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The Hit
by Antonio Smith (procomm_1999@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: *1/2
The art of corporate corruption and illegal business activities have long been a part of corporate America for years. With inside trading, and corporate greed, someone is bound to fall. In a desperate attempt to prove the wrong doing of an elite business man and his illegal business activities, two determined federal agents will stop at nothing to bring him to justice. With the perfect plan in place, they put in motion an operation that ends with a twist.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Thursday, 2:30 pm, sweltering heat beats down on the city of
ATLANTA, opening credits begins to role along with score.

Camera follows OVERHEAD, as a fleet of black unmarked
vehicles TRAVELS through the city to the UNITED STATES
down the hallway of the U.S. PENITENTIARY. Camera takes a
FRONTAL view for several feet, and PANS around to the BACK
and proceeds to follow down the hallway.
GUARD NUMBER ONE opens the door where TWO F.B.I AGENTS are
waiting to escort Carlos to court.

AGENT NUMBER ONE walks over to Carlos and grabs him by the
right arm and walks him over to a VAN parked outside the
door. He walks over to open the side doors while AGENT
NUMBER TWO walks over to assist him.

AGENT NUMBER TWO takes Carlos by the left arm and helps
GUARD NUMBER ONE place Carlos into the van. AGENT NUMBER
TWO close the doors of the van, walks around to enter the
drivers side, as AGENT NUMBER ONE enters the passenger side
and close his door.

The agents drives off the prison grounds with a FIVE car
escort of black unmarked vehicles.
Camera follows overhead as Federal Agent MICHAEL KANE and
District Attorney SUSAN BROOKS are stopped at a RED LIGHT
within blocks from the RICHARD B. RUSSEL FEDERAL BUILDING.

The light changes green as they turn left and proceeds down
the street toward the COURTHOUSE.

A NEWS helicopter flies over the city of ATLANTA into
position towards the RICHARD B. RUSSEL FEDERAL BUILDING. The


helicopter begins to hover overhead along with other media
FIVE UNMARKED BLACK VEHICLES approach the back entrance of
the court and stops. The UNMARKED VAN carrying CARLOS turns
into the courts garage, proceeds to enter and stops for the
gates to open.

AGENT NUMBER TWO exits the van and walks around the back of
the van to the passenger side.

AGENT NUMBER ONE exits the passenger side and walks to open
the double doors of the van.

AGENT NUMBER TWO walks around to help as he opens one of the
doors and reaches in to help CARLOS down.

CARLOS exits the van, AGENT NUMBER ONE closes the doors as
they proceed to ESCORT CARLOS to the back entrance of the
Carlos and the two F.B.I. agents walks down a hallway
corridor over to enter a SERVICE ELEVATOR, which is open to
proceed to the courtroom.
The inmate Carlos DiMaggio and the two agents are met by a
court deputy. The court deputy proceeds to take the agents
and Carlos DiMaggio to the courtroom on the service
Michael Kane and Susan Brooks are walking towards the court
stairway. Within the background Ashley Waters a NEWS
REPORTER and the media are setting up equipment for a live
broadcast with media vans at bay.
Kane and Susan walks over to the PASSENGER ELEVATOR. Susan
presses the up button.


Kane and Susan enter the elevator and Susan press the number
FIFTEEN on the keypad.
The court deputy escorts Carlos to his seat and walks away.
Michael and Susan enter the courtroom walks over to there
prospective area to sit down.

Susan places her briefcase onto the table where she opens
it, sits down and pulls out her notes on the case.

The court is in verbal ruckus. Judge Hill enters into the
court and walks over to her bench. She picks up her gavel
and STRIKES it SEVERAL times to get the courts attention to
CALM down.
                       JUDGE HILL
Order in the court!! Order in the
She sits into her chair as the courtroom settles down. The
BAILIFF calls the court to session.
All rise, your honorable Judge
Nancy Hill presiding for case
number F-17210, the United States
versus Carlos DiMaggio, courts now
in session, please be seated.
Judge Hill places her reading glasses on.
                       JUDGE HILL
Thank you.
She picks up her file and briefly looks over the documents.
                       JUDGE HILL (Cont'd)
Good afternoon.
She picks up another doccument.


                       JUDGE HILL
      (Very relaxed)
I've looked over this case in more
ways than one. I have to say that
this has been a very long and
tiresome trial for all parties
      (Adjust glasses)
However, I come here today looking
for some closure, although it is
not my entire decision, I would
like the jurors to present a fair
verdict based on the evidence
brought forth to the court. So,
to start off the afternoon, I will
ask each counselor presiding is
there any further questions or
evidence that you would like to
present before the court?
Susan stands up to address the judge.
No, your honor.
She continue to stand.
                       JUDGE HILL
Ms. Dillon.
Ms. Dillon stands up to address the judge.
                       MS. DILLON
No your honor.
                       JUDGE HILL
Okay, thank you. You may be
seated counselors.
Judge Hill adjust her glasses and looks over her notes.
                       JUDGE HILL
When we last met, according to my
notes the jury was coming to a
verdict, is that correct
Ms. Dillon stands up.
                       MS. DILLON
Yes your honor.


                       JUDGE HILL
Do you agree Ms. Brooks?
Susan stands up.
Yes your honor.
Judge Hill looks down at her notes and closes her file.
                       JUDGE HILL
Okay, let's proceed. Jurors when
we last met two days ago, you guys
were in the process of coming to a
final conclusion, have you reached
your verdict.
Jury foreman stands up with verdict in hand on a piece of
Yes your honor.
                       JUDGE HILL
      (At Bailiff)
Could you get that for me please?
Yes your honor.
The bailiff walks over to retrieve the verdict from the jury
foreman and CASUALLY walks over to give to Judge Hill.

Judge Hill reads over the verdict and folds it up. She
passes it back to the bailiff who CASUALLY walks over to
give the verdict to the JURY FOREMAN.

The bailiff walks back to his/her appointed position.
                       JUDGE HILL
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
I've taking a second to look over
the verdict, and as you all knew
from the start this case laid
within your hands, and that it
would be your decision that will
determine the outcome. So, before
we proceed I'd like to ask the
jury foreman is the verdict that I
just reviewed is final?
Yes your honor.


                       JUDGE HILL
      (At the baliff)
Okay, the balls in your court.
      (To the Defense
       and Prosecution)
May the defenfense and prosecution
stand to face the jury please.
Everyone rise to acknowledge Judge Hills orders as the
Foreman begins to read the verdict.
On behalf of the United States,
the Federal Bureau of
Investigation, the State of
Georgia, and Georgia Bureau of
Investigation, we the jury find
Carlos DiMaggio not guilty.
Michael Kane stands up in a sudden outburst as the back of
his chair rams into the courts pew.
Not guilty! Bullshit your honor!
Judge Hill grabs her gavel and STRIKES it multiple times
onto her bench.
                       JUDGE HILL
Order in the court! Order in the
court! One more outburst like
that from you Mr. Kane and I will
find you in contempt of the court
and removed, do you hear me!!
Michael Kane takes his seat.
      (Look of discuss)
Yes your honor.
Judge Hill leans back into her chair.
                       JUDGE HILL
      (At Foreman)
Excuse Mr. Kane's sudden erratic
behavior. Could you continue


Yes your honor. We the jury finds
the defendant Carlos DiMaggio not
guilty on all counts ranging from
two counts of extortion, two
counts of money laundering, two
counts of tax evasion, and four
counts of embezzlement and
                       JUDGE HILL
And how did the jury come to this
Due to lack of circumstantial
evidence submitted into court on
behalf of the District Attorney.
We were unable to find the
defendant guilty of any alleged
charges your honor.
Susan looks at Kane and softly whispers.
Circumstantial evidence.
      (Softly whispers)
Not guilty.
Judge Hill leans forward to give her closing statement.
                       JUDGE HILL
Thank you ladies and gentlemen of
the jury. I know that this has
been a long and tiresome trial,
and each of you have sacrificed
time to render your civic duties
to see that justice is done,
excellent job.
Judge Hills gathers her documents from her bench
                       JUDGE HILL (Cont'd)
For three months you guys have
been kept in our watchful eye
under strict supervision and
isolated from your family,
friends, and the media.
She removes her glasses


                       JUDGE HILL (Cont'd)
You have put in countless hours
and once again we thank you. Who
knows how this case would've
panned out without your
assistance, however it panned out
the best way it could've. With
that said....
She picks up her gavel and strikes it ONCE onto her bench
                       JUDGE HILL (Cont'd)
Mr. Carlos DiMaggio you are
cleared of all charges, and now
released from the United States
Penitentiary. However you will be
fined restitution charges to the
court in the sum of fifty thousand
dollars, made payable upon leaving
the court.
Strikes her gavel onto her bench once more
                       JUDGE HILL
Case F-17210 is closed, thank you,
courts adjourn. Mr. Kane and Ms.
Brooks may I see the two of you in
my chambers please?
Judge Hill gets up from her chair to exit the courtroom.
Susan picks up her briefcase as she and Michael walk to the
judges chamber. The court is in a verbal disorder as
everyone exits.
News reporter ASHLEY WATTERS is standing at the base of the
courts stairway preparing for her FOUR O'CLOCK broadcast.

Her crewmembers are putting the final touches to her make up
and hair as the cameraman sets up and focus the camera. The
crew steps aside as the cameraman counts down from three two
one with his fingers.
                       ASHLEY (OS)
Good afternoon, this is Ashley
Watters reporting live from the
Richard B. Russell building in
downtown Atlanta, for the trial
and verdict of Carlos DiMaggio.
Carlos DiMaggio is one of
Atlanta's elite businessmen who
have been charged on several


                       ASHLEY (cont'd)
federal counts ranging from
racketeering too money laundering.

Sense April 12th 2009, the United
States Federal Bureau of
Investigation has kept a watchful
eye on Carlos and his business
practices. The F.B.I. says that
Carlos has evaded the government
on taxes, and have successfully
operated an illegal trade ring
that has some affiliation and ties
to the mafia, which has led to
other numerous charges.
TONY FERNANDEZ a Mexican male sits inside a limousine that's
parked in a nearby parking lot near the Richard B. Russel
Federal Building looking out of his window at the media
reporting the news.

He looks down at his television and looks on as Ashley
Watters report the FOUR O'CLOCK news. He reaches down for
the remote and turns the television off.

He continues to look out of the window from his limousine at
the live broadcast taken place in front of the Richard B.
Russell building.
Judge Hill takes off her robe to hang up in a nearby closet.
Kane walks in with the case in his hand as Susan enters and
closes the door. The chamber is dimly lit and decorated with
numerous accolades.
What happen out there your honor?
Judge Hill walks over to her desk takes off her glasses and
sits down.
                       JUDGE HILL
You heard the jurors Kane.
Rubs her eyes.


                       JUDGE HILL (Cont'd)
Lack of evidence.
Kane holds out the case.
Lack of evidence my ass!! Thereís
enough evidence in here to take
the fucking president of the
United States out of office.
Kane drops the case onto the Judge desk and walks over to
the window. Judge Hill takes the file and briefly looks
over the content.
                       JUDGE HILL
      (At Kane)
Well Kane, this is definitely not
the president weíre dealing with.
This is a man who has money, and
with money comes power. As a
major counterpart to Wall Street,
the economy, politics, and real
estate, Mr. Carlos is a man who
can eventually buy his way in life
and out of any circumstances that
may arise.
So youíre saying that he couldíve
bought his way out of this because
of his dominant status.
Kane walks over to sit down in a chair where he buries his
head in his hands.
                       JUDGE HILL
Could have who knows. However,
that's not what I'm saying. What
I'm saying is that if you had
money and power of that magnitude,
who knows.
Kane lifts up his head.
Yeah, who knows.
Kane gets up and began to exit the office as Susan reaches
for her briefcase and follows behind him.


Kane and Susan are walking down the courthouse steps in the
midst of the media to depart. While walking, they encounter
Kaneís partner Bryon Kills, who is attempting to make his
way through the media to approach them.
Hey donít worry about it weíll get
him next time.
Yeah, yeah, next time, thereís
always a next time hey Kills.
Kane pulls out a pack of cigarettes from his inside jacket
pocket. He takes one and places it in his mouth and puts
the pack back into his pocket.

He pulls out his cigarette lighter and stops to light the
cigarette. He looks over to his left to notice CARLOS
DiMAGGIO walking down to the bottom of the steps swamped by
news reporters, as he stops to meet a dear friend.
                       NEWSREPORTER 1 (OS)
Mr. DiMaggio!!
                       NEWSREPORTER 2 (OS)
Mr. DiMaggio!! The F.B.I brought
in key people to testify about the
DiMaggio Trade Commission is it
true what they say that the DTC
operates in illegal trade
No comment.
                       NEWSREPORTER 3 (OS)
Mr. DiMaggio!!
                       NEWSREPORTER 4 (OS)
Mr. DiMaggio!! The jurorsí found
you not guilty how will this
affect your future as a dominant
power figure to the city.
                       CARLOS (OS)
I don't know you tell me. You
guys seem to know all the news
before I do.


Kane, Bryon and Susan approach the bottom of the steps and
Go ahead, Iíll catch up with you
All right, meet you at the car.
Kane looks over his shoulder at Carlos who's now talking to
a dear friend and D.E.A, STEVEN CORALLIS who awaits him. He
gets swamped by newsreporter Ashley Watters and other media
                       ASHLEY (OS)
Mr. Kane, Mr. Kane. Can you tell
us what happen today and what went
wrong? It seemed as though the
District Attorney and the F.B.I.
had this case wrapped up, what
                       KANE (OS)
Our team of investigators and
fellow agents worked numerous
hours seeking witnesses and
evidence to seal this case.
However, from the jurorsí decision
and perspective we didnít have
enough evidence. Thatís it in
                       NEWSREPORTER 1 (OS)
Mr. Kane can you tell us where
does the DiMaggio case go from
                       KANE (OS)
I can't comment on that as of yet.
                       NEWSREPORTER 2 (OS)
You said that your team and fellow
agents worked numerous hours. Can
you clarify to our viewers the
amount of manpower it took and how
will it affect taxpayers in terms
of dollar amount.


                       KANE (OS)
No comment. No more questions.
Thank you.
Kane takes a puff of his cigarette.
Howís it going Steven, nice to see
Carlos extends his hand to exchange handshakes with Steven.
Same here my friend.
Carlos places his left hand onto Stevenís right shoulder and
continues to shake his hand.
I thank you sincerely for all
youíve done for me, remember, if
thereís anything I could do for
you, anything; just let me know. I
owe you any favor. Remember,
Carlos DiMaggio is a man of his
word, remember that.
I will.
Carlos removes his hand from Steven's shoulder stops,
shaking his hand, and walks swiftly over towards Kane. He
pulls out a cigar from his inside jacket pocket, which he
place in his mouth.

He approaches Kane where the media has now dispersed and
extends his hand unto him to shake. Kane stands at the
bottom step with his cigarette in his left hand.
No thanks.
He takes a puff of the cigarette and blows out the smoke,
drops the cigarette to the ground and steps on it.
      (At Carlos)
I donít shake hands with my


Kane walks off and Carlos laughs as he is left hanging.
                       ASHLEY (OS)
This is Ashley Watters reporting
live from the Richard B. Russell
Federal Building with a live
update from today's verdict of
Carlos DiMaggio.

Jurors found Mr. DiMaggio not
guilty on all counts. During court
the F.B.I.'s top agent, Michael
Kane was greatly displeased with
the outcome and said that, "He and
his team of investigators and
fellow agents worked numerous
hours seeking witnesses and
evidence to seal this case." He
said that, "However, from the
jurors decision and perspective
they didn't have enough." Enough
evidence is what Michael Kane is
referring to. If you have been
following the trail, the District
Attorney brought into evidence key
documents that they knew would
land Carlos in prison. Also, some
of the key witnesses that the
District Attorney's team brought
forth to testify, had
knowledgeable information to share
about Carlos and his operation in
the DTC, that the F.B.I felt very
confident about, that would help
them win this case.

However, the last word and final
decision was that from the jury.
I'm Ashley Watters, reporting live
at the Richard B. Russell Building
for QNEWS 5.
Kane and Bryon are sitting at an office desk looking over
the case. Kane is sitting with his hands propped behind his
What a day, what a day.


Kane looks off into the distance, while Bryon sits propped
over the desk looking over the case.
Yeah, you tell me.
Kane leans forward and props his arms atop of his desk.
You know partner, we caught a
pretty big fish, but I canít
understand how it got away.
Bryon looks up.
I mean we did every thing right to
catch this fish, we fed it live
bate and he bit, we even sat
around waiting countless hours to
catch him, and still the son of a
bitch gets away. Now you tell me,
what in the hell just happen in
court today.
Kane gets up from his desk and walks over to the water
container to get a sip of water. On his return back to his
desk, Bryon continues to thumb through the file looking over
surveillance photos and notes, as he pause at a particular
picture of Carlos and four other men.
I'm not sure, but what I am sure
of is this. Check this out.
Bryon passes the picture to Kane.
Whatís this?
Bryon places his hands together and cross his right leg over
the other.
This is something that has
bothered me sense we left court,
take a look at the guy next to
What about him?


Notice how attached he is to
Carlos than the rest of his men.
Looks like Carlos have a partner
that he didnít want us to no
Kane leans forward and looks over the picture closely.
So what youíre saying, Kills?
What Iím saying is that from
looking over the surveillance
photos I could see how the jurors
found Carlos not guilty. I mean
look at it Kane, our man is right
before our eyes and we were to
blind to see him coming.
Kane leans back into his chair and tosses the picture onto
his desk.
I see Carlos.
Thatís the problem. What we see
isnít what the jurors seen. What
they seen was surveillance photos
of a man who has no prior criminal
record. A man who is well known
to political parties as a major
sponsor, a major contributor
giving back to the community, and
one of Atlantaís elite business
men in real estate and on wall
street. So, you tell me, if you
were a juror on this case would
you suspect a man of that status
to be a crook.
Hey, as a Federal Agent to the
United States, its my job to be
suspicious of any unlawful
activity that goes on in my view.
Besides, there are everyday crooks
in corporate America, so what make
Carlos a saint, just because he
appears to be.


Exactly, just because he appears
to be. You see Kane; he appeared
to be just that in the eyes of the
juror, a saint. And the guy next
to him is his diversion; he is the
man that the juror saw throughout
this case that we overlooked.
Because we were so in tune to
catching Carlos, we failed to even
see this guy before our eyes
coming, and all the time we were
after Carlos, this guy; his
diversion was handling all his
Kane reaches to review the surveillance photo once more.
This cat.
This cat.
So, youíre saying this is our man.
Bryon sits back into his seat and places his hand behind his
No, what Iím saying is that this
is our ticket to our man.
Kane looks over at Bryon and gets up with the photo in his
hand and walks off.
Iím going to take your word,
And do what?
Get us a ticket.
Bryon turns around in his chair as Michael proceeds to exit
the office.


Kane walks towards Captain Fields office. He approaches the
captainís door and knocks on the door; Captain Fields is
sitting at his desk talking on the phone. Kane knocks once
more as the captain gives Kane a slight hand gesture to
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS (Phone)
Yeah, yeah tomorrow at noon
the commissioner will be there
okay, see you tomorrow.Ē
He hangs up the phone and Kane enters the office.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Well, well, well look who's here.
Come in have a seat. So, what's
on your mind Kane.
Kane takes a seat in front of Captain Fields desk tosses the
pictures onto the desk and scoots up closer.
Captain Fields reaches over and takes the picture.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
What about it?
Kane crosses his left leg one over the other.
Our ticket to Carlos.
Captain Fields looks at the picture.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Carlos. Kane, donít you know we
have exhausted time and manpower
into this case and came out with
nothing. And you still want to
pursue a man that we couldnít even
get a juror to find guilty to
Yeah, But I think we went after
the wrong man.


                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Wrong man.
Okay, so who did we go after Kane
sense you seem to think Carlos was
the wrong guy?
Captain Fields puts the picture onto the desk.
No I donít think that, what Iím
saying is that we didnít keep our
opportunityís open. We zoomed in
on Carlos and totally forgot about
one man.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Oh, okay, and what man is that?
Kane points his index finger to Tony Fernandez.
This man.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
And who is this guy?
Kane uncrosses his leg and sits up to readjust himself to
get comfortable.
Carlos right hand man.
Captain Fields leans back into his seat.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
And how do you know this, because
I donít want to go after an
innocent man who has nothing to do
with this just because you have
some suspicious notion to get
Trust me, I want let you down.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
All right Kane, I'll trust you.
Besides, you're one of the best
men I have on my team. And I
trust that you of all agents along
with your partner know what you're
doing and want let me down. But


                       CAPTAIN FIELDS (cont'd)
if you do your ass is grass, Kane.
You have my word.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Your word doesnít mean shit.
My word is bond.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Alright, alright, Iíll take your
word, you have my permission.
However, Iím sorry to say that it
wont be easy, Iím going to have to
involve a higher authority in on
this one. You guys have done all
you can do.
No, we havenít done enough.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Really, and to whom do you owe
this privilege to?
Kane and Bryon walk to their squad car.
So where weíre headed?
Kane enters the driverís side and starts the ignition.
To a party.
Bryon enters the passenger side.
What party?


The freedom party.
I take it you already have
reservations for two, or an
Where we're going my friend, we
don't need one.
Okay, and where's this party at
we're about to crash since we
don't need an invitation.
The Veltez, Carlos favorite
Kane drives off to The Veltez, a restaurant frequently
visited by Carlos DiMaggio.
Kane and Bryon pull up across the street of THE VELTEZ where
they wait for Carlos and his entourage to exit the
So this is the party?
Kane takes a cigarette and places it in his mouth.
This is it.
He takes the cigarette lighter from the car and lights his
Yeah, I figured if Carlos is going
to celebrate, it would be where he
conducts all of his business
engagements. So, if I'm right,
I'd think he would come here to
have a victory party, and maybe
our little friend will be here to
help him celebrate his victory


Kane looks out his window to see the crowd entering and
exiting The Veltez; he tosses the cigarette out the window
and looks down into his seat to pick up his cellphone. Bryon
notice an entourage of people leaving.
Take a look at this.
Kane looks up to notice the entourage.
Looks like our party.
Yeah, looks like itís over.
Kane notice valet has pulled up two cars. Carlos gets into
a limousine with two gentlemen, as Tony Fernandez enters
into the second car. Both vehicles approach the driveway of
THE VELTEZ to exit. Carlos and his entourage takes a left
out of THE VELTEZ, while the second car; TONY FERNANDEZ
follows behind him.
Alright, thatís our man, lets
Kane starts up the ignition and proceeds to trail the pack.
Carlos limousine turns off left from the pack, while Tony
continues towards his destination.
Looks like the party just broke
Well letís take the high road and
cut the second party off at the
Kane and Bryon pull near a curb several feet away from
Tonyís car. They witness a drug transaction take place
between Tony and a beautiful woman.
Well will you look at this?
Tony gets out of his car with a briefcase in his hand and
walks over to meet the woman who is waiting in a nearby car.
The woman gets out of her car with a briefcase to meet Tony
for the exchange.


Looks like the diversion is having
a after party.
Tony and the woman approach one another exchange briefcases
and walk back to their cars.
And he didnít invite Carlos.
Tony and the woman depart in separate directions. Kane
starts the ignition and proceeds to follow Tony several cars
behind through the city. He looses sight of Tony as Bryon
spots the car ahead.
Twelve oíclock straight ahead,
four cars up.
Kane is stalled in traffic when he notice Tony ahead of him
getting ready to turn.
Stay on him heís moving.
Kane creeps along in the traffic; suddenly Tony makes his
turn onto another street leaving Kane to turn on the squad
car lights to move traffic just to pursue Tony. The cars
ahead began to move out of the way. Several cars remain
stalled that Kane has to sound the siren several times to
get them to move. Suddenly a clear path becomes noticeable
and Kane speeds off in pursuit to catch up with Tony.
Hold on!!
Kane turns the corner and speeds down the street in
excessive speeds weaving in and out of traffic.
One oíclock right hand lane, two
cars up.
Kane turns off the squad car lights.
Got you.
Kane catches up with Tony where they pursue him for several
miles to Gaston Field Airport.


Tony arrives at the airport entrance and enters onto the
property as Kane slowly creeps up to the curbside out side
the gates and park. Tony pulls into a hanger. Kane and
Bryon sits patiently waiting for there move with Tony, after
several minutes of their arrival they notice Tony pulling
out onto the runway into his private jet getting ready for
take off. Michael opens his driverís side door and exits
the car.
Now, where we're going?
Kane closes the door behind him.
To catch a plane.
I take it we don't need a ticket
to catch this plane.
Bryon exits the car.
Kane and Bryon enter into to the airport lobby. Together
they approach the counter to speak to the desk clerk, whom
is an elderly man in his sixties. The clerk is sitting at
his desk watching television and in the background you hear
the weather report over the scanner.
Excuse me, whoís in charge?
The clerk stands up from his chair to walk over to the
Usually the man who wears the hat
is in charge, but I am tonight.
How can I help you young men?
Kane pulls out his badge from the side of his hip and shows
it to the clerk while introducing himself and Kills.
F.B.I, this is my partner Bryon
Kills and I'm Michael Kane.
The clerk walks over to the coffee dispenser.


Nice to meet you. What brings you
here. You guys need to book a
private flight out of town?
The clerk begins to pour coffee into his cup. He reaches
over to grab a nearby truckers hat sitting beside the coffee
dispenser and puts it on his head. Kane and Kills looks at
each other briefly and smirks over the hat on the clerks
No sir, maybe next time. But that
plane that just left, who does it
belong to?
The clerk begins to pour cream into his coffee.
Just a second.
The clerk puts down the cream, and reaches under the counter
to retrieve a logbook, which he places on top of the
counter. He opens the book and began to thumb through the
pages. Kane walks over to the door while Bryon remains
standing at the counter. The clerk continues to sift through
the pages as he put his coffee down on the counter.
Okay, here it is. The plane seems
to be registered to a young man
name Tony Fernandez.
Kane turns around and heads over to the counter.
Can I take a look at that?
Sure help yourself.
Bryon turns the log around to get a better look, as Kane
approaches the counter.
Tony Fernandez.
Clerk takes a sip of his coffee.
Yes sir, you know heís a swell
guy, did he do something wrong?


No, just a routine check up.
I thought you said you didn't know
Actually, Iíve talked to him
briefly several times whenever
heís come in the lobby, but I
donít know the fellow that well.
Kane looks through the log.
Well maybe you could be of help
and tell us what you do know.
I just know that the fellow flies
out of Gasten Field on a regular,
I never knew his name until now.
The clerk points to the name in the log and take a sip of
Thereís the name and registration
number, all there.
Thank you.
Kane points his index finger at the name and scans across
Mined if we get a copy.
The clerk puts down his coffee.
Sure, just one minute. Iíll get
that for you.
The clerk grabs the logbook and turns it around to open the
binders. He takes out the log sheet and walks over to the
copy machine. Kane turns towards the door as Bryon walks
over to the snack machine to purchase a snack. He reaches
into his pockets searching for change.


Care for a late night snack?
Nah, I'm good, eating junk this
late will ruin my appetite for
The clerk comes to the counter to give Kane the copy of the
log sheet.
Here you go, hot off the press.
Kane extends his right hand to the clerk to thank him.
Thank you. I appreciate your
Kane walks away from the counter Bryon follows behind him
eating a bag of potato chips as the two exits the lobby.
Tonyís airplane flies over the city nightlife.
Kane and Bryon walk into the office of a fellow agent whom
is sitting down at her desk. Kane walks over to hand her
the log sheet while Bryon sits down into a nearby chair.
I need a face to this name?
The agent takes the log sheet.
                       AGENT 1
Yes sir, what are we looking for?
Kane leans forward over the agents shoulder.
We donít know yet.
The agent types the information into the computer system,
within seconds a digital photo of Tony Fernandez appears


onto the screen. Kane leans closer as Bryon gets up from
the seat and walks over to look for himself.
                       AGENT 1
Is this your guy?
Kane places his hand over the mouse and scrolls down the
That's our man.
What a rap sheet.
Very impressive.
Very, mind if we get a print out?
                       AGENT 1
Sure, go to file and print.
That easy.
                       AGENT 1
That easy.
Kane prints out the information. He leans up from the
computer and walks over to the printer to retain the copy.
He takes it and looks over it as Bryon walks over to his
side to take a look for himself. Kane walks away as Bryon
follows behind him.
Tonyís plane is flying in for a landing at an airport strip
in Colombia during the sunrise. The plane lands and comes
to a stop, the door on the plane opens as Tony makes his way
down the steps. Tony walks over to a nearby limousine that
is sitting on the runway where a beautiful woman who gets
out of the limousine greets him. The woman hugs Tony and
kisses him on the cheek. Her and Tony enter the limousine
as the chauffeur close the door and he drives off.


Kane and Bryon or parked at a local fast food restaurant
eating. Kane is looking over Tony's wrap sheet, while Bryon
is taking a bite of his hamburger.
This guy seems to be one of
Americaís Most Wanted. Heís on
the ďAĒ list of Americaís top drug
suppliers with a cartel the size
of a corporation. He runs and
operates out of South America
flooding cocaine to the entire
United States to overseas. He has
a distribution ring that can
supply the demand of high volume
cocaine like heís selling millions
of records.
Bryon takes a sip of his soda.
Looks to me like our friend is
running one hell of a business and
Carlos is not in the picture.
Kane pulls out a cigarette and lights it up.
Yeah. But how is this related to
Carlos I donít know. Carlos would
never operate in illegal
substances to make money.
Youíll never no what a man would
do to get his hands on a dollar.
Kane puffs on his cigarette and looks out of his window.
Not Carlos, heís to brilliant of a
man to destroy himself over
something he would deem not worth
investing in, trust me.


Tony and the woman name Beverly is sitting at a nice
restaurant having dinner. Tony picks up his champagne to
make a toast.
Hereís to good times.
Beverly picks up her glass to toast.
And many more to come.
Tony and Beverly exchange toast and takes a sip of the wine
and place their glasses down.
So, is this where you conduct all
of your meetings?
Tony takes another sip of his wine.
No, here and there. I believe
that a man in my line of business
mustnít stay in one place. I
think he must stay mobile so that
he canít be detected.
Tony reaches down to unfold his cloth napkin to wipe his
So, I see, youíre always on the
Picks up his fork to take a bite of his meal from his plate.
Iím like a traveling salesman, I
meet my clients in person to make
the direct sale. Unlike most
salesmen, I manufacture and
distribute my own goods, ensuring
grade ďAĒ product and service.
Beverly picks up her cloth napkin to wipe her mouth.


So, your word guarantees my order
will be grade "A"?
Tony takes another sip of his wine.
Guaranteed, huh. Well Tony, talk
is cheap, you'll have to show me?
Tony pulls out a cigar and lights it up.
I'll personally see to it that you
are a satisfied customer.
      (Hesitant to reply)
Alright. So, lets get down to
Tony reaches into his inside jacket pocket and pulls out an
order form. He unfolds the form and lays it out onto the
table and turns it around so that Beverly can see it.
He pulls out an ink pen, which he points and circle
important information on the form.
This is the order form to place
your order. The circles that Iíve
made on the form are very
important, so please read
carefully. Once you have read the
form and agree to itís content,
Iíd like for you to initial where
I have circled, and we have
ourselves a deal.
Beverly looks over the form and initial within the circles,
she places her order and writes down "twenty five hundred
kilos of packed cocaine". She also writes specific
directions on how to ship her goods writing, "Ship contents
via Laptop computers, lined in plastic coating." She slides
the form over to Tony. Tony takes the order form and looks
over it and folds it and places it back into his inside
jacket pocket, he gets up from his seat and extends his left


hand unto Beverly, which she extends her left hand and he
gently kisses the back of her hand.
It's a pleasure doing business
with you. I'll see you tomorrow
to discuss your delivery.
Kane and Bryon are sitting at the bar drinking beer. Kane
is smoking.
You know Kills, it's been a long
day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a
lot brighter partner.
Bryon takes a drink from his glass and puts it down.
Yeah, I just couldnít bare another
day like this.
Bryon takes another sip from his glass as he and Kane gets
up from the bar stool to leave. Kane reaches into his
pocket to retrieve a twenty-dollar bill to leave on the bar.
Tony is conducting a business meeting with his fellow family
members at his office. Everyone is sitting around a
conference table.
I just come from America, where my
business counterpart and long time
friend Carlos was found not guilty
on all counts by the jury. I have
to say that it was a happy day for
the DTC and myself to see Carlos
walk from his charges. However,
the effect of him walking is going
to pose a major set back with the
Fernandez organization.
And howís that, Tony.
Tony walks slowly around the table.


Well, Carlos is a smart man. He
figures that his empire along is
worth over several million
dollars, so why deal in illegal
substances only to generate heat
to destroy it. He says that, as
long he can monopolize the trade
industry he can trade what he
want, when he want, and how he
want on the black market as long
as it doesnít affect his core
infrastructure, the DTC. The
DiMaggio Trade Commission is the
most powerful trading organization
for the black market in the world
that controls everything that
comes and goes across the borders
of the Unites States to around the
world. Every commodity or goods
on the black market are traded
through the DTC, once the goods
have made its way through customs
it can be traded amongst anyone in
the DTC that has any goods or
commodity they would like to trade
of equal or higher value for
profit or pleasure. Itís like
trading cards, my Mickey Mantel
rookie card for your rookie
Michael Jordan card.
      (He stops)
In the DTC, my Mickey Mantel
rookie card will be placed up for
trade along with your rookie
Michael Jordan card. If my card
or good has more value than yours
you can either add to the trade to
make it an even trade or someone
else could get into the trade who
would like to have what we are
trading, so they would increase
the trade with an offer of there
own, lets say for something they
deem is of more value than yours,
and it goes on until I find a bid
worth trading that I may need of
my own or something I could profit
from on the spot. However, to
make it all legit, Carlos
organized a corporation, which is
the DTC to oversee the day to day
activities to keep Uncle Sam from
ever suspecting a thing.


Tony continues to walk around the table.
So, with that said our
organization could face some
serious set backs, because
everything weíve created circle
around the DTC, therefore, Carlos
will have his watchful eyes in on
every trade activity that goes on,
and believe me, what weíve been
trading isnít what Carlos want in
his empire. Now that heís back in
the midst of things, heíll be in
hands on to track every thing that
comes through the DTC, therefore
what we have brought to the table
will not make it through without
him finding it. So, weíll have to
resort to plan B, which is to
cover up the deal by falsifying
information we submit on paper to
the DTC to cross the borders, itís
easy to write down a car on paper
than it is two thousand kilos of
cocaine. And with the assistance
of the DTC, and its relationship
with customs, our product will
pass with flying colors, just
because it was traded in the DTC.
Remember, my friends, anything
that is traded in the DTC is worth
passing customs because of the man
behind the name, Carlos DiMaggio.
Weíre operating a five million
dollars a day business and if
weíre not able to get our products
delivered to its appropriate
destination then weíve lost
clientele and millions of dollars,
which I refused to let happen.
What we have created let no man
take us down, our business is well
needed in the community.
FRIDAY 8:00AM in America. Kane walks around in his boxers
towards the bathroom. He walks in and HELEN his wife a very
attractive woman with long hair is in the shower, she sticks
her head out the shower curtain for a morning kiss.


Good morning?
Good morning?
They kiss oneanother.
Breakfast is on the table.
Helen places her head back into the shower. Kane walks out
of the bathroom down the hallway into the kitchen. Once in
the kitchen he reaches over the stove to grab a bagel and
the newspaper and walks back towards the bedroom.
Kane enters the bedroom with the newspaper in one hand and
eating on the bagel in the other. Helen has gotten out of
the shower where she's standing beside the bed in her robe.
Is that all you're eating, a
Helen walks over to Kane and gives him a kiss on the lips as
he attempts to feed her some of his bagel.
Yeah, have some.
No thanks Iím watching my figure.
Helen walks away as Kane taps her on her bottom. She walks
away to grab her dress off the bed to put on.
So am I.
Tony Fernandez enters into his private plane. The plane
turns around to proceed to depart the runway. The airplane
takes off and ascends into the air.


Kane and Bryon are sitting at a local coffee shop sipping
coffee. Here they are discussing future plans on how to
approach Tony. Bryon takes a sip of his coffee.
      (Blows to cool it
Nothing like caffeine to get your
day started, hey Kane.
Kane picks up his coffee, takes a sip and looks out the
window at the morning traffic.
Tell me about it.
Kane pulls out a pack of cigarettes and taps them on the
back of his hand to retrieve one. He takes the cigarette
and places it on his lips.
You know, I've been thinking of a
way to approach this Tony guy
without destroying the evidence we
already have that links him to
Kane pulls out a cigarette lighter from his jacket pocket.
Bryon points to a no smoking sign hanging on the wall, he
reaches over and takes the lighter from Kane.
Can't you see the sign, No
Kane removes the cigarette from his mouth and taps the butt
of it on the counter in a frustrating twitch.
      (A look of
Yeah, yeah, I see the damn sign.
So how much more of a pick me up
you need Kane.
Kane puts away the cigarette and takes a sip of his coffee.


Hey, don't judge me. One day I may
stop, but this want be the day. So
what's your plan?
Bryon places his hands around his coffee cup and begin to
slowly turn it around.
I was thinking more on the lines
of going in.
Kane takes the cigarette lighter and puts it back into his
jacket pocket.
What do you mean?
I mean, that throughout our
investigation with Carlos, all of
our surveillance was done from the
outside. Every picture, to every
conversation, we got from the
outside looking in, therefore
every thing we presented to the
court had no weight attached to it
for the jurors to prosecute
Carlos. So, I was thinking this
time we go in and get it.
Kane takes a sip of his coffeee and looks out the window
once more and back at Bryon.
Go in?
Bryon stops turning the coffee cup.
Go in?
Bryon takes another sip of his coffee and places it back
down onto the table.


Tony's plane is in flight as he sits near the window with a
glass of wine, and an unfinished meal, as he smokes on a
Cuban cigar. A very beautiful woman walks up to him and
takes the unfinished meal. He removes his cigar picks up a
phone, starts dialing and places it to his ear.
                       TONY (Phone)
Hello, how are you doing? Fine
just fine. I shall arrive in Las
Vegas around seven o'clock for our
appointment. First I must go to
Atlanta and see a dear friend, and
as soon as I finish I will come
meet you. Yes. Everything is
taking care of. Yes, I have
pretty women just for you, and I
have a sample pack just for you to
taste. If you like what you taste
then we do business. Well, if you
don't like what you taste we still
do business, because you'll
compensate me for my time, and the
sample pack, and you'll move on
without us never to meet again,
and never to sell an ounce of
cocaine again in your life.
Trust me. I'll see to it.
Hangs up walks to his office where he sits down to call
                       TONY (Phone)
Hey Carlos, how you're doing
buddy? Great that's great. So,
how's business? Really. Well I
was thinking about the
proposition, and I think it would
be wise to go in at three point
five to start. Well the last time
I check the bid was up a hundred
thousand and growing, making it
damn near four million to close.
Yes my friend, I'm in the air as
we speak, I should be landing in
another hour are so. Yeah, I'll
be there, alright.
He hangs up the phone and places his CUBAN cigar in his
mouth takes a puff and exhales.


Kane and Bryon are driving through the city of Atlanta in
I want to go in. I think it would
be wise for me to go in
considering the relationship you
and Carlos share. Besides, I know
everyone in Carlos organization is
very familiar with Michael Kane,
so I'm sure this Tony guy knows
you as well. If he doesn't know
you now, I'm sure he will later
on, and that will kill the entire
operation. So, as partners I
think it would be a good idea for
me to represent this operation,
but I'm going to need your back,
when I call, you have to be there,
and when I fall, you have to be
there to pick me up.
Hey, thatís what partners for, I
got your back and you got mine.
Now you know to get this operation
in motion weíll have to implement
the right strategy to catch this
guy. Because looking over his
movement he doesnít stay in one
place long enough to be found. So,
for us to get a hand on him weíll
have to set up operation Take Down
and work our way inside without
him knowing we ever came, how we
came, are who sent us. Some way
some how Kills, Tony mustnít know
who you are, where you came from
nor how you got here, so for this
operation to be a success weíll
have to change your entire
identity and make you one of them,
a major player in the drug game,
if weíre ever going to get to
Carlos weíll have to go through
Tony, you got me.
Got you.


      (Index finger
So, to get this two for one, you
must eat, sleep, and breathe Tony
Fernandez and become one of his
major buyers. Now this will have
to work according to plan or else
weíre fucked. Weíll take this up
with Fields and arrange for your
new identity to be approved, and
then weíll initiate contact with
our man and make arrangements so
the two of you can meet, and weíll
see what happens from there.
Kane and Bryon pull into the parking lot of the Federal
Bureau of Investigation and park.
Kane, Bryon and Captain Fields are sitting at a conference
table discussing OPERATION TAKE DOWN. Captain Fields is
looking over the print out that Kane printed earlier on
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
So, is this our man from the
Yeah. This is Tony Fernandez;
he's the most notorious drug
supplier in Mexico. He runs an
operation that consists of an
organized cartel that brings in
over six to seven million dollars
a day from cocaine sales.
Leans back in chair.
He owns over ten acres of land,
which he grows his own coca plants
to produce cocaine. Like here in
America we have tobacco fields,
which the tobacco is cut down and
sold legally on the market, well
his organization does the same
except with cocaine.
Leans forward.


He runs a legal pharmaceutical
company, which is his decoy, to
cover up his shipments, which are
legally distributed like tobacco
in cigarettes across the borders,
or sold in store, his stores. This
cat runs like several freaking
convenient stores which sales
cocaine like we sale cigarettes.
His operation is ran so well that
authorities has no means of
touching him, he's untouchable, he
abides to all the laws of
business. However, to add, the
police are afraid to even attempt
to bust him, because he's so
powerful, he's like a king, it is
said that this cat has more power
than the Mexican government. He
provides to the community by
giving jobs, he helps the poor by
building them homes to live in,
and he donates to charity to
assist the homeless, and any
poverty stricken neighborhood he
revitalize like American projects.
I mean this guy is something.
Captain Fields licks his index finger and flips the page.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
      (At Kane)
And what does he has to do with
Well, Tony and Carlos are the best
of friends and business
associates. Now, we know that
Carlos will never pen any illegal
substance to his resume, because
it would ruin his image in the
public eye. So we figured weíll
go after Tony and heíll lead us to
Carlos, and weíll get a two for
one deal.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS


Captain Fields puts the information down.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
And you want to go after this guy?
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Okay, so whatís the plan?
Operation Take Down. Bryon is the
decoy for this operation. He'll
go in and infiltrate the mission
and become one of Tony's major
buyers. The plan is to give Bryon
an entire new identity that will
allow him to meet without being
suspected so he could investigate
from inside the organization. Once
inside he could seize information
that will prove vital to taking
down the DiMaggio family as well
as the Fernandez cartel. We
figured that with the help of the
D.E.A., the operation wouldn't
have any drawbacks as far as
working with the Mexican
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Sounds great, but how do we get to
Tony without looking suspicious?
Well thereís a cat we cuffed
thatís doing time in the pen for
buying and selling crack cocaine
and powder. He was a big timer
running from Miami to New York who
covered the southeast region, with
that kind of coverage Iím sure
this cat will know something, so,
I think we start there and
hopefully get something solid that
could help.


                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Well it wouldn't hurt, he does
have something we need. Besides
the drug war in Mexico has gotten
out of control with all the
murders. If this guy Tony has
anything to do with any of them,
it' time we get him off the grid.
Lets do it.
Bryon walks into the interrogation room at the penitentiary
with a pen and a pad where an inmate name Gabriel sits
waiting for his arrival. Bryon pulls out the chair, places
the note pad and pen onto the table and sits down.
How's it going guy, remember me?
What's the matter cat got your
Okay, lets try this again. I'll
try to refresh your memory. I'm
Bryon Kills, I'm with the F.B.I.;
you and I had a brief altercation
some time ago, I'm here because
you have some information I may
need. So, I'm going to need your
cooperation while I ask you a few
Not without my lawyer.
Your lawyer. Oh, you want your
lawyer. Well my friend your
lawyer couldn't help you then, so
what make you think she can help
you now. You have more time than
father time himself because of
her, and you're crying for her
help. If I was you I'd cooperate
and answer my questions or you
want be getting out no time sooner
than you think. Now tell me, who
was your supplier.
You going to make this hard, okay.
How about for every time you
don't answer me I make it hard on


                       KILLS (cont'd)
you and increase your time. I see
you're a trustee on good behavior,
I know you wouldn't want to lose
your privileges in here, would
you. So, how about you give me
what I need and I'll give you back
your privileges. So, I'm going to
ask you again, who was your
Bryon sits back into his chair and looks at Gabriel for
several seconds.
I donít rat on my people, thatís
one thing I donít do.
Well, your people arenít here,
itís just you and I. So how would
they know? I want tell if you
donít tell.
Leans up to the table.
So who was your supplier?
Gabriel puts his hands on top of the table and reaches over
to grab the pen and note pad and write down a list of
CHRISTOPHER NOELĒ he slides the pad over to Bryon. Bryon
takes the pad looks over the names and rips the sheet from
the pad.
I donít know who or what youíre
looking for, but thatís a list of
suppliers. I hope who youíre
looking for is on that list, if
not, thatís all the information I
have to give.
Bryon gets up from his seat.
Thatís all I needed.
Bryon exits the room.


He walks down the hallway and pulls out his phone from his
hip, begins to dial.
                       KILLS (Phone)
Hey Kane, howís it going?
                       KANE (Phone)
Not bad, not bad. So, how did it
Bryon looks over the list of names.
                       KILLS (Phone)
Great, I got a list of suppliers
and on that list is our man.
                       KANE (Phone)
Alright, alright. Good job. So
now we have a referral. What I
need for you to do is meet me here
at the office so we can get you
ready and equipped for this
Iím on my way.
Captain Fields walks up with a package in his hand and drops
it on Kaneís desk.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
This is for Kills, this is his new
identity, and in here he will find
every thing he would need to cover
this operation. Thereís a new
social security number, birth
certificate, drivers license,
passport, bank account, new home,
new car you name it itís there. If
heís going to play Tonyís game
heíll have to play like him, by
his rules. Just let Bryon know
that after this is over with the
glamorous life ends, so he better
enjoy it while he can.
Captain Fields sits down at Kaneís desk and opens the
envelope to retrieve the contents from inside. He pours


everything out onto the desk. Kane reaches over to grab the
driverís license.
Charles Reed.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Yeah, I thought the name fits
Bryon, beside he looks like a
Charles Reed donít you think?
Michael places the drivers license back and grabs the birth
certificate and looks over it.
Dallas Texas, how about In
Between, Georgia.
Bryon doesnít look like he comes
from Texas, heís a Duke, a good
old country boy from down south,
back woods, one main road with one
red light and a bunch of red
Georgia clay.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
I know that, but Charles Reed was
born in Dallas Texas, and heís a
Duke, a wealthy good old country
cowboy that owns half of Dallas.
Kane places the birth certificate back down.
And howís this country cowboy
going to interact with a major
drug distributor like Tony?
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Because he has the money to do so,
thatís all our friend Tony is
interested in, does he has the
money to purchase the minimum
quantity of drugs he supply,
everything else is just to sale
the image to fit in well enough to
investigate his organization to
get to our man Carlos.
Kane leans back into his seat.


Hey, if you say so. Are we going
to have to get him some chaps,
Durangoís, and a ten gallon hat
and have him ride in on horseback?
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Very funny Kane, now where is your
partner anyway so we can get this
operation started?
He went to talk to the cat in the
big house, I just got off the
phone with him about forty minutes
ago, so he should be on his way
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Did he get anything?
Bryon walks into the scene.
Hey, howís it going?
Captain Fields looks up and looks at his wristwatch.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
I wish you could get to work this
fast. Have a seat, just the man I
need to see.
Bryon sits down in a nearby seat.
Whatís up?
Kane leans forward in his seat, looks at his wristwatch and
picks up the drivers license and gives it to Bryon.
You. This is the new you, Mr.
Charles Reed. You are a wealthy
country boy from Dallas Texas who
owns half of Dallas.


Alright, so what do I do to be so
wealthy, am I a stock broker,
dot-com guru, are just a spoil
brat who inherited every thing?
Captain Fields leans up to the desk and pulls out a bank
statement, and on it are the company header ALTON, INC.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
You own several oil refineries.
Your success comes from selling
and supplying oil to major energy
corporation's. You are a
businessman that has capitalized
on the success of oil; you're like
the modern day Ross Perot. You
have a net worth over sixty
million dollars, you're a real
estate investor who owns several
homes and properties in the Dallas
area, a real estate brokerage
firm, two upscale office buildings
in the city, you own a ranch in
Dallas, and an estate in Fairburn
Georgia, and you drive a 2007 Ford
Dooley pickup truck, nothing
fancy. Everything you need to
pull this off is in this package,
so, if you're going to play Tony's
game you'll have to play like him,
by his rules. Just understand,
once this is all over the
glamorous life ends also, so enjoy
it while you can.
Bryon looks over the driversí license.
Damn, call me J.R. Lets do it.
Tonyís plane in air as it approaches the landing strip at
Gaston Field Airport to land.
Kane who is smoking a cigarette, and Bryon are standing next
to a 2007 FORD F150 DOOLEY discussing the operation.


So you have the list.
Bryon pulls out the list from the inside of his jacket.
Yeah, right here. I guess he
figure heíd give us several names
in hopes of throwing us off from
getting the name we need.
Kane exhales tosses the cigarette, takes the list and looks
over it.
Well, nice try. I suggest we give
Tony a call and tell him Gabriel
sent us. After that, see if you
could make arrangements to meet to
discuss an order youíre interested
in placing. Hopefully, this will
be a start to a good finish.
Bryon adjusts his shirt and tucks it into his pants.
Hopefully. So, how do I look?
Kane folds the list up and places it into his back pocket.
      (Billy Crystal)
You look marvelous.
Bryon adjusts his belt by pulling on the belt buckle to
adjust his pants.
Do I look like a million bucks?
Hey, every bit of sixty million.
Alright Kills, lets get down to
business, you have the phone.
Make the call.


Bryon pulls out the phone and places the hands free earpiece
over his ear.
                       KILLS (Phone)
      (Deep Southern
On it.
He starts to dial, Kane walks to the front of the truck and
leans on the front grill. Bryon walks to the back of the
truck and leans over the tailgate.
                       KILLS (Phone)
      (Deep Southern
Yes, may I speak to Tony Fernandez
Turns around and put right foot on bumper.
                       KILLS (Phone)
      (Deep Southern
Hey Tony, the name is Charles
Reed, yeah Charles Reed, but you
can call me C.R., old Tex. Gabriel
Paz referred me to you and he
tells me that you're just the man
I need son. Well, my call is in
reference to a little business I
was doing with Gabriel that some
how didn't go according to plan.
It seems like our little friend
ended up in some big trouble in
little China, and I was just
trying to conclude. So, he sends
me to you in hopes that you could
help me. Well, let's say a nice
size order of some home grown
white dirt. Well son, our friend
old Gabe said you was the man, so,
I'm coming directly to the man who
makes it happen. Well, because
you're just the man I need to get
just what I need. I don't need the
middle man son, he done already
fucked me over. I was referred to
you, and you's who I do business
Walks to the front of truck.


                       KILLS (Phone)
      (Deep Southern
So, when can we talk a little
Yeah, I'm very persistent,
understand I'm a business man who
thrives on negotiation and money
son, so when can we meet. Because
I only do business with owners,
they are the one's who have the
power, the power to dictate over
any decision made in there
organization, they are the one
person wearing all the hats, be it
from the CEO, the president, the
CFO, the COO, to the board of
directors, the owner is the man
who all decisions must run by my
friend, unless he's lost control
of his company due to a merger, or
a hostile takeover, then he has
nothing, besides anybody else
can't do anything for me, as far
as making the top decision to sale
or buy. And I want to buy and you
want to sell, I'd hope. So when
can we meet?
He opens the driverís side door and takes out a pen and note
                       KILLS (Phone)
      (Deep Southern
Alright Iím ready. Okay, yeah Iím
familiar with that location, uh
ha, got you.
He writes 7:30PM at Gaston Field Airport hanger 5.
                       KILLS (Phone)
      (Deep Southern
Iíll see you there at seven
Hangs Up and Drops the ascent.


      (At Kane)
Seven-thirty, Gaston Field hanger
Alright, Lets go get him.
Tony hangs up his phone and puts it back onto his side phone
clasp. He walks over to meet a young lady name YOLANDA whom
he extends his hand to acknowledge her.
How are you doing? Nice to see
you again.
Yolanda extends and shakes his hand.
Same here, so, whatís the job?
Tony walks Yolanda over to meet Beverly who is waiting in a
nearby car that Ďs parked in the parking lot outside of the
hanger. Beverly stands waiting. Tony extends his hand to
acknowledge her as he introduces her to Beverly.
Beverly this is Yolanda Diaz,
Yolanda this is Beverly Cochlea.
The two acknowledge each other with a firm handshake.
Beverly, this is your driver. She
will deliver your order for you
and see to it that it arrives in
one piece and on time. She is one
of my finest drivers in my
organization whom I know will get
the job done right without any
hassle, sheís the best I have.
Stop handshake.


      (At Yolanda)
Great, so are you ready.
I was born ready.
Good, I like your enthusiasm.
Tony smiles.
It shows youíre a natural.
One hundred percent. Now your
order just arrived over an hour
ago, everything looks good.
      (At Yolanda)
I have a special delivery order of
lap top computers. I need my
order shipped overnight expressed
in one piece.
      (At Tony)
If any contents of my goods shift
in weight due to delivery I will
deduct five hundred dollars from
every ounce lost. If any of my
goods get shuffled around in the
      (At Yolanda)
I will personally see to it that
you will never make a run again.
Is that a threat?
No, thatís a promise.
Well you shouldnít have to worry
about a thing, youíre insured. If
anything does happen to your order
we will gladly reduce the overall
price of the original order and
give you the face value of your
order at the time of delivery
based on the weight of the content
of the good. If anything is
deemed to be wrong Iíll cut you a


                       TONY (cont'd)
deal on the original order form,
based on the weight of the
content. You have my word and the
honest track record of my driver
to deliver your order on time and
in one piece.
Tony reaches into his jacket pocket and retrieves the B.O.L.
form and hands it over to Beverly.
This is your copy of the B.O.L or
order form you filled out
yesterday. Every thing is in
place; this is like your receipt
for doing business with us. It is
noted also that this order will be
a Cash On Delivery payment and
that buyer bares all
responsibility to payment in full.
If order is delivered and buyer
is not there to receive order
after three attempts then buyer
will pay fifty percent of all
monies of order to compensate for
time and order neglect.
Beverly looks over the statement. She extends her hand out
to him to shake.
Sounds good.
      (At Yolanda)
And Iíll see you in forty minutes.
Beverly walks around to the driverís side of the car and
enters, starts the ignition and drives off. Tony hands the
order form over to Yolanda.
Pick up is in forty minutes at
dock eight. The shipment should
have arrived an hour ago, this is
the B.O.L, you know the procedure,
make sure that every box is
properly scanned in and our
customer is there to see her
Yolanda takes the B.O.L.


Tony looks over to his left and spots Bryon pulling into the
airport in a WHITE FORD F150 DOOLEY.
Alright, get to work, I have
another business appointment to
attend to.
Yolanda walks towards a car parked in the parking lot. Tony
walks over to meet Bryon who has parked near hanger five.
Is there anything I can help you
with sir?
Bryon takes off his cowboy hat extends his hand to
acknowledge Tony.
      (Heavy Southern
Yes sir, I was scheduled to meet
with a Tony Fernandez right here
at seven thirty at this hanger,
you wouldnít happen to know where
I could fine him?
Yes. As a matter of fact may I
ask whoís looking for him?
Handshake stops as Bryon puts his cowboy hat back on.
Well partner tell him old Tex is
here to see him about a little
business we discussed today, the
name is Charles Reed. Mr. Charles
Reed, C.R. that is.
Well nice to meet you Charles
Reed, I mean C.R. Iím Tony
Fernandez, Mr. Tony Fernandez that
is, but you can call me Tony.


Well I be damn, youíre Tony
Fernandez, son, itís a pleasure to
meet you. Old Gabe told me a lot
about you that sparked my interest
to want to do business with you.
Is that so.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, I hear youíre
just the right man for just the
right business I need.
And what business do you need?
Bryon puts his left hand over Tonyís shoulder and begin to
walk with him several steps to the back of the F150.
Son, thatís not the kind of
question you ask a man who comes
to you for your services. See
Iíve been in business for over
twenty-five years, and not one
time have I asked anyone who comes
to me what do they need. Why son,
because I know already what kind
of business Iím in, so therefore I
already know what you need before
you meet me. So son, as a
business man itís your job to know
what your consumers need, I mean
if you sell damn televisions boy,
and I was to come to your store,
damn, you know I need a television
hell, now donít sit here and ask
me what the hell I need when you
already know because of what
youíre selling, son.
Look, I donít know who you are,
are where you come from, but I do
know this, I like your wits old
man; I like your wits.
Tony pats his right hand onto Bryonís shoulder.


Well alright then letsí get down
to business, I donít have all day
you know son.
Alright what can I do for you
today Mr. Charles Reed?
Call me C.R.
Alright, C.R., how can I help you?
Son, I hear youíre the man to
supply my need. And what I need
is three thousand kilograms of
cocaine. Old Gabe was my man
until he lost the game you know,
and I lost my supplier. You see,
I may be a country cowboy, but you
know son, this old country cowboy
still have a few tricks up his
sleeve, and I know the game just
as good as them thugs out there
running them streets pedaling that
rock cocaine for that small petty
cash. Iím old school son, so I
know that the money isnít in the
streets, the money is with the
supplier, like you and I. My
domain son is Houston, Dallas, and
San Antonio, down to St. Charles,
New Orleans and back. I supply
and cover that entire region with
acid, ecstasy, to powdered cocaine
straight to the junkies themselves
in corporate America via a drug
cartel that covers the projects,
to the suburb with my goods son,
Iím the candy man and my buyers
come a dime a dozen to spend major
money for a bag of candy. I donít
fret over petty change, dime
sacks, quarter bags, half a gram,
I go after the big money.
So, what do you need from me?


Son, I need to place an order with
you worth several millions, I need
to keep my supply up and my demand
high, so can we get down to
business or do I need to go else
where, cause Iím tired of talking,
and time is money.
When would you like to?
When would I like to, what kind of
damn question is that? Now son, I
could want to today, tomorrow,
next week, and because of that
question son you could lose out
right now. Because, it's not
about when would I like to, it's
about am I ready to, right now?
Hell I'm ready to buy, are you
ready to sell?
Okay old man, I have to say I
really like your style, but I
donít have time to fucking play
anymore bullshitting games with
you. So, weíll do this my way, or
we want do this at all, got me.
Hell Iíve been trying to get you
for the past fifteen minutes, I
donít think you got me. Anyway
ole fellow business is business.
Tony pulls out an order form from his inside jacket pocket
and unfolds it.
Yeah, business is business. Now,
this is your order form, fill it
out and initial where the circles
are and sign on the dotted line
agreeing to your purchase order.
Thatís all I need from you, any
more bullshit talking from you,
and everyone in Dallas will want
to know who shot C.R., not J.R,
you got that old Tex, now sign the


                       TONY (cont'd)
damn order form.
Hey now, I didnít mean any harm
Bryon takes the order form and props on top of the trucks
hood to fill it out.
Here you are son, take a look at
everything and see if I missed any
thing of importance.
Tony looks over form.
Everything looks good. To get the
deal in motion, I will need you to
meet me tonight at fifty-four
fifteen Sycamore Drive around ten.
Be there.
See you at ten partner.
Tony walks off and re-enters his plane as Bryon tips his hat
gets into the pick up truck, starts the ignition and drives
Bryon exits the airport parking lot and picks up his cell
phone to call Kane.
                       KILLS (Phone)
Hey whatís up? Did you get every
Kane is parked in a remote location near a strip mall, with
a laptop computer. On the computer screen is a verbatim
dialogue transcript between Bryon and Tony. Kane sits with
an earpiece in his ear so that he could talk to Bryon over
the phone.
                       KANE (Phone)
Got it loud and clear. Every word
spoken has a visual appearance in
my face as we speak, no word left
unspoken. Yeah, I got that,


                       KANE (cont'd)
tonight at ten, fifty-four fifteen
Sycamore Dr., Yeah I know exactly
where thatís at, thatís the DTC.
Seems like our man wants to lead
us right to Carlos. Hopefully
itíll lead to something later on
during this operation, that will
Bryon pulls into the scene next to Kane, who removes his
earpiece to speak direct through the window.
Everything went well, you did a
good job. Now we just sit back
and wait to see what tonight have
in store.
Forty minutes later, Yolanda and three other women are at a
WAREHOUSE; the truck is backed up to a loading dock, where a
forklift has unloaded the freight from the truck. She opens
one of the boxes and pulls out a laptop computer; she opens
the box and unwraps the Styrofoam from the casing, and
removes the frame from around the laptop revealing packed
cocaine. She sticks the tip of her pen in the contents
pulls it out and sniffs it to see if the product is good.
After tasting she looks over to her crew and nods her head.
She takes the open laptop and PASSES it to a crewmember; she
then takes the B.O.L. from off the box and sign off on it,
and hands it over to Yolanda.
      (At Yolanda)
Tell Mr. Feranandez, that it is a
pleasure doing business with him,
also let him no that every thing
weighed in exactly, and that I
appreciate the effort he put into
getting my order in on time.
Yolanda takes the B.O.L.
Got you.
She signs her name to it, tears off the carbon copy and
passes it to Beverly.


And, I believe this is for you.
Beverly passes Yolanda two briefcases; Yolanda takes the
briefcases lye them on top of the order and opens one to
reveal ONE MILLION DOLLARS in cash.
Itís all there, count it.
I donít have to, I trust you.
She closes the briefcase, and passes it to her assistant.
Besides, itís not my job to count
the money, itís my job to collect.
So, if all of the money is not
here, then Mr. Fernandez will take
matters into his own hands to see
to it that he get the rest.
She walks away from the loading dock as her crew follows
behind her and gets back into the truck and leave.
Kane and Bryon are walking around the decoy home in Fairburn
admiring the beauty and space. Kane and Bryon are standing
in the middle of the foyer looking around in amazement.
Damn, all of this just for a
undercover operation.
Boy, if momma could see me now.
Yeah, sheíd probably ask did you
hit the lottery, because she knows
the agentís not paying you to live
like this.
Bryon walks up the stairs.
It would be nice.
Kane follows behind him.


Yeah, we couldnít manage to pull
off enough bread to afford this
place even if the agent was paying
us more money.
Kane and Bryon approach the top of the staircase. Bryon
walks over to the railing and looks down over into the foyer
as Kane walks towards the MASTER SUITE BEDROOM.
      (Looks around)
Boy, who did we have to take down
for this pad?
Bryon walks away from the railing towards the MASTER SUITE
I donít know, but whoever it was
must have had one hell of a bank
Bryon leans into the doorframe. Kane stands over near the
balcony with the French doors open, looking out over the
backyard, as Bryon walks over to view the scene.
Tell me about it.
Tony has arrived in LAS VEGAS at a disclosed location to
conduct another business transaction with another colleague;
he is standing in front of the BUYER while the buyer sniffs
the cocaine from the sample pack.

The buyer raise up his head from the glass table CLOSE his
eyes and leans his head back moans and runs his hand under
his nose. The buyer then leans down to the plate and begin
to snort more of the cocaine until its gone. After he's
finish, he leans back into his chair, looks at Tony very
I donít like it. I donít know
what the hell you trying to pull,
but I donít think I like what
youíre selling.


Excuse me.
The buyer leans forward and picks up the sample pack and
flicks it at Tony.
I donít like it, so Iím not
Tony turns away reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out
a NICKLE PLATED 9MM BERRETTA and points it to the buyersí
Oh, you're going to pay, one way
or the other, you're going to pay.
So, what shall it be my friend,
or would you like for me to
decide. No, you wouldn't want me
to decide my friend, know why,
because I don't make good
Taps the tip of the gun to the buyersí head.
Now my friend, whatís it going to
      (Looks at Tony
Fuck you, my friend.
Buyer leans forward in a disoriented state and grabs a
bottle of wine.
Tony pulls the trigger and SHOOTS the buyer at point blank
Fuck you.
Tony places the gun back into the inside of his jacket
pocket picks up his sample pack and the buyers money and
walks out of the door.


Kane and Bryon are making preparations for tonightís meeting
with Tony. Kane puts a pen size button onto Bryonís jacket
collar. He hands Bryon a pea size earpiece.
Take this and test it out for me.
Kane walks over to a laptop computer at his desk to check
the volume level and clarity of the vocals over the
microphone as Bryon places the earpiece into his ear.
Testing, testing one two, one two,
testing, testing.
      (At Bryon)
Sounds good. Can you hear me?
Loud and clear.
Kane looks down at the computer screen, which recorded
verbatim the test dialogue with a program known as VOICE
TRACK, which is designed to RECORD verbal conversation and
playback word for word in scripted dialogue.
Great, everything looks okay.
Donít worry about not being heard,
the Voice Track program has the
capability to record from over a
hundred yards and create a visual
script on screen even if the
person speaking is whispering. It
can pick up the lowest decibels
and notate every word, sound, or
noise precisely and accurately.
This system is more advanced than
the system we used earlier, this
one has the capability to record
in real time audio and visual.
Press playback on computer.
Everything that I just told you is
all right here, word for word. So,
you donít have to worry about
anything, just carry on the
conversation as usual, and let the
Voice Track do the rest. It will


                       KANE (cont'd)
name each conversation with a
voice, just like you see here.
Bryon walks over to look at the screen.
So itíll recognize every person
thatís speaking.
Kane pulls out a seat for Bryon to sit down.
Exactly, it has a voice
recognizable memory to recognize
each persons voice that speaks,
and places a name to that voice.
So, believe me, whoever talks will
be heard and pin pointed.
Grabs the mouse and stops the computer.
Okay, now that we have that
covered, lets go over my position.
I will park down the street
within arms reach just incase
something goes down fishy. I will
be three minutes away, enough time
to get to you before shit hit the
fan, got me.
Got you.
Go in without packing your side
arm, I know it sounds dangerous,
but I got a feeling that you may
get patted down. Whatever you do
Kills donít forget to observe your
surroundings, if anything looks,
seems, smells are even sound
suspicious get out. I will keep a
watchful eye on the Voice Track
and monitor the conversation to
detect anything I hear, and I will
let you know to make a break for
it. Keep your head up.


Yolanda makes the drop of the money from the transaction.
She's at a SAFE DEPOSITORY along with several other drivers'
in a building that Tony owns called the Holding Room, which
is set similar to that of a storage facility. This Holding
Room is one building that has several depository safes built
into the wall where Tony's driver's come to make the drop
off from the money they received from there delivery's,
which is highly secured. Each driver must enter through
security by presenting company identification, which has a
barcode that is scanned upon entering. Each safe depository
has a LCD screen with a security keypad that the driver's
must input their identification to receive access into the
safe, to make the drop. After the driver's input there
identification code, information in reference to the order
comes on the screen verifying the order, its quantity,
weight, and date of delivery, buyer's name, how many boxes
were scanned and not scanned, and amount of money paid for
the order. Each driver then types in the time of their drop
into the computer, and enters the amount of money they
received from the delivery. After each driver has made
their drop they sign out by using their access code. Once
signed out a CHECK is printed out and released from the safe
depository check slot. Yolanda signs out from her drop and
waits for her check to print out. The check prints and
dispenses made payable to YOLANDA DIAZ in the amount of
$5,564, which she takes from the check slot and exit the
The conference room in the DTC is set with laptop computers
on the table in front of each chair and a screen projector
hangs from the wall. One of Carlos assistance walks around
the conference table placing nameplates in front of each
seat. Carlos walks into the room with a cigar in his mouth
walks down the aisle of the spacious room approach the table
and removes his cigar from his mouth.
Howís it going?
Carlos walks around the table and sits down at his appointed
seat and adjusts himself.
Just fine Mr. DiMaggio.
The assistant places the last nameplate onto the table.


Great, and howís the family?
Carlos sits back into the chair with his hands propped
across his stomach.
Just fine sir, everyoneís doing
Great, so howís everything going
for Danny, did he get the new
position he was seeking?
The assistant walks over to the water pitcher and begins to
pour water into each glass. Carlos leans up to the table,
looks down and began to tamper with the laptop.
Yes. Thanks to you heís now the
Senior Vice President of
That's wonderful. Besides don't
thank me, he deserved it.
Carlos TAPS at the computer once more as information on
meeting notes and last meeting minutes appear on the
overhead screen projector, he puts his CIGAR into his mouth
and leans back into the chair.
I wish the two of you well, you
are a fine couple. The two of you
need to go ahead and get married,
its been well over two years now
since you guys started dating,
what you're waiting on?
The assistant makes her way around the conference table
pouring water.
Nothing sir, I'm just trying to
save up enough money so we can.
Carlos removes his cigar and exhales.


Money, don't ever let money
dictate how you should live or do
anything. Granted we all would
like to have more of it, but money
doesn't do anything, it's what you
do with money. Besides, as along
as you know me, I don't ever want
to hear you mention again about
money. If you need, I got, and you
know that. So when you're ready
for a wedding, come see me, and
I'll be glad to cover all
expenses. Don't ever allow money
to deter you from your happiness,
you got me.
The assistant has stopped in her tracks to pay attention.
Yes sir.
Carlos puts his cigar back in his mouth and reclines in his
Capt. Fields is in his office sitting at his desk talking to
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS (Phone)
Okay, you guys have me here past
my bed time, so letís make it
happen. You all set? All right,
you guys be careful. Make sure
you maintain your cool and donít
blow it. Yeah I know. This is
our chance to get inside without
being seen, so what ever you do,
see to it that you go all the way,
because once weíre in thereís no
turning back. You will become an
official full time trader in the
DTC, which mean you will get all
the inside scoop that we need, so
donít let me down. All right, Iím
here, so keep me posted.
Capt. Fields hangs up the phone.


Bryon hangs up his phone and press speed dial on the keypad
to dial Kane, whoís driving behind him.
                       KILLS (Phone)
Howís it going partner? Did you
get all that?
                       KANE (OS)
Yeah. I think weíll do just fine.
Seems like the Captains just a
little worried about this
Tony enters his vehicle starts the ignition and drives off
the Airport property.
Bryon and Kane arrive at the DiMaggio Trade Commission.
Bryon continues to drive to the entrance of the DTC parking
deck as Kane pulls into a parking lot across the street.
Bryon exits the F150 and began to walk through the parking
deck towards the elevator.
You with me here Kane?
                       KANE (OS)
Iím right here, Kills, I hear you
loud and clear.
Good, because I want you to see
this good old country boy in
                       KANE (OS)
Oh believe me I will. This system
is also equipped my friend with a
digital camera that allows me to
see everything you see from your
perspective, which is recorded in
real time, so Iíll see you live


                       KANE (cont'd)
and in action.
Bryon approaches the elevator and presses the button, the
elevator doors open.
So, can you see me?
                       KANE (Radio)
Not really. But I can see that
youíre getting onto the elevator.
Alright, alright, isnít
technologyís a bitch. I feel like
a lab rat.
                       KANE (Radio)
All right Kills, Iím going to be
here watching and hearing
everything that goes down, so go
in and handle your business.
Just like we was trained to do
The elevator doors open at the lobby level where Bryon steps
off. He walks over to approach the security desk.
      (Heavy Southern
How youíre doing there youngman?
Good, how can I help you?
      (Heavy Southern
I'm schedule to meet a gentlemen
here around ten, you wouldn't
happen to know if someone came in,
a Mexican gentlemen about six feet
two-hundred something pounds, dark
hair with a low cut, would you.


No sir I havenít.
                       KANE (Radio)
Looks like our man is walking in
behind you.
Bryon looks up to see Tony entering the lobby.
Howdy partner.
He turns to him and extends his hand to him.
Hey my friend. Glad you made it.
Well I just couldnít miss it for
the world.
Tony places his left hand behind Bryonís back.
Good to know that, because I look
forward to our meeting tonight.
They stop shaking hands and walk down the hallway.
So did I.
                       KANE (Radio)
Looking good, Kills.
Bryon and Tony are walking into the conference room where
other members of the DTC have already arrived and taking
their seats. Tony and Bryon proceed to walk to there
designated seats. Tony takes his seat at his nameplate, as
Bryon sits down at a guest spot. Carlos is sitting at the
head chair with the screen projector behind him. He has a
cigar in his mouth as he leans up to the table to put it
into an ashtray.
Good evening everyone, how are we
doing today?
Everyone replies in there own way ďGOODĒ, ďWONDERFULĒ,


Carlos LOOKS around table.
As I look around, I see a few
guest appearances joining us for
tonightís meeting. So, before we
get started could each of you
stand up introduce yourself, and
who you are a guest of.
A young lady name Barbara stands up.
My name is Barbara Madelyn, Iím
here tonight as a guest of Mr.
Barbara sits down, as Carlos looks over to the next guest
who is a gentlemen in his mid thirties who stands up to
introduce himself.
Okay and you.
My name is Scott Kilpatrick, Iím a
guest of Tony Fernandez.
Scott sits down. Camera pans around the table as Bryon
stands up.
      (Heavy Southern
My name is Charles Reed, but you
can call me C.R. I too am a guest
of our friend here Mr. Fernandez.
Bryon sits down. Carlos picks up his cigar and presses a
button on the computer screen to start the meeting. The
meeting notes and last meeting minutes appear on the
overhead screen projector. This information is wired into
everyoneís laptop computer so that each person can see
before them and make notations of the meeting.
Well it's a pleasure to have you
all here tonight as our guest. I
hope that after tonight's meeting
each of you walk out of here as
new members to the DTC. And that


                       CARLOS (cont'd)
while you're here, you all will
gather as much information to
assist you all with your decision
to join our organization, which is
a fine organization I must say so
myself. If by any chance that you
find yourself interested just let
the person who invited you know so
that we can get the paperwork
Okay, to proceed, as we all know
as of Thursday I was found not
guilty on all counts, for my guest
who don't know read the headlines,
so with that said I am a free man.
However, I'm still under the
fire, watchful eyes of the law.
Anyway, I instilled my trust in my
friend and partner Tony Fernandez
to run the company, and from
looking over the minutes from last
weeks meeting I see that we
brought aboard a new member, Mr.
Jose Gambinna, who is the
CEO/President for Auto Rental Car,
and Owner of Southern Grand
Casino. I also see that our trade
was up ten percent, so that brings
our profit margin up by three
point two percent with a net
profit of four point five million.
We took in five trades and one
penalty. So, it looks like we're
doing good business.
                       KANE (Radio)
Bryon, ask him what is the nature
of their business, and what does a
penalty applies to.
Bryon raises his right hand to ask a question.
Excuse me their partner.
      (Looks at Bryon)
Yes. How can I help?


Could you tell me the nature of
business in the DTC and what does
a penalty implies too.
Good question. Our business here
at the DTC is simple; it is trade.
We trade goods of value amongst
one another, your pen for my pen,
your shirt for my shirt. Each
member is a key player in the
business industry. Everyone has
something to give for something in
return, almost like bartering. I
sometimes may trade my services
for yours, or my sports car for
your home in Malibu, if I found
its value is worth the trade. If
not, someone else may find my car
worth having and add to the trade,
lets say, a home in Alpharetta and
a set of titanium golf clubs. Who
knows, but you get the idea. And
if a trade isnít made within the
trading day, the person or persons
whoís left with their goods must
pay a penalty. Yes, we are in
business to trade on the black
market certain goods and
commodities that have passed
through customs. However, what we
trade is amongst us and only us,
and has no way to get to the
Well hot damn, sign me up.
Saturday 12:00P.M., Kane is sitting in the living room at
the Fairburn estate looking over notes and footage on the
computer recorded from the Voice Track.

He strolls the tool bar down with the mouse as he reads the
verbal content while watching the real time footage of the
undercover operation. Bryon walks into the scene entering
from the dining room.
So, how weíre looking?


      (Looks at Bryon)
So far, so good.
Kane looks down at the monitor.
Yesterday was a big success. We
retrieved a lot of data, I just
have to save it so weíll have
something to show, with out it we
have nothing.
Bryon sits down next to Michael to look over the footage.
Well if weíre ever going to beat
Carlos at his own game weíll have
to come better than what we came
with Thursday.
Well I have a feeling we will.
After today Iím sure weíll have
more than enough content and
footage to present to a jury.
Leans back into sofa.
However, we still have to get
through today and hope that
everything goes well.
Lets hope so.
Carlos walks out onto his balcony with a robe on and a cigar
in his mouth. He steps out to catch a glimpse of the view.
He pulls the cigar from his mouth and leans over the balcony
rail to enjoy the view overlooking the lake. He leans up
from the rail, and reaches into the pocket of the robe and
pulls out a cellphone.
                       CARLOS (Phone)
Good morning, may I speak to Mr.
Williams please, sure. Hello my
friend, good afternoon how are you
doing? Wonderful, just wonderful,
my secretary told me that you
called inquiring about the Marlow


                       CARLOS (cont'd)
deal. All right, well I want to
let you know that the Marlow deal
went through at three o'clock this
morning. We came to a contractual
decision based on the needs of
each party, being decided with a
sixty/forty deal. The addendum
was added to correct clauses 9a,
2b,and c, and clause 5c with an
agreement to split building cost
fifty-fifty. Yeah, we agreed with
the estimated cost of 3.5 million
dollars. Yeah, that's correct.
The information was faxed to your
office this morning around three
ten, so we're good to go. Alright,
I'll see you in an hour to close
everything off.
He hangs up and places the phone into his robe pocket and
the cigar into his mouth and walks into the house.
Captain Fields is in his office on the phone talking to
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS (Phone)
How's everything so far Kane? Did
you guys get anything worth using?
Great great. So what's the game
plan for today?
All right, so Bryon conducts his
first trade today. All right, so
everything's all set and ready to
go. Good, make sure that you keep
me updated every minute on the
minute. I'll need a briefing of
every person that attends this
meeting today. So make sure that
Bryon goes in and introduce
himself to everyone so that we
could get a profile to see what
type of people we're dealing with.
Oh all right, that's even better,
I'll see you guys later on, all
right, see you then.
He hangs up.


Tony walks into the V.I.P area of a local club where he
meets with a gentleman to discuss a business transaction. He
extends his hand unto the gentleman.
Hello my friend, itís a pleasure
to meet with you again.
The gentleman extends his hand to greet Tony.
Same here, have a seat my friend.
Tony sits down. The gentleman passes Tony a wine bottle.
Here, have some.
Tony takes the bottle and pours himself some wine.
So, whatís on your mind my friend?
The gentleman picks up his wine glass and turns it up and
places it down onto the table. Tony turns up his glass and
places it back onto the table.
I need a plane, a cargo plane.
The gentleman puts his hand around the neck of the wine
How soon?
What time?
Two oíclock sharp no later.
The gentleman reaches over and picks up a burning cigarette
and looks at his wristwatch and pours more wine into his and
Tonyís glass.


Such a short notice. Let me
contact one of my key players and
Iíll get back with you with an
answer in fifteen.
Tony grabs his wine glass stands up from the table and turns
it up and puts it down onto the table.
Do that.
Carlos is sitting down at Mr. Williamsís office signing the
contract to close the deal. Mr. William signs the last
document and passes it over to Carlos. Carlos takes the
contract and places it in his briefcase.
Thatís that. We should be in
business by the end of today and
up and running in less than a
                       MR. WILLIAMS
Have we decided on a contractor?
Not yet. That was something that
was going to be determined by all
contributing investors.
                       MR. WILLIAMS
How soon?
It hasnít been noted, but we do
have a tentative date to meet and
discuss further plans.
                       MR. WILLIAMS
Great, keep me informed.
Will do.
Carlos stands up from the desk and extends his hand to Mr.
Williams to shake. Mr. Williams stand up from his desk and
extends his hand unto Carlos in return. Mr. Williams
escorts Carlos out of his office.


                       MR. WILLIAMS
I have to say that itís a pleasure
to be partners in a business with
you and four of Americaís most
prestigeís businessmen.
They stop near the office door.
The pleasure is all mine.
Tony is sitting in a convertible Mercedes Benz parked at
South Beach when his phone rings.
                       TONY (Phone)
Tony speaking. Yeah what you got?
All right, thatís great Iíll take
it. How soon can I pick it up?
Great, I can be there in ten
He hangs up the phone starts up the ignition and drives off
down South Beach to pick up the plane.
Kane and Bryon are at the F.B.I headquarters in the
conference room looking at printouts of Friday's operation.
Bryon is standing over Kane's right shoulder with a print
out of Scott Kilpatrick in his hand.

On the table is a line up of every one that was at the board
meeting including Bryon. Each printout include vital
information about each person to that the Voice Track
gathered to better assist Kane and Bryon with Operation Take
Thereís more to this guy than what
he appeared to be.
It appears to be that way with
everyone who was at the meeting.
Everyone has some kind of criminal
background tied into a operation
that has led to some illegal


Yeah, and I think we dealing with
a group of individuals who has
built a conglomerate structure
amongst each other to support one
anotherís needs in business, and
Carlos is the head.
Tony is at an airplane hanger where he is meeting to pick up
the cargo plane. He, the gentleman and three other men are
standing near the plane.
My friend, as I promised I all
ways deliver.
Tony looks up at the plane and began to walk around it. The
gentleman and the seller walk behind him.
Itís a good plane, trust me, itíll
get the job done.
Tony walks under the plane as the seller follows.
Thatís all I need to know. How
Since you are a friend of my best
referral Iíll give it up for two
point six.
Tony walks back under the belly of the plane and looks up at
Iíll take it.
Carlos is at his office talking to Tony over the phone.
                       CARLOS (Phone)
Howís it going Tony? Great. We
closed the deal around three this
morning at three point six. Yeah.
I met with Mr. Brad Williams
about a few hours ago to sign off


                       CARLOS (cont'd)
on the deal. Yeah. Heís ready to
go. Everythingís in place accept
the contractor. Weíre going to
get together to discuss that later
on. All right, oh and donít
forget the DTC meets at six this
afternoon to trade transaction
donít be late. All right my
friend see you then.
He hangs up the phone.
Bryon, Kane and Captain Fields are discussing preparation
for tonightís meeting at the DiMaggio Trade Commission; on
the captainsí desk are several DTC trade certificates. Kane
and Bryon are sitting at the desk.
I was told that I must have these
certificates filled out in order
to conduct business in the DTC.
Our friend Carlos told me that in
order to make a trade transaction
these have to be complete.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
How do they work?
Bryon walks over to the window.
Like money, instead of it being a
currency of monetary value, it
holds it value based on the goods,
products, or services you place on
the certificate. Lets say your
car for my boat or your pen for my
pen or whatever youíd like to
Turns around walks over to desk.
It works like this. In every day
life we trade something with
someone, be it services or
whatever. Lets say as a kid you
would trade your toy for my toy,
my G.I Joe, for your R2D2. Now,
letís say that my G.I. Joe was


                       KILLS (cont'd)
worth ten dollars, but your R2D2
was worth more.
Picks up a certificate.
To complete the trade, I would
have to give you something else
along with my G.I. Joe to equal
the value of your R2D2, to make
the trade an even deal of value.
Or I traded you my baseball card
for your baseball card, and Kane
comes alone and says heíll raise
the bid and trade me two of his
best cards for my one. You can
either raise the stake and bid
with him for my one card thatís
worth millions or you can see your
bid good bye to the highest
Drops the certificate.
After the trade has been initiated
ten percent of the trade goes to
the organizations head, which is
Senior Demagio. Right then, we
just initiated a transaction that
didnít involve Uncle Sam that
could be profited from.
Captain Fields picks up the certificate.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
So, in our case this would be
considered money.
Not exactly. You see, in the DTC
there is know money exchanging
hands only certificates. So
therefore there is know paper
trail that the IRS could follow.
In our case weíll be exchanging or
trading our services or Charles
Reed will exchange his services as
a C.E.O., for Tonyís goods. So,
that certificate will be whatever
commodity, goods, services, or
product we seek to put down.


                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Okay, so what would you trade?
Bryon leans on desk with both hands.
Captain puts the certificate down.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
So, once you and I have exchanged
certificates then how am I to get
my services or goods?
Weíre obligated by the board to
have all transactions finalized
within twenty four hours.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
And if you donít.
You forfeit your seat on the board
to do business with anyone on the
international black market. In
other words youíll get black
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Well, we donít want that.
No we donít.
A Jamaican drug lord sits in the back room of his barbershop
surrounded by his fellow colleagues smoking marijuana. He
picks up the phone to call Tony.
                       RASTA (Phone)
      (Jamaican accent)
Hey Tony, how's it going my
friend? Good, good. Look a here
I need my order today man. I've
run out of ink to fill my orders,
you feel me man. How soon? Right
now my friend, like today, can you
put a rush on it. Hey man money
is no problem I just need my ink.
Oh, so you can get it to me,


                       RASTA (cont'd)
around what time. Okay, that's
good for me. I'll be there. Cargo
plane all right I'll look out for
it. Yeah, see you later my
Mexican brother.
He hangs up the phone and takes the marijuana from his
colleague takes a puff and exhales.
We pick up at eight tonight man.
The shipment supervisor is getting an order of two pallets
of cocaine prepared to ship out from Tonyís manufacturing
and distribution plant. He walks around and signs off on
the order when his phone rings.
                       SUPERVISOR (Phone)
Hello, hey Mr. Fernandez how's it
going? Great. Every things fine
here. We're processing three
hundred fifty units per hour sir,
so we're on target, yes sir, the
New York account, sure, I'll get
right to it. Okay sir, ship the
order on the cargo plane along
with the New Orleans and L.A
accounts, yes sir, will do.
He hangs up his phone and walks over to STOP the forklift
Howís it going?
                       FORKLIFT DRIVER
All right.
The supervisor gets onto the side of the forklift and looks
over at the screen to review the orders the driver is
Iíll need for you to pull the New
York account and get it ready to
be shipped out with the New
Orleans and L.A. accounts.


                       FORKLIFT DRIVER
So, what do you want me to do with
the order Iím pulling?
The supervisor looks at the order on the screen.
Itís not scheduled to go out until
Monday, so drop it down. I need
the New York account pulled up and
ready to go.
The forklift driver nods his head in agreement as the
supervisor steps down from the side of the forklift. He
walks away to get the orders prepared to ship out. Each
order is lined up for inspection. Heís inspecting the New
York account that is six pallets of tightly packed and
packaged BIC writing pens, which contains cocaine inside the
tubes checking the weight accuracy and quantity count. The
plant is in full operation as forklifts maneuvers throughout
the plant pulling and filling orders. The forklift driver
pulls into frame to drop off another pallet.
Letís go, letís go!! We have an
order to get out. The cargo plane
is on its way to pick up, now lets
move it!
The driver drops off his load and pulls away. The
supervisor inspects the last pallet and signs off on it as
Tonyís private plane in mid-flight over Florida as he flies
to Atlanta.
In seperate vehicles Kane and Bryon drives to the DTC. Kane
discusses plans for tonight's operation with Bryon over the
cell phone.
                       KANE (Phone)
Alright Kills, hereís the game
plan. You go in present your
certificates; make sure that you
get visual on every certificate
that crosses your eyesight that
seeks interest in trading with you
even the ones that doesnít trade


                       KANE (cont'd)
with you. Weíll want to see
whatís being traded, so we could
get an accurate look at the
inventory being passed back and
forth that way we can visually see
whatís exactly going on. Also see
to it that you get Carlos to
explain how the method of trading
goes on within the DTC. I mean as
far as how the DTC is just a cover
up to exploit illegal activities.
I want every thing and anything
tonight that will shut down Carlos
and Tonyís entire operations just
by presenting a tape to the D.A. I
mean this is our night Kills, I
feel good. I think tonightís the
night our fish is going to bite
and this time he want get away. I
tell you I feel confident. I tell
you Kills, thereís no way we could
blow this one.
Kane pulls up beside a BLACK ESCALADE as he stops at a RED
LIGHT. He looks over to his left and notices three
attractive females inside the vehicle. He looks over once
more and notices KAYCE the female passenger looking at him.
He smiles and briefly waves at her as the light turn green
and they proceed through the light.
Kills, whatís your location? Okay.
I got tied up at the light.
Alright, Iím on my way if Iím not
there in ten minutes go ahead the
Voice Track will catch up on your
mark. Iíll be there.
Kane hangs up the phone and continues to drive as the black
Escalade slows to make a left turn. He drives to the DTC
and parks across the street in the nearby parking lot.
Bryon walks up to his seat where SCOTT, BARBARA, MR.
seated. Carlos is smoking on a cigar he removes the cigar
from his mouth.


Howdy partner. I must say that
itís an honor to be apart of your
prestigeís organization and I look
forward to making this a pleasant
business relationship.
Same here my friend.
Tony and Beverly enter into the conference room as Beverly
walks over to take her seat. Tony walks over to greet
Carlos as Carlos stands up to greet him. He extends his
hand to acknowledge Tony.
Hello my friend. Nice to see you
He place his other hand over Tonyís and shakes it.
Same here.
Iím glad you made it.
Couldnít miss it for the world.
Carlos sits back down into his seat as Tony walks over to
his seat beside Carlos. Before he sits down he extends his
hand and greets Bryon.
Howís it going my friend? Glad
you made it.
He sits down into his seat. Camera pans over to Carlos, as
he taps the computer keypad and all the information appears
onto the screen projector behind him. He leans up to the
Good evening everyone. Howís
everyone doing?
Everyone replies in there own way ďGOODĒ, ďWONDERFULĒ,
Thatís great. Iím glad everyone
could make it.


He touches the keypad and brings up a list of the new
members, which appears on the screen projector.
I see we have some new members
joining us tonight. Iím sure we
all met yesterday during the board
meeting, so thereís really no need
to re-introduce ourselves.
However, I will make a roll call
to see if everyone is present.
Carlos leans up and props his arms down onto the table.
To all of our new members Iíll
explain the rules of the game. All
goods must be traded to the
highest bidder. The highest
bidder wins the trade. If any
trades are left on the table the
owner or owners of the
certificates must renegotiate his
or her offer to reach an agreement
to complete their deal. If the
owners are not able to come to a
resolution they are penalized and
must pay to the commission a
$10,000.00 fine, which must be
paid in full upon leaving. This
money is collected and paid across
the board to the board of
directors for their commitment to
bring you their services without
you having to pay taxes. So, to
get started Iíll ask that every
one open their briefcase please.
I will start the trade by asking
Mr. Fernandez to share with the
board the items he brings to trade
this evening.
Tony removes his certificates from his briefcase.
I bring to the table this evening
four certificates that holds a
fifty million dollar value. Iíll
begin my trade with certificate
number one.


He places the certificate on the table.
I have up for trade 15% ownership
of the Atlanta Sky Lords with two
hundred and ten thousand shares of
stock in the organization.
Trades up, Tony Fernandez trader,
any bids.
Iíll accept.
She pulls out a certificate.
And Iíll see your offer of equal
value and trade you five thousand
acres of land and a beach resort
off the coast of Savannah.
Iíll raise your offer and see your
He pulls out a two certificates and places them onto the
10% ownership in Southern Grand
Casino with fifteen thousand
shares of stock and twenty
thousand shares in Fleece Auto
I fold.
                       MR. SALIDEEN
I accept your trade Mr. Gambinna
and trade you.
He pulls out two certificates and places them onto the
                       MR. SALIDEEN
Ten crates of bonds valued at
twelve millions dollars.


Iíll raise your offer Mr. Salideen
and raise my first trade with an
extra 5% ownership and five
thousand more shares to my first
Iíll see your offer Mr. Fernandez.
He pulls out two certificates and places them onto the
Iíll raise your offer with 15%
partnership and twenty-five
thousand shares of stock in IMB.
Carlos pulls out one certificate and places it onto the
I'll see your offer Joey with 5%
ownership in Henley Greyhound Race
Track, 5% partnership in Southern
Grand Casino, and 12% partnership
in Transit Airline with fifty
thousand share of stock.
I accept your trade.
                       MR. SALIDEEN
Iíll see your trade and.
He pulls out one more certificate and places it onto the
                       MR. SALIDEEN
Raise you with my original trade
with two more crates of bonds
bringing the value to fourteen
million dollars.
Iíll see your offer an extra 2%
bringing it to 7% partnership in
Southern Grand, and 14%
partnership in Air Trans with five
thousand shares of stock.


Iíll see your trade DiMaggio and
raise you 20% partnership and
thirty thousand shares of stock in
Mrs. Beverly Cochlea and Mr. Joey
Canten Iíll accept your offers,
however Iím very interested in
both deals. The two of you have
set the bar at a very uneven
level, where Iím forced to accept
both trades just to level out the
value to equal to my offer. I
have to say the IMB is ranked
number five on the Fortune 500
list and I just canít let a deal
like this go by.
I accept your trade.
I accept your trade.
Deal, trade close.
Carlos, Beverly, and Joey sign and exchange certificates
with each other.
                       MR. SALIDEEN
My offer stands.
Tony picks up his glass of water to take a drink. Barbara
pulls out one certificate and places it onto the table.
Iíll accept your offer Mr.
Salideen and see your trade with
three luxurious 2005 convertible
Bentleyís and a five bedroom, four
and half bath, three car door
garage mansion with an inside
pool, Jacuzzi, and a two bedroom
two and half bath guest house on
seven acres in Country Side Manor
with a estimated value of seven
point eight million dollars.


Iíll see your trade and raise my
original offer.
She pulls out a certificate.
Iíll trade along with my first
trade two Country Side Manor
mansions each with four bedrooms,
three and half baths, two car door
garage, on five acres of land on
the lakefront with a boat dock.
I fold.
                       MR. SALIDEEN
I accept.
Deal, trade close.
Mr. Salideen and Nadia sign and exchange their certificates.
Trades are still up for Barbara,
Tony, and Mr. Gambinna. Trades
still in your favor Mr. Fernandez.
Tony sits back into his seat. Barbara pulls out another
certificate and places it onto the table.
Tony Iíll see your trade with an
extra four lots in Country Side
Manor and 4% partnership.
Scott pulls out a certificate and places it onto the table.
Iíll see your offer and trade you
of equal value ten thousand shares
of stock with 20% partnership in
my hotel and resort chains, and
Iíll even throw in your own
private plane.
Iíll raise your offer Scott.
Mr. Gambinna pulls out another certificate and places it
onto the table.


Iíll add to my original trade 10%
partnership in Fleece Auto Rental.
I fold.
I accept.
Deal, trade close.
Barbara and Mr. Gambinna sign and exchange their
certificates. Bryon pulls out a certificate and places it
onto the table.
Tony, I say my friend. Iíll see
your offer and trade you 12,000
barrels of crude oil valued at
thirty three dollars a barrel and
raise your trade my friend with an
entire floor of a luxurious office
space of 19,000 square feet in the
Reed Center Complex, this here
partner is a deal you canít
Iíll see your offer Mr. Reed and
raise you.
He pulls out a certificate and places it onto the table.
Iíll raise you an extra 10% of my
original trade bringing it to 30%,
with the private plane.
Tony leans back into his seat and grabs his glass to take a
drink of his water and ponders over the two offers for a
Mr. Reed, Mr. Fitzgerald, I find
both of your deals very
interesting. However, I find both
of your offers worth having, so
Iíll raise my initial trade Mr.
Reed to equal the value of your
offer to an extra twenty thousand
shares and accept your trade.


Tony leans up to the table and picks up his original
I accept.
Tony and Bryon sign off and exchange their certificates.
Mr. Fitzgerald, I accept your
offer and stay with my original
Scott leans up and props both arms atop of the table and
thinks to himself for a minute before accepting Tonyís
original deal.
Can you throw in an extra thousand
Two hundred and thirty thousand is
all I can offer.
How about I throw in a piece of
property in the Hampton valued at
one point five million, including
your own extra lot with a guest
Tony takes another sip of water and ponders over the deal
for a minute.
I accept.
Capt. Fields is at the highjacking of an Armor truck as he
calls Kane from his a cell phone.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS (Phone)
Kane, hey howís it going? Good,
good. Look here, I know you guys
are in the middle of a very
important operation involving the
DTC, Iíd hate to pull you guys
away from your position tonight,
but I have something that you
might want to take a look at. Now.
Thereís a highjacked Armor Truck


                       CAPTAIN FIELDS (cont'd)
over here on Fifth and Main and
all the guards are down, I need
you here right now to take a look
at this. Yeah.
Capt. Fields hangs up the phone and walks around to the
investigation scene. He walks under the yellow tape to the
back of the truck and looks at the doors.

He walks around to the driver's side and pulls out a pen to
pick up a glove left on the floor, which he place in a
plastic bag and seals it.

He looks at the driver who's lying dead and picks up his
right wrist to see if there was signs of a struggle. He
walks around to the passenger side and looks at the door.

Camera pans around as Kane walks into the scene holding the
back of his head.
Hey, whatís happening?
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
That was quick.
Well I wasnít to far. So, whatís
going on?
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
A robbery. Looks like a
Kane rubs his head.
Any witnesses?
Capt. Fields walks away from the passenger side towards the
back where Kane follows behind him.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Donít look like it.
They stop at the rear of the truck.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Looks like a clean getaway.
Kane rubs his neck.


Okay, so why am I here.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
It seems like this Armor truck had
a lot of valuable goods in it
which came from your friend
Carlos. I was told that this
Armor truck had just picked up a
load from the DTC worth over
several million dollars. And
since you and Kills, are working
on the DiMaggio case I thought it
would be wise to include you guys.
Hopefully, the two of you could
pen point what person inside the
DiMaggio organization wanted to
highjack or rob the DTC.
Kane props his hands on his side.
And you donít think someone else
couldíve pulled this off?
Capt. Fields and Kane walk away from the crime scene to the
Captains squad car where Capt. Fields tosses the glove into
his window.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Nah, itís well planned. Just look
at it Kane, the robbers knew the
exact time to strike and they knew
exactly what to get. I mean this
is the cleanest shakedown Iíve
ever seen in my history as an
agent. The only thing thatís
dirty is the murders, everything
else is clean.
Kane points at the sealed bag.
So whatís that?
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Just a glove I found on the
driverís side floor. I was going
to take it down to the lab and
have it analyzed and tested for
fibers to see if we can get some
sort of fingerprints from it.


Kane grabs the back of his head.
Let me know what you come up with.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Got you. Oh, and get that head of
yours checked out while youíre
here you got a bad bruise up
Tony and two of his guys are sitting at a restaurant. Tony
gives them order to kill Kane.
Kane was captured lurking around
the DTC tonight, apparently he was
doing more surveillance of the
place. However, heís become a
pain in the ass, and Iím concerned
that what he may have discovered
might destroy us. So, before I
allow that Iíd rather get to the
root that causing the pain in my
ass and destroy it before it
destroys me.
He slides a piece of paper over to the hit man with Kaneís
address written on it.
Take him out.
Kane walks out of a local convenience store with a bottle of
water. He walks to his car pops an Aspirin and turns up the
water to flush it.

While walking to his car he notice the BLACK ESCALADE
pulling in to park next to him with the three women inside.
The passenger jumps out from the backseat dressed in all
black walks towards the store and accidentally bumps into
Kane causing him to spill water on himself.


Excuse me.
      (At Kayce)
Yeah, yeah.
He wipes the water from his shirt and enters the vehicle and
drives off.
Helen and the grounds crew are working in the yard when a
car pulls up to the house. Helen is down on her knees
picking weeds from around the flowerbed while the grounds
crew is cleaning up the debris from the yard.

Helen looks up in surprise and starts to run when one of the
grounds men turns around to see what's going on. The
passenger of the car pulls out a gun with a silence
attachment and starts shooting. The ground man is shot in
the back while trying to run, Helen too is shot in the back.
The other grounds men are also shot and killed. The car
drives off leaving a note taped to the mailbox sealed in a
zip lock bag that reads "NOTHING PERSONAL, BUSINESS AS
Kane slowly pulls up to his house only to see emergency
vehicles everywhere. He stops the car gets out and walks
over to his house where he is stopped by the chief of police
before he could get to the driveway.
                       CHIEF JENKINS
Iím sorry sir but I canít let you
in this area could you please
stand back.
Kane looks at CHIEF JENKINS and continues to walk pass him.
The chief of police turns around and attempts to grab Kaneís
arm, but to no avail Kane pulls his arm away and keeps
walking. The chief of police walks after him.
                       CHIEF JENKINS
Sir, I said stand back!
Kane continues walking.


                       CHIEF JENKINS
Hey! Stop that man?
Kane suddenly approaches the body of his wife being covered
up by the coroner.
No!! You son of a bitch.
Chief Jenkins walks behind him.
                       CHIEF JENKINS
Excuse me sir, but could you
please leave this area.
A police officer walks over to assist the chief. Kane walks
over to his wives body kneels down on both knees and pulls
the cover from over her face. Chief Jenkins walks over to
Kane and places his hand onto Kaneís shoulder.
                       CHIEF JENKINS
Iím sorry sir. I can tell she was
someone really special to you.
Kane looks up at Chief Jenkins and stands up.
Yeah, sheís my wife.
Kane walks away leaving Chief Jenkins surprised. Chief
Jenkins catches up with Kane.
                       CHIEF JENKINS
Iím sorry to hear that sir. But
could you help us out and tell me
whatís going on here?
Kane pulls out his pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He
takes one from the pack puts it in his mouth and places the
pack into his pocket and lights the cigarette.
Nothing I canít handle.
Chief Jenkins pulls out a zip lock bag that has a letter
attachment inside left behind during the hit. The letter
read, ďSpecial Delivery: Federal Bureau of Investigation,
Business As Usual.


                       CHIEF JENKINS
Well explain this? Looks like
someone wanted you dead and
delivered straight to the F.B.I. I
think it would be wise to let me
know whatís going on so that the
police can handle this in the
appropriate manner.
Kane walks off.
I am the police.
Sunday 9:00 a.m. Kane and Bryon are sitting in the
entertainment room of the estate. Capt. Fields walks in the
room along with D.E.A, Steven Corallis.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
How youíre doing Kane?
Capt. Fields sits down at the bar stool as Steven remains
standing in the door way.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Youíre okay.
Okay, no, my wife was just gunned
down in a freaking drive by. Hell
no Iím not all right.
Picks up his cigarette from the ashtray and takes a puff on
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Kane, Iím sorry. The force sends
its condolences to you. If theirs
anything we could do let me know.
Do you think youíll need some time
off to regroup?
Kane takes a sip of VODKA.
No, I donít need time off. What I
need is to get the assholes who
killed my wife and my grounds


And what good would that do? Kane
youíve just become a product of a
hit and that makes you a prime
And who the hell is this?
Capt. Fields stands up from the stool and walks over to
introduce STEVEN.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Oh, Iím sorry guys, but this is
Drug Enforcement Agent Steven
Steven extends his hand to Kane to introduce himself. Kane
picks up his vodka and turns it up leaving Steven hanging.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
He heard about Operation Take
Down, and heís stepping in to take
Take over, hold on, hold on, hold
on did I hear you loud and clear
Captain. Because if I heard you
correctly you said that this
gentlemen here, is going to take
over our operation after weíve
done a hard days work.
And you guys have done a superb
Kane gets up from the seat and walks over to the bar with
his cigarette in hand to pour himself some more VODKA.
      (At Steven)
And weíll continue without you.
                       CAPTAIN FIELDS
Kane, I told you I would have to
involve a higher authority to
assist you guys with this
operation when you came to me to
reopen it. Now, you asked for
D.E.A. assistance to get to Tony


                       CAPTAIN FIELDS (cont'd)
now you have it.
Kane takes a puff of his cigarette and exhales.
      (At Steven)
This is our operation.
Puts his cigarette out in the ashtray.
You work it with us or you donít
work it at all.
Kane takes another sip of vodka.
Thatís what weíre here to do.
Look Kane, I know this has become
a personal feud between you and
Carlos. And you want to get to
him your self. But, the D.E.A
thinks that your feud is more
personal than business. And with
the killing of Helen, we feel that
you have a personal vendetta to
kill him.
How did you know my wives name?
Itís all over the bureau, besides
no one had to tell me Kane, in my
field Iím able to gain access to
any information I may need to be
of benefit to my work. And,
accessing information on you was a
part of my work considering that
we have something in common.
And whatís that?
Tony Fernandez, The Mexican Drug
kingpin who has affiliation with
Carlos. Now I know how bad you
want to get to Carlos and bring
him down, and Tony is your way in,
but I've been working to capture
Tony for over two years and I'm


                       STEVEN (cont'd)
here to see to it that we get him.
Kane looks at Steven and walks away from the bar.
Not before I do.
Carlos is in his robe smoking a cigar getting ready to take
a steam bath when his phone rings. He walks over to a
nearby table stand and remove his cigar to answer it.
                       CARLOS (Phone)
Carlos speaking how can I help
you? Hey, Steven. Howís it
going? Oh wonderful just
wonderful. Yeah I remember the
favor, so what should it be.
He puts the cigar back into his mouth.
Raise the stake no problem just
let me know more about the
operation. All right, Iíll see
you when you get here.
Kane pulls into the driveway of his house. He gets out of
the car and is approached by Chief Jenkins as they walk
under the crime scene tape. C.S.I and local authorities is
investigating the scene.
                       CHIEF JENKINS
Howís it going Kane?
Kane walks towards the front door.
Iíve had better days.
                       CHIEF JENKINS
Well I want you to know that my
men are working around the clock
to catch the guys who did this.
C.S.I have been here since eight
this morning putting the puzzle
together, the letter in the zip
lock bag has no leads to it so


                       CHIEF JENKINS (cont'd)
weíre stomped with it. The guys
have gathered everything they
could, but so far we have nothing.
Itís like a murder with no clues.
Kane and Chief Jenkins stops on the porch.
There is a clue you just have to
know where to find it.
                       CHIEF JENKINS
Do you know something we donít
know? Because if so, could you
help us out here.
Chief Jenkins walks with Kane into his home office. He
approaches the door of the office as Kane walks out and
heads back down the hall.
I know just as much as you guys
do. I know that someone killed my
wife and grounds crew and that
someone wants me dead.
Kane and Chief Jenkins walk over to Kaneís BMW Z4 ROADSTER.
                       CHIEF JENKINS
I donít know. When I find out
youíll be the first to know.
Kane enters the vehicle starts the ignition and drives off.
Carlos is sitting in the Jacuzzi with a towel around his
neck, a wine glass beside him, and his cigar in his mouth as
he rests his head in the lap of a very beautiful woman.
Steven walks into the scene with an envelope in his hand.
Howís it going big guy?


He walks over to Carlos side.
Hey my friend. Iím doing just
fine. How about you?
Great couldnít be any better.
So whatís the big scoop?
Steven kneels down to Carlos side.
Youíre not off the hook just yet.
Carlos taps the woman on the leg.
Could you excuse us?
Steven stands up.
This is information to a very
valuable sting operation.
Carlos removes his cigar and places it in the ashtray.
How valuable?
Steven walks around the Jacuzzi.
Enough to cause a major problem to
your organization.
What kind?
Steven stops and holds the envelope up.
Mr. Reed.
Steven places the envelope on a table.
Mr. Reed. No, heís a good man,
heís no problem.


Not yet.
      (At Steven)
As if I donít have enough problems
Carlos picks up his cigar gets out of the Jacuzzi and walks
over to put his robe on.
You know what, I admire a man with
nerves of steel who has the balls
to come into my family and make
himself at home, but you know what
I dislike.
He puts the cigar into his mouth.
A man who causes me problems.
He walks over to Steven and picks up the envelope.
I donít like that.
He removes the cigar and places it into an ashtray.
So when I have a problem. We take
care of it donít we Steven.
Yes sir, Iíll take care of it
right a way.
Carlos gently taps Steven on the face.
Good man.
Bryon is at a local park leaning on the hood of his car. He
pulls out his phone and calls Kane.
                       KILLS (Phone)
Hey whatís up Kane, howís it
going? Good. Iím just calling to
check up on you to see if you need
anything. Did you make it by the


                       KILLS (cont'd)
house? Okay. Iím at the park
enjoying the festival, Piedmont.
Iím parked over near Monroe where
the soccer field, across from the
school. All right buddy Iíll see
you when you get here.
He hangs up.
Carlos is sitting at his desk looking over the contents in
the envelope, which contains all the information giving to
Bryon to become Charles Reed. Upset, he stares at the
information and slings it across the room.
Damn you Tony!! You disloyal
lying fuck.
He gets up and kicks the chair over walks over to the window
runs his hands through his hair and pull out his phone.
Tony, hey whatís up my friend?
Just fined. Look here I need to
talk to you about Mr. Reeds
initiation into the DTC, well you
didnít sign him in as a member and
I need for you to come over and
put your signature down to make
him official, can you be here in
twenty minutes, great Iíll see you
He hangs up the phone lays it down walks over to pick up his
chair and he sits down.
Bryon and Kane are walking through the park. Bryon is
eating a hotdog.
You know Kills, I really donít
like the idea of the Steven
getting involved in our operation.
Bryon takes a bite from his hotdog.


I agree. I mean this guy comes
out of know where and says heís
taking over our case. I mean when
did the D.E.A get involved in
federal activities.
I guess when the activity involves
a major drug lord.
Bryon takes another bite of his hotdog.
I think itís a bunch of bull.
I think Steven is a bunch of bull.
Bryon and Kane continue to walk around the park. Bryon gets
a call on his cell phone.
                       TONY (Phone)
C.R. speaking how can I help you?
Well hey there partner, what can I
do for you today? Well thatís all
right with me if itís all right
with you. Sure, Iíll be there in
fifteen minutes. See you then my
      (Hangs up.)
That was Tony, he wants Reed to
stop by.
      (At Bryon)
What for?
To make the trade.
But weíre not ready.


I know. Iíll have to play it by
And do what?
Record it.
With what?
I have a some things in my trunk.
Iíll use them.
And you think that will work?
Itíll have to, besides thatís all
we have.
Tony walks into the office where Carlos is picking up the
mess he made.
Hey, whatís up big guy?
Carlos turns around and stands up with the envelope and
information in his hand.
Hey my friend. How youíre doing?
Just fine, how about you.
I donít know Tony. First the
Armor truck that made yesterdayís
pick up was highjacked. So, Iím
robbed of a half million-dollar
      (Holds envelope)
And now this.
Carlos puts the envelope with the information on his desk
and walks over to the wine bar grabs two wine glasses and a


bottle of EXPENSIVE wine. He holds the wine up and looks at
it before he opens it.
Very rare, 1942. Now this is my
kind of wine.
He pops the cork and sniffs it then began to pour.
You know Tony, Iíve been saving
this for a special occasion, and I
thought that this would be the
perfect time to share it with good
friends doing good business. How
does that sound for a celebration
hey Tony?
He walks over to Tony whom is sitting in the chair with his
legs crossed. He gives Tony a glass of wine and sits on top
of his desk.
Sounds great.
Really. Well how about we
celebrate to your good friend Mr.
Reed? How about that Tony, sounds
good hey?
If you say so my friend.
Carlos takes the envelope from his desk and tosses it to
No Tony!! You know why! Because
your little friend is a fucking
undercover Federal agent thatís
why Tony!
Tony looks at the information.
So whatís all of this?
Carlos stands up from the desk and walks over to the window.


Information on the entire fucking
organization, brought to you by
the Federal Bureau of
Investigation, courtesy of your
friend Mr. Charles Reed also known
as Special Agent Bryon Kills or
whoever the fuck he is.
Carlos takes a sip of his wine. Tony looks at the
information stands up and looks over at Carlos who continues
to look out the window.
Tony this is not good business.
Carlos turns around from the window and takes another sip of
the wine.
You know this is good wine.
Carlos paces around the office. Tony sits back down and
grabs his wine to take a drink. Out of nowhere Carlos
throws his wine glass into the wall.
Damn Tony!!
      (Walks over to
How could you? We built this shit
together with our bare hands.
      (Raise his hands
And you bring someone in to tear
it down!!
Tony stands up from his chair.
Iím sorry but I didnít know.
Carlos grabs Tony by the neck Tony began to choke.
You didnít know! My name is on
the line and you tell me you
didnít know!! You knew better to
screen your traders, Tony. What


                       CARLOS (cont'd)
fuck has gotten into you, you
trying to bring me down, is that
what you want Tony, cause its not
going to work. Now get the fuck
out of here, Tony.
      (Pushes Tony to
       the ground.)
Before I bust your freaking head
Tony stumbles to the ground and quickly gets up to exit the
office. Carlos walks over leans on his desk gets on the
phone and makes a call to his daddy SENIOR DiMAGGIO.
                       CARLOS (Phone)
Hello poppa. Itís me Carlos.
Howís it going? Great. Good to
here. Not to good poppa. Tony
brought some heat in the house and
itís getting real hot, an
undercover agent, Charles Reed,
yes sir, C.R., our newest member.
Well, I decided to call you first
to see how to handle the
situation. No sir, he say didnít
no. No poppa, Iím not going to
let the family business go down
because of one mans mistake. You
built this and trusted me to run
it and I will and Iíll do whatever
it takes to see to it that the
Demagio Trade Commission stays in
operation, with or without him
trust me. Well, If I have to
demote him I will if I have to
kill him to keep the family going
it will be done, friend or no
friend, this is business nothing
personal. He has screwed up. Yes
sir, love you to poppa, goodbye.
He hangs up and walks around the desk to sit down in his
Kayce and her two friends STEPHANIE and MICHELLE are at a
hotel going over plans to hold up THE VELTEZ. Kayce is
sitting on the sofa with a blue print game plan on the table
mapping out how each person will enter the restaurant and
whoís role it is to do what. Stephanie and Michelle are


sitting in front of the table. Kayce points her pen at the
number ONE on the map.
Michelle, youíre number one. I
want you to enter the restaurant
first, to scope out the place, and
get a feel of the atmosphere. When
the host approaches you let them
know that youíre waiting on your
party to arrive so youíre not
ready to be seated.
Kayce points at the number TWO.
Stephanie, you're number two. I
want you to come in be seated at
table number seven. This is the
table that you specifically
request to be seated in, why
because this table gives us view
of the entire restaurants exit,
for a clean get away. Michelle
you remain where you're at, this
is your post, the door. You are
to watch the door and let every
one in. The Veltez is a very busy
place on any giving Sunday and the
most successful people dine here;
therefore, Michelle, The Veltez
will have to look like a normal
business day at the door. However,
once they're in, me and Stephanie
will do the rest.
Kayce points to the number THREE.
Number three will be me. I will
come into the restaurant and walk
over to table seven to meet
Stephanie, where I will give you
the signal to post up the door.
The signal will come when we make
our orders, as soon as you see the
waiter take our orders and walks
away thatís when Stephanie and I
will make our move, once we have
succeeded with the hold up I will
give you the signal to exit.


She points to the EXIT DOOR on the blueprint at the rear of
                       KAYCE (Cont'd)
Stephanie and I will depart out of
this door where the get away car
is parked. This hold up shouldn't
take us no longer than ten
minutes, get in, get the goods and
get out.
She circles the exit door.
Raphael and Bryon are sitting in Tonyís office at his home.
Tony is leaning against his desk with a glass of wine in his
right hand.
Mr. Reed. How youíre doing?
      (Southern Dialect)
Couldnít be better old partner.
      (At Bryon)
Thatís good.
Raises up glass
Care for a drink?
Iím sorry, but I donít drink when
Iím in a meeting.
Tony laughs and takes a sip of his wine.
Well this is not a meeting, itís a
transaction. You know Reed.
Walks Around
I was very impressed with your
deals yesterday, you are
definitely one heck of a


Well you know what they say
theyíre my friend about us kind of
Hell itís in the genes. Hell I
was born with it, son, Iím a
Tony walks over to Bryon and puts his hand onto his
That you are.
I was thinking Old Tex, and maybe
you could assist me here. I have
a dear friend who reminds me of
you; as a matter of fact heís in
the same profession. Iím trying
to get the best possible deal on
some oil Iím looking to purchase,
and I thought maybe you could help
negotiate the deal.
Well hell buddy Iíd love to. I
can get you the best deal there is
trust me. You see everybody knows
everybody in the oil business so
Iím sure with good old Tex talking
to him Iím sure we could work
something out.
Tony turns up his glass and looks at it.
Iím sure we can.
And you say heís in my line of
business hey partner.
Tony tosses the glass from hand-to-hand.
Yeah itís funny, because heís an
F.B.I agent as well, now isnít
that something.


Yeah, it is. You lying fuck!
Tony crashes the glass over Bryonís head causing a severe
wound. Bryon falls out of the chair onto the floor
unconscious. With sweat on his upper lip Tony wipes his
mouth and kneels down to Bryonís side. He pats Bryon down
removing his gun and wiretap. He takes the gun and gives it
to Raphael.
Take him for a ride, and see to it
that itís a one way trip.
Tony stands up and walks over to the wine bottle sitting on
his desk and drinks from the bottle. Raphael picks up Bryon
and throws him over his sh