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Two Worlds
by Leah Thrasher (6595@students.olatheschools.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
A romantic drama about a man who deals with flashbacks of his childhood. He meets a woman who can possibly help him get over it.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Two men can be seen in black suit coats making their way to
the exit through the bustling office crowd. THOMAS BERMAN is
tall, handsome, composed. JEROMY HARRIS is the opposite of
composure as he looks short and defeated alongside THOMAS.
That meeting couldn't have gone
much worse.
I'm not seeing how some cut down
to 300K in your salary is bad.
The company had to make some cut
backs. You, my friend, came out on
I've dealt with worse things in my
EXT. PARK - 1985 - DAY
Thomas is a young boy at this time. He can be seen sitting
with a blank stare on his face while the merry-go-round
slowly turns. His parents are caught up in a conversation as
they sit on a park bench nearby.
PAN TO CARRIE BERMAN (blonde hair with striking blue eyes),
Thomas's mother as she speaks with ALLAN BERMAN (tall, dark,
and handsome with a muscular build), Thomas's father.
I never thought that things would
turn out like this...
The boy is not dying, Carrie, he
has autism. He can still lead a
normal life if we keep up with the
treatments. The doctor is sure
that he will pull out of it with
the intense therapy sessions.


I realize that Allan, but our
money is almost gone. He is taking
every last cent we have and he is
not even 8 years old yet.
How can you be so selfish? He is
our child. I would give up our
house and everything we have to
give him a better life than this.
Just look at him.
The two turn their heads. PAN OVER TO an empty
merry-go-round, Thomas is gone!
Oh my God! Where is he?
Carrie and Allan frantically search for Thomas only to find
him behind the bench with a tear in his eye.
                       CARRIE (Cont'd)
You don't think he understood what
we were saying, do you?
There's no way that he could
have... at least, I don't think
so. The doctor said that children
with autism are in their own
world. To be honest, specialists
are not sure how much they
Just the same, we shouldn't talk
around him anymore.
CLOSE-UP on Thomas emerging from a tall office building.
Jerome is bringing up his rear.
PAN DOWN to a small, but pampered dog crossing paths with
the two men. SHIFT OVER to a gorgeous woman making her way
through heavy traffic trying to get to the dog. The woman is
CELIA CASQUINO (glistening black hair, strong gray eyes).
Lily! Come back!


The dog ignores her and proceeds to sniff Thomas' shoe.
Thomas snaps back to reality and realizes what is happening
around him as he notices the beautiful woman running toward
      (To Jerome)
I think if I was this dog I would
have gone back to her. She is
something else.
No answer.
      (Much louder)
CLOSE-UP on Jerome. His expression is one of mindless
adoration. He cannot take his eyes off of Celia. Thomas
gives up on catching Jerome's attention and scoops up the
little dog.
Celia swiftly approaches the two men exasperated and
obviously annoyed.
I am so sorry Lily got in your
Thank you...
Celia reaches for Lily as Thomas awkwardly offers the dog.
It was really no problem. The dog
wasn't in our way, right Jerome?
Oh... yeah, absolutely no problem
at all.
At least I got one of your names
in the process of my dog running
across 4 lanes of traffic.
Celia places Lily back on the rough sidewalk as people brush


past. She tightly clutches the leash this time. An awkward
silence ensues as Celia waits for Thomas to introduce
himself. Nothing.
      (thrusting forth
       her hand)
Hi, I'm Celia. Thank you for
saving my dog. Maybe we'll meet
again sometime.
You must think I'm rude Miss...
Lily tugs at the leash impatiently. No one seems to notice
anything. They are in their own lovely world.
Well Miss Casquino... Celia, my
name is Thomas. Thomas Berman. I
would have introduced myself
sooner if I could have remembered
my name. I've been a little off
today, especially after seeing
It's nice to meet you, but as you
can see, I must be going.
FOLLOW Celia as she glides down the bustling sidewalk. Time
seems to stand still beneath her confident strides. She
disappears around a corner and usual business takes place.
Mmmhmm... that was a fine piece of
                       THOMAS (Overlapping)
That's what I was going to say,
man. Come on.
It's not like you're ever going to
see her again. She wasn't coming
over here to talk to us. She was


                       THOMAS (cont'd)
trying to get that tiny ball of
fur back.
I don't know... She could have let
Fido go on purpose to pick up
She looks a little too classy to
be running around trying to pick
guys up with a dog. Hell, she
could cough and there would be
about twenty guys running up to
her and offering her a cough drop.
We're the ones that need to get a
dog to pick up women.
Speak for yourself, I have a cutie
checkin' me out right now.
A few feet away a well-dressed business woman is looking in
the direction of Thomas and Jerome. Upon closer inspection,
she is checking her reflection in the window of a store.
Jerome holds a determined expression as he approaches her.
Hey there sweetheart, I couldn't
help but notice you looking my
The woman shoots Jerome a drop-dead look, says something in
French, and swiftly walks away.
Thomas is stifling a laugh as he stays a few paces ahead of
Jerome to avoid facing his rejected friend.
Maybe she just had a boyfriend or
somethin' like that.
I'm sure she was just intimidated
by your speaking English to her.
The scene concludes on Jerome's puzzled face as he tries to
understand Thomas's comment.


Glass tables and classy leather furniture frame Thomas's
large apartment. VARIOUS CAMERA SHOTS are taken of the
inside of Thomas's apartment showing his cleanliness and
style. ENTER THOMAS'S ROOM as he is sprawled on the bed with
his tie loosened and briefcase set to the side. The
television is on and holds Thomas's attention.
A knock sounds at the door as the CAMERA ZOOMS INTO THE
PEEPHOLE to reveal Celia standing outside the door. Thomas
gets up and goes to the door. He opens it and assumes a
puzzled look to see Celia at his apartment.
Hi, I wasn't expecting company.
I know... I'm sorry to barge in on
you like this. Can I come in and
explain myself?
Thomas holds his hand out and directs Celia into his
apartment. CLOSE-UP on Thomas's face with a pleased look to
see Celia again. He manages to hide the look as she turns
and faces him.
I ran into your friend at the bar
up the street. He let me know
where you live. He is quite the
partier, but anyway... I just flew
in from Arizona to see my dad.
When I arrived at his house and
knocked on the door, a little girl
came to the door and said he
didn't live there anymore.
Thomas looks concerned as Celia nervously runs her fingers
through her hair.
                       CELIA (Cont'd)
He's in jail.
That's too bad Celia, but...
I know we barely know each other,
but I need a place to stay
tonight. All the hotels in the
city are booked for something or


                       CELIA (cont'd)
other. I don't know, you just
seemed really trustworthy earlier.
A pretty blonde girl emerges from Thomas's bathroom wrapped
in a towel. Meet Thomas's girlfriend TRACY TIENSVOLD.
Hey sweetie, who is she?
Celia is noticeably uncomfortable and has a downcast look on
her face. Thomas has an alarmed look on his face as he is
caught between a rock and a hard place. Someone has to break
the silence.
My name is Celia. Your husband
saved my dog from running away
today and I just came by to say
thank you. I'll be going now.
She's my girlfriend...
Celia does not hear Thomas.
Celia walks down the hall while Thomas is obviously upset at
her leaving. There was something about her... CAMERA IS
FOCUSED on Celia walking down the hallway, suitcase and bag
in her hand.
Thomas closes the door and faces Tracy. He is forcing a
smile. He is defeated.
That was so sweet of you to help
her out like that.
      (kisses Thomas on
       the cheek)
You have always been so
considerate of other people. Can
you go pick up some dinner for us?
I'm craving Chinese. Egg rolls or
something like that.
Sure, I'll be back soon.
Thomas grabs his keys and hurries out of the apartment. He
is annoyed. He has catered to her every whim many times
before. Too many times.


Thomas is a handsome seventeen-year-old as he flashes back
to getting ready for his senior prom.
Do I have to wear this mom?
Yes, you do. It makes you look
handsome and it is your senior
Why do I have to date Tracy? You
won't let me ask who I really
                       CARRIE (Overlapping)
Thomas, I'll have none of this.
Tracy is a beautiful girl and she
is the only girl who will ever
understand your past and accept
you. Don't you ever forget that.
Thomas looks sad and defeated. He realizes that he was
different in the past. He fears being different and dates
Tracy to keep himself from rejection. He is pulled by forces
beyond his control.
Thomas is sitting in his Mercedes in the parking garage. His
keys are sitting in the seat beside him as he silently
weeps. He doesn't love Tracy, but he has stayed with her to
avoid telling other girls about his past. His flashbacks
consume every last bit of his strength.
Firmly grasping the keys, Thomas puts the keys in the
ignition and starts the car. He commutes to a fancy,
well-lighted Chinese restaurant.
An Asian man stands at the host table as Thomas enters CHANG
smiles as he recognizes Thomas.
Back so soon, Thomas? It must be
that girlfriend again.


Ying speaks with a heavy Chinese accent and is a little hard
to understand. Thomas smiles at Ying.
You know how it goes. Just wrap up
the usual to go.
Ying bows and hurries into the kitchen to fill Thomas's
order. Thomas sits in a red upholstered chair and waits. His
stare is blank and lifeless.
CLOSE-UP on the door of the establishment as Jerome enters
with two Asian women.
Tho-mas, what is up my man? I was
just bringing these fine ladies
for a nice Mai Tai and some
General Tsao's. Would you like to
join us?
Jerome does not need any more drinks as he already appears
to be extremely tipsy. The women are in worse shape as they
teeter around on stillettos and giggle.
I actually have to get back to my
apartment to get Tracy's dinner to
her. I would, however, love a
drink right about now.
The girls excuse themselves to go to the bathroom leaving
Thomas and Jerome by themselves.
Ying returns to the front desk.
Hey, hook this guy up with a 40
oz. Margarita. It's on me.
Right away sir.
I do have to drive home.
Speaking of which, I told that one
girl we met earlier she could
crash at your place. Maybe Tracy
will let her in or somethin'.


She came by before I left. Tracy
decided to come out in a towel and
scare her away. It would have been
weird anyway.
CLOSE-UP on a hurt, uneasy look on Thomas's face. PAN OVER
TO Jerome's face as he has an inebriated look of stupor,
hardly masked by his silly smile.
Whatever man... you could have had
a threesome or something.
      (shaking his head)
I'm not sure either one of them
would go for that. Not to mention
Tracy would flip her lid. She's
gotten pretty possessive over the
past ten years.
Trust me, I know. She keeps askin'
me if I know when you are gonna
pop the question. I just always
laugh and say that you couldn't
find a quarter machine with a big
enough diamond.
                       JEROME (Cont'd)
What does she want again, three
I don't really care what she wants
right now.
If you don't care, then why the
hell are you here taking care of
her high maintenance whiny ass?
Jerome's statement hits Thomas and Thomas jumps out of his
chair and heads for the door. Ying is simultaneously
carrying Thomas's take-out bag and the margarita.
Hey, HEY! Are you going to at
least drink your margarita?
Thomas has already left so Jerome grabs the margarita,
smiles and starts drinking.


Thomas walks alone down the sidewalk while people pass all
around him. Restaurants are crowded, bars are getting
packed. Celia can be seen sitting on a bench at the bus
stop. She has a downcast look on her face with her suitcase
piled in front of her. Despite her gloomy look she is
glowingly attractive. Thomas does not yet notice her.
Lily, seeing Thomas, jumps from the bag and sprints full
speed to where Thomas is standing. Surprised, Thomas scoops
up the dog and meets Celia's troubled gaze.
You have quite a habit of losing
It must be better than having a
habit of taking things.
Thomas walks across the street and gently hands Celia her
Forgive me for trying to help you
with your dog.
I wasn't referring to the dog.
Celia's look is mysterious. Her eyes are deeply wise and
glistening in the light bursting from the streetlight above.
Thomas is taken by her, he understands what she means.
She's not my wife.
Would it matter if she was or
      (ignoring the
I have been dating Tracy since I
was seventeen to run away from my
past. I just now realized that by
continuing to date her, I am
reliving my past everyday.
His smile is eerie as if he is comprehending his behavior
for the first time in his life. Celia looks confused.


I'm not sure I understand what you
I don't expect you to understand.
However, understand that I am not
going back to my apartment again.
The person waiting for me is
someone I never wanted or needed.
I was fooled into believing that
no one would ever accept me for
who I am.
We all have a past, Thomas, but we
live in the present, let it go.
Thomas looks at Celia and takes her hand. He pulls her from
the bench and they walk hand-in-hand down the street
together. Neither one of them look back.


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From Michael Ugulini Date 12/14/2005 ***
A touching look at an individual's trials and tribulations in life...shows that we do not know what peoples histories are and how they can be hurting so much on the inside. Good job!

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