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by Jesse Sigala (jesse_sigala_04@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Self-centered Ben tries little by little to stop his friend Archie from getting together with a 'mystery girl', who appears to not be good for either of them. Any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated. thanks.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A hospital. The waiting room. A man is sitting in one of
the chairs. His clothing is disheveled, stained. His name
is BEN, and he is in his mid-twenties.
BEN is in a state of anxiety combined with tiredness. His
face is resting on one of his hands.
He looks up when he hears a nurse go by, then looks back
down to the ground.
To this day, I don't know why I
decided to stay in touch with
He looks up again, this time to the ceiling.
What started out as passings by on
the way to class, or nods from
across the room, turned into study
groups or outings with the frat
BEN shakes his head, then scratches the back of his head
while he thinks.
Somehow, it culminated into a
relationsiop that's lasted about
five years now.
He looks at the clock on the wall. It shows 2:30 am.
Where has the time gone?
He puts a fist under his chin in a thoughtful manner.
Of course, he dropped out to work
on 'personal' projects, which
finally ended up with him having a
job as the janitor to a coffee


He shakes his head again, this time with half a smirk.
Not actually working as a server
or something, mind you, but as a
janitor. I guess he never cared.
It was all the same to him.
BEN leans back in his chair, and looks at another MAN
sitting and reading a magazine several seats away.
I graduated. Got a desk job. Got
a girl. Life was good.
BEN looks around to see if there is anything new that
catches his eye.
Even though we went through a lot
of shit together, I wouldn't call
Archie a crutch or anything like
that. He never held me back.
He looks up in desperation.
Actually, if anything, I was his
crutch. He needed it though.
The MAN reading the magazine gets up and walks away. BEN
watches him leave.
What was I thinking? I guess I
didn't look ahead to the
At a park, BEN and ARCHIE are hanging out with FRIENDS. The
scene is silent except for the narrator's voice.
I have no idea what attracted me
to Archie.
BEN and ARCHIE are laughing. Then, someone makes a joke,
and they all laugh except for ARCHIE.


He really had no sense of humor,
and couldn't really take a joke.
ARCHIE doesn't get the joke, because he is looking around,
blank stare. BEN looks at him with a hint of disgust.
Was it out of guilt, or pity, that
I stayed in touch with him?
However, BEN thinks about it, and then puts his arm around
ARCHIE in a playful manner. They both smile.
Its been a belief of mine that a
person can only develop their
personality through hardships, or
at least life changing
experiences. I don't think Archie
really had any of that.
A small apartment. The front door opens, and ARCHIE enters.
He looks around the room, taking it all in. After him, his
COUSIN enters. She walks past and out of frame, ARCHIE
still having a look of wonder on his face.
Archie got an apartment with one
of his few cousins that actually
recognized his existance.
He puts his bag down as his COUSIN comes back into frame.
He had it pretty easy, considering
she rarely stayed at their
apartment, due to her need for
She kisses him on the cheek before she goes to the front
I guess she had a lot of faith in
ARCHIE, to let him have it
practically all to himself.


His COUSIN stops after she opens the door, and turns around.
She digs around in her pockets, pulls out a set of keys,
and tosses them to ARCHIE.
ARCHIE catches them. He looks back around the room, then
nods and smiles.
Back at the hospital, BEN tries hard to think. He frowns.
What was his cousin's name? Oh
He puts his hands together, looking down at them.
He didnít drive for the longest
time, but over the years we had a
routine established. Since we
lived pretty close to each other,
we would carpool.
BEN is working at his desk, writing something down on a
About a month ago, I get a call at
The phone rings and BEN looks at it, hesitantly. He slaps
his pen against his desk several times.
At the end of the second ring, he picks it up.
Compliance and liability.
Its Archie.
Over the phone, ARCHIES'S ecstatic voice is heard.
BEN leans back in his chair, and sighs.


Yeah, Archie, what's up? You get
off work early or something?
Ben, I just saw the girl of my
BEN puts the phone on his shoulder, and tries to go back to
Oh yeah? And how was that?
I couldnít do anything. I was
stuck in place. It was magical.
Ben, sheís beautiful.
Since he can't concentrate, he stops writing and puts the
phone back in his hand.
Ok, Arch. Tell me about it when I
pick you up. Iím in the middle of
something right now. Talk to you
He puts the phone down. He sighs again, this time relieved.
It was typical for Archie to
contact me at irregular hours of
the day to tell me something that
happened to him, or something he
BEN looks at his work, which now can be seen to be a
drawing. He finishes a line on the drawing, then turns it
over to reveal a blank report.
'Important' things.
BEN reaches under his desk and pulls out a bag of chips. He
sticks his hand in and pulls some out. He pops one in his
mouth as the scene changes.
BEN pulls up to the coffee shop, where ARCHIE is waiting


When I picked him up, he had the
biggest grin on his face Iíve ever
seen. It probably was the last
time I ever saw him do that.
He gets in, and smiles big in BEN'S face.
Whatís with the stupid grin on
your face?
ARCHIE continues his smile.
I called you, remember?
BEN thinks for a moment, then rolls his eyes.
Oh, right. The 'dream girl'. She
BEN starts to drive away.
You have no idea.
BEN shrugs.
As BEN is driving, ARCHIE continues to talk. We can see BEN
start to get irritated and try to block out the noise.
For the next couple weeks, he
wouldnít stop talking about this
Ďmystery girlí. It got pretty
annoying, to tell you the truth.
He didnít know her name, her job,
or even if she was single.
However, he saw her almost
everyday at the coffee shop. This
obviously was all he needed.
The next day, BEN pulls up to the coffee shop, and ARCHIE
ecstatically gets in.


At the end of the week, Archie had
gotten his next piece of
Ben, her name is Bridget.
BEN is still trying to ignore ARCHIE while looking like he's
paying attention.
The girl? My dream woman?
Oh, right, the one you have been
talking about non-stop for the
last couple weeks.
Yeah. Her.
BEN looks up.
Wait. Bridget?
What's her last name?
I don't know yet.
Did she happen to have a camera
with her?
      (a little confused)
Yeah, why?
What color was it?
      (getting agitated)
I don't know. I think the body
was black and grey. You know her?


No. I mean, I might have seen
her. She's hot, I guess, yeah.
So, yeah, that's cool Archie. Does
that mean you talked to her?
No, she was on her phone. She had
to identify herself. That's how I
got her name.
Are you stalking her now or
No no no. Nothing like that. She
was talking loud, ok?
Uh huh. Well, I'll stop being
disappointed in you once you talk
to her.
That's not fair.
Why not?
You know I can't talk to her.
She's important.
      (with hand
As in, so important she's
Yeah, like that.
Total bullshit, Archie. No one is


No, you don't understand. She's
WAY up there. Plus, I swear, I
have some mental disease or
something. I can't confront total
Right well, good luck with that.
Youíre not going to be completely
happy with yourself until you
actually talk to her.
Just give me some time. I need to
think. Prepare myself.
Uh huh. Well, when you get the
balls, let me know what happens,
BEN stops in front of ARCHIE'S house.
Yeah, yeah.
ARCHIE opens the door and get out.
All right. I'll see you on
ARCHIE shuts the door, and walks away. BEN puts his head
back againgst the head rest, and sighs.
Bridget. I hoped that wasn't her.
If so, I was in deep shit.
In BEN'S apartment, BEN is watching T.V., but is not amused.
Same old shit. For some reason,
I'm starting to hate the weekends.
Suddenly, LILY enters from another room and crosses the
living room. She is in a bathrobe, and her hair is in a


She walks into the next room, and takes off the robe before
leaving sight.
Let's move on to Lily.
BEN looks at her, and smiles.
Talk about an amazing girl. The
things that woman can do.
She comes back into the living room, now with a shirt and
underwear on. She is brushing her hair.
Anyway, I met her right after I
graduated. Talk about love at
first sight.
LILY stops to stoop over and give BEN a kiss before she goes
back to the room she was just in. BEN leans over to follow
her with his eyes.
I thought so, at least.
He goes back to watching the TV.
I first saw her working at a
BEN shakes his head and takes his eyes off the T.V. long
enough to look at the camera.
How stereotypical is that?
We got along great, and were
dating within a week.
LILY comes back fully dressed, now putting earings on. She
gathers her coat and car keys and waves goodbye to BEN. He
waves, but doesn't move his eyes from the T.V.
She eventually moved in. I love
it when people have that
'chemistry'. Like Archie and I.


ARCHIE pulls up to BEN'S work, and BEN gets in slowly.
I guess what I said to Archie
previously wasnít what he wanted
to hear, because he wasnít very
talkative that next week.
ARCHIE starts driving, and the two don't even exchange
At the time, I saw it as a relief.
BEN looks at ARCHIE out of the corner of his eye.
It started to seem weird by the
end of the week, so I decided to
ask him about this 'mystery girl'.
Hey, Archie, howís that girl thing
Without returning the gaze, ARCHIE replies.
It's going.
Made any progress?
Not really. Just been watching
and waiting.
Uh huh. Well, good luck with
Another day, ARCHIE pulls up, and BEN gets in. ARCHIE has a
happier look on his face.


Another boring weekend. Then back
to the grindstone. Better this
week though. Archie had some
news. Good, and bad.
Ben, she talked to me today.
      (seeming not to
Oh yeah? How'd that happen?
Well, I just happened to be moping
the floor next to her, and she
asked if I could get her another
mocha. She thought I worked
Well...thatís a start, I guess.
Yeah, but I couldnít really do
that, since I donít work at the
register and whatnot. But, I got
someone to do it for me without
her looking. When I got it back
to her, she said, Ďthanks!í with
the biggest smile.
Good job, Arch. Now, you need to
take the initiative and talk to
Oh, I donít know.
Itís ok, I know you can do it.
We'll see.
BEN seems to be in a happier mood now.
I thought he would be on a roll,
that son of a bitch. But, of
course, not.


BEN pulls up to the coffee shop, and ARCHIE gets in slowly.
End of the week. More news, this
time bad. He got in the car with
the saddest look on his face.
What happened, Archie? She slap
you or something?
Sheís not single, Ben.
BEN is relieved, but does not want to show ARCHIE.
What! Thatís too bad, Archie. How
did you find this out?
She was on her phone again. Itís
strange, how whenever Iím cleaning
next to her, something happens. I
think it could be chemistry.
Anyway, I guess sheís on the phone
with one of her friends. She was
practically screaming with glee.
Said something about Ďhe proposed
to me today!í, and ĎI knew he
would do it!í It was very
Well my friend, all I can say is
that you just had a bad run of
luck. But hey, thereís always
more fish in the sea.
Thank God she wasn't single. What
a relief.
Back in BEN'S apartment.
BEN is watching a stand up comic impersonate Arnold
Schwarzenegger on T.V.


LILY enters, dressed to impress.
Hun, I'm going out with a friend.
I'll see you in a couple hours.
BEN is so engaged with his show that he doesn't hear LILY.
He starts, looks at her, and replies.
Yeah, sure. Go have fun. I'll
see you later tonight.
He goes back to his show, and she leaves.
BEN finds himself outside a house, on the back porch.
He has a confused look on his face. He searches the area,
looking for something.
He stands up, and looks behind him.
A faceless woman with hair flying in all different
directions is standing right behind him.
BEN jumps, and starts running.
He is chased through a forest, barely escaping what now
seems to be just a monstrous force.
BEN looks behind while he is running and sees nothing. He
turns around to find himself running into quicksand.
He fights to get out, but the sand starts pulling him in.
Eventually, BEN'S head is submerged and the last thing to go
under is his hands.
Fighting for air, BEN looks up to see the faceless woman
staring him in the face.
BEN suddenly wakes up in a cold sweat. He is breathing


Suddenly he hears a door close. He looks at the alarm clock
and sees it is 2:30 am. He gets up and walks out of his
LILY has just entered the apartment, and she is taking off
her coat. BEN enters in his bathrobe, and he leans against
the doorway.
You have fun?
LILY jumps, and tries to compose herself.
Um, yeah. I lost track of time.
Sorry to wake you.
BEN yawns, and turns to leave.
No problem. I'll see you
All right.
As soon as BEN has left the room, LILY lets out a sigh of
exhaustion. She closes her eyes, thinks, and then finishes
putting her stuff away.
A park. Several people in the background are playing,
enjoying themselves.
BEN, LILY, and ARCHIE are all sitting on a blanket, enjoying
a picnic.
The weekend. Again. A little
more interesting this time. We
went on a picnic Saturday. Took
Archie with us. He wouldnít have
been such a happy little camper,
if he wasnít still infatuated with
that bitch.
Archie, youíre not eating much.
Have you tried the chicken?


Nah. I donít feel hungry.
Shit dude, you havenít had
anything. Try the potato salad or
Iím going on a diet.
All right, suit yourself. Youíre
missing out.
Why are you going on a diet?
Iím gonna see what I can do to
impress a girl.
Oh yeah? Who now?
Same one.
Who's that?
God dammit, Archie. Didnít you
already find out sheís engaged or
some shit?
Actually, not anymore.
Who is it?
Some girl I met a couple weeks
Some girl he SAW a couple weeks
ago. He hasn't even met her.
What's her name?


Bridget who?
I don't know her last name yet.
Thank God. If he knew her last
name he might be looking her up in
the phone book.
So, what's the latest?
Well, actually, I had to stop by
the coffee shop to pick something
up, and she was there.
When is she not there, and when is
he not stalking her?
And, she was pissed as hell. Iím
kinda interested, so I sit a
couple chairs away. She gets on
her phone, and calls who I guess
was one of her friends. Turns out
she found out heís cheating on
her. She came home early from
some shindig with her friends,
found him with another chick in
their bed.
Shit. So, you plan on getting her
from the rebound, huh?
Ben! Thatís so mean! Stop!
Well, if you want to see it that
way, you can.
And I will. Well, good luck to


I was in a bad mood the rest of
the day.
After the picnic, when BEN and LILY get in the car, she
Lily chewed me out later.
What the hell was that!?
Your attitude! You can be so mean
to that guy.
Yeah? Maybe he needs it.
Oh, shut up.
Heís got practically no friends,
Lil. And thatís what I do with
all my other friends.
Well, fuck that. You need to be
nice to him. We both know heís
She searches for the best word.
...fragile person.
You mean emotionally fucking


Fine, fine. Sorry. Iíll do what
I can.
Thank you.
Here I was, thinking this would
all be over, when my girlfriend
has taken sides with my one friend
who's going to hook up with my
A phone rings. LILY searches around in her pockets. She
finds her phone, and looks at who it is.
She looks at BEN, then opens the car door and gets out to
take the call.
What, she can't even take a call
in front of me now?
In the black of night of BEN'S apartment, a phone rings.
Thank God itís the week now. Work
is pretty much the only thing
stable in my life right now.
Wednesday night, I get a call from
A light turns on, and BEN reaches over from his bed to get
to the phone.
Ben, you there?
Yeah, Arch, whatís up? Itís
two-thirty in the morning.
Yeah, sorry. Hey, Bridget will
probably be at the shop about when
you get off for lunch. You wanna
stop by and see her?


You know Arch, I donít think that
would be a good idea. Um, I have
to work into lunch tomorrow.
Packing my own lunch, ya know?
Ok, thatís fine. Maybe another
Yeah, weíll see.
Thanks, Ben.
Iíll see you tomorrow, Archie.
As BEN sets the phone down, LILY wakes up and leans over to
talk to BEN.
Who was that?
Um...Archie. He wanted to know
something. Itís not important. Go
back to bed.
ARCHIE is driving home from work with BEN. BEN searches
through a fast food bag. He pulls out a potato log and
passes it towards ARCHIE.
Potato log? They're pretty good.
I'll pass. I don't want to throw
off my diet.
Oh, come on, Archie. One measely
innocent potato log isn't gonna
kill you. Diet's aren't
everything, you know. Those lean,
soy, bran things give me the
creeps. Now THIS is a meal.


BEN pulls out a burger, and takes a bite.
I hope you know, Ben, that women
are more attracted to leaner, more
fit men.
Fuck that! So why is it that I've
got a girlfriend to come home to
every night, while you're still
trying to get action?
Whatever...you just got lucky.
Yeah? Well my 'luck' keeps me
satisfied every night, and you
like a string bean.
This is what she would want.
What who wants?
Come on. Tell me.
Oh no, you're not still hooked on
that Bridget chick, are you Arch?
How many times have I told you?
She's not for you, man.
She's like an angel. Good
looking, smart, talented.
Archie, you don't know that.
I can see it in her eyes, Ben.
Shut up. Let me tell you


ARCHIE pulls into the driveway of BEN'S apartment.
Girls like Bridget aren't for you.
I mean, I've probably got enough
contacts to hook you up if I
wanted, but-
It would have been bad for you,
Arch. I don't think you quite
understand what's happened to you
since you first saw her. She's
infested your godamn brain! You
don't deserve someone who does
that too you. And she doesn't
deserve someone who gets dumber
every time he looks, no, thinks,
about her.
Anyway, thanks for the ride, man.
BEN gets out of the car. ARCHIE looks sad now, and BEN
leans in from the outside.
Think about it.
ARCHIE nods, and pulls away. BEN walks to his front door.
When ARCHIE arrives home, the first thing we see him do is
look in the mirror.
He looks intently at himself. Then nods and leaves the


The next day, ARCHIE is dressed very nicely as he enters the
coffee shop.
He looks around the shop, eventually resting his eyes on
BRIDGET. She is looking innocent, sitting by herself.
He shakes his head and hands, trying to relax himself.
ARCHIE starts to walk towards her, but stops short. He
shakes his head and continues until he gets to BRIDGET'S
He waits until she finally notices his presence, and looks
Can I help you?
ARCHIE fidgets, trying to talk. He eventually finds what he
wants to say.
Actually, I was going to ask you
the same thing.
Is that right?
ARCHIE sits down, getting more confident.
Behind ARCHIE, BEN enters. He looks around and spots the
two. Brigdet also spots BEN.
Oh shit.
BRIDGET, totally ignoring ARCHIE, gets up and advances
towards BEN, who is stunned.
Is that you?
She grabs BEN'S arms.


Oh my gosh, how are you?
She hugs him.
It's been so long! Where have you
BEN looks at ARCHIE, who is beginning to show a combination
of fuming and sadness.
Is that right? So, what have you
been up to?
ARCHIE slowly gets up, staring evily at BEN.
Um, work. Yeah.
Well, I'm still doing my
photojournalism. Keeping busy,
you know.
ARCHIE leaves via the back exit to the coffee shop, and BEN
watches him leave. BRIDGET, still enthusiastic and ignorant
of ARCHIE, jumps for joy.
I can't believe it's you! We
really need to sit down and talk.
BRIDGET tries to take hold of BEN'S hand.
I've really missed you, Ben.
BEN slowly pulls his hand away.
You know, Bridget, I can't really
do that right now.
She grabs hold of his hand again, this time forcefully.
Oh, why not? It could be fun!


BEN pries himself from BRIDGET'S grasp, and rushes to follow
I got to go. Bye.
Wait, Ben! I want to talk to you!
Come back!
BEN walks as fast as he can, to get away from BRIDGET as
well as catch up to ARCHIE.
BEN exits the coffee shop from the back, and sees ARCHIE
walking slowly away, tie in hand.
ARCHIE continues walking away, but manages to flip the bird.
Well, shit. That didn't go over
so well.
BEN looks at his watch.
Lunch is almost over. Time to go
back to work.
BEN sighs, then walks back into the coffee shop.
Back at BEN'S work, DEAN, his boss, walks over and leans on
the desk.
You have a moment, Ben?
BEN leans back in his chair.
Sure, Dean, yeah.


Um...I don't know if you've heard,
but the company's going to be
downsizing soon.
Yeah, something like that.
Well, management has started
putting together a list.
BEN shrugs.
Of course, they are starting with
the people who aren't doing such a
hot job lately.
BEN thinks about what DEAN has just said. He gets up, and
walks towards DEAN.
Ah, so, if management - and you
included - think I'm not doing
such a 'hot' job lately, then I'm
going to get laid off. Is this
your way of telling me to leave
No, Ben, I'm just letting you know
ahead of time.
BEN stops, and eyes DEAN.
Uh huh. Well, thank you, Dean,
for leaving me with this thought
for the weekend. No need to
worry, I'll be out of your hair
come Monday morn.
BEN then walks past DEAN.
If you will excuse me, I need to
go get some boxes.
DEAN yells to BEN as he walks away.


Don't think this was targeted just
at you, Ben.
Without stopping, BEN gives DEAN the finger.
As BEN is walking away from work with a box of his
belongings, he gets a call on his cellphone.
He fumbles with his stuff and decides to just put the box on
the ground.
This is Ben.
Hey, Zach. Yeah, I just got off.
BEN looks at his watch.
Is that right? Tonight? I could
use a beer or two. I'll be over
as soon as I can.
At a house party, BEN, beer in hand, meanders through the
He talks to the occasional person, making his way through
the crowds of people.
On his way outside, BEN notices a familiar figure sitting on
the couch.
ARCHIE is sitting there, drinking hard liquor.
ARCHIE? What are you doing here?
Get away from me, Ben. You're no
What? What do you mean?


You know full well what I mean.
Get away from me.
BEN is taken aback. He walks away in disbelief, and exits
to the back porch.
He slowly walks along the grass, taking in the days events.
Then, he gets a call.
Hi. What's up?
I'm just calling to let you know
not to come home tonight.
Why not? I can get someone to
drive me.
No. I'll be packing
Where are you going?
Away. I can't live with you any
more Ben.
I don't understand.
I want out of this relationship. I
can't do this anymore.
And you're telling me this now?


Ben, I'm sorry.
Like hell you are. I thought we
had something?
We did. Not any more. Bye Ben.
Lily, wait.
BEN looks at his phone, seeing he has been disconnected.
And that was that.
Where was I? That's right.
Getting wasted.
He walks over to where the keg is stored, and is about to
fill his cup when he sees several people from outside
quickly going inside.
He rushes to the back door, where several people have
What happened?
                       PARTY-GOER ONE
Looks like someone had a little
too much to drink.
PARTY-GOER ONE points at ARCHIE, who has collapsed on the
floor. Two other party-goers are trying to prop him up
against the couch. PARTY-GOER TWO looks up.
                       PARTY-GOER TWO
Anyone know this guy?
Yeah. Me.
                       PARTY-GOER TWO
He just collapsed and passed out.
You wanna help?


What did he have to drink?
PARTY-GOER TWO picks up a bottle of hard liquor that is half
                       PARTY-GOER TWO
This was full when he started
about ten minutes ago.
BEN drops to his knees, and examines ARCHIE. He gets up.
Don't worry, he'll be fine. He
just has no gag reflexes.
                       PARTY-GOER TWO
He had to have surgery a while
back. They had to staple his
stomach or something, so he can't
throw anything up now.
                       PARTY-GOER TWO
He needs to go to a hospital.
BEN scratches his head.
All right, fine. I'll take him.
Here, BEN is sitting in the waiting room of the hospital,
like he was in the beginning. He looks at the clock, and it
reads 2:30 AM.
A GIRL walks into the room, looks around, and takes a seat
several chairs away from BEN.
She is in tears. She looks at BEN, who is trying to mind
his own business.
Are you a friend of Archie's?
Me? Oh, yeah. I brought him in.


Thank you. I appreciate it. I
can't believe the people who just
left him for dead. What horrible
Yeah. So, how do you know him?
ARCHIE'S COUSIN gets up and moves several seats over so she
is sitting right next to BEN.
Actually, I'm his cousin. He
lives with me.
Is that right? So, that means you
live here?
BEN starts checking the COUSIN out. He looks her over from
head to toe and back. A DOCTOR enters, and approaches the
Excuse me. Are you here on the
behalf of...
The DOCTOR checks his papers.
Both BEN and the COUSIN rise. They look at each other in a
half smile.
Looks like your friend was in
serious shape. When he was
brought in, he had a blood alcohol
level of .422, and .5 is lethal.
Another half hour and he would
have died. He hasn't woken up
yet, and I doubt he is going to
wake up anytime soon. I would
give him about eighteen hours.
The DOCTOR walks away.
Wow. Hey, thanks doc.


Well, looks like we have some
BEN looks at his watch.
Yeah. We sure do.
Say, what are you doin' now? I
don't know what I'm gonna do for
the next couple hours, but I'm
definitely not going to go to
sleep. You wanna go get a drink
or something?
ARCHIE'S COUSIN thinks for a moment, then looks at BEN.
You know, that actually sounds
really good right now.
All right.
BEN leads the way and the COUSIN follows. They walk down
the long hospital hallway until they reach the door and go
out of sight.


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