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Murder By The Book
by David M Roman (dcortese@platinum1.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: **1/2
The gruesome contents of a writers new novel, Murder by the Book, begin to happen exactly as written, before the book is ever published, or, has ever been seen by anyone except the writer himself.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A SUV drives through the mountains of Winter Park, Colorado.
Cory is driving along listening to the news.
                       NEWSCASTER ON THE RADIO (O.S.)
Nice and cold today with a seventy
percent chance of snow tonight.
Mary, if everything happens the
way it should, we will be in for a
severe snow storm by the end of
the week.
That's great! Maybe I can get this
book done before next month's
The SUV pulls up in front of a little store. Cory gets out
of the SUV and walks into the store.
                       STORE CLERK
Well! Look what the bad weather
brought us. How are doing Mr.
Fantastic Jim! How are you?
                       STORE CLERK
You must be doing another book.
That's the only time I ever see
you is when your writing a new
novel. Going to give me a hint on
what the new book is about?


You know I can't do that Jim. My
publisher would kill me. Anyway
you know how superstitious I am.
                       STORE CLERK
How long are you going to be here?
I hope to get this done before my
deadline. I would like to get some
skiing in before I leave.
                       STORE CLERK
You know. I still can't believe
you bought that place from Brian.
Hey! When a good deal comes along.
You just have to jump on it.
                       STORE CLERK
Good deal Hell! I wouldn't have
touched that place if it was given
to me. Besides, who would build a
cabin on top of a Indian burial
ground anyway?
You of all people should know how
scarce property has become up
here. It seems to be getting
bigger and bigger every year.
                       STORE CLERK
I don't know it just gives me the
I'll be fine. Now! I should be
here for at least another 2 weeks,
what do you suggest?
                       STORE CLERK
I would stock up then. I don't
know if you heard, but we may be
getting a huge snow storm by the
end of the week.
So I heard. I'm going to get
enough to last me more than three


Cory grabs a shopping cart and starts to grab things to buy.
A man enters the store and walks towards the front counter.
                       STORE CLERK
Dr. Graves! How's it going? Are
the crazies keeping you busy?
                       DR. GRAVES
Jimmy! You know better than that.
My patients are not crazy. They're
people living with a ton of stress
and just need to learn how to
handle it. That doesn't make them
                       STORE CLERK
Maybe my friend Cory should talk
to you. (Looks around) Cory! Come
here a second.
Cory walks over to the counter pushing his shopping cart.
What is it Jim?
                       STORE CLERK
Cory! This is Dr. Andrew Graves.
He's a psychiatrist. He might be
able to help you with some of that
stress you're under.
                       DR. GRAVES
Cory Hall-the writer. I have read
all of your novels. I am a huge
fan. (Puts out his hand to shake
Cory's) I wanted to ask you
something. Why isn't your picture
ever in any of your books?
      (Shakes his hand)
My publisher thought it would be
in my best interest to keep my
picture off the books. There are a
lot of crazy people out there. I
guess I don't have to tell you
that. And it also adds to the
mystery of the books.
                       DR. GRAVES
I have always wondered how you can
come up with some of the stuff you
that write.


It's not much really. Sometimes it
just pops into my head.
                       DR. GRAVES
That's amazing. Jimmy tells that
you are having a problem with some
Not much really. I always get
stressed when I'm getting close to
a deadline. I'm used to it.
                       DR. GRAVES
I'll tell you what? If you want to
talk to somebody, I'll find the
time for you.
Thanks, but I think I'll be just
                       DR. GRAVES
Do you live around here? I have
seen you here from time to time,
but not regularly.
I have a place up in the mountain
range. I bought it a couple of
years ago. It's nice and quiet
there. I am there only when I am
writing, or if I decide I want to
go skiing with my girlfriend.
                       STORE CLERK
He bought the Brian Anderson
                       DR. GRAVES
I hope he gave you a good deal on
Let's just say, it didn't break
                       STORE CLERK
I told him that I wouldn't have
touched that place with a 10 foot


                       DR. GRAVES
Stop being so supersitious Jim.
It's not the dead you have to
worry about. It's the living we
need to watch out for.
See Jim. Even the doc doesn't see
anything wrong with it. Now! Can
we change the subject?
                       STORE CLERK
Ok! Ok! How about that pretty
girlfriend of yours? Is she
coming up here? (Looks at Dr
Graves) She is a real beauty.
She will be here sometime next
                       DR. GRAVES
Well! Got to get back to work. As
Jimmy puts it, the crazies are
waiting. Nice to meet you Cory.
Remember, if you need to talk to
someone give me a call. (Hands
Cory his card)
Thanks, I appreciate that. It was
nice meeting you too.
Dr. Graves walks out of the store, and Cory continues to
Cut to:
Cory drives up in his SUV. He gets out and opens the back to
get out his groceries. He grabs some bags and walks toward
the front door of his cabin. He then stops and feels for his
Damn it! I always do that.
As Cory walks back to his SUV, it looks likes someone is
watching him. He gets his keys and walks back to the cabin.
He opens the door and enters the cabin with his grocery bags
in his hands.


Cut to:
Cory is cooking when the phone rings. He walks into the
living room and answers the phone.
                       MELISSA (O.S.)
Hi sweetie! How is it going?
Fine. I was just getting ready to
eat something, then I was going to
get started. It looks like we
might be getting a big snow storm
here by the end of the week.
                       MELISSA (O.S.)
I can get off work early. I can be
up there by Wednesday. What do you
Melissa, you know if you come up
here I will never get anything
done. Come up next week as we
planned. I should have it finished
by then.
                       MELISSA (O.S.)
Are you sure? I miss you.
Yes, I'm sure. I miss you too.
When you come up, we will go
skiing and anything that you want
to do. I promise.
                       MELISSA (O.S.)
I like the sound of that. Okay.
I'll stick it out here. I love you
and I will see you next week.
I love you too. I will see you
next week. Bye.


Cory hangs up the phone. He then smells his food burning and
runs into the kitchen.
Shit! There goes dinner.
He takes the pan out of the oven and tosses up on the stove.
He then walks over to the refrigerator and grabs a beer.
                       CORY (CONT)
Thank God for beer. Maybe if I get
drunk enough, I'll eat that shit I
Cory then sits down in front of his typewriter and starts
From Cory's cabin window, it appears as if someone is
watching him.
Cut to:
Cory is still typing and reading back to himself what he is
After the killer has murdered his
prey, he sticks a page from a book
describing exactly how he killed
Cory gets up and walks into the kitchen to get another beer.
He hears a noise outside. He walks to the front door, opens
it, and looks outside. He then quickly turns to his right
only to see a couple of possums in the trash can.
Man, you scared the shit out of
me.Why don't you two get a room.
As Cory closes the door, A shadow is seen moving up to his
front porch, and looking into his window. A car light is
seen in the distance. It's a police car that stops in front
of Cory's cabin. A police officer gets out and knocks on the
front door.
Cory opens the door to see the officer standing there.


Is there a problem officer?
                       POLICE OFFICER
No! Just making my rounds. I saw
your light on and thought I'd make
sure everything was alright. Do
you own this place?
Yes sir! I'm Cory Hall and this is
my place.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Can I see some kind of ID. I have
to be sure you are who say you
Sure! I understand. Please, come
The officer enters the cabin. Cory reaches in his pants and
pulls out his wallet and shows the officer his driver
                       POLICE OFFICER
Okay. That's all I need. Sorry to
be a bother, but we need to be
sure. We want to make sure that
all our citizens are safe.
No problem officer. Thanks for
stopping by.
The officer walks to the front door. He stops when he sees
the typewriter on the desk. He then looks at the typewriter.
Cory then jumps in front of the typewriter.
                       CORY (CONT)
Sorry officer. You can't see that.
You see I'm a novelist, and I'm
finishing a new novel. I can't let
anyone see it until it comes out.
Legal things, you understand.
Besides I'm very superstitious.
When you become successful, you
kind of have some bad habits that
you live by.


                       POLICE OFFICER
Don't know anything about that.
What kind of novels do you write?
Murder mysteries.
                       POLICE OFFICER
I see. Okay, you have a good
Thank you officer. You have a good
evening also. Stay safe!
The officer leaves and gets into his car and drives away.
Cory closes the door and walks back to his typewriter.
      (looks at
Well that does it for me tonight.
I lost my concentration
Cory walks into the bedroom and takes of his shirt and
climbs into bed. He then grabs the remote control for the TV
and turns it on. He starts to flip through the stations. He
stops at the channel with the movie Bride of Frankenstein.
He then props up his pillows and starts to watch the movie.
Cool! I haven't seen this movie in
As Cory is watching the movie, he begins to rub his eyes and
is starting to fall asleep.

Cory is sleeping as you hear the fuzziness of the TV.

Cory rolls over. The light of the morning wakes him up. The
TV is now off. Cory gets up and walks towards the bathroom.
He stops and looks back at the TV.


I thought that TV was on. I must
have rolled over and hit the
remote control. Oh well.
Cory walks into the bathroom and starts the shower. He then
takes off his shorts and gets into the shower. As he is
taking a shower, he looks at the shower curtain and sees a
shadow of a person in the other side. He then quickly opens
the curtain, but sees nobody there. The phone then rings,
and Cory quickly gets out of the shower and answers the
Hello! Hello!
Cut to:
Cory! Where have you been? I have
been trying to get you for two
Cut to:
What are you talking about? I've
been here working.
Cut to:
I must have called about ten
times. There was no answer.
                       CORY (O.S.)
The phone probably went out. It
happens up here from time to time.
What do you want?
I was checking to see how
everything was going. You're
getting close to that deadline and
there are a lot people looking
forward to the release of this
Cut to:


Don't worry everything is fine.
The book will be ready on time.
Why don't you come up at the end
of the month and do some skiing
with Melissa and I.
                       BRIAN (O.S.)
You're on dude! I'll see you at
the end of the month. Bye.
See ya then. Bye.
Cory hangs up the phone and gets dressed. He then walks into
the living room and sees that the paper that he thought he
finished and took out of the typewriter. is still in there.
Cory looks at the typewriter confused.
      (scratches his
Now either I am going crazy, or I
was drunker than I thought. No! I
know that I took that paper out of
there. What the hell is going on
Cory then looks on the desk and sees Dr. Graves card. He
picks it up, and looks at it.
Maybe I am stressed out. I think
I'll take a trip in town and give
Dr. Graves a visit.
Cory puts the card in is pocket, grabs his keys, and walks
out the door. He gets into his SUV and drives away.
Cut to:
Cory pulls up in front of the doctor's office. He gets out
and is stopped by the police officer who was at Cory's cabin
the previous night.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Good morning, Mr. Hall. Is
everything alright?


Yes,fine officer. Thank you. It
looks like we are going to get
that snow storm afterall.
                       POLICE OFFICER
It sure looks like it. Oh well,
when you live here as long as I
have you get used to it.
How have you been here? I been
here for a couple of years now,
and last night was the first time
I have ever saw you.
                       POLICE OFFICER
They have me doing all the
paperwork around here since nine
eleven. Lay offs have really hurt
Dr. Graves walks up to the two men.
                       DR. GRAVES
Gentlemen! How are you two doing
this cold morning?
Cory reaches out and shakes Dr. Graves hand.
I was just coming to see you. Do
you have sometime for me?
                       DR. GRAVES
Sure! Do you mind if I get some
breakfast first. I'm starving.
Not at all. I'll join you, if you
don't mind?
                       DR. GRAVES
Not at all. You can tell me what's
wrong, while we walk over to the
The two men begin to walk toward the Snow Hill Cafe.


Cory and Dr. Graves enter the cafe. They sit down in a small
booth in the corner of the cafe. The waitress approaches
Good Morning Dr. Graves! Your
                       DR. GRAVES
Yes dear. Thank you.
      (surprised look)
Who's your good looking friend?
                       DR. GRAVES
This is Cory Hall. Cory this is
Diane. The best waitress in the
whole area.
You're Cory Hall! I have all your
books. Can I have you're
      (puts his hand out
       for her pen)
Of course you can. I always have
time for a fan. (sign's autograph)
What's you favorite book?
      (hands on her face)
Oh God, I love them all. I really
can't pick just one. Are you
writing anything new?
Yes I am. I should be finished my
new book in about two weeks. It's
called "Murder by the Book".
Sounds great. I can't wait until
it comes out. (she laughs) I'm so
sorry, I'm standing here talking
to you, and I didn't even ask you
what you wanted.


That's quite alright. I'll just
have some coffee for now. Black.
Thank you.
You got it.
The waitress walks away. Dr. Graves leans over to Cory.
                       DR. GRAVES
      (soft voice)
It must be nice to be a celebrity.
Sometimes, Yes. Sometimes, No.
Here. I'm not that well known. But
back in New York, I can't go
anywhere without somebody knowing
who I am.
                       DR. GRAVES
How much does that bother you?
Lets just say it can get annoying
                       DR. GRAVES
Why do you write murder mysteries?
Why not something else?
      (slight smirk)
Is this a session, doctor?
                       DR. GRAVES
No! Just curious. I've never met a
murder mystery writer before. I
was curious. Where do you come up
with these ideas?
The waitress walks up to the table. She puts a plate of eggs
and bacon for Dr. Graves, and puts a cup of coffee in front
of Cory.
If you two need anything else,
please let me know.
Thank you.


The waitress walks away.
                       CORY (CONT.)
You were asking me why I write
murder mysteries. I don't know,
but I do know that it has made me
a ton of money. As for where I get
my ideas, look around. There's
murder everywhere.
                       DR. GRAVES
      (chewing his food)
You seem like a very nice guy to
me. Do you think you could ever
kill somebody?
No! I don't think I have the guts
to kill anybody.
                       DR. GRAVES
      (still chewing his
Let me fill you in on a little
fact. Everyone has it in them to
kill. It's our primal instinct.
You can be the calmest person in
the world one minute and like
that-(snaps his fingers) be a
serial killer. It has never been
explained why people kill. Some of
the biggest serial killers in our
history passed themselves off as
upstanding citizens, but yet
something drove them to kill-time
and time again. I could never
figure that one out.
Well! I hope I never get to that
                       DR. GRAVES
I wouldn't worry too much about
it.(waves his hand at the
The waitress walks up to the table.
Would you gentlemen like anything


                       DR. GRAVES
No thank you, Diane. (reaches for
the check)
      (grabs the check)
No way doc, I got this. It's the
least that I can do, since you sat
here during your breakfast and
listened to me.
                       DR. GRAVES
I think I did most of talking. I
have about a half hour. Would you
like to come over to the office
for awhile?
      (shaking his head
I would like to doc. But, I have
to get this book done, or my
publisher will have my head.
                       DR. GRAVES
Okay! But, if you want to talk
some more let me know. You have my
Yes, I do. I'll see you around.
Cory gets up from the table. He waves his hand bye at the
waitress. She waves back, and Cory leaves the cafe.

Cory walks over to his SUV and drives away.
Cory is still typing. He pulls a page from the typewriter
and sits it on a pile that he has on the desk next to him.
He then puts his head on the desk and begins to fall asleep.
Suddenly a brisk wind from nowhere blows the papers all over
the floor. Cory quickly awakes and reaches for the papers.
What's going on? Did I leave
something open?


He then gets up and picks up the pages from off the floor.
He puts them back on the desk and walks towards the window.
He then pushes down on the window to make sure it is closed.
                       CORY (CONT)
Man! There is some crazy shit
going on around here. (Looks at
the clock)
The clock on the table shows one o'clock in the morning.
Cory then sits back down at his desk and begins to read what
he has written.
      (talking to
A waitress leaves her stressful
job, and heads for her car, to go
home. She hears a noise that
frightens her. She rushes to her
car, unlocks the door, and gets
in. As she locks her door, she
hears a noise coming from the back
seat. When she turns around, she
is beheaded. The killer then hangs
her head from the rear view
                       CORY (CONT.)
      (shaking his head)
Good damn thing that this is just
a book. (looks at the clock) I
better get some sleep.
Cory reaches under the desk and grabs a metal box. He puts
the pages that he has written inside the box, and locks it.
He then takes the box, and puts it up into his ceiling in
his bedroom, and puts the key in his pocket. He then falls
face first on the bed and falls asleep.
As a stiff breeze blows the leaves outside the cabin, a
shadow appears over Cody's body as he lays asleep. He wakes
up when he hears a loud crash outside of the cabin. He jumps
out of bed, and walks towards the front door. He opens the
door and looks outside.


Fucking raccoons. Stay the hell
out of my trash.
He shakes his head and goes back into the house.
                       CORY (CONT.)
Man! I must be losing it, or I was
dreaming. (looks at the clock)
FUCK! I got to get this thing
He then sits down at the typewriter and starts typing. A
camera shows the clock, and it is at 11 A.M. then again at 5
P.M. Then it shows Cory typing, and then the clock again
saying 12:20 A.M. Cory pulls the last page out of the
                       CORY (CONT.)
Finally finished. Thank God. (he
looks at the clock) Damn! How time
flies when your having fun.
(laughs) Yeah right.
Cory picks up the phone and calls his publisher.
Brian is half asleep. He rolls over and picks up the phone.
                       CORY (O.S.)
Hey sleepy head, get up.
Cory! Do you know what fucking
time it is?
                       CORY (O.S.)
I'm done Brian. I finished the
story. Get your ass up here before
the storm hits. I'm going to call


You told me next week. I can't get
off at the drop of a hat. I don't
keep the hours you do. I'll be up
next week.
                       CORY (O.S.)
Alright! But make sure you bring
plenty of booze when you come up.
We're going to celebrate another
great writing effort by yours
Your modesty is overwhelming. I'll
see you next week. Bye.
                       CORY (O.S.)
Okay. Get some beauty sleep. You
need it. Bye.
Cory hangs up the phone, He walks over to the desk and puts
the papers into the medal box, puts them back into the
ceiling in his bedroom. He then hears a slam from up in the
loft of his cabin.
                       CORY (CONT.)
What the hell is going on around
He walk up the steps to the loft and sees that the window is
                       CORY (CONT.)
I am losing my mind. I think I'll
go see the shrink tomorrow and see
what he thinks. Right now, I'm
going back to bed.
Cory walks back down the steps and into the bedroom. He
climbs into bed and falls asleep.

The sun is shining in Cory's face and wakes him up. He
reaches over and turns on the radio.
                       NEWSCASTER ON THE RADIO (O.S.)
Well, I would enjoy this day
because we are looking at possibly
the worst storm of the year. Snow


                       NEWSCASTER ON THE RADIO (cont'd)
should start falling late Friday,
and could dump at least a foot of
snow on us by the time it stops
early Sunday morning.
Great! I better get into town to
see the doc before then.
Cory gets up and walks into the bathroom.


As Cory pulls up in front of the doctor's office he sees
people rushing back and forth to and from the store.
      (talking to
Nothing like a good snow storm to
send everybody into a panic. You
think they would be used to it by
Cory gets out of his SUV and walks into the doctor's office.
When he enters the waiting room he sees that there is nobody
there. He walks up to the receptionist.
                       CORY (CONT.)
Is the doctor in?
Yes sir, he is. Do you have an
      (looks around the
An appointment! There's nobody
Sir! Regardless of how many people
are here, you still need an


The doctor opens the door and sees Cory.
                       DR. GRAVES
      (surprised look on
I see you took my advice and came
to see me.(waves his hand at his
receptionist) It's okay Ms.Jenkins
this is Cory Hart.
The novelist? I love your work.
I been getting a lot of that
                       DR. GRAVES
      (waves his hand)
Come on in Cory. It's been slow
today. Everybody is getting ready
for the storm. They don't have
time for their personal problems
That's messed up. Oh well, better
for me.
                       DR. GRAVES
Come in and sit down, or would you
rather lay down?
I'll sit, thank you.
The doctor picks up a pen and notepad.
                       DR. GRAVES
Ok Cory. Tell me what's going on?
Cory sits down in the chair.
I'm starting to think that I have
been at this too long.
                       DR. GRAVES
Why would you say that?


Because I am hearing all kinds of
                       DR. GRAVES
What kind of shit? (smiles)
Noises, Windows slamming, Crashing
noises, but when I go to look, the
windows are all locked and there
is nothing broken. I can't figure
it out.
                       DR. GRAVES
I wouldn't worry about it Cory.
Have you finished your book yet?
Yeah! I just finished it late last
                       DR. GRAVES
I really believe that it was the
stress of the deadline that has
your nerves sending you mixed
Mixed signals? Whats that?
                       DR. GRAVES
Do you remember when we were
having lunch and I said that a
normal person can become a serial
killer in a (snaps his fingers)
snap of a finger.
Yeah, but what does that has to do
with what I'm going through?
                       DR. GRAVES
A lot. You see stress can cause
the mind to do a lot of different
things. Like for example, hearing
noises that are not there. And in
the worst case just having enough,
and going out and killing someone.
Doc. That's a little extreme.
Don't you think?


                       DR. GRAVES
Not really. But in your case I
really think that since you are
finished the book and the stress
is off of you, you probably won't
hear anymore of these noices.
I hope so doc.
                       DR. GRAVES
Do you ski Cory?
Yeah! I love to ski. My girlfriend
and I are always going-whenever
she can get the time off.
                       DR. GRAVES
That's what I suggest. Go skiing.
Relax, and all your worries should
disappear. Trust me.
The receptionist knocks on the door and opens the door.
Doctor. Mr. Sparks is here.
                       DR. GRAVES
Thank you Ms. Jenkins. I'll be
right with him.
Cory gets up from the chair and reaches out his hand to
shake the doctors hand.
Thanks doc. I really appreciate
you seeing me at this short of a
notice. Just send me the bill. You
know I'm good for it. After all
you know where I live. (laughs)
                       DR. GRAVES
Don't worry about it Cory. This
ones on me. Do what I told you and
go do some skiing. You should feel
a lot better.
Thanks again doc.
Cory leaves the doctors office and walks to the receptionist
desk. He looks around and still see nobody in the office.


                       CORY (CONT.)
I thought the doctor had another
He does. He is already in the
Don't mind me my paranoia must be
setting in. I think I better take
the doc's advice and go do some
skiing. I'll see ya.
Mr. Hall if it's not a bother, can
I have your autograph?
Sure! (signs his autograph) Always
glad to give an autograph to a
fan. (hands it to her along with
the pen) Here you go.
Thank you very much. Take care of
Cory leaves the office. When he gets outside, he looks at
the overcast sky. He then gets into his SUV and drives away.
With a light snow falling, the waitress exits the cafe and
heads across the street. When she feels eyes watching her,
she turns quickly and sees nobody. Feeling relieved, she
starts walking faster towards her car. She stops and looks
      (scared voice)
Who's there? I know somebody is
The waitress unlocks her car door and gets into her car. As
she starts the car, she hears a noise coming from the back
seat. She slowly turns around to look in the back seat.


What the hell? (screams)AHHHHHHHH!
A stream of blood hits the front windshield from the inside.

Cory walks into the living room and turns on the TV. He then
walks toward the kitchen.
                       NEWSCASTER ON TV (O.S)
We have some breaking news. A
woman was found beheaded in her
car by police early this morning.
There are no suspects at this
time. We will keep you updated on
this situation as they occur.
Cory stops and walks back into the living room and sits down
in front of the TV.
      (talking to
That's outside the cafe in town.
What crazy fucker would do such a
The phone rings. Cory gets up and answers the phone.
Hi baby. How's it going? Miss me?
Not good. A woman was just
murdered in town. The news says
she was beheaded in her car.
Oh my God! Who would do such a
Some sick fucker. I hope they
catch whoever did this and fry


The newscaster on TV then come backs on, and Cory sits back
on the sofa with phone in his hand.
                       NEWSCASTER ON TV (O,S)
We have more on the brutal
beheading of a woman here in
Hang on Melissa. The news has more
on the murder.
Cory takes the phone from his ear and watches the TV.
                       NEWSCASTER ON TV
We are with office Dan Gladden of
the Winter Park police department.
Officer Gladden is there anything
you can tell us about this murder?
                       OFFICER GLADDEN
From what we have gathered here at
the crime scene, it looks like the
woman was beheaded and her head
was hung from the rear view
mirror. Also a sheet of typed
paper was found with the body
describing exactly how the murder
took place.
Cory then drops the phone on the floor. Melissa is calling
for Cory from the phone on the floor.
                       MELISSA (O.S.)
Cory! Cory! What's going on? Are
you there?
My God this is not possible.
He reaches down and picks up the phone.
                       CORY (CONT.)
I'm here. Melissa, this is not
What is not possible? What the
hell are you talking about?


The way this woman was killed. It
is exactly how I have it in my
It can't be. Can it?
NO! Nobody has even seen the book
except me, and I didn't kill her.
What the hell is going on around
here. I need to find out what is
going on. I'll call you back.
Cory hangs up the phone and grabs his keys and rushes out
the door.

A large gathering of people are being held back by crime
scene tape. The police trying to keep the peace.
                       POLICE OFFICER
      (loud voice)
Let's move it. Clear the area.
Everything is going to be fine.
Please clear out.
Cory pulls up in his SUV. He gets out and heads towards the
crime scene when he is stopped by a police officer.
                       POLICE OFFICER (CONT.)
Where do you think you are going?
Who's in charge? I need to speak
to who is in charge of this case.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Are you family or something?
No! But I might know something
about this case. Who's in charge?
                       POLICE OFFICER
That would be Detective Spencer.
Stay here and I will get him for
you. Don't move from here.


The police officer walks up to the detective that is leaning
over the beheaded body.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Detective! I have a man over here
that says he thinks he knows
something about this murder.
                       DET. SPENCER
A witness? Or what?
                       POLICE OFFICER
I don't know.. He just said that
he might know something about this
The detective gets up and walks to where a frantic Cory is
impatiently waiting.
                       DET. SPENCER
This officer said that you might
know something about this murder.
      (frantic voice)
Yes! I mean I think so. Is there
somewhere we can talk in private.
                       DET. SPENCER
Look! I don't have to play around
here son. Just tell me what you
Okay! They said that there was a
sheet of paper describing the
murder found with the body. Is
that true?
                       DET. SPENCER
Yes it is. Why?
Can I see it? It is very
                       DET. SPENCER
Wait here and I'll see if they
processed it yet. Don't move from
this spot.
The detective grabs the police officer by the arm and leads
him away from Cory.


                       DET. SPENCER
Don't let this guy out of your
sight. He's very nervous about
something. I don't like it.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Sure thing. I'll make sure he
doesn't move from that spot.
The detective walks away and the police officer walks back
over to Cory.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Settle down there son. Detective
Spencer will be right back.
Cory notices a pack of cigarettes in the officer top pocket.
The officer sees Cory looking at his cigarette's.
                       POLICE OFFICER (CONT.)
Do you need a smoke? (pulls
cigarettes out of his pocket)
Yes please! I left mine in my
                       POLICE OFFICER
Here you go. (hands him a
Thank you very much.
As the police officer is lighting Cory's cigarette the
detective approaches them with the piece of paper inside of
a clear baggie.
                       DET. SPENCER
Is this what you wanted to see?
Yes! (grabs the baggie from the
detective and looks at it) This is
                       DET. SPENCER
What are you talking about? What's
Please detective. Is there
somewhere we can talk privately?


                       DET. SPENCER
Okay! Come on. We can go over to
my car.
Cory and the detective walk over to the detective's car and
get in.
                       DET. SPENCER
This better be good. I hope you're
not jerking me around because I
will bust your ass.
No! No! I'm not jerking you
around. My name is Cory Hall. I am
a famous murder mystery writer and
I have just finished a new novel
called "Murder By The Book".
                       DET. SPENCER
What does this have to do with
this murder?
I'm trying to tell you that. The
new book I wrote describes this
murder exactly as this page says.
Matter of fact, it is the same,
word for word.
                       DET. SPENCER
That's fucking great. Now I got
some sick bastard killing people
the same way he reads in some
murder novel.
No! You don't understand. I just
finished the novel the other day.
Nobody has ever seen the book. It
is not out yet. I'm the only one
who has seen it.
                       DET. SPENCER
So your telling me that you did
this. (pulls his gun and holds it
up to Cory's face)
I'm not telling you any such
thing. I didn't do this.


                       DET. SPENCER
Let me get this straight. You said
that this piece of paper is
written exactly as the one that is
in your novel, a book that has not
been seen by anybody but you. Is
that what your trying to tell me?
Look! I know it sounds weird, but
I did not kill anyone. Do you
think that I would be sitting here
telling you this if I killed that
girl? What do you take me for a
fucking idiot?
The detective gets out of the car and walks around to Cory's
side of the car. He leans into the car to talk to Cory.
                       DET. SPENCER
Here's what I need you to do. Go
home and get some rest. Bring your
book in tomorrow and we will try
to figure this out. Ok!
Sure! Whatever you say Detective.
Cory gets out of the detective's car and walks away as the
detective watches him leave. When he out of sight, the
detective waves to the police officer to come over to see
                       POLICE OFFICER
Is everything alright detective?
Do you need any help?
                       DET. SPENCER
I want you follow that guy. See
where he goes and who he sees.
Report back to me later tonight.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Yes sir!
The police officer walks away and gets into his car and
drives away. Detective Spencer then walks back to the crime
                       DET. SPENCER
Keep me updated on what they find.
I will be back at the station.


                       POLICE OFFICER
Yes sir! What about the press? Do
you want to tell them anything?
                       DET. SPENCER
No! Don't tell them anything right
now. Not until we are sure.
The detective gets into his car and drives away.

A SUV pulls up in front of Cory's cabin. A blond,beautiful
woman gets out and walks toward the front door of the cabin.
Cory! Are you here? (knocks on the
door) Cory! Where are you?
She opens the door only to find the cabin empty. She enters
and looks around.
                       MELISSA (CONT.)
Cory! Where are you?
When the door slams she turns around only to find a Cory
standing in the doorway.
Cory! You scared the shit out of
me. What's going on? After I
talked to you I caught the first
flight out. Are you ok?
I'm fine! But there is some weird
shit going on around here.
What do you mean by weird?
It's a long story. I really don't
feel comfortable about you being
here. I want you get the first
flight out of here as soon as
I'm not going anywhere until you
tell me what is going on?


Okay! But if I tell you. Will you
please go back home?
Yes! But you are coming with me.
Melissa! I can't leave here! I
have to be at the police station
first thing in the morning. If I
don't show up they will think that
I killed that girl.
The waitress! What do yo have to
do with her murder?
It seems that there was a piece of
typed paper found at the crime
scene, describing exactly how the
murder was committed.
And what does that has to do with
The page was written exactly as
the one in my new book.
How is that possible? Has anyone
seen the book?
NO! Nobody except me has seen that
book. That's what makes this so
weird. I don't want you here.
Please! Go home.
I'll make a deal with you. I will
go with you to the station
tomorrow and when you are
finished, we are leaving here.
And what if they arrest me for
this murder? That will leave you
vulnerable to whoever is doing


They are not going to arrest you
for something that you didn't do.
Besides, if they thought you were
guilty would they have let you
just walk away.
They didn't just let me walk away.
Take a look out the window. They
have somebody watching me.
Melissa walks over the window and slightly opens the curtain
to look out. He sees a shadow of a car in the distance.
What are we going to do? I'm
Don't be afraid! Who is to say
that whoever is doing this even
wants to do harm to us. Look! We
have a cop outside. We should be
perfectly safe. Lets get some
sleep and get this over with
Cory takes Melissa by the hand and the two go into the

Detective Spencer is talking to a fellow officer when sees
Cory and Melissa walking toward him. He approaches them.
                       DET. SPENCER
I'm glad you could make it.
Did I have a choice?


                       DET. SPENCER
Look! This shouldn't take long.
Come with me and tell me
everything you know.
Cory and the detective walk toward the interrogation room
with Melissa following behind. The detective stops and turns
to Melissa.
                       DET. SPENCER
Ma-am! You will have to wait out
here. We won't be long.
Melissa stops and looks over at Cory with a worried face.
      (waves his head)
It's ok! I won't be long.
                       DET. SPENCER
Just have a seat over there. Would
you like some coffee or something?
No thank you.
Cory and the detective enter a room while Melissa slowly
sits in a chair across the room.
                       DET. SPENCER
Ok Mr. Hall! Lets start from the
beginning. Please sit down.
Cory sits down across from the detective.
I just finished a book called
"Murder by the Book" in which
people are murdered just like the
novelist latest work.
                       DET. SPENCER
And what makes you think that this
case has something to do with your
The piece of paper you found at
the crime scene. Look! (reaches
into a box, opens it, and pulls


                       CORY (cont'd)
out a stack of papers). The page
you have mathches this page here.
The detective reaches over and looks at the page. He looks
at it and then compares it the piece of evidence that he
                       DET. SPENCER
Sit tight. I'll be right back.
The detective gets up from his chair and leaves the room. He
is met by his captain.
What's the deal with this guy?
                       DET. SPENCER
Take a look at this..
What's this?
                       DET. SPENCER
The evidence from the waitresses
murder and a sheet written by this
guy for his new book.
The detective hands the captain the two pieces of paper. The
captain closely looks at the two pieces of paper.
What do we have a celebrity in our
                       DET. SPENCER
Yeah! Cory Hall.
The novelist! I have read all this
guys shit. So this is what he
looks like.
                       DET. SPENCER
You mean you have never seen the
guy before?
Very few people have. He never
puts his picture in any of his
books, he never does interview's.
Some people were beginning to


                       CAPTAIN (cont'd)
think that this guy never existed.
                       DET. SPENCER
What do you want me to do?
Let me have a talk with him.
                       DET. SPENCER
Be my guest.
The captain and the detective enter the room. Cory lifts his
head up from the table.
Mr. Hall. I am Captain Weldon. You
care to tell me what happened?
Well! I told your detective that I
have just finished a new book
called "Murder By The Book".
That's a very strange title. What
is it about?
It's about a man who goes out and
kills people, in as many different
ways as possible.
The detective showed me this page
that was found with the body of
our victim, and a page, written by
you for your book. Would you say
thats right?
That's correct. Only, the book was
locked up at my cabin. I always
lock my work up in a strong box
until I take it to my publisher.
Then he is the only one to see it
before it is put into print.
Is this that box?


      (reaches inside of
       the box)
And these are the pages from the
book that you just finished?
Mr. Hall. You realize that his
makes it look like you did this?
Captain! I know what it looks
like. But, I'm no killer. I write
this sick shit because it makes me
money, but I don't have the balls
to do anything like this.
The captain looks over at Detective Spencer.
Mark! Can I see you for a second.
                       DET. SPENCER
Detective Spencer gets up from the table and leaves the room
with the captain. When they get into the other room. The
captain turns and stares through the two way window for a
few seconds.
                       DET. SPENCER
What do you want to do captain?
With the little bit of evidence we
have, we could only hold him for
24 hours, the most. I just don't
know about this guy. I think he
knows more than he's telling us.
Tell him that we are going to hold
him because he is under suspicion
of murder.
                       DET. SPENCER
Whatever you say, captain.
Detective Spencer leaves the room. He enters the room where
Cory is waiting impatiently.


Are you finished with me
                       DET. SPENCER
I'm afraid not Mr. Hall. You are
under arrest for suspicion of
murder. You have the right to
remain silent.
But, I didn't kill anybody. You're
making a mistake.
Detective Spencer handcuffs Cory and leads him out of the

Melissa sees Cory being taken from the interrogation room in
handcuffs. She runs toward him.
What are you doing? He hasn't done
anything wrong.
                       DET. SPENCER
I'm sorry but based on what we
have, we have to detain Mr. Hall
on suspicion of murder.
This is insane. Cory! What should
I do?
Call Sam. Tell him what is going
on. See if he can get here as soon
as possible. If that storm hits I
could be here forever.
Ok! I going now. I love you.
Melissa hugs and kisses Cory. He then is taken away by a
female officer who takes him from Detective Spencer.



                       FEMALE OFFICER
Time to go Mr. Hall. We will let
you know when your attorney gets
Cory and the officer leave the room as Melissa and detective
Spencer look on.

Melissa is leaving the police station and has her back
turned when she is approached by Doctor Graves.
                       DR. GRAVES
Do you know what is going on? I
heard they arrested somebody for
the murder of that poor waitress.
Melissa turns around and sees Dr. Graves.
Dr. Graves!
                       DR. GRAVES
Melissa! It's good to see you
again. You're here for Cory?
Good to see you again too Doctor.
Yes! I am here for Cory. After all
he is my fiance.
                       DR. GRAVES
Fiance! I guess congratulations is
in order.
That you. Why are you here?
                       DR. GRAVES
I am his doctor-well, sort of. He
has been coming to see me off and
Cory has been seeing you! What


                       DR. GRAVES
He has been under a lot of stress,
trying to get his book done in
time. You understand.
Yes I do. So! You've talked to
Cory? Do you really think that he
is capable of doing something like
                       DR. GRAVES
Like I said. I haven't been seeing
him for that long-only a couple of
talks with him. I see a kind,
gentle man.
See! I know I'm right. I know that
Cory didn't do this.
                       DR. GRAVES
Melissa. I have been a doctor for
over 20 years, and one thing I do
know is that even the most timid
people can kill-like that. (snaps
his fingers) Some of the sickest
serial killers could pass
themselves off as model citizens
and nobody even knew that deep
inside there was a sickness. It
takes hold of them and makes them
do stuff like this.
I know Cory. He is not a sick
person. He just writes that sick
                       DR. GRAVES
We never really know anybody,
Melissa, no matter how well we
think we know them. That's just
how it is. I have never been able
to figure it out. If I knew I
would win the Nobel Peace Prize.
I have to go meet up with Cory's
attorney. It was nice to see you
again, doctor.


                       DR. GRAVES
You take care. I'm sure whoever
did this will be caught. You be
very careful though. If they do
have the wrong man, it means that
this sick bastard is still out
Thank you for your concern Andrew.
I will be careful. Bye now.
Melissa gets in her SUV and drives away while the doctor
just stares.

Two guys and a girl have just turned in their rented ski's
and they begin to walk toward their rooms when one of the
guys stop.
      (reaching in his
       back pocket)
Damn! I forgot my wallet.
What did you do? You dumb ass. Go
back and get it. You probably left
it at the ski shop. Do you want us
to go back with you?
No! You two go ahead. Don't start
without me.
We'll try not to but I think it
might be tough. (kisses John)
See you back at the room dude.
John and Jamie walk away and Brad walks toward the ski shop.
He walks up the walkway to the shop and grabs for the door


      (turns the knob)
Don't fucking tell me that there
is nobody here. Hey! (bangs on the
door) Hey! Is there anybody in
Brad turns quickly as hears footsteps in the snow. He see a
figure in the shadow's.
Do you work here? I left my wallet
here and I really need it. Can you
help me?
I have your wallet right here.
Come and get it.
As Brad takes a step towards the shadowy figure, it walks
away into the bushes.
Look! Do have my wallet or are you
just fucking with me?
Brad walks into the bushes when he sees the figure walking
towards the ski lift.
Hey! Where you going? Wait up.
Brad starts to run through the snow for about 25 feet then
stops to see nobody there. He slowly turns around. He then
hears the ski lift start up. He walks up to the base of the
ski lift and stops. He again turns around slowly.
                       BRAD (CONT.)
Alright, enough is enough. Where
are you? If you're fucking with
me, I'm going to kick your ass.
Brad hears a noise and looks back only to have a rope in a
noose dropped around his neck and pulled tight. He tries to
untie the rope. As he struggles, he again hears the ski lift
start up. He again tries to untie the rope around his neck,
but he is dragged across the snowy pathway. He desperately
fights to free himself. As he gasps for air, the ski lift
elevates him into the night. The ski lift stops, leaving
Brad dangling from the lift in the moonlight.



Mass confusion as the paramedics are wheeling a covered body
across the snowy pathway. A car approaches, and Detective
Spencer gets out and walks towards the crime scene. He is
approached by Officer Gladden.
                       DET. SPENCER
What do we have here Dan?
                       OFFICER GLADDEN
I thought we had this sick
                       DET. SPENCER
We do? What are you talking about?
                       OFFICER GLADDEN
This! (hands the detective a baggy
with a piece of paper in it)
                       DET. SPENCER
Damn! What happened?
                       OFFICER GLADDEN
This boy was attached to the ski
lift, and hung a hundred feet in
the air until he was dead. That's
what happened.
The detective looks down at the piece of paper in the
                       DET. SPENCER
      (looks up)
Are they done with this? I would
like to borrow this for a while.
                       OFFICER GLADDEN
Yeah! They're done with it.
                       DET. SPENCER
Do we have any idea who the kid
                       OFFICER GLADDEN
At this time, no. Do you want to
look at the body?
                       DET. SPENCER
Let's take a look.


The detective and the officer walk over to where the body is
covered up on a stretcher. As they are looking at the body
they hear a scream. They turn around to see John holding
Jamie in his arms because she has passed out.
That's Brad. Please tell me that's
not Brad.
                       DET. SPENCER
You know this guy? Come over here.
(yells at officer holding back the
crowd) Let him through.Get that
girl some help.
The police officer lifts the crime tape and lets John
through. He walks toward the detective.
                       DET. SPENCER
I must remind you that this is not
going to be easy.
I'm ok. Let me see.
The detective lifts the cover exposing Brad's face. John
covers his mouth and quickly turns away.
                       DET. SPENCER
Is this your friend?
Yes! It's Brad. His name is Brad
Gilbert. He was my best friend. I
am so sorry Brad. We should have
gone with you.
                       DET. SPENCER
What do you mean? We should have
gone with you.
He left his wallet in the ski
store and went back to get it.
Jamie and I wanted to go with him,
but he said that he would go by
himself. I never would believe
something like this would happen.
Detective! Who did this?


                       DET. SPENCER
(covers Brads face up) I wish I
knew, but I will find out. I
promise you that.
The detective starts to walk away when he is stopped by
Officer Gladden.
                       OFFICER GLADDEN
Where you going, Mark?
                       DET. SPENCER
To have a talk with Mr. Hall.
                       OFFICER GLADDEN
You mean the guy you have in lock
                       DET. SPENCER
Yeah! Keep me updated from around
here. I'll see you later.
The detective gets into his car and drives away.

Cory is sitting in his cell when the detective walks up and
looks down at him.
                       DET. SPENCER
      (hand him the
       piece of paper)
Do you know anything about this?
      (looks up and
       takes the paper)
Where did you get this?
                       DET. SPENCER
Off of a body that was hung from a
ski lift at the resort.
I should know it. I wrote it. I
guess I killed that kid too.


                       DET. SPENCER
Not unless your Houdini. Now I am
confused. How can this be
I wish I knew. But I will never
know by being in here. Let me out,
and I will help you find who is
doing this. (stands up) What do
you have to lose? People are dying
whether I am in here or out there.
Look! I know the book. If somebody
is copying the book we can head
them off before they can kill
somebody else.
                       DET. SPENCER
I'll see what I can do. But if you
are behind this, I will kill you
You might not have to.
                       DET. SPENCER
Because the last victim before the
killer heads off into the night is
the writer. Me.
                       DET. SPENCER
Well unless your put a gun to your
head and kill yourself, I'll have
to trust you.
Let's put it this way. I would
rather die by natural causes.
                       DET. SPENCER
I can understand that. I'll be
back. I'll talk to the judge and
see if he will let you out in my
(puts his hand on detectives
shoulder) Thank you for believing


                       DET. SPENCER
I just hope I'm not making the
biggest mistake of my life.
You're not. We will find out who
is doing this.
The detective leaves the cell and Cory sits down in a chair
and puts his head in his hands.

A car pulls up in front of the cabin. A man gets out and
walks towards the front door. As he grabs for the door knob
the door swings open suddenly and Melissa is standing in
front of him.
      (hugs him)
Sam! I am so glad to see you. You
would not believe what is going on
around here.
Well, why don't we go inside and
you can tell me all about it.
Sam and Melissa enter the cabin and close the door behind
                       SAM (CONT.)
Okay! What is this about Cory
killing somebody?
There was a murder here in town,
and when Cory went to tell the
detective that the murder was
exactly like in his new novel, he
arrested him.
Melissa! Calm down. What do you
mean that this is like in Cory's
story. I didn't know he even
finished it. When did this happen?


He finished it a couple of days
ago. After that this murder
Your still not telling me what the
book has to do with the murder or
with Cory getting arrested.
There was a page from Cory's book
attached to the body. When he
tried to explain that nobody has
ever seen the book, he thought
that Cory was confessing, and
arrested him.
Melissa! I can see why. That is
not a story you are going to hear
everyday. I mean, if you were the
detective, what would you think?
I guess it does sound a little
Let's try more than a little
strange. Where is he?
They are holding him at the jail.
I'll take you there.
Just as Melissa puts on her coat and heads for the door. The
door swings open and Cory and the detective are standing
Are you looking for me?
      (hugs him)
How did you get out?
Detective Spencer got me out. It
seems there was another murder
last night while I was locked up,
and I convinced the detective that
I would help him find out who is


                       CORY (cont'd)
doing this.
Thank you detective.
                       DET. SPENCER
Don't thank me yet. He was allowed
out in my custody. So for now on I
will be sticking with you like
What is this about the book?
                       DET. SPENCER
And you are?
Sam Richards. I am Cory's
                       DET. SPENCER
Well if you must know, Mr.
Richards. Cory feels that the
murderer is following the book,
and if we read ahead of time we
may be able to stop the next
Sound like it's worth a try.
Let's see what we can come up
Cory and the detective sit down at the table and begin to
look at the book.
                       CORY (CONT.)
Look at page 15 and page 30. It is
exactly like the pages you have
from the murder scenes.
                       DET. SPENCER
How in the hell do you know what
pages they are?
I wrote the story detective.
Besides, I have a photographic


The phone rings and Melissa picks it up.
Hello! (pauses) Hello! Is there
anybody there?
Melissa hangs up the phone.
Who is it Liss?
Nobody. Whoever it was must have
had the wrong number.
                       DET. SPENCER
      (pages through the
This is amazing. The pages you
told me where right. Pages 15 and
I told you. Turn to page 45, that
is where the next murder takes
                       DET. SPENCER
      (turns the pages)
Here we go. It seems our killer is
getting more and more sicker.
Detective would like something to
drink? It looks like you are going
to be here awhile.
                       DET. SPENCER
Yes, please. I'll have some coffee
if you have some made.
Won't take me long to make some,
I'll be right back.
Melissa walks into the kitchen. The detective's phone rings.
                       DET. SPENCER
Spencer! When? (pauses) I'll be
right there. (hangs up the phone)
What's wrong?


                       DET. SPENCER
It seems that I have a problem at
Nothing serious, I hope.
                       DET. SPENCER
No! Not really. My wife. She's not
very handy around the house.
What are you going to do with me?
Do you want me to go with you?
                       DET. SPENCER
No! I don't see any trouble you
can get into here with the two of
them. Stay here and try to figure
out our next move. I will see you
Cory walks the detective to the door.
Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. Good
                       DET. SPENCER
Thanks! I'll need it.
Cory closes the door after the detective leaves. He then
sits down on the sofa.
What the hell is going on around
here? Please tell me you didn't do
I can't believe you just asked me
that. How long have you known me?
All of a sudden you ask me that.
I'm sorry. This is just a fucked
up situation here-not something
that happens every day.
Don't I know it. Look! I am
exhausted. I just want to get some
sleep in a real bed. You can sleep


                       CORY (cont'd)
on the sofa. Is that alright?
Sure! No problem.
Cory walks towards to the bedroom. He stops and turns
Hey Sam! Thanks for rushing up
here for me. I really appreciate
it. I owe you one.
If I had a dollar for every time
you said that you owed me one, I
would be a rich man. No problem,
that's what you pay me for.
Tell Liss I'm going to bed.
Sure. Goodnight. Get some rest.
I'll try.
Cory closes the bedroom door. Sam lays back on the sofa.
Melissa enters the room.
What happened to everybody?
The detective got a call from home
and Cory went to bed.
He left Cory here?
Yeah, He figured, how much trouble
could Cory get into with the both
of us here?
I guess he's right.


Cory is sleeping in his bed. A shadow suddenly appears next
to the bed.

Officer Gladden is sitting in his police car drinking coffee
when he see a figure in the distance. Because of the
darkness of the night, he cannot tell who it is. He sits his
coffee cup on the dash and exits his car. Standing by the
open car door he calls out to the shadowing figure.
                       OFFICER GLADDEN
Who is that? Come closer so I can
see you.
As Officer Gladden steps in front of his car a bottle breaks
in front of him that was thrown by the figure in the
                       OFFICER GLADDEN (CONT.)
A real smart ass huh! Alright lets
go. Your going in for littering
and intent to injure a police
As Officer Gladden approaches the shadowy figure it runs
into the woods. Officer Gladden runs into the woods and
stops. He looks around to see only darkness.
                       OFFICER GLADDEN (CONT.)
Fucking smart ass. I'll never find
him out here in the dark.
Officer Gladden walks from the woods and reenters his car
where he grabs for his coffee cup, which is now on the
console next to the driver seat.
                       OFFICER GLADDEN (CONT.)
Huh! That's odd. I thought I put
that cup on the dash. I must be
working to fucking hard, I'm
misplacing things.
He grabs his cup of coffee and begins to drink it. He then
drops the cup and grabs for his throat. As he is gasping for
air, blood begins to flow out of his nose and eyes. As he
removes his hand from his throat, the skin is melting around
his neck. His head then falls forward on the steering wheel
setting off the horn. The car is sitting in the distance
with the horn blowing.


The phone rings and Cory struggles to answer it. As he rolls
over and grabs the phone he knocks a vase to the floor
breaking it in pieces.
      (looks down at the
Shit! (picks up the phone) Hello!
                       DET. SPENCER (O.S.)
Do you know where the old road is
that leads into town?
Good morning to you too.
                       DET. SPENCER (O.S.)
Do you know where it is, or what?
Yeah! I know where it is. Why?
What happened?
                       DET. SPENCER (O.S.)
Get you ass out here. You need to
see this.
Oh God! Don't tell me. Another
murder. Who is it this time?
                       DET. SPENCER (O.S.)
Just get out here as fast as you
I'm on my way. Give me about a
half hour.
Cory hangs up the cordless phone and throws it on the bed.
He then picks his clothes off the chair, and begins to put
them on. Melissa comes into the room.
Who was on the phone?


It's happened again hon. That was
Spencer. He said for me to meet
him on the old road outside of
I'm going with you.
No! You stay here! I will call you
when I hear something. Stay Here!
ALRIGHT! But please be
careful.(kisses Cory) I love you.
I love you too. I will be alright.
I'll call you.
Cory grabs his keys and runs out of the cabin, gets into his
SUV, and drives away. Melissa watches from the doorway of
the cabin.

As Cory is driving up he sees the paramedics and police cars
surrounding a taped off area. He exits his car and is
approached by Detective Spencer.
                       DET. SPENCER
Well! It looks like our killer
struck again. You are not going to
believe this.
What happened? Who is it?
                       DET. SPENCER
It's what is left of Dan Gladden.
Take a look.
The detective pulls the cover off of the face of the dead
body of Officer Gladden exposing his melted bloody face and
skin melted neck.
Acid! (looks at the detective) Is
there a cup around here somewhere.


                       DET. SPENCER
Yeah! There is a coffee cup that
the forensic people have. Did you
say acid? How do you know that?
Page 60 of the book. The killer
puts a type of acid that is not
detectable in a policeman's
coffee. When he drank it, this is
what happened.
                       DET. SPENCER
What do you mean page 60? what the
hell happened to the pages between
45 and 60?
It seems that whoever is doing
this is not exactly following the
book. He or she knows what we are
up to, and decided to change
things around.
                       DET. SPENCER
Are you fucking kidding me? How
could he or she know what we are
up to. There are only about five
people that even know what we are
up to.
I guess that makes one of us the
killer and it wasn't me. I was at
home sleeping. I have witnesses to
prove it. That only leaves you.
                       DET. SPENCER
Me! Are you crazy? What motive
would I have to kill these people?
The sick mind doesn't need a
                       DET. SPENCER
I can assure you that it is not
me. Do you think I did this?
Honestly! No! I don't think you
did this, but who did?


The detective is approached by the paramedic.
Can we take the body now
                       DET. SPENCER
Yes. Go ahead.
The paramedic takes the body and puts it into the ambulance.
Now what do we do?
                       DET. SPENCER
We go back to the book. I need to
know how and where everyone of the
remaining murders take place. How
many more murder are left?
Including me. FOUR!
                       DET. SPENCER
Then we better get our asses
moving on this. How long before
the next murder is supposed to
take place?
If my memory serves me correctly,
we have at least two days.
                       DET. SPENCER
Great! Just fucking great! Go back
to the cabin, and I will meet you
there in about a hour.
Ok! Fine, I'll see you there.
The detective gets into his car and drives away. Cory gets
into his SUV and remembers something.
      (talking to
Damn! I better go into town and
get some coffee and some other
shit. It looks like a long night.
As Cory is driving into town he sees the detective going
into the doctor's office.


      (talking to
I guess even the cops have to see
a shrink from time to time.
Cory pulls up in front of the store. As he gets out of his
SUV and starts to enter the store. he feels the eyes of the
town on him. The store clerk meets him at the door.
                       STORE CLERK
Don't pay any attention to them.
They are afraid of their own
And you're not afraid of me?
                       STORE CLERK
Hell no! I don't think you
murdered anybody. You're too nice
of a person to do something as
sick as that.
Even though I write those sick
                       STORE CLERK
We all have to make a living. Now
get in here and tell me what you
The store clerk enters the store with Cory following close
behind him.
I saw Detective Spencer going into
the doc's office. Is he a patient
or something?
                       STORE CLERK
Everybody has a problem of some
sort. I don't know what we would
do without the doc.
I guess your right.
As Cory starts to shop, the store clerk stares out the
window, and sees the detective leaving the doctors office.


                       STORE CLERK
Everybody has their own problems.
Cory walks up to the counter and sees the clerk staring out
the window.
She must be something.
                       STORE CLERK
      (turns around to
       face Cory)
Whoever you're staring at, do I
know her?
                       STORE CLERK
Huh! Oh, no. She's new in town. Is
that all you need?
Cory looks down at his watch.
Shit! I got to go. Will you put
this on my bill, and I will be in
tomorrow to pay you?
                       STORE CLERK
Sure! Go ahead. I'll see you
Thanks! I'll take care of you.
Cory grabs his bags and leaves the store. As he is getting
into his SUV, he sees the store clerk staring out the window
again. He is then approached by the doctor.
                       DR. GRAVES
Hey! I heard you were in a little
trouble. Everything alright now?
Yeah! Everything is fine. Just a
little mix up.
                       DR. GRAVES
Well. I'm glad to hear that. It is
just terrible as to what is
happening here.


Yes it is. I just hope they catch
whoever did this before he kills
                       DR. GRAVES
I hope so too. You know if you
want to talk, my door is always
Maybe I'll be by tomorrow. I do
have a few things I would like to
get off my chest.
                       DR. GRAVES
That's what I'm here for. I'll
look for you tomorrow.
I'll see you then.
Cory backs up and drives away. The doctor turns around and
sees the store clerk looking out the window. Noticing that
the doctor has seen him, he moves from the window. The
doctor then walks away.

The store clerk is in the back when he hears the bell on the
front door ring. He enters the room but sees no one there.
                       STORE CLERK
Is there anybody there. Hello!
(looks around) I guess not.
He then walks to the front door, pulls the shade down, and
locks the door. He then looks up at the wall by the front
door and notices that the axe is missing.
                       STORE CLERK
Damn! Don't tell me that someone
came in and stole the fucking axe.
That's just great.
He then hears a noise in the back room. He walks toward the
back room. As he enters the room, he still hears noises.


                       STORE CLERK (CONT.)
Alright! Who is there? Come on
Just as he walks toward the boxes in the corner, a cat jumps
down from the boxes and scares him. He bends down to pick up
the cat.
                       STORE CLERK (CONT.)
You little son of a bitch. You
scared the hell out of me. Wait a
minute, you couldn't have opened
the door.
As he turns around, he is hit in the head with the axe. He
drops the cat and falls to the floor in a puddle of blood.
As he is lying there you hear the bell ring as if the front
door is being opened.

Cory, Melissa, and Sam are sitting around the table when
they hear a knock on the door. Melissa gets up and answers
the door. The detective is at the door.
Hi! We didn't think that you were
ever going to get here.
                       DET. SPENCER
I am so sorry. Things got so crazy
at home, that it took longer than
I thought.
Everything taken care of at home?
                       DET. SPENCER
Yeah it's fine. Okay! Have you
been able to figure anything out?
The only thing that we figure is
that it could only be four other
people beside me.
                       DET. SPENCER
And they are?


A doctor, the girlfriend, and a
store clerk.
                       DET. SPENCER
You never said anything about a
store clerk being killed.
You never asked until now.
                       DET. SPENCER
The comforting thing is that you
and Melissa are here. That leaves
the doctor and the store clerk.
You better get somebody over to
the doctor's house, his office, to
the clerks house, and the store,
right away.
                       DET. SPENCER
How do we know he will even strike
again tonight. I thought he wasn't
supposed to strike again for
another two days.
Detective! The killer changed the
order of the murders. What makes
you think he or she will stay on
the timetable set in the book.
                       DET. SPENCER
Good point. I'll get some people
over to those places right away.
Just as reaches for his phone, it rings. He answers it.
                       DET. SPENCER
Spencer! (pauses) Are you fucking
kidding me? When? (pauses) I'll be
right there. (closes his cell
Not again. Who?
                       STORE CLERK
Jim Wiley, the store clerk.


Don't tell me, he was killed with
an axe to his head.
                       DET. SPENCER
Exactly! (walks to the door but
stops) Are you coming?
I'm right behind you. Sam, keep a
eye on Melissa until I get back.
Don't let anybody in.
Sure! I'll lock up behind you.
Call me to tell us what happened.
I will. I'll see you later.
Sam closes and locks the door after Cory and the detective
leave. He leans back on the door and shakes his head.

Cory and the detective enter the store. A police officer
approaches them.
                       POLICE OFFICER
He's in the back room. You are not
going to believe this.
                       DET. SPENCER
You're probably right. People
don't get killed with a axe
                       POLICE OFFICER
How did you know that? I never
told you how he was killed.
                       DET. SPENCER
Lets just say I'm a psychic and
leave it at that. Okay!
                       POLICE OFFICER
Sure! Whatever you say.
Cory and the detective walk into the back room where the
body is lying. The detective puts on rubber gloves. He then


reaches down to pick up the sheet of paper left behind by
the killer.
                       DET. SPENCER
      (holds up the
       piece of paper)
Where have we seen this before?
It's from the book.
                       DET. SPENCER
      (looking around)
Anybody who fucking doesn't belong
in here, get the hell out. NOW!
      (puts his hand on
       the detectives
Calm down. It's not there fault.
                       DET. SPENCER
      (angry voice)
Your going to tell me to calm
down. I got a man here on the
floor with axe through his head,
and a psycho out there brutally
murdering people. You want me to
calm down.
Come on. Lets get some air.
The detective and Cory walk outside, The detective lights up
a cigarette.
                       DET. SPENCER
Back to smoking again. That's
fucking great.
Your losing your grip. Step back
and look at what we have to do
                       DET. SPENCER
What are you talking about?
Alright! We have established that
whoever is doing this, is no
longer going by the book. As for
the timetable, they are killing


                       CORY (cont'd)
the same as the book. We need to
regroup and protect the people
that we have left.
                       DET. SPENCER
You're right. We need to look out
for ourselves now. I'm going to
the station, put my report in, and
I will meet you back at your
Ok! I'll see you later.
The detective gets into his car and drives away. Cory turns
around to find the doctor standing behind him.
                       DR. GRAVES
I think Mark should get into
another line of work. This job is
killing him.
He's just worried with all these
killings going on, and some
problems he has with his family at
                       DR. GRAVES
What kind of problems can he have
at home. Monica and the kids have
been away for a month now.
What did you say?
                       DR. GRAVES
Mark's wife and kids are at his
mother in-law's. They have been
there for about a month now.
How do you know that?
                       DR. GRAVES
He told me. Why?
No reason. I must have
misunderstood him. I got to run.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.


                       DR. GRAVES
My office, say, about ten?
That's sounds great. I really need
somebody to talk to. Ten sounds
Cory gets into his SUV and drives away as the doctor

Cory is sitting outside of the police station waiting for
the detective to come out.
      (talking to
Come on. Where are you? Family
problems my ass.
The detective comes out and gets into his car. As he drives
away a truck pulls out in front of Cory who slams on his
      (bangs his hand on
(yelling) Come on! Get the hell
out of the way.
The truck pulls out of the way and Cory drives to the end of
the block and stops. He looks left then right.
                       CORY (CONT.)
Fuck! I better get back to the
As Cory turns left and drives away, a car pulls up and
stops. It is the detective's car. He then turns right and
drives away.

As a light snow falls a shadow appears on the front porch of
Cory's cabin. Just as the shadow reaches the front door, a


set of headlights appear in the dark of the night. Cory
drives up in his SUV.
      (opens the door)
Where the hell have you been? I
have been trying to call you. Is
your cell phone off?
No! The battery must have gone
dead. What did I tell you about
opening the door?
I saw you coming. What's wrong?
Nothing! Where's Melissa?
She's in the kitchen. What
Another dead body, that's what!
Who keeps doing this?
I think I'm starting to get a good
Melissa enters the room from the kitchen with a pot of
coffee in her hand.
I am so glad that you're back. I
was so worried about you. Who are
you talking about when you said
you had a good idea who's doing
Do you remember when the detective
said he had to leave because he
was having some family problems at
Yeah! So what?


I found out that his family is not
even in town. His wife and kids
have been at his mother-in-laws
for almost a month.
Why would he lie? My God! Do you
think that he is doing this?
It sure as hell doesn't make me
think that he didn't.
Cory walks over to his desk and pulls out a gun from the top
What are doing? Where did you get
I want to be prepared, just in
case this guy is our killer. I
will keep it out of sight.
Cory pulls up his shirt and puts the gun in the back of his
pants. He then pulls his shirt down to cover it.
I hope you're wrong.
So do I.
They hear a car pull up outside. Cory walks over to the
window and looks out. He then goes and opens the door.
                       DET. SPENCER
I'm sorry. I had to finish my
report. It took longer than I
thought it would.
Never mind, let's get started.
The detective walks over to the table and puts his cell
phone down on it.
                       DET. SPENCER
Can I use your bathroom?


      (points at the
Sure! Right through there. It's on
the left.
When the detective leaves the room his cell phone rings.
Cory walks over and picks it up.
                       BARBARA (O.S.)
Is Mark there?
Yes he is. Who is this?
                       BARBARA (O.S.)
This is wife Barbara. Who is this?
This is Cory. He is in the
bathroom, I'll go get him.
                       BARBARA (O.S.)
So you are Cory. Mark was telling
me about you yesterday when he was
here at the house.
You have been there?
                       BARBARA (O.S.)
Where else would I be?
Didn't you go to your mothers with
the kids?
                       BARBARA (O.S.)
Cory! My mother has been dead for
two years.
Barbara! I am so sorry. I must
have misunderstood. Please forgive
                       BARBARA (O.S.)
That's quite alright. Just tell
Mark to call me to let me know if
he's ok.


I'll tell him. Goodbye.
Cory slowly closes the cell phone and sits it back on the
table. The detective then walks into the room.
                       DET. SPENCER
Did I hear my phone?
Yeah! I picked it up. I hope you
don't mind. I thought it might be
                       DET. SPENCER
No! I usually don't leave it lying
around. Who was it?
It was your wife Barbara. She said
for you to call her later to let
her know that you are alright.
                       DET. SPENCER
She worries so much. I'll call her
later. Let's get down to business.
Have you figured out where our
killer strikes next?
Well! With you, Melissa, and me
here. That only leaves the doc.
                       DET. SPENCER
I already put a cop outside of the
doc's house and his office. So if
you two stay together, you should
be alright.
What are you going to do?
                       DET. SPENCER
After I leave here, I'm going to
go back to the station and see if
the forensics came back in from
the store.
Then we better get working on this


As the clock shows 10:15. The detective, Cory, Melissa and
Sam at the table looking over the pages of the book. The
clock then shows 3:30.
                       DET. SPENCER
      (gets up from the
So we are all clear on what we
have to do?
Yeah! Melissa and I are to stay
together, and you will have
somebody look out for the doc.
                       DET. SPENCER
      (looks at his
Damn! I didn't realize what time
it was. I better get home before
my wife has a fit. I'll see you
all tomorrow.
Ok detective. Be careful.
                       DET. SPENCER
I will. Cory! Come make sure this
door is locked behind me.
I will.
Cory walks the detective to the door. He lets him out and
locks the door.
I don't know about you two, but I
am bushed. I am going to bed.
Me to, let's go. Goodnight Sam.
Goodnight you two. I think I'll
just lay here on the sofa for
As Sam is lying on the sofa, a shadow again appears outside
of the cabin.



Cory and Melissa pull up in front of the doctor's office.
Cory gets out, looks around, and sees no police cars around.
Melissa! Look around. I thought
the detective said he was going to
have a car watching the doc's
I don't think this sicko is going
to kill the doc right in broad
I guess your right. I shouldn't be
long. I just need to talk to the
doc about a couple of things.
Are you ok?
Yeah! I'm fine. He helps me with
the stress. Just talking to him
helps. I always seem to feel so
much better after I talk to him.
Whatever you want. I'll wait in
the waiting room.
Cory and Melissa enter the doctor's waiting room and again
Cory sees that it is empty, except for his receptionist.
Good morning Mr Hall. Nice to see
you again. How are you doing?
I am fine Ms. Jenkins. Is the doc
in. I was supposed to meet him at
He called and said that he was on
his way, and if you came in to
tell you to go into his office and
make yourself comfortable.


Thank you very much.
I am going to run across the
street to the clothes shop. I'll
be alright. Go ahead.
Cory goes into the doctor's office and walks over to the
window and looks out. As he turns around he sees a book
about hypnosis on his desk. He sees a piece of paper
sticking out from between the pages. He then opens the book
and begins to read.
      (talking to
Once you have your patient totally
focused on you, you can actually
hypnotize him or her at the snap
of your fingers.
Cory lifts his head from the book and starts to remember
about what the doctor said the first time they had lunch
                       DR. GRAVES
      (chewing his food)
Let me fill you in on a little
fact. Everyone has it in them to
kill. It's our primal instinct.
You can be the calmest person in
the world one minute and like
that-(snaps his fingers) be a
serial killer. It has never been
explained why people kill. Some of
the biggest serial killers in our
history passed themselves off as
upstanding citizens, but yet
something drove them to kill-time
and time again. I could never
figure that one out.
No! It can't be.
The doctor walks into the room and sees Cory at his desk.


                       DR. GRAVES
Hi Cory! Sorry I'm late. I see
that you are looking at hypnosis
book. I have been reading about it
lately. It's rather fascinating.
You should read it.
I'm sure it is.
                       DR. GRAVES
I see that Jim Wiley was murdered
last night. What is going on
around here? People are dropping
all over the place.
Look! I am going to be honest with
you. You quite possibly will be
the next target for this sicko.
                       DR. GRAVES
Do you know something that the
rest of us don't?
Yes I do! This sicko is following
the book that I recently wrote to
the tee.
                       DR. GRAVES
So your telling me that the way
these people are dying is the way
you wrote it in the book. That is
kinda sick, don't you think? But
what makes you think that he or
she will come after me?
Because it is in the book that you
get killed. The police and I are
trying to keep that from
                       DR. GRAVES
Wait a minute! This isn't the book
that you just finished, is it?
Yes it is.


                       DR. GRAVES
But you told me that the book
wasn't due out for another month.
Did somebody get hold of it?
No! No one has seen it, except for
The doctor begins to back away from Cory and slowly starts
toward the door.
                       DR. GRAVES
I hate to say this, but that would
make you the killer, wouldn't it?
Relax Doc! The police thought the
same way and arrested me. But when
I was in jail, the killings
continued. So they had nothing to
hold me on. I have decided to help
the police find out who is doing
                       DR. GRAVES
Hold on a second! I have heard
something like this happening
before. Now where is that book?
The doctors begins to look through his books on his shelves.
                       DR. GRAVES
      (holds up the book)
Here it is! Take a look at this.
What is it?
                       DR. GRAVES
Something like this happened
around here about 30 years ago.
Where is your cabin located?
Up on the north side of the
mountain. Why?
                       DR. GRAVES
How long have you lived there?


I bought it about 2 years ago, but
this is only the second time I
have been here. Why?
                       DR. GRAVES
Brian sold it to you cheap. Didn't
You know Brian?
                       DR. GRAVES
Yeah! Let's say I know Brian very
well. He was one of my patients.
He never told me that. I wonder
how come.
                       DR. GRAVES
Not everybody wants people to know
that they are seeing a shrink.
I guess you're right.
                       DR. GRAVES
Anyway! That cabin was built on an
old Indian grave site that some
people say is possessed.
I'm aware of that. But come on
doc. You don't put stock in all
that possession stuff. Do you?
                       DR. GRAVES
Cory! I am a man of science. But,
even I can't explain some of the
things that happen in this world.
Do you think that the spirits are
possessing the book itself-
causing these things to happen.
                       DR. GRAVES
I know it sounds weird. But the
last guy who lived there, all of a
sudden went crazy and started
killing people. Didn't the
detective tell you that?


No! He didn't. He was here when
this all happened.
                       DR. GRAVES
He was the one who made the
arrest. The man's name was Simon
Brooks. And get this, he also was
a writer of murder mysteries.
Brian told me about this. He kill
himself when he was in the psycho
                       DR. GRAVES
That's what they reported but I
know somebody who worked at that
hospital. He told me that they
could never explain how he died.
They said he was strangled, but
the autopsy showed that the
handprint on his neck was his own.
How the fuck do you strangle
yourself with your own hands?
                       DR. GRAVES
Exactly! Since this guy had killed
all these people and was no longer
a threat to anyone, the police
swept it under the rug and hoped
that it would just go away. But
now, the question is, did it go
away, or is it happening all over
I don't know, but I am going to
find out. Doc, can we cut this
short? There are some things that
I want to check into.
                       DR. GRAVES
Sure! Do you want to take this
with you? (hands him the book)
Yeah! Thank you. I will talk to
you later.


                       DR. GRAVES
Be careful. If this is true,
nobody is safe.
Cory leaves the office and runs into Melissa as she is
coming out of a clothes shop-across the street-from the
doctors office.
      (scared look on
       her face)
What's wrong? You look white as a
You are not going to believe what
the doctor just told me. Come on!
Where are we going?
We are going to see detective
Cory and Melissa are driving in the truck. Cory looks over
at Melissa. He hands her the book.
What is this?
Read it! This is fucking amazing.
Melissa begins to read the book. She then stops, puts the
book down, and looks over at Cory.
Do you think that this is what is
happening here?
I don't know. I didn't think much
about it until Brian mentioned it
one day. It would explain
everything, how the murders
continued when I was in jail, and
why there are never any clues
except the pages at each crime


Brian knew about this. Was this
before of after he sold you this
I don't know. Why? Does it really
matter at this time?
At this point. Until we figure
this out. Everything matters.
Do you know that Brian was seeing
Dr. Graves?
Yeah! I knew it. He told me the
day you decided to come up here
and finish this book.
How come you never told me?
You had enough on your mind, with
trying to finish the book, among
other things. I just didn't think
it was that important.
Cory pulls up in front of Detective Spencer's house.
You never told me why we're going
to see detective spencer?
He was the one who arrested this
guy. I want to know why he didn't
tell us about this.
Cory gets out of the truck.

As Cory and Melissa are walking toward the detective's
house. He comes out and sees Cory approaching him.


                       DET. SPENCER
Did I miss something? What are you
doing here?
Do you care to explain this?
(hands him the book)
                       DET. SPENCER
Where did you get this?
Never mind! Why didn't you tell us
about this?
                       DET. SPENCER
Tell you about what? Some guy who
goes crazy and kills people. Look
around in the world, if you
haven't noticed, it is happening
Not when the guy used to live in
my cabin. What about the land
being possessed? What do you know
about that?
                       DET. SPENCER
They say it's a burial ground, but
actually it where Brooks actually
killed some Indians that were
living on that land. He then built
the cabin over where he buried
So you don't think that the book
could be possessed like this
Brooks guy?
                       DET. SPENCER
Is that what you are getting at?
Jesus Christ Cory! Don't you think
your reaching a little, here? The
way I see it is that the sick
bastards conscience got to him and
he killed himself.
With his own hands? I don't buy
that. I just don't think you're
telling me everyting.


                       DET. SPENCER
I'm telling you everything I know.
I was told to close the case after
they found him dead. So I did!
Who told you to close the case,
and why?
                       DET. SPENCER
I got the word from the captain,
who got it from his boss. He no
longer saw a threat to the people
of this town so we closed it.
For now!
To me detective it sounds like to
much of a coincidence
We sure as hell can't rule out any
                       DET. SPENCER
Lets get out of the paranormal and
get back to reality. Okay!
I am not ruling out shit. Are you
going to have somebody keep an eye
on the doc, tonight?
                       DET. SPENCER
I already have it taken care of.
Now, the both of you get back to
the cabin and stay there. I'll be
in touch.
Cory drives away as the detective watches.

Cory is sitting on the sofa in front of the fireplace
reading the book that the doctor had given him. The phone
rings. Cory gets up from the sofa and answers the phone.


                       VOICE ON PHONE (O.S.)
Detective Spencer has gotten to
close, so I had to kill him. You
will find him at the park at the
end of town.
Who is this? Hello! Hello!
Cory hangs up the phone. Melissa and Sam enter the room.
Who is on the phone?
I don't know. But whoever it was
he said that Detective Spencer is
dead and at the park in town.
Did you call the police?
No! I'm going to check it out. You
stay with Melissa.
Are you fucking crazy? That is
what this psycho wants you to do.
Call the police Cory.
Stay with Melissa, Sam. And do not
call the police. Do you hear me?
Yeah! I hear you. Take your gun.
You might need it.
      (shows Sam the gun)
I already have it. I'll be back.
Be careful.
Cory rushes out the door. Melissa enters the room.
Where is Cory going?


He got a call from somebody saying
that Detective Spencer is dead,
and his body is at the park on the
end of town. He went to find out
for himself.
Has he lost his mind? I am going
after him.
Sam grabs Melissa's arm when she starts towards the front
You are not going anywhere! Cory
said to stay here, and here is
where we are going to stay.
His life could be in danger. At
least call the police. Tell them
where he is.
He told me not to. He said he
would take care of it.
And how is he supposed to do that
if he's dead?
He knows what he is doing. He took
his gun with him. He said that he
would call the police. Let's just
wait for him to call.
Sam turns his back and begins to walk away. Melissa picks up
a vase and hits Sam on the head knocking him unconscious.
      (looking down at
I'm sorry Sam. But, I just can't
sit by and watch the man I love be
killed. I have to do something.
Melissa grabs her keys and runs out the front door leaving
Sam lying on the floor.



Cory pulls up at the front of the park. He keeps his lights
on and exits the SUV. He slowly walks into the park. He then
pulls his gun out, and walks further into the park. He hears
a noise in the bushes. He slowly walks towards the bushes
and bum is pissing on a tree.
What the fuck are looking at? (the
bum walks away) Can't even take a
piss in private anymore.
Cory then disappears into the park as another SUV pulls up
in front of the park. Melissa gets out and walks into the

Cory approaches an old house. As he stops and looks inside
of the broken window, his phone rings. He quickly reaches
into his pocket and answers the phone.
      (angry soft voice)
Cory! It's Sam. Melissa is out
looking for you. Where are you?
I told you not to let her out.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I couldn't help it. She hit me in
the head with a vase when I had my
back turned toward her. That woman
has a hell of a mean streak in
her. I'm afraid she is heading to
the park.
She hit you with a vase? Look! I
am at the park and I don't see
her. I will go back to the
entrance and try to meet up with


Any sign of detective Spencer?
No! Nothing yet. I will have to
get back to finding him later. I
have to look for Melissa right
now. I'll call you when I find
her.(hangs up his phone)
Cory turns around and heads back toward the front of the

Melissa walks up to a set of old swings. She sits down on
one of the swings. She then starts to slightly swing back
and forth. She then hears glass breaking. She slowly walks
towards where she heard the noise. Just as she reaches the
point of where the noise is coming from, she is grabbed by
the mouth from behind.
                       DET. SPENCER
      (soft voice)
Are you trying to get yourself
Melissa pulls away and quickly turns around to see detective
Spencer standing in front of her.
      (soft voice)
What are you doing here? You are
supposed to be dead.
                       DET. SPENCER
What are you talking about? Are
you here because of Cory?
I'm here because he got a phone
call saying that you were here,
                       DET. SPENCER
That's strange. I got the same
phone call saying that it was Cory
that was here dead.
                       CORY (O.S)
Don't you see what is happening


Cory walks out from the bushes.
                       DET. SPENCER
No! Care to explain.
What a better way than to get me
out here.
                       DET. SPENCER
But how would they know that
Melissa would follow you.
I don't know.
Look! As far as I can see, all
three of us are still alive so I
say let's get the hell out of
I agree. Let's go.
As the three walk away a strong wind blows, and a shadow
appears in the darkness.

Sam is lying on the sofa with ice pack on his head when
Cory, Melissa and Detective Spencer enter the cabin.
      (gets up slowly
       from the sofa)
God! I am so glad to see you
      (holds Sam's head
       against her chest)
Sam! I am so sorry I hit you. I
don't know what I was thinking.
Will you ever forgive me?
I would say I will think about it,
but every time I try to think, it
makes my head hurt worse.


I think I should take you in to
see the doc. You may have a
Don't be ridiculous. I am fine.
What happened? Was anybody there?
                       DET. SPENCER
No! Nobody. I just can't think of
why somebody would go through the
trouble of getting Cory and myself
I still think somebody was trying
to get both of us at the same
Kill both of you at the same time?
That's not in the book. Is it?
No! It's not. The last murders are
done by the way of a hit and run
car accident, someone getting shot
in the head, one getting a sword
through the heart, and one getting
bashed in the head with a baseball
                       DET. SPENCER
If we stick together we should be
Cory's cell phone rings. He answers it.
                       DR. GRAVES (O.S.)
Cory! This is doctor Graves. There
is somebody outside of my office.
Is Mark Spencer there?
It's doc Graves. He wants to talk
to you. (hands him the phone)
                       DET. SPENCER
Andrew! What's the problem?


                       DR. GRAVES (O.S)
There is somebody trying to get
into my house.
                       DET. SPENCER
Don't worry Andrew. There is a
officer outside. Just in case, I
am on my way. Sit tight.
The detective hangs up the phone and hands it back to Cory.
                       DET. SPENCER (CONT.)
The doc could be in trouble. I am
going over there.
We're going with you. You said
that we should all stick together.
                       DET. SPENCER
Alright! But stay out of the way.
It could get dangerous.
I am going to sit tight here. It
seems that I am the only who is
not in any danger here.
                       DET. SPENCER
Good idea. We don't want to put
you any unnecessary danger if we
don't have to.
Cory turns around and looks at Melissa. She puts her hand up
in Cory's face.
Don't even think about it! I'm
going and that's final.
Okay! But stay close. I would
never forgive myself if anything
happened to you.
I'll be fine. Come on.
The three leave the cabin.



A police car sits alone on a cold dark street. A man
approaches the police car as the officer is having a cup of
coffee. He spills his coffee when he is startled by a knock
on the window.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Shit! (wiping the coffee off his
He looks over and rolls down his window to find Detective
Spencer there.
                       DET. SPENCER
Come with me! The doctor called me
and said that there is somebody
trying to get into his house.
                       POLICE OFFICER
That's impossible. There hasn't
been nobody even close to this
house the whole time I have been
                       DET. SPENCER
He just called me! Let's go.
The police officer exits his car and he and the detective
head towards the house. When they get to the door the doctor
opens it up.
                       DR. GRAVES
Mark! What are you doing here?
                       DET. SPENCER
What are you talking about? You
called me!
                       DR. GRAVES
Mark! I never called you.
                       DET. SPENCER
I just talked to you about 15
minutes ago.
                       DR. GRAVES
I don't know who you talked to but
it wasn't me.
Cory and Melissa get out of the police car walk toward the
house. Cory is walking ahead of Melissa, She drops her keys
and bends down to pick them up.


Go ahead! I'll catch up to you.
As Cory walks away he hears a car screech it's wheels. He
stops and turns around to see a speeding car heading toward
      (screaming at her)
The car then hits Melissa and keeps on going. Cory runs over
and picks up Melissa's bloody head.
Doctor Graves, the detective, and the police officer all
come running over to where Cory is holding Melissa.
                       DR. GRAVES
I will get my bag. Keep her calm.
I'll be right back.
The doctor runs back into the house. The detective reaches
over and grabs Cory by the shoulder.
                       DET. SPENCER
Cory! Put her head down.
Detective Spencer dial's his cell phone.
                       DET. SPENCER
I need a paramedic at Dr. Graves
house. There has been a hit and
Detective Spencer hangs up the phone. He then reaches down
toward Cory.
                       DET. SPENCER
Cory! Let the doc look at her!
The doctor runs up and kneels down besides Melissa's body.
He reaches over and checks for a pulse. He then slowly looks
up at Cory.


                       DR. GRAVES
I have a faint pulse. Did you call
the paramedics?
                       DET. SPENCER
There on their way.
Sounds of sirens approaching fill the chilly night. A
paramedic pulls up and two men exit the truck and rush over
to Melissa'a body.
                       DR. GRAVES
It looks like a serious head
injury. Have them do a Cat Scan on
her head as soon as she gets
there. Mr. Hall and I, will be
going with her.
The paramedics put Melissa's on a gurney and put her in the
back of the ambulance. The detective and Cory get in the
back, and the ambulance drives away.

Cory, Doctor Graves, and Detective Spencer are sitting in
the waiting room. A doctor enters the room. Cory jumps out
of his chair and approaches the doctor.
Doc! How is she? This is all my
Get a hold of yourself, Mr. Hall.
Melissa has a severe concussion.
                       DET. SPENCER
Is she going to be okay?
Besides some nasty headaches. She
is going to be fine. But we are
going to keep her for another 24
hours, just in case.
Thank you doctor. Can I see her?


Not right now. We had to keep her
up all night so she wouldn't
possibly slip into a coma. She
just fell asleep.
I won't wake her. I just want to
be with her.
Very well. Right this way.
Cory turns to Dr. Graves and Detective Spencer.
I will meet up with you later.
                       DR. GRAVES
Sure! Take your time. Give her our
Dr. Graves turns to Detective Spencer.
                       DR. GRAVES
Now what?
                       DET. SPENCER
The one thing that we have learned
that we can't let our guard down-
not for one second.
                       DR. GRAVES
The first fucking thing you need
to figure out is who called you,
and said they were me.
                       DET. SPENCER
Whoever it was sounded exactly
like you.
                       DR. GRAVES
My phone! That's where we'll
start. There must have been a
number on your phone from where
the call was from.
Dr. Graves pulls out his phone and begins to flip through
the recent call numbers.
                       DR. GRAVES (CONT.)
Here it is! Shit! Unknown sender.
So much for that. Got any ideas?


                       DET. SPENCER
I'm going to call the cell phone
company, and have them check their
records. They will know who made
that call.
                       DR. GRAVES
In the meantime, I'm going back to
my office. Let me know if you find
out anything.
                       DET. SPENCER
I will let you know if I find
anything out.
Dr. Graves walks away as the detective makes a call from his
cell phone.

A groggy Melissa rolls over and sees Cory sitting next to
her. She cracks a slight smile.
      (groggy voice)
It didn't get me.
      (finger on her
Shhhhhhhhhh! Don't talk. Just
We have to stop it. We have to
stop it.
I will stop whoever did this. You
are going home. I am not going to
let anything else happen to you.
No! No! You need me here to stop
it. Please! don't send me away.
We won't talk about this now. Get
some rest and we will talk about
it when you get out.


      (falling asleep)
Okay! Okay! Okay!
Melissa falls asleep as Cory sits back in his chair. He
thinks for a second and quickly gets up and leaves the room.

Doctor Graves is sitting in his chair when he hears a knock
on his door. He gets up and walks through his waiting room
and answers the door. He sees Cory standing there.
                       DR. GRAVES
Cory! Come in.
Cory enters the room. Dr. Graves closes the door and
approaches Cory.
                       DR. GRAVES
How is Melissa doing?
She is still a little groggy but
she is going to be fine.
The two men enter Dr. Graves office.
                       DR. GRAVES
Sit down Cory! Do you want a
Sure! What do you have? I could
use a shot right now.
                       DR. GRAVES
I think I have what your looking
Doctor Graves opens a cabinet and pulls out a bottle of Jack
                       DR. GRAVES (CONT.)
How's this?
Absolutely! Make it a double.


                       DR. GRAVES
      (pours a drink)
Tell me Cory, how long have you
known Melissa?
Melissa and I have been together
for over a year. She is a
wonderful woman.
                       DR. GRAVES
Good women are very hard to find
these days. I should know. I have
been married 3 times.
                       DR. GRAVES
No! all 3 died. I got to the point
to where I thought that I was a
jinx with women.
You! Believing in jinx's doc?
                       DR. GRAVES
I'm human, not dead Cory. Just
because I'm a shrink that doesn't
make me immune to my own problems.
The doctor hands Cory a shot of whiskey. He downs it quickly
and hands the glass back to the doctor.
Can I get another one of those?
                       DR. GRAVES
You should be keeping your head
clear. Remember we are all targets
Good point doc, I really need to
try to put this together.
                       DR. GRAVES
We have to find out who is doing
this, for Melissa's sake, and all
those people that have been


I guess you're right. The question
is where do we go from here? It
seems like we are always one step
                       DR. GRAVES
Did you check into that
information that I gave you?
I talked to Spencer about that and
he kinda avoided the issue. Saying
that there was never any proof. I
don't know what to believe. I have
to say, I have never been a
believer in the supernatural.
                       DR. GRAVES
I just know that there is more
here than what we know about.
Wait a minute! If this was
supernatural, wouldn't you think
that the best thing to do is
destroy the book?
                       DR. GRAVES
If the book is actually possessed
then I would think that would
work. Or it could backfire.
What do you mean, backfire?
                       DR. GRAVES
Maybe it can't be stopped until it
has completed what it was set out
to do. (shakes his head) I don't
know. Maybe I am just reaching
Cory's cell phone rings. He answers it.
                       DET. SPENCER (O.S)
Where are you?


I'm at the doc's office. Did you
find out anything?
                       DR. GRAVES (O.S.)
Cory! Get out of there. The call
was made from the doc's phone.
Okay! I'm outta here.
Cory hangs up the phone and hands the glass back to the
That's Spencer, He wants to see
me. Thanks for the drink doc. I
will let you know what we come up
                       DET. SPENCER
Shouldn't I come with you?
No! He said you will be safer here
with the police officer outside.
                       DR. GRAVES
Alright. Let me know when you hear
I will. I'll see you later.
Cory walks out the door. The doctor then picks up his phone
and makes a call.

Cory walks into the police headquarters and sees the
detective sitting at his desk. Just as he approaches him
Cory's phone rings.
      (answers the phone)


                       BRIAN (O.S.)
Where the hell have you been? Do
you know how hard you are to track
There has been a lot of shit going
on here, right now.
                       BRIAN (O.S.)
Yeah! So i see. It is plastered
all over the paper and TV here.
What is going on there?
It is a long story. Whatever you
do stay where you are. Don't come
up here. It's to dangerous.
                       BRIAN (O.S.)
What about the book? The deadline
is tomorrow. You need to get back
here right away.
There isn't going to be any book.
                       BRIAN (O.S.)
Your fucking with me. Right!
No! I'm not. Brian! The book is
center of all these killings.
                       BRIAN (O.S.)
Slow down Cory. Your losing me
here. What does the book have to
do with those murders?
The murders here are taking place
exactly as I wrote them in the
                       BRIAN (O.S.)
How is that possible. You never
show your work to anyone until it
published. Did somebody steal it?
No! That's the strange part.
Nobody has seen it except me.


                       BRIAN (O.S.)
What is somebody reading your mind
or something or are you talking in
your sleep?
Cory stops and thinks for a second.

Cory goes into the doctor's office and walks over to the
window and looks out. As he turns around he sees a book
about hypnosis on his file cabinet. He sees a piece of paper
sticking out from between the pages. He then opens the book
and begins to read

                       BRIAN (O.S.)
Cory! Cory! Are you there?
Yeah! I'm here. Look! Stay where
you are. I will get back to you.
                       BRIAN (O.S.)
Cory! Where is Melissa? I tried to
call her and got her machine
saying that she was coming up
there with you.
Brian! Melissa is in the hospital.
She was hit by a car. She was
lucky, she only got a concussion
out of it.I 'm sending her home
with Sam tomorrow.
                       BRIAN (O.S.)
Oh my God! What is Sam doing
there? You need to tell me what
the hell is going on?
I don't have the time to go into
this with you. Just stay put and I
will get back to you. In the
meantime. I want you to meet
Melissa's plane tomorrow, it
should be in around 10 pm.
                       BRIAN (O.S.)
Alright! Be careful.


Cory hangs up the phone.
                       DET. SPENCER
Who was that?
My publisher. He is calling me
from New York. I was supposed to
be back there with the book.
                       DET. SPENCER
You know that you are still a
suspect and can't leave here.
I thought as much. What were you
telling me about the docs phone?
                       DET. SPENCER
It seems that the call that we
supposedly got from the doc, did
come from his phone.
Why would he lie? Unless!
                       DET. SPENCER
Yeah! Unless he has something to
hide. If you think about it. He
has been the only one who hasn't
been around us when the murders
have taken place. But that doesn't
answer the question of how does he
know whats in the book?
I think I do. Hypnosis. If he
hypnotized me to tell him about
the book.
                       DET. SPENCER
What makes you think that Andrew
is into hypnosis?
He had a book in his office that
he was reading on how to hypnotize
                       DET. SPENCER
That doesn't mean that he would
actually try it on someone, would


One day we had lunch together. We
had a very strange conversation
about how the calmest people can
become serial killers at the snap
of a finger.
                       DET. SPENCER
Not your usual lunchtime talk, but
how does this tie in with him
being the killer?
When I was in in his office and
saw the book, it was marked at a
page where it read that you can
actually hypnotize someone by just
snaping your fingers.
                       DET. SPENCER
Are you saying that you think that
he hypnotized you?
Why not? It seems more than a