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by Roger Perez (moody2350@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
A thrillling movie about someone that is not to well in his head and everyone around him has to suffer for it... and it's not pretty.Revised Edition

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


      (head toward sink
       with paper towel
       on nose. He
       stands up and the
       tissue paper is
       all bloody.)
God! Another freaking nosebleed.
This sucks so much, these drugs
screw you up.
                       OZZY (V.O.)
I never had much luck with
anything. Never had luck with
health, love, or anything else,
for that matter. I sometimes
wonder if people play roles in
life. Sometimes those roles can
change or be modified, why or how
remains a mystery to me. I've
always played the role of the
loser, the reject. But at least i
had a handful of supposed friends.
A small framed boy with glasses walks out of a stall.
You seriously need to stop that
Hey you know what you know what?
screw you! I know what I'm doing
      (Bobby walks in
       and sees ozzys
       bloody paper over
       his nose.)
Hey Oz how are you doin'? Is this
guy bothering you?
      (Looks over to see
       Bobby in his jock
My names Ozzy, I've told you a


                       OZZY (cont'd)
million times. And no, hes not
bothering me.
      (Slapping his hand
       over his head.)
Oh right Oz sorry.
You just see George with a mad face walk out of the
                       OZZY (V.O.)
Bobby wasn't the sharpest tool in
the shed. He was always getting
horrible grades. Not that I got
good grades, but his were
definetely worse. He was a jock
and was going out with my friend
Aly. It always bothered me because
she and him were always on top of
each other. He was never nice to
anybody but our clique, but he was
the meanest to George. Geoge and I
were always friends since
elementary, but he was never part
of the group we'd only be friends
outside of school, that was a
known fact by everyone.
      (Looking at bobby
       with a face.)
Bobby, stop pretending you care
and go back to class.
Ok Ok I was just tying to be
friendly. Aly was really worried
about you.
Well tell her thank you for the
sentiment I'll see her at lunch.
Aly, Bobby, Lily, and Michael are sitting at the lunch table
and Ozzy walks to the table and sits next to Aly.
      (Looking at ozzy
       with a smile.)


                       ALY (cont'd)
And so he lives! Thought we lost
you there buddy!
Yeah we really missed you...
      (Elbows Michael in
       the ribs.)
Shut up Michael. Don't be an
      (Making eye
       signals towrd
Seriously shut the hell up.
      (Puttin elbow on
       table and her
       head on her hand
       looking at Ozzy.)
So Ozzy, why are you so quiet
Dunno maybe just a bit fraile from
this freaking flu I've got on
Yeah That Must be it!
      (Smacks Michael
       over head.)
Shut up asshole, what the hell is
your probelem? He feels like shit
leave him alone.
Don't worry he'll get what he
      (Getting tense and
What the fuck does that mean?!


      (Looking at
       Micheal with a
       mean look.)
It does'nt mean anything Michael.
It better not. Or else.
Or else what?
Or else I'll kick your ass!
      (Bringing Michael
       down to sit.)
No one is kicking no ones ass
Ozzy sits at a bench under a tree and Aly walks toward him.
Have a sign on the side of the school say: Los Angeles
Raiders High School.
      (Sitting down.)
Hard day at school huh?
Yep, pretty hard. Where's Bobby
and Michael? Benchpressing
Probably are. (laughs)
A upscale SUV pulls up and honks. Aly looks and picks up her
Well thats my ride see you


Ok, see ya tomorrow.
Ozzy sees her pull away and he walks away.
Ozzy looks mad as he walks down the sidewalk of a medium
class neighborhood. He gets to a white picket fence and
opens the door. He walks up to the door and closes the door
behind him.
      (Closing door
       behind him and
       looks upstairs.)
Mom! Where were you today? You
were supposed to pick me up at
Leaves bags at stairs and walks upstairs. He walks slowly
toward his moms bedroom door and slowly reaches for the
handle and he opens the door wuickly and a female hand
reaches for his feet. He finds his mom on the floor in pain.
Whats going on?!
      (In terror.)
I was just...cleaning the room
when...I look out the window and
What did you see?
It was a man in all black and I
had another episode.
Michael walks in but the audience does not see. All of a
sudden you see a hand grab Ozzys shoulder and he screams and
Sorry I was in the neighborhood
and found the front door open.


Get the fuck out of my house...Did
you do this?
What the hell, do what? I just
came to say Hi...
Well you did so get the fuck out.
Why what did I do to you?
Ozzy goes to his moms closet and grabs a bat and swings it
at Michael.
What the hell.
I'm fucking warning you. Get out
of my house motherfucker!
What the hell is your problem?
Ozzy snaps and swings the bat at Michaels face and hits him
with him. You see the blood drip on the floor and cut to top
of stairs and see Michael run out of the house clenching his
face in pain.
      (Dropping bat on
       floor and looking
       back at his mom.)
Do you want me to call the
      (Grabbing chest in
No just get me 2 aspirins quickly.
Cut To: Ozzy get the bottle of aspirin and take two in his
hand and get a glass of water and run upstairs.
Here you go mom(hands her the
glass of water and pills). Can you
get up?


I think so. (She gets up and sits
on her bed).
I swear I'm going to freaking kill
whoever did this.
Now don't do anything...crazy
Don't worry mom, I promise I
                       OZZY (V.O.)
Little did I know that I wouldn't
be keeping that promise.
Michael is on the phone with Bobby and he has a big pad on
his face.
The fucking prick hits me over the
face with a fucking bat.
      (over phone)
No way what a dick head.
All of a sudden u hear a sound at the window and Michael
looks toward the window in fear. He walks slowly toward the
window and reaches for the chord. Then quickly opens the
blinds and up springs a jack-in-the box outside the window
and it has a tape recorder attached to it.
Wait a sec something weird is
going on, let me call you back.
He gets the tape recorder and plays it.
      (Distorted Voice)
You fucking bitch, how dare you do
this to me. You know who I am...If
you wanna live through tonight you
have to stick to these
conditions:1)You don't call the


                       TAPE (cont'd)
cops.2)You don't leave the fucking
room and Three don't move from
where you're standing, I'm
watching you. Believe me or not if
you leave this room you will get
your fucking head blown off, and
I'll cut you into so many pieces
they won't be able to fuckin
recognize you.
Michael looks araund in terror looking for the man on the
      (The tape
Get the phone when I call, you're
going to want to...
The phone rings and Michael runs to the phone and picks up.
                       MASKED MAN
      (Over phone)
Don't you remember the rules? Rule
number 3?: Don't move from your
spot and what did you just do? You
fucking moved to get the fucking
phone! So you know what...you
lose. But before you meet your
demise, one last question...Do you
know where I am?
A man in a leather face mask comes through his room door
running and tackles Michael to the floor. He brings up an
axe and lodges it in his head, then takes it out and strikes
him over and over and the blood gushes on his face and you
can hear the man laughing. You then see a far shot outside
of the window of Michael beyond recognition and the man in
the leatherface mask standing over him laughing and breaks
the window and leaves.
Aly has a cup of coffee in her hand and sits in front of the
small white tv they have in the kitchen. She looks shocked
to see Michaels dead corpse being taken away.


And in top stories today: a young
teenager was brutally murdered in
the night while alone in his
house. According to neighbors they
heard shreiks in the night and
that it was a like hearing a movie
that was put on with the volume
too high...apparently this is not
a movie...there was a tape
recorder left behind with several
instruction but the voice was
distorted and there is no leads as
of now. There will be questioning
for every student that was close
to him at the school today. And
now to the weather! When are you
going to stop this rain Bob? When
you stop the murders Colleen!
Aly looks disgusted and the phone rings. We close up to the
phone and Aly looks in fear. She slowly walks toward the
phone and picks up. It is Lily on the line.
I heard I'm so sorry Lily.
I just can't believe someone would
just...kill him like that.
It's incredible this damn world.
It's almost time for school now,
crap just can't wait to face the
asshole teachers.
Look we have to go to school we'll
talk more in lunch.
Yeah but this society does'nt care
about theses things. We'll talk
more at school.
Aly and Lily walk together to class and everyone gives long
stares at Aly, you can tell everyone was worried for her.


God does everyone have to fucking
stare like that?
Apparently they can't fucking help
They are so inconsiderate for the
people araound them.
A tear runs down her cheek.
They walk into a classroom and everyone resumes normal
business (people getting things from lockers and people
talking to each other).
Lily crying on Aly's shoulder. Bobby and Ozzy sit accross
from them quietly.
...I can't believe it. This guy
just randomly murders him,
butchers him.
Lily starts crying again.
He must have really pissed that
guy off...
What do you mean?
Well think about it,this wonderful
city we call Los Angeles,
murderers usually have a motive or
a reason. Unless this guy is
really fucked up, and just wants
to go on a killing spree like
fucking Ed Gein, they usually
(makes quotation signs with hands)
have a reason to kill someone.
So what this guy just gets upset
and he murders him?


Well could be, There are some
really fucked up people out there
you never know who they could
But he never pissed anyone off
that badly, he has told me
everything. He never did anything
to anybody!
Trust me people can keep they're
darkest secrets from the people
most important in their lives.
Ok you know what? Lets do
something this weekend, lets see a
movie or go bowling.
Yeah lets do that.
It's only tuesday, you're already
making plans for this weekend?
They all get up and the bell rings.
Bobby comes out of shower with towel wrapped around his
waist. He goes to his dresser and puts clothes on. Looking
for his shirt he found a tape recorder in his drawer.He
picks it up and presses play.
Hi this is a good friend speaking,
oh, don't you kno who it is? I
want you to come outside your
window in 10 seconds.
Bobby walks toward window in fear.
Bobby jumps outside window and falls on floor.


In a heartbeat the masked man springs out again and covers
Bobbys mouth with his hand.
                       MASKED MAN
Don't you dare try to fight me
because you'll only die
faster...You know your friend
Michael? He died in an unpleasant
way, but I wanna get more creative
with you.
Just tell me why I never did
anything to you.
                       MASKED MAN
Just tell me why? I don't have a
reason why, your friend was right,
it takes a crazy motherfucker to
kill for no reason. As for me I'm
one crazy, motherfucking mad man.
He drags him by the neck to a car and ties him up and throws
him in the trunk. He drives to the family's field and drops
him on the floor and with an axe cuts his legs off and Bobby
screams in pain.
                       MASKED MAN
Shut the hell up you little bitch,
or losing your legs will be the
least of your pain!
Masked Man then drags him through the field dripping blood
and gets to the farm house. He grabs hooks hanging from some
chains and puts the hooks through his hands and hangs him by
there pulling up the chain and Bobby once again screams in
Pain, and loses more blood through his hands.
Please don't do this to me please!
                       MASKED MAN
Oh you want me to have mercy on
you? Well fuck you!
He grabs the axe and cut to: outside of barnyard and hear a


slashing through flesh noise and a few seconds later see
Masked Man walk out with blood on his clothes and get into
his car.
Ozzy takes off his mask and walks to the side of the house
past a gate and finds a water hose. He wets himself and cut
to: ozzy coming out of the side of the house with brand new,
clean clothes and with a gym bag with blood stains. He walks
to his car again and gets in and closes the door.
Cut to: Ozzy driving in car and smoking weed. Cut to: the
car pulling up to a dumpster and Ozzy walking out of his car
with the bag and throwing the bag in the dumpster. Cut to:
sign on dumpster saying: City of San Francisco Department of
Cut to: Ozzy getting back in his car and laugh and drive
Cut to: Shower on and outline of ozzy in shower.
      (In frustration.)
God this smell is hard to take
off. I hate fucking dumpsters
and...blood(laughs) I crack myself
Have Ozzy turn off water and see his arm pop out of his
shower and get a towel. He walks out into his room.
Cut to: Ozzy's hand cutting up cocaine into powder and bends
down and off the screen and then snorting it and popping
back up onto the screen.
I said God Damn!
Have a sudden knock at the door.
Ozzy looks nervously at the door.


      (whispering and
       putting the
       cocaine away in
       his drawer in a
Oh shit!
Ozzy baby are you hungry?
Um...yeah is there any ham?
Ok, bring me a sandwich with ham
and cheese.
Ok honey I'll be right back. Are
you ok?
Yes mom I'm fine.
Ok..I love you...
I love you too.
Cut to: Mom outside door smiling.
A knock is heard again and he opens the door and sticks his
hand out and grabs the sandwich.
A thank you would be nice.
      (rolling his eyes)
Thank you mom.
He walks to his bedside table and puts the sandwich down. He
gets the phone and dials a number.


      (Over Phone)
Hi Lily it's Ozzy.
      (over phone)
Oh hey Ozzy, whats up?
Hey wanna meet somewhere so we can
hang out?
Ok, sure where? Wanna meet in my
Yes that's perfect be there in 20
Ok see ya bye.
Ozzy hangs up phone. Cut to: Ozzy get in a car and drive
Cut to:Ozzy arriving at Lily's house and walk up to the
front door and knock. The door opens and he walks in.
So what you wanna do? Watch a
movie paly a game?
Yeah, lets play a game...
Ok let me get the playstation,
I'll be back in 2 shakes of a
lambs tail.
Have her go upstairs and Ozzy sit down on the couch. A few
seconds later she comes down with the playstation set it up
and bring the controller to Ozzy and have her controller in
her hand and sit down. She starts the game and they bith
start to play.
Ow you bitch you killed me!


(laughs) Don't worry I'll go easy
on you. Wait I've got to go to the
Ok, hurry up though!
Oh I will.
Ozzy walks to the bathroom and opens and closes the door as
if he went in. He takes out a knife from his pocket and
walks slowly toward Lily and then puts his arm around his
neck and slits her throat. He then puts his hand on the
wound and walks to the car and puts her in the trunk.
Cut To: Ozzy driving up to the school and then dissapear
from the camera and after a few seconds you hear laughing
and walks back towards the camera and into his car.
Have Aly walk into the kitchen pick up the phone and dial a
      (over phone)
Hey Ozzy I need a ride.
Ok I'll pick you up in 5 minutes.
Ok bye.
Cut To: Ozzy pulling up to a upscale house and honking at
Aly walk out and into his car.
Cut to: Aly and Ozzy walk up to the school and find an
ambulance, repoters, and police. Aly has a face of fear and
walks up to a police officer and taps him on the shoulder
and he turns around.
What happened?
The police officer points at the reporter talking and hear
the reporter already talking.


      (with microphone
       in hand)
...This has been a killing spree
that has shaken the foundation of
this county, sources are saying
that these killings will go down
in the history books, the sources
also say that these murders are
worse than the Ed Gein murders,
also known as the leatherface
murders or the Texas chainsaw
Aly looks up at the tree the reporter was next to and close
up: Lily hanging dead from a tree. Aly screams and hugs Ozzy
sand Close Up: on Ozzy's face smiling in gratification.
Ozzy and Aly sitting at their usual table with 3 empty
spaces and Aly is still in tears.
I can't believe this why would
this guy just murder all our
friends. Is this like a fucking
pattern or something?
What do you mean?
What if they weren't the only
ones? What if one of us is next?
That's Impossible. Look why don't
we go to this place I know about
to vent some anger and stress?
It's this abandoned shooting range
and they still left all the
bullets, guns, and chainsaws


I guess we can go. It can be
therapeutic. What's it called? And
why would they have a chainsaw
Crazy Wizard Of Oz Shooting Range.
ANd it beats me why they would
have a chainsaw.
Weird name.
Yeah it is but it's cool. We can
meet there at 8 o' clock.
Ok see ya there then.
Have them get up with their trays and the bells ring.
Have ozzy and Aly walk up to one of the courses and get the
guns and start shooting.
Ozzy taps on Aly's shoulder and they both stop shooting.
Aly I need to tell you
He suddenly hits the gun out of her hand and points the gun
at her face and cocks the gun.
What the fuck Ozzy?
Ozzy looks confused and shakes head from side to side as if
hearing voices in his head.
I did it Aly.
Did what?
I killed them Aly I killed them.


You what?
Yes, poor defenseless ozzy did the
killings...but I did it for you.
What the fuck do you mean you did
it for me?
It's actually a sweet story
really, let me tell you it. I have
always liked you and always wanted
to be with you but something was
always in the fucking way. So I
decided to...eliminate all these
distractions from you and have you
just for me.(pointing the gun at
her forehead) Now tell me you love
me! Tell me!
      (crying in
I don't love you Ozzy you were
nice but I only like you as a
friend. I'm sorry.
Ok then you know what (starts
shaking head again) I have 2
options: I can either kill myself,
or kill you.
Please don't hurt me, I beg you!
Ozzy puts the gun to his head.
Don't do that either Ozzy, lets
just talk it out.
Fuck talking! But you know what
I've just had a moment of clarity.
I should just kill you than rather
waste my life.


You should be the one to suffer!
But since I'm such a nice killer
I'll give you a head start so I
can look for a better method to
kill you.
You see Aly run out of the house in fear and from the small
housing of the weapons you hear a chainsaw turn on. Then Aly
looks back and suddenly you see Ozzy run out of the house
with the chainsaw blaring. Aly starts running faster and
more fear on her face.
She then runs through another course and as she runs by a
unseen target and it pops out and scares her and she trips.
Ozzy then catches up and puts up the chaisaw in the air and
when he's going to kill her she kicks him in the balls.
Fuck You, asshole!
He falls to the floor and she gets up and starts running
again. Suddenly you hear the chaisaw stop and she slows down
and looks around. Then Ozzy gets up and takes out the
leatherface mask out of his pocket and puts it on. He runs
quietly into a bush next to where Aly was and then all of a
sudden you hear the chainsaw and he pops out and elbows her
in the face and she falls.
Close up: to ozzy's face and him bringing chainsaw up then
seconds after down on Aly and see the blood spatter on his
Open with Ozzy wake up and walk to his TV and turn it on.
Then hear the reporter once again on the TV.
      (over TV)
Last night at the Crazy Wizard Of
Oz Shooting range, which has been
abandoned for years now, a young
teenage girl has been murdered.
The police made the late discovery
after an amber alert was sent to
them about a teenger that fit that
description. They got to the scene
and it was horrifying. So
horrifying in fact, that we are
not alowed to say on public
television. They ID'd the body and


                       REPORTER (cont'd)
it belongs to Alexandra Fernandez
also known as Aly. They believ it
is the same man that killed the
other 3 teenagers but they have no
leads. We now know they have
nicknamed this serial killer Son
of Leather Face. Police say that
this case may stay open for years.
Ozzy will walk toward the phone and pick up and dial a
Hey george the plan worked
absolutely perfect, they have no
fucking clue as to who it is. In
my opinion we worked great as a
      (over phone)
Are you sure about that?
What do you mean?
Ozzy walks down the stairs with a puzzled face and there is
a long pause.
Hello? What the fuck do you mean?
A shot is heard and a window breaking is heard and we close
up on Ozzy's face and a bullet goes through his forehead. He
falls to the floor and through the window you see George all
dressed in black run away.


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From Peirce Date 8/16/2005 *1/2
I'm sorry dude. It was a good effort, and I appricaite that but this was really flawed. The story was very cliche, the format was wrong, and hollow Characters. But good effort and I hope you continue to write and improve and one day you will make great stories/scripts I'm sure.

From Kevin Date 5/18/2005 ****
i think it is very cool, i love gory movies nd i hope u mke either a part 2 or another wesome horror movies!

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