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by Kyle Burt (trilogicmedia@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Suspense/Thriller. Bryce finds himself dealing with the paranormal world. His friends are taken out one by one right in front of his eyes. Will he be able to put an end to this madness?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A raindrop falls through the sky and onto a dirt road,
landing in a puddle.
The raindrop hits the surface of the puddle just as Bryce's
foot does as he's running through.
Bryce runs frantically looking back to make sure he's not
being followed. Bryce runs off screen.
Bryce is driving down a winding road on his way to work.
Rain is pouring heavily on the windsheild and the windshield
wipers are at full speed. His cell phone rings.
      (Picks up phone)
Whatís up Jaden? Jade; Jade;
whatís wrong? Where are you? At
school? What? Oh the abandoned
school? With Will? Why? Well
where did he go? I'm on my way to
work can't this wait? Ok! I
don't see what the big deal is!
Just go in and get him! Why can't
you? There's no one else in there
Jade. Ok well get out of there
then (frustrated)! Iím on my way!
He hangs up the phone.
      (To Himself)
This ridiculous! I'm gonna be
late for work again! Dammit!


He quickly performs a u-turn and heads back up the winding
road, speeding and disregarding stop signs.
The car arrives at an old looking school abruptly. On the
exterior, the school looks old and worn out. Jade runs to
the passenger side and gets in to get out of the rain.
Bryce! I canít find him! There's
somebody else in there, I'm not
going back!
Calm down Jade! Now, what
I dunno! We were just walking
around! He was right next to me
one moment, and then the next he
was gone!
Why were you walking around?
I don't know! We just were!
That's all!
How do you know somebody else is
in there?
Because after Will disappeared,
there was a loud banging noise
coming from upstairs!
Did you at least look for him?
I already looked everywhere
downstairs! He was nowhere! Maybe
he left! Lets just please get out
of here!


Did you look upstairs?
No! That's where the noise was
coming from!
Jade! Calm down! You're ok now.
Chill out!
Ok, ok I'm sorry. I'm just
scared. I'm worried about Will,
but I just wanna go home.
Ok. Just sit tight while I go and
get him. Okay?
Bryce exits the car, but before he does, Jade hands him a
hammer from his back seat.
Bryce wait! Take this with you
just in case.
He takes the hammer and leans over and gives her a kiss.
Thanks. Everything's gonna be
fine. Don't worry, I'm gonna be
right back.
While Bryce approaches the entrance, admiring the
architecture, he abruptly stops when he notices a shadow
leap across a window on the second floor. He quickly
Inside the school, the first thing he notices is the
darkness. It appears to be night time. Just to be sure of
himself, he opens the door behind him (the one he just
enetered through) and peeks outside to make sure it is still
daylight. Sure enough it is. He closes the door and
notices that the windows show the outside darker. Trying to
make sense of things, he assumes the windows must be heavily


tinted. He walks down a long hall and looks inside a few
abandoned lockers as he passes by, but finds nothing in
them. Suddenly, he hears a loud thump directly above him.
With the hammer firmly gripped in his hand, he goes to the
end of the hall, and finds a staircase to his left. He
slowly makes his way upstairs and hears another loud thump.
Starlted, he accidentally trips and drops the hammer. He
looks on the ground for the hammer and the lights turn off.
      (breathing heavily)
Who's there? Will?
He can hear someone running around right next to him, and
becomes very fightened. When the noise disapates, the light
automatically turns on. He quickly looks around for the
hammer, but cannot find it. He continues upstairs in his
search for Will. He hears a loud banging noise coming from
a classroom at the end of the hall.
Will! Is that you?
Bryce makes his way down the hall.
Will! Where are you?
I'm in here I can't get out!
Bryce finds the room Will is in, but cannot get the door
It's jammed!
I know! I've been trying to get
out all day!
All day? Wait a minute. It's
He looks down at his watch.


What the hell! How is it four
Like I said. All day!
But I got here around noon.
What took you so long? This
school isn't that big.
I havn't even been here a half an
hour yet! I swear! I don't care
what my watch says! Less than
thirty minutes ago it read
Well whatever. Who cares! Just
get me outta here!
Okay, okay! Get away from the
door. I'm gonna try to kick it
Bryce hesitates.
Okay do it already!
Okay hold on!
Bryce kicks the door, and fails to open it.
Try again!
Bryce gets a running start, and successfully kicks the door
C'mon lets go!


Will runs out of the room.
Somebody there (short pause)? Will
(short pause)? Will is that you?
He cautiously makes his towards the end of the hallway where
he saw suspicious movement.
Bryce makes his way to the room he saw movement in, but
finds nothing. Suddenly, back at the other end of the
hallway, he hears someone banging on a door and screaming.
Oh hey Bryce. What are you doing
Jade called me up screaming
because she thought something
happened to you.
Nah uh. Really? That's tight she
actually fell for it. (laughing)
Fell for what!
I was just playing a little joke
on her. When I jumped out just
now I thought you were her.
Well why the hell are you guys
here in the first place?
I don't know.


      (looks down at his
ok. Well, I am now late for work.
Thanx alot Will. Lets go, Jades
probably getting worried.
Where is she?
Outside. She won't even step foot
in this house. Something must
have spooked her.
Well it wasn't me. I'm not that
good at scaring people.
Whatever. I don't care. Let's
just get out of here before we get
caught tresspassing.
Bryce makes his way down the hall to the staircase with the
asumption that Will is closely behind.
Ok seriously, what were you doing
here with my girl?
No answer. Bryce turns around to see Will at the end of the
hallway sitting against the wall.
Dude lets go. How did you guys
get in here anyways?
He starts walking towards Will only to realize that he's not
Will! Will are you ok!
He finds a bloody hammer on the ground nextto him and
notices blood splattered on the wall behind him. He pulls
Will away from the wall, and the limp body falls over on him
to reveal an injury to the back of his head. Just then,
Jade walks up the stairs to see Bryce holding Will's dead
body. Assuming Bryce killed him, shes starts running down
the stairs.


Help! Help! Stay away from me!
Bryce runs after her.
Jade wait! It's not how it seems!
In fear of Jade contatced authorities and blaming him for
Will's death, Bryce tackles Jade down the stairs.
Now you listen to me! I diddn't
do anything I swear! I was
walking down the stairs, and
thought Will was too. When I
turned around it looked like he
was sitting against the wall. I
went over to him and saw the
bloody hammer on the floor. Oh
wait! The hammer!
He goes underneath the stair case and looks for the hammer
he dropped earlier, but can't find it.
Wheres the hammer? It was right
there! There's someone else in
this house. We need to leave.
Let's go.
No! Don't touch me! What are you
gonna do, kill me too!
He aggresively grabs Jade's arm, making matters worse.
I diddn't kill anyone.
Why would I kill my best friend?
You wouldn't.


Can we please leave?
What are we gonna do about Will?
Call an ambulance.
What if they think I did it and
take me to jail?
Did you?
Then don't worry about it.
Will appears at the top of the stair case dripping blood.
Will! Oh thank god your alive.
Who did this to you?
Will falls down the stairs to his death.
      (Calls 911)
Hello? My friend just fell down
the stairs. You gotta help us.
Bryce grabs the phone and throws it too the other side of
the room, shattering it in pieces.
Oh my god. You did kill him.


I told you already. I diddn't do
anything. I'm afraid that the
police are going to see it
differently though. We gotta find
out whats going on here. Let's
search the place. C'mon!
No let's just call an ambulance
and go home, please.
He takes her hand and leads her upstairs.
C'mon. Real quick let's go.
He picks up a pvc pipe from the ground, and breaks it in
half making the end sharp.
What's that for?
There's someone else in here and I
have a feeling we're uninvited. We
need it just in case something
happens, for protection.
I don't like this.
Jade clings on to him as they make their way up the stairs
and into the hallway. They look in each room briefly
without entering. Bryce notices a bed in one of the rooms
that looks like its regularly used with two body imprints
that havnt faded away yet.
Thats strange. Somone was just in
that bed. Look (points to it),
you can see the imprint of a
person still.
Jade has a supicious look on her face.
Theres definately someone here.


They get to the end of the hall after searching all the
rooms and have found nothing. They decide to go check
downstairs, but before they do, Bryce decides to take the
hammer with him so he can despose of it.
What are you doing don't touch it!
Thats evidence!
Yea I know. Thats why I'm getting
rid of it. I touched this hammer,
but I dropped it before I got
upstairs. I have no idea how
someone could grab the hammer,
sneak past me, and kill Will
without making a sound.
What are you gonna do with it?
I dunno. I'll probably toss it
out the window on the way home.
They arrive at the staircase, and to their suprise, it's not
there. The remains of it lie on the floor.
How does this keep happening? Did
you hear the stairs collapse cause
I diddn't?
No. I wanna go home. Let's just
She walks to the edge and prepares to jump.
Wait. Let me go first.
He jumps off the second floor and lands with a minor twisted
ankle, but walks it off.
Ok, now just lower yourself down
and drop the rest of the way; I'll
catch you.
Ok, don't drop me.


She lowers herself down.
Bryce is all of a sudden in a classroom on the lower level
with the door tightly closed. Confused, he runs to the door
and opens it up with no problems. As far as he's concerned,
he hasn't lost any time during his unexplainable
disapearance, so he runs to where he last saw Jade. He
returns onlye to see her motionless body, not realizing the
amount of light coming in through the windows.
He realizes that she is dead.
No! Why is this happening? Show
yourself! Who's doing this shit?
Come out pussy!
He sees pvc pipe he used earlier and starts to lose his
      (Talking to
No. I diddn't do it. I couldn't
have. Could I? No! How is that
possible? I was in the other
room? But how did I get to that
room? I diddn't do anything! The
cops arn't gonna believe me. My
fingerprints are all over it. And
the hammer! Shit wheres the
hammer? Dammit!
He looks around for the hammer briefly and then heads to the
Ok. Calm down. I'm gonna go
homeand not worry about this
anymore.The police will take care
of iteventually.
He opens the door, to see a group of cop cars out front
witha spotlight on him. He notices it is dark out and finds
itstrange because when he arrived, only 15 minutes ago, it
was about noon.


                       POLICE OFFICER
Bryce Manchester! Put your hands
How do they know my name?
He looks over at his car assuming they got his licenseplate.
Then he bolts back into the house and searches for aback way
out. A gun shot is fired, but misses. He finds adoor leading
out and quickly runs through.
He continues running along side a long twisting road leading
to his house. After a lot of running, he decides that the
cops have lost him, and continues walking to his house.
Oh damn! They probably have my
address too!
He starts running again in fear that the police are going to
arrive at his house before he does. When he gets to the
front yard, all the lights are turned off. Worried, he
quickly gets inside noticing that the front door was
Once inside the house, Bryce searches for his parents.
Mom! Dad! Anyone home!
In here son!
He enters a TV lit room and sees his dad sitting on the
Where the hell have you been?
Something happened.


Oh yeah, and your work called.
Your fired. I guess you diddn't
show up today, why's that?
Jade called me up and said that
something was wrong. They broke in
to the abandoned school. When I
got there, I found Will; but
something happened.
The signal on the TV goes out.
Dammit! Stupid piece of shit!
He turns on the light and walks over to the TV to fix it.
Dad you gotta listen to me!
Yeah in a minute. Hold your
Well wheres mom?
She's out with the police trying
to find you. Hey could you hand me
that screw driver over there on
the table?
Bryce grabs the screw driver and walks it over to his dad.
He remembers what happened to the other items he touched and
how they were used to kill his friends. He drops it on the
Oh by the way, we've already
decided. You're not going to
California now.
But dad . . .
What's taking so long with that
damn screw driver? Bring it here


Uh . .No! I can't.
Excuse me!
I can't.
His dad comes out from behind the TV.
Now why the hell not?
I'm afraid something might happen
to you if I do.
Are you threatening me son?
No! I wouldn't dare!
In the instance of a flash, his dad is sitting on the couch
with the screw driver in his forehead. Meanwhile, the
lights are off, and the tv is flickering a bad signal.
I'm being stalked! Leave my
family alone! I'm right here!
Kill me!
Meanwhile he notices a phone cord on the floor that was not
there before. He picks it up hoping it is evidence of the
murderer. Bryce's mom walks in the room and starts
screaming. Bryce drops the phone line and runs over to hug
his mom, she backs up into the hall and runs to the door to
get the police that are waiting out front.
Mom! Wait!
Stay back Bryce. I'm just going
to invite the police in okay. They
need to have a word with you.


No! I didn't do it mom! You
gotta believe me.
He blocks the door and prevents her from opening it.
Ok Bryce. I won't get the police.
I'm just going to make a phone
She picks up the phone and starts dialing.
Mom please! Some strange things
have been happening and you're the
only one I have left to talk to!
Well what happened to your father
I don't know mom.
The phone lines dead. What did
you do?
The cord is over there on the
ground. I don't know how it got
there it just was.
Bryce turns away towards the room he was just in and points.
When he faces his mother again she is not there. He looks
down at the ground and sees her dead body. He reaches down
to see if she is breathing, and notices strangle marks all
over her neck. Just to the left of her is the phone cord
from the other room. The police are banging on the front
                       POLICE OFFICER
Whats going on in there? Open up!
Just a minute!


He runs into his father's room and desperately searches for
his gun. While looking through a drawer, he finds a letter
of discharge from the Hilltop Mental Institution by mistake.
He takes a minute to read it. The police break down the
front door.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Check the body! I'll find the
Bryce runs to the bed and finds his father's pistol under
the bed. He sticks it in his pants and bolts to the window.
He quickly opens it up and jumps out.
Bryce runs through his backyard and jumps the back wall. He
falls to the ground, and when he gets up, he sees himself
standing in front of him and falls back down in shock.
What the hell? I'm seeing things
                       INNER SELF
Actually your vision is quite
well. I should know. It's also
Who are you and why do you look
like me?
                       INNER SELF
I just happen to be you.
Bryce stands up.
No this isn't possible. Leave me
He pulls out the gun, and fires it at his inner self. The
bullet shoots right through him like nothing happened. The
police hear the shot and jump the wall. Bryce runs down the
alley and makes a few wrong turns, but ultimately looses the


Bryce is limping as fast as he can down a dirt road
splashing through puddles of water. He persistently checks
behind him to make sure know one is following (this is the
same scene from the begining). When he looks forward again
he sees his inner self standing uder a light. He slips on
the dirt and falls to the ground. He turns back the other
way and sees his inner self again. Then he turns to the
left, and sees is inner self once again. He pulls his gun
out and points it at his head.
Don't come any closer! I'll do
                       INNER SELF
No you won't Bryce. I know you
better than that.
Byce inner self walks closer to Bryce.
Stop right there! I mean it!
                       INNER SELF
Ok Bryce. Calm down.
Who are you!
                       INNER SELF
I told you. I'm you.
How can you be me if I'm me?
                       INNER SELF
We are the same person, I'm your
inner self.
Well if thats true, then what are
you doing out here?
                       INNER SELF
I'm here to protect you Bryce.
That is all.
Well why are my friends and family
dead then? Why?


                       INNER SELF
We killed them.
What do you mean we? I didn't
kill anyone! Stop lying! Tell me
the truth!
                       INNER SELF
That is.
Why would I kill them? I had no
reason to!
                       INNER SELF
But I did.
                       INNER SELF
Well didn't you notice Bryce. What
do you think Will and Jade were
doing at the school?
I have no clue!
                       INNER SELF
Why was there a bed in a school?
It's an abandoned school! Maybe
it was a homeless guy! I don't
know! Why are you asking me this?
                       INNER SELF
Because Bryce, she was cheating on
you, with your best friend.
No she wasn't!
                       INNER SELF
How else do you explain it?
I . . . don't know.
Bryce starts to realize the reality.


                       INNER SELF
Well it's true. I know.
So that's no reason to kill 'em!
                       INNER SELF
Well, I thought it was the best
for us.
So you killed 'em not me! You are
the murderer! How about I call
the cops on you!
                       INNER SELF
Do what you wish Bryce, but you
killed 'em, not me. I made the
decision. Besides, your
fingerprints are everywhere. Since
I am you, my fingerprints are your
fingerprints. Now, with that in
mind, do you really think the cops
are going to believe you? They'll
stick you in an institution for
sure. We don't want that, do we
Well, no I don't.
Bryce starts to lower his gun.
But wait . . .
He puts the gun back up to his head.
No one ever gets away from the
police forever! No one! I should
just end it now!
                       INNER SELF
Go ahead, whether you live as
murderer or die as a murderer. A
murderer is all you'll ever be.
Bryce pulls the trigger, but nothing happens. He pulls it
again, and nothing. He pulls it several more times and
starts crying.


                       INNER SELF
I took the liberty of emptying
your gun so that you couldn't hurt
yourself. I have the ammunition
right here, see.
Bryce innerself takes his hand out of his pocket and shows
Bryce the ammo.
Does that mean you killed my
parents too?
                       INNER SELF
We did my friend. Not I, not you,
Why!? What did they do?
                       INNER SELF
Well your dad was going to send us
to military school and your mom
knew we killed your dad. We had
no choice Bryce.
Bryce stands up with an angry look on his face.
Since you're apart of me, I
created you, right?
                       INNER SELF
Of course my friend, and let me be
the first to tell you what a
splendid job you did.
Well if I created you, then I can
get rid of just as easily.
                       INNER SELF
I don't think so Bryce. It's not
that easy. Maybe through years of
therapy. But uh, good luck
getting therapy when your face
appears on America's most wanted.
I'm not going to let you kill
anyone else.


                       INNER SELF
Hate to break it to you, but you
don't really have a choice. I
make all the decisions here, not
We'll see about that.
                       INNER SELF
You can't get rid of me Bryce.
Bryce closes his eyes and focuses his thoughts trying to rid
himself of his inner self.
Bryce sees all the murders in the first person perspective.
He watches himself kill Will with the hammer,
Bryce begins trembling. Suddenly his inner self disapears,
and he falls to the ground. He breaks out with a seizure,
and becomes motionless.
The next morning, Bryce is still lying on the ground,
motionless. He wakes up suddenly, and his gun rest on his
chest. He grabs the gun and realizes it isnt the same gun
he had before.
This isn't mine. Is it?
He sits up, and looks around. 15 or so dead bodies of
police officers lay around him. His innerself grins.
Bryce lay in a straight jacket on a strecher as he gets
moved into his new world. His original self and his inner
self, have become one. He stares up at the ceiling as the
lights pass by with an insane look on his face. The
assistants put him in his room and close the door. He
begins talking to himself.
We did it didn't we?


                       INNER SELF
Yes we did Bryce.
He lies down on his bed and starts laughing.
(insane laughter)
Bryce wakes up from the terrible nightmare in his own bed.
Not yet relieved, he springs into action. He reaches under
the bed and grabs a bag of shrooms, and opens a drawer to
pull out a bag of cocaine. He bolts over to the closet and
finds a small black lock box. He places the bags inside and
grabs a screwdriver from the table. He kneels down and
starts unscrewing the bolts to a vent cover. Once it is
removed, he reaches in and graps a box of seringes, and
empties it's contents into the lock box as well. He closes
the lid and locks it, and then runs it out to the nearest
dumpster. He throws the box on top.


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