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by Michael V. Simmons (michaelvsimmons@bellsouth.net)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

After suicides climb to ten percent of the population a company called ATC is given a contract to take care of the victims. Absolutionists or Ab-agents are sent to every possible suicide to determine if foul play's involved and their decisions are final. Dr. Kirum Lambert is training a new Ab-Agent, Elicia Mangum, when things go very wrong and they are drawn into a web of conspiracy and deception. The ATC might be responsible for millions of deaths and two of its agents seek the truth despite great peril to their families, career and maybe even their lives.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Inside Rev. Plackard's home a thirteen year old boy JOSEPH
CRANDLE is painting a demon on the wall. REVEREND CHARLES
EDWARD PLACKARD is sweating profusely. He stares at a
cross-blade and shakes his head no.

Joseph writes an 'M' and starts to write an 'i' next to the
picture of the demon. He turns to see the reverend on a step
ladder in the middle of the room with a noose around his
      (Running to the
The Kirian blade!
He looks around and finds the blade.
                       REVEREND PLACKARD.
He won't let me. He's too
The reverend kicks the step ladder from under himself and
hangs from the ceiling. Joseph puts the step ladder back and
climbs up with the blade.
      (Raising the blade
       over his head.)
I have to Reverend Plackard.
He lunges at the reverend's left eye with the blade. The
reverend kicks the step ladder out from under him and he
falls to the floor.

(A car pulls up.) Joseph jumps up and looks out the window.
He grabs the blade and leaves out the back door.
                                         ROLL CREDITS.
The van is black with a "Star of David" and the letters ATC
painted in gold on both side panels. DR.KIRUM LAMBERT(Late
thirties white male with a hint of gray. A distinguished but


tired look) is sitting on a bench that runs the length of
the rear of the van. Across from him is DR.ELICIA
MANGUM(Late twenties white female. Her hair and clothes
undermine her natural beauty by design) She's reading a file
on her laptop. The first page reads, Charles Edward
Plackard: Case # 49592037 USA.
      (Looking at
At first I read every word of
their files. I guess I felt
obligated. That was back when a
car could go over thirty five
miles per hour.
What were those Ab's like?
Type C's?
She nods yes.
Messy. My first 'Absolution' was a
head on collision. We called 'em
'Carakazees'. When there's both a
crime and a suicide it's
impossible to work with the local
Elicia starts reading again then stops abruptly.
He gives her a hard stare.
      (A little nervous.)
Kirum. I don't think I'm ready to
pronounce an "Absolute".
He pauses and thinks for a second.
Kirum. The 'Absolute'.
      (Snapping out of
You were ready a week ago.


Now she's nervous.
Welcome to my world Elicia.
                                         SUICIDE SCENE.
Their van pulls beside two police cars and parks. The light
mood of two officers, one of them OFFICER JOHN MAYHEW(Ealry
thirties black male) changes as they watch Kirum and Elicia
exit the van and walk past them and into Rev. Plackard's
DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON(50's white male who walks with a
silver cane) approaches them as Elicia takes pictures of the
potential crime scene. There are ritualistic symbols, in
addition to the demon, painted on the walls and the
reverend's body looks like the centerpiece of it all.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
      (With sarcasm.)
Sorry to interrupt your busy
schedules but we're in a hurry.
And keep my crime scene clean.
      (Calm but firm.)
If you want us here faster vote to
have our governors removed. And
you don't have a crime scene until
we say.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
      (Sly grin.)
Don't let me have to deal with
your tracks and prints while I try
to find out who murdered this man.
We'll let you know when we're
Kirum ignores their conversation and stares at the picture
of the demon and the letter 'M' next to it.
                                         FLASHBACK TO AN
Kirum is about to board a plane and sees a young girl with
that same demom tattooed on her neck and the name 'Milgatha'
written underneath.


                                         BACK TO THE SUICIDE
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Everyone take a lunch break.
Elicia approaches Kirum.
Maybe. Don't let this distract
you. Have you let anything in the
report or anything you see invade
your instinct?
      (Looking at the
Record his readings.
They place a ladder next to the man and she climbs up to
inspect the body.
She examines the man's eyes with a an object similar to a
silver pen that emits a laser light. After holding the light
in his right eye for five seconds she reads an LED screen on
the side of the pen.
Kirum this line's not flat it's
going crazy.
Not possible. Maybe you're not
I've been reading since I was
four. I'm telling you this
Her leg slips and she has to grab the body to keep from
falling. Just as she gasps a sigh of relief she sees the
man's left eye staring at her and it blinks. She falls off
of the ladder and Kirum catches her. She's hyperventilating.
Why'd you let go?


She tries to speak but she can't catch her breath.
He. He. He.
Kirum helps her to her feet.
Calm down and tell me what
He 'winked ' at me.
He climbs, deliberately, up the ladder and takes another
It's flat now. You're not to leave
my sight until this is over. Not
even for a second, do you hear?
Until what's over?
You have a job to do. Have you
made a decision?
      (She looks at the
I guess I have...
Have you made a decision?
Yes. This man took his own life.
Call in the Cleaners.
We see a large van, with the same Star of David on it's
side, and eight Cleaners, along with two heavily armed men,
emerge with a stretcher and various tools. Elicia watches as
they take the body down and put it in the back of the van
and into an incinerator. The house is restored to a normal
appearance and there's nothing left to suggest someone had
just died there.
                                         LATER OUTSIDE THE


She approaches Kirum who appears to be talking to himself
but he's talking to a miniature phone that's inside his
I'm sorry but something's come up.
He pauses and listens as he turns away from an onlooking
Miss you too but you don't need my
help. Between you and Charlotte
it'll all get done in time. Is
Charles still complaining?
Another pause.
He's been waiting a long time to
give away his only daughter. Gotta
go, I'll call you when I can.
He uses a tiny remote to hang up and Elicia watches him put
it in his lab coat.
Kirum where's the phone?
My right molar.
What are you 007? Where's mine?
I had it done in Japan two months
ago. It won't be in the States for
a while.
You're like a big kid with your
      (Staring behind
The party's about to liven up.


She looks over her shoulder and sees the detective and two
squad cars pull up.
Do you feel up to this?
No but I'll handle it. I'm more
concerned about this wink thing.
What's that all about?
Detective Christianson interrupts with a loud voice as he
walks towards them very fast.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
You couldn't handle losing control
could you?
I won't dignify that.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Did you even read my report? Why'd
you bother showing up? You
could've just phoned it in and
saved the tax payers lots of
If you'll calm down I'll try and
answer your questions; which is
more than I'm obligated to do.
He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes for a few seconds
as the armed men make their presence more obvious.
My decision was not and could not
be impacted by your report but I
read every word.
He shakes his head.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
You people amaze me. I realize
you're not trained in law
enforcement but any layman can
look at that report and deduce the
fact that Reverend Plackard
couldn't have does this alone.


That may be true but it doesn't
change the fact he took his own
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
That makes no sense but it's not
even the point.
What is your point detective? That
because the maid saw a boy running
away from the house this has to be
a murder?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
My point is, ma'am, because you've
destroyed a crime scene this case
will never be solved. My point is
in a few minutes you're going to
hand me an urn with the ashes of a
man of God and I'll have to tell
his family that he and he alone
was responsible for his death. And
they, along with his congregation,
will have to live with the thought
that their spiritual leader and a
cornerstone of their faith lost
all hope and, out of the blue,
took his own life.
I hate that's your job Detective.
Why did the maid think the boy
came from inside the house?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Does it even matter? Don't answer
that. She thought someone looked
out the window when she pulled up.
Someone else put that stuff on the
walls and ceiling.
A Cleaner walks up and hands Kirum an Urn. He hands it to
Elicia and she uses a bracelet to stamp Absolute B.E.M. on
the bottom of it. The detective walks up and takes it from
The detective feigns a grin and walks away. He turns back
around and asks Kirum.


                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
What exactly does ATC stand for?
I guess that depends on who you're
asking. Some say it stands for
Accessory to Crime but officially
it's Absolute Technology
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Just checking.
Elicia rolls her eyes as she and Kirum walk back to the van.
How long am I not suppose to be
out of your sight?
Kirum sits in a chair and Elicia is in the bathroom. He's
holding an unlit cigar.

Switch to her face in the mirror and she winks at herself.
Hurriedly she walks out and we see her approach Kirum.
You're practically married are you
planning on sleeping in here
      (Ignoring the
Has anything strange happened
since this morning?
I guess that means yes? There's a
perfectly good explanation for a
dead man winking at me. I just
don't know what it is.
Has anything happened?
Yes. I can't stop thinking about
something that happened in college
and just a minute ago I winked at
myself in the mirror.


Kirum sits with a blank stare on his face.
I might have this rough exterior
for a girl but I can't even watch
a scary movie by myself so if you
know something then out with it?
In training you learned that our
suicide rate is less than ten
percent of the international
average didn't you?
She nods yes.
What makes us so special?
What aren't you telling me Kirum?
You know how some people fear
Sure. They think if you go to a
hospital you're going to get sick.
Right. Well some people believe if
you're at an 'Absolution' scene
you might commit suicide.
And what do you think?
I'm still here aren't I? However
I've had several cases where the
victims were present at my
previous Absolution.
It's bound to happen now that
suicides are so frequent.


Exactly. But back when I read the
files I found three victims had
told someone they were winked at
by the dead body. Now don't get
Don't get upset! Why would that
upset me? Why didn't you report
I did. The first time it was
ignored and the second time I was
put on a month-leave due to mental
Hey I'm the last person to want to
die and a wink's not going to
change that.
One of them was a detective who
was investigating a suicide by
fire and the woman had no eyes
left. Fire's make for a tough
Obviously she didn't wink at him.
He said she did. I didn't see him
until he was brought back from
four hundred miles away. He'd
taken his life outside a small
town in Kansas. Lyon I think?
You never got to visit the scene?
No but it was suicide. He was
looking for a boy spotted by
firefighters at the previous
She looks worried.


Are you saying the preacher may
not have killed himself?
Never doubt your final decision.
But there is something suspicious
about this one.
And you're also worried I've
caught some suicide bug?
Of course not. This is just my MO
for getting new agents into bed.
She smiles.
I thought as much. What do you
think the reading meant on the
I don't know any more than you
about that. I just take the
reading and send it in.
Just my luck to get a reading my
first time. Do you think that has
anything to do with this?
I really don't know.
And they said I'd be working with
the best.
What made you want to do this?
My parents divorced when I was
three and I never saw or heard
from my father until I graduated
from college. He sent me fifty
grand cash and an ap for ATC


She falls back on her bed and covers her eyes with her
So do we hang a curtain between
No. I don't sleep much anyway. You
get some rest.
What about your 'Cleanser'?
I'll get in a nap on the van in
the morning and I'll wear it then.
She gets under the covers and Kirum notices her rubbing her
I can't stop thinking about the
same thing over and over.
I don't suppose you want to share
what that is?
I don't know you that well.
She notices the unlit cigar.
It won't bother me if you want to
smoke that. My dad smoked gigars.
Thanks but Helen asked me to quit
and this is my method.
He picks up a game sleeve.
I'm on the last level of Creation.
Sweet dreams.
Ok. Have fun.
He takes his remote out of his pocket and puts on a pair of
visors. Elicia puts on a silver headset and close her eyes.


There's the first hint of sunlight sneaking through a closed
Kirum is heavy into his game and Elicia's dreaming.
                                         FLASHBACK TO
Elicia and an older man are making love when a woman walks
in on them.
                                         BACK TO HOTEL ROOM.
Elicia wakes up and goes straight for her handgun. She
points it to her head and pulls the trigger but it just
clicks. Kirum hears it and they struggle over the gun.
Let me go. Where's my clip?
Calm down. I have it.
She tries to run but he tackles her and after a scuffle he
ties her hands behind her back with a phone chord. She gets
in a fetal position and lays on the bed crying.
I'll be right back.
Kirum runs out of the room. Elicia struggles to get free.
There's blood on her wrists. After a few minutes she gets
her hands in front of her and tries to open the window. She
gets it open and looks down at the ground eight stories
below. She closes her eyes and falls forward but Kirum
catches her arm. He's holding on to her by the chord wrapped
around her wrists. She's bleeding as he pulls her back
inside. The driver runs into the room.
                                         ATC VAN
They put Elicia into the van.
Sir the nearest safe-house is
eighty miles north.
That'll take hours in this thing.
Kirum is flustered and takes time to think.


Alright wait here while I get our
things. Keep an eye on her.
Kirum approaches a bellhop and they go inside the hotel.
The driver punches in a code to open a console between the
front seats of the van. Inside is a phone and it dials
                       COMPUTER VOICE
Your location has been determined.
Help is on the way. Please remain
calm and don't move unless you
have to.
As the driver listens a young girl LISA PARKER (nine years
old) approaches the van and opens the back door. Elicia
looks up and sees Lisa smile. She snaps a picture of Elicia
and then winks. Elicia passes out.
Kirum walks up to the van and sees her limp body.
What happened to her?
The driver shrugs his shoulders.
Kirum listens to the message that keeps repeating itself.
Good job Robert.
Just following protocol sir.
Kirum uses bandages from the first aid kit to wrap around
her bleeding wrists and stares at faded scars that mimic her
      (Catching his
You'll be fine.
Kirum wakes up and sees his Cleanser on the side of the bed.
His fiance HELEN WAYNEBRIDGE (exceptionally attractive white
female in her early thirties) opens the shade and walks over
to the side of the bed. She picks up the Cleanser and nudges
Kirum awake. She shows him his Cleanser.


Good morning sunshine. I'm about
convinced it's just a placebo.
That's one question down and four
to go.
Did I say a word?
Three more.
I can't help it you fascinate me
and I always want to know what
you're thinking.
You should learn to read my mind.
What am I thinking right now?
He puts his arms around her waist and pulls her to him.
I have to go with mum to pick out
the cake. You gonna to take care
of their dead tree?
I told you hard labor interferes
with my instinct.
Really. Let's see how being cut
off affects your instinct.
Does your dad have a chain saw?
She squeezes his face and gives him a soft kiss.
Yes but you should buy one. You
never know when it might come in
What if we get one as a wedding


Oops I forgot to register at John
No worries I'll handle it while
I'm there.
And I thought you wouldn't help
with the wedding.
She puts a purse over her shoulder and starts out the door.
Dad will try to do all the work
but he has two herniated discs and
it would kill him not to walk me
down the isle.
She leaves and he picks up his Cleanser. A light blinks
"Urgent! Critical cleansing needed." He opens a drawer and
throws it in.
Kirum is making a final preparations to fall a very tall
tree when his phone rings. He reaches into his pocket then
      (In a hurry.)
Kirum it's Elicia. There's no time
for greetings. The small town you
mentioned, don't say it, do you
Meet me there tonight. Don't tell
anyone and don't leave a trail.
Elicia I'm getting married


You've got to trust me. There's
more at stake here than you know.
There's only one bar and I'll be
waiting. Bye.
Elicia wait. Hello.
Helen and her mom CHARLOTTE WAYNEBRIDGE drive up and
approach Kirum.
Charlotte waves at Kirum and looks around like she's looking
for someone.
He's gone after some outdoor trash
So that's where your truck went.
It'll be dark soon.
      (To Elicia.)
Can I have a word?
Charlotte walks away.
You've been called on assignment?
You can read my mind.
I was just telling mother you
might be called back to work.
I have to leave now but I'll be
back Sunday.
She looks at the tree still standing and suddenly looks
I'll call a tree service.


What about rehearsal?
If I miss it we'll just have to
wing it.
CHARLES WAYNEBRIDGE (Helen's father) comes from the front of
the house looking for something.
You lose something?
I thought that boy walked back
      (Shaking her head
Kirum's been called to work and
we're going to have a tree service
come and cut down the tree.
That's nonsense. I'll have it done
in an hour.
He smiles and winks at Kirum who winks back. Charlotte walks
up with a cold bottled water and hands it to Kirum.
If you touch that saw I'm filing
for divorce.
Charles takes her hand and gives her a kiss.
Thanks. I need to clean up and
pack. I'll call.
He kisses Helen and walks away.
Kirum gets out of a Shuttle Taxi and walks into a bar.
He sees an old man at the bar and some young people playing
darts. Elicia isn't there and he walks up to the bartender.
A handwritten sign says 'Happy Hour' 'Two for one'.


Sorry pal but you just missed
happy hour.
Figures. How 'bout a draft?
Man at the bar looks at Kirum.
                       MAN AT BAR
Sorry you missed happy hour son.
Kirum holds his beer up for a toast and the old man obliges.
Here's to another twenty three
hours of unhappiness.
                       MAN AT BAR
      (Big toothless
Now I'll drink to that.
Elicia walks in noticebly disturbed and hugs Kirum for
several seconds. The bartender looks at the old man who's
So much for unhappiness.
                       MAN AT BAR
I'll drink to that.
She takes Kirum by the hand and they sit at a table in the
I thought you might not come.
The last time I saw you you wanted
to die. Now start from the
beginning and tell me how I can
She has a distant look in her eyes.
First of all thank you for saving
my life. Twice.
He feigns a smile and waits for her to continue.


When I woke up I was in the
infirmary at the ATC headquarters.
There was a private duty nurse.
Switch to Headquarters.
Elicia, with bandages on her wrists, peaks out of her room
and sees her nurse napping. She slips past her and walks to
the medical records room. She pulls her file and reads
Beatrice Elicia Mangum M.D. Sub dermal lacerations right and
left wrists suffered during struggle. Anxiety attack
resulting from delayed allergic reaction to immunization
cocktail. Psychological evaluation pending.

She hears a noise and peaks out the door but sees nothing.
She pulls two more files and goes back to her room. She
places the files under her pillow and gets in bed. When she
pulls the sheet up to her neck she notices DR. RAYMOND E.
TODD (Late fifties white male) standing in her doorway.
                       DR. TODD
      (Looking at her
Can't get comfortable?
      (Trying to be
No I can never get comfortable
under observation.
                       DR. TODD
Observation? It's not that we just
want to take every precaution.
He looks at her pillow and Elicia pushes her sheet down
revealing her chest.
Is it warm in here to you?
He walks over to the thermostat and lowers the temperature.
So now what?
                       DR. TODD
After an undetermined time of paid
leave you'll be placed with


                       DR. TODD (cont'd)
another trainer and on your way to
a wonderful career.
Why can't I finish with Kirum?
                       DR. TODD
He's training someone else.
I see.
                       DR. TODD
      (Trying to flirt.)
You fly out early so get some
rest. Here's my private number if
you need anything, and I do mean
anything, don't hesitate to call.
Of course Dr. Todd.
He walks out and she notices a corner of one of the files
sticking out.
Elicia's getting her bags when a man bumps into her and
keeps on walking without an apology.
She carries her luggage out and her mother JANICE MANGUM
(Late fifties voluptuous and sultry) is waiting for her. She
gets in the car after putting her luggage in the trunk.
Sorry I'm late I had to take
Fathead to the vet.
Hello Mother. What's wrong with
The Anderson's dog is in heat
again and I'm having him fixed.
Elicia feels something in her pocket and pulls out an
envelope. She reads the note inside.


      (Opening the car
       door and getting
I'll take a cab home.
Is everything alright?
Everything's fine.
                                         DUTY FREE SHOP.
Elicia approaches a cashier.
Do you have something for Elicia
Your husband said give you this..
She takes a locker key that says 1272 and she finds the
locker. In it is an unlocked lock-box containing a picture,
a note and a car key with a parking tag. She looks at the
picture of herself in the van.
                                         FLASHBACK TO ATC
A little girl takes a picture of Elicia and winks at her.
                                         OKLAHOMA CITY
She reads the note: Hello Dr. Mangum, If you'd like to meet
the girl take this car to 5167 Carmichael in Lyon, Ks. I'll
meet you there at eight PM.
Elicia arrives at the address and parks in front of an
average home in a low rent neighborhood. Detective
Christianson walks out and they approach each other.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
A little.


                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Thought you might like to know who
the girl was that took your
How'd you know about that?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
I'll show you.
They get into his car.
                                         DETECTIVE'S CAR
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
After Reverend Plackard died an
officer spotted a kid from his
home town near the bus station and
stopped to chat with him. The kid
didn't want to answer any
questions so we had the maid id
him as the boy who ran.
Detective I hope you haven't
brought me out here because you
still think that man was murdered?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
No. But the Rev didn't put that
stuff on his walls and now I know
who did. What I still don't know
is why he did it and what he saw.
He hasn't told you?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Officer Mayhew convinced me to let
the boy go. I did and he led us
where we're going.
Where is that?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Officer Mayhew grew up hearing
rumors all his life about the
"Catchum Conservatory".
A music school?


                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
It was until October of 1960 after
it's founder Anglund Catchum took
his own life in front of many of
the students. The facility and
about five hundred acres was
bought at auction by Anglund's
twin brother Zephyr Catchum.
Where's he now?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
His cell rings.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Hello. Is she awake? Good. See you
in a minute.
What rumors?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
People here believe missing
children wind up at Catchum to be
used as some kind of spiritual
transports called 'Innocents'.
With a slightly red face he shakes his head yes.
By spiritual you mean from the
spirit world?
He looks at her and scratches his head. He has a half grin
half frown.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
It's not my legend. You said you
wanted to know.
Please tell me we're not off to
see the Wizard?
They share a laugh.


                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
As far as I know we're still in
Let me guess. The boy is an
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
You are a sharp one but he's not
anything anymore. We're here.
                                         CRANDLE HOUSE
They pull up to a run down home along-side a county road.
Officer John Mayhew is there in street clothes.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Elicia this is John Mayhew.
You look different out of uniform.
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
Yes ma'am. If the Sheriff here
thought I was practicing law in
his county he'd put me behind
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Have you been down?
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
No but Miss Crandle says we can
look all we want.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Get the boy's remains.
Mayhew nods and walks away. Christianson and Elicia walk
down into a dark storm shelter with a flashlight. On the
walls are the same kinds of drawings that were on the
Reverend's wall. Christianson shines the light on several
pictures of two demons named Milgatha and Gravhalla. He
holds the light on one in particular of them surrounded by
stars fighting. Then he shines the light on a drawing of
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
The boy's name was Joseph Crandle.
He took his life shortly after he


He didn't do it here did he?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Down at the Quarry. And because of
Miss Crandle's disdain for the
local authorities they haven't
been allowed down here.
Officer Mayhew arrives with an urn and hands it to Elicia.
She checks the bottom and sees "Absolute R.E.T." stamped on
This was ruled a suicide. Why
would they want to investigate?
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
Henry Glaze is the sheriff. He
runs this county and likes to know
everything that goes on around
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
There might be another reason.
He reaches in his coat pocket and pulls out an object
wrapped in cloth and hands it to Elicia. She opens it and
looks at a Kirian blade. She compares it to knife pictures
on the wall.
What does the sheriff want with
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
We're still trying to determine
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
We've found bus tickets to about a
hundred different cities. Recently
he had a companion; the girl who
took your picture.
How do you know that?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
She told us. Her name is Lisa.
I want to see her.


Elicia and James get out of the car and see a lethargic
SAMANTHA PARKER (late twenties white female with a permanent
gloomy countenance) sitting on a porch swing in front of a
very dark cabin. She doesn't bother getting up.
On the swing down by the pond.
I'd like to talk to Lisa alone.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
It took us two days to get
anything out of her.
Elicia barely acknowledges him.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
It's about a hundred yards that
way. Here's a flashlight.
The flashlight goes out as Elicia walks up to Lisa who is
sitting on a tire swing but not swinging.
Lisa. I'm Elicia. What are you
doing in the dark? Did you take my
She smiles but doesn't answer.
Lisa it's very important that I
know what you were doing there?
Still smiling but nothing.
Were you there to heal me? Because
that's what you did. Remember?
      (Very innocent.)
I took him away.
That's right you took something
away. Can I know what that was?


Not a what. A who.
      (Confused. Gets
Alright who did you take away?
I can't say his name.
Elicia gets on her knees and looks straight into Lisa's
Can you tell me where he is now?
Lisa smiles and suddenly her eyes enlarge and start to glow.
In a low demon voice she says.
Right here Elicia.
Elicia screams and falls backwards.
      (Demon voice.)
I miss you. Do you miss me?
James and Samantha come running up. He goes to Elicia and
Samantha goes to Lisa.
What happened?
Lisa's eyes and voice are back to normal.
I'm hungry.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
      (Helping her up.)
Why'd you scream?
I need to make a phone call.
Kirum's running both hands through his hair and looking down
at the table.


James told me some other strange
Kirum stares at her and doesn't speak.
Reverend Plackard's suicide was
staged. The boy was there to
destroy a demon.
He rolls his eyes up and she pauses.
Plackard was dieing so he let a
spirit possess him so he could be
destroyed. That's what the cross
knife was for.
He takes her hands in his.
I see where this is going. I know
you've been through a lot...
A lot? You didn't see or hear what
I did from that little girl Kirum.
And that stuff about a bad
reaction to shots is a bunch of
horse crap.
Are you saying Raymond Todd, a
former U.S. senator, has something
to do with this?
All of the Administrative Generals
do. Who else has more to gain by
rampant suicides?
      (Shaking his head
I can't get mixed up in some
conspiracy theory about our
company using children to
transport demons to people marked
for suicide.


Do you know why they're called
'Innocents' Kirum?
He starts to get up but she grabs his arm and pulls him
Because they don't have enough
guilt for the demons to attack. I
had an affair with a married man
and it tore his family apart. I
couldn't stand the thought of
living with that sin. That's why
happy people suddenly take their
own lives.
He walks out of the bar and she follows him.
                                         OUTSIDE OF THE BAR.
You need more rest Elicia.
She walks up to him but he backs away.
I'm so scared right now I can
hardly breathe. My paranoia is
making me delusional and I'm
asking for your help.
He paces then walks up to her. He looks her in the eyes but
she looks away.
I've waited a long time to find
Helen and I can't screw it up. The
best that could come out of this
is I lose my career and the worst
is unimaginable.
She's crying and turns away from him. After a minute he
walks up to her and they hug.
I can't run from this.
You're not in your right mind.
Let's drive to your mother's and
I'll catch the first flight home


I have too many unanswered
Do you even have a plan?
She pulls a digital recorder out of one pocket and a heavy
receiver out of the other.
If I'm going to report this I'm
going to need something more
substantial than a crazy story. If
something happens at least you'll
have it on disc.
He acts like it's really heavy.
'Me' use this antiquated receiver?
She smiles.
It's all I could find.
He lifts her chin up but she looks past him.
Be careful.
She nods.
Kirum pulls up in his truck and runs inside. He sees Helen
holding Charlotte who is hysterical. Helen sees him and runs
up to him.
They said they couldn't cut him
out until the Ab's made a
decision. Please get that tree off
my father.
There's an agent here now?


Stay with Charlotte and I'll be
right back.
It's aweful Kirum.
He hugs her tight and kisses her the top of her head.
Kirum walks up on a man in a black lab-coat who is reading
the eyes of Charles Waynebridge. Charles is on his back and
the tree has fallen down the center of him so his legs and
arms are sticking out like he straddled the tree when it
The agent glances up but doesn't acknowledge Kirum. He picks
up a clipboard and makes a note. Kirum walks closer and
stares up at SENIOR AGENT MAULIN PEI (Nearly seven foot tall
Asian male) as he stands up and looks back at him.
                       AGENT PEI
You need to leave.
I'm an agent.
                       AGENT PEI
I know. Now leave.
The man signals for the team to come in and the clean up
begins. Kirum is distraught. He watches in a daze. He
watches the Sr. Agent take out a remote just like his and
start talking to somebody. The agent's clipboard is sitting
on a table and Kirum walks by slow enough to get a peak. He
notices two things, Flat-line and "Wrong Man".
Inside the house Helen is washing her face. Kirum walks up
to her.
I hear the chainsaws. Thank you.
Helen do you remember yesterday
when your father said something
about a boy?
When you found him did either of
you look into his eyes?


No. I don't think... No! What's
Something horrible's about to
happen. I wish I could stop it but
I can't.
What could be worse?
They're going to cremate him.
Oh my God. No! He'd never do that.
Not now. Not ever. It's a mistake.
Tell them it's a mistake Kirum.
Kirum has a blank stare and she tries to run out to her
father but he grabs her. She hits his chest with her fists
and screams.
What kind of animals are you?
She sits down and cries and Kirum tries to hold her but she
won't let him.
Karen and Mayhew are in the front room talking. The camera
starts in the back room. There are pictures of the Mayhew
family along the hallway and into the front room. Pictures
of John and his sister when they were young but none of her
after that. Their voices are barely audible then get loud
enough to understand.
How old was she?
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
She disappeared three days before
her tenth birthday.
And you believed she was at
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
I knew she was there.


The front door opens and Detective Christianson walks in.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Lisa's missing.
Kirum is making a call and the phone rings several times
until voice mail picks up. He doesn't leave a message. He
sits in a leather chair and rolls a cigar between his thumb
and index finger.
His phone rings.
Hey it's me.
Helen. What'd the priest say?
His hands are tied.
She cries.
He picks up the receiver Elicia gave him and stares at it.
I'll do my best to get the
Absolution reversed. Can you see
me off in the morning?
I'll be there. Bye.
      (As she hangs up.)
Karen and Mayhew pull over and stop.
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
I'm sorry I can't go with you.
I understand it's not your


                       OFFICER MAYHEW
Can you do it?
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
Don't take any chances and I'll be
here when you get back.
She takes a deep breath and gets out of the car. She looks
at the setting Sun and starts walking towards a twenty foot
high mesh fence.
                                         MESH FENCE.
She uses a knife to cut a hole just big enough to squeeze
through. When she gets on the other side she turns the
camera on and points it at herself.
Kirum I'm inside the Catchum
compound. No matter what happens
I'm going to leave the camera on.
She turns the camera around and looks up an incline. She
starts into the woods and up the small hill.
A letter head says " ATC Hotel".
Kirum's on top of the covers of a king-size bed and holds an
unlit cigar.
                                         FLASHBACK TO
I can do anything as long as I
know we'll be together when it's
Don't ask me to promise anything.
I can't see beyond tomorrow right
now much less a lifetime.
I love you.
She starts to cry.


You're flight's about to leave.
                                         HOTEL ROOM.
He takes the receiver out of his bag and hooks it up to his
laptop. It's fuzzy at first. There's a fire in the distance.
                                         CATCHUM FIELD
I can see Lisa but I think I'm too
far away.
                                         HOTEL ROOM.
Kirum watches the screen as she crawls.
I hope you're not where I think
you are?
From the computer speakers comes Elicia's voice.
That's Lisa. I can't tell what
they're doing to her?
                                         CATCHUM FIELD
Elicia focuses the camera on Lisa's face. Several people in
hooded robes watch as a hooded man ABRAHIN. (Late fifties
white male with no hair anywhere) stands over Lisa. She
appears to be hypnotized.
Oh no. Please no.
Abrahin turns and looks in Elicia's direction. She takes a
deep breath and holds it. Large eyes light up from under the
hood and he points to Elicia.
The camera doesn't move and we hear Kirum's voice.
                                         HOTEL ROOM.
Run! Run!
      (Over the computer
Elicia. Come back Elicia.


                                         CATCHUM FIELD
Elicia is running from SHERIFF GLAZE. (Heavy-set white male
in his late fifties) She leaves the camera on but doesn't
try to point it as she runs.
I'm almost to the fence.
She's at the wrong spot.
Oh no. Where's the hole? Where's
the hole?
She looks along the bottom of the fence.
There are voices in the background getting louder.
The knife?
The sheriff is closing in. She runs along the fence and
finds the hole. She starts under the fence but he grabs her
                       SHERIFF GLAZE
Oh no you don't. I've gocha now.
She smashes the camera into his forehead and it falls to the
ground. Elicia runs to the car. The Sheriff tries to fit
through the fence but gets stuck.
                       SHERIFF GLAZE
      (Yelling for help.)
I'm stuck.
                                         HOTEL ROOM.
Kirum washes his face in the bathroom. He remembers
something and goes back to the computer. When Elicia focuses
in on Lisa he sees the name on the old school house. Anglund
E. Chathum.
      (To himself.)
You know what to do.
Elicia's sits in front of a TV but doesn't know it's even


on. She's in shock. A lethargic Samantha's on a couch next
to her. Officer Mayhew's in the background.

Elicia snaps out of it when she hears something. She looks
out the window and sees several cars approaching.
Oh God.
Mayhew goes to the window.
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
Here comes the Cavalry.
He walks outside and greets a half-dozen men who are
strapping on handguns and loading shotguns.

                       OFFICER MAYHEW
Elicia come with me a sec.
They walk away from the house in the direction of the swing.
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
We're going after Lisa.
Do you need an army for that?
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
Abrahin's very powerful.
I'm coming with you.
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
No. Stay here with Samantha. Don't
leave until we get back.
Don't let anything happen to her.
He smiles at her and 'winks'. She looks at him questioningly
and he walks away.


Dr. Todd is talking to the other nine Admin. Generals who
are sitting slightly higher than Kirum. Kirum glances down
at a silver case on his desk. It looks like a cigar case but
there's a tiny green light on.
                       DR. TODD
Dr. Lambert is there anything on
this disk that gives credibility
to Dr. Mangum's outrageous claims?
Obviously she's still suffering
ill affects and needs immediate
psychiatric help.
                       DR. TODD
Is there anything more you'd like
to address to this panel?
There's the matter regarding the
death of Mr. Charles Waynebridge.
                       ADMIN. GENERAL ONE.
Dr. Lambert we can't let personal
motives taint a perfect record.
We're all very sorry for your loss
but an 'Absolution' has been made.
Of course but there is
                       DR. TODD
Is there anything else 'Doctor'
Kirum matches Dr. Todd's heavy stare.
Well I do have one last question.
                       ADMIN. GENERAL TWO.
What is Andre Chathum's role in
the ATC?


Attention is heightened and there's some mumbling until Todd
clears his throat.
                       DR. TODD
Nothing more than any other
investor. Why do you ask?
Just curious. Thank you all.
                                         ATC LOBBY.
Kirum walks past the guard desk and sees the guard cover his
mouth piece. Kirum speeds up.
                       GUARD TWO.
Doctor Lambert.
Kirum runs out the door and finds a cab. He sees two guards
come running after him and jumps in the cab.
There's a hundred in it if you can
get me away from those guys.
The driver buckles up and puts on some shades.
                       CAB DRIVER
Today is your lucky day.
You've removed your governor?
                       CAB DRIVER
No but I but I have over-sized
What does that get you?
                       CAB DRIVER
      (Adjusting his
       rear-view mirror.)
One mayyyyybe two miles an hour.
      (To himself.)
I'm one lucky bastard.
Kirum looks back and sees a security vehicle closing. A


slow-paced chase takes place. Kirum's anxiety and
frustration peaks so he tosses a hundred at the driver and
jumps out.
The guards follow and Kirum runs as far as he can then
collapses on the sidewalk holding his side.
                       GUARD TWO.
Station one we have the doctor at
5157 Central.
                       GUARD ONE.
I'm right behind you.
Kirum sits and catches his breath. After a minute he looks
at the guards.
You guys must work out?
Guard one approaches Kirum and hands him a broken camera.
                       GUARD ONE.
You forgot your cigars.
The guards walk away and Kirum looks at the smashed camera.
Samantha and Elicia are anxious and Samantha's pacing.
I'm not waiting any longer.
I don't think I can go back there.
Lisa's in trouble I know it.
Let's go.
Kirum removes the memory from the broken camera and places
it inside a module. He watches files upload onto his
computer and locates the file he wants.
                                         COMPUTER MONITOR.


                       ADMIN. GENERAL ONE.
Maybe you should lay low until the
Henderson Amendment passes Mr.
                       MR. CHATHUM
      (From overhead
The time for hiding has come and
                       DR. TODD
What do we do about Dr. Lambert?
                       MR. CHATHUM
The file is too corrupted to see any more. Kirum does an
Internet search for 'Henderson Amendment'.
                                         HOTEL ROOM.
Kirum reads while he makes a call.
Robert it's Kirum.
Are we finally going back to work?
Sort of. In fact that's why I'm
calling. Where was it you said you
worked before?
Andre Chathum's mansion.
Isn't that outside DC?
It's ten miles east of DC at 1100
Wilmington Ln.
Thanks Robert you've been a big


He neatly folds a hand-written letter and puts it in a nice
envelope. He writes 'Dear Helen' on the outside and puts a
stamp on it. He puts his jacket on and walks out with the
Elicia and Samantha are near the spot where Elicia watched
the ritual.
I don't see a soul.
Elicia sees Anglund E. Chathum on the side of the school
I thought it was Catchum?
      (Ignoring Elicia's
It'll be dark soon.
You're right.
They walk up to the old schoolhouse and sneak around to the
front of the building. The door is unlocked and they walk in
very slowly. After peeking into a few rooms they hear a
voice and jump.
Hello Elicia and Samantha.
Where's Lisa?
Ask Christianson he took her.
Great let's go.
How well do you know him Elicia?
Well enough to know I don't need
to be talking to you.


The door opens at the end of the hallway and the sheriff and
one of his deputies walks in.
                       SHERIFF GLAZE
We meet again. Hello Samantha.
Samantha almost smiles.
Elicia stares at Samantha who holds her head down.
What do you want?
The question is what does he want
with you?
Do you know why these children are
You keep them here for your sick
They come and go as they please.
She looks at Samantha who confirms what Abrahin said.
                       SHERIFF GLAZE
Mayhew and Christianson work for
Andre Chathum. They came here for
the Kirian Blade and they took
Lisa so they could protect
Andre Chathum? That's not
It's possible. He's the son of my
uncle Zephyr Chathum.
Your father killed himself?


He was forced to kill himself
because he wouldn't let his
brother use the children.
Now you're doing it.
The 'Innocents' take the spirits
She pauses to think.
Lisa took one out of me.
Abrahin smiles.
Then how are they passed on?
ATC agents.
They're called 'Carriers' because
they can pass the spirits on
without being affected.
I was affected. I wanted to die.
                       SHERIFF GLAZE
That spirit was meant for Kirum
You're saying Kirum's a 'Carrier'?
Abrahin nods yes.
How can something like this be
kept secret? Why don't you report
this sheriff?
                       SHERIFF GLAZE
I'm just a small town sheriff.
When I first took office I had a


                       SHERIFF GLAZE (cont'd)
wife and two kids. Now I have one
child. We're dealing with a man
who shows no mercy and has
unlimited resources. Remember the
boy Joseph Crandle?
Yes I've been to his grandmother's
                       SHERIFF GLAZE
We know. She's dead now. John
Mayhew stabbed her in the eye with
a Kirian blade.
                       SHERIFF GLAZE
If a 'Carrier' dies by the blade
the spirit inside dies with them.
This is too much.
Walk with me Elicia.
Kirum stands at the desk while the guard listens on his
                       GUARD FOUR
He'll see you.
                                         FOURTH LEVEL.
On the fourth level he sees one door and goes inside. Dr.
Todd is sitting at a desk overlooking the meeting hall where
they were earlier.
                       DR. TODD
This is unexpected Dr. Lambert.
What's a 'Cleanser' for?
                       DR. TODD
A Cleanser is an integral part of
an agent's existence. Dealing with
death and having to make such


                       DR. TODD (cont'd)
important decisions on a daily
basis causes a great deal of
stress and the purpose of the
'Cleanser' is to alleviate some of
that stress.
I see. And would you say that it
                       DR. TODD
Is there a point to this doctor?
Does the 'Cleanser' work?
                       DR. TODD
If you studied your literature
you'd be aware that our agent's
suicide rate is less than one
tenth of the International
Why doesn't everyone have one?
                       DR. TODD
I beg your pardon?
If it reduces the risk of suicide?
                       DR. TODD
It isn't that simple. There are
other factors involved in the
reduced suicide rate..
Kirum waits for an elaboration.
                       DR. TODD
Such as higher pay and less
But you just said our jobs are
very stressful. Which is it? Are
we stressed? Are we not stressed?
                       DR. TODD
Well there are other purposes for
the Cleanser. It's used as...
He catches himself and stops speaking.


As? Were you about to say as a
controller? A manipulator? A way
for ATC to make sure we don't
screw up it's contract by missing
an Absolute?
                       DR. TODD
This conversation is over.
Am I an accessory or not?
Dr. Todd tries to walk past Kirum but he stops him from
Your wealth is paid for with
millions of lives and I want to
know my role?
                       DR. TODD
You've just committed career
suicide and as you well know you
don't get a third strike.
Take away a man's family and his
job and there's nothing left. Your
threats don't work any more.
                       DR. TODD
      (Very angry.)
What could you possibly do you
impudent little puppet? Give me
your recorder.
Kirum takes out a tiny recorder and hands it to him. Dr.
Todd removes the disc inside and smashes the recorder
against the wall. Kirum opens his mouth.
                       DR. TODD
Is this your idea of confession?.
You're not an accessory you are
the murderer. And don't pretend
you didn't realize before now what
a 'Cleanser' was for. How else
were you to know who to kill next?
Kirum sits down and Dr. Todd straightens his clothes and
walks away.


At least some day I'll be able to
look myself in the mirror.
                       DR. TODD
Yeah well I hear they're hiring
"Instinct Doctors" at McDonald's.
For future reference I don't like
pickles on my hamburger.
He walks out the door and it closes behind him.
Elicia walks in the front door and FATHEAD (English Mastiff)
barks and jumps on top of her. She laughs and plays with the
dog until her mother walks up.
Sampson! You'll rip out your
Elicia stops playing and gives her a hard look.
What happened with you and Andre?
Honey I've told you a hundred...
The truth this time.
I don't want to relive those times
by talking about them.
What about my brother Thomas?
Janice turns to walk away.
I want to know.
You couldn't remember him.


I remember a lot. I remember the
smell of his cigars and how he'd
laugh so loud it would fill the
whole house. I remember thinking I
was getting a baby brother but he
never came. What happened?
I did it for your own good.
Did what? What did you do mother?
I traded your brother for you.
Long silence.
He would have drawn you into that
world and I wasn't going to have
What world?
That family. Not a day goes by I
don't think of Thomas and hope
he's alright.
He's not alright he's dead. An
accident on his twentieth
Janice looks Elicia in the eyes but she turns away.
Andre Chathum made the same deal
but he checked on me.
Janice sits down hard.
      (Talking half to
This is what I've tried to avoid
your whole life.


I'm going to see Andre in the
Janice looks dazed and Elicia makes a phone call.
      (On his mouth
Kirum where are you?
I'll be there in the morning. You
won't believe who this leads to.
Andre Chathum.
How'd you know?
We'll discuss it in the morning.
Are you alright?
I'm in suite 1139 at the ATC
Hotel. .
He hangs up without another word.
She looks at the phone then hangs up.
Elicia's awakened by a noise. She walks out of her room.


Elicia drinks some water. She sees a shadow outside and
notices the door's unlocked. Very slowly she reaches for the
handle but as she touches the lock the door comes flying
open and a man grabs her. She tries to scream but he covers
her mouth and forces her to the floor face down. With his
hand on her mouth he turns her head around and she sees John
Mayhew holding a gun to her head.
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
You don't follow directions very
well do you? If you don't follow
these directions it's your life.
You're going to stand up very
slowly and walk out that door.I'm
going to take my hand off of your
mouth and you're not going to
scream. Understand?
She shakes her head yes. Very softly she says.
                       OFFICER MAYHEW
Meet Fathead.
He looks up and the dog is inches from his head. He growls
and John points his gun at him. Elicia knocks the gun out of
his hand and the dog clamps down on his throat. Elicia finds
the gun but John is already dead. She looks out the window
and James is standing by a car smoking a cigarette.
Elicia surprises James from behind and holds a gun on him.
No sudden moves. Let me see both
He drops his cane and raises his hands after flicking his
cigarette on the ground.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
You have no idea what you're
getting into.


Mayhew's dead. Cuff your right
hand and lay face down.
He does and she cuffs his hands behind his back. Her mother
walks outside. She's very calm.
This is what Andre Chathum's world
is like Elicia. Hello James.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Janice. I'd shake your hand but...
How do you know each other?
We go way back.
What else do you know? Never mind
go call the cops.
      (Ignoring the
He is a cop Elicia. Save yourself
some time and let him get rid of
the body.
Elicia looks at Detective Christianson who smirks.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Mother knows best.
Elicia thinks about it for a second and then takes the cuffs
                                         CARRYING MAYHEW'S
Christianson puts Mayhew's body in the trunk and Elicia sees
Lisa on the back seat asleep. She picks Lisa up and James
gets in the driver's seat
I trusted you.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
You're making a mistake.


Where's the Kirian blade?
He drives away.
Elicia's heard by Kirum who is in the bathroom looking in
the mirror.
If you'd have received that 'wink'
we might never have known because
you're immune.
Kirum is in deep thought.
                                         FLASHBACK TO
Charles Waynebridge walks up to Kirum and Helen.
Did a boy walk back here?
We didn't see anyone. Kirum's been
called to work and we're going to
have a tree service come and cut
down the tree.
That's nonsense. I'll have it done
in an hour.
He smiles and winks at Kirum who winks back.
                                         BACK TO BATHROOM.
      (To himself in the
How many people have you murdered?
      (From the other
What do you know about Andre


      (Splashes water on
       his face.)
He's the silent force behind ATC.
If the 'Henderson Amendment'
passes in Tuesday's election he'll
no longer have to hide his
technology derived from illegal
stem-cell and clone research.
Will it pass?
How do you think the victims are
She's dazed.
So my mother's ex is killing for
Kirum walks back into the other room.
                                         HOTEL ROOM.
Andre Chathum is your father?
All of this is by design.
It's time for some answers.
They leave and Kirum double checks to see that he has his
ANDRE CHATHUM (Late fifties white male with a white beard
and hair) is sitting behind an old desk smoking a cigar and
Kirum is escorted in by a butler.
                       MR. CHATHUM
Have a seat Dr. Lambert.
Kirum sits across from Chathum.


                       MR. CHATHUM
I hear you're leaving the company?
Kirum just stares at him.
                       MR. CHATHUM
What do you think you know?
I know suicide trends in shear
numbers, non to mention sporadic
shifts in areas of the population,
astound logic. I know the ATC is
growing wealthy beyond estimation
because of suicides. I know only a
few years ago a vote to allow
unbridled Embryonic Stem Cell
Research was impossible but now it
appears inevitable.
                       MR. CHATHUM
What does all that mean?
It means money. I'm sure you'll
benefit more than anyone.
                       MR. CHATHUM
Ungoverned research has gone on
for years in places like India and
Malaysia. An upcoming vote might
provide some federal funds but
that's small potatoes. It's a
'Litmus' test if you will to tell
me when to enter an election.
Don't tell me. You want to be
Chathum grins.
Impossible. ATC can't even have
your name attached to it because
of outcries about your lack of
research ethics.
                       MR. CHATHUM
Ironic isn't it? ATC kills people
while my research save lives and
I'm vilified?


You don't deny it? You really
believe you can be President?
                       MR. CHATHUM
'Electoral College' good doctor.
No matter how slim the margin a
win is a win.
Kirum pauses to think.
Now you think you can just stop
killing people and all will be
                       MR. CHATHUM
Although making money while
eliminating the opposition has
been serendipitous for me it was
and still is the primary
motivation for others. As agreed
I'll remove myself from the
picture but I hardly see the ATC
being desolved.
The number of deaths mean nothing
to you?
                       MR. CHATHUM
Just casualties of war. At least
they're dieng for a good cause.
Cause? Since when does genocide
qualify as a cause? And it takes
two to make a war; the people
you're killing don't even know
there in a fight.
                       MR. CHATHUM
Why did you come here?
You're the one who led us here you
tell me.
                       MR. CHATHUM
I'm afraid you're mistaken but
obviously now I can't let you


                                         FLASHBACK TO PHONE
Kirum's in a hotel room playing his video game when his
mouth phone rings.
                       DR. TODD
Dr. Lambert I'm going to need
another favor. You and Elicia have
an 'Absolution' for reverend
Charles Plackard. Let her handle
it and don't let her know you know
the detective working the case.
Christianson. Elicia's probably
ready but I don't see a need to
break with protocol.
                       DR. TODD
Just make sure she takes the
reading doctor.
                                         BACK TO AC MANSION
      (Snapping out of
Surely you don't think I came here
without telling anyone?
Chathum opens a drawer and pulls out the envelope addressed
to Helen.
                       MR. CHATHUM
It's our hotel doctor. Look at it
this way. Without your confession
you're fiance will cry at your
The door opens and a guard takes Kirum by the arm and leads
him out of the room. Andre's eyes glow a little as Elicia
walks in.
He sits back in his chair and she sits across from him.
Neither of them speak at first.
                       MR. CHATHUM
So now do you believe me?


I believe mother's lying about
something but so are you.
                                         FLASHBACK TO
Janice and a four year old Elicia are planting flowers and
Janice is wearing a flattering sun-dress that accentuates
her trim figure.
                       YOUNG ELICIA
Mommy will my brother be here
Tomorrow dear. And you'll need to
be a big girl OK?
                       YOUNG ELICIA
I'll be a big girl mommy I
                                         AC MANSION OFFICE
Mother wasn't pregnant when Thomas
was born.
He just stares at her.
Your medical file says you were
injured as a boy and could never
have children is that true?
                       MR. CHATHUM
It was no accident. Abrahin and
Zephyr nearly castrated me.
Who are Thomas's father and
                       MR. CHATHUM
Same as yours Abrahin and Helen.
                       MR. CHATHUM
We began experimenting with your
DNA as soon as you were born. We


                       MR. CHATHUM (cont'd)
made several clones of you and
then by pure luck sent a signal to
the regulatory DNA of one of them
which made him male. That's the
one we kept alive.
Elicia's dumbfounded.
You can't be serious?
                       MR. CHATHUM
Unfortunately so many laws were
broken we couldn't publish. I
didn't care I just wanted to know
it was possible. When it worked
your mother came to me with an
A trade?
                       MR. CHATHUM
An opportunity to get one of you
away from that family.
Wow. Dejavu.
                       MR. CHATHUM
Your grandfather was Zephyr
Chathum. He was responsible for my
father's death. Janice was one of
the students who watched him take
his own life with the Kirian
And the two of you fell in love.
                       MR. CHATHUM
I was in love with her but she
loved Abrahin. Zephyr said he
wouldn't let a homeless orphan mix
blood with his son's so she
pretended to love me. We ran away
at sixteen but when she told me
she was pregnant I knew it was a
matter of time.
For what?


                       MR. CHATHUM
They're going to use you Elicia to
try and destroy me.
                       MR. CHATHUM
Like his father Abrahin could care
less about money but he needs
control of ATC to further his
cause. If I die you'll inherit
everything and he believes he can
control you.
What cause?
                       MR. CHATHUM
He's says he's learned the ways of
the 'Dablique'. They were powerful
native Americans who could
communicate with the spirit world.
The freak believes he's helping
Satan's warriors defeat God's
So all of this is the work of the
devil? Why should I believe you?
                       MR. CHATHUM
Because you're still alive. I told
you to stay away from the ATC but
you had to see for yourself. The
only reason you left that hotel
room alive is they need you.
Eyes wide open she shakes her head no.
Kirum knows nothing about this.
He's as innocent..
                       MR. CHATHUM
Ask him how he became an agent.
The door opens and in walks three men holding guns followed
by Dr.Todd and THOMAS CHATHUM. (Early to mid-twenties male
who looks eerily similar to Elicia)


Thomas pays no attention to her. He grins as he walks toward
                       DR. TODD
Put her with her friends.
Thomas walks behind Andre's desk causing him to retreat as
he stares at him. Thomas sits in Andre's seat and takes one
of his cigars.
Elicia and Kirum are a circular room with a giant bowl-like
alter at the bottom of descending layers of steps/seats.
Christianson is at the bottom of the room leaning against
the alter.
      (To Kirum.)
If you saw him you'd know that was
my brother.
Kirum doesn't look her in the eyes as he descends a couple
levels and sits.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Elicia keeps looking at Kirum.
Whatever you call him I thought he
was dead. Kirum how did you become
an agent?
Kirum doesn't say anything and she walks closer to him.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
He killed his wife and child.
Kirum closes his eyes.
                                         FLASHBACK TO
Kirum's wife is screaming and Kirum is delivering their
child at home.


She looks at him and nods.
Kirum gives her an epidural analgesic.
She doesn't answer. He turns her over and her eyes are
rolled back in her head.
                                         UNDERGROUND ALTER.
Elizabeth had a maternal
anaphylactic reaction to a general
anaesthetic and I lost them both.
Kirum you could have told me...
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
No he couldn't.
Don't act so smug Jim you're as
guilty as I am.
Christianson and Kirum look at each other and Elicia waits
for one of them to speak.
The ATC had just received a
worldwide contract and I needed a
fresh start. Raymond Todd trained
me and as I told you my first
Absolution was a Type 3.
Right. A suicide.
Kirum looks at her then looks away.
                                         FLASHBACK TO


It's dark and rainy. Kirum is examining the charred remains
of a boy when Dr. Todd walks up to him.
                       DR. TODD
Have you made your decision?
Yes he took his life.
                       DR. TODD
That's the problem. Good job but
this is the son of one of the
wealthiest men in the country and
he's not going to put up with
having his family name dragged
through the mud.
Are you asking me to lie?
                       DR. TODD
It's not a lie you could be wrong.
You just said...
                       DR. TODD
I just said this is an accident. I
don't have to remind you how hard
it was to save your license
Don't call me doctor and you still
have a problem. If I say this
isn't a suicide the police will
investigate and the truth will be
Detective Christianson walks up.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
A clear case of a young man
driving too fast in his birthday
present and losing control in the
rain. Happens all the time.
                                         UNDERGROUND ALTAR.
But that was Thomas upstairs.
Kirum looks at Christianson.


                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Andre wanted Thomas dead and
Raymond Todd was promised he'd be
President but Andre changed his
mind. It wasn't hard for Todd and
Thomas to stage the accident.
So why are you in here with us?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
What's the difference he
accidentally killed his family and
I grew up without a family. The
ATC was founded using freaks,
criminals and losers and we fit
the mold.
      (To herself.)
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Yeah a lot like Hitler. They have
cops in virtually every department
and I had a history with Andre
Chathum so they recruited me. But
when Mayhew told me about the
symbiotic relationship between the
ATC and Catchum Conservatory I
joined his gang.
      (To James.)
You never said they were working
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
They consider each other a
necessary evil in their chess
match against 'weak-minded'
people. Abrahin's little freaks
provide the pieces, Chathum and
the Counsel the money and strategy
and the agents move the pieces
around whether they realize it or
Freaks? You mean the 'Innocents'?


Christianson chuckles.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
That's some euphemistic crap made
up by Abrahin. The little
cave-devils provide a refuge for
demons and in turn grow up in
                                         FLASHBACK TO HOTEL
Elicia's in bed and smiling from her dream. In her dream
she's making love to a man and they're in ecstacy. Elicia
hears a voice and stops but the man keeps making love to
Elicia. Elicia. Elicia.
                                         ELICIA'S CHILDHOOD.
Elicia closes her eyes and sees herself in bed, as a little
girl, with her wrists tied together. A maid walks into her
room and checks to see if anyone is listening before talking
to Elicia.
Whatever you do don't let them see
you smile.
Elicia smiles and the maid kisses her forehead.
                                         BACK TO HOTEL WITH
Elicia wakes up and peeks at Kirum who is playing his video
game. She glances at her gun and picks it up. She looks and
sees the clip is missing and then pulls the trigger.
                                         UNDERGROUND ALTAR.
Where's Lisa?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
With her grandfather.
Kirum and Elicia wait for him to elaborate.


                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Sheriff Glaze. His son and wife
were killed in a 'Crimilla'
      (Kirum and Elicia
       at the same time.)
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Actuvia Tuo Crimilla comes from
some satanic text. I don't know
what it means but that's what this
room is for. Victims are chained
to that alter and the little
creeps give' em a suicide demon
and watch them kill themselves.
They really get off on it.
Is that what they'll do to Lisa?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Not hardly.
How do you know this?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Mayhew's sister was an 'Innocent'
and he told me some. As I was
about to say the sheriff got rid
of his wife and son to protect
Samantha. She filled me in on the
She was an 'Innocent'.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
One of the best until she grew out
of it. Most die soon after they
lose their ability to 'house'. I
guess she's hanging around for
But Lisa saved Elicia.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Lisa saved Milgatha. According to
Abrahin Milgatha wants to usurp


                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON (cont'd)
Gravhalla and have control over
all demons. For that to happen
Gravhalla's 'Carrier' has to be
killed with the 'Killian' blade.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Zephyr had Andre take Gravhalla
from Anglund's dead body but
instead of trying to kill himself
he became fearless.
So they used me to learn whether
or not Elicia could survive
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
      (Nodding yes.)
When she kills Andre.
I'm not killing anybody.
The door opens and in walks Thomas and Dr. Todd followed by
Andre Chatham who has his wrists bound and his mouth taped
Hello sis.
Raymond Todd prepares a syringe and needle for Elicia.
Elicia's on top of the alter naked. She's in a drugged state
and isn't sure whether she's dreaming or awake. She sees
Thomas on top of her naked and then he disappears and she
sees Milgatha. There are moans and a man's voice around her
so she looks to see what's going on. Lisa is passed out on
an upper level. Andre Chatham and Samantha are cuffed to the
alter with Abrahin standing over Samantha. Chatham goes limp
and Samantha has the Kirian blade over her left eye. Elicia
looks at Milgatha who smiles and she passes out.
                                         AN HOUR LATER.
Elicia wakes up and has blood all over her. In her right
hand is the Kirian blade and she sees Samantha is dead with


a hole where her left eye should be. Andre Chathum is also
dead. Elicia drops the blade and puts on Samantha's robe.
Raymond Todd walks in the room followed by Janice.
      (Trying to hug
       Elicia who backs
Darling are you alright?
Elicia is still groggy.
                       DR. TODD
A Senior Agent is on his way and
of course we hope and pray this
was a suicide.
Of course dear.
Cut the crap. The least you can do
is not patronize me. What's all
this for?
                       DR. TODD
      (Meeting eyes with
You'll be charged and convicted of
the murder of Samantha but the
judge will put you in our custody.
After your mother gets legal
custody of Brezhula I'll pronounce
you fit to be released.
You'll be fine darling.
                                         FLASHBACK TO
Elicia signs for a package and opens it. Inside is a bundle
of cash and a letter.

Letter: Dear Beatrice,

Congratulations for all you've accomplished. Here's
something to free your mind and your time while you're in
med-school. When you finish come visit me so you can know
who you really are.



Your father Zephyr Chathum

Leavenworth Prison
Leavenworth, Ks
Inmate 18109

Elicia looks at the application for ATC Medical Institute.
                                         BACK TO ALTER.
I know who my real father is.
The Chathums were our protectors
until Zephyr raped me. You failed
the test and I couldn't have
another child so we funded Andre's
We who?
The Catchum estate. Your's was the
greatest family on earth and it
was nearly wiped out but destiny
gave us Thomas.
What did you need Thomas for?
We needed a father for your child.
So he did rape me? This is sick.
You're doing this because you
think we're destined to birth the
savior of the world?
Not savior dear the ruler of the
earth. The son of the one true
                       DR. TODD
Thomas is the first man not made
by the creator. 'The son of a man
without a soul will have dominion
over all the earth.'


I see fine. I see you're all nuts
and if I am pregnant there's no
way I'll have it.
That's why we had to do it this
way dear. You'll see some day.
She walks away and Elicia covers her face with her hands.
                       DR. TODD
Your accomplices are upstairs. You
can wait up there until Agent
Pei's finished.
Kirum and Christianson are talking to Elicia.
I'm fine. Where's Thomas?
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
He left with your mother.
Senior Agent Maulin Pei walks in followed by three heavily
armed men. Kirum looks hard at Pei who takes charge.
                       AGENT PEI
Everyone outside.
Dr. Todd looks at his guards and they escort Kirum,
Christianson and Elicia outside.
                                         MANSION COURTYARD.
      (To Elicia.)
Did you kill Chathum?
No but I'm being framed for it.
Kirum walks away quickly and takes his remote out of his

      (To Christianson.)
How could Glaze let this happen?


                                         FLASHBACK TO ANGLUND
Anglund Chathum walks out of the school-house and stabs
himself with the 'Kirian' blade. A group of students watch
almost unaffected until Zephyr Chathum walks up to a young
Your destiny is set Janice.
Zephyr bows to Janice and all of the students follow his
lead. Janice looks at Zephyr with obvious disdain.
                                         BACK TO MANSION
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
Loyalty to your family is all he's
ever known.
                                         INSIDE MANSION.
Dr. Todd tries to get the attention of Agent Pei but he's on
his mouth phone. He holds his palm up to Todd and Todd gets
                       DR. TODD
Need I remind you who you work for
Agent Pei. The victims are
                       AGENT PEI
I work for the ATC and you need to
wait outside with everyone else.
Todd wants to argue but one of the armed men shows him the
door. He stomps out.
                                         MANSION COURTYARD.
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
We have to make a run for it.
You're right. After they take me
in I won't have a chance.
Just wait a sec.
Kirum watches the big van pull inside the gate and the three
of them wait anxiously.


The rear doors come flying open and a team of 'Cleaners' run
into the mansion.
Dr. Todd tries to run inside but gets a gun put into his
chest. He turns and looks at Elicia and yells to his guards.
                       DR. TODD
      (Pointing at
Stop her!
Kirum, Elicia and Christianson are held at gunpoint by Dr.
Todd's men. Todd walks over to Elicia.
                       DR. TODD
It doesn't matter because you
can't kill your baby. Brezhula
will live and even if you gain
control of ATC you'll still have
to call me Mr. President.
Agent Pei and his men surround Todd and his men.
                       AGENT PEI
Excuse me Mr. President but you
have some explaining to do.
Todd's men drop their guns and Todd is cuffed and read his
rights. Elicia runs inside. Pei looks at Kirum and smiles.
                       AGENT PEI
      (Showing his
       remote to Kirum.)
I love pickles on my hamburger.
I'll remember that.
Elicia walks out carrying the Kirian blade. She checks
Todd's pocket for keys and gets into his car. Kirum looks at
                       DETECTIVE CHRISTIANSON
I know where she's going.
Elicia's cab pulls up and she gets out. She walks up to the
window of the school building and looks inside. Everything's
completely dark and the cab pulls away without her. She


finds a rock and throws it through the window. She can hear
herself breath as she checks from room to room. She can't
find anyone and she uses a phone in the office.
Kirum ask Christianson where they
take the kids?
Are you there now? We'll be there
soon Elicia wait for us.
      (Very serious.)
Where do they take the children?
She hears nothing for a second.
They don't take them anywhere they
live under ground.
Elicia pauses to think.
I have to go.
      (To a dead line.)
                                         BASEMENT OF
The room is pitch black and Elicia has to feel along the
walls to get around the room. After finding nothing but
walls she gets on hers knees and finds a very small opening.
She has to lay flat and inch forward using her elbows. Near
the end of the tunnel she stops to catch her breath then
sees demon eyes light up. The eyes disappear to her left.
She works her way to the end and stands up bumping her head
on the dirt ceiling.
Lisa! Lisa where are you?
She stands quietly and hears activity in front of her. She


puts her left hand on the dirt wall to help guide her into
the pitch black cavity. About ten feet she realizes she's in
a corridor. She finds a small cubby dug into the side of the
wall on the left and sees something in there.
Hello. Is someone in there?
She reaches inside and finds a child's teddy bear. A little
further down there's another cubby on the right side of the
corridor and this continues as she finds several staggered
cubbies but no children. Suddenly eyes light up in front of
her again then disappear to her right. She follows and as
she rounds a corner a dozen glowing eyes are staring at her.
I'm here to help. Don't be
It's isn't you that frightens them
Elicia Catchum.
Abrahin lights a kerosene lamp and the 'Innocents' scatter
and disappear. Abrahin looks at the Kirian blade in Elicia's
front pocket.
I'm just here for Lisa. Give her
to me and we'll go.
Lisa! Lisa do you want to go with
Lisa appears out of the dark and stands in front of Elicia.
      (Demon voice.)
No but she can stay with me.
Elicia backs away and bumps into the dirt wall.
That's not Lisa talking. I want to
hear from Lisa she wants to stay.
Lisa returns to normal and looks Elicia in the eye.
      (Sweet voice.)


Yes Lisa.
I have something for you.
      (Dropping to her
What do you have for me?
Lisa smiles and then winks at her.
Elicia's in disbelief.
Lisa how could you do this?
He misses you Elicia.
Elicia grabs the Kirian blade and holds it over her eye.
Abrahin drops his lamp and runs at her.
      (Reaching for the
Elicia no.
Elicia buries the blade into Abrahin's left eye. As soon as
she does all of the 'Innocents' scream at an unbearable
decibel and volume. The lamp oil spills and creates a fire
lighting up the room.
Elicia grabs Lisa and finds the door Abrahin used to enter.
She runs out and ends up at storm doors in the middle of the
field. She sees headlights and hear sirens. She starts to
run but sees Kirum and Christianson in the first car being
followed by two police cars. Kirum and Christianson get out
of the car and run to Elicia. Sheriff Glaze and his deputies
jump out of their cars and hold their guns on Elicia. They
let their guns drop to their sides and stare in Elicia's
direction. Kirum turns and looks behind them.
She looks at him and he turns his eyes behind her. She looks
and all of the 'Innocents' are neatly lined up waiting for
her command.
                       SHERIFF GLAZE
They're yours now whether you want
'em or not. Goodbye Lisa.


Goodbye grandpa.
He gets in his car and drives away leaving Elicia, Kirum and
Christianson staring at each other.
Kirum walks in without knocking and sees Helen and Charlotte
in front of the TV. The news is on and the reporter is
standing in front of ATC headquarters.
According to a source with the FBI
this is the culmination of a
long-term investigation of the
ATC's role in the incredible
number of suicides over the last
several years. No official comment
was given as to whether or not
this is linked to the simultaneous
deafening screams by hundreds of
children around the world last
night at eleven twenty three east
coast time. Sheila Mitchell
reporting live from ATC
Kirum stands in the doorway and watches as the News returns
to the newsroom anchor.
Thank you Sheila. And in a related
story the catholic church says in
light of recent revelations it
will allow absolutions on past and
present suicide victims that fall
under the umbrella of what is now
being referred to as death by
'Suicide Hypnosis'.
Helen and Charlotte hug and then Helen notices Kirum. She
runs to him and they hug. Charlotte joins them in a group
Elicia waits for ZEPHYR CHATHUM. He walks in and sits across
from her separated by a glass partition. They speak over the


I guess you have a lot of
No. I don't have any questions I
just came to give you something.
He looks surprised and feigns a grin.
What's that?
She looks him in the eye and smiles. He smile back and she


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