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The Banding of Nations
by Kate (kageshino@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ***1/2
It's just the beginning part. I just want some feedback on how it's doing so far.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A hologram of the world is shown. The world is spinning on
its axis; as it would be if it were in space. A large
continent similar to Pangea is shown, with six different
geographical distinctions.

The world then comes rushing at the screen/towards the
viewer, as it focuses on the agricultural country.
Teenage boys and their fathers are farming. Children are
running around, playing, and laughing happily. Women and
young girls are washing clothes, doing housework, cooking
and some mothers are scolding their children. The elderly
are walking around, observing the children play or talking
amoungst themselves.

An earthquake then suddenly hits the country. Housing
structures fall apart, the ground is cracks open and spews
out lava in some areas. People are screaming, running around
trying to get to safety or trying to find loved ones. The
agricultural animals are also in a panic, as they struggle
to get free of their fenced off homes and of restraints
holding them in place.
Then, from the Agricultural country, the camera flies
through the sky to the Shamanic country.
The elderly huddle around constellation maps and star charts
as they try to map out their future or the future of others.
Children are laughing in glee, as they jump from tree to
tree, and they're talking and playing with the animals of
the forest. The Adults discuss among themselves and the
animals, the happenings of the forest, the planet, and of
the good growing season they've experienced.

Suddenly the animals around them jump up and scatter.
Confusion is spoken. The ground begins to shake. It then
cracks open and lava flows out in some areas, screams are
heard. Cries of how this event was written in the stars long
ago and of how fate is so cruel, ring out from the panicking
crowd. Their homes are destroyed, as the large trees they
dwell in crash down and catch on fire from the flowing lava.


From the Shamanic country, the camera flies through the sky
to the Faerie country.
Men, women and children fly around with their wings. Some
children watch and learn as their parents prepare various
objects to be sold in the Marketplace. Other children are
watching and practicing with their parents and grandparents,
as they learn magic.

The ground shakes violently. Everyone immediately grabs what
they can and takes to the air. They watch in horror as the
ground below them cracks open, spewing out hot lava which
immediately destroys their homes. Many attempt to fly away,
but the fumes arising from the cracks cause them to choke
and fly around blindly or fall back to the ground.
From the Faerie country, the camera flies through the sky to
the Dark country.
Sounds of metal being cut, made and formed are heard. Sparks
come off from their metalworking. Both men and women hover
over blueprints, brainstorming new ideas, making the
machines, or digging away at the mountains around them,
looking for different metals. Both children and teenagers
sit in classrooms learning how to design/build/use their
advanced technology, along with many forms of mathematics
and science, from their grandparents.

Suddenly the ground shakes. Rocks fall down from the
mountains around them. Once dormant volcanoes explode to
life and start spewing out lava on the towns below. People
panic; many try to use their "technology" to save them, but
they're too slow. Homes and people are either crushed by
falling rocks or engulfed by lava.
From the Dark country, the camera flies through the sky to
the Marketplace.


People bustle around. Merchants and vendors shout out for
people to buy their various goods. Customers from all five
different backgrounds haggle, look around and buy what they

Suddenly the ground starts shaking. People, carts and shop
stands fall down. People are in a state of panic. Screaming
is heard. Cracks start to appear on the ground; in some
areas lava flows out, and in others, some carts and people
fall in.
From the Marketplace, the camera flies through the sky to
the Aquatic country.
Young boys and their fathers fish in the vast ocean. Young
girls and their mothers are at home tending to household
chores. Children are outside playing under the watchful eyes
of their grandparents.

The ground then shakes violently. People start screaming and
run around in a panic. The fishers out on the sea struggle
to stay afloat. Housing structures fall apart; in some parts
the ground is cracking open. A whirlpool forms at sea and
suck in fishing boats; a Tsunami also forms and crashes down
upon the small town.
The hologram of the world is shown again. The world is still
spinning on its axis. Visible cracks then appear on the
pangea like continent, with the red mantle liquid visibly
showing. Huge storm clouds appear, and finally, dark clouds
from the various volcanic eruptions fill the atmosphere and
block out the sun completely.
The lights flicker on, and the hologram of the world in the
centre of the table is turned off. Clapping and happy
chattering is heard.
      (Stands up from
       his chair)
      (looks around the
Is everyone happy with this
Various nods and agreements are heard from around the table.


      (claps hands
Now that that's out of the way,
lets take a quick break, before
moving on to our next course of
The sound of various conversations are heard, as everyone
gets up.
The world is shown. It's rotating on its axis in space. The
world then comes rushing at the camera, as it focuses in on
the agricultural part of the continent. It then focuses more
specifically on a certain village in the country, and then a
certain house, and finally JASON's room.
The sun rises. A rooster CROWS in the distance. The sun's
rays filter through JASON's window and onto his face. A
GROAN is heard from the bed, as JASON pulls the covers over
his head. MICHELLE BANGS on JASON'S door.
                       MICHELLE (os)
Jason! It's already dawn, why are
you still in bed? Get up and do
your chores!
Another GROAN is heard from the bed, as JASON sluggishly
pulls off the covers and sits up.
      (rubbing his eyes)
I'm coming, I'm coming, keep your
shirt on will ya.
                       MICHELLE (os)
Oh, you'd better be! There is NO
way I am going to do your chores
Yeah, yeah, yeah.


JASON pulls the covers off and drags himself out of bed.
Yawning and scratching his head, JASON walks to a small
chest on the other side of his room. Opening it, he pulls
out a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of pants.

JASON then walks out of his room, and into a small bathhouse
outside his home.
MICHELLE and JASON walk to up where their father is bent
over, harvesting their crop.
      (waves his hand)
Hey, Dad!
      (stands up
Oh, Jason, there you are.
Glad to see you finally decided to
join us.
      (chuckles, turns
       to Michelle)
And how are you this morning,
I'm fine dad, how are you?
      (runs his hand
       through his hair,
       sighs, then
I'm good, I'm good...
      (puts hand on
       fathers shoulder)
Don't worry dad, everything will
be okay, you'll see.


Yeah! Dad, no matter what this
world throws at us, we'll be able
to pull through!
      (gives a weak
Yeah, I know...
      (raises eyebrow)
Which reminds me, what are you too
doing just standing there?
      (points finger in
       distance, while
       smiling brightly)
now get to work, both of you!
Both and MICHELLE and JASON sigh.
      (rolls his eyes)
Yeah, yeah, we're going
      (grabs his
       sister's arm)
Come on, sis, lets go, And you
call ME lazy.
JASON pulls MICHELLE's arm as he walks in the direction DAD
was pointing.
'cause you ARE lazy,
      (waves to Dad as
       she is dragged
See you at lunch, dad!
      (waves at them)
Yeah, see you.
      (looks down, and
       sighs, to self)
How am I going to tell them...
MOM is stirring a large pot of bubbling soup, as MICHELLE
sets the dinner table.
The front door bursts open as JASON rushes in.


      (throwing his
       hands up in the
I win! I win! I win!
      (points at the
       open door)
Take that dad!
DAD walks casually in, drying his hands on a small towel,
and CHUCKLES, as he walks over and kisses MOM on the cheek.
      (ruffles Jason's
Yeah, yeah, you beat me, but just
you wait until time.
JASON rolls his eyes and laughes.
We'll see dad, we'll see.
MOM laughs, as she pours soup into their bowls.
      (walks over to the
Well, it doesn't matter who won.
What matters is whether or not you
both washed up for dinner.
      (looks at Mom)
      (places two bowls
       on the table)
Well that's wonderful then, now
let's all sit down and have
MICHELLE, DAD, JASON and MOM, all take their seats at the
dinner table,
      (sniffs his soup)
Mmmmmm, this smells good.


Why, thank you JASON, now lets eat
before it gets cold.
Everyone picks up a spoon and digs into their soup heartly.
MOM, MICHELLE and JASON are clearing the table and doing the
dishes, as DAD looks over some papers. SIGHING, DAD calls
the family to the table.
      (runs hand through
As you know, we have been having a
really small harvest this season.
      (raises an eyebrow)
Yeah, so what's your point dad?
This has happened before and we've
always managed to bounce back.
Besides we aren't the only ones
this time.
I'm afraid this time is different.
Due to the shortage of crops all
over the country, Central
Government has decided to raise
taxes to make up for the lost
      (Jumps up)
What!? They can't do that!
      (jumps up)
Yeah, Dad! they can't do this to
us! We can barely manage as it is
right now, and they expect us to
pay taxes!? With what!
      (stands up)
Now, now, calm down. I know the
situation seems bad, but there's
nothing we can do about it. We
just have to find a way to pull


                       MOM (cont'd)
through. Everything will work out
      (smiles warmly at
Yeah, just as your mom says,
everything will turn out fine,
you'll see. We've been through
worse situations, and we can get
through this one.
      (weak smile)
Yeah, I guess you're right dad, we
can get through this.
JASON looks at his family in disbelief. Frowning, he looks
down, and refuses to say anything.
      (smiles brightly)
That's the spirit. Now, that
that's over. Let's get ready for
bed, we have a long day ahead of
Everyone expect JASON gets up, pushes in their chair and
starts to walk out of the room.
      (turns back to
Honey, are you coming? It's time
for bed.
      (turns and smiles
       weakly at her)
Yeah, mom, I'm coming, I...I just
want to sit here for a while...
Sure, dear, just don't stay up too
long, ok.
I won't mom.


MOM then turns and walks out of the room.
Nite, mom.
No matter what everyone thinks, I
know we aren't going to make it
through this season. We just don't
have enough money...
Jason is tossing and turning in his bed, trying to get to
sleep. Sighing, he turns and stares up at the ceiling.
It's no use. I just can't get to
      (sits up)
I can't stop thinking about what's
going to happen if we can't get
enough money.
      (Pulls at his hair)
There's gotta be something that I
can do to help...
      (puts hands on
I feel so unless sometimes...Mom
cooks and cleans, Dad does most of
the harvesting, and Catherine does
a bit of everything, me on the
other hand...what do I do, I screw
up things, thats what...There's
gotta be something...
JASON gets up from his bed and moves to his window. Resting
his elbows on the windowsill and his head in his hands, he
stares up into the night sky.
But what can I do? I'm not really
good at anything, but I need
money...maybe I could get a job...
      (bows his head)
But...the people in my village are
barely getting by with the money
they're making, so I doubt anyone
here can afford to hire me.
      (crosses his arms)
So now what? The only place I can


                       JASON (cont'd)
think of, where I have any chance
of making money is... the
A young JASON is laughing happily as he runs through the
crowded stress of the Marketplace. Stopping once in a while,
he stares at some of the things various shop stands sell.
Stopping at one shop stand, JASON stares at some glittering
objects, the shop vendor had, twist and twirl in the breeze.
      (eyes widen)
Wow...that's so weird.
      (waves hands)
Jason, come over here, you gotta
see this.
JASON turns around to see a younger looking MICHELLE waving
at him. Smiling he runs quickly over.
Stopping beside MICHELLE.
Michelle what is it!
Look over here.
JASON turns to see a huge beast staring directly at him.
Large black eyes stare down at him, as three large tails
beat away flies from its body. Two massive twisting horns on
either side of its head make it look even more massive along
with its huge, bulkly body. Seeing JASON, it growls, giving
him a clear view of its pointy teeth, especially the two
large canines sticking out of its mouth.
      (eyes widen)
Whoa...that thing is huge.
                       MOM (os)
Michelle, Jason, come on you two,
its time to go.


      (stomps his feet)
Awwww, mom do we have to?! This
place is so cool!
                       MOM (os)
Yes, so come on. Don't worry,
we'll come back.
      (jumps up)
Yeah..that's it, the Marketplace,
I bet I could get a job there, I
know I can!
DAD is sitting at the table eating his porriage. MOM is
busying herself with the dishes. Suddenly a scream is heard
from JASON's bedroom. MOM and DAD don't even look up from
what they're doing. Seconds later, a laughing MICHELLE
walks calmly in, followed by a soaking wet JASON.
      (turns to Michelle)
You know, a simple "wake up" would
have worked,
      (flails arms
you didn't have to dump freezing
cold water on me!
      (smiles innocently)
And miss seeing your face? I think
JASON GROWLS and raises his fist to hit MICHELLE.
Now now children, that's enough.
It's time for breakfast, so why
don't you both just sit down, and
calm down? Oh, and Michelle please


                       DAD (cont'd)
apologise to your brother. It
wasn't very nice.
Yes, dad.
      (turns to Jason)
Sorry, baby bro.
JASON grumbles something about evil sisters. Nods, then
takes a seat at the breakfast table.
MOM and MICHELLE get up and start clearing the table. DAD
pulls out a pipe, lights it, and starts puffing on it. JASON
looks at his family, takes a deep breath, and COUGHS to get
their attention. Everyone turns and stares at him.
      (squirms in seat)
Ummmm, I've decided on something.
      (smiles warmly)
And what's that dear.
      (looks between
       family members)
Well, before I say it, I want to
tell you all that I've thought
long and hard about this, and I
think that it's a good idea and
that it'll help all of us.
      (pulls pipe out of
Well, it's good to hear that
you've thought about your
decision, but what is it?
      (takes deep breath)
I've...I've decided to go to get
a job at the Marketplace.
MICHELLE stares at JASON with her mouth wide open. The towel
in MOM's hands fall to the floor, as she gapes at JASON. DAD
looks at JASON, then takes a puff from his pipe.


      (puffs on pipe)
Hmmm, not a bad idea.
      (turns to Dad)
WHAT! How can you say that!? Are
you serious about letting Jason
out on his own?!
      (takes pipe out of
Sure, why not? He is sixteen years
old, and I think that he's ready
to go out into the world and make
a living for himself.
But, but, but...
Oh, come now, Catherine, you can't
baby him forever. One of these
days you have to let him go.
Besides it'll be good for the lad
to go out and find out how the
world works.
      (smiles cheekily)
And maybe, just maybe, he'll find
himself a nice little girlfriend
while out there as well.
      (looks down)
I guess you're right.
      (looks at Jason)
But, if I hear news of you
misbehaving at all, I am going to
drag you home by the ear, no
matter how long it takes.
      (wags finger)
Do you understand?
      (rolls eyes)
Yes, mom...


      (ruffles Jason's
I'm sure going to miss you,
though. Especially our daily
morning wake ups!
      (rolls eyes)
Somehow I doubt I'll miss them as
much as you.
Everyone bursts out laughing, and JASON smiles as he looks
lovingly at his family.
MOM, DAD, MICHELLE and JASON all stand at the entrance to
their village.
MOM grabs JASON in a bone-crushing hug, and she WEEPS onto
his shoulder. JASON gasps for breath, as he squirms under
her hold. DAD and MICHELLE laugh at the scene. DAD grabs his
wife and pulls her off JASON. JASON then falls backwards
onto the ground, taking in deep breaths. MICHELLE laughs as
she pulls him up and pats him on the back, then pulls him in
a head lock, giving him a noogie. JASON flails his arms in a
desperate attempt to get out. DAD laughs at the sight, while
comforting his crying wife. MICHELLE then releases JASON
from the head lock and ruffles his hair as he steps away.
DAD approaches JASON, places his hands on his shoulders.
Make us proud, Jason.
I will, dad, I will.
DAD laughs as he ruffles JASON's hair.
Yeah, we know. Just a little
reminder, that's all.
JASON smiles, then hugs DAD tightly. MICHELLE and MOM then
walk up and hug them both.
Don't worry 'bout me. Everything's
going to be okay.


JASON then pulls away from the group hug, as he tries to hid
the tears and falling down his face.
Everyone is silently crying.
JASON smiles, then turns and walks down the road towards the
Make us proud!
Be good!
JASON grins back at them over his shoulder, and waves a
final goodbye.
Bring me back something!
JASON laughs and then runs out of sight.
JASON is walking down a forest pathway. He is in complete
awe as he stares all around him. The forest seems alive.
Tall Bush Trees sway gently in the wind, their massive
leaves letting in only streams of light. Beautiful winged
insects flutter by; small furry animals hop around him and
the songful CHIRPS of winged animals fill the air.
      (looking around
       and smiling)
Wow, this place is so peachful!
JASON starts whistling a cheerful tune, as he walks further
into the forest. Above him, within the leaves of a tree, a
pair of yellow eyes watch in fascination, then vanish.
Still whistling happily, JASON continues to walk down the
pathway. Suddenly he crashes straight into a tree.


      (rubs his head)
Ow! What the -
      (looking up)
Stupid tree.
JASON shakes his fist at the tree.
I'll teach you to inflict pain on
JASON steps back and gives the tree a good strong kick.
WHACK. JASON's eyes widen as he grabs his foot in pain.
      (hopping around)
Ow, ouch, ow, ouch, ow, ow, ow!
As JASON hops around holding onto his wounded foot, a THUD
is heard. Looking around, he sees a broken stingbug hive on
the ground. JASON's eyes widen in horror as large stingbugs
fly out in a frenzy of activity.

Trembling in fear, JASON slowly backs up.
      (hands in front of
Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Nice... stingbugs...
JASON then slowly turns away and sprints off in the opposite
direction, flailing his arms and screaming.
In a bush, some distance from where JASON previously stood,
a pair of yellow eyes look on with great curiosity.
Running as fast as he can, JASON weaves between trees, jumps
over large rocks and small streams, in a feeble attempt to
lose the stingbugs.
I've...I've...got...to get
rid...of them...somehow.
As he runs further and further into the forest. He hears the
sounds of fast moving water ahead.


      (eyes brighten)
Yes, a river, I can lose them
Eagerly, JASON speeds up as he nears the sound of rushing
water. Upon reaching it, he jumps in. A SPLASH is heard as
he enters the water. The stingbugs follow him, reach the
river, buzz above the water in confusion, then fly off in
another direction.
Suddenly JASON's head breaks free from the water, gasping
for breath, he struggles against the strong river current,
but is not strong enough, as he is immediately pulled
While trying to stay afloat, JASON flails his arms around,
JASON attempts to slow himself down or to blindly grab onto
Urg!...Why me!
In a tree overlooking the river, yellow eyes widen in fear
at the dangerous situation JASON is in.
Still struggling blindly, JASON can't help but hear the ROAR
of falling water behind him. Allowing himself to turn
around, his eyes widen in horrow as he stares at the top of
a waterfall. Even more in a panic now, he struggles against
the current. After a short while, he is close to exhaustion.
Exhausted, JASON looks on as the falls near. Closing his
eyes and waits for his doom. Suddenly he is lifted up out of
the water and thrown onto the shore. Groaning in pain, he
attempts to sit up, but is pushed down. Looking up, he sees
a pair of concerned yellow eyes, before he blacks out.
In the centre of the clearing, a fire crackles. JASON groans
in discomfort as he shifts around uncomfortably on the
ground. After finding a comfortable spot, he settles down,
and sighs in happiness.
Suddenly he tenses. His eyes fly open, as he stares at what
was in front of him.
Seeing nothing, but the fire. He relax's a bit. Quietly
sitting up, he looks around. Seeing or hearing nothing,


JASON breathes a sigh of relief. Standing up, he stretches
his sore limbs, and looks around once more to get a sense of
where he is.
      (puts finger to
I wonder where I am?
                       ZEL (os)
You're in the centre of the Mystic
JASON jumps back in fear. His eyes widen as he turns looks
around, searching for whoever spoke.
      (shaking slightly)
                       ZEL (os)
I did.
In front a JASON, a pair of yellow eyes appear.
JASON's eyes widen, as he steps back in fear.
      (putting hands in
       front of him)
St..st..stay away from me.
      (looks around him)
I..I..I know how to fight.
      (brightens up)
Yeah, I..I..I was the champion
fighter from my village.
      (tries to look
So if you come anywhere near me.
      (puts fists up)
I'll kick your ass, you hear me,
I'll kick your ass!
The owner of the yellow eyes steps out into the clearing,
revealing a Shamanic native. Big yellow cat eyes stare at
JASON. Whiskers and light brown strips adorn its face. Furry
ears accompany a long furry tail. The figure is dressed in
semi-tight clothing, and smiles at JASON, revealing two
sharp canines.
      (eyes widen)
      (croaches with


                       JASON (cont'd)
       hands over head)
Don't eat me!
The figure raises an eyebrow, as it stares at the quivering
form of JASON.
Why would I eat you, after I went
through all the trouble of saving
you from certain doom.
JASON stops quivering in fear, and looks at the figure.
Wait, you saved me...
      (rolls eyes)
Of course I did, I had to, it was
part of my destiny to save you
from your demise.
      (standing up)
Wait, did you say destiny?
      (walks up to Zel)
As in, the force that depicts your
      (smiles brightly)
Yup, that's right. Destiny.
JASON stares at a happy looking ZEL, then bursts out
      (Grabs his stomach)
Ahahahahahaha, you actually
believe in that crap!
      (rolls around on
       the ground
ZEL stares at the laughing JASON in disbelief, which then
quickly turns into anger.
      (shaking with


                       JASON (os)
Winged animals fly out of the trees in alarm.
JASON and ZEL sit around the blazing fire. JASON is nursing
his bruised head, while ZEL has her arms crossed and is
glaring at JASON. JASON looks up at ZEL and laughs
So, uh, what brings you here...
      (raises an eyebrow)
I should be the one asking you
that, since I have traveled
through here many times.
Ah, well you see
      (looks around)
um, uh....I'm Jason
      (sticks out his
       hand, and smiles)
Nice to meet you,
      (looks at his
       outstretched hand)
I'm Zel.
JASON laughs awakwardly, as he places his once stretched out
hand behind his head.
Well, um it's nice to meet you.
ZEL HMMPHS. Crossing her arms, she looks up and stares at
the stars above. Biting his lip, JASON looks around, before
turning back to ZEL.
      (shifty eyes)
So, um, what are you doing here?
Closing her eyes, ZEL looks down and sighs in annoyance.


If you really must know, I'm on my
way to the Marketplace.
      (smiling excitedly)
Really ?! Me too! Wow, what a
coincidence, huh?
It's not a coincidence, it's fate.
      (uneasy smile)
Uh....yeah....fate....that's it...
ZEL turns to JASON, and glares at him. JASON laughs
      (looks at Zel)
So, um...yeah...how
      (looks down)
....wait no, um...
      (looks away)
The fire crackles and ZEL returns to her previous actions of
gazing up at the stars, while JASON play's with his fingers.
Suddenly a HOWL is heard. JASON jumps up in fright, his eyes
widen as he looks around nervously. Looking at JASON's
actions, ZEL smirks as he fidgets.
      (facing Zel)
Huh, what? Oh, of course not.
      (puffing up his
Why would I be scared of a dumb
animal, I'm-
Another HOWL fills the air, this time louder.
JASON jumps up again.


Curling up in a fetal position, JASON covers his head with
his hands, as he shakes in fear. Seeing this, ZEL couldn't
help but smirk.
Sure you're not scared.
JASON stops shaking and peeks out from under his hands.
Glaring at ZEL he jumps up and angrily points a finger at
Hey! I wasn't scared!
ZEL rolls her eyes in annoyance, and turns away from JASON.
Oh, please. If you're scared of a
simple noise, then how are you
going to be able to survive in the
      (flailing his arms
What's that supposed to mean! I -
      (pausing in
       flailing, crosses
       arms, and smirks)
Oh, and I bet you'll be able to
survive there more then me,
      (rolling eyes)
especially since you ALWAYS go
ZEL whips around, faces JASON and glares at him.
      (points to self)
We'll at least I'm resourceful and
I have survive skills, unlike you!
What's that suppose to mean! I bet
I could survive there (the
Marketplace) longer then you!
Somehow I doubt it.


Yeah, well how will you ever know,
huh, tell me that?
      (throws arms into
It's not like you're going to be
there with me when I'm at the
Marketplace, I mean -
JASON pauses, and then smiles excitedly.
Hey! That's it!
      (turns around and
       raises an eyebrow)
What's it!
      (smiles brightly)
I've just figured out, how to
solve our little dispute.
That was a dispute? I just thought
you were ranting.
So basically, my idea is that when
we get to the Marketplace, we
stick around each other for a
while, to prove who can truely
survive there! Great idea isn't
      (rolls eyes)
Whatever, it doesn't matter
anyway, because I'm going along
with your stupid idea.
ZEL starts to walk away from JASON.
After hearing what she said, JASON stares at ZEL in
disbelief, then after a few moments, grins evily.
Well, that's ok then, because I
can understand if you're


ZEL froze. Turning around, she glares at JASON.
Scared? I don't think so.
      (crosses arms and
Then I guess you'll going to
follow through with my idea,
      (growls and
       crosses arms)
Fine, I'll go through with your
stupid idea.
      (smiles brightly)
Rolling her eyes, ZEL threw her hands up in aggravation, as
she walked over to a spot in the fire.
      (laying down)
Hmmph, if we're going to the
Marketplace together, I suggest
you get some sleep.
I'm an early raiser.
JASON blinks for a second. Shrugging his shoulders, he walks
over to a spot near the fire and lies down, gets comfortable
and slowly drifts off to sleep. The fire CRACKLES on, and
moments later ZEl opens her eyes and smirks at the sleeping
form in front of her.
The Marketplace is bustling with activity. Shop vendors
shout out to potential customers. Haggling is heard, along
with the chatter of people from all different countries.
Both ZEL and JASON are staring at everything around them in


      (looks at an item)
This place is SO cool!
Smiling brightly, JASON begins running to one shop stand to
another, in great excitement.
While JASON is running around, looking at everything he can
get his hands on, ZEL walks down the street, following an
excited JASON, as she stares at all the things being sold,
with great curiousity.
KAGE stands in front of a shop stand that sells various
gizmos and gadgets, picking up and examining various items.
A few meteres away, hidden behind a crate, a pair of green
eyes watches her with great interest.
      (picking up an
      (examines object)
Hm, I guess this will have to do.
KAGE takes her money pouch out from the pocket of her cloak,
and places it on the counter of the stand. Green eyes watch
intently as the pouch made its way from the pocket to the
counter. The eyes stare at the pouch for a while, then
      (opening pouch)
So, how much would this item be?
                       SHOP OWNER
It'll be 15 gilles.
      (raises eyebrow)
Are you serious, 15 gilles for
this item...I'll give you 10.
While KAGE and the SHOP OWNER haggle over the price of the
item, the owner of the green eyes (SELENA) walks closer and
closer to the stand where KAGE was.
Just when SELENA is about to pass the stand, she quickly
snatcheds the money pouch off the counter, and quickens her


Hearing the JINGLE of moving coins, KAGE turns her head,
just in time to see her money pouch being carried off by a
stranger. KAGE's eyes widen, turning away from the shop
owner, KAGE runs after SELENA.
Hey you! Stop!
SELENA's grip on the pouch tightens as she starts running
away from KAGE.
Refusing to give up, KAGE chases SELENA through the busy
streets of the Marketplace, pushing and shoving people out
of the way in the process.
Looking up from an object, JASON notices that ZEL isn't
nearby. Putting the object down, JASON moves away from the
stand and begins searching for ZEL. After a while, he spots
her staring intently at a dangling ball of yarn.
      (running up to Zel)
Hey Zel! Where have you been?!
      (stops beside her)
I've been searching all over for
      (waves hand in
       front of her face)
Helloooo, Zellll!
Snapping out of her trance, ZEL turns to JASON.
Huh? What did you say?
I said-
Suddenly ZEL falls on top of JASON, as KAGE and SELENA
collide with them, falling on them both in the process.
Struggling SELENA quickly breaks free of the pile and starts
running away, while KAGE struggles to detangle herself.
      (pointing finger
       at Selena)
Stop her! THIEF!


Suddenly a loud cry is heard from above. Looking up, KAGE,
ZEL and JASON see a figure fall out of the sky and land
directly onto of SELENA.
A loud ARGH is heard as AIRA lands on SELENA. Falling face
first into the ground, the pouch that SElENA was holding
flies out of her hand and lands with a JINGLE as all the
coins break free from the pouch and scatters all around.
KAGE's eyes widen in horror, as she sees all her coins
scatter. The people around then stop, stare at the coins,
and then in frenzy of activity, all the coins are gone.
Giving one last yank, KAGE manages to pull herself free from
the pile. She staggers over to where her pouch is, picks it
up, turning it upside down and shakes it. A single sile
falls out onto her outstretched palm. Bowing her head, she
clutchs the pouch tightly in her hand. Shaking with anger,
she turns around and points her finger at SELENA.
YOU! This is all your fault!
SELENA's eyes widen in fear, as she quickly pushs AIRA off
her, and takes refuge behind a now standing JASON.
Hehehe, well you see...um, I
didn't really intend for any of
this to happen. I was just
borrowing your pouch you see, and
um, I was planning on returning
it, really I was. I just needed a
few coins to buy some food, but
then I was going to pay you back,
really I was, so...hehehehe...uh,
KAGE's eyebrow twitches.
      (flails arms
SORRY?! You think SORRY is going
to bring back all that money I
had! Do you know how long it took
me to save up all that money?!
Huh?! Do you?!
      (sheepish look)
Ummmm, no,
      (pleading look)


                       SELENA (cont'd)
but I'm really sorry, really I am,
I didn't mean for this to happen,
really I didn't!
As KAGE yells at SELENA for lossing her money, JASON notices
all the attention that they're getting, and laughs nervously
before grabbing both KAGE's and SELENA's arms away from the
      (trying to break
Hey! What do you think you're
      (trying to break
Lemme go! I didn't mean to! Please
let me go!
As JASON drags KAGE and SELENA away from the crowd of people
around them. ZEL sighs and looks upward.
Why must fate be so cruel?
Sighing again, ZEL turns and follows the retreating forn of
JASON. The crowd then turns and stares at AIRA curiously.
Biting her bottom lip nervously, her eyes quickly dart
around, and then she turns and runs after the retreating
form of ZEL.
He-Hey, you guys! Wait for me!
JASON pulls a struggling KAGE and SELENA by their wrists
through the crowded streets of the Marketplace. ZEL and AIRA
follow closely behind, as KAGE yells and SELENA pleads with
GROWLING in frustration, JASON looks around for somewhere to
get both KAGE and SELENA out of the open. Seeing an open
door, JASON brightens up and speeds up towards it. Sighing,
ZEL and AIRA hurries up as well. Upon reaching the door,
JASON hurries in excitedly. Pausing at the door, ZEL looks
up at the sign above it and raises an eyebrow. Shrugging her
shoulders, she walks in as well. AIRA stares at the sign
above the door. Cocking her head to the right, she giggles,
then skips in.


Upon entering the bar, everyone inside quiets down and
stares at JASON, KAGE and SELENA.
JASON laughs uneasily at the stares. Behind him, both KAGE
and SELENA stop their protesting and laugh nervously.
Moments later, ZEL appears in the doorway. Seeing all the
stares KAGE, SELENA and JASON are receiving, ZEL raises an
eyebrow, sruggles and walks over to a table, with AIRA
skipping cheerfully behind her.
Looking at each other, KAGE and SELENA shrug, detach
themselves from JASON and walk over to where ZEL and AIRA
are seated.
Seeing that no one else with him, and that everyone is still
staring at him, JASON quickly runs to where KAGE, SELENA,
ZEL and AIRA are seated.
Upon siting down, noise resumes in the bar. Hearing all the
noise start up again, JASON breathes a sigh of relief, and
then looks at everyone at the table.
Everyone at the table stares at JASON.
      (scratches back of
Uh, I'm Jason by the way...
      (jumps up
I'm Aira! Nice to meet you!
      (looks bored)
Uh, I'm Selena
I'm Zel
JASON laughs uneasily.


      (looking around
       the table)
So, um, ho-
Why are we here?
      (points at Aira)
and who is she?
Everyone turns and looks at AIRA with curiosity, expect for
ZEL, who buries her head in her hands. AIRA waves happily at
I'm Aira! Nice to meet you all!
      (plays with
And, well I'm here because...I
have no place else to go and I'm
kinda lost, hehehehe
Uh, that doesn't really explain to
us why you're here with us. And
what are you anyway?
      (head buried in
She's a faerie.
      (looking up)
Though I'm surprised to see one
Well you see, I kinda messed up
this transportation spell, and,
well now I'm here.
      (looks confused)
Yeah, well that doesn't-
Suddenly, the bar shakes violently. Bottles fall from the
shelves and decorations fall from the walls. People within
the bar start screaming as the bar starts to shake and fall
JASON, AIRA, SELENA, ZEL, and KAGE all jump up from their


      (covering head
       with hands)
What's going on?
PETRONIA rushes over to where they were standing.
All of you, get out, hurry! This
building isn't going to last much
      (turns to Petronia)
Who are you?
      (starts pushing
       them towards door)
It doesn't matter! We have to get
out now, before this whole
building collapses on us.
Everyone's eyes widen in realisation, as they quickly run
out the doorway.
When they all get outside, there were screaming and running
for their lives. Buildings are collapsing and animals are
running wild.
The ground is still shaking violently, forcing them to grab
onto something.
What's going on here?!
It's a small quake, it'll be over
Small, you call this small! And
who are you anyway?!
My name is Petronia, and yes this
is small.


The quake suddenly stops and everyone lets go of what they
were holding onto, and turns to one another.
      (dusting off her
What caused that quake?
      (looks away)
I don't know.
      (looking upwards)
Probably, the mightly foces above,
punishing us for doing something
      (looking puzzled)
Are you sure?
Yes, I am.
      (raises eyebrow)
Got a problem with that, hmmm?
      (plays with her
Uh, not really you see, I -
Hey guys, look at that!
Everyone turns and looks in the direction JASON points at.
Ummm, I don't see anything...Oh!
Oh! wait, is it the little pink
Tch, of course not; it's-
      (points wildly)
There! There! Do you see that


                       JASON (cont'd)
group of people standing there,
with the funny looking dark
clothes on?
Everyone gives JASON a puzzling look, but turn anyway to
where JASON is pointing.
After a while of searching, they finally see the group of
people JASON's pointing out.
      (turns to Jason)
So, what's the big deal? Sure,
they dress funny, but -
      (shakes head)
No, no, no, it's not that.
      (turns to them)
See, when you guys were arguing, I
saw, I saw, them change...
PETRONIA's eyes widen in horror.
Change?! What do you mean, by
Uh, well, you see, um -
Hurry up! Spit it out! How did
they change! TELL ME!
Suddenly, JASON turns back in the direction of the group of
people, and points at them.
There, there, see, look, they're
changing?! They're changing?!
Everyone quickly turns around and stares at the group. Right
before their eyes, the group of people started to change.
The people morph into new forms completely. Moments later,
there stands a group of people, who have completely
different phyiscal characteristics from the previous one.
KAGE, SELENA, AIRA, and ZEL stare at the group in disbelief,
while PETRONIA stares at them in complete horror.


See, see I told, you, see-
Shhh! Be quiet! We have to go now!
But -
      (starts to walk
No, come on, we have to leave now!
      (raises eyebrow)
And, why should we go?
      (shifts nervously)
Uh, because,
      (smiles and nods)
they're the enemy. Yes, yes the're
      (eyes widen)
We have enemies?
      (looks around
I can't explain here; we have to
go some place safe.
      (starts to walk
Come on, I know this place...
      (raises eyebrow)
Why should we follow you?
Everyone looks at PETRONIA with curiousity.
      (looks thoughtful)
Because, because...
      (crosses arms)
it has to do with our homelands.


      (looks shooked)
Our homelands, what about our
I can't say here, you have to come
with me if you want to know.
Looking at each other, they shrug their shoulders and nod.
Well, if it deals with my
homeland, I'll go.
      (jumps up and down
Me too! Me too!
Might as well.
KAGE nods her head.
Um, I'm not sure...
      (glances at
how do I know you aren't leading
us into a trap and that you aren't
really working for the enemy?
      (looks shocked,
       then smiles)
You don't...
you just have to trust me...
SELENA bites her bottom lip nervously.


      (puts hand on
       Selena's shoulder)
Don't worry Selena, remember, all
of us.
      (gestures to
are going to be there as well, and
if Petronia, tries anything, we'll
be there.
SELENA smiles at JASON, then turns to PETRONIA.
Ok, I'll go then.
      (smiles at Selena)
Alight, but we have to hurry.
      (looks at everyone)
We don't want to get noticed by
the enemy.
PETRONIA runs off down the street, with KAGE, JASON, AIRA,
SELENA and ZEL following close behind.
The door to the small house opens as PETRONIA walks in.
Ok, everyone, this is it.
PETRONIA turns around, and sees SELENA jogging up to the
doorway. After SELENA, KAGE hovers up to the door on a hover
      (looks at Kage and
Where's everyone else.
KAGE looks at PETRONIA and shrugs.
Thought they were behind us.


Suddenly JASON appears and drags himself through the doorway
with AIRA on his back. Collapsing in front of them, he pants
for air, while AIRA giggles as she climbs off his back. ZEL
then walks through the doorway, glances down at a gasping
JASON and mumbles to herself about what she did to deserve
      (gestures to Zel,
       Aira and Jason)
There they are.
Sighing, PETRONIA ushers them in and quickly closes the
      (looks at Petronia)
Well, aren't you going to tell us
the deal with our homelands and
those weird looking people?
Turning around, PETRONIA gestures for them to first take a
seat. Sitting down as well, PETRONIA clasps her hands
together and looks at them.
Those people, you pointed out...
      (turns to Jason)
They're the cause of the quake.
JASON, SELENA and AIRA stare at PETRONIA in disblief, while
ZEL and KAGE look at her in boredom.
      (jumping up)
What?! How is that possible?!
      (crosses arms)
Tch, if you don't know, then you
don't deserve to know.
      (turns to Kage)
Hey, what is that suppose to
What ever it's suppose to mean.


You might as well sit down, Jason,
Kage isn't going to say anything.
Besides there are more important
matters to deal with.
Zel's right. It's best not to
fight between us, it'll just get
us no where.
Now, in terms of the enemy...I had
found out that they've had these
secret meetings within the Central
government, even before the quakes
      (clasps hands
Now, because of that, I believe
the Central Government has
something to do with those quakes
as well.
      (looks at Petronia
The government? What does the
government have to do with the
quakes? And whats the deal with
our homelands.
      (running hand
       through hair)
That's what I'm going to find out,
but it's probably connected to the
quakes and the strange things
happening in your homelands.
      (looks at them)
Which you've probably noticed by
JASON, AIRA, SELENA and ZEL nod, while KAGE looks away.
      (eyes widen)
What, what. Are you saying that
the Central Government has
something to do with my village's
poor harvests?


JASON furrowes his eyebrows, while KAGE mumbles something
about how guillible people are. AIRA looks at JASON with
slight confusion, while SELENA and ZEL get comfortable,
before laying down and taking a nap.
Suddenly JASON cries out.
That's it! I'll do it!
SELENA and ZEL jump up from their positions on the floor.
Both KAGE and PETRONIA look at him with curiosity, while
AIRA giggles.
You'll do what?
      (smiles brightly)
I've come to a very important
      (smiles brightly)
Well, I've come to a very
important descision.
      (rolls eyes)
Oh, really, and what might that
I've decided to go to the Central
Government, to try to figure out
why my village has been having
such a poor harvest.
      (looks amazed)
Are you serious?! Do you know how
tight the guards are there? Don't
you know they don't let anyone
without ID in?
Besides, how are you getting in?


      (scratching his
Ah, well I haven't really thought
about that part, but I'll find a
way in I have to...
I guess that means I'm coming too.
Huh, uh, why?
Just because.
I guess I should go too, since I
put the idea in your head, and
cause you'll probably have no idea
where it is.
      (jumps up and down
Oh, oh, me too! Me too! Can I, can
I, please!? I can help, really I
      (scratches his
Uh, okay I guess...
      (turning to Aira)
Well, if you're going, I'm
definitely going. Since you still
owe me the money I lost when you
landed on me, and well...Kage is
kinda mad at me, because of
      (glares at Selena)
Darn right you are! Which is why
I'm going too, so I can make sure
you get all my money back.


      (looks at everyone)
Uh, well then I guess we're all
going to the Central Government.
It appears so.
Alright then!
      (throws fist into
       the air)
Let's go!
JASON walks up to the door, opens it and steps out. Everyone
on else follows.
PETRONIA turns around and grabs onto the door handle.
Turning back around, she looks into the empty room.
I hope they'll be able stop what's
Turning back around, PETRONIA walks out the doorway and
closes the door behind her.


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From EJ Walton Date 5/5/2006 ***1/2
It's very interesting concept. Sounds very expensive to make though... but shows promise. I'm a big fan of originality!

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