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The Stone Boy
by Elese (howfiercely@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We see a dead fish floating in its bowl. Beyond the bowl
the bedroom door opens and AIDEN enters. He removes his
hat, coat, and gloves, and tosses them on his bed. He
reaches in his back pocket and removies a rolled up copy of
Rolling Stone magazine. As he flips thought the pages an
answering machine blinks from his desk, indicating unheard
messages. Aiden, almost apprehensively, moves towards it
and pushes play. He sits on the edge of his bed to listen
as we hear the voice of JULIA.
Hey Aiden, it's me, Julia. Call
me back when you get this.
(Beep, next message)
Hey, it's Julia. Call me when you
get in.
(Beep, next message)
Hey, it's Julia again. Where are
you at? (sarcastically) I hope
you and your dad didn't have
Thunder Dome in your living room.
Why can't you just do the dishes
like a normal person? (she
laughs) Call me.
(Beep, next message)
Hey, I'm trying to beat the world
record for most messages left on
an answering machine. What is
this? Like five now? I get out
of work at seven tonight. If you
get this, meet me there.
(Beep, next message)


Hey...you didn't show. I hope
everything is alright. I haven't
talked to you in almost a week.
When you get this please call me.
(Beep, next message)
I'm starting to get the idea that
you don't want to talk to me. Your
father stopped in to buy some
groceries and when I asked him how
you were he said you were fine.
I'm not really sure what to do.
I've stopped at the museum a few
times, but I can't even find you
there...and you practically live
there. Aiden, since we met we've
had nothing, but fun. I miss
talking to you, hearing your
voice, listening to your crappy
emo music. I think I deserve an
explaination at least. This is
lame. Call.
(Beep, next message. We hear a sigh, silence, and then a
dial tone.)
Aiden stares at the machine as the light ceases to flicker.
He gets up and begins to put on his gloves, coat, and hat
again. As he starts to walk out he stops suddenly, turns
and searches his room for a small container of fish food. He
snatches it off his bureau and turns to the bowl, seeing the
floating fish.
He picks up the bowl and we watch as he opens his door.
Directly across from his room is the bathroom. He enters,
lifts the lid of toilet, dumps the contents of the bowl into
it, and flushes.
Aiden is sitting on a chair next to his father, ART's,
hospital bed. the television is on and both are watching
How did the job hunt go today?


Alright, I guess. How did your
treatment go today? Feeling any
Some days I feel better, other
days the nurses are so starched up
in their white uniforms I want to
light them up and smoke them.
That is a horrible analogy, dad.
I blame it on the morphine. So
where did you apply? Nick's
Pizza? Dollar Deals? How about
the museum?
Nah, not the museum. I could
never work there. That's where I
go to relax, not to make sure
little kids aren't trying to poke
Michelangelo's junk from behind
the velvet ropes.
How's Julia?
You sure about that?
If you know how she is why did you
ask me? Does the morphine give
you psychic powers too?
She stopped in to visit.
Great. My very own stalker.
Knock it off, Aiden. She cares
about you. If you ask me, if
anyone was stalking someone, it
was you. You would find any


                       ART (cont'd)
excuse to go back to the
convenience store. I heard you
laughing on the phone every damn
night. Makes me happy to see you
so happy.
Well, the things that make me
happy have changed. I need to
worry a little more about myself.
No girl is going to change my
life. We'll date for a month or
two and I'll get sick of her...or
she'll leave me for someone else.
Relationships are pointless. Look
at you and mom.
You can't use your mother and me
as an excuse. You know, a lot of
people believe that they'll find
their true love in life. True
love isn't a person, it's a
feeling. Your mother and I found
it in eachother...and now she's
found it in Chuck. That's just
the way it is.
I don't love Julia and I never
And you'll never love anyone if
you keep running. Think of how
she feels.
Look dad, I've got a lot of things
on my mind and a girl isn't one of
them. I've got to look out for us
now. (beat) Look, I've got to go.
Mr. Grandstind called this
morning and said that they had to
find a replacement for you at
work. He doesn't know if you'll
be able to get your job back when
you get out of here, but he said
he would try to find something
else for you.


I saw that coming. Well, it's
about time I found something else
anyway. I'll need a new start
when I get out of here as it is.
Don't worry. I'll stop and get
you some applications too. How
about one for that skeevy movie
rental place? I heard the
manager, Todd, is writing and
directing his own porno.
That's wonderful. You should
audition. You could be the girl.
That's real funny dad. I hope you
find it just as funny when I have
the nurse hide a laxative in your
soup. I'll call you later.
Julia is her room with ABBY, packing a suitcase.
Why are you so bummed? Two whole
weeks in Europe. Be excited. I'm
excited and I'm not even going.
I can't be excited. There is too
much left unfinished here. Too
much going on.
The only thing going on here is
that you are being ignored.
Nothing is going to change while
you are gone. you'll still be
ignored...just further away.
Well, I'd enjoy my vacation much
better if I had at least a little
closure before I left. Besides,
everything in Europe is art and
art reminds me of Aiden. Ha, I'm
going to another country and I


                       JULIA (cont'd)
feel as if I'm running away. He
is running away and he doesn't
even have to go anywhere to do it.
I don't get why you are so hung up
on this asshole. You dated for
like...what? 2 months? And now
he won't even give you the time of
You don't understand. He was
different when we met. This isn't
Blah, blah, blah...he changed. And
now you can see his true colors.
What a rainbow they are too. Maybe
he's gay.
He isn't gay. Just scared. If
you had been around to meet him
you would have seen it.
If I had been around to meet him I
would have kicked him in the nuts
and told you to run.
No, you wouldn't have. He is
sweet and funny, smart and
creative. We have such great
chemistry when we're together.
I know, I know. I heard all about
it. At three am none-the-less.
You, gushing at me about the
He tried to find me a nice
shell...it had a slug in it.
Backstage at the concert...
We got the band's autographs.


And the museum.
Now that was something. That was
something big for him. If you
could have just seen all the
passion in his eyes when he was
explaining all the different
pieces to me. It was awesome. He
used to look at me with the same
passion. I swear it.
Go to Europe. Meet a hot foreign
guy, the less english he speaks,
the better. Forget about Aiden.
He isn't worth it.
He is worth it to me. And when I
come back I'm going to figure all
of this out.
We see Aiden walking up the steps to the doors of the
museum. It is raining. Once inside he makes his way
through the exhibits, but he seems almost rushed. He turns
a corner and stops short, as if he has found what he is
looking for. There, sitting on a bench, is a stone boy. The
boy is resting his chin in the cups of his hands, hunched
forward, staring into space. Aiden leans against the
archway through which he came, staring, almost
nostalgically, at the statue. TONY, a security guard,
Hey Aiden, haven't seen you around
I've been busy.
Oh. Finally had some free time,
I thought maybe that statue might
be a bit lonely.


Actually, he hasn't been too
lonely. That girl you're always
with...she comes in here almost
every day and sits with him for a
bit. Asks about you. Told her I
hadn't seen you for awhile.
Aiden listens to Tony intently, but does not remove his gaze
from the statue. He begins to walk towards it.
Well, guess I'll be seein' ya.
Chin up, Aiden.
Aiden takes a seat next to the stone boy. He places his
hand on the arm of the boy.
      (to the boy)
Still just as cold as the first
day you arrived.
We see Julia enter the exhibit, soaking wet. Aiden does not
notice her as she approaches. When she is in front of him
she clears her throat loudly and he looks at her feet.
I knew you couldn't stay away.
From this point on Aiden does not speak or respond to
anything Julia says.
Fine. You don't want to talk to
me. I get it. But I still have a
lot to say to you. Do you know I
missed my flight because of you? I
couldn't get on the plane because
I didn't say goodbye to you. I
have done my best to be your
friend...and your girlfriend, but
that doesn't seem to matter to you
anymore. If we never see
eachother again I want you to know
one thing...I love you. I know
that's scary for you to hear. I
know why you are pushing me away.
I knew you would be afraid when
you told me your father was dying
and it hurt that you were so close
to him. I understand everything.
I wish I didn't. I wish more than


                       JULIA (cont'd)
anything I could be a bitch or
just cross you out in the little
black book. You fooled me though,
Aiden. You fooled me into
thinking that maybe, just maybe,
you loved me back. You said things
and did things, you looked in my
eyes and I saw no hint of a
lie...but somehow you fooled me.
Maybe you fooled yourself too. I
think the worst part is that I
opend myself up to you just when
you closed yourself off... I wish
you just would have told me that
you were afraid. I love you,
Aiden. Goodbye.
Julia leans down and kisses the statue instead of Aiden. She
whispers into it's ear and exits. Aiden looks to the stone
boy and tears begin to fall down his face.


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From Doresteinn Date 7/16/2007 ****
Interesting so far...keep it up! I've got to say, for what it seems to be about so far, it's amazingly well written and not over-dramatic! It's quite reallistic in the emotions and such.

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