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Forever Night: The Return
by A.Willard (zgrifter@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: 1/2

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

We see the a hidden government complex deep underground the
city of New Haven. We sweep through the cooridoors pushing
past scientists. The camera moves to a door where we see a
test subject being inject with the devastating doomsday
virus. The subject reacts violently as it slowly re-animates
to the living dead. Scientist give congrats to each other.
But the subject suddenly turns over-reactent.
                       SCIENTIST 2 (FRIGHTENED)
      (Scientist 1)
Holy Shit! Hurry. The test subject
is gettin outta control. Get a
squad down here quick!
The second scientist runs off. We see the "zombie" move
toward the hapless and frightened scientist. We see the
shadow of the zombie come close to the scientist. A scream
is heard and blood is splattered all over the adjacent wall.
                       SCIENTIST 2 (SCARED SHITLESS)
BOB!! Oh My God!
The camera pans over to Bob(scientist 1). We see whats left
of him as the zombie is still munching on his body. Dillan
(scientist 2) grabs the MP's gun and puts a few bullets in
the zombie. The zombie staggers up to Dillan and rips his
neck open and then starts to munch on the MP. The camera
backs outta the room as screams are heard. Then the zombie
looks up at the camera and opens its mouth to chomp it..the
camera then cuts to static. Title Runs and opening credits
are played.
After Opening Credits are over.Screen fades into a dream.
Its Nick's dream. Its more like a nightmare. We see the
horror as Nick lies there dying in his dream. Andrew Defeats
the turned Kegan. As that happens, the dream flashes to him
bein put on a stretcher and slipped into an ambulance. He
looks up at the doctor to see what he's doing, but the
doctor is a zombie as it goes in to munch on Nick. Nick
Wakes up screaming.


                       NICK (FRIGHTENED)
AHHHHHH!!!!!!! What the hell was
that.(Catches his breath) It must
have been one of those nightmares
Shot pans across room. We get another Angle of nick lying in
                       RELATIVE (YELLING)
NICK!! GET UP!! Its Time For
School. Your Gonna Be late!!
Nick Climbs outta bed gets around and heads downstairs. He
skips breakfast and heads out the door and heads off to
school. End of scene
We get a shot of the school. Kids are entering the building
as Nick arrives. Nick Runs into Doran. Doran is sorta the
highlite of Nick's Day. But Doran isnt interested in him.
      (Towards Doran)
Hey Doran! Whats goin...(slowly
stops as she walks away)
We see Doran walk to class. Nick goes into the building and
heads to class. The bell rings as Nick walks into the
classroom late.
                       SCIENTIST 2
      (This Is actually
       a teacher)
Well...Late to class our we Nick?
Yes. Im sorry
Kids snicker as Nick takes his seat in the back of the
class. The teacher goes on about the local town celebration
of some founding person. Class goes on as the camera backs
outta the room.


School is being dismissed. We see kids run from the building
heading towards the fair. Nick reluctently heads towards the
fair. Camera moves towards fair. We see the fair going on.
People are having fun. Nick is sitting there miserable,
thinking about his nightmare from last nite.
      (Disguised as a
       crazy person)
The End Is Near!! It comes soon.
The whole town is doomed. We're
all gonna die tonite.
                       NICK (ANGRY)
Why dont you shut the hell up!
Does anyone care about the world
coming to an end?
I know enough to know that the
dead is going to rise again. Just
like what happened to you.
Nick Looks frightenly at Alec.
How do you know what happened to
me? Nobody knows about that. How?
I know enought that you and two
other people survived that nite of
horror. That nite where your home
town was subject to the doomsday
virus. When they were turned into
flesh craving zombies.
                       NICK (SCARED)
How? I never told anyone about
that. No one. And I was told that
I was the only one cured. That no
body else survived that nite.


      (Cross to Nick)
Oh..you werent the only survivor
some of your buddies that helped
ya made it. Ya know Kegan, and
Andrew. They made it. But Andrew
was taken by the Military. Kegan
was shipped to another town under
the watch of my organization.
What organization? How do you know
all of this? Tell Me now!!!
      (Calms Nick)
Chill out..its ok. Im part of an
organization that is known as the
Death Guard. We silently watch the
government's handling of the
doomsday virus.
So your helping the Government? Is
that it. Your a spy for them, to
tell them how my well being is
after they ruin my whole life.


No. We're not part of any
government sanction. We're on our
own. We're trying everything to
stop the Government from
reinstituting the doomsday virus
back into the population. We saved
you and your friend Kegan. We
stuck you here with your relative.
Kegan we have relocated in another
town. But Andrew was picked up by
the government before we could get
to him. Anyways.. I had to find
you. We've stumbled upon the plans
to the reinstittution of the
doomsday virus. Its Next location
is here. And we cant stop it. We
have to fight it again. And your
the only...
      (Cuts him off)
..Im the only hope this town has.
Thats great, once again the
bastards are ruining my life.
Don't they think they've done
enough. Just because they screw my
life once doesnt mean they can do
it again. So how is everyone gonna
be infected, like last time,
introduced by a bomb.
Its already been introduced.
Everyone is infected. Except for
you, Kegan and maybe a few people
plus my organization. You
see..Keagan and you are immune to
the virus now, you've been
infected and cured. So your our
best bet.
So now that everyone is infected,
when does the virus kick in?


Nite fall..We dont have much time.
I've gotta get you back to HQ so
we can get you around.
Nick sits there. Looking into space. He remembers the last
incident. He lost everyone but his closest friends. He looks
at Alec and stands up.
All right. But I have to get some
stuff at my house. Come get me in
about an hour. I will be ready.
Fine. Keagan is on route now. He
will arrive in about an hour. I
will get you then.
Aight. (starts to run off) dont
forget..an hour..
Nick is seen running off. Screen fades as he runs
off..Screen opens to see nick with various items on the bed,
packing them into a bag. He hears a knocking at the door and
grabs his bag and runs downstairs. Nick answers the door and
see Alec.
Lets go. We dont have time.
Alec and Nick get into the car and drive off. End of scene.
The car pulls up to the Complex. Nick and Alec get out and
head inside. We see one set of stairs as they decend down.
The next thing we see is devices all around with various
people working on them. Alec leads Nick to a conference room
where twelve people are sitting around a table. Nick takes a
seat at the end of the table.


                       SCIENTIST 2
      (Actually a
Welcome Nick, We've been expecting
Nick Looks around the table, seeing if Keagan happened to be
in the room.
Where is Keagan? I need to talk to
him now.
                       SCIENTIST 2
He's gearing up. You can talk to
him after you answer a few of our
Why should I answer your
questions? Why should I trust you?
                       SCIENTIST 2
It doesnt matter. You are one of
the survivors of the doomsday
virus' first test run rite?
Yes. Im one, Keagan is one, and
Andrew..who i dont know where he
is. But I thought you guys already
knew that.
                       SCIENTIST 2
We had to make sure. You will be
taken to see Keagan now. Just
follow Alec.
Nick and Alec get up and Alec shows Nick the way. They make
their way down more corridoors. The turn the corner and run
into two armed guards.


You must come with us Nick.
But I was givin authority to show
Nick to keagan.
      (Guard 2)
Not anymore. You are relieved of
command. Continue with your
earlier duties. We will escort
Nick to keagan from here.
Aight. (leans towards Nick)
Something is not right...keep your
guard up.
Nick nods his head and follows the guards. The guards take
him down a narrow corridoor. They take his bag from him and
throw him into a cell.
What in the Hell? Whats going on
here? Get me outta here right now.
      (Guard 1)
Shut up! Enjoy your new life now.
Your detained. The doomsday virus
will go as planned and there is
nothing you can do about it. And
soon you will become as one of
Fuck that. You guys will never
win. I will get outta here and you
will be sorry. I cannot let the
virus win again.


The guards walk off laughing. Nick sits down on the cot and
looks around the cell. He sees a bloody hump in the middle
of the ground. Its keagan. He moves down towards keagan and
shakes him awake.
No! Dont beat me again. Huh? Nick
is that you? God its good to see
you again. I wished on better
circumstances but hey we've been
in worse.
I know. How long have you been
Couple of days. They said you were
here. And they mentioned that
damned virus again. Nick we gotta
stop it.
Its already too late Keagan. They
whole town is infected. We cant do
Then we blow the whole town. Thats
the only choice we got. Get as
many survivors as we can and blow
the whole damn town.
We cant do it from here Kegan. We
gotta get outta this cell.(Thinks)
Several hours pass. Nick thinks about an escape. As he
thinks. Day turns into night. We see the population of the
town slowly turn into the undead, craving living flesh and
blood. We see the camera go back to the Cell.
I got it. Keagan! Fake a seizure.
Dont as why, just do it.


Keagan hits the cell floor and fakes a seizure. Nick runs to
the cell door yelling for the guards. The guards come
running in. They push nick outta the way and lean down and
look at Keagan. Keagan look up at them winks and punches
them both square in the face, knocking them out cold.
Damn that was easy. (tosses Nick a
yeah..lets go..lets find my
stuff..we gotta get outta here.
They run outta the cell and down the coridoor. They run
around a corner and bump into Alec.
What the hell? What happened?
No time to explain Alec. We gotta
get my stuff. Your organization is
helping the government and we
gotta blow the town. So where did
they stick my stuff?
Its this way. Hurry!
The three run down the coridoors and then Alec runs into a
room. Nick and Kegan follow. Nick grabs his stuff and starts
to head out. Nick, Keagan, and Alec encounter a squad of
guards. Both groups open fire. Bullets fly in all
directions. The guards fall like flies but before all were
killed, one shoots Alec.
Alec! NOOO!(Runs to Alec)
      (Lying in a puddle
       of his own blood)
Its too late for me. You gotta get


                       ALEC (cont'd)
outta this town. Here. Take this.
(Hands Nick a disk) Its a
prototype serum for a cure to the
doomsday virus. Get it into good
hands. Try to save the people.
As the disk is handed to Nick, Alec dies.
God dammit...lets go keagan..we
gotta get outta here.
Nick and Keagan exit the complex and into the foggy street
of the town. Scene End.
The camera moves around Nick and Keagan. All we see is fog
and lights. There is moaning and Groaning in the background.
Lets go..We cant stay here..we
gotta find somewhere safe.
Where? Where is a safe place now?
      (Starts running)
We'll find something..lets go.
Nick and Keagan start running down the street. They get down
a block and run smack in the middle of a zombie banquet.
Shit!!! Not this again! (starts to
fire into the crowd)
Nick and Keagan take cover behind a car and open fire on the
crowd. The undead group moves on unphased and heads towards
their direction.
Im out! Shit!


Just as Nick and Keagan think their dead, A dark figure
leaps outta the fog and into the middle of the crowd. Both
watch in amazement as the mysterious figure takes on the
undead horde. After finishing off the what was left, The
figure whips around, reloading his pistol and walks over to
Keagan and Nick.
Who in the..What in the...Ok..What
the hell just happened?
      (holsters his
Nick, Keagan, its been a long
time. Im Priest.
How in the hell do you know us?
Lets put it this way, we go back,
and we've been through alot. I got
assigned here to fix this fuck
up.And I heard you two were
involved so i figured I would lend
a hand.
Andrew? Is that you? It cant be? I
was told that the Government took
Its me alright. And yes the
government did take me. They
juiced me up. Trained me in a
matter of a year to fix these
situations. Why in the hell they
choose this place i never know.
But we cant stay around and talk.
Lets had back to my temporaray HQ.
Alright, where the hell is it?


At the high school...I
will...(hears a scream) Shit! you
guys go that direction, i gotta
find survivors.
But wait......
Priest takes off down the foggy street.End of Scene.
Priest is seen running down the foggy street. The screams
continue to get louder and louder. Priest Picks up the pace.
      (Thinks to himself)
Just hold on. Im coming. Just on
for a little bit longer.
Priest Runs down an alley and piles into 4 zombies slowly
lurching towards the beautiful Doran. The zombies turn
around to confront their enemy. Priest unholsters his
pistols in a flash and lets loose a barrage of bullets. The
zombies take the impact of the bullets but stagger forward.
Priest holsters his pistols and unsheaths his sword. Within
a few minutes what was a zombie horde..is nothing more but
body parts. Priest sheaths his sword and walks over to
Doran, who is amazed and awed.
Its ok now. Im here. Are you ok?
Did they bite you anywhere?
Doran goes to respond but screams. Priest turns around and
is face to face to another zombie. Priest backhands the
zombie sending it fly backwards. The zombie lurches forward
and grabs ahold of Priest. With lighting quick reflexs,
priest pulls a dagger and runs it deep into the zombie. The
zombie falls to the ground and doesnt move.
      (walks back over
       to Doran)
Ok..We gotta get outta here? I


                       PRIEST (cont'd)
dont have time to explain. Lets
Without much response, priest helps Doran up and grabs her
hand. They run down the alley and head towards the school.
Who are you?
The name is Priest. Lets go. We
dont have much farther.
Without delay, they reach the school. Camera follows them
into the school and down the dark hallway. End of Scene
Doran and Priest run into a room. Keagan and Nick are
waiting. The look at Doran and then back at Priest.
Andrew?! Are you alright?
Im fine..See to Her..(removes the
tattered cape and mask)
All three watch Andrew. As Andrew Removes the Mask, we see a
scar running from his left eyebrow to down to his cheek.
There are several scars on his arms. He looks back over at
the three.
Whats wrong?
      (Kinda checks
       Andrew Out)
Nothing..Nothing at all.
So, Doran are you ok?


Im fine, could someone tell me
what the hell is goin on?
Nick tells Doran the story. About the first release of the
virus and how they ended up here.While Nick tells the story
Keagan and Andrew are stocking up weapons. Periodically
Doran looks over at Andrew, watching him..slowly falling for
him. Nick ends the story and then hands Andrew the disk
Alec gave him.
So you've done this before, Right
you guys?
Yeah. And by the way it looks now.
We might be able to save everyone
in town. Whatever Alec stumbled
upon here. Its one helluva a cure.
I can rig a bomb to blow this
chemical everywhere. It wont
affect us, but the blast could
harm us.
Then do it. We will be at a safe
distance when the bomb goes off.
We dont have much time. Can you do
it in an hour?
Yeah. I can do it in an hour.
Andrew Starts constructing the bomb. Doran is beside him,
watching him build the cure. Meanwhile Keagan and Nick are
loading up weapons. and hour goes by. Andrew is done with
the bomb and keagan and nick are suited up ready to go.
So, what am I gonna do?
You cant stay here..you'll have to
come with us.


All four leave the highschool. End of Scene
The group heads outta the high school and makes their way to
the middle of town. They pick up the pace. Just before they
get to town, they run into a zombie horde. Andrew grabs
Doran's arm and hides behind a vehicle. Keagan and Nick
follow suit and fire into the mass of the undead.
Is everyone ok. (looks at Doran)
You ok?
Just then, a zombie crashes ontop of Andrew. Doran Jumps
back and Screams. Nick Turns around and runs towards Andrew.
Keagan by the way keeps firing at the zombies. Andrew Kicks
the zombie off of him and Nick fires a few rounds into it. A
Yell is heard as All three turn around to see the last
vailant effort of keagan. Keagan is taken down. Scream are
heard as he is eaten alive. Nick breaks down.
Get up dammit. Dont quit on me
now. We're so close. GET UP!!
Nick gets up, wipes the tears from his eyes and starts off.
The go around the the feasting zombies and hit the center of
town. Andrew sets up the bomb. Nick sweeps the area. As soon
as they set up, they are encountered with everything
unhumanly possible. Andrew hides Doran behind a vehicle, and
runs to help Nick. Nick mows down a good group of them, but
is taken down in the process.
Andrew!! Blow the motherfucker,
Andrew hops over the vehicle beside Doran, holds her tight
and press the trigger. The Bomb goes off, exploding and
spraying the chemical everywhere, The ravenous undead horde
slowly reverts back to its human form. Andrew takes Doran
and walks over to Nick. Nick's body is left in shambles. He
is barely holding on. A smile is on his face.


Its over Nick, We've done it. You
can rest peacefully now, my
Nick laughs alittle and then closes his eyes and dies. Doran
leans down and gently kisses him on the cheek. Andrew gets
up and helps her up. Just then Military trucks pull up,
unloading Military personel. Andrew puts an arm around
What the hell happened here? You
were supposed to eleminate the
threat Priest.
Sir, we were given a cure, I put
it to use, and it was success. The
doomsday virus is contained.
(hands him the disk) here is the
cure sir
Good job Agent Priest. America is
proud of you. You are dismissed.
Andrew looks over at Doran and smiles. She smiles back. They
close in slowly and kiss. The seen backs out as we see the
town being detained. The screen fades to black and Credits


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From ralph keefer Date 7/21/2008 1/2
ummm... not good. needs work. it can be good if you work on it.

From Josh A. Echevarria Date 4/7/2008 1/2
I read the first 3 pages. The story is rushed. I don't know what is going on. The dream was about scientists and nick is a student at school but he experienced what the scientists did with the virus? It was never explained. The dialogue was boring. The characters have no backstory. There are no detailed discriptions of the characters. NEVER write the camera movements; that is up to the director. Plus zombie movies are played out. Do something original.

From S.M. Krause Date 5/25/2005 0 stars
With a script like this, you wish it was daytime instead of night. The characters aren't plausable, they seem one-dimension and aren't the people we would conversate with on a daily basis. The plot is rushed, 17 pages isn't enough to fill a script. A script is supposed to be written with originality, this one doesn't. Needs plenty of work, maybe rewatching the classic TV series of the same name might work to get an understanding.

From James Cox Date 5/23/2005 1/2
Needs more work. I couldn't get past the third page.

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