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Quoth The Raven
by Faith Rosenberger (SoldieroftheLordsArmy@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ****
A popular, teenage girl with a hidden, troubled family life faces a world she never imagined when she wakes up one afternoon in a strange house sprouting wings from her back. Work in progress.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



TWO GIRLS and THREE BOYS in their late teens sit on a picnic
table in a park, LAUGHING at something one of them said.
ZOOM IN. ONE BOY (JONATHON WHEELER) nudges the one sitting
beside him, pointing off screen.
                       JOHN (Boy 1)
Hey, look at Peterson.
CAMERA moves to watch a BOY (JIMMY PETERSON) about the same
age attempt to skateboard, often stumbling and falling.

The three BOYS from the table walk up to him, smirking. JOHN
shoves JIMMY off the skateboard and into the arms of the
other two, who take a firm hold on him. JOHN gets on the
skateboard, flawlessly performing complicated moves and

FOCUS on the two GIRLS at the table. The first GIRL (KIRA
RADONES) watches the BOYS in disgust.
                       KIRA (Girl 1)
He asked me out last week.
The second GIRL (AMANDA GILLIAM) looks at KIRA, curious.
                       AMANDA (Girl 2)
Who? John?
KIRA shakes her head.
No. Peterson.
AMANDA gapes.
EW! You said no, right?!
KIRA turns to AMANDA, horrified.
Of course! Ew! That's just
wrong! What type of girl do you
think I am?
AMANDA nods approvingly, turning back to watch the BOYS.


Good. Just had to make sure.
KIRA also turns back to the BOYS.

FOCUS on the BOYS once more as JOHN jumps off the
skateboard, sending it into JIMMY PETERSON'S shin.
The three BOYS leave JIMMY with his skateboard, shoving him
as they pass, walking back to sit on the table.
                       ANDREW (Boy 2)
Well that was fun.
JOHN grins, lighting a cigarette.
My favorite hobby.
The third BOY (DAVID THOMPSON) points towards JIMMY,
                       DAVID (Boy 3)
Look at 'im walkin' away!
SHOW JIMMY walking away from the table, skateboard under his
arm, looking depressed.
If he asks me out one more time,
humiliation won't be the only
thing he feels.
KIRA steps quietly through the door, closing it silently
behind her. A FIGHT is heard in the next room. KIRA walks
quietly down the hall, entering a small bedroom.
A little boy is huddled in a corner on the bed, crying. Kira
sits beside him, wrapping her arms around him, pulling him
against her comfortingly.


                       BRYSON (Boy)
Why do they always have to fight?
KIRA SIGHS, resting her head on his.
I don't know. I don't know.
DISSOLVE TO: BRYSON sleeps on KIRA's shoulder. KIRA
continues to hold him. GLASS SHATTERING and SHOUTING is
still heard.
                       DAD (OS)
      (shouting over
       breaking of glass)
I told you to stay away from that
                       MOM (OS)
You didn't give me a choice! It's
not like I'm wanted here!
DISSOLVE TO: BRYSON sleeps with his head on KIRA'S lap. KIRA
strokes his hair. Fighting continues.
                       MOM (OS)
Why can't you just leave me alone?
                       DAD (OS)
      (furious, hateful)
You're mine! You belong to me! Go
off and do whatever you want, but
no one can take you away from me!
DISSOLVE TO: BRYSON sleeps beneath the covers on the bed,
head on pillow. KIRA lies beside him on top of the blanket,
running her fingers soothingly down his arm. A DOOR SLAMS
KIRA and AMANDA stand at their lockers, rummaging inside.
KIRA shuts her locker.


I don't know what I'm going to do.
I don't want Bryce growing up in
that environment... but there's
nothing I can do.
AMANDA also closes her locker, leaning against it to face
KIRA, holding her books to her chest.
Have you tried talking to them
about it?
KIRA looks at AMANDA, shocked.
Are you nuts? Life is already
hell, alright? I don't need to
make it worse by telling them
AMANDA shrugs, turning down the hall as the BELL RINGS. KIRA
steps beside her as they start walking.
Whatever, Kira. It's your life.
Kira SIGHS, MUTTERING to herself.
If only I could do what I want
with it.
KIRA sits on her bed, homework spread out in front of her.
Suddenly a loud EXPLOSION rocks the room, sending KIRA and
her homework flying off the bed. Objects scattered about
the room fall to the floor. KIRA quickly stands, running
out of the room.
CAMERA follows her to the utility room. The light doesn't
work. As she looks for the cause of the explosion, she
becomes sleepier. As she nears the furnace in the corner,
she collapses, unconscious. JIMMY PETERSON walks into the
room, kneeling to pick up KIRA, and carrying her outside.

CLOSE-UP of furnace, showing a large hole near the center.


KIRA sleeps in an otherwise abandoned alley. Opening her
eyes, she pushes herself up, looking around to get a better
view of her surroundings. Suddenly her body writhes in pain
as she CRIES OUT. Ripping off her shirt she twists around
to view her back, where two black stripes are protuding from
along her spine, one on each side. Each are identical, four
inches in length and one inch in width. The stripes
continue to grow from her back, forming a pointed tip and
ragged edges. They continue to grow as she writhes and
SCREAMS IN AGONY. Sleek black feathers form along the
surfaces of the growing wings.

WIDE VIEW of the alley, KIRA kneeling in the center on her
hands and knees, large black wings spreading from her back,
each six feet in length. The wings fold around her as she
falls forward, lying motionless on the ground.

WIDER VIEW of the alley, showing the surrounding rooftops.
JIMMY PETERSON stands, looking down at KIRA'S unconscious
form, sorrow and sympathy in his eyes. Slowly turning he
walks out of view.
KIRA lies unconscious on the couch, wings folded around her
like a cocoon. JIMMY PETERSON sits on a chair beside her,
watching her, dressed in ocean-blue spandex to the point no
flesh is visible beneath the costume. Suddenly KIRA'S wings
unfold, propelling her off of the couch. Straightening to
their full length of six feet, they hold her in the air,
hovering above JIMMY. KIRA opens her eyes, looking beneath
her, clearly terrified.
What's going on?
JIMMY looks up as she flies into the air, quickly standing
and lunging backwards to clear the way if she suddenly fell.
Craning his neck to look at her, he replies quietly.
                       JIMMY (Man)
How should I know? I just found
you like that.
KIRA tries to twist towards him, and is rewarded by her
wings flipping her around quickly, hovering with her face
down. A YELP OF FRIGHT is torn from her lips at this sudden


Get me down!
JIMMY shakes his head, shrugging helplessly.
I didn't get you up there in the
first place.
KIRA opens her mouth to speak, but is interrupted as her
wings give a powerful flap, sending her across the room.
Slamming head-first into the wall, KIRA tumbles downwards to
the floor, but once again her wings spread and catch her,
hovering once more.
JIMMY leaps over the chair to hurry over to her, reaching up
to inspect her head and neck, now that she was within arms'
Oh my gosh, are you alright?
KIRA MOANS loudly, lifting a trembling hand to rub her head.
JIMMY takes her shoulders lightly in his hands, walking
backwards, pulling her towards the couch.
Come on. Let's get you lying down
KIRA'S wings move once more, ripping her from JIMMY'S grip,
carrying her to the ceiling. She tries to look down, but
GASPS in pain, keeping her head motionless.
Don't touch me!
JIMMY SIGHS, holding his arms in front of him pleadingly,
tilting his head back to look up at her.
I won't hurt you!
KIRA brings her hands back to cradle her head and neck,
attempting to keep from moving her head to look at him.


Why do I not believe you?
JIMMY climbs onto the couch, reaching towards her.
I don't know. But I'm here to
help you.
Before KIRA can reply, she is once again thrown across the
room, tumbling through the air, this time her feet running
into the wall. A STRANGLED CRY is torn from her lips as her
left ankle is yanked around. Tears fill her eyes as she
falls to the ground, stopping a few inches above the floor,
wings spread out, holding her back and head off the ground,
yet her legs dangle, lying across the floor.
JIMMY vaults over the couch, kneeling on the floor beside
KIRA, doing his best to contain panic. KIRA looks up at
him, tears streaming down her face.
CLOSE SHOT of KIRA sitting backwards on a chair in the
kitchen, arms folded across the back of the chair, forehead
resting on her arms. An ice pack has been placed on the back
of her neck, a bandage wrapped around her ankle. KIRA MOANS
SOFTLY, not looking up.
I can't believe I've just had my
wings clipped.
WIDE VIEW of the kitchen.

JIMMY CHUCKLES QUIETLY, standing at the sink, dumping sleek
black feathers into a trash can.
Can you believe you have wings?
KIRA twists her head around to look at him, wincing and
immediately going back to her original position.
      (furious, accusing)
No! How the hell did this happen?
What did you to me?


JIMMY SIGHS, walking around the table to sit across from
I didn't do anything to you. It
was your furnace... When it
exploded it released carbon
monoxide. When you breathed in
the gas it must have done
something to your physiology.
What am I going to do? I can't
just walk around with giant wings
sticking out of my back! I'll be
the laughing stock of the whole
JIMMY SIGHS again, leaning forward and resting his forearms
on the table in front of him.
It's alright. I'll find some way
to help you. Nobody will know
unless you tell them.
KIRA straightens, reaching back to hold the icepack onto her
You don't know that! The kids at
my school know everything, they'll
find out!
JIMMY stands, walking back around the table to kneel beside
How did Angel from the X-Men hide
his wings? He folded them against
his back under his clothes. We
can try the same with you.
KIRA turns her head with painful difficulty, glaring at
What do you know? Who are you


JIMMY reaches up to pull the mask off his head. KIRA GASPS,
staring indignantly at him.
What the hell are you doing here?
JIMMY stares levelly at KIRA.
Kira. This is my house. I
brought you here after you passed
out in the alley.
KIRA scowls, looking at him suspiciously.
How did I get in the alley to
begin with?
JIMMY pulled the chair around and sat back down, now sitting
perpendicular to her.
I brought you there after you
passed out in your house from the
KIRA's jaw drops in horror.
You were in my house?
JIMMY shakes his head in disbelief to her untrusting nature.
I was taking a walk when I heard
an explosion. The door was
unlocked so I went in.
KIRA sighs, resting her forehead back on her forearm that's
still across the top of the chair.
What am I gonna do?
JIMMY rests his hand on her shoulder. KIRA jerks away
standing and stepping away from the chair rapidly, only to
stumble with a CRY OF PAIN as she stumbles and falls against
the wall, the ice pack falling to the ground behind her, her
left foot held off the ground as a tear slides down her



JIMMY quickly stands and hurries over, picking up the ice
pack and wrapping his free arm around her waist, steering
her back to the chair.
I'll get one of my shirts for you
to use until I can find a more
permanent solution.
KIRA collapses into the chair, once again burying her face
in her forearms, clipped wings hanging limply from her back.
JIMMY turns and walks OFF STAGE, returning a few beats
later with a large, plain hunter green tee-shirt and a long
black leather jacket.. He steps up behind KIRA and
straightens out the shirt, slinging the jacket over his
Arms up.
KIRA tentatively raises her head, lifting her arms up into
the air. JIMMY carefully slips the shirt over her arms,
sliding it down and over her head, very gently folding her
wings against her back and pulling the shirt over them. KIRA
winces but remains silent. Jimmy then takes the jacket,
pulling the sleeves over KIRA's arms and settling it on her
shoulder before stepping back, studying the clothing
Alright. I'll help you home...
you shouldn't be walking on that
KIRA nods weakly, straightening carefully from her slouched
I look like a hippy freak.
JIMMY takes her arm above her elbow, helping her to stand,
wrapping his arm around her waist again for support. He
smiles slyly.
But a very attractive hippy freak.
KIRA turns her head only far enough to glare at JIMMY.


KIRA slowly enters her bedroom, limping severely, body
stiff. Throwing herself face down onto her bed, she GROANS
loudly, closing her eyes.

The PHONE RINGS, startling her out of her daze. Stiffly
reaching towards her nightstand, she picks up the receiver
and holds it to her face.
She closes her eyes once more as she listens to AMANDA'S
FRANTIC VOICE on the other end.
                       AMANDA (OS)
Oh my gosh, Kira! I was driving
down the street when I saw you and
Peterson walking towards your
house... What did he do to you?
KIRA shakes her head slightly, GASPING at the pain the
movement causes.
Jimmy didn't do anything to me.
AMANDA pauses skeptically.
                       AMANDA (OS)
Well, you certainly weren't in
basketball shape. What happened?
KIRA SIGHS, rested her head back onto her pillow.
You don't wanna know. You
wouldn't believe me even if I told
AMANDA's VOICE holds a slight note of rejection as she
                       AMANDA (OS)
Come on, Kira. You can trust me,
you know that.
Kira rolls onto her back, shifting uncomfortably as her
weight is placed on her new wings.


Would you believe me if I told you
that this afternoon I woke up in
Jimmy's living room with large
black wings sprouting from my
AMANDA SCOFFS INDIGNANTLY, hurt and disbelief shining
through her VOICE.
                       AMANDA (OS)
You know what, Kira? I thought we
were friends. But if you feel you
have to lie to me all the time, at
least make it a lie I can believe!
the phone back onto the hook. Resting her head onto the
pillow again, she closes her eyes. Rolling onto her
stomach, she lifts the pillow and places it over head with a
loud MOAN.
JIMMY and KIRA stand on the edge of a roof, overlooking the
city. KIRA is back in her regular shirt, slits cut out from
the back. JIMMY faces her, a thoughtful expression on his
Alright. First, we need to see
how those things work. You can
still move them, even though
they're clipped. It's better that
way. So let's try this... try to
will your wings to spread... like
you tell your feet to move.
KIRA closes her eyes, clenching her jaw in concentration.
Nothing happens. A beat later, she opens her eyes,
Hmm... Try flexing the muscles on
your back.
KIRA rolls her shoulders back, then stretches out her back.
Nothing happens.
Come on, Jimmy. You're the


                       KIRA (cont'd)
almighty super hero wannabe. Are
you saying you actually don't know
how to help me?
JIMMY grinds his teeth in frustration.
I never said that. Maybe you're
just not moving the right muscles.
JIMMY walks behind her, taking hold of the edges of her
wings. Carefully, he moves the apendages in a slow flapping
There. You feel that?
KIRA pauses for a beat, concentrating on the motion.
JIMMY nods, releasing her wings after a moment and stepping
Keep working it.
KIRA closes her eyes in concentration, and her wings keep
beating. Suddenly, her eyes fly open, and a bright smile
crosses her face.
I'm doing it!
JIMMY grins, stepping around to face her again.
Excellant! Keep it up... you need
to stretch those wings while you
still can!
KIRA glances at him curiously, raising a hand to massage her
What do you mean 'While I still
JIMMY SIGHS, placing a hand on his hip, running his other
hand through his hair as he exhales.


Unless you're planning on going to
school like that... you'll have to
keep your shirt and a jacket over
KIRA looks over her shoulders at her wings, grimacing
slightly at the ache still in her neck. Her wings stop
beating, folding against her back. She turns to look at
Would one of my shirts fit over
JIMMY shakes his head, picking up his brown leather jacket
off the ground by his feet, holding it out to her. KIRA'S
eyes widen, and she shakes her head in horror at the
Oooh no. No, I'm not wearing
JIMMY grins slyly, walking behind her once more, draping the
coat over her shoulders.
Come on, you'll be a trend-setter.
By the end of the week, everyone
will be wearing one of these.
KIRA glowers at the air in front of her, sliding her arms
into the sleeves, shrugging her shoulders to get more
comfortable in the loose-fitting leather coat.
Can't we just like... make them
JIMMY LAUGHS and takes a few steps back, examining her
critically. Walking around to stand in front of her, he
continues the examination. KIRA squirms uncomfortably
beneath his gaze. At last, JIMMY nods in satisfaction,
walking towards her again.
Very nice. If I didn't know any
better, I'd say this was your
KIRA glares at him, obviously not finding his humor very


So what now?
JIMMY takes a deep breath, releasing it slowly as he shrugs
Now we go pick up your brother
from his friend's house.
KIRA and JIMMY walk up the lawn to knock on the front door.
JIMMY looks around the surrounding neighborhood, impressed
at the view.
Pretty nice. You can afford day
care here?
KIRA's jaw clenches as she shoves her fists into the pockets
of her coat, glaring at the door as she waits for someone to
We're not that poor, and this
isn't day care. He just spent the
week at a friend's house because
mom and dad are away.
JIMMY shrugs, continuing to look out at the street, his back
turned to her.
Suit yourself.
KIRA opens her mouth to respond, but is interrupted as the
door opens.

CLOSE UP VIEW of the door as it opens, revealing a
middle-aged WOMAN. SIDE VIEW of the WOMAN and KIRA. WOMAN
sees KIRA and nods, smiling slightly.
I'll get Bryce for you.
KIRA nods silenly as the door closes once more. Several
beats later, it opens again to reveal BRYSON, duffle bag
slung over his shoulder.
Hey Kira!


KIRA smiles brightly, wrapping an arm around his shoulders
as she leads him down the path, waving over her shoulder at
the WOMAN standing in the doorway, who closes the door.
Hey Bryce. This is my friend,
Jimmy. Jimmy, this is Bryson.
JIMMY jogs a few steps to join them, giving Bryce a friendly
Hey there, Bryson. Have fun at
your friends?
BRYSON doesn't answer, but rather looks up at KIRA
Is he the one you're always
talking about? The boy that likes
you and you just wish he'd leave
you alone?
KIRA blushes, looking down at the ground in front of her
feet, STAMMERING in response as JIMMY pretends not to have
heard the question, looking around at the houses they pass
as they walk down the sidewalk.
I... I'll explain later, Bryce.
BRYSON shrugs, shifting the weight of the bag higher up on
his shoulder, turning his attention back to where they were
KIRA stands at her stove, cooking Kraft maceroni and cheese.
JIMMY sits at the table, watching her.
So... when are they coming home?
Your parents.


KIRA pauses a beat, unsure of how to answer. Finally
looking back down at the pot in front of her, she continues
to stir the maceroni.
They're not.
JIMMY'S brow furrows in confusion as he shifts forward in
the chair, leaning towards her slightly.
I thought you said they were on
KIRA again hesitates, a muscle in her temple flexing as she
clenches her jaw. Her grip has tightened on the wooden
spoon, movements forced and jerked.
They are. It's just permenant.
JIMMY diverts his gaze to the floor, unsure of how to
respond. After a beat he looks up at her again.
Oh... What happened?
KIRA shakes her head slowly, turning off the oven. Sliding
the oven mits over her hands, she picks up the pot, carrying
it to the sink, pouring the maceroni and boiling water into
the strainer that was set in the sink.
You know they fight all the time,
right? Well... the other night it
got really bad. I was up in my
room with Bryson... I heard a
door slam... then nothing. I
didn't go downstairs all night...
almost skipped school. But when I
did go down, there was nothing
there. My parents were gone.
KIRA pauses several beats, pouring the drained maceroni back
into the pot on the stove, adding the cheese, milk and
butter. A hesitant, falsely hopeful expression is on her
face as she continues slowly.
The cops came for me at school
that day. Said mom's body was
found at the bottom of the


                       KIRA (cont'd)
river... I told them about the
fighting, and dad was arrested.
KIRA'S face tightens against the tears that threaten to
fall. Lowering her head, she allows her hair to fall across
her face, hiding her from JIMMY'S concerned gaze.
I sent Bryce to his friend's
while I sorted things out with the
JIMMY slowly rises to his feet, a confused and worried
expression written clearly on his face.
KIRA turns to face him, leaning against the counter beside
the stove, tears streaming down her face.
They... they wanted to put us in
foster care... If I hadn't been a
week away from eighteen... Oh
god, they would have separated us!
I can't loose him... God, Jimmy,
I can't loose him!
JIMMY steps towards her, wrapping his arms around her to
pull her into a sympathetic hug. KIRA leaned into his
embrace, tears coming harder as she rests her head on his
Does he know?
KIRA shakes her head, eyes closed tightly against the
unchecked flow of tears.
I can't tell him... I can't tell
him his parents abandoned him...
JIMMY runs his fingers through her hair soothingly, resting
his chin on the top of her head, rolling his eyes down to
look at her.
He's gonna find out sooner or
later. Might as well be now, when
you can get through it together.


KIRA shakes her head, gently pushing away from JIMMY. JIMMY
slides his hands into his pockets, taking a small step back
to give her room. KIRA turns back to continue stirring the
I'll tell him when I'm strong
enough to take care of him and
help him through it. It'll be
easier for him when he sees that I
can be strong.
JIMMY shrugs, leaning his hip against the counter, facing
If you ever need someone to help
you out... Just let me know.
KIRA nods stiffly, wiping her face on her sleeve before
retrieving three bowls from a cupboard above the counter
beside the stove, along with three spoons from a drawer
beside the oven. As she ladels the maceroni and cheese into
the bowls, she pauses for a moment before WHISPERING softly.
Thank you...
JIMMY nods, picking up two bowls and walking towards the
door. KIRA smiles after him, picking up the third bowl and
following a moment later. They exit.
WIDE VIEW of the living room facing the wrap-around couch
against the far wall. BRYSON is lying on the couch, curled
up as he stares at the television screen across the room.
JIMMY walks over to hand him one of the two bowls before
sitting on the opposite side of the couch. Still smiling,
KIRA sits between them, crossing her legs at the knees as
she takes a bite of the maceroni. The three of them eat in
SILENCE, BRYSON and JIMMY watching the screen, KIRA gazing
first at BRYSON, then at JIMMY. After several beats, she
shifts position and leans back on the couch, smiling
brightly as she turns her gaze to the screen.
KIRA and AMANDA are walking down the corridor towards their
classroom. Both keep their eyes where they are walking,
weaving through the bodies of other students. KIRA is
limping slightly.


You still haven't told me why you
were driving with Peterson this
morning. Don't tell me you're
starting to like him. He's a
KIRA scowls, SPEAKING CURTLY as she stops and opens a door.
      (also annoyed)
We've been through this already! I
needed a ride and he offered!
There's nothing wrong with being
polite if it gets me what I need!
AMANDA also scowls as she enters the classroom after KIRA,
tossing her books on a desk in the back of the class. KIRA
rests her book more gently on the desk beside her.
Fine, fine. As long as it doesn't
keep happening.
WIDE VIEW of the doorway as JIMMY enters. KIRA'S REPLY is
heard off stage.
                       KIRA (OS)
Don't worry. If I have to spend
one more second that close to
Peterson, I'll go insane.
JIMMY stops when he hears the VOICE, a shocked expression
crossing his features. After a moment, his shoulders lower
from their previously-proud, straight position and he slumps
into a chair at the front of the class, burying his face in
his arms.
CLOSE VIEW of JIMMY as he drives down the street, grip tight
on the steering wheel, posture tense. It is obvious he is
still upset about the conversation he overheard earlier
between KIRA and AMANDA.
WIDER VIEW to show the entire front of the car, KIRA sitting
beside JIMMY, staring out the window uncomfortably. After
several beats of SILENCE, she turns to look at him.


So... how was your day?
JIMMY'S grip on the steering wheel flexes, a muscle in his
jaw twitching as he clenches it tightly.
      (curtly, forced)
Just... fine...
KIRA tries to ignore his unfriendly response by smiling
weakly and continuing her attempt to strike up a
Finish your homework in class?
CLOSE UP SIDE VIEW of JIMMY as he yanks the steering wheel
to the right, pulling the car over onto the shoulder.
Cutting the engine, he rips off his seat belt, shoving the
door open and stepping out.
Get out of the car.
SWITCH TO KIRA, who gapes at him, clearly shocked at his
sudden flare of anger.
SWITCH TO JIMMY ducking down to glare at her through the
open door, gesturing towards the side of the road.
Get out of the car!
SWITCH TO KIRA fumbling with the seat belt, finally managing
to get it off as she opens the door and steps out of the

WIDE VIEW OF SHOULDER as JIMMY storms around the front of
the car to advance on KIRA.
      (worried, slightly
Jimmy... what is this all about?


JIMMY stops in front of her, pointing a disapproving finger
at her.
You know what this is about, Kira!
It's not a big secret that you
don't like me much! But if you
want my help, you have to at least
tolerate me!
KIRA shakes her head, looking confused and rejected.
I -
JIMMY pounds his fist against the car hood, causing KIRA to
jump, startled.
DON'T tell me you don't know what
I'm talking about! I heard you
today in Psychology!
JIMMY'S POV of KIRA as the expression on her face becomes
one of regret and horror.
                       JIMMY (OS)
If your precious reputation is
more important than my help, then
so be it! Go learn how to fly on
your own, I don't care anymore!
SWITCH TO JIMMY as he turns sharply on his heel, stalking
back to the far side of the car, yanking the door open and
plopping into the driver's seat, starting the engine and
slamming the door closed. Without removing his eyes from
the road in front of him, he calls out the open window to
Gonna walk home?
VIEW KIRA THROUGH THE CAR WINDOW as she stands in shock,
gaping open-mouthed at JIMMY, speechless. After several
beats, she finally manages to stammer.
      (shocked and
Y... yeah... I got it from


KIRA'S POV as JIMMY nods curtly, throwing the car into gear
and pulling off the shoulder and into the road, driving away
WIDER VIEW of the road and shoulder as KIRA stands staring
after the retreating car.
WIDE VIEW OF THE BEDROOM. KIRA enters, a thin sheet of
sweat lining her body. Closing the door behind her, she
stiffly reaches up to slide the brown leather coat off of
her shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor in a heap by
her heels. Her wings are folded tightly under JIMMY's green
shirt. She pulls her shirt off, dropping it to the ground
as well. GROANING, she closes her eyes, her chin dropping to
her chest. Slowly, stiffly, her wings begin to unfold,
stretching out to either side of her to their full extent.
Taking a deep breath and holding it for a beat, she releases
it slowly. Her wings begin to flap slowly, as she weakly
raises her head, rubbing the back of her neck. They
continue to beat unsteadily and sloppily as she stiffly
walks forward, collapsing face-down on the bed with another
MOAN. The wings relax, resting across her back, fully
extended, covering her like a blanket.
WIDE VIEW of the same rooftop JIMMY originally brought KIRA.
KIRA climbs onto the roof, dressed once again in JIMMY's
brown jacket and her own black shirt. Looking around
cautiously, she stands in the middle of the roof, shrugging
off her jacket. Two slits have been cut in the shirt for
her wings to fit through. Laying the jacket carefully on
the ground, she shakes her head slightly, closing her eyes
in concentration. Once again her wings unfold from her
back, stretching out to the sides in a sloppy, untrained and
uneven manner. As the night before, they begin to flap
lazily. The glistening of sweat appears on her forehead as
she clenches her jaw in grim, determined concentration. Her
wings only get sloppier, obviously unused to being used.
Releasing a GROAN OF FRUSTRATION, she stops, her wings
hanging at a relaxed position. Glaring at the CAMERA, she
Archangel never had this much
trouble when he joined the X-MEN!


Shaking her head in dismay, she closes her eyes and tried
again, her wings beating slowly, and still unevenly.
Releasing another FRUSTRATED SCREAM, her wings fold against
her back as she yanks on her leather jacket, turning and
KIRA and BRYSON are lying on the floor of their living room,
facing each other, the card game Speed stretched out between
them. They TALK CASUALLY as they toss the cards down.
How's school going for you?
BRYSON shrugs, never taking his eyes off the cards in front
of him.
It's good. Miss Thomas asked when
my parents were coming home. When
are they coming home?
KIRA pauses for a few beats, her eyes remaining on the game
I don't know...
BRYSON swallows, nodding slowly as he continues to play.
KIRA looks guiltily at the cards in her hands.
I hope they stay away a little
while longer... I like how quiet
it's been.
KIRA nods SILENTLY, still staring at her cards.
OVER KIRA'S SHOULDER VIEW as she enters the classroom with
AMANDA at her side. JIMMY is sitting in a front row seat,
and looks up at the two girls enter. His eyes meet KIRA'S,
and they are both silent.


                       AMANDA (OS)
Anyways, I don't know how you
managed to pass Algebra... I mean,
since when does math have letters
in it?
KIRA'S and JIMMY'S gaze does not break as the girls walk
past him towards the back. At last, JIMMY turns back
around, and KIRA looks down at her feet.
KIRA sits alone on a park bench, staring at the ground by
her feet. AMANDA walks over to sit beside her.
Hey. We're all goin' out to the
movies. Wanna come?
KIRA shakes her head and does not look up. AMANDA pauses
for a beat before trying again.
Why do you wear that coat all the
time? A month ago you would've
KIRA only shrugs, still not taking her eyes off the ground.
What is with you lately? You look
as if your best friend just died!
KIRA SIGHS HEAVILY, shaking her head slowly as she SPEAKS
You have no idea...
AMANDA pauses for another beat before continuing slowly,
You wanna talk about it?
KIRA shakes her head again. AMANDA makes a FRUSTRATED
What is wrong with you, Kira? We


                       AMANDA (cont'd)
have always been best friends. Now
all of a sudden you refuse to tell
me anything! Are you mad at me?
Is it because I'm going out with
KIRA looks slightly confused, turning her head to look at
I didn't even know you were going
out with John.
AMANDA throws her hands in exasperation.
That's just it! You used to be
the highschool's informant net! We
could never do anything without
you knowing it! But now it's like
you're off in your own little
world all the time and don't even
know who we are!
KIRA SIGHS again and closes her eyes, dropping her chin to
her chest.
I know, and I'm sorry.
AMANDA pauses, shocked.
So that's it? No explanation?
Beat. KIRA remains SILENT. AMANDA stands, furious.
Fine! If you don't trust me
enough to tell me what the hell is
wrong with you, then maybe we
shouldn't even be friends!
KIRA cringes. AMANDA turns and walks swiftly out of view.
CLOSE UP of KIRA, a tear sliding down her face.
                       VOICE (OS)
      (virile, yet
Excuse me, miss, are you alright?
KIRA quickly straightens, batting away the tear as she looks


for the speaker.

SWITCH TO JAKOB RILEY, stepping towards the camera, a
concerned look creasing his brow.

SIDE VIEW of KIRA as JAKOB stops beside her.
Yeah... yeah... I'm fine, thank
JAKOB motions to the empty space besides KIRA.
Mind if I sit down then?
KIRA shakes her head quickly, shifting to the side to allow
him room. JAKE sits, still looking worriedly over at her.
I'm sorry if I'm intruding... but
you looked rather depressed... and
I just thought...
KIRA shakes her head to cut him off, turning to look at him
with a slight smile.
I'm alright, really. Life's just
been unbelievably stressful
lately. Thank you, though.
JAKE nods, pausing for a beat before turning to her,
suddenly realizing something. He extends his hand for her
to shake.
I'm Jake, by the way. Jakob
KIRA's smile brightens as she slides her hand into his.
Kira Radones. Nice to meet you.
JAKE nods, shaking her hand before dropping it, leaning one
elbow on his knee as he looks at her.
So, do you come here often?
KIRA nods her head, returning to her original position, eyes
on the ground.


Yes... but I've never come here
alone before.
JAKE turns a little more to face her, speaking after a brief
You're not alone. Unless, that
is, you want me to go...
KIRA shakes her head quickly, looking up at him again.
No, no! Please stay...
JAKE smiles and nods, leaning against the back of the bench.
KIRA smiles gratefully.
So... why are you out here all
KIRA SIGHS, turning her eyes back to the ground by her feet.
It's a long story...
JAKE tilts his head slightly in interest.
I'll tell you what. Why don't you
let me take you out for ice cream,
and you can tell me all about it.
KIRA smiles, looking up at him again and nods.
I would like that.
JAKE smiles and stands, offering his hand to help KIRA up.
She accepts it and stands, stepping beside him. Together
they turn and walk away.
KIRA and AMANDA stand at their lockers. AMANDA is listening
to KIRA intently. KIRA looks happier than in the previous


So yeah, he's really sweet, and he
helped me a lot. He's picking me
up this afternoon and we're going
for ice cream again.
JIMMY walks up behind them. KIRA and AMANDA turn, both
looking distasteful.
Found a new tutor, I see.
KIRA lifts her jaw defiantly, offended.
Has it ever occured to you that I
don't need a tutor? Or are you so
caught up in your own lameness
that you actually believe the rest
of us are lower than you?
AMANDA hides a grin behind her hand as she turns back to her
locker, not wanting to interfere.
Then I guess we'll be seeing you
in the sky.
JIMMY turns and enters the nearest classroom. KIRA stares
after him, mouth open slightly. AMANDA turns back around,
That was awesome, girl! You
burned him so bad!
KIRA nods, still staring at the door JIMMY walked through.
Yeah... he deserved it...
AMANDA looks confused.
What was he talking about anyways?
Honestly, sometimes I believe
that guy's a real space case.
KIRA nods, distractedly turning her attention to the books
in her arms.


Yeah... He's crazy...
AMANDA looks at KIRA in confusion and curiosity. Shaking
her head, she turns down the corridor.
Hey, we'd better get going or
we'll be late for English.
KIRA nods. AMANDA walks away. KIRA follows, still
KIRA and JAKOB sit at a table outside the ice cream shop,
eating ice cream.
So... are you sure your parents
won't mind you staying out so
KIRA shakes her head with a SIGH.
Believe me, they won't care.
JAKE nods, leaning back in his chair.
So, how's your little brother? You
said he's got a game or something
coming up?
KIRA nods, leaning forward and resting her elbow on the
Yeah, basketball.
ZOOM OUT to a WIDE VIEW of the street and bench, looking
down from above the roof. A FIGURE crouches at the edge of
the roof, looking down at JAKE and KIRA.
That's pretty sweet. Tell me when
his game is and I'll go to cheer
him on.
KIRA is surprised and flattered.


Aw, you don't have to do that...
It'll probably be rather boring
for you...
JAKE waves it away dismissively.
I love basketball. Star of the
varsity team at my highschool. I
want to go.
The FIGURE leans forward slightly.
Next Friday, five o'clock. Thank
you so much.
The FIGURE edges backwards and out of view.
Alright. I'll be there.
KIRA stands in the center of her bedroom, facing a large,
full-length mirror, jacket removed and thrown over her bed.
Her wings stretch out to their full length, slowly flapping
rhythmically. She smiles brightly, her wings beating faster
and faster. She is obviously better at the control.
Suddenly she GASPS, wings sticking straight back, body tense
with agony. She writhes in pain, falling forward to her
hands and knees, GASPING FOR BREATH, falling to her elbows.
Her wings begin to sink into her back, the reverse affect of
when they first grew. At last they disappear. CLOSE UP of
the slits in the back of her shirt, revealing the smooth
clear flesh. CLOSE SIDE VIEW of her face, eyes wide in
horror, still struggling to breathe. After several beats,
she slowly pushes herself up to her feet, resting on the
dresser as she looks up into the mirror. VIEW only the
mirror and wingless reflection.
AMANDA is standing at her locker, books in arms, staring
absently at the CAMERA, waiting in SILENCE. KIRA walks into
view. SIDE VIEW of the two girls as KIRA starts to turn the
combination lock.
Happy birthday, girl.


KIRA glances at AMANDA, confused.
AMANDA bounces slightly on the balls of her feet in
excitement, tapping KIRA on the arm.
You're the big eighteen! Don't
tell me you've forgotten?
KIRA turns back to her locker.
Oh, that. I've been pretty busy
lately, forgot what day it was.
AMANDA rolls her eyes. CLOSE UP of the locker as KIRA opens
it. Inside is a large wrapped package. ZOOM OUT to view
KIRA and AMANDA staring at it as KIRA slides it out with
little difficulty. KIRA picks up a piece of paper stuck
beneath the bow.

INSERT NOTE: See you in the sky.

AMANDA stares at KIRA in confusion as KIRA takes out her
books and stuffs the package back into her locker.
Aren't you gonna open it?
KIRA shrugs, closing her locker.
I'll open it at home.
The two GIRLS turn and start walking down the corridor.
CLOSE VIEW of the corridor, facing KIRA AND AMANDA. AMANDA
gestures at KIRA.
Where's your fancy leather jacket?
KIRA shrugs.
Left it at home.


For a awhile it seemed like part
of your skin.
KIRA shrugs again.
Started getting too hot.
WIDE VIEW of the corridor. KIRA and AMANDA open a door and
enter the classroom. A SHADOWY FIGURE who had been leaning
around the corner watching them suddenly disappears from
KIRA and AMANDA enter the classroom, sitting down at desks
in the back.
So what are you doing for your
birthday? Planning a big
KIRA shakes her head, staring at her desk.
Jake is taking me out to dinner...
and I'm not leaving Bryce alone
there, no matter what anybody
AMANDA SIGHS, and twists around to face the front of the
Am I invited anywhere?
KIRA looks at her, surprised.
Oh! Of course... maybe you and I
can go to the movies or something
AMANDA nods stiffly, still not satisfied, but remains


KIRA stands beside her bed, the package in front of her on
the covers, unwrapped. She uses a pair of scissors to cut
the tape off the cardboard box. Unfolding the top, she
peers inside.

KIRA'S POV of the contents: A large, black feathered raven
mask and gray steel talons.

WIDE VIEW OF THE ROOM. Carefully, KIRA lifts the items out
of the box, examining them carefully. Taking the mask, she
carefully places it over her face. Sliding off her own
shoes and socks, she sits on the bed, putting the talons
onto her feet, each toe fitting into a separate holding. She
curled her toes forward, and the steel talons clenched as if
grasping at an invisible branch. Her feet relax, and the
talons open. KIRA looks up, amazed.
Suddenly KIRA GASPS, falling forward onto her hands and
knees. Pulling the shirt over her mask, she leans forward,
reaching behind her to unsnap her bra straps, screaming in
agony as her wings begin to grow from her back in the same
manner as they had originally. She screams from the pain,
GASPING FOR BREATH and WHIMPERING. At last they are extended
to their full length, and she staggers to her feet. Grabbing
a shirt with slits cut out of the back, she pulls it on,
wincing as it covers her wings briefly. KIRA turns to stare
into the mirror, breathing heavily. She is still wearing
her raven mask and claws, black leather pants and now a
solid black shirt. Her wings extend out to either side of
her. She stares at her reflection in shocked amazement.
                       KIRA (VO)
Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."
KIRA and JAKOB sit at a booth in Mimi's Cafe. KIRA is
wearing her jacket again.
So... how does it feel to finally
be eighteen?
KIRA chews her bottom lip thoughtfully.
It's relieving. I'm going to see
if I can become Bryce's legal
guardian. He can't keep living
like he is.


JAKE nods, glancing around before leaning forward.
If you need any help in it, just
let me know and I'll do whatever I
KIRA nods, smiling weakly.
Thank you. You've been so good to
both of us... I can't thank you
JAKE waves it away dismissively.
I'm just glad I can do something.
It's not everyday I can help
someone out who needs me.
ZOOM OUT to reveal the dining room. The same FIGURE sits at
a table, gaze fixed upon the couple across the room, back to
KIRA stands at the edge of the same roof where she has been
practicing, jacket removed and tossed carelessly to the side
with the empty cardboard box that had carried her raven mask
and claws. She is wearing the same outfit as she was at the
end of Scene 24 - black shirt, black leather pants, mask,
and talons. Wings are outstretched to their full span.
INHALING DEEPLY, she holds her breath for a moment before
EXHALING. Stepping to the very edge of the roof, she closes
her eyes and leaps foward, straightening her body as her
wings immediately begin to start flapping, carrying her
steadily. Opening her eyes, she looks down. KIRA'S POV of
the city moving beneath her. WIDE VIEW of the sky, looking
down as KIRA soars below.
She lifts higher into the air, wings beating rhythmically,
occasionally spreading wide to catch a gust of wind,
carrying her onward.
ZOOM OUT to the alley below, ANGLED UP to see KIRA flying
across the sky. The dark FIGURE enters, back to the CAMERA,
staring up at the sky.


KIRA sits in the stands among a crowd of cheering people.
BRYSON is standing on the floor in basketball uniform,
warming up with his team. KIRA glances anxiously at the
door. KIRA'S POV of the door and ticket stand. VIEW turns
back to the court as BRYSON hurries over.
Hey Kira. When's Jake gonna get
I dunno, Bryce. He should have
been here by now.
BRYSON looks disappointed, his gaze moving to the floor.
Oh... Well, I hope he gets here
A WHISTLE BLOWS and BRYSON turns and runs back to the bench.
KIRA glances up at the wall across the floor.

                       JIMMY (OS)
So your boyfriend proved to be a
no-show, huh?
KIRA grinds her teeth in irritation.
What do you want, Jimmy?
WIDE VIEW of the stands as JIMMY sits beside KIRA. KIRA
does not look at him.
I just want to know how your first
controlled flight went. Looked
like you were having a bit of fun.
KIRA stares at the opposite wall.
That's none of your business.


JIMMY looks at her, pretending to be shocked.
Hey now, I was the one who taught
you how to fly. Don't I deserve a
little recognition?
KIRA still does not move her gaze.
I've done just fine without you.
JIMMY shrugs, rising to his feet.
Guess we'll see just how well
you've really done.
KIRA's head whips around to glance at JIMMY, shocked.
What do you mean?
JIMMY doesn't answer, and walks away. KIRA stares after
FADE THROUGH several shots of the basketball game.


WIDE VIEW of the gymnasium, the two teams on opposite sides
of the court, game clock set to half time. All the players
suddenly freeze in mid-motion. A LOUD GASP echoes through
room, followed by a HOLLOW LAUGHTER. JIMMY floats down into
view, dressed in the skin tight, ocean blue, spandex uniform
seen in Scene 6. He is standing on empty air, hovering over
the frozen players. JAKE hangs lifeless from his grasp.
Oh where, oh where has my Raven
gone? Oh where, oh where can she
KIRA flies into view, dressed in her full Raven costume. She
hovers in front of JIMMY.
Give him here, Jimmy.
JIMMY CLUCKS HIS TONGUE, shaking his head in mock


Now, now, you should know better
than to use my name here. How
would you feel if I called you
Kira in front of all these people?
KIRA glares at him, SPEECHLESS.
Call me Wave Rider. And you're
what? The Raven? Very original.
KIRA extends her hands towards JAKE.
I said give him here!
JIMMY pulls JAKE out of KIRA'S reach.
What are you going to do? Kill
me? Come on, even you should know
that wings don't make you a
KIRA dives for JAKE, JIMMY lifts him out of the way as KIRA
flies past. The two masked mutants turn to face each other
You're right. Wings don't, but
the heart does. That's something
you'll never have.
JIMMY pauses for a moment, staring at KIRA. She stares back
in SILENCE, waiting.
Kira, I've always had a heart for
KIRA shakes her head, outraged.
And I have a heart for Jake! So
hand him over!
JIMMY lifts his head, straightening his back and shoulders
in proud defiance. He extends his arm, motioning to give
JAKE over to KIRA. KIRA reaches for him. JIMMY opens his
hand, allowing JAKE to fall. KIRA GASPS, diving after JAKE.


Dropping below him, she straightened parallel to the
blanket of water still containing the players. JAKE falls
into her extended arms, and she quickly spins around,
carrying him out the door.
KIRA lands on the soccer field beside the gymnasium,
kneeling on the ground and resting JAKE on his back in front
of her. She cradles his head in her lap, brushing the hair
out of his eyes. JAKE MOANS, turning his head slightly.
Shh... you're alright, now. He's
not going to hurt you anymore.
KIRA'S POV of JAKE as he opens his eyes, staring up at KIRA
in confusion.
Who... Who are you?
JAKE'S POV of KIRA as she pauses.
KIRA'S POV as JAKE'S brow furrows, confused.
You'd best get inside. It's
already half time.
JAKE nods, and KIRA helps him to his feet.
WIDE VIEW of the door as JAKE walks in alone. JAKE'S POV of
the basketball court, now empty, except for BRYSON. SIDE
VIEW as BRYSON runs towards JAKE, looking frightened.
Jake! What happened? Who was
that guy? Where's Kira?
JAKE looks around at the empty gymnasium, confused.
I don't know. Where is everyone
else? I thought there was a game


BRYSON looks around, bouncing slightly in anxiety.
Everyone left when that guy came
in. I just wanna go home.
JAKE nods, looking around, worried. He puts a hand on
BRYSON'S shoulder, turning towards the door.
                       KIRA (OS)
JAKE and BRYSON whirl around. JAKE'S POV as KIRA runs
towards them from the locker room. She has removed her mask
and talons, and is now wearing her jacket. She throws
herself onto her knees, grabbing BRYSON in a tight hug.
Oh god, I was so worried about
you. Come on, let's get out of
here. He might come back.
SIDE VIEW of the TRIO. JAKE nods, placing one hand on
Kira's shoulder, his other on BRYSON'S.
I agree with that.
KIRA nods, rising to her feet, both hands on BRYSON'S arms.
Glancing over her shoulder, she allows JAKE to steer them
both out the door.
KIRA paces the living room of her house, glancing around
                       JIMMY (VO)
      (in Kira's
Wings don't make you a superhero.
KIRA flinches, looking down at the floor.


                       JIMMY (VO)
      (in Kira's
Oh where, oh where has my Raven
gone? Oh where, oh where can she
KIRA GASPS, whirling around and running to a door. Opening
it quickly, she looks inside.
KIRA'S POV of BRYSON asleep in his bed, JIMMY sitting in a
chair beside the bed, dressed in his full uniform. He is
holding KIRA'S mask and talons, humming the tune as he looks
into the eyes of the mask.
You know, Kira, you won't make a
very good super hero if you're
never on time.
WIDE VIEW of the door as KIRA steps in cautiously.
What do you want from me?
JIMMY looks up, stretching his legs out and reclining
comfortably in the chair. He sets the mask and talons on
the nightstand.
I want to make you a deal. I'll
make you a superhero, if you make
me popular.
You have no idea how immature you
just sounded.
JIMMY shrugs, folding his arms across his chest.
Do you want me to explain? Or do
you already know everything?
KIRA rolls her eyes, making an EXHASPERATED SOUND.


Enlighten me.
JIMMY brings his feet flat on the floor, leaning forward,
resting his elbows on his knees.
We can be partners. You and me,
touring the world...
KIRA SIGHS, pulling up a chair and sitting across from
      (now relaxed)
Like I would go anywhere with you.
JIMMY shrugs, leaning back and crossing his arms again.
What? Doesn't sound like fun?
KIRA raises a skeptical eyebrow.
Jimmy, I've never had fun around
JIMMY extends a hand, pleading his case.
You let me into your house.
KIRA leans back, slightly shocked.
I did not let you into you my
house! You entered without my
consent! I could very well call
the cops on you!
JIMMY chuckles casually.
Ahh... but you didn't, did you?
KIRA shifts uncomfortably, eyeing JIMMY suspiciously.
      (slightly scared)
What do you want from me?


JIMMY LAUGHS in disbelief.
You really are thick! Do you
really want me to repeat myself?
KIRA'S POV of BRYSON as he GROANS and stirs. JIMMY'S POV of
KIRA of she motions to the door.
We'll talk in the living room.
KIRA'S POV of JIMMY as he smirks behind his mask, rising to
his feet and walking out the door. CLOSE UP of the door as
KIRA follows him.
WIDE VIEW of the living room as JIMMY turns to face KIRA,
leaning against the wall, crossing his arms and ankles. KIRA
strides towards him angrily.
What will it take to get you to
leave me alone?
JIMMY straightens, folding his hands behind his back, pacing
leisurely across the width of the room.
One night with me.
KIRA looks at him skeptically.
Right, like that is ever gonna
JIMMY turns to face her, exhasperated.
Why? Why do you hate me so bad?
KIRA spreads her arms as if stating the obvious,
Because you're you! You're


                       KIRA (cont'd)
annoying, you're disgusting, and I
never want anything to do with
KIRA'S POV as JIMMY stops, looking horrified and confused.

FADE IN MUSIC: 'Untitled' by Simple Plan

JIMMY'S POV of KIRA as she looks regretful.
Jimmy, I...
JIMMY shakes his head, turning and walking swiftly towards
the door.
Forget it!
SIDE VIEW as JIMMY storms through the door, slamming it shut
behind him. KIRA closes her eyes, clenching her jaw as she
throws herself onto the couch.
MUSIC continues in background.

KIRA and AMANDA step through the door, walking towards the
desk. KIRA looks around. JIMMY is sitting in the front
row. Their eyes meet as she walks past.
                       TEACHER (OS)
You girls are late.
AMANDA opens her mouth, but closes it as KIRA SPEAKS, her
eyes still on JIMMY.
Sorry Miss Hawkins. We were
taking my brother to school.
JIMMY moves his gaze back to the front of class.
                       TEACHER (OS)
It wouldn't hurt for your brother
to be a little early, would it?
Take your seat, and I'll expect
both of you in detention.


KIRA nods and walks to sit in the back of the class, AMANDA
sitting down beside her.
KIRA and BRYSON walk down the path, each holding an ice
cream cone.
I spy with my little eye something
that is tall.
BRYSON looks around, searching.
The tree?
KIRA shakes her head, licking at the ice cream.
The... bush?
KIRA looks at BRYSON skeptically.
The bush isn't tall.
BRYSON SIGHS and continues looking.
I give up. What is it?
KIRA points off stage.

SWITCH TO A MAN sitting on a park bench.
                       KIRA (OS)
That guy has to be at least seven

SWITCH TO BRYSON AND KIRA as they continue walking.
Thanks for hangin' out with me
KIRA shrugs with a smile.


It's no problem! I'm just glad
you wanted to come. Hey, what do
you say to catching a movie? I
hear the X-MEN's out now.
BRYSON turns to look at KIRA, excited.
Really? Let's go!
KIRA puts a hand on his shoulder, turning and walking in the
opposite direction.
Come on, we might be able to get
some candy if we hurry.
KIRA sits beside BRYSON'S bed. BRYSON is sleeping. KIRA
laces her fingers through his hair.
If only you knew...
She brushes the hair from his face behind his ear.
One day I'll tell you...
She runs her hand down his cheek gently, pausing for a beat
before rising to her feet and walking to the door. She
stops, looking back over her shoulder.
One day we'll get through it
She turns and walks into the living room.
KIRA enters from BRYSON'S bedroom. Lying down on the couch,
she picks up the Classified Ads of the newspaper, glancing
through the ads.


KIRA walks along the busy street, glancing down at the
newpaper in her hand occasionally.

attention to the street, where a woman lies in the middle of
the road, a car speeding away. With the crowd, KIRA hurries
over to the woman.
                       VOICE (OS)
She's dead.
of the tire marks leading away from the scene.
KIRA flies over the streets, dressed in her Raven uniform.
She's following the car that hit the woman in the street.
POLICE SIRENS sound from off screen. KIRA swoops down,
scraping her metal talons across the roof of the car. The
BRAKES SCREECH as the car swerves away from her, ramming
into the wall of the alley. KIRA lands on the roof of the
car, crouching low. The driver opens the door and gets out,
but KIRA reaches down and grabs him under the arms. With a
beat of her wings, she flies into the air, hovering once
she's even with the rooftops, allowing the man to dangle
over the alley street.
Why did you run?
MAN'S POV of the street below his dangling feet.
                       MAN (OS)
Are you kidding? I just hit a
CLOSE VIEW of KIRA holding the MAN'S shirt, shaking him once
violently. The MAN SCREAMS.
Is that what you're going to tell
the police?
The MAN reaches up to grab her arm, trying to hold on.


Are you nuts! I'd never see
another day! Oh god let me down!
Please let me down!
KIRA lifts him higher in the air.
Tell them the truth!
The MAN SHRIEKS and nods vigorously.
Okay! Okay, I'll tell them the
truth! Now please! Let me down!
KIRA releases him, allowing him to fall several yards. The
MAN SCREAMS. KIRA dives down, catching him again.
What's wrong, you're not afraid of
heights, are you?
The MAN stares down at the ground again, stammering. Several
police cars drive up beneath them. KIRA dives lower once
more, landing as the OFFICERS get out of their vehicles,
guns aimed at her.
Here you go, officers. He's all
KIRA shoves the MAN towards the OFFICERS.
Put your hands where I can see
KIRA raises her hands, turning to face the OFFICER that
You're not seriously expecting to
arrest me, are you?
Her wings slowly extend. The OFFICERS GASP.
Who are you?
KIRA lowers her hands, VOICE FIRM.


With a flap of her wings, she lifts into the air and flies
away, leaving the OFFICERS staring after her in awe.
KIRA is sitting at her desk, bent over her text book,
filling out a work sheet. The PHONE RINGS.
                       TEACHER (OS)
Bradley here. Kira? You're
wanted in the office. Take your
KIRA looks up as her name is called. Nodding, she puts her
work into her bag, slinging it over her shoulder and walking
out the door.
KIRA walks in, looking at the occupants curiously. MR.
BRADSHAW is sitting at his desk. A MAN and A WOMAN sit
across from him. He looks up as KIRA enters.
                       MR. BRADSHAW
Kira. Come in. This is Mr.
O'Donovon and Ms. Addier. Their
social workers for the Child
Welfare Services.
KIRA looks at MR. O'DONOVON and MS. ADDIER in confusion and
                       MS. ADDIER
It has come to our attention that
you and your brother are now
living alone.
KIRA looks at her, shocked.
I'm eighteen!
                       MR. O'DONOVON
We are well aware of that.


                       MR. O'DONOVON (cont'd)
However, we are a little concerned
about your ability to care for
your brother.
KIRA'S attention turns to Mr. O'Donovon.
I am more than able to take care
of him!
MR. O'DONOVON nods, shifting in his seat to face her.
                       MR. O'DONOVON
Please, Miss Radones, sit down.
KIRA sits down in a third chair beside them.
                       MR. O'DONOVON
We just need to ask you a few
questions and make a few
MS. ADDIER leans around to look at KIRA.
                       MS. ADDIER
Miss Radones, do you have a job? A
way to provide for Bryson?
KIRA nods.
I babysit three nights a week for
twenty dollars per night, and I
walk the neighborhood dogs every
weekend for twenty dollars. I'm
also looking for a more stable job
as a waitress.
MR. O'DONOVON and MS. ADDIER exchange worried glances.
                       MS. ADDIER
That doesn't leave much time to be
with him, does it? You will
always be away at work.
KIRA swallows, trying no to panic.
Once I get the job as a waitress,
I'll stop walking the dogs. And
he can come with me now, even when
I babysit...


MR. O'DONOVON SIGHS and shakes his head. KIRA looks between
him and MS. ADDIER frantically.
                       MR. O'DONOVON
Perhaps we should take a look at
your living conditions now.
KIRA nods stiffly, rising to her feet. MR. O'DONOVON and
MS. ADDIER follow suit. KIRA leads them out the door.
KIRA leads the SOCIAL WORKERS into the living room,
motioning around to tell them to do their 'thing'.
His bedroom is through that door.
The SOCIAL WORKERS nod, walking around the house, looking
around critically. KIRA sits on the couch, chewing her lip
After several beats of looking around, the two SOCIAL
WORKERS return to KIRA, both looking grim. KIRA stands.
                       MS. ADDIER
We'll have to go talk to your
brother, ask him a few questions.
But I will tell you now; if you do
not get a more permanent job
within the next week, we'll have
to put Bryson into temporary
foster care.
KIRA swallows again, nodding in understanding.
                       MR. O'DONOVON
Good. We'll take you back to
They turn to leave, but KIRA stops them.
When... when you're talking to
him... Don't tell him what
happened. It has to be me.
The SOCIAL WORKERS pause a beat, then both nod. They all
walk out the door.


WIDE VIEW of the bedroom. KIRA stands in the middle of her
bedroom, jacket removed and discarded on the bed. She faces
the mirror, wings extended. Taking a deep breath, she
closes her eyes. She GASPS, body writhing, and SIDE VIEW as
she falls forward against the dresser. The wings begin to
shrink into her back until they disappear. CLOSE VIEW. She
leans heavily on the dresser, GASPING FOR BREATH.
CLOSE SHOT OF KIRA. Steadying herself, she straightens,
holding onto the edge of the dresser for support. Closing
her eyes again, she takes another deep breath. Her body
stiffens and she SCREAMS IN AGONY. WIDE VIEW of the room
behind her. The wings begin to grow again, spreading out
from her flesh. KIRA SCREAMS and falls to the ground. CLOSE
VIEW as she GASPS and WHIMPERS. WIDER VIEW as her wings
slowly wrap around her trembling body.
                       BRYSON (OS)
KIRA GASPS, reaching up and grabbing her jacket from the
bed, struggling to pull it on. She sits up, leaning against
the bed.
KIRA'S POV of the door as it opens, and BRYSON walks in.
Are you okay? I heard screaming.
BRYSON'S POV as KIRA smiles reassuringly, extending her arms
towards him. BRYSON walks towards her.
I just took a nap and had a
nightmare, that's all.
WIDE VIEW as BRYSON sits beside KIRA on the floor.
      (looking up at
What was it about?
KIRA smiles, wrapping an arm around his shoulders.
Mom and dad... and how they
always fought...
BRYSON looks back at the floor.


Sounded like it hurt.
KIRA runs a hand through his hair softly.
It was only a dream.
BRYSON pauses a beat.
      (looking at her
Some people came to my school
today. They started asking
questions like if I liked living
with you and how well you took
care of me. I told them I like
you a lot and you took better care
of me than Mom and Dad. But why
did they come, Kira?
KIRA SIGHS HEAVILY, pausing for several beats before
answering slowly.
Bryce... How would you feel if you
lived with me forever? If I was
the only one taking care of you?
BRYSON turns to face KIRA completely, excited.
I'd love it! But...
      (sitting back)
What about Mom and Dad?
KIRA falters, looking down at the floor between them
hesitantly. After several beats she looked up and meets
BRYSON'S eyes.
      (shakes head
Mom and Dad are never coming back.
BRYSON'S brow furrows as he stares at KIRA, looking shocked,
confused and sad.


But... why?
KIRA places a hand on BRYSON'S shoulder comfortingly.
Remember the fight Mom and Dad had
before they left?
BRYSON nods.
Well... It turns out Mom tried to
leave... You know she was never
happy here. And Dad was always
the jealous type... I guess he
caught her with another man, I
don't know. But he was real angry
with her. Mom's body was found
the next day... she was shot. A
few tests put Dad in prison.
BRYSON stares at Kira, shaking his head in disbelief.
KIRA slides her arm around BRYSON'S shoulders.
Bryce, I'm sorry.
BRYSON pulls away.
BRYSON stands and runs from the room. KIRA tries to follow.
KIRA runs after BRYSON. BRYSON enters his own bedroom,
slamming the door as KIRA reaches it.
Bryson? Bryson, please talk to
KIRA KNOCKS ON THE DOOR, leaning close to hear him.


                       BRYSON (OS)
Go away!
KIRA SIGHS, speaking to the door.
Bryce... I'm sorry I didn't tell
you. I just wanted to make sure
that you were ready.
You lied to me!
KIRA SIGHS, leaning on the door.
Bryce, I'm sorry! I didn't want
to lie to you, but I didn't know
what else to do! I was wrong and
I should have told you! Please,
Bryce, let me in!
No response. KIRA shakes her head, closing her eyes briefly
as a tear slides down her cheek before turning and walking
back to her room.
gathered around a pool table. JOHN bends over the table,
aiming his cue at the white ball.
I don't know what you're so
worried about. He's a ten year
old boy, he's incapable of hating
the only one who's ever cared for
KIRA shrugs, leaning against the wall, watching as JOHN
makes his move before stepping away. AMANDA aims her cue at
the white ball's new location.
I can't lose him. Not when I've
tried so hard to keep him.
AMANDA shoots, not looking up while she SPEAKS.


Then talk to him.
KIRA shakes her head, still watching the table unseeingly
while AMANDA moves away and DAVID takes up position.
He won't let me. He comes
straight home from school and
locks himself up in his room. He
leaves for the bus before I even
wake up in the morning.
JAKE walks over to KIRA, wrapping his arm around her as
DAVID strikes the white ball.
Sounds like you have to corner
KIRA shakes her head, stepping up to the table as DAVID
moves away, bending over to take aim.
I can't force him to do anything.
It'll only make it worse.
ANDREW took her place at the table when it was his turn.
That won't work. He's testing
you. If you just let him go off
and be mad at you, it'll tell him
that you don't care.
KIRA steps back to her place by the wall as JAKE takes his
place at the table.
How do I talk to him if I never
see him?
When JAKE finishes his move, he walks back to KIRA and wraps
his arm around her shoulder again. She leans against him,
resting her head on his chest. JOHN goes back to the table.


Like Jake said - corner him. Make
him talk to you. Pick him up
after school, wake up before dawn.
Break his door down if you have
to. You can't live in the same
house with somebody and never see
them again.
KIRA SIGHS, nodding, resigned. AMANDA takes her turn at the
table again.
I can't take him to or from
school, since I don't have a car,
but I'll try kicking his door down
JAKE smiles approvingly, squeezingly her shoulder lightly.
His hand runs down her back, a scowl crossing over his
Kira... what's this?
He presses against her back lightly before reaching up to
the collar of the brown leather jacket, starting to pull

KIRA's eyes widen in horror as she yanks away from him,
resettling her jacket and turning to the door.
I have to go!
JAKE's scowl deepens as he reaches for her jacket again.
EVERYONE ELSE look at the two of them, clearly confused.
Kira, were those feathers?
KIRA pulls away again, dropping her cue stick to the ground
and she starts to hurry out.
I have to go!
WIDE VIEW of the room as KIRA hurries out the door, nearly
running. The remaining five look at each other, confused.


WIDE VIEW of the dark alley as KIRA runs in, throwing
herself to the ground. ZOOM IN to see tears streaming down
her face. She pulls off her jacket, her wings spreading to
their full length.
      (crying out)
Why does it have to be this way?
She's on her knees and elbows and drops her head, not trying
to stop the flow of tears or sobs that wrack her body.
Suddenly she stiffens, her head is thrown back as a CRY OF
AGONY is pulled from her lips. The wings begin to shrink
back into her flesh once more, until they disappear again.
KIRA collapses onto the pavement, sobbing even harder.
THUNDER is heard OFF SCREEN, and rain suddenly starts to
      (louder than
       before, over the
ZOOM OUT to show a WIDE VIEW of the alley, with KIRA huddled
on the ground in the center, still sobbing, the rain pouring
down around her.
KIRA sits at the kitchen table before dawn, eating cereal
with the classified ads stretched out in front of her. Many
ads have been circled in a red pen, many of those have red
lines crossing them out. As KIRA eats, she picks up a red
pen and crosses out another ad.

BRYSON enters the kitchen, stopping when he sees KIRA.
Turning, he starts to leave the kitchen, but KIRA jumps up
and lunges forward, grabbing his arm and turning him to face
You're not going anywhere until
you talk to me.
BRYSON glares up at KIRA, furious.


What's there to say? You lied to
me, Kira!
KIRA releases his arm, but remains where she's standing.
      (soft, but firm)
I know. And I'm sorry. I should
have told you, but I didn't know
how. Bryson, they want to take
you away, and then we'll never see
each other again! Is that what
you want?
BRYSON stares up at KIRA, glaring defiantly at her. A beat
of SILENCE, then -
I don't care.
BRYSON turns and runs out the front door. KIRA stands,
shocked, staring after him.
KIRA sits facing MR. CASSIDY, who is sitting behind his
desk. Both are wearing semi-formal interview clothes.
I only need something for the
weekends, maybe a little
MR. CASSIDY SIGHS, leaning forward, resting his forearm on
the desk.
                       MR. CASSIDY
You see, Miss Radones, that's
where our problem is. We already
have enough people working on the
floor and in the kitchen in the
afternoons and evenings. What we
need is someone for mornings, but
since you're in school -
I can do mornings on the


MR. CASSIDY SIGHS again, shaking his head sadly.
                       MR. CASSIDY
I'm sorry, Miss Radones. But we
don't need you.
KIRA nods, disappointed.
Thank you for your time.
MR. CASSIDY also nods, stnading and crossing the room,
opening the door and standing aside. KIRA gives him a
forced smile, standing and walking out of the office.
Country Club.
I promise to be a very hard
I can work weekends and after
Mexican Restaurant.
No, I don't have a car, but I do
have my liscence.
Chinese Restaurant.
I'm sorry... I don't speak
You want me to ditch school?
Maybe I shouldn't work here...


JC Penny's.
      (on knees, hands
       clasped in front
       of her, begging)
I really need this job.
Yer hired.
KIRA stands in front of BRANDON's desk, staring at him in
I... I'm what?
BRANDON grins, leaning back in his chair.
You seem like a good worker, and
you're obviously desperate, so
you're hired.
KIRA smiles brightly, excited.
Oh, thank you thank you thank you
thank you thank you! You won't
regret this, sir!
I'm sure I won't, and call me
Brandon. I'll see ya Saturday
KIRA nods, turning to the door, glancing over her shoulder.
Thank you again, Brandon.
BRANDON waves his hand dismissively, and KIRA leaves.


KIRA sits with AMANDA, JOHN, DAVID and ANDREW on a picnic
bench in the school yard.
Are you sure you can handle
working there? I mean... you've
never been very fond of horses...
and you'll always be so filthy...
KIRA shrugs.
At this point, I don't care. It's
a job... and I can't keep Bryson
unless I have one.
DAVID stretches, standing and picking up his bag.
Whatever you say, Kira. You know
what you have to do. I have get
to PE, so I'll see everyone
EVERYONE waves to DAVID as he turns and walks away,
MURMURING GOOD-BYES. KIRA SIGHS and looks at the others.
I just don't know what to do about
Bryson. I try talking to him but
he keeps blowing me off.
ANDREW looks at KIRA, disbelieving.
Keep working on it. He's a ten
year old boy. He can't have that
much breath.
KIRA smiles at him gratefully.
Thanks. I just hope he doesn't
say something stupid when the
social workers come again this
AMANDA grips KIRA'S shoulder cheeringly.


Dude. Chill out. Everything will
be just fine.
KIRA grins thankfully as she looks at AMANDA.
Thanks, guys. I only hope you're
KIRA walks around the arena, leading around a pony with a
small CHILD on its back. The CHILD'S PARENTS stand silently
behind the rail, watching. After a few beats, KIRA leads
the pony over to stand by the couple.
There ya go. Have fun?
The CHILD nods enthusiastically.
Again! Again!
KIRA LAUGHS, lifting the CHILD from the saddle and handing
it over the railing to the MOTHER.
Maybe another time, but I hear
you've got a birthday party to go
The CHILD bounces up and down in the MOTHER'S arms.
KIRA smiles again, ruffling the CHILD'S hair.
Well, happy birthday from me and
KIRA pats the pony affectionately. The PARENTS wave
good-bye, turning and walking away. KIRA starts to untack
the pony as BRYSON stalks in, clearly upset.
Why couldn't I just go home?


KIRA doesn't look at him, but continues with what she's
It's not safe for you to be home
BRYSON scowls.
I'm ten years old!
KIRA interrupts him firmly.
And unable to call for help if you
get knocked out! As your sister
it's my job to protect you -
Now BRYSON interrupts.
If you're my sister then why did
you lie to me?
KIRA freezes, staring at him, shocked.
Bryce, I...
BRYSON spins on his heel and storms into the barn.
KIRA sits at the kitchen table, bent over her homework and a
bowl of soup. There is a knock on the kitchen door, and
KIRA looks up curiously. Standing, she opens the door,
stepping aside to allow JAKOB to enter.
Hey. Come on in. Can I get you
JAKOB shakes his head.
No, I'm fine, thanks.
How is he?


KIRA SIGHS, shaking her head sadly.
He hasn't spoken to me since
arriving at the stables. I'm
really starting to worry about
JAKOB wraps his arms around her. KIRA closes her eyes,
resting her head on his chest.
How about I talk to him?
KIRA looks up at him hopefully.
Think it'll work?
JAKOB shrugs.
Worth a shot.
KIRA smiles, resting her head on his chest once more.
Thank you. He's sleeping right
now, but maybe tomorrow...
JAKOB nods, stroking her hair lightly.
Alright. I'll pick him up
tomorrow from school... take him
out for ice cream...
Buttering him up so he won't hate
you too, eh?
JAKOB grins.
Always worked for me.
KIRA smiles.
I'll have to remember that.


BRYSON lies in his dark bedroom, staring silently at the
wall, listening to the DISTANT CONVERSATION. CLOSE VIEW of
his face.
                       JAKE (OS)
He's your brother, Kira. He can't
hate you forever.
BRYSON blinks, trying to hold back tears.
                       KIRA (OS)
But what if it's already too late?
BRYSON swallows, holding a stuffed rabbit closer to his
                       JAKE (OS)
Then you'll just have to learn how
to live without him.
BRYSON blinks again, and a small tear rolls down his cheek.
KIRA stands on the same rooftop she always uses to practice,
dressed in her Raven costume, but her wings are still hidden
in her body. She takes a deep breath and rotates her

Her body becomes rigid, writhing in agony as she whimpers
softly. Slowly, her wings become visible, stretching out to
either side of her. As they reach their full span they fold
against her back casually, and she relaxes as the pain
fades. With another deep breath, she stretches her wings
out, leaping off the roof. Immediately catching a current
of wind, she soars higher into the sky.
                       KIRA (VO)
So now you see why life sucks.
There are times when all I want is
to just open my eyes and hear my
parents fighting again, with Bryce
taking comfort in my presence, and
know that the world is as it
should be. But so far, that
hasn't happened, and I fear it
never will. I don't know why I
was chosen for this... gift or
curse or whatever you want to call
it... but I was. As Uncle Ben


                       KIRA (cont'd)
once told Peter Parker, 'With
great power comes great
responsibility'. My
responsibility is to keep Bryson
safe... whether he likes it or
KIRA swoops down, landing on a telephone pole, her claws
digging into the wood as she grabs on with her hands to help
her balance. Hearing SHOUTS from below, she turns her
attention to the streets.

KIRA'S POV of the street. A MAN runs down the sidewalk,
knocking people over in his hurry, a woman's purse held
tightly in his hand. A YOUNG WOMAN runs after him, SHOUTING

WIDE VIEW as KIRA leaps off the pole, diving down towards
the sidewalk.

CLOSE VIEW of the MAN'S BACK as KIRA flies up behind him,
her talons gripping him by the shoulders and lifting him
into the air. Reaching down, she pulls off his mask,
letting it fall to the ground, and grabs the purse from his
hand, tossing it to the woman. The MAN is WHIMPERING IN
FRIGHT this entire time.
You seriously need to lose some
Her talons open, letting the MAN drop the three yards to the
ground. As the crowd surrounds him, she circles back the
way she had come, flying higher into the air.
KIRA enters the kitchen, wearing her usual jeans and
tee-shirt, her wings once again inside her body. She smiles
as she sees JAKOB and BRYSON sitting at the table, playing a
game of cards. The TV is on in the background, playing the
So, you boys have a fun day?
JAKOB looks up with a smile, giving her a meaningful wink.
KIRA'S eyebrows raise in hopeful surprise, her smile
brightening. JAKOB nods.


Yup. Well, at least I had fun.
Not so sure about Bryce.
BRYSON looks up at JAKOB and nods.
I had a lot of fun!
JAKOB points to the TV screen sitting on the counter off
Hey Kira, check this out. Been
all over the news for half an


WIDE VIEW of KIRA (as the Raven) flying over the street
before swooping down, picking up a MAN, throwing down his
mask and purse before dropping him and flying off screen

CLOSE VIEW of KIRA as she gapes at the screen.
                       REPORTER (OS)
We are still unsure as to what
exactly happened here today... an
no one knows who this strange
Winged Woman was... but everyone
seems to agree on one thing -
America has a new hero.
WIDE VIEW of the kitchen once more. BRYSON looks over at
KIRA, excited.
That's the girl that was at my
basketball game, remember?
KIRA nods SILENTLY, still gaping at the TV. BRYSON looks
back at the TV also.
I sure would like to meet her...
KIRA smiles, coming out of her shock, sitting down at the


Maybe Santa will give her to you
for Christmas.
BRYSON glares playfully at KIRA.
Very funny.
KIRA grins, giving JAKOB a grateful look. JAKOB smiles,
KIRA and JAKOB walk through the park, hand in hand.
Thank you so much for talking to
Bryce. What did you say to him?
JAKOB grins mysteriously.
If he wants to tell you, fine.
Otherwise, our conversation was
KIRA smiles, glancing idly around the park.
And not a moment too soon. Those
social workers called and said
they're going to come over
tomorrow afternoon. They've
already been to the stables to see
what Brandon thinks of me, but
they won't tell me what he said.
JAKOB smiles, looking over at her, releasing her hand and
wrapping his arm around her shoulders.
Don't worry. Brandon seems like a
fair guy. I'm sure you've got
nothing to worry about.
KIRA smiles, looking up at him.
Thanks... for everything.


JAKOB nods casually, turning his gaze back to where they're
Anytime. That's what I'm here
KIRA and AMANDA sit on the grass. AMANDA is sitting
crosslegged, picking at the grass, while KIRA leans against
the trunk of a tree, her knees raised, arms folded in front
of her.
There's still a lot of tension,
but he's not hiding from me
anymore. Last night he actually
let me help with his homework.
AMANDA looks up, surprised and impressed.
Wow. Looks like Jake really knows
how to patch up relationships.
Better watch out, or you might
never be able to break up with
Ha ha. Very funny.
AMANDA shrugs, grinning.
I thought so.
KIRA shakes her head, looking down at her hands.
Anyways... I still feel like I'm
walking on eggshells.
AMANDA nods, looking back to the grass as she continued
playing with it.
I guess you will be for awhile.
Guys are always hard to regain
trust, especially little brothers.


                       AMANDA (cont'd)
Just don't lie to him anymore and
it should be alright.
KIRA looks up at AMANDA again, offended by the last comment.
I never liked lying to him,
Amanda! It was the first time I
ever did and it will certainly be
the last!
AMANDA holds her hands up defensively.
Dude, chill out. I didn't mean
anything by it.
KIRA leans forward, bringing her feet under her so she's
crouching rather than sitting.
Yeah you did, or you wouldn't have
said it! You think I'm not fit to
take care of Bryson, is that it?
AMANDA shakes her head, staring at KIRA with wide eyes,
leaning back.
No, that's not it, I...
KIRA stands, interrupting her.
Don't lie to me, Amanda! I'm sick
and tired of you always pretending
to agree with my decisions, when I
know you don't! Just tell me what
you really think, for once, or
leave me alone!
Without waiting for a response, KIRA spins on her heel,
grabbing her bag and throwing it over her shoulder as she
hurries away. AMANDA stares after her, jaw open in shock.
KIRA stands at her open locker, shoving books into her bag.
She SLAMS THE LOCKER DOOR SHUT to see JOHN leaning against
the locker beside her.


What do you want?
JOHN hardly moves, his gaze hard and distant as he looks at
I want to know what the hell's
wrong with you.
You wouldn't understand even if I
told you. So why bother?
JOHN tilted his head to the side in disbelief.
Try me.
A couple months ago my furnace
exploded and I woke up in a dark
alley with giant black wings
growing from my back. I've been
so concerned about keeping these
wings a secret that I've been
pushing everyone I ever cared
about to arm's distance until
everyone get's so pissed off at me
they won't even so much as cast me
a glance, so I won't have to worry
so much. That enough of an
explanation for you?
JOHN looks at her, hurt by her 'lies'.
      (angry, hurt)
And you called Mandy a liar?
KIRA stops, realizing what she had done. Her shoulders sag
as she lowers her bag to her feet.
John... I...
JOHN shakes his head, interrupting KIRA as he turns to


Just don't talk to me.
KIRA SIGHS, watching as JOHN walks away. As he disappears
into the crowd, KIRA turns to her closed locker, banging her
fist against the door.
      (muttering angrily)
KIRA leans her hands against her locker, hanging her head,
eyes closed.
                       JIMMY (OS)
Maybe the truth really does work.
KIRA opens her eyes and clenches her jaw, glaring furiously
at the ground.
Get away from me, Jimmy.
KIRA straightens, turning to face JIMMY. OVER KIRA'S
SHOULDER SHOT of JIMMY leaning against the lockers.
You know you don't want that. Not
really. You're just afraid for
your reputation.
JIMMY'S POV OF KIRA. She looks dazed and distant.
I don't care about my reputation.


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From Tri Xuan Date 4/2/2008 ****
When I read your tag line up top, I said hmm.... this sounds interesting. So I read it, I was thinking to myself despite some mistakes in grammer and too much directing going on in this script... I LIKE IT! I mean I was really digging and enjoying this up until the part the guy said I'm WAVE RIDER... HA HA HA! Non the less it had me hooked! I can see this being made into a movie..........YES THIS CAN BE A MOVIE! Please finish this and please email me when you update it. Oh by the way check out my story Go Go Fujimie Kenzonaka Gumdrop City (on page 2 or 3)and tell me what you think OK? Hope you finish this soon being you started in 2005 and this is now 2008, surely you must know by now what you are going to do with this great story. I gave you a four because it was really entertaining and I was hooked.

From drew Date 7/17/2005 ****
When I read the outline I wasn't sure how you were going to make it work. I'm extremely impressed, your dialouge is very solid and your characters are real, please continue this script it have a lot of pootential.

From Mei Lang Date 5/1/2005 ****
This was an exellent beginning to a great script! I would enjoy it at most if you would please continue it!!!:-)

From Aaron Smith Date 4/23/2005 ****
This has a great storyline. The characters are great. At first, I did not think the wings were purposeful, and that you were just groping at random Sci-Fi ideas. But then, I warmed up to the idea, because without it, she would not have become friends with Jimmy. Also the death of her mother and the arrest of her father is a good part. However, why would they leave Bryson with a 17-year old, when the "adult" age in the US is 18? Bryson, at least, would be in Foster care. Still, I give this 4 stars and wish there were higher star ratings!!!! I'd give you 5.5, if at all possible. Keep up the good work, and feel free to email me when you update this script.

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