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The Perfect Cure
by pamela (abinapamela@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

What if people pocessed something that is the cure to all kinds of diseases, illness and genetic problems but only one a few knew and MAN decides to use this towards his own advantage at the expense of others. What if the government controlled almost every aspect of everyone life to create and maintain a Utopia and a common luxury such as visiting your loved ones and friends at the hospital if ill, can be a crime.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


                       VOICE OVER
They say HISTORY repeats itself
but MAN never CHANGES. His
motivations and habits are
timeless and RESIST CHANGE.
Perhaps the FUTURE can bring
Two pedestrians are walking along a busy avenue arguing.
                       PEDESTRIAN 1
Propostion 10,000 is the best
thing that can happen to us as of
                       PEDESTRIAN 2
You are not sure of the complete
details. How can you support
something you know little about.
                       PEDESTRIAN 1
The government says it right and
it will help us as a society, that
all i care about.
                       PEDESTRIAN 2
Do you care about how it affects
you and your family today?
                       PEDESTRIAN 1
Everything is just fine as of
today. We need to plan for the
future, for a children and
                       PEDESTRIAN 2
But what about the generation of
today. Everyone seems to be caught
up in the future including the
government. How can we have a
future if the present is
uncertain? People talk about the
preposition like its the best


                       PEDESTRIAN 2 (cont'd)
thing that has ever happened to
them. the main fact is...
                       PEDESTRIAN 1
The main fact is this, Proposition
10,000 will ensure the best
possible society for the future,
maybe even better than what we
have today. Perhaps a Utopia. This
is what the greatest leaders of
all time have tried to
accomplish....... look out!!!
A man in a white and purple uniform runs into PEDESTRIAN 2.
They both fall tumbling to the ground. The man gets up
quickly and continues to run.
ALEX is driving around with her partner MELSON. Oldies music
is playing in the background of the car while they talk.
What are you opinions on this new
case that might be assigned to us?
It seems bizzaire if you ask me.
Well if you mean the fact about
patients dieing mystriously in
hospitals, it could go both ways.
Patients can actually be sick and
can die in the hospital as a
result of illness but there is an
exception when the percentage of
patients dieing in hospitals has
increased by 85% as of now
MELSON reclines his seats, pulls out a cigarette,lights it
and begins to smoke.


Ironic, the government is trying
to push forward Proposition
10,000, people seem to be in favor
of it but they also seem to be
less concerned with the high rate
of patients that die in hospitals,
which by the way are their
You cann't blame them. Are you
forgeting that there are laws that
prevent people from thinking much
about patients in the hospitals.
Amendment 800, 850 and 900.....
What are you getting at?
Come on Melson, you now what the
laws are. You up hold the law. You
know that people are not allowed
to be at the hospital only on
visitation day which is once a
month. You what the consequences
are when people break these laws.
People just don't want to be
MELSON finishes up his cigarette and an automatic air filter
in the car kicks in and refreshs the air.
Will we have to see what this case
uncovers. wouldn't we?
ALEX takes her right hand off the stiring wheel and taps
MElSON on this lap and looks over at him.
You know Melson, smoking is bad
for you, you wouldn't want to end
up in the hospital with cancer and
mysterious end up dead.
look out!!!!


ALEX looks back at the road and immediately steps on the
brakes as her car slights hits a man who was running in the
direction of her car.
      (In shock)
What just happened?
You just hit someone, get out and
let's see how much damage we have
ALEX and MELSON begin to get out of the car.
ALEX and MELSON get out of the car to find a man in a white
and purple uniform on the ground. He is concious.ALEX kneels
to the ground to see how the man is doing while MElSON
stands over her and keeps their surroundings safe.
He is a patient at a hospital.
ALEX looks up at MELSON.
I can see that from his uniform.
ALEX looks back down at the man in the patient uniform on
the ground. She slightly taps him.
Are you alright?
The patient suddenly grabs ALEX, holds unto her, he looks
                       ACCIDENT PATIENT
Please do not take me back! I do
not want to go back. please!They
are after me.I cann't go back! I
will die, I donn't want to die!
its too soon. Please!
Who is after you? No one is going
to hurt you. You need some kind of
medical attention. Clamn down.
Everything is going to fine.


Look Alex, we need to take him to
get help. Come on, I will help you
carry him into the car.
From a younder, two police men caught up to the site where
PATIENT starts to scream while fastening his grip on ALEX.
                       ACCIDENT PATIENT
      (screaming and
No!!!!!!!!! Donn't let them take
The policemen begin to address ALEX and MELSON. The
policemen pull out objects that look like guns.
                       POLICE MAN 1
Sir and Maam, step aside, this
patient is dangerous and has
violated federal laws by leaving a
hospital without permission or
consent from his doctors or the
                       POLICE MAN 2
Please step aside, he will
You do not have to worry about
that. We are FBI agents. We will
take it from here.
Yeah, more on guys. The show is
over, we can handle it from here.
                       POLICE MAN 1
And we are supposed to believe you
ALEX and MELSON look at each other then flash the police men
their FBI badges.
                       POLICE MAN 1
You must take him back to the
hospital, it is required by law.
We will escort you.


Alex, lets take him back to the
hospital, the doctors would know
what best to do for him.
ALEX is hesistant and silent. She stares deep into the
ACCIDENT PATIENT's eyes which look afaid and uncertain.
Help me lift him up.And please
AS ALEX tries to lift the ACCIDENT PATIENT with the help of
MELSON, she stumbles upon a large wound on the middle of his
back that streched from top to bottom of his back.The wound
is slightly fresh.ALEX ignores the wound and she and MELSON
place the ACCIDENT PATIENT at the back of her car while the
police men watch.
ALEX is in the back sit with the ACCIDENT PATIENT who
appears to have fallen asleep.MELSON is quiet while driving
and ALEX looking into space.MELSON breaks the silence
I know you do not think this is
the right thing to do but it is
the law and we have too abide by
the laws.
ALEX is still silent
Are you there Alex?
Sure. Laws come first but laws are
also ment to be broken.
But we protect the law...
The ACCIDENT PATIENT goes into a siezer,starts convolsing
and slouches over on his back. ALEX tries to help by to bend
him over on his back.
Speed up! His condition is getting


MELSON begins to speed up, the car leaves the ground and is
float fastly in the air .
We are almost there , hang on.
The ACCIDENT PATIENT suddens jerks over on his back on
ALEX's lap and begins to jerk plus make a wizzing sound.
Are we almost there yet?!
Almost.Hang on we are landing
As the car begins to slow down,it also lands back on the
ground right in front of the emergency room. ALEX Looks down
on the ACCIDENT PATIENT is out of consciousness . ALEX
checks his pulse.
We lost him. Call out the EM
doctors and cydocs.
In less than a few minutes doctors and robotic doctors are
coming towards the car to collect information.
The doctors and cycdocs obeserve the dead patient. A cydoc
scans the body for any injuries, wounds and other unrecorded
data.ALEX and MELSON are questioned by an EM doctor.
                       EM DOCTOR
Where did you find this patient?
ALEX and MELSON look at each other then look around for any
sign of the police men that were after the patient.
Where are the policemen?
                       EM DOCTOR
What policemen?
The patient was running away from
two police men. We decided to
bring him back to the hospital.


                       EM DOCTOR
That's not a good thing. Well my
cydoc is still scanning for data.
We can see that. By the way we are
FBI agents.
Do you have anymore questions for
The cydoc joins the ALEX, MELSON and EM DOCTOR.
                       CYDOC 1
There are no signs of an
unrecorded diseases but.....
                       EM DOCTOR
That enough's CYDOC, we are all
set, you both can leave now.
ALEX and MELSON begin to head towards the car. When MELSON
stops suddenly.
Isn't this the Hospital where you
mother is admitted? Would you like
to check on her before we leave.
I should. Let's go in.
ALEX and MELSON begin walk into the hospital
Before ALEX and MELSON get to the elevators, they are
stopped by a cyroguard.
How may I be of assistance to you
We are here to see a patient.
Visting days were two weeks ago,
you are not allowed into the


MELSON steps in front of ALEX and is face to face with the
CYROGUARD. He flashes it his badge.
      (losing his
FBI. Robot. Now move aside. Come
on Alex.
MELSON grabs ALEX's hand and they both head for the
You are authorized to proceed.
ALEX and MELSON are already getting into the elevators
before the CYROGUARD finished completing his sentence.
INT. P.A. ROOM 500 - DAY
The room is quiet and dim. ALEX's Mother (LEE ANN) is laying
on the bed motionless. Her eyes are open but she is
expressionless. ALEX is taken aback and stands by the door
for a bit. MELSON enters the room leaving ALEX by the door.
I know you are not going to stand
by the door all day.
ALEX leaves the door and walks towards LEE ANN's bedside and
stares at her sadly.
Gosh, I wish things could have
happened differently. This spinal
cord injury has ruined our lives
once again. This is the second
worst thing that has happened to
me after the death of my father in
the autmobile accident.
MELSON moves towards the window and stares out into the sky.
Things happend for a reason. Every
disappointment is a blessing in
some way. You should not be hard
on yourself, science is advancing
at a higher rate. Surely, there is
a cure or treatment that can help


The door to the room opens and a tall doctor walks in with a
pen in his hand.
      (weak smile)
Afternoon Alex. I was not
expecting you today.Visitation day
is three weeks from today.Who do
we have here?
That my partner MELSON. We just
decided to stop by and see how my
mother is doing.
MELSON turns around from the window and walks over to shake
the DOCTOR's hand. After shaking hands, MELSON moves back to
the window. DOCTOR turns to ALEX.
Do you have questions for me Alex?
How is she doing?
She is doing well. She is
responding to medication even
though it is not visible. I must
also mention that things could
change at any moment.
What kinds of treatments is she
Stem cells.
How exactly do stem cells work?
Well let's see? Were should I
start from?


Start from anywhere. Stem cells
are not supposed to be a
complicated. Preposition 10,000
would not be at where it is today
if stem cells where controversial.
The DOCTOR walks over to a wall adjacent to LEE ANN's bed.
He presses the top of the pen that he was holding and a
projection appears on the wall. Pictures of female human
eggs, male sperm and cell divisons fade into the wall
projection.ALEX is observant.
Is this the process of stem cells
or what?
Patience. There are all pictures
of cells. Stem cells are
undifferentiated cells that have
the ability to develop into any
kind of organ or tissue in an
organism, there are three major...
ALEX interrupts the DOCTOR
So in other words, these cells can
be used to treat my mother by it
developing into a new spinal cord
once placed into her?
The eggs and sperm on the projection of the screen join
together and form a cell.
Not exactly. The stem cells can
develop into a new nerve tissue
that has been damaged due to her
A NURSE knocks on the door and walks in, she looks at the
projection, then to the DOCTOR, MELSON and ALEX. The NURSE
begins to talk to ALEX.
                       NURSE 1
You must be miss LEE ANN's
daughter. I am her nurse. I see
the DOCTOR is educating you on
stem cells and its possibilities.


Yes, he is and nice to meet you.
This is my patner, melson
ALEX, MELSON both exchange hand shakes with the NURSE 1, she
then walks over to LEE ANN's bedside and places her hand on
her head.
                       NURSE 1
You may continue doctor. I didn't
mean to interupt.
Thank you. Would you mind
futhering their education in stem
                       NURSE 1
With all pleasure. You see Alex
and MELSON, stems cells can be
acquired from embryos, adults or
fetus. Research on these cells
have been going on for the past 50
years and...
Then what is the big fuss over
Preposition 10,000?
Media hype. Actually Alex, your
mother is doing well with our
treatments. Embryonic stem cells
are some of the medicine that we
are using to treat your mother due
to its plasticity.
                       NURSE 1
Your mother is one of our very
lucky patients.
How are these cells adminstered?
The pictures on the projection change and a computer mouse
like object appears, it is very little in size.
                       NURSE 1
Through cycapsules which contain
the cell that are needed for
treatment as you can see on the
projection. These cycapsules are


                       NURSE 1 (cont'd)
placed on the desired area and
they automatically inject into the
skin and absorb into tissues.
ALEX cell phone goes off. She excuses her self from the
conversation, heads to the opposite side of the room and
answers her phone. DOCTOR is still talking.
                       RICHARD (O.S.)
You and Melson are supposed to be
at the headquaters? What is the
hold up?
Good afternoon Richard.We got into
an accident with a patient who was
eluding the police. Turns out that
the same hospital where we tried
to return him too is the same
hospital were my mother is
admitted. So we decided to check
on her.
                       RICHARD (O.S.)
I will hate to be your mother.
Thank Science my father is not
ill. How is she doing?
The doctors says she is making
                       RICHARD (O.S.)
Well you can take the day off, I
will send a jet cab for Melson.
You two might have to forget the
assigment I assigned to you three
days ago.
MELSON turn around and looks at ALEX.
                       RICHARD (O.S.)
Other things came up. Nothing that
serious. I will talk to you later.
Tell Melson the jet cab will be
there any minute from now. Good


ALEX hangs up the phone with RICHARD. The DOCTOR and NURSE
have already left and MELSON is waiting on her.
What's up?
That was Richard. He is sending a
jet cab for you. I will be staying
with my mother.
Are you going to be okay?
I will be fine.
I will go down to wait for the jet
cab, take care of yourself and
call me if anything comes up.
MELSON walks over to ALEX and gives her a firm hug.
I will. Thank you and keep safe.
MELSON leaves. ALEX walks back over to LEE ANN's bedside,
pulls a chair that was in the corner and sits at LEE ANN's
bed side. She soon falls asleep on her.
ALEX is asleep by her mother's side. A man comes into the
room followed by LEE ANN's doctor, ALEX is still sleeping
and does not notice. The man walks over to ALEX and taps her
on her back.ALex wakes up suddenly and looks at the man.
Richard. What are you doing here?
Came to check on you. You should
be heading out, its getting late.
He is right Alex. You should go
home and get some rest. Your
mother will be fine, her progress
is approaching just not visible.


ALEX gets up from the chair that she is sitting on and looks
at LEE ANN, who's eyes are closed. ALEX runs her hand around
LEE ANN's face starting from her forehead down to her chin.
ALEX grips her mother hands strongly and kisses it.
Come Richard, escort me out.
Goodnight doctor.
ALEX begins to walk out the door while RICHARD follows.
RICHARD looks at the DOCTOR then leaves.
ALEX and RICHARD are both standing outside. ALEX is leaning
on the driver's side of her car.
So how is your father doing?
He is holding up well considering
his old age. Nature has been
rather good to him if you ask me.
Thank science for him
You mean God.
No. I mean science. If not for
science my father might not have
leaved to be the age that he is
How old is he again?
A hundred and twenty five. He
still can run and walk a two miles
a day.
That good for him, it will help
slow down arthritis.
All good things come to my father.
I love him so much. I don't know
what i would do if he where to


                       RICHARD (cont'd)
pass away. With the way science is
going, he might just live forever,
who knows we might too.
That's impossible and you know it.
Nothing is impossible.
Its nature Richard. We are all
supposed to die someday and there
is no science that can stop that.
Dying is part of science.
There are somethings that you can
never understand. Dieing is not
part of Science and it is not
natural. We both have said enough
for the night. Good night Alex.
RICHARD walks away quietly, leaving ALEX by herself. ALEX
watches RICHARD walk away and then she gets into her car and
drives to her house.
A small group of medical officals are talking outside of
room 500. This group includes 2 doctors including LEE ANN's
doctor and nurse, 2 cydocs and an oberserver.
We are going to carry out
classified procedure A48.Is
everyone clear on what is going
Everyone in the group nods their heads. The MALE OBSERVER
then begins to speak.
                       MALE OBSERVER
What are the functions of the
cydocs in this classified
DOCTOR looks at DOCTOR A. DOCTOR A answers the question.


                       DOCTOR A.
The cydocs will locate the cells
precisely, collect and store them
until the time of initiation into
Everyone is smiling and look pleased.
                       MALE OBSERVER
Interesting. The Highest and cheif
would be pleased. But were are the
cells located?
                       DOCTOR A.
In the bone marrow located next to
the spinal cord. Research shows
that does are the most powerful
cells in the human body.
CYDOC B bows his head which signifies that he want to ask a
question. The NURSE acknowledges the cydoc. All attention is
on the CYDOC B.
                       NURSE 1
What question do you have cydoc
                       CYDOC B.
What happens to the patient after
these cells are removed?
Everyone looks at each other.Then DOCTOR begins to speak.
Enough questions. Its time for the
                       DOCTOR A.
Shall be proceed into the room?
                       NURSE 1
They begin to enter the room.
The room is set for the procedure. There are bright lights.
LEE ANN is wide awake although she cann't move or talk. Her
face expression is puzzled. The CYDOCS and DOCTOR are
standing beside LEE ANN bed. On the opposite side of the bed


is DOCTOR A. The observer is on the corner of the room.
NURSE 1 is standing by. There is projection on the wall that
reflects an image of LEE ANN lying on her bed.
Cycdocs, turn the patient over.
The CYDOCS turn LEE ANN over. NURSE 1 unties LEE ANN's
Inject the patient.
DOCTOR A injects LEE ANN with a pink liquid substance.
                       DOCTOR A.
All set.
They all stand silent for a couple of minutes.The MALE
OBSERVER is anxious.
                       MALE OBSERVER
Why are we waiting?
                       NURSE 1
The pink substance outlines the
cells that will be collected.
                       MALE OBSERVER
                       DOCTOR A.
Cydocs, make the incision.
Both CYDOCS look at each other in the eye then nod their
heads at each other.
                       CYDOC B.
Yes superior.
Cydoc A begins to make the incision. The incision stretches
from end of LEE ANN's neck to end of her back.The incison is
made and there is no bleeding. CYDOC A uses it hand to open
the incision horizontally.
Do you see the cells nurse?
NURSE 1 walks up closer to take a better look.
                       NURSE 1
Yes I see the pink stuff. Cydoc,
collect the cells.


Both CYDOCS look at each other, nod their head at each other
and CYDOC A talks.
                       CYDOC A.
Yes superior.
CYDOC A's finger come together. The fingers glue together
and from a scope like object. CYDOC A then collect a pink
cells vertically from LEE ANN's open back. After collecting
the cells in his scope like fingers, a wet like bubble forms
at the bottom of his fingers. The cells are transferred from
his fingers into the wet bubble which becomes solid like
                       DOCTOR A.
Nurse follow the Cydoc up to the
lab with the cells.
LEE ANN starts jerking slowly.
                       NURSE 1
Come with me Cydoc. We have lots
of work to do.
NURSE 1 and CYDOC A leave the room with the cells.
                       DOCTOR A.
Would you like to do the honors of
closing up the wound?
DOCTOR A is looking at DOCTOR.
DOCTOR begins to stitch up LEE ANN's back. In a matter of
minutes he is done with the surgery.CYCDOC B waves his hand
slowly across the stiching on LEE ANN's back, a red lazar
beam comes out of the Cydoc's hand has he moves his a hand
vertically on LEE ANN's back. When cycdoc is done a scar
appears on LEE ANN's back which is identical the scar that
was seen on the patient's back at the begining of the movie.
Help me turn the patient back over
on her back.
DOCTOR and DOCTOR A turn LEE ANN back over. Her jerks are
more sudden and strong.
                       DOCTOR A.
Cydoc inject her with Sub 12.


                       CYDOC B.
Yes superior.
The index finger of CYDOC B goes transparent. A blue liquid
substance seems to be in the finger. A thin needle surfaces
out of the index finger. CYDOC B injects this blue liqiud
into LEE ANN. The jerks stop. LEE ANN seems peaceful and
falls asleep.
ALEX is having breakfast and watching televison. She is
eating bread and eggs on a yellow clear plate. The room is
bright due to the light coming from the sun. There is
commercial on t.v about Propostion 10,000. A man who appears
to be a government official is educating a couple on the
benefits of the
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL
When Proposition 10,000 pass your
future children would not have to
worry about diseases and
disabilites in themselves or their
children. Imagine a world with out
genetic or physical diseases and
                       WIFE (COMERICIAL)
It will be perfect just as
everything is supposed to be. We
would not have to strive for
anything. The government will be
The GOVERNMENT OFFCIAL is sitting across from the HUSBAND
and WIFE.
                       HUSBAND (COMERCIAL)
My wife summed everything up.
Proposition 10,000 is the best
thing that can happen to our
country and society.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL
Support Proposition 10,000, its
the only way to go.
The commercial fades off the screen and ALEX goes back to
eating her break fast. The news comes on. ALEX picks up the
phone on the kitchen table and talks to the phone.


Dial Melson Alexderia please.
The phone dials MELSON. On the first ring MELSON picks up
the phone.
Good morning Melson. How was your
                       MELSON (O.S.)
Not too bad. I should be asking
you how your night was? When did
you get back home?
Actually I got back home at 10:30.
I was having a chat with Richard.
He woke me up while I was sleeping
at LEE ANN bed side.
                       MELSON (O.S.)
He was at the hospital?
                       MELSON (O.S.)
Odd. He left the office early, he
said something about an outting
with his father. He left as soon
as I came in. He also said me
might be dropping the case that we
asigned to us four days ago.
The same here, he told me that we
might have to drop the
investigation also.
                       MELSON (O.S.)
Are you watching the news. There
are people outside a government
building protesting Proposition
10,000. Their reason for
protesting is something about not
knowing enough about the
Proposition. They are also warning
people to stop, think, research
and get enough information before
supporting it.


ALEX looks at her television and see the protesters getting
arrested. She frowns.
They are getting arrested.
                       MELSON (O.S.)
I can see that. Sad but they
should not be protesting out in
public, its a crime. The
government is always right.
We need to have more freedom of
speech. Things seem right. We
should be able to say whatever we
want to say, the government does
not have to be right everytime.
                       MELSON (O.S.)
Maybe if we ever get to uncovering
something behind the mysteriously
dying people at the hospital,
things might change. People might
begin to realize that things are
not what they seem to be.
True, but we might never get to it
if Richard is trying to make us
drop the case before we begin to
                       MELSON (O.S.)
I do not have any plans on droping
the case. I will just have to work
on it on my time. Would you work
with me independently if Richard
insists on us dropping the case?
ALEX stays silent for a few seconds.
                       MELSON (O.S.)
Are you still there?
Yes I am still here. Yes I am
afaid that I would have to say Yes
to that question. I will work with
you independently if Richard
forces us to drop the case.


                       MELSON (O.S.)
Thanks alot ALEX. That means alot
to me.
You are welcome.
                       MELSON (O.S.)
Is there anything specific that
you will like to tell me. You
called me.
I will be late to work today. I
will be stopping by the hospital
to see my mother.
                       MELSON (O.S.)
That's fine, there is not much to
do since Richard is insisting on
dropping the case. I probably just
run some errands and do research
on stem cells and government
policies on patients.
You do that. I will see you later.
                       MELSON (O.S.)
Bye Alex.
ALEX hangs up the phone with MELSON. She picks up her plate
and loads it in the dish washer. After loading the plate,
the door bell rings. ALEX looks at her television which
changes chanels automatically and it has a live picture of a
female standing outside her door.
      (says to herself)
ALEX walks through her kitchen into her living room to open
the door.She opens the door and JANE has a worried look on
her face. JANE immediately hugs ALEX firmly for a few
Where have you been? How is your
mother? Are you ok?
Clamn down, I am ok and my mother
is fine. Come in and have a sit.


JANE lets ALEX go. She looks to the floor and picks up a pot
of flowers.ALEX and JANE enter her living room.
The flowers are for your mom. I
hope she likes them. I spent a
fortune on them. Flowers are
expensive and a rare comodity
these days.
I know. Thank you. Your support
means alot to me and my mother.
Your welcome, anytime.
They both walked back into the kitchen. JANE places the pot
of flowers on the kitchen glass heptagon table, then pulls
out a chair and sits. ALEX sits opposite her.
You did not answer my question.
How is your mother doing?
She is doing fine, I guess. She
looked the same to me since she
got into the hospital.
I am so sorry about not being able
to visit you mother. You know how
it is? The laws, restrictions and
visiting days, always so busy and
hectic. My prayers are with her
JANE focuses her attention on the news on television.She
seems to be captured by the report that the reporter is
Thank you.
JANE turns to ALEX to talk.
Isn't it awful how people are
protesting against the government.
We as a society were never brought
up liket that. Those people should
be ashamed of themselves. This


                       JANE (cont'd)
Proposition 10,000 seems to me
like it can do alot of good for
the society.
Everyone has their own ideas and
opinions about policies Jane.
You should start showing some
interest because if this
Proposition gets approved, your
mother might benefit greatly from
What do you mean?
The stem cells invovled in
Proposition 10,000 according to
the my understanding and the
education from the governemt are
Embryo stem cells. If you remember
clearly from Science studies these
cells have the highest plasticity.
What about the other types of
Embryo cells have the highest
plasticity ALEX. Your mother might
be able to re-grow a new spinal
cord, forget what the doctors told
you. Those cells could do wonders.
I believe in them.
Her doctor already told me that.
JANE holds ALEX's wrist in her wrists.
Trust me ALEX, the government
always means well for its
JANE let's her head drop, ALEX gets up from her chair and
walks to the window.


I have to leave Jane, I am
stopping by the hospital before I
head to the headquaters.
JANE gets up from her chair walks over to ALEX and gives her
another firm hug.
If you need to talk give me a call
any time. Everything will turn out
I will give you a call.
Bye Alex.
ALEX is quiet. JANE leaves. ALEX finshes getting ready fr
the day and then leaves her house.
ALEx is driving to the hospital to see her mother. She is
listerning to old classic music (Ray Charles). She seems to
be rather lost in her thoughts. It is a nice sunny day. ALEX
gets a phone call through her talking car.
                       TALKING CAR
You have a call from the hospital.
Would you like to recieve the
Yes please, Car activiate call.
NURSE 1 is on the phone.
                       NURSE 1 (O.S)
Is this Alex Maddox?
                       NURSE 1 (O.S)
We need you to report to the
hospital as soon as possible.
Is something wrong?


                       NURSE 1 (O.S)
You will be informed as soon as
you get here
I will be there shortly.
                       NURSE 1 (O.S)
We will be awaiting your arrivial.
NURSE 1 hangs up the phone with ALEX. ALEX is immediately
stressed and picks up speed in her car. This makes her car
fly as she tries to get to the hospital quickly.
ALEX is quiet while waiting for her LEE ANN's doctor. The
hall way is dead. There are no patients or medical personnel
walking around. The walls and flooring of the entire floor
are white. ALEX tries to check on her mother but the room is
empty. ALEX gets more anxious. A Nurse is walking down the
hallway she stops to address ALEX.
                       NURSE 2
Are you Alex Maddox?
      (anxious and
Yes I am? Where is mother?
                       NURSE 2
Your mother's doctor will be with
you shortly.
ALEX paces around again and the nurse keeps on walking. ALEX
grabs the nurse by her arm before she could completely walk
away from her.
      (yelling and
Where is my mother? Why isn't she
in her room? What did you people
do with her?


                       NURSE 2
ALEX please clamn down, as I said
earlier, your mother's doctor will
be here to see to shortly. I have
no other data for you at this
moment. Please excuse me I have
things that I need to attend too.
NURSE 2 struggles to let go from ALEX's grip, she quickly
walks away. ALEX is left alone. ALEX wipes away her tears
away from her face and continues to stand quietly for the
ALEX turns around to find her mother's doctor standing
behind her.
Where is my mother?
Would you like to go somewhere
more private?
No. I would like to know where my
mother is and why she is not in
her room? I was not informed of
any procedures that will require
her being taken out of her room
DOCTOR grows silent for a few seconds.
Your mother passed away last night
at 12:30 pm of an infection. The
infection got into her blood and
went to her heart.
ALEX's face grows pale
Where did she get an infection
from and how come it was not
The infection was from a bedsore.
It was being treated but we
underestimated its power.


Why wasn't I informed of this
infection. If I remember correctly
I am her daughter and her next of
I am sorry for your loss.
You said she was doing better.
She was doing better but nothing
is ever gauranteed.
ALEX walks away quietly.
ALEX is in her car driving home. There are tears falling out
from her eyes. She talks to her car.
Call Melson James please.
                       TALKING CAR
Melson James on call.
MELSON picks up on the first ring.
                       MELSON (O.S.)
Morning Alex.
My mother passed away last night.
MELSON is silent for a few seconds.
                       MELSON (O.S.)
I thought she was getting better.
The doctor said that yesterday.


She passed away. The funeral will
be sometime next week. I will keep
you updated. I have to go.
                       MELSON (O.S.)
My condolences Alex. Please take
care of yourself and call me if
you need to talk about anything.
Thanks. Could you also please
inform Richard.
I will Alex. You take care of
yourself. Bye.
MELSON hangs up the phone with ALEX. ALEX proceeds to call
her family members and friends to inform them about her
mother death. ALEX spends the rest of her day at her house
sleeping and drinking.
RICHARD's father (JACK) is sitting while watching
televesion. RICHARD walks in, looks at JACK,smiles then
gives him a hug. RICHARD removes something from his pocket
and takes a sit next to Jack.
What is the big fuss over
Proposition 10,000. People are
willing to get arrested, trade
their freedom for something that
seems right by the government.
You shouldn't be watching the
News. It is not healthy for you.
The protestors are idots.
That is a little harsh Richard,
Honestly, we the public know too
little about this Proposition but
you don't see me protesting.
That is very wise of you. Besides,
I would not like to see get


                       RICHARD (cont'd)
arrested. I can not live with
that, the shame and you being
I would never do that to you. Not
after coming this far.
Speaking of far, you need to take
your Meds.
I know, without those cycapsules,
God knows I would not have lived
this long.
Thank Science dad. Science is the
God of our society. Without
Science we would not be were we
are today.
RICHARD rolls JACK's sleves and places a cycapsule on him
arm.JACK feels a little sting from the cycapsule that melts
into his skin.
All done.
All done, good to go.
You know I cann't live forever,
this would not last.
Yes you will live for eternity.
Research shows it. Your are 125
years old.
If you insist.
You must refrain from speaking
that nonsense, you are the only
family that I have left. You know
life will be hard on me if you
pass on.


The phone rings, RICHARD answers the phone. A minute later
he hangs up the phone.
Who was it?
Melson. ALEX's mother passed away
last night.
A funeral for ALEX's mother is taking place. ALEX is holding
her LEE ANN's ashes in a cremate Jar which is encrushed in
gold. MELSON, RICHARD,JANE AND JACK are all on the boat
attending the funeral.ALEX is sober.Everyone except
HONORABLE HOLY MAN is standing in a straight line opposite
the water, he is standing facing them.JANE is crying.
                       HONORABLE HOLY MAN
Are there any last words that
anyone of you would like to give
before the body gets returned to
JANE steps forward.
      (sobbing and
LEE ANN is and was loved by
everyone. This is a great tragedy
for everyone that knew her.
JANE stops to control her sobs.
                       HONORABLE HOLY MAN
Anything else Miss.
JANE shakes her head and walks back into the line. JACK
steps up.
I have known Lee Ann since Alex's
father passed away in a car
accident. She touched lots of
lives and it was a privillage and
pleasure to know her while she was
JACk steps back in line.


                       HONORABLE HOLY MAN
Would you like to give your last
words ALEX before you spread the
There is a short silence, ALEX then steps up from the line .
May her soul rest in peace and
may she find eternal peace with my
father where ever he is.
                       HONORABLE HOLY MAN
You may now proceed to spread the
ALEX opens the jar and begins to spread LEE ANN ashes over
the ocean. There is a clamn breeze in the air. ALEX stares
into ocean scape as the boat begins to head back for land.
ALEX gets out of her car, the car door closes behind her.
Soon after, RICHARD parks opposite ALEX's car on the other
side of the street. RICHARD gets out of the car and crosses
the street to met up with ALEX.
My sincere condolences.
Thank you.
I cann't imgaine how I would feel
if I lost my father. You must be
going through alot but I know you
will pull through.
ALEX begins to stare into the sun set.
I will miss her. I hope she is
with my father and happy whereever
they are.
A tear begins to drop down ALEX's face. RICHARD looks away.
This will be a thing of the past
really soon.


My mother will always be in my
I mean diseases, illnesses and
injuries. In the near future
illness would be cured as soon as
I honestly do not care. The doctor
said she will be better , look
where she is right now.
ALEX throws her hands up in the air.
She probbly was doing better but
she was unfortunate. Stem cells
are vuluable.
How can you talk about stem cells
when there is so much controversy
around it.
A man on a floating bike floats bye. On the back of his bike
is a sign that reads " Proposition 10,000 is the best thing
that has happened to us"
Don't believe the hype. Stem cells
is the real deal.
Why are you so excited about it?
You will never understand.
I don't feel too well. I will have
to see you later.
Good night Alex. You do not have
to return to work immediately.
Take your time.


I will try but I may not be able
to stay away for long.I have to do
something to take my mind away
from things.
Either way, good night and take it
ALEX walks into her apartment building leaving RICHARD who
walks back to his car.
ALEX gets into her house and crashes on her solfa. ALEX
falls into a deep sleep where she has a dream about a mother
and child at a hospital. The child is ill and the mother has
to have a procedure done on her to help her child become
better. The doctors are advising the mother on the current
Please help me and my son. He is
the only family that I have got.
He is my future and the future of
our society.
I understand how you feel. We are
trying everything that we can but
it seems like we have only one
more option.
What is the option!? I will do
We will need to remove a substance
from your body. This substance
will help your son.
But why my body, isn't there some
other way?
I am afaid not.


What will this substance do?
It will disolve all faulty and
sick DNA in your son which is
causing him to be ill.
Will there be any side effects on
me, I have to be here for son.
It is unclear but time can not
wait. Besides you are giving your
son part of you.
I know but I just want to be able
to take care of my son.
I can assure you that your son
will survive. He will never be ill
again. He will be genetically
perfect, free of any kind of
illness and immume to all kinds of
I don't care about him being
perfect all I want and need is for
him to be healthy.
Maa'm I need ti know if you will
be going through with the
procedure or not?
      (fearfully and
Can you please asure me that the
side effects of this procedure are
not drastic or at least life


The side effects are still unclear
but the results are phenominal.
You have to do this for your son
and of our society
MOTHER lets out a sigh and gives in. She stands up and looks
forward to the procedure room.
I hope I can live to be with my
The screen goes black and MOTHER is in a procedure room.
ALEX suddenly wakws up from her sleep with sweat all over
her face, she is breathing heavily.
ALEX is sitting on her kitchen stool waiting for the coffee
to finish brewing. There is a key board in front of her with
a projected see through screen. A search is taking place on
the projection screen. The coffee mechine makes a bleeing
sound. ALEX walks to the mechine and pours herself a cup of
coffee. She walks back over to the counter, sits back on the
stool and begins to type on her key board. She types in "
STEM CELLS RESEARCH IN LABS". The phone rings. ALEX answers
the phone.
Evening Jane.
                       JANE (O.S)
I wanted to make sure you were
getting some rest.
That was very nice of you Jane.
You should be getting some rest
                       JANE (O.S)
I should say the same about you.
I know. I couldn't go back to
sleep. I am doing a little
research on one of my assigments.
ALEX touches a summary of one of the articles on the
projection screen.


                       JANE (O.S)
Try to get some sleep. What
assigment are you talking about
Stem cells research and people
mysteriouly dying in hospitals.
                       JANE (O.S)
That's ridiculous.
                       JANE (O.S)
Because you know patients die of
illness not stem cells research.
Do you know that for a fact?
ALEX browses through an article that reads " CELL48A
article then reads " MYTHICAL, NOT YET PROVEN OR
                       JANE (O.S)
No. I am not sure but I know stem
cells do not have a corollation
with patients that die in
According to the research that I
am reading right now, there are
valuable stem cells that have
supposedly not been discovered.
                       JANE (O.S)
You read into things too deeply.
And you don't see beyound the
                       JANE (O.S)
Is that the only evidence you
could give for uncovering your


No, the point is if humans posses
cells that can cure all diseases
and give eternal life or alter
embryos, don't you think other
humans would want to posses it for
                       JANE (O.S)
You do not make any kind of sense.
If every human supposedly posses
this cell why would a human want
to covet another human's cells.
Because...hold on
ALEX begins to browse the article again. As she scrows
upwards with her finger she discovers a sentence that reads
                       JANE (O.S)
Hello! Are you still there.
Yes I am still there. A human can
covet these cells because the
potential of these cells can only
be of use in another human.
                       JANE (O.S)
As you said before these cells
have not been discovered and they
probably do not exist.
ALEX tries touch another article which does not open up.
Jane I have to talk to you some
other time. Something is up with
my PC.
                       JANE (O.S)
Sure. I need to get some sleep
Good night Jane.


                       JANE (O.S)
Good night Alex. Go to sleep,
hopeful tommorow will bring you
something new and beautiful.
ALEX hangs up the phone with JANE.
MELSON takes off his shoes after sitting on his bed. He
begins to take off his shirt when the phone rings MELSON
reaches for his bedside and picks up the phone.
How are you feeling Alex?
                       ALEX (O.S)
I am ok. Where you sleeping?
No. Not at all.
                       ALEX (O.S)
Good. I have got something on the
stem cells case.
MELSON gets up from his bed and works over to his desk that
has a keyboard. He sits down on his chair and hits a button
on his key board. A large projection screen appears in front
of the key board.
What is it that you have for me?
                       ALEX (O.S)
I got a tip about a warehouse
How is this tip usefull to the
                       ALEX (O.S)
Information which could be vital
to this case may be shared at this
So you want me to gather data?


                       ALEX (O.S)
This might give us a break on this
I will see what I can do. How did
you get this tip anyway?
                       ALEX (O.S)
I was doing research on my PC when
I got a pop up which had detailed
information concerning this case.
Are you sure this information is
valuable. This could be any random
                       ALEX (O.S)
The only way to be sure is to find
out. The information is legitimate
and had to be from a valuable
source. Most of the information
corresponeded with some our former
What is the address of the
                       ALEX (O.S)
I will email it to you with a map
of directions.
I am waiting on it.
                       ALEX (O.S)
Let me know how it went first
thing tommorow.
I will. Take care of yourself and
get some sleep.
There is a short silence.
                       ALEX (O.S)
Thanks you for your concern and
dedication, it means a lot to me.
Bye Alex.


MELSON hangs up the phone with ALEx. Few seconds later, an
email pops up with the addresses and directions on a map.
MELSON wears a pair of glasses which transmit the
information from the email on the projection screen to the
glasses through scanning and red lazar beams. MELSON walks
back to his bed, puts on his shoes, takes his gun from under
his pillow and leaves.
A grey haired man is talking to a man who seems to be a
government official because of his uniform which is navy
                       GREY HAIRED MAN
Tests are going well.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
Good. How long are these tests
going to continue? You are aware
that we have to ratify the
The warehouse is completely peach dark. MELSON uses the
X-ray vision through his eye glasses to see. There are large
barrels of gass everywhere. MELSON walks around slowly to
aviod making noise. His glasses are recording everything
that he sees and hears. MELSON pays close attention to the
conversation that is going on between the GOVERNMENT
                       GREY HAIRED MAN
The tests are slowly coming to an
end.Most of the hospitals are
rounding up. The major hospital
were the final tests will be
taking place is at silver hill
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
Keep up the work.
                       GREY HAIRED MAN
Yes sir.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
What is this card for?


                       GREY HAIRED MAN
The card is your pass to the
hospital I mentioned. You will be
able to observe tests to give you
a first hand experience when
reporting to your superiors.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
Have there been any positive
results from the product of these
                       GREY HAIRED MAN
Exceptional results. There are
10,000 people world wide who are
or over a hundred and fifty.
Embryo are ready to be implanted.
There where no rejection problems,
that is one of the beauties of
these cells.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
I doubt that I would need this but
I will keep it in handy.
GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL is holding the card when a heavy noise
comes from the large gass barrels. MELSON looks around to
figure about where the noise came from.MELSON begins to walk
towards the opposite direction to leave.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
I hear footsteps. We seem to have
unexpected company. I will leave
you now. Take care of the
uninvited guest.
seconds to listern to where the foot steps are coming
from.MElSON is trying to get out of the warehouse.
MELSON is sitting in a chair in the middle of a dark room.
His face is swollen and beaten up. His hands are tied behind
the chair and his face hanging down. He is unconsious. A
bucket of water is dumped on his head. He wakes up and
raises his head slowly. There is one light bulb in the
middle of the room. There are two people standing in the
room, one is a female and the other is a male. The audience
can not see their faces except their shoes which are black.


The audience can see the hair of the female which is blond
and pulled back into a poney tale and the hair of the male
is black and very low cut.
What should we do with him?
We are still waiting on orders
from the cheif.
MELSON attempts to loosen his tied hands, he looks up and
tries the focus his vision on the people who are talking in
the room but his vision is bad. He can not see through one
Why do you guys have me here? This
is against the law.
The male and the female smile at each other.
Why were you are the warehouse at
that particular time of the night?
Is this why I am here?
The male and female look at each other. The male walks over
to MELSON and pistol wips him with his gun. MELSON's face
goes back to a hanging position.
This is a waste of time, He is
going to die anyway, Why cann't we
just kill him and dump his body in
the ocean.
The male wipes his gun on MELSON's clothes.
Things have to be planned out
carefully. Patience, we should be
getting the call sometime, right
about now.
MELSON raises his head and spits out blood.
      (trying to muster
       a laugh)
What call are you waiting for?
There is no need for any of this?


                       MELSON (cont'd)
I happened to be at the wrong
place at the wrong time.
The male walks to side of MELSON's chair and uses his one of
his legs to knick the chair which fall on its side.MELSON
head hits the floor hard. The cell phone goes off in the
room. The male answer the phone.
Chief. We have been waiting on
your call.
The male leaves the room.The female takes out a cigarette
from her pocket and light's it up. She takes two puffs and
throws it to floor then steps on it.
I really need to quit smoking.
A few minutes pass and the male comes back into the room.
Smoking again.
It's time?
Who got wacked?
Some drug kingpin.
The chief arranged all this?
He did.
Interesting and brilliant.
ALEX is still asleep on her bed when the phone rings. It
rings twice before ALEX walks up suddenly and picks it up.


Melson. I have been waiting for
your call.
                       RICHARD (O.S)
Alex, this is Richard. You need to
report to the quarters as soon as
ALEX gets out of her bed and sits on a chair that is
opposite a large window which previews the skylines of the
What is going on? It is 5:30 am in
the morning.
                       RICHARD (O.S)
Something came up.
What do you mean?
                       RICHARD (O.S)
You will find out when you get
Does Melson have to be there? I
could call him, He might be of
RICHARD is silent for a few seconds.
Get here as soon as you can Alex.
RICHARD hangs up the phone. ALEX begins to call MELSON but
the phone rings, there is no answer. ALEX gets anxious. She
takes a shower, gets dressed and leaves.
ALEX walks into the headquarters and head for the elevators.
Everyone and everything is awfully quiet. ALEX presses a
button for floor 1000th. ALEX gets to the floor and heads
for RICHARD office. She opens the door, RICHARD is sittting
in his chair talking on his phone. RICHARD signals for ALEX
to sit. As soon as ALEX sits down, RICHARD's call ends.
RICHARD looks at ALEX , gets up from his chair to join her.


Melson was found dead at a
warehouse this morning.
ALEX is shocked and speechless. Her face is expressionless.
What are you talking about?
ALEX looks for the nearest chair that is close to the window
and takes a sit. She puts her head in her hands.
How did he die?
A shot to the head. Drugs were
found on him.
Drugs? Where would Melson get
drugs from? Melson was not
involved in any kind of drugs?
This all does not make any kind of
sense, it must all be a mistake.
RICHARD walks over to where ALEX is sitting.
Everything seems shady as of now
but things are not looking good
for Melson. A drug kingpin was
also found dead at the scene.
According to all of the
information that I have gathered,
the whole thing seems like a drug
deal gone bad.
Hold on. Cut out of the drug
nonsense. Melson was not invovled
in any kind of drug dealings. I
sent him to the wharehouse based
on a tip I got for the stem cells
case I was working on.
Tears begin to roll down ALEX's face. RICHARD remains silent
for a few seconds, the looks away then back at ALEX.
My condolences. This year must be
a hard year for you.


ALEX looks at RICHARD hard in the eye, she wipes her tears
off her eyes. Her expression and deminor changes.
Everything is under investigation.
I already told you and Melson to
drop that case. I am unsure of
things that are going on right now
but everthing is all over the
place as of now.
Everything is under investigation.
I already told you and Melson to
drop that case. I am unsure of
things that are going on right now
but everthing is all over the
place as of now.
Something is seriously wrong.
Melson was not invovled in an kind
of drugs. There must be some kind
mistake. Something is not right.
Take it easy Alex. You shouldn't
rush to conclusions. You are
ALEX gets up from her chair and begins to head for the door
leaving RICHARD by himself.
I will speak with you some other
Be careful Alex.
Call me to give me the date for
the funeral.
ALEX leaves the office and shuts the dooe behind her
MELSON's mother is pouring out his ashes to the sea while
everyone is standing behind her with their head hung low.
When she is done, she walks back to a side of the boat.


ALEX, RICHARD, JANE and a few other people are all present.
Different people begin to proceed towards MELSON's mother to
give their condolences. JANE is by ALEX's side. RICHARD is
the first person to walk up to MELSON's mother.
My sincere condolences Mrs. James.
I want you to know that everything
has been taken care of. You do not
have to worry about anything.
RICHARD hugs Mrs.JAMES. Then lets her go. MRS. JAMES takes
RICHARD's hand and holds it in her hand.
                       MRS. JAMES
Thank you very much for
You are welcome. Do not mention
it. It is a pity but once again my
                       MRS. JAMES
Thank you.
RICHARD moves aloung as ALEX hesistates on weitheir to
approach MRS. JAMES or not. ALEX and JANE are standing
You really should go along and
give Melson's mother your
condolences personally.
ALEX is still quiet and silent. Her eyes are swollen and she
looks very sober.ALEX looks up JANE then looks over at
MRS.JAMES. There are other people talking to MRS. JAMES.
I will be back.
ALEX approaches MRS.JAMES, someone just finishes hugging and
kissing MRS.JAMES hand. ALEX walks up to MRS. JAMES.
                       MRS. JAMES
      (Nervous, tensed
       but quietly)
Everything has already been
ALEX has a puzzled look on her face.


Mrs. James, I just want to give my
                       MRS. JAMES
Thank you but everything has
already been taken care of,
including Melson's son, its a pity
that Melson had to go out like
I am afaid that I would have to
agree with you. It is a pity that
Melson died but I regret to inform
you that circumstances surrounding
his death puzzle me.
                       MRS. JAMES
I do not wish to hear about
anything that surrouds my son
death. Not now or ever. Please
move along.
I am sorry Mrs. James its just
that I and Melson have been
patners for 5 years and I refuse
to believe that he was involed...
MRS. JAMES cuts ALEX off. She moves closer to ALEX and talks
into her ear.
                       MRS. JAMES
There will be no looking into
anything. My son is dead, yes the
circumstances are shady but I have
already gotten a settlement and
the case has been closed. I have a
5 year old grandson to take care.
ALEX moves back from MRS. JAMES.
Mrs. James...
                       MRS. JAMES
Would you like my grandson to
loose his father's pension?


No but...
                       MRS. JAMES
Then stay away from the case,
everything has already been taken
care of. I can not afford any
other loss. Please don't jeopodize
his pension.
The phone rings, ALEX picks it up on the first ring. It is
JANE. ALEX is in the dark sitting, her chair facing her
large window that previews the city.Flying cars are floating
                       JANE (O.S)
Are you ok?
Yes I am trying to get some sleep,
I can not go to sleep.
                       JANE (O.S)
I know it must be hard but take it
I am trying but everything seems
so complicated, everything is so
                       JANE (O.S)
I think you should let the case
go. Start over new. Maybe a change
of career.
ALEX gets up from the chair, snaps her fingers, the lights
come on in the room. She walks over to her desk and takes a
sit in front of her key board.
You know I do not run away from
conflict. Something is taking
place and I need to get to the
bottom of things.


                       JANE (O.S)
For what? For who? You do not make
a whole lot of sense with the
things you say sometimes.
I have to do this for Melson.
ALEX hits a key on the key board and a projection screen
comes up.
                       JANE (O.S)
Based on everything that I know, I
am only looking out for your
I always am, Jane.
                       JANE (O.S)
Maybe things are ment to be left
the way they are.
I will be careful but I also need
to complete what I have started.
                       JANE (O.S)
Good night. I see that I can not
convince you against the case.
Good night.
ALEX and JANE hang up the phone with each other.ALEX types
in the name of the warehouse were MELSON was found murdered.
ALEX stares at the directions on the projection for a few
      (says to herself)
I need to get up there.
The warehouse is completely dark as ALEX tries to get
through the barrels of gass. She uses a bright flashlight to
see. Yellow caution tape is everywhere. ALEX walks up to the
exact spot where MELSON's body was found. There are little
robot bugs that outline the print of how MELSON's body was
found. ALEX stares at the print for a few seconds then moves


on. ALEX is walking out through the back door when her foot
knicks a card. ALEX picks up the card and looks at it. It
has the name and address of a hospital. At the back of the
card reads "Proposition 10,000 almost complete". ALEX
immediately leaves the warehouse with the card which she
puts in her pocket.
ALEX closes the door behind her, then walks over to
RICHARD's desk and sits on a chair. RICHARD is sitting on
his chair arranging papers his desk.
I have decided to go undercover.
Yes undercover. I will going
undercover at Sliver Hill
Are you sure, it seems to me like
you are rushing into things.
Why are you always trying to
persuade me out of things as if I
never knew what I got myself.
ALEX gets up from her chair and walks to the large window
that previews the skylines.
You should slow down and think
before you do things. You have
lost two people in less than a
month. I want you to take caution.
I take caution in everything I do.
I am still going undercover.
RICHARD gets up from his chair and joins ALEX at the window.
You can do what you think you need
to do, be careful and keep me


I will keep you updated.
ALEX turns around and begins to leave the room. She opens
the door.
Be careful ALEX.
RICHARD's back is facing the window and he is looking at
ALEX. ALEX simply leaves the room and closes the door behind
ALEX is standing outside Sliver Hill Hospital. A man who is
wearing a lab coat and glasses is standing next to her. ALEX
is wearing a lab coat and glasses.
Nice to meet you Doctor Maguire.I
look forward to working with you.
It took me two months to get this
job and I hope to take advantage
of this job.
ALEX entends her hand to shake DOCTOR MAGUIRE who shakes her
hand and holds onto it.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
I read your resume and it is
impressive. You are welcomed into
the team, you should fit in
comfortably Blex.
Thank you. Can you please educate
me on what the floor specializes
in? I am aware that there was a
change in location of my actual
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
According to your resume, we have
placed you on the 120th floor of
the hospital. You will find out
your duties when you begin.
If you would excuse me for asking
but what do you and the team
mainly foucs on or concentrate on.


                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Embryo development, patient health
and care. We try to find ways to
eradicate and prevent diseases and
illnesses in our society...
And how do you and your team
prevent illness?
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
We are working on using cells to
treat and prevent illness.
What type of cells and where are
these cells got from?
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
You will know more as soon as you
A cydoc walks up to DOCTOR MAGUIRE and wispers in his ear
then walks away.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Excuse me for the interruption by
the cycdoc. Robots do have
manners, funny huh.
      (smiling and
Not at all.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Do you have anymore questoins? I
have to leave shortly.
No questions.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Good. Come along with me so I
could introduce you to your knew
co-workers, perhaps you might get
your knew assigment today.
DOCTOR MAGUIRE begins to led ALEX into the hospital. At the
enterance of the hospital DOCTOR MAGUIRE scans his ID with


scans to a mechine that shows his name, address and picture.
ALEX scans her ID next and it shows a picture of her with
glasses and her hair is jet black and pulled back. Her name
ALEX and DOCTOR MAGUIRE get of the elevator to the floor.
The floor busy, there are cycdocs , doctors and nurses
running around everywhere. The walls are white and the floor
looks exactly like the floor in where ALEX's mother used to
be. DOCTOR MAGUIRE stops, ALEX is behind him.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Wait here.
DOCTOR MAGUIRE leaves ALEX standing by herself. ALEX begins
looking around. She gets lost in her obsservations. DOCTOR
MAGUIRE and a nurse come up behind ALEX.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Abbe this is BLEX. BLEX this is
ALEX turns around to find a short nurse with black hair.
ALEX quickly extends her hand which Abbe recieves.
                       NURSE ABBE
Nice to meet you BLEX.
Same here.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Abbe will be your supervior.
                       NURSE ABBE
Are you excited?
Cann't wait.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
BLEX has lots of questions about
what we do.
                       NURSE ABBE
Her questions would be answered as
she gets into the job.


ALEX's eyes are moving around looking at the rush going on
in the hallway. Everyone is still moving hastily.
What's going on? Why is the floor
so busy.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Doctors and cycdocs are
administering medication, first of
the month which we all know is the
only visiting day.
                       NURSE ABBE
Sad. You think that these people
will take the advise of the
goverment and stay way but they
actual show up on visiting day.
Thank science I don't have any
relatives in a hospital.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Imagine what that would be like.
ALEX is standing silently while NURSE ABBE and DOCTOR
MAGUIRE talk back and front with each other.
                       NURSE ABBE
Have you ever had a relative in
the hospital Blex?
ALEX snapes back from her daze.
No. Anyway is there anything else
that I would need to know before I
DOCTOR MAGUIRE and NURSE ABBE look at each other then at
                       NURSE ABBE
Where could she start? Where
should I place her?
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Good question, I have not thought
about that. She could start off in
the labs or maybe patient care.


                       NURSE ABBE
We will float her between patient
care and lab work.
I don't mind.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
What patient will she be
responsible for?
                       NURSE ABBE
I will have to go over my members
and patients to see.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
I will have to leave you two
alone. I have other
responsibilities that I need to
attend too.
DOCTOR MAGUIRE turns around and begins to walk away leaving
ALEX and NURSE ABBE by themselves.
                       NURSE ABBE
You are to report to doctor
Maguire at the lab on your morning
shifts. Come along and so I can
introduce you to members you will
be working with.
NURSE ABBE and ALEX begins to walk to the end of the floor
were there is a station full of medical staff. They get to
the station, the station is made out of glass. The chairs
and desks are all made out of glass.NURSE ABBE and ALEX pass
through people in the station to get to two females sitting
in chairs.
                       NURSE ABBE
Maddy and Jesse this is Blex. She
is a new member. Be nice and make
sure she knows what she is doing.
The one of the females turn aroune from their desk and looks
up at ALEX. She gets up and shakes ALEX's hand, She is short
and is red headed.
Nice to meet you Blex. I Wasn't
expecting a new member around this
time but neither the less we are
glad that you joined the team.


The second female sitting on the chair looks up, She has
blond hair and green eyes.
Speak for yourself Jesse. Welcome
                       NURSE ABBE
She will be working on one of my
Jesse and Maddy are walking to their cars.
Adding new members to the team is
dangerous. You know what we are
dealing with in this line of work.
That's ridiculous. Who will take
over when members need to move on
to higher positions?
The next generation, but we both
know that Blex was hired urgently.
Sometimes urgnent is not always
We need most of the help that we
can get. If there are people who
are willing to work and join the
team at this crucial and
controvercial time of this
profession it means that our goals
will be accomplished. And you know
what that means.
MADDY get to her car first then JESSE. MADDY's car is a
lexus,JESSE's car is a mercedes. JESSE touches the door of
her car, it opens vertically.Foot steps begin to sound in
the lot as MADDY begins to tries to touch her car door.
MADDY and JESSE look to see who it is and its ALEX. ALEX
walks past them as she continues to walk to her car. JESSE
and MADDY look at each other.
Something is up with her. I have a
sixed sense about her.


You are always negative. Lighten
I know what I am talking about.
Sure you do. Come on
Maddy. Get into your car, we are
running late for our Mechine
exercise, you know those mechine
love to do their jobs.
JESSE gets into her car and drives off. MADDY continues to
watch ALEX with suspision untill she gets into her car.
MADDY gets into her car and drives off.
ALEX is sitting with DOCOTOR MAGUIRE are sitting on a lab
stool observing a projection that shows cells duplicating.
The lab is huge. There are nurses and cycdoc working at
various stations with microscopes, test tubes, large
freezers and incubators.ALEX looks around at all the work
and commotion that is going on in the lab. DOCTOR MAGUIRE
looks at ALEX looking at the commotion in the lab.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Greatly. Why is it so busy around
here? Everyone seems to be so into
what they are doing.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Genes, cells, the human destiny.
That's why everyone is so busy.
What do you mean?
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
You really want to know what we do
The suspense is killing me.


                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Look back over at the projection.
The projection shows blue colored cells shaped in diamonds.
The cells continue to duplicate in multiples. ALEX is taken
aback by what she sees on the projection.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Amazing isn't it?
uh uh....
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
The cells that you witness on that
projection are the mythical cells
that are "supposedly
ALEX is engulfed in the image on the screen.
I thought these cells never
existed, what are you saying.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
What does the image say? You see
it, live and clear, take a look
into your microscope.
ALEX looks at DOCTOR MAGUIRE then she turns around and looks
at the microscope in front of her. She then proceeds to look
into the microscope. ALEX sees identical image from the
projection. ALEX is still looking into the microscope.
Why are people been led to believe
that these cells still do not
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Back to square one. This is why
everyone around here is busy doing
test to see if the myth can
actually come to reality.
ALEX looks up from the microscope.
The cells must be a reality, this
is big.


                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
We have come a long way.
There is a short silence.
If these cells do exist, where are
these cells derived from?
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Unclear. All we are trying to do
is look at the genes of our
patients and see how we can remove
the default in them. We also try
to treat.
A cycdoc interrupts the coversation by walking up to DOCTOR
MAGUIRE and wispering something into his ear.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Did Abbe assign you a patient that
you will be working with?
DOCTOR MAGUIRE gets up from the lab stool that he is sitting
Yes she did?
ALEX gets up from her stool to stand with DOCTOR MAGUIRE.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Give me a background on the
history of the patient.
Her name is Lisa Grames. She has
prakisins disease plus paraliysis
from the abodomen down.
The same cycdoc talks up to DOCTOR MAGUIRE and wispers
something into his ear. DOCTOR MAGUIRE looks tense. The
cycdoc is waiting by his side.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
You will have to continue this
background another time perhaps
you can update her health.
DOCTOR MAGUIRE and the cycdoc leave. ALEX is left standing
by herself.


The room is bright. There is a female patient sitting up on
the bed. She has orange blond hair with green eyes and is
fairly old. The female patient is watching Television
quietly. There is a knock on the door. She looks at the door
as it opens.The female patient looks tense. ALEX walks in
with a chart. There is a large machine that regulates the
temperature in the room. The machine is at the corner of the
How are you doing today Mrs.
ALEX proceeds towards her.
I am ok Blex. It is nice to see
you. You shouldn't call me Mrs.
Grames. You can call me Lisa.
ALEX gets over to LISA's bedside and gives her a hug, then
striaghtens out her bed cover.
That's fine. How do you feel
LISA tries to talk but her brisk vioce is brisk and she
begins to cough.
Take it easy Lisa. You do not have
to say much. I will just make some
observations and runs some tests
and I will be all set.
LISA signals for ALEX to move closer. ALEX takes a sit on
the bed next LISA. LISA's clears up her throat.
I am ok. Nothing has changed. I
don't feel like I am getting any
better. I want to leave.
I understand how you feel. Maybe
you should be a little more
LISA takes one of ALEX's wrists into her hand.


It does not look like I am going
to get any better. I have been
here for six months. My condition
only seems to be getting worse. If
I am going to die, I want to die
at my home.
You are not going to die.
Something is not right. Everything
seems to be repeating itself. My
husband died a year ago. He was
also in the hospital for a month.
They would not let me take him
home even after he expressed that
he wished to leave the hospital.
Always look on the bright side.
I have tried that lots of times
but it never seems to work out.
Keep trying.
LISA looks at ALEX eeriely.
Why do you care so much. None of
the staff ever sit down to talk
with me. Not even when my husband
was here. You are different
ALEX quickly gets up.
Maybe they are just too busy, I
always am but there is nothing
wrong in seeing how my patient is
Please sit back down. I did not
mean to alarm you, it is actually
a positve thing.
That ok, I will stand.


Please sit back down.
LISA pats her bed side.
No, really, I am fine.
LISA's head drops.
If you insist.
ALEX takes out a themometer, she presses a button at the top
and it begins to reflect a yellow light that measures the
temperature of LISA.
Your temp is a little above normal
but there is no cause for alarm.
LISA looks up.
My doctors are optimistic.
There are lots of tests that are
going on right now which you can
benefit from.
Doctor Maguire says that every
time he comes in here.
He might actually be right.
How are so sure?
The mythical cells actually exist.
LISA looks at ALEX strangely.
That is impossible? Where did the
cells come from?
There are foot steps coming from the door. The door opens
and it is MADDY. She comes in looks at ALEX and LISA and
frowns at ALEX.


Blex,what is taking you so long.
You are supposed to be at the lab
to report to Nurse Abbe.
I was just finishing up my data
collection, I am almost done.
LISA leans back on the bed. MADDY looks at LISA.
I would hope that you remember the
policy on interacting with
patients Blex. There is no reasons
for why you should be taking this
MADDY turns around and begins to walk out of the room.
I will be waiting for you at the
MADDY shuts the door behind her. ALEX and LISA look at each
You should begin to leave, I seem
to have got you into trouble.
I think I will take that advise.
You have a good day.
ALEX begins to walk out of the room.
Blex wait.
ALEX turns around almost before she gets to the door.
Yes. Is there anything else.
The cells that you said you saw
can not be the mythical cells
because thoes cells can only be
derived humans who are alive, once
a human is dead these cells die
with the human.


ALEX is taking aback. She looks at LISA then immediately but
quietly leaves the room.
The station is quiet. JESSE is sitting at a desk looking
over paper work when MADDY comes with a chart in her hand.
She drops it right in front of the paper work JESSE is
working on. JESSE looks at the chart. On the top of the
chart is labeled LISA GRAMES. The rest of the chart is
completely blank. JESSE looks at MADDY cluelessly. MADDY
folds her hands across her chest.
First of all, excuse you. Where
are your manners? Second of all
how does this concern me?
Cann't you read. That is Lisa's
chart, Blex was responsible for
her data.
She did not do it, big deal. Maybe
she didn't get to it.
MADDY paces around in a circle, then comes right back to the
spot she was standing before she started pacing.
How could she not have done her
chart when she was in Lisa's room
communicating and carrying on with
JESSE eyes widen, she frowns at MADDY.
Be careful of what you are saying.
You know the policy about
communicating with patients.
Exactly. Something is not right
about Blex. You and I know that
our team does not need this right


You will be doing a dangerous
thing if you go around asuming
There is nothing wrong with taking
extra pre-caution Jesse and you
know it.
Whatever you say Maddy, I will
help you keep tabs on Blex and if
anything comes up I will let you
and Doctor Maguire know.
MADDY takes the chart off the desk and walks away. JESSE
goes back to the papers she was working with on the desk.
ALEX closes the door behind her as she comes into her house.
Shw naps her fingers and the lights turn on. Alex takes off
her coat when the phone begins to ring. Alex walks over to a
wall which has a photo of a dog. She touches the photo and a
photo of RICHARD appears on the screen while the phone still
rings. ALEX touches the edge of the photo which answers the
phone. RICHARD is sitting at his desk slouched back in his
chair with a lossened tie.
How have you been Alex.
I can see that. You look tired.
I can say the same about you.
Speaking about working, you have
not updated on the case since you
started a two months ago.
I know. I have been really busy.
RICHARD rises an eyebrow.


Seems to me like you are
accomplishing your mission if you
are busy.
I am almost there.
Enlightening to here.
RICHARD sits up in his sit and looks into the video phone.
ALEX begin to rap up. You are need
for more important duties out
I am too tired to make decisions
right now RICHARD and I do not
want to get into arguments.
We need to finish this
conversation as soon as possible.
I will see you tommorow in the
afternoon when I get out of my
morning shift.
Good night.
ALEX touches an edge of the screen, RICHARD's face
disappears from the screen and the picture of the dog
reappears. ALEX begins to walk to her room.
RICHARD is looking out his window when ALEX walks in. She
closes the door quietly and joins RICHARD at the window.
RICHARD is still staring out the window as ALEX joins him.
What have you got.


RICHARD smiles to himself then turns to ALEX. He looks
tense. There is a short silence before RICHARD breaks the
The silence is not good, you of
all people know that.
The mythicial cells do exist.
RICHARD looks at ALEX.
Aren't you suprised and excited.
This means that we are on to
something. If the mythicial cells
do exist this means that the case
might actually be true.
Do you know where these cells are
got from?
That is the mystery.
Exactly. Untill you know where
does cells are got from or if they
exist you have no case. You are
wasting your time and my time.
RICHARD turns around and walks back over to his desk. He
sits on his chair and begins to fix papers on his desk. ALEX
is left standing by herself at the window.
I will begin to rap up but I know
that I am unto something. I will
rap up as soon as I discover what
I looking for.
Whatever you do, make it quick.
You are needed back here.
I will be done in time.


ALEX turns around from the window and begins to walk towards
the door.
Be careful Alex, the things that
you are incinerating are
dangerous. I am looking out for
your best interests.
ALEX stops walking,her back is facing RICHARD.
If you are looking out for my best
interests you would not pressure
me to get off this case because
you and I know that it means alot
to me. I will keep you posted
ALEX continues walking out quietly and leaving the door
open. RICHARD is left in his office staring at the open
LISA laying on her bed motionless. She looks worse from the
last visit that ALEX had with her. Her eyes are awake
wondering around the whole room. ALEX enters the room and is
taken aback by the sight of LISA. The room is dark, the
blind folds are shut. There is a chart in ALEX's hand.
Hi Lisa. How do you feel today.
ALEX walks over to LISA's bed side and picks up a remote
control. She points the remote at the window blinds and
presses a button. The window blinds open vertically. ALEX
places her hand on LISA's forehead. LISA's voice is low and
I know I am running a temp. Things
have changed from the last time I
saw you. Blex, these feelings that
I am having are not going way.
ALEX takes her hand off LISA's forehead. ALEX takes her hand
off LISA's forehead and begins to write on her chart that
she has in her hand.
Remain optamistic, things are
getting better.


You are too young to understand. I
felt this same way before my
husband die.
At first he was fine and the
doctors were telling me that he is
recovering, the next day I get a
call that he is dead, something
about him dying of an infection.
ALEX stops writing on her chart, she has a shocked look on
her face.
An infection? What kind if you do
not mind me asking?
A bedsore, you know due to the
fact that patients are always
laying on beds and never moving
ALEX shakes her head slowly and vertically.
Do you mind me turning you over to
observe your back side?
Help yourself.
ALEX pulls back LISA's blanket and proceeds to turn her on
her side.ALEX naps off the button to LISA's hospital uniform
which reveals her back side. ALEX runs her fingers all over
and around LISA's back side which is plan and smooth. There
are no signs of anything. ALEX buttons LISA's uniform back
up and places her back on her back.
Anything interesting.
No, just making observations.
ALEX is standing waiting for DCOTOR MAGUIRE. ALEX is looking
into the sky when DOCTOR MAGUIRE comes up behind her then
stands next to her. He too looks into the sky.


                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Beautiful day, bright skies,
bright future.
Yes it is. Would you like to have
a sit to talk?
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
ALEX and DOCTOR MAGUIRE walks to a group of benches that
are alined horizontally. They both take sits on one of the
Based on my knowledge,data and
observations Lisa is improving but
she is worried.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
About what?
Its unclear. She does not feel as
if she is getting better.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
And how would you know this?
She indicates it to me when I go
in for a data collection.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
She is improving even if she does
not feel it. She is on one of the
lucky few on stem cells
Stem cells? Stem cells were never
written on her chart.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
She is getting treated.
There is a short silence.


                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
MADDY has brought up some concerns
about you but I don't see anything
in her words. For now at least. I
want to bring that to your
ALEX's face has no expression.
I have taken note of your comments
and I promise to work harder
towards my potential.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Good. Lisa will recover
DOCTOR MAGUIRE gets up and leaves
ALEX comes into the room, the room is dark, she gets nervous
and naps a fingers. The lights turn on, LISA is on the bed
quietly, her eyes are closed. ALEX walks up to the bed and
taps LISA lightly.
Everything is going to be well. I
talked to Doctor Maguire and He
assured me and I am assuring you.
LISA begins to wake up slowly from her sleep. ALEX takes a
chair that is by the bed side, carries it to the large
window, places it by the window. She sits down and begins to
stare into the night. A few minutes after sitting ALEX sat,
LISA wakes up and pulls herself up to sit upwards on her
Did you say something? I was half
asleep when you came in, it
sounded like you said something.
ALEX turns around in her chair.
Doctor Maguire says you are
improving. There is no need to


Nurse Abbe administers a blue
medication to me through an
injection, This medication makes
me tried, weak and sleepy. I
complained to her.
What was her responsible.
She ignored me. Said that if I
wanted to feel better I had no
choice. She always seems to ignore
Hopefull your health comes back
and you can leave.
I cann't wait.
I should leave so as not to get in
trouble. Maddy is not your typical
person, she does not like me.
That makes two of us. She always
has an attitude or a temper, she
worked with me before you came
ALEX comes out of LISA room and shuts the door behind her.
She finds DOCTOR MAGUIRE, NURSE ABBE and MADDY standing in
the hallway. DOCTOR MAGUIRE signals for her to come over.
ALEX walks over to the group.
Good evening members.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Good evening to you Blex.
                       NURSE ABBE
Good evening Blex.
MADDY simply looks away from ALEX.


To what do I owe this honor of
meeting with all three of you.
There is a short silence. DOCTOR MAGUIRE, NURSE ABBE and
MADDY all look at each other, MADDY looks away from ALEX
while the other two focus on ALEX.
                       NURSE ABBE
We have decided that your services
would no longer be needed.
      (upset and angry)
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Maddy has continuously brought to
our attention the problem of you
interacting with your patient. I
brought it up to your attention
once and you did not take hid,
therefore we are going to have to
let you go.
ALEX looks perplexed
                       NURSE ABBE
Further more your skills have
failed to reach your potential
that your resume reflected.
MADDY finally looks at ALEX.
You where not even able to do your
data collection. I am glad you
will be leaving the team, we have
no use for members like you and...
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Enough Maddy. Besides Blex, Lisa
is going through a procedure
tonight, there really is no need
for you anymore.
What are you talking about. You
said Lisa was getting better.


                       NURSE ABBE
You should not have said anything
to her. She does not need to know.
Can you please elaborate on the
procedure Doctor Maguire?
                       NURSE ABBE
There will be no elaboration on
anything. Blex you have the rest
of the night to finish up your
other resposibilities. You will be
taken out of the system tommorow.
by herself. ALEX is dazzed but snaps out of it. She goes
about her other duties for the evening.
There are bright lights everywhere along with a projection
on the wall that shows LISA lying on the bed.There are three
people in the room plus two cycdocs. DOCTOR MAGUIRE, NURSE
ABBE and the GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL that was at the warehouse.
LISA is asleep on her bed. ALEX is hiding behind a large
mechine that controls the temperature in the room. ALEX is
observing and listerning to everything that is going on in
the room, she is wearing a pair of glasses that is recording
and taping everything that is going on. The vision through
the ALEX's glasses is orange. NURSE ABBE is holding two
injections in her hand, one contains a blue substance, the
other contains a pink substance.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
Is this the final procedure?
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Yes your noble,this is the last
and final procedure.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
Great. I have to report to the
superior, based on my reports the
Proposition will be ratified.
                       NURSE ABBE
I can asure you that the
proposition will get ratified.
LISA begins to wakes up slowly, she looks around and see the
people around her.


What's going on?
The room goes silent.NURSE ABBE walks over to the left side
of LISA's bed, takes her arm and injects her with the
injection she had in her hand.
                       NURSE ABBE
Relax Lisa, you just need a little
more sleep.
I already complained about this
LISA falls back into her sleep. ALEX continues to witness
everything that is going on in the room.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
Time is of the essense, please
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Administer the second injection.
NURSE ABBE administers the second injection that contains
the pink substance.GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL steps back from view
to let the doctor and nurse start the procedure. ALEX gets
nervous, her body begins to shake. She remains clamn and
continues to watch and listern.DOCTOR MAGUIRE makes eye
contact with the two cydocs standing oppsite him. The
cycdocs turn LISA over. The room is silent.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
Time, doctor, why the wait?
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
The pink substance acts like a dye
which outlines the cells. NURSE
ABBE will oversee the next part of
the procedure.
DOTCTOR MAGUIRE stands back. NURSE ABBE looks at the
                       NURSE ABBE
Cycdocs make the incision.
Both CYCDOCS look at each other in the eye then nod their
heads at each other.


                       CYDOC B.
Yes superior
Cycdoc B begins to make the incision. The incision streches
from the end of LISA's neck to the bottom of her back. There
is no bleeding, everything remains in place. CYCDOC A uses
its hand to open the incision horizontally. DOCTOR MAGUIRE
walks back over to the bedside to look into the incision.
There are pink colored diamond shaped cells.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Cycdoc, collect the cells.
Both cycdocs look at each other, nod their head at each
other and CYCDOC A talks.
                       CYDOC A.
Yes superior.
CYCDOC A's finger comes together. The fingers glue together
and form a scopelike object. CYCDOC A then collects the pink
diamond shaped cells vertically from LISA's opened back.
After collecting the cells in his scopelike fingers, a wet
like bubble forms at the bottom of his fingers. The cells
are transferred from his fingers into the wet bubble which
becomes solid like glass.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
Where were does cells just derived
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
The bone marrow which is in the
spinal cord.
                       NURSE ABBE
I will take the cells to the lab
with the Cycdoc.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Cycdoc follow the nurse to the lab
with the cells.
NURSE ABBE and CYCDOC A leave the room with the cells. LISA
begins to jerk slowly. DOCTOR MAGUIRE begins to stitch up
LISA's back.
                       CYDOC B.
Do you need my assistance?
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
No. I am all done.


DOCTOR MAGUIRE finishes closing LISA's opened back. CYCDOC B
waves his hand slowly across the stiching on LISA's back, a
red lazar beam comes out of the Cydoc's hand has he moves
his a hand vertically on LISA's back. When he is done a scar
appears on LISA's back which is identical the scar ALEX saw
at the begining of the movie. ALEX looks perplexed from
looking at the scar.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Assist me in turning her back over
on her back Cycdoc.
                       CYDOC B.
Yes superior.
DOCTOR MAGUIRE and CYCDOC B turn LISA back over on her back.
LISA begins to jerk more suddenly and strongly.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Cycdoc, inject her with Sub 12.
The index finger of CYCDOC B goes transparent. A blue liquid
substance seems to be in the finger. A thin needle surfaces
out of the index finger. CYCDOC B injects this blue liquid
into LISA throught her arm. The jerks stop immediately. LISA
seems peacefully and falls asleep. GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL comes
out of the corner of the room, CYCDOC B steps back from the
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
Those cells looked very precious.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
They are precious, they are the
key to eternal life and
manipulation of a embryo before it
develops into a human.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
I think this would be the final
test before the proposition is
ratified, I have seen the
procedure. I can justify it to my
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
It should not be hard to get the
propositon ratified.p The public
will care less due to the laws.


                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
We are already in the final
stages, the public will not care
especially since the cells are
from patients in hospitals.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
We all know that patients are
outcasts of soceity. It is sad
that its a taboo to recognize it
out loud.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
Very soon there will be no
patients in hospitals, We will
then be able to focus our
attention on more productive
things like mass-education and
training by the government. Just
imagine labs and mass-schools by
the government and for the
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
It is all coming together. Perhaps
I could become a professor in one
of the labs or schools.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
I will make sure you get any
position that you want, you and
Richard Alexderia made all of this
ALEX takes of the glasses, she is outraged and stunted. She
begins to get out of her hiding place but sits back down.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Who is Richard Alexderia?
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
The head of an FBI department out
here in New Jersey. He was chosen
to lead the tests and to also make
sure that the proposition gets
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
How come I have not heard about


                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
Because he is one of the top
secret agents that most not be
associated with any of this if not
it jeopadizes everything before
the ratification.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK)
His father is amoung the people
who are veterans of this research
and proposition. His father is
takes some of the cell medication
that gives eternal life.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Interesting.Our research has
already been put to use even
before the ratification.
ALEX gets off the elevator, she is dressed in her hospital
uniform and she still has her badge. In her hands is a vase
of flowers. Hospital empolyees are looking at her oddly as
she walks past them. ALEX gets to LISA's room to find the
door open and the room cleared up. The bed is made and there
is no one in the room. ALEX enters the room and looks
around, behind her comes JESSE.
You where let go two days ago? Why
are you still here Blex?
Where is Lisa?
ALEX places the vase of flowers on a table that is beside
The room goes silent for a few seconds.
She was here last night after I


You would not know that, she went
through a procedure last night
which you where not a part of.
That does not answer my question
of where Lisa is. Procedures do
not make people disappear.
Lisa died last night of
complications from a bedsore she
developed recently.
ALEX laughs and looks at JESSE sarcastically.
What are you talking about? Lisa
was sleeping peacefully when I
left. Lisa did not have any
bedsores, I saw her last night.
MADDY comes into the room and walks right up to ALEX.
Blex, you were fired two days ago,
why are you here?
Step out of my space Maddy.
You must leave right now?
MADDY leaves the room.
You really need to leave before
you get into trouble.
All I want to know is the truth.
I am afaid, I can not do much to
help or answer your question.
Please leave for your own good.
DOCTOR MAGUIRE walks into the room with MADDY right behind
him. He walks right up ALEX.


                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
This is all a pity Blex but you
must leave right now. Please leave
before things get out of hand.
Lisa was breathing perfectly fine
when I left yesterday after you
and your little government agent
left her last night.
DOCTOR MAGUIRE is taken aback by ALEX's comments.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Lisa died early this morning of a
bedsore complication and that's
all that will be said about the
matter. You will leave right now
before I have you arrested for
Lisa did not have any bedsores, I
made sure of that. She must have
died from the procedure.
I will go get security. Come
MADDY leaves the room, JESSE is hesistant but leaves a few
seconds after.DOCTOR MAGUIRE walks over to the large window
in the room. He is looking out the window.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
What did you say about a
government agent? How could you
have seen the procedure if
yesterday afternoon was supposed
to be your last day.
I saw everything. How could you do
this to her, You said she will
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
What did you see?


You know what I saw, You performed
the procedure. Everything is
begining to make sense now.
DOCTOR MAGUIRE turns around.
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Nothing is beginging to make
anything. You must forget whatever
you saw.
I just have one more question.
What does my boss really have to
do with any of this? Richard
                       DOCTOR MAGUIRE
Who are you? Really?
MADDY walks in with two Cycguards.
Arrest her, she is tresspassing on
government property in violation
of amendment 3000, she is neither
empolyed by this facility nor is
it a visiting day.
ALEX looks at MADDY and the Cycguards, she removes her FBI
badge and flasks it at everyone in the room.
I am working an undercover case.
I knew she was up to something
DOCTOR. You should have never
given her the job.
RICHARD is standing while talking to a female cop who is
sitting on a chair on the other side of his desk. The phone
rings, RICHARD keeps talking, it rings again then RICHARD
picks it up.
Who is this?


                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK) (O.S)
Why would you send one of your
agents to investigate anything
pertaining to Proposition 10,000.
RICHARD looks at the phone then at the female cop.
Could you please exercise me for a
few minutes.
                       FEMALE COP
The FEMALE COP gets up and leaves immediately. RICHARD gets
back to talking on the phone.
What are you talking about Night
Hawk? I would never do anything to
jeopodize the Proposition.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK) (O.S)
One of your agents by the name of
ALEX MADDOX seems to have a
different view.
      (says to himself)
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK) (O.S)
Exactly. She seems to know to much
for the position she is taking on
the Proposition. The Proposition
is set to be ratified soon and we
can not afford to have any set
I will take care of everything.
There is no cause for alarm.
                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK) (O.S)
Good. If anything does not go as
planned. You know what to do.
Everything will go as planned. I
will just have to talk to her and
she will be all set.


                       GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL(NIGHT HAWK) (O.S)
You do what you need to do, but
act quickly.
RICHARD hangs up the phone with GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL. He
falls into his chair slouching.
      (saying to himself)
I should have seen this coming.
There is a knock on the door.
JANE is watching television in her living room when she
hears bangs on the door. JANE's attention from watching
television is suddenly distrubed. She is slightly stattled,
she looks at the time on her television and it is 12 o'clock
midnight. She picks up her remote from her side table and
changes the channel on the telvesion which shows a video of
outside her door way. The person standing outside her door
is ALEX. ALEX is carrying a green bag across her shoulders.
JANE relaxes then gets up to open the door. She opens the
door to let ALEX in.
What are you doing here at this
time of the night. You look a
mess. Are you o.k.
JANE hugs ALEX and walks her into her living room.
Everthing is begining to make
sense Jane.
What are you talking about?
My investigation has finally come
JANE leds ALEX to a solfa in her living room. They both sit
on the solfa.
You know how I feel about your
ALEX turns to face JANE in the face.


People are dying because of their
stem cells.
Remember when I was talking to
your about mythical cells and I
told you all does...
JANE interrupts ALEX.
You told me that thoes cells do
not exist. Remember, the cells
were supposed to be mythical plus
the cells could never be pluasible
since that is what keeps a human
Exactly. The main fact is that
does cells do exist.
JANE gets up and paces around the room. JANE has her back
facing ALEX.
That is impossible because if they
infact existed, then where are
they derived from?
Patients at hospitals. This is the
missing link. This is why so many
patients die in hospitals.
JANE turns around to look at ALEX.
You cann't say that. You do not
know that for a fact. Patients are
ill, this is why they are in the
hospital in the first place.
Then why is it that almost every
patient dies from a bedsore after
undergoing a procedure?


I can not answer that question,
that is your investigation.
Lisa supposedly died of a bedsore.
My mother......
ALEX stops in her sentence and begins to cry slowly. Her
face is in her hands.
You can report all of your
findings to your boss and perhaps
the government can do something to
stop it.
The government is behind all of
this. I watched a procedure, a
government official was present. I
had everything recorded.I have all
of the evidence in my bag. I made
duplicates to everything.
How can the government be behind
this, it seems so unreal. But why?
What does the proposition promise?
JANE faces goes horrified.
Exactly. The government is selling
this proposition to the people as
a perfect soceity but people do
not know what they are giving up.
Please, Alex, stop.
I have to get this out there. If
you think about it why would
Melson have gotten murdered at the
Everything you are saying does
make sense but I do not feel the
government will do this to its own


                       JANE (cont'd)
people. Maybe you should get some
sleep and rethink most of the
things you are saying.
Jane, please look beyound the
picture and see what am I telling
you, what led me to this whole
discovery is a card that I found
at the site MELSON was murdered.
JANE walks back over to the solfa and sits beside ALEX. She
slouches on the solfa.
This is to much for me to
comprehend in one day. I do not
know what else to say, a part of
me feels like you have stumbled
unto something serious.
ALEX gets up and looks at JANE.
What is the other part of you
The other part of me feels like
you are getting yourself into way
more trouble that you can handle.
I will be fine. I just have to get
this out there so people could
decide for themselves.
You will be going up against the
I have to do this for my mother
and Melson and all the other
people who have lost loved ones to
this mess.
Be careful.


ALEX is laying on her living room solfa watching television.
She is flicking through channels, she finally settles for
the news network. The room is dark, the only source of light
from the room is the light from the television. There are
bottles of liqour laying around on her side table next to
her solfa. Her eyes are swollen and red. The phone keeps
ringing but ALEX does not bother to answer it. The news
comes back on and a female journalist is covering a story on
Proposition 10,000.
                       FEMALE JOURNALIST
The ratification of Proposition
10,000 is coming to its final
days. By this time next week, our
sources have disclosed that the
Proposition will be ratified. We
take you now to our correspondant
Jamey Knowles who is standing
outside the central goverment head
The television screen slits into two, one side showing the
female journalist in the news station the other side showing
correspondant JAMEY KNOWLES outside the government building.
The central government building is a white tall skyscaper.
                       JAMEY KNOWLES
Good evening. Here at this
building, the proposition will get
ratified next week at this
building. The count down for the
ratification will begin tommorow.
Do you have any questions?
                       FEMALE JOURNALIST
How are people feeling about the
                       JAMEY KNOWLES
I just finished talking to a
couple of people out here and the
mood around town is very anxious
and excited.
                       FEMALE JOURNALIST
Can you give me examples of words
that they are saying.
                       JAMEY KNOWLES
People are saying things like "
this is the best thing that will


                       JAMEY KNOWLES (cont'd)
happen to our soceity since Thomas
Edison invented the light bubble
or since Henry Ford invented the
Assembly line which led to mass
                       FEMALE JOURNALIST
Those are pretty impressive
connections. I guess the feeling
is the same everywhere. I cann't
wait, this will mean that our
future will be certain and
everyone will have the choice of
their destiny.
                       JAMEY KNOWLES
Exactly, I am handing things back
over to you for the final say.
                       FEMALE JOURNALIST
Thanks Jamey. On other news...
ALEX turns the television off. The house is dead quiet, the
house is completely dark. ALEX picks up the liquior bottle
from her side table and begins to drink its content. She
puts the bottle down and begins to cry silently. Tears are
rounding down her face. ALEX quietly falls into her sleep.
The office is large with two large windows opposite each
other. Through the windows you could see flying cars
through the windows. ALEX walks in with a tall man. She is
carrying a green bag across her shoulder. They both walks to
his desk, he shakes her hand and gestures for her to sit.
She sits on a chair opposite his chair around his desk. He
moves around his desk and sits on his desk.
It is was very nice of you to give
me your time Mr. Quest.
                       MR. QUEST
It is a pleasure. May I exactly
know why we are holding this
I was directed to you because I
was told that you are the news
producer and I have an important
story that I feel you should air.


MR. QUEST rises his eyebrown and looks at ALEX with
                       MR. QUEST
May I exactly know what your
profession is?
FBI agent.
                       MR. QUEST
What does your story pertain too.
Proposition 10,000.
MR. QUEST sits in his chair and rests his hands on his
desk. There are lots of papers around his desk.
                       MR. QUEST
Make this good. May be it could
might trigger a speed up in the
ratification of the proposition.
Not sure of that.
                       MR. QUEST
Never say never, I cann't wait, I
already lost my parents to
diseases. My son who was only days
old died of some unknown birth
disorder. This proposition means
alot to me and I could............
ALEX interupts MR. QUEST in the middle of his speech.
Do you have any idea of where the
cells are from that are behind the
                       MR. QUEST
No. What do I care? Eternal life,
the perfect human. I know I can
afford the procedures medically,
Why would I care?


Does cells are devied from bone
marrows in the human spine. A
human can not survive with out
these cells.
The expression on MR. QUEST's face changes.
                       MR. QUEST
That's immposible
No it's not. May I ask what your
mother or father died of in the
MR. QUEST looks at ALEX as if she were going crazy.
                       MR. QUEST
What are you implying.
Could you please answer the
                       MR. QUEST
They both died of bedsore
Coincidence or evidence. My mother
was in the hospital and I was told
she died of a bedsore complication
after a procedure, I was not
MR. QUEST interrupts ALEX.
                       MR. QUEST
Now that you mentioned it, I was
also informed of the same thing. I
was also told that my mother and
father both died of bedsore
I have complete documentation and
evidence in this bag. You should
review it and get back to me.
ALEX moves back into her chair, opens her bag and removes a
USB key from her bag and hands it to MR. QUEST.


                       MR. QUEST
What is this?
This sums up my investigation. It
has recordings of all my evidence
and the procedure itself that
demostrates how does cells are
                       MR. QUEST
What is the use of this? How does
it help or prove anything.
In short Mr. Quest, the government
is behind everything. The main
reason for why this proposition is
alive is because the government
kills patients in hospitals and
uses their cells for its own
MR. QUEST is uneasy, he stands up from his chair and stares
out the window.
                       MR. QUEST
The government always knows best.
Why would it do that to its own
For its own future. How are you
even sure that this proposition
will benefit you? Do you know the
exact costs?
There is a knock on the door.
                       MR. QUEST
Who is it could you give me a few
more minutes.
                       MALE VOICE (O.S)
Ok, but the director needs to see
you. He asked me to tell you to be
at his office ASAP.
                       MR. QUEST
I will be there.
MR. QUEST focuses his attention back on ALEX.


                       MR. QUEST
I have to go. What you have
presented to me looks interesting
and it makes sense. Unfortunately
I have to pass it through my boss.
ALEX gets up from her chair to stand along with MR. QUEST.
                       MR. QUEST
My boss is the News director.
Based on what he says, I will have
to get back to you. Especailly
since this is a very sensitive
subject at a sensitive period.
Thank you for your time once
ALEX shakes hands with MR. QUEST and leaves the room. MR.
QUEST gathers a couple of papers with him including the USB
key then leaves his office.
RICHARD gets out his car and crosses the street. An old door
man opens the door for him. RICHARD flashes a smile at the
door man then heads up to ALEX's apartment through
elevators. RICHARD gets off on ALEX's floor, he heads to her
door and rings the bell. After a few minutes of silence he
rings the door bell again. There is no answer, the door way
is still quiet, he places a little bug on ALEX's door.
RICHARD walks back to the elevator and leaves. The elevators
bring him back down. He gets off the elevator. He begins to
walk out the apartment complex when he sees the old door
Good evening. I am here to see
Alex Maddox, do you know if she is
                       OLD DOOR MAN
Was she expecting you?
Not exactly but is she in? Did she
step out?
                       OLD DOOR MAN
Last time I remember she left last
night and has not been back since.


RICHARD bridges the distance between himself and the old
door man.
                       OLD DOOR MAN
Between me and you, she has been
very busy lately. She is always
off to somewhere, she hardly says
"hi" to me when she leaves.
It is unfortunate to hear. Will
you by any chance know when she
might come back home. She might
have some kind of schedule or
                       OLD DOOR MAN
I have no idea.
RICHARD walks away with out another word. The OLD DOOR MAN
goes back to what he is doing.
A short man walks into the room with ALEX. The room is large
with one large window which shows the landscape of the city.
The man's desk is neatly arranged, papers are staked on each
other properly. The short man gestures for ALEX to have a
sit. He does not sit but goes behind his desk and removes
the USB key from one of his drawers that is under the table.
Do you have any good news for me
Mr. Maine?
MR. MAINE smiles nervously. He holds on to the USB key
                       MR. MAINE
You are aware of the fact that I
have the power to air this story
or to disregard it.
ALEX gets tensed up in her chair.
I understand. that but You should
still consider before you make
your decision.


                       MR. MAINE
That is why you are here.
ALEX breaths a sigh of relieve.
So what is your take on the story
and how will you protray it to the
MR. MAINE walks over to the side of the desk to which ALEX
is sitting. He sits on the side of the desk with one of his
legs touching the floor. He looks straight at ALEX.
                       MR. MAINE
You are moving to fast. I have not
yet decided.
Then what is this meeting about?
MR. MAINE turns his head and stares out the window.
                       MR. MAINE
I have reviewed everything over
and your case does make lots of
sense but the timing is off.
I did not ask for it. Plus lives
could be saved as a result of this
story. Maybe people will stop and
think before they act or vote for
the proposition.
MR. MAINE smirks.
                       MR. MAINE
You and I know that people do not
care to think. They don't want to
think. They don't care to think
everything they do or want to do
has to always be aproved by the
That makes sense but this might be
the turning point.
                       MR. MAINE
We both work for the government.
The government controls
everything. This story that you


                       MR. MAINE (cont'd)
want me to air is going against
the government and....
ALEX interrupts MR. MAINE.
                       MR. MAINE
Are you ready for whatever comes
your way?
As ready as ever.
                       MR. MAINE
What does your boss say about all
He is the head of all this.
                       MR. MAINE
I need to know when you decide on
airing it.
MR. MAINE gets up from the chair to stand.
                       MR. MAINE
This case is sensitive.
I understand but may I please ask
you to consider the lives of
people you could save by airing
this and making people question
the proposition.
There is a short silence in room.
                       MR. MAINE
I have mixed feelings all of this.
I will come to my decision a
couple of days before the
Thank you for your time and I hope
you make that decision sooner.


ALEX gets into her room, she takes off her jacket and hangs
it on a coat rack. She goes over to her bed and sits on it ,
then she begins to take off her shoes when the phone begins
to ring. It rings twice before she answers it.
                       JANE (O.S)
Hi Alex. I am really worried about
you, you do not sound like the
Alex I grew up with.
I will be fine. I just go back
from the news station. The
director said he will consider
airing the story.
                       JANE (O.S)
Alex, you should please forget
about the whole thing and start
all over again. Maybe we could
move to a different state or a
vacation for a couple of months.
Anything to take your mind.
I am going in tonight to clear out
my desk. I will be submitting my
offical resignation letter in the
morning to RICHARD. I have had
enough of the government.
There is a few seconds of silence
      (surprised and
I have to Jane. I have to do this
for me. Once the story gets out
there and hopefull people begin to
ask questions and take up
responsibility, that it. I have
met my goal.


I am speechless, I really do not
know what to say. I support you in
whatever you want to do and I wish
you the best.
Thank you Jane. You support means
alot to me.
You should come with me to the
park, then after the park I could
go with you help clean out your
desk. Even if it takes your mind
of things for a few hours.
No thanks. I need to catch up on
my sleep, I have not been getting
enough sleep for a while.
If you insist. I will be back
early from the park so please feel
free to stop by before you final
head home for the night.
The room is quiet and the door to the office is wide open.
ALEX is slowly clearing up her desk. She picks up a picture
of her mother, looks at it for a few seconds then puts it
into a box. She picks a picture of her and Melson sitting on
the hood of her car. She stares at it for a few seconds then
places it in the box. ALEX collects the remaining papers on
her desk and places it in the box. As she carries the box
and begins to leave, sounds come from the outside her
office. The sounds are footsteps, there is also a sound like
someone is whistling. ALEX stops walking to the door and
listerns. RICHARD shows up standing at the door of ALEX
Good evening Alex.
I will have my resignation letter
on your desk first thing tommorow


ALEX begins to walk out of her office, she gets to the door
where RICHARD is standing in her way.
If there is any misunderstanding,
we could always talk it out, there
is no need for animosity or
resignations. Alex can we please
do this the easy way.
You care about nothing but
yourself, cut to the chase.
You have been M.I.A for a couple
of days now. No one has been able
to track your where abouts. Do you
mind updating me.
You know exactly what is going on
so do cut it .
You are right. I am here to tell
you to stop and think before you
I have done lots of thinking and I
have already made my moves. How
can you tell me to stop and think?
Are you insane?
Alex calm down.
ALEX moves closer to RICHARD with the box in her hand.
Excuse me, you are in my way.
RICHARD moves out of the way for ALEX to pass. As she walks
by him he grabs her by her hand.
We really need to talk.
ALEX is walking down a hall way with tables that against the
wall. She stops walking, turns around to look at RICHARD who
is standing a few feet away from her.


How can you tell me to stop and
think when people are dying and
the government is behind it. Lots
of people could have been cured,
treated or even lived to leave the
hospital but noooo they all just
seem to die because of some
research that you all are not even
sure of the results and future
RICHARD takes a few steps towards ALEX. He hesistates to
move forward.
Everything is not what it appears
to be. What you saw was actually
the best thing that has ever
happened to humanity.
You are disgusting.Why are you not
man eough to be present to see the
actually procedures take place?
Do not say that ALEX, that was low
and you know that.
You want to know what is low,
taking out a stem cells from
innocent patients which leads to
their deaths. That is low and that
is what you are.
I am begining to loose my patience
Alex. You are not co-operating.
Those stem cells can help
humanity. Those have the ability
to cure people of old age by
prolonging life and even bring
about the perfect generation,
which will ensure the perfect
society for the future. Can't you
see that there are other endless
possibilities that these cells


ALEX interrupts RICHARD.