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Much Too Shy
by kwane jackson (kilameri@netscape.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***1/2
Three life long friends cross paths with the mafia and their their most infamous hit man. Along the way they discover valuable lessons about life, love, love lost and second chances.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



EXTREME CLOSE UP of a redish brown maple leaf. A gust of
wind lifts the maple leaf into the sky that has been painted
auburn by a distant sunset. BLUES MUSIC begins to play and
gradually becomes louder. We follow the leaf as it dances in
the wind and finally lands on the windsheild of a black BMW
with tinted windows.
A handsome well dressed black man in his late twenties sits
behind the wheel of the BMW. This is KEVIN EUBANKS. He's
never had a problem he could'nt solve by flashing a smile.
Banks looks in his rearview and straightens his tie. He
notices a figure approaching his passenger door.
An equally well dressed black man also in his late twenties
opens the BMW's passenger door and gets in. This is PHARAOH
HENDERSON and for him punctuality is scripture. He is
steamed. Pharaoh looks at Banks at the same time turning
down the BLUES MUSIC on the radio.
You're late Banks. You were
supposed to be here an hour ago.
Blow me.
Is everything ready?
Relax. Knox is already in place.
We'll be fine.
We next see the BMW is on the street of an expensive
apartment complex. Several tall MAPLE TREES loom over
Pharaoh and Banks showering colorful leaves on their BMW.
Maple leaves blanket the ground. The BMW's engine starts and
takes off at such a speed that the tires squeel.


We are SOARING above the highway. We see the BMW pass the
majestic ST. LOUIS ARCH. The black BMW roars and tears up
the highway. We FLY to the passengerside window of the BMW.
Pharaoh stares out the passenger window looking toward the
night sky.
We see Pharaoh's profile.
                       BANKS (O.C.)
Pharaoh. You cool?
Yeah. I'm cool.
But he's not. His eyes reveal an obvious anguish, like he
was once told the secret to happiness, but has long since
forgotten. Banks senses the lie.
Hey...What's another name for a
police station?
A pig sty. Get it?
Pharaoh is only mildly amused. Pharaoh stares through the
smudgeless passenger window. A beat.
Cheer up! After tonight, you're
going to be a couple million
dollars richer.
I think Mya's cheating on me.
Banks does not look surprised. Another beat.
I don't even care.
Then what is it?
I had a dream about "her" again.


We suddenly hear a sweet HAUNTING female voice say "I still
love you baby". Banks reaches into the interior pocket of
his jacket and grabs a lighter and a cigarette. Banks lights
the cigarette and inhales. Banks blows blueish gray smoke
through his nostrils.
Shake it off Pharaoh. I need you
tonight alright?
We hover over the highway and watch the BMW drive off into
the night.

We see the street veiw of DA'SALVO'S. Prostitutes and other
low-lifes cross our view of Da'Salvo's.

VARIOUS SHOTS reveal just how run down this area is. The BMW
rounds a corner onto the street in front of Da'Salvo's. The
BMW parks across the street from Da'Salvo's. Pharaoh and
Banks get out of the BMW and cross the street to Da'Salvo's.
We hear two quick BEEPS as Banks sets his car alarm.
                       PROSTITUTE (O.C.)
Hey Daddy, you need a date.
Not tonight Cheryl.
Banks continues walking but not before flashing his best
smile in her direction. They enter Da'Salvo's.
We hear COUNTRY MUSIC. Pharaoh and Banks make their way
through a smoke filled room passing an attractive woman
showing too much clevage. They finally arrive at the bar
where there are several portly barflys seated, casually
lifting there drinks and engaging in conversations. Banks
gets the BARTENDER'S attention.
      (to Bartender)
Bartender! Where's the game?
The BARTENDER is pouring a drink, He points with his index
finger. Pharaoh and Banks take off in the direction of his
gesture. We follow Pharaoh and Banks as they make their way


to the back of Da'Salvo's. Several men arch their necks
watching a televison. From the TELEVISION we HEAR the roar
of a crowd. The men CHEER their team as we pass by. Pharaoh
and Banks finally arrive at the back of Da'Salvo's where
they find a BALD MAN built like a freight train standing by
a brown wooden door. The man is dressed distinctly different
than the rest of the patrons of Da'Salvo's. Pharaoh, Banks,
and the man seem like aliens to the world of Da'Salvo's. The
man holds out his left hand exposing his palm saying
nothing. Banks neatly places two crisp one hundred dollar
bills into the man's hand. The man pockets the cash and
produces from his right hand a hand held METAL DETECTOR.
Banks allows himself to be frisked. The man waves Banks
aside and then stares at Pharaoh. Pharaoh's turn. Pharaoh
steps forward and permits a search. The man is satisfied and
opens the door. Pharaoh walks through followed by Banks.
Pharaoh and Banks walk down a shadowy narrow corridor
leading to the basement.
So far so good.
You won't believe what you are
about to see.
We see an elaborate casino from over the shoulders of
Pharaoh and Banks. It's a luxurious layout. Well dressed men
and women of all nationalities cross the casino carrying
drinks and glasses filled with CHAMPAGNE. We follow Pharaoh
and Banks through the casino. We HEAR an upbeat FRANK
SINATRA hit. Pharaoh and Banks make their way to a window
where a man sits dressed in a white dress shirt with a red
                       WINDOW CLERK
Hi, welcome to Mr.Da'Salvo's
casino night. How many chips will
you need sir?
What's the minimum?
                       WINDOW CLERK
      (still monotone)
Sir, the minimum for the house is
five hundred and each table


      (to clerk)
Here's two-thousand for me and my
friend. No, as a matter of fact
make that four thounsand. I have
an unshakeable habit of winning.
Banks hands the man behind the counter the money and takes
his chips, splitting half with Banks. The man behind the
counter watches with suspicion.
                       WINDOW CLERK
Thank you and enjoy your night.
Moving through the casino Pharaoh and Banks pass the poker

We see a poker table. A man's thin hands shuffle the cards
with amazing speed and accuracy. We see the card dealer is a
slim man with a medium build.

Pharaoh and Banks make conspicous eye contact with the card
dealer. RESUME with Pharaoh and Banks who are seated at a
Black Jack table. Pharaoh and Banks are holding cards and
have a stack of chips in front of them. The dealer is a
small latino man in his thirties.

The camera circles the Black Jack table.
I never thanked you for bringing
my daughter to see me when I was
in the joint. If it wasn't for you
I wouldn't have seen her.
(to dealer)
Hit me.
(to Pharoh)
Wanna know who killed Kennedy?
Frank Sinatra.
Don't talk about Sinatra like
that. That was the coolest white
man to ever walk the earth.
I'm not arguing that.


Where's your evidence?
Try to stay with me here, Sinatra
admires Kennedy and some could be
inclined to speculate played a key
role in getting him elected. Now,
when Kennedy gets elected he shows
his gratitude by letting Frankie
plan the inauguration. But at the
last minute Kennedy tells Sinatra
that his good buddie Sammy Davis
Jr. would not be allowed to attend
due to his recent marrige to this
fine ass european chick.
Get to the part where Frank
Sinatra kills Kennedy.
Well, it is no secret that Frank
Sinatra was well connected with
certain members of the Mafia. In
fact they too played a significant
role in getting Kennedy elected to
the highest office in the land.
They felt snubbed by Kennedy,
Sinatra and the Mob, and then
Kennedy crossed the line. He
fucked Sinatra's girl.
Marilyn Monroe?
I'm glad you are paying attention.
So you think old Frankie knocked
off the president over a woman.
It's always over a woman.
Banks your entire theory is purely
speculatory. Your evidence is
currcumstantial at best. Frankly,
that's the dumbest shit I ever


Yeah, but it'd make a good book.
I'm on.
ANGLE ON a beautiful waitress carrying drinks. Banks stops
the waitress, stares into her eyes, and grabs a drink.
Hey, how are you.
Hey...uh...I'm doing good.
Not giving her a minute to think Banks continues.
That's good. I want you to know
something. Me and my friend here
had a really good time tonight. In
fact I'd like to thank Mr.Da'Salvo
himself. You know, personally.
The waitress has become certain that she is in total awe of
Banks. Banks pulls her closer to him.
Know where he is?
Yes, he's in his office...
The waitress points to a maroon velvet curtain. Another
guard dressed in a neatly cut suit stands in front of the
velvet curtain.
                       WAITRESS (O.C.)
...behind that velvet curtain.
Pharaoh and Banks look at each other at the same time.
Pharaoh begins gathering his chips.
What's your number sweetheart?
You got a pen?
Don't need one.


It's 555-0077.
I'll be in touch.
Banks releases her and heads toward the poker table followed
by Pharaoh. When they arrive the card dealer looks around
nervously. An older man dressed in a tuxedo sits at the
poker table.

The card dealers eyes blink twice clearly communicating a
signal. Pharaoh and Banks take seats at the poker table.
Pharaoh and Banks reach underneath the poker table and
remove twin nine millimeter glocks from under the poker
table. The older man seated at the poker table sees the
                       OLD MAN
      (to dealer)
I think I'll cash out now.
Pharaoh and Banks make their way to the velvet curtain. The
guard standing in front of the curtain has salt and pepper
colored hair but looks quite atheletic.
                       THE GUARD
Woah, woah, woah. Where do you
clowns think you're headed?
We're heading right through that
Pharaoh pulls out his gun and cocks it just as fast.
...or through you, then through
the door, same difference.
                       THE GUARD
You're kidding right? Do you know
who owns this place? He'll have
your heads mailed to your mothers.
Pharaoh and Banks are both holding guns. A curious couple
walks by and notices the guns, they keep walking pretending
not to see. It does'nt pay to see things in their world.


If you're finished cheerleading
we'd really like to see the wizard
                       THE GUARD
It's your funeral pal.
The guard leads Pharaoh and Banks behind the velvet curtain.
The SINATRA MUSIC ends. Pharaoh and Banks follow the guard
down a bright narrow corridor. They arrive at a second door.
Pharaoh frisks the guard and pulls out a thirty eight snub
nose. Pharaoh hands the gun to Banks. The guard knocks on
the office door.
                       MR. DA'SALVO (O.C.)
      (from behind the
Come in.
Pharaoh nods to the guard. The guard opens the door slowly
and enters. Mr. Da'Salvo is seated behind his desk.

The guard walks slowly toward Mr. Da'Salvo. Pharaoh and
Banks slowly move from behind the massive guard, pistols in
hand. On Mr. Da'Salvo's desk is a plate covered with a white
powdery substance. His office is decorative. A tan leather
couch is against the wall covered with matching pillows.
                       MR. DA'SALVO
What is this?
A new angle reveals a busty blonde on her knees behind Mr.
Da'Salvo's desk. The blonde stands up. Banks aims his gun at
the blonde.
Get back down there sweetheart.
That's a good spot for you.
Pharaoh, don't take your gun off
of him.
I got him.
Banks' gun is still on the blonde. The blonde returns to her
original position. She's not happy.
Mr.Da'Salvo. At last we meet.


                       MR. DA'SALVO
Is this business or personal?
Oh it's very fucking personal.
                       MR. DA'SALVO
What's the trouble? I'm sure we
can arrive at a compromise.
Pharaoh finds a white extension cord and begins hog tying
the guard.
      (to guard)
Get down.
      (to Mr. Da'Salvo)
Do you know Curtis Henderson?
                       MR. DA'SALVO
Yeah, the queer that own's
La'Cledes. What about him?
                       PHARAOH (OVERLAPPING)
Hey! Watch your fucking mouth.
Banks is a little shocked at Pharaoh's display of anger.
      (to Mr. Da'Salvo)
Do you see how upset you have made
my cousin? He said fuck. He never
says fuck!
Banks moves closer to Mr.Da'Salvo gun in hand. He's at his
desk now.
You see, that "queer" as you put
it happens to be his father and my
uncle. Three days ago you were
sent to intimidate my uncle into
selling La'Cledes. Right now my
uncle is lying on what may very
well be his death bed. So...
                       MR. DA'SALVO
      (interupting him)
Wait, so is that what this is all


Mr. Da'Salvo stands.
                       MR. DA'SALVO
Look son, I don't know if you are
aware of this or not but this
ain't the first time I've had a
gun waved at me. So if you expect
me to shit my pants and run
scared, you are mistaken. It was
business...if the faggot dies it
was his own cocksmoking fault.
My advise is turn around and get
the fuck out my office. You might
live long enough to bury your
Now Banks is enraged. In one swift movement Banks grabs a
small pillow from the sofa and lunges forward placing the
pillow between his gun and Mr. Da'Salvo's skull.
How about this close? You ever had
one this close...you fucking
pussy? You think you can bluff
your way out of this? Huh? You
better honor the severity of this
Mr.Da'Salvo's cocky demeanor dissolves. It has been replaced
by fear.
                       MR. DA'SALVO
Ok...ok...what can I do for you.
Pharaoh finishes hog tying the guard.
I want the money you colleted from
tonight's game and I want to know
who gave the order.
A long pause.
                       MR. DA'SALVO
How do I know you won't kill me
There are indeed fates worse than
A beat.


                       MR. DA'SALVO
Pull the fuckin trigger.
Banks quickly pulls out a silver ice pick. He points it at
Mr. Da'Salvo's eye.
Just give me a name...I won't kill
Banks presses the ice pick firmly against Mr. Da'Salvo's
closed eye lid. A tiny trickle of blood snakes down Mr.
Da'Salvo's face.
                       MR. DA'SALVO
      (sheer terror)
The money is in the safe. 32
right, 26 left, 12...It was
Vincent Pescarino.
See how easy that was? Don't you
feel better? Doesn't it feel
better to have all that off your
conscience. Now, I'm a man of my
word and I will keep my promise.
Banks tosses the pillow from the couch to Pharaoh. Pharaoh
catches the pillow as he's walking toward Mr. Da'Salvo. Just
as quickly he covers Mr. Da'Salvo's face with the pillow.


Pharaoh points his gun at us and covers our view with the

FADE TO BLACK: (In the darkness we hear a gun shot.)
A blue light appears in the darkness. We hear the soft echo
of a heart beat. We GLIDE towards the light. A woman's
distorted silhouette comes into view. We see a woman's
shirtless back as it reflects the light off her skin. The
blue light adds definition to her lean muscular back. Her
hair touches her shoulders. She gently runs her hands
through her hair and lifts it off her shoulders. She turns
revealing her beautiful profile. A man's hand reaches out to
touch the woman's shoulder. Just as it is about to touch her
shoulder we SMASH CUT TO:


We FLOAT above Pharaoh who violently awakens from his dream.
We see MYA lying next to him. Pharoh rolls out of bed.
We see a painting of a woman lovingly holding her child. It
hangs above his kingsize bed. His bed and rug both share the
pattern of a lion. We GLIDE through Pharaoh's apartment and
see that it is less of an apartment and more of an
accomplished work of art. The furniture seems to have been
delicatley and deliberatly placed into its position by the
hands of a master craftsman. We rejoin Pharaoh in his
Mya, you woke?
Mya doesn't answer. Pharaoh enters his bathroom, lifts the
toilet seat, and urinates. Pharaoh yawns and flushes the
toilet. Pharaoh turns on the water in the shower and then
grabs his tooth brush and toothpaste off his porcelin
bathroom sink and gets in the shower. Inside the shower
Pharaoh brushes his teeth. HIP-HOP music plays while we see
Pharaoh getting dressed in his bedroom. He wears a brown
Hugo Boss suite and tie. We hear an alarm go off. HIP-HOP
music ends. Pharaoh quickly turns off the alarm trying
desperately not to wake up Mya. Too late.
You're already dressed baby?
Yeah, I couldn't sleep.
Mya rolls over facing away from Pharaoh. Pharaoh continues
to tie his tie.
When will you be home?
Around 5:30.
Miss you.
I'll miss you too. Have a good
Pharaoh grabs his wallet and briefcase then exits the


Pharaoh walks through the art museum. We hear CHAMBER MUSIC
as Pharaoh passes several beautiful paintings. The walls of
the museum are ivory. Pharaoh passes people of all ages who
crowd around different works of art. CHAMBOR MUSIC ends as
he stops at MR. HARRIS' door and knocks.
                       MR. HARRIS (O.C.)
Come in.
Mr. Harris stands to greet Pharaoh as he enters his office.
                       MR. HARRIS
Oh I was hoping it was you. How
are you?
Mr. Harris hugs Pharaoh and gives him a couple of comforting
pats on his back.
                       MR. HARRIS
How is Curtis?
He's stable Mr. Harris. He got the
flowers you sent. That was very
nice of you sir.
Mr. Harris takes a seat behind his desk, while Pharaoh sits
across from him.
                       MR. HARRIS
Think nothing of it. It's the
least I can do.
I came by to let you know that I
plan to come back to work
                       MR. HARRIS
Now that is fine news. This place
has'nt been the same without you.
I had Marty cover your spot and
well let's just say he lacks the
confidence you need in a position
of leadership.
Pharaoh stands up and extends his hand.


I'll see you first thing in the
morning Mr. Harris. Again, I
appreciate your patience.
Mr. Harris grips Pharaoh's hand firmly and shakes it.
                       MR. HARRIS
Hey, have you painted anything
No...I told you I was done
                       MR. HARRIS
That would be a shame. But an
artist never stops creating. I
know how badly you wanted your own
I lost my inspiration. See you
Pharaoh turns and exits.

MR. PESCARINO is surrounded by several different species of
stunning flowers. CLOSE UP of Mr. Pescarino's hand prunning
the small white flowers of an orchid. A younger man enters
the greenhouse dressed casually.
Mr. Pescarino... there's someone
here to see you.
Another man enters the greenhouse. We recognize this man as
guard from the casino. Mr. Pescarino takes off his gardening
gloves and prepares to listen.
                       MR. PESCARINO
Well...what is it?
                       THE GUARD
I was there that night at the
casino when those two eggplants
did Salvador Da'Salvo.


                       MR. PESCARINO
                       THE GUARD
They left me alive to give you a
                       MR. PESCARINO
Well, get on with it.
                       THE GUARD
They said "You will never own
                       MR. PESCARINO
      (to Mitch)
Those arrogant bastards. What are
they making over there 55...60
thousand a week?
60 sir, before taxes.
                       MR. PESCARINO
Arrogance...pure and simple. Well,
I don't want to have to clean up
another one of their messes like
at the casino. I think it's time I
seek the help of a professional.
Mitch, do me a favor. Make a call
to Hage.
The mere mention of the name HAGE as set off an alarm in
Sir, are you sure I mean...Hage is
an uncontrolled variable.
                       MR. PESCARINO
Yes, but he's effective. Make it
happen. Let him know I would like
to meet with him here at my home.
Mr. Pescarino turns his attention back to the gaurd.
                       MR. PESCARINO
How could you allow such a lapse
in security?
The gaurd straightens up a looks directly in the eyes of Mr.


                       THE GUARD
I have no excuse sir.
                       MR. PESCARINO
Your family is known for it's
loyalty, bravery, and honor. You
have disappointed not only me but
also your family.
                       THE GUARD
Sir, please allow a gesture to
cement the sincerity of my
Mr. Pescarino nods. The guard grabs the prunning scissors
that lay on the table beside him and uses them to cut off
the index finger of his left hand. He does so without a
                       MR. PESCARINO
Oh my god! What are we Japanese?
Jesus! Have that thing sewn back
on Mitch. And you, bring 5 grand
by my house and this matter will
be settled. Christ! What's the
matter with you?
Here take this.
Mitch hands the guard a handkercheif. The gaurd picks the
severed finger off the ground. Mitch leads the guard out of
the green house. Mr. Pescarino grabs the prunning scissors
and continues his work.
CURTIS HENDERSON lays in his kingsize bed underneath his
Polo linen. He has been badly beaten. His eyes are puffy and
several different shades of purple. His eyes are shut. He
lies peacefully. His graying temples are covered with
bandages. The camera shows that Pharaoh, Banks, and Mya sit
watching Mr. Henderson. Mya's cell phone rings.
Excuse me I have to take this.
Mya exits.
      (to Banks)
See what I mean? She hasn't spoken
on her phone in front of me in


                       PHARAOH (cont'd)
three months.
I don't know man, if she is
cheating she's gotta be the
dumbest broad ever created.
I don't know, maybe I'm just
Even the paronoid have their
                       MR. HENDERSON (O.C.)
I never did like that girl.
Mr. Henderson is awake. His voice is dry and coarse.
Sorry Unc, we did'nt mean to wake
                       MR. HENDERSON
Don't worry about it. I don't like
sleeping so early. It keeps me up
at night.
David went to get some more
supplies from his office.
He's been here all day. It's good
to have a doctor in the family huh
Why won't you go to the hospital
                       MR. HENDERSON
Because hospitals ask too many
questions son.
We hear Pharaoh's cell phone ring. Pharaoh opens his inside
jacket pocket and locates it.


                       KNOX (OVER THE PHONE)
Pharaoh, is Banks with you?
Yeah, why what's up?
                       KNOX (OVER THE PHONE)
We gotta talk.
Sure you got it. Just tell me when
and where?
                       KNOX (OVER THE PHONE)
You remember where I broke my leg
when we were kids, out in the
      (over the phone)
I'll be parked on the side of the
We hear the line disconnect.
Who was that?
That was Knox. He sounded
stressed. He wants us to meet him
right now.
                       MR. HENDERSON
Is everything alright?
Pharaoh rises from his chair, crosses to his father's bed
and kisses his forehead.
Everything is fine.
Bank's stands up and cover's his uncle's hand with his own.
Don't worry Unc, you concentrate
on feeling better.
Mya enters.


Do me a favor and stay with him
until I get back.
I have things to do Raseem. David
will be here soon.
Can you at least stay till David
gets back?
Where you going?
      (to Mya)
None of your business punk!
Mya smiles.
We gotta meet with Knox, we'll be
Pharaoh leans in and kisses Mya on the cheek and exits,
followed by Banks.
Pharaoh and Banks talk inside the plush interior of the BMW.
Pharaoh is driving. We hear BLUES MUSIC playing.
I mean I just don't get it! These
religous fanatics just completely
ignore facts of history. Like
dinosaurs! There is no mention of
dinosaurs in the bible! Then they
try to confuse you by saying
"dinosaurs are mentioned" in the
bible! I've even heard these
morons very proudly and very
erroneously proclaim that man and
dinosaurs exsisted at the same
time together. Like the
Flintstones for crying out loud!
It's nuts! But then you can't
completely trust science either.
O.K. take for instance the Dogon
tribe in West Africa.


In the 1940's four Dogon priests
told French anthropologists that
they were decendants of
extraterrastials. To prove their
claim they stated that the star
system their ancestors originated
from had a star commonly known to
scientists as Sirius.
But the scientists knew that
already, right?
Right! But the preists shocked the
scientists when they told them
that Sirius had a companion star
that was invisible to the human
eye and to their current
technology. Well, fifty years
later they photographed what is
now called Sirius B. A companion
star just like the Dogon preists
O.K. What's your point?
Well, how did an African tribe
know about the existence of the
second star before science?
I don't know. Maybe God's an
alien. I mean by definition he is
an extraterrastrial. Any living
being not born on Earth is an
alien. If God created Earth, then
he could not have been born on
Earth, thereby making him an
Maybe God is a council of all
powerful beings obsessed with love
and creation. That could be why in


                       PHARAOH (cont'd)
the book of Genisis God refers to
himself in plural form when he
decides to make man. He says "let
us make man in our image". Maybe
God isn't a "he" or a "she". Maybe
God should be referred to as
Yeah... But I don't believe in
that superstious bullshit. I think
it holds people back. All that
worship and adoration, and for
what? Are we pets?
The bible says we are all gods
man. Even Jesus said so in John
10;34. Look, I'm not a religous
person either but if religion
keeps you from robbing me, well
then, I'm all for it.
Banks laughs at Pharaoh's philosophy.
Good point college boy? Where the
hell are we?
Pull over. We're here.
A white SEDAN is parked on the side of a barren highway. A
man leans against the SEDAN. We recognize him as the poker
dealer from the casino.
Pharaoh parks the BMW behind Knox's car. BLUES MUSIC ends.
Pharaoh and Banks exit the car and greet Knox. Knox holds a
listening device in his hand for Pharoh and Banks to
I found this in my apartment after
I called you.
What is it?
It's one of the most sophisticated
listening devices I've ever seen.
I don't think they are working


                       KNOX (cont'd)
What makes you say that?
I know what they are capable of.
I've been on the inside. This is
beyond their scope.
So they know it was us, so what?
It gets worse. Word is they've
hired the services of one of the
best professionals money can buy.
His name is Hage and he's fucking
maniacal. He did a 30 year bid for
Thirtey years on a murder? What
year was this?
It had to be before 1980. They
stopped giving good time for
violent crimes.
Right. It was in 79. Before the
state got all "tough on crime". He
was 18. His mom had just bailed
him out of jail for a possesion
case. They went back home and
celebrated his release with a few
beers. According to the report,
his mom got so wasted she passed
out. This guy Hage, reaches under
her nightgown and slid off her
panties. The mom wakes up to her
son fondling her. She slaps him
screaming "No son of mine is going
back inside me". Instead of
sobering up, he killed her and
then raped her.


He's fucking lying man.
I got friends in the police
department. They owed me a favor
and they showed me the reports
Banks, I wouldn't lie about this.
You remember Eddie?
Eddie from Kinloch?
The same. He says once he did a
job with this Hage guy. Supposed
to be a simple double hit, but
Hage ties up the husband and makes
him watch while he rapes his wife.
The husband makes the mistake of
asking if she was o.k. The wife
answers "He's being gentle". Eddie
says that Hage snaps and pummels
the ladies breasts.
Why'd he do that?
Eddie asked the same thing. He
said Hage looks him straight in
the eye and said "To show her who
was in control".
Mr. Pescarino is seated at his desk sipping his cappacino.
We HEAR a knock at the door.
                       MR. PESCARINO
Come in Mitch.
Mitch enters.
Albert Hage is here to see you.
                       MR. PESCARINO
Very good. Show him in.


HAGE walks in dressed in dress pants and a long sleeve dress
shirt. He has cold chiseled features. He is in his late
forties and in excellent condition.
                       MR. PESCARINO
Hage, good to see you have a seat.
I'd rather stand. I don't plan on
staying long.
                       MR. PESCARINO
Not a problem. Mitch, could we
have a second alone?
Certainly sir.
Mitch exits.
                       MR. PESCARINO
I never drink things people offer
me. It's a bad habit in my
                       MR. PESCARINO
In your line of work I'm sure but,
I closed the majority of my deals
with a cappacino. It may be why I
own the number one real estate
company in the state.
I didn't say "in my line of work",
you did. I said in my experience.
I'll remind you it's my experience
you are paying me for not the
                       MR. PESCARINO
Quite right.
Mr. Pescarino opens a drawer behind his desk and pulls out a
flask. He pours the contents of the flask into the


                       MR. PESCARINO
La'Clede's is a goldmine and I
want it. I don't care what you do
to them. Just make sure you have
the deed signed over to me first.
Do you have the items I requested?
                       MR. PESCARINO
That's why you're here. You'll
recieve the second payment after
you have completed your task. You
will be paid the usual way.
Mr. Pescarino opens his desk and pulls out a manila
envelope. He hands the envelope to Hage.
                       MR. PESCARINO
It's all there except the
pictures. We tried but on such
short notice...
It won't matter, I've worked with
less. Thank you for your time Mr.
Pescarino. You will hear from me
every three days or when a mark
has been terminated. Under no
circumstances are you to contact
me from this day forward.
Hage turns and walks to the door.
                       MR. PESCARINO
That's fine but Hage...
Hage opens the door and stops without turning around.
                       MR. PESCARINO
...we'll be watching.
Hage smiles a snarl-like smile and exits.
We see a SERIES OF SHOTS of beautiful painting. We see
Pharoh standing with an old couple in front of a painting.
This piece is from Pablo Picasso.
He is in my opinion, one of the
greatest artists of the 20th
century. It comes from his brief


                       PHARAOH (cont'd)
obsession with the color blue...
Picasso's "Woman with her Hair up". The woman's pose in the
painting resembles the woman's pose in Pharaoh's dream.
...it began in 1901 and lasted
three years. Shorly after that he
became infatuated with the color
RESUME with Pharoh and the couple.
...his famous "Rose Period"
followed. His "Rose Period"
displayed a dynamic contour. The
emphasis was on lateral
displacement. Would you like to
see a couple of examples?
The couple nods and Pharaoh takes the lead. Pharaoh guides
the couple through the museum. Pharoh suddenly stops. The
couple almost bumps into him. Pharoah sees a woman admiring
a painting. We recognize the woman from Pharaoh's dream.
Would you excuse me for a moment.
Pharaoh walks toward the woman. She notices his approach and
smiles softly.
Nevaeh? What...are you doing here?
Pharaoh? I can't believe it's you.
They share an awkward pause.
I...saw on the news your father is
running for mayor. That's
Yeah, it is ...um very exciting.
Do you work here?


Yeah, I've been here about a year
and a half.
Another awkard pause.
Nevaeh, listen I ...
Pharoh don't...
Don't what? Don't miss you?
This is not the place for this
conversation. How can I contact
My cell is 555-1212.
O.k., I promise I will give you a
Nevaeh and Pharaoh embrace for a brief moment. Nevaeh
releases Pharaoh and exits. We see Mr. Harris is standing
shoulder to shoulder with Pharaoh.
                       MR. HARRIS
That's her huh?
                       MR. HARRIS
She's beautiful.
She is.
                       MR. HARRIS
It is so hard to let them go when
they are beautiful. Is it not?
It is.


SOFT JAZZ MUSIC plays throughout a MONTAGE. Pharaoh sits
with his father who is sleeping. We see Pharaoh reading a
book sitting beside his father's bed. Next we see Mr.
Henderson's bedroom. It has become shadowy indicating the
hour has grown late. The sun has gone down and Pharaoh has
pushed together a couple of chairs to make a bed. MUSIC
                       MR. HENDERSON
You'll wake up with a knot in your
neck if you fall asleep that way.
I'm getting use to them.
DAVID enters wearing a white doctor's jacket. A stethscope
hangs from his neck. David walks to the side of Mr.
Henderson's bed and uses the stethoscope to listen to Mr.
Henderson's heart.
                       MR. HENDERSON
Whoah! Where do you keep that
thing in the fridge?
Hush, and be still.
I ran into Neveah today.
                       MR. HENDERSON
And how is my daughter in law?
I don't know. We spoke very
briefly. She says she'll call but
I doubt it.
                       MR. HENDERSON
You really don't know very much
about women do you son? I suppose
that's partly the fault of David
and I.
You were not raised around many


                       MR. HENDERSON
Where did you see her son?
At the museum.
She came by your job?
She acted like she didn't know I
worked there.
                       MR. HENDERSON
She knew son. She has thought
about what could have been
throughout your entire separation.
I remember once, a long time ago,
David and I decided that we no
longer wanted to see one another.
Well, I pretended not to care. I'd
see him and pretend that I didn't.
Eventually, I made the right
choice. Now, some may say our kind
of love is revolting. Some may
even say it's disgusting. There
are those who go even further and
call it deviant. Well, love is
love. It knows no gender, no race
or boundary. I recall a time when
interracial love was unlawful. It
was not even tolerated by the
church. Now, don't get me wrong. I
don't believe in this flaming...
radical...nonsense. In my day you
went to a bar or a dance hall, you
know, discrete. These young kids
now a days want to put their
business out there for anybody to
scrutinize and then become
offended when someone does. But
I've gotten away from the point.
The point is if you want her, do
whatever it takes to get her back
and once you do, don't ever let go
of her. Love her everyday. Such is
A pause.
Me and Banks might have made a


Mr. Henderson and David make eye contact.
Well, I am finished. I think I'll
leave you two alone.
We might have aggravated our
                       MR. HENDERSON
I'm listening.
David exits.
We found the guy.
                       MR. HENDERSON
Pharaoh stares at Mr. Henderson. Then lowers his head.
                       MR. HENDERSON
I warned you. This was all Kevin's
idea wasn't it? He's so damn
No...it wasn't all Banks' idea.
                       MR. HENDERSON
So what have you heard.
They've acquired the services of a
pro. They call him Hage.
                       MR. HENDERSON
You will have to give me some time
to think about this one. I'm not
mad. I just want to protect you. I
don't know what I would do if
anything happened to you.
I'm sorry.
                       MR. HENDERSON
Don't be. I know you did what you
thought was right. I raised you to
follow your heart and I am proud
of you for that. I am only


                       MR. HENDERSON (cont'd)
concerned about your saftey.
That makes two of us.
We see a home decorated with warmth. On the wall is a framed
poster of Malcolm X. Pharaoh and Banks are playing chess.

EXTREME CLOSE UP of Pharaoh moving his knight. We see Knox
seated next to Banks rolling a joint.
Do you believe in destiny Pharaoh?
No. That would mean we're
powerless over our lives.
I do. I think what we do becomes
our character and our character
becomes our destiny.
The reason I ask is because I
called the waitress from the
casino that night. We went out a
couple of times and I think I like
You always like em at first.
Don't listen to him. That's great!
Knox exhales weed smoke through his nostrils.
I believe in destiny because I
think it's our destiny as humans
to live on other planets. The sun
won't shine forever. You should
believe in destiny Pharaoh. Neaveh
believed in fate.
Has she called you yet?


Pharaoh looks shocked.
How did you know I saw Neaveh?
I saw it in my dream last night.
I'm getting better at interpreting
them. That and the fact that you
only lose at chess to Banks when
you are thinking of Neaveh.
Check mate! Pass the smoke.
Wow, yeah I bumped into Neaveh in
the museum the other day.
If you are such a phychic why
have'nt you had a dream about our
friend Hage?
I have.
We're all in deep shit.
We see a stained glass window with the Madonna holding the
baby Christ. Hage sits among a few scattered people praying.
Hage stands up and enters a confession booth.
Bless me Father for I have sinned.
It has been three weeks since my
last confession. I have been
battling an addiction for quite
some time. I have tried many times
to deny myself, but this vice
wrestles me to the ground.
A beat.


Go on my child.
Father...does God speak to you?
He communicates with me through
many outlets.
God speaks to me. I hear his voice
in my head. The first time he
spoke to me I trembled. The
vibration echoed through every
cell of my body. I fell to my
knees and wept.
We have a program here at the
church designed to confront
addiction. They meet every
Wednesday at 9 p.m. if you're
No...I don't like groups. This is
good for me. You know, one on one.
Banks and Knox walk along the sidewalk outside of an herbal
store. A scraggly bum approaches them holding a cup.
What are we looking for?
Amanita Phalloids.
Who's she?
Banks gives Knox a "you are hopless" look.
      (jingling his cup)
Spare some change fellaz?
Both Knox and Banks pass the bum and enter the herbal store
without saying a word.


Amanita phalloids exist inside of
one of the most lethal mushrooms
known to man. Our friend Mr.
Pescarino is a creature of habit.
He loves mushrooms,cappaccino, and
booze. You do the science.
They walk towards the checkout counter.
Pharoh is not in favor of
worsening our situation any
further and frankly neither am I.
Frankly, it's already done.
They reach the counter.
      (to Clerk)
What up? You got what I requested.
Yeah, and it did not come easy. I
had to contact some of my people
on the west coast.
Yeah good...how much?
No charge. But my anniversary is
coming up next week. Can you make
a reservation for me Friday at 9?
Done. Anything and everything on
the house. Let me get an
application please.
The clerk hands Banks an application.
Really? Thanks Mr. Eubanks. Have a
good day and send my best to
Banks and Knox turn and head for the exit.


      (to Knox)
See that? You can bend the
universe to your will if you obey
the key principles of universal
Thanks Morpheus.
Banks and Knox exit.
Banks and Knox pass the same bum. Banks puts the application
into the bum's change cup.
We hear ROCK MUSIC. Hage sits on his couch. An adult film is
on his television. Hage leans foward and snorts cocaine
through both nostrils and leans back again. Hage stares at
the T.V. blankly. The frigid emptiness in his menacing eyes
haunts us.
Pharaoh walks through the museum. A custodian waves at
Pharaoh. Pharaoh waves back and smiles softly. We hear
Pharaoh's cell phone ring.
      (over the phone)
Hey baby?
Hey what's up?
      (over the phone)
What time are you coming home?
I'm not. I'm going to stay with my
dad tonight. I'm sorry.


      (over the phone)
That's o.k. baby. Will I see you
in the morning?
Yes, you will.
      (over the phone)
Alright then. See you tomorrow.
                       MYA (hangs up to)
We are in Pharaohs's apartment. A scantly dressed Mya hangs
up her end. We see a young man with his shirt off standing
near Mya. Mya seductivly walks toward the man, wraps her
arms around him and kisses him deeply.
We are moving through the lavish eatery we see waiters and
elegant patrons crossing us. We navigate through the
restaurant's kitchen and land on Banks. Banks is dressed in
a tux. We follow him through the restaurant where he
fervently greets people with smiles and stops occasionally
to check on tables. The people he encounters smile
enthusiastically. Banks continues through the restaruant and
enters his office closing the door behind him.
Pharaoh is seated in front of a chess board.
Who's move?
I waited for you.
Bank's sits on the other side of the chess board. Pharaoh
makes a move.
Good move.


You nervous?
Nothing makes me nervous. How
about you? You look stressed.
A little bit... but not about
She has'nt called yet.
Not yet.
She will. Hey, I'll give you one
of my most gaurded secrets. You
know how you can tell if a girl
likes you?
Look in her eyes. See, if a girl
likes you her pupils will dialate.
Get outta here.
It's a scientific fact. It's an
involuntary reflex.
It's worth a try. Maybe I am a
little nervous about meeting with
Mr. Pescarino tonight. You sure
this will work?
Relax, it's like I told you, my
cook put in just enough so that in
twelve days he'll suffer from a
massive kidney failure. The man's
in his sixties and drinks like a
It's beautiful.


We see Mya's candlelit silohuette. Erotic moans of pleasure
can be heard along with slow R&B music. An exhausted Mya
lays next to her lover smiling.
That made me thristy. I'll get us
something to drink.
Mya gets out of bed and wraps a robe around her naked body.
We follow Mya through the apartment. She suddenly stops. We
see Hage holding a can of soda in one hand and in the other
a semi-automatic revolver.
Hello Mya...
Mya's half dressed lover stumbles out of the bedroom.
And you must be Raseem Henderson.
Mr. Pescarino is seated at a table with his assistant Mitch.
                       MR. PESCARINO
      (to Mitch)
Can you believe the nerve of these
guys? We've been waiting here for
almost forty minutes.
Not to worry Sir, if all goes well
you will be able to improve the
service here.
Pharaoh and Banks approach their table. Banks' smile is as
big as ever.
Mr. Pescarino! I am so very sorry
to keep you waiting.
                       MR. PESCARINO
Not at all. We were just
discussing how much we enjoyed the
atmosphere here at the famous


Excellent. You know my cousin
      (to Mr. Pescarino)
How do you do?
I'm sure you guys are hungry.
What'll you have? It's on me.
                       MR. PESCARINO
If it's the same to you, I'd
rather get down to business, now
you called and said you were
willing to except my offer.
In due time. Mitch, that's your
name right? You hungry? How about
our shrimp fettuccini alfredo?
That will be fine.
I'll have the same.
You got it.
Banks motions for the waiter. The waiter arrives at their
Hey Gary, could you get us two
shrimp fettuccini alfredo, uh,
veil parmesean for me and
...what'll it be for you Mr.
Mr. Pescarino grabs a menu, glances it over quickly, then...
                       MR. PESCARINO
Fine! I'll have a capaccino and
the linguine in mushroom sauce.


Hage walks to Pharaoh's bedroom. Hage pulls out drawers and
searchs them, looks under the bed, and rummages through the
closet. Hage notices a shoebox at the bottom of the closet.
Hage grabs the box and opens it. The box is filled with
pictures. We see a picture of Pharaoh and his dad, a picture
of Pharaoh, Banks, and Knox, and lastly a picture of Nevaeh.
Hage stares intently focused on the picture of Nevaeh. Hage
walks back to the living room. We see Mya in her bathrobe on
the floor. A puddle of blood circles her head. We see her
lover lying next to her. Hage kneels down next to Mya and
softly strokes her thigh. Suddenly his attention is broken.
Hage quickly stands up and gathers his things. Then we HEAR
it too. SIRENS in the distance become closer. Hage exits the
apartment pictures in hand.
Pharaoh and Banks continue their meeting with Mr. Pescarino
and his assistant. The plates at their elegant table are
mostly empty.
                       MR. PESCARINO
Gentlemen, I think my offer is
more than generous. 250 grand not
a penny more.
Mr. Pescarino La'Cledes is worth
three times that figure and you
know it. And furthermore, my uncle
urged me to have this metting with
you. After his "incident", I have
taken over here at La'Cledes. He
said it would be better if I told
you this in person. La'Cledes is
not for sale. My uncle worked his
ass off to make this business into
a success and he is not about to
hand it over to a fucking bully.
                       MR. PESCARINO
      (controlled anger)
You listen to me you little prick.
I own this town and if I say roll
over, then damn it you roll over
and take the money. Otherwise
people get hurt. I've survived
fires, earthquakes, riots...you
will take the money...or you will
never make another dime in this
town again.


Good-bye Mr. Pescarino.
Mr. Pescarino sizes up Banks then finishes his drink and
stands followed by Mitch. Pharoh's eyes watch Mr. Pescarino
and Mitch leave. We follow Mr. Pescarino and Mitch leaving.
                       MR. PESCARINO
Those son's of bitches are both
Sir, the body count for this move
could get very high. Why would you
pay such a price?
                       MR. PESCARINO
The same reason a presidental
canidate spends 150 million
dollars to get elected to a job
that only pays a couple hundred
thousand a year...to be
I hoped you were going to say, "to
steal it all back."
Nevaeh stares at a picture of her and Pharaoh. They look
very happy together. She looks as if she wants to go back to
that moment, when things made sense. A sudden FLASH takes us
to that day.
We see Pharaoh and Nevaeh just as the flash from a
disposable camera zips across their faces. We then see a man
hand the small camera to Nevaeh and walk away.
      (to man)
Pharaoh and Nevaeh begin walking along a city street hand in
      (to Pharoh)
Hey, is there anything wrong?


No. I just got a lot on my mind.
I want to know what's on your
It's nothing alright?
No. You always do that. Why won't
you let me share your life?
Don't be like that. You are my
Then talk to me.
Pharaoh and Nevaeh stop walking and lean against a building
to talk.
What do you want to know?
Tell me about your mother.
My mother...my mother was a
prostitute. She abandoned me when
I was seven. I can remember she
would leave me alone for days
sometimes. One day she just never
came back. I never met my real
father. I suspect he was a
john...a trick...whatever. I
bounced through a couple of foster
homes, some were good most were
bad. They always treated me
different from their other
children. They even had different
food for me. I was in this one
foster home, they had about six
foster kids. They were pure evil.
Once I watched them beat this kid
half to death. I stayed with them
a couple of months and then when I
was about eight Curtis Henderson
took me in and he and David
eventually adopted me. They love
me and I love them. They are my


                       PHARAOH (cont'd)
God, you poor thing. Thank-you
Pharaoh. I needed to know all of
that. You really do love me huh?
Of course I do. I wanted you and
only you since the day I met you.
Nevaeh moves away from the wall and stands face to face with
I love you too.
Yeah, but what about your parents?
I'm working on it.
ANOTHER FLASH takes us to a home decorated with expensive
taste. We see Nevaeh arguing with an attractive woman in her
forties dressed an a business suit.
I will not allow it Nevaeh.
But Mom, I love him. Why would you
try to sabotage that?
He is not for you. Look at his
background. Look at the unsavory
business tactics of his father.
And the relationship between his
parents goes against everything
your father and I have tried to
teach you.
Gloria tries a softer approach.
Honey, I love you. You're my only
child. I have always done what is
best for you. I don't want to see
you throw that all away.
You don't want to disappoint your


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
mother do you?
Nevaeh's eyes fill with tears.
Next we see Pharaoh and Nevaeh standing underneath a dark
starry sky in a secluded area. Nevaeh is noticably upset.
So you're leaving me? Just like
I'm sorry. It means so much to me
to have the approval of my
parents. I mean if they feel that
it won't work maybe we should
think about it more. There...
      (interupting her)
How long have I loved you? How
long? All the promises? You said
you'd never leave. Never!
I know...
A long pause.
Good-bye Nevaeh.
Pharaoh turns to walk away.
Pharoh wait!
I still love you baby.
We hear her words carry in a haunting echo as Pharaoh turns
and walks away in SLOW MOTION. FLASH ENDS.
Nevaeh picks up the telephone and dials. We hear Pharaoh's
voice on an ansewer machine.


Hello Pharoh, this is Nevaeh. I
would really like to meet with
you. Call me at 555-1001. Bye.
Hage confesses inside a silky black confessional booth.
Do you believe in demons Father?
Yes. I must if I believe in God.
Good. I just want to know who I'm
dealing with. I want to make sure
you're not one of those new age
preists who believe God is all
loving and would never send us to
hell. During the time of Moses God
killed the first born sons of the
Egyptians. Innocent children who
had no knowledge of the politics
that would end their lives. If he
killed them, I'm sure he would
have no reservations sending his
own children to hell. What do you
think he would have done to those
first born Jewish sons if they
hadn't killed their best sheep and
sprawled blood above their
doorsteps? Do you think he
would've really killed them too?
It happened again Father. My
addiction got the best of me. The
demons clouded my judgement. Their
trickery is sometimes too much for
You must resist the powerful urge
to sin. You can renounce your
addiction. No matter what it is,
by not allowing it a place in your
life it will eventually wither.
All things left neglected will
eventually die.


You're right of course. The
problem is I've never been afraid
of anything. Even as a child I
would accept any dare. Nothing
could replace the feeling I would
get from testing fate. It has
always protected me, my
fearlessness. But lately...well
I'm getting older Father, and It's
becoming less neccasary to take
A beat.
Go on.
I read in the bible where a man, I
think it was Jacob, wrestled with
an angel and won and was blessed.
Do you think that it is possible?
All things are possible through
Christ Jesus our lord. But you'd
have to find an angel and
currently they are in short
I think I may have found one.
Hage reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a picture.

We see the picture of Neveah.
Father, do you remember Alan
I do...do you know him?
I work for him in a way. He's
become quite successful in the
field of nanotechnology. It's the
future you know. I'm aware that
you have not seen him since he was
nine, but he remembers you. He
owns a considerable amount the


                       HAGE (cont'd)
tech market. He has paid me a
sizeable amount of coinage to
perform a meager act of revenge.
Hage's hand clenching a silenced gun.
I loved him. He was such a
beautiful child. I know that may
be difficult for you to conceive.
Not at all.
Hage rises and fires his weapon killing the preist.
Nevaeh is sipping a glass of wine.
When did you stop drinking?
Neveah is seated at a romantic table at La'Cledes. The
overhead chandlier emits a passive yellow glow. The table is
candle lit and there are red tulips between Neveah and her
guest. Seated across from her is Pharaoh.
Two years ago.
Oh. Have you worked on any
paintings lately?
I stopped painting.
Oh my god, when?
Two years ago.
Ok, listen if you don't want to be
here we can just call this off
now. I just wanted to see you.


I did'nt say I did not want to be
here. I am just trying to figure
out your angle.
Angle? See, you have serious trust
issues. You don't trust anybody!
I trusted you! I brought you into
my family. I told you things I
never told anybody else besides my
family. I made you my family. You
threw it away. It meant nothing to
Don't say that. It meant
everything to me. I mean...maybe I
have issues too. I felt like if I
didn't leave you my family would
leave me.
What kind of mother forces her
child to choose between her and
You don't understand.
No, I do understand. A woman's
heart is "as inconstant as the
wind." The only two women I have
ever loved both deserted me.
I'm sorry. That's not what tonight
was supposed to be about. I want
to try to be friends again.
We see the entrance to LaCledes. A man in a tan trenchcoat
followed by a woman in a police uniform enter. Stubble hides
the deep laugh lines entrenched in the corners of DETECTIVE
SLOAN'S mouth. Detective Sloan slides a hand into the inside
pocket of his trenchcoat then removes and flashes a badge to
a waiter. The waiter points and the two officers continue
walking. The officers arrive at Nevaeh and Pharaoh's table.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Pharoh Henderson?


                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
I need you to come with me.
What for?
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Your girlfriend has been murdered.
We need to ask you a few
questions. I'm sorry.
What? Mya's dead?
Det.Sloan lights a cigarette. We see the interrogation rooms
drab walls and rusted table. Detective Sloan stands at the
end of a long table. At the other end is Pharaoh. The
dective takes a couple of long pulls on the cigarette
staring a hole through Pharaoh.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
I have to ask. You know, just to
get it out of the way.
Did you do it?
Where's my lawyer?
The detective walks closer to Pharaoh.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
I don't think you did it. That's
what my intuition tells me. But I
think you know something. You
could tell me what you know and be
out of here in an hour. However,
if you want to insist on making
this formal and bringing lawyers
in...then I gotta charge you with
something...it becomes messy. I
just want hear your side of the
story. Where were you last night?
A beat.


                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Let's see, experience has taught
me that in situations like this
the suspect, you, are afraid and
uncertain. You want to cooperate.
That is the road you want to take
right now. Don't make things
harder on yourself. It's not worth
it. Believe me.
Pharaoh who rolls his eyes and stares straight ahead. The
detective places his mouth close to Pharaoh's ear.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Wanna hear a secret tough guy? All
prosecuters fantasize about one
thing. Have any idea what it is?
Sending an innocent man to prison.
See, they want to know if they are
really that good. So good that
they could convince a jury that
you were guilty even if you were
in Toledo at the time. And who do
you think provides them with the
evidence for the hanging or
lynching, whatever you are more
comfortable with?
Fuck you.
The detective grabs Pharaoh by the collar with both hands.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
No fuck you.
An officer enter the interrogation room.
Excuse me Detective Sloan...his
lawyer is here to see him.
Detective Sloan releases Pharoh's collar and straightens his
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Yeah...let him in.
Knox enters dressed in a suit and carrying a breifcase. He
extends his hand to the detective. The detective shakes his


Hi. I'm Nicholas Knox. I'm Mr.
Henderson's attorney. What are the
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
We have'nt charged Mr. Henderson
with anything yet...
      (interrupting him)
Then is my client under arrest?
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
No...I got two dead bodies, one of
which is his girlfriend, and I
find him having dinner with
another woman. I needed some
The only question my client will
answer is "Do you have an alibi"?
And the answer is yes, and it's
air tight. So, if you need to
contact us you can call my office,
here is my card.
Knox hands the detective his business card.
Now, if you will excuse us.
Knox places a hand on Pharaoh's shoulder. Pharaoh stands up
and they walk toward the exit.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
I'll be in touch Mr. Henderson.
Pharaoh and Knox walking out of the police station.
Thanks Knox. The card was a nice
You liked that? Courtesy of my new
printer. It can print 20's and
50's that'll fool a bank.


A new angle shows Nevaeh and David waiting for Pharaoh and
Pharaoh are you o.k.?
Yes sir.
Come here.
David and Pharoh share a warm embrace. David kisses Pharoh's
I was so worried. If anything
happened to you...well, I'm glad
you're o.k. that's all.
I'm o.k.
I love you son.
I love you too.
David lets go of Pharaoh and shakes hands with Knox.
Boy, you could con your way out of
Thanks David. That's nice of you
so say.
      (to Nevaeh.)
I'm surprised to see you here.
I am a little surprised myself.
Pharaoh and Nevaeh walk closer to each other.
What's going on?
Nevaeh hugs Pharaoh.


I don't even know where to begin.
Well, can we get the hell out of
here before these guys get wise to
us? Christ!
Pharaoh is carrying blankets and a pillow. Pharaoh walks to
the couch and begins laying the blankets on the couch.
Neveah enters.
Thanks for letting me sleep here
tonight. I really didn't want to
go back to my apartment tonight.
You don't have to thank me. I
gotta admit I'm a little bit
freaked out by all this as well.
Tommorow I'm going to call Banks
and see if I can stay with him for
a while.
Hey, remember this?
Neveah rushes to her stereo and fumbles through her cd's and
She pulls out a silver cd and puts it in the stereo. We HEAR
the beautiful soulful chords of Stevie Wonder's "MUCH TOO
You sang this to me...the first
time you told me you loved me.
I remember.
Dance with me.


Of you? Absolutely.
Nevaeh grabs Pharaoh's hand and they begin to dance slowly.
When I saw you again that day in
the art museum, it felt like
something has been guiding me to
you. I was too busy trying to
please everyone else to notice it
I dream about you...almost two
nights a week when you first left.
Still happens at least once a
I owe you an explanation.
You don't owe me anything.
I do. I was afraid of you. I have
never been so close to anyone. I
would imagine you leaving me and
I'd have a panic attack. I'd have
trouble breathing. I guess I just
used my parents as an excuse. I
never stopped loving you. If I had
a second chance I'd never leave
you no matter what. Do you think
that could ever happen?
I think it is happening.
All a part of my plan.
You hurt me.


If allowed, I will heal your heart
and spirit and nourish them
Don't say that little smooth
poetry shit if you don't mean it.
Pharaoh look at me. You and I
share one soul. I know you feel
the same way too. I know I fucked
up. But I'm here now. Now is all
we have. So do you want me? As I
am right at this moment?
A beat.
If you leave me again I'll kill
If I'm foolish enough to leave you
twice then I don't deserve to
Pharaoh and Nevaeh stare into each others eyes. They kiss.
We FLOAT above Pharaoh and Neveah.
I re-read the entire Donald Goines
collections since we saw each
other last. I got a chance to
reflect on the sometimes harsh
political poetry of his words. It
made me think of you. I wouldn't
even know who Donald Goines was if
it wasn't for you. Remember Black
Girl Lost? The story of an
orphaned little girl who falls in
love as a teenager with a smart,
articulate, hoodlum. Yeah, that
was my favorite. All they had was
one another. I hated the ending


Well, it is so sad. Her boyfriend
goes on a killing spree to get the
guys who defile her honor and gets
shot. They're held up in a hotel
and the boyfriend dies and since
all these people are dead now she
takes the fall. If they couldn't
live happily ever after they
should have at least died
together. She could've just
grabbed his gun and joined him. It
beats the hell out of losing your
first and only true love.
Pharaoh and Nevaeh stare into each others eyes. We hear
Pharaoh's cell phone ring. He reluctanly answers it.
Banks, it's late ...
Pharaoh rises.
...what...no...oh god...no!
Banks stands in front of a podium giving a eulogy.
I would like to thank you all for
coming today. My uncle would have
been very pleased. My uncle didn't
believe in funerals. He believed
that death was...a natural passage
into the next life. He didn't want
any tears or sad faces.
We see the congragation Banks is addressing. We see Pharaoh,
David, Knox, and Nevaeh all on the front row. Their faces
are somber. Pharaoh is holding hands with Nevaeh.
I want you to keep that in mind as
his partner David and his son
Raseem say a few words. Come on up


Pharaoh and David walk to the pulpit. They hug Banks. Banks
and Pharaoh stand upstage while David speaks.
I could never describe the
terrible loss I feel. So, I have
decided to attempt to convey my
anguish through the words of the
famous Alexander Pushkin of
Russia. He was his favorite black
David opens the breast pocket of his tailor-made suit and
removes a folded peice of paper.
"If I caress a young child,
immedatley I think: farewell; I
will yeild my place to you, for I
must fade while your flower

Each day every hour I habitually
follow in my thoughts, trying to
guess from their number the year
which brings my death

And although to the senless body
it is indifferent wherever it
rots, yet close to my beloved
countryside I still would prefer

And let it be, beside the grove's
vault that young life forever will
be playing, and impartial,
indifferent nature eternally be
shining in beauty."
David's sorrow overcomes him. Gently shouldering his adopted
father, Pharaoh guides David from the podium and hands him
off to Banks.
Hi. I too would like to thank you
all for coming. As you can see my
father did not want to have a
funeral in a chrurch that would
would condemn him to hell for who
he loves. My father was the
kindest...most generous man I have
ever known. He was funny and...he
had the most infectious laugh. I


                       PHARAOH (cont'd)
remember when I was a child, I
would walk through stores with my
parents. Everyone would stare at
me, David, and my father. People
would gasp or shake their heads in
disbelief. One day a guy went so
far as to say something vulgar to
my dad. I was so mad I started
screaming and crying at the same
time. My dad pointed to me and
said, "You just taught my son how
to hate". The man felt so bad he
apologized. My father showed that
guy that all of our prejudices and
hang ups are taught to us. That
was my dad. He would say, "Raseem
never be afraid to be who you
We see Knox sitting in the congregation fighting back tears.
He also taught me that there is no
life or death only sunrises and
sunsets. You see when the sun sets
we can no longer see it but it's
still there. He said everlasting
life is not a fairy tale or a
religous dogma, but the right of
all of God's children. So...the
tears you see are not because my
father is dead. No, I know I will
see you again. I am sad because I
will miss you so much.
Pharaoh retakes his seat next to Nevaeh.
Thank you Seem. Now, in keeping
with the wishes of my uncle, let's
We hear "I'LL BE THERE" by the FOUR TOPS.
We follow Banks as he walks out of the pulpit and grabs an
older black woman's hand.
Dance with me Mama.
The woman smiles and rises from her seat. People begin
rising from their seats and pushing chairs out of the way to
clear a dance floor. Pharaoh dances with Nevaeh. Knox dances


with a pretty little girl. Joy fills the room as they dance
away their pain.
We FLOAT above the room filled with people dancing to the

Hage is watching porn on his television. He grabs his
telephone and dials.
Mr. Pescarino? It's me. No...not
yet but don't worry I'll take care
of it. We'll be in touch.
Hage hangs up the phone. Hage grabs the picture of Nevaeh.
Hage tapes the picture to his television.

Hage smiles.

Pharaoh and Bank's are playing chess. Knox is seen rolling a
joint. They are all silent, concentrating on their
individual tasks. Knox breaks the silence.
I'm leaving town.
Just for a few days. Things are so
hot around here.
When are you leaving?
Where to?
I'd rather not say. Not yet at
least. I'll leave a number.
So, things get hot and you bounce?
Just like that?


I just don't want to die yet
Banks. I mean I'm only twenty six.
I just want to get high and have
fun. I don't see a way I can con
my way out of this. These guys are
out of our league. They're
prepared to do things I am not
comfortable with.
We understand. We'll see you off.
No offense, but I don't want to be
seen with you guys. Not for a
while at least. You two draw
serious heat. I wouldn't make it
out of town.
Sounds like the words of a true
Fuck you Banks.
They go back to their tasks in silence.
We see Nevaeh getting dressed.
Pharaoh are you ready?
Pharoh enters tying his tie.
Almost. I'll be done in a minute.
Don't be nervous. Everything will
be fine. Just be yourself.
I'm not nervous. They already hate
me. How could I be doing any
Nevaeh finishes getting dressed. Phoraoh sits on her bed.


How do I look?
You look good.
Don't worry about my mom, she's
too much of a coward to talk bad
about you to your face but my dad
is another story. Just good?
What? You look ravishing o.k.?
Thanks baby.
You're welcome. Let's go.
We are in on the Campbell's frontdoor. We hear a doorbell.
Gloria Campbell answers the door. On the other side Nevaeh
and Pharaoh stand on the porch smiling. Pharaoh is holding a
bouquet of flowers.
Hi mom. It' so good to see you.
Gloria kisses Nevaeh's cheek.
It's good to see you too honey.
Hello Raseem.
Hi Mrs. Campbell. These are for
Pharaoh hands her the flowers.
They are very beautiful. Thank
you. Come in your father is
waiting for us.


We see Pharaoh, Nevaeh, and the rest of the Campbells are
seated at a magnificent table. Aside from the occasional
soft "klang" of a spoon or fork hitting a plate, there is
total silence.
So mom, how are you going to feel
being a mayor's wife?
Ah...the constant attention...the
servants...the money...I'll make
due somehow.
I have, of course, oganized a body
of students who are getting other
students involved. You know,
getting them registered to vote
and such. Many students say they
will vote for you just so they can
practice sucking up to me, so that
they will be properly prepared
when they enter the real world.
That's very lovely dear.
A beat.
So, Mr. Campbell if you become
mayor what would be the first
thing you'd do?
Mr. Campbell says nothing.
Daddy, Pharaoh asked you a
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
I promised to have dinner with
this loser. I didn't say I would
acknowledge his presence. He's
been arrested on suspicion of
murder. Even if I wanted to be
associated with him, which I
don't, I am running for Mayor. The
election is two months away. A
scandal like this would destroy my


                       MR. CAMPBELL. (cont'd)
That boy is a walking argument
against gay adoption.
Pharaoh rises.
I'm gonna go.
No Pharaoh...wait. Daddy you
Mr. Campbell rises.
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
Maybe you should just go, boy.
Nevaeh call me later.
Pharaoh turns to exit, then stops. He's not finished.
You know Mr. Campbell, with all of
the prejudices our people have
faced in this country and abroad,
I will never understand how we
could turn around and treat people
who are different from us with the
same bigotry.
Pharoh exits. Nevaeh rises.
Why!? Why would you do that?
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
I'm not paying for you to go to
grad school to become involved
with scum like him.
Honey, your father is right.
A beat.
I love him. I would think that
would be important.


Neveah exits.
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
Did I do the right thing?
Gloria Campbell rises and goes to her husband's side.
Of course you did. She's young and
doesn't understand. She's as self
destructive as her father. Good
thing I'm here to tell the two of
you what to do! Where would you
be without me? I think you should
call in a couple of favors and
maybe have our daughter's
rekindled love put out of sight
for a while.
Just until after the election.
Hage is carrying a silenced gun. We follow Hage through
Knox's dimly lit living room. We see pictures of Knox on his
end tables. Hage grabs the door knob to Knox's bedroom. We
see a body sleeping in Knox's bed. Hage aims his gun at the
top of the body. He squeezes off three silenced shots. Hage
walks closer to the body to inspect his work. Hage lifts the
covers off the body.

It's not a body, it's pillows pushed together to look like a
body. There's a note on the pillow. The note reads: I knew
where coming bitch. P.S. Eat me!
Hage pulls the sheets off the bed in disgust.

We see Pharaoh and Banks playing chess.
You been back to your old


No. I'm not feeling it.
You should go Pharaoh. Otherwise,
you'll give yourself a complex or
something. You remember what Uncle
Curtis used to say..."starve your
I remember. I think of all of his
little saying sometimes. Like,
"Work is medicine for poverty".
Yeah, that's exactly what I mean.
He saw life through his heart. I
miss him Pharaoh.
Me too.
Hey, what if I go with you to your
That'd be cool. Thanks.
Guess what? I stopped smoking.
I noticed I haven't seen you with
a cigarette in a while. Good for
you. Stick with it.
Banks makes a chess move.
I want to live long enough to see
my grandkids. People are dying
around me fast enough as it is.
You heard about Pescarino?
Nah, what happened?
You've been so far up Nevaeh's ass
I forgot to tell you.


What? Tell me what?!
It seems yesterday about 4:30p.m.
he complained to family and
friends about a severe belly ache.
We hear TOM PETTY'S "IT'S GOOD TO BE KING". Mr. Pescarino
and Mitch are talking. They appear to be going over business
stratagies. Their words are inaudible but Mr. Pescarino is
obviously in pain.
                       BANKS (V.O.)
His bitch Mitch tries to get him
to drink a remedy...
Mitch enters Pescarino's kitchen. Mitch begins stirring a
glass of alka-selzter. Mitch returns through Pescarino's
office doors extending the glass to Mr. Pescarino. Pescarino
refuses the drink.
                       BANKS (V.O.)
...but he refuses. Instead he
decides to pay a visit to the
porcelin gods...
Mr. Pescarino walks down the hall toward his bathroom. He
enters the bathroom and sits on the toilet. He appears to be
in severe pain.
                       BANKS (V.O.)
...hoping he could deport the pain
inflicting toxins through natural
Mr. Pescarino pulls up his pants and turns around to flush
the toilet.
                       BANKS (V.O.)
...but when he looked in the
toilet it was filled with blood.
We see the toilet filled with blood. Mr. Pescarino is
horrified. He falls to the ground coughing blood and gasping
for breath. Mitch pounds on the bathroom door. Mitch breaks
through the door and runs to Mr. Pescarino's side. Mitch
performs CPR on Mr. Pescarino. It's useless.


CLOSE ON the toliet filled with blood.
I don't even know how I feel about
it. I feel indifferent on the
subject. My uncle is still gone. I
think of Pescarino as the enemy,
but what if...violence...is the
enemy. I mean the shit just goes
around and around. What if we
collectively resolved not to fight
each other?
I'm done Banks. I mean...I knew
when I looked at my dad's face and
how bad they fucked him up. I knew
whoever did it was dead! But now
it's over. I'm a college graduate
for gods sake! I'm running around
Like you're me?
Yeah. No offense.
Well, that's not me anymore!
Good, that means we can just start
over. Maybe I'll come help you
with the restaraunt or something.
I probably no longer have a job.
Business is down the last couple
of weeks with all the bad press.
Pescarino used his resources to
get some nasty articles about us
in a few well read newspapers. But
you know you're more than welcome.
Also you've overlooked one factor
of our equation.


What's that?
We see Hage walking in a crowd. He reaches into his inside
jacket pocket and grabs his cell phone. We hear Mr.
Pescarino's voice on his answering machine. Hage hangs up
his phone slightly annoyed.

We see Hage staring at the picture of Pharaoh, and his dad
standing in front of La'Cledes. Hage lowers the picture and
we see that Hage is standing in front of La'Cledes. Hage
looks both ways, straightens his cloths and enters
Hage enters La'Cledes. Hage turns his head from left to
right soaking in the scene. He walks over to the host's
table where a young attractive girl greets him.
Hi, welcome to La'Cledes. Do you
have a reservation?
No. Is the owner here?
No sir. Mr. Eubanks won't be in
until tomorrow around 4.
Can I make a reservation?
The host grabs a reservation book. Smiling as she flips it
open searching for an open slot.


We have an opening tomorrow at 7.
Would that be o.k.?
That will be excellent. Thank you.
Hage reaches into his pocket and grabs a roll of money. He
quickly peels off a couple of bills and hands them to the
Thank you sir.
We see Pharaoh packing a suitcase in his bedroom.
                       BANKS (O.C.)
Pharoh, do you want to pack your
No. I don't have enough room.
Banks enters with Pharaoh's sketch book in hand. He is
casually flipping through the pages of the sketchbook.
Waste of talent if you ask me.
Well, I didn't.
Can I have this one?
We see a drawing of a guy smoking a joint. The smoke from
the joint has turned into a voluptous nude woman. The
caption reads: "I'm in love with Mary Jane." Pharaoh
inspects the drawing.
I was like, twelve when I drew
that. Go ahead.
We HEAR a knock at the door.
Banks who pulls out a gun. Pharaoh nods at him and moves
toward the front door.


Who is it?
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
It's Detective Sloan. Open up Mr.
Pharaoh reluctantly opens the door. A flood of officers rush
in with guns drawn.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Get down! Now! On the floor, both
of you!
Pharaoh and Banks hit the ground. The officers handcuff
Pharaoh and Banks and then search them.
I got a permit for that bitch!
The officers pick Pharaoh and Banks off the ground.
Detective Sloan walks over to Banks and stops an inch from
his face.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Did you say something?
Let me out of these handcuffs and
maybe you'll hear me better!
                       PHARAOH (O.C.)
Banks chill!
They're here for me. Don't make it
both of us. Let's go Detective.
We see a wide view of Pharaoh's apartment. Detective Sloan
barks orders.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Get these jokers out of here!
Henson and Davis, perimeter
search, I want a report on my desk
by the end of the day!
SLOW MOTION SHOT of the Detective leaving Pharaoh's
apartment. The officers march Pharoh and Banks out in


We see Pharaoh being led to his cell. The guard opens the
cell and Pharaoh walks inside the cell. There are other
inmates of all sizes and colors inside the holding cell.
Pharaoh finds a spot on the floor and calmly lays down. We
see Pharaoh close his eyes.
We see Banks walks very quickly through the kitchen of the
restaraunt to his office.
We see Banks who flies through the door and shuts it. Banks
opens his desk drawer and rummages through it. He grabs a
pair of keys. He walks over to a small safe. Banks opens the
safe using his key. We see stacks of money inside the safe.
We hear a knock at the door.
Not right now.
                       HOST (O.C.)
      (from behind the
Sir, it's me. I have a guest who
would like to meet you.
Banks closes the safe door and reluctantly answers his
office door.
Who is it?
He says his name is Fred Wilson.
I don't know a Fred Wilson. What's
he look like?
He's an older guy. He's kinda cute
for his age.
Look, tell him I'll be out in a


Sure Mr. Eubanks, I'll tell him.
Is everything alright?
Everything is fine. Now, go on.
Banks shuts his office door and puts his keys back in the
drawer. He straightens himself up and exits.
Banks extends his hand to Hage.
Hi. I'm Kevin Eubanks.
Hage smiles and shakes his hand.
It's nice to finally meet you. I
am Fred Wilson. I wanted to
congratulate you personally on the
superb atmosphere you have created
here and the food is simply
Thank you. Are you a food critic
or something?
No, just a fan of food like
That's great. You come back soon
now alright. I'm sorry but I'm
very busy at the moment.
Sorry to hear about your friend
Mr. Pescarino.
He was not my friend. What gave me
Really who the hell thanks the
owner of the place when they get a
good meal? You burp and you
fucking leave.


How very true. Then shall we
Shall we commence? What are you, a
comic book villan? There are at
least seventy people in here. You
going to kill me in front of all
of them? Well, then by all means
Banks turns to walk away. Hage's hand pulls a gun from
behind his back and shoots, but Banks is ready and safely
jumps behind a thick sturdy table that has been knocked over
by the now frantic patrons of La'Cledes. Banks pops up
firing from behind the table.

Hage showcases his agility and avoids being hit, while at
the same time Hage snaps two rounds at Banks. One bullet
hits the upper left portion of Banks' chest.
Banks falls to the ground. People scatter through the
restaurant. Hage walks toward the exit. A woman trying to
get out of the restaraunt bumps into him. Hage pushes the
woman to the ground and countinues out the door.

We see Pharaoh lying on the ground. His eyes are closed and
his hands are folded across his chest. A huge inmate walks
toward Pharaoh. The other inmates watch as he stands over
                       BIG GUY
Hey, did you use my shitter?
Pharoh opens his eyes.
                       BIG GUY
Hey, I said did you use my
The Big Guy lifts his boot and stomps Pharaoh's stomach.
Pharaoh jumps up inspite of the pain.
                       BIG GUY
Nobody uses my shitter.


What are you talkin about you
crazy fuck?
The Big Guy rushes toward Pharaoh. Pharaoh throws three
quick punches that stun the Big Guy. Pharoh quickly raises
his fists above his head and slams them into both of the
man's collar bones breaking them instantly. The Big Guy
falls to the ground. Pharaoh punches the Big Guy several
times in the face. The other inmates scream and cheer the
violence. Guards open the cell and grab Pharaoh who is still
punching the Big Guy. The guards throw Pharaoh to the ground
and handcuff him.
The guards throw Pharaoh into the HOLE and slam the cell
door. Pharaoh stares at the four empty cement walls.
      (to gaurds)
Hey! I don't have anything to
write with. Please! Give me
something to write with.
A long pause.
We hear soft footsteps that stop in front of Pharaoh's cell
door. The gaurd opens the chuckhole and slides a pen and
paper through the hole. Pharaoh grabs the pen and paper and
the chuckhole slams. Pharaoh sits on the ground with his
back against the wall. He begins to cry. He pulls himself
together and stares at the wall. Pharaoh slowly stands up
and walks toward the opposite wall. He takes his pencil and
begins to draw. Slowly at first, then faster and more
We see Pharaoh and Nevaeh holding their respective
telephones looking at each other through a sheet bulletproof
How have you been?
I've been fine. Where's Banks?
I've been trying to contact him.
Pharaoh...Banks was shot.


                       MR. CAMPBELL.
Dear god. Is he o.k.?
He's alive. He's in intensive
You have to get me out of here. I
feel myself being hollowed out.
This place...it's slowly draining
my humanity. I can't sleep. The
gaurds keys constanly jingle
through the night. Doors open and
slam. I don't even have a toilet.
Even a cat has a litter box. I
want to come home with you.
Pharaoh shakes his head.
Baby, I will get you out of here.
Have you seen the papers?
My father has won. He is the new
mayor. It took me an hour and
three cabs to shake his security
which has begun to follow me
around the clock. They still don't
want me to see you but I will talk
to him. I know he can help you.
I can't thank you enough. I need
you more than ever right now. The
hardest part about all of this is
I know you have to leave. I don't
want you to visit me here again.
I'll be in touch. I love you
Nevaeh fights to hold back her tears.
Don't cry baby.
No...you don't understand.
Pharoh... I'm pregnant.


A guard enters and taps Pharoh on the shoulder. Pharaoh is
frozen speechless. Pharoh and Nevaeh stand up. Nevaeh waves
good-bye to Pharoh.

Pharaoh smiles.
Nevaeh is putting a CD into her car stereo. Nevaeh is most
distraught. We hear STEVIE WONDER'S "BLAME IT ON THE SUN".
Nevaeh is opening a letter. Nevaeh sits on her couch to read
the letter.
                       PHARAOH (V.O.)
Dearest Nevaeh. Picasso once said
that art is a lie, that helps us
see the truth. I understand now
more than ever what that means. I
can't explain why we have to face
this challenge. I can only say
that I am glad that I am facing it
with you.
Nevaeh smiles a teary smile.
                       PHARAOH (V.O.)
There are moments when I feel that
hope is for fools. That life is a
pointless ride down a raging river
and we sometimes bang into jagged
rocks for no purpose other than
sheer randomness. It is at those
times that I think of you...and I
endure. Love always...Pharoh.
Nevaeh folds the letter and pulls herself together. She
turns off her lamp and heads toward her bedroom. MUSIC ENDS.
Hage appears from the darkness. He quickly grabs Nevaeh and
covers her mouth.
Did you know your name spelled
backwards is heaven?
Nevaeh is shocked and startled. She clumsily nods "yes" in a
bewildered fashion.
I have been wanting to meet you
since the first time I saw you.
You are an angel. I need your


                       HAGE (cont'd)
help. I have been fighting this
addiction for quite sometime. You
see... I am addicted to cutting
the roots of living creatures...to
drying up the wells of life. The
foul smell of death lures me like
a sweet fragrance. I need you to
strenghthen my will. Do you
Nevaeh shakes her head "no".
You will.
A much scruffier Pharaoh lies on the ground sleeping. His
hair has grown and he needs a shave. We hear his cell door
Henderson, you got a visit.
Pharaoh as he sits down for his visit. David stares at us
holding his end of the phone.
How have you been? You look...
I'm good. How is Banks?
David struggles speak.
David, he's o.k. right?
Banks is fine Pharoh. He's at
Barnes Hospital. His condition is
stable though he isn't awake much.
It's Nevaeh. She's been


                       DAVID (cont'd)
raped...and beaten badly.
Pharaoh's head drops.
I don't know who would do such a
Get me out of here David. Now! Get
me out of here!
Pharaoh slams the phone and exits.

We see the walls of the cell are coverd with sketckings. We
focus on one of Pharaoh's drawing. The backdrop is of a
burning American flag. At the forefront of the drawing is a
four way sign post that reads "Lost". To the left we see
handcuffed hands placed together in the position of prayer.
Pharaoh is lying on the ground. His cell door opens.
Henderson, you made bail.
We see Pharaoh as he exits the jail house. He rounds the
corner and bumps into Knox.
What's up Seem? Sorry I'm late.
Pharaoh and Knox embrace. They walk to Knox's car. A woman
sits in the front seat.
Pharoh, this is Margret. She saved
my life in a poker game con that
went wrong. Long story short, I
think we're in love.
Pharaoh extends his hand.
Nice to meet you.


MARGRET grabs Pharaoh's hand and turns it over fiercely
studying his palm.
You must be deeply in love. Your
love line is thicker than any
other I've seen.
Margret slowly turns Pharaoh's hand back to it's orginal
position. She shake's Pharaoh's hand.
It's very nice to meet you. I've
heard a lot about you.
Is she great or what?
You guys are perfect for each
other. Take me to Banks and then
to find Nevaeh.
Hage waves to two small children who happily wave back.
Behind him we see the red and blue lights from a carnival
ride whirling through the night air. A crowd full of smiles
walks behind Hage. Hage is on his cell phone.
It's Hage. One down, two to go.
      (over the phone)
Mr. Hage this is Mitch. Mr.
Pescarino is dead. Your assignment
has been cancelled. Our real
estate company will no longer deal
with people like you. You shall be
paid in full by the usual means.
You did not hire me and you know
my rule. Once it begins it never
ends. Don't you want to fulfill
the last venture of your employer?
Would it matter?


Then you have been answered.
We hear the line disconnect. He hangs up his phone and
disappears into the crowd.
Margret is rolling a joint. Knox drives while Pharaoh shaves
his beard with an electric razor.
I did some investigating while I
was gone. Remember when I told you
and Banks about the listening
device I found in my house and how
I did not think they were working
Yeah, what'd you find out?
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
I found out that the device is
used by organizations like the
F.B.I. or the secret service when
they want to listen in on a nut
case who wants to kill the
president, or a governer or a
A mayor. Are you saying...
Yeah, turns out if you are a
serious canidate for mayor, you
can request a team of secret
service men in case someone wanted
to take you out before election
But how did Pescarino end up with
Guess who was a major contributor
to Mayor Campbell's election? It's
a classic case of one hand washing
the other?


                       KNOX (cont'd)
Margret, are you growing and
harvesting that weed or what?
Here honey.
Margret hands Knox the joint. He takes a couple puffs on it
then exhales. Gray smoke slips along his face.
All this time this guy has been
criticizing me and my father.
Judging us and he has his hand
stuck in the toliet too. Fucking
There is no greater community of
theives and husslers than
Didn't Mark Twain say that?
How the fuck should I know?
Thank-you Knox. And thank-you for
getting me out of jail.
I didn't. Banks did.
Banks? How?
I sold the restaurant.
Inside Banks' hospital room Pharaoh stands over Banks' bed.
The room is a bland white color as is Banks' bed and sheets.
Knox is seated in a chair with Margret in his lap.
You sold La'Clede's?


What was I supposed to do... leave
you in jail?
Yeah, what was he supposed to do?
Just be happy you are out, you
I'm happy to be alive. You know
it's funny. I usually consider
myself an atheist, but the first
thought that ran through my mind
was "Please God don't let me die
without seeing my baby grow up".
Can you beleive that? God...talk
about your conditioned responses.
Then I thought to myself "I can't
possibly live through this." Then
I got mad. I think that anger
carried me. It helped me pull my
thoughts together. I said to
myself, "It's not my day to die.
Not like this". I'm going to die
old and fat somewhere where it
nevers snows next to a Brazillian
chick half my age.
We're going to find this guy!
Pharaoh, you gotta wait on me. I
can't let that guy get away with
shooting me. Wait till I heal and
then pay him a visit and get out
of town. Half that money from the
restaurant is yours. We could take
that and start over...do something
bigger and better.
I have to finish this now Banks.
You know that.
You are the most stubborn,
pigheaded, tunnel visioned person
I have ever known. You always have
to have the last word...that's why
you are my best friend.


David enters holding TASHA.
There's my baby. Bring her to me.
David hands Tasha to Banks. Tasha wraps her tiny arms around
Banks neck.
I'm here baby. Daddy's here.
(then to them)
This is what it's all about. Right
here in my arms...could you guys
leave me and Pharaoh alone for a
second? David, take Tasha for a
David takes Tasha in his arms. Everyone exits leaving
Pharaoh and Banks alone.
Pharaoh...I need to tell you
something about Mya before she
passed we...
I owe you an apology.
Who's stoping you?
I'm sorry.
You don't get to choose your
family. We are still a family?
You bet we are cousin. You get
that bastard and you be safe.
The reflection in the windshield from the city lights passes
over Pharaoh Knox's faces. They are all silent and in deep


Pharaoh and Knox approach the front desk. A NURSE is sitting
at the desk reading a magazine.
Hi, we are here to see Nevaeh
Are you family members?
Yes, we are.
Even him?
Yeah him too.
One moment sir.
The nurse stands up and walks away from her desk.
No offense, but let's not take all
day here. You know hospitals make
me nervous. They remind me of when
I lost my virginity to that slut
who burnt me.
Relax, we'll be in and out.
The nurse returns to the desk.
I'm sorry but, Ms. Campbell's
family has left instructions that
only her parents Mr. and Mrs.
Campbell will be allowed to visit
Look, I'm her boyfriend. She's
carrying my baby. She was
attacked...I have to know if she's
o.k. Miss.
Pharaoh is holding a folded hundred dollar bill. He slides
the bill toward the nurse.


Can you help me?
The nurse looks from left to right then takes the money and
slides it between her right breast and her bra.
She's in room 214, but only you
alright? Be quick.
You go ahead, I'll be waiting in
the car with Margret.
Pharaoh nods his head. They shake hands. Knox exits.
Pharaoh enters the hallway. A secret service agent is asleep
in front of Nevaeh's room. Pharaoh quietly slips past the
Pharaoh slowly turns the knob and enters Nevaeh's room.
Pharaoh sees Nevaeh and walks to her side.

Nevaeh's top lip is cut and her right cheek is bruised.
Pharaoh's hand reaches out slowly to touch Nevaeh's
unbruised cheek.

We are in Nevaeh's apartment. Nevaeh struggles with Hage.
She breaks free and tries to run. Hage grabs her wrist and
slaps her. She falls to the ground. Hage stands over her
breathing heavily. Then he kneels down out of the view of
the camera.

Nevaeh eyes flutter open.
Hey, there.
Hey baby. I knew you'd be here
sooner or later.


How are you?
I'm o.k. but the baby...the
Nevaeh's forehead wrinkles into a frown and her eyes fill
with tears.
Shhh. The important thing is that
you are alright.
I wanted to have your baby so
bad...more than anything in the
My mother came by earlier. She
stayed for a while...my father
hasn't come to see me once. Can
you believe that? I try...so hard
to please them. But I always come
second. I think the reason he his
so hard on families like yours is
because he's deflecting attention
from his own family's
shortcomings! My family is so
screwed up.
I'm just glad you are here with
me. When David told me he had bad
news I thought...I thought you
were dead.
I wished I was.
Don't say that. Don't ever say
Pharaoh runs his fingers through her hair then kisses her
I'm going to find him.
I know. I won't bother to try to
talk you out of it. I want to
leave this place. It's so


                       NEVAEH (cont'd)
depressing. Everybody is sick or
hurt. It's bringing me down. Get
me out of here.
Pharaoh pokes his head out of Nevaeh's room. The guard is
still fast asleep. He looks both ways then quickly ducks
back into the room. Seconds later a nurse walks by Nevaeh's
room. The nurse sees the sleeping gaurd and shakes her head
in disbelief. Once the nurse passes by Nevaeh's room Pharaoh
walks out holding hands with Nevaeh who is wearing a
trenchcoat and sunglasses. Pharaoh's other hand is holding a
suitcase. They dart across the hallway to a stairway exit.

Pharaoh places Nevaeh's suitcase in the trunk of Knox's car.
Pharaoh opens the car door for Nevaeh. Nevaeh looks deeply
into Pharaoh's eyes.
I was too young when I made this
promise before...but...I will
never leave you again.
Nevaeh softly kisses Pharoh's lips and gets in the car.
Pharaoh shuts the door behind her.
Mitch sits behind Mr. Pescarino's desk working. There's a
knock at his door.
I left your money on the coffee
table Rosolita.
Another knock at the door.
      (to himself)
I specifically asked not to be
Mitch walks to the office door and opens it. No one is on
the other side. Mitch closes the door and walks to the desk.
Mitch opens his bottom drawer revealing a revolver. Mitch
grabs the revolver and stands in front of the door. Another
knock. Mitch squeezes off two quick shots then quickly opens


the door. No one. Mitch walks outside of the office into the
dimly lit hallway. Mitch cautiously proceeds down the
shadowy hallway.
Mitch continues down the hallway.
If it's you let's put down the
guns and talk.
Pharaoh emerges from the darkness.
How do I find him?
Let's put the guns down and talk.
      (much louder)
How do I find him?
Ok. See, I'm putting my gun down.
Mitch slowly lowers his gun and places it on the ground.
See, I'm unarmed. Put the gun
down. Let's sit and talk.
Pharaoh lowers his weapon.
He lives in Maryland Heights.
13802 Calista way.
He just told you his address?
We had him followed of course. Our
best guys. Always have. He's too
fucking unpredictable. I like how
you dealt with Mr. Pescarino. It
was pretty smart. Fooled the
coroner. I never liked his
decision to go after your
property. His motives were more
vested in predjudice than logic.


                       MITCH (cont'd)
He hated gays.
We hear a knock at the door.
Who is that? Answer it slowly!
Mitch answers the door slowly. A man enters.
Ah! It's Bill.
Pharaoh points his gun at the new man.
Bill it's ok. Pharaoh, Bill is my
Pharaoh lowers his gun.
I hope you find who you're looking
for Pharaoh. You have my assurance
that this company will not be
bothering you or your family in
the future. Good luck to you.
Good luck to you.
We see Pharaoh. He is staring at a home in middle class
suburbia. Margret is holding Nevaeh's hand. Knox grabs his
phone and dails a number.
Still no answer.
Then we'll wait.
How long do we have to wait?
Until he gets here Knox.
A beat.


Well, I'm hungry.
Is anybody else hungry?
I'm a little hungry.
Knox and Margret have food. A black Cadillac pulls into the
drive-way of Hage's house. Hage gets out and runs his hand
through his hair.
Nevaeh is that him?
Yeah, that's him.
Knox, once he gets in the house
you know what to do.
I'm on it.
Knox is standing at Hage's front door. He is wearing a suite
jacket and is holding a bible. He knocks on the door.
Hage has set up an ironing board and is ironing a shirt when
we hear another knock. Hage seems very surprised. He
releases the iron and slowly reaches for his gun. Hage holds
the gun behind his back. Hage walks to his front door and
opens it. On the other side is Knox.
Hi, I am James Peterson and have
to ask you the most important
question you'll ever answer.


Have you accepted Jesus as your
lord and savior?
Yes, I have. Now, fuck off!
Hage slams the door and walks back to his ironing board. He
resumes ironing his shirt. Then we HEAR another knock at the
door. Hage slams his iron down on the ironing board and
again grabs his gun and walks to his door and opens it.
Pharoh kicks the door into Hage's face just as he opens it.
Hage is knocked off balance. Pharaoh fires two shots. Hage
is hit in the chest.

Hage flies backwards from the impact of the bullets. Hage
manages to fire a shot. The bullet lands in Pharaoh's

In one fluid motion Pharoh grabs Hage's iron and smashes it
into Hage's face. Hage howls in pain. Pharaoh begins to bash
Hage's head in using the iron. The soft squishy thud can be
heard repeatedly. Hage's face is covered in blood and a deep
gash has formed in Hage's head. Pharaoh continues to beat
Hage with the iron. Nevaeh's hand gently slides onto
Pharaoh's shoulder.
That's enough.
Pharoah reluctantly stops. Hage slowly turns toward Nevaeh.
I'm sorry.
Don't fucking speak to her!
Pharaoh shoots Hage in the chest. Hage stares at the ceiling
vacantly. Pharaoh tries to stand up but nearly falls. Nevaeh
catches him just in time. Pharaoh is leaning on Nevaeh she
walks him back to Knox's car. Pharaoh has bled all over
himself as well as Nevaeh.
What happened?
He's been shot.


We see Knox and Nevaeh helping Pharaoh into the passenger
seat of Nevaeh's car.
Get him to a hospital Nevaeh.
He refuses to go.
Why Pharaoh? Why won't you go to
the hospital?
Because hospitals ask too many
questions. Get out of here. I'll
see you later. Go!
Knox reluctanly closes Pharaoh's car door and runs to his
car where Margret waits for him in the passenger seat.
Nevaeh starts her car.

From Nevaeh's car we can see a MOTEL sign that reads:
I'm going to get us a room. We'll
call David from here. I'll be
right back baby.
Nevaeh get out of the car and walks to the lobby of the
      (to clerk)
I need a room for two. You can put
it on this.
Neveah hands the clerk her credit card.



Mr. Campbell stares out his office window. Det. Sloan
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
We got her. She used her credit
card at a motel on east 25th
street. We're going now.
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
I'm going with you.
Nevaeh is on her cell phone. Pharaoh lies on the bed.
Ok David. Hurry, he doesn't look
We see Pharaohs's gun. Nevaeh comes out of the bathroom with
towels. She walks over to Pharaoh and replaces blood soaked
towels with fresh ones.
I'm cold.
Neveah strips down to her bra and panties then grabs a
blanket. She gets under the cover with Pharaoh and lies on
top of him covering both Pharaoh and herself with the
blanket. Nevaeh kisses Phaaroh.
Hold on.
We see several police cars pulling into the parking lot of
the motel. Det. Sloan steps out of one of the cars. We see
Mr. Campbell opening and exiting one of the cars followed by
Mrs. Campbell. Det. Sloan grabs a bullhorn from one of the
We hear sirens outside of the room. Nevaeh and Pharaoh
hardly notice.


I'm sorry I got you into this.
Mr. Campbell walks over to Det. Sloan. The parking lot has
become filled with police cars.
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
I want my daughter out of there
right now!
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Mr. Mayor, with all due respect
let me do my job.
Det. Sloan turns on his mega-phone.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Pharoh Henderson, if you are in
there, I want you to come out
slowly with your hands up.
There will never be another man
for me. I worship you. You are the
author of my soul...of my love. I
won't let you leave me. Do you
hear me? I won't let you leave me.
Not again.
SEVERAL SHOTS of officers taking postitions outside of the
motel with guns drawn. Mrs. Campbell snatches the bullhorn
from Det. Sloan.
Nevaeh...honey we know you're in
there. We want you to come out of
that room so that we can put this
entire ugly affair behind us. Can
you hear me Nevaeh? Honey, come
out of there.
Gloria Campbell becomes visibly upset.
Nevaeh, you're my only child. You
have always made me proud...


Nevaeh continues to stare into Pharaoh's eyes.
      (over the bullhorn)
...maybe I should have told you
that more often. If you come out
of there I promise I won't let a
day go by without telling you just
how much you mean to me.
Gloria begins to cry. She snaps out of it. She becomes
furious at her emotional breakdown.
Nevaeh come out of there damn it!
He's not worth all of this!
The moment Nevaeh hears those words she jumps up and grabs
Pharaoh's gun from the nightstand. She pulls the trigger
twice in the direction of the window shattering the glass.
The entire crowd ducks from the sound of the shots at the
same time as if on cue. We see Nevaeh from the outside of
the motel room window. Her bra and panties are covered in
Pharaoh's blood. She hold's Pharaoh's gun at her side. Mrs.
Campbell is astonished at her daughters behavior and drops
the bullhorn. Then she walks to the arms of her husband.
Det. Sloan picks up the bullhorn. He walks over to Mr.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
I can't imagine how your daughter
is mixed up in all of this, but I
do know that we are going to have
to go in soon. My guys don't like
being shot at.
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
Well then you give explicit orders
that my daughter is not to be
harmed you son of a bitch. If she
so much as stubs her toe, I will
have any and every officer
involved spend the rest of their
lives in a hole. I will then
personally make sure that live


                       MR. CAMPBELL. (cont'd)
rats are provided as your
breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Calm down Mr. Mayor. We're on the
same team. But I gotta assume,
since she just took a shot at us,
that she's in on it too. That
being the case, she will be
treated like any other person who
takes a shot at an officer.
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
You're dancing through a mine
field. Watch your step Detective.
Nevaeh walks back to the night stand and replaces the gun.
She retakes her posistion on top of Pharaoh.
I'm dying Nevaeh.
Don't say that baby. Maybe we
could just give up. My father
could probably get you a great
attorney. Maybe even a reduced
sentence. Should we give up?
I'd rather be dead.
Please don't say that baby.
Pharaoh begins coughing blood.
Don't let me pass out.
I'll try. Baby...Baby!
Nevaeh is crying. Pharaoh appears to be fading.
I think every bad thing that
happened to me gave me the courage
to do what I did for you. Somebody
somewhere knew I was going to need


                       PHARAOH (cont'd)
an extra amount of strength.
Don't talk baby. Rest.
I would have been good to you.
I know.
Pharaoh's eyes close. She senses that they may not have much
time together, every moment more precious as the seconds
tick. Nevaeh leans close to Pharaoh's ear. She begins
singing the lyrics to "Much Too Shy" softly.
You made me smile...you made me
sing..you made me feel good
through everything...
We see several armed officers running to the motel room led
by Detective Sloan.
Pharaoh doesn't look well.
...and I can't go on this
way...feeling stronger
everyday...I've been too shy to
say...that I really love you.
Nevaeh looks at Pharaoh. Pharaoh's eyes stare up at her
blankly. He's gone. She calmly wipes the tears from her
I pray I gave you peace in your
last moments.
Det. Sloan gives orders to his men with silent hand


                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
On three. One...
Nevaeh kisses Pharaoh's lips. Then she gently closes his
eyes. She then grabs Pharoh's gun from the night stand. She
pops the clip from the bottom of the gun. A golden bullet
rests at the top of the clip. Satisfied, she slides the clip
back into the gun.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Nevaeh aims the gun at the left temple of her head.

We see her finger as it squeezes the trigger. We HEAR the
blast from the gun.
Det. Sloan kicks the motel room door in, gun aimed stiffly
in front of him.

We see Nevaeh lying on top of Pharaoh in an eternal embrace.
Her blood has mixed with Pharaoh's blood on both the pillows
and the sheets. Det. Sloan lowers his gun and shakes his
head in disbelief. He exits the motel room. Other officers
are walking in and out of the motel room. Mr. and Mrs.
Campbell slowly walk towards Det. Sloan. Mrs. Campbell looks
into the eyes of Det. Sloan and begins to scream.
My baby...my only baby!
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
I'll see to it you will never work
as a detective in this state
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
I tried!
Detective Sloan removes his badge and throws it to the
ground then walks to his car. He gets in and drives away. We
HOVER over the motel parking lot. AMBULANCES with lights
flashing begin to pull into the parking lot of the motel.



Banks is walking through a graveyard blanketed with fallen
leaves. He walks with a cane. He is holding hands with his
daughter. The wind blows the multi-colored leaves free from
the trees. Banks guides his child to a grave and stops. The
grave reads "Pharaoh and Nevaeh Henderson."

We see Mr. Campbell approaching. He is trailed by a three
man security team. He signals to them to stay back. They
obey. Mr. Campbell stands beside Banks.
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
Hello. You gave her his last name.
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
Yeah. That was her mother's idea.
She says that Nevaeh would have
wanted it.
Thank you for coming. Mrs.
Campbell...she needs time and I
didn't want to come alone. I know
what your friend did for my little
girl. I want you to know that if
you had anything to do with what
happened to the guy...that hurt my
little girl...I will encourage the
District Attorney's office to let
this whole bloody mess lay to
rest. I would have liked to thank
your friend.
He didn't do it for you. I guess
we're going to leave now, I'm sure
you have people to spy on and
funds to misappropriate.
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
It this your girl?
Yeah, her name's Tasha.
Mr. Campbell admires the girl's bright young face.
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
Where's her mother?


It's just me and her for a while.
We're going out of town...maybe
stay with my friend and his
                       MR. CAMPBELL.
Hold on to one another.
Mr. Campbell turns and walks towards his security. Moments
later a sleek black limo pulls up and whisks the mayor away.
We hear SOFT MUSIC. Banks and Tasha walk hand in hand to his
BMW. They get in and drive away. We see golden-green leaves
falling from the swaying trees to the ground below.


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From Ronald Ford III Date 4/7/2011 ****
I'm just realizing how long ago this script was written...Anyhow...I like it. "My favorte script on this website." As far as characters and plot concerns, it's good. However, the presentation isn't all that, but I imagine you know that by now.

From Vinath Xayavong Date 1/5/2011 0 stars
Try to limit your action and description lines to 3-4 lines at the most. From the feedback I read the plot was good, but honestly I couldn't get past the first paragragh. I didn't read any dialogue. I want to know what the cahraters are doing. What the characters are feeling and and thinking will never be translated to film without actual action or dialogue. You can say that the character feels confident on paper, but how are you gonna let the audience know without action. Broaden your overall picture, you can do anything with your script. Have him look at his reflection and smile or fix his tie, or have an atractive woman walk by him and smile. Maybe I'm wrong, it seems everyone else liked it.

From Kodey Tuttle Date 11/17/2010 ****
Brilliant, loved it.

From jeanne davis Date 7/12/2010 ***1/2
Love how you visually tell the story in rich dialogue. Thought that the script developed the story well and the characters were well rounded and lively. You were able to relate to the depth of the characters through personality and dialogue as wella s interaction with other characters. Loved the overall story!

From Theresa Date 5/6/2010 ****
Kwane Jackson is a name that I expect to see in the movie business. You are an artist! I love how well you paint the picture with your descriptions and your dialogue. Don't think small! Don't think, well, "we gotta start somewhere" when you start sending out your script. Skip the side shows and go for the gusto with this one! Think how quickly can I get this script into the right hands. Keep up the good work!

From Nolan Date 9/3/2009 ****
I love how you paint a scene, visually. It's alot like a book in that sense. Good job.

From Preston Matlock Date 8/2/2009 ****
I've only read a bit of the script so far, but I love it. Very realistic dialogue. Great script.

From Ruth Blailock Date 4/9/2009 ****
On pg.3 view is spelled wrong. ^_^ Excellent script.

From Martin Mihal Date 10/15/2008 ****
Amazing! this is hands down my favorite script as of yet. I love dark gangster movies, and this has the potential to be a memorable one! It has all the elements to be a cult hit, as long as it is the right production and cast is put together (no shortcuts). I want to pop this in the DVD player ASAP! ***p.s. the email address of the Kwane Jackson does'nt work. does anyone know how to contact this writer?? if so, email me.

From ralph keefer Date 9/6/2008 ****
This needs to be a movie. I love it.. I would see it time and time again!

From jacobb Date 3/7/2008 ****
Excellent work.

From Jason Whitmore Date 3/5/2008 ****
This rocks! Man script buddy keeps me up late at night reading all this wonderful talent.

From matt Date 8/19/2006 ****
This is a pretty bad ass script. Banks and Seem remind of me Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction which is amazing for someone to develop Tarentino characters. That takes talent which you have. I am currently working on my Script Black Heart and if you have any advice i would greatly appreciate it. Darkhunter7070@yahoo.com is my email addy. Keep in touch i cant wait to read more of your work

From Dylan Date 7/20/2006 ***1/2
Exceot the consistency of the directions a great base film

From AYO Date 5/26/2006 ****

From AYO Date 5/24/2006 **
Interesting!!! Based on the characters' personality traits as well as the music choice...I know this is you!!! Good to see that you are using your creative juices productively. Congrats and best of luck!

From Kool Kid Date 4/14/2006 0 stars
The main reason was that the characters were bland and i cant see it on screen.

From tim Kruse Date 3/29/2006 ****
You might want to get away from using camera directions. Unless you're also the director of photography.

From Yohence Strayhorn Date 3/18/2006 ****
Kwane I love what you are doing Im your boy Yohence the Illmatik I know that we havent seen or heard a lot from each other in awhile but, I want you to know I`m proud of you. I Love You forever A.D.C. for life. put it on T.V. so I can see it. peace.

From heather worthy Date 3/18/2006 ****
kwane, Your script was great! You did it, I can't believe you made it. You were always talented, and now the whole world can see what the rest of us have known for years. I hope you continue to follow your dreams. You are a true inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work and I hope to read more of your work really soon. Good job K.