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by Rachel Wager-Smith (AquabatMChik@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

This is a teleplay about a vampire named Bradley who wants to be good but has trouble resisting his demonic impulses. His sister Eliza doesn't know that he is alive and he wants to have a relationship with her again, and wants her to know who he is but finds that he doesn't even know who he is. A ghost named Percy was sent to help him get back on his feet, and another vampire named Arizona helps him fight his demons, both literal and metaphorical.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A young man is walking alone down a dark boulevard full of
empty stores with graffiti covering the walls and trash
flooding the street. His chocolate-colored hair is cut short
but still manages to hang in his eyes a little, and he is
wearing a pair of dingy, old black slacks with a small hole
in one thigh and a plaid patch on one knee. His feet are
surrounded by a pair of ancient combat boots and on his
hands he wears a pair of ratty gloves. This is BRADLEY,
25-ish, alone in the world with nothing to stop him from
doing as he pleases.

A man walks by him, wearing mismatched clothing and carrying
a bundle of junk on his back, muttering something to himself
about the end of the world.

Bradley steps over a dead and rotting bird in his path and
walks on, ignoring the decay of the city surrounding him.

Suddenly, he stops in his tracks as he notices a girl,
MADELINE, 24, standing in the road, looking innocent and
lost in this filthy place. She is wearing a pink, frilly top
and a pair of dirty blue jeans, and she has a brown jacket
about five times too big bundled about her shoulders. Her
wavy, auburn hair moves with the breeze and she is
surrounded by an aura of subtle beauty that doesnít fit the
rotted world she has been born into.
Madeline turns her attention to Bradley and a look of
surprise crosses her face.
Bradley? Oh my God, is that you?
Yeah. Maddy, I canít believe itís
you. I havenít seen you since --
-- well itís been a long time. How
are you doing?
Iím doing okay. Not great. Someone
stole my bike so Iím kinda stuck.
Hey, do you think I could get a


I walked. Sorry.
But I could walk you home if you
Madeline looks at Bradley, evaluating him, and finally grins
How 'bout we go to your place?
It's a hell of a lot closer, if I
remember right.
That was subtle.
What happened to the old you,
Madeline? The you that wanted
someone more mature, someone who
was willing to grow as a person?
Someone who wasnít me?
Please, give me a break! I was
Bradley starts to walk away, shakingh is head, but Madeline
chases after him and puts her hand on his shoulder. He spins
around angrily.
Look, I donít want to go down this
road again, okay? If you want, I
can take you home but then Iím
just going to go back to my place
and forget that I ever saw you,
got it?
Madeline thinks for a second while squinting her eyes
slightly and cocking her head to one side.
I have a better idea. Why donít we
go out for a drink? Get caught up?
Reminisce? Nothing funny, just
innocent, normal, old friends
catching up stuff.


Bradley thinks for a beat before hesitantly replying.
I guess I could go for a drink.
Bradley and Madeline are sitting in a dark, grungy bar, THE
BLUE SUBMARINE; the wallpaper is peeling, the counter's
chipping, and dust and cobwebs are gathering in the corners.
A neon blue sign dimly flashes the name of the club behind
them and a BARTENDER stands idly behind the bar. He looks
old and haggard, although he isn't a day over twenty-five.
People are dancing and drinking and having a good time all
around them.

A woman with dyed-red hair and a flowing, medieval type
dress sits in the corner and watches Bradley intently. He
catches her eye and holds his focus for just a second,
before looking back down at his almost empty glass of
Itís my theory that kids have
everything okay. They have nothing
to worry about, nothing big
anyways, and somebody else is
always there to take care of them.
Theyíre perfectly happy in every
way and then BAM!
Bradley bangs his fist vehemently against the chipped marble
countertop, attracting a few strange looks from the crowd.
                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
One day, something happens. One
day, this poor, innocent kid grows
up. He matures, evolves into
something older. Just like that.
All at once, he becomes someone
else. And with this becoming he
starts to notice things around
him. He starts to notice
expectations, social standards,
the morals and ethics that heís
expected to live up to. And the
pressure's on. If he doesnít live
up to those standards, heís
screwed. So life for that kid
pretty much sucks from then on. He
canít be himself. He has to be


                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
this other guy, this guy that
society created, and itís not
fair. But then again, this is life
weíre talking about, right?
You don't really believe that, do
I don't know.
It's what happened to me.
What happened?
Bradley shifts uncomfortably in his seat and averts his eyes
from Madeline.
That's not exactly a piece of
memory lane I wanna go walking
down again any time soon.
Yeah, okay. That's cool.
There is a beat of awkward silence as neither of them seems
willing to say another word.
                       MADELINE (cont'd)
I had a moment like that too, you
I had to grow up the day that I
realized that you loved me and I
didnít love you back. Thatís why I
broke up with you Bradley; I
didnít love you.
I did love you Madeline. I loved
you so much. You were my life and
then, well, then you were gone.


I can always come back, you know,
if you want me too. Just say the
word, and Iíll be back.
Bradley looks up from his drink and looks into Madeline's
eyes as if to examine her soul. He finally smiles impishly,
as if he is seeing something in her that he hadn't noticed
before. He's finally giving in.
Come on. Letís go out back. No one
will see us there.
Madeline smiles in agreement and the two slowly get up.
Bradley chugs the last few sips of his drink and throws the
glass on the ground and the bartender comes running. The
couple ignores him and they slowly walk toward the back
exit, shooting each other longing glances as they walk.
Hey! Youíre gonna have to pay for
that you know! You wonít get
another drop from me until you do!
Bradley looks at Madeline and laughs as she pushes the back
door open with her hip.
Bradley and Madeline emerge from the back door and walk into
a dark, dimly lighted ally. Bradley grabs Madeline tightly
around the waist and draws her in close for a passionate
kiss. Madeline giggles and kisses him back, leaning against
a looming brown dumpster as she does so
Iíve dreamed about this moment,
Madeline. Iíve dreamed about you
for so long.
Bradley kisses her cheek, her neck, her shoulder.
I know, I have too. I never
thought I would see you again.
Bradley grabs her back from under her shirt and pulls her in
even closer, and the two are both smiling and laughing.
Bradley kisses Madeline passionately on the lips and she


closes her eyes tight. Bradley tilts his head back in
ecstasy, revealing his sharp, prominent fangs for the first
time. He leans in and kisses her shoulder tenderly before he
sinks his teeth gracefully into her skin. She doesnít
struggle at first, but then the pain registers.
Bradley, youíre hurting me!
Bradley! Bradley stop it!
Madeline screams as her blood spurts into Bradleyís greedy
mouth. She struggles and fights, screams and yells, while
Bradley drinks her blood and gobbles at her fleshy shoulder.

She stops screaming and gives in slightly as Bradley takes a
final suck at the wound. Then, as she goes limp in his arms,
he throws her down to the cracked pavement with one brutal,
savage shove and he wipes the blood from his mouth with an
angry swipe of his arm. Her life is now smeared on his face
and he walks away calmly, leaving the still-breathing
Madeline behind.
Bradley staggers drunkenly through the graveyard, his face
still smeared with Madelineís blood. He passes grey and
white gravestones, and black ones with silver writing. He
pauses at an ostentatious emerald headstone and laughs under
his breath.

Bradley walks up the back of his small stone CRYPT, where he
lives, and he hears a woman sobbing quietly. He turns the
corner swiftly and pauses in dead shock when he sees his
sister, ELIZA, kneeling in front of his tomb, a small
bouquet of beautiful, bright flowers at her knees. She is
wearing a black, flowing dress that makes her look like a
streaming spring of death and a matching veil is pulled low
over her eyes, resting gently at her rosey cheekbones,
giving her an air of mystery. An old-fashioned hat is pinned
to her pulled-back, black hair.
Eliza looks up and stares in disbelief at her brother. She
canít move, canít speak, even her tears have stopped
flowing. She looks to the flowers for a moment, and then
gazes back at Bradley, as if trying to snap out of a bad
                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
Eliza, what are you doing here?


Bradley takes a step forward as Eliza stumbles quickly to
her feet and stagers away from her brother.
Get away from me.
Eliza, you donít understand. Itís
me; itís really me, Bradley.
I donít know who you are, but
youíre not Bradley. My brother is
Eliza, no. I just --
-- it just looked like I was dead,
okay? I never --
-- Iím not what you think I am.
Eliza begins to take a step forward but decides against it
and takes a second step back.
Is that so? Then I suppose that
canít be blood on your face, now
can it? So what, let me guess, you
had a Kool-Aid chugging contest
and got a little carried away?
Bradley wipes at his face, smearing the blood around, and
looks at his now bloodied hands. They begin to shake.
I was just so hungry, Eliza. I
couldnít help it. I just needed
some food.
Iím going to leave now, and if my
brother really is in there
somewhere, then youíll know not to
follow me.
Eliza turns and walks falteringly through the graveyard as
Bradley slumps down on the ground, defeated.


Come back Eliza! Iím not what you
I wonít hurt you!
Bradley walks inside his crypt furiously and slams the heavy
stone door behind him.

The crypt is cold, dark and dingy, eternally echoing
darkness. Everything is made of stone; white, black, and
gray flow throughout the room.

A small statue of an angel stands proudly against a cracked
wall, close to the door, and her skirt has small splatters
of blood on it, the only color in the room. A stone chair
sits against one wall, and two gothic-looking black
candlesticks stand on podiums in the middle of the room. The
most prominent piece of furniture in the room is an
old-looking stone coffin crammed into the far corner.

Bradley screams in outrage and defeat as he slams his fist
down on his coffin, chipping a corner off of the old

Suddenly, Bradley twirls around and standing in front of him
is a man, PERCY, wearing an old-fashioned, brown jacket with
matching trousers and a wide-brimmed hat covering his neatly
trimmed orange hair.
Who the hell are you and what are
you doing in my house?
The name's Percival, but you can
call me Percy.
All right Percy: listen and listen
good. I donít know who you are, I
donít know how you got in here,
and frankly I donít care. Iíve had
a bad night and all I really care
about is how quickly you get out
of here and if I were you that
would be my main concern as well.


Iím not going to leave, Bradley.
Youíve been having bad nights for
a long time now and I'm going to
help you get a string of good
nights going.
Okay, you know what? I donít know
who you think you are, and I donít
know who you think I am, but I
donít need help and I certainly
donít need your help. Now get out
of here before you find out what
Iím capable of.
What are you afraid of, Bradley?
What do you think I could possible
do to you? But then again I
suppose that really isnít the
issue here now is it?
Bradley says nothing but takes a step forward and stares at
Percy indignantly, eyes burning with annoyance.
                       PERCY (cont'd)
Where were you tonight, Bradley?
Were you with a girl? Satisfying
your lust? Is that what all that
blood is? One more itch scratched?

Look, Iím going to say this one
last time: I donít know who you
are and I donít care to find out.
I mean, what? You think you can
just come in here uninvited and
tell me my name and what I was
just out doing and think Iíll
listen to you? I oughta kill you
right now.
Thatíll be damn hard, Bradley. I
can tell you that much right now.


Youíre not human, I know. You
smell human but you donít have a
heartbeat. But it doesnít matter.
Whatever the hell you are, I can
kill you with one hand tied behind
my back and both eyes closed, I
can promise you that much.
Iím already dead, Bradley. I
died...damn, has it been twenty
years already? Hum...anyways,
after I figured that out, The
Higher Beings sent me to help you
out a little. Seems you're in a
little rut.
And am I supposed to care?
I would if I was you.
Get bent, Percy. I donít care what
you would do. Now get out of my
house before I get really pissed
Iím not going to leave, Bradley.
Your front door is damn thick and
it took a lot of energy to pass
through. So hear me out. Or,
better yet, just take this. I
think it will help you with your
little, ah, drinking problem.
Percy hands Bradley a nondescript business card and takes a
step back.

Bradley looks at the card which reads: Vampires Anonymous:
Embrace Your Dark Side and Learn to Cope with Bloodlust
Every Monday and Thursday at 1 AM on the Corner of Sunrise
and Sunset! See You There!

Bradley crumples the card up into a tiny paper wad and
throws it at Percy, hitting him square in the forehead, and
turns around, walking toward his coffin.


                       PERCY (cont'd)
Iím sorry things didnít work out
for you, Bradley. I bet you wish
Eliza could know you like she used
to, that she could understand you.
But how could that be, if you
donít even understand yourself?
Isnít that how you feel, Bradley?
Isnít that what you really want?
Bradley spins around and gets right in Percyís face.
What I want is to be normal, to be
human again, for just a single
Thatís how I feel; thatís what I
really want.
She must have loved you a lot,
your sister, for her to come out
here like this. And those flowers
looked awfully expensive. You two
must have been close.
Bradley looks at Percy and hesitates before replying.
Our parents both died when we were
kids, so I took care of her. I
always took care of her and then,
well, now I don't.
Bradley turns around and begins to slide the cover off of
his coffin.
It's not your fault, Bradley.
According to this brilliant world
we live in, you died that day.
Bradley leans the lid against the wall and is silent as he
considers this. He finally speaks, looking inside of his
coffin as he does so.


One year ago --
-- one year ago today I died. I
should have know Eliza would come
by here. I should have known and I
should have stayed away.
Donít beat yourself up about it,
kid. She was bound to find out
sooner or later, right?
I donít know. I just --
-- Madeline...
Madeline? Is that whoís life is
smeared all over your face?
I couldnít help myself, I couldnít
control it. She was just so --
-- I needed to have her, Percy. I
canít explain it. I just needed
I canít help you with that,
Bradley. But I already told you
who can.
I just wanted a good time, a nice,
normal night out. But I couldnít
control it. What I did tonight, it
was the epitome of normal in my
life and I hate it.
Bradley, like I just said, I canít
help you. But tomorrow is
Thursday, and you can get help
then from people who can
rightfully offer it.
Bradley gives Percy an annoyed glace as he slumps into his
coffin and closes his eyes with a sigh.


Iíll see how I feel tomorrow, but
I canít promise anything.
Percy takes this as his queue to leave and he disappears
into the darkness.
Bradley is standing in the middle of a cracked parking lot
full of rusted shopping carts, rubble, and an abandoned car
here and there. There is a building behind him with boarded
up windows and a roof that is beginning to cave in. Graffiti
covers the otherwise bare walls, trash is scattered about
the ground and a puddle of unidentifiable liquid is
dangerously close to Bradleyís feet.

Across the street there is a meeting going on and people are
sitting in a circle on the ground, talking.

Bradley moves to cross the street, takes a step back,
hesitates, moves forward, and then moves back again.

A man steps into the middle of the circle and begins to
Hi. My name is Curtis and I'm a
The group applauds unenthusiastically and Arrow hesitantly
and awkwardly sits back down on the cold, cracked cement.

Across the street, Char still watches the strange meeting.
He slowly leans against a lamp post and lights a cigarette,
clearly having no intent to actually cross the street. When
his lighter sparks, a young man from the circle looks up. He
is an awaked looking teenaged vampire, about 15 or 16 years
old, with wire-rimmed glasses and curly blonde hair. It
doesnít take long for Char to notice the teen staring at
him, and when he does, the teen, whose name is BLAZER,
quickly and obviously turns his face away in fright.

Suddenly, the meeting ends and Blazer is the first to stand
up and walk briskly away. Char suddenly throws his cigarette
down and goes after Blazer in one quick movement.
Hey, you, wait up!


Bradley stops and turns around.
                       ARIZONA (cont'd)
Hey, I couldnít help but notice
that you didnít join in on the
And curiosity got the best of me.
Why didn't you cross the street?
I donít know. Someone told me come
here to get help but I just
couldnít --
-- I just couldn't.
It has that effect on most people,
but it gets a little better. I
wonít lie to you, it doesnít get
much better, but it does get a
little better. Iím Arizona, by the
way. If you ever want to talk or,
you know, whatever, find me. I
donít mean to toot my own horn or
anything, but Iíll probably be
more help than this placeíll ever
Thanks, Arizona, really, but, I
donít know. I donít think I can do
that -- talk I mean. Iíve never
been very good with the whole
communication thing.
Bradley and Arizona start walking together. Bradley doesnít
look at Arizona, but her eyes never leave him.
Well, you came tonight so you must
be wanting to get something out in
the open.
Yeah, I guess.


So? What made you decide to fight
the vampire within?
Bradley hesitates before deciding to open up to this
Itís my sister; she saw me, and
she knows what I am, or thinks she
does anyways. I wanted to tell her
that I wasnít evil, that I wasnít
going to hurt her, but then I
realized that I couldnít. I canít
promise anything, not with this
blood in my viens.
You should find her. Explain to
her what you are, what you're
doing to get help. I think once
she understands that vampires
arenít all ďI vant to suck your
bloodĒ sheíll see that youíre
still you, deep down inside.
Bradley shakes his head slowly after considering this for no
more then a second.
She told me not to find her, not
to follow her. I donít want to
scare her any more then I already
Okay, you know what? This may just
be my own humble little opinion
here, but whatever. Your sister is
gonna be a lot more scared
thinking about what you might be
than if you give her a chance to
know what you actually are. I
think it's important that you
understand that.
You donít get it! How can I tell
her what I am if I'm not even sure
of what I am?


I donít know. I guess you just
have to be as honest with her as
you are with yourself.
And if I can't do that?
If you really canít, then maybe
you should start being more honest
with yourself.
How do you do it, Arizona? How do
you get by hearing their
heartbeats and smelling their
flesh and not feeding?
Thereís this place I go to when I
get hungry. Itís not the freshest
stuff in the world, but itís
healthy and it hits the spot when
you need a fix.
Arizona hands Bradley a card.
                       ARIZONA (cont'd)
Call that number and ask for
Ernie. Heís the embalmer at a
mortuary near here and he knows
about us. Just tell him I sent you
and heíll save you a quart. You
have to pay, but itís a small
How much?
Twenty a quart.
Twenty bucks? I canít afford to
pay twenty bucks a week.
Look, I don't know about your
little philosophy you seem to have
going here but I for one ain't one
to abide much in the law. If you
have to steal to get money for


                       ARIZONA (cont'd)
food, I won't judge.
Just something to think about.
Where can I find you, you know, if
I need to?
If you need me, my number is on
the back of that card
You just gotta hang in there,
okay? Itís hard to get off the
bandwagon at first, but once you
get used to it, it gets better.
And not just a little better,
Yeah, whatever. Iím, ah, sure it
does. Thanks.
It's nothing. Really, nothing.
What was your name again?
All right then, Bradley. I guess
Iíll see you around.
Bradley and Arizona look at each other a moment longer
before heading in opposite directions.
Bradley is lounging on the top of his coffin, as if it were
a big comfy couch and Percy is sitting in the stone chair
across from Bradley. Percyís hand is on his chin and he
looks tired as he stares off into space.
I think Arizona was right. I think
I should find Eliza and I think I
should talk to her.


Well, for what itís worth, I think
itís a bad idea, but I suppose
this Arizona chick knows a lot
more about these things then I do.
Itíd be nice to see her again. I
always think about her, and the
way things used to be when we were
growing up. We did everything
together. God, what I wouldnít
give to have that again.
Then find her; tell her that.
But if I try to fix things, to
make things like they were, and it
doesnít work, what reason would I
have to live?
Listen here, Bradley. I'm going to
say this once and don't you dare
make me say it again. I wasnít
very patient when I was alive and
I sure as hell arenít now that Iím
dead. Iíve been sitting here
listening to you contemplate this
for two days now and I donít know
how much more of it I can take.
Just listen to your heart or
whatever BS philosaphy you want to
go with.
Look, if it fails it fails but if
it succeeds it succeeds and can
you imagine how good that would
feel? Damn good, I'm betting.
Itís not that simple. You just
donít understand.
Bradley and Percy both remain silent for a beat or two when,
out of no where, the striking sound of someone approaching
pierces the still night outside.

Percy jumps slightly and Bradley moves slowly and silently,
like a bat in flight, towards the heavy stone door. He


motions for Percy to move out of the way as he throws the
door open violently.

Bradley jumps on a figure standing outside of the door,
sending it to the ground. Just as he is ready to attack he
sees that it is Eliza, holding a stake in one hand and a
crudely cut wooden cross in the other. Bradley stares in
amazement for just a second before offering his hand to
Eliza, who ignores it and helps herself up.

The two are now standing in the doorway of the crypt and
Eliza holds the stake defensively and thrusts the cross in
front of Bradleyís face, who simply stands and looks blankly
at his little sister.
Eliza, what are you doing?
Eliza? Well thatís convenient now
isnít it.
Bradley turns to Percy and gives him an evil look, which
Percy takes as a sign to leave. He vanishes like a fog
What was that?
Nothing. What are you doing here?
I came to kill you, to slay the
vampire and all that. Cause, you
know, itís what you do to evil
things. You kill them.
But Iím not evil. Iím just Bradley
with a few extra --
      (beat, hesitatnly
       choosing next
features that I didnít ask for and
I donít want. And Iím getting
help. I went to a VA meeting on
Thursday and Iím getting my food
from an embalmer named Ernie and
its all good and I want things to
be all good. Iím not evil.
Eliza thrusts the cross even further in front of her so that


it just touches Bradleyís nose, but he doesnít react to the
object. Instead, he simply takes the cross gently in both
hands and pulls it down to Elizaís side.
                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
Come on Eliza. I was never
religious; you know that.
So? Itís a holy relic and you,
unfortunately, are unholy. Why
arenít you shriveling and hissing
in pain like youíre supposed to?
Sorry to disappoint you, but those
things only work on us if we
believe in their power. That
thing, to me, is nothing more then
a hacked up chunk of tree.
Like I said before, sorry to
disappoint you.
Look, I donít care how much you
look and act and talk like my
brother. I know what you are and I
am going to kill you.
Bradley turns his back to Eliza and walks into the crypt.
Eliza stays where she is, but puts the stake down to her
side as she watches Bradley intensely. Bradley turns around
and begins to speak.
Eliza, if I was so evil, if I was
such a bloodthristy monster, why
would you still be standing here?
I could take you in a second. If I
really wanted to, if I was what
you say I am, then you would have
been dead the minute I first saw
you, defensless, kneeling at my
Eliza takes a moment to take this in, and slowly the tears
start to drip like syrup down her cheeks and fall to the
ground, mimicking rain. She slowly walks up to Bradley and
looks into his eyes.


Bradley, is it really you?
Bradley nods and goes in to hug Eliza, who draws away.
                       ELIZA (cont'd)
I donít trust you enough just yet
for physical contact, but we can
Just tell me what you want to
Just tell me the truth, Brad. Who
are you? What are you?
Iím still the same person I was
before. I just have a few extra
genes that happen to be demonic.
And what is that supposed to mean?
Bradley sighs and chooses his words carefully before
Vampire blood attacks human blood.
A few days after it's introduced
into a human body, assuming the
human survives its attack, it
alters the blood, giving it an
extra base pair Ė a demonic base
pair, called incubi and succubi.
That human is now a vampire. But
itís the same person, Eliza. Iím
the same person. I just...
Youíre just a vampire?
Bradley nods and turns away from Eliza, ashamed.
                       ELIZA (cont'd)
Who did this to you, Brad? Anyone
I know? Anyone I should look out
Bradley turns around and begins to pace slightly as he


No. Just some girl.
Her name was Kenya. She was
beautiful, seductive. It was easy
for her to get me alone. And after
that, well, you're looking at it.
How did she get you to, you know,
drink her?
She didn't, actually. Thatís one
way you can do it, but all
vampires can choose to inject
their blood into the person
they're biting, like a shot, you
Eliza, you have to understand that
I am the same person you remember,
despite all this. It's just --
-- when I woke up, after I was
buired, I was --
-- well, okay, I was differant. I
had these urges, impulses that I
couldn't control. But I'm learning
to control them, Eliza, I am.
They're just so strong, you know?
Wow. Wow woooow wow. I, ah, I
donít know what to say. Don't know
what to do. I mean, should I kill
you, run away, or just be glad
that youíre alive, or all three?
How come you never told me?
Bradley stops pacing and looks intensely at Eliza.
What was I supposed to say? ĎHey,
sorry for the inconvenience but
Iím not dead after all. Oh, and
just a friendly warning, donít get
too close, I bite?í


All right, I guess I get your
So, ah, sorry I tried to kill you
and all, but, just a friendly
warning, if you so much as look
like youíre getting hostile, I
swear Iíll jam this stake into
your heart so fast you wonít even
see it coming.
A stake in the heart does kill you
guys, right?
Yeah. Stake in the heart,
sunlight, fire, and the classic
guillotine maneuver, all sure ways
to kill a vampire.
Good to know.
So, I have to ask, do you actually
live here?
Well, itís rent free and spacious.
And what a view, right? I just
couldnít turn it down.
God, that is so morbid. Ah, no
None taken.
Look, if you ever want to get away
from here, just let me know. Your
room is still set up at the house.
I havenít touched it since you...
...since you left.
Eliza, Iím so sorry you had to go
through all this alone. If you
donít believe anything I say
tonight, just believe that. I am
so sorry.


I know you are, Brad. I believe
There is a long, awkward pause, each person not knowing what
there is left to say.
                       ELIZA (cont'd)
I, ah, I think I should get going.
It's been a long night and this is
a lot to take in. I need to go do
something, or something. I donít
know. I just need to go.
Iíll understand if you decide not
to come back.
Iíll be back, Brad. I just need
some time.
Bradley nods as Eliza turns away and walks out without
looking back.
Eliza walks slowly through the graveyard, almost in a
trance, and stops at the same emerald headstone that Bradley
noticed almost a lifetime ago. She is attempting to read the
illegible inscription and as sheís intently gazing at the
stone, a dark figure creeps behind her with feline grace and
grabs her face. Eliza struggles and makes muffled sounds
until she eventually goes limp. The figure drags Eliza away
and we see for the first time that it is Madeline, a
vampire. On the ground next to the green tombstone lies a
dirty, wet rag, soaked in chemicals and discarded as trash.
Bradley is sitting alone in his crypt, intently reading an
old book, pages brown and wrinkled with age. Suddenly he
looks up, a look of panic in his eyes, and he slams the book
closed. Percy comes out of the shadows and looks as if he
was wakened from a deep sleep.
What is it?


Thereís something outside. Do you
hear it? Someoneís out there.
Bradley sniffs the air and walks to the door.
                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
I smell someone.
      (beat, as he
       sniffs the air
Itís probably just Eliza.
Bradley shakes his head in frustration as he closes his eyes
and leans against the door, focusing all his energy on what
might lie outside.
Thereís blood.
A look of panic once again crosses his pain-stricken face as
he realizes what is happening. He throws the door open even
as he speaks.
                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
Bradley sees a figure run into the darkness of the cemetery
and moves as if to follow, but changes his mind rather
suddenly. He turns around and on the side of the crypt,
written in blood, is the message: I've dreamed about this
moment... written in blood.
What is it?
      (confused, almost
Madeline? I must have turned her.
I didnít even realize it but I
did. How could I let this happen?
I sired her and now she has Eliza.
How do you know itís her?


I said that to her...look, it's
her, okay?
What does she want?
My guess? Revenge. Some people
donít like it when their ex turns
them into a bloodsucking fiend.
Unfortunately for us, it looks
like sheís not trying too hard to
fight that fiend.
Where would she take Eliza?
Bradley thinks for a moment before finally shaking his head
in desperation and heaving a sigh of defeat.
I donít know. The last place I saw
Madeline, before I turned her, was
at this empty lot on our block
where the neighborhood kids went
to school. She might be there, if
she wants me to find her.
And if she doesn't?
Then we're in for a needle in
haystack type scenario.
Well then, I think its best we get
going. Where is this place again?
Bradley and Percy stumble onto the empty lot, vacant shacks
on either side, and the familiar trash and graffiti coving
every inch of the area. Bradley walks around in circles like
a rabid animal before he finally collapses on the floor, a
small tear of blood dripping down his face.
Donít give up, Bradley. This isnít
the end. Weíll find her, okay?


Bradley looks up at Percy, who is now standing next to him,
and shakes his head slowly.
This is all my fault...
You couldnít have known any of
this was going to happen.
Yeah. So what if ate my
ex-girlfriend? I couldnít have
known things would turn out like
this, so itís all good.
Bradley, you canít look at it like
Bradley motions for Percy to stop talking as he slowly
stands up. He paces around the small lot once, twice, three
times before finally stopping to pick up a crumpled piece of
paper. As Bradley unfolds the paper, Percy looks on,
confused and ignorant, but says nothing. Bradley looks at
the trash intensely for a few seconds, and then rolls it
back into a ball.
She was here.
What did you find?
Bradley tosses the paper ball to Percy, who tries to catch
it but misses, and must lean over to pick it up.

Percy slowly unfolds the paper and sees a smudge of blood on
one corner. In the center, there is a note which reads: Nice
try, but if you want to find your dearly beloved, you'll
have to dig deeper then this.

Bradley walks over to a payphone and feeds it a few small
coins before he begins to dial.
                       PERCY (cont'd)
What are you doing?
I'm calling Arizona.


What? Why?
Bradley looks at Percy, a hint mischief on his face, as he
waits for Arizona to pick up. Just as Bradley is about to
answer, there is a clicking noise as someone picks up the
phone on the other end.
Arizona? It's Bradley. I need your
Bradley climbs down a rusted, rackety ladder and plops down
into the murky brown sewage beneath him. A small splash
follows as Arizona does likewise.

Bradley and Arizona both ignore the ankle-deep water and
head straight for a tunnel a few yards ahead of them while
Percy grimaces and hesitates before jumping in after them.

The sewer is lined with moldy stone walls and the ceiling is
patterned with rows of dripping, rusted pipes.
Are you sure sheís down here? She
could have meant anything by that
Iíve known this girl since I was
eight. We dated for two years and
I loved her. I know whatís going
on inside her head. I know sheís
Okay, but still. Do you know where
we're going? Exactly, I mean.
No, but weíll know when we get
Arizona stops walking as she opens her mouth to speak.
Look, Iím all for helping you and
everything, Brad...


The nameís Bradley.
Whatever. Bradley, I think Iím
seeing Percyís side in all of
this. I donít like this plan. I
donít like it at all. Itís a big,
not to mention disgusting world
down here. It could take days to
find this girl, assuming she's
even here. Or ever was.
Bradley stops walking, turns around, and looks right at
Look, if we're planning on getting
along here, then there's something
you need to know about me. Iím
willing to take that risk. And if
you arenít, then you can just go
ahead and leave. I didnít ask for
your help just so you could
traipse along behind me,
complaining, and if thatís all
youíre going to do then I would
suggest you leave before you
really piss me off.
Arizona doesn't say anything but shoots Percy a peculiar
look. The two pass Bradley and take a step forward into the
dark tunnel, leaving the fuming Bradley behind, when
suddenly they are both thrown violently backward. Arizona
slams into the stone wall of the sewer and slides down,
landing in the brown water and Percy slams next to her and
passes right through the wall, only to appear a few moments
later, standing and unhurt.

From the tunnel emerge two male vampires. The one on the
right, VAMPIRE NUMBER ONE is young and fit, with wavy brown
hair and rags for clothing while the vampire on the left,
VAMPIRE NUMBER TWO, is older and carries an angry distortion
on his face that is partly covered by his long, blonde hair.
Both vampires have a hungry glimmer in their eyes and they
are ready to attack
Bradley begins to run toward Vampire Number One while
Vampire Number Two heads for Percy and Arizona.

Bradley and the Vampire begin fighting, each hitting and
taking hits. Bradley gets hit in the jaw so hard that he


falls backward, but catches himself and, with one hand on
the ground, supporting his weight, he kicks both feet out
from under him and kicks the vampire viciously in the shins,
sending him back a few feet. Bradley jumps back up in a
Maddy makes friends fast. Too bad
she never learned the art of
introduction. But I suppose she
already told you who I am.
As Bradley talks, he pounds Vampire Number One in the
stomach and then takes a punch in the mouth. Black blood
dribbles from his now open lip and a bruise is already
forming on his jaw.

Percy is keeping Vampire Number Two busy by changing from a
solid form to an apparition. The vampire moves in to kick
Arizona but Percy darts in front of her just in time to take
it for her. He falls to the ground with a grunt and Arizona
darts to the side, out of his way.

Vampire Number One grabs a small stake from a holster kept
around his waist and stabs at Bradleyís chest, but Bradley
jumps up and out of the way. As he does so, he grabs the
piping that lines the ceiling. While hanging, he swiftly
swings his body backward and brings his legs with full force
into the vampireís face. The vampire falls backwards into
the sludge and drops the stake into the grungy water while
Bradley simultaneously lets go of the pipe and lands on top
of the vampire. He digs the stake out of the water and holds
it threateningly above the vampireís heart.
Where is she?
                       VAMPIRE NUMBER ONE
I donít know what youíre talking
about, man.
Stop playing games! You know who
Iím talking about. Madeline, the
girl who sent you here.
                       VAMPIRE NUMBER ONE
I wasnít sent here; I was just
trying to keep my nest from being
Yeah, like Iím gonna believe that.
I vampire living in the sewer?


                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
Thatís the biggest clichť Iíve
ever heard. I mean, what, just
because thereís no sunlight and
nobody to disturb you --
      (slower, with
-- and itís the perfect place to
hide your leftovers and damn, you
do live here, don't you.
                       VAMPIRE NUMBER ONE
Yeah, I do. And I was perfectly
happy until that guy came along.
He nods toward the second vampire.
                       VAMPIRE NUMBER ONE (cont'd)
He comes in here and starts
telling me to hightail it on outta
here, like Iíd listen to him or
something. And then you come and
start invading like some sort of,
ah, invaders, or something. I mean
jeez, canít a guy get any peace
and quite round here no more?
Bradley jumps up and off of Vampire Number One and looks
Sorry, really, but if I were you,
I would get out of here, just for
now. Some ugly stuff is about to
go down and you very well may die
if you stick around.
Bradley stashes the stake in his coat pocket and runs toward
Percy, Arizona and the second vampire while the first
vampire runs through the dark tunnel, back the way he came.

Arizonaís nose is slowly dripping black blood and her wrist
appears broken but she keeps fighting valiantly. Percy
however, is showing definite signs of exhaustion. He appears
to be having trouble staying visible and is fading in and
out with no consistency whatsoever.
I did the best I could, Bradley,
but I canít keep going.


You did good, Percy. Now go on and
take a rest. Arizona and I can
handle this guy, okay?
Percy disappears while Bradley turns to face his new
opponent. He motions for Arizona to back off.
                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
Iím not messing around here,
buddy. Either you tell me what I
want to know or I swear to God I
will kill you.
                       VAMPIRE NUMBER TWO
I came here with a mission and I
wonít leave until itís over.
Madeline sent you.
                       VAMPIRE NUMBER TWO
She did.
What did she promise you?
                       VAMPIRE NUMBER TWO
I get the human in exchange for
                       VAMPIRE NUMBER TWO
Whatís in a name? A pig by any
other name would taste as sweet.
On that note, Bradley once again begins combat. He and the
vampire exchange punches and Arizona manages to block one of
the vampires advances. She holds his arm behind his back
with her unhurt arm while Bradley pounds him. The vampire
grunts and flashes his fangs as he twists out of Arizonaís
grasp, sending her flying down into the sewage. Bradley
hisses slightly as he runs for the vampire and grabs the
stake from his jacket. He aims for the vampireís chest, but
the vampire ducks and grabs the stake in one fell swoop.
Before Bradley can figure out what just happened, the
vampire sinks the stake deep into Bradleyís stomach, missing
the heart, but injuring Bradley nonetheless. Black blood
spurts from the wound and splashes into the water. Bradley
looks at his wound, shocked, just as Arizona gets up and


stands in a fighting stance. The vampire pins Bradley down
and holds the stake to Bradleyís heart, showing that he will
kill if necessary, and Arizona stops dead in her tracks.
                       VAMPIRE NUMBER TWO
Nice try, kids, really, good job,
but, ah, game over. Better luck
next time.
Bradley looks from his wound to the vampire and abruptly
hurls his weight onto the vampire, so that Bradley is now
sitting on top. Bradley grabs the stake and tosses it to
Lucky for me, I have a high
tolerance for pain. Unfortunately
for you, what I have a low
tolerance for is arrogant bastards
such as yourself.
Bradley grabs a match from his jacket, lights it against his
fingernail, and holds it up to the vampireís face so that
the flame is just touching his chin. The vampire squeals and
squirms but cannot get out of Bradleyís grasp. The flame
burns away his skin and a few slivers shed off and fall into
the water. The match reaches Bradley's fingers and he shakes
it out, throws it into the water, and grabs a new match out
of his pocket.
                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
Tell me where Madeline is or I
swear I will burn your whole face
right off that nice thick skull of
The vampire hesitates and Bradley lights the match and
places the flame near the vampireís right cheek. A new piece
of skin starts to burn and peel and the vampire squeals

The match again reaches Bradleyís fingers and he throws it
into the water and lights a third one. He is about to move
it up to the vampireís face when he finally starts talking.
                       VAMPIRE NUMBER TWO
Sheís at the air base, up past
Mather Field.
Bradley shakes the match out quickly.
I know the place. It's doesn't
take long to get there from here.


                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
You wouldn't per chance be lying
to me, now would you?
The vampire shakes his head violently and Bradley nods
                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
Thatís good. Thatís real good.
Cause if you were, Iíd have to
hunt you down, and Iíd have to
kill you. And you donít want that,
now do you?
Again, the vampire shakes his head and Bradley stands up.
The vampire hesitates before getting to his feet and
                       VAMPIRE NUMBER TWO
Could you maybe do something for
me? When you see her, could you
tell her, tell Madeline, that you
killed me? If she knows that I
wasnít able to catch you, not to
mention that I sold her out, well,
Iím scared of what sheíll do to
Iíll tell you what. I can do that,
but you have to do me a little
favor in return.
                       VAMPIRE NUMBER TWO
Just tell me what to do.
Bradley takes the stake from Arizona, steps up to the
vampire, looks into his eyes, and jabs the stake deep into
the vampireís heart.
Drop dead.
The vampire slowly falls into the water, making a splash as
he makes one last exasperated gasp before dying.

Bradley cooley steps over the body and sits down on a small
stone platform by the dark tunnel and takes off his shirt,
evaluating his momentarily forgotten stab wound. His black
blood is still covering the area, but the puncture has
already reduced so that is just a small hole in his flesh.
He touches the wound and grimaces slightly in pain as blood


oozes from it.

Arizona sits next to him and tears off one of her flowing
sleeves and carefully uses it as a sling for her injured
wrist. Neither of the two vampires speak; they simply dress
their wounds in silence.

Percy reappears and still looks somewhat exhausted, but is
able to retain a solid form. He stands in front of Bradley
and Arizona and looks sympathetically at their wounds.
Damn. Looks like they got you guys
pretty bad. Are you gonna to be
Weíll be fine. One good thing
about being a vampire: we heal
Do you know where they are?
Theyíre up at the old air base. Do
you think you guysíll feel up to
going in a few minutes?
Iím ready when you are.
I can go but I donít know how much
help Iíll be. I donít think Iíll
be able to use this arm for at
least another few hours.
Bradley nods and begins to wash the blood off of his body
with the sewer water.
What are you doing? Thatís the
most disgusting thing Iíve ever


God! Don't you know what kind of
crud, literal crud, is sitting
right there in that water right
now? Do you know how many asses
have contaminated this water?
Relax, Percy. It doesn't matter.
Our blood kills anything it
touches. Bacteria, viruses, human
flesh, anything it doesnít
recognize it destroys.
Still, Bradley, you gotta admit,
that's really gross.
Bradley shrugs and Percy ignores Arizona, continuing his
conversation with Bradley.
Human flesh? Damn. Now thatís
Yes, because what was once a
favorite pastime of bleeding
profusely on the people I love is
now just a distant fantasy visited
only in my sweet, sweet dreams.
I just meant people canít help
you, you know, when you're hurt.
Makes you have to be pretty
self-reliant, doesn't it?
Iíve been self reliant my whole
life. Itís no big adjustment.
I guess so. But doesnít it ever
bother you? All these rules you
have to follow? All these
limitation you have?


There is silence as Bradley observes his wound as it closes
up completely.
                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
Iím ready to go. Are you guys
ready to go?
Percy nods his head and Arizona stands up, showing her
readiness. Bradley gets up and begins to climb back up the
ladder from whence they came.
The air base is yet another deserted place. Most of the
planes have been shipped out over the years, but a few
remain to rot. A black fighter plane with a pointed nose and
one wing half off still remains, as does an alien-looking,
silver and black bomber plane with a gaping wound in one
side. An old fashioned plane with red wings and a yellow
body looms in the background, flaunting its one remaining
propeller proudly.

In the center of all of this, Eliza sits, tied to a chair,
with a few scabs forming on her left arm where Madeline bled

Madeline is standing near by, looking at her watch and
tapping her foot impatiently. She is wearing a revealing red
top, tight black pants, and a shiny black jacket, landing
just short of the ground. One hand is on her hip and with
the other she shrugs slightly.
They should have been back by now.
I knew I should have done this
myself. Goons can just never be
Why are you doing this, Madeline?
You were never like this before.
We always got along, all three of
Yeah, we did. Until one of us just
had to go and kill me.
It wasnít his fault, Madeline. You
should be able to appreciate that,


                       ELIZA (cont'd)
now that you know exactly what
heís going through.
No, no, no. Weíre not going to
play that game. The only reason I
now have that air-quote privilege
is because of your brother. He did
this to me. He turned me into this
thing. And now he is going to pay.
Your blood, along with mine, is on
his own head. He has no one to
blame but himself.
Thatís not true and you know it.
Do I? Do I really? Well, you know
what, if I were you I would stop
trying to play this little
psychological game youíre getting
at cause you donít know what the
hell youíre talking about. You
donít know the first thing about
what your brother is and you sure
as hell donít know the first thing
about what Iím going through or
what I can relate to. So just shut
your pretty little mouth up and
wait for the show to begin.
Things donít have to be like this,
you know. Bradley was telling me
about what heís doing to get help.
He gets his blood from an embalmer
and heís going to meetings with
other vampires. Heís getting help
and you can too.
What makes you think that I want
help? I mean, sure, Iím pissed
that things turned out the way
they did, but now that I am what I
am, why fight it? Thereís no use
trying. Nature always laughs last.
So youíre just going to go through
life killing innocent people,
fulfilling your every lust?


Yeah. Yeah, actually that
lifestyle sounds pretty good right
about now. Pretty damn good. I
mean, the only reason people donít
live that way is because they
canít get away with it. But when
you have the power to get away
with anything, you do anything.
Sounds like you got this whole
vampire thing figured out pretty
good. Sounds like Bradley did you
a favor to me.
Madeline shrugs and looks blankly at the floor in front of
her. She suddenly begins to snigger evilly and she looks up
devilishly at Eliza.
Yeah, well, I broke his heart once
and it was so much fun I decided
to do it again. ĎWhy not?í I
thought to myself, and when no
answer came, I started to take
action. And now, here we are, the
fruits of my labor. And let me
tell you, I'm loving it.
As Madeline is saying this, Bradleyís dark figure comes out
of the shadows.
                       MADELINE (cont'd)
God, itís about time.
Madeline looks Bradley up and down and a look of bitter
disappointment crosses her face.
                       MADELINE (cont'd)
I was hoping you would be
Itís gonna take a lot more then
some sewer rat you picked up off
the street to, ah, how did you put
it? incapacitate me?
Arizona and Percy now join Bradley out of the shadows and
stand behind him, giving Bradley an aura of importance and


                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
I hope you donít mind. I brought
some friends.
The more the merrier. Iím starved.
Percy, get Eliza. Arizona, youíre
with me.
Arizona nods and steps up with Bradley while Percy runs over
to Elizaís chair and starts working on the knots.
Do whatever you want with the
girl. Iím finished with her. Now,
itís all about you.
This doesnít have to go down like
this, if you donít want it too.
What is it with you people? I
mean, come on! Did I stutter or
something? What have I done that
would possibly make you think that
I would want this to go down any
other way?
Thatís what I thought, but it
never hurts to ask. Now, enough
with the formalities. Letís go.
Go ahead. Go.
Bradley hesitates for a moment before swinging his arm
violently toward her face. She predicts his move and grabs
his arm, twisting it behind his back.
Madeline continues to twist his arm untill finally it makes
a painful popping noise as it slips out of itís socket. She
throws him down to the ground and he stays for a moment,
holding his limp arm, and she grins at his pain.

As Bradley hits the ground, he knocks over a black contanier
full of gassoline, and it begins to dribble away from him.

Percy pulls Eliza free of her bondage and leads her to the


sidelines of the fight. She leans on him for support.

Arizona runs at Madeline and jump-kicks her in the stomach.
Madeline doesnít flinch but laughs at the effort and bitch
slaps Arizona's face.

Bradley jumps up and breaks Madeline's nose with his unhurt
left arm, taking her unawares. She smiles at him approvingly
as blood drips into her mouth.
Now that's more like it.
The two vampires continues to fight as they talk. Bradley
punches, ducks, she kicks, jumps out of the way, he takes a
punch, she takes a punch, etc. Bradley is careful not to use
his right arm and she aims for it every time.
You have skill, Madeline, Iíll
give you that, but thereís more to
this life then skill.
Are you trying to get at something
here or are you just wasting my
time so I wonít kill you quite so
Youíre young, Madeline. You donít
know how things go in this world.
Youíre gonna have to help me out
with this one. I think Iím gonna
need a Ďfor instanceí here.
Bradley steps back, letting his gaurd down purposfully, and
Madeline relaxes for a moment. Arizona stands by, ready to
fight if necessary.
When youíre a vampire, you start
thinking ahead. You start thinking
about your next meal, and when the
sun rises or when it sets. These
things come into consideration
daily and become second nature.
But it takes time. Time you
havenít had. And my guess is
youíve been a vampire for, what,
something like two days now,
havenít had a sufficient meal, and


                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
itís going to be sunrise in next
to no time. And not only that, but
youíre up four against one. The
odds are against you, Madeline,
and youíre starving and desperate.
You screwed up. But what you do
next is up to you.
Nice speech, sweetie, but itís a
load of bull. I ate before I came,
itís only three thirty in the
morning, and I wasnít stupid
enough to come alone.
I may be new at this, but I sure
am good.
Bradley looks panicked for the first time as two vampires, a
woman and a man, come out of the foggy darkness behind them,
baring their teeth as they close in on Bradley and his
Percy is in a near panic and Eliza looks about ready to
faint from fear and shock.
Alrighty, I guess we misjudged
you. Mistakes happen, right? So,
ah, why donít you let us go and
weíll do this again real soon?
This is no place for cowardice,
Percy. Get Eliza, and get the hell
out of here. Wait for us someplace
Percy doesnít hesitate as he caries the exhausted and dazed
Eliza away from the danger of the sidelines. The female
vampire starts to follow but Madeline motions for her to
Let them go. We donít need them.
The female vampire looks disappointed and angry but does as
she is told.
Bradley, what are we going to do?
We canít take on all them.


Yes we can. Just trust me. Iíll
handle Madeline if you get the
other two.
Arizona nods and charges toward the female vampire first. As
she does so, she pulls a knife out from a sheath strapped on
to her thigh, careful not to use her injured arm, still clad
in the crudely made sling.
Madeline, I still love you and I
promise I wonít hurt you if you
want to bail. We can go through
this together. Just say the word.
Come on Bradley. Iím good to go as
soon as you grow a pair.
Bradley hesitantly begins fighting once more. He begins by
elbowing Madeline in the face with his healthy arm, hitting
his mark perfectly. She reacts to this with a roundhouse
kick. Bradley thwacks to the ground and shudders in pain as
his head hits the pavment. He glances quickly to his left
and notices a broken bottel laying on the ground amongst the
litter and he grabs it and hurls it at his opponent. She
ducks. The glass lands a little ways beyond where she stands
and she goes after it, leaving the injured Bradley behind,
knowing that he won't be getting up anytime soon.

Gassoline is leaking all over the place from the spilled
contanier, but the vampires are too busy smelling spilled
blood and spilling new blood to notice.

Arizona gets a blow to the face but she doesnít stager and
she kicks the male vampire in the Adam's apple. She runs
while he recovers and catches sight of the female vampire
hoping a fence. Arizona heads in that direction. She aims
carefully, throws her knife, and watches as it swirls and
swooshes in the air. It finally finds its mark and severs
the head of the female vampire. Her head rolls toward
Arizona and the body falls and splats on the pavement below.
Arizona quickly turns her attention back to the male
vampire, who is charging in her direction.
Madeline grabs the glass splinter from the ground and hurls
it back toward Bradley. It slices his right shoulder and
black blood once again spurts from his flesh. He reaches to
grab his wound but winces from the pain of his dislocated


Madeline approaches Bradley and smirks. She pushes Bradley
to the ground and he falls willingly.

Arizona grabs her knife and with the butt end thwacks her
attacker in the back of the head. He is about to retaliate
when she grabs him at the waist and rams her head hard into
his, and he falls to the ground, out cold.

Bradley is on the ground, glass still buried in his flesh,
defeated, and he knows it. He looks around, looking for
salvation, but finds nothing.
You know, you really should be
more careful, Bradley. Assuming
that I would come alone, without
eating, and that I would be
gullible enough to believe your
sorry lies. Tisk, tisk. You
underestimate me. You always have.
Madeline reaches down and pulls the glass out of Bradleyís
skin, and he winces and bites his tongue from the pain. As
he winces, he turns his head and notices the gasoline for
the first time. Just as she is about to slit his throat,
Bradley speaks.
I may have underestimated you,
Madeline, but people like you,
hon, never win. And now itís time
to learn what happens to loosers.
Bradley jumps up and simultaneously takes a match out of his
pocket seemingly from nowhere, and lights it against his
                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
They burn in hell.
Just as Madeline realizes what is going on, Bradley screams
to Arizona.
                       BRADLEY (cont'd)
Arizona, get out of here!
Arizona quickly obeys, but first reaches down and snaps the
neck of the male vampire. She climbs the fence inhumanly
fast, using only her good hand, and tries to carefully avoid
the barbed wire lining the top. She jumps to the ground on
the opposite side of the fence just as the match hits the


Bradley sprints to safety, his back to the flames, and he
shields his face from the bright light.

Madeline is running in the opposite direction, and has been
even before the fire lit, and she gets out of the way before
the flames can engulf her. Bradley has no choice but to let
her go.

Bradley has a bloody lip, a split and dislocated shoulder,
and black bruises surrounding his beaten face.

Arizona has her own wounds Ė her arm is hanging limply at
her side, almost healed, the sling long gone, her nose and
lip are bleeding profusely, and there are a few gashes on
her wrists from the barbed wire. Both of their injuries are
healing fast.
Arizona and Bradley meet Percy and Eliza just off of the
lot, and flames burst in the background.
Oh my God, Bradley. Are you okay?
I mean, of course youíre not okay,
but, my God are you okay?
Eliza reaches out to touch Bradleyís wounds but he shrinks
away from her touch, but not before a few drops of his blood
spill onto her skin. Her flesh quickly fizzles and the blood
burns the skin away like acid. She screams slightly and
looks at Bradley in confusion. She falls away and leans on
Percy once again for support.
Iím so sorry, Eliza, for
everything. I screwed up so many
times and I hope I don't need to
recap it all for you. I don't know
what to say except that I am so,
so, so, sorry.
Itís okay, Bradley. Sure Iím
freaked and more then a little
confused and yeah, I could have
died today and itís probably all
your fault, but itís okay.
Seriouslly. Because you saved me.
You almost got yourself killed so
that I could live. Any doubt I had
about you before is gone now.


There is silence as Eliza smiles at Bradley for a brief
moment beofre tending to her wound.
While thatís all very cute and
touching, I think Iím gonna get
going. And Bradley, if you need
anything, just give me a jingle.
Iíll always be around.
Thanks for everything, Arizona. I
mean it. I would be dead right now
if it wasnít for you. Dead or out
partying with Madeline. Either
way, it wouldnít be good.
Donít mention it. Iíll see you
guys later. Eliza, Percy, nice to
meet you guys.
Arizona winks slightly at Percy without the others seeing
and leaves without saying another word.
Percy, Eliza, have you guys been
formally introduced?
Not formally, no.
Well, Percy, Eliza, Eliza, Percy.
Percy is a ghost that was sent
here to help me. Or something like
that anyways.
A ghost? God, you have got to be
kidding me! I actually thought I
had somebody normal to relate to
here. Augh, God! Your brother
turns into a vampire and suddenly
your whole world has to change.
What's up with that?
Nobody attempts to reply to Elizaís tirade and Percy is
clearly uncomfortable and not doing a particularly good job
of hiding it.


I, ah, guess I ought to get going.
You guys probably have a lot of
catching up to do. Eliza, it was
nice to meet you. Sorry I was such
a disappointment. Ahum, if itís
any consolation, sometimes I wish
I was still alive, too.
Bradley, Iíll see you at home
Percy disappears, leaving Eliza and Bradley staring at each
other, not knowing what to say. Finally, Bradley sits down
and slowly pops his shoulder back in place. Eliza shudders,
mimicking the pain he must feel but doesnít show.
Are you going to be okay? Really?
Yeah, Iíll be fine. As long as
youíre okay.
I am. Thanks to you.
She didnít hurt you?
Nothing too serious. A few cuts
and bruises but, well, compared to
you itís nothing. Are you sure
youíre going to be okay?
Yeah. I heal fast.
So I hear.
You and Percy seemed to get along
I guess. I needed saving, he was
available, it just kind of went
from there.
I guess so.


I kindda liked him, too. Too bad
heís dead.
Yeah. All the good ones are,
Is that how it goes now? I guess
it gives more potential then the
gay guys but it still sucks.
Bradley smiles and looks up at his sister.
I missed you.
I missed you too. I think about
you all the time. Everyday I wake
up and for a single split second I
think youíll be here to look out
for me. But then I remember. It
was hard, at first, getting used
to it all, but I think I was
finally starting to get the hang
of it. And now, well now I have
all this to get used to. It sucks,
in a way, but in another way itís
kindda like a dream come true.
But, like one of those weird
dreams where you end up in Nova
Scotia burning incense with the
Queen of England or something.
I canít say Iíve ever had that
dream but maybe itís a girl thing.
No, Iíve never had it either, I
was just trying to make a
Yeah, I, ah, kindda got that. I
was just, you know, trying to make
a joke. I guess Iím a little
rusty. I donít get much practice
these days.


Eliza shakes her head and smiles at her brother. She sits
next to him and examines his wounds without touching them.
Theyíre getting smaller.
I wasnít kidding when I said I
heal fast.
Do you think we can get you home
and clean you up, or do you wanna
wait a few more minutes.
I could go for a shower.
Good. I didnít want to say
anything earlier, but you smell
like death.
Oh my god, thatís not how you
always smell, is it?
Bradley laughs quietly and slowly starts to get up.
Donít worry. I just took a bath in
the sewer.
You donít do that a lot, do you?
No. Pretty much just the once.
Good. So, we can go home now,
Yeah. Letís go home.


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