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The Trawler's Net
by Roger Allen Conner, Jr

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
A high school girl faces the challenges of leaving her small rural community for college. Ultimately, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery that leads her back to herself.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



It is a hot humid summer evening. There is a small onshore
breeze coming over the ocean towards an old fish house
situated beside a small one story gray house with a broken
down wrap around porch. The screen door of the house bangs
against the door with every gust of wind from the ocean.
Raggedy wooden steps lead inside where screams of anger
You just donít understand! You
think I can be this little perfect
doll with no imperfections. You
want to talk about imperfect look
at yourself. Since you and dad
broke up you have done nothing but
move from one low life man to
                       MAMA JUDY
This conversation is not about me,
it is about you. You are failing
senior English. You know if you
donít pass you will not graduate
and then what chance of a better
life will you have.
Not much more of a chance than I
have now. It doesnít even matter
if I get into college or graduate
high school for that matter, we
can't afford it anyways. I will be
stuck in this damn fucking boring
town forever, just like you!
                       MAMA JUDY
Donít you talk like that. I have
not worked hard all of my life in


                       MAMA JUDY (cont'd)
that fish house to support you by
myself and be treated like this.
You know I would do anything for
you, but not if you keep pushing
me away.
You donít understand and you never
will, just leave me alone.
Danielle runs into her room and slams the door, inside she
calls her best friend Sierra on the phone. Tears stream down
her face and she dials the number, she breathes heavily and
composes herself
      (Polite Tone)
Hello, Breckstone residence, with
whom am I speaking?
Sierra it is me, stop with the
fake phone voice already.
O, Danielle, hello honey, how are
you doing?
Not so well, my mom and I got into
another fight. It seems all we do
is fight. I just want out of this
house so bad I could scream.
Danielle, donít worry, it will be
over soon. You know this is a
stressful time for everyone. It is
your senior year and you mom is
still bitter over her divorce.
I hope you are right; I cannot
take much more of this drama. Last
night, my mom came in at fucking 2


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
AM with another one of her
low-life boyfriends. They had been
down at the Midnight Rodeo
drinking all night. She stumbled
in and broke one of our lamps. I
came out to see what was wrong and
they were half-undressed in the
living room. We fought until
almost 4 AM about that one and
then I had to get up today at 5 AM
to meet the bus.
Well, there is only a month more
of school to go and then we will
be off to college in Maysburry in
the fall. Just think about it, we
will be roomies and there will be
tons of frat parties with lots of
hot guys.
Yea, well that is if I even get
accepted to Maysburry! I am
failing English! English of all
subjects! You know how much I love
to write.
You are a fabulous writer, but
Mrs. Sherry just cannot see it for
her own arrogance. Donít worry,
you will pass, we will graduate,
and then we will be out of this
boring town for good.
I hope you are right
Danielle hangs up the phone and crawls into bed. Her window
is open as she looks out over the dark ocean as a gentle
breeze caresses her face as she slowly falls asleep.


It is two weeks later as a rugged yellow country school bus
pulls up to a long dirt road leading to the fish house.
Danielle steps off the bus and begins her descent down the
long dusty path.
      (Speaking to
Well, I wonder if anything has
come today. It has been almost two
weeks since I applied to
Maysburry. Not that it matters, we
can't afford it. However, what if
I am accepted, what I am going to
Danielle, walks briskly down the path in slight anticipation
as she approaches the mailbox for what has to be the 56th
time in the past few weeks, she open the mailbox and pulls
out a stack load of envelopes. She fumbles through them
scanning for the Maysburry College seal. Towards the end of
the stack, she finds what she has been waiting for. She
drops the other envelopes and she tears into the envelope
and pulls out a letter.
      (Reading Out Loud)
Greetings Danielle Hayland,
Maysburry College would like to
offer you admission to our general
college program for the fall
semester of 2005 contingent on the
successful completion of your high
school program at acceptable
levels. If you have any questions
please feel free to contact our
admissions department directly at
1-877-200-5635. Have a wonderful
summer and we look forward to
seeing you in the fall.
Danielle squeals with delights and she bounces up and down.
She runs towards the house screaming as she busts through
the front door.


I got accepted, I got accepted, I
am going to college, I am getting
out of here!
                       MAMA JUDY
What is all of this commotion
about girl. What are you saying? I
can barely understand you. Calm
down and tell me what is going on.
Mom, I got accepted to Maysburry,
I am going to college!
                       MAMA JUDY
      (Teary eyed)
I am so proud of my baby, I knew
you could do it!
But, but, we cannot afford for me
to go to college; we can barely
pay our bills.
Danielle begins to cry and shakes terribly as she throws
herself into the couch in the living room and buries her
head inside of the overstuffed pillows. Mama Judy sits on
the couch beside her.
                       MAMA JUDY
Honey, I will do everything I can
to help you. We will take out
loans, sell the fish house, and do
whatever is necessary to put you
through college.
Really? You would do that for me.
But we have done nothing but fight
off and on for the past few


                       MAMA JUDY
Danielle, it doesnít matter how
much we fight, you will always be
my baby girl. I love you and I
would do anything for you. It is
something that you will never
understand until you have children
of your own.
Danielle sits up and wraps her arms around her mother as
both cry in utter silence. Danielle rests her head on her
momís shoulder as tears flow down her cheeks.
It is the end of August. Danielle and Sierra have both
graduated and they are moving into their dorm room at
Maysburry. Miss Judy is helping them carry stuff in.
Sierra's parents could not come because they are at an
international conference in Europe.
Just put that box over there by
the desk.
Miss Judy walks by with a large box full of designer cloths
and plops them down beside the desk.
                       MAMA JUDY
What do you have in here girl, a
dead body?
Na, just my fall wardrobe.
Danielle unpacks her belongings and arranges them on her
                       MAMA JUDY
Well, I have to go. I must get
back to work so I can keep paying
the bills. Danielle, come over
here and give your mama a kiss.


Danielle walks over to her mother. Somehow, something has
changed. When she was in high school it was not cool to show
love for your parents, but now that she is saying goodbye it
is somehow different. She kisses and hugs her mother.
I love you mama.
                       MAMA JUDY
I love you to, just be good and
stay out of trouble.
I will mama.
Miss Judy exits the small closet sized room and closes the
heavy metal door behind her.
So I hear there is a huge frat
party down by the river and they
have invited the entire freshman
class to stop by, you wanna go?
Hell yea, you think I would turn
down a party!
Danielle and Sierra put on their tight denim jeans and
cowgirls hats. They get out their toothbrushes and begin to
sing into them as if they are microphones.
"Well I'm an eight ball shooting
double fisted drinking son of a
gun. I wear my jeans a little
tight just to watch the little
boys come undone. I'm here for the
beer and the ball busting band,
gona get a little crazy just
because I can."
"You know Iím here for the party,


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
and I aint leaving till they throw
me out, gonna have a little fun,
gonna get me some. You know Iím
here, Iím here for the party"
They dance out of the room and close the big metal door
behind them.
Danielle and Sierra wake up as the clock reads 2 PM.
O, shit, I missed my first class,
it was at 8 AM!
I need more sleep, Danielle could
you bring me some Ibuprofen, my
head is killing me?
I knew we should not have gone out
last night! Now look, I have
missed the first fucking day of my
college career.
Donít worry about it, lots of
freshman do it, it is what we do.
No, it is what you do! You donít
have to worry about doing well
because your parents make tons of
money and can afford to send you
to college. My mother has to work
her ass off and we have had to
take out thousands in loans just
so I could attend this year.


Well, that is not my problem. If
you are going to continue to
holler like that, could you go
outside because I need my beauty
      (Under Breath)
Fucking bitch...
Danielle throws a pillow at Sierra as she storms out of the
room and into the hallway.
It is six months later and Danielle and Sierra are studying
for their final exams. They each set at their desks in their
dorm room with nothing but reading lamps on.
I am so sick of school! I cannot
seem to do well in anything. I
study for tests and then I fail
them. What am I doing wrong?
Maybe it has something to do with
the fact that you go downtown to
party every night, even I donít do
You fucking shut-up, you know how
stressed out I am. I only drink to
relax and let loose. You know how
hard college is and it seems like
no one here likes me.
Maybe it is because you are drunk
all of the timeÖ


You are walking on thin ice missy,
you call me a drunk one more time
and I will fucking throw you out
of that window.
Danielle storms out of the room to go out on the public
balcony; meanwhile Sierra begins to gather her belongings
into boxes and moves all of her possessions out of the dorm
room. She leaves a note for Danielle and locks the door
behind her. A few hours later Danielle returns to the dorm
What the hell?
Danielle looks around the room and sees a note folded up on
Sierra's desk. She walks over and picks it up and begins to
read it.
      (Reading Out Loud)
Dear Danielle, you and I have been
friends since we were little. I
love you like family but I cannot
continue to live with you. Your
drunken escapades and angry
outbursts scare me because they
are not the person that I once
knew. You have to get yourself
together. I know things have been
hard with your family and your
mother, but that is no reason to
act the way you do. When you think
you are ready to move back in with
me call me at 1-906-665-8585 and
weíll talk, but until then I think
it would be best if we did not see
each other. I wish you the best of
luck. Love, Sierra.
Danielle sits on her bed, begins to cry and lays her head on
her pillow. She falls asleep to the sound of a heat furnace
as the cold of winter has grasped the town of Maysburry.


It is towards the end of Danielleís second semester.
Danielle got a new roommate, but she is deaf and they do not
talk. Danielle is taking an intro level biology class and
she is afraid that she will fail. Danielle is sitting in a
stark classroom waiting to talk with Dr. Jwana Itswa about
her grade.
                       DR. ITSWA
Hello professor Itswa, my name is
Danielle and I was wondering if I
could do some extra credit to
bring up my grade. I failed the
last test and I am afraid that I
am not going to pass this class
                       DR. ITSWA
What do you think this is, high
school? Extra credit does not
exist in college. Maybe if you did
better to begin with you would not
be in this situation.
I donít think you understand. I
have to pass this class to say in
college or they are going to kick
me out.
                       DR. ITSWA
Let me give you some advice! Some
people are not cut out for
college. If you cannot pass a
simple biology class then you have
no chance of succeeding at higher
levels. Maybe you should
reconsider your career plans.
These are the only career plans I
have! This is what you are


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
supposed to do, go to college, get
a degree, and get a good paying
                       DR. ITSWA
Well Miss. Hayland, I wish I could
help you but it is out of my
hands, our department has a policy
against offering extra credit in
our classes. Thanks for coming by
but I cannot help you...Next!
Danielle gets up slowly from the chair and walks towards the
door with her hands over her face as she begins to well up;
it seems that college once again has become a fantasy.
It is once again a hot and humid summer. Danielle has been
kicked out of school because her GPA was so low. She is
ineligible to return to Maysburry for the upcoming semester.
She has returned home and is living with a close friend and
previous lover by the name of Adam Willis. Danielle is
sitting at a dining room table in a small two-bedroom
apartment as Adam enters.
Hey honey, how was your day?
Well letís see, I failed out of
school, I am working at a
nightmarish restaurant as a
waitress, I am broke, and my
mother will not even talk to me.
How do you think my fucking day
has been!
Calm down, things are not as bad
as they seem.
O really, well your parents did
not sell their only possessions


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
and take out thousands of dollars
in loans to send you to college
where you once again fucked up and
Well thatís because my parents
know I am dumb so they would never
do that.
Danielle shows a small smile and giggles.
Look, you are not a failure. You
are a talented woman. You are just
down on your luck right now.
People are not perfect and bad
things happen to good people. You
just gotta suck it up and keep on
It is so hard; I am beginning to
believe I am not good at anything
and my life is a waste.
Baby donít do that to yourself.
Look, I want to tell you a little
story. A few years ago, I was
working on a fish boat trawling
the sound for shrimp. We dragged
that net all up and down the sound
and caught nothing. The crew was
angry because their pay depended
on how well the catch was. Well,
when they brought up the net they
noticed it was tangled, ripped,
and tattered. They called the
captain of the ship down and
demanded that he replace the net.
He looked shocked as he said, ďYou
think just because this net has
seen foul weather it can never
catch like it used it. Look
sailors, I have been doing this


                       ADAM (cont'd)
for a long time and any good
fisherman knows that suffering the
weather makes the net better. All
it needs is a little mending and
it will be good as new, ready to
perform like it used to.Ē We
repaired the net and sure enough,
we had one of the largest catches
of the year on the next trawl.
What does a net have to do with
Donít you see?
Adam slowly caresses Danielleís face with his hand
You are the net, just because you
have encountered bad weather does
not mean that you are useless. All
you need is a little mending.
Danielle moves closer to Adam as their eyes lock and their
lips come closer together as the lights fade to black and
all you can hear is the sound of breathing
Danielle has fallen into a pit of depression. Under Adamís
suggestion, she has begun writing again to try and connect
with something she once loved.
Adam, Adam, I finished the final
Thatís nice honey; you are finally
done with your book, right?


Yes, it is the most romantic love
story about this modern girl who
quits school to run away with her
high school lover. It traces their
travels all over the world and the
exotic experiences they have
It sounds great; I mean I would
read it.
Well you better, or you will get
whatís coming to you...
All right, I will read your book.
Here take it now and while you are
at work you can read it.
Sure, I have nothing else better
to do.
They kiss as Adam leaves for work.
Adams returns home from work early to talk with Danielle.
Danielle can I talk with you?
You are home early, what is going


Honey, this book is fantastic! It
is the best thing I have read. I
mean I have not read much but I
know something good when I see it.
I showed it to the guys at work
and they liked it too. One of them
knows a reviewer at Asiris
Publishing and he could put in a
good word for your book. He gave
me the reviewers name and address
so I could drop your final draft
by. You may even get published!
Well, I really donít know about
that, the story is kinda private,
plus I could not stand another
rejection Ė it would push me over
the edge
Baby, come here.
Adam pulls Danielle close to his body and looks into her
You cannot be like this forever.
To do anything worthwhile you have
to take risks. You have to risk
getting hurt and loosing
everything if you want the chance
to have your dreams come true.
Well, I really do not know. What
if they reject me?
Then I will be right here to kiss
your wound and make the pain go


I guess you are right, what could
it hurt.
Great, the reviewerís name is John
Vilas, I am going to go by his
office right now and drop this
copy off.
Little hasty arenít we?
Adam gives Danielle a sexually suggestive look.
The faster I leave, the faster I
can get back.
Well you better run then!
Danielle smiles as Adam runs offstage.
Danielle and Adam are sleeping as the phone rings three
What the hell?
Donít answer it, anyone that knows
us, knows that we are not up
before 12 on Saturdays.
It might be important.
All right...
Adam gets up and answers the phone.


Hello, my name is John Vilas and I
am with Asiris Publishing Company,
is Miss. Danielle Hayland
Yea, just a sec.
Adam hands the phone to Danielle, smiling.
Miss Hayland, my name is John
Vilas and I have the pleasure of
notifying you that we have
accepted your book for
publication. I have a feeling that
this book is going to make you
very famous. I can only image how
happy you must be...
Danielle drops the phone and faints. Adam reaches over to
grab her as they both fall on the bed as the lights dim


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From Gateway High School (Film Club) Date 10/5/2005 ****
This script is really great. It is so great a high school film crew in San Francisco would like to use it as a test (to see if the kids can film). Is this ok? director.generationpictures@gmail.com if you want to find out more. Thanks

From Aaron Smith Date 4/27/2005 ****
WOO HOO! great story, senor roger allan connor jr.!!! excellent...very, very, REALLY good...

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