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Help (WIP, to be continued)
by cf107802 (cf107802@ohio.edu)

Rated: R   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

This is an updated WIP.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


LIBBY, 17 years old, sits at her desk with her head down. A
dozen other students talk among themselves, with occasional
outbursts of laughter. Libby's chin length bleached blonde
hair covers her face. She is out of place with her torn
jeans and disheveled tee shirt.
                       LIBBY (V.O)
Middle Valley High is falling
Two of Libby's male CLASSMATES come through the door of the
classroom. They are both dressed in dirty brown, orange and
green camoflauge pants and jackets. CLASSMATE 2 pushes the
baseball hat off of the head of CLASSMATE 1.
                       CLASSMATE 1
      (while shoving
       Classmate 2)
Classmate 1 grabs the long part of Classmate 2's mullet and
pulls hard.
                       CLASSMATE 2
Fuckin douche!
Classmate 2 pushes Classmate 1 hard against the class room
wall. Bits of plaster fall from the ceiling.
Libby lifts her head and watches the bits of plaster fall
from the ceiling. Libby smiles.
                       LIBBY (V.O)
Let it fall upon us all.
                       CLASSMATE 1
      (rubbing his
You're fuckin gay, man.
STUDENTS are pouring out of the front doors of the school.
Libby walks quickly down the front stairs and down the
sidewalk with her head down.


                       LIBBY (V.O)
The Nazis killed millions of
innocent Jews. The bomb dropped
on Hiroshima killed huge numbers
of decent people. The ocean rises
up and swallows a population of
people just acting out their
harmless lives. God and man are
capable of such destruction, yet
hundreds of evil individuals are
allowed to congregate at Middle
Valley High School, five days a
week, with no threat whatsoever.
Libby turns the corner at the end of the street and runs
head on into DIRK, a classmate. Libby attempts to walk
away, but Dirk grabs her jacket.
      (Whispering in
       Libby's ear)
Hey dyke, if you ever need a few
bucks, I know some guys that would
pay to watch you and that
girlfriend of yours play carpet
      (Looking Dirk
       directly in the
Dirk, you've never seen a naked
woman outside of porno, have you?
If there is a god, you never will.
Dirk throws Libby on the ground, bends over her and spits in
her face. A few people stop and stare for a moment, one
girl giggles, nobody says anything.
Tell your girlfriend I've got what
she's been missing.
Dirk grabs his crotch as he walks away leaving Libby lying
on the curb.
                       LIBBY (V.O)
It's hunting season in Middle


Libby slams the door as she enters the house. She throws
her things down by the door. She grabs the portable phone
from the kitchen and flops down into an old brown recliner
in the living room. She dials a number and waits for an
      (off camera, on
       the phone)
      (on the phone)
Dirk says he's got what you've
been missing.
                       JANE (V.O)
Libby? Who the fuck is Dirk?
Libby gets up out of her chair and walks to the refrigerator
and pulls out a beer.
      (on the phone)
Dirk is the asshole who just threw
me on the ground and spit in my
Libby opens the beer and takes a huge drink.
I'm coming over.
Libby hangs up the phone and heads into the bathroom. She
grabs the soap from the soap dish and scrubs her face, hard.
She splashes her face with water and looks in the mirror.
      (to her reflection)
Shit. You're still there.
JANE, 21 years old with a swimsuit model body and long,
fried peroxide blonde hair, pulls into Libby's driveway in
her beat up Jeep and lies on the horn until the front door
opens and Libby comes out. Libby has a beer in her hand.


      (yelling from the
       Jeep window)
No. Chug it or dump it. I don't
need to be busted driving
uninsured with a seventeen year
old drinking in the passenger
Libby shrugs, chugs her beer, pitches the can into the
bushes, and gets into the passenger seat. They pull out of
the driveway.
Libby pulls a cigarette out of the pack and lights it.
Bad day?
Is there another kind?
Jane grabs Libby's cigarette and throws it out the window.
Don't be so god-damn dismal Libby.
Libby pulls another cigarette from her pack and lights it.
Don't be such a fucking mother.
You don't have to put up with the
shit I put up with.
I'm a stripper for Christ sake
Libby. I put up with harassment
you would not believe. Maybe if I
would have finished school I
wouldn't have to get naked for a
That's bullshit. You make more
money taking off your clothes than
you would at some job that asked
for nothing but a highschool


Yeah, your probably right. I get
free drinks too, but I can't go to
college or anything. Your gonna
finish highschool and go away to
college and get out of Middle
Jane pulls the Jeep into a strip club parking lot. They
park the car and continue their conversation.
Jane, it's a good thing you've got
great tits because there's alot
you don't understand.
Like what, Libby? Enlighten me.
Well, for one thing, Middle Valley
doesn't have the world's only
strip club, and, the goverment has
recently adopted a program called
"Scholarships for Strippers".
Maybe it was "College for Cunts".
      (with sarcasm)
I hope your still around when my
tits sag so you can fill me in on
that kind of thing.
The strip club is smokey and dingy and all in all has
absolutley no class. The large room is dimly lit and wood
paneled. A STRIPPER dances on the stage, looking bored,a few
scraggly guys in hunting gear watch as they drink their tall
cans of cheap beer.
Jane and Libby come through the door and have a seat at the
bar on torn up bar stools. JOE, the bartender, a fat and
greasy looking man in his mid-forties, stops watching the
stripper on stage and approaches Jane and Libby.
Good afternoon, lovely ladies.
What will it be?


I think we'll do rum and Coke
today Joe.
      (to Libby)
That's a hell of an after school
snack, little lady.
It's been a bad day Joe.
Ain't they all?
Libby looks at Jane. Jane rolls her eyes. Joe makes the
So what happened today?
Same kinda thing that happens
every day. Some human crap
holder, or a group of them, calls
me a dyke and threatens me or hits
me, or on occasion, propositions
What do you mean "propositions"
They want to watch us fuck.
Jane tries to hold back a laugh but ends up choking on her
I'm glad that amuses you. See if
you still think it's funny when
your lying in the road with spit
on your face.
Libby, you need help.
Fuck you Jane. If I need help,
you need to be put to sleep.


Screw you. I'm not talking about
psychiatric help. I'm talking
about some help getting these
fucked up peers of yours off your
back. Maybe a little revenge,
even. It would probably do you
Libby stares at Jane like she's an idiot.
Alright Jane, great idea. I'll
just hire someone with all the
FUCKING MONEY I've got lyin around
to follow me around and defend my
Jane rolls her eyes and sucks down half her drink. Libby
lights a cigarette.
Joe, come over here.
      (under her breath)
No fucking way.
Joe comes over to where the girls are sitting, sees that
their drinks aren't gone and shrugs.
What cha want?
Jane bats her dark eyes at Joe and gives him a suductive
Joe, how would you like to be
Libby's protector and avenger?
What's an avenger supposed to do?
Get revenge.
I don't know what you girls are up
to, but I don't want no part of


                       JOE (cont'd)
it. You could get me in enough
trouble as it is bringing your
high school girlfriend in here all
the time.
Joe shakes his head and walks away. Libby gives Jane a long
Excellent work, Jane. Fucking
It is just past midnight. Libby lies on the couch in the
living room, flipping through the channels on the TV.
Libby's father, WALT, walks through the front door. Walt is
a tall, thin, and balding man in his early fifties and he
looks exhausted. He wears a factory worker's uniform.
Hey Daddy, how was work?
Well, Princess, we can rest easy
tonight knowin there'll be enough
foam rubber footballs to go
I made tacos. There in the
Bless your heart.
Walt heads into the kitchen and off screen. Libby goes back
to flipping through the channels. The portable phone in the
kitchen rings, Walt answers it.
      (off screen, on
       the phone)
Hello? Hey, how's my other
Libby mutes the TV with the remote. She stares up at the
ceiling from her spot on the couch and listens to her
father, who is still off screen in the kitchen.


      (off screen, on
You still workin for Joe? (pause)
How's he treatin ya?
Libby lets out a deep breath and rolls her eyes.
      (off screen, on
She's right here, hold on. Take
care of yourself now.
Walt tosses the phone onto the couch from the living room
It's Jane.
      (with sarcasm)
Libby picks up the phone.
      (on phone)
Did you have fun discussing your
chosen proffesion with my father?
Libby looks at the living room doorway to make sure her
father is gone.
      (off screen, on
I found somebody. I think you'll
like him. He wants to start right
      (on phone)
Jesus Jane, I thought you'd given
up on this bullshit.


      (off screen, on
You don't think I really thought
Joe was an option, do you? Joe's
got a big heart, but he's a fat
pussy. This guy is intimidating,
he's a bouncer at the club.
Libby lights a cigarette and checks the cluster of cans on
the coffee table for an empty one to ash in.
      (on phone)
You are fucking nuts. I'm not
Whitney Houston, my father's not
the president, or in the mafia,
normal people don't have hired
help to protect them from high
school fucks. It's really
ridiculous Jane, and if you're not
joking, your view of reality is
      (off screen, on
We'll see.
      (on phone, loudly)
Seriously Jane, just fucking
forget it. DON'T. HELLO?
Libby takes the phone away from her ear and looks at it
      (to the phone,
Walt walks into the room and has a seat with his plate of
Shit kid, what was that all about?
Jane wants to get some guy to help
me with the assholes at school,
you know revenge and protection


                       LIBBY (cont'd)
stuff. Jane's full of really
stupid and bad ideas.
I wish I could help you, honey.
Only problem is, I would end up in
jail and you would be like an
orphan. Jane loves you and she
doesn't want to see you get hurt
anymore, that's all, so don't be a
bitch about it. She's probably
full of bullshit anyways. What's
she gonna do, hire you a bodyguard
with her G-string money?
I dunno, I guess you're right.
Good tacos.
Libby is trying to get down the stairs in front of the
school. A bunch of cheerleader type girls, are sitting on
the stairs blocking everyone's way. One of the girls,
MINDY, grabs Libby's black combat boots, nearly causing
Libby to fall down the stairs.
So this is the latest in lesbian
footwear? Ugly.
A TEACHER looks over from the school yard, gives Libby a
warning look and then turns away.
                       LIBBY (V.O)
The gates of this hell are
constantly guarded by demons. They
catch you coming and they catch
you going. What's worse, is that
they follow you after your
departure into the rest of the
world. It's like there's no
      (in a low voice)
The first chance I get, I swear to
god, I am going to fucking..


What? Kick my ass? You would
like that wouldn't you? That way
you could be thrown in jail and be
surrounded by other dykes.
                       CHEERLEADER 2
Watch out, she might, like, rape
MIKE walks up to the group of girls on the stairs. Mike,
25, is well built and undeniably attractive in a classic
rebel sense with chin length brown hair and a leather
jacket. All the girls, Libby included, stare at him.
      (to Libby)
There you are. I've been looking
everywhere for you.
Libby, looking confused, opens her mouth to speak, but
before she can say anything Mike grabs her and kisses her.
Seriously Libby, you shouldn't be
hangin around these cum dumpsters.
They have more VD between them
than all of Bangkok. People will
get the wrong idea about you.
Libby can't help but laugh, although she is in shock. Mike
takes her by the hand.
I'll take you home.
Libby and Mike descend the stairs. Mike steps on Mindy's
hand. She lets out a painfull shriek, but Mike doesn't even
look back. The cheerleaders look shocked and wounded.
What the fuck?
                       CHEERLEADER 2
Dyke bitch.


Mike's car is a dirty mess that is completely falling apart.
It makes unhealthy noises. Mike is driving fast and
turning corners as dangerously as possible. Libby sits in
the passenger's seat, completely motionless.
My name's Mike, by the way.
I know, remember?
Right. She must have payed you
What? Who, Jane?
I hope she payed you up-front.
Mike pulls the car into Libby's driveway.
Nobody paid me anything Libby. You
find that hard to believe don't
Mike stares long and hard at Libby. He puts his hand on her
Jane told me what was going on and
I want to help.
Libby pulls away, grabs her things and gets out of the car,
but stands looking at Mike with the door still open.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Libby shuts the car door and runs into the house. Mike
smiles to himself and pulls out of the driveway.


Libby comes crashing through the door, throws her things on
the ground, runs into the kitchen, grabs the phone, and
flops down on the living room couch, completly overwhelmed.
                       LIBBY (V.O)
When things are shitty and
confusing, you miss the days that
where just shitty and simple.
Libby dials a number and lets it ring twice before hanging
up. She goes to the kitchen and looks through all of the
cabinets, finally finding a bottle of tequilla. She grabs a
salt shaker from the kitchen table and pours a glass of
green Koolaid. She brings it all into the living room and
sets it on the coffee table in front of the couch.
      (looking at the
       coffee table)
I am such white-trash.
Libby picks up the phone again and dials, this time she
waits for an answer.
      (on phone, with
Jane, get your ass over here, now.
Libby hangs up the phone and does a shot of tequilla with
salt and green Koolaid.
Heaven help me.
Libby does another shot in the same manner, lies on the
couch and covers her head with a pillow.
It is late evening, Jane pounds on Libby's front door. Libby
finally answers looking half drunk and groggy. Libby steps
outside and shuts the door behind her.


      (in a whisper)
Walt fall asleep watching reruns
Yes. Suprisingly, he has.
I got your message, but I was at
work. Did he show up?
He? If you mean Mike, yeah. He
fucking kissed me Jane.
Holy shit! You have to tell me
all about it, we're going to my
house. It's Friday, grab your
crap and lets go.
Libby smiles, rolls her eyes and goes inside. Jane dances
in the front yard to music only she can hear.
Jane's apartment is a tiny efficency. There is a tiny
kitchenette against one wall with a small-scale stove and
refrigerator and a sink. There is a closet sized bathroom
with the door open. Against the wall opossite the
kitchenette there is a Queen sized bed with a mess of
blankets and pillows. Colthing, ashtrays, and empty alcohol
bottles are everywhere. Jane and Libby sit cross legged on
the bed facing each other, smoking a joint.
How long have you known this Mike
He started working at the club a
couple of weeks ago. He works
weeknights, I guess that's why you
never met him. I hadn't really
talked to him much until last
How did you get him to do it?


I was sitting at the bar after we
closed and Joe was teasing me
about you and asking me what was
up with the shit about you needing
a protector. Mike was sitting
there listening and we got to
talking about how shitty it is
that you have to put up with all
this crap. He said that he had it
rough in highschool and that he
wanted to help you out.
So he's getting revenge
vicariously through me?
Maybe. It's pretty fucking sweet
either way. I wish I could have
seen it.
Does he know you aren't into guys?
Yeah, I told him. It didn't seem
to make any difference. Maybe
he's gay, that could be why he can
Well, there aren't any outward
signs. Something about the way he
acted makes me seriously doubt
that he's gay.
Really? Well you like guys. Even
though you've never given them
much of a chance. He seems a
little fucked in the head, maybe
not the best choice for your first
Libby grabs Jane, pulls her close and kisses her lightly on
the forehead.
What the fuck do mean "first


It is Monday morning. Libby walks out the front door with
her backpack, ready to walk to school. She is suprised to
see Mike, in his car, parked at the curb in front of her
house. He rolls down the window and motions for her to come
over, and she does.
Good morning, sunshine. A new
week is before you. Your chariot
                       LIBBY (V.O)
I spent all that time lying around
in bed at night thinking about all
the fucked up things that could
happen to me in my life. I was way
off the mark, as it turns out, the
shit that really happens can be
way more fucked up that the shit
we imagine.
You don't have to do this, really.
I'll be alright, I've made it
this far after all.
Yeah, but it has sucked every step
of the way. Besides, I'm new in
town and I need friends. Get in.
Well, when you put it that way.
Libby gets in the car and they drive off.
Libby and Mike are sitting in the car. Libby is smoking a
cigarette. Mike is staring at her.
Do you ever wake up and look
forward to the day ahead of you?
I look forward to graduation day.
Mike laughs and reaches over and strokes Libby's hair.


It will get better, Libby.
A car pulls into the parking spot next to Mike's. Mindy is
in the passenger's seat. She notices Mike and Libby and
says something in a low, undetectable whisper to the driver
of the car, LADD STEVENS, a large young man in a football
jacket with a crew cut.
      (looking into the
       neighboring car)
Looks like the chickens have come
home to roost.
      (to Libby,
       pointing to Ladd)
Who is he?
Ladd Stevens. One of the most
souless individuals I've ever
known. He's one of the worst. He
even gives the handicap kids shit.
He doesn't even deserve to live.
Ladd gets out of his car and taps on Mike's window. Mike
rolls down the window and looks at Ladd with a questioning
but threatening smile.
Dropping the dyke jail bait off at
school, huh? I didn't know you
went both ways Libby.(to Mike)
Maybe you people have some kind of
sick group thing going on.
Is your address listed in the
phone book, Mr. Stevens?
You look a little old for high
school. Maybe you shouldn't be
assaulting and threatening minors.
I haven't assaulted anyone, yet.


My girlfriend, Mindy, in that car
right there has some busted up
fingers that tell a different
Oh, that? I guess you and I are
both accident prone.
Stay away from here. Last
Ladd walks slowly away from the car giving Mike a menacing
stare. Mike just smiles, shrugs, and shakes his head.
      (to Libby)
You want me to walk you to the
No, I'll make it.
I'll pick you up when school gets
out. We'll meet Jane at the club,
Libby gets out of the car and heads towards the school. Mike
sits in the car and watches her.
                       LIBBY (V.O)
Sometimes in life it's hard to
tell what is helping and what's
hurting, like antibiotics creating
resistant strains of bacteria or
people voting in elections.
Ladd comes up beside Libby on her way into the school.
Tell your friend to stay away from
minors if he wants to stay out of
Ladd grabs a blind kid's stick and waves it tauntingly in
front of them.


                       LIBBY (V.O)
It's hard to intimidate the Devil.
Libby, Jane, and Mike sit at the bar drinking.
      (to Mike)
Why did you come to Middle Valley,
of all places?
I got kicked out of college back
home. I just wondered around the
country for a year or so, but I
ran out of money. Joe's a friend
of my father's and he offered to
give me a job. I'm trying to save
up to get out of here.
Where are you gonna go?
Mike looks at Libby with a seductive smile.
Well, that depends.
On what exactly, Mike?
Unseen forces at work. I've got
to go clock in, I was supposed to
be on duty ten minutes ago. I'll
see you ladies later.
Mike gets up, strokes Libby's hair, and walks away from the
bar. Jane stares at him as he goes.
He fucking wants you Libby.
That's bullshit, it's like a
protective brother thing.
Protective brother? The guy
barely knows you. It's something


                       JANE (cont'd)
else, something he doesn't have to
know you for. I think you know
what I mean Libby.
What would he want me for? A guy
who looks like that could have his
pick of high school sluts, all
much more fuckable than me.
      (with a sly little
You know he wants you, and you
love it.
Libby rolls her eyes and downs her drink.
Libby walks out of her front door to go to school. She
stops for a second on the stairs and looks at the street,
noticing that it is empty. No Mike. She walks down the
stairs and heads down the sidewalk.
                       LIBBY (V.O)
It's better not to want anything,
if you can help it. It's better
if things stay the same, even if
things are bad, than to add
disappointment into the mix.
Libby walks into the school parking lot. The
cheerleader/jock group are crying and hugging each other.
Mindy shoots Libby a dirty look through her tears. Libby
looks around for somebody she can ask about what's going on.
She sees the DONNA, an obese gothic 15 year old outcast,
watching the whole seen from some near by stairs and
approaches her.
Donna, what the hell happened?
      (without emotion)
Ladd's dead. His parents found
him electrocuted in the garage.
Libby is frozen. A look of dread washes over her.


Don't let yourself get too beat up
over it. Nobody else is, except
for them.
When did they find him?
I dunno. What difference does it
make? Just between us, he was the
only one out of all these
motherfuckers that I really wanted
to see dead, I considred it an act
of god. It made my whole year,
                       LIBBY (V.O)
There must always be someone who
has it worse. It takes a alot to
make you realize something like
that. It takes a miracle and a
Jane is awakened by a knock on the door. She looks at the
clock, 9:20. She looks confused and peeks through the
blinds to see if it's day or night. She looks through the
peephole and sees Libby. She opens the door and Libby
pushes by her and throws herself face down onto the bed.
Jesus Christ, Libby. What the
Libby pulls her head up and looks at Jane for a second
before dropping her head face first back into the bed,
pressing a pillow against the back of her head, as if to
suffocate herself.
It's a little early for drama
Jane goes over to the bed, rips the pillow from Libby's
hands, and rolls her over. They have a moment of silent eye
contact. Jane says nothing and removes Libby's boots,
tossing them across the room.


      (in a softer, more
       sympathetic voice)
Scoot over.
Jane lies in the bed next to Libby. Jane gently srokes
Libby's cheek. Libby looks dazed and doesn't move or say a
Jane wakes up and looks at the clock, it is 4:15. Libby is
asleep next to her. Jane gets out of bed and goes to the
sink for a glass of water. Libby opens her eyes and watches
Do you work today?
Jane brings the glass of water to Libby, who is now sitting
up in the bed. Jane sits beside her.
      (as she sits
       beside Libby)
Why weren't you at school this
They sent us home.
What for?
Popular kid died. Got
I'm sorry.
Libby looks at Jane with a hateful stare.
Damn Libby! I don't know, you
seem so upset, I'm sorry your
upset I guess, that's all. Who was
the kid?


Libby lies down again and looks up at the ceiling.
Ladd. I hated him. I said he
didn't deserve to live. He was an
Don't feel guilty just because you
didn't like the kid and now he's
Libby laughs at Jane's comment, her laughter is long and
loud, and Jane finds it somewhat inappropriate. Jane
doesn't laugh at all. She looks at Libby with some
concern and then smacks her in the face with a pillow to
make the laughter stop. Libby's laughter disolves into
sporatic muffled giggles.
Do you think they would cancel
school if I died?
I dunno. I would probably call
off of work, or at least come in
Libby grabs the pillow and pretends to suffocate Jane. Jane
pretends to die. Libby takes the pillow away and Jane
attacks. A playful wrestling match goes down on the bed
with much screaming and giggling.
Jane and Libby sit in Jane's Jeep in the parking lot of
Joe's Strip Club. It is late evening. It is not completely
dark outside, and there are only a few cars in the parking
lot. One of the cars is Mike's.
Do you want to come in and have a
drink, or should I just run in and
grab my check?
Just get the check.
Look, don't snap at me just
because some kid you didn't like
in the first place died. He


                       JANE (cont'd)
should have paid more attention to
that light bulb guy on tv, what
was his name? He sang, "you've
gotta play it safe around
You are going to hell, but first
just go get your damn paycheck so
we can get out of here.
I will be right back.
Jane gets out of the driver's side of the Jeep and hurries
into the club. It is starting to rain. Libby stares at
Mike's car and slouches down in her seat.
                       LIBBY (V.O)
Feeling guilty for not feeling
guilty is the worst kind of guilt.
It's like you know you should be
a good person, but you aren't.
It's too late to become a good
person now. You feel guilty
because that doesn't bother you.
Libby and Jane are seated in a booth at a generic chain
Italian restaurant. Both are looking over the menu. A
waitress comes over and makes hard eye contact with Libby.
The waitress is Mindy. She has made her waitress's uniform
as slutty as possible with a low cut white shirt and a black
skirt just shorter than her pocketed apron.
      (with detached
Are you ready to order?
I think I'll have...
I think we need a minute.
Mindy rolls her eyes and gives a fake, forced smile before
walking away.


You're not ready to order?
There's no point in ordering
something we'll have to pay for
but won't be able to eat.
You know Libby, I offer to take
you out to cheer you up, and all
you can do is bitch. If you
wanted to go somewhere else you
should have just said so. You are
so fucking impossible..
It's not that. That girl has it
out for me. I would never eat
anything she put in front of me.
Jane gathers her things, her purse and her cigarettes, and
stands up, offering Libby her hand.
Let's go. I'll cook for you at
your house. There will even be
leftovers for Walt when he gets
He'd like that.
Libby gets up from the booth. Libby and Jane walk hand and
hand a few steps from the table. Jane stops and goes back
to the booth. She spits on a dollar and then places it on
the table. She shruges and accompanies Libby out of the
It is dark and raining. Jane drives to Libby's house, Libby
sits in the passenger's seat staring out the window.
                       LIBBY (V.O)
You don't want to alienate the
people who care about you, but how
much can you tell them without
losing them? Would they still
care if they knew? If not, do


                       LIBBY (cont'd)
they really care about you at all,
or just their perception of you?
Is anyone brave enough to find
Jane pulls her Jeep into libby's driveway. As soon as she
puts the car in park Mike drives up and parks his car at the
curb in front of the house. Jane and Libby both watch this
      (with sarcasm)
If it isn't lover boy the
Libby watches Mike get out of his car. She in a state of
frozen shock. Mike stares at the Jeep through the pounding
rain for a second before approaching the passenger's side.
Libby and Jane glance at each other for a moment before
exiting the car. Mike is soaked, but as soon as Libby is
out of the car he embraces her. She allows this, but does
not return the embrace. Jane just heads for the door.
      (in Mike's embrace)
Do you what to come in?
      (in Libby's ear)
Mike stops embracing Libby, grabs her hand and leads her
towards the front door of her house.
Jane is in the small kitchen of Libby's house. The dishes
aren't done. The cubboards are nearly bare. Jane searches
and finds some pasta and a jar of pasta sauce. She puts a
pot of water on to boil. She is looking in the refrigerator
when Libby and Mike walk through the front door and walk
into the kitchen in silence.
I hope you like Italian.
Nothing like ghetto poverty
Italian. I've gotta piss, I'll be
right back.


Libby exits the kitchen. Jane continues to look in the
refrigerator and through the cupboards.
I tried to take her out to an
Italian restuarant, but we were
chased off by some waitress from
her school. She's had a bad day.
Maybe you should go.
What's going on with you? We're
on the same side Jane. I just
want to make it better. You
wanted me to help, now you're
trying to get rid of me.
I just don't want to make things
any more difficult for her than
they have to be, that's all.
Do you think that's what I want?
To make things more difficult?
Libby's my friend, if I make
things harder for her, don't you
think she would let me know?
Jane considers this for a second. She looks at Mike, at the
dirty dishes in the sink, and back at Mike again.
Yeah, I guess she would. Sorry, I
just don't know, she's been so
upset today..
Libby shows up in the kitchen doorway. It's hard to tell
how long she's been there.
You guys want a drink? There's a
bottle of bourbon around her
Yeah, maybe we should find it.
Why not?


Libby sits on the couch between Jane and Mike. There are
dirty dishes on the coffee table, a half full bottle of
whiskey, shot glasses, and a couple of beer cans.
Well, my friends, it is now the
witching hour, and I must depart.
Will I see you tomorrow, drunken
Of course. I'm off again tomorrow
Jane and Libby reach across Mike and kiss on the lips. Mike
eyes grow wide.
      (under his breath)
      (standing up)
Down, wretched man.
Jane gathers her faux fur coat and purse from the nearby arm
      (to Jane)
Are you sure you'll be okay to
drive home?
Yeah, the Devil still has more
work for me here on earth.
He sure will be disappointed when
he finds out you're not all that
into guys. The Devil's true love,
a fucking dyke.
Mike and Jane laugh as Jane heads out of the door into the
rain and darkness. Libby just smiles. Mike moves closer to


How long have you two known each
A few years. She was in her
second year of eleventh grade when
I met her. I was just starting
high school, she dropped out as
soon as she turned eighteen.
Libby pours a shot of whiskey and drinks it down with beer
for a chaser, pours another and drinks it the same way.
      (watching Libby)
You drink alot for a person your
Libby downs the rest of her beer, her blue eyes focused on
Mike's deep brown eyes as she drinks.
My mom was an alcoholic. She took
off when I was a kid. Ran off
with some guy. I have never met
him. She calls every once and
awhile, but I haven't seen her in
Libby crushes her empty beer can and tosses it ino a waste
basket beside the couch, full of other beer cans. She walks
into the kitchen and opens the refrigerator. Mike watches
her as she goes.
      (looking past the
       refrigerator door
       into the living
       room at Mike)
Want one?
Why not?
Libby brings two beers over to the couch and throws one in
Mike's lap before sitting beside him and opening her beer.
      (matter of factly)
My mom blew her brains out when I
was four days old. I hear she had
postpartum depression.


Mike puts his arm around Libby and strokes her cheek.
From what I understand she wasn't
much of a drinker.
Libby takes a long drink of her beer.
Jane and Libby sit cross-legged on the bed, facing one
another. They share a joint as music plays in the
Are you going to tell me what
happened last night after I left?
We talked for a little while, and
then he left and I went to bed.
He wants you in the pants ya know.
He didn't try anything. I think
he's just lonely. We are the only
friends he has here.
He's just waiting for the right
time, or for you to make the first
I don't want to make the first
But you want him to?
I didn't say that.
There was a time I couldn't go to
the store for a pack of cigarettes
without running into five guys I'd
fucked, but I quit smoking and I
quit fucking around with guys.


Whats you being a former Marlboro
smoking heterosexual slut have to
do with anything?
      (laughing, passing
       the joint)
I dunno.


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