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Freddy vs Constantine
by Matthew (uberhulk84@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
It's the crossover people are dying to see. Or not. Anyways this is my first script so be gentle...

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



We see a young couple lying in bed together. We recognize
them as WILL and LORI from Freddy vs Jason. Lori is not
having a good night sleep. She's tosses and turns until she
finally jolts out of dream land.
She breathes heavily for a few seconds , trying to regain
her composure. She looks over to Will to see if she has
awoken him. Thankfully he continues to sleep soundly as a
                       LORI (whispering)
Get a grip Lori. Freddy is dead
and gone forever
Lori sits up and walks to her bathroom. She goes over to her
sink and splashes some water in her face. However, what Lori
doesn't notice is that the water is turning into blood. She
splashes herself again in the face and is horrified when she
looks in the mirror to see her face covered in blood. An
anonymous laugh begins to echo throughout the house. It's
the bastard son of a hundred maniacs, FREDDY KRUEGER.
No!!! I killed you! I chopped your
head off myself.
Hmmm. Let me see. You think
killing me will stop me? Ha! How
you think i got this way in the
first place.Nothing can kill me! I
am......eternal. Now Will on the
other hand.....
Why yes dear. Now that you helped
me get rid of that retarded goalie
Jason I'm free to spend all the
time I want with my children.


Lori looks over to Will through her bathroom door but it is
slammed shut by an invisible force. She begins slamming her
fists against the door and starts calling Wills name. But to
no use. Will continues to sleep, oblivious to the danger.
Will. Will. It's time to get up.
Will stirs a little bit.
                       VOICE (CONT'D)
Will. Will. It's time for your
daily shot.
Will becomes wide awake at hearing this. He looks around and
is horrified to see he is back at the asylum. A DOCTOR
stands over him.
No, this isn't right. I'm not
supposed to be here
That's what they all say kiddo.
Now shut up and take your
The doctor pulls out a needle. It's no ordinary needle
though. It's about the size of a sword. The doctor lunges at
will. He has the needle tip right next to one of Will's
eyes. But Will continues to fight back.
Will dont you remember? An
impaling a day keeps the doctor
The doctor transforms into Freddy. He stabs Will in the
stomach with his claw hand. Will coughs up some blood.
Don't worry Will. Lori will be
joing you real soon.
He proceeds to push the giant needle through Wills eye and
out to the back of his skull. The bathroom door flys open.
Lori is horrified to see Will dead.
Freddy laughs a long and hard evil laugh as Lori sobs.


His soul is now mine and I will
soon have souls of all the
Springfield children. Dont worry
though. I'll get you soon enough
Lori. You just wont know when.
Every time you go to sleep now you
will wonder, will I wake up
tomorrow? Noting can stop me now!
A cab pulls up next to her house. A man comes out of the
back door. He starts to light a cigarette. He is JOHN
CONSTANTINE. He looks at the cabbie.
Stay here. This shouldnt take
Constantine walks up to the front door and rings the
doorbell. After a few moments Lori answers the door. She
looks like hell. Her hare is a mess and she has plenty of
bags underneath her eyes.
I didn't think you would show.
I go where I am needed child. Or
some crap like that.
Yes, well come on in. But please
put out the cigarette. Don't ya
know those things can kill you.
What? Really? Thanks for letting
me know. I never herd that before.
Trust me I know that better than
anyone. But life isn't worth
living if ya cant smoke.


Constantine put his cigarette on the ground and stomps it
out. He walks into Loris house.
So you say this demon....
Yes it's name is Freddy. Freddy
It's unusually for such a powerful
demon to go by a human name like
That's because he's not a demon.
He was an evil man in life and
when he died he came back somehow
with the power to kill people in
there dreams.
Hmm. I have never heard of a
mortal being given such power. Are
you sure about this?
Yes i'm sure. That bastard took my
Mom and my husband from me. You've
seen the blotted out newspapers.
You have to know im not lying!
Have a chill pill lady. I got a
bad headache from last night. I
drank enough booze for an irish
soccer team. So keep your voice
You came here with a hangover?
Maybe this wasn't such a good idea


Relax. I'v survived counters with
Lu himself. This Fred guy will be
a peace of cake.
Maybe you shouldn't be to cocky.
Maybe you should shut up and get
me a glass of warm milk.
Warm milk. Why do you need that?
It helps me sleep that why.
Your gonna go in there with him?
How else did ya think I was gonna
get rid of him? Wish him away with
all my might?
You dont understand. He's all
powerful in the dream world. He
can do anything.
Trust me i got this under control.
Now make with the milk while were
                       LORI (whispering)
She walks into her kitchen.
Your welcome! You think I wanna be
out in the middle of no where on a
Saturday fighting demons. I got
things I'd much rather be doing. A
little apriciation would be nice.
                       LORI (sarcasticly)
She hands him a glass of milk.


Don't mention it.
He gulps down the entire glass.
Now show me the room your husband
was killed in.
Lori shows him to her bedroom
Need anyting else?
Ya some peace and quiet.
Lori leaves Constantine alone in her bedroom. She is
obviously annoyed at his rudeness, Constantine lays down and
closes his eyes. He tosses and turns trying to get to
sleep.Until he finally becomes still for a few moments.
John.... John..... wakey wakey
Constantine wakes up and see
Lucifer, or Lu as John likes to
call him, standing over his bed.
You actually thought that the
stunt you pulled would get you to
heaven. Your rotten to the core
and always will be. The only place
your going is downstairs with me.
Dont be to sad. At least you will
never be cold again.
Constantine shows no emotion to this revelation. He instead
get up out of bed, lights a cigarette, walks over to Lu, and
puffs a face full of smoke at him.Lu jumps on top of
Constantine thus knocking him down. The room then magically
transforms into hell.
Your soul is mine forever
Constantine! Forever!
Constantine punches Lu right in the face, knocking him down.
You dare?!


Shut up. You did a pretty good job
of recreating hell but your Lu
impression needs some serious
work. I mean your not even a half
breed. You just have powers on
loan from a real demon. Your a
peace of crap Krueger. And im here
to flush your worthles ass.
Lu morphs into Freddy Krueger.
Ha ha! How can you expect to stop
me when you cant even save the
ones that matter most to you?
A montage of the deaths of Constantines friends from the
movie is played out in front of Constantine. Ending with an
unknown woman telling Constantine thats she loves him and
then her head exploding.
You basterd!
Constantine takes a swing at Freddy but Freddy vanishes and
Constantine hits a pipe. He looks around and sees hes in
Freddys boiler room. He continues to look for any trace of
Freddy until he hears children singing a song. Its the jump
rope kids
                       CHILDREN (singing)
1 2 Freddys coming for you
3 4 Better lock your door
5 6 grab a crucifix
7 8 gonna stay up late
9 10 never sleep again
Please. That might have worked on
frightening some doped up
teenager. You'll have to do better
than that for me.
Freddy appears
Good i was getting tired of that
damn song anyways, Lets try
something more your pace.
A soldier demon comes out of no wear and jumps on
Constantines back. Constantine pushes the demon off his back


and pulls out of thin air his holy shotgun. He blasts the
demon blowing it into dust. He then shoots Freddy several
times in the chest. Freddy falls to the ground but then gets
back up laughing like nothing happened.
Your reputation is well earned
Constantine. You are very strong
for a mortal. I like my souls
usually a little....younger but i
cant wait to taste yours.
Okay enough of this bullshit.
Constantine pulls up his sleaves and begins chanting. He
brings his 2 tattoed arms together and another worldy force
begins to amit from them. Freddy is taken aback by it.
What are you doing??
Constantine continues to chant over Kruegers crys.
Freddy looks like his insides are tearing him apart. Finaly
he explodes sending gooey Freddy everywere including some of
it landing on Constantines face. Constantine, visualy anoyed
wipes off his face.He then pulls out a cigarette and lights
it up.
You know smoking can be bad for
your health.
Constantine looks down and sees that it was his cigarette
that said it.
But once you start you cant stop.
The nicoteen realy gets inside ya
The cigarette then somehow starts to dig inside Constantines
skin. It goes up his arm seen through his skin as it burrys
through. Constantine pulls out a knife and stabs the
creature throgh his skin. He then pulls it out and throws it
across the room. The bloody cigarette begins to fly up right
next to Constantine. Then it becomes like a flamethrower and
shoots fire at Constantine. Luckily he ducks out of the way
just in the nick of time.Freddy apears staning over


Ha! You thought some mumbo jumbo
would stop me? Nothing can stop
me! Not as long as the children
need me.
Your stronger than i thought I'll
give ya that. But your about to go
to hell Kreuger and this time your
staying there you krispy mother
Constantine pulls out a bell and says a few words. Freddy
grabs his head in pain upon hearing the bell and the entire
dream world craks like glass. Constantine wakes up, his
shoulder still bleeding from the battle with Freddy.He looks
around in a daze and sees Lorisitting in a chair next to him
My god nothing can kill him can
it? That basterd will live
forerver praying on the souls of
the young..
Lori starts to cry
Trust me one way or another he's
going down. Now is there anyway
you can get me something that was
important to Freddy.
Important? Like what?
Preferably a weaopn of some sort
that he used in his murders.
I know just the thing
Several police officers are going about there normal
routines when Constantine walks in. He goes straight up to
the front desk.
Hello officer I think I might no
something about a killer on the


Oh yeah? What information buddy?
It's about this guy. Well if you
can really call him a guy anymore.
A few years back he molested and
killed a bunch of children. But
did he go to jail? Nope. He got
off scott free. The tax payers
money hard at work there huh? Well
some of those angry tax payers
decided to get together and take
justice into there own hands. They
torch the son of a bitch. But that
didn't stop him. He's only gotten
nastier since he died. Killing
children in there dreams is how he
gets his jollys now. What was his
name though... Think John
think...Oh yeah. Freddy, Freddy
Constantine looks around and notices every cop has quit what
they were doing and is looking at him.
I thought that would get your
Look buddy, I dont know who you
are but we dont mention his name
around here. It keeps him from
coming back.
O yeah how's that going? Let's ask
Lori here. Trust me he wont go
away if ya ignore him. But I can
take care of him. Make sure he
never comes back.
Oh yeah? How do you plan on doing
that stanger?
I need something of his first.
Something that he used while he
was still alive. Like his glove
for instance


Fuck you! You come waltzing in
here bringing up his name and now
you excpect us to just hand you
over his weapon? Go to hell.
Well actualy funny you should
mention that cause that precisly
where i'll be in a few minutes.
Now make with the glove
Constantine pulls out his holy shotgun out of his coat and
points it at the officers head. All the officers pull out
there guns and point them at Constantine. There's an uneasy
silence for a few seconds as they have a standoff.
All I want is his glove. Is that
realy worth the bloody mess that's
about to happen hear?
There's another few seconds of silence as the standoff
Go a head and get him the damn
One of the cops goes to get it.
You know what to do Lori.
She leaves the room with a pan in her hands. A few seconds
latter her and the cop come back. Lori with a pan full of
cold water and the cop with Freddy's glove in a bag.
Now give Lori the glove and Lori
take the glove and pan in that
office there and sit the pan next
to the chair and the glove on the
She does so
Now take my gun and hold it at
this guys head.
Lori does what she is asked to do while Constantine walks
into the office.


You wont shoot me. You don't have
it in you.
If it will make sure that Freddy
will never come back I would kill
every person in this room. So I
would suggest not testing me.
You got spunk kido. Im impressed
Shut up.
Constantine laughs to himself at that remark. He then takes
off his shoes and socks and takes the glove out of the bag.
Damnit, I should really look into
another profession
Constantine holds Freddy's glove as he puts his feet in the
water. Time comes to a standstill as he does. Suddenly he's
standing in hell.He begins to walk through the waste land
despite the horrible winds blowing against him. He gets to
his destination with demon soldiers folloing him on the way.
He finds what he's looking for. A giant 15 foot demon. He's
hideous and resembals a half dragon half man. He looks down
at Constantine
This is Constantine. John
Constantine, Asshole
What do you want, human?
Your in violation of some very
serious balance laws. Unless you
want me to take this straight to
the top you should make with
Freddy's contract.
The demon roars a deafening roar in Constantines face.


You done yet? Just make with the
contract you prick
A peace of paper appears in the demons hand. He hands the
paper to Constantine.
I got to ask why? Why did you give
a mortal such power?
He wasn't just any mortal. I knew
as sick as he was he would never
stop killing as long as he could.
And I was right he has devoured
hundreds of souls of the years.
Besides it sounded like a fun idea
at the time
Fun? Whatever floats your boat i
Constantine breaks the water container in his pocket just as
several soldier demons were about to attack him. He is now
back sitting at the chair. Steam comes off of him as he
holds the contract.
Constantine! What happended?
As Lori is distracted the officer knocks the gun out her
hand. He then points his gun at Constantine.
Okay your fun's over. Your going
to jail for a long time for this.
Constantine begins chanting as he clenches the contract.
What the hell are you saying?
Constantine ignores him and continues to chant. Then in the
middle of the room a ball of flame appears and out of it
pops out a confused Freddy. He looks around the room seeing
a bunch of equaly confused cops. Then he sees Constantine.


The room full of cops snap out of there confusion and raise
there pistols.
It's Freddy! Kill him!
The cops begin firing on Freddy. He takes several bullets to
the chest and falls down. The main officer goes over to
check if he's still alive.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Shut up! Your going to jail for a
long time for the stunt you
The officer looks down at Freddy.
I can't believe it after all these
years he finally dead. And im the
one who did it.
Freddy suddenly springs back to life and before the officer
can react Freddy pokes his eyes out with his gloved hand.
The 2 eyes on the tips of 2 of the blades like a shiscobob.
All the other cops are mortified by this but get over it
quickly and aim there guns at Freddy. Freddy laughs at them
while the officer rolls around on the ground holding his
bleeding face.
What are you guys so upset for?
His mom warned him if he kept
doing that he would go blind. Ha!
Go a head and shoot! Kill me! Then
I can go back to the dream world
where I can have some real fun
with you and all the children of
Springwood. Nothing can stop me!
I wouldn't count on it. Lu has a
nice place for you all set up. And
you are way late on visiting and
pissing Lu off isn't the best
Freddy sees the contract in Constantine's hand.


What? How did you? Constantine you
son of a bitch!
Insulting my mom? Now you just
went to far Freddy.
Constantine lights the edge of the contract on fire with his
lighter. Freddy begins to scream in agony. Then white light
starts pouring out of different parts of his body. The light
cuts everything in its path including decapitating one cop
and splitting the eyeless cop in 2. Constantine and Lori
walk out of the station as this is happening. The contract
finally burns completely. Freddy lets out one last horrific
scream and then he explodes destroying the entire police
station with him. Constantine lights a cigarette, oblivious
to the destruction behind him.
                       LORI (sobbing)
My god he's finally dead. After
all this time the nightmare is
finaly over.
A thank you would be nice. Jesus
where did you learn your manners.
Thank you. Thank you so much. Your
such a great man.
Yeah whatever.
Constantine get's in his waiting cab
Where to next?
Next? Next were going to the most
filthy run down bar you can find
and im getting my ass smashed.
After that a place called Camp
Crystal Lake seems to be having
more problems then the usual
shitty kids and doped up


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From Lance Fenhaus Date 7/15/2015 **1/2
The concept is good. I would certainly make for an interesting movie. My biggest qualms lie with the spelling and grammar. This needs a lot of proof-reading. My second issue lies with the dialogue for Freddy. With a few exceptions, he sounds stilted and contrived. The way his dialogue reads I could never picture Freddy talking like that.

From ralph keefer Date 7/21/2008 ***1/2
pretty cool. like how you played out the story but its a little short. make it alittle longer.

From Gardenia Chavez Date 4/9/2008 ***1/2
Not so long but good story love how you created....... and it should be the movie and i will be the first person to watch it!!!!!!!!!And my friend Saron said he hates the story......

From Orbin Walcott Date 10/5/2005 ****
I just re-read the screenplay....forget what i said before, i give it 4 stars. But seriously, make it longer.

From Susan White Date 7/11/2005 ****
You obviously have a GREAT grasp on these characters and the idea to match them up is really inspired! The dialogue is funnny and the kills are creative. Really impressive first script, I would heart seeing it shot and uploaded to the internet for everyone to enjoy. Can't wait to hear your next script...Keep it up, you show real promise!

From Tyler Nichols Date 6/10/2005 **1/2
I was surprised this was very fun. I love Freddy but Constatine is so much cooler and the ending is awesome. Sweet way of tying in more stuff. This needs to be longer though. It seems like this is more like a summary than an actual script. Put some length to it and it could be really cool.

From Christina Black Date 6/2/2005 ****
I agree with orbin

From Emilio Maysonett Date 5/25/2005 **1/2
hmmm not too bad not too bad. I liked it. Nice ending. That's something new. I haven't seen Constintine so I don't know too much but it was good. Next one should be a little longer. Just add five pages for each new script u do. That'll help a little bit when you write your scripts. good job.

From S.M. Krause Date 5/25/2005 0 stars
FREDDY VS CONSTANTINE reads like an episode of Mister Rogers, filled with violence and sex, but doesn't quite deliver the message. A horror movie is supposed to scare people, where's the scare factor? Spelling errors plague the script and Freddy's dialogue sounds like he's a 6th grader. To successfully do a crossover, rewatch the entire "Nightmare" movies and study up on Freddy. This is one nightmare no one wants to read through.

From Orbin Walcott Date 5/25/2005 **
Yo, I would love to see this in theaters! I would love to see Constantine kicking Freddy's butt! I know you didn't create the characters, but this was very creative. In my opinion, this is actually BETTER than Freddy vs. Jason, and actually MAKES MORE SENSE! With Constantine being a demon hunter and all. It could've gotten a better score, but I found 2 problems with it. A: the spelling needs to be corrected (but hey, we're all not perfect). And B: It needs to be longer (seeing how you're a newbie, most screenplays last about 120 pages). I found most of Constantine's lines funny. Good job!

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