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The Equation
by Moratzo007 (moratzo007@aol.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ***
Bouncing in and out of different point of views, we follow our antagonist as he tries to find the answer to his situation.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



We are on top of a large hill. On top of the hill, lies a
PICNIC BENCH. On top of the picnic bench, lays a young boy.
About fifteen years old. Sleeping or past out, we don't
know. This is SAM.
                       SAM (VO)
This is my dream. I'm walking on
the clouds. Slowly, I approach a
gas station. Once I get there,
there is an attendent named Frank.
Frank likes cars and he likes me.
Whatever. I look at him and ask
him to fill up my gas tank. But I
don't have a car.
Sam now opens his eyes. He quickly gets up and looks around,
looking around the area. He seems quite dazed and confused.
                       SAM (VO)
Ok, here's my reality, I'm sitting
on a park bench, on top of a
rather large hill...
SAM looks down hill, the hill extends itself to seem like
its grown a couple feet to elongate the hill.
                       SAM (VO)
This hill. It's getting bigger.
Did you know Mount Everest grows
an inch every year? I didn't...
SAM now gets up and shakes his head as to try to recall
                       SAM (VO)
Fuck Mount Everest. I'm up in some
fucking park, I've been sleeping
on a bench all night, yet I'm
kinda sweating. What did I do last


Sam sits in his BASEMENT on a GREEN COUCH watching something
on the television. All the lights are off, all that is
visible is the faint portrait of Sam.
                       SAM (VO)
I remember, this is what I was
doing at 10:30 last night. I was
sitting on my couch watching an
old movie. I don't remember which
movie. But, I was perfectly
content with myself.
From the right corner, a TELEPHONE rings. Sam looks to the
telephone and contemplates to pick it up.
                       SAM (VO)
Usually, I wouldn't make the
tiring journey to the table to
pick the phone up. But it was
really late. It must have been
Sam gets up off his tuchus and walks over to the phone and
picks it up.
Sam talks into the phone, his face changes expressions
throughout the call.
                       SAM (VO)
I remember what the call was
about. Someone, I think it was a
friend wanted a favor from me.
But... I don't know what happened.
I completly forget.
Sam shrugs and goes back to the couch where he lays down
again and resumes watching his movie.
...I never loved you!
                       SAM (VO)
There was dialogue leading up to
this line, but this was very
significant. I remember I was
watching Double Indemnity, and


                       SAM (cont'd)
Barbara Stanwyk had just claimed
she never loved Fred Macmurray.
From behind Sam there is a gush of light, and someone enters
behind the couch with a loud clatter.
                       SAM (VO)
Ah ha! Loud noises I can remember
easily. That's why this is so
vivid. It was my bud coming
through the door of my mudroom. He
had claimed he had just been
through a shit hole of a night...
Sam goes around to see what's wrong with John. He is winded
and looks a little beaten.
SAM sits on the picnic table where we had just left him.
                       SAM (VO)
Let me explain something to
everyone out there scratching
their heads. Sometimes I come down
with this feeling, like I'm half
sleeping, half awake. A feeling
that feels like I'm in a dream,
living in reality. I don't know
what causes this, I've gotten it
from looking into my Gameboy Color
for too long, or I've gotten it
just from trying to memorize
something. But, whatever it is, it
makes me in this really off faze
where I can't concentrate on
Sam gets up off the picnic table and begins to trail down
the hill. He is not well at all, he is stumbling around a
                       SAM (VO)
...As well, I can't walk straight
either, like how you see me now.
Crashing into trees and the little
possum running under my feet...
There is in fact, no possum running under Sam's feet. But,
Sam is tumbling onto a lot of trees.


                       SAM (VO)
So, now actually, I've taken this
feeling and tried to seperate
reality from my "Dream Reality."
But, when I think this, nothing
ever comes out correctly.
Please to meet you!...
                       SAM (VO)
See, there I go. I'm seeing
things. I talking to a tree. OK,
the only way I think I can
deciefer what happened is if I go
through my whole night last night.
As much as I can remember or tell
correctly. Let me start with
John's story because I think that
relates to me somehow.
Sam is on the floor looking down at John. John seems quite
winded and beaten.
John, what happened? Why is your
leg slashed? Where have you been?
Sam, are you just going to stand
there looking at my bleeding leg
or are you gonna get me some ice
or shit?
Hold on.
Sam runs into the next room and returns with ice and some
                       SAM (VO)
Here's something I remember
deffinitley happened. John's leg
was wrapped up in some ace
bandages. As well, he was winded
from running, which is unusual for
him because he was the fastest


                       SAM (cont'd)
runner of the freshman track team.
One more thing, I was already
going through this dream state,
and the story John told me I've
forgotten by now. Shit. I really
hate this. Here's what I think
happened. Atleast, according to
John sits in the chair facing the TV. Sam sits across the
room on the couch. There is a single light lighting John's
                       SAM (VO)
... So sing to us of the man,
John, the man of twists and turns,
who was time and again driven off
course throughout this wretched
night, after he had plundered the
hallowed heights of outdoor track!
Sing to us of this man and his
weary night against the forces of
We are at a BOYS AND GIRLS club. There is a basketball game
going on. In the game we see JOHN playing valiantly.
Obviously, the playing is way above John's ability.
                       JOHN (VO)
... Let me start from the
beginning. It was seven fifteen
thursday night. I had my weekly
basketball game at the club...
The orange team playing scores, many people retreat to the
other end of the court.
                       JOHN (VO)
... and I was retreating back
downcourt to help defend. I saw
her. The girl of my dreams. She
was holding hands with her little
sister, it looked like...
JOHN looks over to the stands and sees a blonde haired girl,
holding a little girls hand.


                       JOHN (VO)
... she was so beautiful. Like an
angel from Heaven almost. I fell
right for her...
We then see the girl sitting in the stands start talking to
one of John's teamates.
                       JOHN (VO)
... but I don't know how I'd talk
to her, I look like a loser on the
In the background, there is a drive to the hoop that John
could have easily stopped. But, he's just looking at this
                       JOHN (VO)
... and walking up to her would be
kinda awkward. I bet she's older
than me, I thought. Probabley
sixteen. Probableys had sex
John goes out of the game and goes and sits on the bench.
                       JOHN (VO)
... I thought to myself: such a
tender girl, maybe she would be
here next week for our next game.
I made a mental note to show off
next game.
There are a lot of people walking around. Some leaving, some
coming in. We spot John at the door.
                       JOHN (VO)
I was on my way when I remembered,
I had forgotten my coat inside.
And when I was going back in the
Gym to get it...
John begins walking towards the gym. Exiting from the gym is
the girl. The girl sees John and they make eye contact. The
girl gives John a big smile. John smiles back.
                       JOHN (VO)
... she smiled at me! That
beautiful nymph, her hair like a
thousand golden braids. She smiled


                       JOHN (cont'd)
at me. I was hoping I'd see her
next week. But, then...
John is walking down the hallway of the school, he is
looking quite content with himself. He is looking around
when he sees, his NYMPH!! Electrified with excitment, he
calmly looks at her, being sly about it.
                       JOHN (VO)
She goes to our school. I would be
able to see her everyday. But, ah
hah! A question. How does
she know everyone from other
We are in a loud, noisy, adolescent filled cafeteria. JOhn
sits at a table with some of his friends, Sam included.
                       JOHN (VO)
Call me stereotypical, or
irrational. But, from previous
knowledge, people that dated
people from other schools did
risky things. I'm not talking
about sticking each other's
tongues in their mouths. But,
really risky things. Either way, I
was going to find out who this
girl was. And I knew just the
person to get to find out.
John walks over to another table. This table seems to have
more mature, older kids. John leans over one kid, who is
fairly hansome, he's a boy, as well, this boy has a large
                       JOHN (VO)
People called him the Gem. The Gem
was the most respected kid in the
school. Maybe it was his fro, or
maybe it was because he could run
a four by four in under two
minutes. He was always living in
the sixties. But, this kid was the


Gem, I need a favor.
                       JOHN (VO)
The Gem's really good with favors.
Within two class periods I had
gotten my information.
Tyler and John are in hallway talking in close quarters.
                       THE GEM
Ok, here's your dame, brother.
Sasha Berry. A real crazy girl
supposedly. She's usually going
out with someone. But according to
a little birdy I know, she's
single right now. You cool my man?
                       JOHN (VO)
I thanked the Gem for his work.
And just like that, with his
funakdelic arms swaying back and
forth, and his disco feet dancing
down the stairs like he was
running an actual four by four, he
left. A walking legend.
The Gem is out of sight and John begins walking up the
stairs. But, from the stairwell, the Gem comes bad up to
                       THE GEM
Oh, yeah, man. One more thing.
She's having a party at her house
Thanks, man.
The Gem walks away this time for sure.
                       JOHN (VO)
And, kablam-ee! I had a first
date. Of course, she didn't know
that. But, in a couple of hours
she would...


We find John looking through a drawer trying to find
something of importance.
                       JOHN (VO)
... it was too simple. I had her
last name, all I had to do was
look it up in the phone book...
JOHN locates a large phonebook in a drawer and removes it
and begins to flip its pages.
                       JOHN (VO)
... and, even simpler, she lived
pretty close by, about a mile
away, so if something bad happened
I could walk home...
John is in his room getting dressed. He seems showered and
... getting by my parents was
easy, they were going out for the
night. All I did was kiss 'em on
the cheek, wished them a nice
night out and said I was going
over to Sam's. They didn't have to
know the truth...
JOHN finds some expensive looking cologne on his dresser and
applies a few squirts to his neck. Then, before he leaves,
he grabs an shiny, important looking RING off his
nightstand. Once on his finger he KISSES it and exits the
We are on a busy road. Next to us, JOhn walks on the
sidewalk. He waves periodically to the cars and tries to
look cool by strutting a little.


                       JOHN (VO)
...and so, at nine fifteen, after
my parents had left for a dinner
at a five star cuisine, and I was
roaming the streets, slowly
drifing towards Sasha's house for
a first date with paradise...
John waves to cars nonchalantly and keeps walking.
John is at the door of Sasha, outside, there are many cars
parked. Hesitantly, John reaches for the doorbell, the pulls
away. There is a lot of noise coming from inside the house.
                       JOHN (VO)
Trust me, I knew I was getting
into some deep shit right there.
But something drove me to lie to
my parents and walk over to a
girl's house who I'd never talked
to. So when I pressed that
doorbell, I was swarming with all
sorts of different emotions.
John rings the doorbell. There is no immediate response to
the doorbell ringing.
                       JOHN (VO)
... the goody two shoes side of
brain was moaning: "this is
terrible, you're about to be
thrown into a world only talked
about. A world where drugs are
eaten like candy. Where
people drink beers when they sweat
as opposed to water."
But, then the other side of me,
that horny side that was
pushing me into that door was
saying "do it, go into that
fucking house and get your hand a
good piece of booty. Stop running
all those fucking four by fours
and start fueling that
testosterone. Your hormones are
desperate to nosh on
That side of me, the horny side
kept chanting: "It runs in
the hormones, go in! It runs in


                       JOHN (cont'd)
the hormones, go in..." and,
eventually, that side of me
outruled the side that was
saying to go run a four by four...
At this point there hasn't been any response to John's ring
of the doorbell. So, he just enters himself.
                       JOHN (VO)
... and slowly and surly, with my
testerone backing me up, I entered
Sasha Berry's house.
John enters into the foyer, and looks around. The the right
of him there are a few people hanging around. They seem to
be ok in terms of drunkenness.
                       JOHN (VO)
I walked into the land of the
paradise woman to find some un
paradise people. Some were drunk,
some... I don't know. But, all in
all, it seemed okay.
John looks around and begins walking towards the living room
where he saw the two people. He walks into the room and we:
John looks around and examines the people in the room. There
are two people eating out of a box of pizza at the table. At
the sink, there is a boy putting his head under and then
removing his drenched head.

A girl, now, not Sasha walks up to John.
Hey, I'm feeling good. Who are
Umm... I'm...
                       JOHN (VO)
I couldn't tell her who I was. If
they had a list or something. I
had to make something up.


Umm... I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....
I looove that name. It's deep.
This girl seems to be very much not okay. A little tipsy it
seems. Quickly, she looks back to look at the guy dunking
his head under the faucet of the sing.
Guess what.
      (Seductivly in a
       drunk way)
Actually, don't guess. I'll tell
you. That's my... Boyfriend. He's
so hott. Like the hottest guy in
Ummm... cool. That's...
                       JOHN (VO)
I had to search for a word to make
me blend in more.
It's so what?
      (very awkward)
off 'da hook.
There is a VERY LONG PAUSE. Then, the girl begins to giggle
and puts her arm on John's shoulder very seductivly.
I think that's sexy.
Once again, this girl turns around to look at her boyfriend.
Now, the boyfriend has removed some hairgell and has begun
to gell his hair into an insane mohawk. John looks like he
really wants to get away.

The girl turns around now and looks at John EXTREAMLY


It's seems, he's... busy. Making a
mohawk. (TO BOY) Hey, boyfriend,
watch this.
The boyfriend turns around. The girl pounds herself into
John with her lips knocking him off balance and almost
completly over onto the floor.
                       JOHN (VO)
Oh shit. I was about to get one
shit-ass beating by drunken mister
The boyfriend turns around now and notices the situation
going on between John and his girlfriend.

The boyfriend looks at them, and then shrugs, and then
returns to dunking his head in the sink.
                       JOHN (VO)
Okay, at first this was fun. But,
now mister faucet head wasn't
coming to beat me up. Instead, SHE
was coming. The nymph. I had to
this let go...
John pulls away from the girl. With a swish of the hair and
stomp of her sassy ass foot, she storms off and puts her own
head in the sink.
Now, Sasha, comes up to John. John looks calm. A little too
calm though, he checks his watch that's no anywhere to be
Hey, hot stuff. I've never you
seen you around here.
That's because, I could never...
get a ride.
There is an awkward beat.
Well, why don't you come
downstairs. Everyone up here is
kinda fucked up.
Sasha goes downstairs. John is left standing there feeling


                       JOHN (VO)
I knew better than what was
happening then. No one got in this
easily. Not only had I just walked
into the house, but I was hit on
and then attacked sexually by a
horny, drunken seventeen year old.
There was nothing wrong with that.
But, being invited into a fucking
basement of an angel. Holy shit,
that was something else. Call it a
dream, call it a fantasy, but I'd
prefer to call it paradise...
John exits downstairs.
John comes frantically down the stairs.
                       JOHN (VO)
Looking down those stairs, I said
to myself: Fuck reality, whatever
lay in that dusty basement was one
hundred percent real. As real as
history. As real as my skin, as
real as anything around us.
Atleast, that's what I thought I
was thinking. All I knew for
certain was that this my fucking
territory. I was goning to tear up
this place like a racoon with
rabies tears up trash. Bring it
on, bitch.
There are a TON of fucked up seventeen year olds down there.
From what we can see there's about ten teenagers, some
girls, some boys. It is a bleek basement, with wood walls
and an out-of-style carpet. About twenty feet from the
stairs there is a sheet drooping in front of a bunch of
people. In silohette, we can see people passing "risky"
things around.
John descends down from the stairs with a confident face,
but when he sees what's going on his confident face becomes
one of extreme uncertainty.


John looks around for his nymph who has invited him down. He
finds her just before she descends under the carpet draping
down from the celing, greeting people as she goes in.
                       JOHN (VO)
Okay. Here I am. My point of
uncertainty. The clean, goody side
of me is pulling me up those
stairs and out the door... That
side's saying "FUCK THC, GET HIGH
then the bad, dirty side of me is
pulling me under that curtain into
that world I've never seen... That
side's saying "GO, TAKE A FUCKING
And here they are playing tug of
war and I'm the rope. I stand
here, a stale mate between the two
sides. Everytime I try to lift my
foot up those stairs I'm yanked
back down towards that curtain.
There's no where to go. My point
of uncertainty.
SASHA now exits from the curtain. IN slow motion, John
watches her. She seems like she's a little out of it.
                       JOHN (VO)
If you've ever played tug of war,
sometimes one side will let go,
sending the other side way off
balance and falling onto their
asses. I guess a good two shoes
can tell a hot chick when it sees
one, and those two shoes just
With a loud snapping sound, John is pummled forward into
Sasha's arms. Sasha gives him a dreamy look.
Heey, hot stuff. Do you want to
come to land down under and feel
some good things?
Okay. No. I don't want to.
Oh, come on. Live a little.


                       JOHN (VO)
Live a little! More like kill
yourself! Call me a nerd, call me
stupid. I didn't care. I wasn't
sacraficing an under two minute
four by four time for this shit.
John looks around, at one point completly prepared to leave
the house and run for his four by fours. But, he pauses, a
looks towards the stairs.
                       JOHN (VO)
I guess here's where it happened.
As I was contemplating going up
those stairs and out the door.
Sasha made a very feint move.
Without touching my in the
slightest bit...
We looks to Sasha, she is looking down at John's ring. It is
quite shiny, and she has fallen for it. With great, drunken
precision, she wraps her fingers around the ring and removes
                       JOHN (VO)
... she took my ring. This isn't
any ordinary ring, it was ring
that my once homosexual dad
recieved for "curing" his
homosexuality from his
anti-homosexualty in-laws...
Sasha gazes at it, and then looks at John and runs back
under the curtain, we can see her showing it off to the
other people.
                       JOHN (VO)
... Filled with diversity, sex,
passion, good luck and the freedom
of being a kid, the ring was a lot
more than just a melded piece of
Sasha is long gone. John gazes in uncertainty at the curtain
and that at the stairs.
                       JOHN (VO)
... Not so much of a nymph
Through the curtain we see people passing it around.


                       JOHN (VO)
I could let this happen. But I
could go in. I just had to sort
everything out. I needed some air.
John sprints up the stairs and into the KITCHEN:
The boyfriend and girlfriend and still dunking there heads
in the sink. John runs up the stairs and out the door.
John runs out into the driveway. He gets a good distance
away from the house and sits down on a cement curb at the
end of the driveway. Cars drive by and glare at him.
                       JOHN (VO)
I wanted to run out of here so
badly. I didn't care about that
fucking nymph, and, fuck, screw
the ring. But, that's where I
stopped. I needed that ring. It
meant so much to my dad, it was
something that held him close to
my mom. He handed it down to me to
pass down through my kids. And now
what? No, I couldn't buy him an
identical one. He knew everything
about that ring, its scent, the
medal it was made of, even where
it was made. I remember how he
told me about that ring. He was so
excited telling the story, and
here I am siting on a cement curb,
not giving a shit about it. The
story went something like this. He
was twenty four years old and
having lunch with my mom's


John is lying is in his bed, his PJs on. It seems like he's
about eight or nine. Next to his bed, his father, Bill,
about forty, is looking down at his ring, and telling a
... we were sitting in an old
Greek diner in 1997...
We are looking at a booth of three people. The center of
attention is John's father, Bill. He is in his mid twenties.
Next to him is his future father-in-law, Ted. Across from
Bill is his future mother-in-law, Judy.

The restaurant looks like a torn down piece of shit, the
lights are dim and the tables seem dirty and old. The
appearance of the diner doesn't stop Bill from being fully
energetic, though.
                       BILL (VO)
... I was with your mothers
parents, very nice people.
Unfortuantly they've left us. This
is when I was experimenting with
homosexuality. And, by the way,
excuse my language, son. I had a
wild mouth back then.
      (in all
... So this crack-ass bitch comes
up to me and says what the hell
you doing in that vest and
galoshes? And, I'm thinking, I
don't even know what a vest a
galoshes are! And this lady takes
me and rips my clothes off me and
litterally throws them in the
sound. Just, tosses them in!
... and what the hell did you do?
Give her a nice slappin'?


Haha, no, just said "what the hell
you doing babe... that's MY vest
and galoshes!"
There is a loud eruption of laughter. There is a fanily
sitting in front of them, that look at each other, appaled.
... now, let me tell you
something, I was on the west coast
a few years ago, and there's only
two things to do on the west
coast. One is go to the beach and
look at the little chickies, which
ain't that fun anyway. The other
is to go bar hopping in L.A.. But,
let me tell you, those bars are so
gay-ass shitty. And, me being a
gay guy on the East Coast, would
Though the family behind him laughs, niether one of BIll's
mother in law or father in law laugh. They just look at him
See, that's what we'd like to talk
about with you, Bill. Your
What are you talking about?
Wait, well, first let me say, we
think homosexuality is a very
natural thing. Gay people have
every right in the world to get
married. And I when I say that,
I'm being completly serious. Same
with Judy. It's just... it's our
You mean Rosanna? What happened?
No, nothing. Well, I mean, yes,
she's fallen in love.


Well that's great, tell her
congratulations for me.
No, it's just... she's fallen in
love with you.
With me? Woah, that's kinda
intense. I mean, I love Rosanna,
but not like... you know... like
I'd wanna do her.
Boy! Come on, be serious now.
We're talking about our daughter.
Your best friend Rosanna.
We're here helping her out. We
wanna see if there's a chance if
you know, something could work
out. Between you and her.
Woah, you asking me to marry your
daughter? I mean that's kinda
intense. I'm gay, you know that.
No, you're not gay! You dated
women, too. We know about Sarah
Jones and, that girl, fig newton.
Fig Newton, you mean Nancy? No,
Nancy and I didn't go out, it was
a... very close freindship.
Well, there was still Sarah.
Yeah, but... you know. Okay,
listen here, if I were to marry
any girl, it would be Rosanna.
She's a great girl. I know that.
But, I'm not sure. Marriage is a
lot. I'm not even sure about
myself. Straight or not straight,
I dunno. I'm not good with


How do you know you're gay? What
makes you so sure?
Well, I don't know. I mean, I'm
attracted to that guy over there.
The one with the green sweater. I
think his sweater's real nice and
looks good on him. Things like
That doesn't mean anything. Ted
tells me all the time that he
thinks guys look good in this or
But it's more than that. I've got
more explicit feelings. Trust me
as an east coast gay guy.
But, how do know? Are you
completly sure that you're like
What are you trying to say? That
I'm not gay? What are you saying?
Maybe, well, listen. I'm perfectly
fine with gay people. It's great
to express yourself. But, maybe
gay isn't right for you.
Oh, I'm not the "gay" kind of guy?
I'm not gonna take any of this.
I'm leaving.
Bill exits to get up. He gets up, but Ted yanks him back
down and Bill sits reluctantly back down in his chair.
Stay put, son. Now, I'm not sure
what you are. Homo, bi, or
hetero-sexual, whatever. But, my


                       TED (cont'd)
daughter is in love with you. She
sheds tears over you. And, I mean,
what's not like. You're a great
kid. But, what I'm asking, is that
you think about yourself. I see
the way that you look at my
daughter. I think there's a spark
All we're asking is for you to
look into the situation. Set up a
date. No, we'll set up a date. You
just see how it works out, and
maybe there's something there.
Maybe there's not. If there isn't,
then my daughter will weep the
rest of her life. But, if there's
something, then, well, we got
So whad'ya say? Give it try?
There's not gonna be anything.
I'll telling you. I'm an east
coast gay man.
      (seeing their
But, because I love Rosanna so
much, I'll go on a "date" with
Bill shakes Ted's hand reluctantly. Judy and Ted smile very
largely, Bill looks in the middle.
I knew you would come through.
You're a great man, Bill.
Bill and Rosanna sit at a table in the restaurant. As
opposed to Bill's bad clothes, he wears a suit tonight.
Rosanna is pretty and is wearing a nice skirt of her own.

The conversation seems to be kind of awkward.
So... how's work?


Work is good. Hard. But, good.
      (taking a stab)
So... how's... George?
OH, George, we broke up.
Oh. What a shame.
Yeah... Hey, listen, do wanna go
do something else? Personally, I
think this crab tastes like sand
You've tasted sandpaper?
Haha, well, of course. Delicios.
Maybe I should try it. Umm... so
where do you wanna go?
I don't know, let's just see where
the wind takes us...
BILL and ROSANNA walk down an empty sidewalk.
                       BILL (VO)
... and that's how it started.
Walking down that sidewalk, alone
with her. It was then I realized
"I would want to go on this walk
again." In fact, I told her that
when we got home...
Rosanna makes a very feint move during their conversation:
she slips her hand into his. A famous song plays: "I Wanna
Hold Your Hand" by that band... I forget who it is.


They continue walking, holding hands, BIll doesn't seem
completly comfertable, but Rosanna is loving every bit of
Up through BIll's window we spot him and Rosanna dancing to
the Beatles. Now, Bill seems completly comfertable.
                       BILL (VO)
... The beatles are the best
romantic band ever created song.
Basically, long story short, to
keep your bedtime on time, three
things that occured between your
mother and I to make us fall in
They're still dancing.
... One, I realized what I truly
thought about my sexuality. I just
needed someone to turn me
straight. That someone was your
mother. She's a miracle worker,
let me tell you, son...
Bill and Rosanna are in different clothes, it is obviously a
different night. They sit on BIll's couch, watching a movie.
                       BILL (VO)
Second thing, the Beatles. Any
song of theirs is absolutly
amazing. Can bring people together
from different countries, who
absoltely hate each other...
Ted slowly slides a GOLD RING on BIll's finger. Bill looks
dazzled and weary with sacredness of what's going on.


                       BILL (VO)
... Three, and possibly the one
thing that represents myself the
best. Your grandfather's gold
ring. I think he gave it to me for
a great future, but to never ever
forget my past. I sure haven't,
son. History doesn't repeat, but
it does rhyme, and I think that
applies to even me and the
wackiest people out there.
This is obviously the night from before. They are still
holding each other, watching a movie.
                       BILL (VO)
... and the last thing occured me
while I was holding my miracle
working watching Gone With the
Wind. The fourth thing is love.
Love for not just this beautiful
woman I was holding. But, love for
everything, for your youth, your
freedom, trying new things out,
passion, and just plain living...
Nine year old John is still in his bead, waiting for his dad
to conclude the story:
And son, this ring, which I'll
eventually give to you when I
trust you, holds everything about
that time. How's that for a
bedtime story?
That was four things. You said
there was only three things that
made you and mom fall in love.
Sorry, son, your father's gettin'
a wee bit old.


Just then, there is a knock on the opened door. There,
stands Rosanna. She's aged pretty okay. Bill gets up and
goes over to her and gives her a kiss.
Goodnight, John.
Oh, talking about us?
Bill squeezes Rosanna's butt, Rosanna turns around and gives
him a comical slapping and closes the door.

John looks at the closed door and thinks to himself:
                       BILL (VO)
... it represent everything...
I'll give it to you when I trust
Here squating on the curb is our character, John. He seems
near tears and split in the middle of his conundrum.
                       JOHN (VO)
I had only one choice. And that
was to walk home I couln't take
the drugs. I'd find a solution to
my problem.
John exits Sasha's driveway until he is missing in the dark.
For a beat, he is no where to be seen, but then he comes
sprinting back into the driveway.
                       JOHN (VO)
Okay, so temporary brain lapse. My
only choice was to get that ring
back. It meant everything. It
wouldn't be easy. It wouldn't be
clean, but I was going to get it
back. I was gonna lift myself out
of this ditch that I dug myself


John comes running out of the dark of the driveway and into
the light.
                       JOHN (VO)
So I sprinted back to that house.
Stopped at the door, crossed
myself and sprinted into that
door. Into hell.
John enters inside.
John is running down the hallway leading into the kitchen.
We freeze frame on him.
                       JOHN (VO)
I was running like hell, into
hell, but I didn't care. I wasn't
only doing this to save my dad's
youth. I was saving my youth. That
ring was bound to my emotions now.
This curse was passed down to me
by my dad, it was irreversable.
John resumes running and enters the kitchen. But, he stops
running when he sees the boy and girl dunking their heads in
the sink.
                       JOHN (VO)
Seeing my two favorite people
dunking their heads in the sink
made me feel unsure. For a split
second, I considered walking back.
I couldn't though, I had to get
the ring back.
With straining confidence, John brings himself together and
vertures down the stairs.

John comes down the stairs, we zoom out to see John's full
body. We see his hand, it's trembling.
                       JOHN (VO)
So, here I am, the pit of hell.
People beyond the curtain doing


                       JOHN (cont'd)
stuff I don't wanna think about.
Maybe I wouldn't have to go in
there, maybe the ring was
somewhere on the floor.
John begins to searching the floor, ignoring the noises
coming from behind the curtain. He searches and spots it, a
little in front of him. He quickly walks over to it and
picks it up. Unfortuantly, though, it's only a piece of
John begins to searching the floor, ignoring the noises
coming from behind the curtain. He searches and spots it, a
little in front of him. He quickly walks over to it and
picks it up. Unfortuantly, though, it's only a piece of
                       JOHN (VO)
I was too tired for this shit.
There it was, a mere five feet in
front of me. But, five feet
ventured into a different world. I
was in my comfort zone here. I
took five more steps and I was in
bad territory.
John is looking at the shadows through the curtains. We see
two people passing around a ring.
                       JOHN (VO)
Okay, take a deep breath and walk
those fucking five steps. Don't
give into peer pressure. Do it for
your pop. For the ring. For saving
my youth.
John takes a deep breath and goes under the curtain.
Thought no one has invited John under the curtain, he
non-chantley lets himself in. In this area sits four people,
three boys and Sasha. They all seem very out of it, though
no drugs are visible. The space has many pillows around and
a candle in the middle.
Hey, hotstuff! I missed you. Come
and sit on my lap.


      (with great
Like John sits on fucked up people's laps all the time, he
takes the comfertable looking seat on Sasha's lap. All the
boys look at each other. One of them, Harry, speaks up:
So, Sasha, are you going to
introduce me to your friend?
Heehee, of course. Tom, this is
Harry. Say hello.
      (weirded out)
Uhh... hi.
Very weidly, Harry takes John's hand and kisses it, then
giggles to everyone. John doesn't giggle, just sits there.
Sorry bout that, Harry is gay.
Oh. Cool.
Are you gay?
      (Nervous now)
Me... uhh... no.
      (with sasha's
       menacing glare:)
I mean, of course, yeah.
      (realizing his
I mean, no. No. I'm not.
      (kinda disgusted)
I mean not gay. Kinda, like, in
the middle. Well, umm... yeah. In
the middle.


Oh... okay. Like bi. So, I guess
you would still like this.
With absolutly no hesitation, Sasha lunges forward and locks
lips with John. John smiles with satisfaction. But not for
long, another guy, James, grabs Sasha off John.
What the hell are you doing,
Just having some free samples.
John seems quite dazed. His head bobbles around a little.
Hey, hotstuff, don't lost out on
me. That was only the appetizer.
Hey, James, wanna pass me the pot?
James picks up a bag with a big with a big skull on it,
reading: "only use if you want to kill yourself." Sasha

John's head stops bobbling and finds a point in the room to
glare at. At the third boy, Fred's hand, there lies John's
      (with a high of
       his own)
What kind of ring are you wearing
there, Bob?
Huh? Well, first of fucking all,
my fucking name ain't fucking Bob.
David swears a lot when he's
fucked up.
And second. This ring, is my ring.
      (coming out of
Well, where'd you get it? I once
had one that looked like it.


To be honest, I just fucking got
it. Sasha fucking found it out
there and I liked it so I fucking
took it. So if it's yours, fuck
off. Because it's fucking mine.
John seems slightly frustrated, he looks around briefly and
sees an almost identical ring on Harry's finger. Almost
identical except one thing: this is BIll's ring. It has the
same writing.
Speaking of rings, I really like
your ring, Harry.
      (Looking at it)
Ehh... cool. I don't really like
Well, maybe I could have it. After
all, I did lose a ring before.
I'll give it to you. It's fine by
                       JOHN (VO)
This was too easy.
Just like that?
Yeah, I don't need a ring to
remember this crazy night. It was
too screwed up to forget.
Harry removes the ring off of his finger, it doesn't even
fit on his finger. He is about to hand it over to John's
eagerly waiting hand, when:
Harry, don't give it to him so
easy. Make him give you something
in return.
Oh, I know what!


Sasha and the other two boys gather around Harry's ear to
tell him the secret. After a few seconds, they dispers.
Well, just giving you this ring
wouldn't be fair. And the thing
is, I haven't gotten any action
all night. You can have your ring
for a nice, heavanly kiss.
John is completly speechless.
                       JOHN (VO)
How far would I go for this piece
of shit?
That's my final offer. A kiss or
no ring.
Hey, come on, I thought you were
in the fucking middle?
Uhhh... ummm...
      (coming to his
A kiss?...
                       JOHN (VO)
I needed that fucking ring. To
answer my question before. How far
would I go? Well, you're about to
find out about how far I actually
went for that fucking piece of
shit ring.
Yes, a kiss. And it only counts if
there's tongue.
Holy shit... ok. Gimme the ring
No, the kiss first.
Holy shit...


From outside the curtain, in shadow, we see the two young
boys hook up.
                       SASHA (OS)
You gotta get the tongue in!
There is a ton of giggling, but not for John. He's too busy
to giggle.
John is walking down the sidwalk, avoiding headlights from
cars, completly unsatisfied.
                       JOHN (VO)
Holy shit. The only two words that
could come to my mind. Holy shit.
Well, here's the ring, in my hand.
After everything. Chasing this
girl, running away from her. Being
gay for a night. I guess it runs
in the genes...
John finishes his story up. He is still sitting in his
chair. Sam on the couch.
... and you know, if there's one
moral I learned about because of
this night, It's that girls that
look like nymphs are really
pothead jackasses who just have
fun luring innocent people into
their world just to give them a
laugh when who hook up with their
gay guy friend. I mean, between
that big basketball game, the
sneaking out and into her house,
watching people dunk their heads
in the sink for two straight
hours, being attacked sexually by
two very high girls, I mean, I'm
not complaining about that, but
then, to put a cap on the night,
kissing a guy... holy shit. And
here I am, watching some fucked up
movie in black and white.


What a fucked up night. And it's
only eleven o'clock.
You can say that again. I need
John doesn't ask to get food, he just announces it and exits
up the stairs. Sam continues watching DOUBLE INDEMNITY

Then, breaking Sam from his concentration on the tv, the
phone rings. He examines the phone.
                       SAM (VO)
Before I picked it up, I knew who
was on the other line. His name
was Speed. That's all we called
him. Just Speed. Pure and simple.
No one liked him, especially John,
I thought he was okay. And now, he
was calling me at eleven o'clock
at night for the soul reason of
wanting to drag me out of my safe
and cozy house and into the
dangerous, cold spring night.
Sam picks up the phone. On the other line is complete
ambient noise that is hard to understand.
Sam? I'm coming over. I'm picking
you up. My sister's driving.
                       SAM (VO)
Thanks for asking first. That was
Speed, just like that he expected
to pull me into his twisted world
with his even more twisted sister.
Wait, what? Speed, you can't come
over now.
Well, live with it. I don't take
no for an answer.


John's over. We're both really
John comes down and asks Sam who's on the phone. Speed keeps
Who's on the phone?
Speed. He wants to pick us up. His
sister's driving.
Oh shit! Let him. I wanna kick his
ass. I have to get him back for
trashing my bike.
                       SAM (VO)
A week earlier, Speed had crashed
into John on his bike. Now, John
had a totaled bike and a rage
waiting to be taken out on Speed.
Go, come on, tell him.
Speed? Yeah... umm, he wants to.
But, I'm not so sure. It's kinda
We're coming over.
Speed hangs up. Sam hangs the phone up.
So what's the deal? Is he coming
He's "picking us up."
Okay. Yes. I'm going to knock his
lights out. First I'm gonna make
him drive us around. Then I'll
kick his ass. Sam, don't say
anything about it.


                       SAM (VO)
I must have been going through
some temporary brain lapse over
those two minutes. I had given
into peer pressure from Speed.
That didn't happen everyday. Then,
I was about to give this response
to John:
Fine. Have fun.
                       SAM (VO)
It's a real big shame. That I
didn't see what was coming. If I
had any common sense I would have
sat there all night watching
movies. But, that didn't happen. I
had left a false note and in the
knowledge in the back of my mind
that I was driving with a complete
drugaddict whose younger brother
John planned to Annihilate later
on in this wretched night. At that
very moment, I had no idea what
the result would be at the climax
of the night.
John and Sam walk down Sam's narrow street, it's really dark
until a car comes onto the street with their lights on. The
car is going pretty fast and approches Sam and John without

The car comes closer and closer and stops an inch away from
the trembling teenagers. After a beat, Sam and John are
still recovering from their shock, Speed's sister honks the
horn for a long time, scaring John and Sam. Eventually, she
stops and John and Sam slowly make into the car.
John and Sam enter the car as the car begins to pulls away.
Right away, Speed's sister yells out:


Okay, guys! I'm not gonna be your
chaperone tonight! So, you're
gonna go with me, wherever I go!
You have no say. I'll leave
without you, I don't give a shit.
Just shut your faces and don't
Sam and John both look really scared.
      (Turning around,
She's high.
                       SAM (VO)
Well, that was great! Of course I
would have stopped that car right
there after Liz's tirade, but the
car was moving and Liz was not
someone to mess around with. So I
don't know where I was going, but,
of course, I feel safe because I'm
being driven around by a real
trustworthy person.
Speed, where are we going?
Ummm... we're just going back to
my house. It'll be fun. How ya
doin' John?
John doesn't say anything, just sticks up his middle finger
defiantly. Speed nods his head.
Alright, I guess you're still
angry about your bike.
Speed gives an even more-to-the-point middle finger to John.
Hey! This is my car! I don't want
any flashing of your middle
fingers! 'Ya wanna take something
out, I'll drop you at the park and
you can shed all the shit you


That's for later, Liz.
Woo hoo! We gotta fight! Make sure
I'm there.
The car keeps driving on, John remains silent, but
confident. Sam sits there, scared.

As we drive on, the car turns onto the highway.
Liz, umm... where are you going?
Our house isn't anywhere down the
Shut up, Speed! Sometimes you just
don't ask questions!
Sam looks really scared, he's shaking slightly. John's been
through enough tonight to not care what's going on. Speed is
just laughing.
                       SAM (VO)
This is usally the point where I
freak out. This is where I was
thinking that they could find the
body if I was taken out to some
desert and shot. They would know.
They couldn't hide the crime. I
would be found! Liz, you would go
to jail!
A little later on, the car exits the highway and pulls off.
Sam and John look at each other like "Where the hell are
John, do you have your phone?
      (Checking his
Ummmm... shit, where is it?...
Sam looks even more frightened.
                       SAM (VO)
Why the hell didn't I bring my
phone? Why didn't John have his?
He always had his!


Oh shit.
Hey, Speed! Where the fuck are we?
Speed doesn't answer.
                       SAM (VO)
John gets mad easily when he's was
around Speed.
Hey, fuck-head, where are we?
Woah! Language! Not in my car. If
we were still on the highway, I
would drop you off on the side of
the road! It's a good thing we're
here now.
The car pulls into a parking lot where a lot of cars are
parked. There is noise coming from the restaurant.
Ummm... where are we?
Shut up!
Liz exits the car, and walks to the restaurant. Speed, being
his sister's follower, gets up and follows her inside. John
is the next to exit.
I'm gonna beat the shit out of
Sam sits in the dark car silently. Thinking to himself. For
the first time, he doesn't reveal what's going through his
head. But, we can tell from looking at him what he's

A large car horn sounds from a car next to him, breaking him
out of his trance. It's a bunch of other teenagers. Sam then
exits the car quickly and begins running inside the


Sam walks into the restaurant, revealing the ultimate party
scene. There are a ton of people, people of all ages, not
just teenagers, dancing rauchosly in the restaurant. There's
very loud music playing. Right away, Sam feels out of place.
                       SAM (VO)
      (We can't hear
       this over all the
Sam slowly walks in. He finds John standing in the middle,
pretending to dance. He goes up to him, and in the middle of
everyone else, stands there like a lanky, dying tree. John
is making motions to "pound Speed."

At the bar, Speed, Liz and some other underage teenagers
order beverages. Sam looks around, as awkward as ever.
I want to go.
John can't hear anything he's saying. Sam keep looking
around, trying to blend in. At the opposite end of the bar,
sits a cop, looking drunk himself. Nevertheless, this scares

Sam turns to John and his vision begins to blur. He starts
falling off balance. Like a bad friend, John doesn't do
anything. Sam's vision begins to blur even more. once it
gets really bad, Sam runs out of the dancing area and into
the bathroom.
Inside a lone stall in the corner of this neat, clean
bathroom, stands Sam. He doesn't look incredibly sick. In
fact he is writing something down on a piece of paper,
leaning against one of the walls of the stall.

Once he's done, we see what he's written. It looks like an
algebra equation: "A*[B(C)B]*A"
Sam then frantically exits the bathroom.


Sam runs into the dancing area, looking for John. He looks
around for him, and eventually, finds him running out the
front door. Sam looks around and sees three people: David,
James, and Harry.

Sam doesn't know these people, but assumes the worst and
runs out with John.
John seems winded for the second time that night, he is
leaning on his knees out in the parking lot. Sam races over
to him.
Now it's time to go.
Who are those guys?
They're the guys from earlier
tonight. I'm going home.
How are we gonna get home? Liz
isn't leaving yet.
It doesn't matter. I'll walk.
We're only a town or two over. I'm
not going back inside that
John begins to move away. Speed then comes out of the
restaurant with Harry.
Hey, John, my sister's friend says
he knows you.
      (running away with
       Sam in tow)
Oh, come back!


John and Sam run out of the parking lot. Speed looks at
Harry, the restaurant, and at the two boys running out of
the parking lot. After contemplation, he runs after Sam and
John is still running and is winded. Many cars pass him and
their lights go over him. He seems so dead. But he keeps
running. In the distance, Sam trails behind.

After a few more paces, John begins to slow down, getting
dizzy. He begins to wobble around on the side of the road.
Cars passing look at him questionably.

Eventually, he plops himself down on the side of the road,
overlooking a park. In a couple of seconds, Sam is there by
his side.
You can't run that fast. I'm not a
      (panting but
Sam, I'm so sick of this night.
Fuck that stupid girl. How could I
be so stupid? How? You know how in
theater we learn about the anatomy
of a scene? How there's three
levels and you start on the first.
Then as the scene elevates you
move onto two and then, three at
the climax, where there's yelling
and screaming? Well, I'm in the
middle of two and three. I just
need something to take my level
three out on.
Don't worry about it. It's all an
      (beginning to cry)
No! It was an adventure. But this
has just taken it too far. Between
the pot and kissing a guy... And
crying on the side of the road...
it's not a fucking adventure


                       JOHN (cont'd)
anymore. It's hell in our little
perfect town.
Well... I don't know let's just
sit here for a little. Then, I'm
going to go find a phone.
You know, let me tell you
something about Speed. I hate that
kid. Last week, after he killed my
bike, he snickered at me, like I
deserved getting my bike killed.
And, that really pissed me off.
So, I don't think that I was on
level two starting tonight. It had
started last week when the frame
of my bike was bent like tin foil.
And when that kid gets here, I'm
gonna unleash the climax of this
John... come on, it's been a long
night. Don't do this.
Shut up, you know me, Sam. You
can't stop me when I've said it.
Once my mind's made up, it's
In the distance, we see Speed walking very slowly towards
John and Sam. John gets up and walks further into the park.
When he comes, tell him I want to
talk to him by the big tree over
But... John... no... I don't
John trails off into the park. In the park, we see a group
of people laughing very hard.
                       SAM (VO)
Here's the truth. I was trying to
be a good friend. A good friend
would stop John from doing what he
was about to do. But, honestly,


                       SAM (cont'd)
being the good friend gas tank was
only half full that night and the
only person I was using up my gas
for was John. Speed didn't have
any good friend gas from me. He
was about to get the shit beaten
out of him and I was gonna sit
there and watch. What a fucking
great friend I was. That late
night brain lapse was about wake
up to something so vivid it would
never go to sleep again.
Speed walks up to Sam.
Thanks for running ahead. What
happened? Where's John?
John is walking up ahead. He's
going. He going home. He's
actually got a cab. I was waiting
here for you.
      (disregarding Sam)
Is that him over there on the
picnic bench near the tree?
Yes it is.
Speed begins to walk over to John. Sam doesn't get up. He
sits there for a long beat.

We see John in the foreground sitting on a picnic bench
under a large tree. In the backgroud, Speed is steadily
approaching. We see Sam in the further background standing
up, bracing himself for what's to come. Speed reaches John,
but John doesn't ackknoledge his presence.
What's wrong, John? Too tired for
late night partying?


Why did you break my bike?
Is that why you're angry at me?
Because I crashed into you while
you were riding?
I'm not sitting here to fucking
joke around. I'm here to fucking
get the facts. I'm here to find
out why you came into my life and
tried to steal my friends. Tried
to get involved in our business.
And then broke my bike and then
snickered at me like I fucking
deserved it.
Awww, I'm sorry that offended you.
Want a tissue?
John gets up, ready to pounce on Speed.
Do you wanna fight? I've been
waiting for a highlight to my
night. Maybe this'll be it.
Beating the shit outta you.
Bring it on.
FREEZE FRAME on them charging at each other.
                       SAM (VO)
I know, at this point in my story
Speed shouldn't be about to get
wounded. But, I have to keep that
action flowing. To make a long
story short about the events with
Speed and John up to this night,
Speed tried to steal John's
friends. John got pissed. Not only
at Speed, but a lot of other
things that were piled up in the
fist of his getting ready to be
thrown at Speed.
We look away as John throws the first punch at Speed. We
hear in the background the two boys fighting in the shadows.


Then, the other group in the park hears what's going on and
races to go watch the fight. A large chant begins to erupt:

In the background, Sam is watching with great intent. After
a while, after this scene begins to erupt into level three,
we see him run away.
The sounds of the fight are everywhere, but we aren't
looking at it. Sam has found himself at the base of a large
hill. He looks back at the fight, petrified. He then races
up the hill.
Atop the hill, sits a picnic bench. Sam begins to pace
around the bench as the sounds of the fight are still
erupting from below.

Sam sits down on the bench and looks up. The sounds of the
fight and the yelling drown out all other sounds. We see Sam
trying to talk to himself.

We circle around Sam as the sounds get louder and louder.
Eventually, Sam passes out.
As the first image on the sunlight appears from the horizon,
Atop many thick clouds, in the midst of a wondrous blue sky,
Sam, dazed and confused is walking.

Sam looks around and examines his surroundings and discovers
that he's ON THE CLOUDS!

Slowly, but surly, he walks towards a lone gas station
sitting peacefully in the distance.

He arrives at the gas station, to a crazy, weird eye gas
attendent. The gas station looks very old and worn out.
                       GAS STATION ATTENDENT
How much?


      (pulling out money)
Ummm... how much can I buy for...
three dollars?
                       GAS STATION ATTENDENT
Three dollars? For three dollars
you can get a blue chill slurpy
inside. A gallon cost three fifty.
      (finding fifty
Ummm... okay.
                       GAS STATION ATTENDENT
Where's your car?
Ummm... across the street.
Sam turns around to reveal an car store. He looks around
questionably and slowly begins to walk over to the store.

Sam looks very unsure of himself. When he arrives at the
front door of the store, he pauses to evaluate his
surroundings. Eventually, Sam opens the door and enters the
store to buy a new car.

Inside the store, there are no cars, there is nothing that
has anything to do with automobiles. THe only thing that
sits in that large room is a chair. Sitting on that chair,

Sam looks at Sasha, not scared, but more unsure. They both
look at each other. After all, they don't know each other.
Then, from the other side of the room enters Bill. Bill
looks at the other two people.

                       SAM (VO)
The setting was a car store
somewhere above the clouds. The
characters were me, and two people
I had never met. But, they were
related to me, no less. The answer
to this crazy night lied in the
hands of these three people. And
that's where the equation comes in
to play...


We are set upon our infamous picnic bench. Sam's eyes burst
open, taking in all of reality, but not fully comprehending

We cut to Sam walking aimlessly around the park. Sitting
down and glancing down at random people.

Sam now sits upon a regular bench. He is looking dazed. Out
of his pocket, he pulls out the piece of paper from the
stall from the previous night.
                       SAM (VO)
The equation represented the
answer. It was the As and the Bs
and the Cs that represted all the
similarites. And then, a blank
answer. The answer to my question
before was: how did I get here in
this place, sleeping on a picnic
bench? Well, here's the answer,
John and Sasha and Bill brought me
here. The past and the present had
come together and been mixed
together to come out with one
blended answer that was my
situation. It was a flaky question
but a sophisticated answer arose.
If you asked me what happened to
Speed and Sasha and John after the
night, I wouldn't be able to tell
you. That's all part of being in
my dream state. You can't remember
Sam has arisen from his post and begins to walk down a
cement path. He seems satisfied with himself.


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From Chris Date 8/4/2005 ****
Very nice jsut need alittle for indepth detail for the charechters

From Ethan Ames Date 6/8/2005 **
Now that I think back on it, I don't really like this script. The 1st time I read it I skimmed through it, and I thought it was pretty good. But now that I read it, I find it quite repetitive, and hard to relate to.

From Michael Zavoico Date 6/6/2005 **1/2
All around, not the best you've written. It's relatively uninteresting. It's original, but it's still not A work. Honestly, I find some parts kinda dumb. Some of it is good, but it's not great. I like the plot a lot, though, it's just the writing/dialogue that I'm not very fond of.

From Kevin Date 6/6/2005 *1/2
i finally went past the third page, i disagree with ethan and JAred, not that good, wasn't into it. try harder

From Lee Wacker Date 6/2/2005 ***1/2
Sam i have a list for you of pros and cons. I'll give it to you in school. But asides from that, the script is good. Interesting for sure.. it could use a little work though. Good Job! I'm Impressed! xoxo -Lee

From Kevin Date 5/31/2005 *
not good. couldn't read past third page

From Ethan Ames Date 5/25/2005 ***1/2
Good, but the swearing should be toned down a bit. Not that it offends me or anything, but it gets repetitive. Also, the marijuana bag "only use if you want to kill yourself" is pushing it.

From Ethan Ames Date 5/25/2005 ****
Interesting concept. Keep up the good work, Sam.

From Jared Date 5/25/2005 ****
Saaaam, I really like the screenplay. Kinda random, but it works I guess.

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