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The Day The Dead Livened Up
by Brendan (GenerationStupid@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ****
In the vein of movies such as Shuan of the Dead, American Werewolf in London, and Evil Dead. A film that stays true to the genre while parodying it at the same time. I plan to get this film up and going during the summer. The background story: Trent is a geek who wastes his time with comic books and science fiction movies while his stoner friend Darrell is the biggest pervert on the face of the planet and his other friend Pete is a wannabe rockstar but is lazy with his ambitions. Trent is infatuated with a young lady named Stacey who unfortunately already has a boyfriend named Jason who's the typical meathead with no concerns for a relationship except for the part about getting laid. Herbert West (probably will get changed to something like Sherbert Vest to avoid legal issues) unleashes a virus into the turn that turns everyone into flesh eating zombies. Trent being the expert on Sci-Fi and Horror puts his movie knowledge to the test to lead his friends through town against the zombies where he sets out to rescue Stacey and show his love to her. Her boyfriend Jason acts much like a venegful villian in the film as he tracks down Trent to kick his ass. Towards the end, Pete suggests that they should take shelter at a local club in town where a concert is currently taking place at the moment. Everyone inside is unaware of the situation outside and our heros are getting kicked out for their hysterics. However, Jason has followed them to the club and what he brings with him infects the rest of the people in the club. The group face a bloody climax as the club is overunned with zombies.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


TRENT is playing video games. DARRELL enters eating a bag of
chips. He sits beside Trent. Darrell looks around the room
at all the zombie/horror movie posters. He then looks at the
game Trent is playing.
Man, you sure do like all this
zombie stuff.
You wanna get in on this?
Nah man, I'll just watch. That
female character though has a nice
Sure if you like your women two
Yeah well it seems like whenever
technology gets better over the
years, the boobs on these video
game chicks keep getting bigger
and bigger. They even make the
guys look hot too just in case a
girl might be playing.
Yeah. I know I've been guilty of
rubbing one out after a good game
of Tomb Raider.
You know who else is hot?
The little mermaid.
That's pretty gross dude.


What? I like a good red head. And
that nice seashell bikini, damn!
Oh, and did you see Space Jam?
Bug's Bunny's girlfriend was one
hot rabbit.
      (getting annoyed)
Okay, I think I've heard enough of
your perverted fantasies for today
Darrell. If you want to take part
in bestiality one day let it be
none of my business.
Yeah, whatever. At least I don't
spend most my time watching the
sci-fi channel and reading comic
At least I don't smoke myself
stupid till the only thing I
become sexually aroused by is an
animated animal person with
breasts that Walt Disney drew up.
Yeah well fuck you!
Yeah, I bet you would.
Damn dude, no wonder we're still
What do you mean by that?
I mean look at us. Look at how we
spend our days. Weíre not like
those other guys who go out
clubbing and picking up loose
women whoíve had too much to
drink. We spend our time in a
basement somewhere either smoking
weed, playing video games, or
discussing our masturbation


I'm not so sure about that last
I mean c'mon. Have you ever been
with a woman before?
Darrell blankly stares at Trent till he cracks.
Okay no, I havenít. But thatís
because thereís only one girl out
there for me and sheís currently
unavailable, so until then Iím
still womanless.
Yeah, probably a girl youíve never
even talked to.
I have too talked to her.... Once.
See, youíre pathetic! We gotta do
something with our lives man! We
gotta make a stand. We gotta get
Iím flattered and all, but youíre
not my type.
Címon man, Iím trying to be
We hear a door open. PETE comes walking down the stairs
holding a guitar case. He opens it up and takes his guitar
out as he talks.
Hey, what are you bitches up to?


Hey, take Pete for example.
Usually chicks are all over a guy
who plays guitar, that is unless
that guy is Pete.
Gee, thanks for the friendly
Man, I'm just sick of being
losers, that's all.
Donít worry, weíll get our chance
one day. When the world comes to
an end.
      (Pulling a baggie
       out of his back
Do you pussies wanna keep bitching
or do you wanna smoke this shit
with me?
Shit man, the second one!

An alarm clock going off. Trent is lying in bed passed out.
Without looking up he hits the alarm clock but it keeps
beeping. Annoyed, he hits it again but still nothing. He
hits it again and again out of aggression and then finally
picks it up and throws across the room. Still extremely
tired, he moves to get out of bed, but with little energy in
him he ends up stumbling out of his bed and falling face
first to the floor.

Trent walks out the front door with his backpack on while
saying good bye to his mom. A paper boy rides by tossing a
newspaper onto the lawn as he walks down the sidewalk.


Trent gets off a bus and begins walking towards his school.
On campus we see all the different groups of kids/cliques


hanging out in the outdoor area. As Trent walks by, some
kids turn his way and give him degrading looks or just
ignore him completely. One group of girls is seen snickering
and laughing at him. Trent remains unfazed and passive
towards them all.
                       TRENT (V.O.)
So this is what life is. Every day
itís always the same people
passing judgment on the same old
things. The quality of life is not
what you make it, itís what the
people you donít even talk to make
it for you. Iíve been given the
life of a geek. It isnít that bad
when your two best friends are a
couple of stoners. But drugs and
comic books donít exactly always
cut it for me. The most important
things in life are always too far
out of reach and perhaps theyíll
remain that way forever.
As Trent walks into the hallway, we see him turn his
attention to a beautiful young brunette girl. Her name is
STACEY. We see her move in slow motion as Trent stops to
gaze at her.
                       TRENT (V.O.)
Of course that unreachable thing
in life is girls. One girl in
particular. Stacey Caradin. The
only reason why I still bother
living. Even if fate never allows
me to ever be with her, she still
will be the only thing that keeps
me going through the days. Just
the thought of her existence
brings happiness. If reality
didnít allow it, at least I could
live to dream about it.
Next, we see a group of jocks playing football on campus.
One of them tosses the ball. While Trent dazes off, he is
hit on the side of the face by the football. The group of
jocks run up to him and begin bumping their chests up
against him and pushing him around in an aggressive manner;
shouting words like faggot and wimp in his face. The
expression on Trentís face suggests that heís scared as shit
and he whimpers as it looks like he is almost being raped.
Finally he breaks free from the crowd and then runs like


                       TRENT (V.O.)
But I'm still only a geek.

We see an older man with a tie and glasses teaching a class.
This is the biology teacher MR. WEST. The kids are paired up
at lab tables and it looks like they are dissecting

Trent has an expressionless look on his face. He looks up
from his work and takes a glance across the room at Stacey.
We then see Darrell sitting beside Trent.
Yeah, you'd like a slice of that
pootang wouldn't ya?
      (turning his
       attention to
For your information her name is
Stacey, and she is the most
beautiful girl in the world.
Yeah, I'd fuck her.
No, sheís not the type of girl you
just go and fuck. Did Superman
simply just go and fuck Lois Lane?
Did Spider-Man have a one night
stand with Mary Jane? No, I think
Yeah well James Bond seemed to
stick his dick in every girl he
came in contact with.
Yeah well fuck James Bond.


                       MR. WEST
      (the teacher
Trent! I hope youíre paying
attention over there. We wouldnít
want you to miss the importance on
how to remove the still beating
heart from our fine specimens we
have before us.
Yes Mr. West.
Mr. West continues to teach how to dissect the animal
So how bout it?
      (nodding towards
You thinking about asking her out
sometime or what?
I don't know. I don't think she'd
go out with a type of guy like me.
First you babble about how sheís
beautiful and sheís your Lois Lane
bullshit and then you say youíre
not even going to ask her out?
Hey man chill out. I probably will
eventually. Getting a girl to like
you takes time. Iíll have my day,
youíll see.
No you wonít, youíll screw it up.
Youíll wait so long that by the
time you do ask her out sheíll
probably already have a boyfriend.


....... She does.
PthÖ See man, thatís what Iím
talking about! You missed your
Yeah, but have you ever seen her
boyfriend? They donít look like
they belong together. I strongly
believe that it is destiny that
she is meant to be with me.
Nah dude. When you grow up youíll
be lying in bed at night with her
yearbook photo beside you and your
hand thrust down your pants.
Well gee, I don't see you with a
I donít bullshit around with that
girlfriend stuff. I just find
girls to hook up with and fuck,
then thatís that.
That's a great lifestyle for a
virgin like you to live by.
Hey fuck you!
Darrell returns to working on his class work as Trent starts
taunting him.
Darrell pounds his fist on the desk. He wasnít looking where
he hit his fist and it turns out he hit the lab specimen
that they were dissecting. A stream of blood spurts out of
it across the room and lands all over an unsuspecting blonde
girl. The poor girl lets out a scream and runs out of the
room crying.



We see Trent and Darrell eating lunch. Pete is there playing
his guitar once again. Pete finishes his song and the other
two applaud. In the back we hear laughter. Trent and Darrell
turn their attention to a group of goth kids wearing lots of
leather, face paint, and big black trench coats.
                       TRENT (V.O.)
Of course, there are some people
in the world who are worst than
Shit. Here come those Goths again.
I donít wanna deal with them.
One of the goth kids approaches. He is the group's leader.
His name is KYLE.
Ah. Our favorite group of maggots.
How was waking up today and
realizing youíre nothing?
I donít wanna deal with your shit
today, so please, stop talking to
me, Kyle.
Kyle's eyes widen in a ridiculously exaggerated expression.
That is not my name! I have
accepted evil into my unbeating
heart, and have been reborn. You
will call me Zordon, Prince of the
More like Zordon, Prince of the
Yeah! Isnít Zordon that giant
floating head in the fishbowl in
Power Rangers?
Silence, you pathetic maggot! I am
evil embodied! I am Satan, and I


                       KYLE (cont'd)
will eat your soul!
Man, your lipstick ainít getting
anywhere near me. Keep your sucky
little mouth to yourself. I donít
enjoy masculine fellatio, unlike
the ďunhappy mimeĒ here.
Pete points to another goth, possibly Kyleís right-hand man,
who doesnít talk.
Yeah! Whatís his name? Alpha?
Darrell giggles nerdily but is interrupted by Pete
backhanding him across the face.
The goth growls ferociously, rattling his spiked collar.
Kyle holds him back, but it is obvious that he wasnít going
to do anything.
      (to the ďmimeĒ,
Whoa. Down boy.
      (Back to Kyle)
Didnít I tell you not to let that
foul pile of ugly in the house?
Take him outside.
Lucian here is a master of the
secret Tibetan killing art of
Kang-Shwoang-Hai. He could kill
you in less than a half second,
and still inflict upon you
thousands of years of pain. Had I
wanted to devour your useless
soul, you would be dead now.
Really? He don't look so tough.
Still sitting down, Pete extends a foot and nudges LUCIAN a
few times. Lucian growls and looks angry, but then stomps
angrily away. In the distance, he is seen to be wiping his
eyes on his arm. White make-up rubs onto the arm.


See? You just gotta house train
them, ainít that right, Kyle? Now
I suggest you run along and catch
up with your sad little puppy
before he runs into traffic.
      (his confidence
       now shaken)
Shut up. Donít talk about him like
that! I will not give you the
pleasure of sucking your soul. I
will put it in the cage ofÖof
pain! And you will suffer forever!
Come, brethren, let us leave these
fools that we may return and
murder them in their sleep.
With a flip of his cape, Kyle storms off briskly, the other
goths following like sheep.
Bye bye, honey! Donít go sucking
on any strangerís soul, now! You
donít know if theyíre clean!
Kyle returns angrily. His mouth opens and closes, but he
cannot find words to rebuff Darrell.
       like a mother to
       a four-year-old)
Itís alright, honey. Just run
along now.
After a few more weak attempts to say something, Kyle turns
to leave again. Darrell snickers. The goths are somewhat
unsure of what to do, so they follow him. Kyle turns around,
and defiantly hisses. The rest of the goths do the same.
Kyle trips. The goths trip.
      (as a parting shot)
Damn posers.
You sure did show them!


Hey, do you guys ever wonder that
maybe those guys are just trying
to express themselves and that
we're no better than Jason and his
friends if we make fun of them?
Pete and Darrell blankly stare at Trent for a moment.
Uhh..... No.

The school bell rings. Trent is seen walking down the
sidewalk through the crowds of jittery teenagers just
getting out of school for the day. As he goes to get on his
bus, he stops for a second. He looks across the street and
sees Stacey once again, this time frolicking around with her
boyfriend Jason. The two are playing around with eachother,
but it is obvious that Stacey is a bit uncomfterable with
him as she nudges away from him. Trent doesn't notice

A slight hint of depression appears on his face, but then he
raises his head up, showing a bit of hope.
      (to himself)
Iíll have my day. Theyíll see.
He looks away and then takes a step into the bus.


Close up Trentís eyes as they open. Trent is lying on the
ground in the dirt. He gets up and brushes himself off and
then realizes his clothes are covered in blood. He then
looks forward and sees a female figure a foot away from him,
kneeling down with her back towards him. Trent looks
confused and puzzled as he seems to recognize her. He then
calls out to her.
The girl gets up and turns her attention to Trent. It is
Stacey. Her skin is as pallid as a corpse and blood drips


from her mouth. She holds a human organ which looks as if
she was eating it. She drops it and then slowly approaches
Trent. Trent stands still in an embrace, looking both
scared, confused, and excited. Now that sheís a few inches
away from him she whispers something into his ear.
Make love to me.
She suddenly snarls and then goes to bite Trentís neck.

Waking up, Trent jumps out of his bed in a sweat. The alarm
clock is heard going off in the background.


Trent is walking toward his locker and then Darrell is seen
approaching him.
Hey man.
Hey, whats up?
Any luck with your dream girl yet?
Holy shit dude, youíre not going
to believe this dream I had last
It was just like Night of the
Living Dead or something. Stacey
was in it, I think she was
supposed to be a zombie. So sheís
all covered in blood and eating
some guy. Then she looks at me,
walks up to my face, and is like
ďmake love to me.Ē
Whoa, now thatís what Iím talking


I bet itís like one of those
premonitions or some shit like
that. Like somethingís finally
going to happen. LikeÖ
Just then, Darrell and Trent turn their attention to a
couple entering the hallway fighting and yelling. It is
Stacey and Jason.
      (extremely pissed
Fuck you Jason, Iím not taking
this kind of shit from you
What? Relax babe, she means
nothing to me. Itís not like I
came on to her. She was all over
me and then you walked in.
Itís not like you came on to her?
I fucking saw you Jason, I saw you
even before you two started
messing around.
Oh, you didn't see nothing.
You were all feeling her up like a
dog in heat and fucking smiling
and whispering things in her ear.
Then you fucking... You... UGH! I
can't even say it its so gross!
Babe, you gotta understand, this
probably wouldnít have even
happened if you had put out since
the beginning.
      (put off by
       Jason's comment)
Excuse me?


You know, maybe if we did more
with our relationship I wouldnít
have these kind of urges that I
get. You canít stop me from being
a man. Having a relationship is
nice and all but I got other needs
that gotta be satisfied as well.
Stacey opens up her locker and tosses a ton of junk out of
it towards Jason
You are a fucking pig! Is it sex
that you want? Huh? If you want it
so much you can go stick your dick
in a meat grinder for all I care!
Jason follows Stacey as she walks away, pleeding to her.
Hey girl, chill out! We can still
make this work.
You know what Jason? I NEVER want
to hear another word about you and
I ever again! Weíre through. Iím
gonna go and find someone better
than you who can appreciate me.
Stacey turns her back on Jason and storms out down the
hallway. Camera focuses back on Trent and Darrell who have
been watching the whole time.
Wow. I think I just witnessed the
work of god. See, some things
really are destined to be!
Maybe youíre right, but what
      (Looks at Darrell
Jason comes out of no where and lifts Trent up against the
locker by the collar of his shirt.


You fucking freak! You were just
watching that werenít you?
Watching what? I wasnít watching
anything. Nothing at all. Weíre we
Um... Yeah.. I MEAN NO!
Jason shoves Darrell across the room with his other arm. He
then continues to taunt Trent.
      (anger building up)
I know what youíre thinking you
little prick. Iíve seen you
looking at her.. at us! If you
even think you have a chance with
Jason, you know I wouldnít do
anything without your condolences.
Jason bangs the back of Trent's head against the locker in
response of what he says.
Quit fucking playing around! Just
because this small unfortunate
moment just took place does not
mean weíve stopped seeing each
      (while on the
Hey man, I really think she was
serious when she said-
      (to Darrell)
Jason kicks Darrell back onto the floor. He turns his
attention back to Trent.


If I ever see you even talking to
her, your head is going to be
shoved so far up your ass, youíll
be fighting for air and eating
shit all at the same time. Ya
Jason drops Trent onto the floor and leaves
That sounds pleasant.
Damn dude. So how about all that
destiny crap now, huh?
What, you think Iím gonna miss my
chance now because of something
that stupid dickhead said?
Dude, he's going to murder you!
So what, you heard what Stacey
said. She needs someone in her
life whoís different, who can
appreciate her for who she is.
That somebody is me. If I die then
so be it. Some things are worth
dying for. This definitely is.

The students are back at their lab tables dissecting the
unidentified specimen.
                       MR. WEST
Now today we shall finish our
little experiment we started
yesterday. Now notice the
pulsation of this animalís brain
as itÖ
The teacherís voice begins to trail off as again we focus on
Trent and his inner thoughts. The camera moves away from Mr.
West and begins to focus on Trent as he looks at Stacey once


                       TRENT (V.O.)
So Iím stuck in here waiting.
Waiting for what the future may
have in store for me today. Her
presence in the room only makes
the anticipation worse. I feel my
heart racing, I canít even focus
on my work or whatever it is that
weirdo biology teacher is talking
about. Mr. West, why does that guy
seem so sketchy? Heís almost like
some kind of a frigging Doctor
Frankenstein. Itís like heís
straight out of an old horror
movie, and let me tell you, Iíve
seen a whole lot of those in my 16
years of existence.
      (to Darrell)
Hey, this Mr. West guy is really
I'll say.
Hey, will you do me a favor?
      (laughing a little)
Ask him if it's possible to bring
a dead person back to life.
What? Why?
Well the dude looks like some sort
of a Doctor Frankenstein to me.
So why do I have to ask him?
Because, you know who is in the
room and I donít feel like
embarrassing myself. C'mon, 15
bucks if you do it!


      (gives in)
Yeah okay lover boy.
Darrell raises his hand.
Hey Mister West, is it possible to
bring a dead person to life?
Everyone in the room turns to look at Darrell funny. Mr.
West looks at him and then bursts out in laughter
                       MR. WEST
What ever do you mean by that
you know, like um..
      (whispers to
Reanimation. Like reanimating a
dead person, I guess.
                       MR. WEST
What, you think Iím some kind of
Frankenstein or something? No,
itís not possible. But, itís not a
bad idea if I say so myself.
Mr. West continues to teach.
That was kind of weird.
                       TRENT (V.O.)
I glance away in embarrassment. I
look back up again and as if out
of instinct, I naturally take
another look at Stacey. In that
moment when she turns her head,
she sees me, looks me in the eyes,
and smiles. Everything slows down
as if there was a glitch in the
Matrix. Like reality became
nonexistent and what I was looking


                       TRENT (V.O.) (cont'd)
at was simply just a Jedi mind
trick. Life had slowed down to
give enough time for my life to
flash before my eyes, yet my heart
beats faster than the heart of a
fat man trying to run cross
country. She waves, and I wave
back. After she turns her head,
after the moment ends, everything
speeds back up again and returns
to normalcy. Though the moment
becomes a thing of the past, Iíve
been given a small glimpse of hope
for the future. Now if only I can
work up the courage to talk to
her. This might work out after
                       MR. WEST
And that class, is how the rectum

Trent is seen on campus at the outdoor lunch tables. He is
sitting down focusing hard on his homework. The camera
reveals a shadow lurking up on him from behind that he does
not notice. Although suspense may build up, it is obvious
who this unidentified figure is, especially when she finally
reveals her voice.
Trent naturally turns around. The moment he sees who the
voice belongs to, he is caught by surprise and suddenly
transforms into a nervous wreck. Papers clutter and things
fall off the table as he attempts to act natural.
uh... Hi.
Mind if I sit down?
SURE! Go right ahead.
Stacey sits down and is of course aware of how nervous and
shy Trent is. She canít keep herself from smiling about it.


Note: and probably she thinks itís kind of cute. itís as if
she has some kind of a plan in mind and a reason for why
sheís even sitting down to talk to him. Possibly to use his
infatuation to her advantage.
So what's up?
Um, I donít know. Not much.
      (breaking the
So, I just realized, Iíve known
you for quite some time but I
donít think weíve ever really
actually talked to each other.
No, I guess not.
So, are you one of those kids that
are really smart and stuff? Cause
you sure do seem like the type.
Really? What do you mean by that?
Well, I think Iíve been in quite a
few of the same classes as you
since like 8th grade and you
always seem to be ahead of
everyone else. But you donít
really look like a nerd but I have
seen some of the tougher kids pick
on you here and there and I guess
I just came to the conclusion that
you must be one of the smart kids.
um... Stacey?


Is there a reason why you sat down
to talk to me?
Well uh.. You see, Iím not doing
so good with my grades and all
lately and my mom is on my ass
about it but Iíve been going
through a lot lately with breaking
up with my boyfriend I went out
with for two years andÖ
Look, Stacey. I donít know what
you heard about me but I donít get
paid to do peopleís homework for
No! Itís not like that! Really. I
was wondering if you could maybe
tutor me.
      (in disbelief)
Tutor you? You want me to tutor
You can do that, can't you?
      (laid back and
Well, I donít know. I am a busy
man and all, I might not have the
time to..
Notices a look of disappointment on Staceyís face and then
quickly gives up the act.
Ah, what the hell, sure I could
tutor you.


Really? Thank you so much! How
bout you stop by my place
tomorrow. We can work on that
geometry packet.
Two oí clock, sound good?
It's a date!
Stacey looks at him a little funny after he says that.
Trent's eyes widen and he becomes nervous again. He quickly
tries to respond.
I mean, itís a good date and time
and all. Itís not a date, itís
tutoringÖÖ and stuff.
Stacey gets a pen and writes something down on Trentís hand.
Okay. Here's my number and my
address. I'll see you tomorrow.
She gets up to leave.
Yeah. See you tomorrow.
Before she finally leaves, Stacey shortly turns around to
say one last thing.
Hey, you donít have a girlfriend,
do you?
      (slightly shocked)
No, why?
Oh, no reason. Forget I said
anything. But itís a shame. Youíre
kinda cute.


Stacey finally walks off and leaves. Trent watches until she
is finally out of sight. He suddenly jumps up out of his
chair and begins dancing in joy.
                       TRENT (V.O.)
The turning point of my life has
finally come. All I have to do now
is wait for tomorrow so I can
feast on the fruits of my success.


Pete and Darrell are seen walking down the hallway together.
Trent suddenly jumps out of no where, still joyfully dancing
like a lunatic.
Guess whoís got a date tomorrow
with the hottest of all hotties in
the whole damn school!
Who's the hottest of all hotties?
Stacey Caradin!
Pth... I've seen better.
Congratulations man. At least one
of us is on his way to becoming a
real player.
Yeah right. If Trent's a player
than I must be like Fabio!
Well, tomorrowís judgment day for
me! I know itís not exactly a date
and Iím only tutoring her and all
Tutoring her? Jesus dude, you are
a loser!


You should try tutoring her in the
arithmetic of love!
Itís not as bad as you think.
Okay, so Iím tutoring her, but
Iíll be tutoring a frigging
goddess! And why out of all people
would she ask me? And why would
she ask if I had a girlfriend and
then tell me Iím cute? Because
something finally clicked and told
her that we were meant to be
together. Itís destiny!
      (shakes head)
Destiny is only a pipedream man.
Speaking of pipes, I got some on
me right now. You still have the
horror movie club right?
                       TRENT (V.O.)
Ah, the horror movie club, I
almost forgot! Itís a little after
school club I started last year
where weíd all sit down and watch
such films by the likes of Sam
Raimi and George Romero.
Unfortunately nobody really goes
to it anymore since everyone was
expecting Hollywood garbage like I
Know What you did Last Summer and
got Bloodsucking Freaks instead.
Yeah, too bad I scared off the
rest of those poser freshmen with
Cannibal Ferox last week. I guess
I might as well just stop the club
starting next Friday.
Yeah well those movies you show
are fucking awesome. Specially
while baked!
What ya got for us today?


A bell rings as the three of them turn a corner into another
I just got this rare bootleg off
e-bay. Werewolf Sluts from Hell.
Pretty much banned in every
country except Japan.
Sounds like my kind of movie!
Oooh yeah! By the way, I was
thinking if we're not going to
have the Horror movie club
anymore, how bout we have a fight


A frustrated and contemplative Mr. West enters his classroom
holding a briefcase. The briefcase holds the serum that he
used in the Re-animator series to bring the dead back to
life. He lays the briefcase down onto one of the lab tables
in the room. He talks to himself in frustration.
                       MR. WEST
      (opening the
Those bratty little kids think
theyíre so damned smart, quoting
lines from their useless science
fiction movies. Those fools, they
donĎt know the truth behind it
all. I know the secret of
reanimation. Me, Herbert West!


                       MR. WEST
      (violently looking
I should be lauded by the entire
world for bringing into reality
that which these so many fully
ignorant authors are overpaid to
write about. I have conquered
brain death! I was so close to
perfecting the formula. Öbut too
many issues came up and got in the
Looking back into the briefcase, he takes out a vial of
thick blood red liquid.
                       MR. WEST
      (looking lovingly
       at the vial)
But not this time! I still have
the serum. Nobody believed what I
had accomplished before, but now I
can prove them wrong. I will get
the credit I deserveÖ (dejectedly)
even if I have been reduced to
working at this high school as a
science teacherÖnow that Iíve
readjusted the conditions. This
time my results should yield
results. The secondary effects
need only be buffered to an
acceptable level. Soon, I shall
show the world the true meaning of
life after death. And then,
finally, my brilliance and
sacrifices will be recognized!
West activates a Bunsen burner. Carefully, Mr. West pours a
second, pale yellow liquid (looks like watery boston cream)
into a flask and heats it. He then empties the blood red
vial into the warm yellow liquid, and it turns a bright
fluorescent green, bubbling and fizzling.
West searches for the Tupperware container from his
briefcase, but he cannot find it.
                       MR. WEST
No! Where is the specimen? My new
serum is unstable Ė it will
decompose in less than a minute!
My last four months of work will
go to waste!


He looks around in frantic desperation. He spots the
biohazard bin and his eyes widen. Briskly striding over, he
looks in and glimpses the mangled carcass that was left over
from the dissection that took place earlier in class. He
removes it from the trash and lifts it up to examine it in
better light. He hesitates, struggling against perhaps a
nagging worry, but convinces himself one way or another.
                       MR. WEST
Yes, yes this may work. This will
have to do. This will work well as

He places on the table and rips open the bag, allowing
flecks of flesh to spray around the work bench.
                       MR. WEST
Not the freshest of specimens but
it must do. After all, I couldnít
very well go out and just kill
someone for their carcass.
He injects the serum into the carcass. He giggles nervously,
the smile appearing and disappearing, and then stares and
waitsÖ times slowly passes and nothing happens.
                       MR. WEST
How can this be? Itís worked so
many times beforeÖIs the specimen
too badly damaged?
continues to wait. Time lapse. Bangs both fists on the desk,
swinging his head down and leaving it down in frustration.
                       MR. WEST
He waits almost desperately for a few more seconds.
Suddenly, he hammers down onto the carcass with a sickening
thud with his fists, and bellows and sweeps everything,
including papers and his briefcase and the flasks off the
table, resulting in breaking glass and clatters. Panting
heavily, he recomposes himself and gloomily picks up the
carcass and carries it to the biohazard bin and tosses it.
                       MR. WEST
      (quietly, looking
       down and shaking
       his head, to


                       MR. WEST (cont'd)
Why wonít it work? It worked
before? Why wonít it work?
A close up shot of the carcass lying in the waste basket.
The dead animal specimen begins to twitch a little, then it
fully comes back to life and gets up out from the waste
basket and scurries across the room. While Mr. West goes to
get his jacket, he hears the scurrying sound and turns
around. He sees across the room where the waste basket is
and notices that the animal carcass is gone.
                       MR. WEST
It Works! I knew it! It wor-
All of a sudden, the zombified animal carcass lashes out at
Mr. West from behind. It bites down into the side of his
neck and he yells out in pain. Mr. West grabs the animal and
begins to struggle with it, trying to remove it from his
flesh, but the animal remains lashed on and it begins to
tear and bite down on his face and neck. Mr. West falls to
his knees and finally the animal releases him. It leaps
across the room and lands on a window sill. The zombified
carcass lets out a snarl and then leaps out the window onto
the school campus.
                       MR. WEST
      (still exuberant)
It works! I knew it would work! I
knew it still worked!
He realizes his neck is bleeding. He touches his hand to his
wound and blood comes off.
                       MR. WEST
It bit me! It fucking bit me!
Quickly he touches his hand to his wound and checks it
again. His eyes widen in fearful realization and he slowly
pulls his hand toward his face.
                       MR. WEST
No. No! NO!!
Looking down again, frantically turning his head from side
to side, his eyes looking this way and that, perhaps
searching for something that could save him.
                       MR. WEST
It wasnít ready. It wasnít perfect
yet. Itís still contagious. Iíve
been contaminated!


He rips a studentís paper from his desk and begins
scribbling furiously with a pencil, muttering violently and
sweating. The nub breaks off. He curses and grabs another
pencil. Holding it in his fist, he begins scribbling again,
this time breaking it in two. He curses and tears the papers
on the desk apart, throwing it around him and finally
finding a pen. He finishes his work and looks up in horror.
                       MR. WEST
I thought I had more time than
that. This canít be right. I must
have more time than that! No!
Unable to get up, he crawls across the room with one hand
covering his wound and his legs are dragged across the
floor. He opens a compartment in his desk and removes a gun
and in a panicky fashion aims it toward himself, his trigger
hand shaking. Suddenly, he smiles.
                       MR. WEST
      (content now, but
       still shaking,
Theyíll remember me. I found the
serum. I defeated death. HERBERT
WEST! I found it.
He inhales sharply and squeezes his eyes closed.

Shot from outside of the class room. We see nothing but the
door as the camera zooms out. A gunshot is heard to
establish that MR. WEST has taken his own life.


A small number of kids are seen still walking around and
hanging out in the quad. One boy walks off on the side with
his backpack on. Suddenly he is attacked by the zombified
animal carcass. It lashes onto his face and bites and
scratches him. He screams in great pain, drawing attention
to himself. People look over in curiosity. After making a
bloody mess out of the kidís face, the animal leaps from his
head and runs off once again, this time towards the main
building of the school. The boy lies on the ground dead and
a mob of kids hurry around him like vultures to the prey.
They blankly stare at him wondering what the hell happened.
One of the adults moves through the crowd of kids pushing
them aside.


Okay, okay. Everybody step back
and let me through
The ADULT makes his way through the crowd and stops in
shock, realizing the bloody mess of a kid laying on the
Oh my god!
He gets down beside the kid that lays motionless on the
ground and lifts up his wrist. He looks away in sadness.
      (tearing up)
He's... Dead!
The dead boy suddenly comes back to life. He gets up and
bites the adult in the face. Blood is seen splattering onto
the kids around them. Next we see the kids run away
screaming in a panic as the zombie is seen slowly following


Kids are seen screaming as zombies flood through the halls
and blood splatters against the lockers and the floors.


Zombies are seen exiting the building and going out into the
streets of the town.


TRENT, DARRELL, and PETE exit one of the school buildings
unaware of anything that has happened.
That movie sucked. Not enough
You know, not everything has to be
about sex.
But the name of the movie was
Werewolf Sluts from Hell!


As theyíre leaving through the back street behind the
campus, Darrell stops the group for a second and points out
a female zombie stumbling around. Of course, the group
doesn't know sheís a zombie.
      (to Trent)
Now I know even you would like to
tap that ass!
      (looking at her
You know what Darrell? I really
donít think I would.
      (checking the
       zombie girl out)
DAMN! I wouldnít tap that, Iíd
WACK that!

The next day. Trent is passed out on the couch and is just
waking up. Camera zooms back and reveals soda cans and other
various junk food garbage all over the room and we can see
Darrell and Pete passed out on the floor. Trent gets up,
kicking soda cans out of the way as he walks to the stairs.


Trent walks out the door onto his front lawn. He looks down
and thereís no newspaper. He looks around the neighborhood
puzzled. Darrell is seen coming out through the front door
and stands beside Trent.
Where the hell is everyone?
Maybe it's still early. Hey, you
wanna go throw stink bombs into
the assistant living home today?
You know I canít. I told you
yesterday I was seeing Stacey
today. Besides, aren't we a little
old for that stuff?


They turn around and walk back inside while they talk.
Hey, just because all of a sudden
you're getting more pussy than we
are doesn't mean we can't continue
being menaces to society.
Yeah well we're all going to have
to grow up eventually.
Right before they enter the house, the camera shot reveals a
puddle of blood near by. Suspenseful music builds up
tension. Darrell spots the blood and stops Trent to point it
out to him.
Holy shit dude, where'd that come
Trent looks shocked. We see him look around a little and
then he sees a tampon lying on the ground near by. Show of
      (pointing the
       tampon out to
Oh look, that explains it.
Suspense ends. The two walk back inside as if it was

Trent is seen sitting down onto the couch and clicking the
TV on. He flips through the channels while Pete is getting
up off the floor and Darrell is kicking soda cans around.
Trent stops on a News station where we see a blonde woman on
the screen reporting.
                       TV NEWSCASTER
An increasing number of reports
seem to indicate that an epidemic
of murders has swept the town over
night. Murder victims show signs
of being partially eaten by their
attackers. Because of the obvious
threats to untold number of
citizens, due to the crisis that
is now developing, this news


                       TV NEWSCASTER (cont'd)
station will remain on the air day
and night to inform you how to
stay safe.
Darrell sits down on the couch beside Trent.
What movie you watching?
      (eyes wide open)
This doesn't look like a movie.
On the TV screen we see a piece of paper handed to the
blonde woman from off screen. The woman looks at the paper
in puzzlement and then begins to read it while looking
                       TV NEWSCASTER
This just in. It has now been
established that the recently dead
are returning to life and
attacking the living.
Pth.. Yeah right!
                       TV NEWSCASTER
People are being urged to stay
inside their homes and to not go
outside no matter what the
situation. Board and barricade all
windows and doors and stay in tune
to this station for further
Trent looking a little sketched out quickly clicks the TV
off and stands up.
Is this for real, or did you guys
slip me something last night?
Dude, I donít have anything like
that on me.
      (trying to stay
Okay, maybe we're all just
imagining it.


Trent turns around towards the stairs. He is startled by a
pallid man covered in blood facing him in the stairway.
Trent backs up in fear, tripping over something as the
zombie man slowly approaches him.

Darrell and Pete approach Trent in his defense.
What are we going to do?
Dude, youíre the expert on this
shit, you tell us!
Yeah, but those are just movies.
Iíd never imagine something like
this would ever happen in real
Yeah well it has.
The zombie gets closer and closer to the group of three
kids. Trent leaps up off the ground. The zombie then lunges
toward Trent and tries to bite him. Pete and Darrell tackle
the zombie, holding it by the arms to keep it back. The
zombie tries to bite Darrellís arm but he leaps back in
The thing tried to fucking bite
No shit!
The zombie throws Pete off of itís other arm. It turns itís
attention to Darrell with a look of anger on itís face.
Trent is seen rummaging through a closet and then pulls out
a leaf blower. He charges towards the zombie and hits it
over the head with the end of the leaf blower. The zombie
looks to be unharmed by the blow(no pun intended). It grabs
the leaf blower and struggles with Trent and then
accidentally switches the leaf blower on. A close up shot of
the zombieís face as itís skin is blown back by the leaf
blower. Pete is then seen attacking the zombie from behind
and attempting to strangle it with an extension cord. The
zombie struggles as it falls to itís knees.
Quick! Get it's head off!


Darrell picks a baseball bat out of the closet and tosses it
to Trent. Trent begins to beat the zombie over the head with
the bat until itís skull turns into a bloody pulp.

Trent, Pete, and Darrell are seen standing in the middle of
the street looking out into the town with zombies shambling
around all through out the yards and roads.
Where did they come from?
Do you think the government may be
It's always the government's
fault! (raising fist) Fight the
You guys didnít hear anything
about a satellite exploding and
giving off large amounts of
radiation in the earthís
atmosphere, did you?
                       PETE AND DARRELL TOGETHER
Me neither.
      (joking around)
I bet it was that lunatic Biology
teacher. Maybe he found a way to
bring the dead back to life!
You know what Darrell? For once I
think youíre right! It looks like
weíll never find out though.
In that quick moment, we see a shot of the street the group
of kids are standing in the middle of and the zombie animal
carcass is seen scurrying/crossing the road and then
disappears behind a bush. The camera cuts back to the
expression of the kidsí faces who recognize the animal from
dissecting it in class earlier.


Wasn't that one of the?..
Yeah, I think it was.
So are we like supposed to go live
in the mall now or something?
Yeah dude, lets go shoplift the
mall. Iíve been meaning to get
myself a new pair of shoes.
The mall is too far from here. If
our theory is correct then I donít
think the virus has spread that
far yet. Weíll have to find
somewhere closer and I gottaÖ
A new expression appears on Trent's face to signify that he
has suddenly come to realize something.
Oh shit, I almost forgot!
What time is it?
      (looking at watch)
One thirty.
Shit dude, we gotta go pick up
What!? No way!
Hey, we're talking about the woman
I love here.
No, we're talking about some
skanky broad you like that wants
you to tutor her.


Not cool! Maybe all of this is
also happening for a reason. Maybe
Iím being tested. Well, Iíve seen
the movies! I know how to deal
with this and nothing is going to
get in my way.
Trent man, what about our loved
ones? I mean shouldnít we go make
sure theyíre alright as well?
You have loved ones?
Yeah, I guess our parents and
Nah dude, Iím sick of taking shit
from my parents. Like last week,
my dad spanked me after he found
one of my baggies. I mean fuck
man, what parent spanks their 16
year old child? I really donít
care if he turns into a zombie.
Okay, well then that settles it.
Now let's go!

A shot of the neighborhood streets with zombies roaming all
over the place. We then see a car driving into shot. The
camera follows the car as it hits zombies off the road and
speeds down the street in a hurry.


Pete is in the driverís seat, Darrell is in the passenger
seat next to Pete, and Trent is in the back looking over
Peteís shoulder as they storm through the streets full of
Now Pete, you did pass your
driverís test the eleventh time
around.. right?


      (looking cocky)
Driving with a license is for
people who want to obey the law. I

A zombie is seen walking across the crosswalk as the car is
coming up on it.

Watch out!

The zombie is hit by the car. Itís body thrown up against
the wind shield.


Blood is seen splattered all over the windshield and the
windshield wipers automatically go on.
Maybe next time you should yield
for the pedestrians.

Jason is seen pacing back and forth. His gang of buddies are
seen sitting around the room. Their names are RICK, TOMMY,
and JOE.
      (stressed out)
Iím stressing out man, Iím
stressing out! Everythingís been
going so fine up until yesterday.
I mean, my whole life is falling
Gee Jay, you should really do
something about it.
Yeah, like getting back at that
bitch for dumping you! Thereís no
way she wonít take you back now!


Hey yeah! Maybe youíre right. With
all this stuff going on sheíll be
crawling back to me, crying out
for me to save her! Sheíll regret
dumping me! We gotta go stop by
her house right now!
Right now?
Yeah, right now bitch!
But The OC is going to be on in a
little while!
JOE starts singing California Here We Come but stops once
JASON slaps him on the back of the head.
      (aggravated and
       hitting Joe)
Shut up you idiot! They cancled
that stupid fucking show. Besides
no one is going to air anything
during all this, now get up and

Trent talking to Pete and Darrell through the rolled down
car window. Trent is holding a baseball bat.
Now you guys stay here. I'll go
get her.
We then see him running up the steps to Staceyís house, past
a few zombies roaming around her front lawn. He rings the
doorbell and pretties himself up, slicking a hand full of
spit through his hair, as he patiently waits. Suddenly a
crash is heard, followed by a scream from inside the house.
                       STACEY (from inside)


Trent peers through the window then runs around to the back
of the house. He checks the doorknob and its locked. He
slams his whole body up against the door with no luck,
hurting his arm real bad.
Trent recovers then raises his baseball bat up in the air
and swings down towards the door knob, knocking it off.


TRENT enters. He runs inside calling for Stacey. He cocks
his head as he hears a scream from upstairs. He runs into
the next room. He stops and steps back as it is revealed
that there are many zombies walking around the house.

He swallows back his fear and charges through the house
towards the stairway as he bashes zombies over the head with
his bat.


Stacey is seen backing up into a corner, knocking things
down she walks by. A zombie is moving towards her. She
kneels down in the corner and screams as the zombie reaches
out to grab her. Suddenly we see a cheerleader baton
stabbing through the zombieís chest. It falls to the ground
and Trent is revealed to be itís attacker.

Stacey looks to him in excitement.
He extends his hand and lifts her off the floor.
Címon, we gotta get you out of
What the hell is going on?
I'll explain later, lets just go!

Trent holds Staceyís hand as they storm out of her room down
the stairs. Trent leads the way as he knocks zombies over
with his bat as Stacey follows.


I'm glad you came.
      (while hitting a
Couldnít be late for my date now
could I?
Date? We were going to study!
Forget about studying. Besides,
from the look of things, I really
think they plan on calling off
school Monday.
Trent and Stacey have made their way down stairs but find
themselves surrounded and trapped by zombies.
Boy, you got one big family.
Pete and Darrell suddenly make a dramatic entrance by
breaking in through the window, and leaping through to the
inside as glass shatters. Darrell is armed with an axe and
Pete with a chainsaw!
Let's shred these muthafuckers to
Pete and Darrell slash and hack the zombies to bits and save
Trent and Stacey.
Where'd you guys get all that?
House next door has a shack in the
Thereís more weapons of mass
destruction in those things than
there are in Iraq!
Thatís one fine looking dame you
got there Trent.


Stacey, these are my friends Pete
and Darrell. Guys, this is Stacey.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I'll say!

Trent, Stacey, Darrell, and Pete are making their way into
the car. Just then another car pulls up and Jason gets out.
Heís surprised and angered to see Trent and Stacey together.
Oh shit! Let's get out of here!
Trent hurries the group into the car and they drive off.
Get back here with my woman!
                       RICK (from inside the car)
What's going on boss?
      (turning to Rick)

Pete in the driverís seat, Darrell in the passengerís seat,
and Trent with Stacey in the back. They storm down the
      (looking out the
       back window)
This cannot be good!



Jason's car speeds up to about the same speed as Trent's car
till they are side by side. Jason and his friends are seen
seen behaving like wild and out of control teenagers. They
begin slamming their car into the side of the other car.

The car almost falls off the side of the road but recovers.
Jason and his goons are seen laughing hysterically over
Shit! First the fucker cheats on
me, now he tries to fucking kill
me? I am SO getting a restraining
order after this!
      (while driving)
Trent, what the hell are we going
to do?
Jason's car rams up against them again. They steer a little
out of control but manage to get back on track again. The
side of each car is now wrecked pretty bad.
okay, um..... (light bulb goes
Darrell, do you still have those
stink bombs that you mentioned
Yeah, but I was saving those for a
special occasion.
Yeah well I think this is more
important than a prank on the old
folk's home, don't you think?
Darrell opens a back pack. He pulls out a handful of stink
bombs and hands a couple over to Trent while still holding
onto a couple for himself.
Alright, you ready?
Jason's car comes in closer, ready to ram into them again.
As they do so, Trent suddenly emerges from the roof window


of his car and splatters a stink bomb on their wind shield.
Darrell manages to toss one from his car window into an open
window from their car.
A stink bomb is seen spattlering a dark green liquid all
over the windshield. Another stink bomb lands in Tommy's
lap, who's sitting in the back seat. Rick (who is driving)
spirals out of control.
       tossing the bomb
       off his lap, out
       the window)
Fucking shit smells like your mom!
As Jason's car spirals out of control, it slams into Trent's
car, causing them both to crash near by the parking lot in
front of their high school.
The air bags go off. JASON, who is in the passenger's seat,
struggles with his to get it out of his face. He opens his
door and falls out on his ass.
Jason looks up and notices Trent and his friends running
towards the back of the school quad.
      (over dramatic
Trent, Stacey, Darrell, and Pete make their way to the
middle of the school quad. They stop, huddled around
eachother as the camera circles around them. They look
around as they are completely surrounded by zombies, mostly
teenagers, many of them are kids that we saw in the cliques
at the beginning of the film. Darrell and Pete raise their
weapons as the zombies begin to approach them.


All these people are dead and
they're still going to school.
Such losers.
Yeah Stacey?
Do you think they'll still have
prom this year?
Not unless it's a "Monster Mash!"
      (Taking authority)
Can we quit with all the gay
little jokes and focus our
attention on the problem we're
facing right now?
So what's the plan?
Stay close at all times, back to
back, and dismember as many
fucking zombies as humanly
Ah, great idea Professor Knowby,
did you get that idea from
watching a movie?
I've learned everything that I've
ever needed to know from watching
movies. (hurried) Now c'mon, lets
do this!
The zombies have encircled them and are coming in for the
kill. Pete revs up his chainsaw and strikes the nearest
zombie in the stomach with it. CU shot on the zombie's back
as the chainsaws blade goes through the front of the
zombie's body and out the back. Blood splatters everwhere.

Darrell strikes a zombie on it's forehead with his axe.


Trent swings at a zombie's head, striking it clean off. The
bloodshed has commenced. Stacey takes shelter behind Trent
as the three friends slaugter as many zombies as they
possibly can. They're able to cut down on the number of
zombies a great deal. The ground is littered with severed
body parts.

Kyle and his fellow goth friends who we saw the previous day
getting high behind the bushes, are now seen getting up as
if they've been there the whole night and are now just
waking up. They stumble around dazed and confused,
recovering from their drug binge.

PETE comes charging at them from out of nowhere with his
chainsaw, having confused them for zombies.
No wait, please don't!
Pete begins slicing up the goth kids, body parts flying
every where from off screen. Darrell runs up beside Pete.
Dude, those weren't zombies, those
were just a bunch of goth kids!
Oh. Um... Oh well.
Jason, Rick, Tommy, and Joe are seen coming from around the
corner of the school building. Trent spots them from the
You know what the great thing
about a zombie is?
What's that?
Its a lot easier to kill than our
friend Jason over there with his
buddies who're looking to kick our
Cut to Jason looking head on at Trent and his friends. A
look of rage comes over his face.
If those things don't kill them
first then I will.


Cut back to TRENT and his friends.
What should we do?
Well usually splitting up is
always a bad idea but... I don't
think we have any other choice.
I say we spread out around the
campus and re-group in the center
of town.
Alright, on the count of five.....
The group of friends split up. Jason looks on concerned.
Jay, you don't expect us to go
after them through all those
things, do you?
Shup up and get them!
The group of friends split up, Stacey of course follows
Trent. They strike at just about any zombie that gets too
close to them. Jason chases after Trent while dodging the
zombies and tackles one of them like a football player. Rick
and Tommy chase after Pete, and Joe chases Darrell.
Trent and Stacey turn a corner to a back door. Trent
struggles to prye it open but its locked. They turn around
and see Jason standing behinde them, staring them down like
a psychotic killer, blocking off their only exit.
I thought I told you to stay away
from her you dickshit.
Jay, what the fuck! I told you I-
      (cutting Stacey
       off, points at


                       JASON (cont'd)
       her and yells)
You shut up you fucking whore! I
actually cared about you and then
you go and throw it all the away.
      (Standing up for
Hey! Don't you call her a whore!
What the fuck are you going to do
about it?
I uh... I'm... going to...
      (with new found
       confidense in him)
fuck you up!
A fist comes into the camera shot, punching out Trent. Cut
to Jason grabbing Stacey by the arm and dragging her off the
school campus.
C'mon, get over here!
Get your fucking hands off me!
Cut to Rick and Tommy running after Pete. Pete turns another
corner behind the other side of the school building and
dissapears behind it. Rick and Tommy follow and suddenly
stop, surprised not to see him.
Where the fuck did he go?
                       PETE (O.S.)
The two of them turn around as the camera pans right and
reveals Pete miraculously standing behind them.
You ever hear the song You've Got
Another Thing Coming by Judas


Cut to a medium close up on Tommy and Rick. Tight framing
keeps them symetrically side by side together within the
Suddenly a zombie hand appears on Tommy's shoulder. He gives
out a yelp.
If you think I'll sit around as
the world goes by
Cut to a wider shot, revealing a dozen of zombies behind
TOMMY and RICK. The two of them struggle to free themselves
as the zombies latch on to them and refuse to let go.
You're thinking like a fool cause
its a case of do or die
TOMMY falls to the ground. The zombies flock around him like
vultures. They're tear open his stomach as he cries for
mercy and begin to remove his intestines and devour them.
Out there is a fortune waiting to
be had
Cut to RICK as zombies grab his arms and tear them out of
his sockets.
You think I'll let it go you're
Cut to a shot of the camera above them, showing the crowd of
zombies swarm around the dying RICK and TOMMY as the camera
moves upward.
You've got another thing coming


Cut to Darrell getting punched in the face, farther down on
the other side of campus. Darrell falls over, knocking down
a couple of garbage cans along with him. Cut to a low angle
shot, looking up at Joe as he pounds his fist into the other
palm of his hand.
Looks like I get to kill me a
stoner today.
Joe goes to punch Darrell again, this time Darrell grabs the
lid of a trash can and uses it as a shield. Joe hits his
hand against the trash can lid and hurts himself.
      (grabbing his hand)
Darrell then wacks Joe across the face with the lid,
knocking him down. He then continues to repeadetly beat him
down with it. He finally stops once it looks like Joe is
Good... Bad... I'm the guy with
the trash can lid.
Cut to Pete coming across Trent as he lie on the ground.
Pete grabs his shoulder and shakes him.
Hey Trent!
Trent awakens and then picks himself up. Darrell runs up
along side Pete.
      (coming to a
Where's STACEY?
Jason drags Stacey by the arm.
What makes you think I would ever
take you back, do have any goddamn
brains in that head of yours?


Its not about what you want, I
have a reputation I have to
maintain. I'm the QB of the
football team which means you the
hottest cheerleader need to be
standing next to me at all times!
You know how fucking cliche that
sounds? I don't know about you but
I grew out of Boy Meets World a
long time ago. Besides, you're not
Quarterback anymore, the whole
school has been taken over by
      (he smacks her)
Well then when the world ends you
and I can repopulate it.
Gross! And if hit me again I'll-
He grabs her by the hair and looks her in the eyes.
You'll what?
Stacey kicks Jason in the balls. He falls to his knees and
runs. Jason yelps and chases her.
You bitch! You bitch!
As they turn a corner, Trent is seen facing them. Stacey
runs to his side. Jason stands in front of him, facing him
from a distance.
In western films, this is when
you'll hear the dramatic music
play as the hero and the villian
face eachother before the big
You nerd, movies aren't worth
watching unless they have Will
Farrell or Luke Wilson!


Thanks, but I'll stick to the
Hand Stacey back to me now and I
promise I won't kick your ass to
I warned you-
A stink bomb is thrown from off screen and smacks Jason on
the side of the face.
What the fu-
Darrell is seen to have been the one who has thrown it.
And the Red Sox win the world
Trent and Stacey run by Jason. They turn a corner. Jason
slowly staggers following them.
I'll kill ya! I'll kill ya!
As he turns the corner, he bumps right into a zombie. He
screams before it bites into him.
The group is taking a break from driving down the road. Pete
sits down on the hood of the car playing his acoustic
guitar, Darrell is in the driver's seat eating a candy bar.
The camera pans to the right and shows Trent and Stacey
sitting on a bench near by. Stacey has an ice pack on
Trent's blackeye that Jason gave him.
So many of the guys I've gone out
with usually turn out to be
douchebags like Jay, I don't know
why I even bother any more.


Well maybe you've been looking in
all the wrong places
You know what, maybe I just rush
into things waaayy too quick.
After all this blows over, I am
going to take a very long break.
As of now I'm single.
Welcome to the club.
What, how long have you been
Too long.
Don't worry about it man, cheer
up. You're still young. I mean, no
one has their life figured out
when their 16.
I always kind of thought that I
did though. I figured I'd become
an english major, write some
screenplays and graphic novels,
and of course marry a hot wife.
Yeah, you and every other guy in
the world want that last one. But
you're a writer though, that's
Well.. I fancy myself as one but
truthfully... well....
      (loss of words.)
I'm lacking a little inspiration
right now.
Dude, you just almost got eaten by
a bunch of flesh eating zombies,
if that's not inspiring then I
don't know what is. If you want


                       STACEY (cont'd)
something to write about then
write about all this.
You know, its kind of weird that
all this happened after seeing
this kind of thing millions of
times before in movies. Almost
makes you think that maybe Night
of the Living Dead was based on a
true story.
Yeah, George Romero is probably
going to appear on TV and tell us
"I told you so!"
Wait a second, you're familar with
George Romero?
Yeah, my dad is a movie buff. I
grew up on that stuff. The
Shinning, Psycho, Rosemary's Baby,
The Exorcist....
Holy shit! How come you never went
to our horror movie club?
I guess because I was busy with


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From Sean Elwood Date 8/13/2005 ****
I love zombies. Just because it has zombies in it (and great dialogue and everything) I am giving it a four.

From Trey Smith Date 6/26/2005 ***1/2
As I said on the Deadites board, great dialogue! Really fun and geeky. I especially love the goth scene. The Zordon dialogue was hilarious. One little tip though, something I learned from Josh Becker's website, when you introduce a character in direction is name needs to be in all caps like this: SAM RAIMI Other than that, great stuff and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the script.

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