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CALL FELIX (work in progress)
by Terry Walker (terryewalker@btopenworld.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: *

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A green tracked MK8 Wheelbarrow, a militaristic one-armed
robotic rover attached to a cable umbilical 200 meters long,
crawls down a street full of shops towards a parked car
abandoned next to some traffic lights.

The MK8 SHAKES, RATTLES and ROLES the tracks grip the Tarmac
and the noise echoes Behind and all around it, the long back
cable which slithers along like a snake. The whole street is
like a ghost town.

The MK8 REACHES the abandoned car, its mechanical arm with
camera and weapons scan the car up and down. A bang and the
shatter of glass the robot pulls back and stops.

A stalwart of a figure strolls down the street towards the
parked car, in what looks like a space age suit but in olive
green, with a silver tube a weapon in his hand and wires
that drag behind him.

He stops next to the MK8, places the weapon down and
switches it off.
RAIN but SILENCE. The orange glow of the street lights,
shine down on the wet surface of the road. On the brow of
the hill a lone dark figure crouches down next too a parked
VAN, he glances to his left hesitates scared and JUMPS, a
cat runs out in front of him.

A second figure appears and crouches down next too him. A
few words are exchanged, an object is passed over, then one
of the figures crawls under the side of the van. Then nods
to indicate done.

In the distances the sound of a radio fires up. Six dark
uniformed figures weapons at the ready move towards the brow
of the hill, in single file and towards the van.
                       RADIO VOICE
Hello bravo mike one three, this
is Charley two, sip rep over!
The six figures crouch down and face in different directions
scan the area around them, for any trouble.


The sound of JAZZ FUNK bellows out, Lessons in love by level
42. Young men and women dance, laugh and joke to the music
bottles of beer and cans of scrumpy are consumed as they
move around the cramped floor.

TOM MACDONALD age twenty and a known member of the IRA and
not level headed, slumps down in the middle of the floor,
DRUNK while others dance around him.

He laughs and moves his head to the tune of the music. A
young women with short dark hair approaches him LIZ KNIGHT
in her mid twenty's kicks him.
Tom, get up! you're making a fool
of yourself.
Tom glances up takes a drink from the bottle, and staggers
Me Ma, will be worried about me,
being out this late!
Tom throws the bottle across the room, it smashes against
the wall. A cheer goes up from the party. Tom SMILES.
Your Ma, is always worried about
you, what fucking difference dose
it make, if we're late or not!
Well I'm leaving with you or
without you.
Are ya now!
Tom grabs her by the hair and pulls her back, she lets out a
scream and, drags her out of the room while others watch in
Tom slams the kitchen door and pushes Liz against it. Her


face is a mixture of anger, disbelief and helplessness. Tear
fall from her eyes. He rips open her top and starts kissing
her breasts, she tries to pull away but CAN'T.
You want it?
Her breasts in his face, she slowly moves down and kisses
him. He pulls away a look of guilt over his face.
C'mon lets get out of here!
Hand in hand Tom and Liz dash for the packed van, under the
glow of the street lights, keys rattle in one hand and is
startled by a lone figure crouched down in a doorway, with
blacken face and a weapon... he pulls Liz away as she
glances back.
Brit bastard!
Liz trips as she is pulled; falls onto her knees and rips
her tights.
Shite! look at me tights all
fucking ripped! Me ma brought me
Stop the moaming and move youself!
A laugh then the radio fires up. Liz glances back as Tom
drags her to the van.
                       RADIO VOICE
Hello bravo one three, this is
Charley two over.
Through dim light parked armoured vehicles lined up in a
neat rows. On the vehicles painted, the figure of a cat with
a green helmet. Drips of water, the echo approach of two


sets of footsteps, and the closing of a door.

The main lights flicker on above the vehicles.
Tom tumble's with the keys in the door. Liz turns around and
watches the six uniformed men disappear into the dark. The
door opens and Tom drags Liz and pushes her onto the front
set, and slams the passenger door.
The Mercury tilt switch moves, but not far another to make a
Tom moves around the other side, climbs into the drivers
seat gives Liz a SMILE, places the key in the ignition while
Liz opens the door and gets out and screams at him.
What are you doing?
Walking home, your pissed, and
have had to much to drink.
Get in will yea, and stop piss
assing about!
Tom turns the key, the engine fires up and he slams the
drivers door. Liz turns and sticks two fingers up.
Fuck you bitch!
Tom places the gear stick into first gear hand brake off and
pulls away, types screech and he leaves Liz on the side of
the road as he drives off.
The mercury in the tilt switch moves to the wires, which are
wired up to a nine volt battery and detonator which makes a
circuit. The electric currant moves down the wires towards
the detonator and into the semtex.


Tom glances in the side mirror reaches for the radio SMILES
and SUDDENLY without warning a FLASH glass shatters and then
a THUNDEROUS noise, as the van is lifted up off the surface
of the road and blown up into the air.
Liz stands and watches in disbelief, falls to her knees and
screams, she scrambles to her feet and dashes like an animal
through a field towards the van.
A room in darkness just the glow of the television, two men
sit on arm chairs across from each other, wet to the skin.
Both with a glass in each hand, glance at each other lift
the glasses up and SMILE.
Alarm bells ring out, smoke and flames shoot into the night
sky debris of the van lay across the street. Its like hell
with the lid off. People scream and run in all direction,
some try to get too the body of Tom in the van.

Liz slumped on the side of the road, water drips from her
forehead and runs down her face, mixed with the tears. She
glances up and a uniformed figure stands in front of her,
his weapon down by his side turns and glances at her.
What! The Fuck are ya looking at.
He gives a smile and strolls on up the road and talks into
his radio head set.
                       SOLDIER (O.S.)
      (into radio)
Hello Charley two, this is bravo
one three over!
                       RADIO VOICE (O.S.)
Charley two send over.
Liz follows the soldier with her eyes, a look that could
kill anybody in an instances.


                       SOLDIER (O.S.)
Request call sign four two, over!
Liz gets up and glances down towards the market area of the
lower falls. Blue lights flash in the distances and the roar
of engines and sirens descent on her.
JED BULL and JIM HANNA, 40, IRA soldiers, fill the room with
nervous cigarette smoke. The curtains are closed.
What the Fuck's keeping them?
The door opens and a HARD-FACED YOUNG MAN with a pistol by
his side looks in. He checks out the room, looks Jed and
Hanna up and down, then exits.

A moment later JOHN BULL, 45, IRA Commander Belfast Brigade,
enters. Jed's big brother, twice as big and twice as hard.
PADDY GOW, 30’s, Quartermaster Belfast Brigade, follows Bull
in and shuts the door.
Sit down.
Everyone sits.
So. Does anyone want to tell me
what happened?
No answer. Jed holds Bull's stare but Hanna looks away.
Why! Was that Fucking idiot out
last night? And who was that girl?
I'll tell ye who she was. A bloody
Protestant, that's who!
You're telling me Macdonald is
shagging a Protestant?
Didn't I just say so?


Watch your tongue, brother. And
who else knows about this?
No one.
Bull fixes Hanna with a deadly stare.
Jesus, what are you looking at me
What does it matter anyway? He's
Bull turns his deadly stare onto Jed.
He was bought off by the Brits!
What are you saying?
You heard me. He's dead and good
Who ordered him killed?
I did.
Bull jumps up and throws his chair across the room, it
smashes to pieces against the wall. Jed flinches, Hanna
shit’s himself.

The door opens, the Young Man looks in. Bull jerks his head,
out! The Young Man exits and closes the door.
Macdonald was no traitor.
She was a Fucking Brit spy!
He told her about Gibraltar.
And you know this?


I know this.
The phone rings. And rings. Bull and Jed stare at each
other. No love lost. Hanna reaches for the ringing phone but
Paddy shakes his head, leave it.
Pick it up.
Jed picks up the phone and listens.
Jesus! Mother of Mary, how did you
know it was her?
We had her followed.
Jed picks up an envelope opens it and takes some photo’s out
and throw’s them on the table.
Christ! How many time do I have to
say it. She was a Fucking Brit
John stops, and turns glances at the photo’s.
Christ! Anymore cob webs coming
out of the cupboard, we should
know about?
(into phone)
Okay. Carry on, phone me when its
John paces in the room, runs his fingers through his hair
while he stares at Jed on the phone.
LYN HUGGINS mid twenties long red hair, sits and glances out
of the cafe window. A short fat man approaches and taps her
on the shoulder, Lyn turns around and glances up STEVE GRAY
early twenties smiles and slump down next to her.
      (to Steve)


We meet him, at Salou in about two
Lyn glances out of the window, smiles.
And the car?
All ready for the dummy run. I
made a call to Jed, as well.
MacDonald, been taken out.
And that bitch?
(shaking his head)
No. Gone into hiding.
Lyn shakes her head twists her lips, pushes the chair back
which screeches across the floor, on looker’s glances across
and she storms out of the cafe.
Two men in dark suits, JUSTIN LAKE, early 20’s, and SHAUN
BRISTOW, mid-30’s, sip coffee from paper cups as they
casually stroll toward Westminster Bridge.

They look like mild-mannered civil servants but their eyes
take everything in, they're both alert and aware.

Justin stops at a paper kiosk places the cup down and picks
up The Times and pays, he glances at the front page, the
headlines Reads IRA MEMBER KILLED IN BOMB BLAST. He folds
the paper and then strolls on over the bridge.
We just got her out in time.
Justin stops with his back to the Thames and Westminster to
his right and opens the paper.
I heard it, was a close one then?


To close for comfort, if you ask
Justin glances up at Big Ben as it strikes. The time nine
How is she?
She’s okay, a bit shaken but...
then again, it goes with the
She’s given us a lot of intel I
I’ll tell you in the debrief, at
ten thirty.
A large polished table with a dozen chairs, set up with
water bottles and glasses. Justin places Files of paper at
each seated place, with large red letters which reads
RESTRICTED. At the head of the table a huge screen and

The doors open and several SUITS and UNIFORM men enter.
Bristow sits at the head of the table, Lake stands behind

Bristow stands up and welcomes them in. Each take a seat and
sit down.
Morning gentleman.
All nod and say morning, each one glances at each other and
then nods.
Gentlemen, in front of you, is a
file which has been compiled over
the last 48 hours... by fourteen
Int in Northern Ireland.


The reason why, you are here today
gentlemen? There is a threat to
national security
Each one opens the file in front of him. Bristow picks up a
remote control, turns to the screen and presses a button and
a picture is projected onto the screen.
Tom Macdonald... age twenty and a
known member of the IRA. Killed
three days ago, by his own men.
Bristow passes the button again. The image of Liz Knight is
projected onto the screen in British military uniform.
Call sign Felix! Recruited by Army
intelligence two years ago,
because of her background.
Infiltrated the ranks of the IRA
last year.
Bristow moves to the back of the table.
From the Protestant area of
Londonderry. Father killed by the
IRA in 1976 he was a known
Loyalists, gunned down in front of
his family. She was fourteen years
The button is pressed again. The image of LYN HUGGINS
appears on the screen.
Arrested in 1976. She was
convicted of possession of
explosives, and membership of the
IRA and sentenced to fourteen and
a half years imprisonment.
Released 1986.
The screen flickers and the image of STEVE GRAY appears.
Steve Gray, little is known about
him. Joined the ranks of the IRA
at the age of seventeen years old.


Was studying for his A levels when
imprisoned on remand in 1982. That
is all we know about him.
The screen flicker again, the image of a men appears.
We believe this is the third
member of the IRA cell.
His name is DAN GOULD age thirty
First imprisoned in 1973 and on
three subsequent occasions. From
1979 to 1981 he was in prison on
the blanket, for political status.

He was the target of British Army
death threats and a loyalist
assassination attempt.
Any question?
Lyn and Steve drive at speed down the Spanish motorway
towards Salou in a brand new Renault, Music blasts out. A
Pistol for Paddy Garcia, by the Pogues.

Steve taps his fingers on the car door in tune to the music
while Lyn sleeps.
HARRY WOODS 30’s Dressed in full British Army khaki crouches
behind a wall as the sound of gunfire explodes overhead.
Beside Harry, a young soldier ANDY, early 20’s. Both men
carrying standard British issue SA 80 rifle.
Bloody hell!
They’re flanking us to the left.
Next to ANDY, there’s a gap in the wall. Another RATTLE OF
GUNFIRE as an unseen enemy lays fire down the gap. Harry
points beyond it.


                       HARRY (CONT'D)
Cross the cap. I’m right behind
ANDY takes a breath, starts to move to his left towards the
new cover. He raises his rifle preparing to return fire, and
as he steps into the open Harry lunges at him.
Andy stops, on the end of the rifle a yellow Blank Firing
Attachments that indicates... they’re not using live ammo.
Harry and Andy turn to look at MAJOR MARK DUNHILL striding
towards them. Harry salutes Dunhill, Andy stands to
Everyone alright?
Dunhill holds out his hand.
                       DUNHILL (CONT'D)
Andy clears the breech on his rifle, thumbs on the safety
catch, hands it over. Dunhill takes the weapon, holds it at
arms length.
Never. Ever. Forget.
He squeezes the trigger. A burst of semi-automatic fire. The
rifles cocking handle jerks backwards and forwards, rapidly
ejecting a stream of metal bullet casings.
Are you left handed?
Yes sir.
The SA 80 individual weapon
cannot, under any circumstances,
be fired from the left shoulder.
Do so and the cocking handle will
break your jaw and you’ll get a
face full of red hot metal
casings. Even when you’re firing


He makes the weapon safe and hands it back over to Andy.
I know your use to the old S.L.R,
I’m afraid that this is your
standard issue British Army rifle
from now. Learn to love it.
Not your fault. You didn't design
the bastard.
Shaun waits for a response, and points to a Colonel. COLONEL
JAMES a bull of a man, and head of Explosive Ordnance
Disposal on main land UK.

Yes Colonel.
Its sounds okay, given us
information on what we have seen,
but what is the threat anyway?
Bristow SMILES and glances over at Lake.
Thank you Colonel, the reason why
you are all here. If you turn to
page six of the dossier you will
see the threat target Gibraltar.
There’s a major terrorist threat
to this community.
The Colonel glances through the dossier and smiles.
How do we know this?
We have been tracking them for the
pass two and a half months. The
Spanish Authorities, informed us
two day's ago that the intended
targets are in Spain.


And the intended target is?
Changing of the guard ceremony. We
believe that the three, will plant
a car bomb near the British
governor's residence.
A lone figure in faded jeans and leather jackets stands with
his back against a white Renault, DAN GOULD he glances
around kicks his heels against the wall of the car type.
Another Renault pulls up alongside and Steve sticks his head
out of the window. Dan turns around and SMILES.
What's taken you so long?
Taken it nice and easy.
Running a little late, you were
meant to be here two hours ago!
Lyn wakes up, and glances over.
What's the problem?
You were meant to be here two
hours ago, what the fuck have you
been doing.
Give the mouth a rest and keep
your tone down.
Dan points down the street, Steve and Lyn glances over.
Park the car, just down the road
on the left. I'll meet you in the
Steve nods and pull away. Dan glances around, and notices a
red car with two men inside. He gives a stare glances
anxiously at his watch and stroll down the side walk.


Harry sleeps on his bed, soft music plays in the background.
next to his bed a telephone, on the wall posters of page
three pin ups. The phone rings, Harry feels for it half
asleep and picks it up. He raises his eyebrows.
      (into phone)
Right okay.
Harry glances around his room, gets up and moves to a mirror
on his locker. He stares into it, runs his fingers through
his hair and smile. He leaves the room with the music still
Everyone assembled. Harry, Andy and six other are staring at
a screen at the far end of the room laughing and joking...
The door is pushed open and three uniformed men march in.
Harry jolts back into work mode.
Okay lads settle down and listen
Pictures are projected onto the screen, Harry glances up.
Operation Strike Hard!
The Major turns towards the screen.
                       MAJOR (COND'T)
These three gentlemen, we believe
are the known IRA cell operating
abroad, for the last three months
or so.
Harry takes his note pad out and starts to write. While a
corporal strolls around the group of men and hands fact
sheets out. Harry glances up as the fact sheet is shoved
under his nose.
Harry leans over to Andy and a few words are exchanged.
Right gentlemen, we won’t go
through all the facts, you know
the score... you have the details


                       DUNHILL (cont'd)
in front of you, read and
digested. Right... Remember the
six’ P’s Planning and Preparation
Prevents Piss Poor Preferments.
Andy and Harry burst out into laughter.
These three must be stopped at all
cost, before hell is delivered on
the community of Gib.
At 03,30 hours gentlemen you will
report to the Helli pad, you will
be transported by helicopter to
RAF Brize Norton, then transferred
to Gib.
The C130 stands on the tarmac, REAR RAMP DOWN engines roar
to NEARLY full throttle a light in the distances moves
across the night sky AT SPEED towards the plane.

The distance light come’s into view, a helicopter hovers
about the tarmac the huge rotor blades twirl around at
tremendous speed the side doors open and six dark figures
jumps out, followed by equipment chucked out by the load

The six dark figures dash towards the rear of the C130 and
disappear up the ramp. The ramp starts to close as the last
man moves up the ramp as the C130 taxes along the tarmac to
the runway.

It turns, engines roar into life and it taxes down the
runway and lifts up off the ground and disappears into the
Two white ford transit vans turn off the main road into the
main enters of the camp. The orange strips along the middle
of the vans glow as the gate lights shine down on them.

An airman steps out from the shadows of the gate post, and
steps in front of the lead van. The transit come’s to a
halt, a few words are exchanged the airman steps back and
waves the transits on.


Headlights appear from behind the hanger and stop in the
middle of the hard standing. A figure opens the door and
steps out. CORPORAL EDDIE STONE mid 20’s dressed in jeans
green bomber jacket and desert boots, stands there with
hands on his hips.
He glances around and then glances at his watch. The other
door of the transit van opens, out steps SERGEANT DANNY
CLERK six foot also mid 20’s DRESSED in Shirt desert boots
and jeans.
Would’ve been nicer if we were met
at the airport.
Eddie glances at Danny.
How long have we got to wait?
How long... don’t know, shouldn't
be to long.
Eddie looks away, down at the ground, and then back at
Danny. Eddie smiles, and chuckles, shakes his head. Danny
turns and leaves Eddie alone opens the transit door, closing
the door quietly behind him.
The roar of engines get louder, Eddie turns and a long body
C130 APPEARS to the side of him. Danny opens the window and
shouts, but the noise of the engines to loud for Eddie to
hear him.

The down draft from the four engine blades makes Eddie lose
his balance he fights the down draft turns and notices Danny
signalling him to move himself and get ready to load the two
Jed sits at the head of the table, John sits across from him
both stare at the phone in the middle of the table.
As Lyn made contact, since the
other day?
Jed shakes his head, picks up a packet of cigarettes takes
one out and lights it up.


                       BULL (COND'T)
What about Steve?
Silence the kind of heavy silence just after someone’s said
something truly awful. Then Jed shakes his head again as he
puffs on the cigarette.
The phone rings, Jed stares at John and reaches for the
phone. John grabs Jed's hand and shakes his head then gabs
the phone himself.
      (into phone)
                       VOICE ON PHONE
I need to see you.
Who is this?
Jed stares nods his head. John hold his hand up to say
                       VOICE ON PHONE
You will know who I am, when we
                       VOICE ON PHONE
Not in Belfast. Bangor on the sea
front near the clock, Just you no
one else.
Just me.
                       VOICE ON PHONE
Yes you, no one else, I have some
information for you. Three O'clock
The phone goes dead. Jed stares, John shakes his head and
places the phone down.


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From Kevin Date 6/24/2005 0 stars
not original, not good would frown if u gave it to me to produce it

From Kevin Date 6/16/2005 0 stars
please improve, sine it's a work in progress. needs a lot corrections, like the story doesn't grab your audience, well not me, producers will look down on this script

From Kevin Date 6/11/2005 1/2
wasn't into it. very dull, make longer. got really bored but i finished it, i wasn't impressed, by the fourth page i knew the ending was going to be bad, try again

From vicky l. ring Date 6/9/2005 ****
I like it...is it short because of a series or you haven't completed the rest. Well if it isn't finished I'll finish the rest later.

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