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by Stephen Wilson (stray_reservoirdog@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: **
Still a work in progress. A boy finds himself in a situation when bullying and threats finally wear down on him.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


An interogation room. A male teenager sits. He faces a desk
with a computer on it, nothing more. To his right sits a
tripod with a camera already mounted on top. He sits
quietly. The door opens and 3 men walk in. The men are
detectives. We dont see their faces. We focus on feet,
hands, other things other than faces. The one that is last
in, holds a briefcase. He shuts the door and sits down at
the desk. The other two stand by the door. The man at the
desk, lets call him N1 does some business on the computer.
He's looking at a file of the teen. N1 opens up the
briefcase and takes out a few folders and spreads several
documents on the table. N1 has finished and sits still in
his chair. He waits.
I didnt do it.
N1 looks through a folder, stops, and slides it towards
I didnt do it. Believe me, I didnt
do it.
The interrogators do not speak a word.
I mean sure. Everybody saw what
happened at school. He didnt like
me or Terry. I had to watch it
happen. Everyday at school. But im
telling you, I didnt do it. He was
my best friend.
Anders slides the folder back toward N1. N1 opens up another
folder and slides it towards Anders. Anders reads it. He
leans over onto the desk. He flips through the folder until
he comes to a photo. He looks down and quietly puts the
folder back onto the table.
Why are you showing me this? I was
there! I saw it. The way his face
looked. I still cant believe it
happened. I am who I am and I knew


                       ANDERS (cont'd)
I couldnt change that. But, no one
should have to go through what I
went through, what Terry went
Anders sits in silence for a while.
So, what do you want to know?
Well, I hanged around there. Nice
place. Terry worked there. I guess
it was Terry that attracted me
N1 produces a tape recorder from his briefcase. He rewinds
the tape, presses record and places it in front of Anders.
One of the detectives standing by the door, N2, presses
record on the camera. Anders looks over to the camera a
little nervously.
Okay, so. I guess the beginning.
About a month ago, when school
began again, I guess that's when
it started. Me and Terry were
starting Grade 12. We were in all
of our classes, so me made sure to
sit beside each other. A new kid
to the school, Jonah, we heard
stories of what happened at his
last school, the reason why he had
to come here. We knew to stay away
from him, but avoiding someone
sometimes just makes it worse.
A montage plays over the opening credits featuring video and
photos of Anders and Terry together.
We finish the montage with pictures that Anders has in
frames on his dresser. The bathroom door opens and Anders
emerges with jeans on and a t-shirt, drying his hair with a
towel. Anders then goes downstairs into the kitchen. He gets
himself some breakfast. After eating, he looks up at the
clock, grabs his bag, puts his shoes on and hes out the


Anders walks in the front door to the main foyer. He sees
Terry over by the wall and heads in that direction.
Hey Terry.
Hey, How areya doin?
Not bad, not bad. You look good.
You dyed your hair?
Yeah. I wanted something new. It's
only a few shades from my natural
Cool. Looks good. We have English
first, right? We have 5 minutes,
lets go.
Anders and Terry head off towards their English class. Once
in, they find seats at the front of the class. Students file
in once the bell goes. Finally, in walks Jonah. Not very
muscular but intimidating and powerful. He goes to find a
seat at the back and on the way knocks Terry's books off his
desk. Terry bends to pick them up.
      (not too loud)
You know, you could watch where
your going.
What the hell did you say to me?
Dont talk to me, you little bitch.
What was that Mr. Miller?
Sorry, Mrs. Belek. It just slipped
Well, it better not slip out again
or I'll send you to the office.
During Anders VO, time passes and the class ends.


                       ANDERS (V.O.)
That was the beginning of a
hate-hate relationship involving
me, Terry, Jonah and his friends.
Jonah is with 3 buddies all huddled at the front of the
store. All the while, Anders is standing nearby. Terry walks
to the front and they all start calling him names. They push
him a little, just enough to lose his balance. They all
laugh. Anders leaves, avoiding the group.
About a week ago, I was threatened
by Jonah. He'd been threatening
Terry for weeks ever since they
found out. Found out he was gay.
Terry never did anything. One day,
i said I would to go to the
principal. That's when he
threatened me. After school that
day, he shoved me up against a
Anders is walking down the hall until suddenly Jonah slams
him up agianst the lockers.
If you ever do that again, i'll
slice your throat. Dont ever
threaten me. You dont know how bad
I want to get you and your little
faggot friend out of my face.
Why? Why do you hate Terry? Just
because he's gay? Why?
Jonah's grip gets a little tighter.


Because God created Adam and Eve,
not Adam and Steve. It's
disgusting thinking about it. Gay
people disgust me. When all gays
are dead, that's when I'll be
happy. But if you ever help the
little faggot, you'll die too
bitch. You'll die too.
Jonah releases him just as a teacher pops out of his room to
see what is going on. Jonah leaves.
After that, Terry got beat up
more. It was true. The kid would
come to class after lunch with
split lips, black eyes. Everyone
knew who it was too, that gave him
the black eyes. But no one said a
word. Everyone was our enemy.
      (holding back
What am i supposed to say? They
kicked the shit out of him. They
continued until he didnt move.
They killed him. They fucking
killed him. All i could do is
stand there and watch. But then I
When I saw Terry lying on the
ground and everybody standing over
him. One of them was laughing, but
I could tell Jonah was scared.
Jonah bent down and checked his
pulse. The laughter spread to
another. I couldnt hear what they


I dont know what else i could've
done, but maybe everyone could've
lived. Maybe me and Terry could be
happy right now. God, I miss him
so much!
Anders is in his room. He is looking through pictures and
him and Terry. He pauses at a particular picture. Its a
black and white photo of them at the park.
                       ANDERS (V.O.)
You know, I had a dream once. I
was to get my diploma, go through
university, and I would live with
Terry. Make lots of money. Both of
us. We both wanted to be doctors.
You know, Terry only found out I
was gay the morning before he
died. When we first became
friends, he thought I was. One day
he tried to kiss me. I didnt want
to tell him. I dont know why but I
didnt want to tell him.
Anders is at Terry's funeral.
                       ANDERS (V.O.)
I still cant believe it. My best
friend is dead. We became friends
when we were kids, a friendship
that would last forever, or so it
seemed. When I looked at Terry
that night and saw his face. It
still haunts me every night.
Seeing those eyes. One last time.
Anders room. You see a little blood on the floor. The door
opens and his mother walks in. She screams and calls for
help. The blood is a trail and it leads to Ander's slashed
neck. His mother runs to him, drops to the ground and lifts
him up into her arms. She holds him as she rocks back and
forth crying.


                       ANDERS (V.O.)
I regret killing Jonah. I do
regret what happened that night.
All this, all this just for being
gay. It's wrong what happened. Do
you know what it's like? Do you
know what its like to see them
murder your best friend just
because of who he was. You dont
know what it feels like to stand
by and watch and know that if you
go to help, you might be dead too.
But if I said they deserved it,
would I be wrong?


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From Zach Shevich Date 2/5/2006 1/2
I agree with Steven that there is some potential, but in this limited space, it is just trying to be dramatic and more meaningful than it actually is. If you go see a movie that has potential but isn't actually good, would you give it four stars? No. Fix the grammar, make it longer, try and say a little more, maybe it'll be better.

From Steven Wilder Date 4/5/2005 ****
Not the greatest screenplay in the world but it has the potential to be quite good. Im not quite sure where you wanted to go with this, but the 4 stars was for the potential this script has. Once you tap into that potential, you'll have a great screenplay on your hands.

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