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Definition: Murder
by SSHS Productions (wellworm@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: **
In our film you see the true horrors of typecasting, in true thespian style, complete with a gay actor, this film is a horror farce, guarenteed giggles.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The scene starts with MS. GIBBONS as she is posting the
results of the recent play's auditions. A GROUP of students
form around her, mumbling excitedly. As each read over the
list, they appear happy or dismayed. The camera ZOOMS in on
our leading character CHRISTIE, as she matches her name to
her part. A sad expression passes over her face, and she
turns, downtrodden, and joins a GROUP of her friends. This
group includes JOSH, BEN, SCARLETT, and KATE.
      (looking concerned)
What's up Chris? Did you not make
the cast?
Oh no, I got cast, it's just the
usual. I got cast as the helpless
innocent. It's not even that big a
part. Everyone knows what always
happens to those maiden-type
characters. I'm going to end up
either fainting over some guy or
end up dead. She doesn't even let
me act, it's like...I can't grow
because I'm playing the same part
over and over again. Congrats
Scarlett. You got lead. Again.
The GROUP looks sympathetic, except for JOSH, who looks
rather jealous.
Oh...poor Christie. She gets to
play the character everyone loves,
I get to play the villiam. I mean
HELL-O! Does she not see the
brilliance it would create if I
was cast opposite BEN? (To ben) Oh
Ben, hold me in your big, strong
      (looking disturbed)
Uh...okay. I'll ignore that.


Oh, don't look so sad. I'd like to
be cast as the virgin at least
once, you know. Then I could be
held in Ben's strong arms, too.
      (snapping his
       fingers in a
       "valleygirl" way)
Oh Honey, he is SOOO mine.
JOSH and SCARLETT glare menacingly, somewhat jokingly, at
each other.
      (putting his hand
       on her shoulder)
Look, if you don't want to play
opposite me, I can talk to MS.
GIBBONS for you.
      (shaking his hand
       off, smiling but
       rather awkward)
Don't worry about it. I'll figure
something out. In the meantime, I
should probably get more
information on my character. How
about we all go the little theater
to study after school?
The GROUP makes various comments in agreement.
The KIDS are sitting at a table, BOOKS scattered everywhere.
Some are open, some are left closed. The KIDS are shuffling
through the books, occassionally writing down notes. A few
of the KIDS express their revelations.
      (sounding sullen)
Right. So later here it says that
Meredith was sworn into the
convent of the Holy Mother.


Well, MY guy went on to perform on
Ew! I went on to marry Herbert H.
Wait...you went on to marry ME?
But aren't they cousins?!
SCARLETT and BEN look away at the same time, grossed out.
The rest of the characters share their reactions.
Well, you know, back then it was
totally normal to keep the blood
in the family. It was considered,
an honor to marry your cousin.
Yah-know, go all kentucky, keep it
in the bloodline.
That's definitley an honor that I
would prefer NOT to recieve.
The LIBRARIAN walks over, having heard the loud conversation
of the KIDS, and starts scolding them.
                       ELOQUENT JANITOR
Silence, NO talking in school!
This is a place of peace,
contemplation, art, and fine
literature. This is not the place
to be discussing romantic
The camera ZOOMS in on a book she holding under her arm. It
is a cheesy romance novel, featuring FABIO.
Librarian Stomps back over to desk


No kidding...and Fabio..What the
heck is that?!
Collective laughing, except from CHRISTIE who has been
trying to read throughout the entire prievious segment.
      (somewhat annoyed)
That's it! I have to go to the
The camera ZOOMS in on CHRISTIE's watch, showing a specific
The first thing the audience sees in JOSH's watch, and it
appears the time is significantly later. Most of the KIDS
have fallen asleep, resting their heads on the books.
SCARLETT is asleep on JOSH's shoulder. JOSH is trying to
fall asleep on BEN's shoulder.
On the stage, behind the kids supine figures in deep
slumber, is the ELOQUENT JANITOR, emptying a garbage can.
She pulls a cheap romance novel, Fabio-ish quality, and
kisses it, sighing wistfully. As the kids begin to wake up,
she hurriedly shoves the book back in her pocket.
                       ELOQUENT JANITOR
      (approaching them)
Wake up! Wake up! This is not a
cheap motel! A school is a place
Yeah. Okay, okay. We're up, we're
up. I'm just glad I woke up on
BEN's safe, comfortable shoulder.
She is on JOSH's shoulder. For a moment, a look of horror
passes over her face, and she shoves him away. JOSH looks
rather happy.
                       ELOQUENT JANITOR
You kids better clear out
immediately, otherwise the
consequences will be dire, I
assure you. Before the sand
reaches the bottom of the


                       ELOQUENT JANITOR (cont'd)
hourglass, you must leave this
place of art.
On "hourglass", she pulls a hourglass from behind her back
and slams it on the table, causing eveyone to jump. She
walks away haughtily.
      (looking around)
Hey...where'd CHRISTIE go? Wasn't
she in the bathroom?
Yeah. I think so. Maybe someone
ought to go check on her.
      (immediately alert)
I'll go! I don't want any of you
guys walking around with all these
creepy janitors here!
He stands up abruptly and dramatically, puffing out his
chest. JOSH and SCARLETT both look smitten. He strides off,
arms swinging at his sides. KATE, SCARLETT, and JOSH watch
him go, then start organizing the books.
The scene starts with a CLOSE-UP of BEN's face, his eyes
darting back and forth. The CAMERA cuts behind him, and you
see the bathroom sign in front of them. The bathroom sign
moves away as he opens the door, revealing a mirror, showing
his nervous expression. His gaze moves downward, and an
expression of horror crosses over his face. He sees a trail
of blood leading into one of the stalls. Horrified but
fascinated, he follows the trail of blood into the stall.
The CAMERA ZOOMS back out of the doorway, showing a LONG
SHOT of him entering the stall. The door slowly closes from
A shot of the outside of the bathroom door, as a scream
errupts from the inside of the bathroom, then abruptly
The scene starts on JOSH, putting his books away.
Suddenly, a LOUD NOISE comes from the direction of the


bathroom, and JOSH drops the book he is holding. He looks
scared at first, but then realizes the stupidity of being
afraid of anything--there is nothing to be afraid of--and
inhales/exhales to calm himself.
Oh, I get it...BEN...BEN. BENNY
WENNY WENNY. Where aaaaaaarreeeee
you? Come out, come out wherever
you are!
      (getting a little
       more nervous)
Uh, BEN...you're kind of scaring
me. BEN, you in here?
JOSH swings open the bathroom door. The CAMERA ZOOMS past
his shoulder to the bathroom stall, focusing on BEN's
bloodied hand, which is lying outside of the stall, resting
on an open dictionary. A word is highlighted in the
dictionary, and the CAMERA steadies in on that word. It is
The CAMERA spins around and ZOOMS in quickly on JOSH's face.
He appears terrified. He turns around and begins to run. The
CAMERA follows him as he races down a corridor. Suddenly, a
hand from a nearby closet shoots out and grabs his arms, and
then yanks him in. The closet door slams shut.
Inside the closet, all is dark. Suddenly, light floods the
place, as SCARLETT has just turned on the light. JOSH and
SCARLETT are in extremely compromising positions, inside a
very closed space. JOSH is freaking out. SCARLETT looks
calm, but disgruntled.
Well, this is just freaking
fantastic. I'm going to die
tonight, and I'm locked in the
closet with a gay guy.
You aren't going to die, I mean
I'm sure everything's fi-


Says you! I'm going to die a
virgin. This is so not fair.
      (stopping his
       panic attack
Don't act so suprised, you can't
have honestly thought that I was
going to give it up to...Sean? I
mean with THAT hair? He looked
like a backstreet boy.
True, he had that whole frosted
justin timberlake affro thing.
They chuckle a bit, the air suddenly lighter and less
serious. SCARLETT remembers who she is with, however, and
her attitude changes once more.
But anyways, I'm stuck here with
you of all people, and it's not
like your sexually attracted to
me,so I'm going to die without
even one last kiss.
Well, as long as were being honest
here...I'm not exactly...gay...I'm
actually, well, pretty straight,
when you come down to it.
You're kidding me.
Oh. Huh.
Awkward silence.


You know Christie, even with all
of the other kids talking crap
about you, I always thought you
were something special, something
passionate and wild.
Really? Well, that's sweet.
That's...really sweet.
JOSH and SCARLETT start moving closer and closer, intense
expresions on their faces. Just as their lips are about to
meet, the CAMERA cuts to the JANITOR.
The LIBRARIAN is gathering the books left over from the
KIDS. She picks up one of JOSH's FABIO novels, and gazes at
it adoringly.
                       ELOQUENT JANITOR
Slobs....no...respect for
Suddenly, a loud noise sounds from the back. LIBRARIAN lets
out a shriek and drops the book. For a few seconds she
breathes hard, collecting herself. Once she is calm, she
takes a few slow steps. She walks hurriedly in it's
direction, and ends up between a few dark bookshelves. There
is a moment of tension. CU on the LIBRARIAN's face as she
looks around. The CAMERA cuts to OVERHEAD, where an
ENCYCLOPEDIA is being pushed out. Cut again to LIBRARIAN's
face as she begins to look up. CAMERA sagains cut to the
books, and follows it as it falls onto her screaming book.
BLACK OUT for a second, next shot she is lying on the
ground, her face covered by the open encyclopedia. The word
HYPOCRISY is highlighted.
KATE is somewhat nervously navigating the halls of the
library. The CAMERA follows her for about a minute, walking
down a maze of hallways. Suddenly, she comes upon a familiar
BATHROOM. A line of BLOODY FOOTPRINTS lead out the door.
KATE stands there for a moment, horrified, before letting
out a bloodcurdling shriek.


Kate! Kate! There you are! What's-
SCARLETT runs on screen, dragging JOSH behind her. She sees
the BLOODY FOOTPRINTS and stops dead. JOSH covers his mouth.
Um...Kate...something really scary
is going on here.
I found Ben in there earlier. I
just saw his hand...but now?
This is probably just some kind of
joke. Ben is probably pulling a
prank on us.
You think BEN would do something
like this?
Christie probably put him up to
Christie? That's even less likely
than Ben.
Okay, look. This is stupid. I'll
go look for them downstairs. You
guys go upstairs and look in the
kids' section.
You sure you want to be alone?
Oh god, I know this crap. Every
time people split up, the killer
ALWAYS comes after them one by
one. It's like a horror movie law.
I don't want to die!


Look, we are not in a horror
movie. We need to get the others,
then get out of here. It's way too
late to be playing a stupid game
of hide-and-seek in the library.
      (looking calmer)
You're right. This is dumb. Come
on, Josh. Let's go look for them.
I'll stay with you if you're
SCARLETT gives him a reassuring look and takes his arms,
being somewhat consoling. JOSH still looks worried, but the
group is now considerably calmer. They set off in different
CAMERA starts on the elevator doors, which slide open to
reveal SCARLETT and JOSH hugging, looking into each others'
eyes. They let go as the doors open, and giggling loudly,
stumble inside. JOSH presses a button, and they resume
embracing. CAMERA cuts to outside the elevator, as the doors
slide shut, then move to above the elevator. The lights show
the elevator is going up. There is a discreet cut to the
lights on the upstairs elevator, and the camera zooms out to
show the door. The doors slide open, revealing to their
intertwined corpses. A dictionary is open, covering their
faces. The word ABSTINENCE is highlighted. CHRISTIE, still
alive, is facing them, her back to the camera.
KATE is climbing up the stairs to the kids' section, looking
around expectantly.
Scarlett? Josh? You guys? If you
can hear me, yell!


She hears the sound of the elevator doors opening. Looking
relieved, she races up the rest of the stairs. As she turns
the corner, she sees CHRISTIE. A big smile breaks over her
face. The CAMERA cuts to the other side of CHRISTIE's face,
showing a very demented expression. In the background, the
camera focuses in on KATE, whose smile disappears and who
quickly ducks behind the wall.
CAMERA cuts to a CU of her face. KATE's expression indicates
her inner turmoil, as steadily she begins to piece things
      (startled and
Oh no....
Cue next FLASHBACK. BEN is facing the bathroom stall.
There is sound of a door swinging shut.
BEN swings the door open. CHRISTIE is standing on the
toilet, armed with a dictionary. She brings it down on BEN's
head, and just as about the book is about to make contact -
Cue next FLASHBACK. The LIBRARIAN is arranging books on the
shelves. The CAMERA slides over to the next row, revealing
CHRISTIE standing on a mini-ladder as she pushes one of the
heavy dictionaries over the other side. The LIBRARIAN's
scream is heard.
      (happily surprised)
Christie! Thank god! We were just
looking for you! Guess what
happened while you were away.
JOSH smiles at a giggling SCARLETT. CHRISTIE advances on the
two, looking deranged.
      (getting scared)
Uh...Christie? Is something wrong?
Why do you have a dictionary?
The screen goes black, and all one can hear are SCARLETT and
JOSH screaming.


The CAMERA finally settles back on KATE's face. She looks,
understandably, completely shocked. Slowly, she starts to
creep down the stairs, trying to escape CHRISTIE.
      (from off-screen)
Kate! KATE! Are you here? It's me,
Christie! I've been looking all
over for you guys! I think I just
found Josh and Scarlett -
There is a pause at what sounds like psychotic laughter
escapes CHRISTIE, but she quickly cut it off. All the while,
the CAMERA is following KATE's slow, quiet descent down the
      (voice is turning
       steadily more
Kate. Kaaaaaate. Where are you? I
know you can't be far. Come on,
it's me. Christie. Kate! KATE!
Come here, you annoying little
rat, wherever you are! KATE!
Suddenly, KATE panicks and begins running down the stairs.
CHRISTIE hears here, and we can hear her footsteps as she
pounds down after the only remaining survivor.
So where's your answer now, Kate?
You were ALWAYS the SMART ONE.
Suddenly, in the tradition of all horror movies, KATE trips.
And in all the things she could trip on, it is a FABIO
      (crawling along
       the floor,
       crippled, and
       breathing heavily)
CHRISTIE, now on-screen, advances on her, an eerily
satisfied look on her face.


      (sobbing, looking
Why?! Why Christie?! You're my
best friend!
Friend? FRIEND?!
She slams the dictionary down on the palm of her hand, and
begans to flip through the pages. She lands on one, and
opens it to KATE. The word 'deception' is highlighted.
This is the word I've chosen will
be your epitaph, Kate. It stands
for what our friendship really is.
Deception. Lies. You - and all the
others - were NEVER my friends.
Friends are supposed to stick up
for each other. None of you ever
stuck up for me.
Wha-what are you talking about,
      (a rabid look in
       her eyes,
THE PLAY! The play, Kate. Guess
who I was casted to be again. THE
VIRGIN. Guess who you all think I
am. THE VIRGIN. Sweet, innocent,
pure, harmless little Christie.
None of you saw me for what I
really am. None of you bothered.
That's why I had to show the
others, and that's what I'll have
to show you, smart little Katie.
Oh my.What will you do now? DIE
Suddenly, from behind her, a wine bottle swings. Just as the
bottle is about to hit her head, the CAMERA blacks out. We
hear a crash, a groan from CHRISTIE, and a thud as she falls
on the floor. There is a slight pause, CHRISTIE is still
groaning, then a louder thud sounds. This is the dictionary.
The CAMERA starts with a CU of KATE's frozen-in-fear face.


She is shaking, terrified. The CAMERA slowly zooms down to
the side to reveal CHRISTIE's hand laying across an open
dictionary. Her finger is adjar, apparently pointing to the
word 'irony'.


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From S.M. Krause Date 3/30/2005 *
Liked the title, thought the script lacked something: it being funny. I found it stale, unhumorless, and wickedly horrid. The characters aren't well written, you have a story with plagued holes and isn't worth the money or investment. Stick to mirrors, you can make yourself funny through suggestive faces. Writing isn't your passion.

From Taylor Date 3/6/2005 **1/2
Cute... But not really something I'd go see.

From Ellie Date 3/2/2005 ***
...Interesting. Quite funny, actually. A few irregularities in the script writing, but I assume this is a student film. I like the premise - a drama student sick of being wrongfully typecasted. I can sympthasize. Like I said, just focus on being more consistent.

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