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by Jacob Nicolas Martinez (Jackfate989@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ***

Metroid and all related likenesses are copyright of nintendo inc.



We see the universe, a vast amount of stars and galaxies. In
one of these galaxies a orange planet. Orbiting this red
planet is a space colony, built during the golden age of
technology, and home to thousands of beings. Ships fly in
and out of ports, delivering cargo and passengers to this
floating city.
Inside the space colony people and creatures of all shapes
and sizes walk in and out of rooms and corridors. Built like
a bee hive the colony has a large power core suspended
hundreds of stories above the city. Surrounding the core are
giant television screens to keep the people of the city
informed of things happening throughout the galaxy.
A man and a woman with a small girl (5 or 6 years old) walk
into a room. Their new home.
The man and woman take a first glimpse at their new
home.They've worked so hard to give their daughter a good
and happy life, and this is a paradise compared to the shack
that they used to live in. The walls are bare and white,
boxes are stacked in the corner waiting to be unpacked. They
head for one of the windows, the little girl following
behind them.
The man and woman look out the window and gaze at open space
and the giant orange planet.
      (to woman)
See honey, this is the best place
for a family like us.
      (to man)
I dont like it. A girl needs a
real place to grow up. Somewhere
she can run and play in the grass.
Not a hunk of metal with strangers
walking around all the time.


      (to woman)
You dont understand. When i was a
kid i would have given anything to
live in space.
It'll all work out I promise.
The man and woman kiss
We see another ship headed toward the colony, but it's not
like the other freight ships, they didn't have weaponry. Or
thick armoring.
On the other side of the colony we see two more of the same
ships flying towards it.
The man woman and child are standing in their new home when
suddenly the whole room shudders.
      (to man)
What the hell was that?
      (to woman)
Umm... I dont know probably just a
cargo ship unloading some heavy
The ship shudders again, this time more violently. The man
and woman are almost knocked off of their feet.
The woman looks at the man frightened. She picks up the
little girl and holds her in her arms.
      (to woman)
Ok, I'll go ask someone what's
The man runs out the door and it slides close behind him.
The man sees people running frantacally in all directions.


No one knows any more than he does. At that instant everyone
in the colony is exactly the same, scared for their
He goes back through the door to his home.
He looks through the room to his wife and daughter trying to
hide the fear.
      (to woman and
I think we better go.
They run toward the door.
The cause of the fantastic shuddering is revealed. The ships
from before are circling the colony and firing missiles into
it's side blowing massive holes in the hull.
The ships stop firing. They don't want to destroy the
colony, just debilitate it. The ships fly into the loading
dock and land. The colony tilted on it's new axis.
Hatches on the ships open and smoke billows out.
We hear footsteps drawing closer.
We see them emerge from the ships. They are ugly, evil
creatures. They have exoskeletons and walk erect on two
legs. They look like a cross between humans and insects.
                       SPACE PIRATE
Bring back anything that we can
sell, leave the rest.
                       SPACE PIRATE #2
What about the people?
                       SPACE PIRATE
Kill them all.


The second space pirate "smiles"
There are 20 of them and they move out in all directions.
They carry large rifles with them but also have five 7"
claws on each hand.
The space pirates move out into the corridors and hallways
of the space colony. Then moving in unison all 20 touch a
keypad on their left arm.
One by one each of the space pirates disappears. The sounds
of their footsteps are still audible.
All the people that were running through the halls are in a
giant metal room sealed off by huge doors.
Everybody in the colony is here, even our family, which is
huddled together in the mass of people. This is the room
that most people think will save their lives. Others think
this is the room they are going to die in.
We see doors opening by themselves, ripped open by the
strength of the invisible figures.
Drawers and cabinets are being torn apart, splinters and
objects are flying into the air.
A closet door tears apart revealing a steel safe. The space
pirate becomes visible again. He raises one razor sharp claw
and swings it down slicing through the hinges on the safe
door as if they were butter.
He reaches inside and pulls out jewels and gold.
Other pirates come out of the rooms with less valuable


The pirates regroup in the dock and load their bounty into
the ships.
                       SPACE PIRATE #2
Not much today.
                       SPACE PIRATE
Yeah, but now the real fun begins.
The people are huddled and scared in the room trying to wait
out the disaster.
We hear pounding on the huge doors.
The families all back away into the corner.
Other children are crying but our girl isn't. The woman is
histerical though.
The pounding continues for several minutes then stops
We hear screaming from the back of the group of people.
People start falling down in pools of blood. Everyone runs
to the front of the room.
The doors slide open and pirates are standing there waiting.
It was an ambush.
The space colony is dessimated. There are holes in the hull
and it is smoking. The space pirates are long gone. It
hovers there lifeless.
A ship comes into view. This one isnt like the other ones.
This one is nice, friendly
Inside the ship we see two alien creatures. They look like
giant reptilian birds. Red scaly skin covers their bodies
except for the bright orange beak at the end of their faces.
They stand upright on two legs. They are reminiscent of


One of the creatures points to the colony.
The ship flies toward the dead colony and docks in one of
the ports.
The bird creatures look inside the colony. It has been
ravaged and torn apart from the inside.
They start walking down a long hallway. At the end of it are
two huge metal doors with deep gashes in them.
They open the doors and walk inside. They take one look and
step back out. The sight is too much for them. The walls are
painted with the blood of the humans.
The creatures turn to leave. A somber look on their faces.
Just then we hear a girl crying.
The two creatures are back on their ship with the crying
girl . The ship is headed for the orange planet.
All three of them step off of the ship. The terrain is a
vast desert. The soil is orange and in the distance a large
dome building breaks the flat horizon.
One of the bird creatures spreads it's wings and flies far
away to the giant dome.
The other wraps one of it's wings around the girl, and they
start walking to the dome together.
The planet is wonderful and full of life. Opposite the dome
we can faintly see where the desert ends and a forest
A loud noise is heard like a crow's caw.
Suddenly hundreds of the bird aliens coming from the forest
fly over the girl and her protector. They turn and move in
the air majestically like swans.


They are all headed for the dome.
All of the "birds" are perched together cawing. They act as
if they dont know whats going on.
The girl and her protector arrive and he pushes her towards
a roped off section of the dome.Inside the playpen nest are
baby birds that have not learned to fly yet, and even some
eggs. The other baby birds wobble about in their "playpen".
The girl walks over goes inside the ropes and sits down.
Still sobbing quietly.
The girls protector turns to the other birds and starts
"talking" to them. Telling them the story of how he and the
other found the girl.
The girl sits while tears stream down her face. A small bird
wobbles over to her from the other side of the pen. Curious
about the new creature.
He looks at her puzzeled and cocks his head to the side.
The girl stands up frightend and walks to the other side of
the playpen. The baby's follow her.
From the group of birds we hear some final caws. Then they
all start nodding in agreement.
The protector goes to the playpen and picks up the girl. All
the birds fly away some stay behind to pick up thier babies.
The protector picks up the girl and places her on his back
with the hands at the end of his wings.
The girl clings tightly as he starts flapping. He takes a
few steps to get momentum and then he's off.
He joins the others in the air and they head for the forest.


The trees in the forest looked normal from a distance but we
now see that they are several times thicker and taller than
the largest trees on earth. They also have a red hue to
Along the trunks of the trees are small huts hollowed out by
the bird creatures. They live in these crevices.
Throughout the city of trees we see not one piece of
technology, or metal. Everything here is completely organic.
The sun is starting to go down so the protector puts the
girl in one of the huts for the night.
The girl lays on a cushion of leaves and falls asleep fast
from exhaustion.
The protector makes sure she is okay and then flies to the
base of one of the trees.
He looks around nervously and moves some branches out of the
way revealing a metal door.
He pushes three keys on a panel next to the door and it
slides open revealing a staircase leading below the forest.
In the room we see a machine about the size of an ATM in the
corner. The rest of the room is empty except for a large
cylinder, big enough to hold a body.
The Protector sighs heavily and punches in something on the
computer screen.
The machine hums to life and he keys in more characters into
the screen.
The cylinder's doors slide open, he walks to it and steps
inside. The doors close and he is suspended in the air by an
invisible force inside the capsule.


The sounds of animals and insects living in the forest is
suddenly interrupted by shrieking and cawing coming from
inside the tree.
                       CHOZO (O.S.)
      (in pain)
In mid scream the voice changes, from somthing alien to
something entirely human.
                       CHOZO (O.S.)
      (in pain)
The screaming stops and the sounds of nature return.
The girl is awoken the next morning by rustling in her hut.
The round bird head of her protector cranes over to see her.
      (to girl)
Ohhh. So your awake!
Talking in a british accent
                       CHOZO (cont.)
      (to girl)
We are the Chozo, and I am Liph
                       GIRL (cont.)
you...you...you can talk?
      (to girl)
Well to be fair, I could always
talk. Just not the way you could.
How? How did you learn so fast?


Well, I used the machine.
I invented it some time ago but
this is the first time I've gotten
to use it. The excruciating pain
factor kept me from trying it.
You have been through alot. I
don't think I could have taken it.
What are you?
      (repeating himself)
We are the Chozo, and I am liph.
The girl giggles at his name.
And what is your name?
Samus, Samus Aran
      (to samus)
Samus, that's a nice name.
Over the next few days, Liph and Samus tour the city of
trees. Samus gets introuduced to the other chozo but they
cannot communicate. So naturally her only friend became
The Chozo don't belive in mourning over the loss of someone,
so Samus does her mourning quietly at night.
Of all the places in the city, Liph and Samus' favorite is
the library at the base of the biggest tree of the forest.
Liph and Samus are seated at a round table in the library.


The library is much larger than it looks from the outside.
There are books of all different languages and planets
lining the walls from floor to ceiling.
Samus and Liph are seated for her daily lessons.
      (to samus)
Today I'm going to teach you about
the history of the Chozo. It
really is an interesting story.
Liph goes to one of the shelves and pulls aout a book he has
read since he was a child.
He puts it on the table and flips to a page.
      (In a loud clear
Over millenia the Chozo made
incredible technological and
scientific leaps. Travelling
through space at will, they shared
their knowledge with more primatve
cultures, and learned to care for
and respect life in all it's
The Chozo built cities of
unmatched beauty on many planets.
But even at the hight of their
technological peak the chozo
elders felt their spirtuality
Liph points to a picture in the book. A vast city with
immensly tall towers dissapearing into blue clouds.
Samus looks at the picture in marvel, and continues to
The elders foresaw the decline of
the Chozo coinciding with the rise
of evil. Horrified by the violence
in the universe, the Chozo
withdrew from it. Forgoing
technology in favor of simplicity.


They built a refuge on a planet
called Tallon IV. A planet bereft
of technology. They used natural
materials and lived together with
the land and its creatures.
Liph flips the page revealing a picture of a forest much
like the one they are in.
They lived like this for years
until a great meteor crashed into
the planet, sending plumes of a
substance now known as phazon into
the air. The phazon poisoned the
planet. Killing everything in it's
reach, and what it could not kill
it mutated into hideous forms.
Most plants and animals died,
while others mutated into hideous
Liph turns the page. The picture shows a planet covered in a
black cloud.
The Chozo called upon all of their
technology to control the phazon,
but their efforts were doomed to
All they could do was build a
temple over the crater at the
impact site, seperating the phazon
core and sealing it away.
Believing that someday a savior
would come to them, they left and
spread throughout the galaxy.
They left nothing on Tallon IV but
engraved accounts of their time.
Wow! So they came here.
Some of them did, yes.


Liph puts away the book and heads for another section. He
skims the titles of the books and pulls out five.
He brings them to Samus and lays them on the table in front
of her.
Here you should read these.
Samus looks at the titles of the books:

Universal World Reference Encyclopedia,

The World In Literature vol.1 and vol.2,

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer,

and The Complete Book Of Pregnancy And Childbirth.
They are human books.
How many languages do you know
Just one.
Ohh. Then you should visit that
section over there.
He points to a section of books in the back.
That section contains books on how
to speak almost every language in
the known universe.
For the next 8 years Samus lived with Liph and the other
decendents of the Chozo. Liph became her mother, father,
grandma, grandpa, brother, sister, and most importantly,
Samus and liph are sitting in the library talking. Samus is
now 14 years old.


Samus had been thinking about her real mother and father
alot lately.
Liph, what killed my parents?
I've told you before, an evil
destructive species called Space
Liph, since the Chozo abandoned
technology, isn't your job kind of
What do you mean?
You are an inventor.
Liph stares out the window of the library into the vastness
of the planet.
Everybody is equal Samus.
Everything has a purpose.
What were the space pirates
                       LIPH (O.C.)
To kill your Mother and Father,
along with everybody else on that
Samus stands up
And by doing so, they created what
you've become today and decided
what you will become tommorow.


What's my purpose?!?!?!?
                       LIPH (O.C.)
      (long pause)
To avenge their deaths.
Samus' jaw drops. She sits down in shock.
Wha...what do you mean?
You are the Savior.
Liph turns his head to look at Samus.
That's why you didn't die on that
ship. That's why I've taken care
of you. We all knew when we first
saw you. That's your purpose.
Come with me.
Liph walks to the middle of the room and pulls up the
carpet, revealing a large wooden door with a ring to pull it
Liph pulls the ring and opens the door. Another stair case
leads down into darkness.
Samus and Liph are standing in a huge dark cave.
Where are we? I can't see
This is my lab.
I thought your lab was over by the


No that one is just for show. This
is the real thing.
Can you turn the lights on or
Liph walks over to a glowing panel and pushes a button.
Lights flicker on and the true size of the cave is shown.
The entire area is one square mile.
Along one of the flat walls there is a giant computer
monitor with buttons and swithces underneath.
Next to the monitor there are 3 tubes holding something.
This is my laboratory.
Okay the first thing you need to
do is dust that monitor. I haven't
been down here in a while. I'll
show you around later.
What? I thought you said I was the
You are, but everybody is equal.
So get cleaning. . . and don't
touch anything.
Four hours later, Samus drops the wet rag onto the floor and
Finally your done.
Hurry, hurry I have to show you


Samus picks herself off the floor and starts walking with
The Chozo ancestors were smart,
they knew that the savior would
come so they left some
instructions for us. I don't think
they thought it would be a human
girl though.
Anyway I've been working my whole
life completing the instructions
to a "t".
Samus and Liph make their way to the back of the cave. In
the corner there is a giant object about the size of Liph's
ship, with a brown tarp over it.
Liph grabs the corner of the tarp and pulls it off.
A ship just like Liph's but orange is floating there.
Ohh my god!!!!! A ship just like
yours. Is it for me?
Yes, and it's not just like mine,
it's way better. It has guns.
Infact, it has so much fire-power
that even if you are outnumbered
15 to one you still have a chance.
But that's not the best part, I
still have to show you THE SUIT.
What suit?
We see a long hallway leading to an office. A woman in a lab
coat is walking towards the office door. Through the tiny
window, the woman sees the General.


The hot tempered general is known to take his anger out on
anybody in sight. And right now he is dessimating a young
man in a lab coat.
As soon as she sees the general yelling in rage she turns
around and starts walking in the other direction.
What the hell do you mean it was
Th..the ship was intercepted on
the way to earth. The entire crew
was slaughtered. It seems like the
space pirates knew exactly what
they were looking for.
I want you to find that thing
yes sir.
Adam, wearing a white lab coat and glasses, turns around and
walks out the door.
Adam stands in the middle of the room. About 20 men (the
toughest looking guys from all walks of the universe) are
standing in front of him.
Adam holds a clip board and starts to talk.
Hello everyone, my name is Adam.
Let me tell you why your all
here... o.k as we all know Space
pirates recently attacked a
deep-space research ship and
seized a capsule containing an
unknown life-form that had just
been discovered on planet SR388.
We named this life-form Metroid.
The Metroid was in a state of


                       ADAM (cont'd)
suspended animation, and can be
reactivated and will multiply when
exposed to beta rays for 24 hours.
It was suspected that the entire
civilization of planet SR388 was
destroyed by some unknown person
or thing, we think that the
Metroid is the cause. In the wrong
hands the Metroid could be used as
a weapon powerful enough to
destroy countless planets.
                       ADAM (continued)
General peterson has told me to
hire you because you all have made
very good achievments in bounty
                       BOUNTY HUNTER 1
How much do we get paid?!?!
                       BOUNTY HUNTER 2
Well that depends on your
We're going to have to test all of
you in our training center.
One by one each of the bounty hunters walk into the training
center. A giant dome made to look like a ship hangar.
Complete with obstacles and hologram projectors.
Adam watched from above in dissapointment. He designed the
holograms to act just like real space pirates but he didn't
think he made them that hard. If those bounty hunters had
been fighting actual space pirates they would have been
slaughtered. Instead, everytime the got hit they recieved a
minor shock.
After 15 minutes Adam shuts off the holograms,
If they get shocked any more
they're bodies wont be able to
take it.


After sending all the bounty hunters on their way
Adam sits down at his desk
      (under his breath)
The General's going to kill me.
In the hallway outside we hear loud footsteps.
The sound of the footsteps get louder as they get closer to
the entrance of the lab.
The door bursts open.
Standing in the doorway we see what appears to be a very
sleek orange robot. Orange and yellow armor cover it's
entire body. No skin is showing. A helmet is on it's head
providing oxygen. A tinted green visor covers the occupants
eyes making them impossible to see. It's left hand is gloved
in armor but it's right hand is encased in what looks like a
barrel of a gun.
      (Man's voice)
Am I too late? I ran into some
trouble on the way.
No...actually your right on time.
Adam stands up (Studying the suit intently) and walks over
to her. His scientific mind having a field day over this
mechanical creature.
Before we start, do you know where
I can get rid of these?
Her one robotic hand points to something in the hall.
Adam cranes his neck out the door, from Adam's point of view
we see three dead space pirates lying on the floor.
Adam stares at Samus in wonder.
Who are you?


My name is Samus. Are we going to
get started or what?
Yeah, come with me.
Adam and the General are watching 60 feet above through a
pexiglass window. Adam is sitting down staring into a
computer monitor. The General is standing next to him.
In the computer monitor we see a close-up view of Samus
waiting impatiently.
What's so special about this guy?
That's Samus Aran, he's known for
hunting and capturing more space
pirates than anyone. I've never
seen him before...that suit is
Just start the holograms please.
With a few key-strokes the training system is up and
The first hologram starts to appear behind Samus.
Samus spins around in a split second. She raises her arm
cannon, an orange-yellow ball appears at the tip of it and
shoots through the hologram before it is even fully
Samus looks up at the window where Adam and the General are
You've got to be kidding me.
Adam doesn't notice, he is too intent on the computer
monitor that is playing back her move in slow motion and
analyzing it.
His reaction time is unbelievable,
it took him a couple of


                       ADAM (cont'd)
nanoseconds to move after the
hologram popped up. A normal man
will take up to half of a second
to react in the same situation.
5 more holograms pop up around Samus and run toward her.
Samus leaps into the air and does a backflip. While still in
the air she aims her arm cannon at the group, the front end
of the arm cannon opens up and a rocket fires out of it. The
rocket hits the ground between the space pirates causing an
explosion. All five of the holograms are destroyed. Samus
lands gracefully on the ground.
More and more holograms appear and samus disposes of them
all while displaying a variety of acrobatic stunts.
Adam is watching as if he's looking into the face of God.
His computer has almost analyzed all of her suits
The monitor reads:

Species: ?

Job: Space hunter, bounty hunter

Sex: male

Height: 1 meter, 90 centimeters in suit

Weight: 90 kilograms in suit

Age: ?

Official Hair Color: ?

Official Eye Color: ?

Weapons: power beam, rockets
O.K. let me increase the
difficulty. These holograms can
only be hurt by certain types of


Samus notices that the some of the holograms are now white.
We see the inside of Samus' helmet. On the green visor
covering her face we see something simillar to Adam's
computer. Her visor starts analyzing the holograms.
in the corner of her visor it reads:
Weaknesses: susceptable to cold
Samus' arm cannon starts to hum and suddenly parts of it
enlarge. The air around the cannon starts to condensate.
A ball of ice shoots out of the cannon and destroys the
How does he control that arm
I dont't know let me see.
Adam types smething into the computer and the monitor
switches to an X-ray view. Adam zooms into her arm cannon
and increases the intesity. Samus' hand is performing
complex motions, each one controling a different function.
Adam scrolls the X-ray image down starting at her head.
In the computer monitor he sees Samus' long blonde hair and
beautiful face. He scrolls down further and we see that
Samus is wearing nothing but a bra and panties under the
During Adam's drooling he accidentally stops the training.
Samus stops moving and puts her hand on her hip. Adam zoom's
in to her breast's, he reaches for the key that will
increase the intensity one more. Before his hand reaches the
keyboard the entire pexiglass window freezes over. The
General jumps backwards. Adam snaps back into reality and
closes the X-ray image.
Suddenly an orange ball (made out of the same metal as
Samus' suit) the size of a basketball rolls through the door
and stops in the middle of the room.
The ball starts glowing and then starts uncurling. The ball
morphs back into Samus Aran.


The General and Adam stare wide-eyed.
Samus reaches to her neck and pushes a button.
      (Actual Voice)
I'm very limber...it's complicated
Samus reaches up and removes her helmet, (a loud hissing
noise is heard as the oxygen escapes) revealing her long
blonde hair and blue eyes.
Ummm... good job.
The General walks out of the room
Well then, now that your done why
dont you slip out of that suit and
hit the showers.
Nice try.
Well that was a big waste of time.
I have to go hunt things now.
Wait lady, your hired full time.
We need to run some tests.
Samus walks out the door. 3 seconds later she comes back in.
I'm gonna need to take that.
She points to the computer.
She walks over and takes the laptop with the images of her
in her underwear then walks back out.
We see Samus sitting inside her ship. I'ts bigger than it
looks on the outside. In the front there are many switches
and controls and a large windshield. In the back there are
three metal doors leading to other rooms.
Samus is sitting in the cockpit chair. On a flat computer


screen we see a red flashing light. The screen reads:

Incoming message...
Adam's face appears on the screen.
Hey samus
Samus reaches for a button that will turn off the monitor.
Wait Samus you left before I could
brief you.
You have 3 minutes.
O.K. Recently the galactic
federation discovered a new life
form on the planet SR388. We named
it metroid, the Space Pirates
stole it and if they succeed with
their plans they will use it to
rule the universe.
we need you to get the metroid
back... will you?
      (Long Pause)
Get moving lady.
Over the next few weeks Samus brings hundreds of space
pirates to HQ. The ones that are alive and can talk are
interrogated by soldiers.
Adam is talking to Samus through the video link.
Samus we've discovered the planet
the space pirates have been using
as a base. Planet Zebes.


Over the past couple of days Samus and Adam had grown close.
She would never admit it but Adam was her first friend
outside of Liph.
Samus and Adam are looking at a hologram of Zebes. At the
bottom of the hologram data about the planet is listed:

Mass: 4.8 teratons

Dimensions: 11,700km diameter

Composition: Urthic ore
Zebes is a class 5B planet with a
Urthic ore crust ideal for
subterranean construction so the
Space Pirates' base is probably
underground. Most of Zebes is
inhospitable to life, but some
organisms have evolved in order to
survive in conditions that would
kill any ordinary creature.
There are also many artifacts from
the ancient Chozo race.
Samus looks up in surprise.
Well, I guess the only thing left
to do is to get ready for the
mission. Are you sure you can
handle it by yourself?
Don't worry about me.
One more thing. Can I see your


We see Adam working on the right arm of Samus' power suit.
Samus is sitting in a chair close by. Her right arm is the
only part of her body that is exposed.
Can you work any faster? I feel
naked over here!
Feeling powerless without your
I can break you in half with or
without this suit.
Relax I'm almost done.
Adam finishes working and hands the arm to Samus.
Samus puts her arm inside and connects it to the shoulder
part of the suit. We hear a loud hissing noise as the arm
seals in place.
Now whenever I need to contact you
we can communicate through your
arm panel.
Adam reaches over and pushes a button on her arm cannon. A
rectangular piece of metal flips around revealing a monitor.
Adam types something into his computer. The monitor on
samus' arm glows to life and Adam's face appears. Adam
begins to make funny faces for the camera.
Oh boy, now I get to look at you
every time I'm about to blow the
head off of a space pirate!
Yeah! And guess what, I've been
promoted to commanding officer, so
I'll be giving you direct orders
on your mission.


Aren't CO's usually computers?
Yeah, but I think computers are
really boring.
Well, let's get moving lady.
Samus is in her ship heading for the planet Zebes. The
planet where she was raised.
A screen in her cockpit shows planet Zebes. orbiting the
planet is the Space Colony, where her parents died,
completely rebuilt.
We see young Samus hiding in an air duct. She's looking
through the slits. Everyone is dead. Suddenly we hear loud
footsteps drawing closer. Something big is coming. Through
one of the slits we see two huge powerfull reptillian feet,
like a dinosaurs. Behind it a long tail sways in the air
with a razor sharp arrow head point at the end.
The feet and tail walk out of view.
Samus opens a link to GF HQ adam's face appears on the
What's so bad about those Metroids
They can engulf creatures and
absorb thier energy. They'll
literaly suck the life out of you.
Even with your suit on you should
still be careful.
O.K. I'll watch my back.


Samus' ship enters Zebes' atmosphere and begins a landing
The ship slows down and stops, hovering feet above the
We see the front of the ship. A panel at the top of the ship
slides open.
We see Samus rise up slowly on a platform, her arms at her
sides. The platform stops. Samus looks side to side through
the green visor in her helmet.
The planet is a barren desert. The orange land stretches as
far as the eye can see. Samus bends her knees and jumps 200
feet straight into the air and lands in front of the ship in
a crouched position. She stands up and walks foward.
Adam told her that the Space Pirates are most likely
underground so she starts looking for some kind of base.
Through Samus' point of view we see a map in the corner of
her visor, she follows it to the base. The edge of a cliff
with a metal door leading inside. The real extent of the
base is underground.
      (on the monitor)
Samus, the Space Pirates arent a
very organized race. They don't
have armies defending this base.
I'd be surprised if they did have
guards. Find a way in.
Even with Adam's advice Samus is still cautious.
Samus finds an entrance to the compound. Just as Adam had
said, there are no guards. The doors are triggered by a
blast such as the one from Samus' arm cannon.
We see samus riding down a long narrow elevator. Her arms
are at her sides.


We see a giant tank that holds a huge creature, hidden in a
shadow. In the reflection of the tank we see samus riding
down the elevator. Mother Brain knows she's there.
The elevator stops. The interior of the base was tunneled
through the planets crust and connects to the natural
catacombs of Zebes.
Ahead of Samus are two tunnels, one to the right and one to
the left. Samus goes to the left and sees what Adam had
mentioned earlier, a large statue of a Chozo.
The statue is a figure of a Chozo neeling with it's hands
cupped, as if presenting something.
Samus pauses and stares at the artifact, memories of her
life on Zebes come rushing back. She feels that the statue
is there for her, presenting an offering to the savior of
the Chozo.
Samus walks away so that Adam doesn't get too inquisitive.
The cave has no sign of life so far and is very primative.
No technology except the metal doors that separate each
section of the complex.
Samus knows that the Space Pirates are very advanced. On
some of her previous encounters with Space Pirates they used
invisibility, tempurature suits, and other powerful weapons.
Samus also knows that her suit is not indestructable, and
given the proper chance a space pirate without any weapons
could kill her easily. What sets her apart is her skill. She
has been training for years and is in top physical shape.
Samus starts to think about the day Adam was running tests
on her.
We see Samus lying down on a table in Adam's lab...in her
underwear. Her suit is in pieces along a wall.


Adam had taken it apart to inspect every inch, but now he's
sitting by the table with a clip board asking Samus
questions. We see his clip board, clipped to it are at least
50 pages of questions.
Adam is on page 30 of the questions and asks Samus the next
on the list.
Are you a virgin?
Excuse me?!?!
It's part of the procedure, i'm
Adam looks up in suprise.
What was that?
Yes, I'm a virgin.
Samus didn't grow up with any human males, and now that
she's on her own she doesn't have time for such things.
Adam snickers quietly and writes something in his clipboard.
Samus snaps back into reality. She had thought about
enjoying some of life's little "pleasures", seeing that she
almost dies everyday, but when your a bounty hunter you
don't have time to get attached to anybody.


We see Adam reclining in a chair in his lab, he's also
thinking about the day he ran tests on Samus. Only his
memory is a little different from Samus'.
We see Samus laying on the flat table and Adam sitting with
his clipboard.
Are you a virgin?
yes. yes I am.
Adam stands up, out of no where a gust of wind blows open
Adam's labcoat revealing a rock hard body. Adam walks over
to Samus, his hair blowing in the wind. Samus gets off the
table and they kiss passionatley. Adam reaches behind Samus
to unhook her bra.
Adam is startled out of his fantasy by Samus talking to him
through the video link.
Ohhh. Uhhhhh. Samus, what do you
want? You're timing is... perfect.
This place is like a maze. I'm
never going to find anything here.
If I can find where Ridley and
Kraid are then I'll be able to
find the Metroid.
Who are Ridley and Kraid?
Ridley and Kraid are Mother
Brain's right hand men. They are
the strongest space pirates.
      (long pause)
Ridley is also the one who killed
my parents.


ohh. I'm sorry.
I'ts O.K.
Adam realizes why Samus became a bounty hunter, and why she
is set on destroying the Space Pirates forever.
Samus' visor displays a map of the known area of the
complex. One of the tunnels leads to a very large cavern.
Samus follows the tunnel to the entrance of the cave.
The door to the cave is Kraids head carved into the wall.
The door is through his huge mouth.
Narcissistic ass.
Samus walks through the door into a pitch black cavern. Just
then, three large red lights appear in the distance and we
hear a loud bellowing laugh coming from the dark.
The entire cavern shakes with every laugh. Samus raises her
arm cannon at the three glowing lights.
Who the hell is that?
What is he?
He's the one in charge of the
space pirates and third in command
of Mother Brain.
Can you take him?


Samus smiles at his remark.
He's a big fat dragon with three
eyes and horns that shoot out of
his stomach, of course I can take
I'm surprised he fits in this
cave. I'll talk to you after I
kill him, okay? See you later.
Samus shuts off the monitor on her arm.
The entire room lights up and we get the first glimpse of
Kraid. Just as Samus said, he is a immensly huge dragon with
a round belly lined with six horns, and he has two puny arms
with claws on each finger. His head has a bone covering
simillar to a triceritops'. He's so big that Samus is going
to have to kill him to get to the other side of the cave.
Tell me where ridley is!
Samus sighs and rolls her eyes. She starts running full
speed at Kraid's massive stomach.
Kraid's eyes widen in surprise as Samus expertly jumps from
one horn on his belly to the other. As Samus lands on the
fifth horn it shoots foward, with her on it, into the wall
behind her. Samus jumps down to the ground and a new horn
grows in place of the lost one.
HA HA HA HA!!!!!
Kraid starts firing his six horns rapidly at Samus. She
dodges them all with her amazing acrobatics.


Kraid fires all six horns at once at Samus.
      (under her breath)
Mistake number one...two...and
Samus jumps onto each horn as they are firing towards her.
Her final jump puts her eye level with kraid and she fires
three missles at him. One for each eye.
      (in pain)
Blinded, Kraid starts flailing his arm wildly and one hits
Samus and throws her into the opposite wall.
Samus falls flat on her face from the wall.
Samus gets up and sees about twenty of Kraid's horns flying
at her.
She rolls into a ball like before and rolls between Kraid's
legs and out the other side. She unrolls and starts running
up Kraid's back and on to his head.
Samus does a backflip off his head and on the way down fires
several missles straight into his open mouth.
Kraid makes some final growls and then collapses in a heap,
Samus turns the monitor back on.
That was fast.
A giant space ship lands on the surface of Zebes. I'ts the
Space Pirate mother ship. The door opens and we see
something fly out. We see the shadow of a dragon (not as big
as Kraid) with huge wings flying towards the base.


Samus, a large ship just landed on
the planet.
That has to be Ridley.
Hey remember, your mission is to
destroy the Metroids. Not kill
everybody that has hurt you in
your life.
Don't worry, I'll do both.
Ridley is standing next to Mother Brain's tank.
Kraid's dead? He he he. I told you
he wasn't worthy to serve you.
I'll take care of the hunter.
Ridley grins revealing dozens of razor sharp teeth.
Samus looks at her map, through kraids lair she sees another
long narrow tunnel that leads to Ridleys domain.
She makes her way to the end of the tunnel where the
entrance is carved to look like Ridley's head. His gaping
jaw holds the door.
Samus walks into the huge room. The entire floor is covered
with lava and there is a narrow walk-way connecting to the
other side.
Samus walks to the opposite door and activates it. . . it
doesn't open.


Somethings wrong. The door won't
open but it looks fine.
Hmmmm... try going back.
Samus turns to go back. Just then she sees the doors sliding
We see a huge shadow pass over Samus.
Ridley lands on the walkway.
So, the hunter speaks, and it
knows my name. Ahhhhhhhh.
Ridley has some kind of speech impediment, after everything
he says he makes a raspy screaming noise.
I've killed so many people in my
years. You're going to have to be
more specific. Ahhhhhh.
The Space Station that you robbed.
We see young Samus looking out through the vent that her
parents put her in.
Ridley is chasing people around when he sees Samus' parents
by the vent. He stops and looks down at them. With a smile
on his face he kills them with a slash of his razor sharp


Heart. Break. Sorry. Ahhhhhhh.
I assume you still feel bad about
it. That would explain you aiming
your arm at me. Ahhhhhhh.
Samus charges at ridley.
Ridley opens his mouth and shoots a stream of flames at
The flames engulf her and she falls to the ground.
Well now, you're going to have to
try harder than that. Wooooooo!!!!
What's the matter? You too weak to
hang with the poor poor boys?
Samus fires a missle at ridleys head. It explodes on impact
and ridley screams in pain. He flaps his wings and starts
attacking from the air, shooting fireballs at samus.
Samus shoots two more missles at ridley's head.
Seeing that the fire doesn't work, Ridley starts slamming
down his massive tail at Samus.
Ridley's tail hits Samus square in the stomach and pins her
up against a wall. The razor sharp tip cutting into Samus'
power suit.
Samus aims her arm cannon at Ridley's face and fires a
barrage of missles directly at him.
Each one makes contact and his head becomes shrouded in
Ridley's wings start slowing down and eventually stop. He
falls and sinks into the huge vat of molten lava. Samus
falls on the platform. Her suit charred and mangled. There
is a small crack in her visor.
Samus. . .hey Samus are you O.K?


      (long pause)
I'm fine.
Samus heads for the door that wouldn't open earlier but
before she can reach it something shoots out of the lava to
the top of the cave.
You actually thought you killed me
didn't you? Ahhhhhhhh.
Lava pours down from Ridley's mouth to where Samus is
Samus jumps out of the way as the lava hits the bridge and
melts part of it away.
Your so soft.
How do you like my new tan?
After being exposed to the lava ridley's scale color has
changed from a bright purple to a dark maroon.
Ridley's sense of humor and personality is that of a
completely evil Liph.
Let's go.
Ridley swoops back and forth at Samus as they fight even
more fiercely than before.
One of Ridley's claws rakes Samus across the face leaving
deep gashes in her helmet.
Careful, my nailpolish is deadly.
Lo and behold things are killing
Ridley's taunting sends Samus into a frenzy. She begins
firing like crazy into Ridley's side putting holes into his
Not being able to fly, Ridley and Samus are staring each
other down on the bridge.


Who's strutting now?????
Do you mind if I smoke in here?
Smoke begins to bellow out of Ridley's nostrils until the
entire cave is filled. Through the haze we can only see the
silhouettes of Samus and Ridley.
The two silhouettes charge at each other delivering their
final strikes.
As the smoke clears we see that Samus and Ridley are both
standing back to back on the opposite sides of the bridge
that they were on.
Ridley staggers back and forth clutching his heart with his
right hand, his left hand over his forehead.
Ohhh. You got me. I can see the
light at the end of the tunnel.
Honestly I can see the angels
circling overhead of me. Ahhhhh.
Good job Samus, you've cut me down
in my prime. All I ever wanted was
to have a little fun. Ahhhhh.
Is this guy serious?
I guess you can crown yourself
queen of the rodeo.
And Samus, before I go into that
sweet, sweet chariot of fire and
brimstone. I wan't you to know. .
. that day on the space colony, I
knew you were hiding in that vent.
The last thing your parents said
was "don't hurt her", so I didn't.
But for now. . . this rooster's
crowed. Ahhhhhhh.
And with that final speech Ridley collapses in a heap on the
bridge, dead.


Samus also collapses from exhaustion and rests for a while
before continuing to the next room. Her suit scratched and
Are you O.K.?
I'll be fine.
Samus is walking towards the door at the end of the hall.
This should be easy right? She's
just a giant brain.
Samus reaches the door and it opens revealing another long
hallway, but this one has hundreds of red lasers reaching
from one wall to the other.
Samus shoots a rocket through the hall and it is instantly
cut into pieces by the lasers.
She's at the end of the hall. I
have to go through.
I don't think so. There's got to
be another way.
Samus runs back to the end of the hall she came from and
gets ready to sprint through the laser field.
What the hell are you doing?
      (to herself)
I can do this. I can do this. I
can do this.
      (to himself)
She can do this. She can do this.


Samus runs fullspeed and jumps headfirst through a gap in
the laser field. Samus twists and turns in mid air through
half of the field. Then rolls into a ball and rolls through
the rest of the field and out the other side. This all takes
place in a matter of seconds.
Ohh my God I can't believe I did
Adam jumps from his chair and starts dancing.
just ahead of samus is a huge tank containing Mother Brain,
the leader of all the space pirates.
So It's just a giant brain, you
can like poke it or something and
it'll die right?
I don't think so. It's got a big
cat like eye, that might be it's
Samus shoots a missle at the tank which shatters it.
Mother Brain wakes up and the big eye opens on the side of
It starts glowing and a big blue beam shoots out of it at
The beam hits Samus sending her flying back towards the
laser filled hall. One of Samus's flailing arms accidently
hits the control panel on the doorway that controls the
laser field.
Just as she's about to get sliced into pieces the lasers
dissapear and Samus lands on the floor in a heap.
Samus stands and sees another beam flying at her. She dodges
it at the last second.
Samus, I'm picking up Metroid life
signals! You have to get past
Mother Brain.


Well I didn't come this far to get
my ass kicked by a giant brain
with an eyeball.
Samus walks back up to the brain. The eye starts to glow
again but before it gets the chance to shoot Samus nails it
in the pupil with a missle.
                       MOTHER BRAIN
Samus' head starts to ache because of the volume of Mother
Brain's schreech.
The eye starts to glow again and Samus sees her chance. She
shoots the eye three more times and on the third the giant
brain explodes. Pieces of brain fly everywhere.
Samus wipes her visor, then suddenly an alarm sounds and the
whole base starts to shake. The floor opens and Samus lands
in a pitch black pit.
A glowing green light appears in the distance and moves
closer. As it gets closer Samus sees that it's not a light
at all, but a metroid. It looks something like a big
transparent jelly fish floating in the air. In the center
you can see it's brain and it has a beak like mouth.
The Metroid lunges at Samus but she beats it away.
How do I kill it?
It's only susceptible to cold so
your going to have to freeze it
and then blow it up.
Samus uses her freeze beam and freezes the metroid. It only
stays frozen for a few seconds then thaws out. She freezes
it again and blows it up.
To bad you couldn't bring it in
I'm sorry.


Just then dozens of glowing green lights come flying at
What happens if a Metroid were to
bite me?
Ohh they don't bite. . .
Samus sigh's in relief.
                       ADAM (cont.)
. . . they latch on with their
beaks and start sucking the life
energy out of their prey.
How long would it take to suck the
life out of a human?
I'd say anywhere between five and
eight seconds.
Samus turns and starts runing down the dark hall.
What's the matter?
Samus turns her head so Adam can get a view of the Metroids
chasing her.
Ohh Shit.
Samus makes it to the door but before going through she
turns and freezes the metriods with a giant blast, she then
takes out a bomb and throws it inside. The door closes and
we hear the explosion.
Samus turns from the door and sees even more Metroids than
before floating around. They don't see her yet so she stays
very quiet.


Samus knows that her ship is past the next room so she
decides to make a run for it. She runs past all the Metroids
and they chase after her in a single file line.
The hall narrows enough so that only one person can fit at a
time so she turns and freezes the Metroid behind her. The
other Metroids cannot get past it. Samus blows it up and
continues down the line freezing and killing the metroids.
Samus leaves the base and heads for her ship.
Her suit is in terrible shape. Pieces of it are broken off
revealing her skin underneath. Her visor has several cracks
in it and white smoke is bellowing out of her jet propulsion
      (to adam)
You're fixing my suit.
Only if you let me take it off
Samus gets in her ship and goes into one of the rooms. She
comes out completely naked and walks into the room across
from it. She comes out wearing a tank top and sweat pants.
She sits down in the cockpit.
Setting course for GF
Samus' ship lifts off and jets into space.
Two space pirate ships are following Samus' ship from a
distance. They attack from behind and damage her engines.
Oh you did not just shoot my
ship!!!!!!!! Shit!!!
Samus' ship crashes back into Zebes.


Samus crawls out of the wreckage and sees the Space Pirate
mother ship in the distance. The ship is on the exact spot
where Liph's lab used to be all those years ago.
The only weapon Samus has is a pistol, and without her suit
she has no chance against a space pirate. The most she can
hope for is that the pistol will stun a space pirate for at
least a few seconds.
Samus sneeks quietly through the ventilation system of the
mother ship.
      (to herself)
Okay, all I need to do is find a
ship and get the hell out of here
without getting caught.
Adam is showing General Peterson the recording of Samus'
ship crashing.
We have to send a team to get her!
I'm not about to risk the lives of
my men to rescue a bounty hunter.
It was her decision to go alone
and she knew the consequences.
This mission is over.
Samus sneaks past dozens of space pirates and makes it to
the hanger. A security camera sees her enter and an alarm
sounds. Samus runs and hides behind some metal boxes.
Armed space pirates search the hangar. I'ts not long before
the find Samus and capture her. The tie her hands and legs
and throw her on the floor in the middle of the hangar.


The space pirates look at Samus strangely.
                       SPACE PIRATE #3 (sub.)
Where did it come from?
                       SPACE PIRATE #4 (sub.)
Maybe it lives on this planet.
A space pirate ship flies into the hangar inturupting thier
conversation. A space pirate walks out holding proudly the
helmet of samus' suit.
                       SPACE PIRATE #5 (sub.)
this in the wreckage.
The space pirates holding Samus look at eachother and let
out a loud echoing shriek. The other space pirates shriek
and hundreds more space pirates file into the huge hangar
and stand in a circle around Samus' helmet.
The shrieks of celebration continue until the two that found
Samus announce thier discovery.
                       SPACE PIRATE #4 (sub.)
What do we do with this? We found
it here hiding.
                       SPACE PIRATE #5 (sub.)
Who cares about that? Just throw
it out with the other waste.
                       SPACE PIRATE #5 (sub.)
One of the space pirates that found Samus carries her out of
the ship and throws her down a huge tunnel in the ground
along with some wreckage and boxes.
Samus slides down the long tunnel and hits the ground. The
room is pitch black and smells like trash. Samus inches her
way around the dark cave trying to find something to cut her
out of the ties.
She feels a sharp shard of metal sticking out of the ground
and uses it to cut the ties on her hands and feet.
More boxes come tumbling down the tunnel and land on the
cave floor.


Samus opens a box and looks for something to light up the
cave. She finds a flare.
The light reveals a giant mural on the flat wall in front of
Samus. The painting shows the origin of her power suit, all
the way from the vision that the Chozo had of their own
destruction. At the very end of the mural there is a huge
depiction of a chozo leader which looks somewhat like Liph,
directly underneath it reads ,"Only the true savior may
unleash the power of the suit.", in the Chozo language.
The Liph painting is holding a large orb
Samus reads the inscription and suddenly it begins to glow.
The entire wall starts shaking. Samus takes cover in the
pile of garbage that was thrown down with her. She looks to
her side and finds the gun that she was using.
The orb that the painting is holding becomes metalic like a
mirror and shows the image of samus without her power suit
running. Samus gets up to look and the image mimicks her
The four circular symbols at each corner begin to move
across the wall, circuling and crossing each other and the
Samus watches as one of the symbols begins to glow. Trusting
her instinct, she dives out of the way just as a bolt of
electricity shoots from the glowing symbol. After missing,
the symbol stops glowing and covers the orb of Samus.
Samus sees her chance and shoots the symbol before it
continues its pattern across the wall. The symbol explodes,
uncovering the reflective orb. There are now only three
symbols on the wall.
Samus continues dodging and destroying the symbols until
there are no left.
The mirror orb shows Samus standing straight looking foward.
The real Samus walks up to see what is happening. The mirror
image of Samus transforms to show her in a brand new more
powerful looking power suit. Samus stares at it as a beam of
light shines down on Samus from the orb. She rises off her
feet and is lowered wearing the new suit.
Samus leaps through the hole that she was thrown through and
lands back in the flight hangar.


She walks foward in her new suit towards the line of space
pirate ships in the hangar.
Slowly we begin to hear another set of footsteps coming at
Samus. A small red light appears in the distance.
Samus prepares to face this new enemy. The red light grows
larger as the metalic footsteps get louder. Finaly, a huge
mechanic version of Ridley comes into view. A recording of
Ridley's voice plays.
                       MECHA RIDLEY
I knew we'd meet again. Ahhhhh.
The Mecha Ridley lowers its head and lunges at Samus. She
does a backflip and evades it's attack. Samus then charges
at the machine and destroys the glass shield covering the
red light.
The machine raises one of its hands and slashes at Samus
with its razor sharp claws. Samus cartwheels out of the way
and shoots the now exposed power core on it's chest.
The machine lets out a horrible screeching sound and
retaliates by shooting at samus with lazers from it's eyes.
Samus continues the fight until the machine's power core is
destroyed by a final blast. Mecha Ridley collapses in a heap
of steel in front of Samus.
As Samus walks away she hears a beeping sound coming from
the twisted metal.
Damn it!!!!!!!!
Samus runs to the line of space ships left behind and picks
one. She gets in and jumps in the captains seat. The ship
powers up and lifts off of the ground and out of the
Samus hauls ass out of the atmosphere as the destroyed Mecha
Ridley explodes and destroys the entire Space Pirate base.
The ship levels off and Samus contacts Adam on the video
I'm coming home.


That's good.
Both Samus and Adam burst into laughter at the same time.
Seriously though, where'd you get
that suit?
Workers are dismantaling the ship that Samus flew in on.
Adam is in his lab looking at a Metroid in a containment
      (to Samus)
Guess what we found in your trunk.
Samus is standing without her suit at the door of Adam's
You're gonna have to stay around
for a couple days while I run some
That's fine with me. I was
thinking of taking a vacation
Samus is standing in front of a mirror, wearing a very
seductive orange dress, putting on lipstick. She finishes,
picks up her purse and starts putting things inside.
One of the last things she puts in is a small gun. (Just in
Samus walks out the door into the hall.
Samus is standing in front of the door to Adam's apartment
which is also in the Galactic Federation Headquarters.
She nervously looks around and then knocks.


Adam opens the door wearing the same thing that he has been
wearing through the whole movie. He looks at Samus in a
Samus sighs then pushes Adam to the ground of his apartment
and leaps on to him. Samus kisses him passioniatley while he
looks around confused.
Adam's door slides close and the couple is hidden from our


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From Giancarlos Calderon Date 1/16/2006 ****
Excellent. Me, being a huge fan of the Metroid series. I loved your script man. A good combination of Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. And I loved the story of young Samus. You should read the script The Legend of Zelda: The Three Forces. Read it. It has very good plot and dialogue courtesy of Mr. Roy Kaiser here. Anyways, my name is Giancarlos Calderon and I am publishing my love story/drama and musical script ''Young Hearts of Love''. I wrote the book before the script. Your script is the best and I can't wait for the Metroid movie to come out.

From Roy Kaiser Date 7/25/2005 ***
Very good. I am also a fan of Metroid. Nice use of lines from the games. I am also writing a script based of a Nintendo game series. It is called The Legend of Zelda: The Three Forces. Read it! Overall, nice story, good plot, great dialouge.

From Aaron Johnson Date 6/11/2005 **1/2
Being a huge Nintendo gamer, and a Metroid fan aswell, i can say that i liked this screenplay a lot. But a few critisisms first: When liph reveals to Samas that she is th saviour, im not sure that he would have done it that way. Also, i don't think this conversation would have specifically happened at all in Samas's upbringing with the Chozo. Also, when Samas arrives on Zebes, and infiltrates the Space Pirate collony, i think you should perhaps take a little bit more time in the actuall infiltration of the base, with Samas exploting her abilities against some regular Pirates rather that throwing Samas directly into a battle with one of the Games Series major character/bosses. Other than this however, your dialogue is quite good, and i can see you have taken some passages and quotes from Metroid games (specifically Prime) and your reference to the Chozo history on Tallon IV and the metroids discovery on Sr388; all of this timelaine stuff is spot-on in relation to the timeline of the games. I think it is quite a good script, and does the Metroid series justice, especially the young samas story, but i think it could be even better.

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