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Crescent Bay
by Kyle Baer (Agent_01_734@msn.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

Four friends are about to discover that some stories are true, and that some legends never die.

The Legend of Crescent Bay copyright Kyle Baer. 2005. Registered WGAE Feb. 1, 2005


There is a silence over the snow covered woods as a thick
fog hovers over the ground. As we move through trees and
marsh, a faint SCREAM can be heard in the distance.
The dead SILENCE is broken as something or someone makes
it's way towards us.
A girl with the look of the dead appears.
Frantically BREATHING, the girl draws closer.
Through the thick fog she appears. Behind her, a man hooded
in black.
Close in on the man in black. Gripped tightly by his side
is an axe.
The girl becomes dizzy, nearly stumbles to the ground.
Regaining her balance the girl picks up speed.
The girl looks back, the hooded man nowhere in sight.
Spotting a large weeping tree the girl dives beneath it.
Nervously the girl peeks around the left of the
tree.......then the right.
SNAP! She dodges into a sprint as an ax flies into the tree
nearly missing her head.
CRACK! The hooded man yanks the ax from the tree.
Now in a full sprint, the girl ducks as she approaches
dangerously low branches.
Glancing back, the girl finds her stalker just a few feet
Wack! THUD! Another low branch sends the girl flat to the
                                         CUT TO:
(Girl's p.o.v.) The hooded man raises the ax above his


PLINK! Deep red blood SPLATTERS onto the fresh white snow.
The hooded man disappears into a thick fog.
We pull back to find....
A lonely, decrepit hole of a shack sits hidden beneath the
overbearing trees.
The hooded man approaches the door.
CLICK! The hooded man turns to find the barrel of a gun
staring back.
The sound of the shot fades away. Fade to black.
Softly over the silence we hear a voice
That was the last hunt of Tom
Silence again as all we can see is darkness. Then a fire
erupts causing the four around the campfire to jump. As the
flame lowers we can see Sean.
Camera pans to show the others around the campfire. They are
all annoyed for jumping from the fire. Embarrassed, they
begin to mock Sean, angry with the story.
Focusing on Alex.
      (to Sean)
That's the best you could come up
with? A guy that kills people who
walks past his house with an ax?


                       ALEX (cont'd)
      (interrupting Alex)
That's not why he kills them....
      (not trying to
       hear it)
Please my sister can tell a better
story and she's only six.
Sean shakes his head at Alex's mockery. Pan to Connor, he
smiles than looks up at Sean.
Yeah, that was pretty damn lame.
Even Tj's story about the hand
coming out of the bathtub is
better than the shit you just made
Alex and Tj start laughing. A big grin appears on Connor's
      (To Connor)
Whatever, if you think you can
come up with something better then
let's hear it.
You know what? I'm not going to
make up a story...... I'll tell
you a real one. A story my father
told me, a story that, according
to legend took place here, in the
bay, over a hundred years ago.
Sean and Alex look at Connor with skeptical expressions.
Let me guess, it was a night just
like this one and four campers
were attacked by a guy with a
Sean and Tj laugh at Alex's snide remark.


Very funny smart ass, now can I
Alex laughs nodding his head giving Connor the okay.
This bay is the site where the
legend took place, "The Legend of
Crescent Bay".
Wait, dad never told me any
"Legend of Crescent Bay". I've
heard all his stories!
      (quick with a
Dad never told you this one
because he knows you'll have
nightmares! And, he doesn't want
you sleeping in his bed.
I don't sleep in Dad's bed!
I hope not you'r 15! I'm surprised
you'r even potty trained the way
you act sometimes
Sean and Alex start laughing.
Grow up
As I was saying,
Connor looks at each of them making sure none of them intend
to interrupt him again, then continues.
According to the legend, over a
hundred years ago, when this area
was mostly water and forest, a
couple moved to Crescent Bay to
start a family. Their arrival was
only the beginning of strange,
unexplainable events that would
change Crescent Bay, and the


                       CONNOR (cont'd)
people that lived there forever.
As Connor pauses, the sounds of the fire grow louder.
Samuel Hackett and his wife
Isabelle moved to Crescent bay to
start their family....
FALL - 1894
Zoom into the fire which fades to a glare on the water. We
are now in the legend itself.
                       CONNOR (V.O.)
Sam brought Isabelle here to
escape the city which was growing
increasingly crowded. They just
wanted to live in peace and quiet,
what they got was anything but.
Connor's Voice can no longer be heard and we witness the
story as if is happening at this moment.
Pan to Sam walking over to Isabelle who is painting a
landscape of the bay. Sam is carrying wood as he bends over
to kiss Isabelle.
How's it coming?
It's almost finished
Sam walks away towards the house.
What are you up to?


You'll see when I'm done.
Sam walks out of view, Isabelle smiles and continues
Cut to: Sam hammering at something on a makeshift table
alongside the house.
Sam continues to work into the evening until he finishes
just in time for dinner. He gets up and heads into the
Sam walks over to Isabelle who is stirring something in a
pot. She doesn't notice him come in.
      (Leaning over
Smells good
Isabelle jumps in fright
Sam you scared me.
Didn't mean to. So what are we
Sam walks over to the table.
I made your favorite
      (smiles, looks at
Cabbage stew?


What's the occasion?
Since we're heading into town
tomorrow I thought we would have a
nice meal.
Maybe this time we can get an
early start?
Sam nods his head
I will make sure you are up early,
I want to get to the market AND
back before dark.
Sam looks into the other room.
The stew will be ready in a while.
Call me when it's ready
Sam disappears into the other room.
Sam walks over to an object resting on the floor proped
against the wall.
Sam squats down to the object (Isabelle's painting)
Picks it up and walks outside.
Isabelle sets a pair of bowls and forks onto the table
      (Calling out loud)
Sam! Dinner!
Isabelle begins to pour the stew into the bowls


Sam walks into the kitchen
Eat up before it gets cold, we
have a long day ahead of us
tommorrow so I want you rested
Isabelle sits down and joins Sam in eating
Fade: Dissolve to Sam and Isabelle cleaning up the table.
Isabelle begins to clean the bowls
Sam cups his hands around Isabelle's eyes
What are you doing?
      (Leading Isabelle
       into the living
I have something to show you
Sam walks Isabelle into the room, his hands still over her
As they reach the middle of the room he stops, then takes
his hands away
Now it's finished
Oh Sam
Isabelle gets up close to her painting hanging on the wall
in it's new frame
She smiles as she reaches up touching the frame
      (turning to Sam)
I love it!
Isabelle squeezes Sam tightly
Now we're home


Move into painting
Dissolve into:
The bay is quiet and pristine in the waning hours before
Pan around to the woods surrounding Sam and Isabelle's home
The ealry morning winds blow the fading leaves to the burnt
ground below
Cut to:
Pan around the dark room to Isabelle asleep in bed
(O.S.) A crackling fire sparks, waking Isabelle
Looking next to her, Sam's gone
Isabelle sits up
                       SAM (O.S.)
Thought you wanted to get an early
Isabelle turns her head
Sam is crouched, stoking the fire
He stands
So, are you gonna get dressed?
Isabelle smiles
Sam and Isabelle begin their journey into town.
Sam and Isabelle journey through multiple woods,


Walk along fields of high grass,
Then finally make their way to a long dirt path which leads
directly to the town
Sam and Isabelle near the town entrance
Almost there
      (out of breath)
We have to stop and rest once we
get there
Yes, we must
Are you feeling alright?
Yes, yes I'm fine, a little
exhausted is all
Sam and Isabelle pass a small unkempt graveyard just outside
the entrance of the town. We only catch a glimpse of it
Cut to:
Sign outside of town
Super- Welcome to Crescent Bay

Population 34
(the number 34 is scratched out)
(36 is carved next to it)
Pull back from sign to show the town
At the opposite end of the entrance to the town Sam and
Isabelle enter


On both sides of the dirt path are street vendors and
merchants buying and haggling
As Sam and Isabelle continue along we can see the variety of
items the vendors are peddling, fruits, food, pots etc.
Sam greets one of the vendors at a bread stand
      (waving, smiling)
Good Afternoon Percy!
Percy grins then quickly looks away, his smile escapes him
Glad to see he's cheery today
Why don't we stop and rest a now?
Sam points to a stand containing various glasses and mugs
filled with liquids
                       SAM (cont'd)
We'll both feel better once we do
If that works maybe you should
offer Percy some, he seems to be a
little grumpier than usual
It'll take more than that to make
Percy happy
Cut to: Sam and Isabelle sitting on a makeshift bench
drinking out of tall ceramic glasses
Fade to Sam and Isabelle walking to a fruit stand
I'll meet you at Ruth's, there's
something I need to do
Where are you going?
I'll be back, I have to talk to
Viktor for a moment


Wait about what, why?
Don't worry about it, I'll meet
you at Ruth's
Isabelle uneasily nods her head, then turns and walks to the
next vendor
Close in on Viktor's stand at the far end of the market
Sam approaches the table
                       GEMMA (O.S.)
Sam! Sam wait!
Sam stops, turns his head slightly
      (under his breath)
just wonderful
      (with a fake smile)
Hi Gemma
Gemma runs up to Sam
Both look at each other, then look around feeling awkward
Sooo, how are you doing?
Great! So where's Isabelle? Or are
you by yourself?
No no! Isabelle's here, I just
needed to pick up something for
      (looking down)
Right, of course
you know if


                       VIKTOR (O.S.)
Is there something I can do for
you Sam? Or is there something
else that's caught you'r interest?
Sam blushes, becoming angry
Father we were....
Surely Mr. Hackett isn't bothering
you is he? Oh He knows better than
No! Sam's....I.....we were just
Mr. Hackett if you even think
about messin around with my
beloved Gemma, my pride and....
Now just you wait...
Isabelle would just be devastated
if you even thought about......
You know damn well I would never
do anything to hurt Isabelle
      (regaining his
Gemma is a very, strong, decent,
young woman that I'm sure would
one day......
Gemma turns red
                       SAM (con't)
Look I'm just here to pick up the
items I sent for
Uh I must get back, I have plenty
of work to tend to
Gemma begins walking away


      (turning towards
It was nice seeing you again Sam
Gemma turns back around and continues across the market
Viktor drops a roll of white canvas onto the table
Sam begins to look the canvas over
      (leaning on the
Fifthteen dollars
That's not what we agreed on
Viktor looks over his shoulder,
A large man emerges, stopping alongside Viktor
Is there a problem?
No, there's no problem at all.....
is there Sam?
      (to Sam)
Sam looks at Herman, then proceeds to give Viktor the money
Viktor takes Sam's money
Sam pulls out a sack, places the canvas inside
      (slinging the sack
       over his shoulder)
Good'day Viktor, Herman
Sam walks off-screen,
Viktor turns, bumps into Herman giving him a dirty look,
then walks off-screen
At Ruth's stand Isabelle is placing fruit in her basket


Isabelle hands Ruth a few dollars then covers the basket
with a blanket for the return trip
                       SAM (O.S.)
How are you Mrs. Ruth?
Ruth turns to see who is greeting her
Oh hi Sam, doin just fine, I'm
feelin better
Isabelle turns around as she hears Sam
There you are
Feeling better? Were you sick Mrs.
I had a bad spell days ago, they
said I was out for some time. I'm
not really sure what was wrong, or
how it happened but it went away.
strange really
Surprised, Sam and Isabelle exchange glances
When did this happen?
Ruth pauses, puts down the apple she was cleaning
Looks at both of them, then picks the apple back up
I think, it was around the time
you and Sam were last here, a day
or so later
Ruth puts the apple down, takes another from the pile and
begins cleaning it
Sam and Isabelle exchange confused glances
Is there anything else we need
before we return?


I have everything, are you....
I'm fine, we should get back,
      (looking up at the
there's a storm coming
Sam and Isabelle begin walking out
      (looking back to
You be safe Mrs. Ruth
Ruth does not respond, only watches as the two disappear
into the outskirts of the town
Dissolve to an aerial view of the dirt road which Sam and
Isabelle are walking and the woods into which they enter.
Cut to:
Back at the house it is dusk
Pan from the bay over to the back of the house, then slowly
around the side to the window, a candle can be seen resting
on the table as we enter through the window
Inside a lone candle flickers lighting half of the room, the
other in darkness
Isabelle enters setting down her basket onto the table,
exhausted she sits down
In walks Sam, he hangs his sack onto the back of the chair
and sits net to Isabelle, he too is beat
What's wrong? You seem upset about
Do you think the people in town
were acting stranger than usual?


You think they were acting
Everyone seemed a little...on edge
Percy's always snotty
Not just Percy, Mrs. Ruth was
different too, it was as if she
was accusing us, well...I know it
sounds absurd but...
You don't really believe that she
got sick because of us do you?
No, I mean how could we
Look ever since we moved here the
people in town have made it clear
that they don't want us here, that
we don't belong here
Mrs. Ruth was always nice to us
There's many things out there that
could have made her sick, maybe
some of her fruit was rotten
      (grabs her hand)
it's been a long day and were both
Sam reaches around and grabs the sack from the back of the
chair, and puts it in front of Isabelle
What's this?
I got you something in town
      (waits for
       Isabelle to open
go ahead, take it out


Isabelle opens the bag and pulls out the canvas
      (smiling, looking
       at Sam)
You didn't
Sam just smiles, Isabelle leans over and hugs him
So this is what you had to do
Yes. I had Viktor send someone to
the city to get it
Isabelle lets go of Sam
It's alright
But you know he
I know, he's just waiting for a
reason to drive us out of the bay,
but I also know how Viktor is if
there is money involved
Isabelle picks up the canvas, opens it up and sets it on the
Just promise me...
I won't, OK? I just wanted to get
you this, that was the only way I
Isabelle nods
Come on now it's getting late,
it's been a long day and I don't
know about you but I can barely
keep my eyes open


Isabelle pushes in her chair and heads into the bedroom, Sam
The sun is high as the camera comes around to Isabelle who
is back painting on her new canvas.
                       SAM (O.S.)
      (calling loudly)
      (calling loudly)
Over here
Sam emerges from around the side of the house.
Back to work already I see
so what is it this time?
I haven't decided yet, I'm having
a little artist's block, maybe you
could be my muse?
You want me to be your subject?
Isabelle puts on an innocent puppy dog face
                       SAM (Con't)
Alright, but only if you can
answer one question
Isabelle pauses, looks up as if to think about it
Ask away.
Do you remeber where I put my ax?
Is this a trick question?
No I can't remember where I left
it, I was gonna start on that pier
I've been planning to build but I


                       SAM (cont'd)
can't remember where I left the
damn ax
You never pulled it out of the
Sam smiles as it hits him
What would I do without you?
Wait I answered your question now
you have to hold up your end of
the bargain
Sam begins tugging at the ax lodged in the side of the tree.
Calm down, I will. I just want to
cut up some of the tree we passed
yesterday for the pier
What am I supposed to do until you
come back?
Sam, still struggling with the ax puts one foot on the tree
to help steady himself in hopes of pulling the ax out.
Do whatever you artists do
Sam gives a hard tug and the ax flies back knocking him off
balance and onto the grass. Isabelle giggles, then with an
innocent face begins mixing colors.
Sam leaning the ax against the back of the house. Sam walks
over to Isabelle who has just about finished painting the
sky onto the canvas.
About time
So where do you want me to stand?


In front of the bay, I'll tell you
when to stop
Sam heads over towards the water.
Stop. Ok now turn around... there.
No wait, a little to the
You sure?
Now that you mention it if you
could just take several steps
Funny very funny, now how do you
want me to stand?
Isabelle gets up and walks over to position Sam
      (moving his arms)
Put your arms up like this.
      (wipes sweat from
       his head)
you seem to be a little hot.
It's kind of warm today
      (with a devious
then maybe you need to cool off
Sure I...
Before Sam can finish Isabelle pushes him into the water.
Sam gets up out of the water, a smile grows on Sam's face
and Isabelle begins to run away. Sam catches her and carry's
her into the water.


Viktor stands talking to one of the townspeople. Pacing
nervously around alongside the stand is Herman. He appears
cautious, out of it. The opposite of when we first met him.
Viktor, Herman and the towns-person turn their attention to
something off-screen. A man walks towards the stand into
view, it is Edgar, the town doctor.
Edgar walks up to Herman stopping just in front of him.
Edgar begins talking to him, the others give full attention.
Although we cannot hear what Edgar has to say, it is
obviously not good news. Viktor hangs his head. The others
stand shocked in disbelief
Edgar turns and walks back in the direction from which he
Sam and Isabelle are lying on the grass staring up at the
night sky. Both are laughing.
I could never get enough of this
place when I was younger. Father
would bring us to the Crescent
every so often, when the money
allowed it. He told us many
stories, some true, mostly just
old myths used to scare us from
wandering off.
Sam pauses as he stares out into the bay, there is a
sentimental expression on his face.
                       SAM (cont'd)
His favorite stories were about
the indians. Even until the day he
died he believed this place was
Cursed? How so?
It's silly you don't want to....
Promise I won't get scared


      (slight chuckle)
Some hunters got lost one day in
the woods just outside the bay.
One by one they began to fall ill
and die. The last hunter was said
to have put a curse on the woods.
                       SAM (cont'd)
For days he searched for a way out
of the woods. Marking his path on
the trees as he slowly crazed. It
was as if the bay was calling him,
the hunter never found the bay. As
the story has it, there is a
presence that can be felt in the
woods and the bay, taking hold of
it's victims, unforgiving,
consuming. Those who do not die
from it, become apart of it.
You wouldn't let anything harm us
Of course not. Besides it's just a
myth. One of my father's favorites
Sam pauses and stares out into the bay as the waves crash.
There's just something about this
place. Something peaceful,
Well I couldn't dream of living
anywhere else. It's perfect.
Like you
Isabelle smiles at Sam who stares into her eyes.
I love you.
Sam leans over Isabelle, just as they begin kissing a heavy
rain comes pouring down


      (pulling Isabelle
       by the arm)
Come on lets get inside.
      (getting up)
A little rain never hurt nobody.
A loud sound of thunder booms nearby and the crack of
lightning follows.
No but that has
Sam and Isabelle make it to the back door.
Wait my painting!
Isabelle grabs her painting off of the stand and runs back
to the house, Sam opens the door, once Isabelle is inside he
enters slamming the door behind him.
Just getting out of bed Sam walks by the window where
Isabelle is hanging close out on the line.
Sam walks bends over to pick his shirt off the floor then
puts it on.
He looks up again, Isabelle isn't there.
      (running out of
       the house)
Sam runs out of the back door around the side to see
Isabelle lying on the grass shaking furiously as if having
an attack of some sort.
      (dropping to her


Sam picks her up into his arms trying to calm her down
rocking back and forth.
Sam bursts through the door with Isabelle in his arms.
Reaching the bed he sets her down.
Isabelle has stopped shaking but is in a comma like state
not talking or moving.
A few hours have passed...
Don't worry, I'm gonna get help.
Sam walks out the door locking it behind him.
Sam staggers quickly down the dirt road leading into town.
He grows dizzy and weary.
As Sam nears the entrance to the town, everything around him
appears to spin.
Feeling that he's about to fall over, Sam stops. Slowly,
everything comes back into focus. Breathing heavy, Sam pans
around. Something ahead catches his attention.
Confused by what he sees, Sam diverts from the dirt road
Sam's pace slows to a stuttered step as he edges closer
towards the town.
A feeling of dread washes over Sam as he freezes
Would you like to give a few words
We find that Sam is at the graveyard at the edge of the
town. Some of the townspeople are gathered around an open
Those gathered look up at Sam, both nervous, uneasy and


Sam stands there, he appears as if he is in another world.
      (losing patience)
I...I need a doctor
The priest stares at Sam confused. The townspeople look at
each other with confusion, fear and suspicion.
Sam struggles to speak.
Isabelle, she's sick...she needs a
Some of the townspeople back away. Ruth stares at Sam with
      (as if she was
       proven right)
Now Isabelle
Please she needs help
Gemma, concerned, bends to one of the townspeople. After
whispering something to them they run off into the town.
Why are you doing this? Have you
no respect for the deceased? For
Sam remains in another world, only looking at Ruth with a
blank expression.
                       RUTH (cont'd)
Herman's brother has died, and you
come here and disturb....
How dare you Mrs. Ruth! Sam did
not know of Duke's passing!
Mrs. Ruth! Please this is not the
time nor the place...


      (interrupting the
You've caused enough problems for
us all
Ruth continues as Sam pleads for help, the other townspeople
gossip amongst themselves.
Headed towards the graveyard is the towns person as well as
a man. With the group in sight they hurry.
I didn't know....I mean no
disrespect Herman, Isabelle...
Herman nods his head then looks at the ground.
Viktor signals to Percy who grabs Ruth and tries to take her
away from the cemetery.
The towns person that left for the town runs over to Gemma.
Gemma runs over to the man.
      (to SAM)
Sam I'm sorry about Isabelle but
The priest grips his bible and his rosary. He begins to
recite a prayer as the tension rises.
Sam! Sam quickly!
Gemma and the man (Edgar) run over to Sam.
Sam this is Edgar, the Crescent's
doctor. He will see to Isabelle
Sam looks at Gemma graciously
                       GEMMA (con't)
She will be in our thoughts
      (to gemma)
Thank you


      (motioning to the
Shall we go?
Sam and Edgar leave the graveyard and disappear into the
distance as Gemma reluctantly turns back to the funeral.
Sam enters the bedroom where the doctor is taking Isabelle's
What's wrong with her?
Edgar stands up, turns to Sam.
I don't know, she seems to be
stable, fighting whatever it is
that's caused this
      (Edgar pauses,
       looks at Isabelle)
I must go into the city, there are
some doctor's there that may be
able to give me advice, or
something to wake her out of this,
this state.
Edgar, take this
Sam gives Edgar a handful of bills.
                       SAM (cont'd)
It is all I have, all that, we
have. Make use of it as you will.
I will do what I can, the best
thing you can do until I return is
to pray, for Isabelle
Thank you
Edgar picks up his bag, tucks the money in his pocket and
leaves. Sam kneels beside Isabelle and lays his head next to


Sam sits with Isabelle days and nights, pacing back and
Sam sits overlooking the bay at night
Sam wanders in the woods, he's paranoid, losing himself
A fast loud rapping at the door breaks the silence that has
filled the house since Isabelle fell ill. The silence that
Sam has grown used to
Sam staggers through the living room and answers the door
Edgar! Thank god, come in, come
      (walking inside)
Thank you.
Edgar walks in, Sam shuts the door.
How has she been?
No better, but no worse.
Sam grows impatient waiting for Edgar to give him news.
In town I met with some of my
former colleagues
Yes, what did they say? Isabelle,
will she.....
Edgar looks out the window, then back around.


They don't know what has befallen
Isabelle, the only thing they do
know of is that it may be any
number of things
Sam sits down, looking as if he was stabbed in the heart.
So there's nothing they can do?
They did suggest a medicine to
help her rest, whether it would
cure her or not is unknown. But
this would keep her, hoping that
she should wake before long
I can't live without her, she's my
entire life. I will do whatever I
must to save her
The medicine Sam, costs more than
what you've given me
Is there any way that I can pay
you when I get the rest?
I truly wish that I could help you
more Sam but I.....
I understand. Youv'e done more
than I could ever repay....
I must get going before late. I
will have Isabelle's medication
waiting for you
Edgar walks over to the door, Sam gets up and opens it for
Thank you Edgar, for all that you
are doing for Isabelle
Edgar pats Sam on the shoulder then begins his trek back to


After Edgar disappears into the thick of the forest, Sam
closes the door.
Sam enters the bedroom, again just looking over Isabelle
lying motionless.
The bay is quiet as Sam sits staring out into it. Sam feels
alone, now more than ever. Into the night Sam falls asleep
outside as the waves calm his mind.
Fade into:
The early sun wakes Sam who just realizes he fell asleep
outside. Sam gets up and walks over to the bay, leaning
over, he stares at his reflection.
Staring into the water a fish swims by, just as Sam begins
to lean closer to wash his face the fish jumps out of the
water, then quickly away.
It hits him, as if it was a sign.
That's it.
Sam walks around the woods picking up branches and pulling
them off of trees
Sam shaves a long branch into a pole
Sam takes down the clothesline and attaches it to the pole
Sam stands near the bay holding his new fishing pole, unsure
of what to do.
Something's missing.
Sam walks a ways into the woods until he reaches a large odd
looking tree he's seeing for the first time
Reaching his arm up as if something was pulling it, Sam
pulls a chunk of bark off the tree.


Back at the makeshift table outside the house, Sam finishes
carving a fishing lure from the piece of bark.
Now wading in the bay, Sam casts his line, Right away it
tightens. Pulling the line in he has caught his first fish.
Sam's first catch was no fluke as he continually catches one
after another. One after another his line tightens and he
throws them in a pail.
As the sun begins to descend, Sam heads back towards the
house. He struggles with the pail as it is filled heavier
than it probably should be
Sam walks into the bedroom, more optimistic than he has been
in some time
Tomorrow I'm going into town, I
will be back with your medicine.
We will fight this,
      (holding her hand)
you will get better. It can't end
like this
Sam picks up the bag that he carried Isabelle's canvas in
off of the table. Walking over to the door he pauses. Sam
looks back to the unfinished painting leaning against the
Hesitantly, he picks up the painting and heads for the
Sam enters the town, his fish in the bag over his shoulder
and Isabelle's painting in hand, determined to get the
Sam must talk to Manny who owns the market. Walking through
the market he is not welcomed as usual as people begin
whispering, spreading rumors.


As Sam passes Ruth's stand, she quickly goes the opposite
way and enters one of the buildings. Some of the others
around slowly move away as he nears them.
Nearing Manny at the opposite entrance of the market, Sam
catches Percy's sneering glance. Percy quickly turns to
Herman who is sitting outside the building.
Percy nods to Herman who then enters the building.
Sam reaches Manny who is engaged in a conversation with one
of the merchants. Noticing someone standing behind him,
Manny turns to find Sam standing there.
Sam! Hi Umm what can I do for you?
I was hoping I could sell some
things, Isabelle's really sick,
well you may already know and
unless I can raise
      (nods head toward
       bag on Sam's
What do ya got?
Sam holds the bag out for Manny to look inside.
Damn how long have you been at it?
I caught them all yesterday
Look, I can't sell these unless
they are fresh, how old are they?
I'm serious,it's weird I admit it,
I don't know how I did it, but I
caught everyone of them yesterday
      (pointing to
And what else is that you have


                       MANNY (cont'd)
Sam presents Isabelle's painting to Manny.
Sorry, got no use for art. Tell
you what, I'll give you ten for
the fish.
Ten? That's not enough to cover
Sorry Sam, but those fish are
already a day old, and in case you
haven't noticed your not really a
favorite around town lately
You have to understand, Isabelle
could die if she isn't treated
No one here would even think about
paying more than eight for them,
I'm sorry to hear about Isabelle
but ten's the most I can offer
you, maybe someone else will buy
that painting, whatever it is
I..ten it is
Manny pulls ten dollars out of a small pocket in his pants
and hands it to Sam.
I hope things work out for you Sam
Sam takes the money and gives Manny the bag.
Thank you Manny, you can keep the
Just as Manny walks away Edgar comes running out.


Sam, Sam!
Sam turns around to Edgar who is carrying something in his
      (out of breath)
Sam, here!
I'm sorry Edgar but I don't have
the money
It's been paid for, it's yours!
But who?
Before Sam can finish he notices Gemma watching in the
It seems that not everyone here
wants you gone
Sam smiles at Gemma.
Thank you, you don't know how much
this means
Sam you must go, Isabelle is
Sam nods and heads quickly off. He decides to thank Gemma
before taking the medicine home.
Gemma I, um thank you for
A burst of noise from a crowd drowns out Sam causing him and
Gemma to turn and see what is going on.
There he is!
Ruth, Herman, Percy and Viktor make their way over to Sam as
a crowd overlooks.


You have to go Sam, everyone is
afraid of you and every time you
come here someone falls ill, if
you don't leave now there's no
telling what..
Herman and Percy surround Sam.
I've been waiting for this day
since you showed up here. People
here in town were kind enough to
let you city folk come here. All
you have brought us in return is
fear and disease.
Isabelle and I came to this town
to live in quiet. We come into
town and give you our money and
keep to ourselves. Now
Now Herman's brother Duke is dead,
Mrs. Ruth and several of the
townspeople have become ill,
everyone is afraid. And now
Isabelle, has become sick. What
does that tell you Sam?
Are you accusing me of making
everyone, including my own wife
Sam, so furious he drops Isabelle's painting on the ground
and lunges at Viktor. Viktor, Herman, Percy, Ruth and those
onlooking step back in fear of what they see.
Ruth faints. Nobody helps as they stare at Isabelle's
Sam, what is that?
Just then Sam finds a way to leave the town in one piece.


That is the painting Isabelle was
working on when she fell.
Herman and Percy look nervously at each other.
What the hell is it?
That, is what has been causing
everyone to fall ill. That
"creature," is your plague.
      (believing Sam)
Many of the townspeople exchange nervous, worried glances.
I've only caught a glimpse of it,
out in the bay at night. But
Isabelle has seen it, she said
that it is more horrible than you
could ever imagine.
What do you call this creature?
I beg your pardon?
This creature, does it have a
Sam looks at Percy dumbfounded as to why he would ask a
question so stupid.
As I said before, I've only caught
a glimpse of it. Yet I do not
think I would have stopped and
asked for it's name.
Viktor looks at Percy as if he was a total moron. Which he


Sam glares at Percy and Herman as if he was trying to strike
fear into them.
What does this so-called
"creature," look like?
Isabelle said it,
      (pauses, thinking)
she said that it is as tall as any
man, but faster than anything
she's ever seen. I asked her if it
attacked her, all I got out of her
was that it had spikes coming out
of it's body, and webs on it's
feet, she screamed and it took off
in the water and disappeared.
Isabelle has been deathly ill ever
Sam's news of a "creature" in Crescent Bay frightens the
town, many of the people look around for someone to do
something, say something.
Sam reaches down and picks up Isabelle's painting placing it
back under his arm.
Now I must get this to Isabelle
before it is too late. I will do
what I must to protect Isabelle
and myself from the creature. I
suggest you do the same.
Sam begins walking away.
Why have you not told anyone of
this creature before?
      (Sam doesn't
If there is such a creature out
there, then it must be killed.
Sam stops and turns toward the crowd.
Is that your solution for
everything? Instead of facing what
you don't know or understand, you
just decide to make it go away?
      (with a piercing


                       SAM (cont'd)
Some things never go away.
You will take us to this creature?
My concern is not with the
creature, but with Isabelle.
If you will not show us this
creature, then what are we to do?
Let it attack, and kill?
We will find it, if such a thing
For your sake, I hope your ready
to face whatever it is that's out
Sam turns to walk away, but looks back at Viktor one last
                       SAM (cont'd)
Whatever you do, stay away from
us. All Isabelle and I ever wanted
was to live in piece. Just give us
With those last words Sam treks out of town.
      (looking at the
So, who's coming with me?
Sam finishes pouring the medicine into Isabelle's throat.
Sam stares at Isabelle, remembering the event earlier in
If it's a monster they're looking
for, then a monster is what
they'll find.


                       PERCY (V.O.)
I'm not going with you.
                       VIKTOR (V.O.)
Why not?
Sam walks in the woods, then stands in front of the tree he
cut the fish lure from.
                       PERCY (V.O.)
Have you not heard the tales of
the bay?
                       VIKTOR (V.O.)
I have heard them, on many
Sam cuts a thick, round branch with his ax.
                       PERCY (V.O.)
Then you understand...
Sam carves a design into a piece of wood.
                       VIKTOR (V.O.)
That your afraid? You said it
yourself, tales. They are stories,
nothing more than old sea lore.
We're going out there.
The design takes shape showing Sam's "creature".
Sitting in a chair across from Isabelle, Sam is awoken by a
thud. Springing out of his chair he goes to the window.
Though they are too far for him to see, Sam can hear voices
emerging from the woods.
Sam exits the house via the back door with mask in hand. He
has one thing in mind, to give them what they want.


As the voices near, Sam makes his way into the water. Before
putting on the mask Sam covers himself in seaweed and mud in
hopes to disguise himself.
Sam puts on the mask, then slips into the dark shadowy areas
of the water. There he stays watching, waiting.
The sound of leaves crunching and branches being broken hint
to movement in the woods. As the sounds become louder we
discover Viktor is making his way through the woods.
Viktor stops as he can see Sam's house through the trees.
There's the house, it's gotta be
Viktor walks a few feet forward, parting branches along the
                       VIKTOR (Cont'd)
Viktor pulls down two branches to reveal the bay.
Viktor slowly makes it out of the woods and squats down just
out of sight of Sam's house. Following Viktor is Percy who
is just about to squat alongside Viktor when he is knocked
to the ground. Herman tripping over his own feet now lays on
top of Percy.
Get off me you big lug!
Where is it?
Just be patient. If there is
anything out there, anything at
all, we'll see it.
A few minuets pass as Herman grows restless.


Why are we out here again?
Herman is right we could be out
here all night, we're just wasting
our time.
We need to split up, If we spread
out we might have a better chance
of spotting this thing.
Or we can wait right here. Besides
there isn't anything out there.
What are you afraid of? If there
isn't anything out there then
let's go.
Herman I want you to head in that
direction, I'm going over there
and Percy you stay here. When I
whistle everyone gets in.
Wait, why do I have to...
Got it?
Herman nods his head to acknowledge.
Ok go.
Herman and Viktor head off in different directions around
the edge of the bay.
No wait, errr.
Viktor whistles signaling for the others to get into the


Viktor slips into the water allowing only his head to remain
above it.
Cut to: Percy slowly entering the water. Percy shivers
rubbing his arms at the temperature of the water.
At the same time Herman falls into the water. Shaking it off
he gets up and wades.
Sam's P.O.V.: Sam watches Percy wading around alone in the
water. Looking around he can see Herman in the distance.
Viktor wades out further into the bay as he can no longer
see the other two. Paranoia begins to set in as Viktor jumps
at every noise, looking around nervously.
Now back at Herman, something is following him, moving
slowly, creeping just under the surface of the water.
A ripple in the water causes Herman to whip around, nothing
Herman takes a step forward but feels as if there is
something there, pauses, before Herman can make a move a
splash coming from Viktor's direction forces Herman to freak
A black shadow under the water moves like a flash of light
towards the sound of the splash.
Viktor wading now at waist height is out in the open of the
bay, the only things surrounding part of the bay are trees.
Feeling something approaching, Viktor slowly turns around.
The black shadow is at Viktor's feet, he turns to it, his
face in fear. We can't see it. Viktor is pulled under. His
arms and feet splashing around, trying to get free.
Suddenly Viktor is able to emerge from the water. The shadow
is gone.
Cut to: Percy. He hasn't gone too far out into the water.
Something begins moving through the trees around him.
Percy watches the woods where the noise is coming from. It's
getting closer.
The sound stops. The source of the noise exits the woods and
heads right for Percy. Still, we cannot see it.
Percy, as quickly as he can tries running in the water away
from the creature only to be tackled as he tries climbing
onto land.


All we can see is an ominous shape of a head rising above
Percy. Percy lunges onto land.
Turning around, he puts his arms in front of his face in an
attempt to block the creature
Nothing. Percy slowly opens his eyes to find his attacker
has gone.
Percy gets up in a slight run. Scared, he is trembling.
Percy turns too quickly twisting his ankle. He falls to the
ground holding it.
Viktor is swimming as fast as he can towards the shore.
Noises of animals and other things surround him.
Reaching the shore Viktor climbs up. Joining Percy on the
ground, he is out of breath.
      (out of breath)
Did you see it?
      (his voice
It came after me, then
I hurt my leg.
What did it look like?
It wasn't human.
Viktor glances at Percy's leg.
      (out of breath)
Where's Herman?
Who cares lets get the hell outta
      (out of breath)
We can't leave him.


He can take care of himself, lets
Viktor gets up. He grabs Percy by the arm pulling him to his
feet. They head for the woods.
As they reach the edge of the woods, something approaches
them, fast.
Viktor and Percy stop. Fear overtakes them as death shows on
their faces.
Herman stumbles out of the woods in front of them.
Damn you, lets go!
The three disappear into the woods.
Something makes it's way to the back door of the house. The
mask of the creature falls to the ground.
It is Sam. Exhausted, he falls in front of the door. He
remains there the rest of the night.
Light pours into the window as we pull back to see Viktor
sitting in a chair. Along side him is Percy. Percy has his
leg up on a chair.
Percy reaches for the bottle in front of him.
      (in pain)
Owwwww, god damn it.
It can't be that bad. It's not
Maybe not, but it hurts all the
      (looks at Herman,
       then Viktor)
what exactly happened last night?


                       HERMAN (O.S.)
That thing tried to kill us!
Herman sits at a table staring blankly into space.
It was just toying with us. That
"thing" could have torn us apart
                       HERMAN (O.S.)
I'm goin back.
Your not going anywhere.
We have to do something. What if
that thing comes after us? Here
into town?
It won't, it's not going to get
that far
The mask of the creature lays on the table. Sam gets up from
the chair and heads to the sink.
Sam begins to fill a glass with water. Suddenly a noise
emerges from the bedroom.
A faint moan is coming from Isabelle, we cannot make out any
Sam bursts through the door.
      (moaning, we can
       barely make it
Sam rushes to the bed.


Isabelle looks in Sam's direction. Isabelle is horrified by
what she sees.
      (calling out)
Sam, Sam!
I'm right here
Sam leans in towards Isabelle. Isabelle jerks around as if
she is trying to get away.
Sam confused by Isabelle's reaction backs into the door.
      (her voice fades
Isabelle stops moving, slowly her breathing returns to
Not sure what just happeneds, Sam opens the door and slowly
walks back into the kitchen.
The back door of the house flies open. Sam storms out, mask
in hand.
Sam walks quickly to the edge of the shore, pulls his arm
back to throw, then brings it back to his side
Sam looks at the mask, then turns back toward the house.
Sam only takes a few steps when he quickly turns back
around. He lifts the mask half way when he again makes way
toward the house.
Sam seems determined to go back in. Then turns around, and
at a slight run makes his way right before the edge of the
ground. Sam hurls the mask as far as he can into the bay.
With a sigh of relief Sam goes back into the house.
Dusk. A golden light illuminates a solitary open door.


Viktor walks to the door. In his hands, three make-shift
Viktor stops in the door way.
Percy c'mon, off your ass, lets
Viktor backs out of the doorway, waits for Percy.
Percy hobbles out to Viktor, followed by Ruth.
Percy your not going, not with
that leg!
Percy looks at Viktor for sympathy.
His legs fine. It's just sprained.
And if that, that thing shows up?
He cannot run let alone fight.
What will you do then?
Herman appears at Viktors side, he is carrying a lantern and
two rifles. Viktor looks at the rifles with assurance, then
shakes his head.
Percy's not in any harm. Besides,
what's one life compared to
thirty? The creature has taken
it's last victim.
There won't be anything left when
we're finished.
Viktor shoves a torch into Percy's chest. Percy grabs the
torch. The three head off out of the town and into the
      (voice fading)
Where's my gun? The hell am I.....


The bedroom door opens. Sam enters. Helplessly he looks at
Isabelle who lies almost motionless, the only movement her
slight breathing.
Overcome with sadness, Sam closes the door.
Sam storms around the kitchen, then over to the window and
with pent-up anger, punches the glass with his fist sending
shards flying.
Sam looks at his hand as blood oozes from a deep cut. In a
daze, Sam squeezes his fist forcing out streams of blood.
Sam exits the house in fury.
Sam makes his way into the bay and begins to clean his hand
of blood.
In the distance, a faint voice calls to him
                       ISABELLE (V.O.)
Sam stands up, looks around to see where it is coming from.
                       ISABELLE (V.O.)
      (growing louder)
It is Isabelle, or so Sam thinks. The voice echoes from far
out in the bay. Paranoia sets in.
      (faintly, under
       his breath)
Sam, unsure of anything, heads out into the open.
In the open of the bay, Sam finds no one. In a daze, he
stands there.


Through the woods we can see fires moving closer. Viktor in
the lead clutches his rifle close to him, his torch now lit.
Behind him is Herman, his rifle half raised in the air and
his unlit torch rests shouldered like a club. A few steps
behind, Percy nervously carries a small rusted lantern and
his shabby looking excuse for a torch.
Making sure it is all clear, Viktor signals the others to
join him out of the woods. Herman joins Viktor as Percy
hesitantly exits the claustrophobic safety of the woods
No one says a word. Herman and Percy raise their torches to
Viktor's. A large flame ignites, and all three torches are
Viktor instructs for them to move around the house.
Herman impatiently cocks the rifle and waves it around ready
to shoot at the first thing that moves.
Herman moves away searching for anything as Viktor does the
same. Percy, now shaking raises the lantern over his head
and grips the smoldering torch like a bat. Percy moves away
froom the woods
The three nervously look out into the bay for any signs of
the creature. A noise from the woods shocks Percy as he
stumbles backward to the ground.
Hitting his head on the house, Percy drops the lantern, his
torch goes out
Fire starts rising up the side of the house, engulfing it in
flames. Percy and Herman rush back to Viktor.
      (shocked and
Oh my god.
      (pissed, alarmed)
Jesus Christ.
We've got to do something! Sam and
Isabelle are in there!
Viktor stares at the flames rising up the house and
remembers what Sam said in town, repeating quickly over and
over in his head.


                       SAM (V.O.)
      (as if pieced
I will do what I must to protect
Isabelle....stay away from us.....
stay away....peace, give us that..
protect Isabelle...stay
away...some things never go away
It clicks.
Finish the job.
Sam and Isa
Save them and then what? Tell them
it was an accident?
They will die!
Burn it down!
We have to get'em out!
Percy goes to make it for the house when Viktor pushes him
It's too late, it ends now. Sorry
Viktor walks towards the house, and throws his torch through
the window Sam busted out.
Viktor takes Herman's torch. Percy and Herman look at the
house in disbelief, they cannot believe what they see
The creature is still out there!
The creature is dead. It's over.


Viktor and Herman turn for the woods as Percy stands, still
in awe. As Viktor and Herman disappear into the woods, Percy
turns and follows until he too can no longer be seen.
Sam's trance is broken when Isabelle's voice enters his ears
from behind him.
      (soft growing
      (loud, as if in
       Sam's ear)
Sam help!
A gun goes off in the distance shocking Sam out of his
"trance". He turns around to see his house burning in flames
Sam is unable to speak. Shaking, trembling, he tries as fast
as he can to get back to the house.
Nearing the shore Sam stumbles and trips landing face first
into the water. He gets up and climbs onto shore.
Sam forces himself to stand up. Dizzy, he tries to run
toward the house.
The flames erupt in front of the door. Sam cannot help. He
falls to his knees, watching helplessly. His life literally
going up in flames right before his eyes.
We enter the town much the way we did the first time.
Sign outside of town
Super - Welcome to Josiah's Crescent

Population 34

(the 36 is now xed out and 33 re-carved into the sign)
Pan left from the sign and move into the town.


The town is bustling just like the last time Sam and
Isabelle were both there together.
Over at Ruth's stand, Viktor, Percy and Herman relish in
their vanquish of the creature.
Gemma walks over to the stand. She appears as if she herself
is ill. She comes in during the end of the story, but her
worst fears are proved true.
Once we made sure no one could see
us, we burned it down!
Herman says nothing, only looks at Percy in disgust.
You killed them?
Gemma you must und...
How could you?
You should have seen that thing
Who's the real monster?
Gemma backs away, almost in tears.
Gemma turns, and stops dead in her tracks. Viktor turns to
she why she stopped, turns white.
Slowly, everyone stops what they are doing
It is Sam. Wearily, he staggers into the middle of the town.
His clothes torn, covered in ash, he looks like the walking
Sam stops. The entire town has stopped. Sam is dead. Or
supposed to be.
Sam raises his head. Slowly he rounds the entire town,
shooting blank, threatening stares at everyone. They know
that they are looking at death.


Sam turns around. Walks back out of the town, and into the
woods. Still, the town remains motionless. Silence
It is nightfall. Sam has lost it. Out in the bay he rushes.
Splashing around Sam frantically searches. From one place to
another, Sam kicks the water, he is crazed.
On his hands and knees Sam feels around. Then he stops,
stands up. He has found it. The mask.
Slowly standing, Sam holds the mask up as if it were
something of great value.
Facing the house, or what's left, Sam stares into the back
of the mask. Slowly he pulls it towards his face.
Night. An eerie fog surrounds the entire town.
Close in on a lantern hanging from a building.
The dead silence is broken by sounds coming out of the
woods. Noises of multiple animals cries and howls. Death
Noises outside come closer. We can't see who they are, but
two people sit in hiding in the house. Something blocks the
light from the window casting an ominous shadow onto them.
We can't make out what it is.
Black. The window breaks causing the two people inside to
scream. Still we see nothing. We can only hear things being
slammed, running, flesh being torn.
A window is broken. Because of the fog, we cannot make out
what is going on. Screams echo from all around. Chaos erupts
the town. Bodies appear everywhere, lying on the ground, and
thrown out of buildings.


What the town tried to prevent, happened. The creature
rocked the town leaving nothing in it's wake.
When all noise has ceased and the fog lifts, bodies litter
the ground. Out of a building walk two people.
As the sounds fade and the early morning sun breaks the fog,
we find bodies littering the ground. Out of a building walk
two people.
Gemma and Edgar. The only survivors.
                       CONNOR (V.O.)
Vengeance. The town wanted a
"creature," something to fear. He
gave it to 'em.
Although we can't make out much, Sam, or the "creature" is
in the bay.
                       CONNOR (V.O.)
Setting out of the bay and into
the beyond, Samuel Hackett was
seen no more.
The rising of the sun creates a glare shadowing the figure
in the water out of view
Zoom into a blinging gleam of light on the water
Zoom out of the campfire.
The crackling fire fills the silence as Tj, Sean and Alex
look at each other waiting for someone to say something.
Right, awesome! And I bet if you
listen closely, you can hear
strange, terrible sounds coming
from all around!


And let me guess, there have been
sightings of a monster out in the
bay! Lame-o!

Is it true?
It's just a story. Dad used to
tell it to me so I would go to
In that case Tj can sleep with you
tonight Connor, I didn't bring any
diapers in case he wets himself.
Sean and Alex break out in laughter as Tj looks to Connor
for defense
I'll double up with Alex, he's not
sleeping in my tent!
Connor looks blankly at Tj
You guys need to grow up. You act
like kindergardeners!
Sean and Alex look at each other with great big grins
smeared across their faces. Sean punches Alex in the arm.
Really Alex, you know Tj doesn't
wear diapers, you need to stop
acting like a jerk.....
      (trying not to
he's a big boy... he wears
training pants now.
Alex and Sean burst out laughing. Connor can't hold it
anymore either as he adds to the ever-increasing laughter
Tj stares a hole through Connor, he's pissed. Tj stands up.


Looks as if he is gonna make a comeback, but turns around
toward the darkness. We cannot see what he faces, the light
from the fire prevents their surroundings from being
Tj looks back again, then begins to take a few steps away
from the campfire.
Where you going?
                       SEAN (O.S.)
Your mom's not here to save you
from the boogeyman.
Tj stops. Turns around and begins to walk toward the camp
fire. His pace gradually quickens.
Enough already.
Please, Tj needs to stop acting
like a baby.
      (mocking Tj)
Is it true? Of course it's true,
and the tooth fa....
Out of nowhere Tj lunges at Sean tackling him to the ground.
Tj wails away at Sean who is stunned, but not defending
himself as he's laughing to hard to fight back
Tj is able to get a few good hits in there before Alex and
Connor are able to pull him off
      (pulling Tj up)
C'mon man.
      (grabbing Tj's arm)
Chill out Teeg he's just messing
ith ya.
Connor and Alex are able to pull Tj onto his feet as Tj
kicks Sean once more in his side
Tj you need to lighten up.
You calmed down now?


Tj, breathing heavily nods. Connor lets go of his arms.
A loud noise escapes the woods causing the four of them to
After a few seconds, Sean slowly sits up.
Something moves in the woods.
Close up on Connor, his eyes shift toward the woods. Tj is
breathing heavy. More noise from the woods as something is
headed their way!
A squirrel runs past them across the other side of the camp.
Embarrassed, no one says anything
Sean gets up from the ground as Alex and Tj pick up the
flashlights off the ground
Connor puts out the campfire
In the dark they head to the tents. Tj and Alex turn on the
A splash in the water sends Tj running to the tents.
What was that?
A fish.
You sure?
It was a fish. You ran from a
He's gonna be up all night.
Sean laughs. Sean, Alex and Connor reach the tents
Connor crawls into his tent
A sleeping bag is thrown out of the tent followed by a
What the hell?


Connor walks out.
Your sleeping out here tonight.
I can't sleep outside.
Why not?
It's, it's not safe.
And sleeping in a tent is safe,
Tj looks around as if an answer is right in front of him.
Sleep tight.
Connor turns and goes back into the tent. Sean and Alex
shove each other around before ducking into their tent.
The bay is calm as we pull back from it. Pan around the camp
until we get to Connor's tent.
Behind the tents something moves in the woods.
Close up on Tj who is wrapped in his sleeping bag. He looks
up, then pulls the covers over his head.
Inside Connor's tent.
Connor is asleep. Outside the tent there is movement,
someone is walking toward the tent
The footsteps stop. The flaps open and one of the other
guy's crawls in
We cannot see who it is. Connor shifts in place.
It is quiet again as the waves from the bay drown out all
other noises.


Morning. The sun is bright as it glares off of the water.
Pan around to the unlit campfire, continuing around we see
an old outhouse at the edge of the woods. As we finally pan
over to the tents, we see for the first time a house, it is
not kept up very well.
From one of the tents we hear a noise. A fart.
Inside the tent
Close up on Connor. He starts to sniff the air, it stinks.
The sun beats through the tent, another fart noise.
      (sitting up)
Dammit Tj
Connor pushes the person next to him. It isn't Tj.
The hell man!
It's your stink ass.
      (rubs his eyes)
Where's Tj?
He was still outside.
Why'd you come in here?
      (changing the
Can't I get some sleep? It's what
like noon?
Sean is embarrassed, he looks away. Connor grins.
You gotta be kidding me.
A wide, evil smile grows on Connor's face.
Don't you dare.


Connor gets up and rushes out of the tent. Sean tries to
grab his legs.
Outside the tent Connor sees Tj's sleeping bag. It is empty.
Thinking nothing of it, he goes to Alex's tent.
Hey Alex guess who got scared last
Connor looks into the tent, then looks away.
Dude put some pants on.
From inside the tent a zipper is pulled. Alex walks out
adjusting his pants.
Alex looks at Connor sternly. He tugs at his pant leg,
holding his shit in his hand.
You were saying?
Behind Connor, Sean emerges from the tent. Alex too smiles.
You big baby, even Tj was
Alex looks at Tj's empty sleeping bag.
Where's Tj?
Sean said he was still out here
last night.
Connor looks at Sean, then to the empty sleeping bag. He
walks over to it.
Connor looks around the sleeping bag, then inside, nothing
Alex pulls his shirt on, and scans the bay for Tj, as Sean
walks over to the outhouse, he opens the door, empty.
Connor looks over to Sean, he shakes his head no.
Sean and Alex walk back to Connor. He is worried.


You think he might of went into
your aunts shore house?
He knows better, my mom would
freak if she found out we went in
there, besides, my aunt locked all
the doors before they left for
their trip.
He's just playing games.
Well he's doing a damn good job of
They pause, then almost at the same time they turn and look
at the woods behind them.
Connor looks at Sean who doesn't intend on going into the
woods, then to Alex who just shrugs.
Inside the woods Sean walks past a couple of trees muttering
something we can't understand. Pull back to show Alex and
Connor alongside him.
What are we gonna do to him when
we find him?
I say we make him stand out in the
bay all night and
What? No wait a minuet were not
going to do anything okay.
As they journey through the woods Sean pushes branches out
of his face and letting them swing at Alex and Connor.
Sean turns to Connor while still walking.


Maybe he was kidnapped by the
Sean laughs at himself. Then trips over something on the
ground falling on his face.
The object rolls forward, a flashlight. Sean lies on the
ground, he looks up at the flashlight. They stop walking,
Connor goes and picks up the flashlight.
What's wrong?
Connor turns to Alex and shows him the flashlight. Alex's
face goes white. Connor clicks the flashlight on and off,
You think?
Sean picks himself off the ground brushing the dirt off of
his clothes.
Sread out.
Alex and Sean look up at Connor at the same time.
Alex looks frantically around for any signs of Tj, walking
at a very fast pace through the trees and over branches and
      (calling out)
Tj! Tj!
Sean walks along a faint path. As the sweat pours down his
face he continually bats at the flies around him.
The great outdoors my ass!
Connor rushes along through the trees, he passes something
hanging from a tree branch. Connor comes back to the object,
it is a piece of Tj's shirt.


      (calling, looking
Tj! Tj!
Connor takes it and continues, now worried, he begins
Alex comes into view at a jog, slowly he stops staring at
something ahead on the ground. He walks over, picks it up,
it's the rest of Tj's shirt, covered in blood.
      (calling out)
Connor stops, looking around to see where the voice came
                       ALEX (O.S.)
      (calling out)
Connor looks in the direction of the voice and runs toward
                       ALEX (O.S.)
      (calling out)
Connor runs out of view.
Connor eventually finds Alex. He runs up behind him, out of
      (calling out)
      (out of breath)
You find em?
You need to have a look at this.
Alex turns around, and hands Connor the bloody shirt.
Sean comes running up to them.
What's going on?


Sean looks at the bloody shirt.
Holy shit.
There's a pause, Connor looks as if the ground fell beneath
Looking down on them.
Alex put his hand on Sean motioning for him to stop. Alex
shakes his head slightly "no".
Connor squats, closes his eyes trying to think, figure out
what's going on.
We gotta keep looking.
We're just wasting our time.
Shut up Sean.
All I'm saying is whatever got Tj
will get us too.
Alex shoves Sean off balance causing them to start pushing
each other back and forth.
      (Sean and Alex
We have to figure out what the
hell is going on.
Looking on from behind Sean and Alex. Someone is watching
                       TJ (O.S.)
I'll tell you what's going on...
Sean and Alex turn around, stunned. Connor turns his head,
slowly stands up. Pull back to reveal Tj.


You just got a taste of your own
Connor is embarrassed, looks down shaking his head. Sean
looks at Tj with aggression.
How does it feel being the butt of
the joke?
      (making a fist)
I'll tell you how it feels.
Sean steps forward towards Tj when Connor grabs his
shoulder. Shoving his way between Alex and Sean, Connor
walks over to Tj.
You think this is a joke?
Connor pushes Tj backwards, continues walking towards him.
You think that was funny?
Connor pushes Tj backwards again.
Connor pushes Tj, he falls back onto a large, odd looking
tree. His head slams into the tree, hard.
As Tj slides down the base of the tree, a chunk of bark
breaks off of the tree falling down beside Tj.
Connor turns to Sean and Alex. Tj gets up rubbing his head.
You guys can head back.
Connor turns back to Tj, Sean grins at Tj as he and Alex
walk back to camp.
What were you thinking? What if
you really got hurt, or lost?
What do you care? All you do is
try to impress your friends.


Connor looks at Tj, not having a response.
Lets go.
Admit it, you were scared.
Connor starts walking away. Pauses, turns to Tj.
You don't go anywhere without
letting me know. You got that?
Tj shakes his head "yes". Connor continues walking back to
You were scared, weren't you?
Connor doesn't say anything, he continues walking. Tj shakes
his head knowing that Connor was actually worried about him.
Connor disappears from view. Tj looks at the bark lying on
the ground, he picks it up and slips it into his pocket. Tj
runs to catch up to Connor.
Midday. Back at camp we find Tj and Alex sitting at the
unlit campfire eating sandwiches.
As we move towards Tj and Alex the door of the outhouse
opens and out walks Sean.
Walking over to them, Sean adjusts his pants. Nearing the
other two, he stops, looks at the bay.
Hey Connor! I thought you said we
could use your uncle's pier?
                       CONNOR (O.S.)
I did.
Well, where is it?
Tj and Alex look over to the bay.


Remember that hurricane that swept
through last year?
Yeah, wiped the pier clear out
into the bay.
Connor walks into view carrying a pair of oars.
Sean and Alex turn to Tj, then all three turn and look at
Remember when we had off a few
days of...
I know, I remember hurricane
Isabele, you don't find that a
little wierd?
Connor looks at Tj as if he has two heads.
Sam wanted to build a pier but
never did
Sean rolls his eyes and walks out of view.
Stop. Just stop alright. I told
you it's just a story.
Connor walks off towards the bay.
Whats his problem?
Dunno, but seriously T sometimes
you just need to ignore him.


Alex stands up, Sean walks back to them holding his stomach,
his face white, he sits on one of the logs.
Connor comes back without the oars.
You guys ready?
Alex nods his head towards Sean, Connor looks down at him.
I think I'm gonna sit this one
A liquid-like rumbling noise causes Sean to run for the
      (to TJ)
Why don't you stay here and make
sure Sean's alright.
Tj nods in agreement, then sits back down. Alex and Connor
head to the bay.
In the bay the water is splashed by an oar. With Alex in the
front and Connor rowing from the back, a small row boat
moves out into the bay.
Pulling back we can see Connor and Alex move out into bay,
the camp no longer in view.
As the boat passes by, in the distance back at the camp Tj
stands up and makes his way over to the outhouse at the edge
of the woods.
Tj reaches the outhouse. Not sure how he's any help to Sean,
stands in front of the outhouse, looking around holding his
Tj knocks on the door.
You alright in there?
Tj waits for Sean to answer, nothing.


      (from inside the
I'm ok!
A loud fart comes from inside the outhouse causing Tj to
slowly walk away.
      (walks faster)
Certainly sounds like it.
Tj slows to a walk near the edge of the shoreline. Hands in
his pockets, Tj scans the bay.
The waves are rough as a light wind blows past. Tj steps to
the end where the last of the grass hangs over the water,
and sits.
Tj is suddenly annoyed by something, he leans over and
reaches into his pocket. The piece of bark. Tj turns the
bark over and over staring out into the bay.
                       ALEX (O.S.)
So what's your problem?
With the boat anchored down, Alex and Connor begin swimming
out in the bay.
Excuse me?
I'm just trying to figure out why
you've been acting like Sean all
of a sudden.
Acting like Sean?


An asshole. If you haven't noticed
Tj hasn't been himself lately, and
it's your fault.
At first I figured it was the
whole brother relationship thing,
but now
But now your not so sure. Look I
have a lot of pressure on me now,
between leaving for college in the
fall, leaving my friends, not to
mention looking after Tj,
      (Connor pauses)
I brought us out here so that we
could spend the summer just doing
Tj looks up to you, he just wants
you to be there for him.
I know.
Still sitting, Tj breaks a piece of the wood off and tosses
it into the water. The wind picks up.
The sound of waves grow louder as they splash against the
side of the boat.
The boat begins to rock a little harder as Alex looks around
at the darkening waters. Waves rise above Connors head
overtaking him. As they pass, he comes from under the water.
That's weird.
Whats that?


No really.
It's just,
      (looking around
I'm getting this wierd vibe like,
I don't know this place is just
C'mon not you too.
I know it's stupid. There's just
something about it, this place,
it's almost surreal.
The trees around the house blow as we pan towards Tj.
                       CONNOR (O.S.)
My aunt's had this place for
years, hasn't had any trouble.
It's safe.
                       ALEX (O.S.)
You know this is
I know,
      (mocking Alex)
This is how every horror movie
starts. Seriously you need to get
a life.
I'm serious.
No seriously, get a life.
Alex shows some humor slightly laughing at himself, shaking
his head.


We gonna head back now?
Alright, we'll go back before the
mean sea creatures come out.
Alex and Connor climb back into the boat and pull towels
around themselves before beginning to row back to shore.
Alex and Connor begin rowing towards camp.
Besides, stranger things have
Back on shore Tj stares into the water with great curiosity.
Close in on the bark lying in the water. It is covered by
many minnows who seem attracted to it like some sort of food
or bait.
Tj breaks another small piece off and tosses it into the
Leaning forward Tj witnesses yet again, a swarm of minnows
attacking the bark.
No way.
Tj stands up, and hovers over the water. Again he breaks off
a small piece dropping it into the water.
Staring into the water Tj's reflection allows a partial view
of the overtaking of the tree bark.
Tj squats closer to the water, then reaches in and grabs the
bark pulling it out of the water sending the tiny fish
Tj examines the piece, then tosses it back into the water.
With the last larger chunk in hand Tj hurries off back
towards the tents, out of view.


Sunset. The storm clouds can be seen rolling in overhead.
Connor and Alex row the boat as far as they can in the
shallow water. With a jerk, they cannot get any closer.
Connor stands up, the waves smack the side of the boat as he
tosses one of the oars onto land.
Connor turns and takes the other oar from Alex tossing it on
top of the other one with a clank.
Connor steps into the water as Alex stands and follows.
Come on we need to pull this out
of the water before the storm.
Connor joins Alex at the front of the boat helping pull it
onto shore. They manage to pull it to the bank before
dropping it to the ground.
If we can just get it to the grass
Connor looks around, then finds Tj seated on the ground. Tj
is hard at work though we can't make out what he is doing.
Tj! Come on we need your help.
Tj puts down the object and rushes over to them.
We need to get the boat onto
The three are able to lift the boat onto land.
      (breathing heavily)
What are you doing?
I was stringing my fishing pole.


How's Sean doing?
Tj heads to the outhouse, he forgot Sean was still in there.
You forgot about Sean?
Alex and Connor walk over to the outhouse.
The three stand in front of the outhouse as if expecting
Sean to come out at any time.
Sean you alright in there?
No answer.
Sean you in there?
Inside the outhouse Sean lies against the wall asleep. The
sounds of the crickets are broken by knocking on the
outhouse door.
The knocking awakens Sean. A pause and silence make Sean on
Outside the outhouse Connor, Alex and Tj surround the door.
Slowly, Connor reaches for the door. He grabs the handle
opening the door.
Sean jumps back when Connor opens the door. At the same time
Connor jumps as Sean screams. Alex and Tj laugh as they look
God you scared me.
Sean still shaking, climbs out of the narrow door.


      (staring at Tj)
Sorry, Tj was supposed to check up
on you.
He did. I just fell asleep that's
Tj turns and walks away as Connor turns back to Sean.
You still feeling sick?
Alex, Sean and Connor head to the tents.
Yeah, I think Connor scared a
little out of me.
Alex and Connor laugh as they reach the tents. The entire
camp is shilouetted against the cloud filled sky.
There's a storm coming, we better
call it a night.
Cut to:
Night. The rain pours down as we pan around from the woods
to the tents.
Inside Sean and Alex's tent. From inside the tent the rain
beats on the vinyl of the tent drowning out all outside
The sound of squishing jello can faintly be heard through
the pouring rain.
Outside of the tent. The tent flaps open and Sean steps out.
The rain comes down so hard that he has to squint to see.
Reaching back in the tent he pulls out a poncho.
Sean pulls the poncho over his head as he runs for the
outhouse. Sean flings the door of the outhouse open, once
inside he pulls the door fast shut behind him.
We can hear a disgusting noise coming from inside the


Damn that's better.
The waves are rough on the bay as the rain continues to come
Pull back slowly to Sean coming out of the outhouse, poncho
over his head. Sean walks quickly towards the tents.
Sean passes directly in front of our view of the bay, with
part of the bay in view, Sean stops walking.
Slowly, Sean turns his head looking over his right shoulder.
Slowly, we pull to the right of Sean to see why he has
At the edge of the shore a figure stands. The figure is
shrouded and we cannot make out any features.
Facing the figure from the bay. The figure stretches upward
then down.
Sean walks over to the figure, putting his hand on the
figures shoulder he pulls it around.
Tj what the hell are you doing?
It's pouring down raining!
Tj turns to Sean, Tj's poncho casts a dark shadow on most of
his face.
This is the best time to fish,
when it rains, the fish come to
the surface.
Get back in your tent before you
get sick. And trust me, you do not
want to get sick. Come on before
Connor finds out you'r out here.
But look!
Tj leans back as Sean looks down at a bucket on the ground.
It is filled with fish.
How in the hell?


I don't know, I...
You scooped them out of the water
didn't you?
No I..
I can't believe you, throw them
The fishing pole pulls Tj's arm towards the bay. Tj quickly
grabs it with both hands and begins to reel it in as Sean
looks on surprised.
Told you!
Tj pulls and continues reeling as Sean becomes impatient.
Don't let it go!
I'm trying!
Here! Give it to me!
Sean grabs the fishing rod pushing Tj aside and reels as
fast as he can.
Get the bucket!
Tj picks up the bucket and looks on in anticipation as Sean
reels the fish closer and closer.
You almost got it!
There it is! Get ready to grab it.
Sean pulls back and the fish emerges out of the water. Tj
grabs the line and pulls the fish to him.
Tj unhooks the fish from the hook. Sean lays the pole down
and moves over to Tj.


That makes seven!
Tj hands Sean the fish.
It gave up a good fight, for a
small fish.
I told you this is the best time
to fish!
Tj and Sean are shocked as they jump to find Connor standing
behind them.
Connor! You scared us.
You. He scared you!
Have you two lost your minds? I'm
trying to sleep and you are out
here making enough noise to wake
the dead!
I was just using the outhouse and
And you what?
You should know better than stand
out here in the rain, your already
Your an ass.
Throw them back and get back in
your tent.
      (Looking at Tj)
And I'll deal with you tomorrow.


Tj walks back the the tent. Sean grabs the bucket tossing
the fish back into the water as Connor begins back to the
Sean stands with the bucket still in hand staring hard at
something in the bay. Connor looks back and calls to Sean.
Sean let's go.
Sean doesn't move. Connor walks over to his side.
What's that?
What's what?
Sean points to a small, black rounded shape just barely
above the water. There is a light fog hovering above the
water's surface.
      (looking hard)
I don't see anything. Come on.
Connor turns back and walks to the tents.
It's right...
Sean turns to Connor who is not there. With one last look at
the bay, Sean heads back to the tents.
The figure in the bay disappears into the water.
With his fishing pole in hand, Tj walks past Connor and Alex
who are sitting at the unlit campfire. As he passes by, they
hide what it is they are messing with underneath a book bag.
Tj glares back at the two knowing they are up to no good,
but continues on to the bay.
Alex and Connor go back to the item under the backpack, but
watching Tj so as to not be caught.


Tj stops alongside Sean who casts his reel out into the bay.
Tj readies his pole.
What are they up to?
No good I'm sure. Catch anything
Tj casts his line.
Not a thing.
A few seconds go by before Sean becomes annoyed and
This sucks.
Just be patient. It'll come to
Sean sighs as he waits for a tug on his line.
What are you using for bait?
      (looking at Tj
       like he's crazy)
If your not using bait how do you
expect to catch anything?
I'm kidding, of course i'm using
bait. What do I look like an
Tj looks at Sean about to answer his question.
Sean glances at Tj for him to keep quiet. A big grin grows
on Tj's face.


A growing hum makes it's way from the woods as the sounds of
different animal cries and scowls surround the camp and move
out into the bay.
Both annoyed and uncomfortable with the sounds they hear,
Sean and Tj turn to the woods behind their camp.
In the distance, Alex and Connor are themselves examining
the woods.
The animals sure are acting crazy.
Yeah, wonder why?
Something must be spookin'em,
we're not supposed to get anymore
With that, Tj looks at Sean. Tj looks as if he is in deep
thought and the wheels in his head are beginning to spin. He
seems intrigued, and wary.
Back at camp Alex and Connor are still working at what they
were doing earlier.
Ok twist it.
That's as far as it'll go.
The noises continue but a little softer than before.
Here let me see it.
Though we cannot see what they are working on, Connor takes
over. As the noises slowly increase, Alex grows nervous,
looking around as if he was being watched.
There we go!
Connor looks up to find Alex standing and staring into the


A little paranoid are we?
I'm fine.
I think I'm gonna go for a swim,
you up?
Connor smirks, then drops the item into the book bag, then
closes it.
Yeah let's go.
      (standing up)
Connor throws the book bag to Alex. Alex takes it to his
tent and places it inside.
Now in the bay, Connor and Alex go underwater to get used to
the water.
                       TJ (O.S.)
I think I got something!
Tj begins to reel in his line, with each tug he speeds up.
Sean watches, excited but keeping an eye on his line.
Must be big!
Come on you...
Your gonna lose it, slow down.
I got it!
Tj pulls back, the line swings out of the water and the hook
and bait dangle over the water.
What'd I tell you?


Tj just looks at Sean pissed. Raising the fishing pole over
his head, Tj goes to send the line out into the bay. It is
The hell?
Tj and Sean turn around at the same time to see that Tj has
caught something....
Connor is struggling to remove Tj's hook from his mouth, as
Alex laughs hysterically.
Sean drops his fishing pole as he and Tj rush over to help
Connor get the hook out of his mouth, they too cannot help
but laugh.
Oh shit!
Connor pulls the hook out throwing into the water. He wipes
the blood from his lip.
Connor I didn't know you were...
Get outta my sight!
Sorry, how was I supposed to know
you were behind me?
What did I say?
Tj stares Connor down. Grabbing the pole out of Tj's hand,
Connor hurls it further into the bay.
Tj walks towards the camp, Connor shortly follows. Sean
wades out into the bay after the pole.
Tj walks over to Connor handing him a towel. Connor wipes
his wound and begins to apply pressure.
It can't be that bad?


Connor just strikes a stabbing glance at Tj.
It was an accident lighten up.
      (hard time
You think this is funny?
Tj unsuccessfully tries to hold back his smile as he turns
away from Connor.
Get out of my face!
Unable to keep a straight face, Tj walks away with a huge
smile on his face. He disappears out of view.
Connor looks out to see Alex and Sean in the bay. The noises
from the woods continue to surround them as he listens
Connor quickly gets up and heads right to the tent and
sticks his head inside.
Tj walks out carrying the book bag Connor and Alex had
earlier. Connor rips it from Tj's hand and tosses it back
into the tent.
What is you'r problem?
I don't have a problem!
You know better than to go through
things that don't belong to you.
What's so top secret that you
don't want me to find out?
There's no secret.


Then why can't I see what's in the
You'll squeal to Mom, make a big
deal over nothing and get me
punished for the rest of the
You guys are up to something.
Get lost!
Where am I supposed to go?
Away from me.
Tj strolls through the woods, getting away from Connor and
taking time to himself.
Tj goes a ways into the woods before finding a stump on
which he sits and closes his eyes.
Back in the bay, Sean is taking off Tj's bait and putting it
on his hook.
Sean then continues to fish, this time maybe with a little
more luck.
Evening. As the sun begins to descend, the noises of the
animals surround Tj, waking him from his sleep.
The forest is growing dark as Tj realizes he should be
getting back to camp.
Once on his feet, Tj sets off for camp.
Some time passes as Tj continues to walk through the woods,
he grows curious as he doesn't remember which way is out.


As the woods grow even darker, Tj becomes nervous picking up
his pace. As he reaches the stump he was at earlier he
stops, he just went in a circle.
Tj can faintly make out voices coming through the woods. As
they grow louder, he realizes that they are not of Connor
and his friends.
In the distance faint ghostly figures can be made out.
Nearing Tj are three men carrying torches. Tj tries to
remain brave as they quickly approach.
Just then, as if he was summoned, Tj walks away from the
visitors following some sort of beautiful noise.
Though he does not know it, the three visitors disappear
into the darkness.
At the campfire, Connor pokes at the fire keeping it aflame.
From the bay, Alex walks to him wrapped in a beach towel.
How's the lip coming along?
Connor gives Alex the "very funny smart ass" look. Alex
humored by himself sits across from Connor at the fire.
Where's Tj? I haven't seen him for
a while.
He was being nosy, the last thing
I need is for him to alert the
press. Besides, I'm still pissed
from earlier.
Where'd he go?
He took off into the woods a few
hours ago.
It's getting dark, maybe we should
go look for him.
Out of the woods behind them comes Tj.


Glad to see you could join us.
Tj stands there, after a few seconds snaps back to reality.
There's something in the woods.
Was it a big hairy man-beast? Or
was it a rat the size of a gnome?
I'm serious.
We've heard it before. You ever
hear of the boy who cried wolf?
      (waiting for Tj to
Yeah take that bullshit somewhere
Do you always have to be a
smartass about everything?
Connor and Alex just laugh.
      (changing the
Where's Sean?
Still out there wasting his time.
Go tell him the fun is about to
As we near Sean we find that he is struggling trying to reel
in a fish.
That's it, come on.
Hey you finally got something!
Sean, still reeling in the fish finds Tj coming to him.


You can say that. Come on.
How long you been out here?
Haven't left. What's going on?
Alex and Connor are up to
something, I'm supposed to tell
you the fun is about to begin.
Sean grips the rod as it slips from him. Bracing himself,
the line tightens across the water.
What'd you say?
Alex said the fun is about to
What is that supposed to mean?
I don't know
Sean's fishing rod is pulled away from him and into the
water by the object at the other end.
Get it!
Tj and Sean scramble to grab the pole before it is pulled
Tj trips and falls face first into the water as Sean reaches
grabbing the pole.
You'r not getting away!
Tj gets up and runs up to Sean fighting the pull.
Sean reels faster as Tj grabs part of the rod and helps pull
Don't lose this one!


I got this!
A loud missile like screeching sound throws Tj and Sean off
guard causing them both to let go of the pole. A second
later a pop in the sky above them causes them to look up
only to see a spark of colors come down towards them.
Almost instantly, another stream of light than sparks. Tj
and Sean look back to see Connor and Alex lighting off
fireworks at the campfire.
That scared the hell out of me!
Damn, it's gone.
Sean grabs the pole as another firework flies into the air.
As Tj looks over, Sean lifts the fishing rod out of the
water. There is no longer a hook or bait attached to the end
of the line.
Guess that's the end of that.
No, not necessarilly.
Sean wades out further into the bay. As he comes back Tj
finds that Sean was using his pole.
We still have my pole.
Sean hands Tj the pole. Tj looks at the end of the line to
see an empty hook.
Nice bait.
Sean gives Tj a grin as the fireworks continue.
Tj looks out into the bay past Sean just as the water
ripples in the distance.


What was that?
Sean turns to see the ripples smooth out.
Quick, give me the pole!
Tj goes to give Sean the pole as he snatches it out of his
hands. Sean quickly casts the line towards the ripple.
Another missile like firework shoots past them and bursting
over the ripple sending red showers down to the water. From
beneath the water's surface comes a muffled unmistakable
The ripples turn into wave of bubbles, the noises from
beneath the water turn Tj and Sean white. They stand there,
deathly afraid to move.
An M-80 like firecracker goes off like a tommy gun causing
the thing ahead of Sean and Tj to head right for them along
the way releasing noises unlike anything they had ever
I think we need to go now.
What in the hell is that?
Sean, we need to go, now!
No one moves, the object is now a few feet in front of them.
A pause in the fireworks, at the same time a burst from
above and a large object emerges from the water sending a
wall of waves at Sean and Tj.
Tj takes off bolting for the camp. A second later Sean
follows running as fast as he can kicking up water as he
The fireworks are non-stop as Tj and Sean race for safety.
Tj looks behind to see a dark figure disappear into the
water. He stumbles to his knees.
Get up!


Tj hears the creature but cannot see where it is. In a daze,
he gets to his feet now following Sean.
Connor and Alex don't notice what is going on as they begin
the grand finale of their show.
Sean falls face first into the sand as Tj passes him. Tj
climbs onto shore, looking back Sean slowly gets on all
fours in the water.
The creature nears Sean as Tj looks on waiting for him to
get up.
In a last ditch effort Tj jumps into the bay pulling Sean up
and pushing him to the edge of the shore. Tj climbs up, Sean
now struggles to climb up.
The creature goes for Sean at full speed as Tj reaches out
his hand for Sean to grab hold of.
The creature reaches arm's length of Sean when Sean grabs
Tj's hand. The final burst of fireworks scares the creature
sending it into the bay as Sean and Tj fall back onto the
Tj and Sean walk to the campfire drenched as Connor and Alex
get drinks from the cooler.
Did you guy's enjoy the show?
There, there's something out
Of course, the water, and fish.
There's probably some turtles out
there as well.
Connor shakes his head and rolls his eyes as he tosses them
both a towel.
No, there is something out there.
It's not turtle, or a fish or
anything like that. It's much
worse, and it knows were here.


      (turning it into a
What did you try to pet this
Tj what did I tell you? Now you
got Sean playing you'r little game
I'm not playing a game this is
That thing came after me when Tj
helped me out of
Alex laughs at them like they are little kids talking about
a monster under the bed.