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by justin preece

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: *
The mad mad tale of brutality, humanity, and the macabre.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A lone building stands in the distance. Depressing in
sight, surrounded by a cold industrial setting.
Moving in on the shed, a foreboding sense of
dread lurks.Moving closer to the rusted door it
swings open fast then faster. Slowly moving inside, it is
dark, things are hard to make out. A figure stands at a
table, hacking at something. Strange things can be seen
hanging. The figure is wearing a long black reflective coat,
it has the head of a pig, massive and disgusting. It hacks
at a bloody mess on the table. After a glance around the
room, we pull out of the shed and the door slams shut.
A man sits on a couch in a cold and empty bedroom, the man
shows no signs of emotion in his face, which has an X
branded into his forehead. On his arm the letters, M.A.X.X.,
this is MAXX. Sitting and staring straight ahead, MAX takes
no notice of the dead man sitting next to him, who has just
been revealed. Time passes and MAXX stares, eventually, two
deathly looking men enter the room, no one says anything,
the two men calmly go and pick up the dead man, taking him
away, MAXX takes no interest, he just stares, empty of
emotion. Soon another man enters the room, he is as deathly
looking as the others, his stomach is gutted and bloody,
this man should be dead.
                       ORDERLY 1
Feeding time, come with me.
MAXX stands, his movement is robotic and empty of any
humanity . Walking with the orderly, they leave the room
single file, no one speaks.
Walking down the hallway, niether the ORDERLY or MAXX speak,
single file, they almost seem to march, the only sound isthe
slow drudge of their feet. Reaching their destination, the
ORDERLY sees that MAXX enters the...
As he enters, the ORDERLY closes the door behnd him.


MAXX is sitting in a chair, in another, bland and generic
room. Strange mechanical devices are on his face; they pry
open the mouth. Strange feeding tools force a pasty
substance into him, he gags on the food, forcing it down,
another mouth fool is quickly forced in. Several more
portions of the paste is stuffed into him. Next his head is
tilted back while, what appears to be milk, is poured into
his mouth, all the while the fluid splashes on him, adding
to the paste which fell from his mouth.
MAXX exits the feeding room, outside the ORDERLY waits for
him. He leads MAXX back to the bedroom he came from,no
talking, just the cold, expressionless face of MAXX, and the
sound of feet.
Entering the bedroom, MAXX goes back to the couch and sits,
the ORDERLY looks around the room, satisfied with what he
sees, he begins to leave, giving MAXX a cryptic goodbye.
                       ORDERLY 1
Three days remain.
MAXX seems to pay no attention, his cold stare and the X in
his head are the only things that could describe him. Time
passes, MAXX does nothing. As the day comes to a close, MAXX
lays down on the couch, he blankly looks off into space,
finally his stare is broken by sleep.
The next day, MAXX sits, staring straight ahead yet
again. Silence fills the air, nothing can be heard. A new
ORDERLY enters the room and waits. MAXX stands, they leave
the room, just as the previous day.
Walking the hall, there is silence.
MAXX is back in the feeding chair, his mouth yet again pryed
open. Food is stuffed into him, then drink. The feeding is


MAXX and the ORDERLY come to the door of the bedroom,
they enter.
MAXX takes a seat on the couch, the ORDERLY leaves, MAXX
stares, he sleeps.
The sun falls and rises. A different ORDERLY comes
for MAXX. They leave the bedroom for feeding.
MAXX is being stuffed with food, he is dirty from what has
fallen from his mouth, he is given drink.
MAXX enters the bedroom, and heads for the couch,he sits he
stares, the ORDERLY closes the door behind him. MAXX is now
laying down, he sleeps.
The sun rises. MAX follows the orderly out of the bedroom.
MAX is stuffed with food and drink.
MAXX has his head hung as he goes through the door to the
bedroom, the ORDERLY behind him.
MAXX sleeps
The sun slowly rises, MAXX sits in his usual spot, a man
enters the room, this one has a slashed throat, his neck
covered in dried blood. He has a look of humanity none ofthe
other ORDERLYS had. Unlike the others,the man walks to the
couch and sits down next to MAXX, sitting for a bit in
silence, the man speaks.


Do you know what today is, MAX?
MAXX cocks his head to the side like a confused puppy.
Today is the day you can die, and
it is the day you can live. Do you
want to die?
After a long wait, MAX speaks.
If you don't mind me asking, why
MAXX sits, and stares, he appears to be thinking. After a
short silence, he responds.
I don't know.
I think it's time you find out,
MAXX. Today is a bold new day.
The NAMELESS man stands up, calmly he proceeds to beat MAXX,
pulling him from the couch and pushing him to the ground, he
kicks and punches him, he makes no sound, the only noise,
the sound of flesh being brutalized, and MAXX's soft moans.
After a quite extensive beating, the NAMELESS man takes a
break, he appears to be staring past MAXX, looking off into
nothing. There is a long silence.
Pain is a gateway to humanity,
MAXX, can you feel it,can you feel
the anger and cofusion, the
expierence of life?
In response, MAXX only moans and trembles as he curls upinto
the fetal position. After another round of beatings, the
NAMELESS takes a seat back on the couch, calm as ever. MAXX
pants, he just lays, shaking, the NAMELESS just stares at
him, a tiny hint of pity in his eyes. After letting MAXX
calm himself, the NAMELESS begins talking.


It's time to see what you are,
MAXX and what you can be. This
is'nt living, this is waiting to
die. Stop waiting to die and
After a short silence MAXX speaks.
      (oddly calm)
That's life, meet it...Do you know
what you are right now? You're
meat, flesh for the beast. The
mark on your forehead killed you
before you could live... fuck what
that mark says.
MAXX on sits in silence. After a moment he begins to shake
and tremble horribly; he begins to yell.
AH, HUMANITY!...let nihlism set
in, MAXX, you don't have much time
left, MASTADON is waiting.
A long and awkward silence ensues.
Who are you?
I'm dead,and nameless, a simple
servant and observer. I see the
scum, MAXX, and I want to show it
to you...
The NAMELESS spreads his arms, as if showing MAX the room.
All of this is pointless. I
present to you, your first look at
a very bleak place...The pain has
opened your eyes, now use them.


You are pointless.
I am human. When I died, I shed a
tear, when I was brought back, I
shed two. When your life ends, you
may well never even know you
lived, you pathetic vermin.
MAXX just stares.
My last bit of advice; If you so
happen to survive, avoid the
trappings of wretchedness.
Standing up from the couch, the NAMELESS extends his hand to
MAXX, who is curled up on the floor still.
Come with me.
MAXX stands up, he is being pulled by the hand like a child
by the NAMELESS. Leaving the bedroom, MAXX hangs his head
for what could be his final walk.
MAXX, in tow behind the NAMELESS walks. The hallway seems
longer than ever. The expression is saddness on the face of
both men. Reaching the door at the very end of the hall, the
NAMELESS pushes it open, bright light floods the hallway,
stopping just before going outside, the NAMELESS looks at
A line stands outside of the slaughter house. Its cold
setting reflects the people in line; cold and empty. The
line is only five or six people, MAXX at the very end.


Everyone stares blankly ahead, seemingly unaware or they
just don't care where they are at. Every so often someone
enters the slaughter house, which is quickly followed by a
scream; and only MAXX seems to notice the screams. He looks
around, a state of melancholy across his face, he is scared,
and saddened it appears. He seems tempted to step out of
line, to leave.
Two men watch over the people in line; both are sullen and
have a mutilated feature.
MAXX anxiously stands, working up the courage he begins to
step away, but quickly receeds back, then he does it, he
steps away. As soon as he steps out of line one of the men
is on MAXX, standing right behind him.
                       ORDERLY 2
Polite society requests you stand
in line.
MAXX stares the ORDERLY down, he contemplates his next move,
standing for what seems like an eternity.
Leaping on top of the ORDERLY, MAXX screams like a savage,
beating and pounding the mans already bloody face. MAXX
screams and screams, and beats and punishes the ORDERLY; all
the while no one in line seems to notice or care what is
happening. The beating continues, the other ORDERLY is
coming but it seems as if he just can't get there in a
timely manner.
SCUMM!! pathetic putrid
                       ORDERLY 3
LINE! get in line now, pig!
Lurching at MAXX, who is hunkered over the man he has been
beating, is thrown to the ground by the second guard. The
man MAXX was beating now lay dead...again. After the ORDERLY
glances at the dead man, he turns back to MAXX. He lunges at
him. The two struggle, the only sounds, grunts and flesh
being beaten. MAXX begins biting the ORDERLY, he bites him
on the neck, and arm. The blood begins to flow, covering the
Inside the dingy slaughter house the man with the pigs head,


MASTADON, chops at a pile of meat with one of his many
blades. The table he works at is filthy and covered in
blood. As he works he hears a scream from outside, stopping
his work to listen, he hears another. He begins hacking,
faster than before, he works with a quick pace. Another
scream is heard. Working faster.
The ORDERLY screams in pain, giving up on the struggle in
shock of the pain, MAXX is given a chance to get away.
Crawling at first then standing to his feet MAXX begins to
run, he runs as if he has never run before, his steps are
awkward and weary. As MAXX runs, he begins to scream, he
screams and screams, his voice carries across the landscape.
The ORDERLY, recovering from his wounds stands up, without a
word, he begins his persuit after MAXX. All the while the
cattle in line never took even a glance at the violence that
occured in front of them.
Inside the slaughter house, MASTADON finishes up what he was
working on, pushing everything on the work table to the side
with his forearm, he grabs a few of his blades. As he
gathers he tools, he talks to himself, his voice distorted
and inhuman, deep and raspy, high pitched and demonic.
With a quick pace MASTADON heads for the door, pushing it
open with great force, bright light floods the room,
illuminating the macabre setting. Stepping outside, the door
slams shut with equal force, concealing the room in dingy
darkness yet again.
With the industrial setting only a distant backround, MAXX
enters a forest. Behind him a figure can vaguely be seen, it
is the ORDERLY. MAXX seems to be in no hurry to lose
complete sight of him. Walking throught the woods, MAXX
observes everything. The scenery is a new and wonderful
thing to him, yet the look of saddness will not leave his
Looking back, MAXX sees that the ORDERLY is gaining on him.
MAXX begins to run again. Running and running through the
forest, MAXX comes across a path, following it, he is
brought to an intersection, three different ways to go.


Standing, he gives a quick thought to which direction he
will go. Choosing to turn left, MAXX takes off running, he
rounds a bend and is out of sight. When the ORDERLY arrives
at the intersection, he observes each way closely, and makes
the decision to go right.
MASTADON walks across a baron field, slow and menacing.
The ORDERLY walks the path he chose, the silence is
extremely discomforting, walking, the ORDERLY sees, nothing.
Stopping in his tracks he just stands. Turning around to go
back the way he came, he sees MASTADON lurching down the
path towards him.
Fear sweeps the poor mans sullen face. Looking back at
MASTADON he has cut the distance between him and the ORDERLY
in half. Back to the mans face, he panics, his eyes dart all
MASTADON is freakishly close now, the distance he has
covered is enormous. The ORDERLY is in a panic, he falls to
his knees. MASTADON is now right infront of the ORDERLY,
towering above him.
                       ORDERLY 3
Please God. Please.
God...is dead.
Complete darkness surounds MASTADON and the ORDERLY. Without
hesitation MASTADON pulls a small rusted hatchet, he begins
swinging it without mercy. The ORDERLY lets out cries of
pain and agony. MASTADON swings harder and faster. Blood
sprays across MASTADONS pig head. The ORDERLY lays dead.
The ORDERLY lays in the dirt, his blood soaking the ground.
MASTADON stands, staring, without movement.


MAXX has progressed quite far down the path, still amazed by
the scenery, he continuously looks around, although saddness
and the X are the two main features on his face. Walking he
comes to a clearing; it is large field, nothing but baren
country side. In the middle of the field, a sad and lonely
tree. The depressing face of MAXX reflects the scene of the
MAXX steps out of the forest and begins a slow drudge across
the field. MAXX slowly grows closer to the tree as the sun
begins to set and night falls. As MAXX arrives at the tree,
he sits down, propping himself against the trunk. There he
sits as the field becomes draped in shadows and darkness.
MAXX begins to scratch at his face clawing it and screaming.
The moans and screams are all that fill the desolate field.
Then just as suddenly as MAXX started screaming, he stopped.
MAXX appears to be in a daze. Staring into nothingness. As
the sun finally sets completely, MAXX drifts slowly to
sleep, trembling all the while.
It is daylight; MAXX sits, propped up against the tree,
infront of him sits a man who is dressed in a perfectly
white outfit. The mans face is dirty, and he has horribly
red rings around his eyes. The two men sit staring at each
other for a few moments. MAXX has a look of despair on his
face as he looks into the mans eyes.
It's coming for you my friend.
What's coming?
IT...You know it's coming. You
know why ... Do you regret
stepping out of line?


I'm not sure.
An uncomfortable silence fills the air for a moment.
You can feel.
What exactly, can you feel?
I can feel something in me that
wants out, it wants out so badly,
but something is holding it back.
That's me. I'm holding it back
MAXX. Keeping it inside you.
You can feel the depression,
despair...the wretchedness.
MAXX only nods yes in response.
What are you?
I'm the side-effect of humanity;
the needle in your eye.
Please just go away, disapear...
You won't let me.
      (In a mocking tone)
Help, I've fallen and I can't get
up, hahahhaha. So close to
happiness, yet so close to
MAXX just sits, the look on his face contains nothing but
sadness, he looks as if he is on the verge of tears.
I am sickened by myself, so
disgusted, pathetically


                       MAXX (cont'd)
revolted...That man made me feel
like this, why. Why did he make me
feel like this!!!
You made yourself feel like this.
He opened your mind, and now I'm
here to fuck with it.
Lets find out.
My misery?
MISERY stares into MAXX's depressed eyes for a moment; then,
grabbing MAXX's arm he turns it over so the wrist and tender
flesh is face up. Opening his mouth, MISERY pulls a razor
blade from off his tounge. Lowering the blade to MAXX's arm
he begins making cuts, parallel to the length of the
forearm. MAXX keeps the same look of sadness on his face,
letting out only a slight whimper when the cutting first
starts. MAXX just stares at the blood flowing from the
wounds on his arm.
With a look of maddness in his eyes, MISERY looks up at MAXX
while he continues to cut.
Down and down and down we go.
MAXX sits propped up against the tree, his left arm
outstretched, in his right hand a razor blade. Blood covers
his left arm which is severly cut, on his shirt and right
hand a healthy dose of blood also. MAXX just stares at his
arm for a moment, in a state of shock MAXX whimpers ever so
slightly, he begins to hit himself in the head, each punch
harder than the last. The outburst lasts for only a few
seconds, then he goes back to his docile state.
Standing up, MAXX sets off across the field, the lone tree
is now a great distance behind him.


MAXX walks down the center of a desolate road, on either
side of him, forest. The blood from MAXX's arm drips to the
pavement as he walk. His clothes are ragged and bloody,
nothing is clean about him.
My misery, my, my misery
While walking, MAXX begins to claw at his leg for no
apparent reason, he just walks, scraping at his leg with one
hand, while the other dangles, dripping blood.
Soon the the forest lining the road turns to empty field, a
depressing and lonely sight. As MAXX walks, a patch of two
or three trees come into sight. As he draws closer,
gravestones appear. Infront of MAXX is a small cemetary of
about fifteen or so graves, decorated with a few trees. From
one of the trees hangs a noose.
MAXX keeps his eyes trained on the small cemetary until he
stands right infront of it. He observes the scene, then
steps off the road, entering the cemetary. MAXX notices the
noose, he stares at it for a moment then sits down on a
headstone. He stares off into nothingness. Silence fills the
MASTADON walks down the very road MAXX was traveling, he is
surrounded by empty fields showing he is close to MAXX.
MASTADON walks with a slow drudge. Strange sounds radiate
from him, unexplainable.
MAXX still sits, after another moment he looks up at the
noose hanging from the tree. He stares at it, Standing next
to him, MISERY is revealed.
Wretched, oh so wretched.
MAXX looks up at MISERY, holding out his massacred arm,
which is now caked in dried blood.
I hurt myself.


I know...
It's so bleak, everything is so
bleak...I wish I never felt.
Pathetic. Just disappear.
MAXX leans over and begins pathetically hugging MISERY, who
in turn begins stroking MAXX's hair, rubbing his face.
MAXX is standing on top of a headstone, his neck in the
Behind him, in the distance, MASTADON is coming, walking so
slow, so far down the desolate road.
MAXX stands, balancing himself, staring off into space,
MASTADON is closer, well defined, coming upon MAXX.
MAXX stares into nothingness, so depressed, so cold looking.
MASTADON is right behind MAXX, fifteen feet away, so close.
With no sign of decision, MAXX forces himself off of the
headstone. The noose tightens around his neck, his body
jerks to a hault, MAXX's body hangs, motionless. MASTADON
has moved in, right on top of MAXX, he stares up at the
hanging body.
MISERY stands a few feet away, looking up at the body of
MAXX. Then just as suddenly as he was there, he goes away,
back into the nothingness.
MASTADON cuts the rope MAXX hangs from. His body falls into
MASTADON's arms. Staring into the dead eyes of MAXX,
MASTADON leans forwards, he seems to sniff at the body,
leaning closer he begins licking MAXX's face, saliva sticks
to his skin, after a moment a strange and grotesque mixture
of bloody red, and white fluids begins flowing from
MASTADON's mouth, he pukes it onto MAXX's face.
Finished with the body, MASTADON drops it to the dirty
earth, he keeps hold of the end of the noose.


Vermin.Pathetic vermin.
MASTADON begins his slow drudge, MAXX's body in towe behind
him, dragging him along by the noose. Heading back, down the
desolate road, through the forest, back to the bleak
industrial scene.
The room is dark and dingy, nothing but an old record
player, to fill it up as MASTADON works at a table, a body
lays on it. From behind it looks like he is cuttings. A
quick swipe and a spray of blood, MASTADON moves to the side
revealing MAXX. He is lifeless. On the other side of him
another body lays, it is the NAMELESS, he is dead, his body
torn apart.
MASTADON walks to the corner where a record player sits. He
turns it on, the record player spins, static fills the
silence. MASTADON takes a seat in a tiny chair in the
corner. A voice from the record player fills the room.
                       RECORD PLAYER
Kill. Get up and kill. Obey,
submit,kill. Get up and kill.
Calm and mechanic, MAXX sits up. He is sullen, death is
his main feature. His stomach and neck have been ravaged. He
sits, ready to obey MASTADON, a slave just as the orderlys
MAXX stands, watching over the small group of people
standing in line outside of MASTADON's slaughter house. As
the line grows smaller and smaller, and with every passing
scream, a more human look comes over MAXX's face.
As the last person enters the slaughter house, MAXX, with
sadness on his face, walks off to the...
Walking down the hall, that's all to familiar to MAXX, he
opens the door to the bedroom that he once stayed in. Inside
sits, a man, cold and emotionless, an X on his forehead just
like MAXX, staring blankly ahead.


MAXX extends his hand toward the man, who then calmly
stands, and comes to MAXX. Taking his hand, the two walk off
down the hall, leaving the housing, the men step...
Walking down and grimy, filthy setting of industrial decay,
MAXX stops walking, the man with him then stops. Turning
around, MAXX stares into his eyes for a long second.
Spread out on the table is MAXX, ravaged; torn apart
completely. On the next table is the man MAXX told to run,
along with MASTADON working at his corpse. After a moment
the record player fills the silence of the room.
                       RECORD PLAYER
Kill. Get up and kill. Obey,kill.
Sitting up, the man stares off, MAXX lays dead, cold and
lifeless, massacred.
MASTADON stands, menacing, blood decorating his body. In his
hand a hatchet, he stares.


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From ralph keefer Date 7/22/2008 1/2
Ehhhhh.... Hard to follow

From Greg Thompson Date 3/14/2005 **
I was stsnding in line at the Driver's License Bureau the other day and I felt the same way. Not badly written, though some of the paragraphs are too long. If you split them up the script would be easier to read. Also, you don't have to capitalize the names in dialogue, unless you want them emphasized. I like the title...I think we all get this way when we're shampooing our hair. The script could be better with a few rewrites.

From Cayleigh Date 3/11/2005 1/2
Okay, this script is totally weird. And anytime you change locations or scenes you need a new slugline. I'm okay with the gore, but the whole plot is hardly followable.

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