't
important. I just get a bad
feeling about all of this. But,
who knows, I could be wrong.
So what are you going to do?
Well, what do you think? I'm going
to go through with this job, then
just go my own seperate way from
James. Don't tell him though. If
he finds out before I'm gone, I'm
pretty fucked. I'm just going to
disappear. A quiet exit. I don't
want all of his guys coming after
me prematurely.
Ray eats some more Jo-jo's, chews them, then looks around.
Just keep your eyes open, ok? We
can trust James, at least for now.
But let me know if you hear
anything, alright?
Yeah man, no problem.
We watch them eat for a few seconds in silence.
So Jason, what kind of work did
you do in the Army?


Marines. I wasn't in the Army, I
was in the Marines.
Right, Marines, got it. What kind
of work did you do in the Marines?
I was a cook. Served for four
years, never got into any combat
A cook, huh? How's the chow here
compared to there?
I've made better. We actually got
some nice stuff to work with
though from time to time. You'd
actually be surprised some of the
stuff we could get away with
making in a chow hall.
Well, we could make prime rib one
night, and then down to meat loaf
the next night, followed up by
filet of fish. See it wasn't just
nasty grimy stuff. That's just
what they show you in the movies.
I liked the chow hall, and the
selections they gave us cooks, I
just didn't like the people who
were running it.
How's that?
Well, they'd just come in and
start screaming their fucking
heads off for no reason, stupid
shit like "Private King, why's my
inventory all fucked up?" and I'm
sitting there like "Sir, your
inventory isn't all fucked up,
it's how its supposed to be." And


                       JASON (cont'd)
he'd have me do inventory of 1,500
items. And I'd have half an hour
to do it.
But like I said, making the food
wasn't that bad, we actually got
good stuff. I liked making
Catfish. We didn't get any fresh
fish, it would come in frozen, but
it was good, you can do alot of
things with the right ingredients.
So did you prepare the meals for
the officers then, or for the
Everyone eats the same thing. You
don't get any special treatment in
the Marines, no one does. Now,
they had three different chow
halls; one for the grunts, one for
the non-coms, and one for the
officers, but as far as quality of
food goes, they all went through
the same chow line.
Oh ok. So I heard that cooks have
to go through the same basic
training as the other recruits in
the Marines. Is that true?
Yeah. I actually got top marksman
in my company. And I was the cook!
Well, one cook. We actually had
about eight of them, serving
roughly 1,700 people.
Jesus. Theres your 16 hour day for


You said it.
How long have you been out?
About two years. Decided not to
re-up with the military budget
getting cut. See, our budget comes
from the Navy. Clinton cut the
Navy budget, and so the Navy cuts
our budget, so we're feeling it
four times more than the Navy is.
So I didn't want to be around with
things going the way they were.
Don't get me wrong, I'm proud I
served with the best, but I didn't
want to be around if our equipment
wasn't going to be the best
Yeah. Good call.
We watch them smoke their cigars some more before Ray speaks
Well boys, I think it's about time
we head out. I should get over to
my friend's place before it gets
too late. I'll just drop you guys
off at my place so you can get
your cars, or hang out with James,
or whatever. You boys ready?
The three guys thrown their cigars on the ground and step on
them, putting them out. They get up and start walking over
to Ray's car.
Ray's car pulls up to the apartment and Robbie and Jason
leave the car. Ray waves back at them through his mirror as
he' driving off. Jason and Robbie walk towards the
apartment, and they open the door and go inside.


Erik, Travis, Sean, and James are sitting in the room as
Robbie and Jason enter. They stand at the door, look around,
and sit down with everyone else.
What are you watching?
The basketball game. Hey where's
Said he had to go visit a friend.
A friend? Did he say who?
Nope, didn't ask.
James keeps watching Tv, but then we slowly see an
expression of worry go on his face.
Did you happen to catch if it was
a guy or a girl?
Didn't say. Why, what's the deal?
Nothing. Don't worry about it,
just curious, that's all. So how'd
you guys do?
Nothing to brag about, it was fun
though. Not bad.
      (Eyes still on the
Ok, cool.
But tomorrow we get to start the
actual briefing, right? I mean
this is fun and all, but nothings


                       ROBBIE (cont'd)
more fun than pulling a job and
getting away with it, you know
what I mean? So let's cut this
shit and get down to business. I'm
a professional, I expect to work
in serious conditions, not this
fun and games crap.
Yeah, thanks for the speech, tough
guy. Yes, we start briefing
tomorrow, calm the fuck down.
Chemistry is the most important
part of a job, more than the plan.
You have to all be on the same
page for things to go smoothly. So
I wanted you guys to get to know
eachother. It makes sense, ok?
James takes the remote and changes the channel to Boxing.
What the fuck, I was watching
Yeah. And what the fuck is it with
What are you talking about?
We were watching the game, its the
NCAA tournament, asshole. Change
it back.
No, it's my fucking TV, I paid for
it. You didn't throw in any money
for it. We're watching Boxing.
It's not YOUR tv, its OUR tv.
You're not the only one who lives
here, you know.


Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize
you piad for the tv. How much did
you put in for it again? Oh yeah,
absolutely nothing. Listen, you
have a tv in your room, watch it
No. We were watching this tv
first. You may have paid for the
Tv, but I pay as much for the
living room as you, so we're
God, calm down. If it's that
important to you, fine, watch the
fucking basketball game.
It's about time.
Shut the fuck up, god, I already
said I'd change it back.
After a while, James switches it back to the basketball
game. Everyone looks at James, as if they are waiting for an
I still say it's my fuckin Tv. I'm
just a nice guy like this.
James gets up and heads toward the stairs. He motions to
Jason and Robbie, signaling them to follow him.
      (to Jason and
You two, follow me.
Jason and Robbie shrug and follow Jason up the stairs, where
he is headed towards his office.
James's office is ver nicely furnished, with an oak desk, a


nice chair behind the desk, and two plush chairs in front of
the desk. James goes behind his desk and takes a seat, and
Jason and Robbie take seats in the plush chairs.
Theres something I've been eaning
to talk to you guys about. It's
probably nothing, but I just have
to be sure of something. You guys
spent all day with Ray. I put you
guys with him for a reason, and
the reason was, as I said earlier,
you guys should get to know
eachother since it's you three who
will be doing most of the dirty
Yeah. So whats on your mind?
James pauses, and then leans forward, resting his elbows on
the desk.
Did Ray seem a little... unusual
How should we know, we just met
him this morning.
I'm not asking "different" than he
normall is, I just mean was he
acting a little strange?
Ray Novak? As opposed to normal?
Yeah, but he's always had a
reputation for being a little...
different, you might say.
Hey, no one knows that better than
me, believe me. I just question
his loyalty sometimes. I worry
about his intentions at times. And
lately I get the feeling he's not
100% loyal.


I wouldn't say he was acting
disloyal, I mean the man just got
out of jail, he doesn't want to be
caught again.
So he did say something about this
job? What else did he say?
Nothing, really. We didn't talk
about it, just made the common
boring "getting to know you" chit
So he didn't say anything about me
or this job, right?
We get a side view of Jason and Robbie, with Jason staring
nervously at Robbie.
James notices Jason's stare.
Something wrong, Jason? You got
something you want to add?
N-No.I just- No.I agree.
James looks over them suspiciously.
I don't think I'm getting the
whole story from you boys. Are we
going to have problems?
No, no, it's not that. I was just
trying to remember if there was
anything else, you know? It was a
long day, just had to think back a
So how do you guys like Mr. Novak?


He seemed nice. A litle strange,
but he's cool.
I see.
Why, what's up?
Well... You're trustworthy guys,
so I'm going to be honest with
you. I mean, I wouldn't hire
someone I couldn't trust, right?
You hired Ray, you just said you
questioned his loyalty.
Which brings me to my next point.
James takes out a cigar and lights it.
I know Ray Novak. Him and I go way
back, a long ass time ago. He's
been in jail off and on, sure, but
there's something different about
him this time. And it's not in the
way he's acting or anything, he's
acting perfectly normal. He just
has a different feel about him ,if
you will. I just have this
instinct he's planning something.
Such as?
I don't know. I just have this
instinct, and it's more than just
a hunch, my brain is screaming
"somethings wrong here."
So what do you want us to do about
Yeah, why did you call us up here?


I want you to find out about Ray
Novak. Find out what he's up to.
Don't be direct or he'll know
what's up. Just act like his
friend and listen closely to what
he says. Find out if he's planning
Will do.
You got it.
All three stand up, and James shakes their hands.
Thanks alot, boys. I'm counting on
Not a problem.
We see Ray pull up to Holly's house, a small, white house on
a farm, with a big red barn in the middle of the field. Ray
takes his key out of the ignition and starts walking towards
the house. He's about to knock on the door when he hears a
voice call his name.
Surprised to see you back.
The camera turns with Ray, and we see Holly Webb standing
about 40 feet away.
Especially here. How long you been
out of jail?
Just since yesterday, Holly.
Holly starts walking towards Ray slowly.
Well, it certainly is a nice
surprise. I got a little lonely
with you on the inside.


Thats what Erik tells me.
Huh? Oh. Nothing. Never mind.
Holly reaches Ray and puts her arms around his neck, leaning
forward to kiss him.
It really is nice to see you, Ray.
Ray and Holly kiss, a long romantic kiss.
Why don't we go inside?
The door swings open and Ray and Holly are kissing again.
Holly grabs his hand and leads him to the living room. They
sit down on the couch, Ray with his arm around her.
So what's it like to be out,
finally? What's it feel like?
I don't know. Haven't really done
anything yet. Came home, went to
sleep, woke up, went bowling with
some guys, then just came here.
Went bowling? With Erik and James?
No. Two other guys, Jason and
Robbie. They're friends of James
and Erik and I was just getting to
know them basically.


Theres something going on, isn't
there? James is putting something
together, isn't he?
What's it to you?
I don't want you to do another
job, Ray! You just got out of
jail, I mean, I don't want you to
go back. I want you to stay here,
with me.
Ray looks down at the ground, gathering his thoughts.
Holly, I'm afraid it's a bit too
late for that.
No. James will understand. Just
tell him you want out. He's your
friend, Ray he can get you out of
it. Just tell him-
I'm not talking about the job. I'm
talking about staying here with
you. It's too late for that.
Holly cuddles up to Ray.
Don't say that, Ray-Ray. Whats
Ray thinks for a second, then looks into Holly's eyes, deep
sad eyes and she looks at him longingly.
Nothing, baby, I don't know what
I'm talking about. I'm just a
little touchy after the jail time,
you know?
Holly kisses Ray quickly.
I know what'll cheer you up! Let's


Ray looks at her for a second, like he can't believe what
she just suggested. Ray looks a little angry, in fact.
Holly, you know I'm not much of a
dancer. I don't really like to
Aww, come on. It'll be fun. We can
just slow dance, those are easy,
you know how to do those, right?
Of course you do, we used to slow
dance all the time, remember?
It'll be like old times. Before we
had all this negative stuff going
Holly turns on a cd, and plays "Venus" by Air, and Ray and
Holly slow dance throughout the duration of the song,
holding eachother closely. They talk as they dance.
Are you staying for good, Ray? Are
you going to stay here with me?
Well, I just got out, all my stuff
is at James and Erik's apartment
I'd like it if you stayed with me
We'll talk about it later.
There is silence for a while as the music keeps playing and
they keep slow dancing.
I love you, Ray. I just want to
make up for lost time.
Ray doesn't say anything for a few seconds, before mumbling
back to her:
I love you too, Holly.
After a few minutes, the song ends, and they kiss eachother


passionately again. Holly hugs him, and Ray looks around and
reluctantly hugs her back. She puts her face close to his so
she can look deeply into his eyes while she talks to him.
So do you think you can come out
and stay here with me? We always
talked about moving in together,
nows the perfect time. I mean, you
need somewhere to go, and you
don't have much money, I can
support us until you get the money
to help out.
I don't know. I don't see myself
working a nine to five type of
job. I'm more of a hands on
Well, what are you going to do for
I don't know. Work for James, work
for myself, shit, I don't know, I
just got out of jail I haven't had
time to think things through yet.
All I'm saying is its not going to
be a nine to five job.
Ok baby, whatever you want. Just
be careful, because I don't want
to lose you again.
Holly leans forward and kisses Ray.
I just can't believe you're back,
this is truly a dream come true. I
missed you so much.
I missed you too, darling.


You know, Ray... It's been a long
time since I've been able to enjoy
your company. I think we should
make the most of it, Ray.
Whats your definition of making
the most of it?
Let's go out to the barn. You
know, where we had it our first
time? I think of you every time
I'm in there. So let's go out and
make up for lost time. What do you
say? How would you feel about
Well, I think I'd feel really good
about it.
Holly gets up and grabs his hand gently and starts leading
him out the door.
Holly leaps up into Ray's arms so he can carry her to the
barn. Ray stops walking and they kiss for a very long time,
then he walks swiftly towards the barn, Holly in his arms.
The inside of Holly's barn is empty except for hay and a few
supplies. No animals or anything. Ray is laying on his back
in the hay with Holly sitting up on top of him.
See Ray? Isn't this nice?
Ray looks uncomfortable, like he's not enjoying himself, and
is actually bothered by something. He grabs onto Holly and
pulls her down beside him.
Whats wrong, Ray? Don't you want


You and I have to talk first. I
have a lot of questions I want to
ask you.
Holly looks sad and curls up into a ball as she lays by Ray.
No, no, no. Guilt is not gonna
work, you're not going to get any
sympathy out of me.
What's bothering you?
Ray pauses, then looks at Holly right in the eyes.
I know about you and James.
What do you mean "you and James"?
I don't know what you're talking
No, you know exactly what I'm
talking about. Erik told me what
happened between you guys. I know
you cheated on me, Holly.
Holly leaps up, acting shocked.
Me? You're accusing ME? You know I
love you, Ray. I would never risk
losing you by doing that, I can't
believe you even believe that. Who
told you that?
Erik did, and again, don't act all
innocent. I was suspicious even
before Erik told me about it. I
got the feeling you were when you
never once showed up to visit me
at jail. Not even once!
You know I was on that job too. If
the cops see me waltz into a
police station, I'd be taken


                       HOLLY (cont'd)
before the doors even shut. I
wanted to visit you, Ray darling,
really I did. But I couldn't.
Yeah, I guess you couldn't send
any letters, either? Or have
someone come in for you and tell
me you're still there?
Holly takes a step closer to Ray, reaching her arms out for
him, as if shes' going to hug him.
Ray, I-
Shut the fuck up, Holly, just shut
the fuck up. I know about you and
James. You're not going to talk
your way out of this one. Theres
nothing you can say that's going
to make this better.
Ray, I know you think you know,
but you're wrong. Nothing happened
between us. Please, you have to
believe me, Ray. You know it's not
true. If it was true, you would
already have taken care of James.
Your minds still on him, huh?
Well, James will get his too. I'm
just waiting for the right time.
See, if you kill someone like
James, people will come looking
for you in great numbers. You have
to make it a mystery what happened
to him. But you, Holly. Nobody
cares if you live or die.
Ray, you're scaring me. I'm sorry,
please, let's just go back to the
way things were.
We see Ray's hand creeping down towards his gun.
I'm afraid it's a bit too late for


Ray draws his gun and fires. He hits Holly in the arm, and
she falls to the ground screaming in pain.
Does that hurt, Holly? You know,
my aim must be a little off, I was
going for your chest.
Ray chuckles a little bit.
Pretty embarrassing, huh? Don't
tell anyone.
Ray, I'm so sorry. James forced
me. It was just that one time,
Ray, I swear. Please don't kill
I'm sorry, what was that last
part? I didn't catch it.
Please don't kill me.
Oh. Nope, sorry. I actually do
think I wanna do this.
Points the gun at her head.
Ray! Wait! Hold on.
You got something to say? Alright,
I'm in no hurry.
Ray puts the gun down at his side, still standing over her.
Ray don't you love me? Were you
lying before? You've even said it
tonight. It's true what they say
about you, isn't it? That you
don't have a heart. That you can't
feel another persons pain. That
you're immune to emotion. Isn't


No, Holly, they're wrong. I don't
care about people I get rid of as
part of my work, they're just
people, what do I care, I don't
know them personally. The truth
is, Holly, I love you. I love you
very much. Thats why I have to do
this. You don't know what you did
to me.
Ray cocks the gun and aims it at Holly.
Ray, don't! Please! Ray!
Goodnight, Holly.
We watch Ray as he pulls the trigger one more time. He still
stands there, and lets his arm drop to his side. He kneels
down close to Holly, who is now dead. He rubs his hand
against her cheek, leans down and kisses her one last time.
I'm sorry, Holly. If you and James
hadn't... done what you'd done,
you and I could have been
together. I didn't want to do
this. I had to.
He kisses another time, then stands up, and we follow him as
he slowly sulks his way back to his car, gets in the drivers
seat, backs out, and drives off down the road.
Ray walks into the apartment and closes the door.
Stretching, he walks into the living room and lays down on
the sofa. James walks in shortly after with a cup of coffee.
Where did you go?
I went off to pay a visit to Holly
for a while. I hadn't seen her,
thought it might be nice to catch


How cute.
You're just jealous of me and her.
What makes you say that?
Ray thinks for a while before responding.
Nothing. Fuck it, don't worry
about it. We're... broken up,
anyway. Hey, did you just make
that coffee?
It's been done for about 15
minutes, it's still warm though,
theres some left in the pot.
Ray gets up and walks into the kitchen to get some coffee,
but we keep the camera focused on James. Ray is calling to
him from the other room.
Oh, damn. This is way better than
the stuff I've lived on for the
past year or so. Damn. You get
this at Starbucks?
No, Fred Meyer. I don't like
Starbucks, they put too much shit
in their coffee. Too much cream or
something, I don't know what.
I don't like Starbucks either, too
expensive. But they have the best
beans. I'd go there just to buy
one of those little bags and just
make my own damn coffee here.
No you wouldn't you don't even
know how to make coffee.
Yeah, I guess I mean I'd just buy
it and have you make it. You


                       RAY (cont'd)
normally make it anyway, so it
works out this way. Everyone's
Ray walks back in and takes a seat on the couch with James.
There is silence for a while. Finally, James speaks up.
So what did you and Holly do?
Nothing really, just caught up on
old times. Talked about what she'd
been up to since I've been away,
stuff like that.
You gonna be seeing her alot
I doubt it. It would really
surprise me.
The television is on, and we are looking at it as though we
were one of the characters watching it. There is a picture
of Holly's barn on the television, and in the distance we
can see the medics wheeling Holly's body (with a sheet
draped over it) into the ambulance. A female reporter is
talking into the camera.
The police do not yet have any
leads as to who killed Holly Webb,
as no fingerprints or DNA samples
have been found.
We see James watching the T.V., drinking his coffee. Ray
comes down the stairs and walks into the room.
You went to go see Holly last
night, didn't you, Ray?
Yeah, I did.


Ok. Yeah I thought you said that
last night.
Mm hm. Thats correct.
So... Ray, what the fuck is the
matter with you?
      (Getting up)
What the fuck is the matter with
you? You fucking killed Holly, for
what? Why did you kill Holly, Ray?
I didn't kill Holly.
What the fuck, are you watching
the news?
Ray turns his attention towards the TV, where it shows
Holly's picture and the name "Holly Marie Webb: 1976-2005"
under it. Ray looks back at James.
What the fuck? Holly's dead?
Ohhh, of course, act like you
didn't know, Ray. You went over
there last night.
What the fuck is your problem,
James? You're asking me what MY
problem is? Whats wrong with ME?
My fucking girlfriend is dead, and
I'm being accused of the murder by
my best friend. Fuck you, James.
Ray gets up and starts to walk out of the room.
Ray? Ray wait a up a second.


Ray stops and turns around to face James, looking pissed
What is it?
I'm sorry, man, you're right. I
guess I just jumped to
conclusions. If you say you didn;t
do it, I believe you. Sorry, man.
Yeah, well, just don't fucking
accuse me of shit like that again.
Ray opens the front door to head out, and Robbie is right
there ready to knock on it. Robbie steps inside.
Hey Robbie.
Ray, where you going?
The store, I'll be back later.
Ray marches out the door and slams it behind him.
Whats his problem?
I'm in some deep shit, Robbie,
really deep shit. Have you watched
the news today?
No, what's up?
Ray went to his girlfriends last
night and killed her. He wouldn't
admit it, but she's dead and he
told me he was over there last
night. Fuck. Jesus Christ. Fuck
me. He knows.


What does he know?
Holly was over here a few nights
after Ray was put in jail, and she
was sad because she wanted to
visit him but the cops were
looking for her too, so its not
like she could just walk into a
jailhouse to stop by and say
"hello." They would have arrested
her, so she couldn't go visit him.
Anyway, she was over a few nights
after that, and we were drinking,
and she got drunk, and one thing
led to another... and, well, you
You fucked Ray's girlfriend?
See? He knows! Why else would he
have killed her? You realize he's
going to come after me next, he's
not just going to let this slide
and forgive me, Ray's not
particularly the forgiving type,
as you may know.
Yeah, he doesn't strike me as that
type of person. So whats your plan
of action then?
I don't think he's going to make
an attempt at me until after the
job we pull. Because Ray lives for
jobs like these. I'm concerned
he's going to try something
afterwords though. In fact, more
than concerned, I'm positive he
So I can't risk that, ok?


Well why the fuck are you telling
me this?
Because you're going to be on the
inside with him. You'll be right
there with him during the robbery.
Whoa, whoa, you want me to shoot
No, I don't WANT you to, I'm
ORDERING you to. You and Ray will
be virtually right next to
eachother the whole time. We need
to get rid of him. He'll take all
the money for himself, and he'll
kill me if he lives. If you kill
him, you can have his share of the
money. I promise.
Robbie looks down at the floor.
I can trust you to do this, can't
Yeah. Yeah, you can trust me.
Good. I'll infrom Jason, just in
case. I don't want him plugging
you for thinking you'd gone crazy.
He has to know about it too.
Robbie is still looking at the ground, sadly.
Don't bother, I'll tell him.
Robbie and Jason are in Marshall Park, a park located in the
woods, a sort of desolate location. There are a few people
in the background, but not within earshot range, even though
it is a small park. They are strolling down one of the


Are you fucking serious? Hell no.
Oh hell no. I'm not getting
involved in this.
I don't want to do it either. I
think we should tell Ray what's
going on.
And go against our boss?
I'm not killing Ray. Shit, I'd be
scared to kill Ray even if I
wanted to.
Well, I'm not killing Ray either.
I think we should just let them
work it out and not get involved.
Let's not tell Ray, and not do
anything drastic, either. Just let
things work out however they
happen to and stay out of it.
No, we can't do that. Suppose Ray
finds out about this whole thing.
He'd know we were involved.
Yeah but we're not going to kill
How the fuck would he know that?
Alright, you've got a point. But I
still think it's better if we just
lay low. Ray's not gojng to find
out unless you, or me, or James
tell him, because we're the only
ones who know. So lets just not
get involved and they can work out
whatever problems they have with
eachother later.
That won't work either. Even if
Ray doesn't find out, He'll show


                       ROBBIE (cont'd)
up afterwords, and James will know
we disobeyed him.
Well then he can take care of Ray
himself, he won't care about us.
Bullshit he won't. As far as he's
concerned, by not taking out Ray,
we're risking his life. If Ray
walks in after the job, we're
fucked, unless we plan on taking
out James, or unless Ray succeeds
in taking out James.
Jason pauses, and thinks for a second.
I just don't think it's a good
idea to turn on James. I don't
like him much, but thats not
enough for me to kill him.
I never said we were going to kill
James. I said lets warn Ray. Ray
can do whatever he wants with the
information as long as James never
finds out it came from us.
He would find out it came from us
though, nobody else knows about
What makes you think Ray's gonna
let someone go whose plotting to
murder him?
Jason stops to think for a while, and takes a deep breath.
Looks around to make sure no ones around them.
I don't know. I still don't feel
like this is such a good idea. I
guess if you want to tell Ray,
then fine, but I'm staying out of
Alright, fine.


James is drawing some of the briefing information on his
dry- erase board. He turns around to face the rest of the
guys, Travis, Sean, Ray, Robbie, Jason, and Erik, who are
all sitting on the couch and the chairs in that area.
As you all know, I hired each of
you for a reason. All of you are
here because you are specialists
in your field, or are people we
are looking to hire permanently.
As I just showed you, you all have
very specific parts that
compliment your talents, and if
you follow through and do what I
say, when I say to do it, you'll
all be fine. Is that clear?
Everyone in the group nods.
Good. This concludes briefing for
today, we will all meet here
As James keeps talking, Robbie catches Ray's attention by
tapping him on the shoulder, and whispering to him.
      (Whispering to Ray)
I have something I need to tell
you. Let's talk after this.
Ray nods slowly, not taking his eyes off of James and the
dry- erase board. We see the whole room again, and Travis
raises his hand.
      (Pointing at
What are we going over in
tomorrow's briefing?
What we went over today.
Again? Why?


So when you're on the inside doin
this job you'll know what the fuck
you're doing since we'd gone over
it five or six times. I don't
leave anything to chance.
Well, I know my job. Do I still
have to come?
I don't give a fuck if you know
your job, everyone here knows what
they're doing. The point is to get
it down so you can do it in your
sleep. All of us will be here,
every day. Now if you have a
problem with that, Travis, you can
get the fuck outta here right now.
No, man, I'm cool. Just askin',
man. It's cool, don't worry.
Alright. Smart move. Alright,
well, thats it for today, I'll see
you guys tomorrow morning at about
11 O'clock.
The group starts to get up, and everyone starts heading for
the door. Ray follows Robbie out the front door.
Hey Ray, where you going?
I don't know, Robbie said he
wanted to talk to me about
James look curiously over at Robbie.
We're just going to grab some
food, we'll be back in a bit. It's
ok if I hang out with you guys for
a while, right?
James looks a little concerned still, but he's eased up a
little bit.


Sure. Yeah, stay as long as you
Alright cool, we'll be back in a
bit. You like Taco Bell, Ray?
Robbie and Ray disappear out the door before Ray has a
chance to answer.
Robbie's leading, and Ray is following behind him as they
walk down the road. Robbie turns right as they get to the
bottom of the driveway. Ray stops for a second and watches
Robbie, then calls out.
Hey, Taco Bell's this way.
Follow me.
But I'm tellin' you-
Just follow me, Ray, I'll explain
everything in a bit.
Ray shrugs and follows Robbie. We follow them around the
block, and they go a few streets down before Robbie stops
and turns to talk to Ray.
Ok. Look, Ray-
I thought we were going to get
some food.
No, we're not, I just said that
You lied.
Thats really not very- What, are
you hungry?


I wasn't before, but thinking
about all this food kind of got my
stomach going, you know?
Ray, just listen to me, ok?
Ok. Look, I don't know how to put
this really.
Robbie thinks for a second, rubbing his chin.
Just say it already, don't worry
about how it sounds.
Alright fine. I have to tell you
something, but you have to promise
me you won't tell James that I
told you.
Ooh, this sounds exciting. Yeah,
alright, out with it, let's hear
James thinks you're coming for
him. He thinks you're going to
turn on him, and it's making him
really nervous.
Ray looks hard at Robbie for a while. He has a look of
distrust in his eye.
What would make him think that?
You didn't tell him about our
little conversation at the bowling
alley, did you?
No, I didn't-


Well then why the fuck would he
think that? And how the fuck do
you know about it?
Shut the fuck up and let talk, I'm
trying to help you for Christ
sake. I didn't tell James about
our little conversation, no. This
all started when he saw Holly died
on the news. He knows you know
about their little, um,
So he still thinks I killed Holly.
I don't care whether you did or
not, it's irrelevant. The point
is, he thinks you did it, and he's
convinced you're going to kill him
I never said I was going to kill
him. At least, not right now. I
just want to go my own seperate
way after all of this.
Yeah, well, James doesn't know
that. And here's the part thats
really gonna get your ass fired
up: He wants Jason and Me to take
you out during the job. You know,
make it look like an accident.
Like one of the clerks did it or
You're serious?
Fuck yeah I'm serious, you think
I'd joke about shit like this?
Fuck. Well, what do you suggest we


There's not much we can do. I told
him I'd do it, because you know
you can't say no to the guy. I'm
obviously not going to though or
else I wouldn't be telling you
this. But if you come back from
this and we allow James to live
through this, then you, Jason, and
I will all be dead very shortly.
You can't come back alive and have
James be O.K. with it.
So basically, it's either me or
Yeah. You need to get rid of him,
Ray, or else he's gonna get rid of
all three of us.
Well I can't do this before the
job. I need the money, cuz I'm
broke and I want to move out.
Especially now after whatn you
just told me.
Yeah well you're safe for now
anyway. He doesn't think you'll
make a move before then anyway, he
thinks you need the money too. So
don't worry about him moving
before then. as far as he's
concerned, you're already dead.
Alright. We'll take care of this
after the job. Simple. We'll get
the money, come back, get rid of
James, and divide up the money
between everyone else. We'll tell
the others after the job or
something, I don't know. But I'll
get rid of James the second I see
him afterwords, we aren't risking
Sounds good.


Now let's get something to eat, my
fucking stomach is going crazy, I
have to have something to eat.
Robbie laughs.
You got it. Let's go to Taco Bell.
Subtext on the bottom of the screen reads "The Day of the
Robbery." There is a dry erase board on the wall, with the
picture of a building and the surrounding area drawn on it.
James is standing by the board, with Robbie, Erik, Ray,
Jason, Sean and Travis sitting on the couch watching him
draw stuff on it. He draws out the directions as he's
talking about them and instructing the others on what to do.
So let's go over this one more
time, alright? Erik's going to
drop you off around the back. You
go in from the back so we don't
draw as much attention. People
tend to notice guys wearing ski
masks walking into a place like
this. You can't walk in the back
door though and have guns drawn,
or everyone runs out the front. So
Jason, what are you gonna do?
I'm going to guard the front and
make sure no one gets out that
What happens if someone else shows
It's alright, I don't think we
went over this. Don't worry about
other people. If they enter,
they're fucking idiots, cuz
they'll be able to see through the
door. Take their wallets though if


                       JAMES (cont'd)
one does happen to wander in. But
they won't. If they run, well,
theres not much we can do about
that. We can't catch them, and
probably won't ever even know they
saw us. We should be in and out,
so it shouldn't be that big of a
deal though. Just don't worry
about stuff like that. Keep your
mind on whats happening on the
Alright, got it.
Right. Now, Sean and Travis will
already be there by the time you
guys arrive. What are you guys
Waiting in line like ordinary
Right. It's up to you two to watch
the cashiers and make sure they
don't try anything funny. You'll
be the closest ones to them, so
you'll be able to watch them
closely. If they go for a weapon,
just pop them. Even if you're not
sure, if there's just the smallest
possibility, take them out. We
don't want to take any chances.
Sean and Travis nod.
I'm collecting the money from the
Uh huh. Keep your gun out, just in
case. They'll give you less of a
fight if they have a loaded


                       JAMES (cont'd)
six-shooter pressed to their
Yeah, well, don't worry about
that, ok?
Everyone laughs.
Robbie, where are you in all of
I'm collecting the wallets of all
the customers.
Exactly. Lets try to make this
work so you're done with all the
wallets around when Ray finishes
up with the registers. Just have
everyone thrown them at your feet
or something, we wanna get out of
there fast. If we miss a few that
way, no big deal, we won't be
missing out on much money; Most
people at the welfare office
aren't exactly rich.
I'll be out there waiting for you
Yeah. After you guys have all you
need, just get out of there. Don't
make any fancy speeches like they
do in the movies. You wanna get
away, just get the fuck out, make
sure you're not followed, and come
here. We'll divide up the cash
when you return.
How are Travis and Sean getting
out of there? Cuz theres going to
be 6 of us there and only 5 seats
at most in the car.


We're going in as ordinary
customers, and we're going to act
like ordinary customers. Unless
the cashier goes for a weapon,
everyone assumes we're just
ordinary people, and we'll leave
on our own, when everyone else
James nods.
And if they do go for a weapon?
Then how do you get out of there?
Then one of us has to ride in the
trunk of Erik's car.
It may not be pretty, but the
bottom line is everyone's getting
out of there, and we'll all be
just fine as long as we execute
this right. You all know what to
do. Now, I'm hungry. Let's go get
some breakfast first. Travis,
Sean- You guys meet up with them
at the job in an hour, ok? Be in
position in one hour. Timing is
No problem.
Got it.


We see four men sitting at a table. They are ERIK PULARSKI,
sitting down eating breakfast at this coffee shop, an
absolute dive, a truck stop, if you will. The men are all
smiling and laughing, having a good time. The camera is
revolving around the table slowly, so we see each of their
And I was only in there a few
minutes. I got the fuck out of
there as soon as I could. Erik, on
the other hand...
He tilts his head to his right, towards Erik. Everyone
Yeah, yeah, I was stuck there for
a while.
Do you usually go to places like
that, guys?
      (off camera,
       walking up to the
You kidding me, they practically
live at those places.
The camera shifts to him. He's smiling, and he sits down to
join them.
Fuck you, Ray. No, guys, we didn't
know it was one of those places
when we got there. Like I said, I
got the fuck out as soon as I saw
a little needle in the haystack.
Erik unfortunately... Well, I
don't WANT to know what he went
through before he found that out.
Well I didn't know it was a
transvestite bar either, ok?


How'd ya find out, big boy?
I'll kill you.
Everyone laughs again. We see James, and he's wiping tears
out of his eyes from laughing so hard.
That's my favorite story, I think.
Really, Ray? Why don't you tell
them your Puerto Rico one?
Erik laughs. James smirks at Ray, and Ray glares at him
Whats the Puerto Rico story?
Can't leave 'em hangin', Ray.
Yeah man, c'mon.
It's nothin. I got drunk, and they
threw me out of a casino.
And then...
Ray is narrating what we see on the screen. We see him get
tossed out the doors of a casino with his briefcase and get
up and wander off.
                       RAY (V.O.)
Yeah, yeah. So they threw me out
of the casino. Well my hotel was
in the same building, and they
wouldn't let me back inside. So
it's 2 AM, I'm in San Juan Puerto


                       RAY (cont'd)
Rico, wandering the streets,
nowhere to go. Well what I didn't
know, was that someone saw me get
thrown out of the casino. And more
importantly, they saw the seven
grand that left there with me.
We hear everyone laughing, and Ray continues his story,
narrating what we see on the screen. A scrappy homeless guy
with a big beard comes up from behind him and grabs him.
                       RAY (V.O.)
So this guy comes up to me from
behind and gets me in a headlock.
He tells me to drop the briefcase,
and I do. I mean really, what can
you do in a situation like that,
you know? He smacks me in the
mouth and I lose one of my teeth,
and he runs off with the
We see Ray on the ground rubbing his jaw, looking dazed and
                       JASON (V.O.)
So what? You just let him get
away? You didn't chase him down or
                       RAY (V.O.)
Let me ask you something, Jason,
how fast can YOU run when you're
                       ROBBIE (V.O.)
I'm not sure I wanna work with
this pussy anymore.
We see everyone sitting at the table again. Ray makes a
motion like he's going for his gun after Robbie's last
remark. Robbie flinches and everyone laughs.
Well you know theres not much I
could have done about it. He
caught me with my pants down, and


                       RAY (cont'd)
when you catch me with my pants
down, you better fuck me hard,
because it doesn't happen often.
Let me tell you though, I've
always wanted to go back down
there just to get him back. It'd
be worth the airfare just to get
him back.
Everyone laughs again.
I'm just fuckin' with you, man,
we've all had embarassing shit
happen. So what about your tooth
Got it replaced. It wasn't too
bad, he just cracked it basically
so they just had to put in some
silver lining and use that as an
A what?
Adhesive. You know, like a glue
kind of.
Then why didn't you say like a
I didn't know I was going to have
to give a fucking grammar lesson,
      (holding up his
       hands for them to
Robbie laughs.
Whats so funny?


Nothing, nothing. Just the story,
you know, and my nerves acting up.
Anyone else feeling it?
Shut up, Robbie.
Everyone laughs.
Yeah. No reason to be nervous.
Let's just go in there and have
      (pointing to his
       breakfast plate)
Is everyone done?
Everyone nods "yes." James checks his watch. He then looks
around and sees no one is around them or listening to them,
then motions everyone to lean in towards the middle of the
Alright, boys, let's get out of
here. Sean and Travis should be in
position by now. Lets settle the
tab and do this, already.
Let's do this.
We see the group start to stand up before it cuts to the
next scene.
We see the group walking out of the coffee shop. They stop
before James splits off from them.
Alright, boys. I've taken care of
the alarms. It's all on you now.
You know where to find me. I'll
see you soon.
James walks off towards his car and disappears from the


      (calling to James
       as he pulls away
       in his car)
See you soon!
Ray looks over at Erik.
      (To Erik)
And I better see you REAL fucking
They all laugh again and everyone climbs into Erik's car.
Erik is driving, Ray is in the front seat with him. They
pull out of the coffee shop and drive off down the street.
We see Erik's car pulling up behind the Welfare office. The
car also has Jason, Ray, and Robbie in it. Erik parks and
the other three get out and pull on their ski masks.
      (To Erik)
Ok, we'll be in and out. Stay
right here and keep the engine
We see the three of them walking toward the back door, in
slow motion. They pull out their guns and walk in the door.
The camera stays focused on the door, and so we can't see
whats happening inside. There is silence for a few moments.
We hear yelling from inside the building.
                       LADY #1
                       RAY (V.O.)
Calm the fuck down, everyone, and
this'll all be over in a second.


We see the inside of the Welfare office as we did in scene
1, with everyone including Sean and Travis on the ground
covering their heads.
Listen up, everyone! The way this
works is, don't move and you'll be
ok. You'll all make it home safe
and sound. Don't fuck with us
Ray points his gun over to the tellers behind the desk.
There are about six of them.
You! Hands where I can see them, I
swear to god, you try anything
funny and your co-workers will be
scooping up bits of your skull for
a week.
The bank tellers all obey, putting their hands up in the
air. Robbie pulls a black trash bag out of his pocket and
opens it up, shaking it so it's all the way unfolded. Jason,
meanwhile, is walking towards the front of the store, the
clear glass dorrs, keeping an eye out on to make sure no one
is coming, and to guard the entrance. Ray points to Robbie.
Now, I want you all to toss this
young gentleman your wallets,
purses, etc. Just slide them
towards his feet, alright?
      (to Robbie and
You two keep an eye on them, I'll
be right back.
Ray walks behind the counter, where the tellers have their
hands up in the air already. Ray puts his briefcase on the
counter and opens it up at the first booth.
      (to Welfare office
You. Put the money in the
briefcase. Fast.


The teller hurries and throws all the money he can in the
breifcase in a messy way, bills spilling out. Ray smacks the
side of his head with his pistol, hard, making a cut on the
side of the mans face. The man gasps in pain and starts
C'mon, you can do it a fuck of a
lot better than that, can't you?
Make it organized, stack 'em
The teller nods, still crying, and when he is finished, Ray
yanks the briefcase off the table and pulls it over to the
next teller.
      (to Robbie)
How we doin' back there?
Halfway done about. Makin' good
      (to 2nd teller)
You hear that? We're halfway done,
so you have even less time. 10
seconds, let's go.
The 2nd teller stares blankly at him, scared to death.
You think I'm playing games with
you? 10 seconds or you're gone.
Lets go.
The teller still just stares, like he's having a nervous
At 9, the teller starts pulling out money rapidly and
placing it in. There is a lot, and it's obvious he won't get
it all in.
The teller looks up, scared. Ray shoots him in the heart and
the teller falls to the floor, dead. The people in the


welfare office scream in surprise and fear, but Ray's
expression doesn't change. Ray moves the briefcase over to
the next line and the teller there is nervous too.
Same deal, 10 seconds... Actually
know what? To show you what a
nice guy I am, I'll give you 15,
so you can finish up your
ex-coworkers load, alright?
Ray laughs at this and shakes his head, then starts the
We see the teller 3 rows down pull out a gun from under his
desk, but it is obvious Ray doesn't see it. He pulls the
trigger and the bullet goes right past Ray's head, as Ray
ducks to avoid it at the last second. The other tellers pull
out guns, and so do Sean and Travis. Sean shoots the teller
that shot at Ray, and the teller falls to the floor wounded
badly in his shoulder.
      (to Sean and
Jesus Christ you guys, you were
supposed to keep an eye on them!
Sorry! I got him though.
Yeah right after he got away with
a clear shot at my fucking head.
Ray is still ducked under the tellers counter, but he starts
crawling around to the other side on his hands and knees.
The tellers are shooting randomly and amateurishly in a
random fashion over the counter. Sean stays still, and one
of the tellers shoots him in the face, and Sean falls to the
ground dead. Travis looks down at him, shocked, then turns
his attention to the tellers and starts firing at them
randomly, just pulling the trigger over and over. When his
clip is empty, he looks down and realizes Lady #1 has Sean's
gun, and she shoots him in the gut and the head and he dies.
Ray shoots the Lady #1 and Lady #2. from his position behind
the counter. He loads a new clip into his handgun.


Everybody calm down! Let's not
make this more than it has to be,
ok? No one try anything and no one
else needs to die today.
Bullets are still being fired though and no one pays
attention. One of the customers slips away and pulls the
alarm. The alarm sounds, and we see Ray, Robbie and Jasno's
faces in succession, showing expressions of surprise that
the alarms haven't been disabled.
What the fuck?
Thanks a whole fucking lot, James.
Robbie shoots the man who pulled the alarm, and Ray starts
taking out the tellers one by one, until all of them are
I thought James was supposed to
disable the alarms!
You're not the only one, now shut
the fuck up and cover me.
Lets get the hell out of here!
      (to Ray)
C'mon, man, let's hurry this up!
Robbie and Jason are heading for the back exit where Erik's
car is, and we see Ray backing up towards that way, shooting
random people as they try to move or get up and run. One of
the people knocks the gun out of Ray's hand, and Ray pulls
out a knife and stabs him a few times, then runs off to join
the others, as they head for the exit. Ray suddenly realizes
he left the suitcase on the counter by the tellers' desks.
Fuck! The money!
Who cares, lets get the fuck out
of here!


Fuck you, I'm going back for the
Ray runs back into the main lobby of the welfare office, and
the people scream again. One man gets up to block his path,
and Ray just slices his gut. The man falls over, and Ray
runs to the counter, grabs the breifcase, and bolts back
over to Jason and Robbie. He Robbie still has his black
Alright boys, let's get the fuck
out of here already!
We cut back to see Erik sitting in his car. He turns on the
radio to drown out the sound of the alarm. We see out the
windshield as if we are in the backseat, looking out on the
alley that Erik just came in from. Lots of people are
walking by. Erik sits upright, and you can tell he's
nervous. Some people on the sidewalk ahead turn their heads
towards Erik's car, and a few point at it as they converse
with eachother. Erik waits a little bit, looks back and
forth from the door to the road ahead, and some of the
people start running towards him. Erik's eyes get wide and
he puts the car in drive.
Oh, fuck this.
Erik floors the gas pedal, leaving skidmarks on the pavement
where the car was. Erik hits two of the people who are in
the way, turns the corner and keeps going. We see him from
the passengers seat now, checking the rearview mirror and
still looking very shaky.
Ray, Robbie, and Jason run out of the building and find the
alley empty. They pull off their ski masks. Ray has blood on
his clothes and hands. All three stare in awe at the empty
What the fuck?
The three of them look around at eachother.


What do we do?
Shit, I don't know, don't ask me.
      (Rubbing his brow,
Oh god. Uh... Ok! You two go that
way, I'll go this way, meet me on
the other side, maybe he's driving
around the block or something.
They run off, and we follow Robbie and Jason rounding the
corner. As they disappear, we see Ray running. He runs past
one of the people Erik hit with the car, and he's still
                       MAN ON GROUND
      (screaming in pain)
Send help!
Ray glances down at him for only a second.
Go fuck yourself.
We follow Ray as he runs all the way around the building. He
gets to the other side, panting, breathing hard. He's
looking around and no in is there to meet him. Robbie and
Jason are nowhere to be seen. Ray's looking around trying to
figure out what to do.
      (to himself)
Where the fuck is everyone? God
damn it.
He sees a car driving by on the road, and runs out into the
street to flag it down. The car is pretty beat up and has an
80's look to it. The car stops, and the driver rolls down
his window.
Whats wrong? Are you ok?
Ray opens the driver's door and pulls out a knife.
Get out of the car.


Ray stabs him in the gut and drags him out. Blood spills
over Ray's hands.
      (climbing into the
I don't have time to fuck around,
Ray speeds off in the car, leaving the stabbed man on the
road, and the camera stays with him for a while, and we hear
him calling for help. This is the same car we see Ray in at
the very start of the movie.
      (In pain)
Help! Help! Somebody call and
We hear sirens off in the distance, but they don't catch
Ray, and in fact sound very far away, not a threat to Ray at
We see Ray, as if we are looking at him from the hood of the
car. We see multiple shots of him from the side, the back,
and many other angles, as he's driving home. His face is
expressionless, and hes drumming his hands on the wheel
casually, almost upbeat. He pulls up, someones parked in his
parking space. He shrugs, backs up, parks somewhere else on
the street.
Gets out of the car, walking with an obvious bounce of joy
in his step. The camera follows him for a long way until he
gets to the car in his space, then slashes the tire. There
is blood on the knife already. He walks into the apartment,
a run down building. The door shuts.
The faucet is on, and we get a close up of Ray's hands as
he's washing the blood off of them. He dries them off, and
we follow him


To the kitchen. He grabs a bottle of water from the
refridgerator and sits down to watch tv. James Steiger, who
owns the apartment, a tall man in his mid-twenties, walks
into the room.
How's it going?
Hey, Ray, I'm uh... surprised to
see you here. By yourself, I mean.
Yeah, well, shit happens.
You get it?
      (pointing out the
It's in the trunk.
Nice, nice. Any trouble?
What does it look like? I'm the
only one who showed up, aren't I?
Wheres everyone else?
Well, they aren't here. I know
Sean and Travis didn't even make
it out of the building. It was a
bloodbath in there. I mean, shit,
you shoulda seen it. I got my gun
ripped away from me somewhere in
there. I had to get out with my
knife. When I finally got outside,
it was just Me, Robbie, and Jason.
I don't know what happened to
them. Cops must have gotten them,
I guess.
How'd the police get there so


Well it wasn't the police that
made it a bloodbath in there, I
personally never even saw an
officer. They had a security guard
or two, and they got Sean and
Travis pretty quick. Everyons just
panicked when the alarm went off.
I thought I disabled that alarm.
Funny thing, James, I thought you
did too.
Wait a sec; Wheres Erik? You had
to have seen him.
Nope. It appears the getaway
driver got away before we did.
Because when I left the building,
there was no getaway car. I had to
steal some poor fucker's piece of
shit 80's mobile just to get back
Shit. Alright. But we're cool,
right? No one followed you?
Don't worry, there was no one left
to follow me. I've done this
before, I know how to handle
myself in there.
How much was the take?
The phone rings. James doesn't move.
We'll let the machine get that.
How much was the take?
Even better than we thought. You
wanna see it? Because you really
should see something like this.


                       RAY (cont'd)
You wouldn't believe it if I told
Alright, yeah. Bring it here.
Ray gets up and walks out to the car. The camera stays on
James, who changes the channel to kiddie cartoons and stands
there, waiting for Ray to return. After a few moments, Ray
walks in holding a black briefcase. He talks as he walks
over to the table.
I mean, this was sort of a dicey
thing; We knew thay had a lot, but
I never dreamed they had this
How much?
      (unlatching the
You'll see soon enough.
Open the fucking briefcase.
Alright, James, get ready to shit
your pants.
Ray opens the briefcase, but the camera view is coming out
of the open briefcase, looking up at Ray, his eyes gleaming
with joy.
Well? This great or what? Did I
tell ya? Huh? How much you think
is in here? Shit, I ain't even
counted it yet. I had to wait 10
fucking minutes to-
James grabs Ray under the chin from behind and slits his
throat. Ray clutches his throat and falls to the floor,
blood oozing out between his fingers and coming out of his
mouth, trying to speak but only gasping.
      (with fake


                       JAMES (cont'd)
I'm sorry, Ray. That was rude of
me, wasn't it? It is quite a bit,
but not quite enough to split up
and still have enough to make the
whole thing worth while. You
James closes the briefcase and walks away. The camera stays
focused on Ray, who is still flopping around on the floor,
until he stops moving and it is evident he dies.
James is sitting on the couch, watching kiddie cartoons. The
door opens, and we see ERIK PULARSKI walk in. Erik shuts the
door and walks over to where James is sitting.
      (looking around
       the room,
Where is everybody?
Where the fuck were you? Ray got
here one fucking hour ago. You're
supposed to be the getaway driver,
you're the last one to show up?
Just Ray? What happened to
everybody else?
I don't know, Erik, what do you
think happened? When theres no
getaway driver, theres no fucking
getaway. What the fuck were you
thinking? You jeopardized the
whole thing.
      (Getting annoyed)
What did you think would happen?
Cops tend to get suspicious when


                       ERIK (cont'd)
gun shots are going off in the
place, and theres a car outside
with the engine running. Do you
think I could have just waited
there for them? This isn't just a
"circle the block" type of thing,
I had to keep my distance. I laid
low for a while. They took longer
than I expected, ok?
You're an hour late. Not five, not
ten, not even fifteen minutes. One
fucking hour late.
Yeah, I kept my distance. Either
it went well or it didn't, I'm not
gonna risk everything just to find
out half an hour early how things
Alright, Alright, fine. It's over
now, who cares what happened.
We're alright. It doesn't matter
Theres silence for a while, and the tension eases a little
Where's Ray, anyway?
He's in the kitchen
Erik, looking confused, walks over to the kitchen and sees
Ray's body lying on the floor, still laying in his pool of
blood. Erik turns around sharply, shaking his head.
Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.
Walks back to the living room, where James is.
What the fuck? What the fuck
happened to Ray?


I don't know, you should have seen
him when he walked in here. He was
pissed. He was pissed at you, he
was pissed at me, he was pissed at
the whole fucking situation. He
lost it.
Let me ask you again; What the
fuck happened to Ray?
He attacked me. I defended myself.
It sucks, yeah, I don't know what
came over him.
He attacked you?
I just said that, didn't I?
James, you don't fucking slit
someones throat in self defense.
It's a little hard to get that
angle in the heat of combat, don't
you think? To get behind someone,
pull their head back and get a
good, clean slice? I mean, you'd
have to, because he doesn't have
any other wounds.
      (standing up out
       of his chair)
What exactly are you suggesting?
I'm not suggesting anything, I
don't think theres much room for
suggestion in this case.
Ok, look. Let's just calm down,
ok? Theres need to get worked up
over this. Lets just-
      (pulls out his


                       ERIK (cont'd)
Calm down? You think I can trust
you now? Maybe you just want all
the money to yourself.
      (pulls out his
       handgun, shouting)
Don't fuck with me, Erik! I did
what I had to do, ok? You weren't
Both Erik and James are pointing their guns at eachother,
each only inches from eachothers faces. The phone rings.
James looks at it peripherally, but lets the machine pick it
You don't know what the fuck
you're doing, James.
What the fuck are you guys doing?
The camera shifts over to Jason King, who just walked into
the apartment. Erik and James look over in his direction
breifly, but keep glancing back over at eachother, guns
still aimed at eachother.
Jason? Where the fuck you been, we
thought the cops got you.
Never mind that, whats going on
Just a friendly conflict. Nothing
Well then put your fucking guns
down. Jesus Christ, I can't
fucking believe you two.
Both of them hesitate and then slowly drop their weapons,
eyeing eachother suspiciously. Erik is glaring at James, but
James doesn't seem to notice and seems to be in a rather
good mood now, as if the whole thing never even happened.
      (to Jason)
So what happened to you?


There was no getaway car. Ray,
Robbie, and I split up after we
got outside the building. Sean and
Travis got greased on the inside.
I ran off into the woods, and
stayed there until I was sure the
police weren't following me.
Finally, I got to the road on the
other side of the park, took a
cab, and came here. And thats
Where's Robbie?
Did Ray show up?
I asked you a fucking question,
dick head, now anser me! Where is
He's dead, did Ray show up?
Are you sure he's dead, how do you
The cops shot him in the head, I
didn't examine him or check his
fucking pulse, but I'd have to say
when you get shot in the head
you're most likely dead. That's
how I know. Now answer me: Did Ray
show up?
Yeah he showed up about an hour
Oh thank god. He brought the
money, right?
He sure did.


Nice. So wait, then where is he?
He hasn't left yet, has he? You
guys didn't just fuck me over on
my share of the cut, did you?
No, the moneys here, all of the
mey is here. Ray's here too.
Well then where is he?
James killed him.
James steps up and gets in Erik's face
      (raising his voice)
I didn't fucking murder him, I was
defending myself.
If he didn't trust you he would
have just disappeared, he would
NOT have come here.
Guys, guys. Be cool, ok? I need
you to be cool.
Theres a pause for a second, and James walks away from Erik
after glaring at him for a few seconds.
I don't give a fuck what happened.
Ray's dead, well, fine. I mean it
sucks, but It's over now. I'm
alive, you're alive, we're all
alive right here. Let's keep it
that way. Now, let's divide up the
money, go our own way, and that'll
be that. You said the money did
come, right? Ray had the money. He
did bring it with him, right?
Isn't that what you said, James?
Yeah it's here, chill out.


Show it to me. I just want my cut,
and then I want out.
Its out there on the kitchen
Lead the way.
You got it.
James turns and starts walking towards the kitchen, with
Erik and Jason following him.
      (To Erik)
Hey what's the story with you,
I heard the alarm go off. You know
the cops would have gone for the
getaway car first.
I didn't see any cops. Well, ok,
not until later, anyway. Robbie
didn't get hit until about five or
ten minutes after we were outside.
Yeah, the point was to get out of
there before they showed up.
Yeah I guess. Still though...
You're the getaway driver and
because of you I almost didn't get
Be cool, man, like you said back
there in the living room. It's
over now. We won.


Haha, yeah, you're right. Who
gives a fuck, we'll probably never
even see eachother again. Alright,
let's open this fucker up and
divide up the loot between the
three of us.
The briefcase is opened, and we see the view from inside the
suitcase yet again. This time it is Jason who opens the
suitcase, and Erik is right next to him. We don't see James,
but he is in the room.
Oh, man. This is something. This
is really something.
Holy shit!
I know, man!
How much do you think it is?
I don't know, man, I don't even
know if I can count that high. You
count it yet, James?
James doesn't respond, and there is silence.
James, have you counted it yet?
Still silence. We see Jason and Erik from a side view now,
and Jason turns around to talk to James, who we still don't
      (turning around)
Hey James-
We hear a gunshot and Jason falls to the floor, dead. We
hear another as Erik dives out of the way. Scrambling to get
up, he goes on the other side of the wall and gets his own
gun out. He waits right around the corner. James turns the
corner, and Erik smashes the butt of his gun against James's
nose. Blood starts pouring out as he cups his hands over his


      (In pain)
You fucking asshole! God damn it!
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
James charges and tackles Erik, and pistol whips him in the
side of the face. They knock eachothers guns away and start
punching eachother. Erik is eventually able to get up and
get to the kitchen. James follows him. Erik is by the
counter, and as James jumps for him, Erik moves and slams
James's face into the corner of the counter. James is on the
ground, barely conscious, and Erik is kicking him in the
ribs. James finally kicks Erik in the balls. Erik steps away
for a little.
James, James, wait a second. Hold
Fuck you.
Wait a second, James. This doesn't
have to be like this, let's just
divide this stuff 2 ways and go
our own ways.
No, fuck you! You fucking broke my
nose. You bailed on the heist.
You're not trustworthy, you'll
tell the police everything.
James, they got nothing on you OR
me, they'd never have any evidence
against you.
It's my fucking money, Erik!
James is able to get up, though still woozy, and makes
another charge for Erik. They grapple and are struggling
with each other. Erik pulls a knife out of his pocket and
stabs James in the stomach, flips open the oven and shoves
James in. Erik crams the rest of him in there, and flips the
switch up to full power, leaning a chair against the door.
Let me out of here! You fucking
asshole, I'll kill you.


Soon he just screams as loud as he can as the heat gets to
him. Bloodcurdling, horrific screams of pain. Erik grabs the
briefcase with the money and heads out the front door,
walking swiftly.
Erik is walking towards his car, which is parked about a
block away. His face is bleeding and some of his clothes are
torn. He passes an old woman on the road. Erik smiles and
does a slight nod, in respect. The old woman, confused
because he's so bloody, turns around and watches him get
into his car. He puts the birefcase in the passenger seat,
and starts the car. As the car turns on, our view is a close
up on his back bumper. We watch the car go off down the
street, and at the very end of this long, straightaway
street, we see him turn onto the main street.


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From Susan Harris Date 3/7/2005 ****
Fantastic! Wonderful plot and very well developed characters. This would be a great movie.

From Stepan Date 3/1/2005 ****
Pretty cool screenplay. You have the Tarrantino style going, it seems to be working well, nice job.

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