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A Noxy Williams Documentary
by Stephanie (speedygonzales_2007@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review: *
Its a movie for a project. Its self-explanitory. Its pretty cool.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Here we are boys and girls. I'm
Noxy Williams, and this is my
documentary. This is a documentary
to show you what I go through day
in and day out. And let me tell
you, it ain't pretty.
We've got some interesting people
We've got Maggie, a popular girl.
Girlfriend of Colin- a rocker boy
who's Claire's older brother.
Claire, a "tortured soul" who's an
artist-hates Maggie and the
popular crowd.
Blaire- a queen bee-rich, spoiled,
and doesn't care who knows it.
Shane- Blaire's boyfriend, who
ironically...doesn't show up much.
Miguel-Blaire's new boyfriend?
Trixie- a tough gangsta latina
girl who's a bit of a slut.
Luz-the only guy who can handle
Trixie, a bit of a bad
Brianna- Claire's close and
personal friend, who I heard...may
be more than just Claire's friend,
who knows.
Many more too...Don't worry you'll
meet them all, and thanks to me,
you'll hear all and see all. What
can I say- a good reporter is
always there. Grab some soda, and
some popcorn, and strap yourself
to your seats, cause this is gonna
be one bumpy ride.
                       NOXY (VO)
We're here at the Art appreciation
art gallery showing. All the
hottest people are here and all
the important one's are here.


Enter Jeramiah.
Noxy, again with the documentary?
Hey babe, what can I say I love to
be around the action.
Noxy Zooms into Maggie.
      (riffling through
       her purse)
I don't know why we're here at
this stupid art gallery showing.
Honestly, we could be out shopping
or something!
Um HELLO, but this is my sister
Claire I'm here for. Her art is
very important to her, and its not
like our mom and dad can be
here...someone's gotta support
                       NOXY (VO)
Claire, a strange, morbid looking
girl walks up.
      (gives Colin a hug)
Oh I'm so glad you could be here.
I love showing off my work.
Right! yeah...and we're glad...to
be here?!?
Oh sis, I wouldn't miss it for the
world. So where's your work?
      (walks up to a
Over here.
Colin follows Claire.
I'm gonna....go over here...


Maggie walks right into Blaire.
As if, you....ran into ME!
Blaire walks up to her and gets into her face.
Why....would I walk into...you.
Come on you can't even afford real
gucci shoes...ha, your not worth
running into!
      (drops her purse)
You really want to start some crap
with me don't you? You can't even
handle me.
                       NOXY (VO)
Trixie a tough latina girl who
loves fighting see's this
happening and decides to have some
      (Says into the
These little girls think they are
the shit but they can't handle
themselves, their both little
preppy bitches.
EXCUSE YOU? Do you really not
realize who I am? hahahaha....your
nothing but...
t-ralior t-rash.
Little girl, do you really want to
Takes big hoop earings out of her ears.
Its funny you should mention
"little" girl seeing how you're
only like what? 3 feet?


Do you think we're afraid of you?
anyone can take you! Ha I bet that
little girl over there can take
Maggie points to Allie.
HAHAHA....you want me to beat down
a little fifth grader?
Little 5th grader? Ha you look
like you got lost from your
kindergarten class. No I don't
want you to beat down some
innocent girl, I want you to get
your head outta your ass.
Enter Claire with a strange looking girl.
Hey guys, meet my friend Brianna.
Hey guys, you like all the art
thats here?
No not really
Its not expensive, so no, not
Damn you girls are shallow
Trixie Says to Claire
I liked your work, it was
Oh thank you, but I really don't
think its all that great.


No its very interestion, I just
love the whole "naked" idea, it
says a lot about your soul.
Oh come on girl, your work is
Colin approaches the girls.
Hey Claire, Hey Maggie.
Hey whats up baby?
      (whispers to
Urgh, ew its so nauseating.
God this is a drag. I am leaving,
go do something with importance.
Thats right Daddy's little girl,
go shop some more.
At least I can afford it.
Blaire starts to walk away.
Yeah if you could afford
something, maybe you should get
yourself a PAIR!
Blaire turns around, and gives her the finger.
Quit your fighting.
I'm ready to go NOW!
Fine, bye everyone, see you later.
Exit everyone, but Noxy.


Noxy points Camera to herself.
Well, that...was
entertaining....stay tuned!
So how did everyone like the art
gallery yesterday?
Blaire is filing her nails. Trixie is listening to music.
Maggie is talking to friends.
Huh what? Oh here.
Yes I know your here, I was asking
how everyone liked the art gallery
Waste of time. I could have been
out shopping but noooooo, I was
there, and it was
so...underclass...one word: eww.
Aw mamacita, daddy's little baby
couldn't go shopping, we feel so
bad. Do you want us to bow down to
you and kiss your feet?
I am worth it.
Stupid Brat.
Hey just cause someone's got money
doesn't mean their a brat.
Figure's you would say that new


Maggie starts to cry a little.
My nose, is none of YOUR business.
Well I'm just saying when it turns
from a big ol' beak to that...we
all know. We're not Blaire over
here we've got an I.Q.
You think your tough shit because
your not failing, well neither am
I, and at least I can say I've
never been in jail...can you?
Just because your dad bribed the
judge when you got in that car
Blaire stands up.
It was raining, and they ran into
ME. I was innocent, still am!
Thats not what the boys are
You have so much room to talk
right? Just because your easy...
Trixie stands up and walks over to Blaire.
At least I don't pay guys to date
I don't have to, guys are
attracted to me, becayse of me,
and not my money. I can't help
that I always get what I want.
Right, you get what you want? And
where is Shane?


I wouldn't know...I dumped his
sorry ass long ago...After I found
out he was cheating on me with
some poor little freshman who by
the way is a total SLUT. Plus I
don't need him anyways--I have a
NEW man!
Enter Miguel, a hot rocker
boy...who you wouldn't think
Blaire would be hooking up with.
Hey Blaire, I really had fun last
night. I didn't know you were so
good at bowling!
Oh yeah, it was really fun! That
was actually my first time
bowling. It was really fun!
      (To Noxy)
That is not the only thing thats
Excuse me? Are we talking shit
I just find it suprising that you
had fun BOWLING! So Miguel how
much did she pay you?
She didn't pay me nothin' and she
didn't have to. I like this girl.
She's cool.
Miguel moves closer to Blaire.
I am so sick of your crap! I don't
pay people to date me. I only pay
people like your MOM to clean up
after my family.


Talking about my mom now? Oh
you've drawn the last straw chica.
Oh yeah and what are YOU gonna do
about it?
Kick your scrawny, cheap, bimbo,
easy, ass! I'm going to put you in
Blaire tries to move towards Trixie but Miguel grabs her
When and where....BITCH!
Is this really neccesary?
Trixie and Blaire say at the same time: YES!
After school, outside the girls
locker room, 3:30. Can you handle
More than you know. See you there!
Come on Blaire. Lets jet, this is
boring me. Lets do something fun!
God this is so fucking stupid.
Everyone but Trixie and her friends leave.
So ya looking forward to this
Yeah its about time someone puts
that girl in her place. She is
going to be praying to the God in
Heaven above that she never messed
with me. But she thinks that she's
the shit and she can get anything
just because she's got money.


                       TRIXIE (cont'd)
Where I come from money...don't
mean shit, its when you prove
yourself that matters. And she has
an oppurtunity to prove
herself...Though she is going
down...Now get outta my way!
Trixie and Group of friends leave.
You know Maggie was right when she
said this was stupid...but this is
what their gonna do, well then...I
only record what I see. Coming up
next. A fight to remember?
Brianna and Claire are sitting on the bench, Brianna is
holding something in her hand and is crying, Claire is
comforting her.
I can't believe it. Pregnant! How
can this be, how can I be
I don't know, you used protection
didn't you? I don't know how this
could happen....Does Paul know?
No he doesn't...and I don't think
I'm going to tell him. He can't
know. It was just a fling anyways.
A FLING? Oh Jeez Bri what did you
get yourself into here. You can
always give it up for adoption...
Trixie and friends are outside and making a lot of noise.
Claire and Brianna go to see what it is.
What the?....
This girl is going DOWN!


Trixie's friends are laughing and encouraging her.
Lets see if she even show's up!
Blaire walks in with Maggie, Miguel, and other friends.
Didn't think I'd show? Why come
on, already to give up?
Lets get this started.
Trixie takes big hoop earings out, and Blaire fixes her hair
and talks to Miguel, giggling.
Is this really freaking
neccessary? We all know your tough
shit right. So why you even
getting youself into this crap?
Its pointless. Violence
Girl shut the fuck up. Mind your
own business.
Trixie slaps Claire.
Claire holds her face and starts to cry.
Hmmm now that solved the problem
with you opening your big
mouth....seemed to work to me...
Screen goes blank.
Well I know you would have loved
to see that...but its not right to
show it. Sorry folks! But hey what
can I say it was a good fight.
Well...thats it folks...what I
have to deal with. Now lets recap
shall we...


                       NOXY (cont'd)
Trixie got into business she
didn't belong and well where is
Shows Trixie packing up her locker.
Glad to be out of this school.
And well Maggie, she's still as
popular as ever, She's still with
Colin, and is actually making and
effort to be nice to
Maggie, Colin, and Claire are sitting around a table with
art in front of them. All talking and getting along. Colin
has his arm around Maggie and their laughing.
Well...Blaire well she's still as
snobby as ever, but makes an
attempt to be more than shallow.
Her and Miguel seem to be a match
made in heaven.
Blaire and Miguel sitting on the ground, Blaire has a book
in her hand and Miguel is watching her read.
Brianna decided to give the baby
up for adoption, Paul knows and
like a meanie guy didn't care as
long as he didn't have to be a
part of it. She gets picures and
letters from Ethans adoptive
parents. She's now focusing on her
future and college.
Show Brianna at a desk with a baby picture in a frame on the
desk. College applications are on the table and she's
working on them.
And as for me...Well I'm still
making movies. Regardless of how
much touble I land myself into.
I've got an early accpetance to
Columbia, the college I always
dreamed of.
Remember my name folks, because
I'm the next big time filmaker,


                       NOXY (cont'd)
you will be seeing more of Noxy
Williams movies, and they will all
be just as exciting as this...


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From Rohan Ravindra Hardikar Date 8/14/2009 **
Well..the script is cool. But how can you say it is a documentary??? can you explain it to me. e-mail me.

From Brad Smith Date 7/23/2006 1/2
Goodness. It's hard to really understand the point of this. Is it a documentary?

From J.J Date 5/21/2005 0 stars
This was not exciting...at all. You should learn how to write a screenplay before trying to write one. INT. means "Interior" so you wouldn't put INT. IN AN ART GALLERY.

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