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by Dexter Floyd (cajunx03@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

This is part of the final action sequence of my script tentatively titled

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The door opens and walks in two superheroes of New
Haven...Icon and Meanstreak.
      (taking off coat)
Man Dr. X had it out for us today.
      (limping in)
He sure the hell did! I can't
believe that fucker actually was
able to hit me.
Stop being such a pussy;it's only
a flesh wound.
It still fucking hurts though.
Flesh wound or not.
You know for a guy whose name is
Meanstreak, you're a friggin wuss.
Fuck you were all not nigh
invincible you know.
      (leaning back in
       recliner and
Oh, yea I forgot you only have
superspeed. That sucks.
      (leaning back in
       recliner and
Yea well it's genetics, at least I
heal fast.


True but you still cried like a
little school girl when you got
You were crying too when he shot
you with that laser.
Now, that hurt like hell.
      (hand out reached)
Hand me one of those drinks will
      (opens armrest on
Plain or Vanilla?
      (hands him drink
       and turns on TV)
Man, would you look at that. . .
Oh joy the League saves the day
Man she's a hottie
What do ya expect she's an Amazon.
Either way she's still hot.
      (speaking slowly)
Yes... she... is.
I wonder what else she uses that
rope for.


I bet she's a freak a leek in the
Hell yea. If I was Ol'Blue, I'd be
banging the hell outta her.
Me too.
you wouldn't last that long. Shit
you're one of the fastest men
I may be the fastest man alive but
I'll be the slowest man when it
comes to that.
She is, it's just that I have a
big secret to tell her and I don't
know if I can trust her with it.
      (takes drink of
And what secret would that be?
Oh yea that. Well then don't tell
her. Just let that be a mystery
about you it might turn her on.
Yea that is true, a lot women like
that type of stuff.
As they watch TV on their big screen, a news announcement
comes on from Channel 5 news.
                       JORJA FOX
Coming to you live from the scene,
this is Jorja Fox of Channel 7
News. Behind me you'll see the
rubble where New Haven's newest
and most productive heroes Icon
and Meanstreak had defeated the


                       JORJA FOX (cont'd)
evil and manoical Dr. X.
Evil and Maniocal Dr. X. Wow man
she's good.
Yea plus she called us the "most
productive heroes." She's "A" ok
in my book.
                       JORJA FOX
We've got eyewitness reprots of
something rumbling beneath the
streets. What it is we don't know,
but rest assured you saw it 1st on
Channel 7.
The camera man films as the the rubble on the ground begins
to open up. In an explosive blast that shakes the very
ground they're standing on, A lone figure about 7'5, with
light blue skin and tattered clothes risies out and in a
terrible fury punches the ground. The force of the punch
cause a mini sized earthquake. The cameraman drops the
camera and the live feed goes dead.
      (pausing with soda
       can in hand and
       near his mouth)
Did I just see that?
      (pulling mask over
       his head)
Yea that can only mean one thing.
      (sitting soda on
Time for our super heroing thing
Yea let's go.


Icon puts on his coat, laces up his boots, puts on his
gloves and heads towards the door. Meanstreak stands up and
with a thought is instantly covered in his special body
armor. He quickly drinks from his soda and heads towards the
Weaving through traffic, Meanstreak is leading the way to
the scene with Icon flying not far behind . They stop on top
of a nearby building and assess the situation.
So what do ya think?
I don't know he looks menancing,
kind scary too.
He's big too, kinda looks like Dr.
X a little bit.
Yea it does. Maybe it's his love
child or something.
As they conversate, a female hero jumps into the scene and
engages in battle with The Menance. She rocks The Menance
with a massive right hook that makes it stagger back. The
Menance rubbs his jaw and the engages in battle with her.
After a few moments she's really getting her ass kicked.
Hey is that who I think it is?
It's fucking Strong Girl.
Yea that same broad who cheated on
you a while back with the local
garbage man.
      (gives evil eye)
Don't remind me. I still can't
believe that she did that to me. I
mean I was out helping save the


Yea I know, but right now she's
getting her ass kicked. So let's
get down there and help her.
      (silenced with
       arms folded)
      (pats him on
C'mon man she needs us.
Let's get this over with. I'll
hit'em high and you'll hit super
      (cracks knuckles)
The always great BB move.
When he comes after me that's your
Icon jets off towards Strong Girl and The Menance. The
Menance had just pounded Strong Girl into the ground and was
preparing to give a crushing blow to her. Icon lands in
front and quickly lets loose a straight right punch to its
jaw which knocks it back and into a wall. He stands upright
brushes his shoulders off and adjusts his jacket.
Man that looked like it hurt.
                       STRONG GIRL
      (coming up to one


      (givs finger with
       his back turned
       to her)
Fuck off.
                       STRONG GIRL
      (standing up)
Don't tell me that you're still
mad about what happened between
You fucking cheated on me, what do
you think.
                       STRONG GIRL
I told you I was in a tough time
for me.
It was a tough time for me too
"saving the world and all", so I
guess you had every reason to fuck
the garbage man.
                       STRONG GIRL
He was a sanitation worker.
      (turns to face her)
It's the same fucking thing!!
As they argue, The Menance comes form the wreckage and let's
out a thunderous roar as he runs towards Icon with his fist
Hey there's my cue....
Meanstreak dashes down the side of the building dodging
debris and traffic heading towards them. (time slows down)
As The Menance fist heads to wards the back of Icon's head,
Meanstreak dashes in and hits him sqaurely in the balls.
(slow motion captures pain on his face and the pure
shockwave of the blow.) Instead of a thunderous roar it 's a
quiet whimper as he drops to his knees and grabs his crotch.
      (standing over him)
Is that all you got?


      (standing over him)
For someone so menancing you sure
go down easy.
What a candy ass.
                       STRONG GIRL
      (looking on in
I can't believe that you just did
      (tunrs towards
       Strong Girl)
Why not?
                       STRONG GIRL
It's not what superheroes do.
I suppose superheroines cheat on
their superhero boyfriends while
he's out saving the world?
Damn...ain't that a kick in the
                       STRONG GIRL
Thought so.
Strong Girl storms off angry.
What's her problem?
I don't know?
Why don't you go ask her?
Why the fuck should I ask her?


Cause if she's pissed at you and
hits you, you'll be ok. If she
hits me, I'll be in a coma.
      (gives Meanstreak
       the evil eye)
I sometimes dispise you.
Yea I know. I'll take care of this
guy with the locals..
Icon takes off and glides over towards Strong Girl and puts
his hand on her shoulder.
What's your problem?
                       STRONG GIRL
I can't believe you and Meanstreak
did that to that guy!
What punch him in the balls? I
thought you wouldn't mind since
you basically walked all over
                       STRONG GIRL
Whatever..why did you have to
humilate him too?!
      (in disbelief)
What the fu...that guy was trying
to kill you and all you can worry
about is how we stopped him and
that we humiliated him?!
                       STRONG GIRL
That's not what we do. That just
shows how much you care about what
you do and how much you don't care
at all about me!
Hold let me give you a news


You think that makes up for
leaving me!!
It wasn't supposed to! I left you
because I caught you in bed with
the fucking garbage man! Not some
pretty boy pool guy, a smelly ass
garbage man!!!
                       STRONG GIRL
Well you shouldn't have let that
woman kiss you on national TV!
She kissed me because I saved her
baby from a burning apartment
                       STRONG GIRL
Well you still shouldn't have let
her do it if you're committed to
me! And you should've stayed at
home when I asked you to! I wanted
your time!
Whatever...And that night I was
                       STRONG GIRL
But it was our scheduled night
How could we have a fucking night
      (putting restaints
       on The Menance)
Thanks to you and Icon this
situation was resolved quickly.
Yea well the ball buster move is a
effective move.


Yea it is but it looks like Strong
Girl didn't like that at all.
Whatever...we saved her life and
countless other.
Meanstreak escorts the cop and The Menance to a steel plated
vehicle to transport The Menance to a high security super
villain facility. He walks away from the truck and glances
over at Icon and Strong Girl in a heated argument.
Man, looks like he's getting his
balls busted now.
Un-fucking-believable!! All you
still car about is yourself. Where
the hell were you when the world
was in danger anyways?
I had things to do.
Like what...fuck the garbage man!!
                       STRONG GIRL
Fuck you!!
Icon cell phone communicator rings with the theme of "Get
Back" by Ludacris.
      (reaches in jacket
       for phone)
Hang on....This is Icon.
He man you ok? Looks like you're
not winning this one either.
Need some help getting out of


Aiight, give me two seconds.
I'm on my way.
Icon turns off the phone.
Look I need to go.
                       STRONG GIRL
Who was that? One of your
No, you ass, it was an emergency.
At exactly 2 seconds Meanstreak zips in.
Hey did you get the call?
Yea, I'll meet you there in 5
Meanstreak zips off and leaves a silhouette that slowly
fades away.
                       STRONG GIRL
See you're avoiding this again!
When do we get to talk about this?
There's nothing to talk about. You
lost me when you screwed the
garbage man. Why don't you go talk
to him?
                       STRONG GIRL
Because I love you and want you
You stupid white girl, I don't
want you back, so deal with it.


He begins to float and zips off in a black streak.
                       STRONG GIRL
No he didn't just call me a stupid
white girl. (screaming towards the
sky) You fucker! You're lucky I
can't fly cause I'll kick your
mask-wearing ass!!!
Icon flies back to HQ and meets up with Meanstreak who's
already there. Meanstreak stopped by the local fast food
joint and picked up some chicken and drinks and was getting
ready to sit down and eat. Icon walks through the door while
Meanstreak is putting things away.
      (closing door and
       taking off coat)
Thanks for helping bailing me out
of that.
No problem, so what was ya'll
arguing about this time?
      (walking into his
Why I broke up with her and saving
the world bullshit. She's such a
stupid white girl.
A stupid white girl? You sound
almost racist.
      (grabbing piece of
What are you talking about?
      (closing frige
       with drink in
The whole "stupid white girl"
slogan. I mean if she call you a
stupid black n word you'd be
pissed too.


      (opens can of soda)
Yea you right...but she still a
bitch though.
Yea well that is true.
After the battle with Dr.X and some dinner, it's Icon turn
to go out on nightly patrol.
      (flying through
(VO)Man it's a fairly quiet night.
I think I'll stop and see Big
Mama, I haven't talked to her in
while. Besides I could use some of
that awesome peach cobbler she
Icon flys to Big Mama's Diner and glides to her front door
and walks in. He's greeted by the tunes from the old school
jukebox and a warm smile from Big Mama.
      (walking in the
Hey Big Mama, how are you doing?
                       BIG MAMA
      (walks around
       counter and gives
       him a hug)
Hey sugar, how have you been,
ain't seen you in a while. What
can I get you?
Some of that peach cobbler that I
always get. You know you make the
best in the neighborhood.
                       BIG MAMA
      (starts walking
       back around the
Go ahead and have a seat.


She walks in the back and comes back out with a pan full of
peach cobbler and a large glass of milk.
                       BIG MAMA
I still don't know how you're able
to eat the whole lot of it.
      (cuting a piece of
I told you remember. I have a high
meatbolism and I need to eat every
so often. (lifts mask up over his
mouth and takes a bite)
MMMmmm....still good as always.
                       BIG MAMA
      (starts wiping
       down the counter)
Saw you and Fastball on the
picture box stopping that blue
skinned fool from causing trouble.
Yea, Meanstreak and I really had a
tough one there (chews another
piece) he had us going for a
                       BIG MAMA
Well either way you look at it you
did good.
Yea, well not everyone appreciates
what we do. Some say our means are
rather...rash.(takes another bite)
                       BIG MAMA
      (rinsing off cloth)
And what about that white girl
that was trying to help you fight?
      (eating piece of
She's crazy.
                       BIG MAMA
I take it you two don't get along?


      (drinks milk)
In a matter of speaking...yes.
                       BIG MAMA
      (starts wiping
       down the counter)
And why not?
It's a long story and I really
don't feel like getting into it.
                       BIG MAMA
Hurts that bad I see.
      (drinks milk)
Yea pretty much
As they continue to conversate Meanstreak walks in through
the door.
Big Mama!!! How's my favorite
woman in the world.(dashes around
and gives her a big hug.)
                       BIG MAMA
I'm good sugah. I was just talking
to your partner here.
      (greets MS)
Hey man(gives him man hug) what
you doing here?
Couldn't sleep, so I figured I get
a little late night snack. Mainly
some of that peach cobbler you
chowing down on.
      (covers his plate)
Naw man get your own.
                       BIG MAMA
Now I ain't got no more cobbler
but I got the pie over there that
ain't been touched all day.


Meanstreak eyes widen as he goes and retrieves the untouched
pie and bring it back to the counter. A fork is waiting for
him and a glass of milk.
You know Big Mama, they say a way
to a man's heart is through his
stomach. Are you trying to tell me
                       BIG MAMA
Youse a fool!
I tell him that everyday, but he
don't wanna listen to me.
As they eat Icon recieves a text message. He pulls the phone
out of his pocket and reads:
"Silent alarm triggered at Bling, Bling Jewelers. Request 3
units to the scene."
      (puts phone back
       in coat)
Hey I gotta go, duty calls.
      (chews another
Need some help?
                       BIG MAMA
      (pops MS on hand)
What have I told you about talking
with your mouth full.
      (stands up from
Naw, it's just a jewelery store
robbery I can handle it.
Icon walks around counter gives Big Mama a hug and kiss. He
pulls the mask over his mouth and heads to wards the door.


I'll see you later Big Mama.
Remember to keep the cobbler warm
for me.
Icon flys off.
Icon arrives on the scene and lands on a nearby rooftop. He
notices that the skylight is open with a rope leading out of
it. He realizes that's the way they entered the building and
decides to wait for them to come out before he starts
handing them some justice. While he waits, he notices
another figure, a female figure, scaling the side of the
building with electrical charges.

She reaches the rooftop with ease and waits patiently by the
edge. Icon wonders if this is another fight on his hands.
      (standing with
       arms crossed)
(VO)Who the hell is that? Whoever
she is she has an awesome body.
It's funny that's she's waiting
instead of going in...I think I'll
wait and see how this plays out.
The 5 criminals exit the skylight with bags of jewelery in
their hands and are confronted by the newest "super" to
grace New Haven...Voltage.
      (stands up)
Evening gentlemen, kind of late to
be shopping isn't it.
All of criminals turn around and starat her.
                       THUG 1
And who in the fuck are you
supposed to be?
Let's just say I'm New Haven's
"Lady Robin Hood". And you guys
look pretty rich to me.
                       THUG 2
      (drops his bag)
Let's get her


The 1st thug runs towards Voltage with a glass cutting tool.
Voltage doesn't look at all distrubed by this puts her hand
up and blasts him with a massive shock of eletricity sending
the thug back into the ground.
      (sits down)
(VO) Ow, that looked like it hurt.
This may get interesting.
                       THUG 2
REALLY? I never would have guessed
it. But you know that was to easy.
So I'll make a deal with you. I
won't use my powers at all and if
you 4 guys can beat me you get to
keep what you stole and if I beat
you , you go to jail.
                       THUG 2
Let's get the bitch!
      (gets in fighting
I'll take that as a yes.
All 4 of the remaining thugs attack her all at once. She
dodges several blows thrown at her with ease and grace. She
doesn't uses any offense but rather her defense. After a
few minutes they stop and are heavily breathing, while she's
standing tall unscathed.
      (sits down in
       squating position)
You know you guys really suck, you
couldn't even lay a hand on me.
You guys are all sweating, huffing
and puffing. Oh and about me not
using my powers...I lied.
She places her hands on the ground and sends electrical
currents towards them and shocks them all knocking them out.


      (stands up)
Guess you guys lose.
The battle ends and Icon floats over to the rooftop.
      (lands on roof)
Very impressive. Not bad at all.
      (turns around)
(hispanic accent)And who would you
      (extends hand out)
I'm Icon.
      (extends hand out)
Icon? As in Icon and Meanstreak?
Yea that's me. I take it you've
heard of me?
Yea I've heard of you, the name's
Nice work I see you have control
over electricty and quite skilled
in hand to hand combat.
It's good to know there's another
hero here besides Streak and me.
I'm not staying here, I'm just
passing through.
      (hands her card)
Well in case you change your mind,
here's my card, stop by anytime.


      (takes card)
I told you I'm not..
      (starts to float
Just think about it.
Icon flys away leaaving Voltage on the roof top as she
watches him go. He flys through the city one last time
looking down at nearly empty streets and some night life of
people enjoying the night. As he cuts back around he pauses
a bit and takes in awe of New Haven at night.
Icon returns back to HQ after his chance meeting with
Voltage. He floats through the sliding glass door, takes off
his uniform and heads to his room to bed. Walking down the
hall he hears Streak snoring like he's eating a ham sandwich
and is grateful that he installed sound proof walls in his
room. He takes his mask off lays it on the table lays in bed
and looks at the ceiling.
                       IKON (VO)
      (laying in bed)
Hmmm....Voltage....shocking. Man
that was corny.
Ikon returns back to HQ after his chance meeting with
Voltage. He floats through the sliding glass door takes off
his coat and his costume and heads to bed.
                       IKON (VO)
      (laying down on
Hmmm Voltage....shcoking
                                         EXT. SCENE
Icon and Streak are awaken by alarms at 8am. we see them
stumble to their personal bathroom, brushing teeth and
taking showers. They both suit up and cross paths for 1st
Meanstreak heads to kitchen.


      (sits in recliner
       turns on TV)
Streak uses his speed and chops up onions, peppers, cheese,
tomatoes, ham and then scrambles eggs. All done in a blur.
We then see him frying and flipping the omelets.
Orange juice?
Orange juice.
In between flips he tosses 2 oranges and 2 glasses towards
Icon. He grabs them with ease, sits down the glasses, pokes
a hole in each and uses his strength to squeeze the juice
out of the orange into the glass. Streak walks over with the
onmelets and sits down in the other recliner watching TV and
prepares to eat.
How was the jewelry store thing
last night? Fairly easy?
Yea, pretty much, I didn't need to
do anything at all.
      (mouth full of
What do you mean?
I met someone new last night.
Cool what was they like?
She was pretty cool.
      (nearly chokes on


      (mouth full of
Yea and she was pretty hot.
      (sips OJ)
Hot? On a level of 1-10 how hot?
I'll say a 8.
An 8! Wow man she must be
Yea man, an 8 is like luke warm.
9-10 is hot.
You're a real piece of work you
know that?
Yea that's what the rumors say.
Their meal is interruptted by a ring from their comm link.
Icon picks it up.
Icon this is LT Johnson.
Wassup LT?
I take it you guys get Channel 5
Icon changes the channel to Channel 5 News with Jorja Fox.


Crowds have gathered around the scene taking pictures with
camera phones and asking questions to police officers who
have been instructed to give no comment. People are
terrified as to what is happening inside the bank.
                       JORJA FOX
This is Jorja Fox of Channel 5
News were I am at the scene of a
hostage situation at New Haven
Bank in downtown New Haven. I'll
try to get a word from LT Johnson
New Haven PD.
She walks and heads toward LT Johnson who is currently on
the comm link with Icon and Meanstreak.
      (talking in the
Yea if you guys are watching right
now get your butts here now.
(turns towards Jorja) NO COMMENT!!
Icon and Meanstreak stop eating in mid chew.
Man I love Channel 5 great news I
tell ya. Almost better thatn that
so called state of the art monitor
system we got.
      (gives menancing
C'mon smart ass let's go.
They both swallow their meals whole and finish drinking the
juice as the head out the door. Icon flies out of the
building down towards the street and Meanstreak is right
along side him running down the building.Once they hit the
street the both take a sharp right and head towards the
Crowds begin to cheer as the the two heroes appear off in
the distance heading towards the scene. Inside tension is
rising and things are starting to get heated as the
criminals realize that Icon and Meanstreak are here. They
both stop by LT..


What the deal LT?
Yea LT how bad is it inside?
Ok this is what we got guys. We
have about....
Off in the crowd Meanstreak hears a fan.
You rule two guys fucking rule!!!
      (stops LT in mid
Hold up LT gimme a sec. (turns
around) No you rule!!!
Icon and LT glare at Meanstreak..
      (turns around)
What? Just Public Relations man.
Can we please take care of one
bank hostage situation without you
hamming it up to the crowd? I mean
Sorry man I couldn't help it. You
know we gotta maintain an image.
I understand that but we
maintaining an image right now.


I swear to God you two are like my
fucking kids. I already got two I
don't need anymore...
I'm sorry, I still love you Mom..
      (laughs silently)
Like I was saying we have 25
hostages. 5 tellers, 1 manager,
and 18 civilians. We have 6 well
armed perps inside with the
standard AK-47s and 1 who has a
bomb attached to him suicide style
who has threaten to kill everyone
if we don't meet their demands.
So who are these guys?
Don't know. But we need to get
this resolved fast. The longer
this goes the worse it's going to
Yea no doubt
Any suggestions?
I could move fast enough to get
the guy with the bomb out of the
area and Big Guy over here can go
in and commence to kicking ass.
Too risky. They already probaly
know you are here and once they
see you they gonna detonate.
Yea we need to do this ninja
style, meaning we need to get the
lights off and a split second
afterwards I get the guy with the
bomb and Streak you take out the


                       IKON (cont'd)
others. More than likely when the
lights go out their attention will
be diverted from the hostages.
So why the role change?
In case he does try to detonate it
I can take the brunt of the blast.
Sounds like a plan to me but it'll
take hours for the light to go
      (walks up)
I think I can help with that.
They turn their heads as Voltage walks up out of seemingly
nowhere. Icon's eyes lighten up.
And just who are you?
Name's Voltage..
Yea ugly number 8...
I can vouch for her I met her last
night while on patrol stopping a
bank heist.
And just how can you help?
I can manipulate and generate
Which means you can shut down the
power long enough for us to kick
Yep and turn it back on in a


Good then get your asses in gear.
Are you sure about this?
So what if all hell breaks loose
and they start shooting?
Just get in the way of the bullet.
WHAT?! How many times I gotta tell
you I'm not indestrucable?
      (ignores Streak)
Can you handle that much
Yea in my sleep.
Great then let's get to work.
They start walking to their staging positions..
Jump in front of the bullet. If I
had my BULSHIT!! Card I would have
throwed it out with a vengenance.
V sneaks around back to the power box and prepares to drain
the electricity from the building. Icon and Streak wait for
the signal to rush in and take care of business.
You right she is kinda cute.
Too bad she has a long nose.


It's true man.
You're a fuckin asshole you know
that...looks like they ready.
That's what the rumors say.
In a flash the lights go out and they rush in before the
perps could react. Icon right crosses one in the jaw before
heading to the bomber. He grabs the bomber and flies out of
the bank and high into the sky. Meanwhile Streak dashes
around knckoing the guys out and throwing them into the safe
while also taking apart their weapons.
      (holding him by
       the vest)
Just who are you?
                       THUG 3
Put me down or I'll blow us up I
Here's a newsflash for you. You
are a thousand of miles above the
city where you won't harm anybody.
And even if you did blow it up do
you honestly think it would kill
After a few seconds, the hostages walk out with their arms
raised to the arms of police officers. A few seconds later
Streak walks out.
So where are the perps?
I locked them inside the safe.
They shoudl have air for a few


Voltage walks up.
You locked them in the safe?
Heck yes I did. Make 'em sweat a
lil before going to the big house.
Including the bomber?
Nope, Icon took him up there
(points to sky) in case the fool
decided to activate it.
They all look up to the sky and see a giant explosion. The
crowd screams and then it becomes quiet.
You don't think he's...
Naw he's fine. Worse things have
Soon Icon floats down to them. The crowd cheers as he lands
and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.
So what happened up there?
Guy started preaching something
and then detonated the bomb. The
bomb was pretty high tech
considering it totally
disentergrated him.
Well one less terroist to worry
about. Thanks guys. (turns around)
Alright I need to get those perps
out of that safe ASAP so we can
take they ass to jail.
LT walks off.
Well that was a job well done. I
feeling cocktails...


Mmm cocktails...care to join us V?
Uh, sure...
Icon and Streak take off back to HQ. After a few moments
Icon comes back.
Forget something?
Uh, yea...do you need a ride?
Gee, thanks...
He picks her up and heads back to HQ where Streak is
preparing cocktails.
And here we are. (sits her down)
Pretty nice
Bout time you guys got back. What
kind of cocktail you want?
I'll take strawberry banana if you
don't mind.
And you V?
Nothing for me thanks.
Why not?
Yea why not?
I don't make it a habit of having
alcohol after each misson. I can't
believe you guys.


Icon and Streak pause and look at each other then laugh
You honestly think we are drinking
alcoholic cocktails?
Yea seriously what kinda guys do
you think we are?
So it's non-alcholic? Oh guys I'm
sorry. You know when you say
cocktails you automatically tink
of the alcoholic kind.
Yea we're not billionaire playboys
who get drunk inbetween missions.
Yea sorry guys.
      (hides vodka)
Yea not a problem.
Yea it's ok. Let me show you
around a bit. While Streak gets
the non alcoholic cocktails ready.
Okay sure.
Ikon and Voltage walk down the halls of HQ and he shows her
several rooms.
This is the command room.
The command room is vast in size with some of the most high
end tech the Ikon has ever developed. Equipped with a giant
monitor and computer, radio communications for several
channels and frequencies.


What is this for?
It's mostly for catching events we
can help out with in the city. But
we mostly get our info from
Channel 5 News.
So it's practically useless.
Well not really...I mean we have
it in case the crap hits the fan
we can use it. Plus with the
resoultion it's great for playing
games on our down time.
They walk out of the room
As they walk down the hall, they begin to walk past the
bedrooms and training area.
This is my room, and this is
Steak's room.
And who are these rooms for?
No one. I always thought that one
day I would need some help
protecting this city and then
along came Meanstreak. So I
figured why not have some extra
rooms in case someone else wants
to join us.
So including someone like me I
Well I haven't offered yet but yea
it's on the table if you wanna
take it.
Well I'll think about it.
They continue down to the training room.


And this is the training/combat
room. It's been programmed with
over a million scenrios.
So you guys do practice.
      (zips in hands
       thme drinks)
Yep. 1 strawberry and 1 pineapple.
Thanks. So you guys practice a
Yea, 5-6 days a week. We can't
just wing it everytime we go out
and do our superheroing thing.
Someone might die out there.
Yea his dad taught him that.
Yea pops wasn't always that good
with his job. Matter of fact he
gave me the draw up for it.
Yea and we had it built in a few
All of this in a few days?
Yea it kinda helps that we both
have super speed.
So what do you think?
I'll still think about it.


Strong Girl is sitting in her chair rocking back and forth.
Still full of rage after what had transpired earlier between
herself and Ikon while they wer confronting Dr. X.
                       STRONG GIRL
That sonovabitch! Call me a stupid
white girl will he? I'll show him.
I'll do something that'll show how
much I love him. I'll show him.
Things are already in motion.
She turns on the TV as they show recaps of Ikon and
Meanstreak taking down Dr. X and being escorted and
transported in a high security vehicle. An eerie grin comes
across her face.
After the tour of HQ and some cocktails. Voltage prepares to
Before you leave take this.
He hands her a communicator.
What's this?
A comm. So in case we need you
again or vice versa we can reach
each other.
Cool. Thanks.
And since you seem to not have a
ride, here are the keys to this.
A room opens up and a motorcycle is revealed. Voltage's
newest transportation.
Why do I get this?
Yea why does she get this?


Cause neither one of us uses it.
So your point would be?
Look, I fly and you run really
fast. So I think it's a fair trade
She gets on the bike as the door opens.
Thanks a lot.
No prob, see you later.
While Icon and Meanstreak are confronting Menance at the
Davis Building, voltage makes her way in to confront Strong
Girl and put a halt to her plans
      (walking towards
One question punta, why?
                       STRONG GIRL
What do you mean why?
Why go through all of this?
                       STRONG GIRL
It's all of Icon's fault!
How the hell did you come to that
Start cirlcing eash other never losing eye contact.
You mean to tell me that you did
all of this shit because he put a
boot to your ass after you cheated
on him?


                       STRONG GIRL
He should have understood why and
given me a second chance!
Why?! You fucking dog him out for
helping save the world and then
you fuck some random guy for
                       STRONG GIRL
And who in the hell are you
supposed to be, the new whore in
his life?
Say whatever you want, but I'm
putting your crazy ass down.
                       STRONG GIRL
Well then I guess you are the new
one in his life. And just what do
you think you're going to do you
fucking spic....
In an instant Voltage powers up and dashes towards SG and
punches her which knocks her back into a wall.
                       DR. X
Who ever knew that an ex-lover
could be so evil. Never
underestimate a woman scorned they
always say.
Yea well, she's a pure Grade A
Yea, when they was handing out the
award for "Bitch of the Day", she
got a landslide victory.
                       DR. X
      (turns around and
       starts countdown
       on computer)
Well either way she's quite the
devious one I must say. Out of
all the schemes that I've tried
against you two, who would've
thought something so simple could


                       DR. X (cont'd)
be so effective.
Man don't you ever get tired of us
kicking your ass all the time?
MS dashes towards Menance in an attempt to catch him off
guard. Menance turns around and grabs him by the throat and
pulls him to his face.
                       DR. X
This time, the outcome will be
much different...
Not that much different that you
could've got a breath mint too.
Menance throws MS into Icon who catches him and cushions the
Something tells me this ain't
gonna be as easy as the last time.
Yea not only that, I take you've
noticed the timer behind him
that's counting down.
      (looks beyond
Yea, that can only mean one
Yea I know, can you handle him
till I get back?
Yea I'll be fine. Go.
      (dashes off)
Be back in a flash.
                       DR. X
I see your butt buddy has gone to
try and stop the big surprise.


You will be stopped Menance.
                       DR. X
I seriously doubt that you and
your fellow do gooders can. You
see with this body I've created,
I'm the ultimate combination of
brains and brawn. And do you
really think Meanstreak will find
the bomb in time?
We'll find a way, we always do.
Icon runs into the Menance and begins the battle for the
fate of the city.
Streak is racing through the streets frantically looking for
the bomb that was just set off.
DAMMIT!!! There has to be an
easier way than this. I've just
covered the West side and haven't
found a damn thing. (VO) C'mon,
think there has to be a way to
detect this thing...I mean what is
one thing that seperates a
remotely detonated bomb from
anything else.......
His eyes widen and he dashes off.
                       STRONG GIRL
      (kicking off
That was a lucky shot bitch. But
you won't stop me. Once the bomb
goes off no one will have him.
SG picks up a piece of rubble and throws it towards Voltage.
She uses her power punching the debris and shattering it. As
it shatters, SG's fist comes through the shattered pieces as
they fall and knocks Voltage on her ass, sending her flying


into a wall and bouncing off like a ragdoll. She lands face
first in the floor, comes to one knee and spits out blood.
      (saying to herself)
That fucking hurt. She almost
knocked a tooth out.
                       STRONG GIRL
What's the matter bitch did I make
you cry?
Without saying a word to her, she places her hand on the
ground and sends an electrical current towards SG. The shock
is enough to drop her to her knees. V runs towards her and
throws a left & right hook, and uppercut and finished it
with a spinning kick charged with her power. SG punches V in
the stomach and throws an uppercut which knocks V back
several feet. SG stands up and throws a right punch which V
ducks under and counters with more charged up blows. SG is
reeling after the blows and attempts to take out V with her
punches. V dodges all of her punches and begins to run
towards the wall. SG runs after her as V catapults herself
off of the wall doing a backflip over SG. As SG runs into
the wall V does an electric shock kick to the back of her
neck. SG smashes into the wall and falls .
                       STRONG GIRL
      (lying on back)
You shouldn't have been able to do
      (standing over SG)
Here's a news flash for you. Just
because you're tough doesn't mean
that your body isn't affected by
electrical charges. But because
you're a "special" it took a
little longer for the charges to
affect you enough for you to
finally fall. And since I directed
by attack at the base of your
neck, you've become paralyzed for
a short time. And now I'm going to
make sure that you won't fuck with
this city for a long time. (she
straddles her and places her hands
on her head, one hand covering
each temple.)


                       STRONG GIRL
And what do you plan on doing you
know that heroes don't kill.
I never claimed to being a hero...
A bright light flashes and Strong Girl screams.
Streak is close to the building where Voltage and Strong
Girl had their battle. He goes in and hears screaming....He
turns the corner and catches a glimpse of Voltage standing
over Strong Girl.
What the hell are you doing? Are
you trying to kill her?
      (stands up)
Stop panicking, I'm not killing
Then what did you do to her?
I disrupted the electrical
impluses in her brain causing her
to pass out. She'll be out for a
while. How's Icon?
      (opens comm)
Taking on Dr. X at the Davis
So why are you here?
Dr. X set off a bomb with a remote
timer in the city. I need you to
try and detect the low frequency
waves so that I can disarm it.
Alright lets go.....


They head outside. V mounts her bike, revs up the engine and
takes off already picking up a faint signal. Streak pumps up
his shoes and takes off behind her.
Icon is knocked back by a punch that wedges him into the
wall. Dr. X runs up and punches him repeatedly....
                       DR. X
      (while punching)
Do you honestly think that you can
beat me?
The punches land like jackhammers weakening the wall with
each strike.
                       DR. X
      (grabs Icon by
       throat and holds
       him up)
You and your super friends will
die by my hands today and this
city will be mine!
      (looks at Dr. X)
I don't think so....
Icon grabs Dr. X's hand and makes him release the choke. He
hangs onto his arm and flips him onto the floor, leaps in
the air and slams down feet first into to Dr. X's chest
pushing them through the floor.
Streak and V are racing through the streets following the
freq that gets stronger and stronger. She takes one last
turn and it's into New Haven Park by the statue of Icon's
There it is. Jeez this guy really
has a hard on for this guys dad.
So can you disarm this thing?
Are you kidding?! If I even try to
use my powers on this thing it
could set it off.


Oh yea...Well time for plan B...go
help Icon I got this.
What are you.....
Before she can finish her sentence Streak grabs the bomb and
jets off with about 5 min to spare.
As they hit the ground, Icon mounts X and gives him the ol
ground and pound hitting him with as much force as possible.
During the assault X grabs Icon by his coat and tosses him
into a wall. He gets up shoulder tackles him forcing the
fight to carry into the street and the people walking the
street scatter and run away screaming. Icon is on the ground
trying to recover when X grabs two parked cars and smashes
them together with Icon in the middle resulting in a large
explosion, and Icon collapses. When the smoke clears Icon's
laying face 1st in the concrete.
                       DR. X
      (turns around &
       starts to walk
       away with a smile
       on his face)
So much for New Haven's Protector.
Icon begins to move and rises to his feet.
      (removes tattered
Is that all you got you pussy.
                       DR. X
      (turns back around)
Icon uses his speed and dashes towards him with a straight
punch which makes X dart through the air. He dashes past him
and appears in his direct path. He does a standing drop kick
and and knock him back the other way. Icon lands in a
crouching position and does a back flip and lands in his
path again. He throws an uppercut that catapults him into
the air, dashes up above him and hits him with a double
hammer fist punch slamming X into the ground which causes a
small crater.


      (floating in air)
                       DR. X
      (coming to his
You'll have to do better than
      (landing on ground
       outisde of crater)
Trust me, I plan to. This ends
                       DR. X
      (standing up)
Not by your hands it won't.
Maybe not by my hands...but maybe
by her's and mine.
Icon dashes back as V is riding her bike and jumps off a
piece of debris towards X's back. She mounts off the bike
and does a back flip. X turns around as the bike hits him
and she blasts the bike causing an explosion and lands on
the ground.
Streak is racing with minimal time left. He is well out of
the city, stops, spins like a top and hurls the bomb towards
the sky. The bomb hurls into Earth's lowest atmosphere and
Whew! Glad that's over....man I
could really use a cheeseburger.
He dashes off
Icon lands next to V as the smoke clears.
Where's Streak?
Taking care of the bomb


They look towards the sky as they hear an explosion.
Well he should be here in a
The smoke clears and X is standing back up virtually
                       DR. X
You'll have to do better than
Get ready he's coming.
X runs towrds them with the ferocity of a bull throwing a
punch towards them. Icon uses his speed and avoids the punch
while V leaps behind him firing a blast of electricty at
him. Icon dashes back in with a punch and catapults him into
a nearby building.
The smoke clears with a piece of debris being tossed through
it hitting Icon and smashing him into a building. He then
grabs another piece and throws it toward V while running at
her. She dodges it gracefully but he catches her and tosses
her through a department store window.
                       DR. X
      (walking over
       towards her)
You fucking bitch I'm getting rid
of you first.
As X gets closer to her he gets smacked by the debris he
threw at Icon. Icon flies towards him and knocks him off his
feet. He lands and checks on V who's bruised but not beaten.
X comes back and sucker punches Icon and pounds him in the
ground. He grabs a nearby pole and prepares to give a
crushing blow.
                       DR. X
      (raises pole above
       his head)
This time you won't escape,
As the pole comes down it disappears in the blink of an eye.
                       DR. X
      (looking at hands)


A streak heads towards him at high speed and smack X with
the pole and sends him flying shattering the pole.
      (leans over Icon
       with hand
I never knew I could do that...you
      (reaches for hand
       and is helped up)
Yea, what the hell kept you?
Had to stop and get a couple of
Icon gives him the evil eye.
Hey I can't help it if I got a
high metabolism. Where's V?
      (slightly limping)
I'm right here.
You ok?
I'll live. Wow Streak I never knew
you had that much power.
What can I say speed kills.
And it brought us some time. Looks
like he's headed towards the
fields. C'mon we'll talk as we go.
V hops on his back.
By the way how did you stop Strong
I put her in a coma.


Damn...that's some fucked up shit.
They fly as Streak races along side.
So how do we stop this guy?
Dunno his body his body is
extremely durable and he's one of
the smartest guys we've ever
How did you beat him before?
Well before he was just a mild
mannered scientist with dreams of
global domination, so it was
pretty easy. How he got this way
doesn't make sense.
I remember something like this
happeneing before.
I remember he was in competion
with my father trying to make the
same exact formula that I did. His
tests were all failures. They
started out good but over a time
span they turned into raging
Then what happened?
They eventually turned back to
normal, the formula went through
their system and basically burned
out from all the rage.


So what you're saying is that he's
going to become a raging beast and
we have to wait till the formula
burns through his system?
Not exactly we can speed up the
process by making him exert a lot
of energy...by fighting him.
You mean what we've been doing?
Click the light bulb just went on.
Hey Streak I forgot to tell you
And what would that be?
Go fuck your mother ok.
Off in the distance X lands and slides across the field. He
gets up and heads back toward the city. A news chopper is
flying overhead filming the event and it's our favorite news
reporter Jorja Fox.
                       JORJA FOX
This is Jorja Fox from Channel 5
News. We'v gotten various reports
from several eyewitnesses that New
Haven's protectors, Icon &
Meanstreak along with an unnamed
female hero have been fighting the
recently broken out blue beast
that appeared from Dr. X's secret
lab a few weeks ago. The fight has
escalated from the city and
apparently he was knocked out of
the city by them into the field 3
miles away. It is unknown at this
time who this menance is and where
it came from. We will be your eye
in the sky for further
developments as they happen.


      (comm goes off)
      (comm goes off)
What the hell is goin on guys?!
Our phones are ringing off the
hook about 4 Supers duking it out
in downtown New Haven!
Yea? That's wierd we don't know
what you're talking about.
Don't fuck with me Streak! Today
is not the day, right now is not
the motherfucking time!
It's Dr. X.
That's not possible. The thing
that they described you were
fighting was the same big blue
beast that tore up the city days
ago. How is that Dr. X?
It's long story I'll explain
later. Right now we've gotten him
out of the city to try and
minimize damage. Take care of the
civilians. This guy's pretty
dangerous so make sure no one
follows us out here.
I'll send additional units to your
location. Where are you?
I knocked him out about 2 miles
out of the city towards the camp


You knocked him out of the city?
Yea.....I was surprised too.
Good luck you guys.
They both turn off their comm links
So how long do we have to fight
this guy for the serum to burn
He doesn't know.
Yea I don't know I guess we just
gotta hope an pray that it doesn't
take long.
Yea hopefully V your powers can
speed up the process.
I'll hit him with everything I
Alright, I'll take V in low and
she gives the inital strike and
make sure you aim for his eyes, it
give us an advantage if he's
blinded. Streak after he's hit you
and me will hit em hard and fast.
Goody just how I like it.
Okay. And guys, if we don't make
it out of this it's been pleasure
working with you.


Don't get all dramatic on me man.
After we're done with this fool,
we having us a BBQ.
Dr. X is heading toward the city and off in the distance
sees the three heroes heading towards him. A smile forms
across his face and his eye twitches as he stops and readies
himself for the assault that is to come.
                       JORJA FOX
This is Jorja Fox of Channel 5
News with the update the city has
been waiting for. This menance
that has been terrorizing the city
has finally gotten up and is
heading towards the city....wait a
minute....they have shown up. It's
New Haven's protectors, Icon and
Meanstreak along with the unknown
hero that I earlier mentioned.
They have stopped in front of the
beast and it seems they are
preparing to assault and hopefully
stop this monster for good. Don't
touch your channel folks the fate
of this city is now being decided
and Channel 5 has it first.
The team comes to a halt as Icon lowers down to the ground,
interlocks hands with Voltage and spins in a circular motion
at a high speed. He lets her go and throws her head first
towards Dr. X.
Man I hope this really works.
Voltage builds up an enormous amount of electricty and aims
it at X. The blast staggers him. The blast slows her enough
for her to land on her feet .
Streak, now!!
Streak dashes in running past Voltage and pounds on X's body
at 300 hits per second. The assault staggers X again.


It's game time....
Icon flies in and grabs V. He stops short of X and Streak
and tosses her into the air. Streak and Icon continue to
attack X with everything they got, fast precise punches and
hard thunderous punches.
Meanwhile V heads back down towards them and while falling
creates a large sphere of electrical energy. X falls to one
knee as the assault is finally taking it's toll.
You got about 5 seconds Streak.
Plenty of time..
Icon dashes up towards V. Streak continues his assault and
continues to keep X down. V pushes the sphere with one big
push and it heads downward. Icon grabs her.
This may actually work.
Yea well I hope so.
Streak stops his flurry and X takes a swing at him but
misses. A huge shadow forms over X and he looks up.
                       DR. X

Streak runs away as X tries to catch the sphere and control
it with his brute strength. X is ultimately consumed by the
energy and a reaction ensues causing an explosion.
Holy shit I wasn't expecting that.
Icon and V float down and land next to Streak.


Well he's gotta be dead. I mean if
I would have gotten hit with that
I'd be dead.
The smoke clears and X lays on the ground motionless. After
a few seconds, his fingers twitch and he starts to slowly
That's impossible...
He's weak, attack!!!
The team heads toward X. Icon picks up V and sits her on his
shoulders and flies forward. She begins to fire blast upon
blast directly at his face in hopes to blind him. X staggers
back, Streak goes behind him and chok block one os his knees
causing it to buckle and he drops to one knee again. V leaps
off of Icon's shoulders and he goes in and pounds on him
with force repeatedly. He hits him with a final left and
right, grabs his head and knees him in the face with
authority knocking him of his feet and on his back. Streak
mounts him and hits him hard and fast again. The battle
appears to be almost won.
Take this and this you
blue-skinned motherfu...
Before he can finish his sentence, X grabs him by the
throat, choking him and begins to rise to his feet. He
stares coldly at Icon and V.
                       DR. X
      (raspy voice)
Have you looked in the mirror
lately bud?
X begins to squeeze tighter...
                       DR. X


Let him go!!
X squeezes even tighter
      (raspy voice)
Just kick his ass already...
Can't do that just yet man.
Remember what she showed us in the
tower? Do that repeatedly as fast
as you can.
      (raspy voice)
Oh yea..
Streak grabs his arm and knees it repeatedly. X in pain
throws him away like a rag doll. Icon rushes in and does a
flying drop kick in X's chest sending him flying into the
forest and he cracks the big tree.
Streak controls himself in the air and creates mini
whirlwinds with his arms and floats down to the ground where
he collapses on his knees. Icon and V rush over to check on
      (helping him up)
You ok man?
Yea I'll be fine. Who knew that
judo karate stuff worked. So tell
me man what's wrong with him?
What do you mean?
He's not gloating as much now.
It's more of GRRRRR, AAARRGH,
He's in the final stages of the
serum, he turning more into a
raging beast than the perfect
balance of brains and brawn.


So how much time did we shave off
of the serum burning through his
About a couple of weeks.
And it's all thanks to you Sparky.
Your powers helped us more than
you know.
Yea thing is we need the same
thing but with more power.
Think you can do it?
Yea but I need some time cause I
need to concentrate.
Is 5 minutes enough?
Ok me and Streak will hold him
off. Give us a signal when you're
You got it.
She begins to concentrate and build an enormous charge as
Icon and Meanstreak head towards the forest.
So are you ready for this?
Always man. It's time for the
SuperDuo to kick ass and take
names once again.
Or we could get our butts kicked
and die.


Always see the glass half empty
Wouldn't be me if I didn't.


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