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Race for a Heart
by Jessica Austin (Buttons300@cs.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

This screenplay is about a poor woman named Annabelle, living in a Rich society, struggling to get a heart transplant for her husband named Giovanni.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A rich woman is leaving the hospital after having a
successful stem cell injection in her kidney. She is shaking
the hand of the doctor and giving him a $50,000 check.
ANNABELLE is on the Slum Shuttle with GIOVANNI. It stops in
front of Bushville Hospital. She gives him a kiss on the
cheek. She walks over to the driver.
Please hold on one second. I am
going to try to check my husband
into the hospital. I got to make
sure I get approved for insurance
before I bring him in with me. He
is sitting right there.
ANNABELLE turns around and points at GIOVANNI. The driver
looks back at him.
Hurry up.
ANNABELLE stands at the top of the steps. The steps then
automatically come out of the bus and place on the street.
She steps off the stairs and walks towards the doors of the
As the bus is waiting in fron of the hospital, many people
are getting on and the bus is getting packed. GIOVANNI is
sitting by himself with his face in his jacket, when a man
comes up and taps him on the shoulder. GIOVANNI looks up
                       SHUTTLE RIDER
Anyone sitting in this seat?
GIOVANNI is just sitting there shaking, sweating, and just
looking at this man.
                       SHUTTLE RIDER
Hey! Whats your problem? Did you


                       SHUTTLE RIDER (cont'd)
not just hear me? Is anyone
sitting here?
GIOVANNI shakes his head up and down and then puts his face
back in his jacket.
                       SHUTTLE RIDER
Damn was that so hard? You freak.
The SHUTTLE RIDER hits his fist on the seat and then walks
to sit in a few seats behind GIOVANNI.
ANNABELLE walks up to the door and does the sign of the
cross. There is a couple people standing in front of her. As
she approaches the door and is walking in, a tall white,
muscular man in a white suit with an ear message in his ear,
and a RICH label on his back, which is the diamond studded
R, checks her to make sure she has no weapons. She walks
through the door. She sees people crying, dead, and one
woman bleeding from her leg. They are waiting in the
Coverage Approved room. ANNABELLE walks over to the HOSPITAL
RECEPTIONIST on the wide white virtual computer screen.
                       HOSPITAL RECEPTIONIST
Help you?
Yes I am trying to check my
husband in. He needs to be treated
immediately for his heart. He is
having severe pain and...
                       HOSPITAL RECEPTIONIST
Hmm...well you need to have your
medical card to see if your
approved. Your probably wasting
your breath.
ANNABELLE opens the pouch around her waist and places the
card on the counter.
                       HOSPITAL RECEPTIONIST
Now place it in the medical
coverage checker in front of you.


ANNABELLE places the card in the black round checker. It
reads CHECKING MEDICAL on the screen in the middle of the
checker. It starts beeping and flashes in red on the screen,
                       HOSPITAL RECEPTIONIST
Ok, on my screen here, it says
that you already have coverage for
a transplant list that your
husband is on, so you are not
qualified for the hospital stay
coverage, sorry. So basically, you
have been denied assistance. Your
only choice now is to pay cash. To
have him checked in will cost you
$6,000, nothing more and nothing
Oh what am I to do? I don't have
the money for that. Why is it
$6,000? It used to be only $1,000.
This is ridiculous!
                       HOSPITAL RECEPTIONIST
Ok, anyway, well you need to bring
your husband in here and leave him
with us. You can not take care of
the sick at home, you know that.
He will stay in the Untreated Sick
Room until you can come up with
the money. And if you don't come
up with it, well then he will die
in the room because no doctor will
see him without money or medical
coverage. Now,the money went up
because the hospital felt it was
too low. Ridiculous? No, it's
ANNABELLE is standing there crying.
I don't want to leave him here
with you. You people won't even
look twice at him because he
doesn't have a RICH diamond label
R on his back. He will die here.
                       HOSPITAL RECEPTIONIST
Well....you have no choice and I
really don't care what you do and
don't want to do. I need to go to


                       HOSPITAL RECEPTIONIST (cont'd)
the other side of the hospital, so
when I come back to this screen,
you better be standing here with
your husband. So say your goodbyes
while I'm gone because when I come
back, I don't have time for all
The HOSPITAL RECEPTIONIST vanishes off the screen and the
blank screen reads, BE RIGHT BACK.
As ANNABELLE is standing there crying, a male patient comes
strolling in on a black stretcher on the conveyer belt
floor, with a thin blanket covering him. It stops right in
front of the counter. A paper comes out of the Medical File
Machine under the stretcher and reads Man Unidentified,
unconsicous, found outside in parking lot. Annabelle throws
the paper into the paper shredder in front of the counter
and wipes her tears. She starts leaning over the man looking
at his face and his clothes. She lifts the blanket up and
the man is wearing a blue shirt and a pair of torn blue
slacks. She then slightly lifts the man over to see his
back. No label. ANNABELLE starts smiling. The HOSPITAL
RECEPTIONIST comes back on the screen. ANNABELLE straightens
up her face.
                       HOSPITAL RECEPTIONIST
Ok, I'm back. I take it thats your
husband? Are you done doing what
you have to do with him before he
is taken?
Yes um, right now he is sleeping
but I said my goodbyes. I will be
back with that money soon, so I
won't be without him for too long.
                       HOSPITAL RECEPTIONIST
I really wouldn't care if he was
dead. Please, lets get this over
with, what is his name?
Um Ok..His name is John, John
                       HOSPITAL RECEPTIONIST
John Tipper...Ok. You are all set.
Now, when you get the $6,000, that
is when a doctor will see him.If
you don't come back with the
money, remember, he will die here.


                       HOSPITAL RECEPTIONIST (cont'd)
And if he does, it is nobodys
fault, but yours. Now that I told
you the procedure of what happens
next, you can leave now.
You RICH people are so ignorant.
If I were a RICH person, you would
have talked to me with much
                       HOSPITAL RECEPTIONIST
Yeah and since your not, thats why
you get talked to the way you do.
Damn you, Damn all you RICH
ANNABELLE then turns away from the virtual screen and leans
over and gives "JOHN" a kiss on the forehead. ANNABELLE
takes a step back away from the man. The conveyer belt
starts moving and takes him to the back of the hospital. The
starts to walk out the building, she sees the driver of the
slum shuttle close the doors. She starts running.
ANNABELLE is running towards the shuttle.
      (waving hands)
The shuttle stops. The door opens and the stairs
automatically come out of the bus and place on the street.
ANNABELLE quickly walks onto the stairs and they pull into
the bus.
      (huffing and
Oh I am so sorry I made you wait
that long. Thankyou for stopping.


Just take a seat.
ANNABELLE walks over to sit with GIOVANNI. He is hiding his
face in his jacket. She sits next to him in the seat and
puts her arms around him, which startles him a bit. He looks
up at her and then puts his head on her shoulder. ANNABELLE
kisses him on the forehead.
We will be home soon hunny.
I really wish that you didn't
leave me here with all these
people on the bus. You know I hate
to be around people.
I'm sorry. I had no choice. I had
to bring you with me just in case
my medical coverage got approved,
and I couldn't have brought you in
their with me either because if I
did, when I got declined they
wouldn't of hesitated to take you
away from me.
The shuttle enters Slum Village.There are different sections
of apartment buildings. Windows are broken and people are
outside holding signs looking for food and money. Its
pulling up to the stop near ANNABELLE and GIOVANNI'S house.
ANNABELLE puts GIOVANNI'S arm around her shoulder and they
get out of their seat and start walking to the front of the
shuttle. The driver looks at them and stops the shuttle.
ANNABELLE is standing at the top of the stairs holding
GIOVANNI. The doors open and the stairs pull out to the
street. They both step off the bus.
I feel very weak.
GIOVANNI and ANNABELLE are walking together and walk up to
their apartment door. ANNABELLE opens the pouch around her
waist and takes out her HOME ID KEY and inserts it into the
key hole. The door automatically opens. She puts the ID key
back in her pouch. They walk into their home.


ANNABELLE and GIOVANNI are walking into their home. With one
hand, ANNABELLE takes off her pouch and puts it on the table
next to the door. With the other hand she is holding up
GIOVANNI. She then walks him to their bed, helps GIOVANNI
get in it, and she sits down next to him.
I can only imagine what happen at
the hospital.
They checked our medical card, and
we were declined. The receptionist
told me I had to pay $6,000. And
when I told her I did not have the
money, she told me that I had to
bring you in because the sick can
not be taken care of at home. I
didn't know what to do hunny. Then
the receptionist told me that she
would be right back and thats when
an unidentified man came in and I
just told them that the man was
you and gave them a fake name.
Im surprised something went right
with the situation and that
unidentified man came in. I'm
surprised the Sick Police didn't
come and drag me off that shuttle.
With the type of luck I have.
I just don't know what to do next.
Money is so tight. These damn rich
people have so much money and can
never help the sick, never mind
the poor! Damn them.
ANNABELLE leans over in the bed and lays down with GIOVANNI.
Come on hunny lets go to sleep
ANNABELLE takes off GIOVANNI'S pants and t-shirt. She throws
them in the laundry hole in the wall by the bed. She then


pushes the first drawer button on the dresser next to the
bed, and the first drawer opens and she pulls out two long
white shirts. She stands up and takes off her skirt and
shirt, and then throws them into the laundry hole in the
wall. She puts the night gown on over her head. She then
puts the other night gown over GIOVANNI'S head. ANNABELLE
then climbs into the bed with GIOVANNI. They wrap their arms
around each other and close their eyes to sleep.
ANNABELLE wakes up and does her daily routine. She gets out
of bed quietly and walks over to the dresser by the bed. She
pushes drawer button two and it opens. She pulls out a white
shirt, then pushes the second drawer button again to close
it. She throws the shirt over her shoulder and pushes drawer
button number three and it opens. She takes out a pair of
black pants. ANNABELLE pushes the button again to close the
drawer and goes into the bathroom. She places her clothes
on top of the toilet and takes her white shirt off and
approaches the shower. She slightly touches the door and it
slides open. ANNABELLE steps in. She gently touches the door
again and the door shuts. She hits the switch by the door
and the conveyer belt floor starts to move. Water all of a
sudden comes on and you see ANNABELLE from the neck up. The
belt stops in front of the water. She is rinsing her hair
and her body. She then touches the soap button to her left
and the belt moves up ahead. A nozzle up above starts to
spray some soap. The belt stops. She is rubbing the soap all
over her body. She then hits the water button to her right
and the conveyer belt moves back a bit and the water starts
spraying on her. ANNABELLE is rinsing the soap off her body.
She then pushes the dryer button, which is also on the right
and the soap and water stop. The conveyer belt moves up
ahead and hot air starts to come out of a dryer above
ANNABELLE. She is standing in the mist of the air turning
left and right. When she is dry, she then slightly touches
the shower door and it opens. She steps out. ANNABELLE
slightly turns to touch the shower door and it closes.
GIOVANNI wakes up and is lying in bed. He then sits up in
bed. He reaches over and grabs the remote for the radio off
the dresser by the bed and turns it on to the Slum Village
                       RADIO STATION
Goooooood Morning Slum Village!
Hope everyone is doing well out
there. Our radio station has been
running for a week straight! Im
surprised the RICH haven't shut us
down yet. Just a reminder to all
my poor people, do not take care


                       RADIO STATION (cont'd)
of the sick at home. Take them to
the hospital where they can get
help. I know, I know, you don't
want the RICH touching the ones
you love, because who knows what
they will do to them. At least
don't get caught by the sick
police, because they will come
storming in your house and shoot
that loved one!
GIOVANNI picks up the remote and shuts the radio off. He
starts shaking his head from left to right. He looks up and
sees ANNABELLE putting on her clothes, the white t-shirt and
the black pants. ANNABELLE looks over at GIOVANNI and then
walks over to him while he is lying in bed. She gives him a
kiss on his forehead.
How are you feeling this morning?
Like a milkshake, all shaken up. I
got head pains and I feel very
weak. All I want to do is sleep. I
listen to the radio here and there
to keep me awake.
Aw hunny, your so tired because of
your heart condition. I am hoping
that you have moved closer to the
top of that heart transplant list
so you can get a healthier heart
and get back on your feet.
Yeah I hope so too. I have been
hoping for years now, and still no
luck. Man, why is it so cold in
ANNABELLE walks towards the window.
This damn window is broken again.
When I called to see how much it
would be to get fixed, they told
me $9,000. Last time when it
broke, it only cost $1,000. These


                       ANNABELLE (cont'd)
damn rich people are crazy. They
raise the prices for the littlest
things and for no reason.
They don't care about the poor and
what's going wrong in our lives.
And I don't care about them
either. Now, before you leave, can
you please give me a Bagel Card
for breakfast before you leave?
Of course, what did you think I
forgot? Never that.
ANNABELLE walks into the kitchen and opens the cabinet above
the fridge. She reaches up and gets the Food briefcase. She
opens it, gets GIOVANNI a bagel card, then closes the
briefcase and puts it back in the cabinet. ANNABELLE walks
back to GIOVANNI sitting up in bed and puts it in his mouth.
GIOVANNI swallows it.
Ok, I will be back in a hour. I'm
going to the Hospital Library to
check your position on the heart
transplant list. I will have my
ear message on, so if you need
anything or something's wrong, you
know what to do.
Why are you going there? Why don't
you go to work and make some extra
money to take care of yourself,
since I cant take care of you. I
have failed at taking care of my
own wife.
Hunny. Don't talk like that. You
are sick. I'm here to love you and
take care of you.
Just please forget the list. Lets
just cherish the time we still
have together, while I am still
here. There's so many people on
that list. There's no chance for


ANNABELLE moves closer to GIOVANNI and hugs him.
Now, stop talking like that
Giovanni. I'm not forgetting
anything. Im going to try my
hardest to find you a treatment
for your heart condition. Whether
it is on a list or not. Now lay
down and rest, I will be back in a
little bit.
ANNABELLE stands up, fluffs his pillows, tucks him in, and
kisses him on the forehead.
Goodbye. I love you.
ANNABELLE walks out of the room and grabs her pouch on the
table next to the door and attatches it around her waist
while walking out the house. The door automatically locks
behind her as she walks out.
ANNABELLE walks into the Hospital Library and as she walks
through the door a tall muscular man, wearing a white suit
checks her to make sure she has no weapons. The place is
packed with alot of people looking for doctors, transplants,
donors, and more. All the people are poor with no diamond
studded R labels on their backs.
ANNABELLE walks over to the transplant table. There are 5
books sitting on the table. She picks up the Heart
Transplant Book and pages start falling out. As she opens
the book, its in order of first names. She looks under the
G's and sees GIOVANNI'S name is still on page 1023 and looks
at the hundreds of pages after her. She closes the book and
tears drop from her eyes. She throws the book on the table.
A CRAZY OLD POOR LADY comes up to her.
                       CRAZY OLD LADY
What you throwing that book for
Because I am mad. Now can you
please leave me alone?
                       CRAZY OLD LADY
Aw, are you looking for a


                       CRAZY OLD LADY (cont'd)
transplant? My husband died in
2045 waiting on that damn list.
Poor thing.
ANNABELLE turns her back towards the CRAZY OLD LADY.
                       CRAZY OLD LADY
Hey! I was only talking to you
because your one of me, a poor
person. Wondering how I knew huh?
      (laughs loudly)
I mean you don't got one of them
damn diamond studded R's on your
back showing off that your rich.
Were just the poor, we don't get
no labels, we just get increases
in prices.
ANNABELLE gets annoyed and walks away from the lady. She
exits the Hospital Library. She starts walking home to go
get ready for work.
DR.HENSE and his new CO-WORKER are working together in the
lab sitting at the round table.
                       DR. HENSE
Damn this computer!
Its acting up again huh?
                       DR. HENSE
I'm trying to check my virtual
mail to see if any clients need
stem cells. So far, no luck.
DR.HENSE stands up and walks over to the microscope on the
blue table. He is looking through the eye piece.
Stop looking. They will come to
you. So what is it that stem cells
DR.HENSE walks back to the round table and slumps down in
the chair.


                       DR. HENSE
Well...they can be used to
regenerate or help grow new tissue
to treat diseases or injured
Wow! Injured organs? That's
                       DR. HENSE
Yeah, like hearts or livers. I
mean, it's not even a difficult
process. You put the stem cells
into a shot, and you then inject
then into the organ that needs to
be treated. The stem cells help to
cancel out the old tissue and grow
new tissue were the old was at.
Wow man, that's a beautiful thing.
                       DR. HENSE
Yes, it is. Now all I need is a
client. I really want to work with
someone with heart problems. I
have never had an experience like
that before, but I am ready. I had
a big heart for my mother before
she passed away, and I still do.
Oh man I'm sorry to hear that. Is
there only one type of stem cell?
                       DR. HENSE
No. There are three types,
Embryonic, Fetal, and Adult stem
cells. But for what I do, I work
with Embryonic stem cells. There
is more of them available. You get
them from Invitro fertilization,
which is available in labs. Also,
they are more effective and can
grow and differentiate into any of
the bodys damaged cells or
Well you definately need to find a
client to use that head of yours.


                       DR. HENSE
Well, since the thing you want to
work with the most is a client
with heart problems, how much
would you charge?
                       DR. HENSE
At least $100,000. I mean, stem
cells are amazing. They have the
ability to change into any types
of cells or tissues. I'm not
charging anything less.
Man, that's expensive.
                       DR. HENSE
Expensive, what do you mean
expensive? This is something that
could save your life. Im not going
to charge $100! That price is
perfectly reasonable. I mean if
you are rich, you got it right
then and there. On the other hand,
if you are poor, well i guess your
out of luck! But no matter who you
are, the price is going to stay
the same.
Oh man, I think we both know that
the poor will be out of luck and
out of a life too!
      (more serious)
Well, I'm sure that one person who
desperately needs the stem cells
will find you. Probably when you
least expect it.
                       DR. HENSE
Yes, hopefully.
Exactly. Well I'm off to lunch.
I'll see you when I get back. Bye.


CO-WORKER gets up and grabs his lunch pouch out of the
hanging refrigerator.
                       DR. HENSE
Well, I guess I'm off to lunch
too. I'm going to head over to
Handymart. Bye.
The CO-WORKER exits the lab and Dr. HENSE grabs his doctors
coat and walks out the lab.
ANNABELLE is preparing to leave for work, making sure
GIOVANNI is all set before she leaves.
Where is the lunch briefcase?
I don't know, where did you put it
last? I didn't touch anything.
Oh, its right here. I forgot I
moved it away from that damn
broken window.
Hurry, give me my soup card so you
won't be late to work. It's always
my fault that your late. I'm
sorry. I know your boss is mean to
you when your late.
All because of our financial
status. Just because your poor, he
talks to you however he wants.
That diamond studded R label must
be poking him in his back.
ANNABELLE walks over to the kitchen to get the briefcase.
She reaches up over the refrigerator, opens the cabinet and
grabs the briefcase. She opens it and gets a soup card. She
closes the briefcase and puts it back in the cabinet. She
gets the soup card and goes over to GIOVANNI to insert it
into his mouth. He swallows it and she kisses him on the


Giovanni, it is not your fault
that I am late to work. Its my
own. I like to take my time taking
care of you. To make sure your
comfortable while I am gone.
ANNABELLE sits down with him on the bed.
Ok? Now I am leaving for work. If
anything is wrong, please give me
an ear message. Don't worry about
if I am busy or not. Reguardless,
I am going to answer.
Ok, Bye my Bella. Have a good day
at work.
ANNABELLE grabs her pouch off the table next to the door and
leaves the house.
ANNABELLE is on her way to work. Before she goes, she
decides to stop at the Hospital Library. As she is walking,
she is seeing all these rich people with their expensive
cars and their diamond studded "RICH" labels on their back.
Then she sees the people with no labels, getting dirty looks
by the RICH. They start giving ANNABELLE dirty looks. She
just turns her head and keeps walking. As she is walking, a
POOR MAN approaches her.
                       POOR MAN #1
Mam please, please do you have any
money to spare for a poor old man?
No I don't. I dont even have
enough money for me. I am poor
As ANNABELLE is walking away, she hears the POOR MAN #1
screaming. She turns around and sees him arguing with a RICH
WOMAN wearing diamond earrings and gold all over her.
                       POOR MAN #1
Why can't you just give me some
money? You have so much! I just


                       POOR MAN #1 (cont'd)
want to buy food cards for my
                       RICH WOMAN
Look, you old stinky man, get the
hell away from me. I told you, I
am not giving you anything and I
don't care about what you need.
You are not my responsibility.
As ANNABELLE is watching this, she gets angry and just
continues walking.
ANNABELLE is at the Hospital Library to check her husbands
position on the list. As she is walking in the door, the man
at the door stops her. He checks her to make sure she has no
weapons. He pats her down from head to toe. She walks over
to the Transplant table and picks up the Heart Transplant
book. She opens the book to the G's and sees Giovanni's name
has not moved one spot. ANNABELLE puts the book down on the
table and starts crying. She takes a tissue from the tissue
box on the table and wipes her eyes. She then goes to talk
                       LIST CONTROLLER
Um, can I help you?
My husband has been on this damn
transplant list for months! And he
is still in the same position.
                       LIST CONTROLLER
When there is people who can
afford it ahead of you,like the
RICH, they get it first, and that
list is pretty big so, sorry. I
mean unless you have the thousands
of dollars to pay right now? Which
I dont think you do so, since you
already checked the list, you can
leave now. And I mean come on,
your lucky that your medical
covered for you to even be on any
list, so you should appreciate


The LIST CONTROLLER gets up from their chair behind the
counter and walks away. As they walk away ANNABELLE sees the
diamond studded R label on their back. ANNABELLE is standing
there with tears down her eyes. She walks away and exits the
ANNABELLE is on her way to work. She is wiping the tears off
her face. While shes walking, she sees one of the poor
building apartments with broken windows, just like hers. As
she walks a couple of streets into Moneyville, she sees
these beautiful houses with the diamond studded R on the
front door. She then hears someone say her name.
                       GIOVANNI (o.s.)
      (on ear phone)
ANNABELLE hits the top button of the ear piece.
Hi hunny. What's going on? Is
everything ok?
ANNABELLE wipes her face.
Yes everything is ok. I just
wanted to check on you. Are you
No, I'm about to be there right
now. I wanted to make a quick stop
to the Hospital Library to check
your position on the list. Your
still in the same position since
you got on the damn list. And I
went to talk to the List
Controller and she really upset
me. She didn't even care.
GIOVANNI is sitting in bed talking to ANNABELLE on ear


I just think that it's not meant
for me to get this heart. Please
go to work. Don't think about it.
                       ANNABELLE (o.s.)
      (on ear message)
Don't think about it? I want you
to get your heart. You need to get
better so you can get back on your
I know but as you can see, we have
no luck so, please get to work so
you are not late. Have a good day.
                       ANNABELLE (o.s.)
Ok Bye.
As ANNABELLE walks into Handymart she puts the ear message
on wait mode. Her boss walks up to her and tells her what
station she will be at today.
Finally your here. Let's go, it's
time to get to work.
Ok, what station am I at today?
First half of check out station,
station number 5. All you have to
do is ring up what they want, and
then ask for their name and
adress. Then tell them their
merchandise will be mailed to them
in 24 hours. Your going to be at
this station for a few months so
you better make sure you learn it
quick. Ok?
Ok. But do I need an I.D. number
or anything?
No. In your station is a mat. When
you step on the mat, it clocks you


                       BOSS (cont'd)
in. And when you step off it, it
clocks you out. I know how you
poor people do. Think you can just
walk away from a station and get
paid for it. Yeah right, not this
job. Now go to your station.
ANNABELLE walks straight and goes over to station number 5.
The computer screen says ANNABELLE READY FOR CHECK OUT while
she is standing on the mat. As she is standing there
customers start to approach.
ANNABELLE has been working hard for 2 hours. Customers are
coming here and there. Her ear message is beeping, and its
GIOVANNI. She turns it on.
Hi hunny. I'm in the middle of
work. I will be going on my break
soon. I will see you then.
                       GIOVANNI (o.s.)
      (on phone)
The BOSS enters the first half check out station.
First half check out station, go
on your hour break. And I better
see you in a hour.
As ANNABELLE is leaving her station, she sees a doctor at
the second half check out station. As she looks over to him,
his eyes are already on her. She sees an I.D. on him that
says Stem Cell Doctor. She doesn't pay attention and just
keeps walking. She exits Handynart and starts heading to her
ANNABELLE walks into the house and she sees GIOVANNI on the
floor. She rushes over to pick him up and puts him on the
bed. She sits next to him on the bed.


What happen? Why were you on the
I don't know. I just blacked out.
That's why I gave you an ear
messgae while you were working.
Aw hunny. How are you feeling
right now?
I have pain in my chest. It feels
like its directly in my heart and
I feel weak. Like if I lift my arm
it hurts. I was just trying to lay
here still in my bed and then
that's when I remember everything
just going black.
She reaches over and starts hugging him.
This is why you need another
heart. Your being put through so
much. Damn all these rich people
in Bushville. It's all their
My Bella, please don't get
yourself all worked up because of
me. You have to go back to work.
Look at you crying, all because of
me. What else could I possibly do
to you?
Hunny, I'm only crying because I
want to see you live. These damn
rich people are the ones who
really make me cry, you make me
happy. That's why I need you to
live. All I know is something has
to happen, and it needs to happen


ANNABELLE gets up from the bed and makes sure GIOVANNI is in
the bed comfortably. She starts wiping her tears and bends
over to give him a kiss on the forehead.
Ok. I will see you when I get out
of work. If there is anything
wrong, please send me an ear
message and tell me.
Ok. Be safe. I love you. I don't
know what point I would be at in
my life right now if you were not
here too help me get to where I am
at. I think I would be dead.
Aw. Your going to make me cry
again. You know I will do anything
for you. I love you too. Bye.
ANNABELLE leaves her home and starts walking back to work.
As she is walking past the Hospital Library she sees a poor
man standing in front selling virtual pins that have letters
scrolling across them. She walks over to the man.
What are these things you are
                       POOR MAN #2
They are pins that read the words
The POOR MAN pulls one out of his brown pouch around his
waist. ANNABELLE moves closer to him to read it. He knudges
her in the arm.
                       POOR MAN #2
Hey, I mean we have to get our
point across someway. These
hospital transplant lists are to
long. There are many sick people
that are dying because they are
not being treated. And these RICH
people don't want to help us.


Oh that is definately true. How
much are the pins? I want one. My
husband is in serious need of a
heart transplant and he has been
on the Heart Transplant list over
at the Hospital Library for
months, in the same spot. And I
really dont know what to do
anymore. I am hoping that this pin
will help me to find a way to help
                       POOR MAN #2
For you pretty lady, you can have
one. You actually stopped to talk
to me and tell me your touching
story. Most people just keep
walking because they can't afford
it or there RICH and don't even
look twice at an old man like me.
The POOR MAN leans over and pins it onto her shirt. He takes
a step back to look at where he placed it.
                       POOR MAN #2
In need of a heart transplant. It
looks beautiful. Hopefully you
will have some luck with it.
Oh thankyou so much.
ANNABELLE reaches over and shakes his hand.
                       POOR MAN #2
Your welcome pretty lady.
ANNABELLE jumps back and realizes the time. She looks to the
left at the clock next to the Hospital Library sign.
Oh, I have to go! I'm going to be
late to work. Thankyou again. Bye.
ANNABELLE turns away and feels with her right hand that the
pin is on securely. She starts walking towards work.


ANNABELLE walks through the doors. She looks up at the
digital clock on the ceiling. She walks straight to the
check out station area. She goes to station number 5, steps
on the mat and the screen says ANNABELLE READY FOR CHECKOUT.
A few customers are already arriving in her line.
DR.HENSE and his CO-WORKER are sitting at the round table in
the middle of the lab talking.
How was your break?
                       DR. HENSE
It was good. I juss had to run
over to Handymart real quick to
order a few things. They will
probably be here tomorrow.
It takes 24 hours so, it will be
here tomorrow around this time.
                       DR. HENSE
Gobbers! I forgot to pick
something up. I have to get a
digital clock for the ceiling.
DR.HENSE stands up.
Go ahead. Go get it. I can handle
the lab by myself for a few more
DR.HENSE turns around and starts walking away.
                       DR. HENSE
Ok, thanks.
I will be back.


ANNABELLE is standing in front of her station. As she is
standing there, a man walks up with a digital clock and
places it on the check out.
Is this all today?
                       DR. HENSE
Yes this is all. I was just here a
little while ago but I forgot this
clock for my lab.
ANNABELLE scans the digital clock and then throws it down
the item shoot next to her station. ANNABELLE than looks up
from the screen and looks at DR.HENSE. She looks at his I.D.
Name and adress.
                       DR. HENSE
DR.JOHNNY HENSE. Mansion 55, 77
Ashton Lane.
OK. Is that in Moneyville or Slum
                       DR. HENSE
That's Moneyville miss.
Ok sir, just hold on a moment
while the computer processes your
As the information is processing, ANNABELLE is starring at
his I.D., it reads, DR. HENSE STEM CELL DOCTOR.
DR.HENSE looks up at her and their eyes meet.
                       DR. HENSE
What is it that your looking at
Oh, I'm sorry. I was looking at
your I.D. It says something about
stem cells. I don't know, it just
caught my eye. What does stem
cells mean?


                       DR. HENSE
Hmmm..and I was just looking at
that nice pin on your chest.
DR. HENSE reaches over and tries to touch her pin. ANNABELLE
moves back.
So what is it you said stem cells
                       DR. HENSE
Hmmm. Let me say it in a way you
will understand. It is something
that can give you what your pin is
asking for.
ANNABELLE looks down at the pin and remembers what it says.
Tears come to her eyes.
Please, please, hold on one
                       DR. HENSE
Ok, but your going to have to
hurry up because I have to get
back to work.
ANNABELLE quickly walks away from her station and walks over
to the door that says BOSS on it. She knocks and then
Excuse me sir, can I please have
my ten minute break? I just want
to call my husband to check on
him. You know how he has a heart
condition, he has been blacking
out lately. I just want to make
sure he is ok.
The BOSS looks at the clock on the ceiling. Then the phone
rings and he answers it. He signals his hand for her to
Go, and hurry the hell up


ANNABELLE exits the room and closes the door behind her. She
walks back towards DR.HENSE. They both walk outside.
DR.HENSE lets ANNABELLE walk in front of him. He grabs the
air in front of him as if he is grabbing ANNABELLE'S butt.
So you can get me a heart for my
husband? He is very sick. He needs
a treatment as soon as possible.
Now, he is already on a Transplant
List, but he is very far from
getting the transplant anytime
                       DR. HENSE
Well I work with stem cells which
help to regenerate damaged organs.
I could use the science I
specialize in to help assist your
husband back to health.
So my question is can it save his
                       DR. HENSE
Yes it can. But I have to run
along right now. Here is my phone
card. My name is Dr. Hense, Johnny
Oh please stay. Tell me more. You
have me hooked in now. I have been
waiting for a moment like this.
DR.HENSE hands ANNABELLE the phone card. ANNABELLE looks
down at it.
                       DR. HENSE
Whenever you have time, just give
me a call and we will discuss the
whole process then, because right
now I have to get back to my lab.
ANNABELLE puts the phone card in her pouch around her waist.
She looks up and places her hand on DR.HENSE's shoulder.


Oh, thank you so much. My name is
Annabelle Morris. I will
definately get in contact with
you. I guess it was meant for me
to see your ID and for you to
explain to me what stem cells is.
Thank God I got this little ol'
pin. I mean, if I hadn't had it,
you wouldn't of known I needed
this heart treatment for my
                       DR. HENSE
Oh, your welcome. I am definately
happy that I have had the chance
to meet you too. I think we are
going to have a good time
together. I mean working together
to get your husband back in better
condition. I'll be waiting for
your call. Talk to you later
Annabelle. Goodbye.
DR.HENSE turns away from ANNABELLE and starts heading back
to the lab. ANNABELLE turns around and goes back into
ANNABELLE looks at the ceiling clock. She sees it is time to
go home. She grabs her pouch from under her station and
exits Handymart.
ANNABELLE is now on her way home. As she is walking she
turns on her ear piece and sends GIOVANNI an ear message.
                       GIOVANNI (o.s.)
Yes I am here.
Oh! I have some news for you when
I get home about your chances of
getting a new heart.


                       GIOVANNI (o.s.)
Oh man. This again? This plan
probably won't go through either.
Don't be so negative sweetheart.
Lets just take the time to try it.
We have no other choice.
                       GIOVANNI (o.s.)
You know I have been through a lot
in my life that causes me to think
negative. Especially being blamed
for my mother's death by my
father. But for you I will try to
be positive.
Oh hunny. I didn't, mean to make
you bring up the past. Please,
lets be strong this time. I will
tell you about the news when I get
home. Bye.
ANNABELLE walks into the house. She runs to the bedroom and
jumps on the bed that GIOVANNI is laying on and starts
hugging him.
What is that thing pinned to you?
ANNABELLE leans back.
What? How much did that cost
Annabelle? You know we don't...
Giovanni! It was free. Now let me
tell you the news please.
Well, today I met this Doctor. It
was so weird because he had came
earlier in the day, and then had
come back because he had forgot
something, and thats when he came


                       ANNABELLE (cont'd)
to my check out station and I saw
his I.D. which said something
about stem cells. He saw my pin,
which is for you. I got the pin
because I thought it was going to
help me get you a treatment for
your condition, which it did, I
met a doctor.
And what's this doctors name?
His name is Dr. Johnny Hense. When
I asked him what stem cells was,
he told me it was something that
would help me get what my pin is
asking for, which is a heart for
How is he going to get me another
heart? My luck my body will reject
it. Damn!
Stop it! Remember positive? Now I
dont know what the process will be
yet because he had to return back
to the lab, but he gave me his
phone card to discuss it more with
So your going to call him huh?
Of course I am going to call him.
ANNABELLE turns the ear piece on of her ear message and
takes the phone card out of her pouch.


DR.HENSE walks through the door of his home. He throws his
briefcase to the side and kicks off his shoes. He walks into
his room and turns on the light facing the wall. The wall is
filled with pictures of different woman. He walks up to the
wall and rubs his hand across them and then kisses some of
the pictures. He than goes to sit in front of the computer.
He takes a black bug off his jacket, places it on his desk,
and pushes the red button on the top. Three small pictures
come printing out with ANNABELLE on them.
                       DR. HENSE
Your very pretty Annabelle.
DR.HENSE than reaches to the copy machine on top of the desk
and copies each picture as a 4X10. He takes the copies and
he than walks over to the wall with all the pictures and
sticks them on the wall. He takes a step back to look at his
                       DR. HENSE
Look at all my beautiful woman.
When I find a client to spend
$100,000 for stem cells, I will
have any woman I want.
With all that money, no woman will
be able to resist me. Bribe them
with a little bit of this, and a
little bit of that, maybe buy them
a cheap ring, have them sleep with
me, and just toss em. Hey, at
least I will have what I want.
DR.HENSE than walks over to his desk and pushes the red
button on top of the desk to open the top drawer. The drawer
gets stuck and the drawer underneath the desk opens instead.
Dust starts to fly out. There is an old journal sitting
there. DR.HENSE takes a step back.
                       DR. HENSE
Wo...Wow....I haven't seen that
journal in years.
DR.HENSE moves closer to the drawer and is just starring at
the journal. He slowly takes it out and places it on top of
the desk. He then opens it and is flipping through the
pages. He stops at a page and starts to read out loud an
entry that he had wrote.


                       DR. HENSE
It's Monday today, and its been
two months since mom died. Life is
so weird without her, I miss her
so much. Dad, he's not even the
same. I can understand him missing
mom but, already with other woman?
Now that's unacceptable. And it's
not like he is only with one, he
has been with at least five last
week. I hope he doesn't think any
of these woman are going to
replace my mom. How am I going to
get through this? Dad tells me as
long as mom is in my heart I will
be ok. Thats how he's ok, so he
says. He says that it's better to
be with all different woman, so
that you don't get hurt. And he
told me that if you do find one
that you like, and she is taken by
someone else or she doesn't like
you, don't go for that, don't let
her resist you because....
DR.HENSE puts his head down and shakes his head fron left to
right. He then flips through some more pages and stops. He
reads another entry out loud.
                       DR. HENSE
College is almost over, it's my
last year. I will finally have my
degree. Now that I am getting
older, I guess that I will stop
writing in this journal. College
has been fun though. The best part
was all the women I have been
with. Geez, I could of made a
career out of being with woman.
And all the teachers, I know they
wanted me. When I get older, I am
going to have any woman I want,
with all my money, they won't
resist, I won't let them resist.
DR.HENSE shuts the journal and throws it back in the drawer.
He pushes the red button again on top of the desk and the
drawer shuts.
                       DR. HENSE
Not even Annabelle is going to
resist me.


ANNABELLE inserts the phone card into the earpiece. It
starts beeping.
DR.HENSE hears a beeping sound coming from his doctors
jacket. He walks over to it and takes his earpiece out of
his jacket and puts it to his ear. He hits the top button of
the earpiece.
                       DR. HENSE
      (on ear phone)
Hello. Dr. Hense speaking.
                       ANNABELLE (o.s.)
      (on ear phone)
Hello Doctor. This is Annabelle
Morris. I met you earlier today at
Handymart and we were talking
about using stem cells to treat my
husband's heart condition.
                       DR. HENSE
Oooo. Yes I remember. How could I
forget a pretty face like yours.
How are you?
                       ANNABELLE (o.s.)
Um, thank you. Im good. But I
would be even better if my husband
had his heart treatment. So what
is it that you will do to help
ANNABELLE is sitting on the bed with GIOVANNI.
                       DR. HENSE (o.s.)
      (on ear phone)
Well, I would use what I
specialize in, which is stem
cells. But you see, I don't like
to talk about it over the ear, so
can you and I meet and talk?
Yes. We can meet at my house so
you can meet my husband too. And


                       ANNABELLE (cont'd)
so he can hear about what's going
to be happening with his
situation. I mean, he is the one
getting the treatment, not me.
                       DR. HENSE (o.s.)
Oh, you and your husband? I guess
that sounds good. Where do u live?
I live at Hoodrich Apartments on
77 Bushville Ave. If you don't
already know, its in Slum Village.
                       DR. HENSE (o.s.)
Ok, I think I know where that's
at. Yeah, I knew you had to be
from Slum Village because you
didn't have a diamond studded R
label on your back. I am going to
leave my house in a little bit to
come to your apartment. I will see
you then.
Ok it was nice talking to you.
Thank you so much. I will see you
later. Bye.
ANNABELLE takes the earpiece off her ear and hugs GIOVANNI.
She than lays down with him.
I think this is it Giovanni. I
think you are finally going to be
on the road to recovery very soon.
Annabelle please, don't get
yourself all excited about this.
We haven't even talked to this man
about what is takes to go through
with the treatment or how much it
will cost.
Im not worried about what is takes
to go through with it because I
know that this man was meant to
meet me. And the money, I mean,
can it really be that much? I do
have the money under the bed in
the money box that I have been


                       ANNABELLE (cont'd)
saving from work. I wanted to keep
some extra cash stashed just in
case we were to get the Heart
Transplant from the Hospital
Library. It's about $3,000 saved
Annabelle, this man is a doctor
and he is RICH. Do you really
think he is going to charge us
chump change? I don't think so at
Hunni, let's not discuss this
right now. Lets just lay down.
When the doctor gets here and
tells us how much the treatment
will cost, then we will really
DR.HENSE takes the earpiece off his ear and starts laughing.
                       DR. HENSE
Slum Village. What do I look like
going over there? Let me grab my
blood type briefcase so I can get
this slums blood type.
DR.HENSE reaches next to his bed and grabs the third
briefcase. He pulls it out and it says Patients Blood type
on the front.
DR.HENSE puts on his doctors jacket and exits his house.
ANNABELLE gets up from laying down in bed with GIOVANNI. She
sits him up in his bed.
We have to get you ready for when
the doctor comes so you can listen
to him too. I want you to sit up
with me.


Let's just get this over with
please. I hate company. And don't
expexct me to talk to him because
I'm not. Just make sure you find
out how much this treatment will
cost, what I will have to go
through, and how it works to treat
my condition.
Of course hunni. I know. I know
you have a hard time talking to
people. Why would I make you talk?
Thats what I am here for.
ANNABELLE kisses GIOVANNI on the forehead. She then bends
down and pulls a folding chair from underneath the bed. She
opens it next to the bed. The doorbell sounds.
ANNABELLE walks over to the door and opens it. She shakes
DR.HENSE'S hand as he enters the house. She directs him to
the chair next to GIOVANNI'S bed. ANNABELLE follows behind
him and goes to sit on the bed next to GIOVANNI.
Doctor, this is my husband
Giovanni Morris. Giovanni, this is
Dr.Johnny Hense.
                       DR. HENSE
Hi Giovanni. How are you?
GIOVANNI just stares at DR.HENSE for a few seconds and then
just shakes his head up and down.
Don't mind him doctor. He doesn't
talk much. And he hasn't been
feeling to well lately. So, your
here to try to get him to be
feeling great. So can you please
describe to me and my husband how
you can get him a new heart?
                       DR. HENSE
Well first of all, it's not that I
am going to be getting him a new
heart, but I am going to help to


                       DR. HENSE (cont'd)
fix the heart he has now by
replacing the bad tissue with new
ANNABELLE starts holding on to GIOVANNI'S hand.
Wow, really? That sounds like it
wont even be that painful for my
husband. That's good. So how is it
that you are going to do this?
                       DR. HENSE
I am going to use stem cells. I'm
going to put the stem cells in a
needle and inject it in him. It
won't be painful. It will be just
a quick pinch, like a shot.
Inject him? Where?
                       DR. HENSE
Well, right in his heart, where
the new tissue needs to grow to
replace the old. But before I do
any injections, I am going to have
to take a sample of some of his
blood for when I do the injection
for his heart.
Um...Ok, your the doctor.
Giovanni, just lay down and relax,
Dr.Hense is going to take your
blood. Dr.Hense, can you take it
from his left arm, is that ok?
                       DR. HENSE
Yes that is fine.
DR.HENSE gets up and walks over to the left side of the bed.
Giovanni has his arm out and ready. ANNABELLE is standing on
the left side of the bed holding GIOVANNI'S hand. GIOVANNI
has his head turned away from DR.HENSE. DR.HENSE picks up
his briefcase from the floor and puts it on the bed. He
opens it up and takes out a bottle cap shaped device, which
is used to take blood, and has a bag attached to it for the
blood to enter in from the arm. DR.HENSE grabs GIOVANNI'S
wrist and places the bottle cap on a vein at the crook of


                       DR. HENSE
Ok, Giovanni, here we go.
DR.HENSE turns the bottle cap to the right. GIOVANNI'S arm
starts tightening up. The bag starts to slowly fill with
blood. Once the bag is full, DR.HENSE turns the bottle cap
device back to the left and it seals the bag that is
attached to it. DR.HENSE removes the bottle cap and there is
a little bit of blood. DR.HENSE than places the bag and its
device into his briefcase. He then takes out the band aid
lotion from the briefcase and opens it. He squirts a bit
onto the area where the blood was taken from on GIOVANNI'S
arm and rubs it in. The little bit of blood that was coming
out of his arm, suddenly stops. DR.HENSE shuts his briefcase
and places it on the floor. He than takes a seat in the
chair next to the bed. GIOVANNI is still laying in the bed
with his armed stretched out.
                       DR. HENSE
Ok Giovanni, you are all set.
DR.HENSE than looks at ANNABELLE.
                       DR. HENSE
Giovanni may be a little drowsy
from the blood being taken. Don't
get worried if he goes to sleep.
Oh, ok.
ANNABELLE gets in the bed with GIOVANNI and he leans up
againt her. She puts his head comfortably on the pillow and
kisses him on the forehead. She wraps her arms around him
while sitting in bed and looks at DR.HENSE.
So where do these stem cells come
from? Do we need to be on a list
for them too? Because lists for me
and my husband have not worked in
the past.
                       DR. HENSE
No there are many stem cells
available. You won't have to be on
a list. I get the stem cells from
embryos, which are stored in a
petri dish at my lab. The type of
stem cell I use is Embryonic.


Types? There's other types of stem
                       DR. HENSE
Well, yes there is. Fetal and
Adult stem cells. But I like to
use Embryonic because more are
available, they're more effective,
and they can grow and
differentiate into any type of
body cell, tissue, or organ. This
is exactly what your husband needs
for his damaged tissues in his
heart to be replaced.That's why
when I saw your pin I said
something, because I can help you.
DR.HENSE reaches over and puts his hand on ANNABELLE'S
shoulder. GIOVANNI pulls her back towards him.
                       DR. HENSE
And I mean, help your husband, of
Ok, so your telling me that you
take these cells from embryos,
basically a baby?
                       DR. HENSE
Not quite. The stem cells are
taken from an egg that has
develped into an embryo in an
Invitro Fertilization clinic.
Extra eggs that get developed get
donated to labs.
Oh. Ok. I have heard of that, its
called IVF. It can be used for
infertile couples.


                       DR. HENSE
Yes. Exactly. The cells that we
get are called a Blastocyst. We
take the inner mass and put it
into a dish in a lab and they
divide. As they divide, the dish
gets crowded and we keep changing
the dish. We start off with 30
cells from the inner mass and
after a few months end up with
millions of embryonic stem cells.
So its going to take months for my
husband to be able to have these
Embryonic stem cells available to
                       DR. HENSE
I mean, the process does take a
few months, but I already have
some that are already available so
please, calm down.
ANNABELLE turns around to look at GIOVANNI.
Oh hunny, this sounds as if it is
definately going to work. See what
being positive can do to you.
GIOVANNI shruggs his shoulders. ANNABELLE turns back around
                       DR. HENSE
So what I'm going to do is put the
cells into a needle and carefully
inject them into his heart. As the
days go by, these new cells
injected in him will replace the
bad tissue with new tissue.
Basically his heart is going to be
Oh, this all sounds to good to be
true. I can't wait for my husband
to go through with this treatment.


      (whispers to
Annabelle, don't get your hopes
all high. You don't know how good
it really will be until it is over
wtih and my heart is new.
                       DR. HENSE
Well Annabelle, it all actually is
good. I mean, as long as you have
the money to do it, you are all
Oh money, I didn't even think
about the cost. How much is it
going to be?
                       DR. HENSE
Well, its going to cost you
ANNABELLE pulls away from GIOVANNI'S hand, stands up and
starts crying.
$100,000!!! why so much?
Annabelle, get this man out of
here, he thinks were some type of
rich people or something? And
that, we definatelty aren't.
                       DR. HENSE
Actually Giovanni, whether your
rich, poor, or whatever, it's
going to be $100,000. Just maybe
the rich have a better chance of
paying it.
Doctor, why does it have to be so
much if there are so many of these
cells available and the process is
so simple?
                       DR. HENSE
I mean, yeah the process is so
simple but this isn't just any
process. This is saving a life.


                       DR. HENSE (cont'd)
That's going to cost you
ANNABELLE starts crying heavily and puts her head on
GIOVANNI'S shoulder. DR.HENSE stands up.
                       DR. HENSE
Well, my time was spent well here.
I explained the process to you and
your husband like you asked. Now I
must go home. It was nice to meet
you Giovanni. Annabelle, you have
my phone card, so give me a beep
if you want to take the next step.
ANNABELLE stands up and wipes her face. She walks DR.HENSE
over to the door to leave.
Thanks again Doctor for coming. I
will keep in contact with you.
DR.HENSE puts his hand on ANNABELLE'S shoulder.
                       DR. HENSE
I highly suggest that you keep in
contact with me Annabelle. Your
not going to find a simple
treatment like this for your
husband anywhere else.
I know. Thank you doctor. I just
have to discuss the money
situation with my husband. Like I
said, I will keep in contact with
you. Thanks for coming.
                       DR. HENSE
Oh, your welcome beautiful.
Goodbye now.
ANNABELLE slams the door and walks back over to GIOVANNI,
sits with him in bed and starts crying again.
Hunni, what are we to do? All I
want is for you to get better. Why
can't that just happen?


Well, were not rich. Only rich
people can afford prices like
that. $100,000 is just what I
figured. I told you, I told you
Annabelle, don't get your hopes so
high just for them to get shot
down. And what are we going to do?
Nothing. All we can do is see if
my name moves on the Heart
Transplant list. That's our only
Yeah right Giovanni! By the time
your name becomes on the top of
the list, you will be dead! And I
am not having that. I'm going to
do something. I don't know what it
is, but I'm going to do something.
I'm not just going to sit here and
wait for that list and do nothing.
Well, all I can say is forget
about that doctor and I guess
forget about that list. I guess
there just isn't any chance out
there for me. All we can do is
cherish the time we have left
Don't talk like that. Damn that
list, and I am not forgetting
about Dr.Hense. It was meant for
me to ask him about his stem cell
I.D. and for him to notice my pin.
I am just going to try to talk to
my boss at work and get more time
in at work to make extra money.
And I am going to contact Dr.Hense
again in a few days and try to get
him to lower the price. I'm just
going to tell him how much I love
you and can't lose you. Im just
going to beg him, I don't care. He
is a considerate man, maybe he
will at least think about lowering


Annabelle, that doctor does not
care about me or my condition. All
he wants is that money for the
treatment. He knows we can't pay
it. He probably already forgot
about our situation. He is
probably sitting back right now as
I speak, laughing at us.
I'm going to do what I got to do
to help you get better. I need to
think this whole situation
through. Now lets go to sleep.
ANNABELLE stands up and fixes GIOVANNI in the bed
comfortably. She picks up the ear messgae and the DOCTOR'S
phonecard off the bed and puts it in her pouch on the table
next to the door. She than reaches up to the light screen
over the door and touches it off. She than walks back over
to bed and lies down next to GIOVANNI to sleep.
ANNABELLE wakes up to get ready for work. As GIOVANNI is
sleeping, she sees that he is having a hard time breathing
and wakes him up.
What's the matter?
I was watching you sleep and you
were breathing very heavily.
I know. It's been happening more
often now. I'll get up to go to
the bathroom and I will have to
stop before reaching the bathroom
because it is hard for me to
Well hunni, please take it easy
when I am gone, and be careful.
This is why you need this process
done immediately. I'm working on
it. That treatment is coming soon.
ANNABELLE goes into the kitchen and opens the cabinet above
the refrigerator and grabs the breakfast briefcase. She
opens it up and gets him a bagel card and a juice card. She


then shuts the briefcase and puts it back in the cabinet.
She walks over to GIOVANNI in bed and inserts the food cards
in his mouth one at a time for his breakfast. He swallows
them. She than kisses him on the forehead.
Today I am going to talk to my
boss about giving me more time at
work. I hope he says yes. But
knowing him, being RICH and all,
he won't even care.
He should. I mean, all the stuff
you be doing for that place. Im
telling you, these RICH people out
here don't give a damn about what
us poor people need. And we're
always needing something. As long
as they got what they want,
whether what we need is a life or
death situation, they don't give a
GIOVANNI starts breating heavy and sweating.
Hunni, please stop getting
yourself all worked up. Leave it
to me to handle everything. Just
sit back and relax. I'm going to
work now. Keep the ear message
close to you. If you need me, you
know what to do. I love you.
ANNABELLE walks towards the door and picks up her pouch off
the table and puts it around her waist. She then exits the
As ANNABELLE is walking through Slum Village, she hears a
siren coming out of the speakers on the top corner of each
building. She than looks to the advertisement on the top of
the Police Station. It reads: ALERT SLUM VILLAGE RESIDENTS.
looks away shaking her her head slightly left to right and
starts walking fast towards Handymart.


ANNABELLE arrives at Handymart. As she is walking through
the doors, a tall, white muscular man, in a white suit
checks her to make sure she has no weapons. She walks in,
walks straight, and then takes a right at the bosses office.
She knocks on the door.
Who is it and what do you want?
It's Annabelle from station 5, can
I please just talk to you for a
Yeah come in.
ANNABELLE opens the door and walks in. She shuts the door
behind her. She stands in front of his desk with her hands
behind her back.
Hurry up. What is it you need to
talk to me about? You have a shift
to cover.
Well, as you know, my husband is
sick. I have found a treatment for
him through this doctor that I had
met. But it is going to cost me
quite a bit of money. Is it
possible I could get any extra
time on the weekends or during the


Extra time? Do you know how many
other people want extra time?
Alot. Do what you gotta do with
the time you have. Your lucky you
even got that. And you Annabelle,
asking me for extra time when
every ten minutes your trying to
go on break early or taking time
to call your husband. I don't
think so. If you need time so bad,
don't be running away from your
station to talk on the ear phone.
Now get to your station. Your
wasting your money and my time by
being in my office.
Ok. Thank you anyway sir.
ANNABELLE walks out of the office and walks to her station.
She steps on the mat and the screen reads: ANNABELLE READY
FOR CHECKOUT. She has a couple of customers approaching her
ANNABELLE is at her station checking customers out. The BOSS
comes out of his office and approaches the First Half
Ok, lets go first half checkout.
You have been here for two hours.
Why aren't you's already on break?
You guys know the drill. It's time
for your half hour break. Damn! Do
I have to be your babysitters and
your boss? I don't think so. This
is the last time, next time I will
tell you to go on your break and
not come back. Now, go on break!
ANNABELLE steps away from her station. She exits Handymart.
ANNABELLE is standing outside Handymart. She opens her pouch
around her waist and takes out her ear message. She also
takes out DR.HENSE'S phone card and inserts it into her ear
piece. It starts beeping.


DR.HENSE is lying in bed asleep. He than awakes to hearing a
beeping sound. He pushes a button under his bed and it
lowers to the floor. He gets up out of bed and walks over to
his closet where his jacket is hanging. He puts his hand in
the left pocket and takes out his ear message. He puts the
earpiece to his ear and takes a seat on his bed.
                       DR. HENSE
Hello. Dr.Hense speaking.
                       ANNABELLE (o.s.)
      (on ear message)
Hi Dr.Hense. This is Annabelle
Morris. We met the other day at
Handymart and were talking about
using stem cells for my husband's
heart condition. How are you
                       DR. HENSE
Oh yes. I am doing good. I was
just sleeping. But it feels good
to wake up to your voice.
                       ANNABELLE (o.s.)
Oh I am so sorry. I didn't mean to
wake you. I will let you go so you
can go back to sleep.
                       DR. HENSE
Oh no. It's perfectly fine. I been
waiting for your call.
DR.HENSE than walks out of his bedroom and walks over to the
wall filled with all the pictures of women. He stares at
ANNABELLE'S picture.
                       ANNABELLE (o.s.)
Oh, I am calling because I wanted
to talk to you about the treatment
we were going to use for my
husband. I really want this
treatment for him. I feel as if
meeting you was meant to be. My
only problem is the $100,000. I
don't have that kind of money.You
know that I am poor. Can you
please try to give me a break? All
I want is for my husband to get
better. I know this treatment is
exactly what he needs to get


                       ANNABELLE (cont'd)
better, that's why I want it so
much for him. He's been through
alot in his life. I just want him
for once to finally be happy and
be feeling well.
ANNABELLE is standing outside of Handymart talking to
DR.HENSE on the ear message.
                       DR. HENSE (o.s.)
      (on ear message)
Oh, I definately think we were
meant to meet. I understand all
you want is for your husband to be
better, I think that's how every
person feels about someone feeling
sick. But about giving you a
break, I don't know I will need to
think about that. I just woke up.
Plus, I don't like talking over
these damn ear message things.
Let's meet in person and discuss
this problem you are having with
the price.
Um, Ok but I don't want to meet at
my house because I don't want to
disturb my husband. He needs all
the rest he can get.
                       DR. HENSE (o.s.)
Ok, that sounds perfect. We will
talk over dinner. Meet me at the
Million Dollar restaurant and we
will discuss it then. I will be
there first so that you won't have
a problem getting in. When you
walk in just tell them my name so
they don't think that you are a
poor person trying to beg there
customers for money, because
that's the type of stuff they see
everyday. And as soon as they see
you, there going to think that's
what your there for. When I walk
in, I will tell them that I am
waiting for you.


Ok I will come after work, around
7:00p.m. Million Dollar, I know
where that is. That's right up the
street from Handymart. Ok I will
see you then. Thank you.
                       DR. HENSE (o.s.)
Bye Now.
ANNABELLE puts her earpiece back in her pouch and goes back
into Handymart. As she is walking in the man at the door
checks her to make sure she has no weapons.
ANNABELLE is walking towards her station. She looks at the
clock on the ceiling. She starts walking faster. She steps
on the mat in front of her station and her screen reads:
ANNABELLE READY FOR CHECKOUT. She already has 5 customers
waiting in line. She starts checking their items out.
The BOSS comes walking over to the First Half checkout
station. It's 3 hours later.
Let's go! It's 7. Your shift is
over.You people know that when
your time is up, it's up. I don't
want to see you guys going over
any of your time. If I tell you
are off at 7, I mean 7, not 7:02.
Get out of here. You all better be
here tomorrow, on time!
The people around ANNABELLE are leaving there station.
ANNABELLE leaves her station and then exits Handymart.
ANNABELLE is standing outside of Handymart. She then turns
left and starts walking a couple blocks. She stops at the
shuttle stop. She looks to the left and sees the Slum
Shuttle coming. It stops in front of her, the steps pull out
off the bus. She steps on the stairs and they then pull her
onto the bus. The doors shut behind her.


What's your destination miss?
I'm going to Million Dollar
YOUR going to Million Dollar
restaurant? Ok miss. You can take
a seat.
ANNABELLE takes a seat right behind the driver. She turns to
stare out the window. She hears the shuttle microphone turn
      (on microphone)
Arrived, Million Dollar
ANNABELLE stands up. She sees people turn their heads to
look at her. She is standing, waiting for the shuttle to
pull up to the entrance of the restaurant. There are
expensive cars being taken by the hostesses in front of the
restaurant. She hears people whispering behind her back. The
shuttle pulls up to the door. The DRIVER opens the doors.
Thank you very much sir. Have a
nice day.
ANNABELLE is standing on the steps of the bus. They pull out
and land on the sidewalk. She steps off the stairs. The
stairs pull back onto the bus and the doors shut. The bus
takes off.
ANNABELLE is standing outside the restaurant. She takes her
earpiece out of her pouch and places it in her ear. It
starts beeping.
Giovanni? Are you awake?


                       GIOVANNI (o.s.)
      (on ear message)
Yes I am. Where are you? Are you
on your way home?
No, right now I am about to talk
to Dr.Hense over at Million Dollar
Restaurant in Moneyville. I am
trying to get him to give me a
break on the price of the
                       GIOVANNI (o.s.)
Your where? Doing what? Why are
you going to that restaurant? You
know you do not belong there. Only
Rich people go there. How do you
know they are going to let you in?
Your wasting your time. Please
just come home.
No. I talked to Dr.Hense earlier
and he said he would think about
lowering the price. He said that
he didn't want to talk about the
price on the ear message, so he
told me to meet him over at the
restaurant. Dr.Hense told me that
when I arrive to just tell them
his name and that he will have
already told the restaurant he was
waititng for me. Please let me do
this. I told you I just feel right
about this treatment.I feel as if
it was meant for me to meet him.
If he says no, then I will give
up. But I am trying this one last
                       GIOVANNI (o.s.)
Well please Annabelle just make it
Ok Hunni. Bye.
ANNABELLE takes the earpiece out of her ear and puts it in
her pouch. She walks towards the door of the restaurant. The
man at the door stops her as she is walking in.


                       MAN AT DOOR
Where do you think you are going
I am here to see Dr. Johnny Hense.
I am meeting him here tonight to
discuss some things.
The MAN AT DOOR looks down at the list in front of him and
then looks back up at ANNABELLE.
                       MAN AT DOOR
Hmmm. Yes Annabelle he has been
expecting you. He is at that table
straight ahead.
ANNABELLE looks straight and starts walking towards the
table. All the tables that she is walking by are full of
people in suits and fancy dresses. They are all starring at
her and whispering as she walks by. She approaches the table
where DR.HENSE is sitting.
Hello Doctor. Sorry it took me so
ANNABELLE sits in the chair across from DR.HENSE.
                       DR. HENSE
Hello Annabelle. So good to see
you. So what is it that we are
supposed to be discussing here
The price of $100,000 is so much
money for me and my husband. You
know that we are poor. Why would
you pick such a high price?
                       DR. HENSE
Well, it's not that I picked the
price. It's a price that I have
for everyone, rich or poor. Would
you like something to eat or
No, I did not come here for you to
take me out to eat, I just wanted


                       ANNABELLE (cont'd)
to discuss this price. All I want
is this treatment for my husband.
I do not have $100,000. The most
that I have is $3,000 to spare.
                       DR. HENSE
Annabelle, like I told you, this
isn't no piece of gum, this is
something that can save your
husband's life. Of course it's
going to be expensive.
ANNABELLE puts her face in her hands and starts crying.
What am I going to do? What is
there to do? I can't just watch my
husband die. I would do anything
just to have this treatment for my
DR.HENSE moves his chair closer to ANNABELLE. He puts his
arm around her.
                       DR. HENSE
You'll do anything? Why don't you
come home with me for tonight. Let
me make those tear drops stop.
ANNABELLE moves back and pushes her chair away from
What did you say to me?
                       DR. HENSE
Come on. You want this treatment
and I want you. If you want this
treatment as bad as you say you
do, then you will do what I ask.
You come sleep with me before the
treatment, and you will get it for
$3,000. But since I am making it
that cheap. I want you whenever I
want, even after the treatment is
done. I mean, your husband will
have his healthy life, and never
have to know about you and I.


How could you ask me to do
something like that? I could never
hurt him like that. Whether he
knows or not.
                       DR. HENSE
So then you would rather watch him
die? These lists at the library
are not going to be moving anytime
soon, let me tell you, I know, I
am a doctor.
I need to go. My husband needs me
at home.
ANNABELLE stands up and his crying. She runs out of the
restaurant. Everyone is starring at her.
ANNABELLE is standing outside of the restaurant. She hears a
beeping sound come from her pouch. She takes her ear message
out and puts the earpiece in her ear.
                       DR. HENSE (o.s.)
Listen to me. If you tell the
police about what happen at this
restaurant tonight, guarentee that
I will report you to the Sick
Police and tell them that you are
taking care of a sick person at
your home. You know what that
means? Your husband, shot dead,
right in front of your eyes.
No, no. I don't want that.
                       DR. HENSE (o.s.)
Ok, so don't say nothing and it
won't happen. And anyways, I am a
doctor, so if you told the police,
they would think that you are just
a poor woman out for some money.
But, if you do want to take me up


                       DR. HENSE (cont'd)
on my offer, than you can give me
an ear message. Goodbye.
ANNABELLE is standing there crying. She puts her ear message
back in her pouch and walks a few blocks to the Shuttle
Stop. The shuttle arrives and the stairs pull out for her to
get on. ANNABELLE gets on the shuttle and takes a seat. She
is sitting in the seat crying, with her right hand on her
forehead, shaking her head from left to right.
The shuttle is about to reach her street. ANNABELLE gets out
of her seat and walks to the stairs of the shuttle. The door
opens and the stairs pull out to the ground. She gets off of
the stairs and walks to her home.
ANNABELLE throws her pouch on the table next to the door and
runs over to GIOVANNI in bed. She wraps her arms around him
and starts crying.
What's wrong with you? Did he tell
you that he wasn't going to lower
the price of the treatment? I told
you not to get yourself all happy
about it yet.
She leans back and goes to sit in the chair next to the bed.
No, No. Giovanni. That's not it.
It's much worse than that. I just
don't know what to do anymore.
Please Annabelle, tell me what
happen that has you so upset. It
hurts me to see you like this.
I went to talk to Dr.Hense, to try
to get him to lower the price.
There's good news and mostly bad
news to the story, which one do
you want?
Well, the good news must not be
all that good if your upset like
this, please just tell me whats


Well when I was talking to him, I
told him all I want is for you to
get better, and to get this
treatment. I told him the price he
chose was to high and all I could
afford was at least $3,000. He
said that was fine, but only if I
was to sleep with him before the
treatment, and anytime he wanted
after that.
GIOVANNI starts breathing heavy and sweating. He starts to
hold his chest.
Hunni! Are you ok? Please calm
ANNABELLE starts hugging him and rocking him back and forth.
What kind of doctor is that? I can
not believe he would try to take
advantage of you in a time of
need. Damn him! I am calling the
GIOVANNI moves away from ANNABELLE and reaches over to the
table next to the bed. He grabs his ear message. ANNABELLE
quickly snatches it out of his hand.
What are you doing? No, you cannot
do that. He told me that if I was
to tell the police what he had
said to me, he would tell the Sick
Police that you are sick and that
I am taking care of you at home.
And we both know what will happen
if he did that.
I can not believe this. This is
all so crazy. You thought this man
was going to come into our lives
and help us, but in reality he is
a filthy rich man trying to have
his way with you.


Hunni, please calm down. I am
better now that I am home with
you. It's been a long day. Lets go
to sleep.
ANNABELLE goes to shut the light screen off above the door.
She then gets into bed with GIOVANNI and goes to sleep.
The sun is shining through their window. ANNABELLE and
GIOVANNI wake up. ANNABELLE gets out of bed and walks over
to the window. GIOVANNI sits up in bed.
We need to figure something out. I
want this treatment for you.
Look, it's not meant to be for me
to live. This treatment was our
last resort, and it failed. This
doctor should not be able to get
away with this. He deserves to
ANNABELLE goes and sits in the chair next to the bed.
Your right Giovanni, he deserves
to die, and we are going to kill
Annabelle what are you talking
about? How are we going to do
That man, Dr. Hense, put my hopes
up, and then shot them right down.
I want to do the same thing to
him. I am going to agree with this
offer he gave me of sleeping with
him, and have him come over here
the day of the treatment, which is
when he thinks he is going to have
me for the first time. When he
gets here I am going to stall him
because he thinks that when he
comes here I am automatically
going to leave with him. But I
want you to ask for me to get
something from the kitchen so I


                       ANNABELLE (cont'd)
have an excuse to go in there.
That's when I am going to get the
Of course he is going to choose to
do the treatment because he is not
going to want to die.
Exactly. And then when he is done
I am going to stab him in his
heart so that he dies.
I mean, I hate this man for what
he has done to us but, do we have
to kill him?
Yes we have to kill him. What if
we let him go and he tells the
police? We don't need that. After
the treatment I want us to finally
live happy.
ANNABELLE starts hugging GIOVANNI and she starts crying.
I am going to go through with this
because I know it will make you
happy. I want to make you happy
for a change. I love you.
Hunni I am doing this because its
the only way you can live. These
transplant lists are not getting
any shorter, rich people are not
donating money, I am definately
not sleeping with this doctor, and
I don't have $100,000 for the
treatment. So our last resort is
the plan that we have. And I know
it will work.
Yes I hope it works too. Even
though my luck is as short as a
pinkie. If I don't make it, you
know that I have always loved you.


Oh, I know that it will work. Now
let's get our plan started. I'm
going to call Dr. Hense.
ANNABELLE gets up and goes to the table by the door to get
her pouch. She goes back to sit on the bed with GIOVANNI.
She opens up her pouch and takes out her ear messgae. She
puts the earpiece in her ear and puts DR.HENSE'S phone card
in the earpiece. It starts beeping.
A woman is walking out of DR. HENSES'S bedroom putting on
her jacket. There is a beeping sound. DR.HENSE rolls over in
his bed and reaches for the ear message on the table next to
his bed.
                       DR. HENSE
                       ANNABELLE (o.s.)
Hello Dr.Hense. This is Annabelle.
Did I wake you?
                       DR. HENSE
Yes you did, but it's lovely
waking up to your voice. Since you
are calling me, I take it that you
are considering my offer?
                       ANNABELLE (o.s.)
Not only am I considering it, I am
taking it. If this is what I have
to do for my husband to survive,
than this is what I am going to
do. Now, one question, where is us
having sex supposed to take place?
It can not happen at my house
because my husband will be there.
                       DR. HENSE
You will be satisfied with your
choice. Oh, don't worry about
where it will take place, leave
that to me. Before the treatment
you will come to my house for a
lttle while to please me. Then I
will come to your house and please
you by giving your husband his
shot in his heart.


GIOVANNI grabs ANNABELLE'S hand and starts squeezing it.
That's enough. Hang up.
Right now I have to go to work. I
will be in contact with you. I
will call you the day I want the
treatment to take place. My
husband is getting sicker and
sicker each day, so I may call you
sooner than you think. I will have
the $3,000 that day, so make sure
you have the shot with you too.
                       DR. HENSE (o.s.)
As long as you are there waiting
for me, I will have the shot. Just
remember our agreement. I want you
before the treatment and whenever
else after that. And don't think
after the treatment you can just
ignore me, because if I sense
something is up, I will report you
to the Sick Police and your $3,000
would of been a waste and your
husband will be dead. And I know
you don't want that.
Yes, I remember. I already told
you yes to sleeping with you so,
leave it at that please. I will
keep in touch with you. Thank you,
ANNABELLE takes the earpiece out of her ear and puts it into
her pouch. She than puts the pouch around her waist. She
looks at GIOVANNI and he is pale. She puts her hand on his
Hunni, you are burning up.


I'm not feeling to good right now.
I'm feeling weak. I'm feeling a
little tired too. I'm going to get
some sleep while you are at work.
Don't worry about me.
Well let me check your temperature
before I go. I'm going to use the
old ones under the bed first
before I use the new ones we have
in the kitchen.
ANNABELLE reaches down and opens the drawer under the bed.
She pulls out a box that says Temperature Circles. She takes
one of the circles out of the box. She peels the sticky off
the back and places it on GIOVANNI'S forehead. After 1
minute she peels it off and it reads 110 degrees on the back
of the circle.
Oh you really are burning up! You
are getting worse each day. Maybe
I won't go to work. I'm just going
to stay home and take care of you.
You take care of me enough! Go to
work. I will be fine. I have my
ear message right next to me. If
there's anything wrong, I know
what to do. Now go.
Ok make sure you give me an ear
message if anything is wrong. I
love you.
ANNABELLE gives GIOVANNI a kiss on the forehead and exits
the house.
ANNABELLE arrives at work and as she is walking through the
door, the man standing there checks her to make sure she has
no weapons. She walks to her station. A few customers start
walking up to her check out. All of a sudden she gets an ear
message from GIOVANNI.


                       GIOVANNI (o.s.)
Annabelle, my head is hurting me
and my fever is getting higher.
ANNABELLE runs from her station and goes outside.
Oh, Giovanni. That's why I didn't
want to come to work, so I could
just stay home and watch you.
                       GIOVANNI (o.s.)
Annabelle, please come home I need
some asprin.
Let me talk to my boss. Hold on.
As ANNABELLE is standing outside, she feels someone tap her
on the shoulder.
What are you doing out here? Is
this what you come to work to do?
Talk on your ear message? You poor
people like to take advantage of
us wealthy.
Boss, I have to leave. My husband
is sick. I have to get him some
treatment. I don't mean for this
to happen. I just need to be there
with him until, he gets his
treatment, then he will be ok.
What kind of job do you think this
is? You ask me for more time, you
think I am going to give you more
time so you can do this? I dont
think so. If you leave, your hours
will be cut, guranteed.
Well, Boss, I have to leave. I
have no choice. My husband is
sick! He can't take care of


                       ANNABELLE (cont'd)
himself. I will come in early
tomorrow and I will stay late.
Come early? Stay late? I don't
want to hear these promises that
are never going to happen. I don't
want you back here until your
husband gets his treatment.
But Boss, I don't know when that
is going to be. I need my money.
At this point, I don't care what
you need. If you needed money, you
wouldnt be leaving early. Now
don't come back until your
situation is done!
The BOSS turns around and walks back into Handymart. After
he walks in he stands at the door talking to the man at the
door, they are laughing. Their backs are turned towards
ANNABELLE. She is standing there looking at their diamond
studded R labels on their backs, and starts crying. She puts
her ear piece back into her ear and starts walking home.
      (on ear message)
Im on my way home now Giovanni.
                       GIOVANNI (o.s.)
Ok, I'm sorry I had to make you
leave work. But my head is just
killing me and I am feeling so
weak. If these are my last moments
I want to be with you.
It's ok. I will be on my way home
to give you your asprin shot. You
know, my boss told me not to come
back to work until you have your
treatment. I don't know what I am
going to do about money. I
defintely plan on putting our plan
in action because these are not
your final moments. It's
definately time for you to get
better. I will be calling Dr.
Hense tonight.


                       GIOVANNI (o.s.)
I can't believe your boss said
that to you. He doesn't even care
that Handymart is the only income
coming in. It'my fault, just like
everything else, I am so sorry.
Why are you sorry? It's not your
fault that your sick. My boss is
just a jerk and has no feelings.
He's not poor like us, he will
never understand how bad I need my
                       GIOVANNI (o.s.)
Like I said, I am sorry. If you
didn't have to come home for me
today, you and your boss wouldn't
of even argued. I will just see
you when you get home.
No, Giovanni. Hello?......Hello?
ANNABELLE puts the ear piece in her pouch around her waist
and continues walking, she arrives at her house.
ANNABELLE walks into the house and puts her pouch onto the
table next to the door. As she is walking to see GIOVANNI in
bed, he is missing. She walks to the side of the bed and he
is lying on the floor crying. She picks him up and puts him
on the bed.
What were you doing on the floor?
I tried to get up to go get the
medical briefcase so I could just
do the asprin shot myself but, I
just collapsed when I got up.
Why would you do that? You knew I
was coming home to take care of
you and give you the asprin shot.


I just feel bad that everytime I
need something, I have to call
you, I can't just do it myself. I
wanted to try to do something on
my own, but once again I have
GIOVANNI starts crying and ANNABELLE starts hugging him.
Giovanni, I hate it when you talk
like this. You are sick, you can't
help that. I am here to do
whatever I can to make you feel
comfortable. Tonight we will be
calling Dr. Hense to get this
treatment rolling. And once you
have your treatment, we will work
on getting you back on your feet.
ANNABELLE puts GIOVANNI in bed comfortably. She puts her
hand on his head and he is very warm. She walks over to the
refrigerator in the kitchen and gets a cool mitt out of the
freezer. She walks over to GIOVANNI and hands it to him.
Put your hand on your head and
keep it there so it can help you
cool off. Hopefully it will help
bring your temperature down to
normal. Right now it is high. Lets
talk about whats going to go down
once Dr. Hense gets here. I am
going to be calling him to do the
treatment soon.
GIOVANNI is looking at the mitt. He puts it on his hand and
slowly raises it to his forehead. ANNABELLE walks back into
the kitchen and walks over to the sink. She then pushes the
button on top of the sink and a draw pops out underneath the
sink. There is a pile of white temperature cloths with a
digital screen on the front of it. ANNABELLE picks one up
and then pushes the button again on top of the sink and the
draw closes. ANNABELLE than walks back over to GIOVANNI
lying in bed.
Are you sure that you want to go
through with this plan? What if
something goes wrong?


Yes I am sure I want to go through
with this. Im not worrying about
what could go wrong, I'm being
positive. This is going to work,
it has too, this is our last
chance before time runs out.
GIOVANNI closes his eyes and is lying still. He is breathing
heavy with the cool mit on his forhead.
Giovanni, take that cool mitt off
your head for a minute so I can
take your temperature again.
GIOVANNI takes the mitt off his head and places his hand on
the bed. ANNABELLE is standing next to the bed.
Let me just wait a minute before
taking your temperature, so the
coldness from the cool mitt can
fade away.
Ok. You take such good care of me.
Anything for you, I love you. Ok
just close your eyes, I'm going to
take your temperature.
GIOVANNI is lying in the bed on his back. ANNABELLE then
flattens out the white temperature cloth and places it on
GIOVANNI'S forehead. It's sitting there on his forehead
doing nothing, the digital screen is blank. Then the cloth
starts turning a light red, and the screen on the cloth is
reading 97 degrees, then the cloth turns a dark red and the
screen is flashing, reading 109 degrees.
Oh Giovanni!...You are still
burning up. Your temperature is
109 degrees. I have to do
something right now. Put the cool
mitt on your head and relax. Were
going to get this treatment done
ANNABELLE takes the temperature cloth off GIOVANNI'S head
and pulls the red lever above GIOVANNI'S bed. A round trash


barrel comes raising out of the floor by the bed and
ANNABELLE throws the cloth away. She then pulls the lever
again and the trash barrel lowers back into the floor.
GIOVANNI than slowly raises his arm and places his hand with
the cool mitt on it back on his forehead.
I feel so weak. It was just hard
for me to lift my arm.
Well after your treatment, we will
make sure we work on you getting
strong again, and feeling much
better than you do.
ANNABELLE walks over to the table by the door. She picks up
her pouch and takes the ear message out of it. She opens the
door and stands outside her home.
ANNABELLE is standing outside of her home and puts her
earpiece in her ear. She is looking at the homes across the
way and next to her. Most of the windows are broken. There
are people standing outside with virtual signs on their
t-shirts reading, LOOKING FOR WORK. The bright lights are
shining from each roof. She turns around facing the door,
turning her back towards the scene.
ANNABELLE opens up her pouch around her waist and takes
DR.HENSES phone card and puts it in her earpiece. She pushes
the on button.
DR.HENSE is zipping up his black pants. He then picks up the
white t-shirt off his bed and puts it on. He then walks over
to the glass sliding door and slips his feet into the black
slippers next to the door. A beeping sound starts to beep.
He then walks over to his white jacket hanging in the
closet. He takes out his ear message. He places his earpiece
in his ear and walks to sit on the bed. He flips the switch
up that is next to the bed and the bed starts to rise. It
stops and his hanging. He lies down in the bed. He then
pushes the on button of the earpiece.
                       DR. HENSE
Hello? Dr. Johnny Hense.
                       ANNABELLE (o.s.)
Hello Dr.Hense this is Annabelle.


                       DR. HENSE
Ooo...Yes beautiful, how are you
doing? Are you calling because you
are ready to be alone with me?
                       ANNABELLE (o.s.)
Um...Well...My husband is getting
very sick. I am ready for you to
do the treatment for him. Will you
be able to do it tonight?
                       DR. HENSE
The question is, are you ready to
do me tonight?
                       ANNABELLE (o.s.)
Yes, I told you, whatever it takes
for me to pay you $3,000 for the
                       DR. HENSE (o.s.)
Well, then yes I can do the
treatment for you tonight. I will
have to stop at my lab before I go
to your house. So expect me there
in an hour.
Ok, I will see you then. And I
will have the money ready for you.
                       DR. HENSE (o.s.)
Just make sure your ready for me,
that's most important. No games.
ANNABELLE takes the earpiece out of her ear. She places it
in her pouch. She opens the door of her apartment and is
shaking her head. She puts the pouch on the table next to
the door. She walks over to the bed and checks on GIOVANNI.
He is sleeping with the cold mitt still on his forehead. She
sits on the floor next to the bed and reaches under the bed.
She pulls out a glass box with a numeric key pad on the
outside. She punches in the number 0548, and it opens the
box. On the front of the box it reads, OPEN. She opens the
top and there is 100's of dollars. ANNABELLE puts her hand
in the box and touches some of the bills. She then closes
the box and punches in 0548 on the keypad, the box reads
LOCKED and she then kisses it. She stands up with the box


and walks over to the kitchen. She puts the glass box on the
small circular table. She sits in a chair at the table, puts
her head down and closes her eyes.
DR.HENSE is laying in bed. He puts his earpiece on his
pillow and reaches under the bed. He pushes a button and the
bed starts to lower to the floor. It reaches the floor and
he steps off. He slides out of his slippers and walks over
to the closet. He lightly touches the door and it
automatically slides open. The shoe rack on the floor starts
to rise up to where his hands can reach. He grabs the third
pair of black shoes. He drops them on the floor and slides
his feet into them. He then pushes the red button on the
wall next to the closet and all his shirts start spinning.
He pushes the red button again and they all stop. He picks
the fifth shirt in the row, which is also black. He puts it
on, and then buttons it up. He than grabs his white jacket
and puts it on. He touches the door of the closet lightly
and the shoe rack lowers to the floor and then the door
slides shut. He than walks over to his bed and puts the ear
message in the pocket of his jacket. He walks out of his
room and grabs his I.D. off the table in the living room. He
puts it onto his forehead. He also grabs his needle
briefcase by the table. He than exits his house.
He stands outside of his house and takes his car locator out
of his pocket. He than pushes the destination button on the
alarm. He speaks into the back of it.
                       DR. HENSE
Car to front of house.
He walks to the sidewalk of his Mansion and is standing
there. He is looking at the Moneyville parking lot. All of a
sudden his Harmony 250 GQ comes pulling up to the sidewalk.
He walks around to the drivers side and the window scans his
I.D. The window reads, DR.HENSE APPROVED. The door
automatically opens. He gets in and as soon as he is
sitting in the drivers seat, the door closes by itself. He
then notices that a neighbor is walking over to the car. He
touches the window with his hand and it starts moving down.
Dr. Hense. How are you? Hows your
luck going with finding a client
in need of stem cells?
DR. HENSE shakes the neighbors hand.


                       DR. HENSE
Officer Mickey, I am good. Even
better now that I got me a client
finally. Hows your job going.
Arrest anybody over in Slum
Village lately?
Yeah you know, a couple slums. The
                       DR. HENSE
Oh I am going to be heading over
there later tonight to do a
treatment for some poor woman's
Hey good luck with that Hense.
Watch out for them poor people
over there. Their beggers. I got
to run though, have a good night.
DR.HENSE shakes his hand. The neighbor walks away and
DR.HENSE hits the button to roll up his window. It rolls up.
He than hits the navigation screen and the screen reads
SPEAK DIRECTIONS. He touches the screen and it beeps once.
                       DR. HENSE
Destination to Lab
He touches the screen again.
Destination fulfilled.
The car starts to move. DR.HENSE pushes the green button on
the navigation screen.
                       DR. HENSE
Seat back.
The seat starts to move back. He puts his hands behind his
head and closes his eyes.
GIOVANNI is tossing and turning in his bed. He is


GIOVANNI is 5 years old. He is sitting in a chair in a
corner of a room with his face towards the wall. His father
is yelling at him.
                       GIOVANNI'S DAD
What did I tell you about leaving
the back door open? I have told
you a thousand times! You will be
in this corner all night. Maybe
then you will learn.
GIOVANNI has his face in his hands and is crying. GIOVANNI'S
DAD then hits him in the back of the head.
                       GIOVANNI'S DAD
You can never do anything right! I
don't think you ever will. You
have been messed up since you were
born, and I think that is the way
you are going to die.
GIOVANNI'S DAD hits him in the back of the head again and
then walks out of the room and slams the door.
GIOVANNI is tossing and turning in the bed. His cool mitt
slams on the floor.
DR.HENSE is walking up to the door of the lab. He stands in
front of the door and a black beam shines on the I.D. on his
forehead. The doorknob is flashing. It beeps and then he
moves back. The screen above the doorknob reads ACCEPT. The
door opens and he walks through. It is all dark except for
the emergency lights on the ceiling. He walks down the
stairs. He than takes a left and walks through the door that
says STEM CELL LAB. When he steps into the room, the lights
come on. He then walks over to the counter and opens a
drawer labeled NEEDLES. He takes one out and pulls it out of
the clear wrap. He then walks to the hanging refrigerator by
the microscopes. He opens it and there are 4 different trays
of stem cells. He looks at the first tray, type B1. Tray 2,
type B2. Tray 3, type B3, and then tray 4, type B4.


                       DR. HENSE
Damn! What is Giovanni's blood
DR.HENSE closes the refrigerator and walks over to his desk.
He places the needle on top of the desk. He opens the fourth
drawer by pushing the fourth button on top of the desk. He
pulls out a black device with the words PATIENT BLOOD TYPE
on it. He turns it on and it reads on the screen PATIENT
                       DR. HENSE
Giovanni Morris.
The screen reads PLEASE WAIT.
                       DR. HENSE
C'mon man.
The device starts beeping and the screen reads PATIENT BLOOD
TYPE B4. DR.HENSE then shuts the device off and throws it
back in the drawer, he hits his fist on the fourth button on
top of the desk and the drawer shuts. He then grabs the
needle off the desk and walks back over to the refrigerator
and opens the door. He takes a petri dish off of tray 4. He
then walks over to the counter and places the dish on it. He
gently opens the dish and picks up the needle. He takes the
cap off the needle. He sticks the needle into the dish with
the stem cells in it and the needle begins to fill to 3
CC's. He gently pulls the needle out of the dish and places
the cap back on the needle. He places the dish back into the
fridge, shuts the door and puts the needle into his needle
briefcase and puts it in the pocket of his jacket. He walks
out of the room and shuts the door behind him and starts
walking up the stairs.
GIOVANNI wakes up immediately. ANNABELLE comes running out
of the kitchen and goes to GIOVANNI.
What happen?
I just had a terrible dream.
Please just hug me.
ANNABELLE climbs into the bed with GIOVANNI and starts
hugging him.


Oh Giovanni, you are burning up! I
can't wait until you have this
treatment and you get better.
I just hope this treatment works
for me.
As ANNABELLE and GIOVANNI are hugging, the doorbell sounds.
This is it Giovanni. Lets put our
plan into action.
ANNABELLE gives GIOVANNI a kiss on the forehead and gets up
out of the bed. She walks over to the door and opens it. DR.
HENSE is standing at the door. He moves close to ANNABELLE.
                       DR. HENSE
Are you ready for our night of
Um, well I just want to do a
couple things for my husband
before I leave. He hasn't been
feeling well today. Come in and
take a seat. There's a chair right
next to my husbands bed.
                       DR. HENSE
Lets make this quick.
Do you have the treatment with
                       DR. HENSE
Didn't I tell you I was going to
the lab before I came to the
house? Yes I have the treatment.
Well, so we can go get this sex
thing over with and get back here
to treat my husband, I am going to


                       ANNABELLE (cont'd)
tell him that I am leaving with
you to go to the lab to get the
treatment. Ok?
                       DR. HENSE
I really don't care what you tell
him. Just hurry up.
DR.HENSE walks through the door and walks to GIOVANNI'S
room. ANNABELLE walks in behind him.
Please, take a seat, we're going
to be here for a while.
DR.HENSE takes a seat and gives ANNABELLE a dirty look.
ANNABELLE picks the cool mitt up off the floor and puts it
back on GIOVANNI'S hand. She puts his hand on his forehead.
GIOVANNI closes his eyes.
Giovanni, I will be back. Dr.Hense
and I are going to his lab to get
the treatment.
ANNABELLE turns and looks at DR.HENSE and she winks her
right eye twice. She turns back and kisses GIOVANNI on his
Before you leave, can you just go
in the kitchen to get me another
cool mitt? This one is getting
pretty warm.
Of course. Dr. Hense, I will be
right back. Let me do this for my
husband real quick.
ANNABELLE walks into the kitchen.
As ANNABELLE is in the kitchen, she walks over to the
counter next to the sink. She pushes the automatic drawer
button next to the soap dispenser. The drawer pops open.
There are three different sections in the drawer. Forks,
spoons, and knives. She picks up a sharp steel knife.
ANNABELLE than quickly grabs a towel from the towel rack
hanging from the ceiling. She wraps the knife in the towel.
She then walks over to the fridge and opens the door. She
grabs another cool mitt. She then shuts the fridge door. She
sees rope hanging over the door of the fridge. She snatches


it off the top of the fridge and puts it in her back
pocket.She puts the towel covering the knife under her arm.
She walks back into Giovanni's room and hands him the cool
Now put this on your head. I want
you to feel as comfortable as
possible during this treatment.
This should keep you from burning
ANNABELLE walks over to GIOVANNI and sits on the bed with
him. She takes the old mitt off his hand. She then puts the
new mitt on his hand and helps him to put his hand on his
                       DR. HENSE
If you plan on doing this
treatment for your husband,
because he is so sick, we need to
leave right now to go to the lab.
And I mean right now.
ANNABELLE drops the old mitt on the bed. She then slightly
touches the towel under her arm. She secures her arm
tightly. She gets off the bed and walks over to DR.HENSE.
She is standing in front of him smiling.
                       DR. HENSE
What the hell is the point of
this? What is it that you dont
understand? If were going to the
lab, we are going right now. Or I
am just going to leave and your
husband won't get nothing.
Ok, well, first of all were not
going to the lab. And second, you
are not going anywhere. Oh and my
husband's going to get something,
he's going to get that shot that
he desperately needs.
                       DR. HENSE
What the hell are you talking
about? You are not going to tell
me what to do after I am here
trying to help you out. I don't
have to do anything for you. You
are the one who owes me something
before this all goes down.


DR.HENSE is about to stand up. ANNABELLE pushes him back
down into the chair.
What are you doing? I just told
you that you were not going
anywhere. And the only thing I am
about to owe you is a kick where
the sun don't shine.
ANNABELE pulls the towel out from under her arm. She unwraps
the towel and throws it behind her. She moves quickly
towards DR.HENSE and puts the knife to his throat. She than
knees him with her right leg in the groin. He grabs his
groin area with both hands.
I swear, if you try that again, I
will take your head off your neck
with this knife. Now, I think that
will be the only action you are
getting down there tonight and
maybe for the rest of your life.
ANNABELLE keeps the knife close to DR.HENSE'S neck with one
hand and with the other, pulls his arms. She puts DR.HENSE'S
hands behind his back and stabs the knife heavily into the
arm of the chair. She grabs the rope out of her back pocket
and ties it around his wrists. She pulls it tightly. She
than ties a piece of the rope to the chair. She walks around
the chair to face DR.HENSE. She then pulls the knife out of
the arm of the chair.
Listen to me very closely Dr.
Hense, if you do not do this
treatment, I am going to kill you.
                       DR. HENSE
Please just listen. I am going to
do the treatment. Don't worry
about anything. Forget our plans
too. I will even do it for you for
free. Just don't kill me.
ANNABELLE hits DR.HENSE in the chin with the handle of the
Oh shutup! I dont want to hear
these pleas. Trying to make
yourself sound all innocent.Their
wasn't going to be any plans in


                       ANNABELLE (cont'd)
the first place. You coming here
was all a setup.
As ANNABELLE is talking to DR.HENSE, she hears something
drop. She turns around and sees that GIOVANNI is not in his
bed. She runs over to the bed and drops the knife on the
bed. She runs to the other side of the bed and sees that
GIOVANNI is lying face down on the floor. She screams.
DR.HENSE is sitting in the chair wiggiling and kicking,
trying to get loose. ANNABELLE looks up, grabs the knife off
the bed and runs over to DR.HENSE.
If I didn't need you to do this
treatment, I would kill you right
ANNABELLE takes the knife and stabs DR.HENSE in the thigh.
He is screaming. ANNABELLE turns around and picks up the
towel that she threw. She crumbles it up and stuffs it in
his mouth.
Now that should keep you from
ANNABELLE than runs back over to GIOVANNI lying on the
floor. ANNABELLE drops the knife on the floor next to him,
and pulls him up. She stands him up and helps him get back
into the bed. She lays him down in the bed. She sees a bump
on his forehead and lightly touches it.
Oh Giovanni, what happen?
ANNABELLE looks on the floor next to the bed and sees the
cool mitt. ANNABELLE bends down and picks it up. She puts it
onto GIOVANNI'S hand and places his hand on his forehead.
That should help the bump from
swelling hunni. Now, what happen?
How did you get on the floor?
ANNABELLE looks over at DR.HENSE and he is looking at her
too. He is still kicking and wiggling. He has blood all over
his thigh and a small puddle under his chair.


I don't even know. I was just
lying here and than just all of a
sudden I started to feel a sharp
pain in my chest. Then everything
just went black. And then I woke
up when you were coming to pick me
up. I am still feeling
ANNABELLE looks down on the floor by the bed and sees the
knife. She bends down and picks it up. She looks at DR.HENSE
and points the knife at him.
Did you hear that doctor? My
husband is seriously ill. And all
you could worry about is getting
in my pants! Oh no, you won't be
getting anything close to pleasure
ANNABELLE walks over to DR.HENSE and points the end of the
sharp knife into the bottom of his chin. DR.HENSE slightly
Oh I wouldn't move if I was you.
What you want this knife in your
throat? I have come to realize
that all you wanted to do was take
advantage of me. You probably
wasn't even going to do the
treatment for me after the sex
ANNABELLE slightly pushes the knife into his throat more and
DR.HENSE moves his head back and starts shaking his head
left to right.
Yeah you better say no.
ANNABELLE walks back over to GIOVANNI lying in the bed. She
goes and sits down with him.
How are you feeling? Are you still
feeling hot?


No, I feel a little better now. I
don't feel as hot as I did before.
Well I think it is time for you to
get that shot in your heart hunni.
Annabelle, listen to me. I think
we need to just let this doctor go
and just wait for the Heart
Transplant List. I just have a bad
feeling about this whole
Let him go? For what reason? He
deserves everything that is
happening to him. He didn't think
about not sleeping with me! That
was the first thing on his mind.
I know. What he was going to do is
wrong but, your making yourself
look bad. I might get this
treatment but, what are we going
to do with him after he gives me
the shot?
Giovanni, we have already
discussed this. And I told you
that I an going to kill him. Now,
my mind is made up. You are
getting this shot.
GIOVANNI starts leaning over and grabbing his chest. Tears
are coming out of his eyes.
Oh man, my pain is coming back
again, strong.
ANNABELLE leans over to him and starts rubbing his back. She
leans him back to lie on the bed.
Giovanni, just lie back and stay
calm. You are getting yourself all
worked up. You know you can't


                       ANNABELLE (cont'd)
handle all this stress on your
body. How do you expect me to let
this jerk go and let you sit here
and get worse and worse each day.
You will not get any transplant
anytime soon hunni. Why wait for a
heart transplant you will never
get, if the treatment is literally
sitting right here in front of
Annabelle, I just have this
feeling telling me that this is
not going to work for me and
something is going to go wrong.
You always feel like everything is
going wrong with you. But this
time you are completely wrong.
Giovanni, the treatment is right
there. What could possibly go
ANNABELLE turns and points at DR.HENSE sitting in the chair
with his hands tied behind his back, a towel in his mouth,
and blood still dripping from his thigh. She turns back to
GIOVANNI and kneels down next to him and holds his hands.
Hunni, your chance to get back on
your feet and to finally be happy
is here in this room. Don't you
deserve to finally be happy? After
all the heartache you have had in
your life? I think its time.
Yes, you are right. I do deserve
to be happy, with my beautiful
Yes you do!
ANNABELLE gets up and rushes to hug GIOVANNI. They are
hugging each other tightly. ANNABELLE leans back and gives
GIOVANNI a kiss on the lips. She starts laughing and then
turns to DR.HENSE.
That kiss was for you doctor.


ANNABELLE is looking at DR.HENSE shaking her head from left
to right, and then turns back to GIOVANNI.
So hunni, are you feeling ready
for your injection?
If the time isn't now, than I
don't know when it is going to be.
Please, lets just get this over
and done with so we can get this
doctor out of here.
Ok hunni, soon you are going to be
feeling up and happy. I can't wait
for you to be better. Now just get
yourself comfortable in bed, take
the covers and your t-shirt off,
and just lay back and be patient.
GIOVANNI slips his white t-shirt up off his head and throws
it on the floor. He tosses the sheets to the side and is
laying in his bed on his back.
ANNABELLE gets up and walks over to DR.HENSE.
How you doing over here? Are you
ready to do this treament for my
husband now?
DR.HENSE shakes his head up and down.
Ok good.
ANNABELLE moves closer to DR.HENSE and takes the towel out
of his mouth. DR.HENSE starts coughing and spitting.
Oh please, your fine. Cut that
                       DR. HENSE
Can you please just let me go? I
will give you the needle and you
can inject it yourself. I really
don't want to be responsoble for


What do you mean you don't want to
be responsible, responsible for
                       DR. HENSE
I mean responsilbe for if the
treatment doesn't work. If his
body rejects the stem cells or if
he doesn't make it through the
recovery time. He may die before
he recovers. The shot could be to
strong for him and his heart to
What did you think that was going
to work? What did you plan to say
that while you saw me sitting with
my husband and we were kissing?
Well its not going to work. I know
it's all lies. You are not going
anywhere. You are doing the
treatment for my husband, your the
doctor, not me.
                       DR. HENSE
Lying? Why would I lie about
something as serious as that. I
see that you love your husband
alot. Im just trying to prepare
you for the worst just in case
something bad happens.
The only thing I am prepared for
is my husband's recovery. Now, Im
sick of hearing your mouth, so
shutup! Don't worry about me or my
husband, because you already
proved to me that you don't care.
So it's too late for that now
doctor. All you need to be
concerned about is what is going
to happen to you. So my advice to
you, is to prepare yourself for
DR.HENSE puts his head down and slightly shakes it from left
to right.


Now, I'm going to untie you. But
you listen to me, and listen to me
very closely. If you pull anything
I will just cut you or slice you
so that your in pain, until you
learn. I'm not going to let you
die because I need you to do this
treatment. So, do you understand
DR.HENSE looks up at her and shakes his head up and down.
                       DR. HENSE
Yes I understand.
ANNABELLE walks back over to the bed and touches GIOVANNI'S
forhead. She then walks around to the other side of the bed
and looks on the floor.
Here's that damn knife.
ANNABELLE bends down and picks up the knife. She walks back
over to DR.HENSE sitting in the chair. She walks behind him
and then cuts the rope holding his wrists together. DR.HENSE
pulls his hands in front of him and rubs his wrists.
ANNABELLE throws the rope on the floor and walks in front of
DR.HENSE. She is standing in front of DR.HENSE starring at
him. ANNABELLE then moves closer to DR.HENSE and points the
knife into his neck. She opens her mouth to say something.
Annabelle, please lets just get
this over with. Let the man do the
treatment. He already told you he
wasn't going to try anything.
I know hunni. I'm sorry. I have
had you waiting over there for
awhile for the treatment. It's
just that it's hard for me to
believe anything that comes out of
this mans mouth. He likes to play
head games and trick people,
twisting there feelings. I fell
for it once, not again.
Ok Annabelle. Lets do this.


Ok doctor where is the needle with
the treatment in it?
                       DR. HENSE
I have it in my pocket.
DR.HENSE is about to put his hand in his jacket to pull out
the needle.
Stop! What are you doing. Don't
put your hands in your jacket
unless I tell you to. How do I
know that all you have in there is
the treatment and no weapons? Put
your hands up now.
DR.HENSE puts his hands above his head. ANNABELLE moves in
closer to him and puts her left hand in his left pocket and
then puts her left hand in his right pocket. She feels the
needle and pulls her hand out.
All I feel in your pocket is some
box. What is that?
                       DR. HENSE
That box is a needle holder. The
shot is inside of it. I also have
alcohol pads and gause pads in
there too.
Good, now all I want to do is feel
the needle in my heart.
                       DR. HENSE
Well, if you's don't shut the hell
up and don't stop talking and
asking questions, no treatment is
going to get done.
What did you just say? I am so
sick of hearing your mouth!
ANNABELLE goes up to DR.HENSE and cuts him in the back of
his neck. The DOCTOR screams.


Look, I told you. If you don't
keep your mouth shut, I am just
going to keep cutting you.
DR.HENSE stands up and falls to the right. ANNABELLE picks
him up and he has blood dripping down his right leg and down
his back. ANNABELLE walks him to the left side of the bed.
DR.HENSE is limping. You can see blood on the back of his
white doctors jacket. ANNABELLE leans him up against the
wall and bends down to pull a chair out from under the bed.
She pulls it out and opens it up next to GIOVANNI. GIOVANNI
is lying in bed shaking and pale.
Annabelle, I feel like I am dying
right now. I have never felt sick
like this before. My heart is
But hunni its ok, because your
treatment is about to happen. Your
finally about to get what I have
always wanted for you and your
going to finally be happy.
I hope so.
ANNABELLE pushes DR.HENSE down in the chair.
Ok Dr.Hense, you are where you
need to be to do the treatment. So
now the next moves are on you.
ANNABELLE sits on the bed next to GIOVANNI and grabs his
hands and holds them. She kisses his hands. DR.HENSE is just
sitting in the chair starring down at GIOVANNI. ANNABELLE
then kicks the chair DR.HENSE is sitting in. DR.HENSE
immediately takes the box out of his pocket and places it on
the bed. He opens up the box and the needle is sitting
                       DR. HENSE
Now, I am just going to say again
before we go through with this,
that whether you believe me or
not, I am not 100% sure that this
treatment is going to work for
your husband.


ANNABELLE shakes her head up and down while giving DR.HENSE
a dirty look. DR.HENSE shruggs his shoulders and shakes his
head from left to right. DR.HENSE then takes the needle out
of the case and places it on the bed. He than takes out an
alcohol and gause pad. He places them next to the needle on
the bed. ANNABELLE is sitting in the bed next to GIOVANNI
holding his hands. DR.HENSE puts his hand on GIOVANNI'S
                       DR. HENSE
Right now I am feeling for his
heart beat. I am feeling really
dizzy right now. I am losing alot
of blood from my leg. I feel weak.
I hope I make it throuhg this
What? Do you think I am supposed
to feel sympathetic about that?
Well I am not. You need to not
worry about yourself making it,
you need to worry about my husband
making it through. What the hell
are those two things that you have
taken out of that box that the
needle was inside of?
                       DR. HENSE
One is a gause pad to put on the
area that was injected. I am going
to put it on his chest after I
take the needle out, just in case
there is alot of blood. The gause
pad will stop the blood quicker.
And the alcohol pad is for before
the shot. I wipe it over the area
where the shot is being injected
just in case the area is dirty or
has any bacteria. You don't want
the stem cells to be injected with
bacteria do you?
No I don't. Now that's enough
talking to me. Pay attention to
what you are doing to my husband.
DR.HENSE is rubbing his left hand over the top area of
GIOVANNI's chest. He than stops his hand right over the top
of GIOVANNI'S left breast muscle.


                       DR. HENSE
Ok I have found the heart beat.
Wow, his heart does feel like it
is going less than the average
heart beat.
DR.HENSE then opens up the alcohol pad and wipes it over
GIOVANNI'S chest area where he placed his hand. He than puts
the pad into his needle case. He then opens the gause pad
package and places the pad on the bed. DR.HENSE than picks
up the needle and takes off the needle cap and places it
inside of his needle case.
Wait. Giovanni, are you ready now
for your shot. If it hurts at all,
squeeze my hand, I am right here
with you every step of the way
ANNABELLE puts the knife down in between her legs and
tightly holds GIOVANNI'S hands with both of her hands.
Yes I am ready. Please, I just
want to get this over with. I am
feeling very weak right now.
Ok doctor you can proceed now.
                       DR. HENSE
Ok Giovanni, I have some
instructions for you while we go
through with this shot. Are you
going to be strong enough to
follow them because it is
essential that you follow them?
Yes, I already told you. I am
                       DR. HENSE
Ok, when I say go, I want you to
take 10 deep breathes. I need you
to make sure you inhale and
exhale, counting five seconds
between each one. And when you are
on the 2nd inhale, I am going to
insert the needle into your chest,
and by the time you reach the 10th


                       DR. HENSE (cont'd)
exhale, I will take the needle
out. I need to make sure I get all
of the stem cells injected into
your body.
I understand, I am ready.
                       DR. HENSE
GIOVANNI starts to inhale.
Ok baby, thats 1.
DR.HENSE puts the needle into his hand and pushes the end of
the needle slightly so that some of the injection comes out
and he flicks the tip of needle with his finger.
GIOVANNI exhales and then pauses. He than inhales again.
Ok baby, here we go, that is
number 2.
DR.HENSE takes the alcohol pad out of the needle case and
wipes it over the area on GIOVANNI'S chest again. He than
takes the gause pad and holds the needle in his left hand
and the gause pad in his right hand. DR.HENSE than injects
the needle into GIOVANNI'S chest. GIOVANNI starts to scream
loudly. ANNABELLE has tears coming down her eyes and she is
holding GIOVANNI'S hand tightly and close to her body.
DR.HENSE is injecting the needle into GIOVANNI'S chest
area, pushing the end of the needle. The cells are injecting
slowly. DR.HENSE is watching the needle as the injection
Your doing fine Giovanni. Where
almost there. This is inhale
number 9.
ANNABELLE is watching the needle and it is just about to be


empty. Giovanni is now on his last inhale. She looks at
DR.HENSE and his head is slowly falling and his eyes are
closing. She lets go of GIOVANNI'S hand and picks up the
knife between her legs. She pokes DR.HENSE in the head with
the handle of the knife. His head slowly rises.
                       DR. HENSE
I am feeling very weak. Its
getting hard for me to hold up my
Well you better hold it up. I
don't want to hear that bull. This
treatment is about to be complete,
so complete it right.
The needle is now empty. GIOVANNI is lying in the bed
motionless, with his eyes closed and he is lightly
breathing. ANNABELLE has put the knife down on the bed and
is holding GIOVANNI'S hand again. DR.HENSE'S eyes are moving
all over the place as he is starring at the needle. He
gently pulls the needle up, and then his head drops, causing
his hand to shift as he is taking the needle out of
GIOVANNI'S chest. DR.HENSE than immediately lifts his head.
The needle is completely out of his chest. There is a
scratch from the needle being pulled out, and there is a
large amount of blood coming out of GIOVANNI'S chest.
DR.HENSE qucikly drops the needle and picks up the gause
pads and places it on top of the scratch and injection area
on GIOVANNI'S chest. GIOVANNI is screaming. ANNABELLE gets
up from the bed and goes over to DR.HENSE and grabs him by
the jacket with one hand and points the knife into his neck.
What the hell have you done, you
idiot? My husband is bleeding
heavily. That is not what is
supposed to be happening.
                       DR. HENSE
I...I...don't know. Just one
minute I was starring at the
needle and the next minute
everything was black. And then
after that, your husband was
You better hope that my husband is
ok. Go over there and check him, I
mean, you are the damn doctor.


                       DR. HENSE
I...don't kno....what should I....
DR.HENSE is pushed back in the chair. His head is falling.
ANNABELLE keeps pushing his head up with the handle of the
What the hell is wrong with you?
Get up! Find out what is wrong
with my husband.
                       DR. HENSE
Right now I just feel very sleepy
and weak.
arms leaning up against the bed. He puts his hands over the
bloody gause pads and lifts the pads up. GIOVANNI is still
bleeding. When ANNABELLE sees this, she starts screaming.
My husband! Save him!
                       DR. HENSE
There isn't much that I can do.
All I have is the supplies for the
treatment, which is basically the
pads. You need to take him to the
hospital. It's out of my hands
now. I need to see a doctor too.
I don't have money for a doctor
and I don't have medical coverage
for no damn hospital visit. You
were supposed to make this
treatment happen for me. Instead
you black out while injecting my
husband. This is all your fault.
ANNABELLE turns around and looks at the door. And looks back


Shhh....who the hell could that
ANNABELLE stares at the knife and then stares at the door.
She then stares back at the scene of DR.HENSE slumped over
the side of the bed and GIOVANNI bleeding from his chest.
Look, I have to answer this door.
I am going to walk away for a
second. You better not pull
anything. When I get back my
husband better be awake telling me
that the pain wasn't that bad and
that he is feeling so much better.
ANNABELLE puts the knife under the sheets that are tossed on
the side of the bed.
                       DR. HENSE
Pull something? How am I going to
pull something if I can hardly
ANNABELLE is walking towards the door and she can hear
knocking. She is standing in front of the door and she fixes
her shirt and pushes her hair back. She opens the door.
There is a woman standing at the door with a black dress and
sox on. She has dirty blonde hair and a pair of silver
glasses. She is trying to look behind ANNABELLE after she
opens the door. ANNABELLE is blocking each view that she is
trying to see by moving every way that she moves her head.
Hello? Can I help you?
                       NOISY NEIGHBOR
Whats going on over here? All I
can hear from next door is
My husband had hurt himself and
had screamed. Thats all.


The NOISY NEIGHBOR is bobbing her head all around trying to
see inside ANNABELLE'S apartment. ANNABELLE is blocking her
every view.
                       NOISY NEIGHBOR
Who else is in your home with you?
It's just me and my husband here
at home. Now I have to go get back
to him and make sure he is ok.
Thanks for checking on us.
ANNABELLE smiles at the lady and is about to shut the door,
but the NOISY NEIGHBOR stops it with her hand.
                       NOISY NEIGHBOR
Ok well if your husband is hurt,
doesn't that mean he is sick? Do I
need to contact the Sick Police?
Because you already know that's
Look, my husband is fine. I just
need to get back to him to make
sure he is doing ok. Goodbye Now.
ANNABELLE slams the door in the lady's face and she then
rushes back over to GIOVANNI lying in bed. DR.HENSE has his
head down on the bed. GIOVANNI is lying motionless in the
bed. He is very pale. ANNABELLE rushes over to DR.HENSE with
his head down and kicks him. DR.HENSE slowly raises his
                       DR. HENSE
I need to go to the hospital. I am
loosing alot of blood.
I don't care about what is wrong
with you. My husband is not
moving! Why? Check his heart,
check his pule, or something!
DR.HENSE slowly leans over and puts his hand on top of the
gause pads on GIOVANNI'S chest. He holds it there for a
                       DR. HENSE
I don't feel a heart beat, but it
might be because of the gause pads


                       DR. HENSE (cont'd)
on top of it, im going to check
his pulse.
What do you mean you don't feel
his heart beat?! You better hope
that he has a pulse because if he
doesn't......if he doesn't....I'm
going to stab you...I will kill
you...you hear me? I will kill you
ANNABELLE is standing there with her face in her hands.
If only...if only we weren't poor.
We wouldn't even be going through
this right now. Damn all you rich
people for not helping the poor.
My husband and I do not deserve to
go through with this, nobody
deserves to go through with this.
This pain is unbearable.
Damn you too! Your rich. If only
the rich could just give money to
hospitals, have charities for the
poor, maybe the poor wouldn't go
crazy like this and take it out on
DR.HENSE has his index finger and his middle finger put
together on GIOVANNI'S left wrist, feeling for the pulse. He
holds it there for about 6 secs. He then moves his hand to
GIOVANNI'S neck. DR.HENSE drops his head down and shakes it
from left to right. DR.HENSE then looks up at ANNABELLE.
                       DR. HENSE
I.....I'm not finding a pulse for
your husband and I didn't feel his
heartbeat...I...I...don't know
what to say.
ANNBELLE starts crying heavily and walking back and forth,
left to right with her hands on top of her head. She is then
standing in front of the bed where GIOVANNI is laying. She
moves the sheets and picks up the knife. She than walks over
to DR.HENSE and puts the knife right under his chin.


What do you mean you don't know
what to say? Figure it out, your
the doctor not me
                       DR. HENSE
I know I am the doctor, but I...I
just don't know how to tell
you....but your husband is....dead
ANNABELLE'S mouth drops open. She drops the knife on the
floor. ANNABELLE starts punching DR.HENSE and pushing him.
No...no..nooo....This can not be
happening to me. I can't live
without him. This was not supposed
to turn out like this...noooo.....
ANNABELLE gets on the bed and is leaning over GIOVANNI
crying,bholding him in her arms, with her back towards
Oh hunni. I never wanted this to
turn out like this. All I wanted
was for you to recover and to be
happy. Ugh, what am I going to do
without you? I can't live in this
house, or this world without you
baby. I cant...I cant be
DR.HENSE has his head down on the bed. He falls out of the
chair and falls next to the knife. He is just lying on the
floor, holding his leg that is still bleeding. ANNABELLE
walks over in front of DR.HENSE and DR.HENSE covers his head
with his hands. ANNABELLE bends down and picks up the knife.
She than goes back to the bed and lies on the bed next to
DR.HENSE is on the floor, crawling slowly towards the door.
Dragging his right leg on the floor. There is a trail of
blood from his leg.
All I wanted was for you to get a
new heart and to get better and
live happy with me, the only one


                       ANNABELLE (cont'd)
you loved. You are the only one I
love and can be with. That is why
I have to be with you. I can't
wait to see you.
ANNABELLE closes her eyes and takes the knife in her right
hand and stabs herself in the heart. She gives out a loud
scream. Her hand drops off the handle of the knife. GIOVANNI
and ANNABELLE are both lying on the bed dead with GIOVANNI
and the gause pads on top of his chest and ANNABELLE with
the knife in her chest.
DR.HENSE is slowly crawling to the door. Once he reaches it.
He is laying on the floor face down.
                       DR. HENSE
      (trying to yell)
Please, someone help me.
                       NOISY NEIGHBOR (o.s.)
Is someone there? Open the door.
DR.HENSE is reaching up to the doorknob. He slightly touches
it but his hand slips. He falls down to the floor. He than
takes a deep breathe and reaches up to the knob again and
grips it. He turns the knob, the door slightly opens and he
falls to the ground face down. The NOISY NEIGHBOR pushes
open the door and DR.HENSE is lying there face down.
                       NOISY NEIGHBOR
Oh my!...I knew there was someone
else in here with that lady. Come
on let's go to my apartment to
call the police and get you to the
The NOISY NEIGHBOR bends down to the doctor and picks him
up. She puts his left arm over her shoulder and pulls him
out of the apartment. She shuts the apartment door. The
camera shows the front of the door. It reads Slum Village.


DR.HENSE and his CO-WORKER are sitting at the round table in
the middle of the lab eating lunch and talking.
So, how is your new client Mrs.
Ruby Diamonds?
                       DR. HENSE
She is pretty good I guess. I am
waiting for her to respond to the
price of my treatment.
Oh, your waiting for a response?
You know what that means? She is
proabably planning a plot to take
you hostage.
                       DR. HENSE
Oh no. I learned my lesson the
first time. You won't ever see me
working with a poor person again.
And plus, she doesn't have to plan
anything. She has enough money to
pay for every poor persons health
problem in Slum Village, which she
would never do because she is to
greedy. But not greedy enough to
pay me $100,000 for her treatment.
So, I don't have to worry about
anything this time around.
DR.HENSE and his CO-WORKER are both sitting at the table
laughing. The CO-WORKER hits his hand on the table while he
is laughing. Something falls on the ground. It's a cane. The
CO-WORKER bends down, picks it up and leans it against the
Sorry about dropping your cane
doctor. I know you need that.
                       DR. HENSE
Yeah, right. I know I do.
DR.HENSE laughs a little, shakes his head from left to
right, and then takes a bite of the sandwich in front of him
on the table.


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