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The Blackout Sessions
by Gregory Bridges (Menelaus5a04@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

It's racism, sexism, and nearly anything else you can imagine as 6 people are forced to face their demons in a way that shows that no matter who you are and where you anytime is a good time for a little therapy

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Dusins is sitting in the corner of the office. Dr Rune is
sitting in his chair with a pad and paper.
                       DR. RUNE
      (looking at pad
       ready to write)
Alright Dustin this is just
protocol I just need all your
information before we
begin. Name
Dustin doesn't answer he just rocks back and forth in the
                       DR. RUNE
      (looking up from
       the pad)
Dustin your name.
You obviously know itÖyou're
addressing me by it.
                       DR. RUNE
      (writing on his
Like I said its protocol. This is
how things are done.
Youíre the psychologist, explain
to me the logic behind asking
somebody their name when you
clearly know it
                       DR. RUNE
      (writing on his
Fine Dustin HowardÖage 17
Dr. Rune continues to write down Dustinís information onto
his pad. Terra walks in a places a cup of coffee next to Dr.
Rune. Then she walks over to Dustin and kneels next to him
Would you like some water sweetie?


                       DR. RUNE
Oh no Terra heís fine. That will
be all for now. Please lock the
door and hold my calls
      (standing up)
Yes doctor
Terra leaves the room. Dustin watches her as she leaves.
      (standing up
       walking to the
Wow lock the door and hold the
calls. You really go all out for
the crazy ones.
                       DR. RUNE
I donít think your crazy Dustin.
Yes you do. Thatís what you do
thatís your job. You sit there in
your doctor chair, in your doctor
suit, and you use your little
doctor pad there to measure how
crazy you are.
                       DR. RUNE
My job is to help people
understand why they think and do
the things they do. I donít have
to gauge a personís sanity. Most
people and the people around them
are fully aware of their level of
craziness and they donít need some
official certification from a
Yeah I know that
                       DR. RUNE
You do? Well arenít you the all
knowing one. So since youíre so
smart tell me what else do you
I know that people are full of
shit just doing what they were


                       DUSTIN (cont'd)
taught instead of what they really
                       DR. RUNE
Oh really?
Yup, they work because their
taught they should work, in order
to earn money that their taught
they should have, in order to get
things their taught they need. The
second you have an independent
thought and do something against
the system, they say youíre crazy.
                       DR. RUNE
You come with new ideas that
question all that a person knows
and you expect them not to call
you crazy? Dustin I would assume
someone as smart as you would not
be surprised by that.
No Iím not surprised at all.
Thatís just people being people.
But you know if Iím crazy then I
guess Iím just crazy then. Have
you check out sanity lately? You
see how all the sane people in the
world fuck up everything for
everybody. Crazy aint that bad
when you look at it like that huh?
Didnít some crazy person once
think that the world was round
instead of flat? What the hell was
he thinking?
                       DR. RUNE
He was crazy.
                       DR. RUNE
But the difference there is youíre
not Christopher Columbus. Youíre a
kid trying to use of knowledge he
has to justify stealing, raping,
trying to kill somebody, or two
out of the three in your case


You just don't get it.
                       DR. RUNE
Oh no Dustin I get it. In fact I
agree with you people are
definitely full of shit. And young
man you are very much people.
(beat) Now that you got that out
your system how about you take a
seat so we can measure how crazy
you are.
Dilwyn is in the elevator Melanie comes into the elevator
holding a lot of paperwork in her hand
Can you pressed the 12th floor
Dilwyn doesn't move. But looks annoyed.
Sir can you please press 31 my
hands are a little full
It's already pressed.
Thank you.
The elevator closes and the two of them ride the elevator
Dilwyn every now and then makes a mean glance at Melanie
Is there a problem?
Donít you worry about it Miss. The
ride weíll be off in a minute and
we can go our separate ways
Do I know you?
Dilwyn turns his back to Melanie


Yall just donít know when to quit
do you.
First of all is pronounced you all
and secondó
How long is this fucking elevator
Melanie walks around Dilwyn so she's now facing him
                       DR. RUNE
      (waving her finger
       at him)
Sir I donít know what your problem
is but you really picked the wrong
day toó
Stop waving your finger in my face
      (still waving her
I wasnít bothering you and you
come on here acting like you have
a problemó
Im not gonna ask you again
                       DR. RUNE
      (still waving her
I donít know who you think you are
Terra is typing at her desk and answering phone calls. Jobe
suddenly comes into the room
What do you want?


To talk to you
Well you canít do it here.
Then when Terra? You tell me. We
canít fix this problem between us
if we aint willing to talk.
What is there to fix Jobe. Thereís
no problem. You are what you are
and thatís not gonna change.
Why should it? I canít help how I
No you canít but I can choose to
put up with it and I choose not
Terra Please
What do you want from me?
I want us to be over this. Come on
you act like I tried to hide it
from you and you caught me. But I
told you
So what
That doesnít count for anything
with you?
No it doesn't
It should because it should show
that I love you. That I care. Sex
is nothing you said that yourself.


Thatís different and you know it.
It wasnít different when me and
you fucked that girl.
Terra picks up the phone and quickly starts to dial
What are you doing?
Calling security
Jobe steps over to the desk and click the receiver
Why donít you just go?
Terra I had sex with a guy ok one
guy. It was just sex and thatís
So youíll stop?
Jobe doesn't say anything
That's what I thought
Now just wait a damn minute. The
last time I checked sex was just
sex for the both of us. We sat
down we talked about this and now
all of sudden itís a problem.
It wasn't a problem until you
started doing men.
You donít make any sense you do
girls too


And I do them in front of you. If
you wanted me to stop just say it
and I would. Do you want me to
stop doing girls?
Do I look stupid hell no
I didnít think you would so donít
threw it in my face like you got a
problem with it.
Oh come on. I didnít have to twist
your arm to fuck no girl you
wanted to. You suggested it.
Terra reamins silent
What? Say something nowÖThatís
what I thought. If you want to
watch me you can. I aint got no
reason to keep it from you.
Then what's the problem.
I don't...
Don't what?
Melanie and Dilwyn are still in the elevator her face is
still reacting for just being called a nigger


Well Iíd be lying if I said I was
shocked that they still made fools
like you but Iím not.
Dilwyn turns his back from her. Melanie starts to pace
Hmph grew up in the rural south,
only other people around were your
immediate family, and your shoe
size is larger than the grade of
school you finished. You know its
not you really yor fault. Itís
societyís problem that your so
dumb and ignorant they fill your
televisionÖI mean talking box with
all those images itís no wonder
that you turned out the way you
did and since the chances are
higher of you seeing a person not
born of inbreeding than a black
person walking in your trailer
park you had no choice but to
believe what you believe. Hmm I
hope the elevators got cameras
recording everything you do. I
really donít feel safe with you.
You might try to hurt to hurt me.
Youíre probably and ex-con or on
your way to jail.
First of all I aint no criminal.
First of all its I am not a
criminal. And second of all you
may not be but all the ones like
you are. Now when you called me a
nigger I couldíve went to rolling
my neck, snapping my fingers,
talking about ďOh no you didnítĒ
but Iím not gonna do that because
We donít need two stereotypes on
this elevator. You probably took a
look at me and though that I must
be trying to steal from you or Iím
wanted for something.
And you did the same thing to meó


Hey I didnít think that until you
opened your mouth and gave me a
reason to. You may go by different
names and appear on different
episodes of Jerry Springer but
your all the same. Just a bunch of
poor white trash too stupid to
invest your time in something
other than hating somebody you
never saw.
And you suppose to be better
Of course I am
Oh please you mean to tell me in
all of your fancy words and high
education you aint learned that an
educated nigger is still a nigger.
I give a little credit to ones
that donít go to school the smart
ones should better.
Know what?
To know that half the things they
complain about white folks donít
have anything to do with. Itís
easier for niggers to complain and
complain about how the white man
did this and the white man did
But you did do this and you did do
that you still do to this day and
stop saying nigger
Itís a free country Iíll call a
nigger a nigger whenever I want.
Itís not like yall donít use it
more than we do. Hell half of yall
put the word to a beat and sell 10
11 million records. But get mad
when somebody white just reminding
you of what you are a nigger.


You know what Iím getting off at
the next floor
Melanie presses the elevator button and the whole stages
goes black with the sound of power going down
Dr. Rune banging on his office door Terra is on the other
side of the door Dustin is sitting on the couch
      (other side of the
The power went out in here too. I
think itís a blackout
                       DR. RUNE
      (Talking to Terra)
Are you alone?
      (other side of the
NoÖmyÖmy husband is here with me
Why are yall talking through the
door? Just open it.
                       DR. RUNE
All the doors in this building are
locked electronically.
That was smart
                       DR. RUNE
There isnít a generator so there
isnít anything we can do. Weíre
stuck and so are they.
Well fine I donít care. They
countyís paying for all this not
me. Must tear you up to be trapped
with a psycho though huh?
                       DR. RUNE
Terra, do you some sort of


      (other side of the
Ummm.... yes I got one
                       DR. RUNE
Slide it under the door
Terra slides a ligther under the door. Dr. RUNE grabs it and
lights it then walks over to his cabinet and pulls out
candles and lights them and places them all over the room
                       DR. RUNE
These are aromatherapy candles I
use for some of my sessions I hope
you donít mind the smell
I don't care
                       DR. RUNE
Hmph thatís your main problem
Dustin. If you cared just once in
your life you probably wouldnít
even be here
Dr. Rune lights the candle and then sits in his chair
I did care once
                       DR. RUNE
Then what happnend?
      (laying down on
       the couch)
I got smart. I wised up and
realized that half the stuff I was
caring about doesnít really matter
in big picture. You know a lot of
people donít realize that. Me Iím
one of the lucky ones
                       DR. RUNE
So I guess thatís makes your mom
Oh there was no hope for her from
the start.


                       DR. RUNE
That's why you tried to kill her?
I wasnít trying to kill her I
wanted to put her out of her
misery. She was evil. She didnít
contribute anything to anyone or
society at large. So why have
somebody like that around. So one
day I had enough.
                       DR. RUNE
And what makes you such the expert
on contributions to society you
not exactly a productive member
How can you be a productive member
of society when the society isnít
productive itself. Nothingís fair
and only the people that can
manipulate the system benefit from
                       DR. RUNE
Thereís truth to that. But not
being productive? What are you
basing that off?
It just is. I mean look at me.
Look what I did to my mother and I
didnít go to jail.
Dr. Rune gets up and grabs Dustin's information file from
his desk and then returns to his seat
                       DR. RUNE
      (opening his file)
You were mentally unstable Dustin
the cops look at what happened and
your history of abuse and they
figured removing you from her and
taking therapy would be best
I wasn't mentally unstable. I just
let them think that so I wouldn't
go to jail.


                       DR. RUNE
That's crazy
No that's smart
                       DR. RUNE
You raped your mother and tried to
kill her. Your own mother thereís
no way you couldíve have been
thinking straight.
I was FULLY AWARE of what I was
doing. And I donít feel ANY
remorse. You hear me?
Dr. RUNE gets up and starts to pace around the room
Hey I'm the victim here not her.
                       DR. RUNE
What the hell is your problem?
You know your not a good doctor
your suppose to be objective.
                       DR. RUNE
I am objective Iím just trying to
understand how such a smart kid
could be so cold and manipulative.
                       DR. RUNE
      (jumping from his
Oh youíll burn in hell for that.
You donít know shit you werenít
there. You werenít there for all
the times I was pushed down the
stairs. The cuts with knives on my
chest and legs. The Iron burns on
my back. The names she called me.
The money my grandparents saved
for my college fund that she used
for a trip to Atlantic City. Where
was the system all the times for
me? It doesnít work for nobody
that doesnít work it for
themselves. She raped me of my
self esteem, my dignity, my
future. I was just returning the


                       DR. RUNE (cont'd)
favor. So if that makes me cold
and controlling. Then thatís what
I am but at then end of it all Iím
not sorry and the bitch had it
                       DR. RUNE
What you did wasnít the solution
to your problem.
Why not?
                       DR. RUNE
Because people donít deserve to
get raped people donít deserve to
                       DR. RUNE
DustinÖI donít question that your
mother treated you wrong. But your
no better than her now.
Oh I'm way better.
                       DR. RUNE
Save it your bias anyway
                       DR. RUNE
What are you talking about
You did research on me. I did my
research on you too. You had a
patient a while back that
everybody was sure was crazier
than they say I am. You helped him
treated him like family. And one
day when you werenít home he
killed your daughter. So donít try
to tell---
Dr. Rune runs over picks Dustin by the shirt and pressed him
hard into the wall


The room is totally dark Jobe is trying to open the waiting
room door. Terra is looking around for something
Will you stopped that? Didn't you
hear me say the doors are
electronic. Itís not gonna open
So were stuck here (beat) What are
you doing?
Looking for the laptop computer
Terra finds the laptop and sits at her desk then turns it on
and the screen slightly lights the room
There now at least we have light
Terra sits at the computer and Jobe paces the floor
I'm faggot now
Terra looks him
You are something you know that?
Youíve ate more pussy than Iíve
sucked dicks but Iím the faggot?
Yeah you are
So then what are you?
Im just telling you if thatís what
you wanna do than Iím not gonna
accept it.
How is it in your head ok for you
to sleep with women but not ok for
me to sleep with guys?


Jobe I donít make the rules.
Thatís just how it is ok. Thatís
how I feel. I just think its
wrong. It always has and always
will be.
But you sleeping with girls is
fine? Thatís what your telling me?
You tell me Iím wrong.
Youíre a hypocrite.
Oh I am. Then what are you? I
didnít see you complaining when I
went down on all those girls. When
me and you took turns doing them.
I hear you bragging to your
friends. How you fucked this girl
and that girl. How times you went
to brag to them after coming from
having a dick in your mouth.
Itís not there business?
Oh but whoís clit I lick is? Why
donít you tell them Jobe? You
ashamed of what you do? Or that
you know its wrong?
Some people donít like to hear
about gay sex.
No some people donít like to hear
about two faggots having sex and
thatís why you donít tell them.
And youíre just like them?
Yeah I am. I donít want to hear
about it, see it, or know youíre
doing it.


You know youÖ.I donít even have
words for you. Youíre aÖ..your
something else.
I donít want any part of your
lifestyle. If thatís what you want
then thatís fine but you canít be
with me.
I donít wanna lose you over this I
told you what we have is more than
just sex. So letís just stop it.
Just you and me ok?
No more guys?
Yes no more guys? And no more
No just no more guys?
Melanie and Dilwyn are standing in the dark for a few
seconds yelling for help. Then suddenly the emergency lights
come on
Emergency lights
Where stuck in here?
Shut up. Youíve said enough
Fine I wonít say nothing. You know
thereís more people like me than
there are of you. And they wont
stop talking about all the things
you want me to be quiet about.


Well theyíre wrong and so are you.
I canít do anything about them.
But can ask you to keep your
opinions to yourself.
donít have to miss I can say what
I feel. Like a said itís a free
For who?
For everybody. Everybody got there
issues and challenges to face.
Some people poor, some disabled,
some are niggers. But that donít
stop them. They still make it.
You canít help being poor you
canít help being disabled. You can
help ignorance.
You can march all you want boycott
whatever you please. You aint
gonna change how I feel or anybody
I like me feels. Youíll always be
a nigger to me.
Im not a nigger.
You are when around you little
black girlfriends. I hear yall.
Nigger replaces your first name
when you around them but I canít
say it.
Its not the word. Itís the hate
and ignorance behind it. You just
donít get it fromó
From another nigger? If that aint
ignorant. Sounds to me like you
live up to the title.


I donít have time for you.
Melanie goes into her bag and pulls out her cell phone
Donít have time where you about to
Melanie dials her phone
                       DR. RUNE
      (on the phone)
Hey itís Melanie listen I know
this sounds crazy but Iím stuck in
a elevator. One of my clients is
in therapy right now and I canít
get to him. Is there a way you can
contact them from the officeÖ..You
have his fatherís cell number?
Good dial it for me.
A few seconds later Dilwynís cell phone rings and he answer
Melanie and Dilwyn look at each other
Dr. Rune still has Dustin pressed against the wall both of
them are breathing heavy. Dr. Rune has an angry look on his
(beat) You wanna throw me through
this wall donít you? Choke me
until I turn blue. How could I
bring up your daughter? What kind
of a disrespectful excuse for a
man am I?
                       DR. RUNE
Youíre are a little boy.
I felt the same way your feeling
they day I got all my letters of


                       DUSTIN (cont'd)
acceptance from all the colleges I
applied to. Everyone of them I got
into. For the first time in my
life I was happy and I couldnít
wait to get into the house and
show my mother. Show her that
despite her abuse, despite a
father in and out of my life,
despite everything I was on my way
to being somebody. I wanted to
show her my letters everyone
                       DUSTIN (CONT'D)
saying weíd loved to have you at
our school. I wanted her to see
how happy I was to be able to get
away from her and that house. I
didnít want to see her not there
when I opened the door. I didnít
wanna see a bank receipt with a
withdrawl on it in the same amount
as my college fund. I didnít wanna
see pamphlets for a hotel and
casino in Atlantic City. But
thatís what I saw and when I saw
itÖ.nothing else mattered. She
left me all alone to go gamble do
you hear that? I donít think you
did so Iíll say it again. She took
the money that was meant for my
future and she went gambling with
it. She came home drunk out of her
mind from the trip with all my
money spent. She didnít say
anything to me no Iím sorry, no
Iíll try to get your money back,
not even an hello. She just
stumbled up the stairs to her
room. I thought about it for a
second and went up the stairs
after her. When I saw her passed
out on the bed still wearing the
tacky souveniour t-shirt that see
bought with my money I snapped.
And as I was doing it, as I was
taping her arms to the bed, as I
was taping her mouth shut, as I
ripped that shirt off her, as I
forced myself on her, even as I
was strangling her hoping to God
that the breathe she just took
would be her last. I knew that
what I was doing was in vain.


                       DUSTIN (cont'd)
Because all I wanted her to do was
feel at least half of the pain she
had given me all my lifeÖYou can
hurt me if you want I donít care
if I live or die at this point.
But know that your effort will be
in vain just like mine.
There is a moment of silence as Dustin and Dr. Rune intensly
stare each other down. Then Dr. Rune suddenly lets Dustin go
and he falls to the floor grabbing his neck as Dr. Rune sits
back down in his chair
                       DR. RUNE
What happened to my daughter was a
long time ago and has nothing to
do with you. Let that be the last
time you bring her up.
From the outside looking in
somebody would say that you're
know better than me. Just a bomb
waiting for somebody to light its
                       DR. RUNE
I'm not you Dustin.
Just a minute ago you were me. All
full of rage ready to kill.
                       DR. RUNE
I wasn't going to kill you Dustin.
What were you gonna do then?
                       DR. RUNE
I don't know.
So if you donít know what you were
gonna do could you be so sure?
When I went in that room I didnít
go in with the intentions of
trying to kill my mother. But I
donít regret it. And Iím sure you
wouldnít have either huh?
Dustin looks at Dr. Rune waiting for a response but he
doesn't say anything


Like I said were all bombs waiting
to blow up. Some of us just get
Jobe takes a seat still reacting to what Terra just said
All the stuff that you canít stand
me doing, you do yourself. You
donít see how thatís hypocritical.
I'm not here to justify how I
feel. Whether Iím right or wrong
thatís how I feel. And Iím know
Iím not the only one in world who
feels the same way. So you can
stop looking at me like what I'm
saying is the most off the wall
thing you ever heard.
But youíre not the world Terra.
Terra doesn't saying anything back
Coming from you it is the most off
the wall thing I ever heard. I
would expect comments like that
from somebody close minded. Not
somebody who claims to be so in
touch with her sexuality not my
wife who is suppose to take me for
better and worse.
So what do you want Jobe. You want
me to just sit by and let you fuck
any guy you want as if Iím cool
with it. I can do that.
Jobe gets up and walks over to Terra's desk
You're not listening to me.


No you not listening to me. I've
told I don't want you sleeping
with men. It's just not right. And
if you want to do it then go right
ahead. But I don't wanna be
married to a faggot.
      (slamming the desk)
would quit. I would stop just me
ane you. No other men no other
women. Just us
You don't wanna stop
Jobe slowy backs away from the desk
No...it's you...you don't wanna
stop...sex is that important to
you...you need it that bad...And
you know how that sounds so you're
trying to make it look like I make
you sleep with women.That's what
it is isn't it?
Melanie and Dilwyn slowy put there cell phones away
Your Dustin's father. No wonder he
ended up like he did.
What's that suppose to mean.
I'm his social worker.
      (getting out
       Dustin's file)
Yeah me. And its nice to put a
face to the name. All this time
you've just been deabeat. Let's


                       MELANIE (cont'd)
see (reading from file) father
left his mother at an early age.
Mother becomes abusive and child
rapes and attempts to kill her.
Melanie closes the file and waits for his response
That aint got nothing--
To do with you? Don't you stand
there and think for one second
that this doesn't have everything
to with you and her. This is your
fault. He is a child. If this
wasn't your problem then tell me
why is the first question I get
when people hear about this is
"Where was the father?".
His mother was the blame. You know
how she treated him.
I know how YOU treated him. I've
seen myself the things you value.
Thank God you didn't raise him.
That wasn't by choice
I know Dustin told me. His mom
left you when she pregnant with
She didn't leave me. I kicked her
cheating nigger loving ass out.
She cheated on you with a black
I was not about to raise some
nigger lover's half breed.
You thought Dustin was gonna be


She slept with him during the same
time just got pregnant with
Dustin. With did you want me to
I would want you to think that how
could this woman that I loved and
trusted betray me by sleeping with
another man. Not how could she
sleep with a nigger and have his
baby. The problem is that with
people like you is that there so
bent on there beliefs that they
don't care who they hurt. They
just know that end they end they
are "right"? You have a son Mr.
Howard a good kid on of the
smartest I've seen and I've been
doing this for a while. You have a
son who didn't have to wind up
here. And that Mr. Howard is not
I'm not about to sit here and take
advice for no nigger.
But its a free country remember.
If you can call a (mocking Dilwyn)
a nigger a nigger when you see one
then I can call an ignorant fool
and IGNORANT fool when I see one.
And right now I see one
Dustin is still in the corner watching Dr Rune in his
waiting for him to say something
Dr. Rune
Dr. Rune doesn't respond


Fine don't say anything. You know
you really suck at this. How can
you be a psychiatrist and have a
part of your life you don't wanna
talk about.
                       DR. RUNE
Im not the patient
You need to be
Dustin gets up and sits down on the couch.
So are we done?
                       DR. RUNE
No we're not finished. We have to
identify the problem.
I already know my problem. I got a
mother that only pays attention to
money and alcohol a father that
doesn't pay attention at all. And
then u
                       DR. RUNE
What about me?
Your suppose to be my doctor
trying to help me out. But all you
do is put me down and judge me.
                       DR. RUNE
What the hell are you talking
See there you go you're doing it
again. The next time you take on a
patient make sure you get one that
doesn't has more problems than
Dr. Rune puts down his pad and looks at Dustin.
What you gonna do? Slam me against
the wall again?


                       DR. RUNE
I killed my daughter Dustin.
Dustin doesn't say anything back
                       DR. RUNE
It was carelessness on my part. A
stupid arguement. Somwhere in the
middle I just grabbed her (grabs
the ir like he's grabbing her) and
I just yelled and yelled at her
(violently shaking his hands) I
don't even remember what for but
was never so mad at her before
(continurs to shake is hands like
he's choking her) The when I let
her go she fell to the floor and
never got up.
But what about your patient?
                       DR. RUNE
He just happen to come home just
as it happened. When I heard him
come in I ran out of the back
door. Then I came to the front and
walked in like I just got home and
blamed him for what happended.
You killed your daughter and let
an innocent man take the blame
                       DR. RUNE
Yes Dustin I did. And I regret it
everyday. So what do you have to
say now Dustin? You seem to have
an answer for everything which is
very ironic becuase that's the
main problem with all the people
you complain about. Everybody
thinks their way is the only way
just becuase than logically
justify doing what they do. Well
logic doesn't equal right all the
time. You could find a logical
reason for trying to kill you
mother but you were wrong either
way no matter what you may think.
You're a smart kid doesn't but
that's all you are and you have a
lot to learn. You need to learn


                       DR. RUNE (cont'd)
that the earth will no stop
spinning because you had an
abusive mother. And that it
doesn't owe you anything so stop
walking around with your hand out
They world owes me plenty. It owes
me my childhood, my future--
                       DR. RUNE
It owes my daughter her life and
my old patient a second chance too
but Im here to tell you that him,
her, and you aren't going to get
It may not be right but that's
they way it is. You better learn
that leason right now because you
can't play the victim forever.
You're the last person that should
be talking about what's right and
                       DR. RUNE
And you might be right but this
world doesn't operate on what's
right and what's wrong. Integrity
takes the back seat to a lot of
things in order to simply survive.
And like I said before Dustin
that's just the way it is.
Terra and jobe are in the same positions from where the last
scene left off
Lets assume for a second that we
did stop and it were just you and
me. Would you be happy? Would you
be satisfied?
Yes I would.
And you wouldn't be attracted to a


I can't say that
You know why you can't because you
wouldn't be happy you wouldn't be
satisfied. It's not in you to be
faithful. So don't try to convince
me that you would be. You want me
to go along with it so we can stay
together so that whenever your
tired of dick you got pussy
waiting at home for you.
Why would you think that?
Because that's exactly how its
gonna be.I know how the story ends
with guys like you and I don't
wanna see the end of this movie
because there would only be one
victim in this and that would be
What movie Terra? This isn't a
show. This is our marriage. I'm
not some charecter I'm you're
husband so don't write me off like
that. I am the man you swore your
life to. And if you can't take me
of all people for my word then why
did you even marry me?
You know what now after all this
I'm really starting to (stops
talking as she is about to say
wonder why)
Jobe walks to the other side of the room and faces the wall.
Then turns to face Terra
I...I don't know what else to
do...PLEASE you're my wife. I love
you way more than any guy and I
love you way too much to let you
walk away. Look at me look at what
I'm doing. I'm I acting like
somebody that not gonna be


                       JOBE (cont'd)
faithful. Sex is great but it aint
worth you and I. It's not worth
you and I.
Dilwyn is sitting down on the floor as Melanie paces back
and forth
Im gonna talk to whoever I gotta
talk with to get you switched with
somebody else
I don't like him being around you
or you being around him
Well Im here now
So what do you think? That if you
switch me with somebody white that
there not going to look at this
whole thing the same way.
Well you need not worry about that
no more.
You can't switch me for somebody
else anyway. I've been him from
the start pf all this. There not
just going to go and switch me for
somebody white just because his
long lost daddy is racist
Well I'm gonna do soemthing
If you want something to do you.
Then focus your attention on your
son and stop being so fixated on


I'm not fixated on you. I just
don't want you around.
Well I'm not going anywhere
anytime soon so what are you gonna
do? Are you gonna leave, walk out
of his life like you did the first
That was different
There's somebody in your life
that's black that you can't get
rid of. So instead of trying to
get along and make things work for
you and everyone involved you
leave. How is that different
Dustin aint no nigger
What if he was? What if you were
right and Dustin came out mixed?
What you have come around again?
Would we even be having this
Dustin and Dr. Rune are in the same position they were in
from the previous scene
(beat) Well I hope you aint
waiting for me to reply to that. I
can't top that one.
                       DR. RUNE
It's not about topping that. I
didn't say that for you to try and
top it.
Then why?


                       DR. RUNE
I honestly felt like it would be
the only way you would shut up and
We'll aren't you worried that Im
gonna say something to the police
about your daughter?
                       DR. RUNE
No....I'm not
Well why not? Because I could you
                       DR. RUNE
But you won't
How do you know that?
Well I could and you could go to
jail for a long time. Just know
Dustin get up and starts to walk around the room.
                       DR. RUNE
You not going to go to the police
because you feel like I understand
you now. That's why you don't any
smart comeback or anything to say.
You don't feel the need to be
Dustin wlaks over to the corner and sits down
                       DR. RUNE
Look at that we're right back
where we began (picking up his
pad) Dustin you have to let this
go. Yes you're mother was horrible
to you but so what take a look
around you. Look at where you're
at right now. This isn't your
house, you're not in the collage
of your drive hanging out in the
dean's office. Look around Dustin
You're in a therapist office
having a session in the dark. Look


                       DR. RUNE (cont'd)
where wasting you're time hating
your mother has brought you.
Dustin graudally starts to cry
                       DR. RUNE
      (Through his tears)
It's not fair...What am I suppose
to do?
                       DR. RUNE
I really don't know Dustin. Living
isn't abouthaving all the answers
nobody has them all. We all just
live by our wits so we can see the
next day. And if you're one of the
smart ones you'll enjoy it every
step of the way that way when your
time is up you can I had a life.
I don't know what to do
                       DR. RUNE
I'd be lying if I told you I knew
what you should do. But I don't
have the answers. I don't think
anybody does.
That's scary
                       DR. RUNE
That's not true. The man who knows
he doesn't have all the answers
isn't scary...What's scary is the
man that thinks he does
The lights suddenly come back on
As soon as the lights come back on Terra walks over to the
laptop on the computer and shuts it down
It's about damn time
As Terra puts away thing on here desk Jobe just stares at


      (looking at jobe)
I want it back
Want what back?
The ring I want it back.
Terra stares at him then slow takes off her ring and slides
it to the other end off her desk. Jobe walks over and takes
You know when the lights came back
on I finally got the chance to see
how foolish I look. This aint got
nothing to do with me and all to
do with you. So I'll keep
this(holding up the ring) the girl
I married aint you she thinks for
herself, she doesn't care what the
world thinks, and if she had to
choose between sex with random
people and her husband she'd pick
him and wouldn't think twice about
I never said I picked sex
You never said you didn't. What
you did do is try to make it look
like I'm the one with the problem.
I need somebody that's gonna be
there for me. That trust me. I
need a wife not a nympho trying to
be one. (putting on his jacket)
While you're working here I hope
you spend some time on that couch
because you have some
issues.(heading toward the door)
I don't have issues I just need a
man. I REAL one.


      (walking out the
No you just need a vibrator
Jobe turns around and sticks his head back into the door
And by the way. He was better than
Jobe storms out as Melanie and Dilwyn walk into the waiting
      (to Terra)
Sorry I'm late the elevator was
stuck and I just got off it. Are
they still in there?
Yeah they are. The whole building
had a black out
Terra starts to gather a few thing and put them in her bag.
Dustin and Dr. Rune walk out of the office.
      (shaking Dr.
       Rune's hand)
Dr. Rune its good to see you
                       DR. RUNE
Melanie I didn't know you were
Dustin's social worker.
How'd the first session go?
                       DR. RUNE
It was...interesting if nothing
else the building had a blackout
so we where in there for a while.
Yeah I know I was actually stuck
on the elevator at the time.


      (pciking up here
Dr. Rune, if it's okay I'm gonna
take off now.
                       DR. RUNE
Are you ok Terra?
Yeah I'm fine. I will be. It's
Just I've been sitting here for a
while in the dark and---
                       DR. RUNE
I understand. Sure you can go.
I'll see you tommorow.
Tanks. Have a good day everyone.
Everyone says bye to Terra as she leaves the room.
                       DR. RUNE
      (Looking at Dilwyn)
I'm sorry we haven't meet I'm---
That's my father
Dr. Rune looks at Dustin and then his Dad.
      (To Dilwyn)
Why are you here?
I got a call from the...I...I
don't really know...I should be
Dustin slowly nods his head.
Maybe we should go somewhere and
Dustin looks at Melanie as if he waiting for permission from


      (To Dustin)
Don't let me stop you. (looking at
Dilwym) He is your father.
Thank you
Don't thank me...Just be a father
Can I met you all outside
Dustin and Melanie leave
                       DR. RUNE
Your father. That's pretty big.
Yeah hopefully he'll stick around
this time.
                       DR. RUNE
I think he will
Dr. Rune and Dustin look at each other for a moment
I'm not gonna tell anybody
about...you know
Dr. Rune nods his head
                       DR. RUNE
For what?
I don't know I just thought I
should say it...bye
Dustin walks out off the room. After Dustin walks out Dr.
Rune turns his back heading towards his office. Suddenly
Dustin sticks his hand back through the door and flciks the
light switch off. Dr. Rune quickly turns around and then
Dustin turns it back on. Dr. Rune just stares at Dustin and
they both smile.


See you next week?
                       DR. RUNE
That's if your're still crazy.
Ummm I think I will be.
(smiling)..See ya
Dustin leaves the room


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