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Under the Rainbow (TV pilot)
by A.R. Simmons (ablonderobin@att.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ***
Comedy about a small town girl, set in the south dealing with relationships, sexuality, race, family, and friends. Character driven and a tried humorous outlook about adult serious subject matter and bisexuality lifestyles.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Two 13-year-old girls are having a sleep over. JODY is a
short blonde cute girl with a bit of stockiness to her and
SALLY her friend is dark headed and much prettier than a 13
year old girl should be. They are both dressed up like the
characters: Sandy and Danny from the movie “GREASE”. JODY”S
younger sister JACKIE is 10 years old, she is trying to join
in with the older girls but they won’t let her play with
them. JACKIE has a black KEN doll that she never puts down.
The room is a modest 13 year old girls bedroom but instead
of posters of the male 1980 studs that most girls have on
their walls, there are only pictures of girls. A poster of
the rock band Heart is centered above Jody's bed like an
icon. There are no doll houses or typical girl toys it's
design is more of that of a tom-boy. JODY puts her “GREASE”
album on the record player. (FREEZE FRAME)
                       JODY (VO)
      (southern accent)
My name is Jody Parnell and yes
that’s me dressed up like Danny
Zucko from GREASE. My partner in
crime and my best friend SALLY
SHEFFIELD is the one dressed like
Sandy. The little one is my sister
JACKIE; she had an obsession with
ethnic dolls when we were kids,
who knew? This was me and SAL’S
regular routine every Saturday
night. We’d dress up like the
characters from the movie GREASE,
put on our album and sing and
dance the night away. Isn’t life
simple when you’re a kid?
SALLY, you ready? JACKIE, get out
of here!
Pushing her gently towards the door, JACKIE just ignores her
big sister.
I’ll be SANDY and you be DANNY.


Both girls take the stance of the characters from the movie;
SALLY is standing on box to make her a little taller. The
girls begin to move and sing with the album.
“I got chills they’re
“Feel your way…”
JODY throws herself on the ground, mimicking the scene in
the movie.
                       JODY (& SALLY)
      (Facing each other)
“You’re the one that I want, oooh
hoo hoo honey….”
JODY and SALLY are both singing and dancing while JACKIE is
dancing around with her KEN doll. LILLIE is a 30 something,
pretty brown haired woman with kind eyes.
You girls need to get to bed.
JACKIE what are you doing still
JACKIE stomps out of the room.
Thirty minutes girls.

Okay Mom.
Yes Mrs. Parnell.
JODY turns off the record player and the girls grab their
stuffed animals and start pelting each other with them. They
grab pillows, clothes and whatever they can find. When they


run out of things to throw at each other they fall to the
bed laughing.
Jacob from History class has a
crush on you.
So what? He’s a goober.
He told Heather he wanted to kiss
you on the lips. Are you gonna let
      (Totally disgusted)
No way, are you gross?
You should let him; you’ve never
kissed a boy.
Well neither have you.
Yea but I would.
You would you kiss Jacob?
Sure why not?
Would you let him stick his tongue
in your mouth?
I don’t know... maybe.
How would you do it? I mean French


It’s easy, I’ve seen my parents do
it, and they do it on TV all the
time. It can’t be that hard.
In the living room LILLIE and JOHN, JODY’S parents are
sitting on the couch watching television.
      (looks down the
I wonder what’s going on down
there. They sure are quiet.
She rises to investigate and begins to walk down the hall
toward the girl’s bedroom.
The two girls are sitting crossed legged on the floor with
their eyes closed and their lips puckered a little too
tightly. Their lips are touching and they are attempting to
kiss each other. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, and
it is opening ever so slightly. The two girls make a mad
dash for the bed, pulling the covers over them, before
LILLIE can get in the door.
Good night girls….
LILLIE turns off the light and gently closes the door.
JODY, don’t tell anybody okay?
I won’t if you won’t.
It’s a deal. Goodnight.


Night Sal.
A young woman (adult JODY) in a wedding dress is in a
ballroom, slowly walking toward someone. There is darkness
all around and there is smoke coming up from the ground and
mystic music is playing from a distance. She is searching
thru the fog, focused looking for someone. There are only
men in the room with her, they are all dressed in formal
attire and look at her curiously as she almost floats by
them. She is continuously looking as though she sees
something in the distance but she can’t seem to reach it.
The men start to circle around her, pulling gently at her
arms, at her dress; she continues to float toward a distant
figure that is unrecognizable. Suddenly one of the men
behind her grab her shoulders and she is shaken furiously
and then…
CLOSE UP: A pair of blue eyes open wide suddenly.
GEORGE late 20’s-30’s is standing over JODY (now an adult)in
a nasty and stained T-shirt and sweats. He is unshaven and
has a bit of a beer belly but is cute in a skuzzy sort of
way. JODY has her crazy blond hair in a ponytail at the very
top of her head and it is flying everywhere. She still has
on half the make-up from the day before.
      (Shaking JODY to
       wake her)
Honey. Honey… HONEY!
      (thick southern
We’re out of Fruit loops. Honey...
wake up.



      (Rolling away,
       hiding her face
       under a pillow)
Oh my God… Go away.
Honey. I can’t go away, were out
of fruit loops.
Fine, I’ll get up.
Thanks honey.
JODY rises sitting on the side of the bed. She is wearing a
pair of GEORGE’S boxers and a wrinkled T-shirt. She sits
there for a moment with a look of disgust on her face.
Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she takes a deep breath
letting it out slowly. GEORGE makes his way to the bathroom
and we can hear him peeing.
Somebody shoot me!
                       JODY (VO)
I guess this is when it all
started. The beginning of the end.
My mother always use to tell us
kids: “If it don’t fit, don’t
force it”, If it ain’t broke,
don’t fix it”. These are words I
live by. These are words that are
the essence of my being, and I was
beginning to think that my
relationship with GEORGE didn’t
fit and definitely was broken.
Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a bad
guy… he just... wasn’t the one. I
needed a life change if you know
what I mean. I knew I had to do
something! Something drastic.
JODY and GEORGE are sitting at the dinner table picking at
the food that is already sitting on the table. LILLIE
looking a little bit older is bringing stuff in from the
kitchen and putting it on the table. The house is a typical


middle class home surrounding everything in it with comfort.
Picture's of the family at various stages are scattered
throughout and the furnishing are soft and easy. There is
nothing formal about this home, it's been lived in and you
can tell it's the kind of place you want to be on Christmas

What are you cooking Mom?

GEORGE'S favorite, chicken and
JODY rolls her eyes as GEORGE soaks up the attention. LILIE
is coming in and out as she brings things to and from the
kitchen. JODY looks carefully at the food on the table and
then yells at her mom when she is in the kitchen.
Did you put corn it?
                       JODY (VO)
Mother put corn in everything.
      (fake smile)
You're not funny JODY.
Yea JODY, you're not funny.
Shutup George.
Guess who's coming to dinner?
Jackie and her new boyfriend.


Who is he?
I don't know but it sounds
LILLIE and JODY give each other a look, like this was
something secret.
Where's Dad?
This is his Bowling night dear.
Mmmmm.. This sure smells good Mrs.
JODY gives GEORGE a look to let him know his shmoozing is
obvious. LILLIE smiles at GEORGE and exits back toward the
JACKIE is kinda wild looking with different colors in her
hair. GREG is a young good-looking black guy. They both are
dressed similar.
GEORGE'S mouth drops open just a bit but he shuts it before
anyone notices. Both JODY and GEORGE stand to shake GREG'S
It’s nice to meet ya.
It's nice to meet you too.
They all stand there shaking hands and for a moment there is
an uncomfortable silence. JODY and JACKIE exchange a glance.
JACKIE, can I talk to you a


GREG has a look on his face as if he knows what is going on.
GEORGE tries to spark up a conversation as JODY pulls JACKIE
into another room.
      (looking toward
He's really cute JACKIE. (Long
pause) You know, mom is going to
You think so? Because he's black.
What happened to all that stuff
about just wanting us to be happy?
      (Very serious)
You beleived her? Do you remember
when she told us that having sex
caused excessive nose hair? She
does'nt want us to be happy. Come
Well we'll just see about that
won't we?
JACKIE exits toward the dining room, JODY follows behind
her. As the girls enter into the dining area, LILLIE is
entering from the kitchen. She looks directly at GREG then
to JACKIE. A bit stunned she puts on an obvious fake smile.
Hi honey, I didn’t even hear you
come in.
Hi mom, how ya doin? This is GREG.
LILLIE puts down the dish of chicken she is holding and
shakes GREG’S hand almost reluctantly. GREG looks
uncomfortable, he looks to JACKIE feeling more sorry for her
than himself.
It’s nice to meet you GREG. I hope
you like chicken.


LILLIE exits rapidly back to the kitchen. JACKIE looks at
JODY and heaves a deep breath. She follows her mom into the
kitchen. JODY sits next to GEORGE and tries to make small
talk with GREG who is obviously uncomfortable.
Mom, what’s wrong with you?
JACKIE, I don’t know what you’re
talking about it.
I think you do. You took one look
at GREG and put on that fake smile
you use when you have to give
someone money.
JACKIE you’re being ridiculous.
You’re making something out of
nothing and I don’t think I like
your tone of voice young lady!
Well I don’t like your tone of
LILLIE looks stunned and shocked ath the accusation.
How dare you! I am NOT a racist!
Just because I think it’s better
when people stay within their own
race, does not make me a racist
and I'll bet you a 100 dollars to
1 that his mother thinks the same
way as I do! (Pause) I am sure he
is a very nice boy but…
But he’s black and that bothers
you. Well mom, that's just too bad
for you is'nt it?


Come on GREG, were leaving. I’ll
see you later JODY.
JACKIE and GREG exit the house and we hear the sound of
tires squealing as they speed off into the night. LILLIE
enters the dining area where GEORGE and JODY are sitting at
the table. Everyone looks a bit awkward except GEORGE who is
helping himself to the food that is sitting on the table. He
is oblivious to what has just transpired.
      (lips pursed)
It looks like your sister won't be
staying for dinner.
Just leaves more for me.
He scoops an extra spoonful of potatoes’ onto his plate.
LILLIE and JODY look at him amazed at his total unawareness.
      (Mouth full)
                       JODY (VO)
My mom never knew what hit her.
Life as she knew it was about to
change. I kinda felt sorry for her
in a way because little did she
know...that JACKIE was'nt the only
one with a skeleton in the closet.
Jody and Sally are sitting on a park bench eating
sandwiches. Sally is a dark headed beauty who catches the
eyes of every man who passes by. There are joggers and


bikers who can't help but look at her sometimes even passing
by again to get another look.
And then George said, "Just leaves
more for me."
Jody and Sally both laugh at the attempt of Jody trying to
imitate George.
At least Jackie knows who she
Have you decided what you are
going to do?
I want some adventure in my life.
It's like something is missing.
He does love you JO...
Yea I know but the problem is... I
don't know if I love him...
Anyway, what about you? Who's the
new one this week?
I did meet this really beautiful
man at the Grocery Store the other
day. He was in the produce
section, looking at melons. He
asked me how you could tell when a
melon was ripe?
What did you say?
I said how should I know... I
never eat anything bigger than my
head. Then he asked me to dinner.
So are you going?


I don't know, I don't know if I
want to get involved with anyone
right now.
It's just a date Sal.
I know but every time I go on a
date with some guy... he wants to
get all serious...
Well dating is considered at times
to be a precurser to a
relationship Sal.
A male jogger makes his way past the girls, staring at SALLY
he trips over his own feet, falling to the ground. Standing
he tries to recover smiling at SALLY he dusts himself off
and starts towards her. JODY gives him a look that makes him
swallow hard and he decides better of it and jogs off.
      (bright eyed)
Ooooh, that was a cool drink of
It's Tall drink of water... just
what you need is another man.
I like a variety, what's wrong
with that. Besides, men have been
doing it for years. It's finally
our turn to play catch... or
The field...
Yea the field. You know what I


JODY is sitting in the front row of a small college
classroom. There are about twenty students seated talking
with each other, looking over their textbooks, etc. On the
chalkboard the words HUMAN SEXUALITY 101 are written at the
LAURA is a good-looking sort of sporty butch, 30-year-old
College Professor. She has short dark hair and she carries
herself with confidence. She enters smiling at the class.
She is carrying a book bag. As she pulls a stack full of
papers and a textbook from her bag she faces the class.
Hi, I am your Instructor for Human
Sexuality 101. My name is Laura
Black but feel free to call me
Laura. I am not one for formality
or conformity so if you have any
objections you can leave your
complaints in my complaint box.
LAURA picks up the trashcan and shows it to the class, they
begin to laugh. LAURA hands the stack of papers she brought
in to the first person in every row. The students take one
and pass the rest back.
This is your syllabus and your
list of required reading. I give a
test every Friday and I have a
sign in sheet for students who
wish to participate in extra
credit work. First thing I want to
address is the de-sensitizing of
your mental blocks talking frankly
and honestly about sexual
behaviors. So I want everyone to
say loudly and boldly SEX!
Mostly the guys say SEX loudly, and the girls giggle a lot.
JODY is smiling and saying the word as frankly as she can
without turning red.
Okay, good. Again.. SEX!
The class again says the word with a little less laughing
and embarrassment. This continues a few more times.


In this class we are going to talk
about sex. Straight sex, gay sex,
deviant sex or rather what
“Society” calls deviant. Gender
identity and how that relates to
sex. How sex affects our
relationships, etc etc.. Sexual
behavior is one of the most
coveted activities of our time. We
don’t talk about sex in passing
conversation or pull it like the
topic of politics or religion at
cocktail parties. Why is that?
                       STUDENT #1
Because of the stigma that sex is
a bad thing?
Yes that is part of it, but sex is
an intimate and private matter
between two (pause) or more people
(the class giggles) most of the
time, and sharing that information
with others is considered to be
inappropriate, unless of course
you are a hormonal 15-year-old boy
who is trying to impress his
friends. For most it is a “Don’t
ask, don’t tell” kind of
mentality. (LAURA smiles). Your
first assignment is to write 2000
words on a type of sexual behavior
like the ones we just discussed
and what that means to you. Be
honest. Don’t be afraid to write
what you really think. There is no
right or wrong.
CLOSE UP: JODY looks as though someone has just cut off the
circulation to her brain.
JODY is driving in her Honda, she doesn’t look much
different then she did when she woke up. She’s jamming out
to a song on the radio “I’m coming out” by Donna Summer. She
pulls into the driveway of her rented duplex she shares with
GEORGE and cuts her engine. She sits there for a moment
looking at the unmowed lawn contemplating on how she got
here. She grabs her book bag, takes a deep breath.


JODY exits the car and walks toward the front door.
GEORGE is lounging in a lazy boy watching some sport event
on TV. JODY enters.
Hey hon, how was class?
JODY looks through the stack of bills sitting on the table
by the front door.
It was very interesting. I think
I'm gonna learn alot. I really
like the Instructor. (More to
herself) She seems different.
      (not really
That’s good honey. OH SHIT!
Come on, Clippin! Ref are ya
Hey hon, you working tonight?
      (glued to the TV)
Yea I got the graveyard shift this
      (suspicious tone)
I thought I might go out with Sal
      (focused on the
That's good honey.
JODY goes to the kitchen to call SALLY. She picks up the
phone and dials her number.
Hey Sal, what's up?


Jody and Sally's voices are almost monotone like they are
speaking in code and each of them know what the other is
saying without saying it. It's all very suspicious.
Not much, how did your first day
That’s what I was calling about.
One of my teachers gave us an
essay assignment on... sexual
behavior. I thought I might do
some research.
Anything I can do to help?
Well I thought we might go to that
Gay bar downtown tonight and check
things out, ya know just for
JODY looks through the kitchen door curiously into the
living room where GEORGE is sitting still glued to the TV.
Sure, I'm game.
      (almost whispering)
Pick you up around ninish.
Sounds good. bye.
JODY hangs up the phone and bites her bottom lip, looking
around suspiciously wondering if she was overheard.
                       JODY (VO)
Okay so he’s not the sharpest tool
in the shed, but for some reason I
had a sense of guilt lingering
over me. I guess because I knew
what was about to happen and he
didn’t have a clue.


JODY and SALLY both enter the bar. They both look like they
have just entered the Twilight Zone. Both looking a little
nervous. They approach the bouncer, a very big dyke, who is
checking ID.
      (To Sally)
Can I see your ID?

Oh sure. Silly ole’ me I can never
find anything in this bottomless
Digging furiously in her purse she finally comes out with it
and hands it to the bouncer.
      (Hands her ID to
       the bouncer)
You’ll have to excuse my friend
she doesn’t get out much.
      (Rolling her eyes)
JODY and SALLY walk up to the bar. JODY seems to be bit more
Oh my God! Do I need a drink!
Let me handle this one.
I don't know why I am so nervous.
I never feel this way around men.
      (Toward the
Two gold margarita's please.
Thespians make me nervous.


No more fiddler on the roof for
you then.
You're just nervous because you
don't know how to lead LESBIANS
around by the nose... yet.
Cute. Why is it you're not
nervous? What makes you such an
I'm just doing research for my
paper. It's for class. I'm not an
What are we suppose to be
researching exactly?
The dynamics of gay relationships.
Body language, flirting, sexual
behavior... you know that sort of
Just observe?
Yea... just observe.
PAN: JODY and SALLY begin to look around the crowded bar.
There are several gay couples dancing. Sitting across the
bar is an attractive lesbian couple kissing, looking
longingly into each other eyes; they are oblivious to the
outside world. Suddenly, just to the right of the couple, a
young cute butch girl is staring directly at JODY. She is
smiling and flirting with her eyes. The girl has a charisma
about her that is unmistakable. The music “That’s how I know
that you are mine” by SmashMouth begins to play and the
people around the girl seem to dissipate and the image of
the girl seems to get closer and closer. JODY’S eyes become
as big as saucers and it’s as if she is in a trance. The
girl is almost gliding toward her but JODY can’t seem to


take her eyes off of her. Suddenly the music stops and JODY
looks away quickly almost spilling her drink.
What's wrong with you?
That girl. She's staring at me.
I thought that was why we were
here, to flirt? You would think
she was going to come over here
and pee on you.
Sally smiles and waves to the girl across the bar.
Look who's talking, you almost had
a seizure when that bouncer asked
you for your ID!
Shut up. She's coming over here.
Hi, how are you ladies?
Fine and how are you?
      (Toward Jody)
Better now... Would you like to
      (Swallows hard)
I'm really not a dancer... to
speak of, but she will. (Pushes
Sally in front of her).
Okay, sure. Why not?
SALLY and RONNIE go off toward the dance floor. JODY
finishes her almost full margarita, and orders another. JODY
observes the women around her. There are all types of
lesbians around the bar, feminine, butch, sporty, dykes.
SALLY and the girl return from the dance floor.


Jody, this is Ronnie. She's a vet
Nice to meet you.
Can I buy you girls a shot?
Sure, thanks.
Jody gives Sally a look that says. "What the hell are you
      (Toward bartender)
Can we get three screaming
Ronnie looks at Jody and winks.
So Jody what do you do?
I'm a student... a waitress...
You're a student waitress?
I'm a student and a waitress.
Yea, Jody is doing this paper for
class about sexual behavior,
that's why were here to
(Grasping Sally by the arm) Ronnie
will you excuse us for a minute,
little girls room, ya know.
Oh, I don't need to go.


Yes you do..
Jody pulls Sally toward the bathroom. RONNIE smiles and
waves as the two girls make their way through the crowd to
the restroom. SALLY is waving back.
JODY and SALLY enter the restroom. SALLY goes into a stall.
What the hell are you doing?
No, I mean out there with that
girl? What happened to that
Nervous around lesbians syndrome?
      (exit stall)
I got over it. Lesbians are people
Keen observation Sal.
You were fine when we got here and
then all of a sudden you start
acting like you've had too many
espresso's... I've seen you high
on espresso and let me tell you,
it ain't pretty...
I'm just saying... it would be
unfair to give that girl the wrong
idea, if you know what I mean?
Relax Jody. Take a pill. Have some
JODY and SALLY exit the bathroom and go back to the place at
the bar where RONNIE is seated.


Everything all right?
Everything is fine.
Who's ready for another one of
those orgasmos?
SALLY flags the bartender. RONNIE looks at JODY with
curiosity. JODY smiles and looks away.
JODY is sleeping. Her eyes are shut tightly and she has a
contented smile on her face as if she is dreaming of
something sweet. She rolls over to her left and slowly opens
her eyes. Much to her surprise there are a pair of
unfamiliar closed eyes facing hers.
Oh shit, oh shit Oh SHIT!!!!
RONNIE darts straight up in the bed, thinking the apartment
is on fire.
What? What is it? Are you all
Oh my God! What time is it?
                       RONNIE (DAZED)
      (Looks at her
It's 6:05am. Are you late for work
or something?
Or something. I gotta go!
JODY looks under the covers to discover she has no pants on.
Still in her T-shirt and underwear, she grabs the sheet to
cover herself. She jumps out of the bed and feverishly
begins to look for her pants.


My pants. Do you know where they
RONNIE picks her pants up off the floor on her side of the
bed and hands them to JODY who is still gathering her shoes
and socks. JODY pulls her pants on and looks to RONNIE with
Listen I don't remember alot about
last night after the fifth
Realizing what she just said... she stands their not knowing
what to say next. Ronnie smiles that sexy smile.
I mean drink... did Sally make it
home? Where's my car?
      (Calm and cool)
You're car is here. We dropped
Sally off at home. You passed out
so I brought you back here.
Oh my God... Keys?
Are you okay?
Ronnie hands Jody her keys from the bedside table.
Yea, I just really gotta go...
Sorry for.. thanks for... well
Jody runs out of the apartment before Ronnie has a chance to
say anything else. The sound of her car door slams and the
squeel of her tires as she tears down the road.
RONNIE waves to the already absent JODY. Sitting up in the
bed she is looking through the door that was left open.
Shaking her head and smiling, she lets her body fall back
onto the bed.


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From Glenn Date 3/31/2005 **
Good chracter developemnt. I like what you are doing with the chracters, even know Lesbian tv shows are really not that popular. One merely just has to look at the L word and see how bad there ratings are. It isnt something i would watch, as i find shows which try and force homoesexuality issues or people annoying.

From Michael Kelly Date 3/29/2005 **1/2
It was good, funny moments. i liked it, if the theme's not a bit over-utilized already you sort of lose a bit in the fresh category. Still, if I read more I'm sure It'd grow on me cause it was funny.

From Nicole S. Porter Date 3/28/2005 ***1/2
I could totally see and hear all of this taking place. Dialogue and actions are believable. Best of all, my interest is aroused. Watching this pilot would make me want to watch the show and see how it all unfolds. Excellent work.

From Taylor Date 3/22/2005 ****
Haha, this is AWESOME!!!!! It sounds like Mean Girls, only a TV version... This is like, the best thing since 7th Heaven! Seriously, you gotta get this made...

From Candy Smith Date 3/22/2005 ***1/2
Great Job. I'm interested to see where this goes. I guess that's the idea of a pilot right? Keep it up!!

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