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by mariam badru (ghetto_angel691@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

What goes around comes around. what come up must come down.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The camera captures the front of the resturant where it say
ohh la la pizza. The camera enters the resturants and
focuses on the conversation being held by diffrent people.
Theres a lot of mummurs coming from diffrent booths. The
camera then focuses on a maidbot walking toward a table
with a pizza in her hand. The camera shift focus to guy
walking out the door of the resutrant, who holds the door so
lady can come into the resturant. The camera moves focus on
the guy behind the counter whi is ivory and dressed in a
uniform. An ebony woman and her ebony little daughter who
are standing in front of the register.
                       WORKER 1
      (looking down at
       the register
That will be $42.97 ma'm.
The camera focuses on the MOTHER opening her wallet looking
through numerous amount of credit card before actually
coming to do one that says food credit on it. MOTHER pulls
it out her wallet and handed it to WORKER 1.
Mommy why is he skin color to whie
and pale?
MOTHER wraps her arms her DAUGHTER's shoulders
Honey he's pale becuase he is
DAUGHTER looks up to her MOTHER. WORKER 1 stares at the
little girl in amazement
Mommy what's ivory?
MOTHER is staring at WORKER 1, not taking her eyes of him,
giving him a dirty look then she looks down at her DAUGHTER.
A pale face, a white guy, a
honkey. Anyone his skin color or
whiter is an ivory.


      (jumping up and
I wanna be an ivory. He has blue
eyes, I want blues eyes, I wish I
was an ivory.
MOTHER looks around the resturant as if someone over heard
her DAUGHTER's statement.
Don't you there wish such a thing.
Be proud of your ebony skin color,
your brown eyes. Do you know how
many people will kill to have a
skin color that brown? Plus if
your ivory, you don't get to have
Miss. Rollins as a teacher.
MOTHER looks shocked and starts going through her purse
trying to get things done to leave the resturant as soon as
I take my wish my back, I don't
want to ba an ivory, I love Miis.
Rollins, she my favorite.
Good now lets go get your toy from
the toy factory.
MOTHER leads her DAUGHTER body away from the counter and
leaves her at door. MOTHER walks back to counter and looks
at WORKER 1 dead in the eyes
Haven't you been thought not to
ever look ebony people in the eye,
no matter what the age they are.
You could have caused a big
disaster, if I didn't think of
something fast. It would have most
definelty cost your job.
MOTHER rolls her eyes at WORKER 1 and storms out the door.
HAKEEM the pizza place manager wallks up to the front of the
counter where WORKER 1 stood.


What the hell just happened here,
do you know what your doing? you
are crossing the line a lilttle
bit too much. Wasn't you trained
never to look an ebony in the
                       WORKER 1
I was, but the little girl kept on
looking at me and she made me feel
really uncomfortable, so I smiled
at her I didn't do anything more.
You really think you are something
don't you?
      (mimicing WORKER 1)
She kept on looking and it made
me feel uncomfortable. Who the
hell are you to be feeling
uncomfortable? Are you stupid or
what? You know what clock out and
go home and don't come back. I am
so sick of putting up with you.
HAKEEM walks away from the front counter. He stops and
walking all of a sudden and walks backwards to where the
delvery station was. He points at the boxes and pick them up
he read the time on them. Hakeem looks around .
Whose deliveries are these?
                       WORKER 2
Those are Walters sir.
      (looking around)
Where is walter? as a matter of
fact I haven't seen that ivory
bastard make a delivery since 2 o'
                       WORKER 2
      (pointing towards
       the staff room)
I think he is in the staff room


The light in the hallway is dimed, the camera focuses on
HAKEEM storming down the hallway speaking under his breath
I don't know what this stupid kids
are trying to do to me. They are
gonna make me loose all my
buisness and still expect to get
paid. I should just fire all of
them all and will se who will be
laughing then, with their trailer
trash asses.
HAKEEM pushes the the door open, it had a plate on it that
said staff room. The camera focuses on WALTER stretched out
on a couch.
WALTER is ivory, he his tall and skinny with short black
hair. WALTER is streched out on the the couch, there is a
firdge and a microwave in the corner of the room. There is
a table and a few chairs scattered around the room and the
t.v is on.
What the hell do you think you are
      (getting up from
       the couch)
I'm taking my break sir.
Taking a what? I am not paying
you to kick of your shoes and
relax your feet. There are massive
deliveries out there, waiting to
be delivered. I sure know they
sure aren't going to deliver
ssssorry sir derrick had told me
to take a break and that he was
going to deliver them.


      (points at himself)
First of all I am your boss not
derrick. which means you take
orders from me. You do what I tell
you to to do. When I say jump you
say how high. Second of all, is
derrick is ebony, you're ivory.
You deliver before he does and
when your not around, he delivers
for you. Understood?
Yes, sir sorry sir. It won't
happen again
I bet your ass it won't happen
again. Jump.
How high?
Stupid ass ivory. Just go out
there and deliver those pizza
before I can count to 3.
WALTER walks out of the room and HAKEEM follows him.Every
eye in the room is on WALTER when he enters. WALTER hears
conversation being held about him.
                       WORKER 4
Ohhh, there he comes. Do you think
boss hit him?
                       WORKER 3
No... I don't think he boss would
hit him, it against the law.
                       WORKER 4
What the goverment don't know
won't hurt them, and I wouldn't
put it pass him. Did you hear
about what he did, to the boy that
use to work here?


                       WORKER 3
No he probably just got fired, he
is going to the back room.
WAlTER walks to the back of the room and collects the pizza
and takes out the transporter out from the cabinet. WORKER 3
walks into the room WALTER is in and approaches WALTER.
                       WORKER 3
Hi Walter, is everything alright?
I guess you can say that if you
want to.
                       WORKER 3
What do you mean? Your mother is
out of the hospital right?
WALTER closes the cabinet and leans his head on it
No, she is still in the hospital,
it's getting worse and wrose by
the minute.
                       WORKER 3
The last time I talked to you, you
told me she was okay and she was
going to get discharged very soon.
      (emotional tone)
I thought that too. But things
didn't happen like I thought. The
real truth is that the hospital,
didn't want to treat her, because
she is ivory and that was the only
way they can get rid of her. But
come to find out matters was
serious than it was, so they ended
up not discharging her, even
though they are really not
helping. My mother is on her death
bed right now and I hope she makes


                       WORKER 3
Well, I hope she does too. If you
need anything. Please do not
hesistate to ask. I don't have a
lot but, I'll do the best i can
WORKER 2 comes into the room, where WALTER and WORKER 3 are
standing. WALTER and WORKER 3 stops talikng as soon as
WORKER 2 comes in.
                       WORKER 2
You have a phone call Walter.
Ohh really, who is it?
                       WORKER 2
I think she said she was your
sister. She sounds very upset,
she's crying.
WALTER quickly exits the room, while WORKER 2 and WORKER 3
follows behind him.
WALTER is on the pay phone in the hallway talking
                       KATIE (o.s)
      (crying and
       speaking fast)
Walter, Walter, you have to come
down here and tell them to stop.
      (confused and
Come down where to tell who, what?
You know what katie I want you to
slow down and take a deep breath
then tell me what happened.
                       KATIE (o.s)
      (sniffling and
       breathign heavily)
You have to come to the hospital
to tell the doctor, not to pull
the plug on mom.
Pull the plug... What do you mean
pull the plug?


                       KATIE (o.s)
They are going to kill mom. They
plan on unplugging the machine
she uses to breathe. They said she
is a waste of space and they have
important patients to take care of
and mom is taking up space.
What do they mean, she is taking
up space? We pay them to care of
                       KATIE (o.s)
Obviously not a enough. All I know
is you need to come here and try
and convince them.
Yea, but the only problem is that
I'm at work.
                       KATIE (o.s)
So tell your boss, you have to
leave and that your mother is
dying. Or is he that
inconciderate, he won't let you
You don't even know the begining
of it.
                       KATIE (o.s)
I don't even want to know the end.
So if he says no, just leave. It's
just a job, i mean don't tell me
you care more about your job than
our mother.
Katie I wish it was that easy. I
love mother with all my heart, is
just that if I just get up and
leave i'll probably get fired.
Then I won't have no money to take
of you and I. Plus I won't have
any money to pay mom's hospital


                       KATIE (o.s)
The way this is going you won't
have pay mom's hospital bill. I
know you're probably happy they
are trying to pull the plug,
because you're sick of payng the
No, katie I would never wish such
Yea right, I wouldn't put it past
The phone suddenly goes silent.
katie, katie, katie
We hear a dial tone from the phone. WALTER leans on the
walls and slid down to the floor slowly and gently and
letting the phone hang of hook. The camera focus on WALTER'S
face and we see a tear drop down WALTER'S face.
WALTER appears in a neighborhood, with big houses, not
exactly mansions. The neighborhood has nicely mowed lawn,
nice cars parked in the drivewaysway. Every house had a nice
paint job, and some of them had pools in their yard. There
are kids on the street who are properly dress playing on
their front lawn.
      (looking up at the
       street sign)
MLK, MLK, why does this sound
familiar, but I have never been to
this neighborhood before. Oh shit,
Martin Luther KIng jr. boulevard.
this is an ebony neighborhood.
WALTER starts walking up the street, admiring the big houses
in the neighborhood. People from the neighborhood, notice
WALTER in the neighbohood and starts going in their houses
and locks their doors.WALTER keeps looking for the house
while a COP car pulls up next to him.


What are you doing in this
neighborhood? You lost boy? I hope
you're not here to cause trouble
or steal?
WALTER just put his face down not answering the COP's
You deaf boy, why ain't you
answering my question? I know I
ain't talking to statue, cause
they'll never put up an ivory
statue in this neighborhood. So
answer me boy.
Sorry sir, I didn't know you
wanted me to answer the questions.
Ohhh, so now I'm stupid. I don't
know what I want huh?
No sir, I never said you was
stupid. I don't think your stupid,
you're a very smart man sir.
Shut up, your talking to much now.
Just answer my question and stay
I'm here to deliver pizza to this
WALTER reaches out the paper to the COP to look at it. The
COP looks at it, then returns it to WALTER.
The house you are looking for is
the thrid one after this house. I
want you to go straight there,
don't look back, cause when you
start looking back and around, you
make people feel uncomfortable and
then they call me. so you better
watch your back boy.


thank you sir
The COP car drives off while WALTER starts walking towards
the direction the COP gave him.
                       WALTER (V.O)
Whoa! That was close, thank god. I
hope I don't have to go through
anything like this again, at least
for today. I just hope, the house
I'm delivering this pizza to
dosen't think I'm trying to break
in on something, because that will
be another problem on my case.
WALTER arrives at the big and luxirious house. WALTER
arrives at the house and stares at the huge black gate for
about two mintes before he presses the bell. When he presses
the bell a tube like object pops out of the wall and WALTER
stretches out his arm, to the tube like object. It picnhes
WALTERS arm and took some blood. A screen pops out of the
wall and there was a man on the screen.
                       MAN ON SCREEN
I think you got the wrong address.
Isn't this 254 MLK boulevard?
                       MAN ON SCREEN
Yes, it is how may I help what do
you want? Are you sure you're not
lost, whom are you looking for?
No sir, I'm not lost. I'm the
pizza delivery guy. I'm here to
deliver the pizza you ordered.
                       MAN ON SCREEN
Since when did they start sending
ivories to deliver in this
neighborhood. What happened to
that young ebony, that delivers
for us here?
You mean Derrick, hes not on
today, this is my shift.


                       MAN ON SCREEN
Well make sure when you get back
you tell your damn manager, I
don't wnat no ivory delivering my
damn food.
WALTER is stunned by the comment the guy just made, he drops
his head to ground and dosen't looks up.
Yes sir, but where do you want me
to put the pizza sir?
                       MAN ON SCREEN
I ain't going to eat anything
that's been touched by an ivory.
Thats like me being a muslim and
eating pork. Now get on out of
here and never come back, before I
call the cops on you.
Ssssorry sir, it will never happen
WALTER turns around and runs presses the return button on
the transformer to return back to the pizza place.
WALTER opens the door to the room in the hospital. WALTER
still has on his work uniform and a box of pizza from his
job. KATIE has her back facing WALTER when he walks in.
KATIE is packing the remainging thing that belongs to her
mother. KATIE dosen't notice WALTER has entered the room.
WALTER looks around the room as if he had lost something,
WALTER the goes up behind KATIE.
Where is mom?
Ooohhh, so now you care right?
What are you talking about? I have
alwyas cared about mom.
If you cared aboud her like you


                       KATIE (cont'd)
claim, you would have been here
when I told you to come.
Ahhh, Katie don't do this to me.
You know I tried my best to come,
but my manager said no. I can't
afford to loose my job.
But you can afford to loose your
mother. I hope you're happy now,
you get to keep your job, and your
mother is dead.
WALTER drops the box of pizza on the floor and walks closer
Mom is dead, they took out the
KATIE shakes her head and grabs the bag with her things in
it off the bed and wipes the tear away from her eyes. KATIE
starts to walk towards the door, but WALTER grabbs her by
the hand.
Talk to me, you can't do this to
WALTER puts his hands in his pockets and pulled out a check.
WALTER points the check at KATIE, trying to show it to her.
KATIE believe me, I was trying to
come and pay for moms hospital
bill. I took out my life saving. I
know you know how long I've been
saving this money. I really was
And I'm sure you are happy now,
you can finally do as you planned
with your money...traitor. I hate
you and I never want to see you
again, forget you have a sister
KATIE snatches her arm away from WALTER and walks out the
door and slams the door. WALTER puts his hands on his head
and falls to floor with his hands on his head.


This neighborhood, is very poor and has an high rate in
violence. The houses on the street looks old and untaken
care off. WALTER walks to the front of his house dangling
his keys. When he got on his proch, you hear sirens in the
background. You see females derss like hookers on the street
and a drunk man collapse in front of WALTERS house. There is
grabage all over the street. The house looks like it has
been broken into. WALTER opens the door to his house and
WALTER walks into his apartment, where he has his bedroom in
the living room as well as the kitchen. WALTER walks to his
bed and drops on it, staring at the ceiling. The ceiling has
cracks in it and paint chipping from it.
                       WALTER (v.o)
What am I to do now? In a matter
of one day I lost my mother and my
sister hates me. Whats is the
point of living now? I mean
everything I live for is gone. I
didn't want my mom to die, but I
didn't want to loose my job
either. God knows I tried my best.
WALTER opens up his hand and there check was crumbled up.
WALTER trys to straighten it out the check and held it up
looking at it.
I have all this money, that I
saved up. What am I to do with it?
Should I go with my original plan
or should I just keep it for
rainy days, so I don't seem
WALTER is sitting on a table across from the PLASTIC
SURGEON, PLASTIC SURGEON is ebony and he is in a white lab
coat, he's in his mid forties.
                       PLASTIC SURGEON
How can i help you?


I want you to make make me black.
PLASTIC SURGEON leans back in his chair and crosses his legs
and hands.
                       PLASTIC SURGEON
First of all that is illegal and I
am a professional not some wanna
be surgeon of the street. So there
is no way I would put myself in a
situation as such to jeopardize my
life and get my licensed revoked.
Do you not know that is illegal? I
ought to call the cops on you.
Second of all, I am not a
betrayer. I'm not you, I stick by
my race and I won't go against my
believe. So if you like your self
I will advice you to leave my
office now before I have someone
do it for you.
WALTER gets up from the chair and hurries out the room.
This neighborhood has a lot of tall fo building. It is in
downtown,it is a very busy neighborhood. You see a lot of
ebony people on their way to work, people are on cell phone,
people are dressed very well.
WALTER walks over to a fifty story builiding and pushes the
bell to aprtment 10012. A tube like object pops out the wall
and WALTER stretchs out his arm to the object. It pinchs
WALTER's arm and took some blood. A screen pops out of the
wall and all WALTER's information appears. WALTER has a
worry look on his face.
WALTER walks into a tube like elevator to go the 20th floor
apartment 10012. The door slides open and there is man in
the apartment sitting on a couch.
LAMAR is a man sitting on a chair in the apartment. LAMAR is
and ebony man and has on a lab coat and a geeky looking
glasses. LAMAR has a cat sitting at the foot of his chair


and in the background the t.v ws on. LAMAR is watching
malcom x. LAMAR spins his chair around and he was fondling a
pen he has in his hands.
What do you want?
I heard about a man who is able to
change your identity for a
reasnoable amount of money. Is he
Yes, and that will be me. How can
I help you?
WALTER takes of his glasses and starts cleaning it with the
flap of his shirt.
I wwwant you to make me an ebony
      (emphasis in his
You want me to make you an ebony
LAMAR claps his hands together laughing and pushes himself
up from the chair, by using the arms of the chair.
You want to be ebony?
You want me to make you ebony?
I want to be of ebony race sir.
LAMAR walks over to his computer screen and starts touching
the screen with his fingers. The screen constanyly changes.
LAMAR stops playing with his computer and turns his back to
I can make you look ebony. But you
will never be ebony no matter how
hard you try.


LAMAR turns back around to face WALTER. The screen on the
t.v channges and the cat walks back to LAMAR's feet to sit.
But there is just one problem. I
am expensive and looking at your
skin color. You probably don't
have a good enough career to
afford the large amount of money I
will charge you.
I have the money. I have been
saving for this process for a very
long time. Just name the amount.
You would have to rob the bank, to
be able to afford me. With the
status you are in.
I can afford it. Don't use money
as an excuse. Don't turn me down
because of my race. I have been to
two other surgeons, who I was
told would be able to do it for
me. But they all turned me down
because of my race. Why should my
race matter to you, if I'm going
to pay you. I heard you weren't
certfied to do this anyway. So no
one will find out. So why can't
you just do it for me.
LAMAR walks over to WALTER and gets in his face and jacks up
WALTER but lets him go 2 second later.
      (clenched teeth)
The reason why I don't want to do
it for you is because, if I do it
I will loose my dignity. Then I
really won't be standing strong on
my belives. But only god knows
what you have on your mind. I will
do it for you, because I need the
money. And I don't want you
thinking I gave in because of the
little speech you gave me. It
didn't faze me at all.


Thank you I really appreciate it.
I'll never-.
LAMAR cut off WALTER before he was able finish what he has
to say.
Don't push it, because I control
my mind and will be able to change
it quick.
LAMAR walks over to his computer, the cat follows and so
does WALTER.
You know just because I changed
your skin color, it dosen't mean
all your problems are solved.
Problems like what? Health
problems, an early death,
infertility? What is it?
Well I won't really call it
infertility. You can have kids but
you have a 75% chance of them
coming out with your ivory traits.
What do you mean ivory traits? Are
they going to come out white?
Maybe, maybe not. If you marry an
ivory woman they will definetly
come out fully ivory. But if you
marry an ebony woman, they might
have ivory features.
You're still not telling me what I
want to hear. What do you mean by
ivory traits?
Well if you let me finish, maybe I
will get to it... Like I was
saying ivory traits like blonde
hair, or blue eyes or they might
come out really light almost


                       LAMAR (cont'd)
white. That might have people
thinking. And you can't have
people thinking at all, because
this is illegal.
Well, I do plan on marrying an
ebony woman to make her my Nubian
Yea, but you want to be guranteed
your kids will come out fully
ebony not half and half.
So what can I do to prevent myself
from the misery and embarssment
that awaits me?
Well we can fix this problem by
going through a process call
invitro fertilization, then
genetically engineer the baby.
Whoa whoa! Lets slow here, shall
we? Genetic engineer, invirto
what? what are this things you're
talking about?
LAMAR pulls out a chart from his wall with pictures of genes
and it has the process of invitro fertilization. LAMAR
pushes the button on his pen and it turns into a pointer.
LAMAR uses the pointer to point at the chart.
Alright butthead, genetic
engineering is a procees where you
get to choose the features and
basically make a baby perfect. We
also need to do invitro
fertlization which is basically
combining your sperm and her egg
together for it to fertlize. So
your wife can't get pregnant the
regular way.
So when do we do this process and
where do I go to do it?


Well you need a wife first. You
will probably have to come back to
me, because genetically
engineering your baby is illegal,
if it dosen't have an chance of
having an herideteary diease.
LAMAR points at a picture of sperm and egg combining on the
chart. The chart changes and it was the picture of the sperm
and egg in a petri dish. The chart changes again and shows
the egg fertlized and LAMAR points out nucletutide sequence.
The chart changes and LAMAR points at the genetic material
that makes the skin color and it shows it exchanging it with
the ebony one.
Well, what will happen is when you
are ready to have kids, you come
back to me. When you come with
you wife, we extract sperm from
you and extract eggs from her and
keep it a p/tree dish. We will let
it comibine. Then it becomes
fertilize. We then look at the
nucleutide sequence. We take the
genitic material that makes the
skin ivory and replace it with an
ebony one.
Where do we get the ebony gentic
material from?
LAMAR points back at the chart and it changes, it has a
picture of the egg slowly turning into clevage and then it
changes into a blastorsyst then the chart changes and theres
a doctor on the screen implating the bastorsyst into the
uterus of the female. LAMAR explains this while pointing at
the screen
Would you let me finish? We can
take the DNA sample from your wife
and implant it. We then wait for
the egg to fertilize into
cleavage and then into a
blastorsyst. Thats when you come
back in so we can implant the
blastorsyst into the uterus of
your wife.


Can you repeat all what you just
said in english please?
LAMAR pulls the chart down and it goes up, LAMAR rolls his
LAMAR throws his hands up and waves WALTER off and turns
You know what when you are ready
to have kids just come to me. That
should be the least of your
worries right now.
But wait a minute, are we going to
tell my future wife what we are
going to do?
No you fool. We can't tell her,
because you don't know how she
might react. So will just have her
thinking shes coming in for a
check up or something.
Good idea.
Well you didn't come here for
that, did you? what do you really
want done specifically.
I want a new skin color, a new
name, a new identity. I no longer
want to be Walter Nelson. I want
to be a proud ebony man. I want a
new background and all.
Well I don't about a new
background. Because you can't have
the same family background and I
also don't know about you being a


                       LAMAR (cont'd)
strong ebony man, cause you're
never going to be that in the
Why are youalways hanging that
over my head? Can't you just let
me enjoy that moment to myself?
LAMAR gets up from his chair and walks over to the other
computer he has on the other side of the room and starts
touching the computer screen with his finger causing the
computer to scroll down.
Well let get started. We have to
mix a skin color for you. Do you
have any color in mind?
Yea, I want a honey glazed dark
caramel color. Oh my god I have
been waiting for this moment all
my life.
Lamar types something on the computer and a screen pops up
with diffrent skin colors.
Come over here, I need you to
stand in front of this screen so I
can scan your picture into the
computer. So we can pick a skin
that will look the best on you.
A picture of WALTER pops up on the screen and LAMAR starts
touching diffrent skin color and it appears on WALTER's
picture on the screen, he reapeats that a couple of times,
till WALTER spots the color he wants.
I don't think we need to replace
your eye balls, just tell people
they are contacts. As for your
name, do you have any in mind?
Well I always admired the actor
Omar Epps.


Your kidding me right, you want
your name to Omar Epps? Boy you
crack me up, don't you think thats
a little obvious.
No no, I want my first name to
Omar and my last name to be
Alston. Like Kerri Alston the
famous entrepenur.
Boy you have an imagination, how
old are you? two, or does all
ivroy thinks like you, or is it
just you?
No I just admire those two people,
thats all.
How old would you like to be Mr.
Omar Alston?
I would like to be 26 fresh out of
LAMAR gets up from his chair and press a button that turns
the wall sourrounding his apartment into to a lab.
LAMAR walks over to a fridge and opens it, he toook out a
tube with red liquid in then. Then, LAMAR takes a tube
with yellow liquid it in it and one with brown in it. LAMAR
brought it over to the counter. he mixes all the liquid
together to get all the color, he wants.
Lay on the bed over there so I can
connect the wires to your head.
WALTER lays on the bed located in the room. LAMAR then walks
over to him, with an injection in his hands.


This is a skin dye, that I'll
inject into your skin. It
gradually turns your skin to your
desired color, it takes 24 for
hours for it to turn completely to
that color, but during that 24
hrs, you are suppose to aviod the
sun. So you can stay in my guest
room till you are ready.
So once you inject it into me, i'm
going to ebony for life?
No you'll be ebony skin for about
three months, then it starts to
wear off. So you would have to
come back to me every three months
to get the dye injected into you.
So, I can do anything with this
skin and the dye won't wash off?
You can scrub yourself to death if
want to, go into chlorine as much
as you want. If it has been in you
more than three months it dosen't
come off.
Why is this? I hope there is no
side effects to this process?
Yea, you might experience nausea
and fainting spells.
WALTER jumps of the chair in an instant.
Whoa whoa! You never told me about
no side effect. If I never asked
you would have never told me?
Calm down, I'm just pulling your
legs, there is no side effect. The


                       LAMAR (cont'd)
reason it doesen't come off, is
beacuse it was injected into you,
and it had time to penetrate into
your body and skin. If it was
sparyed or rubbed on then it will
be a diffrent situation.
So you want me to come back at
exactly 3 months later. What
happens if I wait longer than
three months?
Well then your skin, starts to get
disolored. You'll have patches of
your regular skin and the dye one.
and it might lead to skin cancers
So you don't want to risk that.
LAMAR walks over to computer and clicks on something that
makes the screen change and clicks ok. WALTER rubbs his
hands together.
Well lets get started.
WALTER lays back on the bed while LAMAR put a mask with
anestetic gas to cover WALTER's nose and mouth. LAMAR walk
away from WALTER to the desk in the corner of the room.
LAMAR opens the drawers and pulls out a clipper and he
walks back to WALTER. When LAMAR got back WALTER was aleardy
sleeping. LAMAR stares of into space with the clippers in
his hands.
                       LAMAR (V.O)
Am I doing the right thing? Will I
be judged because what i am about
to do? Everyone else turned him
down. I felt bad for him plus I
really need the money. But does
that make me weak? Does this mean
I'm lossing my dignity and
believe? I'm not even sure if this
is my own belive or what I'm told
to belive. I know what I'll do,
I'll do this for this probono, so
it won't be held over my head that
I sold out because of money. Plus
he'll need all the money he can
get to start his new life. I'm
also going to stay in touch, cause
I feel like he'll make a diffrent


                       LAMAR (cont'd)
in society once he's given a
chance too.
LAMAR wakes up form his daydream.
I hope my instict are right.
He put the clippers to WALTER's head and starts cutting his
hair. The clock on the wall said 4'o clock and then he
smears something onto WALTER's face. The clock shows 10'o
clock and WALTER wakes up. WALTER gets up from the chair and
walks around the room. WALTER then push the button he saw
LAMAR push earlier.
The light are off so WALTER can see where he is going.WALTER
feels around looking for the fridge, because he can hear his
stomache growling. He finds the fridge, opens it and finds a
sandwich. WALTER takes out the sanwhich and milk and closes
the fridge. WALTER puts the sandwhich and milk down on the
counter and it hits the counter real hard causing it to make
a clappping noise. which causes the light to turn on. WALTER
looks around and sees the cat still sitting at the window
side licking its paws, the t.v was still on.
WALTER pours himself some milk and sits on the table to eat.
LAMAR walks out the room and sits in the other chair near
Do you like the new you Omar?
WALTER looks around the room and back at LAMAR.
Omar? Who is that?
You..idiot. you are truly a fool.
I don't think your skin color
means anything.
Hey hey watch how you talk to me.
I'm ebony now, but really how do I
look, I haven't seen my self yet.
LAMAR gts up and walks over to the kitchen counter. LAMAR
picks up the mirror facing down on the counter and walks


back to the table where WALTER is sitting. WALTER's eyes
follows LAMAR around till he sits back down. LAMAR hold the
mirror in his hands smiles then hands the mirror to WALTER.
WALTER stretches his arm out and took the mirror from LAMAR
not taking his eyes of off LAMAR. WALTER looks at the mirror
and sees an handsome ebony man with bronze skin and a low
haircut. WALTER runs his fingers across his face and gets up
slowly from where he is sitting. WALTER runs to the
WALTER walks into the bathroom pushes on the knob on the
fuacet. The water starts to come out WALTER bends down and
starts washing his face. WALTER scrubs really hard, he
pushes the soap dispenser and washes his face. WALTER then
put his hands under the running water to rinse out the soap.
WALTER dries his face and with the towel from the rack and
looks down at the towel.
It's not coming off, it is
permanet. I'm ebony, thank you
LAMAR is at the doorway leaning on the wall with his hands
Wash it as much as you want. Scrub
it as hard as you can, even bleach
it if you want, it stays that
color. Till after three months
that is.
WALTER walks away from the sink towards the door, WALTER use
his hands to push LAMAR to the side and went through and
back to the livivng room and LAMAR follows.
Oh God! What are you up to now?
WALTER walks back to the table and picks up the mirror and
runs his fingers across his face. WALTER runs up to LAMAR
and gives him a hug. WALTER picks up LAMAR and swings him
around. WALTER put LAMAR down and put his hands in his
pocket and pulls out a check book and a pen. WALTER hurries
to the couch near the t.v and sits down. WALTER puts the
check on his lap and starts to write it out and stops.


Ohh sorry I got so happy, I forgot
to ask you how much I owe. Who do
you want me to make the check out
LMAMR stands before WALTER and folds his arms across his
chest and looks and smiles
Look at me just babbling on and
on. I don't evevn know if you want
cash or check, because if you want
cash I can always run to the bank
and get the money. That is no
WALTER picks up the mirror looks in it and then put it back
on the table.
It would be impossible for you to
go and cash your check, because
you are no longer Walter and the
face you have is diffrent from the
face you have on your i.d.
Oh yea, I totally forgot about
that. But I can always write the
check to you and you can cash all
the money. But how much do I owe
you again?
You don't owe me nothing, but
making sure you do something
positive with what I just did for
What do you mean I don't owe you
You owe me nothing, zilch, nada,
zero. Hey look at it like this,
this is the luxury that comes
along with having skin color like
WALTER coughs and rubs his head.


I decided to do this for you
probono, because I thought about
doing it wouldn't make me loose my
dignity. Doing it for the money
would make loose my dignity, even
though times are hard for me now.
But I know I'm doing the right
thing. I have the feeling that
you have the power to be a
potential leader.
WALTER wipes the tear drop from his face and laughs.
That is nicest thing someone has
ever said to me before in my life.
I really appreciate you for
opening up your heart for me. But
I'll make sure I won't dissapoint
you. I will strive my hardest. But
I will repay as soon as I can.
LAMAR gets up and walks up to table where his computer is
and takes the passport that lays on the table. LAMAR brought
it back to where WALTER is sitting and hands it to WALTER.
      (looking down at
       the passport)
What is this?
Sometimes I think you ask to much
question, just open it.
WALTER laughs and opens, the passport, in it he finds a
picture of the new improved him and it says his name is
OMAR ALSTON and age 26. WALTER looks up and turns to LAMAR.
LAMAR smils at him. WALTER gets up from his seat and
appreoachs LAMAR and gives him a hug. (WALTER becomes OMAR)
Trust me you won't regret this,
I'll make sure I keep in touch
with you and all.
Hmm..I hope not. So what do you
plan on doing first with your new


I have to go get new clothes, find
a new apartment and most definetly
find a job.
OMAR exits LAMAR's apartment into the hallway, leaving his
last memories of WALTER behind him.
OMAR is walking down the street, a lot of people is noticing
him, a group of girls driving stops and honks their horn at
him and winks their eye. OMAR is shocked, he never got such
attention from a girl before. OMAR coughs from being thirsty
and goes into a public resturant to get something to drink.
OMAR bends down at bubbler with the ivory sign hanging on
top to get a drink from. An ivory WAITRESS walks by him.
God, they are never satisfied. He
is drinking out of an ivory
bubbler. When he can have
reservation and have a drink. God
I can't stand these damn ebonies.
OMAR gets up from the bubbler and turns to look at the
Excuse me. What did you just say,
what did I do to you?
WAITRESS leaps forward with fear in her eyes thinking OMAR
over heard her little comment.
No sir I wasn't talking to you. I
was just talking to myself.
The HOST of the resturant walks toward OMAR and touches his
Is everything o.k? Would you like
a glass of water or a reservation?


The WAITRESS walks away from OMAR and the HOST. OMAR looks
confused. While the HOST motions for him to follow her.
They walk to the front desk. OMAR notice a mirror and sees
his face, then he remebers he was now ebony no longer ivory.
Is a table for two, good enough?
Oh I didn't want a table. I just
wanted a drink and I got it. Thank
you though, I apprecite it.
Alright then, have a nice day.
HOST escourts OMAR out the door.
OMAR walks out the resutrant door out to the side walk. OMAR
looks around.
                       OMAR (v.o)
      (thinking to
Wow, that was a suprise, if it was
when I was still ivory, I would
have probbaly been kicked out. Or
told there resturant was packed
and reserved, if I try to come in
there to eat.
OMAR stops at the street and tries flagging down a johnny
cab and got three. JOHNNY CAB 1 pokes is head out the window
facing the other cabs.
                       JOHNNY CAB 1
I got here first, he is all mines
so back off.
                       OMAR (v.o)
      (thinking to
Wow, I asked for one I get two and
now they are fighting over me.
When I was ivory, I couln't even
sit in the back of the public bus.
ah...life is good.


JOHNNY CAB 1 turns his head around.
                       JOHNNY CAB 1
Where would you like to go today
hummm...52 troy avenue please
JOHNNY CAB 1 looks at OMAR with a confusing looking, holding
on to the sterring wheel with one hand.
                       JOHNNY CAB 1
Are you sure, thats is where you
want to go?
Yea, I live there.
JOHNNY CAB 1 lets go of the steering wheel and gasps.
OMAR looks out the window then down at his watch and claps
his hands together and blows in it like he is trying warm to
                       JOHNNY CAB 1
You live in that neighborhood, how
do you cope with?
      (disgusted tone)
It's not that bad. I've been
living there most of my life. Can
we leave now, I have tight
schedule today.
JOHNNY CAB 1 turns his head around facing the steering wheel
and turns the key in the igniton and grabs his steering
                       JOHNNY CAB 1
I don't usually go into that
neigborhood, but I'll go this
round, because I can't turn you
JOHNNY CAB 1 turns the steeering wheel, and waits for a
green car to pass by, then pulls off.


OMAR opens the door to his apartment, OMAR walks in and
drops his suitcase on the floor next to his coffee table.
OMAR takes off his blazer jacket and puts it on the arm of
the love seat. OMAR walks away from the love seat. OMAR
rubs his temple with one hand and unlosen his tie with the
other. OMAR walks over to the answering machine and pushes
the play button and walks into the bathroom, while
answering machine plays.
                       ANSWERING MACHINE
      (programmed voice)
You have two new messages. First
message, tuesday 3.00pm
OMAR walks into the bathroom and bend over to look into
mirror, he stares at himself in the mirror, while he listens
to the ANSWERING MACHINE talks in the background.
                       HAKEEM (o.s)
      (voice through the
       answering machine)
Hi, Walter it's me Hakeem, you
were suppose to work today, but
you never showed. Neither did you
call to let us know that you won't
be coming in. Which means you
pulled a no call no show and you
know what happens when you pull a
no call no show. So you are
suspended from works for two
weeks. See you in two weeks.
      (talking to the
Well, Walter dosen't exist anymore
Hakeem. It's Omar now.
                       ANSWERING MACHINE (o.s)
Next message, tuesday 3:45 pm.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Good afternoon, this message is
for Mr.Omar Alston. My name is
Morris Chestnut I am calling from
the maidbot cooperation.


OMAR runs out the bathroom and stands next to the answering
listens to it closely.
                       MR. CHESTNUT (o.s)
We got your application and
reviewed it, we would like you to
come in for an interview tomorrow
morning at 10. But if that time is
inconvinient for you, i would
really appreciate if you call my
office to let me know. My number
is 270-521-6556. Don't forget to
bring your resume. We will be
looking forward to see you. Thank
you and have a nice day.
OMAR jumps up and down in exictment. OMAR picks up his phone
sit on a chair and press the mumbers, the phone rings on the
other side of the phone. the phone is picked up by the thrid
                       LAMAR (o.s)
Hi,it's omar. I'm sorry if I woke
you up from your sleep i'll let
you go and call you back tomorrow
morning.Sorry about waking you up.
                       LAMAR (o.s)
It's alright, it must be important
for you to call me this late. So
how can I help Omar.
      (growing furious)
Well today, after I left your
place today, I went around to
fill out applications at
cooperations today. I got a call
back and I have an interview
tomorrow morning at 10.00. But I
was asked to bring a resume, and I
don't have one, not even in my
other life.


They called you back already? That
is a good sign. But don't worry
yourself, I'll make up a resume
for you. Do you have a fax
OMAR looks around the room and he sees his crappy fax
machine on the kitchen. OMAR gets up from the chair he is
sitting on to walk over to the kitchen table and plugs in
the fax machine. the fax machine turns on
Yea, I have one, but it is a
really old one. So hopefully it
It will work, if turns on and you
have phone line to connect it to.
you should have nothing to worry
OMAR touches the fax machine, he then leans on the kitchen
So, just leave it on.
Yea, I'll fax it over first thing
tomorrw morning, because I don't
think I can get out of this bed
now. But you should get it
tomorrow, the latest 8:30 in the
Thank you I really appreciate it.
I'll be expecting it tomorrow
morning. Sorry again for waking
you up from your sleep, I'm truly
sorry and I really appreciate it.
OMAR is sitting down in chair next to the receptionist desk,
with his legs crossed. OMAR is dressed in a grey suit and
black dress shoes. OMAR has is resume in his hands and taps
is fingers together. ERIKA walks by OMAR with her briefcase
and coffee in her other hands. MR.CHESTNUT walks out of his
office with papers in his hands approaching OMAR.


                       MR. CHESTNUT
Omar Alston?
OMAR gets up from the chair he is sitting in walks up to MR.
CHESTNUT. MR. CHESTNUT extends his hand to OMAR for an
handshake. OMAR shakes his hands and lets go.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Lets step into my office.
MR. CHESTNUT opens the door to his office and walks in, he
holds the open for OMAR. OMAR walks in the office and stands
to the side. MR. CHESTNUT closes the door and walk over his
desk with the window view behind him. The t.v is on in the
office.MR. CHESTNUT sits down on the chair next to the
window and motions his hands for OMAR to have seat.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
have a seat
OMAR pulls out the chair and sits down, he crosses his leg
and folded his hands. MR. CHESTNUT picks up the remote on
his desk and turned of the t.v that was on in his office.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Would you like something to drink?
soda, coffee, bottled water,
sparkling water, soda water,
flavored water anything?
NO thank you, I am alright.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Alright then. Shall we begin? Did
you remeber to bring your resume?
Yes sir, I did. I heard your
OMAR stretchs out his arm, with the resume in it. MR.
CHESTNUT reaches out and grabs the the paper gently out of
OMAR's hand. MR. CHESTNUT opens up the resume and looks
downs at the resume, he shakes his head still looking down
at the paper. OMAR has a worry look on his face, when MR.
CHESTNUT shakes his head.


      (looking down at
       the paper)
This is a very impresive resume.
Thank you very much sir.
OMAR sighs with relief. MR. CHESTNUT puts the resume down on
the table and picks up and pen. MR.CHESTNUT looks down on
the paper on his desk and looks up OMAR.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
So, why would you like to work for
this company?
I would like to work for this
company because, I went to school
for a degree in designing robots.
and I would also be able to put
some design I have created to
work. Which are great ideas, that
will benfit this company and bring
more money in for the company and
me. So it will be a win win
MR.CHESTNUT nods his heads and put his hands together.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Very good answer, I couldn't have
answered this question better
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Alright, the next question is a
scenario. Imagine we have a
project due tomorrow and you are
not done or ready for your
presentation. What would you do?
MR. CHESTNUT leans back in his chair and twirl his pen
around his finger. OMAR sits up in his chair and uncrosses
his legs.
      (talking with his
Well first all I don't think I
would ever put ever myself in a
situation to fall back on my job.


                       OMAR (cont'd)
I am always on task with my job. I
never let personal problems get
between me and my job. If I did
ever get into that situation for
some reason, I would stay in the
office that day as long as I need
to to get the job done.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Thats a good thing to know and
thats exactly what we can use in
this company, dedicated people.
Are you aware of what comes along
with the job.
OMAR sits up straight in his chair and looks directly at MR.
No, not at all. I didn't even know
anything came along with the job.
MR. CHESTNUT gets up from his chair and walks to the coffee
maker and pours himself a cup of coffee.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
With this job comes along, a car,
and a studio apartment located in
the hummer estate, owned by the
owner of the company Miss Erika
OMAR's eyes grow, with anxiousness and he smiles.
All for free?
MR. CHESTNUT takes a sip out his coffee cup, while he walks
back to his desk. MR.CHESTNUT sets the coffee cup on his
desk .
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Well not exactly, you have to pay
a little amount due, to how much
your salary will be. But, you
would have to pay for electricity,
gas and all those other things.
The company car is free it
displays, the company logo
advertising the maidbots. Oh yea,
need I mention, you get a free
maidbot too. We can't make them


                       MR. CHESTNUT (cont'd)
and not use them. If you know what
I mean?
MR. CHESTNUT laughs and OMAR cathes on and laughs along with
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Well that will conclude this
interview. I have a couple more
interviews today, but we will get
back to you shortly so keep your
fingers crossed.
OMAR gets up form his chair and shows MR.CHESTNUT his
crossed finger. They both laugh and walk to the the door.
MR.CHESTNUT opens the door and holds it open for OMAR to go
through. OMAR then turns around, extend his hand out for an
hand shake.
It was my pleasure meeting. Thank
you for your time.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
No problem, just make you keep
your fingers crossed.
MR.CHESTNUT holds his hands up, with his fingers crossed.
OMAR starts walking and he walks by ERIKA. ERIKA was very
well dressed. ERIKA looks at OMAR and smiles she walks aways
while OMAR walks into elevator.
ERIKA walks into MR.CHESTNUT's office without knocking. MR.
CHESTNUT is suprised, and tries to clean up his desk real
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Good morning ma'm. Did you want
to see me?
Did, that tall ebony man just
leave your office?
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Omar? Yes he did he was just in
here for an interview for the job


ERIKA walks over to MR. CHESTNUT's desk and starts touching
the decorations on his desk.
Oh yea the interview. So how is it
going, how did he do?
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Very good. He's best I've seen so
MR.CHESTNUT extenends OMAR's resume out to ERIKA. ERIKA
takes the resume and reads through it and shakes her head,
then she looks up.
I am impressed. So is he hired or
                       MR. CHESTNUT
No not yet, I still have a couple
more interviews, to do today. So
after today I'll know, then I'll
let you know.
Hmm, talking about those other
interviews. I want you to cancel
them and hire Omar. That is his
name right? I feel like he is
right for the job and he'll do
company good.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Hey I had the same feeling.
MR.CHESTNUT push the button on the intercom on his desk and
calls for his secretary through the intercom.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Can you please cancel all my
interview for today. Tell them the
position has been filled.
                       SECATARY (o.s)
All your interviews sir. Just for
today or in general.


OMAR walks in the door and put his blazer on the arm of
chair and he walks to the ANSWERING MACHINE he press the
play button.
                       ANSWERING MACHINE (o.s)
You have one new message,
wednesday 3:00 pm.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Hi, this messgae is for, MR. Omar
Alston. This is MR. Chestnut from
the maidbot company.
Congratulations, you got the job
you interviewed for today. So when
you hear this message please call
me back at the office or you can
show up at the office tomorrow at
8:00 am, so I can show you around.
Once again congratulation.
OMAR, starts to dance with himself and he picks up his phone
and dials LAMAR's number. The phone starts to ring and was
picked up
LAMAR wipes his hand on the cloth napkin he has with him.
LAMAR picks up the phone.
Hi, may I know who is speaking
                       OMAR (o.s)
      (almost shouting)
Lamar it's me Omar, guess what?
LAMAR opens his mouth to talk but before he can OMAR
interrupts him.
                       OMAR (o.s)
I got the job, I got the job, The
job at maidbot company. Man they
loved me.
Congratulations, wow impressive.


                       OMAR (o.s)
You know what the job comes along
with. They give me a car, it's
going to have the companies logo
on it, but who cares. A car is a
car right? They give me an
apartment also and a maidbot.
Wow, that's a lot all for free.
                       OMAR (o.s)
Well iI have to pay for the house,
but its not a lot, it decent. The
hosue is located at the hummer
estate. You know what you have to
make to live in that neigbhorhood.
how can I thank you .
No problem, I'll always be there
for you. you know that. We should
celebrate your sucess. We should
go out, to a resturant, no we need
to go to a club. Yup thats it, a
club. We should go to that new
club 112.
LAMAR starts to walk form his living room into his bed room.
LAMAR walks to his closet and starts looking through the
clothes huung up. LAMAR use the side of his face to hold the
phone to his ear.
                       OMAR (o.s)
Wait, wait a minute a club? What
am I going to do at a club. I
don't listen to your music, I
don't even know how to dance.
LAMAR pulls out a black pair of jeans and a blue and black
button on up shirt, he holds them up together, looking at in
the mirror.
      (still holding
Well you don't have to dance, you
can just sit at the bar and drink.
Hey, who knows you might meet that


                       LAMAR (cont'd)
beautiful ebony queen you want to
marry? Huh so what do you say?
                       OMAR (o.s)
I don't know, this seems fishy. I
don't think I would fit in. Plus I
have nothing to wear to a club.
LAMAR puts the clothes on the bed and starts to take of his
shirt, exposing his well built body.
Ohh please you're killing me. Do
not use that excuse of having
nothing to wear, you sound like a
female now. You know, what why
don't you hop in the shower and
I'll bring an outfit over to your
house and we will leave together.
                       OMAR (o.s)
Alright then so I guess I'll see
you in a little while then. Bye!
Alright bye.
LAMAR hangs up the phone and throws the cordless on his bed
and dances to his bathroom.
OMAR is in the bathtub under the shower, while the water
runs down his naked body. OMAR places his hands on gets lost
in his thoughts.
Flash back to when OMAR was ivory and he beared the name
MR.CHESTNUT comes out of his office and sees WALTER sitting
at the chair patiently and near an ebony guy. MR.CHESTNUT
walks up to his secretary desk.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Where is the guy, here for the
The SECETARY point towards WALTER who is still sitting
patiently in a chair. MR.CHESTNUT turns to see who his


SECETARY was pointing at. MR.CHESTNUT walks towards WALTER.
WALTER gets up from his seat and extends his hands out for
an handshake to MR.CHESTNUT. MR.CHESTNUT walks right by
WALTER to the ebony guy WALTER is sitting next to.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Hi, I am MR.CHESTNUT, are you here
for the interview?
                       JOB APPLICANT 1
Yes I am.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Please follow me.
JOB APPLICANT 1 gets up from his seat, MR.CHESTNUT turns to
return to his office then he notices WALTER sitting down.
MR.CHESTNUT approaches WALTER. WALTER gets up and extends
his arm out for an handshake. MR.CHESTNUT ignores WALTER'S
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Can I help you?
Hi I'm here for the interview sir.
                       MR. CHESTNUT
Sorry the open position, was
filled early this morning, I told
my secretary to give you call. But
it seems like she forgot to call
WALTER drops his head and wals away slowly form MR.CHESTNUT.
OMAR is distracted from his flashback by the hot wter
turning cold. OMAR hurries out the shower and grabs a towel
of the rack, he wraps the towel areound his butt. While he's
walking out, he hears his apartment bell go off. OMAR walks
to the living room with his towel around his waist.
OMAR walks to into the livivng room, with a t-shirt over his
head struggling to put it on. OMAR finally get the shirt on
and walks to the door. OMAR peeps through the peep hole and
sees LAMAR on the other side of the door. OMAR opens the
door and lets LAMAR in and closes the door. LAMAR is dressed


in a pair of khaki pants and a tan and brown colored button
up shirt, with a brown dress shoes. He looks OMAR up and
I brought you some clothes to
wear, and some to keep.
LAMAR hands OMAR the bag of clothes in his hands.
Thank you, I was going to call you
right now.
I don't think we should go out to
celebrate this job. I feel weird,
becuase I went there once when I
was still walter to get a job and
he treated me like dirt and now he
treats me as if i'm a god. I don't
think I want to work with someone
like his such.
Don't even worry about that, that
was then and this now. You should
just leave everything from the
past in the past and start a fresh
new plate.
LAMAR walks over to the chair and sat down. While OMAR goes
into his to get dressed.
The club is dark and smoky and very crowded. There are
people dancing on the dance. Some are sititng at the bar
dringking and some are sitting in a both eating.
LAMAR and OMAR walks into the club and as they both walk by,
the ladies in the room, all turns their heads to looks at
them. They both got a lot of attention form the crowd. There
was music playign in back ground.


Ohh, that is my song, why don't
you take a seat over there at the
bar. I have to dance to this song
or I'll be angry the whole night,
because I missed it.
LAMAR walks toward the dance floor and OMAR walks to the bar
to look for seat. He finds an empty stool next to a pretty
ebony woman. OMAR hesistates to sit next to her but he ends
up sitting next her. The moment OMAR sits down an female
bartender aprroaches him.
What are you having?
Umm, I'll have an incredible
BARTENDER walks away to make the drink. There are people
heving conversations all over. OMAR turns his head and looks
over at the dance floor and sees LAMAR on the dance floor
grinding with a beautiful ebony girl. OMAR turns back to the
bar and the BARTENDER places his drink in front of him.
While OMAR takes a sip of his drink he took a glance at the
RHONDA sititng next to him. But as soon as she turns her
head he quickly moves his face towards another direction.
RHONDA laughs and turns her head. OMAR starts to look at
RHONDA again and she turns her head, but it was too late for
him to turn around, so he picks up his drinks and takes a
sip. RHONDA laughs at him and shakes her head, she turns her
whole body towards him.
      (yelling over loud
Hi, my name is Rhonda. Whats
OMAR truns to her and extends his hands for an handshake
Hi Walter
OMAR turns his head trying to ignore her and trys not to
look at RHONDA.


Don't try to ignore me, I saw you
staring at me. So don't even try
to play that game with me.
You caught me, I was trying to be
smooth with it, but I guess I'm
not smooth enough for you. Excuse
my rudeness for staring at you.
You are just so beautiful I can't
keep my eyes of you.
Wow? I never heard that one
before, but thank you.
RHONDA turns her head away from OMAR.
I'm sorry if I offended you, I
didn't mean too.
I know you didn't, thanks for the
compliment again.
Would you like a drink? My treat.
you can celebrate with me.
If I may ask, what are you
My new job.
Oh yea! Where did you land this
job that is worth celebrating?
I just got hired at the maidbot
Wow! Congratulations, that is real
imprssive. That is good money
coming in? Good luck at your new


The BARTENDER puts a drink in front of RHONDA. OMAR and
RHONDA engages ina deep conversation, but you can hear it.
There was still conversations going on around them. There
was still people on the dance floor dancing. OMAR points at
LAMAR who is now leaning in and talking into a girls ears.
The girl LAMAR is talking to laughs. RHONDA gets up and fix
her dress OMAR, looks her up and down admiring her body.
RHONDA motions for OMAR to go to the dance floor woth her,
but he nodds his head no. RHONDA pulls him up and they both
approaches the dance floor RHONDA takes OMARS hand and pulls
him closer into her. RHONDA and OMAR are close chest to
chest. OMAR steps on RHONDA feet a few time while they was
dancingg, but later he gets the hang of it.
Maidbot enters through the door bringing in a box that has
OMAR things in it, the maidbot drops it on the floor. Then
LAMAR comes through the door struggling to carry something
and OMAR was on the other end struggling to carry the other
end of the box. They finally get it in the house and place
it down. LAMAR and OMAR looks up with their hands on their
hip. The aprtment was dressed very nicely, with nice
furniture and painting on the wall. The maidbot brings in a
drink to both LAMAR and OMAR, they take out of the maidbots
hands. Taking a sip out their drinks.
I would have never thought that
me, myself and I would ever have
an aprtment looking like this.
Well belive it or not, its all
yours. You worked really hard for
this, you've worked your way all
the way to the top.
You know sometimes I think and I
feel like I betrayed my race. I
mean I think about my sister and
how I can help her, but she
wouldn't trust me cause she hates
ebony's with all her heart. I
don't know sometimes I just feel
like a punk, I feel like now that
I have acomplished this, I should
do something to help my people...
there has to be something, should
I dontate money or something.


You could donate money, but how
would that really help them? I
mean, that money will always
finish and not of them all might
get it. You should do something
that you would be remebered for.
Something that would help your old
community and something your
sister can benefit from.
What is that? It against the law
to talk to an ivory or help them
and you know that.
Yea I know and I what I did for
you is illegal too, but nothing
stopped me. You know what I am
think of starting an escape route
for the ivories.
An escape route? That is kind of
risky don't you think? How do you
plan on getting the word out. An
escape route to where? The whole
America is racist against ivory.
Yea, I know. But I was doing my
research and I found out that
there is a planet called planet
ivory. Where it is only for
ivories. I mean it can't get no
When did you start doing all this
research? I mean it seems like you
have been thinking for a very long
It's been a while, lets just say a
certain friend changed my
prespective on ivories, thank you.
Ok, so you want to start something
like the underground railroad?


Yea, but I'm not going to call it
that, because it would be to
obvious. I was thinking about
"skedaddle". But I can't do this
by myself I would you're help and
a lot of help.
No problem, what are friends for?
OMAR takes a look down at the watch on his wrist and notices
he only had 1 hr to get ready for his date with RHONDA.
Oh shit! I have to get going,
today is the date. I'm finally
going to pop the question. Rhonda
and I has been going steady for
about 7 months now and i feel it
right. I feel shes the one, the
woman I want to spend the rest of
my life with.
Alright lover boy, I suggest you
hit the shower so you don't miss
that special woman of your life
after she disses you for being
See, now your talking reckless.
But I have to hit the showers now.
I'll talk to you later.
OMAR walks away from LAMAR into anohter room in his house.
Everyone in the resturants is dressed, there is conversation
going on, with everyone and their dates. The waiter was
nicely dressed delivering food and wines to table. OMAR and
RHONDA were at their table, having dinner. The waiter was
pouring wine into their wine glass OMAR stares at RHONDA for
a very long time.
Are you ok baby? You're mind
dosen't seem here.


Yea I'm ok, I just have somethings
on mind.
RHONDA starts to caress OMAR on the side of his face
You want to talk about it?
No not at all. This night is
supposed to be a special night?
OMAR took RHONDA's hand and fondles it.
You mean the world to me.No one
else has ever meant as much to me
as you. Good times and bad times.
For as long as we both live.
Without you, my life is
I am missing something when you
are not with me. I think of you
night and day. I miss you when we
are apart. Come grow old with me.
RHONDA takes OMAR's hands and caress it.
I love you baby.
OMAR gets up from his chair and put his hands in his
pockets, he got on one knees. OMAR holds the little velvet
box in his hands with and 3 karat emerald cut diamond ring
in it. OMAR takes RHONDA fingers and holds it. OMAR looks up
into her eyes, now everyone in the resturant has their eyes
on them. RHONDA starts trembling.
I love you baby. Will you marry
Hold that thought I'll be right
back. I have to go to the ladies
RHONDA takes her hand from OMAR and rushes to the bathroom.
OMAR face looks stunns.


RHONDA rushes in to the bathroom. she stares at mirror for a
long time, while tears was falling down her face.
I love Omar to death, but I don't
know if he will still love me or
want to marry me when he finds out
the truth about me. i'm just going
to have to tell him the truth. If
he really loves me he will stay
with me and if he leaves I guess
it was never meant to be.
RHONDA shrugs her shoulder, wipes the tears away from her
face and reapply her make up. She looks in the mirror one
last time and leaves the bathroom.
RHONDA walks back into the dinner area, all eyes are on eye
and OMAR is still on his knees with the ring in his hands.
RHONDA walks up to OMAR and pulls him and sit him down, then
she sits down on her chair, she grabs OMAR 's hands from
across the table and plays with his fingers.
Baby before I answer your
question, I have something to tell
you something and I hope you don't
leave me when you find out.
I mean how serious can it be, as
far you are not a transvstie,
nothing should be the problem. I
love you and nothing can ever
change that. That's why I want you
to be my wife.
OMAR and RHONDA are holding both of their hand across the
table, staring at each other deeply in the eyes. OMAR, has
all focus on RHONDA and doesen't miss a blink.
Baby I love you and I never want
to loose you. You are the best
thing that ever happened to me in


                       RHONDA (cont'd)
my life. Please forgive if I break
your heart and I turn out to what
you didn't want.
OMAR cuts RHONDA off rudely.
I don't care I will always be
there for you.
Omar please let me speak, before
you start making promises you
won't be able to keep.
Baby I hate to say, but I hate the
suspense you are keeping me in.
Can you just tell, even though I'm
still going to love you as much as
I did before you tell me whatever
you're going to tell me.
Here we go. I am infertile. I
can't have no babies, I'm barren.
I won't be be able to carry your
baby in my womb. I'm sorry for
keeping in this long and letting
you fall in a trap. I know you
must hate me now. but I'm sorry. I
really am sorry.
OMAR gets up and walks to RHONDA he embraces her and wipes
the tears from her face OMAR kisses RHONDA on the lips and
looks deeply into her eyes.
      (crying along with
See I didn't say nothing like
that, there you go putting words
in my mouth. I love as much as I
did before, I even love you more
than I ever did.
      (wiping away her
So you still love me and still
want to marry me.


Yea, if you promise you won't have
to got the bathroom when I ask you
the question and leave me out here
by myself.
RHONDA and OMAR both laugh
So will you marry me?
Not if you're going to propose to
me like that. You better get on
yuor knee and read that beautiful
poem you read to me again.
OMAR laughs and gets up. OMAR gets on one kenee, while
RHONDA crosses her legs holding out her hands. Now eevryones
eye is on them once again. OMAR takes her hand and picks out
her ring finger and put the ring at the tip of her finger.
You mean the world to me. No one
else has ever meant as much to me
as you. Good times and bad times.
For as long as we both live.
Without you, my life is
I am missing something when you
are not with me. I think of you
night and day. I miss you when we
are apart. Come grow old with me.
I love you!
Will you marry me?
A tear drops down RHONDA's face.
yes, yes I will marry you.
OMAR slides the ring onto RHONDA finger. RHONDA gets up to
give OMAr a hug. OMAR picks her up and kisses her.
OMAR and RHONDA are in bed kissing. RHONDA and OMAR are both
naked but covered by the sheet. OMAR places his head on
RHONDA chest, while she caresses his head.


Baby, I was thinking about what
you told me yesterday and I think
I figured out a way to fix it.
Yea me too. I was thinking about
adopting. What do you think?
Thats not a bad idea baby. But I
have a better idea, where you can
experience the whole procees of
How in the world is that possible?
Did you not hear me say I was
infertile? I can't have no babies.
OMAR removes his head from RHONDA's chest and sits up on the
Oh yes, you can trust me.
Technology is great nowadays.
You'll be suprise what you can do
with technology.
Ohh, I wanna hear this. It has got
to be interesting. What technology
is this Omar?
By the wonderful technology called
genetic engineering and a
brilliant proccess call invitro
Oohh, I heard of that, isn't that
the process, where they take sperm
from you and egg from me and
combine so it can fertlize. Then
they implant it into the female.
      (smiling and
       shaking head)


Wow! That is a good idea. I never
even thought about it. There is a
lot going on in that little head
of yours.
RHONDA pulls OMAR's head closer to her and leaned in to kiss
OMAR is sitting in his chair behind his desk, facing the
door. OMAR is reading something on paper and writing
something down. while the maidbot, is on a couch near the
window, reading a magazine on house keeping. ERIKA opens
OMAR's office door gently and enters his office. OMAR has
his head burys in the paper, OMAR dosen't notice ERIKA come
in. ERIKA walks to OMAR's desk and sit on it seductively
exposing her legs sexually. OMAR finally looks up and sees
ERIKA on his desk.
I didn't even hear you come in.
May I help you, or did you want to
see me?
Ohh wow, I don't even get a good
afternoon, hi, hello how you
doing. It straight to buisness
Good afternoon, how are you doing
Fine thank you and you?
I'm fine thank you. Sorry about
that I have been so swamped up
with work and I am trying to meet
the dealing of this blueprint.
I understand, hey at least your
dedicated and will get the job
done. Can I please have something
to drink?


OMAR drops his pen on his desk, while ERIKA still sitting on
his desk playing with her leg.
Yea, sure. What would you like to
Water will be good.
OMAR looks on the couch where SUZY the maidbot is sitting.
Suzy do you mind, bringing Miss.
Erika here a glass of water?
SUZY gets up and walks over to the fridge and got out a
bottle of water.
Stop suzy. Return the bottle of
water back in the fidge. I want
Omar here to do it.
OMAAR looks at ERIKA strangeley and points at his chest.
You want me to do it?
Yea I want you to do it.
OMAR gets up from his seat, mummbles something under his
breath and walks over to the fridge. OMAR grabs the bottle
of water from the fridge and hands it to ERIKA. ERIKA pulls
him by the collar of his shirt between her legs. ERIKA trys
to kiss OMAR but OMAR moves his head. ERIKA stops and looks
OMAR in the eye and tries to kiss him again, but OMAR
quickly moves his head. ERIKA lets go of OMAR, he walks
away from her and back to his seat behind his desk.
I'm sorry I can't let that
happen.I have told you numerous
time that I am not interested in
you. I don't mix buisness with
pleasure. Plus I am happily
engaged to a beautiful woman and
can't wait to get married to her.
Really? You're fired.


ERIKA gets up from the desk, laughs and walks towards the
door. While OMAR continously watch her walk seductivley
towards the door without taking his eyes of her. ERIKA gets
to the door, opens it and holds the door open with her hand
and looks back at OMAR.
Just kidding.
ERIKA laughs and walks out the door closing it behind her.
LAMAR opens the door for OMAR to come in. OMAR steps in and
he sees a whole bunch of ivories in the room. His mouth
drops and he looks toward LAMAR who is smiling. There is
diffrent conversations being held in the room, people were
eating and drinking.
You wasn't joking about this huh?
How did you get all this people in
here, without your neighbor not
Trust me you don't want to know.
But I'm glad you are here. I
thought you was going to backdown
on me. Come on take a seat we are
about to start.
LAMAR walks up to the infront of the room and turns the
Can I have everyones attention
The rooms gets quiet and everyone focuses on LAMAR. LAMAR
adjust the microphone and starts to speak.
Hi, my name is Lamar Henderson. I
am the founder of "skedaddle"
which is basically an organizaion
I started, to make things better
for ivories. This all started when


                       LAMAR (cont'd)
i met a guy who was once ivory,
but he came to me and begged me to
change him to ebony. As you all
know that is illegal so I won't be
able to make all of you ebony.
That's why I came up with
skedaddle. I have come with an
escape route out of this planet to
Planet Ivory. I have a friend of
mines who is here with me today.
To talk to you about how he made
it in this World. Give it up to
Omar or should I say Walter.
KATIE who had been sitting in the back of the room gets up
and looks at OMAR. WALTER walks up to the front of the room.
KATIE keep staring at OMAR. OMAR's eyes met with KATIE and
OMAR shook his head.
Hi guys, my story started when my
mother died, and my sister blamed
me for it. She told me she hated
me and never wanted to see me
again in her life. I was so sick
of life that I started thinking of
comitting suicide, but then it hit
me, I decided to change my
identity. I wanted to start my
life all over again. I mean there
was no point of me living. I
didn't have a family and my only
sister had disown me. I came to
this man, who is now my best
friend and he helped me when I
most needed it and I love him for
that. I landed a job in the
maidbot company and I'm engaged
now. But I agreed to do this with
him, because I had felt like I
betrayed my race. I wasn't man
eneough to go through the
obstacles life was throwing at me.
So I decided to help other who
can't take the risk I took to help
them escape to another Planet
where our type is welcome. Thank
Everoyne claps thier hands together while OMAR wipes the
tear of his face and KATIE wipes the tear of her face. LAMAR
returns to the front of the room.


OMAR is standing in front of the mirror with his tuxedo on
and LAMAR is behind OMAR with one of his hand on OMAR'S
shoulder and he had an injection in the other hand.
You ready boy?
I don't know man. I hope I'm not
making a mistake.
I am not asking you about your
wedding and you better be ready.
Whats wrong with you, the bride to
be is the one who should be
thinking like that. I am asking
you are you ready for your shot,
because you are starting to look
like Micheal Jackson.
Wow... that makes me feel better.
Yea I'm ready
OMAR tilts his head to side, while LAMAR inserts the
injection in his neck. There is a loud knock on the door.
LAMAR quickly takes out the injection and dispose it in the
trash. LAMAR walks over to the door while OMAR straightens
up is tux. LAMAR opens the door a little and puts his head
                       PERSON 2
They are watitng on you.
Tell them we will be out there in
a few.
People enters one at a time while the usher escourts them
to either the groom side or bride side. There was people
greeting each other and hugging in the room. The PRIEST
steps to the halter and OMAR (the groom) and LAMAR (best
man) enters the room from the side room. The bridesmaid
walks into the room slowly, with the grooms men right by
their side. Once they get to the altar they split up. The


bridemaid goes to left side and grooms men to the right
side. Then the flower girl walks in and drops white rose
petals on the floor, followed by the ring beearer. Then the
maid of honor walks in and walks slowly to the brides
side.The lady at the piano, starts playing the piano and
everyone rises. SHEENA walks in with her father on her right
hand side, he walks her down the altar and drops her off.
OMAR gets up and opens the veil from RHONDA's face. they
both smile. the PRIEST step down form to the altar and
stands in front of both of them. Everyone sit back down.
We gathered together here in the
presence of friends and family to
celebrate one of life's greatest
relationships - the union between
man and woman, which we call

As we join together Omar and
Rhonda in this marriage, let us
search our hearts for the wisdom
of this covenant, which has from
ancient times been expressed with
those ideas that come from the
heart. Ideas like love, loyalty,
trust, fidelity, and forgiveness.
Let us also decide to share our
knowledge of these things with
them as they start this journey

Into this estate these two people
come now to be joined. If any of
you can show just cause why they
may not be lawfully married, speak
now or forever hold your peace!
Mute silence, no one speaks for about 30 seconds.
The bride and groom has written
perosnal vows they would like to
share with each other.
I take you Rhona Marc to be my
wedded wife. I pledge that I will
love you and tenderly care for you
in sickness and in health, when
life is peaceful and when it is in
disorder. I will honor your goals
and your dreams, and help you to
realize them. And I vow to share


                       OMAR (cont'd)
my life with you through the best
and worst of what is to come.
I take you Omar Alston to be my
wedded husband. I pledge that I
will love you and tenderly care
for you in sickness and in health,
when life is peaceful and when it
is in disorder. I will honor your
goals and your dreams, and help
you to realize them. And I vow to
share my life with you through the
best and worst of what is to come.
the PRIEST faces OMAR
Will you have this woman to be
your wedded wife, to live together
in this union? Will you love her,
comfort her, honor, and keep her,
in sickness and in health; and
forsaking all others keep only
unto her so long as you both shall
I do.
Will you have this man to be your
wedded husband, to live together
in this union? Will you love him,
comfort him, honor and keep him,
in sickness and in health, and
forsaking all others keep only
unto him so long as you both shall
I do.
The PRIEST looks into the crowd.
Who gives this man and woman to be
married today?
A old man wearing a black tuxedo stands up and old female


sitting next to him dressed in a cream skirt suit and a
hat, LAMAR stands up, KATIE stands up walks up to the
alter. All eyes is on KATIE. OMAR eyes lites up and he
smiles. RHONDA looks confuse and looks toward OMAR. LAMAR
motions KATIE to come stand next to him. KATIE walks over
and LAMAR holds her hand
Will you omar and rhonda's parents
of friend grant them your
blessings and pledge them your
love and acceptance?
                       ALL TOGETHER
I do.
The preist step back up and LAMAR hands him the ring, he
takes the ring out of the box.
A circle is the symbol of the sun
and the earth and the universe, of
wholeness and perfection, and
peace and love. It is worn on the
third finger, because of an
ancient Greek belief that a vein
from that finger goes directly to
the heart.These rings mark the
beginning of a long journey
together. Wear them proudly, for
they are symbols which speak of
the love that you have for each
The PRIEST hands the ring to OMAR. OMAR places it at the tip
of RHONDA's ring finger
I give you this ring as a symbol
of our love. With it I wed you,
and give you my body, soul, and
OMAR slides the ring down RHONDA's finger.
The PRIEST turns to RHONDA and hands her a ring she places
it at the tip of OMAR's ring finger.
Take and wear this ring as a
symbol of our love. With it I wed
you, and give you my body, soul,
and heart.


With this statement made of love
and trust, which we have just
heard, I now wish you to greet
Omar and rhonda as husband and
wife. You may now kiss the bride.
OMAr takes RHONDA face into his hands and gives a her long
passionate kiss. everyone is clapping. OMAR let go of
RHONDA's face and everyone stopps clapping.
Now you will feel no rain, for you
will be shelter for each other.

Now you will feel no cold, for you
will be warmth for each other.

Now you will feel no loneliness,
for you will be friends for each

Now you are two people, but there
is only one road you will walk
together. May your days together
be good and long upon the Earth.
In as much as you have publicly
declared your love and expressed
your wish to spend your future
together, I declare you united as
one, in love, in life and in
OMAR kisses Rhonda one more time. They both turn around and
there was a broom on the ground. they hold each others hand
and hops over the broom together.
Everyone is sitting down, there is music being played.
Little kids are running around. OMAR and RHONDA are at the
high table with LAMAR. LAMAR rises and uses his fork to tap
the glass to get everyones attention. Everyone settles down
and all eyes are on him.
Ladies and gentleman, let me begin
by putting omar out of is misery.
Omar I want you to know, that I
thought about taking a rattle in
your closets and bringing out a
few skeletons. But it's not going


                       LAMAR (cont'd)
to happen, thats not what this is
all about.
Omar it's an honor to stand here
today as your bestman, its like I
have known you all my life. You
and Rhonda make a terrific couple,
and I know however that this
change, and whatever fate rolls
your way, you'll make the most out
of everything you have. God bless
you both and may the life ahead of
you, be all you ever dreamed of.
Lamar raise his wine glass high.
Cheers to the bride and groom!
Everyone starts clapping. OMAR and RHONDA gets up to dance,
everyone else gets on the dance floors starts dancing. The
d.j put on electric slide and everyone get in a line to
dance OMAR leaves the dance floor and sit at a table by
himself, while he watches everyone dancing to electric
slide. RHONDA's favorite uncle walks up to OMAR and sits
next to him.
                       UNCLE LUKE
Now, boy what you doing sitting
down when every body is out there
on the dance floor.
Sir, I don't know how to do the
electric slide.
                       UNCLE LUKE
Now you know you ain't black if
you don't know how to do the
electric slide. You got that oreo
thing going on I see.
      (looking puzzled)
Oreo thing?
                       UNCLE LUKE
Yea boy, black outside, white on
the inside. Come on I'm bout to
teach you how to this.


UNCLE LUKE pats OMAR on his back and pulls OMAR up. UNCLE
LUKE leads OMAr to the dance floor.
RHONDA is in operation room laying down a bed, with her legs
up,like she about to have a baby. LAMAR is in the room,
with a nurse. They are both dressed up in their operation
and a face mask, there is a big screen on the wall, where
OMAR what is going on in the other side of the room, where a
a screen divides him and the room. In the big screen, you
see LAMAR operating RHONDA, you see how, the eggs is
etxtracted and selected.
OMAR and RHONDA are at the dinnig table having dinner by
candle light. They hired one chef and waiter to cook and
wait on them. OMAR is feeding RHONDA food from his plate and
RHONDA is doing the same. The WAITER come's over and pours
them a glass of wine, the WAITER clears the table. OMAR
takes a sip of his wine and put the glass down. OMAR takes a
skinny velevet box wrapped with a red bow. OMAR hands it to
Happy valentines day baby.
OMAR leans over the table and kisses RHONDA.
Wait I have something for you too.
RHONDA reaches over the table and hands OMAR a white
Happy valentines day to you baby!
OMAR gets ready to rip the envelope open
Wait, baby why don't we open it
together on the count of three.
One... two..three!


OMAR and RHONDA at the same time opens their gift. RHONDA's
eye grows larger. She takes the gift out the box. While OMAR
stares at the papaer he has in his eyes. They both jump up
at the same time and give each other big hugs.
Thank you baby, tickets to Planet
Love. You couldn't have given me
anything better.
Baby, this has a picture of a baby
boy. Does that mean...
Yes, we are having a boy. I went
in this morning to get the
charasteristic check done.
OMAR lifts RHONDA up and twirls her around.
Yes I knew god would give me what
I wanted.
Ohh, please so you mean to tell me
if it was a girl you wouldn't want
her or love her as much as you
would love a baby boy.
No, it dosen't matter what I have
I will still love them equally,
you know I am not like that. It's
just that I would prefer a boy
OMAR put RHONDA down and they both stare at the
charasteristic check of the baby.
Baby, he has your skin color.
Yea, he has your hair, and his
eyes are really light.
Yea my family has light eyes.
RHONDA looks at OMAR concerned and touches his face.


You alright baby? You don't look
to good.
Yea I'm alright, why?
I don't know it just seems like
your loosing you're color...I
don't know maybe it just me.
Ohhh, I was feeling a little sick
in the hospital, but I fell better
Alright if you say so.
ROHNDA is sitting in a chair at the doctor's office, waiting
for the DOCTOR to come in to give her the result to her
test. The DOCTOR walks in with some papers in his hands and
sits down on his chair facing RHONDA.
Sorry for the delay, we had to
double check something.
Oh, no problem you was just doing
your job.
Your baby is fine and healthy, but
there is on problem.
RHONDA wiggles in her seat and sit up leaning forward to the
Well if there nothing wrong with
my baby, what can the problem be?
I mean I'm prefectly fine, there
is nothing wrong with me.
The DOCTOR looks at RHONDA with a sympathetic look.
I am perfectly fine right?


Well not exactly. We found
something in you.
You found something in me? You are
talking about me like I'm some
kind of lab rat.
      (raising voice)
Would you please tell me what you
found in me?
Well we found in you, a diease,
called sacstroker.
Well can it be fixed?
It can and it can't, becuase this
diease is hardly found on earth.
We don't have the cure to it.
Wait a minute. First of all, is
this diease deadly? Please don't
lie to me.
Well it can be deadly, but your
case is not serious at least yet.
There is a cure to the diease, but
its on another planet.
So why can't you just send for it
at another planet, I'll pay for
That's the hard part. The cure to
the diease is on Planet Ivory
RHONDA drops her head, and when she raises it back up she
has tears in her eyes.
To be correct, isn't that the
white only planet?


      (knods head)
Yea, only whites are allowed on
RHONDA drops her head and starts crying.
I keep up with all my appointments
and out of all of them they never
noticed this, till it got this
I'm very sorrry ma'm. But don't
worry it is not a big problem.
What do you mean, don't worry? You
said this dieases is deadly. If
its not getting treated how do you
know it won't get worse and then
I'll eevntually die. I don't want
to count my days left to live.
You can't really blame this on us,
because this an ivory diease, only
ivory gets it. We don't know how
you got it.
yea, so what are you trying to
say? I am ivory.
No what I am saying is, maybe
some where in your family tree
you have ivory in you and you
inherited it from one your family
I hope you know you are insulting
me right. What are yout trying to
say, I don't know my background
and then you call me ivory? Do you
see my skin color, does it look
like I can pass for an ivory?
RHONDA pushes her chair back and gets up she storms towards
the door, opens it and looks back at the DOCTOR.


ohh... I'll make sure I shut you
down. take my words for it and
that is threat.
RHONDA slams the door behind her and walks out the door with
her purse clutched under her and crying.
OMAR is on the phone with LAMAR. OMAR is sitting on his
chair twirling around and fiddling witha pen between his
I'm glad we took that trip to
planet love.
                       LAMAR (o.s)
Yea, me too. I needed that trip.
Krissy and I grew closer.
Ouh-oh, do I hear wedding bells.
                       LAMAR (o.s)
I think you do man I am in love
with that girl. I am bout to pop
the question. I think I need to
hold her down before she gets
aways from me. I can't afford to
loose her. She is my support
I understand. If you feel the time
is right do what you you have to
do. I just dont want you making
decisions you would regret.
                       LAMAR (o.s)
Yea, man. I'm carzy in love boy.
How is it like being married? Do
you think I will make it? I mean
you know how I am with the ladies.
I problem with marriage life, you
have been withone girl for the
past 2 years now. So why won't you
be able to go longer?


                       LAMAR (o.s)
That is true. But it seems like
yesterday, we just met. I mean you
hold a big job at the company and
play big role, you got me a job at
the company. You're married and
you have a baby on the way. I mean
I need to get on the road.
I look back at it, and I never
would have thought I would have
made it this far though or this
big. Isn't that something?
                       LAMAR (o.s)
Yeah, but you know what, I would
have to ask Rhonda to go with me
to go pick out the ring for
Krissy. I have no idea what to do
in a jewlwery store. Remeber it
was a disaster when we went
shopping for your's?
Oh yea, don't even bring that up.
Hold on please there is someone on
my other line.
OMAR looks down at his phone and sees a picture of RHONDA on
the screen, he clicks over to the other line.
Hi baby!
Baby I need to talk to you
something happened today.
Are you okay, why are you crying?
Do you need me to come home?
No I'm not okay.
Hold on let me tell Lamar on the
other line that I will call him


OMAR clicks the flash btton on his phone and it clickes to
the line LAMAR is on.
Sorry, I had you on hold. Rhonda
just called me and she sounds
really upset, shes crying and all.
so I will have to call you back.
Is everything alright? I hope it
nothing big?
I wil make sure I call you back,
OMAR looks down at his phone and click to the other where
RHONDA was on the line waiting and crying and sniffling
Baby I'm back, what's wrong? Why
are you crying?
Baby, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I
brought this misery to your life.
I'll make it up to you. I wanted
to be with you forever.
Wait wait, slow down! What are you
talking about? You are the best
thing that ever happend to me. I
don't regert anyhting and we are
going to spend the rest of our
lifes together. So why are you
taling crazy? what is going on?
Please tell me.
Baby I'm dying. I'm going to die
very soon.
There is long silence pause. You hear nothing but RHONDA's


      (voice cracking)
What are you talking about? you're
not going to die, not ever, well
at least not now.
Yes, I am don't try to make me
feel better. Just make life easier
and kill me now.
Wait a minute. So, who told you
was dying?
I went to the doctor, today for my
weekly checkup . All of a sudden
they find a dieases in me that's
hasen't been there all my life.
Come to find out I have a dieases
called sacstroker.
What is scastroker? Is that even a
diease? I swear I never heard it
Yea, its a diease only ivory
people get. I don't know how I got
it, cause I'm not ivory. Then the
doctor trys to tell maybe I have
ivory in my family somewhere along
the line. You know whathe did to
me, by saying that? He insulted
OMAR's eyes grows largers and he wiggles in his his seat.
unlosses his ties a little bit.
Is it a transmittable or diesase?
I mean did you get it from
No! It's part of my traits. some
where along the line, back to the
time of my fofathers. I guess I
have ivory in me.


OMAR sighs and relaxes in his chair laid back.
Calm down, so he told you you're
dying. Isn't there a cure for this
Yea there is, but its only on
Planet Ivory. which ebony people
are not allowed in. Which means
I'm going to gradually die.
RHONDA starts crying, she coughs. OMAAR breaks out crying
Don't worry baby. You won't die,
we will find a way and trust me
there is always away.
OMAr wipes the tear away from his face.
Are you sure, I'm not going to
I'm positive, we will find a way.
So why don't you take a nice hot
shower, stop crying, don't think
about this situation. Take a nap
or go shopping with your frinds.
My treat!
No, I can't shop with this hanging
over my head. Just make sure you
come home as soon as possible
baby. I need you by my side right
Yup, I'll be home right after
Alright baby, I love you.
Love you to baby, bye now.


OMAR hangs up the phone, he gets up form his chair and
stares out the window.
                       OMAR (v.o)
It is really true I can't run away
from my problems. I finally have
the perfect life that I always
wanted. I mean I'm ebony, I have a
beautiful wife, a good job, a
house , a baby on the way and a
best friend that made me who I am
today. wow. What am I to do now?
There must be a way.
OMAR thoughts get distracted, when the phone to his office
rings, he walks over to pick it up, thinking it was RHONDA
calling back. OMAR looks down at the screen of the phone and
sees LAMAR's facing popping up on the screen. OMAR picks up
the phone.
I know you said there is something
wrong with rhonda and I am
probably interuptting your
converssation with her. But, how
about me and you do lunch
together? We need to talk about
everything including Rhonda.
I don't know. I'm kind in the
middle of something. I mean I'm
swamped up with work.
Come on man, I need to talk to you
about something... it will be my
Hey, I can't pass that up. Where
do you want me to meet you at?
With all that money you make, you
can't refuse the offer. Meet me at
xo cafe.


why should i, that would be rude
to do that.
what ever just meet there at 12:30
alright then bye
OMAR hangs up the phone with LAMAr and takes a seat ant
started goign through the paper on his desk
OMAR and LAMAR are across from each other looking at the
menu queitly. There are other waiters attending to the other
customers. There are two lady sit on the table next to OMAR
and LAMAR laughing and on the other side of their table,
their is couple drinking wine together.
Are you reay to order sir?
Yes, I'll have the sunnyside tuna
with an order of spatzle on the
And you sir, what will you be
having today sir?
Can I have a pear salad please?
The WAITER scribbles down their order down on paper and
turns to leave. OMAR takes drink out of his cup of water.
Since when did you start eating
salad? This is your favorite
resturant and you are ordering a
pear salad. Is there something
wrong with you?
There is nothing wrong, I'm just
not hungry, that's all.
LAMAR gives OMAR a look of doubt.


Well then if you say so. Is Rhonda
alright? Why was she upset when
she called?
OMAR picks up his glass of water and starts drinking. He
waves his hands to LAMAR telling him it was nothing serious.
Are you sure? Because Rhonda is
never upset, and the rate you hung
up on me it seems like there was
something wrong.
OMAR looks away and pick up his glass of water to drink but
realized it was empty. OMAR put it down and sighs.
No there is nothing wrong.
everything is okay. Where is this
waiter at with our food. I'm
really hungry.
OMAR looks into the crowd in search of the waiter, while
LAMAR leans into OMAR.
I thought you wasn't hungry. There
must be something wrong? But it
hurts me you can confide in me
when you have a problem. you and I
have known each other for a really
long time. I hold in me some of
your deepest scerets and you still
can't confide in me. Now thats a
damn shame.
OMAR brings his attention back to LAMAR and looks LAMAR dead
in the eyes.
Well Rhonda went in for her weekly
check up, because she starting to
get real heavy now. The doctor
found something in her.
      (looking confused)
What do you mean, they found
something in her? I would hope
they found something in her. A
baby right... wait a minute please
don't tell me the procedure didn't


                       LAMAR (cont'd)
work, and the characterristic
check shows the baby came out with
ivory features.
No no, calm down, you are even
more worse than me. They found a
diease in her called sacstroker.
They said she must have inherited
down the line from her family.
Sacsroker, that's an ivory diease,
that is impossible. Rhonda is
Yea, she is. That is why it got me
wondering. I thought I gave it to
her, but that is impossible. The
cure for the diease is on planet
ivory. So it would be a problem
for us to get the cure.
The WAITER comes over to their table and drops off the food
for them. As soon as he leaves LAMAR leans in the table to
get closer to OMAR.
Why should it be a problem? You
forgtot we have have "skedaddle".
but it won't be suprise if you
did. You haven't been to the
meeting in a long time.
So what are you saying? We get one
of our memebers to go on planet
ivory, to get the cure and return
it back to us.
That was so selfish. What happens
if they get caught on their way
back? what I had in mind is
letting your dye wear off, so you
can go out to planet ivory
yourself and handle things.
You must be out your damn mind.
There is no way on earth am i
taking a risk that big. What


                       OMAR (cont'd)
happens if I get caught?
Everything I ever worked for is
gone and I'll be exposed. Nope
sorry, not going to happen I can't
deal with that embarassment.
I can't believe this is coming out
of your mouth. You can't take a
risk to save the woman you love.
That is very bad of you.
If I get exposed, Rhonda will
leave me. It against the law to
marry interracial did you forget?
Why do this if I can just pay
someone to do it for me?
If Rhonda loves you like she so
call claims to. She won't leave
you When your trying to help her.
when did you become so selfish? If
worse comes to worse you can
always move Planet Ivory.
I can't live with ivories. They
have no dreams. They are not
strong and can't stand up for
themselves. I'm so much better
than them.
What are you? You must be livng
with some kind of guilt in you,
because for some odd reason you
forgot you are ivory. I mean you
can't alwyas run away from your
problem. Don't make me regret
having made you ebony.
Why not run away from it? Where
there is a way there is a will.
Don't beat yourself up for making
me ebony. I mean you was just
doing your job right. Its too
late now to try and change your


Do you think my our forefathers
got away from the discrimination
during their time? No, they had to
go through with it. Do you think
it was fair for you to be able to
run away from you problem, just by
doing a simple process? I mean
live life a little bit, take some
      (anger in his
What are you trying to say?
What I'm trying to say is that
take a risk. I mean if I didn't
take a risk do you think you would
be where you are at right now?
It's no that easy. I would be
loosing my integrity and going
against my words and people. I
would be going against my ebony
You forgot one thing, you're not
ebony. I want you to remeber that
I did something for you that
didn't go along with the rules of
society and did I create a
monster?Do what you want, she's
your wife.
LAMAR looks in his wallet drops enough money on the table
for the waiter. LAMAR pushs is non touched plate of food
away from him and gets up from his chair and leaves the
resturant. OMAR sits at the resturant alone just staring
into space.
OMAR and RHONDA are both lying on the bed, OMAR is sleeping
with the blankets over his head. RHONDA moves around
changing position trying to get comfortable. Then she lays
on her back looking at the ceiling, she pushes the sheet
down her body and wipe ther tear aways from her face.


Hmmm, what am I to do. If I tell
OMAR, would he still love me for
who I am? What will he think of
me? Is he going to leave me now?
Especially when I need him the
most. Should I just tell him or
should I just keep it to myself.
god why me, why not someone else.
now i would have to tell omar
everyhting that happened from the
begingning to the end. i just have
to tell him, but i have to tell
him now he earlier the better.
In the supermarket, there is people shopping and pushing
carts around. There's ivory people at the cash register,
ringing up the grocery's people bought. There is a lot of
maidbot walking around, stocking things back in to the shelf
and helping people with their groceries. A woman trys to
reach a jar of pickles at the top shelf, she pushes the jar
a little bit to far and it falls to ground and break. The
woman stepside and floor gently absorbs the broken glass,
the pickle juice and the pickle into the ground. Rhonda
walks down the aisle with har maidbot pushing her cart along
with her, baby food aisle. RHONDA stomach is very big by
now. RHONDA picks up a coulpe of baby food and set it in the
cart. RHONDA then leans over the cart and hold on to it for
      (robotic voice)
Are you okay Rhonda?
Yea, I'm okay just a little dizzy.
      (robotic voice)
Would you like me to help you find
a seat?
That would be really nice.
MAIDBOT walks over to RHONDA, and holds her by the shoulder
to assit to walk over to the bench next to the register.
Right when they take their second step, RHONDA collapses in
the MAIDBOT's hands.


Mrs. Rhonda are you okay? Can you
hear me?
MAIDBOT shake RHONDA but there is no respond, MAIDBOT takes
RHONDA pulse and sees she is still breathing. the MAIDBOT
drags RHONDA to the bench and went to call for help.
RHONDA is in the ambulance with an oxygen mask on her face
and the paramedics surround her, running blood test on her.
The ambulance is very spacious people is moving around.
PARAMEDIC 2 starts cutting up RHONDA's dress with a scissor.
                       PARAMEDIC 1
She's not breathing!
                       PARAMEDIC 2
Get her some oxygen now! We don't
want to put the baby in danger of
not getting enough oxygen.
                       PARAMEDIC 1
We would have to perform a
c-section on her, it reading no
oxygen is being passed to the
body. If we don't get the baby out
in five minute we will loose the
PARAMEDIC 2 is in his unfioforms starts rubbing brown liquid
on RHONDA'S stomache, he then pulls out a little scissors
and starts to cut RHONDA's stomache.
OMAR rushes into RHPNDA's room, there is a sink in the
corner of her room. there isn't a t.v. RHONDA's room looks
very low maintenace and plain. OMAR walks over where RHONDA
was laid down with oxygen mask still on her face, RHONDA
looks like she has been through a rough day. OMAR touches
RHONDA's face and somthes her hair out. He pulls the chiar
clser to her bed and drop down in the chair with a force the
chair collapsed. OMAR sat on the floor for a couple of
minute, got up and stormed out of the room with anger.


OMAR walks up to the counter, where the NURSE is sitting
down working on a crossword puzzle. OMAR clears his throat,
to get the NURSE's attention, but she is still looking down
at the paper.
      (disgusted tone)
Excuse me ma'm. I need to ask you
a question.
The NURSE not taking her eyes of the crossword puzzle she
was working on.
You are just going have to wait
till I'm done and ready to attend
to you.
Says who? Look here woman, I'm
paying a great amount of money to
this hospital to be treated right.
So if you don't attend to me I
will gladly like to see the person
in charge and make sure you get
The NURSE gets up slowly and hesitating
Who the hell do you think you are
talking to like that? I don't care
how much money you are paying to
the hospital. The law still
doesen't give an ivory the right
to talk an ebony like that.
Instead of me getting fired I'll
make sure your get .
The NURSE slowly turns around and faces OMAR with her hands
point at OMAR. The NURSE slurrs the rest of her sentence.
      (slurred speech)
The NURSE walks towards OMAR and extends her hand out for a
hand shake and laughs.


Hi, I'm sorry I didn't think you
was ebony. Wasn't that funny, me
talking to you like that. whoa!
how may i help you.
      (firm voice)
No matter what skin color the
person is, you should always
attend to them as soon as
possible, because they pay for
your service and they might need
you for critical reason.
Yes, I'm very sorry. I just got
carried away little thats all. We
never get an ebony patient in the
aspect of this hospital.
That is the list of my worries
right now. Why is my wife in a
room like that? I know you have
better rooms than that in here,
because I have been in one like
Sorry sir, it must have been a
mistake. What room is your wife
OMAR turns and looks in the the direction of RHONDA's room
and turns back to NURSE.
She is in room 1287.
The nurse scans down a list on her clipboard and looks up at
No, sir your wife is in the right
room. Those are the type of room
we provide, for you if you're


There must be a misunderstanding,
my wife is ebony. What are you
talking about?
Sorry sir, there is nothing I can
do about the room situation. I
have to follow orders as given,
but I can find a doctor to
explain what's going on to you.
Would you please? I would really
appreciate that.
Why don't you grab on of those
chair and go into the room and
doctor will be will with you
Thank you, very much.
OMAR rubs his temple and picks up one of the cahirs from the
waiting area and goes into the room.
A DOCTOR walks into the room, the machine are beeping and
RHONDA is still sleeping with the oxygen mask on her face.
OMAR his strecheted out on a chair, with his tie loosend up
and his blazer and briefcase on the floor. The DOCTOR walks
over to OMAR and taps him on his shoulders. OMAR wakes up
and sees the DOCTOR. The DOCTOR motions for him to follow
him. OMAR gets up and follws the doctor out the door.
OMAR is sitting in a chair drinking coffee and DOCTOR is
So how is my wife and the baby?
The DOCTOR looks OMAR symapthetically and sets his coffee
mug on the table.


Your baby is alive, but he is in
very critical condition. He is
almost living.
OMAR put his hands on his and drops his head between his
Oh God, please help me. How about
my wife?
She is in there too, hanging
OMAR picks his head up and Quicly and looks into the DOCTORS
      (serious tone)
what do you mean, she is there?
Well yes meaning she is going okay
right now, but that dosen't mean
she is going to make it in the
long run.
      (angry tone)
Wow, what is wrong with this
hospital? First of all you put my
wife in a crappy room and then now
you talk to me about her like she
is you lab rat or something.
Well first of all your wife is
ivory and those are the only room
we provide for ivories.
OMAR starts to shake his head and gets up form his chair.
No, no no! Stop telling me my wife
is ivory. She is not ivory. Were
are you people getting this from?
We found this out, while we were
running some blood test that she


                       DOCTOR (cont'd)
is naturally ivory,but had an
identity changed, that made her
OMAR looks at the DOCTOR with a serious look and points at
him with his fingers in the DOCTORS face.
Tust me when I tell you my wife is
ebony. I'm her husband don't you
think I would know?
The blood test never lies. The
only reason we are stil attending
to your wife is because of you.
She has a ivory only diease and
there nothing we can really do to
help her.
OMAR goes up to the DOCTOR and holds on to him.
I am begging you plpeas don't let
my wife die it don't matter the
money. I will pay it, its only
just a matter of time.
The DOCTOR looks at OMAR with a sympathetic look in his
I will see what I can do. I can
only do it for a matter of time.
OMAR turns around and exits the docotrs office. When he
close the door, he leans his head on the door and thinks for
a couple of minute and walks away.
OMAR is sitting on the chair looking at RHONDA. When the
door opens up gently and LAMAR walks in with flowers and
ballon in his hands. LAMAR sets it down on a table and looks
around the room with a lost face expression.
Did they run out of rooms or


No, they claim the blood test say
Rhonda is ivory. So they put are
in here.
LAMAR laughs and walks towards where OMAR is sitting.
You are kidding me right?
No, why would I play around with
something like that? This is not
a matter to be played around with.
I'm dead serious.
LAMAR sits at the edge of the bed.
What would make them say that?
They claim she got an identity
change or something like that.
LAMAR's eyes grew larger and he leaned toward omar
Are you serious? Did Rhonda ever
tell you about it?
About what? Something that isn't
true is that it? please don't tell
me you belive them. Do you?
No I don't belive them. I just
thought it would kind of ironic.
Oh really, what is my life a book
Damn man, calm down. It was just a
Well I have other things in my
mind other laughing.


LAMAR gets up from the bed and walks over to RHONDA, he
picks up her report in the the liitle pouch they put it in
at the edge of the bed and start to looks at it.
Her condition is critical.
Yea, and I can't afford to loose
my baby either.
You know what? I came up with
another idea.
What is it?
LAMAR sits back at the edge of the bed and leans in very
close to OMAR.
I have found someone that would
risk their life for you, by going
to Planet Ivory to get the cure
and bring it back.
OMAR sits up straight in his chair and plays with his
First of all I want to apologize
for my behavior the other day. I
mean you did a good thing for and
I misused it and I hope you can
forgive me. But who has agreed to
do it for me. Do I know this
Yes you do know this person. You
haven't talked to her in a while.
But she loves you and wants to
help you.
Who can it be? I don't know any
woman who loves me but rhonda...
wait a minute please don't tell
its Erika because I want nothing
to do with her.


No its not erika, she is ebony,
you need and ivory person.
LAMAR gets up from where he is sitting and walks toward the
door, he opens it a little bit and made a motion with hand
for someone to come. LAMAR stretches his hand out the door.
OMAR is sitting in his seat anticipating and wanting to
know, who it was. LAMAR starts walking back to OMAR with
his hand still grabbing onto KATIE and KATIE enters the room
right after LAMAR.
KATIE stands at the door, looking at OMAR with tears in her
eyes. OMAR gets up an walks towards her and gives her a big
LAMAR is driving the car, while KATIE is changing the radio
station for the back of the car. KATIE stops playing with
the radio and looks out the window. OMAR is sitting next to
Are you sure you want to do this?
I don't want you to this because
you trying to it because you feel
sorry or guilty about what
happended with mom. I mean I will
forgive no matter cause I'll
always love you.
No I don't feel guilty, I just
choose to do it because you got so
much going on for you. I don't
have anything or anyone in my
life. So why not help someone who
needs it?
I'll help you and you have me to
live for. So don't even worry
about it.


well how exactly am I suppose to
get the cure for this? I mean I
don't know anything or anyone
I have someone who you will meet
up with there and will give you
all the neccesary. It against the
law, for you to travel out there
you need a lot of of money. So
they check your work status to see
if you can afford it. Then they
let you go but they give you a
certain amount of time to stay
there, meaning you have to
comeback and if you don't. Trust
me they will come looking for you.
You know a lot of people dosen't
know about this planet? becuase if
we did, we wouldn't still be here.
Yea I know, thats why I started
skedaddle, because they know that
is where your freedom is. So they
don't want ivories to know,
because then they will all flea
there and if they do. Who is going
have to the dirty job?
I just don't understand why can't
they let the maidbots do it. They
cherish them more than do us
Plus if they cherish the maidbot
and hate your people. Why would
they make something they love do
the dirty job?
This is just not fair.


Nothing is fair, and they have
manipulated people with their
little phrase. What goes around
comes around.
what is that suppose to mean?
Something about your forefathers
did this our forefathers. So now
it is time for revenge, so we are
doing it to you now. Well I'm not
a part of this movement.
How far long ago was that though?
Very long ago. Hey what can I say
you should have never mad an ebony
man president. Once we get that
chance we are going to take
advantage of it...but anyways we
need this done by this week.
Yea I understand what you're
saying. But I want you think
about, we had the power, we made
an ebony man win. All because we
wanted to make the world a better
plave. We gave you the chance and
you misused it. We were trying to
stop what you are doing. We tried
to put the past in the past and
make everything even. We was
thinking all about forgiving and
forgetting. But I mean how can you
forgive what you can't forget?
LAMAR pulls his car up to the sidewalk and KATIE gets out.
KATIE stands out the car and waves tot hem till LAMAr pulls
But is that really how you feel?
What goes around comes around.
karma! But that is not the case
right now. We need to move, Rhonda


                       LAMAR (cont'd)
out of that hospital or else we
won't be able to get anything
Yea the doctor, said he can only
keep her for so long, and its been
going on 2 weeks now. So we have
no choice but to have to move her.
But where too?
I'll get her a room at my
hospital. No one would know what
the problem is and I'll be her
only doctor too.
LAMAR is dressed up in his operation gown, he has a nurse
right next to him. RHONDA is laying on the bed with an
oxygen mask to her face. LAMAR has an injection in his
hands. LAMAR puts in injection up and pushes the bottom and
the liquid squirt out a little bit. Theres a petri dish on
the table with all the equipnent LAMAR needs to operate on
The camera start the shot from outside OMAR's office
building and zoom in, to a window on the upper level where
we see OMAAR sitting down on the his chair facing LAMAR.
Then it the camera shows OMAR in the office, with large
screen T.V playing but, theres no sound. The phone on the
table has blinking red light, theres stacks of paper work on
top of OMAR's desk.
How is rhonda carrying out, since
the operation?
She is getting really better.
thanks to you and all. Man I don't
what I would without you in my
life. I really appreciate it.
Hey what are best friends for.
Please, that was no problem, it
was your money.


Rhonda and I were talking We are
thinking about trying our luck
again with the baby.
I don't see why not, hey just let
me know when your ready.
OMAR looks down at the phone, and see RHONDA picutre
blinking on the screen of the phone.
Speaking of the devil, she's on my
calling me right now,
OMAR picks up the phone.
Hey babe.
Hey, babe I don't think you should
sue the hospital. I mean we should
just put the past to the past. I
don't feel like going through all
that process.
I have made up my mind and I plan
on sueing them.
Baby I have something important to
tell you.
Baby I know it can wait I have
Lamar here in my office and we are
in the middle of something
serious. Bye baby I love you.
OMAR hangs up on RHONDA.
You know I'm thinking about sueing
the hospital right? Have you seen
the bills they sent me? It is
ridiculous for the kind of service
we got.
OMAR gets up form his chair and starts going through the


paper on his desk looking for the bill from the hospital.
OMAR finds the envelope and hands it to LAMAR. LAMAR opens
the envelope and looks through it.
Work have been backed up on me. I
have so much catching up to do.
Erika came in here the other day,
to tell me I was disappointing
wow! Have you seen how much they
are charging you for the crappy
room the had Rhonda in?
Exaclty why am sueing them and
accused my wife of being Ivory.
But wait a minute,have you talked
to Rhonda about this maybe she has
an explantion for it.
There you go again talking that
talk I don't like. Don't you think
you would have known if she was
ivory, after all you did to her?
Yea you are right.
LAMAR gets up from his chair ready to leave
Yea, let me leave so I can give
you time to work.
      (looking at stacks
       of paper on desk)
Yea I need all the time I can get.
In the court room, there is OMAR, RHONDA and LAMAR sitting
next to thier lawyer. There are people in the audience,
incluidng, KATIE and the NURSE from the hospital. The court
room is very quiet and there is a clerk up front fixing the
typewriter. The BALIFF gets up and stands still.


All rise the honrable Judge Lawson
is now presiding.
Everbody in the court room gets up at the same time. Judge
walks in from the back room and takes a seat.
Hear ye, hear ye, this court is
now in session. Today we have
before us the Alston case. The
question today is wether, the
hospital should be requested to
pay an amount of money for the
maltreatment of a patient, or
wether the hospital shoudldn't be
hold at blame for anything.
The JUDGE looks toward where OMAR and RHONDA is sitting and
looks at the lawyer.
Representing the plantiff in is
case. The lawyers who think the
hospital should pay an amount of
money are Barrister Eleanor Gaye
and Barrister Toya Columbus.
from their seat.
Are you ready?
                       BARRISTER ELEANOR GAYE
Yes your honor.
                       BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS
Yes your honor.
Repersenting the defendant in this
case. The lawyers who will argue
that hospital shouldn't have to
pay are Barrister Bryan Gomes and
Barrister Tony Newkirk.
up form their seat.
Are you ready?


                       BARRISTER BRYAN GOMES
Yes your honor
                       BARRISTER TONY NEWKIRK
Yes your honor.
The plantiff and defendant may now
question the jury pool, each side
may remove those potential juror
found to be baised or one sideded.
All four lawayers gets up and wlak toward the jury, the
scatter around the room and ask some of the juros a
question. Two juror gets up and leaves. The four Lawyers
return to their seat.
Plantiff, you may call your first
BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS gets up and walks toward the judge.
                       BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS
For my first witness I call on
Lamar Henderson.
LAMAR gets up from his seat and walks up to the booth near
the JUDGE, where the BALIFF stand holiding the bible in his
hands. The BALIFF holds the bible and LAMAR lays his hands
on it straight palm down.
Do you swear to tell the whole and
nothing but the truth so help you
I do
                       BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS
Can you please describe what Mrs.
Rhonda's rooms looked like?
When I walked into her room, there
was a bed and a chair in the
corner, where her husband sat. And
there was an oxygen machine near
the bed. The bed, was very
uncomfortable, because I sat on it
and I had to get up. Seeing my
best friend wife in this


                       LAMAR (cont'd)
condition, forced me to tell Omar
to remove her and bring her to the
hospital where I work at.
                       BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS
In your hospital, where you able
to give her the proper care, she
needed without the discrimination?
Yes, we were. As you can see, she
is perfectly fine and healthy.
                       BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS
Thank you, that will be all.
LAMAR gets up from the booth and returns to his seat.
                       BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS
I will now call on my second
witness. Nurse Singer.
NURSE gets up form where she is sitting and walks up to the
booth, where she plcaes her hand up the bible.
Do you swear to tell the whole
truth and nothing but the truth so
help you god?
Yes I do.
                       BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS
On the day of this incident, when
Mr. Omar arrived at the desk, how
did you treat him?
Well at first I ignored him.
                       BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS
What were you doing that was so
important, that you had to ignore
I was working on my crossword


So, that is more important? What
about if he was calling you
because the patient was on the
verge of dying and you ignored
him and the patient died. Would
you carry around that guilt for
the rest fo you life that you had
the chance to save someone but you
didn't? Which caused them to die.
                       BARRISTER BRYAN GOMES
Objection you honor?
Objection over ruled. You may
                       BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS
Thank you your honor but. That
will be all.
Defendant you may call your first
BARRISTER BRYAN GOMES gets up from his seat and reports to
the front of the room.
                       BARRISTER BRYAN GOMES
For my first witness I would like
to call on Doctor Percy.
The doctor gets up from his seat and walks up to the booth
to take a seat.
Do you swear to tell the whole
truth and nothing but the truth?
I do.
                       BARRISTER BRYAN GOMES
Why was Mr. Omar's wife placed in
a room for ivory, when she is
Well not exactly. In our hospital
we go by what the DNA tells us. In
the ambulance during the blood
test and all her DNA came out


                       DOCTOR (cont'd)
Ivory. So we went by that. We
think she had an idedntity change
or something.
                       BARRISTER BRYAN GOMES
Are you sure you didn't make a
Not all, we never make mistakes.
Plus, the diease she has is an
ivory diease.
OMAR looks at RHONDA, who acts as if, nothing was wrong and
takes a drink from her water.
                       BARRISTER BRYAN GOMES
That would be all your honor.
DOCTOR gets up from his seat and retrns to his normal seat.
                       BARRISTER BRYAN GOMES
I would like to call on my next
witness, Mrs Rhonda Alston.
RHONDA gets up from her seat and takes a seat at the booth.
                       BARRISTER BRYAN GOMES
Mrs. Rhonda with all the
accusation put forward about you
today on you being ivory what do
you have to say?
RHONDA wipes the tear off her face.
I would have to say...they
Order in the court.
OMAR looks toward RHONDA and their eyes met.
                       BARRISTER BRYAN GOMES
So you agree with them? Do you
care to explain why?


RHONDA and OMAR keeps looking at each other not taking their
eyes of themselves.
When I was just a baby, my ivory
mother used to work for this
ebony family. The Williams , who
are now call my parents. They
loved my mother to death, bought
me things my mother couldn't
afford, accomodate my mother and
paid my mother good. So when, my
mother died of the same diease I
have now.
RHONDA voice is fading now and going into a flash back of
when she was little. You hear a voice of a female and a male
having a conversation.
There is male and a female both sitting. they are talking
about something. They both have on serious face, but you
can't hear anything but RHONDA's voice.
                       RHONDA (o.s)
when my mother died, the williams
didin't want to put me out on the
street or take me to an orphanage.
only because, before my mother
died, they promised to take care
of me. also they never had kids of
their own, so they said they would
feel bad putting a baby on the
streets and make it go through all
that pain and agony, knowing they
are in need of a child.
A tall male walks in to the room and joins, the people
already sitting down. He joins them in their conversation,
but you can't hear anything but RHONDA's voice.
                       RHONDA (o.s)
      (crying quietly)
So, Mrs. william talked to her
brother about it. Her brother came
up with an idea of me getting an
identity change. He told them he
had a friend who does it, but it
was expensive.


MRS. WILLIAMS is in the office with a scientist in a white
lab coat, with ROHNDA as a baby in her arm.
                       RHONDA (o.s)
Mrs. williams went in to see the
Scientist, he explained to her the
process of how it works, she
agreed to do it. It was done and
Mrs. william adpopted me and filed
for me to be her daughter. I
always went back every 3 months to
go get the shots to maintain my
color. When I turned 18 and moved
out on my own. Mrs. Williams told
me about the whole process, and
how it would be my responsibility
to go for the shots now.
OMAR drops his head on the table and starts crying, RHONDA
starts crying too.
                       BARRISTER BRYAN GOMES
Do you know changigng your
identity is a crime?
Yes, I do but it wasn't my choice
to have my identity change. I
didn't have a choice.
                       BARRISTER BRYAN GOMES
That will be all your honor.
RHONDA gets up from her seat, her eyes and OMAR met and she
goes to sit next to him. RHONDA is crying hysterically.
As you can see the way the trial
drifted, now we have two cases in
our hands. I don't think, the
Alston's would be able to sue the
hospital after the great they have
crime as commited. So as of this
moment, this court is on recess.
When we return we will, start over
with the case of Mrs. Rhonda
Alston, Mrs. Rhonda you don't get
time for a new lawyer or time to


                       JUDGE (cont'd)
prepare, because you are ivory.
This is a serious matter, what she
did is illegal and a crime. Plus
you were involoved in an
interracial marriage. Which is
also a crime.
The judge hits the gavel on the table and gets up to leave.
Everyone else gets up to leave. There are people talking
while they walk out. OMAR holds RHONDA tight and they both
walk out together with LAMAR behind them. BARRISTER TOYA
COLUMBUS walks upto OMAR and RHONDA.
                       BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS
This case is very critical. How
come you didn't tell us about
this? You committed a crime and
you just might not win, because of
what you did. But we will try our
possible best to win it for you.
BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS turns around and walks over to
I know you are angry at me, but I
don't blame you. It is all my
I'm not angry at you. I'm just
wondering why you didn't tell me.
So I wouldn't have sued them.
Well I tried and everytime I try
to tell you something else always
pops up. I know it against the law
for an Ivory and Ebony to be
married. I'm going to miss you. I
wanted to stick to my vows. I
wanted to be with you till death
do us apart. I'm very sorry.
Don't worry we will fight this and
we will be together till death do
us apart. Where there is a way,
there is a will.


OMAR gets up and walks up to where LAMAR is seating with his
head in his palm. OMAR touches LAMAR on his back and takes a
seat next to LAMAR. LAMAR looks up to OMAR.
So what are we going to do?
I know what I'm going to do. I'll
tell them the truth. I don't think
I can live without Rhonda.
Are you serious? man love really
is blind. I don't think I'm ready
top commit to it.
They both get up and they give each other a tight hug.
      (still hugging)
I'm going to miss you man.
Everyone is back in the courtroom, OMAR is sitting in the
                       BARRISTER TONY NEWKIRK
Did you know about, your wife
being ivory?
No I didn't.
                       BARRISTER TONY NEWKIRK
So your marriage was based on
You can say that, because she
didn't know I was ivory too, I
changed my identity. My real name
is Walter Nelson. I changed my I
dentity now, its been over 6 years
and I feel it was worth it,
because I met the best and
important people in my life.
People is talking in the audience and jury. LAMAR drops his
head on the table and RHONDA smiles and looks deep into OMAR


                       BARRISTER TONY NEWKIRK
Is the truth or are you just
saying this so you and wife won't
have to through the pain alone?
No its the real truth, you can
take my DNA if you want to.
                       BARRISTER TONY NEWKIRK
That will be all your honor.
Wow, I don't think I can handle
all this, this trial will be
postponed until tomorrow and until
then both Rhonda and Omar should
be held in custody and I want the
jury to start thinking abou their
decision, because we will picking
up from where we started today.
They case has been switched from
the law suit it's now commited
The two police that was standing near ther door the whole
time. went up to RHONDA and OMAR. The cops put the hand cuff
on OMAR and RHONDA, and leads them out the door. Everyone
gets up to exit the room. LAMAR stop to look at OMAR and
starts crying. The cop the has RHONDA went through the side
door and OMAR went through the main eixt.
There are people surrounding the building, there is press
every where trying to talk to OMAR and RHONDA and two cop
cars on the street. People are talkng but you can't hear
them. OMAR is already in the cop car when RHONDA came out
with the cop on her arm, the press rushes at RHONDA trying
to talk to her. But the police rushes her away from them.
The car OMAR is in pulls away.
OMAR and RHONDA are sitting next to each other, still
handcuffed. The JUDGE is sitting in her chair. BARRISTER
TOYA COLUMBUS gets up from her seat and walks toward the


                       BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS
As we have all heard here all
through out this case is that Mrs.
Rhonda Alston had no choice. She
didn't have an option. It wasn't
up to her to decide wether she
wanted to change or not. so why
hold it against her. Omar, he
only did it because life was hard
for him as an ivory, and just
remeber, he would never had been
in the position if he didn't
confess. He confessed all by
himself. So please think about
that when you make your decision.
BARRISTER TOYA COLUMBUS walks back to her seat and takes a
seat. BARRISTER TONY NEWKIRK gets up and walks up to the
                       BARRISTER TONY NEWKIRK
I want you to look at this case
like this, OMAR trys to run away
from his problem. I mean remeber
our forefathers didn't get a
chance do that, they went through
that discrimination their whole
life. Not that they deserved it,
and now someone trys to run away
from his problem. You can't always
run away from your problem. Think
about it with your heart. Karma!
What goes around comes around.
They did it to us, now its our
turn to do it them. We stood to
take the pain, we were man enough
not to run away from our problem.
For Mrs. rhonda, we know its not
her fault but when she was giving
the chance to change back, she
should have changed back. That was
her responsibilty, she was given a
priveledge and she misused it.
Thank you
BARRISTER TONY NEWKIRK walks back to his seat.
It is now time for the jury to
retire and consider their verdict.
The jury gets up from their seat and exits through the back


We have to come to a verdict. As
for Mrs. Rhonda Alston, because
the decision wasn't up to her and
didn't she take part in the
process we find her not guilty.
RHONDA drops her head and OMAR turns to her and gives her a
hug, OMAR lets go, then holds her hand.
As for Mr. Omar Alston, who tried
to run away from his problem,
which we know will always come
back to hunt you and also comitted
a big crime. We have come to a
conclusion to find him guilty.
OMAR hugs RHONDA while she crys hystrerically and LAMAR
just drops his head in his hand. The camera focuses on the
tear drop on OMAR's face.
I haves come to a conclusion, for
Mrs.Rhonda to be free, let her go
because it wasn't her fault. For
you Mr. Omar you comitted a crime
that is big and unforgivable which
also has an automatic punishement.
You are sentenced to death, this
is to teach anyone lessons, that
trys to this.
The cop, comes up RHONDA and takes off her handcuff. she ran
up to OMAR and kisses him and hugs him while crying.
No, no, I won't let this happen.
You won't die alone I promise you
LAMAR has to forcefully remove RHONDA from OMAR. OMAR is
handcuffed and taking away while, RHONDA collaspses in
LAMARS hand.
OMAR is led down the hall with two cops beside him. They


enter a room and lay OMAR on a bed and strap his leg and
arm. While a the doctor in the lab coat prepares an
RHONDA looks in the mirror, then opens one of the drawers
and pulls out a gun and holds it in the middle of her palm.
The doctor goes up to OMAR and injects the liqid into OMAR's
body, OMAR body jerks for a couple of minute, till he
finally stop moving..
RHONDA puts the gun in her mouth and holds the trigger. She
hesitate to pull but ends up pulling it. You hear the gun
sound and blood splats on the mirror.
LAMAR and KATIE are together, LAMAR gives KATIE a hug. KATIE
drags her bag and starts walking towards the terminal with
LAMAR left behind.


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