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Bloody Disgusting
by Thomas Smith (tasmith9@bellsouth.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
An up and coming band hits the road to promote their first album release they get more than they bargained for when they end up stranded in the middle of nowhere.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


It's decrepit, an old hunting lodge surrounded by woods.

A TEENAGE BOY frantically dashes through the front door with
a pistol in his hand. He's about 17 or 18. His face is
scratched and bruised.

He keeps looking over his shoulder. Something or Someone is
after him. He fires a shot into the woods before baracading
the door with a chair.
He listens quietly and hears footsteps outside. He flees
into the next room where he finds candles placed throughout.
The door jolts violently. Something's trying to get in. The
Boy ducks into a nearby closet, closing the door behind
himself. The door slings open. The Boy shuffles to the back
of the closet, whimpering. Whatever's after him is in the
shack now.
Plodding footsteps and creaking wooden planks echo
throughout the house. The Boy listens in fear and
anticipation. The steps come nearer. He studies the pistol's
chamber. Only a few bullets. The steps stop right in front
of the closet door. Everything goes silent.
The closet doorknob turns. The Boy points his gun and fires
shot after shot into the door. The door begins to open. The
Boy looks horrified at an unseen figure.
The Boy lets out a shriek and fires one last time--echoing
through the night.

It's your typical hole in the wall. An old VW VAN is parked
outfront amongst the other cars. Music, somewhat muffled,
seeps through the walls.
A band of young twenty-somethings plays to a packed house.
The song is Fountains of Wayne-ish.


The frontman, TREVOR JONES, SINGS into the microphone.
Guitarist RICK SLOAN strums. JONNY SINCLAIRE, with a
constant five o' clock shadow and shaggy but well-kept hair,
taps on his cymbals and drum. Bassist PAUL ARLO, wearing
black-rimmed glasses, taps his foot in front of an amp.

The song ends.
The audience cheers.
We're gonna take a little break
right now. We'll be back in a few.
Trevor entertains a gaggle of girls in one corner of the
bar. Rick hangs at the merchandising table with his
girlfriend APRIL LONG, an attractive redhead. Paul sits on
the edge of the stage with a group of female fans.

BETSY CURTIS, Trevor's galpal, mopes at the bar alone
sipping from her drink. She's very attractive yet
attainable. Jonny takes a seat beside her. He's wearing a
blue button shirt and khakis.
This seat taken?
You're doing great tonight, Jonny.
I don't know if Trevor would
agree. He shot me that look a
couple of times...THE look.
The look. I know it well.
Thought you might.


Over time I've come to realize
that there are two different
versions of The Look yet they both
appear similar. One means, simply
put, 'fuck off'. The other is more
of a congratulatory stare. He
loves his melodrama.
How do you know which is which?
I don't. But I'd like to think
they're all congratulatory.
      (looks to Trevor)
He certainly has his hands full
Ugh, don't tell me. I've been
trying to ignore it all night.
They're all so perfect and cute
and chipper. My God are they
How do you...?
Put up with it?
Drown my sorrows in alcohol. Want
to join me?
I'd be delighted.
      (to Bartender)
One more of these.
Look, Betsy, you're a great girl.
Trevor, or anyone for that matter,
would be a fool to let you get


You're sweet, Jonny. But I know
Trevor isn't going anywhere. I
just see it as playing a role. The
frontman has to be this cool,
charming guy who woos the ladies.
He can't be seen as the guy
lugging the old ball and chain
around. It's just a tease for the
fans. I'm fine with it.
How much alcohol does it normally
take to reach that epiphany?
More than I can afford.
They chuckle. Microphone and speaker feedback interupts. The
entire bar hushes with its attention on the stage. Rick
grips a microphone in his hands.
Uh, hello? One...two...Can you
hear me?
Sorry about that. I have an
announcement I'd like to make.
This lovely lady here to my right
(points to April) has just agreed
to marry me.
The audience cheers.
                       RICK (cont'd)
I would say "drinks all around"
but I can barely afford an
engagement ring. So just pretend.
The audience chuckles and applauds.
One less single guy to keep the
female fans teased with.
You and Trevor ever talk about
things like that?


What? Marriage? I think that's the
furthest thing from his mind right
now. He's using all his energy to
get this band off the ground and I
respect that. You guys are finally
starting to take off.
Trevor comes between the two.
Betsy, honey, we should go
congratulate Rick and April.
Sure. Later, Jonny.
Trevor maneuvers her past Jonny and behind himself.
See ya, Jonny.
Trevor and Betsy make their way across the bar leaving Jonny
      (to himself)
Ouch. The Look.
He turns his attention to the DRINK in front of him.

The band's manager, SAM LUCAS, mid-40s or early 50s, enters
the bar. He spots Jonny at the bar and takes Betsy's old
How's it going?
Well if it isn't the birthday boy!
How was the party?
Boy, you should have seen the
cake. It was shaped like a giant
Rick will be glad you enjoyed it.
Rick's idea, huh?


He ate a lot of sugar that day. I
guess he needed an outlet. Oh,
speaking of Rick, guess who has
wedding bells and wild, wild
honeymoon sex in their future?
You're kidding!
A man never kids about sex.
When did it happen?
About five minutes ago.
She's not pregnant is she?
No. I don't know. But I wouldn't
be surprised. Those two go at it
like jackrabbits. I'm a little
shocked they haven't snuck off to
the bathroom yet.
Anything else I should know about?
Trevor's still a dick and the
audience really loves us.
Glad to hear it.
Are you still coming with us in
the morning?
Wouldn't miss it. On the road,
traveling from gig to gig. It'll
make me feel young again.
The wife cut you loose just like


Truth be told, Sheila and I aren't
exactly seeing eye to eye lately.
What happened?
She kicked me out.
I'm sorry to hear that, Mr. Lucas.
What happened? If you don't mind
my asking.
I think she outgrew me. Should
have seen it coming.
Then this little trip will do you
some good. Get you out and about.
And if you ever need anything,
just ask.
Thank you, Jonny. Listen, I'm
gonna go talk to the soon-to-be's.
Warn them on the pitfalls of
marriage. You take care of
I will.
You boys going back on soon?
Couple of minutes.
Good. Good.
Sam pats Jonny on the back and disappers into the crowd.
Jonny nurses his drink at the bar. Rick takes a seat next to


Are you really that depressed I'm
off the market?
Congratulations, Rick. Never
thought you'd do it.
Don't congratulate me yet. I still
have to make it to the alter. Then
you can congratulate me.
How long have you been practicing
that line?
Just thought of it.
Spill it.
Been using it all night.
I know you. You're not as smooth
as you think you are.
Faking it landed me a great girl.
You and April are good together.
Thank you, Jonny. Now what's with
the sad, clown face?
I'm quietly pining.
It's always Betsy.
Betsy. I'm sorry, pal.


What does she see in Trevor? What
does he have that I don't have?
Granted, he's not the worst guy
but he does demonstrate certain
jerk-like tendencies. What does
she see in him she doesn't see in
He's the lead singer of a band.
He's the frontman who churns out
soothing ballads about love and
loss. That can be a little
blinding. It's like being a member
of U2. No one sees past Bono and
The Edge. The other two guys are
lucky if they remember their own
name. But a word of advice,
Jonny-boy...don't go stealing
other people's girls.
I don't want to steal her. I just
want her to notice me.
Doesn't matter. Anyway you slice
it Trevor will see it as stealing.
The last thing this band needs is
a Yoko.
I hate unrequited love.
Amen, brother. Glad I'm finally
out of that crazy, koo-koo dating
You're making me a little envious.
Break's over. Let's play some
The band members take the stage.
And we're back, ladies and
gentlemen. This next song is
probably one you've heard on your


                       TREVOR (cont'd)
local radio dials and it's more
than likely the one you've been
waiting to hear.
The band plays. The SONG is fast and poppy, but of quality.
April and Betsy sit at the merchandise table clapping along
with the music. Sam stands in the corner with a smile on his

The song carries over to the next scene.
The VW Van from the bar is parked in front of an apartment.
The back doors are open as Jonny and Betsy pack luggage and
Trevor seems a little on edge
He's always on about something.
Whatever it is, he'll get over it.
Paul walks up with a beer in his hand, admiring the van.
So this is the tour van. How much
did it cost?
I don't know. Trevor paid for it.
About a grand. It only needed a
tune up, brakes, some electrical
work and new belts. A real deal.
Yeah. A real deal.
He was just looking for a pet
I trust all those things have been


I certainly hope so. The fuel
gauge still sticks.
Pauls waves his bottle in the air.
I dub thee...The Shaggin' Wagon!
He shatters the bottle over the van. Some paneling falls off
the van.
Are you still drunk?
Don't tell Trevor.
Sam joins the three. He's wearing a STRAW HAT.
What's on your head?
This old thing? It's my Kolchak
hat. A nice, sturdy, straw hat to
keep the sun from wrinkling this
beautiful face.
      (holds up a rabbit
Whose bunny suit?
That's mine. Are we not doing the
bunny suit thing again?
Trevor loads some bags into the van.
No. We're never doing the bunny
suit thing again. We did it once
and that was only because it was
your birthday and you whinned like
a bitch.
Oh, come on! The crowd loves a
good bunny suit encore! It appeals
to the furry in all of us.


No bunny suits. (stares at the van
paneling) Who broke my van?
Rick and April enter.
Rick did it.
It's a long stretch of pavement, woods and nothing else. The
van speeds over the rural landscape. The SONG blares.
Instruments are piled atop each other. Rick and April sleep
in each other's arms. Sam, awake, relaxes beside them.
Trevor is on the floor writing in a notebook. Betsy is
asleep. Jonny's behind the wheel. He's wearing jeans and a
khaki colored button-up shirt. Paul is in the passenger's
seat. Trevor seems agitated.
Will you please turn that off?
Come on, Trevor! Aren't you even
the least bit excited? Our song is
getting radio play!
I said turn it off, Paul.
Paul carelessly spins the dial, landing on a Polka station.
Jonny quickly turns the radio off.
Moody bastard.
That's okay, boys. It'll play
three more times today and if
people like it, which they seem
to, the station will keep playing
That never should have been our
first single. It doesn't represent
the entire album.


But it gets people jumping. It
grabs their attention, their toes
start tapping and they become
aware of this great little band
called Kirk Out.
I still don't like it. It's like
we're saying the album is all
"Viva Las Vegas" when it's really
a whole lot of "Hey Jude".
It's a good song. That's what
People like it. Last night's
audience was great. They loved us.
Lighten up a little, Trevor.
Just...never mind.
Anybody else want to get behind
the wheel?
This is my 'fuck off' face.
Why do I have to do all the
Because you're the drummer.
What's that supposed to mean? The
drummer is a pivotal part of any


No, he's not. The singers and the
songwriters are what makes a band
a band.
I've written a few songs.
Please. Can you name one drummer
who has had their own solo career?
And Ringo doesn't count.
Ringo never really seems to count,
does he?
Poor bastard.
Point proven.
So you're saying the most
important person in this van is
you? You're like our personal
Jesus Christ who stole us away
from shitty coverbands to play
music with you?
Sort of.
Maybe we should change the band's
name to Trevor and the Apostles.
It would have worked in the 50s.
Since we're renaming the band, how
about we change the name back to
Gukbe. Kirk Out is just so...meh.
I don't think that's such a good
idea. People have a hard time
pronouncing 'Gukbe'. People used
to call us Gookbe and when they
couldn't remember our name they
just called us The Gook Band. Do


                       JONNY (cont'd)
you really want to be known as The
Gook Band?
Rick yawns and stretches.
Sleep well?
Kind of hard with you chipmunks
chattering on.
Why is Gukbe so hard to say?
G-U-K-B-E. It's a simple physics
Guess it just proves that not
everyone is as smart as us.
The name isn't changing. We are
Kirk Out.
When are we filming the music
video, Sam?
When we make it to Atlanta.
There's a crew and a soundstage
I still don't know why we're
wasting our time on a video. There
are more important things we could
be doing with our time.
Like what?
Like working on the next album.
We just released an album last
week. You shooting for one a month


I just don't see why we have to
waste our time on a video. Who's
gonna see it?
I bought the band some airtime on
all of our local stations, it'll
be on the website and it's a good
publicity tool. Helps get some
And when you say "you bought" some
airtime you really mean we bought
some airtime.
I used some cash from the
warchest. Yes. That's what it's
there for.
Should we really call it The
Warchest if there's not actual
I think there's plenty of warring.
What do you want to call it?
I don't know. Something else.
How about "The Rock Box"?
I like it.
It has a certain ring to it.
Idiots. So what's next for us,
Sam? You want us to start painting
our faces and spewing blood from
our mouths as we soar over the
crowd on wires?


Now that you mention it...
About how much further do you
think it is, Mr. Lucas?
Probably another half hour or so.
I only ask because we're almost on
Ah, great. We haven't passed a
house in hours, let alone a gas
We can make it.
The Van speeds down the deserted road.
Everyone is awake and alert. Paul studies a half-folded map.
Best I can tell, we're somewhere
in this general area. (runs his
hand over a large area of the map)
Could you be more specific?
Nowheresville. Population, us.
Mind if I take a look?
By my guest, April.
I haven't seen a car on this road


Running on fumes.
Where did you say we were, Paul?
That big, blue-ish green area.
That's what I thought.
Ah, crap. You were reading the map
upside down?
Was I?
If we're in the blue-green area
that means we've been heading
South all this time. We're
supposed to be going North,
Which means we're about six hours
away from where we're supposed to
That would be accurate.
Guess I should have actually
unfolded the map before I plotted
our course. Sorry, guys.
Any towns on that map?
Nearest one is about an hour away.
We don't have an hour.


Thank you, Paul, for this
wonderful experience.
Maybe there will be a house or a
farm...some place we can get help.
Do you see any houses? Because all
I see are woods and a long, empty
I knew we should have taken the
Again, I'm sorry. I thought
everyone might want to see the old
Civil War battlefields.
Look around. Everything you see
was a battlefield!
There! There's a road!
Betsy points to an old, dirt road leading into the woods. A
decaying wood SIGN lies beside the path. It reads: "Isley
Hunting Lodge".
There could be a house down there.
It's worth a shot.
Jonny puts the van in reverse and turns down the road.
We're gonna die. We're gonna get
shot by some backwoods, inbred
mouthbreathing, yokel named
The van rolls closer to a decrepit SHACK in the middle of
the woods. Some of the windows are boarded from the inside.
There's a WORKSHED in the back.


Everyone stares at the shack.
This looks promising.
The van parks a few yards away from the shack.
Alright, everybody out.
The van door's open. Sam hops out, followed by Trevor. He
slaps at a mosquito.
I hate the country.
Jonny hops out.
Is there anything you do like?
Check out those social skills,
ladies and gents.
Rick steps out of the van, surveying the area.
I don't even think there's any
Rick takes April by the hand and helps her out of the van.
She looks the place over.
Mmmm...smells like poverty!
Jonny takes Betsy's hand, helping her out of the van.
Have a nice nap?
Not quite the Four Seasons.
Trevor takes Betsy's hand and helps her out. Jonny steps
back to joins Paul a few feet away.


Still crushing on Betsy?
Having this feeling for two
years...that's more than a little
Yeah, it's unrequited. I know how
you feel, Jonny, but relations
with Trevor are more than a little
strained as it is.
I know. I know. I've held it in
for this long, a little longer
won't hurt anymore than it already
That's the spirit.
Sam knocks on the front door. No answer.
Hello? Anyone home?
He peeps through the dirty windows.
There's not even a car. I don't
think anyone lives here.
Rick, why don't you take a look
around back?
Rick makes his away around the house, studying it. Trevor
wraps his arms around Betsy, standing away from the others.
I don't want you interacting with
Jonny beyond a civil "hello" and
Trevor, Jonny is a nice guy. He's
just trying to be friendly.


A little too friendly from my
point of view.
God! You're so paranoid.
I'm just trying to look out for
Rick meets Sam at the front door.
Well, this was a shot in the dark.
Mr. Lucas, you still have your
cell phone?
It's somewhere in the van. I'll
call the motor club. You guys just
chill out here for a few minutes.
Can we go inside?
I don't care. Do whatever you
Is it safe?
I think that's Sam Speak for be
very careful.
Because I don't have insurance.
And in this day and age if you get
hurt and don't have insurance, you
Take it up with the politicians.
Sam heads to the van.


Don't worry, April, you've got me
to protect you from the deadly
threat of tetanus.
The front door opens. Rick cautiously leads his friends into
the dark, dirty cabin. The floor is littered with
debris--wood, rock, etc.
It's definitely a fixer-upper.
No electricity or water I bet.
Not my idea of a good time.
Come on, honey, it's an adventure.
Betsy steps into a small side room. She screams and clings
to the nearest person--Jonny.
Whoa. Whoa. What is it, Betsy?
That! What is that?
Jonny steps into the room. He kneels close to the floor
beside a ROTTING ANIMAL CARCASS. Flies buzz and maggots
Dead deer. Must have gotten stuck
in here and couldn't get out. Poor
He turns around to find Trevor standing beside Betsy.
                       PAUL (os)
What's this?
Everyone meets Paul a few feet away. He stares at a brown
stain on the floor. It leads into the next room.


How do you know?
The same thing was on the floor
around the deer.
Anybody else starting to feel a
little uneasy about all this?
The trail leads into the next
Shall we, fellas?
Trevor follows the trail of dried blood into the next room.
He stops in his tracks. In a corner of the room is a pile of
bones. Melted candles are scattered throughout the room.
Look at the floor.
The blood trail forms a large PENTAGRAM on the floor.
Okay, time to go now.
The whole gang rushes out the front door at a break-neck
speed. They bump into Sam at the door.
Jesus Christ, Sam!
Everyone regains their composure.


What is it? What's got you kids so
spooked all of a sudden? Did you
see the Boogeyman or something?
Any luck with the phone?
It's dead.
Didn't you charge it?
I did. But someone insisted on
playing Tetris for three hours
Come on, guys, what is it? What's
Show him.
Show me what?
Sam stares at the deer corpse.
Nothing to get worked up over.
It's just what's left of some poor
You better add an 'S' and make it
He's right. There's more.
A lot more.


Sam, a little disturbed, stands before the others as he
stares down at the pile of animal bones, the canldes and the
Well...the animals...I'm sure
that, over time, many a creature
has lived or died in this place.
Seems like it belongs to the
Look at it as a whole, Mr. Lucas.
Isn't it just a tad bit Satanic.
I'm trying to ignore that part so
not to scare myself.
What about an adaptor for the
phone? Power it from the cigarette
lighter in the van.
I didn't bring it. Can we go back
outside please?
The group is gathered around the van, studying the map.
Well, here's a town.
But we're here. We don't have
enough fuel to make that.
We can drive as far as we can and
when the fuel runs out we'll walk
the rest of the way.
It's doable.


But it's going to be dark soon. I
don't know about you, but I
wouldn't want to be walking down a
deserted country road in the dark.
It's not exactly safe.
We've got about 45 minutes until
it gets dark. We could try it.
I agree.
Let's do it.
Everyone piles into the van. Jonny takes the driver seat. He
cranks the engine. The van starts and dies. Jonny cranks it
again. He taps the fuel gauge. The gauge drops to Empty.
Then there's only one thing we can
You're not going to suggest what I
think you are, are you?
I think we should stay here for
the night.
Oh, you did.
I don't know, Rick.
The way I see it, it's the only
choice we have. We can sleep in
the van. When morning comes we'll
set out for the town.
Rick's right. We don't need to be
traipsing through the woods in the
middle of nowhere at night. We'll
end up even more lost than we are


I really don't think you get a say
in this, Paul, seeing how it's
your fault we're stuck here.
I agree with Rick. I think we
should wait here until morning.
It's safer.
I'll go with it.
We may as well.
I suppose it is safer.
Then we need to make some room in
here. Let's move our instruments
from the van and into the creepy
Darkness is quickly approaching. Sam and Jonny carry a drum
into the shack.
Do we want to put this stuff in
the Satan Room or in here?
Satan Room.
Trevor and Betsy have a spot together in the van as do Rick
and April. Paul is lying across the passenger and driver


The van door opens. Sam and Jonny stare at everyone and the
lack of space.
Hey, where am I supposed to sleep?
In the house.
Why do I have to sleep in the
Because you're the drummer.
What about me? Any room in there
for your favorite manager?
Trevor slams the door.
Sam and Jonny step into the shack with their belongings and
look the place over.
Is this what baby Jesus felt like?
I don't believe in Jesus, but I do
believe in vengeance. You want to
perform a coupe on Trevor?
As much as I'd like to...Which
room do you want?
This one. You can take the Gateway
to Hell Suite.
How about we share?


Rick reads a magazine while April sleeps on his chest. Betsy
and Trevor are reading a book together. Paul is asleep.
There was plenty of room for them,
Not if we wanted to be
comfortable, Rick. This way we
have leg room.
You're a real ass.
But my ass is comfortable.
Sam and Jonny are making their beds on the dirty floor.
Jonny catches a whiff of something rotten.
We're gonna have to do something
about that deer.
I know. It's pretty rank. I'll
help you toss it outback.
Sam and Jonny drag the corpse out the front door and around
to the back of the house. They leave it several feet from
the house behind a bush.
That's more like it.
The workshed behind the shack catches Jonny's attention.
Is that a workshed?


Looks like it.
Have you taken a look in there
Not yet.
The inside of the shed is pitch black. The DOOR flings wide
open allowing the outside light to fill parts of the shed.
Sam and Jonny survey the interior.

The shed is full of odds and ends--a BUCKET with a HAMMER
RUSTY AX hangs on the left wall. A SHOVEL rests against the
other. A CHAINSAW lies on the ground toward the back of the
Somebody used to live here.
At least they intended to. There's
nothing useful here. We had better
get back inside.
They close the shed door, plunging the shed in total
darkness once more.
Sam and Jonny enter the old shack. Sam sniffs.
It still smells rotten in here.
Well, the deer was rotting. The
place just needs to air out some.
But the deer is outside and it
still smells terrible in here.
Just as bad, if not worse.


There's nothing else in here, Mr.
Sam notices a door near the back of the shack. The door is
riddled with small holes.
What's in there?
I don't know. I don't think we
went in there.
Sam leads the way to the holey door. They both wrinkle their
noses and fan the air at the smell of something terrible.
Let's hope it's just another deer.
Sam opens the door to find a ROTTING CORPSE sitting in the
cramped closet. A pistol rests in its left hand with a hole
in its temple.

Sam steps back in shock, knocking over a table beside the
closet. A JAR sitting on top of the table crashes to the
floor. A BLACK POWDER contained inside spreads over the
floor. Sam and Jonny turn their attention to the smashed
What is it?
Sam kneels beside it, running his finger through it.
I think it's ash.
They turn their attention back to the corpse.
Gunshot to the head?
I'm not a forensics specialist but
I would assume so. And gunshots
going through the door.
He...it's a he, right?


      (looks at the
       corpse's chest)
I think so.
Looks like he was trying to defend
himself from someone out here and
finally gave up.
There's something in his shirt
They stare at each other for a moment.
Well I'm not touching it.
What makes you think I will?
You're the drummer.
The drummer gets no respect. Ever.
Jonny reaches for the CRUMPLED PAPER in the corpse's pocket.
He snatches the paper and tosses it at Sam.
It's a newspaper clipping...from
six years ago.
What's it say?
Looks like this shack has more of
a history than we thought. Four
college kids came out here for a
camping trip. Seven days later a
hunter found three of them in
here. Their bodies had been ripped
to shreds.
What about the fourth one?


They never found her. The cops
seemed to think she snapped, cabin
fever maybe, and went on a
But what is this disgusting
gentleman doing here?
That's a good question that I
don't want to know the answer to.
I think we better go.
I'm right behind you.
They exit the shack.
Sam and Jonny hurry to the van.
Do you think she's still up here?
The fourth camper. You think she's
still up here?
That was six years ago, Jonny. I
wouldn't think so. She's probably
just as dead as that fellow in the
closet. But you never know.
Sam pulls on the door handle. It's locked. He knocks. Trevor
slides the door open. Everyone is awake but Paul.
You babies get scared?
You could say that.
What's going on?


There's a corpse in the closet.
You're talking about the deer,
Is it another deer? Please let it
be another deer.
It's a man...well...it was a man.
We think.
Ah, shit.
You're kidding. Tell me you're
kidding. You know, if this is
about making you guys sleep in
there, I'm sorry. You can come in
You can take a look for yourself.
Ah, shit.
Trevor heads for the shack. He stops in his tracks and looks
back at the others in the van.
Well? I'm not going in there by
No thanks. We've already seen it.
Trevor turns his attention to the shack. He slowly makes his
way inside.


Trevor creeps through the shack. The boards CREAK under his
feet as he tip-toes through. He looks back to the front door
and TRIPS. Trevor stares at the corpse, only a few feet
away. He slides to his feet and turns away from the closet
as a figure emerges from the shadows. He SCREAMS. It's Rick.
You scared the hell out of me,
Rick! Geez!
Sorry. I had to see what was going
The rest of the group rushes in from outside except for
What happened? We heard a scream.
I'm alright. Rick gave me a little
      (sees the corpse)
Oh my God.
We're not staying here any longer.
Everyone, pack your things. We're
Where are we leaving to, Trevor?
I don't know, but we certainly
can't stay here.
It's alright. We've got
Sam takes a PISTOL from his coat pocket, twirling it on his
It didn't seem to do that guy much
What's that on the floor?


They turn their attention to the crumbled jar and ash on the
It was a jar of ash. I
accidentally knocked it over when
I saw the corpse.
A jar of ash? That's a little
Considering our track record for
the evening, maybe it was
someone's remains.
This keeps getting worse.
Are we leaving or are we staying?
Look, Trevor, our situation hasn't
really changed too much since this
afternoon. We're still out of gas,
no phone, we don't know where we
are and we're stuck in the woods
at night.
So you want us to stick around
this place? The decrepit shack
littered with human remains?
I was hoping we could all stick it
out in the van...together.
Sam, what do you think?
As much as I don't like it, I have
to agree with Jonny.
I'm waiting in the van until


Betsy, honey...come on.
I'm sorry, Trevor. We're safer if
we stick together in the van until
Fine. You guys can stay here and
play 'Guess the Cause of Death',
but I'm leaving. I'll be back in a
few hours with help.
Trevor, you can't! Pull your head
out of your ass and think about
this rationally!
I am thinking rationally! I'm
probably the only one here
thinking rationally. Just sit
tight. I'll head out to the road,
follow it into town. Might get
lucky and have a car pass by.
Um, Trevor, you should re-think
this. As your manager I have to
say this is a bad idea.
It's no worse than Jonny's.
Trevor exits the shack.
Trevor sorts through his stuff in the van. He takes a
BACKPACK and throws in a BOTTLE OF WATER, some SNACKS and
picks up a FLASHLIGHT. He looks over at Paul, still sound
asleep. Trevor nudges him awake.
Trevor? Where is everybody? What's
going on?
I'm going for help.


I thought we were staying here
until morning?
They are. I'm not.
What happened?
I'll be back in a few hours.
Dude, what's going on?
Trevor shuts the door. Everyone is standing outside the
shack, watching him. Trevor turns on his flashlight and
heads down the dirt road they came in on.
Jonny glances at Sam. He has his PISTOL drawn.
Maybe you should put that away.
What's the gameplan?
Let's clear some of our stuff out
of the house and lock ourselves up
in the van.
Crickets CHIRP. Trevor steps through the woods with his
flashlight guiding him. Something is watching him in the
woods. Twigs SNAP. The chirping abruptly ends. Trevor
freezes and points his flashlight into the darkness.
Hello? Jonny?
A twig snaps. He spins around. FOOTSTEPS scurry through the
woods around him. Trevor makes a mad dash for the road. He


trips on a root. There is complete silence. He looks around.
The footsteps rush at him. Trevor looks dead ahead and lets
out a blood-curdling SCREAM.
April, Paul, Rick and Betsy are all asleep in the van.
Jonny and Sam are sitting inside, packing up their
make-shift beds and belongings.
So what do you think about all
Your guess is as good as
anybody's. I think we can all
agree it's pretty disturbing.
I just can't figure out what the
body is doing here.
I think Rick may have been onto
something with his idea. These
kinds of macabre events always
create the local legend or myth.
When I was in high school my
friends and I used to hang out in
the Church Street Cemetery hoping
to catch a glimpse of the famed
ghost of Charles Boyington. It's
But the gun and the bullet holes
just don't make any sense.
Everyone is slumbering peacefully. Something passes by the
van, casting a quick shadow inside. It happens again. The
outside light is suddenly replaced by dark shadows passing
Sam loads his pistol as Jonny takes a sip of his soda.


What Trevor did was stupid.
That's just the way Trevor is.
I'm surprised this band has lasted
as long as it has.
Me too, Mr. Lucas.
You know, you can call me 'Sam'.
I know.
A black shadow moves past a window. Jonny and Sam look up.
I guess Trevor chickened out.
Sam peeps through the window. There's nothing out there.
What is it?
I don't see anyone.
Bar the door.
Jonny and Sam lower a wood plank against the door, barring
it.The door knob jiggles.
You're sure that's not Trevor?
I told you, I didn't see anyone.
Trevor, is that you?
The small tugs at the door suddenly become violent. Sam
cocks his pistol. Jonny rushes to the window. The van is
dark, its windows are fogged. Jonny cranes his neck around
toward the front door.


See anything?
No. I'm going to open it. It could
be Trevor.
The banging stops. Jonny quickly unbars the door and flings
it open. Trevor, huddled on the stoop, is in shock, covered
in mud and scratches. Sam puts his pistol on the floor as he
and Jonny kneel down Trevor.
What happened, Trevor?
We're sorry. We didn't know it was
Sam and Jonny try to help him up but he won't budge.
It hurts. Don't touch it. It
Jonny takes a closer look at Trevor's wounds--the flesh
around them appears to be crawling as if something is moving
around under skin.
Stay with him. I'm going to grab a
Jonny hurries into the shack and plunders through their
piles of belongings. Sam tries to comfort Trevor by rubbing
his back.The wounds are dripping with blood. Dazed, Trevor
slowly lowers his head.
Hurry up, Jonny. He's losing a lot
of blood. Stay with us, Trevor.
Sam turns his attention to a SHUFFLING in the woods when
he's jolted by a pair of pale, bloody, veiny HANDS that wrap
around his throat. Trevor's face is hideous, pale and grey
with sunken cheeks and eye sockets. His eyes are black and
Jonny rushes to the front door to find Trevor on top of Sam,
growling and gnashing his teeth.


Jonny tries to pull Trevor away. Trevor pushes him to the
floor. He BITES Sam's neck. Jonny grabs the pistol and FIRES
a shot into Trevor's chest. Jonny fires another shot,
sending Trevor stumbling outside.

Jonny bars the door. Trevor POUNDS at the door. Sam takes
his gun from Jonny and fires several shots through the door.
Each shot lets a streak of moonlight into the room, landing
on the two. The pounding stops.
Let me see...
Sam takes his hand away from the wound.
Does it look as bad as it feels?
He took out a pretty big chunk.
Was that Trevor?
I don't know what that was.
It stings.
Jonny peers at the van through the window.
Are they okay?
Looks like it. I don't see Trevor
anywhere. We have to get to them.
Just what in the hell is going on
Wish I could tell you.


Jonny looks out the window. Trevor's hideous face is staring
back at him. Trevor PUNCHES through the glass, reaching for
Jonny. He jumps back against the wall away from the window.
Come out and play, Jonny.
Shoot it!
Sam points his gun at the window. Trevor's gone.
Where did he go?
How many more bullets do you have?
Not a lot. I don't pack with the
intention of actually using this
Load her up and let me have it. I
have to get to the van.
Everyone is asleep. There is a metallic, scraping coming
from outside. Paul opens his eyes to find a CREATURE staring
at him through the window. He SCREAMS. The creature covers
its ears. He scrambles to the back of the van with everyone
awakening to the hysteria.
What the hell is wrong with you?
There's someone outside!
Where's Jonny?
I don't know. They must still be
in the house.


Are you sure you weren't dreaming?
I know what I saw. It wasn't Sam
or Jonny or Trevor. It
was...rotting and icky.
April looks out the back window. Rick looks out the front.
I don't see anything.
Betsy reaches for the door handle. Paul grabs her hand.
Don't open it.
I'm locking it.
She LOCKS the door.
You see anything, Ricky?
I don't know. The glass is too
Rick wipes off an area of the glass. He pulls his hand back
to find a CREATURE staring back at him through the glass.
Rick stumbles back.
Shit! Shit! Shit! I told you!
Oh, God.
Jonny pulls a shirt from his bag and rips it up. He wraps
the cloth around Sam's wound, trying to stop the bleeding.
I've only seen two of them plus
Trevor. I should be okay. Just
hold tight until I get back.
This is a bad idea, Jonny.


Betsy's out there.
I know. Good luck, kid.
Thanks, Sam. I'll be back in a
Jonny leans against the broken window with his gun drawn.
TWO CREATURES attack the van.
Rick has a tire iron in his hand. The creatures pound on the
glass. A bloody fist punches through the windshield. Rick
swats it with his tire iron.
Jonny fires a shot at the creature. He misses. He fires
again and misses. Sam takes the gun and fires. Blood and
brain matter splatter as the creature crashes to the ground.
Everyone huddles together in the back of the van. April sobs
as Betsy comforts her.
Jonny opens the door and peeks outside. It's clear.
Cover me.
Jonny races for the van. Creatures gallop after him. Sam
fires shot after shot. The bullets take off arms, legs,
hands. The creatures are only slowing. Several creatures
appear from behind the van. Jonny runs back into the shack
and bars the door.
Nice shooting.
Visit the shooting range every
Sunday. Beats church.
They're not staying down. What are
these things?


I only have a few bullets left.
Jonny takes the gun and fumbles with it.
How do you--?
You've got to...here, let me show
Sam loads the gun. Jonny watches closely. Sam hands it back.
At least I know how to shoot it.
This is it, Jonny. No more
Then let's make them count. Bar
the door as soon as I leave.
Jonny steps out. Sam shuts the door. He has trouble barring
it. Two creatures come after Jonny. He aims and
fires--shooting one in the face, killing it. He shoots the
other creature in the leg. The creature crawls after Jonny.
Jonny heads for the van.
Rick SWATS at the creatures with the tire iron as they burst
through the glass. The creatures snarl and gnash their
teeth. GUNSHOTS ECHO. A creature falls from the van. Another
creature falls.
                       JONNY (os)
Open the door!
It's Jonny!
She opens the door to find a creature staring back. Its head
EXPLODES. Blood splatters on everyone in the van.

As the corpse falls it reveals Jonny running for the van.
The crawling creature is still after him. Jonny pulls the
trigger. Out of bullets. He leaps into the van. Betsy slams
the door behind him and locks it.


Is everybody okay?
About as well as can be expected I
I'm fine.
What do these people want?
I don't think they're people.
Excuse me?
Look, I really don't think we have
the time to deliberate on this
right now.
Is Sam okay?
I don't know. He's hurt.
What about Trevor? Have you heard
anything from Trevor?
      (looks at Betsy,
I think we should get moving.
We'll be safer in the house than
out here in the open.
We're running?
Like hell. Is there anything in
here we can use as weapons?
Something blunt and heavy.
Rick holds up his blood soaked tire iron.


Look for more. Everyone needs to
have something.
April and Betsy sort through their bags and eventually find
a POCKET KNIFE. Paul searches the glovebox and finds a
SCREWDRIVER. Jonny sorts through the blankets strewn about
the van. He finds DRUMSTICKS.
We found a pocket knife.
I've been looking for that.
And I have drumsticks...great...
We should stay close.
And run really, really fast.
Paul glances out the window at the house. He notices the
front door is ajar.
When I open the door be ready to
run out swinging.
Wait a minute, Jonny.
Jonny notices the door. The WINDOW beside the door has
bloody HANDPRINTS on it. A HAND slams against the window.
Seconds later the window is doused in blood. The hand slides
down the glass and disappears.
Oh, my God...Sam.
      (hangs his head)
On three. One...two...three!
Jonny opens the door to find a creature. He stabs it in the
eye with a drumstick. Everyone flees the van. The creatures
hobble after them.


Rick BURSTS through the door, SLIPS on a huge puddle of
blood and crashes to the floor beside Sam's mangled carcas.
He SCREAMS and tries to stand to his feet but keeps slipping

Jonny bars the door and slides to the floor. The creatures
POUND on the door. The POUNDING grows louder and louder.
Everybody okay?
None of us are okay.
I know.
Wait. Whatever did this to
Sam...one of those things can
still be in here.
Jonny stands to his feet, never taking his eye away from
Sam's body.
I'll stay here and guard the door.
Be careful. Rick?
What happens if you don't come
You run.
Don't worry, April, he'll be back.
Rick and Jonny set out into the shack.
Jonny and Rick creep around a corner and slowly make their
way along the wall.
I don't want to die here, Jonny.
I've got too much going for me.


We're not going to die. (thinks
for a moment) So...how much did
April's ring really set you back?
That's a pretty big rock.
Cubic zirconia.
You lying dog.
When I get some money I'm going to
replace it with the real thing,
though. Don't tell her that. She
still thinks its real.
Oh, she knows.
What gave you that impression?
She's a woman. She's just being
An arm bursts through the wall and grabs Jonny. It slams him
against the wall. Rick swings his tire iron at the arm,
smashing Jonny in the jaw. He falls to the ground. Rick
beats the arms until they retreat. It's silent.
Shit! I'm sorry. How is it?
I'll have a bruise in the morning
but I'll survive.
Footsteps echo through the shack. The floor boards creak.
Jonny and Rick nervously listen.
Where is it?
Back up. Slowly.
They creep back along the wall.


I wish Sam was still here.
Me too.
Betsy and April are sitting on the floor, leaning against
the door. Paul is sitting, leaning against the wall across
from them. Sam's body and puddle of blood lies between them.
God, I hope they're okay.
Sam's bloody body springs to life, pouncing on Paul. The
screwdriver flies from Paul's hand. April is hysterical.
Paul tries to push Sam's gnashing teeth away. The
screwdriver gets pushed through the blood to April's feet.
Help me! Betsy!
Jonny and Rick hear Paul's screams. They race to the front
Jonny and Rick arrive to witness Betsy repeatedly stabbing
Sam's skull with the screwdriver. She sobs harder with
every stab. The body lies motionless.

Paul is lying against the wall covered in blood. April
cries. Rick wraps his arms around her and kisses her

Jonny approaches Betsy, still stabbing Sam's body. He gently
grabs her arm. She drops the screwdriver and buries her head
in Jonny's chest.
I didn't know what to do.
You did the only thing you could.
Paul watches Jonny and Betsy. His eyes widen. Behind the
couple is the other creature. It's standing in the doorway,
hideous, with its intestines hanging out.


The creature grabs Betsy and bites at her neck. Jonny stabs
the creature through the cheek with his drumstick. The
creature tackles him.

Paul and Rick pull the creature off and pin him down. Jonny
stabs his drumstick through the creature's jugular. Blood
squirts. Jonny stabs his other drumstick through the
monster's eye. The stick goes through its brain and out the
back of its head.
Thanks, guys.
Is that it? Are they all out of
the house?
We can only hope.
The two butchered bodies lie on the wood floor. Jonny and
the others are gathered in the next room. Each and every one
of them is in shock. April has snapped. She's sitting
against the wall staring into space, biting her lip.
Any ideas on what these things are
or where they came from all of a
Most of them look like they used
to be people.
Rick lets out a nervous laugh.
I don't think you're far from the
Zombies!? That's impossible.


Is it? If you can come up with a
better explanation then be my
guest. They're not people. People
don't walk around with their
intestines hanging out.
I want to go home.
We will, sweetheart.
How's she holding up?
She's gone bye-bye.
I don't think they're zombies.
Finally, a rational person.
We've got a pentagram, some
candles, dead animal, a
history...all the makings of some
kind of ritual. I think it's
something real nasty.
Rick paces about.
I thought you were going to be the
sane one.
Like demons?
Maybe. No way of knowing for sure.
From what we've seen everyone
outside is a corpse. Sam was dead
but something brought him back.
So these demons or spirits,
whatever they are, possess the
bodies of the dead.


Something like that.
Where were they earlier when we
got here? Why did they decide to
reveal themselves now?
Maybe we disturbed something.
The jar. That would fit the
I can buy that there's something
funky going on here but we don't
know for sure what. It doesn't
matter what they are or where they
came from. We're wasting time.
I agree. We need to work on
finding a way out of here.
But how? We don't have a gun and
even if we did we're out of
bullets. All we have are what's in
our hands and whatever we can find
in here. Right now, this is the
safest place...but they'll get in
sooner or later. The way I see it
we have two options. Option number
one, we run around in the dark,
get lost and killed. Option number
two, there's a workshed behind the
house. There are tools inside. We
can defend the house and make a
break for it at dawn.
We could be dead by dawn.
I think we should make a run for
it. We're sitting ducks. At least
if we make a run for it we have a
small chance.
They're fast, Paul.


They're also dead.
Just wait a few minutes before
rushing into this.
I hate to be the killjoy but whose
idea was it to stick around here
in the first place? 'Wait until
morning and then go for help'. You
see where that got us? Sticking
around here any longer isn't the
There are things we can use in the
shed. Sam and I saw an ax, a
shovel...All we have to do is keep
them out.
How do you plan on getting to the
I'm working on it.
If they are zombies, how do we
stop them?
The same way they kill them in the
I can't watch scary movies. They
give me hiccups.
They usally destroy the brain or
sever the head from the body. But
that doesn't mean these things are
zombies. Severing a head will kill
anything. Zombies just don't
Believe what you want. I don't
care. We need to find a way to
that shed.


Everyone peers through a window at the hobbling corpses.
April cowers in the corner. Zombies dig through the van.
There are about 20 zombies in all. Most are gruesome and
rotting. Others are merely pale people with sunken cheeks
and eye sockets.

There is a HUNTER, in full hunting garb and a shotgun wound
to the head. Two of the corpses are dressed as CIVIL WAR
SOLDIERS--one dressed in a Union uniform, the other in a
Confederacy uniform. The two shove and push each other.
I guess the South has risen again.
Where are they all coming from?
Jonny, can I see you for a second?
Betsy leads Jonny into the next room where April is
Is something wrong?
I've tried to push it to the back
of my mind for as long as I can. I
need to know, Jonny.
Know what?
I need to know what happened to
I've been dreading this.
He's dead.
Was it quick?


I don't know. I don't know how to
tell you this so I'll just say it.
Trevor died...but he came back
like Sam, just like all the
Oh, God!
And he's still out there. I'm
Betsy wipes away her tears.
It isn't Trevor. Trevor is gone.
Whatever's out there may look or
sound like him, but it's just an
unholy son of a bitch that'll be
dead by the end of the night.
I'm sorry, Betsy. I'm sorry about
all of this.
Thank you for coming for us.
I had to come for you.
She's Trevor's girl.
Trevor's possessed!
Paul interrupts.
I hate to break up this touching
moment but we need to start making
Rick, Jonny, Betsy and Paul dig through the bags inside the


There's not a thing in here we can
Betsy throws a bag on the floor. She looks into the next
room, the pentagram room. She notices the instruments and
There's something.
Everyone turns and looks at the instruments.
Always wanted to impale someone
with a guitar.
Everyone is sorting through the instruments. April is
absent. There is a thumping coming from inside the house.
Rick stops and listens.
Shh. Shh. You hear that?
Where's that coming from?
Betsy moves to the closet door, gripping the metal rod of a
microphone stand in her hand. Betsy opens the door. Inside
the closet is the corpse from earlier. It's thumping the gun
in its hand against the closet wall. It looks at Betsy. Her
foot crushes through its rotting skull. The corpse falls
over, dead.
Nice shoes. Stylish and sensible.
Maybe we should move the other two
Jonny and Betsy toss the dead creature's remains into the
closet on top of the corpse Betsy dispatched. Rick and Paul
toss Sam's corpse into the closet on top of the others. Paul
closes the door, flinging the blood off his hands.


This doesn't count as murder, does
Not when they're already dead.
Rick peers out a window. April is still comatose.
Paul, you still gonna hang around?
We'll see. Any ideas about how
we're getting out to that shed?
Jonny walks to a window and studies the creatures.
Most of these things are hovering
around out front, around the van
and the door. There are only a
handful at the back of the house.
We can make a run for it.
Some master plan.
But how do we get to the shed?
We can leave through the window.
Someone should stay here to
protect the house and serve as a
I volunteer for that job.
      (to Jonny)
Looks like it's you and me.
The shed isn't locked. We'll have
to be fast and know exactly what
we're going for.


What do you want me to grab?
The ax, the shovel and whatever
else you can fit in your hands. If
you see any nails, fill your
You can count on me.
I'll grab the hammer, some wood
and the chainsaw.
What good is a chainsaw if we
don't have any fuel to run it?
There may be fuel already in it.
How much gas does a chainsaw hold?
I don't know.
You think it might be enough to
get the van moving, even if it is
just for a few miles?
I wouldn't get my hopes up.
Me either. You ready, Rick?
Let's get this over with. Betsy,
will you watch out for April?
Of course. Be safe.
Good luck, guys.
Rick glances around outside. He slides the window open and
climbs out. Jonny climbs up but falls to the ground. Rick
helps him up.


You okay?
I'll live. Let's go.
They sneak along the walls of the shack undetected, hidden
in the shadows. They reach the end of the house wall. The
shed is several feet away. Rick and Jonny survey the area
for threats.
I don't see anything. You wanna go
first or should I?
How about we go together?
I like that better.
They fling the shack doors open. Rick picks up the shovel
and grabs the ax. He notices some rusty nails in a jar.
Jonny fits the hammer in the belt of his pants. He looks the
chainsaw over. There's a little bit of fuel in it. He stuffs
some planks in his arms.
Are we good?
This should do. You find the
Rick jingles the jar of nails in his hand. Jonny peeks
Jonny peeks outside, past the doors.
How are we doing?
It looks clear.
Then let's drop this place like a
crying baby.


They flee against the wall of the house, back into the
safety of the shadows. They pause for a moment, catching
their breath. There's a quick scraping moving closer.
What's that sound?
Maybe we shouldn't stick around to
find out.
Rick leads Jonny back to the window where Betsy and Paul are
watching. Rick reaches the window. He climbs in. Jonny is
moving as fast as he can but the wood planks prove to be
more than he can handle. The scraping sound gets louder.
I'll be right back.
He begins pulling himself out the window but freezes when he
sees what's behind Jonny. A very OLD CORPSE with stringy
hair and long, yellow fingernails approaches. Rick pulls
himself back in the house. Betsy frowns on Rick's decision.
What? I'm not going out there.
Jonny! Behind you!
Jonny turns to find the grotesque zombie slowly approaching.
It's rubbing its horrid, long nails together to create a
scraping sound. Jonny runs for the window with the creature
in pursuit.
We've got to do something.
She leaves the window and looks through what Rick brought
back from the shed. The drumset a few feet away catches her
The creature lashes out at Jonny with its claws, scratching
his back. Jonny falls to the ground. He reaches for the ax
beside him. A woosh passes over Jonny followed by a GASP. He
looks up to find a drum cymbol sticking out of the corpse's
forehead. The corpse falls over on top of Jonny.


Wooden planks fly through the window. Rick, Betsy and Paul
stand clear. Jonny hands the chainsaw off to Rick and crawls
in, resting on the floor. He breathes deeply. Paul closes
the window.
      (to Betsy)
Nice shot.
I knew all those years of discus
throwing would pay off someday.
Are you okay?
I think so. It scratched me but I
should be fine. Thanks.
What now?
Does that mean you're sticking
Depends on what the plan is.
The plan is the same, only now we
have weapons and we can board up
the windows and the front door.
                       TREVOR (os)
Missing me, Betsy?
Everyone turns their attention to the window. Trevor is
strolling about.
Holy shit.
That's not Trevor.
I know. Trevor was easier on the


It's more fun now that you can
defend yourselves...more sporting.
What do you want?
I want you all to be like me.
Holy shit. That's Trevor.
No it's not, Paul.
They're going to kill us all.
We don't have a chance.
I'm particularly anxious to sink
my teeth into you, Jonny. Just
come on out and let's get this
over with. It'll be a little
painful at first and then the pain
will be unbearable. But look at
the bright side, you'll be
unconscious by the time we start
eating you.
We're going to make it out of here
alive, Trevor. All of us.
What about you, Betsy? You want to
join your sweetie beyond the
I don't know you. You don't mean a
damn thing to me.
Oh, that's right. You're sweet on
Jonny now. Nothing lasts forever.


Ignore him. Just ignore him. Let's
get to work.
Paul is visibly shaken by all of this.
I don't know what to do. I can't
stay here. I can't. I don't want
to die.
No one else is going to die. Stay
here with us and you'll be fine.
I'm not going to end up like Sam.
I won't. (he picks the shovel up
from the floor)
That's right, Paul. We're going to
fight them.
We stay, we die. We fight, we die.
We have to run. That's the only
If you run, you'll die. There are
too many of these things out
there. You wont' make it to the
town. You'll be dead before you
reach the road.
I've got to try. We should all
try. Maybe together we can get out
of here.
And if we reach the road, then
what? They'll only follow us.
      (tightens his grip
       on the shovel's
It's a chance I have to take.
If you go, you're going alone.


When I find someone I'll send
Rick, Jonny, Betsy and Paul are gathered around the front
You're sure about this?
Jonny opens the door. Paul takes a step forward. Rick hits
Paul over the head. Jonny slams the door shut. He grabs
Paul's legs. Rick reaches for his arms but Paul violently
pushes him away and kicks at Jonny.
Let me go! Let me go! I have to
We can't let you go! It's suicide!
Paul frees himself and grabs the shovel. Rick moves closer
to the panicked Paul. Paul hits him with the shovel. Rick
falls to the floor. Paul stabs at Jonny with the shovel. He
opens the door and runs out into the darkness. Betsy bars
the door. Rick nurses his bloody jaw.
Are you okay?
I will be.
Rest in peace, Paul.
No. He'll get back up.
Jonny and Betsy help Rick to his feet.
Paul flees through the woods with his shovel. When he runs


into a creature he pauses just long enough to de-limb or
behead it and continues.

He stops, trying to figure out which way to go. Behind him
is a group of creatures. He runs forward. He glances back
and slams into a low branch. His glasses tumble from his
face. He pats the ground and puts them on--the right lens is
cracked and the arms are bent. He stumbles to his feet and
continues running.
Rick wipes the blood from his face with his shirt and sits
beside April. Jonny and Betsy are sitting together, Jonny
with his head in his hands. Betsy runs her hand along his
April, honey, how are you?
I'm fine, thank you.
We're going to get out of here
She doesn't answer. Rick looks at Jonny.
Any ideas?
I thought you were the idea man.
Any help would be greatly
appreciated. I'm not a leader, I'm
a drummer.
Grab a weapon. Let's start
boarding this place up.
Paul comes to a clearing in the woods. It's the main road.
As he steps out of the woods and onto the road he's
illuminated in light. Before he can move a speeding CAR
smashes into him. His glasses shatter on the pavement.


The car swerves and screeches to a halt on the grassy
shoulder. Paul lies on the pavement. He coughs up blood. He
hears his shovel dragging along the pavement.

Kirk Out's single blares from the car. The DRIVER opens his
door and looks back. He hurries over to Paul, ignoring the
figure with the shovel.
Ah, shit, dude! Can you hear me?
The driver turns to the figure standing over him. It's
You've got to help me, man! You've
got to help me ditch his body!
He looks back at Paul. Paul raises a mangled hand and points
at Trevor. The Driver turns around. Trevor drops the shovel
on his head, stabbing him in the middle of his face. The
shovel is stuck. Paul drags his torn up body across the
Where are you going, Pauly? You
don't think you'll get away, do
Trevor puts his foot on the driver's head and finally pulls
the shovel free. Paul drags himself off the pavement and
onto the grass. Trevor drags the shovel across the pavement.
Paul pulls himself along. The shovel stabs through his back,
out his stomach and into the dirt. Paul spews blood from his
Not so fast. You know, you were
always my favorite.
Trevor rips the shovel from Paul who is still alive. He
raises the shovel into the air.
He swings the shovel like a golf club through Paul's neck,
decapitating him. Blood shoots up from Paul's neck. The head
flies off into the woods.


The windows and doors are boarded up with wood and nails
retrieved from the shed. Rick has the ax, Jonny has the
chainsaw and Betsy has the hammer.
I really got screwed on this whole
weapons thing.
He hands her the chainsaw and takes her hammer.
Does it work?
Don't know yet. It has a little
That's a good sign.
What now?
We wait. What time is it?
Not too much longer until dawn. If
we can stay alive we'll be okay.
Betsy peers out an uncovered space in the window. She sees a
POSSESSED DEER hobbling behind a bush with large, crazy,
rolling eyes and showing its teeth.
Is that...?
      (takes a look)
Bambi's mom.
We should start thinking about how
to kill these things.


I thought the brain damage,
decapitation thing was working
pretty well.
That may work on small groups but
what happens when we have a whole
mob of these zombies on our tail?
I never thought I'd hear you admit
to it. Zombies. Was it a hard word
to say?
A little. I'll get over it.
Well, let's look at both sides.
They have the advantage of size.
They're fast and they have
intelligence. Most of them are
rotting which means their skin and
tissue is easily penetrated. That
gives us a better chance of
killing them. We don't have any
food or water and none of us have
gotten much sleep. That means
we're tired and weak. Have I left
anything out?
They don't like high-pitched
sounds. Paul said that when he
screamed at one in the van, it
jerked away and covered its ears.
That's something.
I've been watching where these
things are coming from. The
majority are coming at us from the
Which means?
Which means we need to head West.


Run into the horde of flesh-eating
If they're all coming from the
West that means they have to be
coming from some place.
A cemetery.
Where there's a cemetery there are
cemetery workers and, more than
likely, the outskirts of a town.
If they're coming from a cemetery,
what's to stop them from wreaking
havoc on the town? I mean, is this
really the place we should be
running to expecting salvation?
One step at a time.
I'll be happy just to make it to
the town.
Betsy peeks through the boarded window.
He's back.
Trevor paces around with the shovel over his shoulder and
Paul's head in his hand.
Oh, nice! You boarded the windows.
Very smart. By the way, Paul is
dead! (waves the head in the air)
Jesus Christ.
Paul is dead. Maybe we should put
that on our next album!


Rick, maybe you should try to snap
April out of it. When we leave we
can't just carry her around.
I'll see what I can do.
Rick sits next to April, wraps his arms around her and
whispers to her. Jonny and Betsy lean against the wall
Trevor's the ringleader. He's the
big bad.
Stopping him doesn't mean the rest
of them will go back to being
I know. Everything is so--
Well, none of us have ever had to
fight off a zombie horde before.
Next time it happens we'll be
Let's hope there's never, ever a
next time.
Here. Here.
Isn't that amp battery powered?
Do you think you can climb up to
the roof?


I could give it a shot. What's up
your sleeve?
Rick said they can't handle loud
noises. Can you see where I'm
going with this?
I always wanted a rooftop concert.
You're doing a good job with this
whole fearless leader thing.
I'm just making it up as I go
Thank you again for coming after
I didn't have a choice. I lov--
I know.
She kisses him.
Trevor paces outside the shack. He can barely see Jonny and
Betsy kissing through the boarded window. He stomps his foot
and kicks Paul's head into the woods.
I've had enough! Get 'em, boys!
The zombies run for the shack. They pound on the walls, the
doors and the windows as they try to get in.
Betsy grabs her chainsaw. Jonny grabs his ax.
How's she doing?


I think she's coming around.
Keep at it. It's showtime.
An arm bursts through the boarded window. Jonny lops it off
with his ax. A zombie tries to pull itself through the
window. Betsy runs it through with the chainsaw. They hear
glass and wood breaking in the other room.
Maybe you should check out the
Jonny retreats to the front of the house. Rick follows with
a hammer.
A zombie crawls from the window and crashes to the floor.
Let's smite these motherfuckers.
Rick slams its head with the hammer. Jonny and Rick mutilate
and decapitate the incoming creatures. Blood flies.
How you doing, Betsy?
Betsy cuts through the creatures with her chainsaw. She's
covered with blood.
Couldn't be better!
So are you and Betsy finally...?
I don't know. I think so.
Well, you kissed. That's


It was like...it was perfect.
Blood spews in his face.
I'm happy for you two. You finally
got the girl, kiddo. It may have
taken a zombie apocalypse for it
to happen, but I always like to
think God has a plan.
She's so beautiful.
He peeks back at Betsy. She's covered in blood from head to
We've got to make it out of here
now. You can't get this far and
die. You've got to have a first
If this is as far as we get I can
die a happy man.
I think April will be okay when
the time comes.
A zombie rips through the front door. Jonny axes it. Rick
and Jonny retreat to the back of the shack, backing into
Betsy. They turn at each other with their weapons drawn.
There are too many of them.
Two zombies approach from the front of the shack. One zombie
crawls through the window. Rick throws his hammer through
the air and between the zombie's eyes, killing it.
Bad idea.
He fumbles around for another weapon. Jonny swings the ax
into the other zombie's stomach. It's stuck. He lets the ax
go and backs away. Rick hurls another cymbal at the zombie,
decapitating it.


      (taking his ax
Anyone have any bright ideas?
More zombies pour in from the front door.
The amp. Try using the amp.
He shoves the neck of a guitar through a zombie's face.
Jonny tosses Rick the ax.
Watch my back.
What's the plan?
It's a longshot.
He runs for the window with a guitar and a small, battery
powered amp. A hand bursts through the floor and grabs his
foot, tripping him. Another hand wraps around his neck,
choking him. Rick fights the creatures as Betsy tries to
free Jonny. She starts the chainsaw and cuts through the
The least I can do.
Zombies wait at the window. Jonny connects the guitar to the
amp and turns the dial up to "11"--a 'Spinal Tap' reference.
He strikes a chord. The zombie's heads explode. Jonny
strikes the chord again. Zombies cover their bleeding ears.
Blood rushes from their eyes. They fall down dead.
That was killer. I can't believe
You're not the only one. I'm
heading for the roof.


Jonny steps on the window's ledge. He tosses the amp and the
guitar onto the roof and pulls himself up. On the roof, he
strikes a chord but the amp blows.
What's going on, Jonny?
The amp blew. They're coming.
They're coming and they're pissed.
Get back in here, Jonny! (no
answer) Jonny!?
Jonny looks over the ledge. He's scared stiff.
I can't! There's too many of them!
The zombies get closer and closer to the house.
Do it for me, Jonny!
Wait a minute.
He rushes for the closet.
You have to come down! We need
As Rick opens the closet door he is struck by the odor of
rotting flesh. He pushes the bodies aside until he reaches
the skeletal corpse at the bottom. Rick snaps its hand at
the wrist and bangs the gun against the wall until the
rotting hand falls off. He checks the chamber. Three bullets


Jonny stares at the horde of creatures in shock.
There are so many of them.
Rick runs up to the window. Betsy's chainsaw dies.
Three bullets. We better make them
count. Jonny, don't go anywhere.
Stay on the roof!
No problem.
That may be the safest place to be
right now. They can't get up
there, I hope.
What about April?
I'll take care of her. She's my
responsibility. You get up on that
I'm almost out of fuel.
All the more reason to get your
ass on the roof.
I'm staying until I can't get this
thing to crank.
She heads for the front door.


Betsy struggles to start the chainsaw but it finally roars
to life. She slices and dices the zombies trying to walk
through the front door.
Rick kneels in front of April. She is dazed and speaks in a
child-like tone.
Listen to me, sweetie. We have to
leave now. Okay?
Betsy's chainsaw sputters to a halt. The zombies are still
coming. She wrestles with the chainsaw until it comes to
life one last time.
Rick is holding April's hand.
Because if we stick around we're
all going to die. Do you want that
to happen?
There are three zombies walking towards Betsy, almost in
single file. She spins the chainsaw and flings it through
the air. The saw twirls in the air, slicing through the
zombies. It dies in mid-air but manages to knock a few
corpses to the ground.
Rick squeezes April's hand tightly.
Betsy runs into the room.
They're coming.


An ax is tossed onto the roof, landing at Jonny's feet.
Betsy places her hands on the ledge of the roof. Jonny
gently pulls her up.
Who's coming?
Zombies creep into the shack. The floorboards creak under
their feet.
The only sound is that of FOOTSTEPS followed by creaking
Something very bad.
Oh, no.
Let's get up and go to the window.
Can you do that?
Rick glances out the window. The creatures are getting
closer to his exit. Zombies creep through the shack.
April stands to her feet.
Fuck this.
He sweeps April off her feet, carrying her to the window.
Rick FIRES a shot at the zombies approaching in the house
and FIRES at the zombies approaching the window outside. He
lifts April through the window and up to the roof.
Jonny and Betsy pull the dazed girl up to safety with them.


Rick throws his hammer at a zombie inside. He pulls himself
out the window and reaches the ledge of the roof.
Jonny lifts Rick up but he's suddenly pulled down. A zombie
inside the house tugs at his ankle. Rick shakes his foot.
One creature takes a bite from his ankle. Betsy grabs the
amp from the roof and tosses it down. It smashes into Rick's
foot, breaking the zombie's grip. Jonny and Betsy pull Rick
up to safety.
How bad is it?
I'll be okay. It might slow me
down a bit when it comes to
running out of here.
He RIPS some cloth from his shirt and bandages his wound.
Sun's almost up.
We need to get moving.
How's April?
She'll make it.
Dawn has arrived. The zombies lumber through the shack. Some
gnaw on the remains of Sam and the other zombies.
Zombies are gathered around the house, pawing at the roof.
One zombie snarls at the roof as a stream of watery liquid
sprays over him.
Rick is standing on the ledge at the back end of the house,
urinating on the zombies below. Jonny and Betsy are sitting
at the other end. April is shaken but mildly alert.


We've got an ax and a guitar.
That's it.
      (zipping his pants)
I've got one bullet left which, by
the way things are looking, might
come in handy for that last, sole
You're a real glass is half empty
type of guy, aren't you?
Just being realistic.
I've still got my drumsticks.
He lifts his shirt to display the two blood-stained
drumsticks in his belt.
This is a real clusterfuck.
We should get going.
Jonny and Betsy split up, heading for seperate ends of the
roof, while Rick ushers April along. The zombies are
confusd and scramble. Betsy leaps from a low corner of the
roof, rolls to the ground and heads into the woods,
skillfully maneuvering through any approaching zombies.
Jonny jumps from another corner of the house. He hacks and
slashes his way through the surrounding zombies and runs
into the woods.
At the corner of the roof with less zombies, Rick lowers
April to the ground and hops down after her. He grabs her by
the arm and runs into the woods pushing away any corpses
that try to grab at them.
Rick, Betsy, Rick and April meet in the woods several yards
from the shack.


Everybody okay?
No time to talk. Let's go.
Betsy leads them West into the woods. They run through the
zombie horde like pro-football players.
High above the ground two hunters are perched in a tree
stand--RUSTY and RANDY LUTZ. Randy is an older mustached
fellow. Rusty is a few years younger. Both have thick
Southern accents.

The two brothers are asleep in their stand. Several yards
away, just over a hill, corpses are staggering towards our
heroes and the old shack. A beam of sunlight hits Randy in
the eye. He opens his eyes and pokes his brother. Rusty pops
Did we shoot anything?
Trevor is royally pissed. He stomps around with his shovel.
Alright, let's go find our meal.
He lifts a DEAD SQUIRREL to his mouth and bites its head
head clean off. Blood rushes down his lips.
The gang run into Randy and Rusty as they pack up their
hunting gear. Rick pulls his gun as the others stand ready
with their makeshift weapons. Rusty and Randy throw their
hands in the air and stare at the bloodsoaked strangers.
Randy cracks a smile and drops his arms.
Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
You're them boys from the radio!
We saw your show last night up in
Shelby. Ya'll filming some kinda
music video?


We're actually fleeing for our
lives from a group of flesh eating
You rockstars really love the
illegal drugs.
No. No. My name's Randy Lutz and
this here is my brother Rusty.
Okay. Randy. We've been held up in
a shack all night fighting for our
lives. Three of our friends are
You been up at the old Isley
Randy looks in the distance. A mass of zombies make their
way over the hill.
Well, I'll be...That's Old Duncan
McGuire. Son of a bitch died owing
me 200 dollars.
He lifts his rifle, taking DUNCAN into his sights, and
FIRES. Duncan falls down dead.
So you believe us now?
I reckon I do.
Good. You guys have a
car...truck...anything? We have to
get out of here.


Our truck is about a mile up the
way. Follow me.
Rusty takes off running. The others follow. Randy takes his
time as he takes SHOTS at the walking dead. He chuckles with
glee when he shoots one.
At least I got to shoot something
today! Marcus Tuttle? Inbred and
Rusty leads the group through the woods. The Lutz's RED
TRUCK is just a few yards away, parked in front of a tree.

Jonny's foot hits the ground just as it gives way and falls
in. Two skeletal hands reach up and grab his legs, pulling
him into the loose dirt.

Betsy looks back to find him waste deep in the ground with
hands grabbing at him. A skeletal head pushes through the
dirt and bites at Jonny.
Rusty starts the truck. Rick helps April into the bed of the
truck and sits her down. He lays his gun beside her. Randy
takes a knee and fires shots at the zombies. Rick watches
Betsy run back for Jonny. The only part of Jonny that's
visible are his arms as they flail about.
Under the ground, Jonny claws at the dirt. Something grabs
him and pulls him up. He reaches the surface to find Betsy
and Rick tugging at him.
If you can't count on your friends
to save you from bloodthirsty
demons, who can you trust?
Rick and Betsy help a limping Jonny climb into the bed of


the truck. Jonny picks up Rick's gun. Randy climbs into the
passenger seat. The zombies are fast approaching with Trevor
leading them. April begins to come around.
Rick? What's going on?
We're almost home, sweetie. Hang
in there.
Rusty puts the truck in Reverse and applies the
GAS---nothing. Dirt and mud kick up. They're stuck.
We're stuck! Someone's gonna have
to get out and give her a push!
Rick jumps from the truck and grabs a large branch. He
shoves it under the tire. Rusty applies gas. Randy jumps out
and fires his rifle into the zombies.
Give it more gas!
A small group of zombies emerge from their right and
overtake Randy. April screams. He fires shots into the air.
Rusty,scared, smashes his foot on the gas. Betsy flees the
truck, swinging the ax through the corpses to reveal Randy's
chewed and mangled body. She takes his bloody rifle.
Rick pushes the branch further under the tire. Rusty slams
his foot on the gas. The truck speeds back in Reverse,
driving over Rick. April vomits. Everyone is shocked. Betsy
sees Rick's crushed body under the truck and gags. She
covers her mouth and climbs into the truck.
I don't know what to do. What
should we do?
We can't leave them. What about my
He's dead. Just like Rick.
I'm sorry. It was an accident.


      (through tears)
You don't understand! They come
back! Now drive!
Betsy shoves her rifle in his face. RICK'S CORPSE leaps up.
He bites April's shoulder. She hits him. He snaps her pinky
back. Jonny fires.

The bullet leaves a huge hole in Rick's face, one they can
see right through. On the other side? A zombie army led by
Trevor. Rick's body falls down. April sobs hysterically,
returning to her catatonic-like stooper.
Rusty puts the car in Drive, slams his foot on the gas and
speeds through the woods with the undead in pursuit. RANDY'S
CORPSE stumbles to its mangled feet and gives chase.
The truck speeds down an old dirt road. They pass a
GRAVEYARD with DEAD FOLKS mingling and climbing from their
graves. Rusty swerves, slamming into any zombies that come
near the road. The front tire hits a large rock, crashing
the truck into a tree.
Rusty coughs and lifts his bloody forehead from the steering
Anybody hurt?
      (looking around)
We're okay.
Is she driveable?
Rusty cranks the engine. It dies.
Looks like we're on foot for the
rest of the way.
How far is the town?


Loxley is just a few miles down
the road. We can make it if we
Then let's get going.
They crawl out of the truck. Jonny motions for April to come
forward. She hesitantly slides out. Jonny helps her to the
ground. Betsy wraps her arms around her. Rusty tosses his
rifle to Jonny, and pulls something from behind his seat--a
You like it?
Boy, do I.
I call her Margarita.
Rusty opens the toolbox in the truck bed. He pulls out six
How many of those do you have?
Only six? You don't have anymore?
They're expensive! When I use them
I reclaim them. And if I use them
today, if you want to reclaim them
for me, be my guest.
No thanks.
That's what I thought. Now we
should get a move on.


Do you have any more ammo?
There might be some in the truck,
but I'm afraid we left most of it
out in the woods with my tree
He pops open the GLOVE BOX and pulls out a box of AMMO. He
tosses it to Betsy.
                       TREVOR (os)
Hey, fellas! You're leaving so
Trevor leads the zombie horde closer.
Who's that fella?
My ex.
Must have been a messy breakup.
It's about to be. (loads her
rifle) Rusty, how good are you
with that bow?
I can shoot a tick off a bulldog's
back. Meaning, pretty good.
Think you can hit him from here?
That's easy enough. (pulls back on
his bow)
Wait. I want it to be painful. And
aim for the head.
She grabs the arrow, stabs it through the box of ammo and
hands it back to Rusty.
You don't have to worry about me
ever pissing you off.


Rusty loads the arrow, pulls back and FIRES. The arrow cuts
through the air and STABS through Trevor's jaw. The box of
ammo gets pushed to the end of the arrow where it rests on
his cheek. Trevor staggers back.
You bitch!
Rusty takes his rifle and aims for the box of ammo. He
FIRES. The bullet impacts the box, sending it up in FLAMES.
Trevor's head EXPLODES. His body falls down dead.
So much for the band.
Some of the zombies feast upon his remains but the majority
step over him and keep walking.
Remember that funny little notion
we had about Trevor being the big
bad and if we stopped him we'd
stop them all?
Complete and total. Let's go.
They hurry down the road.
They flee down the rural road. The Possessed Deer sticks its
head out of the woods. Rusty stares at it in disbelief.
Jonny staggers to the ground, nursing his leg. Everyone
gathers around him.
Let me bandage it up, Jonny.
We don't have time.
Just hold still. The town's not
going anywhere.
Betsy rips part of her pants and begins wrapping Jonny's


      (to Rusty)
I'm sorry about your brother.
It's okay. Me and him didn't
really get along anyway. He was
So much for brotherly love. I'm
Jonny Sinclaire. This here is
Betsy Curtis and the quiet one is
April Long.
Nice to meet you all. I just can't
believe this, man. I just can't.
I've seen this shit in the movies
Quick rundown of the facts, Rusty.
You kill them by severing their
heads or destroying their brains.
We've also found they can't
tolerate high-pitched noises. If
you die, you become one of them.
So try not to die.
What if they bite you? In the
movies if they bite you you turn
into one of them.
It doesn't do a thing. Not that
we've noticed...yet.