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All For You Sofia
by Candy Smith (candyjs@peacemail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A teenage girl struggless with the death of her brother, anorexia, and other angsty teenage crap. Suicide, Betrayal. A film for a highschool filmmaking class!! Please review!!

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Sofia is waking up tin her room, rolling over in her bed,
and getting up, the following monologue is taking place as
she is inspecting herself in her bathroom mirror.
Henry David Thoreau once said
that"Things do not change; we
change." Somehow in that year, we
all did change, and grow, more
than anyone would expect us to.
This was the year when we became
adults, even if it was before our
time. This is not a story that
ends in happily ever after, it is
merely a story of life. A story of
what happened, and how it
happened, because that's all there
can be.
This scene is in a garage. Several teens are chilling out,
many have guitars, someone can be lightly strumming out a
familiar Metallica tune (ie- Enter Sandman, nothing else
So, basically, since I've left the
theatre, it's become an incestuous
pretty much, yeah. You can
literally connect everyone in the
Thespian troupe by who's hooked
up with who.
because that's so much different
than it used to be.
Well, except Sof. She's got the
we've got to work on that.
silly me. you know, saving myself
for marriage and all.


loser. you should be a swinger
like us, because...we're all so
"emotionally stable", clearly.
that's what our shrinks say
Horn honks, Sofia's cell rings, as she pulls it out, you see
the caller ID read "Mom".
      (into cell)
Hey...yeah...okay...I'll be there
in a few.
sorry guys, got to go.My mom wants
at home. Something about cleaning.
Group makes various forms of farewells. she exits.
Sofia drives in her car, Jamming out to "Tillie and the
Walrus", she pulls into the driveway of her house and goes
inside. Sitting on the kitchen table is a note form her mom.
sofia picks up the note and reads it, it says something to
the effect of "you fending for yourself for the evening, I'm
out with a man", Sofia walks up the stairs to her bedroom.
Sophia is sitting in her room on the computer. Looking
around her room, everything is bright and cheery, almost
peppy. To her right there are several pictures. One of her
frinds, one of her and Adam, and one of Luke, in a Sex
Pistols tee, holding a guitar. The song on the radio
changes, and looking up, her eyes fill with tears. The song
is "little sister" by Rufus Wainwright.
My life has always been a little
overrun by emotions, especially in
the last few months. I used to
rely completely on my older
brother Luke, but I've had to
learn to rely on myself. Luke died
last year and it completely
destroyed me. It made me second
guess everything. I had just
gotten my license, but now I can
barely even get into a car without
completely losing it. And It's
kind of sad. I guess. Because I am
more weak now than I have ever
been before. More afraid now, than
I have ever been before.


Sofia twists around in her chair and goes over to the bed
where she lays down allowing the camera to zoom into her
Craig is onstage preforming a monologue.

I wouldn't even know where to
start, Robin, I swear. First of
all, trying to find somebody safe
on this campus, I mean, somebody
who's relatively disease free, who
hasn't slept with one of my
friends, who isn't heavily
involved with somebody, who isn't
painful to look at or talk to, who
actually likes guys - this is a
next-to-impossible task. If I do
find somebody like this, the odds
that she will have any interest in
me are not terrific. And, you
know, I mean, I don't even know if
I would allow myself to go after a
person I respected, since I know
the kind of guy I am. I know the
thoughts I think. I know I would
not want me to date my daughter,
if I had a daughter. I know that I
cease to become interested in nine
out of ten women almost
immediately after I've slept with
them, ,and I've only slept with
three women. I know prematurely
ejaculate on occasion. I know I
sometimes prefer blow jobs to
actual intercourse, yet I can't
come up with a halfway logical
reason for a woman to want to give
one. I know I find sleazy women
pretty attractive, and look at
most women as objects. I know that
white men have a hell of a
historical legacy, what with
enslaving blacks and treating
women like cattle, so I feel
ashamed to be a member of what is
supposed to be the privileged
class. And I know that sensitive
guys sound good in theory, but in
practice, most of the women I
observe are attracted to men who
treat them like shit. I know these
things. So, you see, it would be
very difficult for me to try to
pick you up while retaining even
minor amounts of dignity and truth
and still enjoy myself a little...



                       CRAIG (cont'd)
But I was standing over there,
across the room, and I saw Willy
try to pick you up, and I know
he's pretty smashed tonight, and I
just wanted to see if you were
Are you okay?
Great job, alrighty....next up
Sofia walks up on stage.
Hello, my name is Sofia Parkenson,
and I will be preforming a
monologue from Kushner's "Angels
in America". I will be playing the
part of Prior.
sofia gets into character.
But still. Still. Bless me anyway.
I want more life. I can't help
myself. I do.
I've lived through such terrible
times, and there are people who
live through much, much worse,
but...You see them living anyway.
When they're more spirit than
body, more sores than skin, when
they're burned and in agony, when
flies lay eggs in the corners of
the eyes of their children, they
live. Death usually has to take
life away. I don't know if that's
just the animal. I don't know if
it's not braver to die. But I
recognize the habit. The addiction
to being alive. We live past hope.
If I can find hope anywhere,
that's it, that's the best I can
do. It's so much not enough, so
inadequate, but...Bless me anyway.
I want more life.
God isn't coming back. And even if
He did...If He ever did come back,
if He ever dared to show his face
in the Garden again...If after all
this destruction, if after all the
terrible days of this terrible
century He returned, to see how
much suffering his abandonment had
created, if He ever returns, you
should sue the bastard. That's my
only contribution to all this
Theology. Sue the bastard for
walking out. How dare He!


As the camera zooms out on Sofia’s eyes she is still all
teary, but this time because she is performing a “Prior”
monologue from “Angels in America”
At this, Sofia ends her scene, takes a bow, scattered
applause. The Director takes the stage.
Hello everyone. thank you all for
the excellent auditions. Even if
you are not selected as part of
this cast, I would encourage you
all to come back for future
auditions. Tomarrow on the
bulletin board in the little
theatre a cast list will be posted
with either the cast, or a call
back list. Even if you do not make
call backs, check the list on
Friday, sometimes I just don't
need to see anymore of you. Again,
thank you all for Auditioning and
I look forward to working with
you. If you can all please check
your audition sheets to make sure
your conflicts are listed
appropriatley, on your way out,
that would be great.
The Auditorium clears at this and the kids all sit out on
the steps chatting.
So, who do you think is going to
make it?
Why do you care? You’re only the
and as such I would like to know
which one of you fatasses I’m
going to be forcedd to make look
Well, I don't know, but I think
Marie here did an outstanding job.
Well, I don't know, but I think
Marie here did an outstanding job.
thanks dollface, you did pretty
freaking awesome yourself.
M, you know we love you, but I
really hope I don’t have to cover
your Fat Ass.


Are you casting Aspersions at my
Well, you could stand to excercise
a bit more.
silence, car honks.
That's me, I'll, um..see you guys
marie exits.
that was really mean
It was honest.
it was a mean thing to say,
disguised as an honest thing to
Whatever. I'm just trying to be
Adam's car pulls um, Sofia gets up and puts on backpack.
Well, try being constructive,
instead of DE-structive. okay?
she gets in his car.
      (entire cast)
Suprise!!!!! Happy Birthday Sofia!
The entire house is decked out with birthday gear, and full
with teenagers. Meg should not be visible. Everyone is
collectively excited and several people hug Sofia.
You guys, you didn't have to...


umm....yes, yes we did.
Because we love you Sof.
Or at least we pretend too really
damn good.
      (calming everyone
Ladies and Gentleman, As we all
know, 3 months ago, Sofia lost her
brother, and her best friend. Luke
was my best friend also, and back
in the old days, when we were such
AMAZING musicians (crowd laughs)
He wrote this for her. This is
"Sofia's Song", by Lucas Parks.

No man
will ever love you
as much as I do,
and I hope that no one,
hurts you the way that I've hurt
I hope that no one ever tries to
take you for granted
I hope that no one ever forgets
how precioous you are,
I hope you can forgive me when I
tell you the stories of the life I
when you are older,
and unspoiled,
and have made a few mistakes of
you own.

I hope you never forget
that you are my best friend,
that you are all I need,
That no one is worth
forgetting yourself for.

Never forget that you are
Never forget that I love you.
Never forget that there is more
than him,
and that you are brilliant.
Don't play dumb for him, because
you deserve more.
As Andrew Hugs Sofia, the camera zooms in, zooming out, it
is a blurred flashback scene, Random Boy #1 is still kissing
Sofia, it's just a little more passionate, and a little more
on the couch.

The song "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" is plaing in the


ANNA is leading a guy out of the room, and the camera
follows her, the camera veers off as they pass the kitchen:
MEG is seated on the counter, eating a piece of cake. LUKE
is rummaging through the shelfs of the pantry.
Look, I know you don't trust the
guy...but male bonding?
How....scoutmaster of you.
It's not that I don't trust him,
meg, it's just that..(changing the
direction of his words)..My little
sister is my best friend, and
Adam, for whatever reason,
obviously means...alot to her.
Whether I want him to or not, he
is her perfect choice. He is what
she wants. And if he's going to
replace me, then I need to know he
is going to...hurt her..or
impregnate her?
At this LUKE walks over to MEG who is still seated on the
counter, he pulls her into his arms and kisses the top of
her head, and she allows herself to slump into him.
I love you, I'll always take care
of you.
The camera fizzes back in to "real time" SOFIA is sitting at
the table in the kitchen. The guest have drizzled out (or
are drizzling). SOFIA is eating out of a bowl of ice
cream.MEG walks into the room.
Hey you. I was wondering where you
dissapeered too.
      (Sitting down)
Hey, whatever you're feeling, know
I'm feeling it too.
It just isn't fair, you know? My
birthady, MY big day, and all I
think think about is...my
brother's dead, and I'm not going
to see him again.


      (reaching out a
       hand to hold
I know...believe me, I know.
Meg, Sofia, Maria, and Lauren are having a sleepover at
Sofia's house. They are all in Sofia's bedroom, laughing at
Meg, who is carrying on about some guy.
      (finishing up her
Moral of the story: having a fever
and being on the brink of
menstruation are not factor
conducive to seduction.
The girls laugh again, as the laughter dies out, the girls
fall back into their beds. The silence is a thoughtful
Sophia-Truth or Dare?
What are you most afraid of?
      (simply, eloquent,
       not fake)
not having enough time. Of not
being able to
accomplish...everything I want to
You should never be afraid of
death. Death is redeeming yourself
from life.
Sofia reaches out and flicks off her bedroom light. The
clock reads 12:17.
      (playing a part)
So, I guess I missed... the event?
      (in character)


You've been crying.
I thought... you said you never
met the boy who was killed.
I didn't, he was my little
brother's friend
Sympathy? Empathy, maybe? You know
me, Parker. I cry at Trix
commercials. Plus, you know... I
guess tonight I got to see the
advantages of gullibility, or
What does that mean?
Sorry, I meant... the advantages
of religion.
How so?
Just... it's so easy for them.
Them who?
Them. The Believers. Because...
this poor kid, dies senselessly,
so young... and they, they get to
imagine he's in this beautiful
place, this... heaven. And they...
get to fall back on this nice,
safe belief that no matter what
happens, it's all part of God's
plan. Christ, Parker, you
should've heard the things they
were saying. I didn't know it, but
he was a missionary. This
sixteen-year-old kid. He donated
his allowance to evangelism, and
went on recruiting expeditions to


                       SOFIA (cont'd)
Kenya. And the priest... he
actually stood there and claimed
that God "took him away" to help
his friends, the confused high
school students, find their way to

Well, how do you know he didn't?
: I'm just saying... I mean, it's
kind of arrogant. You don't know
why he died.
He died because he was driving to
work, and a truck hit him! But
that's too hard for anyone to deal
with, they'd rather live with the
delusion that the world makes
Sofia and Craig are outside of the Theatre waiting for their
My mom was supposed to be here,
like, a half an hour ago.
Yeah, mine too. Parents suck. Just
in general.
no kidding.
So..how have you been doing
lately, you seemed a
little..eh..put-out after your


I've been okay..it's just hard,
when I think it's been over a year
now since I lost him.
Does it get easier?
never. Some days are better than
others, but I can never forget.
Well, just so you know, I am
always here. Always.
Craig gets up and gets into his car, which has just pulled
Sofia goes and gets into her car, which is Meg's car. Her
and meg are chatting.
How was the show tonight?
Okay. Kind of off, but the run was
Is strike tomorrow night?
Sofia notices a bag of perscription drugs on the floor of
the car.
what's that? Are you sick?
It's just vitamins.
      (Looking at the
Meghan? These are prenatal pills.
Are you pregnant?
Pull the car over.


I"m sorry I didn't tell
you...Luke...He wanted to be the
one who...
Meghan! You are all I have now.
Mom is never there, Luke is DEAD,
meg. And you, your supposed to be
my best friend...you had SEX Meg.
You both swore you would wait. You
got pregnant, and you didn't tell
me! You....I can't believe
you...(gets out of the car)
Sofie! I'm sorry, please, get back
in the car, lets go someplace and
Meghan Drives away, Sofia looks up at the sky and lets the
rain fall on her face.
NO! Leave me..Go...I'm serious
Sofia is sitting in the coffeehouse "love-nest" with Craig.
She is bawling her eyes out, and leaning on his chest.
It's going to be okay in the end,
is it though? I mean...I thought I
could trust them...forever. and
this..stupid crap that she tells
me now, she tells me that...my
brother did things....and he did
things...that they both swore they
would never do. They lied to me
Craig. He wasn't hit by a drunk
driver, He was high. He got high,
and was stupid, and selfish, and
irresponsible and then died. He
died, Craig....And I don't know
how I'm supposed to feel..
and you're angry at him. you're
angry at him because he died..and
you can only blame it on him now.
you know it was his fault, and you
don't know what you're supposed to
do about it.
yes. what do I do?


love meg unconditionally. forgive
luke...take your time. Hunt down
the bastard that got him high.
I'm sorry I left you like that.
It's fine.
at this meg beckons Sofia into the house.
      (sitting down on
       the sofa, andrew
       should exit the
       room and take a
I'm sorry I didn't tell you
sooner....It's just that...I feel
so..empty, you know? This baby,
inside of my, This is Luke. Luke
was the one that convinced me we
could make it work, that I could
finish college, that we could get
married and have a family, that it
would be okay... When I lost him,
my world collapsed...
You know what? I love you.You are
never alone, because this (grabs
Meghan's hand)...this is..real.
What you have been through, what
you're feeling..it's normal.I'll
be here, because..you are more of
a friend to me than anyone...we
have to stick together, you and
me. So..screw it. Let's just...be.
I always wanted to be an aunt.
Sofia, Meg, and Craig are kneeling in front of a tombstone,
laying flowers on top of the grave.
My Brother is a symbol for all
that life will ever be for me.
Full of Love. Full of laughter.
That year I realized that I cannot
allow myself to bathe in grief.
Life is about taking those perfect
moments and stringing them
together. So they get you through
the bad.

Time goes by so fast, but for


                       SOFIA (cont'd)
everything you lose, you gain much
more. We have to live for the
gain. Otherwise, what's life


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