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Isabella MayDay (REVISED)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***1/2
(REVISED) The trials and tribulations of love, the hopes and fears of commitment and the cultural divide between Americans and Europeans are portrayed in parallel and intertwining plots between the love life of an American divorcee and the sentencing of the God of Love, Cupid, for crimes against humanity. This touching and riveting movie puts love on trial when Cupid is judged by Semi-Gods who are looking for justice of humanity and Cupid who is fighting the innocence of his arrows. Is Cupid guilty of crimes against humanity? Does Cupids arrow cause temporarily illusions of happiness and love or is his arrow the supplier of essential passion and romance? The answers arise in the love life of Isabella, an American divorce who woke up one day and decides her mundane life and love-less marriage must change. Isabella escapes to Greece to find happiness and love but experiences the ultimate of culture shock and the despair in love when she falls in love with a Greek perpetual bachelor.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A road without a horizon. A road with different levels that
prevail with anonymous expressible faces, forgotten voices,
building that are looking for companionship with the clouds,
and that are taking prisoner the sun rays. The noises of the
city and from the pavement face hundreds of steps that are
walking to express the repetition of everyday sterile life.
The noise and the steps of the city fade away. In a
surrounding of blur, we see the walking legs of ISABELLA and
hear only the footsteps of her.
The blur surrounding ISABELLA fades into a New York City
street with no life and no noise. You hear the sounds of her
footsteps. She continues to walk as ISABELLA is slowly shown
from toe to head. ISABELLA is a mature beautiful woman who
has a blank look of the moment. Her foot steps stop in front
of a bridal shop window which is flowing with white dresses
on manikins of wedding futures. The silence fades into
dramatic music and the screen blurs into a flash back of an
eighteen year old young bride in a veil walking down the
aisle with a bouquet of gardenias. The surroundings are
blurred and barely visible but you can see that there are
people there that are celebrating. The camera focuses in on
the bouquet gardenias in her hand. Her delicate hand with
her wedding ring picks a gardenia from the middle of the
The bouquet is shown flying through the air landing in a
crowd of wedding guest girls dressed in elegant wedding
attire. The camera expands to show a beautiful garden
setting on a bright sunny day with white chairs and flowing
bows attached to the chairs. In the garden wedding guests
are dressed in elegant wedding attire walking, laughing,
talking and mingling with drinks in their hand. In a
distance a small golden cage is shown with a small bird
inside chirping.


It is a sunny day in May. One single wilted gardenia is in a
vase next to a closed window with the dust of the time that
has been past. Dressed in a robe with no shoes on, ISABELLA
is packing two suitcases which are on the bed. She opens a
drawer filled with memorabilia of her married life. Quickly
she flips through the items and scoops them into her hands
to deliver to the suitcase. The camera focuses back to the
window with the gardenia. A gust of wind blows the window
open, the curtains start to flutter and the papers in
ISABELLA hands become unsettled as she passes the window.
Two pictures fall to the floor. One picture is facing up and
the other is facing down. The camera focuses immediately on
the one picture lying on the floor facing up and then
focuses to a date on the picture of July 21, 1990 shown. It
is a picture of ISABELLA holding her seven month old
daughter, JESSICA with her husband, JOHN by her side
carrying her five year son, CHRISTOPHER. The face of
ISABELLA is depressed but her husband JOHN faces shows
tremendous happiness and pride. ISABELLA picks up the
photograph. She places the first picture of the family in
the suitcase with her other papers. She glances at the
second picture which is of her wedding day to JOHN. She
removes her ring and rolls the picture up inserting it
through the ring. ISABELLA places the ring wrapped around
the picture in the drawer of where she had the papers and
slams the drawer. Gusts of wind are blowing through the open

As she returns from placing the ring in the drawer she
glances into a standing mirror and sees the reflection of
Johns face standing in the doorway watching her. JOHN is
pale and lifeless. His eyes are red as if he has been
      (moving towards
So you are really leaving.
I do not consider this leaving...I
was not really here.
Then where were you the last
sixteen years?
Not really here...I mean, not in
my mind anyway.


And the house, the children, the
job? Was that not in your mind as
For the children’s sake, you
promised to keep this civil. You
promised to divorce me without
getting feelings involved just
like I have lived for the past
sixteen years without feelings.
And after all these years, you
tell me you have no feelings? You
just woke up one morning and
discovered this.
I learned to live all these years
in a glass house with no air. I
was only taking a few moments to
glance at the couples passing by
full of joy and happiness but this
became a non-realistic site. I
never brought my feelings into my
heart. I just lived at the moment
until today when I decided I
wanted my heart to lvie like those
couples...I wanted my site to be
seeing reality.
But you are destroying everything.
You are breaking apart a family.
Think of the children.
We agreed to keep this civil and
not discuss this anymore! As far
as the children, we have discussed
this numerous times. School is
almost at the end and I will wait
until the end of term for the
children to come. I have packed
what they do not need now. And in
answer to your question, they were
always in my mind. They helped me
to live and I will miss the breath
of fresh air they give me but I
know I must settle first before
they come.


I can make it your dreams a
reality. Just give me a chance.
You had your chances to keep me
but you ignored the signs…you did
not listen to my cries of
heartache… you did not notice my
unhappiness or my longing for my
heart to be fulfilled…my longing
to feel like a women…..not just a
mother or businesswomen. You had
many chances and today as I pack
my bags you ask me for the first
time if I am leaving. You did not
see in my eyes that I left you a
long time ago
ISABELLA slams down her suitcases and takes the down from
the bed.JOHN tries to help her but she just pushes him out
of the way. The camera focuses back to the open window and
then to the floor where the gardenia comes crashing to the
floor breaking apart.
Many suitcases are on the belt coming one after another.
ISABELLA’s suitcases appear disappearing into the back room
with the other suitcases.
The airplane lights are on and the airplane starts its
A golden cage with gold, purple and blue colors. Inside
there is a beautiful small bird trapped in the cage.
The plane backs up from the gate and starts heading down the
runway starting is ascent.


The golden cage with the small bird inside opens up and the
bird fly’s to freedom.
The plane is flying in the air. Through the window you have
a glance of a very puzzled ISABELLA in first class with a
glass of champagne in her hand.
The bird is flying over the temple as the sun is rising
The sun is beaming through the window of the airplane onto
ISABELLA's very drawn and tired face. She turns and looks
out the window at the sun.
The bird is gliding over the temple of Afea. It is a clear
and beautiful sunny day.
The plane lands on the runway.
The bird lands on an olive tree on Mount Olympus.
Anxiously awaiting at the Arrivals area is Isabella's
mother- Maria. She shows her disapproval and unhappiness
about the divorce and is discussing it with a lady stranger
who is also awaiting her daughter. Nearby are men playing
with their worry beads.
      (with her hands
       flying all around)
I do not understand. I thought she
was happy. She never mentioned to


                       MARIA (cont'd)
me. She came with the whole family
here many times and I just did not
see her unhappy.I do not know how
she will deal with the culture
shock. She has lived in the United
States all her life. She is half
Greek in blood but American in
                       LADY STRANGER
But you must not dwell on the
past. She needs you now. As the
saying goes "As long as you have
the blessing of your parents it
does not matter even if you live
in the mountains" Pray for her.
The Lady Stranger reaches in her bag and pulls out a small
icon. She hands the icon to MARIA. With an appreciative look
-- mother to mother-- she kisses the icon and says a prayer
for her daughters happiness.
                       LADY STRANGER
      (Removing a
       picture from her
This is my son. I have lost him. I
wish that he was around to
comfort. I wish that he was coming
Just then MARIA looks up and sees her daughter, ISABELLA,
exiting the baggage area walking towards her. ISABELLA sees
her mother and stops to see the look on her face. She sees
the driver, Mohammad, behind her but glances back at her sad
mothers face. ISABELLA drops her bags and runs to her mother
giving her a hug of desperation. Mohammad picks up the bags
and the three walk out of the airport.
MODAMMAD is driving the car as MARIA and ISABELLA are having
a sensitive discussion in the back.
..and I was not happy with your
father but I did not divorce. If
he did not die, we would be
married today. It is a shame in a
Greek family to have a divorce.


But Momma, I wanted happiness....
I wanted...
It does not matter what you want.
You make your own happiness. I was
like you Maria...much younger..but
like you when I traveled to
America at eighteen. Full of
dreams, full of dreams for the big
love, the grand life and the
glory. Wanting to find my
happiness in the land of
Maria is a young women with her mother and father in
traditional Greek dress walking among other people off the
ship. In her arms she is holding a beautiful wedding dress.
The whole family is looking around in dismay with a big
smiles on their face.
The dreams eventually faded away.
I realized that moving to a new
country will not get a new life
for me. I realized the American
life was far different than Greek
      (troubled face)
but momma... i have been to Greece
for vacations. I know the Greek
people and their ways.
You don't know but you will find
out. The Greek society will show
you the way but you must be
patient. It is the only way to
survive here.



The Villa has views to the mountain and the sea. Mohammad
takes from the trunk the suitcases. The maid opens the door
awaiting the arrival. Maria and ISABELLA approach the front
entrance of the house.

“I adjusted myself to adapt to the
new environment. I gave my body
without my heart to your father
for forty years but even in
unhappy times, I never thought to
divorce him.”
Maria opens the villa and hands ISABELLA the key. MARIA
motions to MOHAMMAD to bring the suitcases in. MARIA then
starts to head down the stairs.
      (signaling to
You are not coming in?
When your yaya and papoo built
this house, she always envisioned
it as a house for the dowry. You
see in the past in Greece, having
a daughter was not a glorious
event. In order for the daughter
to marry you must give a dowry,
usually it was property. Since my
parents were not blessed with a
son, they had to provide a dowry
for me. This will now be your
But mom this is not the past and I
am sure I can get a man without a
Do not be so sure ISABELLA. Greek
men are very difficult to get and
even more difficult to handle
especially if you do not know
Greek reality....the game of


                       MARIA (cont'd)
manipulation-- the dance of love
between a Greek man and a Greek
women....but you were learn my
darling...you will learn.
Maria gives her startled daughter a kiss and heads with
Mohammad head to the car. The car drives away and Isabella
is left alone.
The bird is flying in the air and lands on a piece of
floating shipwreck wood as the waves are moving it back and
ISABELLA is dressed lightly leaving her bedroom into the
connecting office to the computer. She works diligently on
her computer as the fax rings and receives yet another piece
of paper. ISABELLA glances down at the incoming fax. She is
calm with a drink in her hand.

In the door of the two connecting rooms appears ANGELIKI…it
is an actress friend of ISABELLA who is the same age. She is
dressed in artistic clothing.
      (walking in the
       room slowly)
When we were studying at New York
University, you were determined to
conquer the world of fashion. You
were so passionate about fashion
and about life. Now you are dead.
They drained your blood and stiff
led your passion with all those
years of raising kids and running
that technical business with JOHN.
How many companies do you have
with JOHN?
Oh!! yes...Mrs superstition. Well
you will do very well in Greece
with your superstitions. But even
though thirteen is your lucky
number, it is not in Greece, You


                       ANGELIKI (cont'd)
chose a number but forgot that
there was a life outside..there is
more to life than business,
ISABELLA. Look at you working.
That will just have to stop in
Greece. It is the afternoon, the
time for rest.
Is that an original thought or did
it come from your movie script. I
was expecting something different
If I wanted a lecture I would go
see my mother.
No its from my heart..not a movie
script. Don't shut people out of
your heart anymore Isabella. It is
time to open up. This is Greece.
The country of love and beauty.
Now let's go and have the Greek
traditional afternoon.
OK..i have read about the Greek
traditional afternoon and the
kamaki--- the Greek men after the
foreign women so do not take me
anywhere with a crowd. I am not
ready for flirting or anything
like that.
No..just an afternoon of talking
and ouzo drinking but do not make
me responsible for the Greek men.
let's go
All of a sudden, ANGELIKI makes her way spontaneously to the
computer and shuts it off. She throws all the papers on
ISABELLA’s desk up in the air. ISABELLA is sitting in shock.
She grabs ISABELLA’s hand.
ANGELIKI is lounging inside the pool and Isabella is sitting
outside relaxing on a lounge chair drinking her ouzo.


Isn't this wonderful. Better than
sex sometimes .... I think
I never expected you to replace
sex with swimming.
We are not in college anymore.
There is not more anxiety fucks.
Here we call it making love not
fucking. We call
coming...finishing and the man is
always in control of the
bed.oh...last but not
least...there is no such thing as
friends between men and women.
Are you an actress or a
philosopher of the bed?
Whatever it takes to get you
going. I am your friend and for
the past couple months that you
are here.. you have not
dated...you have not even looked
at a man...for god sakes...you
have not even gone to bazouki. how
are you ever going to learn Greek
life. It hurts me to watch you
suffer like this.
I am not suffering. I am trying to
slowly adjust to my new life in
this new country.
Tonight I will help you to adjust.
We are going to Bazouki! You think
New York is a city that never
sleeps...wait until you see
The Greek music is playing loud. Cigarette smokes fills the
air. Hundreds of people are sitting watching the stage. Some


are dancing on tables .. and other flirting with the
opposite sex. Everyone has a drink in their hand and a smile
on their face. Flowers are being tossed through the sky at
the singer on stage. Isabella is sitting at a front table
that is occupied by ANGELIKI and her friends.
      (dancing at the
Get up and
dance....Isabella...dance with the
city that always is singing.
ANGELIKI grabs Isabellas arm and pulls her to start dancing.
A man bumped into her and she turned around to look. He
smiles at Isabella but she just turns around and continues
to dance with ANGELIKI. Couples all around are holding
hands, kissing and wooing each other. ANGELIKI motions to
Isabella to look around at the love.
Its a city where making love is
the passion..it is uninhibited...
a city of men that first thoughts
of meeting a women is how
fuck-able is she. They see women
as objects of beauty and fill
their imaginations with fantasies.
I am not looking to be someones
fantasy. I am not looking for a
cheap replica of a man with an
expiration date of the next
Just then a man approaches Isabella ready to flirt. She
looks at him and pushes him away.
Lets go ANGELIKI. I feel like i am
in a meat market and i am the main
Oh Isabella...they are harmless.
Enjoy the flirt. Listen tomorrow I
am leaving for Serbia to film a
new movie. Come with me.


Why are you short of extras? You
need a miserable American women to
play a part of a desperate women
or something?
You need to spend a couple days
with me. You need a new
environment..new impressions.
That is what I am struggling with
.. a new environment and new
impressions.. you want me to
experience more?
Just as Isabella was thinking of what Angeliki said, a
handsome well dressed man approached. He stares over at her
as she tried to avoid his glare.
Are you seeing what I am seeing?
Well I am trying to avoid it but I
must admit he is quite handsome.
Ok..ok..ok...just so you stop
bothering me, I will glance his
way. If he comes over I will speak
to him..if not, i will not try
further. Deal?
Isabella and Angeliki shake hands on the deal. Isabella
glances over at the man. Her face starts to blush as the man
I thought a beautiful angel like
you may never notice me. I did not
mean to stare but you are so
      (talking fast)
Ok cut the lines, I was just doing
this because my friend Angeliki is
pushing me to meet men
and...well....ok so, yes, I did
think you were handsome but.,..


      (hand on her
ok..calm down. I am not asking you
to marry...just thought you were
beautiful. My name is Demetri...
what is your name?
My name is Isabella.
It is such a pleasure to meet a
beautiful goddess as yourself and
what a beautiful name. Are you
Yes partly. Would you..I mean...we
could...sit down
      (walking to the
       table nearby)
Yes let me get the chair for you.
Would you like a drink?
Yes that would be great. I will
have a Johnny Walker with ice, if
you dont mind.
Actually I will have the same. I
will be right back with the
Angeliki sees Demetri leave and rushes over to Isabella.
so what did i tell you..keep your
mind open and your heart will open
ok..OK...now go..he is sweet and a
gentleman...but I am not thinking
anything...just nice to have male
company...ok? Now leave before he
comes back but..stay here in the
bar. I dont want to be alone.


Angeliki rushes off....and Demetri returns with the drinks.
For some reason, Isabella looked at his face strangly. There
was something mischevous all of a sudden.
      (setting the
       drinks down)
Is everything ok? You have a
strange look on your face.
I was just about to say the same.
I am sorry but I did not hear you.
Isabella thought a minute. She usually has good instincts.
She remembered to herself about reading about drugging
drinks. She thought quickly how to answer. Maybe she was
being paranoid but she would not take any chances.
I said that there is no olives in
my drink..what a shame.
Olives in whiskey..quite
strange..usually that is a martini
but if my goddess wants olives, I
will go and get them.
Demetri leave the table and Isabella quickly switches the
drinks. She felt stupid but relieved. Demetri and Isabella
spent hours talking and laughing.
I have a confession to make. You
know when you came wiht those
drinks..well....stupidly i
thought..i mean because i have not
really been with...i mean..
      (standing up)
You know my secret....
I..I dont understand what you
mean....I was just


      (grabbing Isabella)
Quick we must leave the building
there is a bomb!
Isabella is so shocked that she did not even struggle.
Angeliki sees Demetri pulling Isabella out, grabs the police
and follows behind.
Look Vittoria, we must notify the
vatican of the bomb. We must hurry
What are you talking about and my
name is not Vittoria and let me go
I know you are scared but we must
go immediately
The police officers approach with Angeliki. They take
Demetri by the arm.
What are you doing..let me go!
Vittoria run...
                       POLICE OFFICERS
Vittoria you stay there. Sir what
is your name?
My name is not Vittoria..I am...
Its ok Vittoria, we do not have to
lie. I will handle this. My name
is Robert Langdon. I must reach
the Vaticam immediately. There is
a bomb..there is no time to
explain. We are all going to blow
OK..OK...this has gone to far..I
am taking my friend and leaving


OK..OK...this has gone to far..I
am taking my friend and leaving
                       POLICE OFFICERS
I am sorry miss but this man is
talking about bombs. We dont have
the correct names. We are going to
have to take them to the police
station. Does anyone have ID?
Demetri frees himself from the police officer and starts
running down the street. He throws fall off his feet and he
keeps running.
Vittoria RUN...RUN
Crowds started to gather. Isabella started to cry. The
police officers grab her arm. THe other police officers rush
towards Demetri.
See Angeliki that is why I
dont..oh my god..i just
What..what is it?
Well when he came back with the
drinks...he looked kind of strange
so when he left ot get my
olives..I switched drinks.I felt
so stupid thinking he drugged me
afterwards and I was just about to
tell him.
Oh my god...you mean he is drugged
and really thinks he is robert
Just then the radio clicked and the police officer answered.
                       POLICE OFFICERS
Ok Vittoria or whatever your name
is..you must come with me. We have
him cornered but he is asking for


But I dont want to go.I dont even
know the man
Isabella went into the police car with Angeliki..it was
better than standing out watching the crowd stare at her.
They drove her to a junk yard where Demetri was hiding.
Vittoria ..over here....
Isabella saw the head of Demetri peak out of the car. She
proceeded towards him although she did not know why she was
donig this. When she got to Demetri she was relieved to see
that he was ok.
Demetri come out of there. Its ok.
Do you know who you are?
Yes i am demetri but they have me
surrounded. I want to come out.
      (shouting to the
       police officers)
OK..he is ok..he said he was
demetri...can we come out?
The police officers motioned for them to come. They
approached the police cars.
You see officers, his drink was
drugged and ..oh its a long story
but he is ok now.
The police officers relax and start taking notes. Demetri
was standing next to Isabella and whispers in her ear.
That was a good trick to tell them
my name was Demetri. I will meet
you in a coupel hours at our usual
meeting place.
Demetri runs off again into the night. Some police officers
chase him while the others stay with Isabella to get her
story. Isabella showed her ID and explained what happened.
They seemed satisfied with what they heard.


                       POLICE OFFICERS
Ok Isabella you can go but please
be careful of men..
Well that is what i told my friend
ANgeliki. Thank you officer. Have
a good night.
Isabella and Angeliki walk off towards the bar.
One scene of locations in Serbia after another are shown on
the screen.
                       MOVIE DIRECTOR (vo)
Serbia is a place of glory, honor
and beauty. It is a place to
celebrate and have fun. It is a
place of tranquility. Paul is a
fantastic hunter and he comes to
Serbia to go hunting with his
friends and to celebrate the news
that he is going to be a father.
Paul meets the lover of his wife,
Tom, and finds out that he is not
the real father. This is the
scenario of this movie and we will
start the shooting later in the
A hunter is walking with his dogs towards the front of a
hotel. Movie personnel are unpacking the vans full of movie
equipment as the director is pointing what to take.

The camera glides through the crowd of movie personnel to
stroking the head of a man whose back is towards her.
      (noticing Isabella)
Oh Isabella. May I introduce you
the best leading actor I have ever
worked with.
ARIES turns around to greet Isabella but is speechless when
he gazes on her face. Isabella is also speechless and
attempts to put her hand out to greet him.


Shaking his hand...no... no..
no...that is not how it is done in
the Mediterranean. You must kiss
him on the cheek..and here ..in
Serbia ...you kiss on the cheek
three times
ARIES steps out of his gaze and leans towards the shy and
embarrassed ISABELLA. He takes her hand and gently kisses
the top. ISABELLA is flattered.
At the top of a mountain over the clouds stands CUPID
carrying his bow and arrow. He looks down to the earth. His
eyes cross the clouds quickly and we watch a cafeteria with
young people.

BLACK AND WHITE- with color in the middle of the black and
white is a boy and a girl in two different groups of
children. They do not know each other and they do not look
at each other. CUPID loads his arrows and sends it through
the air. The young boy suddenly looks up at the girl, his
face is flushed and he watches her with magic in his eyes.
The color of the screen comes back and the boy still remains
watching the girl. CUPID smiles happily and slowly puts
another arrow into his bow as he watches through the clouds
and through the clouds he watches ISABELLA and ARIES. CUPID
smiles satanically spotting his next victims but just as he
is about to shoot the arrow, a hand grabs his arm and pushes
it down. CUPID turns and sees George.
Do not do that please
Are you talking to me?
No I am pleading with you not to
make this women become in love
with this guy.
Why should I listen to you? Do I
know you?
I do not remember when you shot
the arrow at me wounding me


                       GEORGE (cont'd)
erotically for this women. A women
which I lost in the night and was
crazily looking to find her. I saw
her once again in one feast but I
had such a fear to approach her. I
was afraid to touch her because
she might disappear and I have
hope that one day I will be with
her again. I will be able to touch
her soft skin. This is why I am
begging you not to take her from
me and push her into someone
else’s arms. This is the women
that I have been searching my
whole life for.
from my arrow..the big Gods , the
nymphs, the neuritis and even
me...all loved and desperately ran
after their lover but in the end
their love unfulfilled. I denied
their threats and begging to bring
the women that they so much loved.
Even to the great Jupiter who
controls and rules everything, I
refused to make him a favor
because this is the magic of love.
This is the pre-ageless miracle of
love. The unexpected strike to the
heart. The liberty in my choice to
give them internal passion.
But you at one time...you had help
with love.
Ancient Greece
APHRODITE watching Psyche walking around in the mountains.
People passing by were admiring her beauty from afar ..
stopping in their tracks and not continuing to the temple to
worship APHRODITE and turns to her son CUPID
      (pointing to
I want you to make this women,
Psyche, fall in love with the most
grotesque and ugly creature you
can find. I am tired of everyone


                       APHRODITE (cont'd)
admiring her. It is me they
admired before she came. I am
loosing my followers….the mortals
are admiring her!
APHRODITE hands Cupid an arrow.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
In the beginning, Hesiod says,
there was Chaos, vast and dark.
Then appeared Gaea, the
dep-breasted earth, and finally
Eros, ' the love which softens
hearts ', whose fructifying
influence would thenceforth
preside over the formation of
beings an things. From Chaos were
born Erebus and Night who,
uniting, gave birth in their turn
to Ether and Hemera, the day. On
her part Gaea first bore Uranus,
the sky crowned with stars, ' whom
she made her equal in grandeur, so
that he entirely covered her '.
Then she created the high
mountains and Pontus, ' the
sterile sea ' with its harmonious
CUPID gazes at the beautiful Psyche sleeping as he loads his
arrows. When he is just about to shoot, sleeping Psyche
turns towards him and startles him. He accidentally
scratches himself with the arrow and falls madly in love
with her.
Cupid is in a serious discussion with Zeus.
You must help me. Psyche and I are
in love. Venus is trying to find
out the worthiness of Psyche. She
passed most of the test but one
and now the failing of this test
has put her in a coma. Can you
help me….i have not slept in
weeks. I have so much anxiety not
being able to speak to her…to be


                       CUPID (cont'd)
with her.
You have a tough situation. Love
is not something to be played with
but I will make her a goddess and
she will live on Mount Olympus.
If Zeus did not help you..what
would you have done? You are
making a mistake!
I never make mistakes. Remember
Psyche fell in love with me
without even seeing me.
What are you saying.So she saw me
but I did not have a chance yet
to.... anyway, is it not a mistake
to push the women I adore into
someone else's arms?
You did not take the chance. Since
you adore her why do you not make
more effort to get her? Why do you
not talk to her? Why you do not
try to make her admire you….to
trust you….to love you because
human beings have a divine gift.
The free will and they have the
ability to give themselves to a
person without my interference.
Why don’t you go and conquer her
instead of coming crying to me
when you did not follow my
Because I am afraid to be denied.
I am afraid… I do not want to
loose the hope that one day she
will be with me.


      (as he shoots the
       arrow towards
Then stay with your insecurity and
Isabella, Angeliki and Aries are sitting around talking.
Music is playing in the background. Aries takes Isabella's
hand and bends down to kiss it.
The arrow passes through the tunnel of love. A kaleidoscope
of colors surround the arrow.
Isabella is squinting her eyes as she looks confusingly at
The arrow exits the tunnel of love spouting a trail of gold
stars straight to Isabella.
The arrow approaches the body of ISABELLA and touches the
position of the heart. A red glow comes from the body of
ISABELLA and the breeze of the body comes in a shape of
small atom which has thousands of colors and thousands of
shape. The arrow enters into the heart and vanishes where it
is transformed into the essence that warms the heart,
deletes the logic and gives birth to love.

The face of ISABELLA is transformed into an expression with
an aura of love as she watches ARIES. ISABELLA touches her
heart and feels it pounding.

In the background is heard the song of the May Day.


The door of the bathroom is closed. Everything is silent
except for the sound of someone behind the bathroom door
throwing up. ANGELIKI comes with the doctor of the hotel in
the room. ANGELIKI knocks on the door.

Isabella .. open the door, I have
brought a doctor.
      (turning to the
All afternoon she has been sick. I
do not know what is wrong with
her. She was fine before.
ISABELLA opens the door and comes out. Her face is pale, she
is clenching her stomach, her steps are erratic and there
are dark circles under her eyes. ANGELIKI grabs her arm to
support ISABELLA. The doctor follows them to the bed.
Ok young lady.. tell me what you
feel, what you have eaten and when
you started feeling sick.
The doctor reaches over to examine Isabella
Dont be scared.
I was fine walking around the
outside of the hotel. I ran into
ANGELIKI and her friend who she
introduced me to. As I was talking
to him, I suddenly felt a pain in
my chest.
Can you speak slower. I can not
understand you.
Angeliki approaches Isabella and tries to make her laugh.


These Americans..they just talk to
fast and think we understand their
and then…. I felt sick and it
continued throughout the day. The
pain would not stop and I can not
stop throwing up
The doctor listens to her chest.
I can not hear anything wrong with
your heart. When did these
symptoms start and are there any
others you have not told me about?
I feel dizzy and weak. My knees
feel like collapsing. I am shaking
but no headache or fever. I have
never felt this way before. It’s
like I have butterflies in my
stomach. It is very strange
The doctor continues the examination
It all started when we were
sitting with Aries.
The doctor notices Isabella is blushing when Aries name was
It seems to me that those symptoms
are related to….well lets me
examine you a little more and see
The entrance of the cave is lighted with torches of
different color flames. Puppy love, nymphs and Satyr are
standing outside the cave in silence. Inside the cave, CUPID
is approaching and watches everybody who is speechless.
CUPID exits the cave and turns to talk to the puppy love,
nymphs and Satyr.
What is happenning?


The NYMPH points to at a piece of papyrus nailed outside of
the cave attached with a rose. CUPID approaches and starts
to read what is on the papyrus.

“In the name of the Big G_ds, we
demand that CUPID comes at seven
in the morning at the court to
face the accusers and to be tried
for breaking the laws of divine
justice. If CUPID does not show
voluntary, he will be taken by
CUPID removes the papyrus with nervousness and rips it in
ISABELLA is full of happiness. She has a special skip in her
step. She looks beautiful, calm and refreshed. She is
admiring the forest. All of a sudden she hears horses
coming. She turns toward the sound and see ARIES riding
towards her in the distance pulling another horse with no
rider. ISABELLA smiles as ARIES approaches.
Angelika told me that you are an
expert rider
Angeliki talks too much
ARIES jumps off the horse and hands her a horseshoe.
I have something for you. Its good
luck. I assume you know how to
hang it.
Yes..how wonderful
He reaches his hand out to her for her to give her hand.
ISABELLA reaches her hand out and ARIES escorts her to the
waiting horse. ARIES put his hand in position to help her
mount the horse. ISABELLA and ARIES ride away.



In a garden chair is sitting a very nervous JOHN smoking one
cigarette after another. Maria approaches JOHN from the
house having a tray in her hand with the traditional Greek
sweets. coffee, water etc…..
I expected you to come a lot
Actually I did not expect to come
at all but I realized that I
missed Isabella so much
Give her time. She is not herself.
She is completely out of her mind.
In the beginning, I thought she
was having an affair with someone
That would have been a tragedy but
it also would have explained a lot
of her actions.But the fact is
that my daughter would never have
an affair. She was brought up
correctly...respecting sex and
marriage. I can not tell you how
many sleepless nights I have had
since Isabella told me she was
leaving New York. Don't get me
wrong, I am happy to have my
daughter here, but under different
circumstances. It is not easy to
be a single mother in Greece.
The private investigator I hired
assured me that she was not having
an affair. Please you have to
convince her to come back. I need
her..the kids need her.
It is difficult my son, she does
not love you and she said she
never said.


That is bullshit..we have a full
life we created together. We have
two children, thirteen businesses,
and a beautiful home. What
fantasies about love is she
thinking about? The couples today
are like partners. They have
common interests; common budget…
love is not a significant factor
in their marriage. They have
mutual interest but not mutual
love. Love does not exist. It is a
fantasy that you read about in
romance novels
Maria is thinking about what she is saying watching the
hurtful expressions on his face. JOHN takes the cup of
coffee to drink.
Love and romance are not real.
They do not exist. They are not
A theater is sitting in the middle of green valley
surrounded by ancient mountains. From the left side of the
theater in the second row enters Diogenes From the other
side, in the fifth row enters ROTHAMANTHIS, in the center of
the theater appears AIAKOS, and in the center above enter
MINOS. Rothamanthis, AIAKOS AND MINOS are the jury and take
their seats in different locations around the theater.
NEMESIS enters the theater and takes a seat. NEMESIS is the
judge and DIOGENES is the public defender. CUPID slowly
enters the theater to the stage in the center of the
theater. He looks around looking at the jury, the judge and
public defender.
Why have you ordered me to come
here. What have I done? What are
you accusing me of?
DIOGENES stands up and stares at CUPID.
First came chaos ..a void..and
then earth..gaia and from
tartarus...the underground..and
together you were created and they


                       DIOGENES (cont'd)
say you are the most beautiful
among the G-ds. Among all the
G-ds and all the human beings, you
are the one that tames inside the
chest, the knowledge and the good
thinking. "and Eros, the fairest
of the deathless gods;
he unstrung the limbs and subdues
both mind
and sensible thought in the
breasts of all gods and all men."
No-one can resist your spell of
ISABELLA and ARIES are standing looking at the river. ARIES
grabs the hand of ISABELLA which causes ISABELLA to be shy.
She looks down towards the ground. ARIES reaches over to her
face and gently brings it towards his. He kisses her with
passion.His hand gently strokes her head and he gazes into
her eyes. They pass a rose bush and he reaches over and
hands her a rose. Isabella face shines in delight of his
romantic notions.
Diogenes approaches Cupid
You bringing tears in the eyes of
girls, desperation to the young
men, panic to the mature man, and
drive insanity into the women
because you are superficial,
self-absorbed and dangerous
      (heading towards
Please, I think he has a right to
know what you are accusing him of.
Please tell us all what is the
accusation. Why have you called us
all here?


For high treason...for souring the
feelings of humanity.
Cupid scratches his head and starts laughing.
You are laughing? How pompous you
are. You are conscious of your non
concern for others but you still
laugh. You are cheating love.
I laugh from hearing the
ridiculousness of your statements.
What else can I do but laugh.
And tell us what is so
ridiculous...tell us so we can
laugh too.
Let me tell you. Without me there
would not existing intention,
meaning, expectation, desire, and
movement in the planet earth.
Because I exist, the young will
live vibrantly from the first
kiss, the first desire, the first
explosion… it is the first and
eternal happiness of love
But he does not say that the first
love soon will be the first
separation. The first rejection
and the first heartache will bring
the first desperation. Weren't you
the one who shot nymph daphne who
scorned in order to in love with
Apollo just because Apollo made
fun at your archery skills? She
ended up changing into a tree and
Apollo ended up making the tree
sacred forever...lost in love.You
are mischevious
You have never had love that is
why you are saying that. You have
never experienced the joys of
love, the exhilaration from that
first kiss…or the happy pounding


                       CUPID (cont'd)
heat of excitement when you see
your lover...the passion that
emulates from the lovers as they
make love and families.
I am not interested in love..i am
interested in saving humanity ..
saving humanity from desperation
and sadness. That is why I am
asking that you be found guilty
and condemned to a lifetime of
isolation. SO you can not create
trouble for mortals or Gods again.
Do not listen to what he has to
say. He is not talking from
experience but from the embodiment
of unrequited love. Without me,
humanity would be lost because
even with sorrow..love is sweet.
Diogenes, do you have any proof of
your accusations...any witnesses?
Witness that support what you say
Witnesses? what witnesses? Look at
his arrows. The golden one with
dove feathers causes instant love
and the is lead with owl feathers
causes indifferences.
      (pointing his
       finger at Aries
       and Isabella)
They will be my proof….they are
What do you mean?
Those two are living temporarily
in the illusion of happiness and
love which was a result of CUPID.
Let’s follow them through their
life and soon you will see that my


                       DIOGENES (cont'd)
accusation is confirmed
Do you agree cupid?
Why not! But on one condition...
you must give me the credits for
the happiness that they are living
at this moment
Isabella and Aries are sitting overlooking the river.
Isabella is settled in the arms of Aries who is caressing
her hair. Isabella sees two birds flirting each other.
Do you believe in love at first
Love makes dark..turn into day. It
reaches our dreams, it teaches us
sound and it brings songs and
Ok..whatever you say darling
Do not tell me that you are not
romantic. That you do not believe
in love...in cupids arrow that
struck us...or in destiny or
I am the last of the romantics but
I would like to be romantic with
you somewhere else.
Isabella jumps up and grabs Aries hand to leave.


then lets go...why did you not
tell me this all this time.
Because i did not want to spoil
the moment.You looked so peaceful
and joyful sitting here gazing at
the sun going down and watching
the river flow past.
The camera focuses in on the two birds kissing and dissolves
into the next scene
The door of the hotel room opens and breathlessly Aries is
carrying Isabella in his arms through the hotel door onto
the bed. ARIES rips off her top exposing her bra-less chest.
Isabella breathlessly fumbles for Aries belt but has a hard
time taking it off. Aries reaches down and unbuckles his
belt as he is kissing her awaiting breasts. Isabella lies
back in ecstasy as Aries pants fall to the floor. He starts
kissing her on the neck and lips as he releases his legs
from his pants. Isabella scoots higher onto the bed and
slips out of her trousers. She reaches over to Aries which
is lying next to her caressing her body and unbuttons his
shirt. Looking longingly in her eyes, Aries reaches down and
removes her thong. Isabella blushes but continues to settle
into the arms of Aries. Isabella reaches down inside his
underwear and feels his erection. He reaches down and
removes his underwear never taking his eyes off of hers.
Lying naked, body to body, the heat of the bodies melts both
of them. Aries gently climbs on top of Isabella. Isabella
stops him.
Stop..wait...no don't stop..OK i
am nervous.it has been a long
My darling..i will be gentle.
Aries slows down and gently starts to make love to her
looking at her face for acknowledgement



Two bodies are naked embracing falling into the bottomless
tunnel of love. The colors of love surround them as they
make love.
The room in the tomb is the color of orange. The petals of
roses are floating on the ground. The two bodies embracing
fall to the ground. The petals of the roses fly in the air
as the hit the ground.
Entering from the outside to the inside of the cave the
surface of the sea is shown. The rays of the sun create
different colors in the water. The two bodies naked are
Aries and Isabella lay in bed naked with the covers over
them. Isabella is asleep in Aries arms with a satisfied look
on her face. Aries is laying nervously staring at the
ceiling and then looking at Isabella sleeping angelically in
his arms, Aries is restless and unsettled with the
commitment he just made.
      (whispering and
       stroking her hair)
Isabella .. I like you... but I
can not have a relationship right
now. I have too many things on my
Isabella does not hear him. She is deep in sleep but Aries
is satisfied that he told her. Aries turns away from
Isabella and falls asleep
Rothamanthis is smiling and very satisfied. Diogenes looks
at him with anger.


After witnessing that passion, I
think that it is unfair to accuse
CUPID. TO have only this moment
that we just witnessed is ....
But life is not one moment in
time, but hours, months, years.
Did you hear what he said to her.
He does not want a relationship.
He said right now. He has a lot on
his mind.
They will have more passion and
the thoughts in his mind will turn
to thoughts of only her.
Diogenes is right. Life is not
only moments
Yes but these moments make up a
day, an hour, a month and a year.
Hold off on your judgements until
we see what comes next.
They will live in passion..in
love.. and all of you will
apologize to me for wasting my
Time will show us all what happens
Isabella is in the dining room. Beautiful opera music is
playing, the table is set elegantly for two with flowers
floating in little bowls.Isabella is lighting the candles
that have been placed all over the table and the room. She
is singing to the music.
Did you put the champagne in the
refrigerator? and what about the
lobsters .. are they warming in


                       ISABELLA (cont'd)
the oven?
                       MAID DEJANA
Yes Maam...everything is ready in
the kitchen. Do you want me to
serve or do you want privacy..I
can leave the food on the table
for you to serve yourself.
Yes...brilliant idea. Ok..so when
he comes in, you quickly put
everything on the table and leave
the house.
                       MAID DEJANA
Yes Maam.
Isabella hears the phone ringing. She runs out of the room
passing the grandfather clock which says 9:30 p.m. and runs
to the living room to pick it up. She looks out the window
to see if he is out there as she picks up the phone
breathless from running.
      (into the phone)
Yes my dear Angeliki... life is
beautiful. I can not talk now, he
is coming over and we are going to
have a romantic evening of love
making. I think he is in love with
me. He keeps saying our house, our
life...do you think he is thinking
of marrying me? I can not believe
my life changed so quickly.
Isabella is smiling as you hear the faint sounds of Angeliki
talking on the phone.
I believe you now. This is the way
life works...when you are not
expecting anything, then the
happiness comes. Well i believe
this for my new life...remember I
waited for happiness all those
years with John and nothing
happenned. Maybe my luck is


The camera shift over to the horshoe that Aries gave
Isabella hanging on the wall in a U shape. Then to the
burned down candles in the living room and then to the
grandfather clock which now says 12:20 p.m.Slowly the camera
turns to the table. The plates are dirty and you can see
that dinner has been completed. Isabella is sitting on the
table in a low cut dress looking gorgeous. Aries reaches
into his pocket and strolls over to Isabella and dangles the
gold heart necklace that he removed from his pants pocket,
Isabella smiles and he slowly put it around her neck.
To remember tonight, tomorrow
night and all the nights of our
life that we are going to share
      (smiling and
       grasping the
So we are not going to see each
other by day?
The nights darling..include the
passion, the love, the sin and the
      (hugging Aries)
Oh Aries...Thank you...thank you
for changing my life...thank you
for the beautiful necklace...thank
you for everything.
It is my heart Isabella that I am
giving you. It may sound foolish
but my mind is always with
thoughts of you. I have your
gorgeous face, your sexy body,
your tantallating voice and most
of all your lovely smile in my
mind and soul. I wake up with
thoughts of you and I go to bed
with thoughts of you. Even my
dreams are of our passionate ties
together and my heart beats with
your love.


      (bringing her
       fingers to his
Shhhh..do not say anything else.
Isabella leans toward him to kiss him but as she approaches
Aries scoops her into his arms and picks her up gently with
one arm under his neck and the other under her legs. Turning
her around and heading towards the door passing the horshoe
that is now turned the other way. Following the path of the
flower petals that are on the floor he starts to leave the
Aries carries Isabella into the bedroom still following the
path of petals on the floor. The room is filled with glowing
candles and the bed is beautifully made with rose petals
floating on the sheets. As he heads towards the bed he
swings her around in his arms and plops on the bed with her.
The bed petals fly up into the air when they hit the bed.
The camera focuses in on the flying rose petals in the air
and dissolves.
The petals are flying in the air onto the ground of a very
picturesque area with crossroads. In the distance you see
the Mountains of Allcadeas Greece with trees lining the
sides of the Mountain. The fog covers the view. The
crossroads are in a dessert. Appearing through the fog is
George and walks to the center of the crossroads. George is
a Therapist who is in his 50’s. Heading towards the front of
him is a women ANTHEA followed by sheep’s. Wearing a white
see-through embroidered dress with gardenias attached.
ANTHEA reaches George.
Where are you going?
I am going to her
Who is she?
The one I have been waiting for
all my life


But why are you going there
She needs me. I can feel it.
All of us here need you to.
I will not abandon any of you but
I can not resist in what was has
been weaved by fate in the cloth
of time
Are you sure this is time? I do
not think so. I think you are
going to early. I see pain in the
      (staring at the
Sorry...excuse me..i did not hear
Anthea does not repeat herself. She looks into the eyes of
George, strokes his cheek gently and walks away with her
sheep following behind her. She stops and turns to George
She will pillage your heart. You
are going to be thirsty but there
will not be a source for you. You
will be cold but you will not find
a place to cuddle. You will be
drowning in the groans of pleasure
in the arms of someone else
because she will never be in your
arms. You will be harassed by the
thought that she loves someone
else because she will never be in
love with you. Do you know why? I
am repeating it to you.. you are
meeting her at the wrong moment in

George was frozen by her words. Anthea turns again and walks
away into fog followed by her sheep. As the screen open up
focusing further and further away from George in three


In the lobby of the bank, Isabella is talking to the manager
of the bank. Saying goodbye the manager leans down and
kisses her hand. Isabella has a special glow of love as she
heads to the exit. John appears in the doorway.
I think we have to...wait you look
so different. what did you do to
      (shocked of his
Why did you come here?
Isabella takes Johns arms and pulls him to a quiet corner
where no-one is around. She is angry.
Do you think that thirteen
business can be managed from far
away with the financial
transactions of the banks? and
lately...you have not been doing
your work...you have changed..you
look different, you act
different..and your work is
You flew all the way from New York
to give me lessons on management
and to remind you that there are
two children… our children… back
in the states. They will finish
school in two weeks...be wise and
think before we interrupt their
As long as they are with their
mother, their lives are without


You are their mother… you are not
vacationing… They do not need this
vacation life that you are leading
.. that need a serious home ..
they need a family...they need
their father near them. But most
of all they need financial
security for the future and you
are not giving them this. You are
playing here and not working ....
you will loose everything..we will
loose everything...all our
business if you keep this up. And
its not just the money..we have a
responsibility to work..to provide
jobs for our employees.
Here comes the real truth..the
job..the work...your passion..not
mine anymore. That is what created
the emptiness between us. Your job
and you were your only priority.
No-one was ever able to change
your stringent schedules. We
waited for the vacation of Easter,
Christmas or summer just to find
two or three days in order to be
together and everything on you was
programmed. The people that we
knew were always the same. Our
phone conversation was just like a
train schedule – no surprises, no
feeling, nothing different and no
perspective. You made me go, John,
I did not go
Does he love you?
Who? What are you talking about?
I am no fool. I see him written on
your face. We have been together a
long time Isabella, I know your
looks and this one I have never
seen.Why are you risking
everything you built for this man?


You talk to me about risks. If I
did not take risk we would not
have had the life we had. I wish
you took risks then I would not be
in this situation. I risked and
worked hard alone for the
companies became a success. In the
meantime you did not take any
risks for keeping a family…or
adding excitement to our lives..
you took no initiatives…you stayed
at the company of your mother and
you were deaf to my words. So stay
in the security of your mothers
business and live in the shadow of
your mother and father… and leave
me to live my dreams because you
know John there are some people
that have dreams and they are not
only dreams you see when you are
sleeping but dreams that make life
more beautiful
John looks down in sadness. Isabella walks away.

The helicopter flies over the Delphi, kyra, panasos and
lands in the valley of panassos. Aries and Isabella step out
of the helicopter and they walk toward a wooden house. The
helicopter takes off behind them.
       Isabellas hand)
With this house, I have combined
the biggest of my dreams. My dream
was to stand here with the women I
desire the most even for an
And that women is me?
You are not only a women.. you are
a lady.. you are the sun that
shines on the pines trees, you are
the smell of the pine that
embraces the sides of the


                       ARIES (cont'd)
mountains, you are the earth that
gave us birth and keeps us as
Aries scoops down and picks up Isabella...swinging her
around. Isabella screams from enjoyment. He kisses her
gently on the lips and brings her into the house.
      (gently putting
       her down on her
My lady...I do not know what to
wish because at this moment I have
everything..everything I have ever
wanted in my life.
You do not seem to want much out
of life..
Why do you say this..I am with the
perfect women so what else should
I desire...what more in life is
I will not tell you what I feel
because you will think I am
copying you. I will say that I
thank you for coming in my life.
That you came into my life at the
moment when I was giving up hope.
Remember Isabella...In whatever
you do not give hope to – dies
I love you Aries
Ok...let's not talk anymore..I
want to embrace you.. to make love
to you.. to fill this house with
the smell of our passion. You
know..it has never had this smell


                       ARIES (cont'd)
Aries takes Isabella gently in his arms. He brings her onto
the floor in front of a big window. He undresses her slowly.
What is clear to me is that Cupid
not only wakes up the erotic
passion but he also fulfills the
lovers desires.
It is not that way, when CUPID
conquers the heart of a man and
women and lights inside the fire
of the love, any resistant is
useless. Any will not to be in
love gets paralyzed and CUPID
transforms into a demon that
destroys the human being while
they are surrendering to the
sweetest passion.
I will agree with Diogenes because
we can not forget how Eleni of
Troy was bewitched in the sweet
desire. Don’t forget that Eleni
was bewitched from Paris, MEDEA
was bewitched as well for her love
to YASINOS forgot every debt to
her family.”
We have other cases that show the
extreme situation of being pushed
to the edge, and what desperation
obsessions can bring…ARETHNE is
the shape of the abandoned
mistresses. PASSIFE is the victim
of an unnatural erotic desire and
FEDRA the characteristic example
of the ignored love which is
transformed to a murdering hate.
ARCHIS has been described and
ERIPITHIS that among the other
things says that love is death.
The unsinkable power, the out of
your mind, and fired passion with
bitterness and tort ration are the


                       ROTHAMANTHIS (cont'd)
biggest power of nature and the
well of everything beautiful
and not even death calms them
because as VIGILIOS said those who
were unlucky in love are wandering
with stress in the underworld and
in desert paths of one forest. Has
anyone noticed that he has not
said he loves her? He has great
passionate words but he does not
say the simplest words.. i love
You, on your own, said that
everything will be with no soul
and that I am the well of
everything beautiful. If you
sentence me it is like sentencing
life itself but let’s see the
happiness that fills our heroin
that you choose and you will
change your mind
Isabella and Aries are sitting on the front of the boat
holding hands and enjoying the sun.
      (turning to Aries)
I think this is one of the best
days of my life
There are many days in our lives
Isabella, but you only have to be
with me one day to fill a lifetime
of happiness.
      (looking into
       aries eyes)
They say that your eyes are the
windows to your soul and when you
look in my eyes you warm my soul.


Aries hears the captain yelling to get in the cabins. The
boat starts to rock furiously. The northern winds came
suddenly creating a tremendous blow to the boat.
       Isabellas hand)
Come my darling. The seas are
getting rough. We must go for
Isabella and Aries head towards the captain.
      (whispering to
I think we are in for some very
rough weather. I am going to try
to land the boat in Tzia. Hold on
and hold on to your preety lady
Anteros appears suddenly in the theater. He has a look of
mischeif on his face. Cupid turns around and looks at
Anteros. He realizes that he has done something.
      (pointing to
What are you doing here brother?
What is that mischevious look on
your face.
      (pointing to Aries
       and Isabella)
Look...the boat of Isabella and
Aris is sinking.
Anteros starts laughing.
Anteros what did you do? What are
you doing with my love targets?
I just wanted to end the torture.
Love is not a many splendid thing
you know.


Stop the seas from swelling
Anteros before they die.
See Cupid...they are taking the
wrath of being in love. This is
your fault
Diogenes, you can not blame Cupid
for this. Anteros..I order you to
stop this or you will be the next
one in court.
I think its too late...look
The sun is setting and the sky is filled with pink and red.
The winds are blowing hard. The sailboat of Aries and
Isabella is set up against the rocks on the island of
Tzia.The camera then moves up to the island of tzia showing
the cliffs the rocks and then to the area of the shipwreck.
Faintly a women is seen carrying a lantern like she is
The upset Cupid is seen with tears in his eyes.
How could you do this Anteros. Do
you know nothing of love. Do you
know nothing of what love brings
and feeds to the emotions. Love is
at the root of your soul. Love is
passion, caring, desire...love is
let's see how enduring their love
is to survive this shipwreck.


The camera shows the lighthouse and then onto the raging
sea. In the distance you see Aries in the sea fighting the
Aries is flapping around the water. He is desperately
looking for Isabella. The waves are covering him and he is
getting weak.
Oh God..I can use some help
here.... what can i do...my
Isabella. If only I told you I
loved you. I spent my whole life
avoiding love ... but you were the
first to strike my heart so
deeply. If only you knew my
feelings but I was scared..I
Aries head goes down into the water.
                       PSEUDO-LUCIAN (VO)
Only do you come to my aid divine
spirit, protector of friendship,
hierophant of its mysteries, Eros,
not the mischievous child drawn by
the hands of painters, but Him
whom the first principle of the
seed made perfect from birth: it
is you, in fact, who formed the
universe, until then shapeless,
dark and confused. Pulling the
world as if out of a grave you
pushed back Chaos which enveloped
it and flung him into the deepest
abyss of Tartarus, there where
truly there are "gates of iron and
sills of bronze," so that he may
never return from the prison in
which he has been chained. Then,
beating back the night with your
dazzling light, you became the
demiurge of all beings, animate or
inanimate. You have inspired in
men, by means of the exalted
sentiment of harmony, the noble
passions of friendship, so that a
soul still innocent and tender,


                       PSEUDO-LUCIAN (cont'd)
nurtured in the shade of goodwill,
will ripen into maturity"
Isabella and the Captain are staring out to the ravaging
sea. They are soaked and bruised. Isabella has tears in her
      (running to the
Oh...Captain we must go out and
find him.
Tbe captain grabs her arm stopping her. He puts his hand on
her face.
I am sorry Ms. Isabella. I think
that he did not survive the wreck.
The seas our very rough and ...
well.... it is a miracle we are
No..No... Aries....NO.... Why did
this happen to me. Why does
everything around me get
destroyed. Why do i just not get
destroyed..I am always left
standing, living a life of
torture. I found my soul-mate..my
love..my hearts desire...and
now..now...he is gone.
The Captain hugs her and tries to console her. Isabella is
shaking. The camera focuses on a piece of ocean liner beside
her that says "Britanicca"
Maybe this was Anteros doing but
Cupid I blame you because if they
were not in love in the first
place...this girl is
desperate...she has lost hope in
life, Is that what love is about.


no...that is not what love is
about but if idiots like Anteros
keep interferring in love...then
this is what happens. It is I that
gives them pleasure and desire ..
it is others that interrupts
this... people that interfere and
do not leave love alone. People
that are jelous of love.
Look down there..it is Aries and
he is heading for shore..love is
not lost yet.
Aries crawls up on shore. He looks up to see the Captain and
Isabella embracing. He smiles and collapses. Isabella looks
back to the sea and then to the sand to see Aries laying
there. The Captain and Isabella run over.
      (grabbing him in
       her arms)
Aries...my dear sweet Aries.
Aries moves and reaches up to Isabella. He hugs her.
Isabella starts to cry.
Isabella...my darling.. I..I mean
you .. are ok... darling I wanted
to tell you that you captured my
heart.. I...
      (putting her
       fingers on his
Dont talk now darling...rest..we
have had a hard journey.
I just wanted to tell you..I
..ok... but how .. how did you
The Captain approaches Aries.


You will not believe it... Its a
miracle. We were saved by ...
well... you can say by a ghost.
You see we both went over together
and up from the water just as we
were taking our last breath was a
piece of Ocean Liner. It was from
a sister ship of the Titanic that
sunk here in 1916. A damn miracle
I tell you...
Isabella you are so strong and
brave. A women after my own
heart...It is just that...when I
thought I lost you...and..ok...i
will tell you another time.
Captain did you see...I
mean..maybe it was the trauma and
the excitement but...
Oh... a lady carrying a lantern.
Let's not repeat that Isabella but
they say that since the wreck of
the Britanicca there is a women
ghost who carrys a lantern
searching for something.
Do you think she helped...oh no
forget it. Better left unsaid
The camera scans down to Aries who is wet but getting back
his energy and then dissolves on the lighthouse of Tzia

Isabella walks out from the shop and Mohammad takes her bags
and put them with the other bags that he was holding.
Isabella walks to the next window with Mohammad walking
behind her. In the reflection in the window she sees a man
that is following her for a long time. He is pretending to
read a newspaper. Isabella turns to Mohammad.
Go to the car and wait for me.


Yes Maam

Mohammad quickly leaves the area full of bags in her hand.
Isabella starts walking and as she approaches a corner she
quickly turns into it stopping at the edge of the corner
against the wall. In a few seconds, the man who was watching
her turns the corner and bumps into Isabella
says to whoever put you to follow
me...my husband john maybe... that
I can make him move not only to
another continent but to another
planet if I wanted to. Am I clear
or would you like me to call the
police to explain this to you
The man who followed shakes his head in acknowledgement.
And tell john that he wasted his
money. If I was a private
detective like you.. I would tear
up my license. Good Day Sir
The car with Mohammad and Isabella proceeds to the villa
when suddenly a second car comes up from behind very fast
and swerves around to block the car of Isabella. Mohammad
stays in the car and starts to pull out his gun. Isabella
sees it is Aries getting out of the second car and motions
for Mohammad to put his gun back. Aries runs to the car of
Isabella. As he approaches Isabella opens the door.

I always wanted to kidnap a
beautiful lady..am I able to
kidnap you?
How can I refuse such a handsome,
charming and wonderful kidnapper.
Isabella gets out of the car and follows Aries to his car.


Will I spoil the fun for you if i
ask you where we are going?
Times like this there are things
that are better left unsaid.
Aries opens her door and motions for her to enter the car.
Isabella with excitement gets into the car closing the door
waving goodbye to the surprised Mohammad.
The sailboat is cutting the water of the Aegean with all his
sails open. You can see the slight images of Aries and
Isabella holding each other in the front of the boat looking
out over the horizon to the approaching islands. A big wave
comes and splashes water on them. They are completely
soaked. The two head down to the main bedroom in the cabins
of the boat.
Ok captain..I hope the weather is
going to be ok for this trip. We
took your advice to come on board
again so we will not fear the sea
so do not disappoint us.
The captain looks up at the sky and gives Aries a reassuring
The boat is moving up and down to the rythm of the high
waves. Isabella and Aries are naked with a sheet hanging
over them laying in each others arms in the cabin.
WOW>... I think the boats rhythms
Yes .. it provides a little
assistance in love making..


Well I must say..if that is how
love making is on a boat, then I
suggest that after we marry, we
spend all love making in a boat.
Aries face is surprised and perplexed hearing the word
marry. He is boiling inside and jumps out of the bed.
      (looking away from
Get ready because Santorini is
waiting for us.
      (reaching and
       touching Aries on
       the butt)
Santorini can wait because I can't
Aries turns and kisses her on the lips interrupting her
statement. He climbs back on the bed for another round of
love making.
There are roads, flowers, small houses, streets, village
people and people happily living every second of their life.
Aries and Isabella are touring the city.
Isabella is sitting on the lounge chairs watching the
sunset, the volcano and the sea in the horizon. Aries comes
with a platter in his hand and two glasses of champagne
offering it to ISABELLA.

Champagne cocktail to the beauty
of the beauties.
Aries takes a seat on the same lounge chair as Isabella.
Do you like the view?


Yes...but volcano's can be scary.
They erupt and ruin everything.
Yes but the internal flame..the
excitement of the fire...
It depends...if the flame is
always light so the relationship
does not get stagnant.
Only those who feel and who are
lovers will keep the flame lit.
Those people that stay away from
being a robot and compromise
...they will feel the magic of the
i would like to be in this moment
with you forever. I love you!
Darling just look at the sunset
and lets enjoy this moment
Diogenes is pacing back and forth.
I am very disturbed about this
What are you saying?
What you were saying....they are
full of love, sweet words but they
are out of reality. He has not
said I love you to her.
It bothers you that they are so
happy? You are going to focus on
three little words ... look at his
other words. You are bothered that
I have given them this happiness?


Maybe we have chosen a couple that
is the exception and not the rule
because logically they have not
even had one fight yet.
You think fighting is evidence of
Cupids guilt? Fighting is not
always negative. There are times
when you fighting releases
frustrations, and provides further
understanding. It is enevitable to
happen and it must be done.
Even the big gods, Zeus and Era
fought..and whenever they did
Mount Odious used to shake.
Let's focus to what we are looking
for. We are looking for the pain.
We are looking if love hurts and
if it leads humanity to
desperation. Lets stick to the
I think we must be patient a
little longer and see what
happens. We are gathered here to
have a fair trial, let's not
forget this.
As Aristotle says "Time crumbles
things; everything grows old under
the power of Time and is forgotten
through the lapse of Time" I am
willing to wait and show you the
Isabella and Aries are holding each other and talking on the
front of the boat watching the sunrise. The captain is
heading back to Vouliagmeni.
Look at those islands. There is
such beauty in them. Each time you
see them they change, you discover


                       ISABELLA (cont'd)
something else..the more you learn
about the islands the more you
love them. How could I have not
been here all my life..how could i
have missed this enjoyment and
Can I buy you an island my love?
Buy me an island.. you are silly.
I prefer to locate an uninhabited
island with you and be the only
Whats wrong?
You think I am silly
No darling.. Silly is good..
I am sorry for my english.
Aries and Isabella embrace in a kiss then Aries helps
Isabella up as they head toward the cabin bedrooms. The
camera fades to the sunrise
Computer is open and Isabella is typing on the laptop and
watching the stocks on her screen. Isabella is trying to
focus on her work but keeps daydreaming of Aries. Isabella
watches the screen without comprehension. In the screen is
the face of Aries in the screen. The screen keeps changing
from the stock market to the face of Aries. Isabella jumps
up from her seat and rubs her eyes. She looks at the
computer screen again and sees the stock market.


      (talking to
I love him so much. Thank you God
for saving my life.
The cell phone starts to ring. She opens the cell phone and
it is a message. The text of the message says “The
invitation remains for dinner at ten at your house?”
Isabella answers to the message “Yes...yes...i love you”
The maid finishes the table that she was setting. Isabella
is wearing a beautiful see through night dress. The
grandfather clock says 9:43. Near the clock is the horseshoe
hung into a U again. She approaches the table.
Did the caterers come? Did you
arrange for the musicians to be
here at 11:00?
                       MAID DEJANA
Yes do not worry.. everything is
Isabella glances around the room. All the candles are light.
The red roses and white gardenia fill the room. She is
pleased with the way everything looks. She looks up at the
time and sits down near the table grabbing a magazine to
pass the time. The camera focuses back on the table and
dissolves into burning candles. Then fades back into the
candles which are almost burnt to distinction. Isabella is
standing at the window looking out in the darkness. The
camera focuses on the grandfather clock which says 11:15.
The door bell rings and Isabella runs to the door fixing her
hair along the way. She is filled with excitement. She opens
the door and sees three musicians standing there.
Sorry we are late Mrs Isabella
Isabella's face turns to disappointment. She forgot about
the musicians. She motions for them to come in.The camera
turns to the horseshoe and then fades into the grandfather
clock that says 11:20 and fades back in at 12:35.The
musicians start to play watching the very sad Isabella.
      (jumping up from
       her seat)
Stop..stop..stop... just get out


                       ISABELLA (cont'd)
of here
Sorry Mrs Isabella..we thought
this would cheer you up as you
wait for him to come. You know
Greeks are always late. Time is
more fluid and punctuality is not
important as you Americans thinks.
Time...well..its something that
you cherish and you dont rush.
I cherish time..I don't cherish
rudeness. This is manners not
customs. Does manners not exist in
this country?
The musicians hurry to leave.
He is not coming..i am such a fool
The musicians exit the house looking very sad. Isabella
turns and heads to the table. She grabs the table and throws
it on its side leaving the candles, glasses, plates and
dinner crashing to the floor. The heaviness of the table
causes the horseshoe to fall off the wall. The sound of the
doorbell covers the noise of the broken things. Isabella
opens the door with anger. Aries full of sweat enters the
house with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.
Is one sorry enough or do I have
to say it many times
I thought something happened to
you. I was worried. Where were
I was in the middle of filming. I
could not leave.
What and you could not have
called. Your fingers were tied up
in the movie?


Darling do not be so angry. I am
sorry I was late.
Aries sees the fallen horseshoe and puts it back up on the
wall in an upside down U.
What are you doing. You are
hanging the horseshoe the wrong
way. Are you trying to pour our
luck out.
Darling this is the way the
horshoe goes in Greece.
You have been changing it all this
time. I have been going crazy
trying to figure it out. You
people are strange. Everyone knows
a horshoe goes in a U shape.
Stop trying to find America in
Greece. For god sakes, Isabella
you have greek blood...start
acting greek.
Acting greek..ok this is the
difference between us. I do not
act. I have real feelings and
emotions that I express. Are you
acting all this time? Is this all
an act?
You are being unfair Isabella
I am unfair when I am asking for
the man that entered my body to be
consistent. When I am asking for
the man that gave me spasms of
pleasure from one hug to have
respect. I am not a women for bed
only. There are thousands of women
out there that will take you just
for bed. I want and I demand more
from my relationships. I lived in
a marriage that was empty and had
no life and no passion. I told you


                       ISABELLA (cont'd)
in the beginning that I do not
want a relationship that is stale,
that has no passion, and that is
full of lies
Isabella .. stop being
american..start being greek.Start
measuring Greece with a metric
ruler..not an american yardstick
Stop being american. You say that
like it is so easy. Do you know
how it is like to be a single
independent-minded american mother
living in a male chauvinist
society and not being able to
speak the language. Do you know
what it is like to being a busy
american mother doing 500 things a
day to a mother without her kids
doing two things a day. Not just
two things because there is not
much more to do but because you
can not find anything, you can not
understand anything... unlike
america where everything is at
your fingertips. You know how many
times i suffered when I was sick
because i forgot to stock up on
medicine because the pharmacies is
closed on weekends. Or how many
times I lived without electricity
because I could not mail my
payment in..i had to search for
the post office to pay my
bill...or ..or...
Why do you want to destroy
everything so beautiful?
Destroy..how can you say that
word. Just because we had a fight
for some moments..,I am destroying
everything beautiful. I am
destroying everything because I am
asking for respect. Do you even
know what the word means? DO you


                       ISABELLA (cont'd)
even speak english?
Aries storms out of the house. Isabella sits down crying
looking at the horseshoe which is still the opposite way.A
few moments later the doorbell rings and Isabella answers
the door. Aries appears and grabs her giving her a big
affectionate kiss and hug.
You have my respect darling. I
know it is difficult here. I know
you need time to adjust. I am
Isabella looks into Aries eyes and calms down.
I am sorry my love, I am scared of
getting hurt so I become very
defensive. Remember this is my
first love and....
Aries interrupts her by answering his ringing cell phone
      (talking into the
I will be at the airport at eight
but do not tell me these things at
the last moment.
Aries closes the phone abruptly.
Is something wrong?
He thinks for a moment before answering.
There is a filming in Venice
tomorrow and I have to go.
Actually I think it would be nice
if you came with me.
Maybe I should not be with you
when you work. You know when I
work, I do not like to be


So I will miss looking into your
beautiful eyes for a couple days..
eyes that are magnets to whomever
looks into them.
The eyes of Isabella are focused into and the picture
dissolves into the sky.
Diogenes and Cupid are arguing.
It was just a fight .. that is
what you wanted to happen anyway.
Why are you so upset.
Because there was pain. There was
hurt. Did you see her desperation
when she threw the table over. Do
you understand now?
But they loved in the end. I think
it was just cultural differences.
I think it was just a
misunderstanding. Let's wait and
see what happens. I see that this
women is stressed from living in a
different culture. We must take
this into consideration. We must
look at all the evidence.
Airplane flying through the clouds.
A rushed Isabella enters the hotel with a small luggage. She
looks around and approaches the manager.
                       CIPRIANI HOTEL MANAGER
May I help you Mrs.
Yes.please do. I am here to
surprise my boyfriend. You may
know him...His name is Aries


                       ISABELLA (cont'd)
Popopoulos. He comes to this hotel
quite frequently.
                       CIPRIANI HOTEL MANAGER
Yes Mr. Popopoulos is a frequent
visitor of my hotel. What can I
help you with?
Well I called ahead of time and
asked for a suite with 200 red
roses, a couple bottles of your
best champagne and of course your
best caviar..oh yes music..I would
like you to send up your best
italian cd's for the music
player.There is one in the room
                       CIPRIANI HOTEL MANAGER
Yes mrs. I will attend to this
right away. May I take you bag?
Yes please and oh.. can you please
put like 100 candles burning in
the room.
The manager summons over to teh bell boy to take her bag.
One more thing..is he staying at
this hotel?.
                       CIPRIANI HOTEL MANAGER
      (looking perplexed)
I cant really tell you that
OK...then I need to know where he
is filming. Is there a greek
picture being filmed nearby.
The manager thinks and decides that he may be betraying the
playboy Aries.
                       CIPRIANI HOTEL MANAGER
I am sorry Mrs..but..I do not


The manager shakes her hand and bids her a goodbye. The very
sad Isabella looks down and around. She sees the bell boy
still holding her bag. He has a look of disbelief. She
thinks for a moment and then pulls out 200 euros from her
bag and approaches the bell boy.
       handing hte money
       to the bell boy)
Can you tell me where Mr.
Popopoulos is shooting.
                       CIRPIANI BELL BOY
I should not be telling you but
you look so sad. I will write down
the location for you of where mr
popopoulos is filming and just
hand it to the taxi driver
outside...Did you say you were his
girlfriend?... i don't know how to
say this but be careful..i mean
mr. popopoulos is..anyway just be
Isabella waits anxiously as the bell boy writes down and
hands her the piece of paper. She rushes out of the hotel
into a waiting taxi
Isabella is in a gondola heading towards the filming
location. She sees the crew in a distance and looks around
for Aries. A big smile brightens her face as she sees Aries
by the crew and new a large tree trunk. The gondola
approaches the filming location. Isabella sees a women
coming from behind the large tree trunk walking towards
Aries. She leans over and starts to kiss Aries. Aries
returns the kiss and puts his arms around her. Isabella is
shocked, frozen and weak at the knees. She motions the
driver to continue. The tears are welling in her eyes and
she crouches down as they pass the location so that Aries
does not see her.

In the opposite direction in the distance is Aphrodite
coming towards Isabella in gondola. Aphrodite sees Aries
kissing and women and in the distance sees Isabella in tears
crouching down. Aphrodite and Isabella gondola crosses.



Isabella is in a gondola heading towards the filming
location. She sees the crew in a distance and looks around
for Aries. A big smile brightens her face as she sees Aries
by the crew and new a large tree trunk. The gondola
approaches the filming location. Isabella sees a women
coming from behind the large tree trunk walking towards
Aries. She leans over and starts to kiss Aries. Aries
returns the kiss and puts his arms around her. Isabella is
shocked, frozen and weak at the knees. She motions the
driver to continue. The tears are welling in her eyes and
she crouches down as they pass the location so that Aries
does not see her.

In the opposite direction in the distance is Angeliki coming
towards Isabella in gondola. Angeliki also sees Aries
kissing and women and in the distance sees Isabella in tears
crouching down. Angeliki and Isabella gondola crosses.
      (shouting over to
       the gondola)
What are you doing here?
I was called at the last minute to
come and be an extra in the movie.
I cant believe what I just
saw...don't cry yet...maybe it is
not what you think. I will find
out and call you.
I am staying at Cipriani.
Isabella heads back towards the hotel and Angeliki heads to
where the crew is.
      (motioning to the
Stop here..stop here at the
Isabella pays the driver and jumps out of the Gondola
towards the bridge.
Isabella is wandering aimlessly across the bridge. Her eyes
are wet but she is holding back the tears. Isabella stops to
take a breath and leans over the railing. Under the bridge
is passing a gondola with a couple kissing. She sees the


couple and Isabella sees the mans face as Aries kissing a
women. She turns her face. When the gondola passes it is
clear that it is not Aries.

She turns her head to look around and sees another couple
kissing. She takes a deep breath because he looked like
Aries as well kissing a women. She turns around again to
leave the bridge and sees five young people with masks on
the faces. Isabella gets scared and runs.

Isabella is wondering around the town feeling very
threatened heading towards Piazza san Marco. Isabella runs
through a group of pigeons which fly up to the air scared.
She continues through a small road to a canal.
Isabella enters the bridge of the canal and she meets up
with the five young people with masks. Isabella’s knees our
week and she is scared.
Please take out the masks, I want
.. I need to see reality…I need to
see you without the masks trapping
your expressions.

The five young people look around at each other. One young
person takes the masks and the others follow…under the masks
there appear other masks.
Aries is sitting next to Angeliki at the bar looking very
depressed. Angeliki is trying to comfort him.
      (in agony)
Have you heard anything from her?
Are you sure she is staying at
this hotel?


Yes I am sure. She took a
suite..ordered caviar, champagne,
roses..candles..music..she was
planning a special night with you.
She said she was not coming. Then
she shows up without even calling.
This is a surprise alright but not
a pleasant one. She should have
called. I need my privacy too you
Please...put your ego away. This
is not Isabellas fault. She should
take blame for surprising you and
trying to make a wonderful evening
for the both of you?
No its not her fault..i mean she
is american.
What is that suppossed to mean?
You know americans..so open..so
spontaneous..they do not allow
time to pass. They do what they
want at the spur of the moment.
They do not take anything serious.
Look at their knowledge of
history, culture .. geography.
They do not know what to
appreciate. All they appreciate is
working and making money. Don't
they know there is more out of
life than this. They drive
everywhere..not even taking time
to walk and enjoy the moments of
peace. They wake early in the
morning and eat early in the
evening. When they are sleeping we
are eating. When they are eating
in the morning, we are sleeping.
What a society.
Oh..ok she saw you kissing a women
became upset but this is an
american thing? A greek women


                       ANGELIKI (cont'd)
would have acted the same..and
even worse, at least Isabella
walked away. A greek women would
have taken your life away.
So she saw me kissing a women..so
what? I am a man..not a saint.
This is Greece, the country of
love. Anway..we were just
rehearsing a scene. she is being
overly dramatic as usual
You greek men..do you know the
meaning of being faithful to
someone? You know love is a game
in greece. you know it is a
challenge between two lovers..but
Isabella..well she is
different..she is naive..she does
not know the games.
Faithful is a word discovered by
women. Women who should not really
have any say. It is the man who
works and brings home the money.
It is the man who is strong. The
man who is the conqueror. And
Isabella naive? I don't think so.
She is so clever. She is
manipulating me. That is what she
is doing. She is playing the same
game. She understands for me..it
is different to be in love, it is
different to love and it is
different to be fucked. There is
an order to these things.
Oh now you are the man..a
philosopher..a god...thank
goodness Isabella saw early enough
your true character. What a man
she is in love with... and
hopefully in time she will
overpass her feelings for you.


I do not want her to overpass her
feelings for me. I just want to
remain friends.
You are so egotistical. You think
she thinks you are only friends.
YOu know full well that there is
not friends between men and women.
No .. stop..i mean i like her. I
really do I am just not ready for
a relationship at this time. i
told her this..the night we first
made love.
Look aries...you must be sincere
to her. If you really like her..if
you adore her..go after her but
make sure she understands about
your view on relationship. I do
not think she understands.
Aries jumps up off the bar stool and leaves the bar.
Angeliki takes out her cell phone and dials the number of
      (to herself as the
       phone is ringing)
Give me a break Isabella .. answer
the phone.
The voice mail of Isabella comes on. Angeliki closes the
phone abruptly without leaving a message.
Cupid is sitting down with his hands in his face. He is
squirming on the seat. Diogenes is above him pointing to him
You see .. that is what he always
creates. a relationship of hell.
With no responsibility he orders
the people to love the wrong
person and transforms their life
into a living hell.


And what do you want me to do? You
want me to gather the millions of
people and investigate each one
to see which one matches?

You do not have the right to
condemn and cause incurable pain
to innocent hearts. You do not
have the right to destroy a life
with one of your ridiculous
arrows. You are dangerous and your
arrows are lethal to the heart.
This capability to make people
suffer one of the most agonizing
pain… must be taken away.
And I am telling you that this is
a temporary situation. Their love
is strong and it will overcome
this. THey will be happy again.
Ok..ok..we said we would give this
time. There is no reason to argue
but I must say Cupid..this is not
looking so good for you.
Cupid looks down at his hands and the camera fades into the
next scene.
From the tower of Serbia, Isabella is standing without
expression looking at the sun reflecting off the river.
There is no noise, no music .. just silence. A group of
tourists passes her heading to the tower. Isabella does not
see them pass and from the noise of the people that passes
through. Then birds start chirp-ping and we hear the
thoughts of Isabella.
      (out loud)
I am once again trapped in my own
choices and once again I believe
that running away will resolve my
mistakes. I keep repeating my
mistakes from marrying the wrong


                       ISABELLA (cont'd)
person, choosing the wrong way of
living and now….. Choosing a wrong
person to be in love with.
A couple approaches laughing, holding hands and kissing.
Isabella takes a moment to watch.
      (out loud)
Oh..God...How can so many people
be so happy …? Living with joy
every minute….and I... I am always
falling apart…living moments of
unhappiness and anguish… I am
loosing myself in the imagination
of my mind. I cant even go back to
Greece...I cant go back to Venice
where he is.. i cant go back to
america...i am lost in my
existence...i am lost...
The camera turns to the birds who fly away over the river.
Isabella collapses in the chair in the lobby. She looks
around and is relieved not to see any loving couples...just
businessman talking and doing deals. She sighs from despair.
The manager of the hotel approaches her.
                       HYATT MANAGER
I am sorry to disturb you mrs but
you look lost..you look so sad.
Are you ok? Can i help you with
Actually I am feeling a little
weak. I think it is something I
ate. Would you mind helping me up
to my room?
The manager acknowledges and starts walking Isabella to the
                       HYATT MANAGER
Shall I call a doctor for you?
All of a sudden Isabella stops. She is startled by a large
bouquet of flowers pushed in front of her face. Isabella
pushes her hand towards the flowers taking them out of her


way. Pushing the flowers away from her…she is startled again
to see a face. It was the face of Aries.
Can I offer you these flowers and
ask you to forgive me for my
HOw did you find me?
The manager looks over at Isabella who seemed to recover
quickly. He smiles and walks away.
You think I would let you
disappear from my life. You think
I would not turn over every leaf
to find you.
YOu must have such an ego to think
you are so irresistible that
coming here with flowers would
change my mind or you are just
plain stupid.
I must have gotten stupid. this is
the first time in my life I am
running after a women. I am
stupid..yes..i am stupid for
causing you pain.I am..
Are you acting again? Are you
saying this to impress me?
      (grabbing her hand)
I am saying this to express my
feelings to you. So you know how
much I feel for you.
Don't tell me you have feelings.
My understanding is that you only
have instincts..animal instincts.
Can we continue this conversation
somewhere else please. Give me a
chance to explain


Explain..i think that there is no
more to discuss. Everything that
needed to be said was shown in
Venice. I am the fool for not
seeing this earlier.
You are judging me from one kiss.
A kiss does not judge one person
because even the kid of Judah was
taken wrongly.
Aries grabs the arm of Isabella and leads her to the bar. At
first Isabella tries to resist but she looks into Aries eyes
and decides to continue on
Isabella and ARies are sitting at the bar in opposite
chairs. They are both looking depressed and exhausted. They
are in the middle of talking.
And so it is not easy to change
from the one moment to the other
and eliminate things that you were
doing all your life.
You want me to accept that you
continue your bachelor ways..and
do things entirely your way>
I want you to accept me as I am
and my feelings for you. I did not
do anything criminal
Not being able to trust is a
crime. It means there is no
devotion in the relationship
Devotion comes from inspiration
not from force and you inspire me
to have this devotion but it needs
time ot develop more.


I had this devotion from the
beginning. I did not need time to
develop it. I am trying here to do
my best with my life.. I am...
I … I… I… it is always about you.
It is like we are in the board of
directors of one of your companies
and this is a business deal about
what you want from the deal.
Feelings are not deals…..maybe in
America everything is a deal and
it is not about patience,
feelings, and devotion… but here
it is …it is seeing the whole
scenario. You do not feel the
feelings and where the other one
comes from before making your
conclusions and accusations.
so what!!!!!
So what? Greece has a light, has
footsteps from the Goddess
Aphrodite, and we have CUPID as a
God of love. You have a just a
valentine and this is manufactured
by companies to sell flowers and
cards. Don’t you get it? We are
talking about misunderstanding
that arises from different
cultures and beliefs.
The truth is that I am finding is
difficult to follow the way of
life of the Greek people because
really you come from another
So welcome to the planet of the
human beings. People that do not
demand, that do not compromise but
they live through inspiration.
Aries takes the hand of Isabella with tenderness. He leans
down and kisses her hand. He then reaches over to the oil


and puts a drop in the glass of water nearby. He looks into
the glass.
That's it..we have the evil eye.
That is why this happenned.
Isabella looks down into the water very confused. the camera
focuses in on the water and dissolves to the next scene.
The camera fades back into the water and slowly expands to
see a fountain with water pouring out. It turns to a women
walking and focuses on her face dissolving into the next
The camera fades into the face of the women on the sculpture
which has water and tears running down its face. The camera
focuses on one tear and fades into the next scene
The camera fades into the clear water of the ocean in a cove
in Tzia. It expands to show the bright sunny day, the
beautiful quiet beach and in the water a figure is shown
swimming. It is Isabella swimming. The flowing around her>
From under the water Aries comes up in front of her. He hugs
her and kisses her. They both go under the water together
holding hands, kissing and playing.

Isabella and ARies are walking hand and hand through the
lobby like young teenagers in love. They take the elevator
up to the balcony restaurant over looking the city with
views of the Acropolis.
The more you discover Greece..the
more you love about it.


You will never be able to discover
all of Greece because in every
turn there is another surprise.
Just then Aries jumps up when he hears the sounds of music.
He takes Isabellas hand and stands her up. He points to the
Parliament building where there are changes in the guards.
Isabella is pleasantly surprised. A beautiful women walks by
their table and Aries turns his head not to look at her. He
then sees a pot of flowers nears him and picks a flower off
the bush. He hands it to Isabella. Isabella sees him avoid
looking at the women and smiles.
Then Greece is like discovering
What do you mean?
Because you are a surprise. The
moment I think I know you...you do
something to twist my mind and
You have to love the people as
they are and not judge them or
have a quick notion of them. Dont
try to form opinions so quickly.
Dont rush through like. Look at
those people. They have not been
served yet and they are not angry.
They are enjoying their time.
Yes if this was the States...they
would be screaming and yelling for
hteir food.
That's the difference
isabella....we do not rush for
everything because we take time to
enjoy and everything to enjoy is
around us. Think about that. I
will be right back.
Aries gets up to the restroom. As Aries is walking, a group
of girls approach him. They make a circle around him and ask
him for an autograph. Isabella sees this and becomes


jealous. While Aries is signing the papers that they have
for him to sign…a girl leans over and kisses him near the
mouth.Aries is flattered and continues talking to the girl.
Isabella gets very upset and rushes past him.Aries turns
around and tries to stop her but the elevator is in use. He
runs to the balcony and sees her leaving the hotel. He
screams her name but she does not look up. She enters a taxi
and speeds away.
Angeliki and Isabella aer sitting in their theater seats
waiting for the show to start. They are having a heated
You are unbelievable. You have
gone to far.Is it possible to be
jealous over three or four girls
asking for his signature. He is a
famous actor and you can not
forget .. a long time bachelor.
ok..ok..it was my mistake. I was
scared and i did not handle the
situation correctly. What do i do
now..what is the greek way.
It is not a matter of the greek
way Isabella..you must go to him
and apologize and I hope his ego
will let him accept.
I tried to call him but he does
not answer the phone.
I know you Isabella and I know you
did not mean it so...dont get
mad..but i called him and told him
we will be here.
Isabella jumps up and looks around.
      (fixing her hair)
Here..he is coming here.. now...


Sit down..dont look to anxious.
Greek men do not like to be
chased. I do not know if he is
coming. He would not answer me.
Isabella sits back down. The show starts. Isabella is
nervous and is twirling her hair like a little girl. She can
not see in the darkness. She still looks around for a
glimpse. After awhile, she stops looking and watches the
      (whispering to
He is not coming.
Isabella feels a hand on her shoulder and she turns around.
She sees Aries and becomes weak in her knees. Her whole body
starts to fluster. She turns red in the cheeks and proceeds
to stand.
      (whispering to
Do not stand up because I am not
staying. There is a couple things
I would like to say to the lady
right now while I am here. I want
to see her in the eyes when I say
it because these are going to be
my last words.
waht do you mean by that?
The people nearby and shushing them but they continue to
That we do not match. You want a
man with slippers and a remote
control in the hand to watch life
through the television. You need
to find yourself ISabella...
but i am sorry..i realize my


When the sorry’s start in a
relationship…then the passion
evaporates. With you we had
passion and this is what I loved..
but this does not exist anymore.
Isabella starts to cry and all of a sudden the lights turn
on and she is staring into Aries eyes.
Do you hear what I am saying...the
passion is gone.
Aries gets up from his seat and leaves the theater. Isabella
is sitting without moving. She is shocked and surprised. The
camera moves to the lights of the theater...it focuses into
the green light.
From the green light the camera expands into the green of a
vase and then to Isabella who is holding the vase. She is
watching hte light that shines through. Her eyes are swollen
from tears and she is muttering to herself.
      (out loud to
How much art…. Time…effort….needed
to be given in order to make this
vase. How nice are details and the
beauty of the clarity of vase.

She opens the hand and the vase drops from her hands and
shatters as it hits the floor. She bends down and tries to
grab the pieces on the ground in order to put them back
together. Maria enters the room
What are you doing?
I am trying to put the pieces back


Once a glass is broken..it is
never the same not matter how you
put it back together.
What are you doing here?
It is two in the morning. Dejana
was worried about you so she
called me.
worried about what..i..am fine.
You are not fine. You have been in
this house for days. Tomorrow
Angeliki is going to take you to a
therapist. You must go
darling..you must.
Isabella runs to her mother and hugs her.
Oh..mommy..i do not know what to
do. I love him..i love him.
Isabella and Angeliki are sitting in the car talking in
front of a large office building.
Is this the place?
Yes and do not tell me again you
do not want to go.
But i do not think it is
Give me a break Isabella. Is there
any american that does not have a
therapist..come one... so pretend
you are one of them and go there
so you can get Aries out of your
mind....and get your mind back.
Your children are coming shortly.


                       ANGELIKI (cont'd)
School has been finished for weeks
now and they are wondering why
they are not coming. You can not
stop them from coming anymore.
But what will this help.
You are loosing yourself. You are
walking around depressed and
frustrated. Your words are
incoherent. You have lost your
zest..your passion…your smile…and
now I think you lost your mind.
Your mother said that last night
you were breaking a vase. Tomorrow
you might break cars. You are not
seeing yourself loosing control
and destroying yourself?
I have everything under control. I
am just having bad moments.
Everyone has bad moments. I am not
crazy and I delayed the children
coming so I can be prepared for
If you will not go in there for
me..then go in for your children.
Isabella slowly exits the car and enters the building.
Isabella walks into a large room that is completely empty.
There is no carpet, no lighting, and no windows. It looks
like a large ballroom that is completely empty with the
exception of a large white chair and next to it a large
lounge chair. Isabella walks slowly into the room and looks
around in disbelief.

A door that was so flush into the wall that it was invisible
opens up and George, the therapist enters
By getting rid of your things…by
having empty space…you are free.


George walks over to Isabella and kisses her hand.
Finally I have the chance to speak
to you.
I am sorry..have we met before? Do
I know you?
Never mind...just take a seat
Isabella is puzzled but takes a seat in a lounge chair.
George takes a seat in the white chair next to her. The
starkness of the room and the whiteness of the room makes
her feel at peace.
You look around in amazement. Were
you expecting
No..no just....i am cut into
pieces right now so everything is
a little fuzzy and weird to me.
Isabella life is a puzzle. You
have to believe in yourself and
then you will see how the puzzle
of life fits together. For
example, if somebody wants to be
an emperor or a king…it is logical
for his wish not to be fulfilled.
If a young girl has a dream in
which she sees herself being
Madonna or Sara Brightman…can she
be them? You must believe you can
do things..
I do believe. I believe if you
want something bad enough..you can
achieve. It might take time...
Time...patience..that is what you
are missing Isabella. When you
came here you must think of
yourself being reborn> You must


                       GEORGE (cont'd)
think that every day in Greece you
are a day older from birth not
from the thirty something age you
came here as.
How do you know what i need..how
do you know so much about me. I
have not even spoke.
I can read it in you Isabella. You
are like an open book. You are a
scared little girl running away.
Maybe I am..but what am i
suppossed to do...tell me...
try to gather your pieces from the
different areas and put yourself
together. Try to be yourself as
much as you and do not seek your
faults. Try to be you and you will
see that everything will be
better. Stop blaming love and
pitying yourself. I know you will
not understand and believe this
but you are looking for something
to blame…love is not to blame..
your circumstances are from your
past…they are from your
personality that you were born
with. Your disappointment is from
your expectations not from love.

As Rainer Maria Rilke says “ Be
patient toward all that is
unsolved in your heart and try to
love the questions themselves like
locked rooms and like books that
are written in a very foreign
tongue. Do not now seek the
answers, which cannot be given you
because you would not be able to
live them. And the point is, to
live everything. Live the
questions now. Perhaps you will
find them gradually, without
noticing it and live along some
distant day into the answer.


                       GEORGE (cont'd)
That is easy for you to say. My
life is in shambles. I must go
now...i cant stay
Isabella reaches down and takes her purse. George takes her
hand and looks into her eyes.
I am here for you Isabella...I
have been here for you all your
Isabella gathers the rest of her things and starts to leave
the room.
      (turning to george)
I will think about what you said.
I feel better..i really do..not so
desperate. can i call you whenever
I would like?
George acknowledges and hands her a card with all his
numbers on it. ISabella leaves the room.
Diogenes is standing towards Cupid.
Who is this incredible therapist
that twists her with his
philosophy the moral laws and the
balance of feelings. Cupid, you
put him there. He is your
instrument to change the line of
the story. To show that she is not
Please Diogenes..accept the facts
as they are put before you. She is
not that desperate and she will
survive this love situation.
Cupid turns to leave.


I think that this pretty much goes
to prove that even when love turns
sour..everything works out in the
Nemesis stops Cupid from leaving.
You will stay until all the facts
present themselves. This trial is
not over.
Cupid turns around and sits back down.
Luxury studio apartment with view of acropolis. Aries is
naked and rising from the bed. He takes the robe from the
floor and puts it on. Aries turns his head and watches
Isabella sleeping under a pink satin sheet. Aries leaves the
bedroom-Aries enters the big kitchen and movement of a
typical bachelor…he prepares a greek coffee. He takes a loaf
of bread and puts butter on it. He grabs oranges from the
refrigerator and makes orange juice. He takes a silver tray
and puts everything on it. He then takes a piece of paper
and a rose from the flowers and writes down a note to
Isabella.He places the note on the tray next to the rose and
leaves the tray on the table next to Isabella. He walks over
to the window with a cup of coffee in his hand and stares
momentarily at the acropolis. He is upset and in deep
thought. He leaves the cup and goes to the bathroom to get
ready. THe camera focuses back on the silver tray and then
onto the note that says "Darling, I am leaving for work.
call me when you wake. Kisses Aries"
Isabella and Angeliki are walking in the streets of the
Plaka. They stop at a small outdoor cafe and take a seat.
So things have now calmed down. I
have been dying to ask you..what
are your real impressions of
A big bed!!!!


A big bed. I am asking you your
impressions of Greece not the
details of the bed in Aries
I am answering you...its a big
bed. Athens is a big bed. in New
York you go wherever you would
like and nobody turns to see
you..if they do…it is with
discretion. Here in Athens, I feel
that they are undressing me with
their eyes and every man that we
meet, you can see in their eyes
that they want to put you in their
bed. How strange…they do not have
anything else as a first thought
in their mind than to put you in

but since yuo know this..why does
it botehr you..why does it leave
such an impression?
It does not bother me. I must
admit that in the beginning the
attention is flattering but after
awhile you want your peace of
mind, you realize that it is not
you as a person that they are
attracted to but the concept of
putting you in the bed. The idea
of receiving their own pleasure …
like you are a piece of meat that
they are selecting at a butcher
shop .. a piece of meat that they
own. Where is the concept of
liking someone for their mind…for
the passion of making love to
someone because of them as a whole
not just a womens hole to fuck. It
confuses me….it disgusts me…it …



You would prefer to be in the
roads of New York where you
receive no attention and your
desirability goes unnoticed? Or
here, where the desire and passion
are at a peak. Where you are
desired as a women……where you are
made love to passionately.

Do not put it that way. It is not
so black and white.
It is black and white….it is the
greek mentality and the American
mentality…it is the reality of the
differences of the culture. Both
have their pros and cons but one
must accept the mentality of where
one lives.

Isabella is sipping her coffee trying to absorb the concept.
A handsome greek gentleman walks in the room. He sits near
their table and starts the game of the flirt. Isabella
points out the man at the next table to Angeliki.
You see….you see that man over
there. He is staring us. He is
ready to pounce. He is looking at
us with so much desire. What do
you think his next move will be?
Ready to pounce? No…Isabella you
must absorb the greek mentality
and concept in your mind…think….
The greeks they do not rape…they
do not attack…they play of game of
flirting..in Greece we call it
kamaki……there is strategy with
this game of kamaki…one flirts…one
waits…the reaction of the other
determines the next move.
Appreciate this game and you may
appreciate the desire that comes
with it.


so..this guy is waiting for my
next move just as i am waiting for
He is waiting for a sign…a
signal…some body language that
tells him it is ok to approach.
Maybe the big difference in
everything between Greece and the
States is waiting .. the art of
patience…. The timing of strategy.
Isabella looks over to him to see what he is doing. The man
takes this as a sign and smiles…Isabella sees him trying to
light his cigar with a pre-meditated broken lighter. He gets
up from the table and approaches the Isabella.
                       HANDSOME GREEK MAN
Excuse me..I am sorry to bother
you beautiful ladies but may I
have some fire?
      (taking the
       lighter from the
You know that cigars are illegal
to smoke in public places.
                       HANDSOME GREEK MAN
You must be american...this is
Greece- you can smoke it anywhere
and by the way..this is not a
Really..sorry must be my american
stupidity..it looks like a cigar.
                       HANDSOME GREEK MAN
No..its a symbol of manhood from
ancient times...look I will
explain..can i have a seat.


                       HANDSOME GREEK MAN
Touch red ladies...when you say
something at the same time it
means you are going to fight so
you must touch red to avoid this.
Isabella gives him an unwanted stare.
                       HANDSOME GREEK MAN
Ok i can see that you are busy
right now although i do not want
you to loose the wonderful
opportunity of me explaining you
the greek philosophy...the greek
                       HANDSOME GREEK MAN 2
      (approaching the
Excuse me ladies..is this man
bothering you?
actually not..he was just leaving
                       HANDSOME GREEK MAN
yes..she is right. i was just
Handsome man 2 takes the liberty of pulling up a chair.
Isabella is in shock by his arrogance.
                       HANDSOME GREEK MAN 2
      (turning to
You are a foreigner..and a
beautiful one...full of life. You
shine sitting there. I bet he was
trying to explain you greek
philosophy.. he was actually
trying to flirt you but anyway i
am here to explain it to you.
Isabella and Angeliki look at each other in disbelief. They
throw money on the table to pay the bill and walk out.
Big artistic mess of paint on the floor, painting everywhere
just leaned against walls and clothes strewed all over.
Aries is sitting in a chair and Stefanos enters with two
cups of coffee.


are you ever going to clean up
this mess?
Do not worry about it. Just tell
me why you are here...what is the
name of your panic?
Italiano?? hmmmm...
No she is greek american.
And you left her in bed in your
apartment alone? without
I left a note that i was going to
work and she should call me when
she woke. Which...she
has....twenty seven times but i am
not answering.
Oh man...what is going on with
you. Just tell her like you
usually do that you are in love
with another women.
I cant do that..but i can not also
answer the phone..i feel
suffocated with her.
This is very serious my friend.
That means you are afraid of her
and being afraid of her means that
you like her…and liking her and
being afraid means that you are
falling in love with her ...thats
scary stuff!
and they say you have no brains...


Look aries... you have been a
bachelor now for over 40
years...never falling prey but the
times comes when one falls in to
the lionesses den..and that is
what is happening to you. I can
see it all over your face...in
fact, i have never seen you like
this before.
neither have i
well haev you said the L word
are you kidding..no....i like her
but i do not want commitment and
all the shit that goes with it.
What is worse is taht i ran after
her. I ran from Venice to Serbia
and begged for her back..could you
listen this sounds serious..it is
time that i tell you about the
pre-fuck agreement. I have been a
bachelor longer than you and I
know what i am talking about. You
are now in the prime site of
women. You are a bachelor over
forty. the ultimate win for women.
to catch you is a victory. She
will put her claws right into you
and you will not be able to breath
my friend
No..no..i do not think she is like
Well either way...dump her and
next time apply the pre-fuck
agreement. Setting the rules from
the start. We make love whenever
we want. When we do not want..we
do not make anything. We go for
drinking whenever we want…..We go


                       STEFANOS (cont'd)
out whenever we want…we call when
we want…. There is no
attachment..it is a free
relationship and this has to be
what do i do about her? I do not
want to hurt her
Look..you did not say the L word.
If you want set her
straight...bring the story back to
the beginning and then apply the
pre-fuck agreement. Tell her you
were only friends all this time.
yes..this is what i am going to
do. i dont need commitment. i mean
i told her from the beginning.
Aries kisses Stefano on the cheeks goodbye and heads out the
door feeling better.
Isabella and Aries are sitting at the table watching the
sailboats go by. The candles are on the table and the
setting is very romantic but Isabella and Aries are in a
difficult discussion.
So that is why i was alone in the
bedroom this morning when I woke?
I think you have to accept and
appreciate my honesty. I told you
from the beginning that I do not
want a relationship right now.
you never told me this but just to
be clear...you want that we talk
on the telephone whenever you
want, to go out whenever you can
or want, to make love whenever you
feel like it, and that’s all?
because as you say..we are just


                       ISABELLA (cont'd)
yes..darling..ok i am so happy you
ok but in greece if there is no
friendship between men and
women..then what do we call what
we have?
best friends darling...i mean
civilized lovers...something like
You know what we call it in
You are not seeing this
And tell me something …where is
the love or the passion that you
spoke about. The passion you
needed to have a relationship.
Where is the us? Where is the
compromises? When are we going to
share are dreams, our
disappointments .. our happiness.
Where is the being “in love” and
the romance that goes with it.
this is what i want
typical american attitude.
thinking you can have whatever you
want .. whenever you want. you can
not always have what you want
go to hell aries...do you
understand what that means in


Isabella stands up and walks away. She turns around going
back to the table. Aries watches her. She puts her hand into
her bag and grabs a hand full of money…throwing it on the

Isabella..come on...
keep the change you bastard
Isabella is sitting in her room.
There is a line of glasses in
front of her. She drinks the glass
and throws it to crash on the
floor. She does this with each
glass and when they are all
finished, she staggers to the
telephone. Picking up the
telephone, she goes to dial. When
she is about to dial the last
digit, she stops…puts her hand to
her face to hold back the tears.
She turns and grabs the phone. She
dials the number of George but
gets his answering machine.

      (into the phone)
george i need to see you
Isabella slams down the phone and gets dressed to leave.
George is walking around the near empty room looking very
confused and anxious. Isabella walks into the room. She is
pacing. George sits in the chair and watches her.
Its not panic.. its not agony… its
pain. Do you understand this? Do
you know what it is like to have
your thoughts always make pain. To
feel that he is inside your body


                       ISABELLA (cont'd)
and you can not touch him.
      (staring in
       Isabellas eyes)
I know the feeling..i mean .. I
understand you completely but I am
not here to sympathize with you.
There is always in an exit in
every labyrinth. It is difficult
to locate where it is but if we
try hard, we can find it. Are you
willing to try?

      (staring in
       Isabellas eyes)
I know the feeling..i mean .. I
understand you completely but I am
not here to sympathize with you.
There is always in an exit in
every labyrinth. It is difficult
to locate where it is but if we
try hard, we can find it. Are you
willing to try?

what do you think? you think I
want to live this torture?
      (grabbing her hand)
Oh my love, this is something in
Greece we call Kapsuri. It is like
an obsession..there is no american
word to describe it but it
overtakes you. Your children are
arriving in a couple days. Go on
vacation with them. Try to get
back your life with them. Go out
with them. Escape to some where
wonderful with them. Enjoy them
like you used to. Try to get back
into your life. Can you do that?


My children
..yes...i...well...what about
aries...what about our love....
Isabella..he is a bachelor..a true
bachelor..there is no way of
getting him. Your life with him
will lead no-where...just
continual roller coaster rides. He
is afraid of commitment. He told
you that time in time again in
many different ways. he showed
that to you..you must try to
accept this.
I will try but i do not think i
will ever love again..i will never
get him out of my mind.. thank you
for seeing me in the middle of the
Isabella you need to find the
right man..maybe you have met him
already and you do not see him but
he is out there...your soul
mate..believe me..
Two children holding hands jump off the diving board into
the pool. They swim over to the steps and run happily over
to Isabella who is standing in a crowd and watching. She is
smiling back to them. Through the crowd comes a man carrying
a rose. Isabella smiles thinking it was Aries but at second
look realizes it is not Aries and he proceeds to another

Isabella and the children walk through the park full of
      (talking to her
This situation reminds me of the
pilgrims which were giving stones
and mirrors to the Indians and
getting back gold. That is the way
it happens with divorced couples.


                       ISABELLA (cont'd)
They offer to their children luna
park, toys and water games but in
reality they take away the feeling
of the family.
That’s ancient history
The parents of most of my friends
are divorced and its better that
why is it better?
Because the parents that are not
divorced are always fighting every
day and they are making their
childrens lives a living hell.
watch your language young man...so
in both of your minds..there is no
happily married couples?
only in fairy-tales. I am never
getting married
I will marry but i will marry with
an expiration date.
an expiration date..what on earth
do you mean?
we will have a contract that says
the marriage will end in a certain
period of time...
and what if you are still in love
at the end of that time.
oh..it will have an option to


how innovative
come on mom..we are in the twenty
first century. we are living in
the internet age where everything
is not a reality.
Isabella stops the conversation from shock. She looks down
on her children faces and the camera dissolves.
Minos is talking to Cupid laughing.
Really you have a website?
I do not find this at all funny.
It is very tragic to see the way
the new generation is thinking
about marraige.
Well this is what Cupid creates...
and it is realistic. This is
confirmation that the twenty first
century offers only suffering with
millions of divorces...destroying
families and children
The plastic money, the chase of
the glory and the richness, the
invasion of the television … have
transformed the societies
The humanity passed through many
difficult periods but after the
middle-ages came the Renaissance.
Like after the winter will come
the spring. This continuous
movements are realized only with
love. Without love there will be
internal darkness. I do not want
to talk about me…but I am
suffocating with the adjustments.
Nobody has the right to dispute me
or judge me


everyone should be
judged..including you
You seed what you are harvesting.
If love and in love had a stable
basis they would not fall apart
like a castle of paper with the
first wind.
If there was not something
special in this relationship, we
would not be here. Let us relax
and with a fair mind…we can judge.

Isabella and Maria are in the living room with the children
who have bags in their hands. They pass through the hallway
to the exit.
I do not see the reason why you
insist on taking the children to
the village.
they just got here..they need me.
No you need them. you are a mess.
you need to stay alone to get
yourself together. During this
time, I hope a miracle happens and
you stop acting like a fool.
Anyway it will give the children a
chance to see their roots.
Maria and the children leave the house. Isabella kisses the
children goodbye. Isabella walks outside to the garden.
Isabella is walking through the garden of a labyrinth of
flowers at her house. Isabella is feeling trapped like she
is in a labyrinth and can not find her way out of the maze.
In the shadow of the corners of the roads, she feels that
there is a shadow of agony following her. Isabella speeds up


her steps but with no results. After running and running,
she falls to the ground. While she is on the ground, she
covers her ears because she feels the voice of Aries coming
from everywhere

                       ARIES (vo)
Wherever you go, whatever you do,
whatever you feel, whatever oyu
see… from me you will never escape
because my existence is your
Isabella gets up from the ground and starts running from the
garden. She heads for her car.
Isabella is driving down the national road. She is talking
on the cell phone to Angeliki.
      (into phone)
There is no way Aphrodite to stay
in the house alone. Where do I go?
At Napflio? I did not remember
that you had a house there. Are
you sure that I will not bother
Ok don’t yell to me .. I am
The car of Isabella arrives to the outskirts of Napflio
driving along the sea side. Isabella drives up to the square
very quickly. With her speed and reckless driving, she hits
a car that is going the opposite direction. Isabella sits a
minute to realize what happens then gets out of the car. At
the same time, the driver of the car she hits, Jean Paul,
gets out of his car. He approaches Isabella and speaks. She
is looking at the damaged car and is not paying attention to
Jean Paul
I am sorry.. My mind was
distracted. This is my first time
here and I was not paying
attention. I am sorry…I am


                       JEAN PAUL
      (interrupting and
       touching Isabella
I am sorry because I caused you
trouble and I will take care fo
your car. Let me introduce myself.
My name is Jean Paul Fonay.
nice to meet you..but should we
call the police.i mean i am new in
greece and..i am not sure what we
                       JEAN PAUL
dont worry i am a lawyer
Jean Paul reaches down to her hand. Takes it in his and
kisses her hand. Isabella looks up and sees the young,
masculine, handsome and charming Jean Paul.

Everybody here in Napflio is so
understanding like you..or what?
                       JEAN PAUL
Actually i am not from here but
this is easy to find out so I will
propose that we go some where more
peaceful to exchange what we need
for the accident and we find out
over lunch how nice the people are
here. Would it be rude of me to
ask your name.
My name is Isabella.
                       JEAN PAUL
A beautiful name for a beautiful
girl. ok Isabella..let's move the
cars and go for lunch.
Isabella and Jean Paul move the cars. They walk away from
the gathered crowd and proceed talking to a hotel


In the veranda of the bar of the hotel overlooking the
water, Isabella and Jean Paul are drinking their drinks,
talking and writing. Jean Paul closes his pen after writing
his information,.
If one accident makes beautiful
moments with a wonderful man, I
think I will have to make a lot
                       JEAN PAUL
It all depends on us ..how we want
to make beautiful moments.
I tend to disagree with you..from
past experience..it does not only
depend on the person.
                       JEAN PAUL
You will allow me to insist on
this. It depends on us. It is only
us that makes the right choice and
we do not get trapped in terrible
trapped? yes..and how does one
avoid that?
                       JEAN PAUL
Mistakes are like temptations,
there is only one way to avoid
them….. to succumb to them.
and how does one do that?
                       JEAN PAUL
well you are full of questions. Ok
darling, To accept all your five
senses, even if they hurt you,
because you have the power to
overpass them and continue with
the joys of life. Look over there
Isabella turns and sees where he is pointing to. It is
fisherman with their nets. They are pulling in the fish and
every so often stopping to sew the net. The captain is


standing proudly on deck looking at the sea and then to his
fisherman and his proud catch. One man is striking an
octopus to the rocks then he rubs it on the rock and strikes
again. A little further away a young man and women are
The joys of life…yes but the joys
of life are not everywhere. There
is no such simplicity… no such
magic…no such direct contact in
New York. Finally in this country
everything is in love and
everything is done with passion.
Even the most insignificant
transmits erotic energy. How can
these people live with such love.
                       JEAN PAUL
You are bitter..who hurt you? Do
not be fooled. Be careful .. you
must think in the European way…the
greek way…this way. They are not
happy. They are unhappy because
they do not have what they desire
or they accept even if they do not
want to have it.

I do not understand…everyone is
with a smile on the face.
Everything is beautiful here.
                       JEAN PAUL
only on the surface...
The waiter arrives to take the order. He sees the familiar
face of Jean Paul
                       NAFPLION WAITER
Good Evening, Welcome back.
i thought you said you were not
from around here.


                       JEAN PAUL
I am not but i come here quite
frequently to relax and release my
                       JEAN PAUL
      (turning back to
       the waiter)
Nice seeing you again. Tell the
lovely lady here why you are
smiling and are so happy.
                       NAFPLION WAITER
I could not be better. My wife is
once again pregnant with our
seventh child and this time I hope
that it is a boy to take care his
six sisters.
Isabella laughs
                       JEAN PAUL
If it is a boy…I am going to be
the godfather.
                       NAFPLION WAITER
I am honored…what can I offer my
sons godfather?
                       JEAN PAUL
      (pointing to
You can choose whatever you would
like for us. I have everything I
want here.
The waiter smiles and rushes away.
I guess i got my answer about
people around here.
Isabella and Jean Paul eat and talk for hours. The sun
starts to go down.
Isabella and Angeliki are drinking a coffee and talking
It is nice to see you smile again.
You have been talking about him
for hours and his philosophies. I


                       ANGELIKI (cont'd)
she a philosopher?
I do not know if it a philosopher
but I do know that this man is
handsome. He fulfilled me with
warmness and took a weight off my
The cure for Kapsura..replace one
man with another. You are going to
see him again right?
YES what do you think. It has been
a long time for me to feel life
inside me and he gave this to me.
But i must admit..he is not Aries.
Dont mention that name again..now
lets go to the beach.
Isabella and Jean-Paul are preparing to enter the tennis
court that just freed up.
                       JEAN PAUL
      (pointing to the
After you darling, the court has
been freed for my princess.
Oh Jean Paul you are so sweet. I
want to remind you that I have not
played in awhile. Please be easy
on me..have mercy.
                       JEAN PAUL
Darling..in tennis..in love..in
life..i will always be easy..all i
want is your love.
Jean Paul and Isabella walk to the courts and start to play.
A few moments later Aries and Stefano enter the club.


I am going to change..meet me at
the tennis courts.
ok but hurry up.i am anxious to
get rid of this nervous energy i
Stefanos leaves to change and Aries takes a cocktail from
the bar and heads to the courts. He sees Jean Paul and
Isabella playing tennis and starts to sweat. He turns pale.
He gets weak at the knees and he does not know what to do.
All of a sudden, Isabella goes to strike a ball coming at
her. She trips and falls to the ground. Aries freezes for a
second. Jean Paul jumps over the net of the tennis court.
Aries start to go to save Isabella who is crying on the
ground holding her leg. Aries does not notice Jean Paul
until he steps onto the court. He stops and sees Aries
picking her up and carrying her. Aries turns and walks away.
Stefano arrives from changing to see a frightened Aries.
What happened to you? You look
like you have seen a ghost.
not a ghost but an angel..anyway
go to court two..i will meet you
there. I have something i must do
Stefanos heads towards court two. Aries approaches closer to
where Jean Paul and Isabella are playing tennis. He waits
there until Isabella sees him and then heads to his court.
Minos is standing in front of the others with a perplexed
I must admit..i was starting to
see Cupids side and feel good
about Isabella but The moment I
thought that she got over this guy
by loving this new boy, I now
think that she is using him.


I told you Cupid creates disaster.
HIs arrow is invicible.
It seems that there is
consequences to being in love and
it is not so pleasant either.
this is not my responsibility
so who is responsible
The human beings themselves. I
give them the beautiful gift of
emotions, of the passion, of the
pleasure…and what do they do? They
lower the love into their humble
instincts and instead of living
with the divine gift of love, they
are thinking how to possess the

But this is what makes humans so
different and special from other
creatures of nature. The being
together…the sharing of
dreams..the devotion.

As you can figure out, Cupid is
supporting non-existence of family
which is the strongest bond of a
proper society. He wants the joy
to rule and does not want to take
the consequences of his actions.
I did not say that .. I did not
mean that.. I said that human
beings are watching the trees and
loosing the forest.



and you are loosing every bit of
faith we have here...something
better change cupid.
Do not rush to conclusions..we
have not met all the parameters of
love. Be patient.

Isabella and jean Paul enter the restaurant and head to a
romantic table. The other couples in the restaurant look at
the good looking couple. Between the customers of the
restaurant is Aries, Stefanos and a beautiful girl sitting
between them. Isabella passes behind Aries so he did not see
Isn't that your lady over there?
Mrs. Femme Fatal...and who is that
guy she is sitting with. He looks
like a model.
      (spilling his
       drink by accident)
I do not care
then why did you get so nervous
you spilled your drink and you
lost the color in your face.
pleaes do not continue
I will continue because you
believed that only you had the
right to change girlfriends like
your shirts without getting
feelings involved and now you have
feelings for once in your life…and
can see now that the lady you are
in love with has the same right.
If you felt this way, why did you
discuss the pre-fuck agreement
with me? That is only when you


                       STEFANOS (cont'd)
have no real feelings for a lady.
ok..ok..sorry..what do you want me
to say. I am in love with her...
Isabella turns around as if she felt his presence and
watches him leave. As she is being carried in Jean Paul
arms, she can not make a move to go after Aries. She is sad.

                       JEAN PAUL
What is wrong Isabella? Why do you
look so upset all of a sudden.
Because .. I remembered something
that I have been trying to forget.
Can we go? I am not feeling too
Isabella and Jean Paul leave under the watchful eye of
He is a pimp..no competition. He
is too young to be a true
bachelor..unlike me who has so
many women chasing him...hmmmm
They return from the restaurant to the villa of Isabella.
Isabella is more calm. Jean Paul is at the wheel and
Isabella in the passenger seat. The car stops in front of
Isabellas house. Jean Paul leans over to kiss her on the
cheek. Isabella looks at him confused expecting him to giver
her a kiss on the mouth. Jean Paul sees her disappointment.

                       JEAN PAUL
From the very first moment I met
you, I felt beautifully near
you…,.attracted to you but in the
same time I felt you were running
away from something you love…but
it does not seem that you are
successful at this.


I do not love anyone..I do not
love anything..and how can you
understand something like this if
you never flirted me.
                       JEAN PAUL
You know Isabella the worst thing
in a relationship is that the face
you have in your arms is thinking
at that precise moment… another
face. This relationship destroys
your soul and I can not afford it.
That is why I would like that we
remain friends.
Friends..are you gay or something?
I mean all day long men are around
me wanting to have sex with me and
then there is you. You have not
tried anything.
                       JEAN PAUL
I am not gay and there is one
thing I hate is to have something
that does not belong to me….and
you..Isabella are not with me. You
are watching me and you are
thinking of another. You talk to
me and you are comparing me to the
other. In two words….I do not want
to play this game.

So just friends...That is my bad
luck…to find a man and he only
wants me as a friend
Isabella walks away without even saying goodbye. Aries sits
and waits for her to enter the house. As she is walking in
the darkness she sees Aries but think that she is again
thinking back to their times together. When Isabella
realizes that it is really Aries…. she screams from the
shock. Jean Paul hears Isabella’s scream and sees the man
near her. He jumps out of the car and runs toward Isabella.
When he reaches Isabella he sees she is not scared anymore.


                       JEAN PAUL
Darling are you ok? Who is this
Don’t worry just a friend..well an
old friend. GO home … its late. I
will stay here and talk for a
Jean Paul leaves Isabella and drives away. Isabella turns to
You scared me! I did not think you
were real..just a figment of my
imagination. What do you want.
and you disappointed me
how did i disappoint you?
who is that man?
you have no right to ask me
personal questions.
I have the right because we had a
relationship that was very special
as you said we had...now leave me
alone. YOu have caused me enough
we both made mistakes...we both
had pain
what mistakes did i make? i mean i
Aries grabs Isabella and kisses her with passion. Isabella
is trying to squirm away but she is not trying too hard. She
gives up and melts into his arm.


Aries and Isabella are laying naked in the bed. They are
holding each other after just making love.
You never told me about that man.
Who is he?
a friend..
but there is not friendship
Isabella stops his talking by kissing him on the lips.
You know isabella, i always loved
you..from the moment i met you.
you are every mans dream and every
mans desire.
why did you never mention that?
because i was afraid.
so afraid you could not show me
your feelings. afraid of what?
afraid of being denied..of being
how can i reject what gives me
life. what makes my heart beat and
my mind soar.
i was so afraid of all the
responsibilities you come
with..the children.. your
life..supporting you with
everything you deserve.
supporting me..i do not need
supporting .. all i ever wanted
was your love aries..that is all.


                       ISABELLA (cont'd)
my children are mine to raise.. i
can support myself.
you do not understand the greek
mentality yet but its my fault for
not teaching you. in greece, it is
the man who takes over. he is
responsible financially and for
the children, even if they are not
Aries and Isabella start kissing and hugging. Music starts
to play and the camera fades away in their love making.
Cupid is smiling from cheek to cheek ..basking in his glory.
The others are watching him.
Love has no boundaries. It is a
mystery and maybe it is full of
ups and down but the passion of
the ups…far outweigh the downs. As
Rob Cella says….”a relationship is
like a rose, how long it lasts, no
one knows; love can erase an awful
past, love can be yours, you’ll
see at last; to feel that love, it
makes you sigh, to have it leave,
you’d rather die; you hope you
found that special rose, cause you
love and care for the one you
….ok….ok…how about what leo
Buscaglia says ‘Perfect love is
rare indeed- for to be a lover
will require that you continually
have the subtlety of the very
wise, the flexibility of the
child, the sensitivity of the
artist, the understanding of the
philosopher, the acceptance of the
saint, the tolerance of the
scholar and the fortitude of the
certain.” Is that what you expect
from people?


At the touch of love everyone
becomes a poet. This is not over
yet. Let’s continue to see the
outcome…heaven or hell!
Cupid sits gloriously carefully stroking his arrows.
Aries and Isabella are walking together side by side. Four
musicians appear with accordion and guitars. They play a
tango. Aries sweeps Isabella off her feet in a dance under
the full moon and the sound of music. Christopher and
Jessica are following behind and laughing at the funny
Christopher and Jessica are feeding the animals. Aries comes
up behind Jessica pretending with a rubber snake he bought
in his hand and teases her into thinking it was real. She
screams and then realizes it is not real and starts
laughing. Isabella is standing back admiring Aries and the
children together.
Aries, there is ice cream over
there would you like to come and
get some ice cream
I would love to. I will race you
Christopher and Aries race to the ice cream stand. Jessica
and Isabella walk slowly.
He is a nice guy mom. Are you
going to marry him?
I thought you did not believe in
well i guess there is exceptions.


      (smiling happily)
ok silly girl..lets run over there
and get some ice cream.
When Isabella arrives, Aries takes the ice cream and puts
some on her lips and then kisses her.
Not in front of the children
is silly before ridiculous and
after funny?
All of them start to laugh. Up in the trees are two birds in
a nest with their babies chirping away.
Isabella is getting ready to pose. Aries is getting the
camera ready to photograph her and suddenly a beautiful
women walks by and Aries turns to see her. Isabella sees him
and gets upset.
Do you know that it is not polite
when you are escorting a women to
flirt another?
I am sorry but I was not flirting.
She just reminded me of a women
from the past.
I have to admit..you are a very
good liar.
No really she was from serbia. I
will tell you the story.
ok movie man..tell me the lines
from your movie.
No, its real. In the past, the
most friendly country to Greece
was Serbia. I mean if you look
back to the history, you will be


                       ARIES (cont'd)
surprised with the love that
united the two countries…anyhow
when I was born, my parents
brought a girl from Serbia to be
my Nanny.
you had a serbian nanny?
yes the greeks and serbs were
always very close..like brothers
and sisters they say. The most
sweet girl that I have ever seen.
She was very beautiful...tall,
slender with long blonde hair. She
was my nanny until I was twelve
years old and I do remember how
much I loved her and how many
nights when she was gone I dreamed
of her in my sleep. I smelled her
smell and I fell in love.
have you seen her since?
no but isabella there is no reason
to get jelous.
SO is that why you are here so
much to find your first. Is that
why you tell me you are hunting
and you love this country so much.

Isabella, I have told you
everything I am not hiding
anything..so let's go to lunch and
forget this. I will take you to
the best place in belgrade. it is
very popular
Aries and Isabella are sitting in the restaurant. The
violins are playing. Aries is serving red wine to the glass


of Isabella then to his glass. Isabella is trying to catch
the glass but Aries with fast movement takes her hand away
from the glass. He touches her face and turns her face to
watch his. He puts his other hand in the pocket of his
jacket. He takes out her hand and covers the top of her
glass. He takes the glass and offers it to Isabella.
      (with a sly look
       on his face)
Drink your wine, but drink it
because good wine is enjoyed sip
by sip and you never know what joy
it might bring you.
Isabella brings the cup to her lips and realizes that there
is something in the glass of the wine. She puts her finger
in the wine and pulls out a ring.

what is wet with wine makes real
every wish
      (looking at the
       ring in disbelief)
well i have my wish..what is
that these moments with you will
always be in my life...taht you
will always be in my life.
Isabella nods her head. She is speechless. He takes the ring
and places it on her finger. Aries reaches to kiss her and
stops as he looks up to a crazy women, MIMICA, standing at
the table.
Thank goodness you have a fan club
and they saw you coming here. I
was looking for you through the



                       MIMICA (cont'd)
MIMICA, an attractive women, takes a piece of paper out of
her purse. She puts the paper on the table for Aries to see.
The paper was a letter from an obstetrician saying that she
was six months pregnant. Aries looks down at the paper and
turns to Mimica.

And what do i have to do with
Don’t pretend that you do not
know. Four months ago during the
filming, you were telling me
totally different things. Do you
know what this means?
It means when we met…you were with
this women. Wait..this is the
women that I saw you kissing in
Venice. This was……
Aries is speechless and confused.He does not understand what
is going on.
what is she saying Aries? You are
going to the responsible thing and
marry me. You love me… who is this
women anyway? What does she mean
when we met?
Isabella takes off the ring and hands it to Mimica.
The gentleman always recognizes
his child that he creates. He
bought you the ring for your
marriage. It was given to me by
Aries to on to see if it will fit.
We are just friends…there is
nothing more for us.
Congratulations to the both of


Isabella storms out of the restaurant. Aries stands up to
chase her but a crowd has gathered and he can not get past
the crowd.
In the road the reflections of the lights of the many cars.
Isabella runs coming from the depth of the road. She is
breathing heavily and she gets dizzy. She runs to a bridge
overlooking the Danube and she leans over on the edge.
      (screaming to
No..NO..this can not be
Isabella takes off her shoes, climbs on the railing of the
bridge and gets ready to jump.
Cupid is standing in front of Diogenes scratching his head.
why did you wake me from my sleep?
Death...death is what he is
causing..death from desperation of
love. This is his fault.. his
She is not the first nor the last
that is going to commit suicide
from a love that disappoints.
you say that so casually.. we are
talking about a human life.. we
are talking about a mother of
children who will also have to
everything in life has a price.


I did not expect you to be so
I am just saying the truth. Some
people commit suicide because they
owe money but we do not condemn
the banks. Other people commit
suicide because they are sick but
we do not condemn the health. So
why are we condemning love…and
therefore condemn cupid.

so for you..this women is at
Of course life is not just love.
She should have found other
No value is good enough to take
away the dizziness and the
desperation that created by Cupid
and his death arrow. You are a
mischief maker and you know what
it is like to go through
tribulation of love.

Diogenes approaches Nemesis and starts yelling at her.
We should have stopped this. I
told you before. I begged you to
find fault before it goes it to
far. I hope all of you that wanted
to wait will take some flowers to
the grave of the women…and the
murderer cupid will forever feel
the guilt of killing her.

      (turning to
You told me before and I ask you


                       CUPID (cont'd)
to keep your word..you said you
would not make any judgements
until the end.
Isabella is crying. She is ready to jump but is scared so
she keeps stopping. She looks over and sees a couple in the
distance kissing….she gets the courage to jump. As she is
about to jump, two hands grab her. She turns around and see
a gypsy.
Dear lady…what are you about to
do. You have no regrets to defy
the world of your beauty or to
take away your youth?
You people of the city. You
respect everything but your own
lives. Is there, my lady, more
beautiful than to see the sun rise
every morning. That sun is a gift
of God and you are going to loose
the pleasures of seeing it every
Ok go ahead and cry. Crying
cleanses the soul.I do not know
who or what has given you this
suffering but it can not be that
bad to take your own life. Do not
do it. Do not give up your life.
See the sun every morning rise and
say that you will live this day
because each day is your creation.
Do you understand me?

Isabella looks down in the bag and sees masks. She closes
her eyes and sees her children. The tears start to pour. The
camera dissolves.
Isabella and her children are preparing to board a flight to
New York. Aphrodite is dealing with the numerous amount of


luggage from the move. Aphrodite crying and kissing her
friend goodbye. Isabella is shaking and very upset.

I don’t want you to leave. I do
not agree with your running. You
have been running and hiding all
your life. It is time to stop and
face life.
I can not. I can not face this
life. I must leave..I will never
forget your friendship and
although I will never return to
this land….I hope that you will
come visit me. I hope one day you
will understand.
I understand what you are doing …
I just do not agree. We are like
sisters and I feel like I am
loosing my sister.
You will never loose me because I
know what it is like to loose the
one you love and I would never do
that to you.

Isabella takes out the mask from her bag and hands it to
I am leaving… I am leaving this
land of masks. The land where the
tempo is slow to the land of
impatience and speed. The land so
rich with beauty…the sea…the
mountains..the small villages. I
will not forget the restaurants
where the vines twine around the
posts and the grapes that hang
from the vines over your head. The
blooming olive trees and the sun
beaming down as it brings light to
your life.



                       ISABELLA (cont'd)
I am leaving… I am leaving this
land of masks. The land where the
tempo is slow to the land of
impatience and speed. The land so
rich with beauty…the sea…the
mountains..the small villages. I
will not forget the restaurants
where the vines twine around the
posts and the grapes that hang
from the vines over your head. The
blooming olive trees and the sun
beaming down as it brings light to
your life.

oh isabella..it is not that bad
there... in the states...we had
good times there... remember
It is not that it is bad…it is
that it is a different way of
life. Work before pleasure.
Socializing is less important than
making money. It is a land of
self-reliance and a land where
everyone is familiar. We challenge
authority and we use our
boss’first name. Although I will
not miss going to the post office
to pay my bills or standing on the
sidewalk screaming the place where
I am going to a passing taxi full
of people.

Just a different way of life and
to be honest….i just started
adjusting and liking this way of
Maybe one day you will be back.
Just remember the words inscribed
on the ancient temple of Apollo
“Know thyself!”



                       ANGELIKI (cont'd)
Aphrodite and Isabella hug. Isabella goes through security
with the children as Aphrodite watches her dear friend
leave. She turns and walks out of the airport. As she is
walking not paying attention to where she is going…she bumps
into George.

What are you doing here? Why
didn't you help her?
I will help her again when she
She is not going to return. you do
not seem to understand that. what
kind of therapist are you?
You are young and you have not had
the time to live the extreme
passion of love.
Angeliki shakes her head..hands george the mask and leaves
the airport. George stands still and sees Aries in the
corner. He approaches Aries

You still have time to stop her.
If you run quickly you have time
to reach her.
stop who? And for that matter…who
are you? Are you talking to me?
To you..Aries and do not ask me
how I know you but I know more of
you than you can realize. Stop
who? I think you know the answer
to that question. I am the person
who saw into her heart her real
feelings. Only near you she can be


                       GEORGE (cont'd)

That is why she chose to run..to
run away from her happiness.
You made her run away
Maybe … Maybe both of us asked to
be in this situation. Who are you
and how do you know so much about
Isabella…and for that matter about

I am the therapist of the lady
that trusted you. The naive lady
that put her future with your
tomorrow….whose soul was re-born
when she met you and now she is
trying to escape from a
relationship although it gives
meaning to her life. What she is
escaping from is the pain that you
brings because it touches her
You bastard…You are the one that
devised her escape. You caused her
to leave…what kind of therapist
are you. You may know the feelings
of your client but you do not know
my feelings.

It is not about feelings. I
repeat…you did not try to keep
her. If you run you still have the
time to catch her. But in answer
to your response about feelings…I
know about love and I know about
feelings and I know that if you
did not love her..you would not be
here today.


And if I catch what should I say
to her?
For once in your life…you need to
express your feelings. Its that
simple…just tell her how you feel.
She will not believe me…she will
not trust me.
Do you believe?
I do not know what to believe
anymore. I do not know what to
trust. I have many doubts. I have
tried to release her from my heart
and soul without success. There
are times I cant live without her
and there are times when I feel
suffocated and do not want her in
my life.